Maria meets a cop
Maria Gonzales (Chap 1)

Maria meets a cop.

Maria Gonzales kicks the front tire of her crappy little car in frustration and then hobbles back to the front seat with pain in her big toe. The damn thing died on her and would not start. “You biiitch”, she tells the car, drawing the word out extra-long in her heavy Mexican accent. She decides she will look under the hood in a minute after the pain in her toe goes away.

Maria puts her head against the head rest and closed her eyes. One hour earlier she was laughing with the other young people in the English class held in the basement of the church. Her proper English was improving since she started attending the church’s classes about three months ago. Tonight was special because during the break the teacher brought in a small cake with one burning candle on it. Maria had just turned twenty a few days earlier.

When she thinks about the teacher she is so happy she had worn her best dress. It is bright red and very short and she found it at the Goodwill. It looks nearly new and just needed a gentle hand washing. The dress fits really well except across her chest. Maria inherited her big boobs from her grandmother who has gigantic tits. Maria smiles as she thinks of granny because her boobs hang down to her waist. “Don’t let it happen to me, dear Lord, until I’m seventy-five,” she used to tell her mother.

Maria likes her English teacher who is a white Anglo from right here in the State of Georgia. He is tall, a bit over six feet, and has a nice build. His black hair and dark eyes make him fit right in with a group of Mexicans, except he is so tall. She likes that he brought the cake just for her. As a reward she sits in the second row where he can look at her long slender legs and big chest. Tonight she has her long black hair in a ponytail and she plays with it and watches her teacher’s eyes. Maria loves the way he talks and she is really good at saying, “Good night, you’all”. She doesn’t like that he does not date students because she would really love a date.

The Americans have a saying, “Shit rolls down hill”. She learned it almost as soon as she learned, “Suck my cock, bitch.” In her little Mexican village there were always people talking about ‘jumping the border’ for the good life in the US of A. It took about a year to convince her she could find a wonderful job because she was beautiful and had a big chest. You could go to Hollywood, they told her. The coyotes who brought a large group of illegals across the border taught all the women what ‘suck my cock’ meant. The better looking girls learned it almost every night.

So now she is in a southern town working as a waitress and sharing an apartment with three other girls. When she tries to call the other girls in the apartment for help, her second-hand cell phone shows only one bar and the battery dies a few minutes later; of course.

Maria cranes her neck and looks up and down the dark street. Off in the distance are some lights which look like an all-night diner. She was driving home on a major four lane street but decided to take a short cut which she had used before in the day time. She did not know at night the street looks like she is miles from no-where. She thinks about walking to the diner but worries about showing her long legs and big tits in the red dress. A good catholic girl should not be wearing it in the first place.

Maybe it was punishment from above. Sexy dress earns you no phone and no car. On second thought she thinks her crappy little car is all her fault in the first place because she signed the paperwork like a fool. One of the other waitresses told her about the dealership which had ‘specials’ just for illegals. This waitress is not one of her roommates or her friend as she found out later. So one day, Maria Gonzales went to the dealership and met the South American owner who felt sorry for immigrants and how badly they were being treated. He showed her several low priced cars; but the only one she could afford was the blue one.

Maria knows about haggling over money and she really worked a good deal. Of course she bent over a couple of times and let the lecher look down her cleavage. The $5,000 car only cost her $3,000 and the best part was the payments were only $200 per month for ten month. A balloon payment would be due then. When she came back one month later she had the $200 in her purse because she made decent tips during the month. She was greeted like an old friend and when she told the owner she was there to make the first payment he smiled and invited her into his private backroom office.

Maria pulled the $200 out of her purse and he smiled at her and told her, “No, no dear. You don’t pay with money here”. He sat down on the couch, spread his legs and pulled out his cock. “Suck my cock, bitch”, she understood very well. Of course the door was locked when she turned to run and screaming was useless. Maria knelt down and said, “Si, senior”. Fortunately for Maria he was a ‘minute man’ and shot his cum between her tits. She really did not want to swallow. When she had his cock between her lips she thought about her favorite teacher and what she would do just for him. She would deep throat him gladly and swallow all his cum. It probably would really taste really good, not like this fat pig’s.

So, every month for the past three months she has paid with a blowjob and now the little car broke down on a damn lonely street. May as well look under the hood to see if a wire is loose or something she could fix. Maria gets out of the car, hobbles to the front and opens the hood. She can’t see anything wrong in the almost total darkness. As she is bent over looking under the hood a set of headlights shines on her from her back and a blue light on the dashboard comes on. The car pulls up close to her and it feels like she is going to be pinned against the front bumper.

“Policia, shit,” she thinks and hopes the cop is not Immigration. A big guy gets out of the car and asks her in a friendly tone if her car was broken down. “Si, sir,” she says and mentally kicks herself for not saying it in proper English; like, “Yes, sir”. He tells her, “Let me have a look”. Using a big flashlight he shines it around under the hood and wiggles the battery cables. He tells her to stand off to the side while he tries to start the car. It takes him a minute to adjust the seat and then crank the ignition. Nothing happens except a loud grinding noise.

“Let’s get the jumper cables out of my car,” he says and Maria looks at him in the glare of the headlights. He is tall like her teacher and has wide shoulders. What the Americans call a football player’s body. He is not bad looking and smiles at her. He has short brown hair and blue eyes and wears a nice suit. She sees a badge on his belt.

They go to the back of his big police car and he opens the trunk. She sees cables lying in the trunk and he says, “Grab one end, please”. Maria bends over into the trunk and grabs the end of the cables. She forgets that her short dress is riding up and nearly showing her naked ass cheeks because she wore her red thong. When the cool evening air hits her ass she remembers and starts to stand up. Maria’s lights go out. She thinks she hears the trunk slam over her head as she faint dead away.


Maria tries to shake the cobwebs from her brain as she slowly comes around. She feels something stuck to her lips and reaches for it. Except her hands don’t move and when her eyes finally open she sees handcuffs on her wrist. She is in a nearly totally dark place and she wants to scream. She knows better than to scream because the coyotes taught the girls what happens when they scream. If you only got beat up it was a good night. Having every coyote and illegal guy fuck your ass was a bad night. A lot of them loved fucking girl’s asses and then having the girl lick and suck all the nasty stuff off their cocks. Girls who complained got a golden shower as a reward.

Maria tries to think and she remembers leaning over the trunk of the car when everything went black. Her headache tells her the cop probably hit her with the big flashlight. She tries to feel where she may be and the hard surface tells her nothing. Her head aches and she knows she really needs to get to a bathroom soon.

The sudden bright light right over her face not only scares her but makes her eyes hurt and she clamps them shut hard. “Maria Gonzales, wake up,” he shouts at her and she is startled and opens her eyes. He looks down at her and she sees he holds her wallet and purse. Its then she realizes she is totally naked and lying on top of what may be a hard wooden work bench with a very bright shop light close over her head.

The chilly air has put goose bumps on her arms and her nipples stand up hard. A small fan sits on another table and every time it oscillates it sends a chill across her naked body. “Welcome back to the world of the living,” he says and he doubts she understands the ghoulish humor. He asks her if she is waitress and Maria says nothing. “Ah, Maria, Maria,” he says and explains to her if she wants to live through the next day and night she has to do whatever he says, including answering all questions truthfully. “Do you understand?” he asks again and Maria stays quiet. It’s when the charge from the stun gun hits her she screams behind the tape holding her mouth shut.

He laughs watching her arms and legs shake and says, “That’s better Maria.” When he asks her again if she is a waitress she nods her head quickly. He tells her the stun gun is set to only give her a half charge and he shows her the setting in case she does not understand. He pushes the control to Full and taps the button. Blue sparks arch across the contacts and Maria hears it sizzle. He sets it back to Half and asks her if she lives at a particular apartment. She nods her head quickly before the stun gun reaches her leg. “You are learning quickly, Maria.” He holds up a bottle of water and asks, “Aqua?” She knows she is thirsty and she really needs to go to the bathroom, so she croaks through the tape, “Banyo.”

He tells her he is going to take the tape off her mouth and shows her the stun gun back on Full. “If you open your mouth or scream,” he tells her and she shakes her head ‘No”. Ripping the tape off hurts like crazy and her lips feel like they are swelling already. He points to a room in the corner and tells her she can use the bathroom. After he unhooks the handcuffs, Maria realizes her other arm has a long chain cuffed to it. There is also a chain between her ankles which allows her to take short steps. She hobbles to the bathroom and sits on the commode while he watches.

She closes her eyes and does her business. He watches as she pisses a hard stream and it makes her wonder how long she has been here. As she looks around it appears she is in a basement without windows. She looks down at her watch and learns it has been taken away along with her cross from around her neck. She has no clue if its day or night. She does not want to do it; but her body betrays her and she shits a big load all of a sudden. She closes her eyes again and strains to finish. She hears him laughing as she knows her face is bright red in embarrassment.

She wipes and stands up and he motions toward the sink. There is liquid soap and a stack of towels. Over the sink is a mirror and she sees herself and gasps. Her pretty black hair is a mess and her eye makeup is smeared down her cheeks. She has glue from the tape stuck to her skin around her mouth. Her tits stand up proudly and her nipples are hard from the cold air. She looks down and sees her shaved pussy in the mirror. “He is going to fuck me and kill me,” she thinks. He startles her when he tells her to open the mirror and use the stuff inside.

She washes her face and brushes her hair with her free hand while her other hand rattles with the long chain. “Use the wipes on your body,” he tells her and watches as she uses the large industrial sized wet wipes to wash herself. “Put your foot up and wash your pussy and ass,” he says and when she hesitates he clicks the button and blue sparks make her jump and wash herself.

When she is finished he takes her back to the workbench and tells her to sit on a chair and he holds the bottle of water up in front of her. “Maria, what will you do for the water?” he asks. Maia knows how the game is played and she says, “I’ll kiss your cock.” He laughs and tells her he thinks she has played the game before. She says nothing since he did not ask a question. She kneels down and puts her lips together. He pulls his cock out and Maria leans forward and kisses the tip several times. She looks up at him and runs her tongue over his cock head. Maria leans back and smiles and says, “Food, please.”

She opens her mouth in an ‘O’ and moves forward and sucks him into her mouth. She sucks him for half a minute and then pulls back and runs her tongue down the bottom of his cock without using her hands. Maria knows good and well what most men love. She licks his balls and then moves back up and sucks him some more. She can feel him slowly getting hard and she pushes her face against him without having him throat fuck her. She knows if she can control his cock she can control the bad man. About five minutes later she can tell he is getting close to cuming and she buries her face against his belly and lets him fill her mouth with Jizz. He is hot and doesn’t taste too bad as he groans hard and cum several times.

She knows exactly what to do; she has seen porn on the internet. She looks up at him and opens her mouth and shows him the large gob of white Jizz and she swallows and smiles. “Do you like, sir?” she asks meekly. He can’t help but to smile for a second before he tells her she is a good cunt. She smiles and says, “Food, please.” As he shackles her again he shakes his head and mutters about Mexican cunts. Maria decides so far her captivity has not been awful and she will do whatever it takes to survive. His Jizz tastes OK and it was the first time she had to swallow a whole load. The stupid coyotes usually started with the little teenage girls and by the time they got to her they had no cum left.

The bad man gives her four pills and the bottle of water. “For your headache,” he tells her and smiles to himself because there is lots more pain to come.

Twenty minutes later he comes back with a plate of sandwiches. As she devours the food he explains some of the rules. He shows her there is nothing for her to reach because she will have her feet and hands cuffed. If she behaves she will live otherwise the alligators are always hungry. She looks down at the ground and says, “Thank you for the food. Blanket, please.” He grabs the stun gun and holds it against her leg but does not push the button.

“Maria, what will you do for a blanket?” he asks and she can see his anger dissipate. She plays the game and looks down and says shyly, “Deep throat, sir.” He laughs and says, “OK, when I get back I’m going to fuck your throat like no one has.” He runs up the steps and comes back with a blanket. When he leaves again, the place is dark and cold. At least the blanket keeps her from shivering on top of the hard work bench.


The bright light shakes her awake and she sees him standing near the switch by the steps. He is naked and when he comes close she notices his muscular body. He is either a real cop gone bad or a guy who works out and poses as a cop. Either way she knows she is in real trouble and wonders how long she will be alive. He carries a compact video camera and some pillows and a small bag. He grins and tells her its throat fucking time. She looks down on the ground and says, “Banyo.”

They do the bathroom routine again and she washes her face with warm water and then her pussy with the wet wipes. She sees the mouth wash and gargles and wishes she could use it after he fucks her. Then she laughs to herself because bad breath may be the least of her problems. He grins after she gargles; maybe he reads her mind too. While she was in the bathroom he put the blanket and pillows on the work table and set up the video camera. She is surprised when she smells pizza and her stomach growls. Over in the corner is a table with a pizza box and some beer on it. “You can earn your supper or I’ll feed it to the dog,” he grins and tells her to hop back on the bench.

He positions her on her back with her head hanging over the edge. Her long black hair nearly reaches the floor and her black eyes are closed against the glare from the overhead work light. He shackles her legs and one hand. He tells her she can use the free hand on his cock. He positions the camera closer to her and watches the screen as he uses a small remote to zoom in and out several times. He turns the camera on and tells her to open her eyes. Before he moves to her head he sucks her big tits for a few minutes and gets her nipples hard. She hates it because it feels good. He knows how to make her nipples stand up even though she doesn’t want to play. When he is satisfied he moves up to her head.

He stands behind her and realizes he is a bit too low to be able to fuck her mouth. He gets a small work step and positions it behind her head. When he stands on it his cock is right in line with her face. “Maria, time to earn your supper,” he laughs and she opens her mouth. He puts just his cock head into her mouth and she has an opportunity to bite it off. She knows better, because the Taser is near his hands. Maria runs her tongue over his cock head, puts her teeth behind it and grabs him and tongues him hard. He moans hard and she uses her free hand to stroke him firmly. Holding his cock head in her mouth with her teeth and using long strokes she knows it’s probably not anything he experienced before.

When he groans again and again she puts more pressure on his cock with her teeth. It needs to be just right; not too hard but not gentle. When he moans and pushes against her hard she knows it’s working and she opens her mouth to let him push into her. She grabs his balls and squeezes and pulls him to her until he hits the back of her mouth. She pulls back on his balls and he pulls his cock back out and lets her spit a large load. It runs down her face and covers one eye. He sees it and grins.

She imagines he is living his favorite porn movie fantasy of face fucking some beautiful big tittied bimbo. “Maybe I’ll come through this alive, yet,” she thinks and sucks him back into her mouth. She lets him ram his cock against her throat and tries to squeeze him hard. It makes her gag and spit and she pulls on his balls hard to make him back out. She spits and knows she is in trouble for pulling his sack hard. Only one thing to do; she pulls him back into her mouth and puts her hand behind his thick leg and pulls him to her. His hard cock rams into her throat and she chokes hard. Her long fingernails are about to cut into the back of his leg before she drops her hand.

He is hunched over and groans like crazy with his cock nearly all the way in her throat. He pulls back to ram her again and she holds her hand up and turns her head to spit and inhale. He waits a second and when she turns her head back he slams into her again. He pulls back an inch or two and slams into her again. She feels her throat being torn wide open as he fucks her in a frenzy. She hopes he can’t last too long. He lays the zoom control down and grabs her under her shoulders and pulls her head toward him hard. Her breathing is cut off as he bottoms out in her throat. Her throat is stretched wide like a snake swallowing its lunch and the she knows she will pass out in a minute.

He pulls back out and she spits and gulps a big breath. The spit is running down her face and both her eyes are smeared with it. A second later he rams her again and when his cock is inside her as deep as it can go she feels his legs shaking hard. He growls and hot, hot Jizz rocks down her throat. Once, twice, three times he shoot his load and then holds her head against him as his cock twitches its orgasm. As she nearly passes out she taps his leg hard and he slowly pulls out and dangles his wet cock over her face. Maria inhales hard and she guesses what he wants next.

She rubs the spit off her eyes, reaches for his cock and uses her tongue to clean his cock. She licks his balls and gently licks his cock. After she finishes licking him top and bottom, she puts his cock head back into her mouth and sucks on it gently. Her tongue plays with the tip of his cock for a minute and she feels the first gush of wetness going into her mouth.

She knows not to pull away and locks her teeth around his cock head again. He does not pull away or push into her but just pisses down her throat. Maria swallows as fast as she can and does not let any of the piss escape. She remembers what the coyotes did to the little girls who did not drink all the piss. The Taser would have been a blessing compared to what happened to them. Maria does not like to have her bones broken. She swallows every drop of his nasty piss and tries to keep her face neutral.

When he stops, he says, “Holy shit, I never pissed in anyone’s mouth.” He probably did not mean to admit it and Maria smiles, “Shower, please.” He grins, “Yes, you Mexican bitch, you get your shower and your food. I expect you to drink all the beer.” She nods with gratitude as he unshackles her and lets her go into the bathroom. He watches her as she pisses and she spreads her legs wide so he can see her cunt and the yellow stream. There is no need to hide she realizes because he has already seen every inch of her. Especially since she just swallowed a big load of Jizz and drank all his piss. Plus he will fuck every hole before this nightmare is over.

As she washes in the small shower and lets the hot water wash her open mouth she wonders if he will piss in her pussy. She has never heard of it. When she steps out she realizes the bathroom door is locked from the outside. She dries off and fixes her hair and uses lots and lots of the mouth wash. When he unlocks the door she smiles shyly as he admires her freshly washed face and body. She has brushed her hair back and put it in a ponytail with the rubber band she found. Pale pink lip gloss is on her lips and she realizes he took it from her bag and put it into the mirror.

He grins and points at the table with the pizza and beer. “There are six slices of pizza. You need to drink one beer before you eat each slice. You better drink all the beer,” he tells her and pushes the button on the Taser to let her know he means it. When she looks down she notices a quilt and sleeping bag on the floor. Surely he is not going to sleep here in the basement? He sees her looking down and laughs, “The sleeping bag is for you; but you are going to work for it”. She knows it means she is going to get fucked after she eats the pizza.

She sits by the table and drinks the first beer all the way down. It tastes like it has a lot of alcohol in it. She eats the first slice of pizza and realizes she is really hungry. How long has it been since she had the sandwiches? Obviously she slept a long time not just a few hours. The second beer washes the first slice of pizza down and she devours the second slice. The third beer washes the second slice down.


Maria screams as the pain ripples through her body. Her eyes pop open and she is totally disoriented. Her head hurts and when she jerks with pain her wrists feel as if they are on fire. She realizes she is handcuffed and shackled on the work bench. The bigger pain comes from her pussy and in the very minute she breathes hard, he pushes the button on the Taser again. Maria screams even louder and harder as she realizes the Taser is shocking her wet pussy. The electricity flows from her pussy lips up to her tits and all over her body. She jerks like crazy and the handcuffs dig into her wrists.

Maria comes fully awake and realizes she is on her belly on the work bench and her legs are hanging over the edge. Her hands and arms are cuffed to the sides of the bench and the chain probably runs under the table. She inhales hard to recover from the electric shock when she hears him behind her saying the same thing, “Good to see you back among the living”. She wonders just for a second what it means when the other pain hits her. Something big is stuck in her ass and it hurts. “Jesus, help me,” she whispers as the big thing pushes deeper into her ass.

It takes her a moment to realize it’s not a big dildo; he is fucking her ass and she must have passed out from the beer. Now she is draped over the end of the work bench with her legs hanging down and her toes just barely touching the rough cement. The blanket is on the table and her belly is on a pillow. “I’ve been fucking your ass for ten minutes; it’s about time you woke up and joined the party,” he laughs and she can feel the first tears running down her cheeks. He grabs her hips and pushes his hard cock deep into her which actually is only a few inches because she has a big ass.

His hands move from grabbing her hips to one on each ass cheek. He pushes her cheeks apart roughly and it lets him penetrate her another two inches. As he pounds her ass her belly slams against the table and she is glad he put a pillow on the sharp edge. He fucks her hard and she figures it’s only about five minutes before he shoots his load deep into her ass. His Jizz feels hot and he pumps into her a couple of strokes while he unloads his cum. He stands behind her and leaves his cock in her ass. She feels it going limp slowly and she wonders if he is going to piss inside her ass. She holds still and doesn’t move because she also doesn’t want to take his dirty cock in her mouth.

“God, you have a tight ass,” he tells her as he pulls out and slaps her ass hard. “I’m going to enjoy it tomorrow also.” He laughs and tells her he has to get some sleep before going to work. He takes her to the sleeping bag and tells her the chain is long enough for her to use the bathroom. “Go wipe your ass and then get into the sleeping bag,” he orders. He tells her if she disobeys she will be doubly sorry and he pushes the button on the Taser and lets her see the sparks. She goes into the bathroom and sits on the commode. He does not watch her and the basement suddenly goes dark. She can hear the door slam and lock.

After having her throat and ass fucked and being drunk on beer she is in no mood to investigate her prison. She finishes in the bathroom and finds the sleeping bag near the door. She climbs into it and zips it up the best she can. She is on her third Hail Mary when she falls asleep.


Maria Gonzales hears some noises and opens her eyes. She is in dim light until she realizes she is still inside the warm sleeping bag. It’s so comfortable she just wants to fall back asleep but her bladder tells her she needs to get up. When she unzips the bag the light from the bright workbench shows her the big cop is hanging up some clothes on a clothes rack in the corner. She watches quietly for a minute until she realizes these are her clothes from her apartment.

The good news, she thinks, is that she has to be alive to wear the clothes. Suddenly she realizes with no clothes in her apartment, her friends may think she has left town. When she is killed, no one will look for her. Her boss at the restaurant probably will not worry about her absence because there are always new girls looking for jobs. Of course her big tits have been good for business because lots of guys keep coming back when she works. But an illegal disappearing in the big city is no big deal. They are always trying to stay a step away from the INS cops.

Maria crawls out of the sleeping bag and goes into the bathroom dragging the long chain behind her. He watches her ass wiggle as she goes through the door and sits on the commode. She spreads her legs wide apart and lets him watch her piss. He stays on the other side of the room and chuckles. It has only taken him a few days to train the bitch to do as he says.

By God, her tight ass was something he had never experienced and even with a ton of lube she was tighter than a six year old virgin. He looks forward to fucking her pussy for the first time. He smiles at his good luck at picking her off the street. Now he has cleaned out her apartment and almost erased her existence. The landlord, who really does not care, thinks she has moved in with a boyfriend. The other girls were not there when he got her stuff. They will probably move one of the girls into her empty room and forget about her. He tells her to take a shower and get pretty because she has to work for her lunch. He walks into the bathroom and takes the chain off.

Maria knows she has only one more hole he has not fucked and she wonders why he is saving her pussy for last. He must have been one of those little boys who ate the peas first because he hated them and then ate the meat last because he liked it. Her pussy is probably dessert, in his mind. Because she is so pretty, he probably thinks she fucks like a rabbit. It’s a reputation most Mexicans have. Well he is going to get a big surprise.

She does the best she can in the bathroom. Showers and shampoos her hair and brushes it hard to make it shine. She notices a box with all her make-up from the apartment. Some bottles of body lotion and a small perfume are new. He must have bought them unless they belonged to one of the other girls. It takes her a good half hour to get ready and she opens the door slowly for her grand entrance. Since he had taken the chain off she is able to slowly walk out of the bathroom and put a sexy swing into her hips. He sits on a small mattress which he must have drug down the stairs. He is wearing tan slacks and a golf shirt and she had expected him to be naked with his cock hard and stiff.

A big grin spreads across his face as she comes near him and stops in front of him. “Maria Gonzales, Maria Gonzales you are exceptionally beautiful,” he tells her and slowly looks her over. Her light cocoa colored skin is flawless and he sees again she has no tan lines. Her long legs and wide hips give her a sexy look found on a few movie stars. Of course her big tits are Maria’s main point of focus. He can’t guess the size but one of the bras had a 42D on the label. As he looks straight ahead her untouched pussy is right in his face. He knows if he puts his face into her cunt and tongues her Maria will let him do it.

He sees a very small purple bruise on the crook of her left arm where he drew the blood. Not very professional he chides himself. Maria has done a great job with makeup and her dark eyes sparkle in the bright light. Long lashes are enhanced with black lash makeup and she has light blue makeup over her eyes. Her black hair hangs down lose over one tit and gives her a sex kitten look. He smells the perfume he bought for her and his cock stirs and twitches. Goodness, he wants to fuck her so bad; but he wants her to play the survival game for a few more days.

He motions for her to sit on the mattress. She tucks her legs under her and sits next to him feeling a bit foolish at being naked and glammed up. She stretches her arms down beside her and leans back just a little. With a shake of her head she moves her hair out of the way and her nice tits are nearly in his face. She keeps the little smile on her face because she saw his cock twitch in his pants; but she knows she needs to be quiet.

He has the contents of her purse spread out and asks her about the car payment book, “How come you are three months behind on paying for your car?” She explains for the last three months the owner made her get on her knees and give him a blowjob and he does not even look at the payment book. He chuckles and tells her he had her car towed back to the dealer’s lot. “Now Maria, how would you like to have a better car?” he asks and she gasps. Why is he being so cruel and offering her a new car when she knows it’s only a matter of time before she will be killed.

A tear runs down her cheek and she knows he is toying with her and she can’t help herself as she says almost in a whisper, “Please don’t kill me”. “Is that what you think?” he answers in surprise. “If you keep doing what I want you’ll be safe,” he tells her and explains the rules again, including, “Don’t try to run away.” She looks at him hopefully and puts a smile on her face and kisses his cheek. When she looks down his cock twitches again. She smiles inward and remembers if she can control his cock she can control the man.

He jumps up and searches through her clothes until he finds a pair of jeans with sparkles on the back pockets. “Get dressed, we are going car shopping,” he laughs as he adds a blouse with buttons down the front to his selection. “This is going to be fun,” he thinks as he looks at Maria’s stunned face. He will fuck her later; first he gets to fuck a shady car dealer.

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