This is my first foray into world of bestiality, which has been a fascination of mine for some time. This is a pure work of fiction and should be enjoyed as such! I have listed the appropriate main categories including bestiality, anal and watersports. If these aspects of sexuality are not to your taste then I respect that, but can I please I ask you do not read this story and then post comments like “Bestiality sucks! I don’t like it!!!”

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There is an old cliché that goes something like “Even a fool can appear wise with the benefit of hindsight,” and I was quickly coming to the conclusion that I was indeed the fool! I had been interstate on yet another business trip, but my final meeting had been cancelled and I had managed to get a flight that brought me home a day early. I had thought about ringing my wife Cyndi and letting her know, but decided to surprise her. Little did I realize it would be me that was surprised, but perhaps I should provide a little background first.

Cyndi and I had met in college, and were immediately attracted to each other. There was a chemistry between us that was undeniable, and we quickly became friends, then lovers. We were pretty wild in the early days, unable to keep our hands off each other. We would fuck in storerooms at college, cars, parks, or anywhere we happened to be when lust took over. There was virtually nothing we wouldn’t try, experimenting with anal, bondage, watersports, and swapping at some of the alcohol-fuelled parties we attended. We were married in our early twenties and hardly left our hotel room on our honeymoon, but as our careers grew our sex life diminished. We were both very successful in our own fields, Cyndi as a business analyst and I as a corporate head-hunter. However this meant we both travelled extensively, and smart-phones and wifi laptops meant we were never really “off the clock.” In our early thirties we were financially secure, owning a large home on the fringe of the city. Cyndi had her BMW convertible in the garage, and I was in love with my new Cadillac Escalade. We had a great circle of friends, but there was no doubt enjoying each other’s bodies had slipped down our list of priorities.

We hadn’t made love for a couple of weeks, so I thought I’d see if I could coerce Cyn away from whatever she was doing tonight. I stopped on the way home and bought a big bunch of roses and a couple bottles of our favorite wine. “Surprise baby!” I called out as I opened the door, not wanting her to think I was a home-invader. There was no answer, so I went through the den and into the kitchen, still no sign of her! I checked her study and found that empty, went upstairs and looked in the bedroom and bathroom, and then I noticed the lights for the outdoor entertaining area were on.

I went back downstairs, poured two glasses of wine, and started to open the sliding door. That’s when I saw Cyn and stopped dead in my tracks. She was kneeling on the grass beside our neighbor Alison, and both were stark naked and looking quite disheveled. This was hardly surprising as both were enjoying a serious fucking, but it wasn’t with a pair of men they’d picked up in a local bar. Cyn had our German Shepherd’s cock thrusting hard into her sopping cunt, and Alison was enjoying similar treatment from her Golden Retriever! Both dogs were buried deep in their respective mistresses, thrusting hard as they prepared to impregnate their bitches.

Now, in the corporate world I’m known as a decisive team leader, often asked to make snap decisions with serious consequences if I make the wrong call. But for once I was totally indecisive, Cyn and Alison had no idea I was standing there, and I had no idea what to do! Seeing my hot, sexy wife giving her body to our dog was a brutal kick in the manhood that had me reeling, how could she do this to me? I briefly contemplated storming outside and busting up their little sex party, but something held me back.

There was no doubt I was extremely upset seeing my wife fucking, even if another man wasn’t involved, but there was something incredibly erotic about the whole situation. Cyn had dirt on her hands and knees as she clutched the grass for support against King’s thrusting, and paw-scratches over her lower back as he made sure his bitch didn’t escape. Her face was flushed, her nipples hard and extended, and her C-cup tits swayed back and forth as she took his shaft deep in her sloppy cunt. I wasn’t happy that someone (or something!) else was “stoking my fire”, but I was incredibly turned on just the same!

“Oh my God Ali!” Cyn moaned. “I can’t describe how fucking good this feels! I feel like the filthiest slut on the planet, I mean, I’m letting my dog fuck me and I love it! I just fucking love it!!!!”

Ali smiled at Cyn through slitted eyes, a string of drool oozing from her lower lip. “I told you its amazing Cyn, and wait until King knots with you, you’ll feel like your pussy is going to explode!”

Cyn kept pushing her cunt back to meet King’s furious thrusts. “Come on King! Come on boy, knot with mommy and make me your bitch!” She moaned in encouragement.

My cock was now rock-hard and I wasn’t ready to interrupt the girls’ fuck-fest just yet, so I eased back inside. I unzipped my pants, giving my cock freedom before it broke through the zipper. “What the fuck!” I thought and stripped off completely, taking a long sip of wine to calm my nerves. My cock which was oozing precum, and I stroked it steadily as I decided to see how this played out. Apart from anything else, I knew I’d be less embarrassed to be caught cock-in-hand than they would be, busted having outdoor sex with man’s best friend!

I wasn’t going to hide in my own home like some sleazy peeping tom, so I just stood in the doorway sipping my wine and stroking my cock. King had stopped thrusting into Cyn, and her eyes were wide open. “Oh Jesus Ali, he’s knotting with me. I can feel it growing……and it’s fucking huge! OH……MY……..GOD!”

King resumed, giving Cyn short hard thrusts to ensure his knot was rooted deep in her cunt. Cyn’s eyes were rolling back in head as she tried to relax her muscles to accommodate him. “OH FUCK!” She moaned. “Come on boy! Pump your bitch full of fuck-juice!!!!” His timing must have been exceptional, as he chose that moment to pump his seed deep into Cyn’s steaming fuck-hole. “That’s it boy!” She moaned from deep in her throat. “Pump mommy’s cunt, fill me with your doggy cum!!!”

Alison wasn’t far behind, as she screamed at her Retriever. “Yes boy, YES! Fuck your bitch!!! Fuck me and fill my pussy! Split mommy’s cunt with your big, hard knot!!!”

I knew both women were enjoying long, hard spurts of animal cum deep in their steaming twats, and they wouldn’t be able to move for a while until the canine knots contracted enough to release them. It was time to make my move.

I walked outside, still stroking my rock-hard cock. “Hello girls, so this is how you behave when I’m away trying to earn a decent living is it?” I said a stern voice.

Both women looked as though they’d been shot, and started desperately trying to release themselves from their canine embraces. “Oh Matt! Oh fuck!” Cyn wailed. “I’m soooo sorry, oh God ….I …..I…. don’t know what to say!!!”

Ali was flushed bright pink in embarrassment, and she had the good sense not to say anything, knowing she was potentially a catalyst in the end of her friend’s marriage.

The dogs appeared to be getting agitated, perhaps realizing the situation was getting unpleasant from the tones of our voices. However they were still knotted tight and stuck fast, so no one was going anywhere for now. I stood directly in front of Cyn, who looked up at me, begging for forgiveness with her eyes.

“So you’d rather roll around in the dirt with a dog’s cock in your cunt than wait for me to get home would you? And please don’t insult my intelligence by saying you didn’t enjoy it!!!”

Tears welled in her eyes, and she bit her lip hard enough to draw a tiny bead of blood. I was still stroking my cock as I moved over and stood in front of Ali. “And what about your part in all this you slut! You appear to be a very accomplished dog-fucker, so how much of this was your doing?”

“Matt….I’m so very, very sorry!” Ali cried. “Yes, I have been having sex with Bruno for a while, but Peter’s away almost as much as you are! I told Cyn about it some time back….just girl talk, you know? She really misses you when you’re away and didn’t want to cheat on you with another guy, so we kinda decided to try this. Please…..I understand you’re really upset, but…..if you have to take it out on anyone, don’t take it out on Cyn? It’s really my fault!!!!”

Now, I’m not normally the type of guy who would take advantage of someone in a vulnerable position, well, outside of business at least! But this was a situation begging to be exploited. A further consideration is that my cock felt like an iron bar, my balls were on fire, and I hadn’t had the time or energy to masturbate for the past two weeks. In short, I had a load of hot, thick cum begging for release!

I leered at Ali. “I don’t know that I’d allow you to take all the blame, and I’m angry enough to take it out on both you sluts!” I gripped my cock harder and forcefully stroked the full length, using my plentiful flow of pre-cum as lubricant. My balls were already firing pleasant, familiar warning tingles, and I knew this wasn’t going to take long. Ali realized where this was headed and looked up expectantly. The first burst of cum erupted from my cock and covered the distance between us in an instant, spattering forcefully over her forehead. Jet after jet of thick, greasy fuck-juice flew from my cock and covered her face and hair in seconds. She looked like a girl in a premium cum-bath porno, with rivers of fuck-juice slowly running down her face and dripping from her chin. She surprised me by making no attempt to wipe the cum from her face, but blinked her eyes open, and gave me a tentative half-smile.

At the same time Bruno’s knot had finally shrunk and he successfully eased his cock from his mistress’s cunt. As he pulled free a huge gob of his cum pumped from Ali’s fuck-box with a loud, liquid “plop” sound and spattered on the ground. He padded around in front of Ali who was still on her hands and knees, and sniffed her cum-splattered face. Clearly curious, he extended his long, pink tongue and took a tentative swipe. Ali leaned back and went to push him away. “No!” I hissed. “If he’s good enough to fuck, let him lick you clean. Don’t you dare move a fucking muscle until he’s finished!” She froze and allowed Bruno to continue cleaning her as I moved back to Cyn, who was still coupled with King.

My cock had softened and I had realized my bladder was full from drinks on the plane and the wine I’d enjoyed while watching the show. I aimed my cock-head at Cyn’s face and started to piss, luxuriating in the feeling of release. We hadn’t played watersports games for some time as I suspected she wasn’t really into it, but this time there was nothing tentative about my approach, I just relaxed and let it flow. A solid stream of piss drenched her hair and face in seconds, and I played my stream over her head and body until she was covered in rivers of yellow liquid that pooled on the ground below her. When my bladder was finally empty I moved closer, and she blinked the piss from her eyelids and looked up at me. “Suck me clean!” I barked, and jammed my cock against her lips. She opened and accepted me into her warm mouth, and I could tell she wasn’t enjoying the salty taste, but she had always been a sensational cock-sucker and she went to town sucking and licking every inch of my fuck-stick. I couldn’t believe I was starting to get hard again, I felt like a teenager! I wasn’t quite ready to continue, and to be honest I wanted to keep both girls on tenterhooks for a little longer, so I pulled my cock from Cyn’s loving mouth.

King had finally eased free from Cyn’s thoroughly fucked cunt, and decided to lie down and rest. While his release didn’t result in the same gushing flood of juice that Ali experienced, there was still a clear trail of canine cum dribbling down Cyn’s inner thighs.

“You pair are a fucking disgrace! Look at you, covered in cum and piss, get inside, clean yourselves up, and wait for me in the den!” I shouted at them. They looked unsurely at each other. “I mean now you sluts! Get to it!!” They got the message and ran inside, Cyn giving me a pleading look as they left, so I headed for a long, luxuriating shower.

I was feeling mentally drained, as I had experienced a wide range of powerful emotions in a short period of time. I had gone from a pleasant sense of anticipation in spending intimate time with Cyn, to shock at what had greeted me, uncertainty as to what this meant for our marriage, surprise at Ali’s involvement, and incredible primal urges in my “couldn’t give a shit” actions painting Ali’s face with cum and pissing all over Cyn. I needed to take a little time to recover and get my head together, so I went upstairs, turned the shower on as hard and hot as I could stand, and let the soothing jets of water slowly rinse the tension from my body.

Thinking about Cyn’s lustful coupling with King created stirrings just below my waist, but when I mentally replayed Ali kneeling before me covered in cum, my cock was standing firmly at attention. There is something quite awe-inspiring about a sexy woman kneeling before a man, wearing his cum as though it were a badge of honor. And I remembered how she opened her eyes and gave me a half smile when she knew I was done; was she thanking me for my gift?

I knew I held the whip-hand as I could throw Cyn out of my home and my life, or we could make some changes and move on. In Ali’s case, I knew her husband Peter reasonably well and he seemed like a decent guy, but Cyn had confided that Ali felt he was really straight, and if this were true he probably wouldn’t be able to accept her canine infidelity. I decided this was an opportunity I simply had to explore further, and while I wasn’t going to be a bastard about it, I was keen, in fact excited at the prospect of bending the girls to my will. As I toweled myself dry my imagination was working overtime developing some devious ideas, and my stiff shaft was keen to see how these developed.

I walked into the den naked, and found the girls waiting for me on the couch, hands in laps like a pair of naughty schoolgirls waiting for some form of punishment. My nudity appeared to come as surprise, as they had both showered and dressed in similar filmy sun dresses. “Stand up Cyn!” I said firmly, and stood in front of her. I slid my hand in the v of her dress between her breasts and ripped it right down the front and threw it on the floor. Her bra and g-string panties received the same treatment until she was as naked as I. I turned to Alison. “Did you bring a change of clothes?” She lowered her eyes and shook her head as I expected. “Then unless you want to head home naked I suggest you strip, now!” Her clothes hit the floor in seconds and she stood naked beside Cyn, both girls clearly anxious to see what happened next.

I poured three glasses of wine and handed one each to Cyn and Ali, and motioned for them to sit on the couch as I eased into my favorite armchair.

“There are going to be some changes in this household from now on, and Ali, I’m going to start with you.” She looked at me fearfully, waiting for the axe to fall. “Let me assure you as far as I’m concerned Cyn has been unfaithful to me, and you played a major part in that infidelity! I have been 100% faithful since we were married, and the only way I’m prepared to accept this is if I have the opportunity to fuck someone other than Cyn. I was very tempted to teach you a lesson by blackmailing you sexually, and threatening to tell Peter what happened here tonight unless you complied.” She gulped, apprehension written over her face. “Luckily for you I’m not prepared to compromise my principles, so your secret is safe with me.”

“Thank you Matt!” She gushed. “I don’t deserve that kind of consideration and I’m very grateful!”

I hadn’t finished yet, so I held up my hand to stop her before she got too excited. There was no way I was letting her off that easy! “You need to make a decision now, and you have two choices. You can take your clothes, and your dog, and leave now and never come back. Alternatively, you can stay, remain friends with Cyn, and willingly give yourself to me for whatever I choose to do with you.”

Ali blinked, and looked at Cyn for some form of guidance, but all she received in response was a questioning look from my wife. She cleared her throat and asked in husky voice. “You mean I’d have to agree to have do whatever you want, and have sex with you whenever and however you want, otherwise I’m not welcome here ever again?” I nodded. “Ummm…can I ask……what I’d have to do?”

“No you can’t! Actions have consequences, and you only have yourselves to blame for your current position. Those are my terms, take them or leave them.” I replied, and again she looked imploringly at Cyn for a sign. I could only imagine her mental turmoil. On one hand she was facing the prospect of losing a close friend, possible her best, on the other she had to agree to become the sexual plaything of her friend’s husband; this was the original Catch-22! Cyn was flushed and breathing deeply, and I was starting to wonder if I’d misread the situation when she gave Ali a tentative smile and nodded her head.

Ali gulped and looked at me. “Ok Matt. I choose to stay.”

“Are you sure you understand what I expect from you? Nothing less than total compliance is acceptable. If you have any doubts at all you should leave right now!” I said sternly.

“Matt, to be honest I love Peter very much. But…..while he tries hard to look after me in bed, he’s pretty straight, and when I suggest we.……try some new things he freaks out sometimes! I couldn’t imagine not being friends with Cyn, and we wouldn’t try to sneak around behind you back again, so I’ll do whatever you ask.”

Now I was making progress, so it was one down, one to go. I turned to Cyn. “I still want you to be my wife, and I will always love you! But if I don’t do this I know I will probably never forget what happened, and it could become a festering sore on our marriage. I need to know whether you accept my terms, or whether we end this now.”

She stood and came over, bending to give me a loving kiss. “I’m so lucky to have you, especially considering the shock I must have given you when you got home! I’m ok with this, honestly! In fact, it might even be good for us… know….perhaps rekindle the passion the way it used to be?”

I smiled and returned her kiss. If I had my way that would the least that would happen! “Ok ladies, I don’t know about you but I’m starved! How about some dinner?”

We went into the kitchen, and while Cyn was a gourmet cook we were all too hungry to wait, so a quick check of the freezer produced a frozen lasagna and before long we were enjoying dinner, several glasses of wine and some pleasant conversation. Ali mentioned that Peter was away on yet another business trip and wouldn’t be home until Monday night. “Interesting.” I thought to myself. “So there’s no need for her to go home until Sunday night or Monday morning!” I helped the girls clear the table, and the conversation was becoming increasingly risqué, no doubt due to the volume of alcohol consumed!

Cyn and Ali were whispering as they put the leftovers in the refrigerator, and then Ali looked at me. “Is there anything you want from me now Sir?” She asked in her best little-girl voice.

I walked over to her and gave her a deep, sexually-charged kiss, our tongues engaging in a passionate duel. When we finally broke for air I whispered in her ear. “I want you to go and kiss Cyn exactly like that!” She gave me a huge smile and turned to my wife. Ali walked up until their breasts were touching, put her hand behind Cyn’s head, and kissed her lovingly. I could see Ali’s tongue in action, and Cyn responded enthusiastically, at least once she had recovered from the initial surprise! I moved behind Cyn, sliding my hand up her inner thighs as she moved her legs a apart to give me free access to her honey pot. She was already moist, and as I rubbed the length of her slit I felt her pre-cum flowing freely. My fingers were soon coated in her juices, and I easily slipped one then a second inside her cunt, stroking her deeply as she moaned in Ali’s mouth. Cyn was becoming increasingly aroused, running her fingers over Ali’s breasts until she located her rigid nipples, and then pinching them………….hard!

Both girls were moaning and writhing in pure sexual heat, so I put my hand between them and moved them apart. Both looked at me to see what I wanted now, so I scooped Cyn up, sat her on the table, and pushed her back until she was laying down. I tapped the inside of her slender legs and she spread wide for me. I took Ali’s hand and brought her over, then put my hand on the back of her head to push her face down to Cyn’s slick cunt. Ali was a quick study, and gave Cyn’s gash a long, slow swipe with her glistening tongue. Cyn lay back and enjoyed Ali’s oral attention for a while, until she increased the tempo by holding Ali’s head and thrusting against her slick face.

In the meantime I had moved behind Ali to give her some oral attention of my own. She had also spread her legs to allow me unrestricted access, and I was sliding my tongue along the full length of her moist, puffy cunt-lips. Her juices were flowing freely, and tasted quite different to Cyn. I was trying hard to keep up with her flow, but there were still slick trails slowly moving down her inner thighs. No danger of a dry fuck with these sexy sluts!

It felt as though the temperature had risen twenty degrees as we were all covered in a sheen of perspiration. I had special plans for Ali, so I started increased my tongue swipes until I was just reaching the puckered rosebud of her shithole. I French-kissed her sweet back door, and slowly but firmly pushed my tongue inside. Her sphincter did its best to resist, but constant pressure and plenty of saliva achieved success. I felt her move as I coated her insides with spit, preparing her for what was to come next.

“Oh Matt! Oh, Sweet Jesus!! Are you doing what I think you’re doing?” She whispered.

“That’s right Ali.” I smiled, pausing in my oral preparation. “As far as I’m concerned, eating ass is just as pleasant as eating pussy!” I went back to work, noticing that now she was trying to help by relaxing her muscles around her tight hole. She was nicely wet inside and out, so I stood behind her with my shaft in hand. My cock was oozing pre-cum and I massaged her rosebud with head, smearing my juice in preparation. She was moaning into Ali’s cunt as I started to ease my cock-head inside. Her sphincter resisted my initial attempts, but the combination of steady pressure and plenty of natural lubricant ensured success and the head of fuck-stick eased into her tight shitter. Once again I could feel her muscles clenching and relaxing as she struggled to assist my invasion. I started thrusting gently, pushing a little deeper each time I moved forward. Her back hole gripped the length of my cock like a fist, allowing her to feel every ridge and bump on my shaft. I knew my cock was oozing plenty of pre-cum as her hole felt slick and greasy. “Oh……my……God!” She moaned. “Yes, Matt! Please, YES! You’re taking my anal cherry! I’ve never been fucked in the ass before!”

I smiled at this revelation, so sweet little Ali had never been butt-fucked before, this was going to be a night to remember! I leaned in close so my lips were beside her ear. “Is that true Ali, you’ve never had a long, hard cock up your ass before?” I whispered. She nodded and moaned into Cyn’s sloppy cunt. “Well enjoy the ride, I’m going to rip you open and spray my cum deep in your tight shitter you slut! When I’m done you’re going to beg me to fuck your ass every time you come over, you little bitch! I might even teach you how to take dog cock in your ass, how would like that!”

“Ohhh YES PLEASE MATT! This feels so fucking good. Please!.....PLEASE!!! Make me your anal slut!!!!!!”

My cock had finally opened her shitter enough to see me buried deep in her tight, back hole. I started thrusting deeply, drawing back until her sphincter tried to prevent me pulling free, and then sliding deep until my nuts were nestled tightly against her oozing cunt-lips. She was trying to focus on tonguing Cyn’s cunt but was losing the battle. “Oh fuck!!” She screamed. “Rape my virgin ass Matt! Pump me full of your fucking cum!!!”

Knowing I was giving Ali her very first anal fucking, coupled with her filthy encouragement drove me over the edge, and I was thrusting so hard I was mashing her face against Cyn’s cunt as I slammed deep into her. “Get ready you shit-slut!” I roared as I felt my cum coursing through my cock. My first spurt nearly pushed my cock free of her gripping hole, there was so much force behind it, and I struggled to impale her again as jet after jet of thick fuck cream spattered deep into her bowels! She shuddered through a violent cum of her own, spraying her jizz over my balls and my thighs and bucking underneath me. Looking past Ali I could see Cyn was not going to be left out, and she was cumming hard as well, her own slick juices coating Ali’s face in a thick, sticky mess. Fucking amazing!!!

I was totally spent, and I knew my fuck-toys were in a similar state so I eased my softening cock from Ali’s ravaged shitter and collapsed on the floor. Her rosebud was covered in goo and still gaping wide open as my cream oozed freely and ran down her ass-crack to her cunt. She collapsed and lay across my chest, moaning and shuddering as she tried to bring her spent body under control. Cyn was still on the couch, head back and eyes closed with a dreamy well-fucked expression of satisfaction on her face. I gathered our first fuck session had been an enjoyable one for all involved, and there was little doubt both girls would be back for more!

I reached for my wine glass as we recovered, and savored the smell of raw sex in the air, what a night!

Ali stroked my chest and smiled at me. “That was simply mind-blowing Matt, thank you! If I’d known how good anal sex was I would have done it years ago. I simply can’t believe Peter won’t do it because he thinks it’s dirty!”

Cyn and I both smiled at that statement, and my wife gazed lovingly at me. “Well stud, you’re in charge, what happens now?”

I realized I was totally spent, and there was no chance of a repeat performance tonight, so I thought for a second. “Ali, if Peter’s away there’s no reason for you to go home tonight is there?” She shook her head in confirmation. “Ok, I’m going to bed to get some rest. Cyn, you and Ali can sleep in the guest room tonight and I’ll see you both in the morning.” I gave them both a kiss as they exchanged curious glances, wondering about the separate sleeping arrangements.

“Oh, and by the way.” I said as I left for bed. “Tomorrow is going be a full day for you in more ways than one, so I wouldn’t worry about wearing too much clothing. I suggest you use your imagination about how you dress tomorrow! If I approve of your choice you’ll be rewarded, if not……you will be punished!”

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