One rainy night, in a fit of sexual desperation Cindy ended up seducing her son's best friend Dennis. Late into the night and throughout the next day of sexual activities she eventually discovered that Dennis and a group of his friends shared videos and pictures of their own mothers. Soon afterwards she found herself making her own video, while the group eagerly watched. Now, lying there naked, glistening with her own sweat and their cum she wondered to herself, "What's next?"
***WARNING: This story is a bit long at 9 typed pages, but I hope you enjoy it***

Cindy lay there on the blanket covered coffee table looking up at the large wall mounted flat-screen TV. On the screen she saw her naked body covered in her own sweat and she could even make out the spots where some of their cum had landed on her. She watched as four young men, wearing only towels wrapped around their waists, took washcloths from two basins of water on either side of her. After wringing them out they each began to wipe the warm washcloths over her naked body. "MMMmmmm..." she moaned softly as warmth for the cloths and pressure from their hands moved over her. She continued to watch and was impressed that they took great care to clean, but not necessarily arouse her further with they’re actions. Of course she was already aroused from her recent orgasm and the sight of their hands roaming over her body was beginning to add to her current state.

The two nearer her head wiped her arms, shoulders and neck. As they proceeded to her breasts they seemed to move with special care, as if they were either afraid of breaking her, or they had never handled a woman's breast before. She decided it was more likely the latter. They were particularly careful when they reached her areola, as neither of them so much as brushed her nipples.

At her other end she watched them moving their hands over her legs and thighs. Just as with the two at her breasts, these two were being very careful around her inner thighs and pubic mound. In fact they very slowly brushed over her outer labia without touching her clit, a fact that almost disappointed her. She realized that Dennis was one of these two. She had never been pampered like this before and she decided she liked it.

All too soon they stopped washing her body and returned the washcloths to the basins. She watched as each pickup a small terrycloth towel and then began to dry her now damp body. As she watched their hands guide the soft towels over her she admired their young, strong arms, shoulders and backs. She felt a tingle of pleasure begin in her pelvis and work it's way up her back. Her breathing deepened slightly as they hands continued to roam over her body. Like with the washcloths they were very careful when approaching her obviously sensitive areas. But again like with the washcloths her viewing it on the TV was turning her on. Suddenly Cindy realized that she wanted more then ever to finish watching the video she came here to watch, the one with Dennis' mother having sex with three men. She continued to watch the TV as the group finished drying her off.

When they finally finished drying her off they all pulled away from her at the same time. Two of them picked up the basins of water and a third picked up all of the towels. As they all stood up Cindy noticed that each of them had a hard-on underneath their towels. Then all three carried the items out of the room leaving her and Dennis alone. Cindy smiled up at her young lover and said, "Dennis that was wonderful! I've never been pampered like that before. And I'm particularly impressed with the care they took not to try and arouse me, as if someone gave them some advice on how to properly please a woman."

Dennis blushed slightly, smiled and said, "After I turned the video off I pulled them aside to we talked about what had happened, and to give you some time, decide how you felt about it. I didn't know that was going to happen that way." He looked a little cautious after admitting that.

"It's OK Dennis..." She said, realizing he might be afraid of her reaction, " can be more fun when it's spontaneous like that. Besides, I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed the experience. Except..." She began, looking straight at obvious hard-on poking out in the front of his towel. "...maybe you." Cindy had noticed his erection when he had walked back into the room. "I didn't see you adding your contribution to the video. Are you still having trouble cumming?"

Dennis looked down for second before answering, "It's OK, Mrs. J. Even if I had cum I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have left my hand, much less shot all over you. I seriously think I'm all cummed out after everything we did last night, and today." Then he looked at her and asked, "Um...actually, are you sure it's OK...I mean the guys spunking on you like that?"

Cindy softly laughed at that term, and then answered, "Yes, I'm OK with it. It wasn't what I expected, but it was kind of exciting to watch them 'spunk' up close like that. Especially because I know I am the one that got them that excited. It makes a woman feel good to know she's still desirable in the eyes of the opposite sex. And that was kind of their way to of showing it, under the circumstances. So where is everyone now, they haven't gone home already have they?" Cindy realized that might have sounded a little desperate, but she was really excited by the boys’ reaction to her. Though she didn't know what she wanted to happen with them, she was definitely sure she wanted arouse them further. Of course there could be serious consequences for arousing that many young men at the same time, but even that thought excited her more that she would have admitted out loud.

"They're in the kitchen Mrs. J, just waiting." Dennis said

"Waiting for what exactly." She asked

Dennis thought for a moment, then said, "Well after I turned the video off I pulled the guys aside and we, well we chatted about a few things. We've all agreed as to how we were going to act, and treat you when you're here."

"Oh? And what was decided?" Cindy asked, intrigued by this line of conversation.

"Well, we've decided that you're not to be treated like a...well like a slut, or anything like that." He said with a slight blush. "When you're with the club we'll always treat you like a lady, you know polite and courteous."

"Dennis, I really do appreciate that, but what happened just now has nothing to do with lady-like behavior I'm afraid." Cindy told him.

"Well, ya...but you know what I mean. When we're not doing that kind of stuff then you'll be treated differently, with respect." He said.

"I see. So how will the guys know when to treat me like a lady, and when not to?" She asked, getting into this new development.

"Well..." Dennis began, "...first off, we decided that the only time we'll, you know, do stuff with you is when you decide to. None of us will try and put a lame move on you, or feel you up or anything like that, unless you start it. That way we know it's OK with you. So any time we're not doing something you started, then you’re to be treated with respect, at all times."

Cindy had never imagined being in such a situation, and now that she was in it she wasn't sure where she wanted it to go. She asked, "So the club is willing to wait for me to decide what we will do, and whether or not they can touch me?"

"Mrs. J, this has been cooler than anything we could have imagined ACTUALLY doing in the club. I mean, sure we talked about what we'd do if we had a real MILF, I mean real woman with us, but the that was just a fantasy...until now." Dennis said.

Cindy thought for moment then asked, "So what would the club LIKE to do, now that you have a real MILF at you're disposal?"

Dennis suddenly turned a deep red as he looked down. Without looking up he said, "Mrs. J, the guys like to watch you cum again, or even, maybe even help you cum again, if that was possible."
"And that's all the guys would like to do?" She asked, getting more excited as she pursued this line of thinking.
"No...I mean, we'd probably do whatever you'd let us do...I mean as long at it was OK with you." Dennis answered, still looking down.

Cindy considered that for a moment, and then said, "So what if for some reason, I decide that I want to be treated differently, just for the fun of it?"
"You mean like we did earlier?" Dennis asked.

"Yes, like we did earlier, or something else depending on my mood." She said.
"Mrs. J, we'll do anything you'd like to long as it's OK with you." Dennis answered.

"And are you OK with that Dennis...sharing me with the rest of the club after having me all to yourself?" Cindy asked as she looked up at him.

Dennis looked at her for a moment and then answered, "Mrs. J, I'm happy just making you happy, I mean turning you on and making you cum are awesome! And I really liked having you all to myself, but if you'd like to do stuff with the club, then as long as I get to do that stuff too I'm cool with sharing you."

Smiling broadly at him she reached up and slowly grabbed his hard-on through the towel. "So are all of the guys suffering from this same problem right now?" She asked

"Mrs. J, as soon as we starting washing you every one of us popped a tent, I mean got a hard-on! I'm the only one of us that's actually touched a naked woman before this, and I even had wood." Dennis said as she held dick.

"Well I guess since I caused this problem..." she said, "...then it wouldn't be fair to leave them standing in the kitchen while I watch the rest of the video, now would it?"

Dennis smiled and said, "No ma'am, it wouldn't!"

"Please invite them to rejoin us then, Dennis." Cindy said as she released her hold on his dick.

As Dennis headed for the kitchen Cindy adjusted pillows and made herself more comfortable. When the guys came back into the room they took off their towels before sitting back down on the couch and chairs, all eyes were on her naked body again. And all hard-ons were ready for action.

Cindy looked to her left and right and said, "Gentlemen, I must say that was a lot of fun for me, and I especially enjoyed the pampering afterward. In fact, if you keep being that gentle and considerate I just might have to let you do that again." Cindy saw four ear-to-ear smiles spread across their faces. "Now, as I understand it, Dennis is only one in the club that has had experience with an older woman?" As she asked this she saw Steve and the other two boys look sharply at Dennis. 'Oops!' she thought to herself. Looking quickly at Dennis she suddenly realized, "You haven't told them yet, have you?"

Dennis looked down and said, "No, I haven't."

Cindy was so surprised that she just came out and asked, "Why?" She realized after she asked, how awkward the question was.

"Because a gentleman never divulges information that would dishonor a lady or discredit her reputation. It's The Code." Dennis said as he looked up, almost defiantly. Around her Cindy heard the other boys echo, "The Code." and then nod as if that explained everything. 'What the fuck!' she thought.

Here she was, lying naked on a coffee table, in the middle of four young men wearing only towels that barely covered their hard-ons, about to watch a video of one of their mothers having sex with three men, and they site a code that forbids the discrediting of a woman's reputation. Her only logical thought at this point was, 'I think I need to go a little easier on the weed next time."

"If may clarify a point of order, Mrs. J?" Steve spoke up.

Cindy was still trying to wrap her mind around the multiple contradictions in that logic when she realized that Steve had spoken. "I'm sorry, what was that?"

"If I may," Steve began, "we have a Code that forbids us from saying anything that could hurt a lady's reputation. But, the lady in question can, at her discretion, divulge such information as she sees fit. It probably sounds funny considering the nature of the collection, but that's one of the reasons we can't talk about the collection outside of the club, to protect the reputation of the ladies in the collection."

Cindy rolled all of that around in her mind for a couple minutes. This was definitely an interesting group of young men. As she surveyed them all again she suddenly remembered three things;
1, She was still lying here completely naked in front of them;
2, They all had hard-ons and they were all looking at her;
3, She was horny as hell and needed to get off, NOW!

Realizing that the club obviously had a formal side that she hadn't been told about yet, she decided to exercise her 'discretion' and let them 'help her cum again.' "Dennis, did you pause the video so that we may begin where we left off?"

Dennis pick up a remote and switched the TV from the camcorder to the DVD player. "Yes I did." He responded, as his mother's naked image popped on the screen.

Cindy looked up the frozen image and felt a tingle of excitement. Then she looked to both sides. "Gather around me." Cindy ordered. Four hard young men moved to her sides. She looked up them and ordered, "Remove your towels." Immediately four towels went flying and she was rewarded with four hard dicks pointed right at her. Two of which were close enough that she could lean over and take one into her mouth, but she had other plans. Looking at the new comers she said, "Steven, could you introduce these two members to me; if they are going to touch my body I'd like to know their names first." All four boys suddenly looked at each other as if they desperately hoped they had heard her correctly.

Steve immediately said, "Mrs. J, this Brandon and Mike." Pointing at each boy in turn.

Again she glanced up at Dennis' mother, frozen on the screen in the throws of passion. She then said, "I didn't know what I was getting myself into when this began, but I've really enjoyed it so've all been wonderful. Now I want to watch the rest of this video and I'd like you to help me. Please kneel down." All four boys dropped to their knees and waited, their eyes scanning over her naked body close up now. "I like for you to gently caress me with your fingertips as I watch the video." As she spoke she looked around her. All four of them were watching her intently. "At first, please don't touch my nipples or pubic area. Does everyone understand?" When all of them nodded and/or said, "Yes ma'am." she looked at Dennis and said, "Please start the video." As the video started and Dennis' mother continued her current orgasm eight hands came up and forty fingers began softly gliding along her body. Cindy's body responded immediately as a shiver shot up her back and she suddenly drew in a staggered gasp air.

On the screen - The woman was moaning loudly and gasping for air as she thrust two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her feet were pressed together and pulled up close to her ass with her legs spread wide for the camera.

Cindy was already horny when they began this, but now she was on fire as eight hands roamed over her body and she watched the woman on the screen begin her next orgasm.

The woman threw her head back and began moaning even louder, she pinched and pulled her nipples with one hand, thrusting her fingers into her pussy with the other as her hips starting rocking upward against her thrusting fingers. Suddenly her back arched and her cries of passion drowned out the wet sound from her fingers plunging into her pussy.

Cindy's breath began to deepen as she watched the TV and felt then fingers on her body. The woman's orgasm began to affect her as if she could feel those fingers inside of her. She then said, "Dennis..." suddenly she looked to her left and right, ", I mean Steve, Brandon...softly start playing with my nipples." The two boys didn't have to be told twice as they each brought a hand up and began rubbing their fingertips over her nipples, which went from firm to rock hard instantly. Her back arched slightly at their touch and her breathing deepened even more. Looking back at the TV she watches as the woman's orgasm seems to go on for several minutes, but slowly her hips slow their rocking, cries of passion begin to grow softer, and her hands begin slowing their pace on her body. But Cindy's body hasn't reached orgasm and her need is showing no signs of going away. Suddenly...

The woman's body finally stops moving as her cries of passion are reduced to deep breaths, as if she's trying to gain control of herself. Suddenly a man walks into view as he comes up to the woman's side and kneels down next to her. He's completely naked and by the looks of his hard dick has been watching her play with herself.

Cindy's breathing was getting faster and deeper, she suddenly looked down and said, "Dennis, Mike...rub my pussy...but don't put…your fingers…inside me yet!" Immediately eight fingers start rubbing her pubic mound, from the top to the bottom, and covering the entire area down to her inner thighs. Again her body responded at her back arched again with a sharp intake of breath. "Ooohhh..." she moaned as she released the breath she'd just drawn in. She noticed that all four of their heads were turned towards her shaven pussy mound. A shiver shot through her as their fingers began working at both nipples and her entire pubic mound at the same time. As new feelings of pleasure started moving through her body she grabbed the edges of the coffee table with all her might. Just then she felt something brush against her hand. She hadn't realized she'd even closed her eyes until she opened them again and saw the action on the TV screen.

The woman had grabbed the man's dick and was now jerking him off as she stared at it.

As Cindy watched the woman's hand she felt something brush against her own hand again. Looking down she saw that every time Brandon lean in a little his dick would brush her hand. Suddenly she reached out and grabbed the hard dick beside her. Without taking her eyes off it she started jerking it off like the woman on the TV...just like she had Dennis' dick earlier today. She heard Brandon groan next to her as she pulled on his dick. She suddenly remembered what was coming next. Looking up at the TV saw watched...

The woman suddenly sat up enough to lean over and take the man's dick into her mouth. She sucked on the head and then slowly took it into her mouth fully. As her head began to move back and forth over it, he gasped with pleasure. Soon she had a good rhythm going as her mouth moved over his hard dick.

As Cindy watched the woman's head moving back and forth on the man's dick she remembered the other hard dicks around her. Looking to her left she spotted Steve's dick only inches from her other hand. Reaching out she took hold of it and started pumping it like she was Brandon's. Steve let out a moan as she continued stroking it. Her breath started coming in ragged gasps and she said, " nipples!" Brandon and Steve each grabbed a nipple and began pinching and twisting. Cindy cried out as her back came off the coffee table again. Their fingers were driving her nuts as they pinched, twisted and pulled her nipples, while the other two rubbed their fingers over her pussy mound, causing labia to spread open. She watched as the scene on the TV changed.

As the woman continued to suck his dick the man reached down and starting finger her pussy. Her head starting moving fast as she continued to stroke him with her mouth. After rubbing just inside her pussy lips for a minute he suddenly thrust a finger inside her. She faltered for a second in her dick sucking, but then continued even more vigorously. The man then pushed a second finger into her pussy and began pushing them both deeper into her as his palm began pushing against her pussy mound and clit each time he thrust them in.

Cindy’s breathing was coming in deep gasps as her body began to shudder with the feeling coursing through her. As she watched the man finger the woman she suddenly needed to cum! Releasing the two dicks in her hands she reached up and cupped her hands on the backs of the head of the two boys whose dicks she just let go of. “Suck my…nipples! She cried out as she pulled their heads down to her chest. Two mouths wrapped around her nipples and began to suck on them. Her back arched again as the watched two boys at breasts for a second, then looked over their heads at the other two. “Dennis…and, ah…” She was having a difficult time focusing her thoughts, “…Mike…finger…my pussy!” She managed to gasp out as her body began to rock with her need to cum.

Suddenly her she felt several fingers vying to enter her pussy. “Ooohhh…yyeesss…” she cried out as she body began to rock with her rapidly approaching orgasm. Grabbing the backs of the heads feeding on her breasts she pulled them harder against her. Suddenly one of the mouths sucking on her lightly bit one of her nipples. “Ooohhh yesss…that’s it…” as she pulled that head harder against her breast. “Aaahhh…yesss…bite it…that’s it…” she cried out! Suddenly her back lifted off the table as two finger finally entered her pussy. “Ooohhh myyy…Ooohhh that’s it…” Just as she realized two fingers inside her were from different hands the scene on the TV changed again.

As the woman began to deep throat the man beside her he suddenly pulled his fingers out of her pussy. Grabbing her shoulders he pushed her off his dick and back down onto the blanket on the floor. Then he climbed between her wide-spread legs.

As the two fingers inside her began probing, poking and twisting she was felt something start rubbing her clit and she was suddenly overwhelmed as the first waves was of passion hit her. She cried out as her head went back against the pillows and her body began shaking. And she continued to shake and cry out as she felt two mouths nibbling on her nipples, two…no three fingers probing inside her pussy, and someone rubbing her clit. As the next wave of passion hit her she began thrusting her hips upward again and again. She closed her eyes as yet another wave of passion shook her body. She listened to herself gasping for air, their mouths sucking on her nipples, the wet sound of their fingers probing her pussy, and the sounds of the couple on the video. As another wave hit her she kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling coursing through her.

Suddenly her body became so sensitive that she had to push the mouths off of her breasts and shout, “Stop…please stop!” All hands, fingers and mouths immediately stopped touching her. She laid there, her body still trembling from little aftershocks of pleasure shooting up her back. After several minutes she slowly opened her eyes and gazed up at the four boys standing around her, a look of wonder on all of their faces. As her breathing slowed she looked up and saw herself on the TV screen again. The image of her lying naked body, legs spread wide exposing her shaved pussy, with four young (and obviously aroused) men standing over her caused her body another small shiver.

Looking back at them she said, “That was truly wonderful, thank you.” All four faces beamed with wide grins as they looked down at her. Then she looked from their faces to the four hard dicks staring right at her. Thinking for a moment she decided, ‘They definitely deserve a reward for that.’ Looking back up at them she asked, “I can’t begin to tell how good that felt…” as she looked at each of them in turn, “…what can I do to thank you all.” She watched as they just looked at each other before three of them looked at Dennis. Dennis looked at them, and then looked at her. After another moment he picked up the remote control and Cindy saw her own image disappear, and then the frozen image of his mother and her lover fucking come on the screen. Cindy felt a lump suddenly develop in her throat, until Dennis put the video in reverse mode. A moment later he stopped it and it started playing again. Dennis then looked to the other three, after they got a look if the action on the TV they looked at him, nodded, and then turned to look down at her. Cindy then looked from the TV to each of them. Smiling, she nodded also...

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