Fantasy story of seduction
Dear readers,
I am back to tell more about the ongoing adventure with Brittney. Since my last story telling all of you about the massage with Brittney, it has come to my attention, she loves sucking my cock. I have given her two more massages since the last one, and both times she insisted on sucking me until she had swallowed every drop of my cum.
I couldn't believe what a naughty girl she was and honestly, she gives the best head I had ever gotten.
Today, we had a massage planned and when Brittney got here, I had her undress completely, lay on the massage table, ass up. As she got settled in, I told her we had the place to ourselves for about two hours, then Amy would be back home. With that, I leaned in, kissed her neck, down her back, nibbling as I went, sucking here and there, causing her to have small goose bumps on her soft skin.
She was loving the attention, and when my mouth reached her ass, I slowly parted her cheeks with my hands, showing her pretty pink asshole and her wet pussy. What a beautiful sight, one that had my cock rock hard already.
I told Brittney to relax and enjoy the massage, then leaned in, lapping my tongue slowly over her asshole. Brittney was enjoying this and pushed her ass back to my mouth, moaning to me that it felt good… Her ass tasted so good, I pushed my tongue deeper into her hole, fucking her ass with it, deeper and deeper, until my nose was buried between her cheeks, fucking my tongue in and out.
Brittney reached back, pulling my head into her. Smothering me in her ass… I ate her so good, making her asshole wet with my spit, going deeper and deeper with my tongue. Brittney shook and told me she was cumming.. I could feel her asshole pulsing around my tongue, not stopping, I just slowed down, keeping her orgasm going. Once she had cum and relaxed some, I kissed my way back up her back, then to her neck, she turned, kissed me deep and told me how intense that was with a huge smile on her face.
Now that Brittney was relaxed, I dribbled some warm oil on her, working it into her skin with my big hands. Brittney moaned here and there as my hands worked over her body, kneading her muscles deep with my fingers. As I massaged her, I told her that I had found out something she may think is interesting.
With this, sparked her interest and she asked what it was. As I massaged her shoulders, I told her that Amy had told me she tried to peak in on us the other day while massaging, so she could see Brittney naked. Brittney asked if she liked girls and when I told her Amy had thought about it, she asked me if I knew more.
As I massaged her, I told her that during high school, Amy had spent the night with a girl friend and they had made out, kissing each other, dressing up and showing each other how they looked in different lingerie, thongs, and then ended up talking about toys. Amy said she had bought a small dildo that vibrated and when her friend asked to see it, Amy showed it to her.
Well, she showed it to her alright, Amy said she had her fiend bend over doggy style and she spit on her asshole, then licked it some, making it nice and wet before she slid the dildo into her friends ass. Apparently her and her friend played off and on through out high school, mostly anal play.
At this point, Amy wasn't saying anything, she was just shocked. She ended up muttering out "that's hot". Then after a few minutes, she asked if she thought she was hot? I told her, yeah, she was trying to see you naked, hoping to catch a view of that sweet body. As I said this, I looked over that sweet body, mm, yummy, glistening with oil under my hands.
I was so hard giving her the massage, I just wanted to devour every inch of her. At some point, I was massaging her and she could feel my cock pass over hand. Suddenly she reached and took my cock into her hand, squeezing it, telling me in a joking way, "enjoying the massage are we".
With this, she giggled and told me she liked it that I was so turned on by her. Not letting go of my cock, she squeezed harder, stroking it lightly. So I massaged her lower back, thighs, inner thighs, parting her legs some, I let my fingers gently pass over her pussy. I couldn't believe how wet she was and when my fingers passed over her shaved pussy, she pushed back for more.
I rolled my finger tips gently over her clit. Brittney started stroking my cock harder in my shorts, then slower, as my fingers inched into her pussy, slowly parting her lips, slipping inch by inch into her. Her pussy was so tight, so wet and so hot inside. I worked another finger in, driving her wild, she was squeezing my cock so hard, telling me to finger fuck her pussy.
I worked my fingers in and out, deeper and deeper each time.. As I worked my finger tips over her g spot, Brittney moaned loud, mouth open she shook, and I could feel her juice flowing from her pussy.. She was squirting on my fingers. I loved it and worked that g spot even more, fingering her pussy so good and deep.
I reached over with my other hand, got some of her cum on it and slipped my thumb into her ass. She was cumming so hard, I had to hold her so she wouldn't fall off the massage table. At this point, I was so hard, I couldn't keep my cock in my shorts anymore, and I removed my fingers from Brittney's wet holes and pulled my cock out. Brittney looked at my cock and moved on to her side, pulling me to her, she took my cock deep into her mouth, looking up at me as she sucked the head, then licking the shaft, slowly until she was at my balls, sucking one at a time, pumping my cock with her hand at the same time. Felt so good, good enough that we never heard Amy come home.
Suddenly the door to the room we were in opened and Amy stood there, shocked. She looked at Brittney, mouth full of my cock, her legs spread with her pink holes wet and fingered. Amy asked what the fuck was going on. Brittney sat up, looking for her clothes. Amy said hell no, what do you think your doing, walking up, she grabbed Brittney by the hair and told her to continue sucking that dick..
Pushing her head into my cock, forcing her to take all of it down her throat. She told Brittney if she wanted to be a fucking whore, she would be treated like one. I was in shock, Amy had never been so dirty, so forceful, I was so hard, seeing her treat Brittney like this.
Brittney was now sucking my cock so deep, spit was running down her chin, onto her tits. Amy made sure she was deep throating every inch of my dick. Amy reached down and felt Brittney's ass, slipping her fingers over her wet holes. Amy slipped a couple fingers into Brittney's pussy and was finger fucking her as she sucked my cock.
Brittney was loving this, feeling Amy fingering her, she reached down to tell Amy to finger her harder and deeper. Amy pulled her mouth from my cock, kissing Brittney deep, then telling her she would do as she was told, not the other way around got it fucking slut and slapped her. Brittney lost it, she went to work on my cock, hungry for it. She was a nasty fuck, enjoying the harsh treatment Amy was dishing out.
At one point, Amy got up, walked out of the room and was gone for about fifteen minutes. While gone, Brittney had me sit back, and pulled my balls up some, stroking my cock with one hand, she spit on her fingers, then placing them at my asshole. Brittney rubbed my ass, then slowly, slipped her finger into my ass.
I couldn't believe how good it felt. Brittney pushed it in deeper, then deeper, packing my ass with her finger… She took my cock back into her mouth, looking up at me, she starting working her finger in and out of my ass, harder with each stroke, until she was finger fucking me so hard, sucking my cock until she was gagging herself.
Sensing I was about to cum, Brittney slowed down, then I felt another finger, fuck she was packing my ass, stretching me open with two fingers.. All while looking up at me. I couldn't believe it, I had never had that happen to me and it was insanely intense. As my eyes rolled back, I begged her to fuck my ass hard again. With a moan on my cock, she did as she was asked and she pounded my ass so fucking hard with her fingers, grunting on my cock as she choked it down.
As I looked at her, I could see Amy was behind her. Dirty slut had went and pulled out a couple of her toys.
Brittney tried to get some air, but I pulled her mouth deep onto my cock, pumping my hot load down her throat as she filled my ass so deep with fingers. Amy noticed then that Brittney was fingering my ass. She couldn't believe it and told Brittney, good girl, now time you enjoy your ass getting fucked too..
Brittney groaned deep, cock still in her throat, trying to get air as Amy put the head of her dildo on her tight ass, a thick black double headed latex cock, first the head slipped into Brittney's asshole, then Amy pushed it, inch by long thick inch into her asshole, filling her so full.
Finally, I allowed Brittney to get some air and she was close to passing out. Her moans were so deep, her ass was so full of rubber cock and Amy was now working over her clit fast with her fingers at the same time, making Brittney cum and cum.
Then Amy said she wanted to cum too, so she left the dildo in Brittney's ass, peeling her own panties off, she moved up behind Brittney, placing the other end of the cock at her pussy, then inch by inch, she slipped it inside her. Amy moaned and pushed back, fucking Brittney with it. It was so hot watching them fuck each other.
Amy's pussy was so tight squeezing the cock, fucking Brittney's asshole so hard and deep. Watching this I came again, cumming in Brittney's mouth, load after hot load of cum pumped into her mouth. As I pulled my cock from her mouth, I kept cumming, getting some on her face and tits. She looked so hot with cum on her.
I was buzzing, and still hard… I leaned in, kissed Brittney as she moaned, getting her ass fucked by Amy as they worked the dildo into each others holes. I told Brittney it was time for Amy to get her ass fucked and told her to push back hard, fucking Amy deeper. Doing as she was instructed, she pushed, packing her own ass so deep with the dildo, while filling Amy's pussy.
Between the two of them, they had taken nearly the entire dildo. I stood there for a minute, watching them fuck each other, then moved in over Amy. I rubbed some spit on her asshole, then slipped the head of my cock in her ass.
Amy screamed a little, having both her holes filled. I told her she was a naughty fuck too and was going to be fucked like a whore just like Brittney. She was being fucked so hard, filled so deep, she couldn't say anything.. I could feel Brittney pushing back hard, packing Amy so fucking deep. Amy was cumming, over and over, her eyes rolled back.
I pulled her hair, slapping her ass hard, leaving a nice red hand print on it. I told her she was a dirty fucking slut, that her asshole felt so good taking my cock, taking all that meat deep in her hole. She loved it when I talked dirty, so I continued, fucking her, calling her names and slapping her ass hard..
Brittney and I fucked Amy for at least an hour like this, before I came again.
Taking a break at this point, we all ended up falling asleep, covered with cum, pussy juice, spit and sweat..
To be continued:
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