fantasy of seduction
Dear readers,
Today, I am writing to tell you all about yesterdays adventure with Amy and Brittney. As you all know, I am going to school for massage therapy and Brittney, a friend of my girlfriend Amy and I, comes over for free practice massages. The last couple times she has come over, has turned into some kinky times. This time, was different though. It went like this.
While at school yesterday, I kept getting messages from Amy, telling me she was having a great day, having fun, being naughty, then telling me her panties were wet and I would get to enjoy smelling them when I got home, while she sucked my cock.. She was driving me wild, getting my cock hard while in class.
What a tease I thought. I sent her a text back, telling her when I got home, she would be in trouble. Next text I get back is, "I am not at home, I am at Brittney's, with a smile=)".
At this point, my mind wondered with possibilities. I texted her, asking her what they were doing, and she said, "fucking".
My jaw about hit the floor. Knowing I couldn't leave early due to it being an important class, I texted her telling her to send me some pics.
First pic was of a pair of handcuffs. Second pic, dildo, one I had not seen before. It was a strap on. Next pic was of Brittney handcuffed to her bed, legs spread, tied to the corners so she was completely bound. Next pic was of the strap on dildo, half way inside Brittney's pussy, it was wet, slick and shiny with her juices. Amy then texted and said that's it, time to work on this slut, see you later.. Meet me at Brittney's. Come on in, since we will be busy.
I couldn't wait for class to end. When the time came, I about ran everyone over getting out of there and to Brittney's place.
When I got there, I noticed her car was there, as well as Amy's, but then there was another. Thinking it was a neighbor, I headed into the house. As I walked closer to the bedroom, I could hear groaning, slapping, loud moaning, and then I walked in.
Holy fuck, I was in shock. Brittney was handcuffed, blindfolded and being fucked by Pete. Amy was standing behind Pete, fingering his ass while he pumped his eleven plus inches of thick white cock in and out of Brittney's tight pussy. Her groans were deep as her pussy was completely filled full of thick cock
No one had seen me walk in yet and I could hear Amy telling Pete to fuck that bitch, fuck that dirty cunt, fingering his ass hard while giving orders. I then noticed Amy was wearing the strap on cock. I stood for a minute, taking it all in and getting hard while watching this.
Amy turned, then noticed I had come in. She was excited and came up to me, kissing me, then showing me what a naughty thing she had started today. I tried to say something, but she kissed me again, pulling my pants open, then off of me, kneeling in front of me, she took my already hard cock and began sucking it hard and deep.
I watched her, then looked over to see Pete drilling Brittney so fucking hard, I mean pounding her tight pussy. She couldn't moan or scream loud since he had his hand over her mouth. Her eyes were rolled back and she looked somewhat limp. At that point, Amy was sucking my cock so good, pulling back to ask if I liked what I was watching, then back to sucking me deep, I couldn't give a fuck if Brittney was passed out, she was a nasty fuck toy and once I was done with Amy, I was going to get some of Brittney's holes too.
At that point, I took Amy by the hair and started fucking her throat, packing my cock deep into her mouth. She looked up at me as she gagged, almost puking on my cock. Fucking slut I told her, isn't this what you wanted. She shook her head yes, as I choked her with my hand on her throat, filling her throat with downward strokes.
Amy tried to push me back some, but I pulled her head in harder, stuffing her mouth and throat. I pulled out, hearing her gasp for air, I took her by her hair over to where Pete was going to town on Brittney.
Amy got doggy style next to them and I moved in behind her, moving the back strap of her strap on over some, then I spread her ass and pussy with my hands, placing my cock head at her pussy, first the head, getting it wet, then I filled her hole. She is tight, so I normally go easy at first, but this time, I just filled that pussy.
Amy groaned as I filled her with cock, looking back at me, then looking over at Pete and Brittney. I told Pete to give Amy a taste of that dick and without hesitation, he pulled his cream covered dick from Brittney's stretched open hole and fed it to Amy.. Fucking whore sucked it deep too, trying to stuff all of it down her throat..
She was so turned on, I could feel her pussy pulse around my cock as she had non stop orgasms. I couldn't resist looking over at Brittney, fucking whore all bound as a fuck toy. Her pussy was so gapped, I could see her juice running out and down to her asshole.
Mm, I wanted some, so I told Pete to stretch Amy too, then I went over to Brittney, biting her back some, kissing her neck, she knew It was me as I slowly filled her pussy with my cock. It felt so good, I went slow at first, then I felt her squeeze my cock tight, so I went deeper and faster. Brittney moaned and pushed back for more, grinding her pussy against my cock.
Suddenly Amy cried out. we looked over and could see Amy had Pete's cock in her ass. She was laid out on her back, legs spread with Pete holding them as he filled her ass. She looked so hot getting fucked in front of me like that.
The look on her face was of pure pleasure, she was so full of cock, just deep and stretched. Pete worked his hips, making long deep strokes with his cock. Amy was gasping, trying to beg for more, only getting out the occasional "oh fuck".
I told Pete to give it to her fucking good, she needed it. Brittney was now fucking my cock hard and deep as well, all while watching Pete fuck Amy's asshole.
I pulled Brittney up to me, pulled out of her and moved her over by Amy. Amy was now playing with her pussy while Pete fucked her ass. I could see how wet and creamy his cock was in this position. That was incredibly hot seeing how wet she had gotten for him.
When Brittney was doggie style, I leaned in, spit on her asshole. She moaned out how naughty that felt, then groaned deep as she felt the head of my cock push against her ass, then slowly, filling her asshole.
Brittney and Amy were now getting fucked in there asses next to each other. At one point Brittney told Amy that she was a dirty fucking cunt and to push back hard on Pete's giant dick. Amy did as she was told and fucked back against Pete so hard. I have never seen her fuck like that, groaning and grunting so deep, telling Pete over and over how fucking good it felt being fucked in the ass by his thick cock.
Pete groaned and spread Amy's ass cheeks, sinking his cock in her ass balls deep. He began to cum, load ofter hot load cream filling Amy's sweet tight asshole. Pete worked his cock in and out slowly, keeping it deep. As long as his cock is, I knew he was cumming so deep inside Amy's asshole.
When I looked up, I could see Amy and Brittney kissing, there hot tongues playing as they moaned into each others mouths, feeling the hard cocks fucking there tight asses. When I felt Brittney squeeze her ass around my cock, I knew she was trying to get me cum…
But I had other plans for this slut. I slowed down, sinking my cock in super deep, grinding my cock into her asshole. Brittney groaned deep, telling me how good it felt and fuck, how fucking deep in her ass I was.
I was so hard, feeling her tight ass taking my thick cock deep inside her. Looking down, I could see her asshole was so red, so stretched around my dick. Such a yummy site.
When Amy went limp after Pete removed his cock from her ass, I could see his hot cum dribbling from her asshole. I told her to let Brittney eat her ass and of course being the nasty fuck she is, she quickly moved up, pushing her ass into Brittney's face.
Brittney tongue fucked Amy's ass, sucking that cum from her hole. I could see her taking Pete's cum on her tongue from Amy's asshole, it was so fucking hot. Finally, before I came seeing these two be so fucking dirty, I told Pete to get under Brittney. With a little moving around, Pete positioned himself under Brittney, placing his still hard cock at her pussy. Brittney took it deep, creaming up his cock quickly with her pussy juice.
I moved in behind her, slowly pushing the head of my cock into her asshole. This was the first time Brittney had been double fucked and she was loving it, begging for us to both fuck her harder and deeper. While Pete and I did as we were asked, fucking her holes so deep and hard, fast and long strokes, Amy kept fingering her own holes, then putting her cum and pussy wt fingers into Brittney's mouth, having her suck them clean.
I couldn't hold back any longer and I started to cum, filling Brittney's ass with my hot cum. Pete started to cum as well, filling her pussy so deep with his cum. Brittney moaned out loud that she could feel both of us cumming in her holes. She was covered in sweat, holes dripping wet, stretched, just fucked so good.
Brittney and Amy kissed, then laid with each other for awhile while Pete got dressed. I guess he had to get going, so I laid down with the girls, enjoying having one beautiful woman in each arm. The end.

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