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I couldn't get this out of my head. so I put it to paper. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Submission by Pleasure

I was in the shower shaving. I haven’t done anything like this in a while and it made me nervous. More then anything I wanted to please you. So I shave naked removing all hair. As the last one is removed I dry and put a tasteless lotion on all over my skin so the smell lingers but the taste is nonexistent. I walk to my bedroom, opening drawers and looking through them. Knowing if I’m stopped by a policeman, I’ll have a hard time explaining why I’m wearing so little. The thought makes me wet and I feel soaked ,though I know by the end of the night I’ll have ribbons of cum running over my body.
I grab a pair of satin laced thigh high stockings, a pair of white high heels and head back to the bathroom. I pull my long hair up in chopsticks twisting and pushing them in. My curly hair falling over the chopsticks but now off my neck. Picking up my left leg I gently put on the stocking and make sure it’s securely in place. Lifting my right leg a drop of juice falls to the floor hitting the tile with a defining splat and I find I’m not only nervous but excited. I want this so badly. I put on my makeup lightly and grab a long leather trench coat and put on my heels. I walk to the car and start it, turning on my radio to relax me as I’m driving down the road.
The ride there takes me past a truckers unloading station and I feel bold and open my coat, reveling my chilly breast to the passing trucks ,receiving a honk from almost everyone that drives by. I’m thoroughly soaked by the time I reach the front of your house. I turn off the car and take off the coat wanting to please you with what I’ve chosen to ware tonight but nervous about getting out of the car in open view of everyone. Not wanting to be late and knowing if I wait any longer I will be, I get out of the car and start walking toward the front door. I hear two whistles and stop to see two men staring at me and sending cat calls my way. I try to ignore them but my pussy clenches at the thought of what they were doing. I knock on the door and you open almost automatically ,to my relief, and allow me to walk in.
“Go to the table, and bend over. It’s inspection time.†I walk over to the dinner table and bend over spreading my legs wide and pushing my ass into the air a bit to give you a good view. You walk up behind me and run a finger down my slit. “Good†is all you say before turning and opening a drawer. You pull out a chain necklace and wrap it around my neck. Securing it ,not to tightly, around my neck.
Pulling me up you lead me though the house to a large bedroom and let go of my arm. It is not cold, but my nipples stand out erect and hard as pebbles. And I have goose bumps all over my body. I drop automatically to my knees, fingering the necklace proudly at my neck as you go and set up a camera at the end of the bed.
You strip down to nothing cock already semi hard as you stand in front of me.
“ Are you sure you wish to do this†You ask me I watch your cock intently, licking my lips wanting to taste you in my mouth, feel you down my throat, but knowing I will have to wait.
“Yes sir†is the only words I allow myself.
“You will have to prove yourself to me tonight. If you fail, I will deign you and send you away,†Your walking around me in circles now. “You will never be allowed here again. First though you must submit to me.†I look farther up your body looking at your chest, The thought about what is about to happen exciting me. A line of cum running down my inner thigh, making me shiver.
“I give myself to your pleasure. To use as your play thing .To please you as you will me and to always think of your pleasure above mine.†I glance at your cock, now fully erect in front of me. It bobs in front of me begging for lips to be wrapped around it. Something I desperately want to do. But I have to continue, “I give myself to you freely, To be your ever wanting slave and slut. I want you to be my masterâ€
You lift me up by my new chain and as I come to kneeling position you brush your cock across my lips. I open my mouth wanting to pull you in, to wrap my lips around your heavy cock. But you hold me in place. “What do you want†I blush slightly at your request, no, demand my verbal request.
“I want your cock. Please Sir.†I feel the head of it against my lips and know you want me to beg so I start to. “Please sir, I wanna swallow you to the hilt. I wanna suck on your cock till your throbbing and cumming in my mouth, I wanna lick your balls. Feel you throbbing against my throat. Filling me with your sweet sticky goodness.†You have a satisfied smile on your face now and you sit on the edge of the bed spreading your legs.
“Come here Sarah. Suck my cock.†I crawl across the floor on my hands and knees ,crawling between your legs and start to kiss your cock, running my tongue up and down your strong large shaft till I’ve played a pattern all the way from your cock head to your balls. Kissing, licking and sucking to your breathing. Anticipating what you want form me and trying to give it to you. Then I sit up a little more on my knees and wrap my lips around the head of your cock, sucking you in, little by little. Pulling the full length of you into my mouth till your all the way down my throat. I stick my tongue out and lick your balls. Then start to bob over you. I can feel you twitching in the back of my mouth and then the first shot of pre-cum that sticks to the back of my throat. I moan into your cock ,loving the sticky sweet taste. I redouble my efforts pulling sucking on your cock as I start to milk your hard dick in my mouth, wanting more of the sweet goodness that you have.
Suddenly you stand, pulling your cock from my mouth, you pull me up on the bed.
“This is to easy.†You say, smiling at me as you position me. My ass in the air, You spread my legs wide and bring in a fucking machine. It’s got a bunny and a wand on it. Made from what looks like a sewing machine. Placing them behind me you lube my pussy up till I’m so wet I’m dripping on the bed and slide the dildo in me and turn on the wand. The dildo starts to move slowly at first but gradually picking up speed. The wand on low. “An so your not tempted to move,†You shackle my ankles and knees to the bed placing a spacer bar between my legs so I cant close then. Then pull two more up from the bottom and shackle my arms too. You lay in front of me, positioning your cock in front of me. “Now,†you smile at me my body writhing from the pleasure already being allowed me, “Make me cum. And you have to cum after I do.†I look at you desperately, knowing there is a good chance I will fail considering the clit stimulator into the factor.
Looking down I pull you in my mouth and desperately start sucking you and I find if I lean over I can elevate pressure just enough I wont cum within seconds. I suck furiously at your throbbing cock needing your cum. Needing your release so I may have mine. I stroke your cock hearing your breath hitch up and pull all my tricks out. Licking the bottom of your cock around the head and adding strong suction and fast strong strokes to the equation and it isn’t long till your fucking my face and pushing me back against the clit stimulator. I’m whining against your cock between thrust as I feel my release so close and not sure I can hold on much longer. Just as my body is about to plunge over the edge I feel you fill the back of my throat. Sending sweet shot after shot down my throat. I start to shake my own orgasm hitting me as your sweet seed hits my tongue. I shake as I grab your cock. Sucking up every drop that leeks out. You taste of honey and cloves with just a touch of distant saltiness that makes me need more. I milk your cock trying to get every last drop.
As I lick the last of the cum from the head of your cock you stand walking behind me.
“Lay down and keep your ass in the air†I lay my upper body down as you ask and feel you lick at my pussy, licking up the juices that have leaked I moan as I push against your face and you push your tongue ,your fantastic talented tongue into my wet throbbing pussy. I feel it then. The vibrator on your tongue. Then something else . It’s soft and smooth but big against my ass. You lift it and bring it down hard on my ass. I squeal as a pleasure/pain runs from my ass to my clit, causing my muscles to contract around your tongue as you continue to lap at my pussy. You suddenly stop then. Standing behind me and I wine for you. I need more. I need you so badly.
You position yourself against my ass. Running your cock up and down my slit. From my ass hole to my clit and back, wetting both me and you at the same time. “Beg†you say, teasing me as you put half of the head of your cock in my pussy then remove it. Your holding me by the straps at my thighs so I cant move back and pull you in. I hesitate a second and you start to withdraw, sending me into a frenzy, I wine trying to get what little of you I had back. You smack my ass , causing me instantly to go still again. “Beg.†you say again. I wine and rotate my hips for you.
“Please master, please fuck your servant, please yourself by filling every hole I have till I’m full of nothing but you. Please fuck your slut. PLEEEEASE†I’m almost crying for you from the need to feel you fill me inside. In one thrust you enter me and fuck me. You rock hard against me, your balls hitting my pussy and making that tell - tell sound of love making. I rotate my hips as you do. Causing you to moan as well with me, every few thrust slapping my ass causing me to let out a loud yelp at the pleasure you take from me.
You pull off the restraints from my ankles and thighs and roll me over roughly and plunge back inside of me. “WHO AM I?†You demand of me, my mind barley able to comprehend the question. Finally I’m able to get out a “Master†around my pants and whines. “And what are you†You ask me again this time I’m ready, the talk making my hips move on their own accord. My muscles milking your massive cock as you fill me “I’m your’s†I say wanting you bad enough to almost scream the word. They barely make it out of my mouth before you stiffen in me. Pulling my hips to you.. Holding me in place and screaming out a roar as your realized for the second time. Mine joins your as the first threads hit the back of my walls. My muscles clenching around your cock as the last drops fill me. You lay on my stomach releasing my arms with shaky hands and climb up to the pillow and roll over. I climb up next to you. Knowing this isn’t the end. Knowing there will be more test. But knowing you are my master and I have satisfied you for this night. That alone makes me happy.
Before I curl up next to you I lick your cock clean of our juices. The sweet mingling better than honey itself. I then curl up next to you. As you smile at me. You kiss my forehead and run a hand through my hair. I throb for you again as you cuddle with me.
“You have done well my slave.†The words meaning more than you can know to me. I curl up and drift into a deep sleep listening to your hart beat and feeling your steady warmth against my skin. I know there will be more, my mind says, but I have found a good master, and I will make him proud. . . .
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