Maria has more adventures
Maria Gonzales (Chap 2)

Maria buys a new car.

Maria is astonished as she comes out of the basement for the first time. She is in a nicely furnished small house. The curtains are all drawn tight making the rooms dim. He takes her into the bedroom and she sees a large bed. He smiles at her as she looks at the bed and tells her to stand by the door. She sees him reach into the night stand and clip on a big gun and a badge. He hides them under a light jacket. He pulls something else out of the night stand and approaches her. He unbuttons a few of her buttons and the tops of her tits are visible and he hands her the necklace with the small cross. She nearly cries as she slips the chain over her head and adjusts the cross in her cleavage. “Thank you, sir,” she tells him meekly.

At the car lot the fat owner has a scowl on his face as he sees Maria get out of the car. He asks her what she wants and she plays it according to the plan and asks him if her car has been repaired. The owner laughs and tells her of course not. Maria nods and tells him she needs to look for a new car and starts walking down the row of cars. Her captor watches from the front seat of his car as she looks for a newer, nicer car. The fat guy watches her also and when she bends over to look at tires he makes sure to be where he can look down her expansive cleavage. The gold cross shimmers as it dangles between her tits in the bright sun.

Her captor chuckles when Maria bends over to check the tires on another car. Of course she could squat down but she keeps her legs straight and her heart shaped ass in the tight jeans is high in the air. The sun sparkles off the silver patterns on the back pockets and draw your eyes to her ass. The three-inch high heels on her bright red shoes give her a hooker look. Fat guy is watching her from behind as she goes down the second row of cars and it looks like drool is running down his chin.

She takes her time and looks at every car in the lot before deciding on a nice looking small import with low mileage on it. She walks back to the cop and leans in the window and asks him to look at it. Fat guy watches her ass wiggling and comes over and introduces himself. Maria’s captor tells him, “Call me Fred.” He asks the fat guy if they can drive it around the block and he tells him OK; but just him. When Fred comes back after driving it around the block he tells Maria it seems to run well. Fat guy looks at the $6,000 sticker and smiles, “Let’s go sign the paperwork.”

Maria follows him into the office and the owner sits behind a desk and pulls out some paperwork. Maria smiles and leans over the desk a bit and asks how much of a discount can she get on the new car for being such a good customer. Fat guy grins and tells her he can discuss that in his private office. Maria follows him and makes sure the door is unlocked. Fat guy sits on the couch, spreads his legs and pulls his cock out. He tells Maria for a discount on the car she needs to do a whole lot more than give him a lame $200 blowjob. “Bitch, you never swallow my cum and you make me shoot on your tits. That stops today. I’m going to fuck every hole and you’re going to swallow every drop,” he tells her angrily.

“No she is not,” they hear the deep voice say as Fred comes through the door. Fat guy looks up in astonishment and scrambles to reach under the seat cushion. “Make my day,” the imitation of the movie voice says as Fred’s big gun points at the owner. “Maria, reach under the cushion and get his gun and put it on the floor,” he tells her and she pulls out a small revolver. Fred wonders what is going through her head; but she points the gun at the fat guy and then lays it on the floor and kicks it over. Fred chuckles and tells the fat guy, “Let’s go sign a new sales contract.”

Back at the desk, fat guy has zipped up and pulls out a new contract. He puts the $6,000 sales price on the first line and no one says anything. His pen waivers over the discount line and then he skips it. Fred looks at him hard and suggests a 50% discount. Fat guy starts to say something and Fred wiggles the gun toward his nose. He writes in $3,000 discount and thinks he will still make some money. Maria smiles sweetly and tells him, “Gracias for the discount.” The next line is the trade-in and the owner starts to skip it. Fred coughs and says, “You already took her trade-in back; a few days ago”. The fat guy looks at him and says, “Ok, I’ll take off $1,000 for the wreck”.

Fred laughs and tells him, “You said it, but the trade-in is $3,000. The $600 she has already paid you, we’ll call even for rental.” When he writes it in the block, Maria realizes she will get a new car and not owe any money at all. She hugs Fred and kisses his cheek. Five minutes later the paperwork is signed and Maria sits in her new car. “Stop at the gas station, Maria,” Fred tells her and reminds her to drive to a nearby restaurant after they fill the car with gas.

Fred follows Maria’s car and pulls the locator device from his back seat. When he turns it on he gets two nice pings from Maria’s car. One is sewn in the bottom of her purse and the other is under the back bumper of her new car. She pulls into the first gas station and he fills the car with gas and then follows her to the restaurant. He ‘accidentally’ loses her on one street to see what she will do. When he pulls into the restaurant’s lot she is parked under a shady tree. “Well shit,” he wonders why she did not run when she had a chance.

Maria hops out of her car and throws her arms around him. Her big tits crush into him and she giggles, “Thank you, thank you, Fred. It’s a nice car.” In her excitement her English turns really bad and he has to laugh when he hears, “Is a niiicee ar.” She grabs his hand and holds it tight as they go in to eat. Fred thinks about how Maria will pay for the ‘niiicee’ car. When he thinks about fucking her ass he wonders if she will do it willingly without being drunk or drugged. First though, he wants to eat her pussy and have her beg for it. He has all afternoon before he has to go to work and she seems to be extra happy.

On the way back to his house, Fred loses Maria two more times but she still does not run. As he watches the GPS locator she follows his directions and gets nearer to his house. Is she really going to pull into his driveway? He creeps along about a quarter mile behind her and when he turns onto his street she is parked in front of his house. He pushes the garage door opener and motions for her to pull in. He wants to hide her car from any nosey neighbors. “What is it with her?” he wonders and hopes she does not have a plan to turn the tables on him. Taking over his little house would be a bonus for her; however, every cop would be looking for him.

She grins when she gets out of her car and gives him another ‘thank you’ hug. When they get into the house she opens the basement door and starts down the steps before he stops her and tells her to follow him. In the bedroom he takes his jacket off and locks his gun and badge into a wall safe instead of putting it into the night stand. Of course his backup gun is readily handy without Maria knowing where it is.

He stands in front of Maria and unbuttons her blouse all the way and she smiles when he pulls it off. Her red bra and matching thong are Maria’s best underwear and it makes her big tits stand straight up and make a nice cleavage. Her cross dangles between the tops of her tits. Fred tells her to sit on the bed and he pulls her red shoes off. He pulls her up and unzips her tight jeans and struggles to get them over her hips. Maria giggles and sticks her fingers into the waistband, wiggles her ass and pulls the jeans over her ass.

He laughs and tells her it’s her turn. She unbuttons his shirt and pulls on it to get it out of his pants and he helps her do it. She turns him around and pulls his shirt off from behind. Maria puts her arms around him from behind and pushes her tits into his back. He feels the red bra as she moves her tits from left to right and back a couple of times. Well, well this is different. Her fingers snake up to his nipples and she runs her fingers over them and circles them slowly. She knows it’s working on him because he inhales deeply and slowly lets his breath out.

He chuckles and turns back around and Maria gets to work on his belt and trousers. When they fall to the floor he steps out of them and she looks at him with a question mark in her eyes. They are both in their underwear; who goes first? “You first,” he tells her and pushes on her shoulders for her to kneel in front of him. She pulls his jockeys down and he steps out of them and sits on the edge of the bed. His cock is already twitching when Maria grabs it and slowly runs her hands up and down on it.

Her thumb is on his cock’s underside and the pressure is exquisite as she strokes him in slow cadence. Maria’s face is in front of him and she leans into him and kisses him like a lover’s first kiss. Her soft lips taste of the vanilla lip gloss and she holds them to him for a half minute before pushing her tongue against him. He opens slowly and she enters searching for his tongue. Their tongues touch and it feels like little sparks hitting as the wiggle against each other. His hands go around her head and into her long black hair. He holds her head as their kiss gets harder. They stay glued together for several long minutes before breaking apart.

“Holy shit,” he thinks. If she keeps this up she will have him wrapped around her little finger. He should use the Taser and teach her a lesson; but her kisses are better than any woman he has ever known. Her hand strokes his cock gently and he forgets the Taser and loses himself in her black eyes. He reaches around her back and unhooks her bra and Maria pulls it off. Her big cocoa tits are in front of him and he pulls one to his lips and sucks her dark brown nipple. Maria cups her tits and holds them up for him as he switches from one nipple to the other.

The perfume from her cleavage is in his nose and he sucks and inhales and enjoys. Maria puts her hands on his head and pulls him into her tits and he sucks her nipples harder. She sighs and a quiet, “Yes, yes,” escapes her lips and her body shivers in pleasure. She can’t believe the feeling shooting from her tits down to her cunt. She thinks she can feel herself getting wet and maybe she really wants to fuck him more than anything else. Should she tell him her secret? Not yet.

Fred pulls back from her tits and inhales hard with an, “OMG, I love your tits.” He tells her to stand up and he strips her thong off. He laughs when he sees the wet spot on it and Maria giggles in embarrassment. He pulls Maria up on the bed and they change position. Fred kneels in front of her and pulls her legs apart and tells her to grab her knees. She nods her head as he kneels between her legs and studies her pussy. She is shaved and Fred can see some tiny stubble of black hair on her mons. “Oh, I’m going to love shaving her cunt,” he thinks as his fingers slowly pull her pussy lips apart.

Her pink inside is moist and glistens and he touches her clit with a fingertip. She jumps and jerks and mutters quietly, “Jesus”. He can see her hands grab her legs hard and her knees shake. When his tongue touches her pussy she screams and jerks. He looks at her face and she smiles and says, “I’m sorry.” His tongue goes back into her pussy and Maria inhales hard and moans. “Much better,” he thinks and keeps tonguing her pussy. He is glad he drew her blood and she got a clean test. He licks her pussy and drives his tongue as deep as he can get it and just plays with her endlessly. He feels he is in heaven. He runs his tongue down to her ass and tickles her puckered hole and she about comes of the bed with a big groan. It makes him chuckle and he attacks her clit. Maria is breathing hard and moaning and her ass makes little fucking motions.

Maria’s body is shaking more and more and he figures she is going to cum in a few seconds. He runs his tongue across her clit mercilessly and Maria screams again as she explodes in her orgasm. Fred grabs her legs and holds his tongue on her clit as she shakes and then he tastes the pussy juice flowing from her. “Nectar,” he thinks because the old classics always talk about women’s nectar and he chuckles into her pussy. He holds her legs tight and she vibrates and jerks as she slowly comes off her high. When he stands up her eyes are closed and she has a blissful smile on her face.

His cock is hard and he lines it up with her pussy and looks down to watch as his cock head enters her for the first time. She pulls her knees back again and opens herself to his cock. Pushing slowly his cock head pops into her pussy and he feels her tighten around him and grab him. He pushes some more and glides into her wet opening for another inch or two. When he hits the obstruction; his eyes almost pop out of his head. Maria is breathing hard and her big tits shake when she opens her eyes and tells him, “Si, I’m still a virgin. You are my first.”

He looks at his cock partially buried in her sweet pussy and he just holds still and doesn’t move. How in the world is this gorgeous girl still a virgin? Just about every girl coming across the border has to give it up for the coyotes. Maria reads his mind and tells him, “We had a bunch of young teenage girls who got fucked. The older ones just had to do blowjobs.” It almost makes him feel sorry for her; but not this second. He pushes against her hymen a couple of times and enjoys the pleasure of fucking a virgin. “Ready?” he tells her and she nods her head and he pushes into her with a hard push. His cock head feels the thin membrane tear and he bottoms into her. She groans hard and has a fist in her mouth.

Maria wondered what it would feel like to give her virginity to her husband. She thought about her handsome English teacher doing it on their wedding night. Well that fantasy sure was not like her reality. Yesterday she had her rapist’s big log up her ass and now he popped her cherry. Of course, she hated to admit it to herself, she drove her new car right back here and she knew her pussy was the only place he had not shot a big load of cum. She figures she has about five minutes before he will fill her up and most likely get her pregnant. She smiles as she thinks of her belly growing big with his baby. She really wants a pretty girl and he probably would give it to her.

Maria pulls her legs around his middle and gives him a little tug for him to fuck her. He obliges with long hard strokes. Her pussy hurts like crazy and when she moans in pain she puts a smile on her lips and makes him think it pleasure. She rocks her ass upward when he strokes down and she can feel him deep inside her cunt. He is breathing harder and she knows this is what she wants. She scissors her legs and pushes his big cock into her deeper and deeper. She reaches up and pulls his head down and feeds him her right tit. He sucks hard and it shoots pain through her tit and makes her moan even more.

Suddenly he stands up, grabs her hips and pounds into her hard. His cock shoots hot Jizz deep inside her and she smiles to herself. “Can you really get pregnant the first time?” she thinks and remembers all the young wives in her village whose bellies started showing real quick. She has not considered there is always tomorrow for a repeat if she lives through it. She needs to keep being real nice to Fred. Shit, she realizes she really likes getting fucked. She puts a big smile on her face and tightens her legs around his ass and tells him, “Thank you, Fred.”

He grins as he collapses next to her and Maria again knows what to do to make him even happier. She slides down to his crotch and gently cleans his cock with her tongue. She tastes his cum and her pussy juice and suddenly she realizes she loves both tastes. She puts his cock in her mouth and lets the warmth engulf him. Her tongue rubs his underside gently and slowly and a few minutes later he twitches hard as he comes awake for a second time. She waits to see if he is going to piss into her mouth again and she makes up her mind to drink it all without complaint.

Fred pulls out of her and tells her to wait a minute as he runs into the bathroom. When he flushes the commode she knows she probably will not have to drink his piss again. She smiles to herself for the small victory. He comes out of the bathroom with towels and a steaming washcloth. “Let me see if you are bleeding,” he tells her and she pulls her legs apart. She had forgotten about bleeding and he tells her he only sees a few tiny drops. He wipes her with the hot washcloth and then puts his face back to her pussy and kisses it several times. “All better,” he tells her with a laugh just like a good Daddy would fix a little girls boo-boo.

Maria giggles as he cuddles behind her and his hands come around her and grab her tits. He tells her he has to get an hour’s sleep before going to work. His cock is pushing against her ass and she lifts her leg so he can glide between them and nestle against her pussy.

She wonders what name she will give her new daughter.

If she lives that long.


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