Not for the faint of heart
Jen was a young happy girl. She had lots of friends, good grades, and was beautiful. She had never even had an impure thought. She was only about ten when the most unthinkable and horrible sequence of events tragically happened to poor little innocent Jen. It started like any other day. It was a Wednesday and Jen was geting ready for school. She had showered and was trying to decide what to wear. She settled on a white button up shirt, white cotton panties, and a short plaid skirt. She felt the simple outfit complimented her long black hair and dark green eyes. She was a little plump and pale, yet she was still a very pretty little girl. She was ready for school. She went down stairs to say goodbye to her dad and head off for school. She lived in an upper middle class home with her dad, two sisters, and two brothers. Her dad's name was Mike Gazer. He worked at home for he was a writer for a local newspaper. He was average with short dark hair and a well groomed beard. She also had a younger sister and and older one. The younger was seven, and a very cute brown haired angel who resembled Jen for the most part. Her name was Candice. Her older sister Becca was sixteen. She was a cheerleader at the local high school, but despite the stigma of cheerleaders being sluts. But she was quite the opposite. Very clean and innocent. Never even having a boyfriend. Jen had to older brothers. A 15 year old, Steve and an 18 year old, Kevin. Both boys...what more needs be said. Kevin was blonde as was his sister Becca and his late mother Carol. Steve had brown shaggy hair and was a skater kid. That sums up Jen's immediate familey. Jen said goodbye to her dad in haste... she had over slept and was consequently late for school. Her siblings had all left 20 minutes ago. She flew out the door forgetting her backback and ran down the road towards her school. She was young, but smart. She had skipped a couple grades and now was a sixth grader at the middle school, only two grades below her brother Steve who was almost five years older. Despite her obvious age deference she was well liked by her fellow sixth graders for her attitude and smarts. Her best friend was Vivian. A 13 year old half Japanese girl with brown eyes and black hair. She always wore her hair in a ponytail. They shared many interests. Such as music, fashion, and a love of learning. Little did they know, they were about to share something else in common... weather they wanted to or not. Jen got to school several minutes late and rushed to class. From that point on the day was rather normal. After lunch the entire afternoon was a free period for the sixth graders. This to congragulate them on their high test scores. This is when the unthinkable happened. Jen and Vivian were wandering around campus just talking. They weren't paying much attention to their surroundings. They unknowingly stumbled off the middle school campus on to the adjacent high school. They just kept walking and talking. Just ahead of them was a gang of dropouts who still hung around the high school to sell drugs to students. The teachers were unaware of these transactions and the overall presence of the five dropouts because they hung out only at the abandoned locker room and shower building that went out of use when the new football field was built. The building was far away from the rest of the school and obscured from view by a high wall and a line of trees and bushes. The girls had been walking beside the wall because it provided shade from the unforgiving sun...(big mistake)
The gang of twenty something lowlifes had not had a good day. Business had been slow, it was "fucking hot!" As one member had put it. And to top it off they were horny... the leader of the group, Chaz, was especially so in this context. His girlfriend had broke up with him a month ago "The Bitch!" He muttered... Then he saw somthing out of the corner of his eye. He spun around, and there in the distance were two short skirts fluttering in the wind. And in them two beautiful fuck! He turned to his boys and gave them a grin. The young girls were just coming to a frightening realization...they didn't know ware they were. They glanced around. They decided not to panic, it had only been about twenty minutes. All they had to do was turn around and head back the way they came. When they did they saw two big guys in black clothes with scruffy faces and evil grins. The girls froze. "Well, well wada we got here man?" One of the thugs said. "Looks like two lost kittens, do you think we can keep em?" The other one sneered. To this his menacing counter part replied, "I don't see no collars, so I don't see why not!" The girls were beyond terrified. They both gave eachother fearful glances and turned and ran. Strait into two other goons. Before they could scream big dirty hands clamped over their little mouths. The four evil men carried the defenseless girls into the abandoned building...
Tape was put over their mouths and their rusts were tied behind their backs. Then a fifth man appeared. He addressed himself as Chaz. "Hello bitches!" He chuckled maliciously, "today you will be our entertainment, and if you do what we say you will live" at this point Vivian began crying. "Damn! Two young beautiful virgins all for us! Satan has smiled his evil smile upon us my friends!" Then he looked at the girls "are you two friends?" They reluctantly nodded yes. Then he added,"How old are you?" They held up fingers in accordance... to this Chaz said, "10 and 13! Jackpot!" This was every girls worst nightmare come true. They didn't know what the think. Then Vivian heard the words that made her eyes widen beyond comprehension. The thug said, "OK boys, I love Asians! They are beyond tight. But I want to take this 13 year old bitches cherry... and I want little friend to watch so she understands what we are about to do. Hold the white bitch down and bend that virgin Jap over this bench facing her friend!" Vivian was crying and whimpering behind her gag. One of the goons picked her up easily and slung her over the wide bench. Chaz got behind her. He lifted her skirt and observed her plump young ass. He place his hands on her cotton panty covered butt and gave a strong squeeze. This excited a jump out of the girl. Chaz grinned. Jen looked helplessly as her best friend was being molested by evil brutes. And what was worse she knew she was next in line for this unspeakable torture. What had she done to deserve this. Chaz couldn't wait any longer and he knew his man wanted their fun as well. He unbuckled his belt and drooped is pants. Vivian could not see what was going on behind her, but by looking at Jen she saw a bad sign. Jen's eyes were wide with fear. Jen had never seen a penis before but knew what they were. What she was looking at was a huge throbbing meat spear. She couldn't imagine that going inside her friend much less her own tight young body. Chaz began slowly pulling off vivians flower Covered underwear much to the girls distress. She squirmed and tried to fight but her hands were tied and she was no match. The squirming actually helps get the panties off and the fall around her feet. She senses what's coming and makes the mistake of clenching up to try to keep him out. But this man cares not about this girl. He is a follower of Satan and gets off on others pain. He lines his giant dick up with her tiny virgin hole. Jen doesn't want to look but when she tries to close her eyes the thug holding smacks her and grunts that if she doesn't watch she will be hit again. Then he says enjoy the show! Chaz rears back, hesitates, then slams incredibly hard into the young Asian. Jen watches in complete and utter shock as her friend Vivian screams with all her might into the tape on her moth. The muffled scream his dick as brought from this girl who he has just stolen virginity from. What elated him more is his dick only went half way. He decides to toy with this little bitch. "Don't worry its over... you and your friend can go home now" a look of amazement and disbelief overcomes the girls. Chaz sees it and makes direct eye contact with Jen. Jen realizes what's happening and is terror struck again. With hesitation and without taking his eyes off the ten year old, Chaz rams the full length of his monster cock into the little girl. An ear splitting scream of pain comes from behind the layer of tape. Chaz takes in another moment of relish but this time rears back and slams his entirety up into the tight pussy of the girl over and over again in quick hard thrusts. Each time he would go in and slam into her delicate insides vivian would be pushed forward onto the bench. As well she couldn't help but make utterances of pained grunts. Every time he forced himself inside her "uhm uhm uhm uuuhhm!" She was also crying and making a choking noise every once in a while. Jen was crying too. Chaz kept staring at her as he violated Vivian. Then he began pumping harder and faster. Vivians grunts grew louder, "UMN UMN UMN UMMHHHMN" Chaz felt himself about to cum inside this little bitch. And so he did. He filled the thirteen year old innocent girl with his warm gooey seed. Vivian lay sobbing on the bench as Chaz pulled out of her now bleeding vagina. Cum and blood oozed out of her used hole. Chaz pulls his pants up and looks at his gang, "Have at em boys, I'm going to take a break, do what you will with em, just leave me the ass of the ten year old" The gang grins evil grins and begin taking off their clothes. The girls sob respectily as their gang rape ensues. Vivian and Jen know that their endevur is far from over. Two of the thugs attack Vivian. One sticks his cock in her used pussy and begins fucking her hard in fast, using blood and cum as natural lubrication. His buddy stands in front of her and removes the tape. She tries to scream and gets a dick shoved down her throat. She cryies onto his penis much to his joy. He begins violently raping the girls warm, moist mouth. She makes chocking sounds as she strungles to breath while she gags on a huge piece of meat in her throat. At the same time she is being ramed from behind in her still tight cunt. The violators begin to work at a rhythm to maximize their pleasure while making it so Vivian is in constant painful violation. Jen doesn't have much time to stair at the horror of her friends double penetration. The big thug who had been holding her, shoves her on to her knees. Her gag is torn off and she begins to plead and beg her attackers, "Please don't do this. I'm to young. I'm an innocent virgin. Please I beg you I'm only ten. I'm ammmnmncnfhh..." Her plea is drowned out as a huge dick is shoved in her mouth. Her rapist manages to force his huge meat down into this little preteens tight wet throat. He holds it there until she can't breath. She is gaging. she wants to throw up. Then the brute pulls back and rams in again. He behind slowly but forcefully fucking this innocent girls mouth. Mean while her little friend can't take much more. Then both the men cum at the same time. The dick snot fills young vivians mouth "Swallow bitch, swallow all my cum" its harder than it sounds. She tries to swallow but it keeps coming she swallows a lot but the rest spews out of the sides of her mouth wrapped around a grown mans dick. Simultaneously the cock inside her deposits all of its cum. They pull out and she glances over to see her ten year old friend with a huge dick in her mouth. The man fucking her mouth has a hand on the back of her head and is using her hair as leverage to slam into her throat over and over again. The sight was terrible. Jen's face was streaked with tears. She was making grotesque choking sounds and you could see the mans dick bulging in her throat going in and out. From the throat fuckers perspective he was fucking the tightest throat of his life. He was really getting off on looking into her big green virgin eyes. Violating her mouth. She attempted to breath and flicked her tounge over the tip of his penis. It was to much for him and he begin spewing cum directly into little Jen's throat. She had no choice but to take it. But it didn't stop coming. She didn't know if it would ever end. She actually begin sucking without being able to stop. Her stomach begin to bulge with cum. Her rapist had allways prided himself on drowning his victims in his milky seed. He finished his ejaculation and pulled his softening cock from Jen's battered mouth. Cum came pouring out. She crumpled to the floor sick with the amount of cum that was bulging in her gut. By this time Chaz was ready to claim his prize. The tight ass of this virgin slut. She was practically asking for it walking around in cloths like that. He stood up and began speaking, "Are you ready to squeal my young little piggy? I'm going to make you wish you had stayed home and sucked your dads cock all day. I'm about to rape that precious little asshole of yours. I want to hear you scream until your voice goes out." Poor Jen didn't think she could survive a dick in her butt. She had trouble getting stuff out. How could anything go in. Chaz tore open here shirt. She had not yet developed breasts, but what the hell. He then picked her up and tossed her on the cold ground of the locker room floor. It smelled terrible and all she could taste was the cum coating her mouth. She struggled on the ground and her rapist watched her squirm with glee. Finaly he pulled her girlie panties down to her knees. Jen was crying and begging to not have her ass violated. This just made Chaz want her more. He lined up with here hole. And reared back and suddenly, there was a knock at the door... "Fuck!" Chaz yelled... "go see who it is and gag these bitches" one of the thugs went for the door and opened it. On the other side was Kevin Gazer. He often bought pot from the gang. "Hey can a score some weed man?" Kevin asked. The goon at the door replied, "We are busy, come back later" Jen had heard a familiar voice. It was her older brother Kevin! She had never been so happy. Her attackers had failed to do a good job with her gag and she managed to call out. Her brother heard her and busted in past the goon blocking the door "what the hell is going on here, that's my sister!" Kevin blurted. Chaz narrowed his eyes, "Look kid ill make you a deal. You can have all the weed you want. A little cash. And you can take your sister virginity. Eh whata you say, all that to keep this on the hush?" Jen was petrified. There wasn't any way her brother would take this deal...was there... Kevin looked around, "No way!" Jen was elated but Kevin wasn't done. "No deal... unless I get a crack at her friend as well!" Both girls' hearts sank. Chaz grinned, "You drive a hard bargain my friend but we have a deal" Kevin had lucked out. Free drugs and he could finally fuck one of his hot sisters with no negative penelty. Not to mention a hot Asian girl. Vivian and Jen's last hope had been lost and replaced with yet another monster in this nightmare. Kevin advanced towards his virgin sister (not for long) and Chaz seeing as he would now have to wait for Jen's ass settled with that of vivians round rump. He looked at her like the fuck doll she was and her eyes widened in fear. He tossed her into the same possition her friend had been in moments before. Chaz spread her ass cheeks, "Such a soft booty you have... it shall make music as my balls slap against it" he removed her gag. At this point he didn't care about anything but hearing the unhindered squeals of this bitch as he fucked her like the pig she was. Meanwhile Kevin has positioned his young sister face up on a bench. Her ass is hanging off the edge. She is nothing but tears...
Jen was about to be brutally raped by her own brother. Kevin got three of the thugs to help him. He told two to hold her legs and spread them apart. The third was to hold her steady. Only Jen's skirt covered her hot moist pussy. Kevin lifted it and ran his fingers over her virgin lips, pink and soft. Jen was freaking out, "Please big brother don't do this. You can still end this. I don't mmmnm..." Kevin had ended her pleas by stuffing her dirty panties in her mouth. He rubbed her bulging belly full of cum and she tried to struggle but couldn't move. He had to release his hard cock. He droped his shorts and out sprang his monster. Jen was in a state of disbelief. Her brothers dick was bigger than even Chaz's. She couldn't see it fitting inside her and continued to beg not to be fucked through the underwear gag. Her muffled cries only made Kevin hornier. Without even lining his dick up he slammed into his little sister ripping her virginity to shreads. She screamed and continued to scream and sob as her brother fucked her with extreme prejudice. He told the goons to spread her legs more. They did so with pleasure. Kevin forced his way in and out of Jen's little vagina, going deeper and deeper, exciting scream after scream. He was in heaven just as she was in hell. He bottomed out inside her and every time he thrust in he would hit the back of her pussy. Uumn Uumn aaahhhmn uh uh aahmn Uumn Uumn mmhhmehahhh uh uh uhuhuhuh uuhn uuhn uuhn. Her grunts screams and cries were music to his ears. She was so tight. He looked at her baby like face, eyes shut in agony, tears pouring down her cheeks. His only regret is that he had not done this sooner. He fucked his sister for what seamed like forever. Her cries never letting up. Finally he was ready to cum. He wanted her to taste it. He pulled out of her beaten pussy and climbed up to her face. He removed the panties and commanded his ten year old sister to suck his bloody cock. Wanting this to end she did suck. Suck with all her might. Jen was meekly slurping on her brothers cock. She could taste blood and her own juices as she flicked her tiny tongue around the head of the penis. Kevin admired those big sad green eyes as his sister gave him the blowjob of his life. He was ready... he grabbed the back of Jen's head and shoved his dick down her throat, instantly making the ten year old gag. He then began cumming hard down her esophagus. Her belly was all ready beyond full capacity and now had to take nearly a gallon more of sticky seed. Her stomach continued to swell as Kevin relentlessly spewed down her throat. Jen was gagging and could hardly breath. Then after a whole minute it was all over. "Damn she looks pregnant with all that cum in her!" One of the thugs shouted. Little Jen was ill. She looked over and saw her friend being ass raped. Vivian was grunting and groaning in agony each time Chaz forced his cock up her rectum. She was crying and pleading between every hard ram, "uuhn ahhuuhn please pl...uuhn uuhn oh God ahhhghh uuhn God whyyyy?! Stahhnnuh uh uh uuhn mmmn uh please uuhn stop ittahhhg it hurts so much!!! Uuhn aught!!!" He was using her iconic ponytail to ride her and fuck real deep into her ass. Jen watched helplessly as her friend suffered a fate that would soon befall her. Vivian was in intense distress. This ass rape was more painful then all the fucks she had endured today combined. Chaz taunted her, "I know your in a lot of pain right now, but I thought you should know I'm about to cum inside your ass and then I'm going to do the same to your bitch friend!" He snatched her head back with her hair and shoved his huge dick deep into her anus destroying her insides. Vivian screamed in absolute torment. And then she felt the cum filling her ass to the brim. It stung her torn insides. Chaz laughed and true the broken girl down off his swollen penis. She lay there crying in a puddle of blood cum and now urine as she began pissing herself on the ground. Jen was heart broken, her friend had been violated beyond comprehension....... ...and now it was her turn to face to same cruel fate. This entire experience was more than anyone should ever have to go through. Much less an innocent child like Jen Gazer. Only ten years of age and she hold already sucked two dicks and been raped by her brother. And now she lay with her hands tied, with a belly full of sperm. Her best friend Vivian had been forcefully taken in all of her holes and lay defeated on a cold locker room floor. And now their main antagonist was coming towards Jen with intent to fuck her ass into submission like her poor half Asian friend. Things had reached there worst possible point... and Jen had all but lost hope that they would even make it out of this hell hole alive. Chaz finished his stride over to the bench to finish what he started with his little play thing. Jen had little fight left in her and did nothing to try and prevent the inevitable. The gang leader flipped the former virgin over. Now her feet touched the ground and her ass was in the air. Chaz mad just came but he was still hard and ready to fuck this girls brains out, he had waited long enough. He positioned his cock at the entrance of her unused asshole. He put his hands on her waste and began to slowly push in...he wanted her to feel every inch in all its glory. Jen felt the pressure and braced herself for another rape. Chaz was going to enjoy this... but before he could push in any further, the ground began shaking! Chaz fell back against a bank of rusty lockers. Kevin panicked and ran into the showers to hide. The rest of the gang looked at each other in disbelief. Was it an earthquake? They wondered as the ground trembled below them. Then suddenly a crack split down the middle of the floor...and all became silent. "Heh I guess it was a false alarm!" One of the thugs said. The four gang members in the center of the room laughed at the prospect of an earthquake in Florida. But before they even finished their chuckle the ground fell out beneath them and they plummeted into the resulting abyss. Their screams echoed off the walls of the huge crater the had been formed in the middle of the ground. Chaz was dumbstruck! Had his gang just fallen to their deaths? Had they fallen into a hole that had just "appeared" in the ground? Was he going crazy? He didn't know what to think...or what to do! He scrambled to his feet and meandered over to the edge of the pit. He gazed down into the abyss. It went on eternally in stark darkness. Chaz could see no end to it. Jen just stared glassy eyed at this resent turn of events. Some how she kept avoiding ass rape. As well four of her attackers had just died right in front of her, and all she could think about was the pressure the bench was placing on her bursting stomach. Vivian was in utter shock on the other hand. She had moved herself into a sitting position despite the pain it brought her. What was going on? How could this day get any worse? What they didn't realize was that life was about to get a lot worse for everyone they knew. "Hello...hello...hello" chaz's voice echoed as he yelled into the pit. Then...silence. Chaz was fed up. He realized he still had a hard dick and now he was furious. He snatched Jen up by her black hair and slung her down. "Fuck it! I'm going to rape that tight ass of yours until you die!!!" Then before Chaz could do anything he heard a sound come from the hole. "What was that?" He looked around... then with out warning something flew out of the crater. It landed directly in front of Chaz. "Whaaa...what are you!" Standing in front of him was a dark hulking figure. Its leathery wings extended then contracted into its back. It's face was unimaginably grotesque. It had glowing red eyes and sharp gleaming fangs. It also had large black horns coming out of its skull. The image of a demon. It began to speak its voice deep and resonating in an inhuman way, "I am Zelious the demon of suffering, torment, and rape. Your deeds this day have summoned me. I have been commanded by Lucifer himself to claim this town in the name of hell!" Satan had sent a sex demon to corrupt this town and claim it for hell. He was going to do this by recruiting ones already destined for the inferno. They would reek absolute havoc and send this place into damnation. The demon had an array of terrifying powers that he couldn't wait to unleash upon these pathetic mortals. But first things first... Chaz was shaking in the presence of this beast. The demon grinned flashing his menacing teeth, "You have raped these innocent girls, your soul is property of Satan. I think you should start your eternal punishment now! You have an obsession with ass fucking do you? Let us see how you like it!" The devil snapped his fingers and a giant wolf like creature came into existence. It was foaming at the mouth and had huge claws. Chaz looked between its legs and saw a foot long super thick barbed dick. His eyes widened in fear. He turned to run and the hell hound pounced. Chaz landed on his hands and knees with the wait of the monster on top of him, he couldn't move. Zelious laughed maniacally. The dog demon begin violently ass fucking Chaz who was screaming in pure agony. He finally knew what it was like to have something painfully rape him. The girls by this time had become terrified to a knew extent they had not thought possible. The demon seemed to just take notice of them. He had plans, "All this toture is making me hungry. I think ill of Asian." He laughed at his own joke. Vivian was petrified, was she to be eating? No...demons feed off the suffering of the innocent. She was to be fucked again...this time by a demon. Zelious glared at the thirteen year old girl. Then several tentacles shot out of its chest. Four small tentacles wrapped around her arms and legs lifting her in the air and spreading her apart. Then a large black tentacle about the size of a baseball bat and with a huge bulb on the end of it shot into her tight pussy. It automatically began going in and out very hard and fast hitting the back of vivians vagina every time. The demon rape had hardly begun!

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Lovely mess of a story. Good effort. Enjoyable on a certain level.

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Well lit's see what the rest of it is about ???...Could be shit, but could also be good ???...I'll read more and see...

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"not for the faint of heart"? This is a pathetic excuse for a rape story...

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I regret everything.

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