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John and emily's sex adventures continue
"Are you coming in here or what?" Emily yelled as i was still on my way to the room.

Not yet but i will be i thought to myself.

As i entered into the room i saw the most glorious sight i could imagine. There she was on all fours on my bed, her butt sticking straight in the air, her head cocked to the side to look at me and a devlish little grin on her face. With the display in front of me it didnt take long for my dick to spring right back into action, well when your 18 it doesn't take long for that at all.

"Why don't you stop staring and get over here," she said in a sexy tone.

"You read my mind," i said with a wink.

I walked forward to the bed and just as i got there i placed both of my hands on her big jiggly ass, rolling the flesh in my fingers. Oh did it feel good to squeeze her flesh. I took my hand into the air and swiftly laid a smack down on her behind, she squeeled not expecting it but as i looked at her she smiled, acknowledging that i should do it again i took my other hand and swiftly landed another slap on the other cheek. As i rubbed the flesh of her cheeks i noticed the giant red marks on her butt.

Her ass looked so good propped up into the air, i could still smell the juices of her sweet pussy, her aroma filling the air. As my hands massaged his ass cheek i decided to go for it and just dove right in, sticking my face into her pussy, pushing my tongue into her from behind. She must not have been expecting it because as my tongue entered her she jumped a little, my face pushed deeper into her as my tongue swirled all around her pussy, flicking the clit making her rock back and forth into my face.At that point i couldn't take much more so i decided to get up.

I got on my knees and scooted right up behind her and without any warning slammed my entire length deep inside her, she let out a deep moan of passion feeling her pussy being invaded. Her walls engulfed my cock, sucking the life out of it, as big of a girl as she was, her pussy was the tightest anyone could ever imagine.

I was thrusting at a steady pace, not to fast and not to slow just pumping back and forth into her. She moaned out with every thrust, meeting me with each motion. My hands grabbing her fleshy butt cheeks clinching them and pulling them apart, thats when i saw the other whole, a whole i had never given much thought about but something had sparked my interest and i knew it was now or never.

I kept thrusting inside of her and all of a sudden spit onto her butt, she didnt react at all but just kept pushing back into me, so i took my que and started slowly rubbing her little whole with my finger, circling the entrance, and then i slipped it in slowly.

"oh my god, that feels so good," she said allowed.

"Have you ever done anal," i asked.

"No, but i've stuck some of my brushes up there before, i've always been too afraid to try it with anyone else."

"How about we try?"

"Are you sure, you want to?"

I didn't even answer, i just slowly slipped out of her pussy and took my finger from her asshole. NOw or never i thoguht. And i pressed into her, pushing the head of my cock just past her sphincter. It was tight, i thoguht her pussy clung to me but this i felt like it was trying to eat me!

"Go slow, let me get used to it," she told me. I just slipped the rest of my length in slowly inch by inch. I didn't want to hurt her but i didn't want to slow down much longer.

I started slow pulling out a little, then pushing back into her. She winced with some pain but every motion she let out a low moan.

"Am i hurting you?" i asked.

"No, i want it all," she told me.

I knew what she meant so i started picking up my pace. Pushing into her faster my balls were slapping the backs of her thighs, making a clapping sound every time i thrust into her body. I just pushed through and kept trying to thrust as deep as i possibly could.

"Gawd your so deep inside me," she yeleld.

"I'm gonna cum," i shouted.

"Do it inside my ass!"

With that i pushed with one final thrust and spurted another giant load into her. It came out glob after glob probably enough for a small cup! As i finished my load i grunted and tried to catch my breath.

As i pulled my cock from her ass it made a popping suction sound. I didnt expect it but as i slid out she pushed me down.

Without any warning she slid down my body and took my cock into her mouth, cleaning the many juices and tastes right off of it. I thought it to be disgusting at first but my dick must've thought otherwise, as it was twitching and growing just a bit again.

"You just don't stop do you," i asked.

"Why you need rest," she said with a wink and went back to sucking. her lips puckered on my tip and her tongue flicked at my pee-hole.

"That feels amazing," i said.

"Well we've got a lot more to do, why dont we just lay here awhile while you get your rest." she said as she gave my cock was last once over, deep-throating it down and flicking it again with her tongue.

"Alright just come here.

I planted a kiss on her lips, and she rolled over. As she wiggled her ass into me, my cock twitched she let out a little smile and just scooted back more. I slung my hand around her and held her breast, rolling her nipple in my finger tips as we started to drift off to sleep.

Stay tuned for day 2!

Anonymous readerReport

2014-05-10 01:07:41
Love the writing. Love the plot...very believable. One problem. you obviously spell check but it is not a grammar check. You've used "to" instead of "too", "manor" instead of "manner", and lots of missing apostrophes and other minor grammar glitches. Some of them actually make the story grind to a halt to sort them out. Love your stories. Sending you a PM


2012-03-17 16:24:37
Thanks for the feedback, idk if i'm going to write about what happened on the 2nd day or not, we'll see...i may need to livin it up with some fiction

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-04 17:53:22
Come on Day two, Great writing

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-07 17:37:48
Good start but make the next one longer.

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