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This is the true story of our sex-lives as a bisexual swinging incestuous couple. We live in Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay), India. We were married in 1979. Part-1 was written nine years ago in ‘97 and some parts have been rewritten and expanded in ‘06. However, the time and setting of the narration in Part-1 remains as ‘97. Part-2 was written in ‘06. Events after ‘97, especially incest with our son and other family members

This is a sexually explicit true story containing detailed deions of consensual incestuous and non-incestuous sex including oral-genital-anal straight, gay, lesbian, transsexual and mixed-group sex between adults, exhibitionism, transvestism, transsexuality, body-shaving, fist-fucking, urine-bathing, urine-drinking and prostitution. If any of these offends you, then please do not read further. However, this story does NOT contain any deions of scat, shit-eating, non-consensual sex, rape, forced sex, animal sex, paedophilia, medically harmful sexual practices, drug use or public indecency.

By Saroj with husband Rajeev
An Introduction
This is the true story of our sex-lives as a bisexual swinging incestuous couple. We live in Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay), India. We were married in 1979.
Part-1 was written nine years ago in ‘97 and some parts have been rewritten and expanded in ‘06. However, the time and setting of the narration in Part-1 remains as ‘97.
Part-2 was written in ‘06. Events after ‘97, especially incest with our son and other family members besides my husband Rajeev and our son – with his wife Rithika, my real brother Shekhar, his daughter Kiron, our son’s wife Rithika’s mother Suchitra, Rithika’s brother Tanuj, and our family friend transsexual Sheena – appear in this part.
I have written this autobiographical novel for international readers. Indian readers may find too much explanation for something that may be obvious to them. There may be a few repetitions, but please bear with me. People unfamiliar with the social and sexual attitudes in India may find many things puzzling or quaint, or going contrary to their general beliefs about Indians, but that’s how it is!
Rajeev and I (separately) attained puberty in the late 60s and early 70s in small-town urban India. In those days, in the towns where we both grew up, there was a lot of surreptitious sex, though one kept one’s sex-life and sexual preferences private. In the huge metropolis of Mumbai of mid and late 70s, wife-swapping made its appearance, so did ‘cabaret’ joints – similar to strip joints in the West. In the name of lingerie, only functional bras and panties – essentially designed as undergarments – and simple ankle-length nighties were available. Two-piece bikinis were unknown.
This situation improved only in the late 90s. As for sex toys, absolutely nothing is available then or now. One could pick up Indian pornography – essentially of a very low grade – or pay about 5 times for smuggled American soft porn like Playboy and Penthouse, or European hard porn magazines. 8mm porn movies could be hired from shady characters, again with a very limited choice. This has not changed even today. On the whole, the Indian society is as prudish as ever, however, the vocal minority of puritans is reducing in numbers, the media has becoming much more tolerant and ‘sexy’, and the general urban population is becoming more tolerant to girls showing skin in public, homosexuals, premarital sex, and to an extent extramarital sex too.
In my narration, there may be some inconsistencies about dates, places, etc., but most of these are deliberately introduced to protect our and our friends’ identities.
We may sound too perfect and too candid to be true, and our sex-life may seem too fantastic to be real, but we are real and genuine. In fact, we have not come across anyone in India who enjoys as colourful a sex-life as us. To enjoy a rich sex life, one only has to let go of each and every inhibition, hesitation and taboo.
‘An Inclusive Marriage’ is a very long story. I suggest that you downloaded it and read it at leisure. It gets kinkier as you read on!

Our Sex-life before 1997:

I’m Saroj, writing this with my husband Rajeev. We live in Mumbai, India. Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay, is India’s largest, most crowded metropolis. I was born in ‘57 in a small town in northern India, and Rajeev was born in ‘55 in another small town in central India. I have lived in Mumbai since I went to college in ‘73 at the age of 16.
‘An Inclusive Marriage’ is an autobiography of my sex-life as a kinky, bisexual, incestuous swinging woman in a sexually open marriage with my dear husband Rajeev. Rajeev and I got married in ‘79 and have been married now for 18 years. Both my husband and I are healthily bisexual. Inherent in our open marriage, is the enjoyment of individual extramarital sex too, with the spouse’s full knowledge, and without any jealousy or possessiveness. To us, sex is in the minds, not between the legs! We swing with individuals, couples and groups of all sexual orientations from both sexes in India and abroad, together as a couple and individually too without any guilt, bias or bar whatsoever. We also indulge in many other unusual sexual variations. We have been early starters on the swinging scene, right from our marriage onwards.
This story may create an image of wholesale promiscuity, but in the 18 years of our open marriage, we have had sex with genital / anal penetration in India with only about 50 partners, and abroad with about 25, and exhibitionism / fooling-around / foreplay / oral sex with another 100-odd. Many unrelated incidents described in this story actually involve the same people in different situations. We have described many of our experiences, and we have referred to the people involved by names, though I have changed all names to protect their privacy. Moreover, since this story is only about the sexual side of our life, it may create the impression that we indulge in sex all the time, but that’s not true either.
Now, if some of you are wondering how we can have sex with others with our loving spouse watching, or knowing about it, I’ll try to explain:
I’m truly in love with my husband Rajeev, and when I’m having sex with someone else, in spite of the erotic feedbacks my body parts, my genitalia and my mind are giving me, my heart is always with my darling hubby. I’m constantly excited by the real fact that by having sex outside our marriage, we are not violating or weakening our love-bond but actually strengthening it. We are aware that swinging does not work for many couples who try it, but it does work for us. We believe it works for us because, firstly, we believe that love and sex are two different emotions, and secondly, we keep our family life, social life and work life completely unaffected by our swinging life.
We speak English and Hindi at home, and know Marathi, Gujarati, Italian and some German. Both of us are well-educated – I’m a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration from Mumbai and Rajeev is a Master of Technology from the famous Indian Institute of Technology.
I’m a freelance technical writer; I write technical manuals. That should explain my dry, detailed, systematic writing style. I tend to write long sentences, and tend to digress into related topics.
Rajeev is a very successful consulting engineer. He travels quite often. I’m more of a homebody. We both have always worked from home so we escape Mumbai’s hurry and hustle, and have sufficient time and energy for our sex-life. Being freelancers, we are our own masters. Our projects run into months and years, so clients hardly ever visit our office at home.
As professionals, we both are devoted to honesty, ethics, equality and transparency. We strive to bring the same qualities into our sex-life. We are not political animals and we don’t play social games with people.
In my writing, I describe many people as ‘fair’. It simply means a fair-complexioned Indian person (much lighter skinned than average), not a white person, not an ethically fair-minded person either. On an average, Indians are brown-skinned, so a light-coloured skin is at a sexual premium, and is our sexual preference too – the counterpoint of white skinned people lusting after a black, brown or a well-tanned skin complexion.
There are no “whites” and “blacks” in Indian people. 99. 9% Indians have dark black hair and 99% have black eyes, so people are identified not by racial colour, or hair- or eye-colour, but by skin complexion, which can be anywhere in between a peaches-and-cream complexion from Punjab or Kashmir in North India, graduating to a jet-black complexion from Kerala at the southern tip. However, you find dark and light skinned people in ever region, every city and even in many families too – I myself am fair complexioned and my real brother is very dark skinned.

My Large Charms
I’m a large-sized woman. I’m 40 years old, 5’7” tall, 195 lbs., and a Gemini. My figure today is 42C-36-52. Everything about me is big and firm rather than fat and flabby. I have been plump and big-boned right from birth. I have a naturally hairless, very light brown smooth skin and dark brown eyes. I have a head of thick healthy hair and I keep changing the style, length and occasionally perm or colour them. My average-looking C-cup breasts are very soft, moderately saggy and not very close-set, with large deep-brown nipples and large aureoles. My nipples are not very sensitive, but the moment my buttocks are touched, I get goose-pimples all over, so I’m lucky to have a husband who is a confirmed ass-man, not really a tit-lover.
With regular yoga for the last many years, my waist even now is quite trim without the flab and bulging normal on women of my size – just a gently swelling average tummy. No stretch marks on my tummy. My abdomen has a deep sexy belly button. My wide-boned pelvis and full heavy buttocks flare out smoothly from my waist. My smooth and rounded buttocks and thighs, though quite heavy, are firm and shapely. No folds of fat sit between my tummy and my pubic mound, or between my waist and hips. No sag or dimpled fat in my ass-cheeks, no flabby wrinkles behind my thighs – just one feminine fold below my heavy ass-cheeks – normal on most women.
I have small soft hands, feminine shoulders and average arms, and a shapely back with a deep spinal channel, smoothly tapering thighs, and long, full legs. However, my calves are rather thick, and my feet are quite unattractive. When I wear an Indian Sari, I don’t get those very common folds above my petticoat, though Rajeev loves that in a woman.
For Western readers: A Sari is simply a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, measuring 18 feet by 40 inches, made from either plain, but usually quite colourful and ornate cloth – which can be ballooning cool cotton, heavy draping silk, or flowing chiffon or clinging synthetic stuff. A Wedding-Sari is the most ornate of all. It’s worn over a petticoat, which is just a full-length underskirt, worn over or without panties and tied at the waist with a string. The petticoat itself can be tied above the navel if one wants to dress ‘sensibly’ or below the navel if one wants to flaunt her sexiness. It’s accompanied by a Choli (also called a blouse), which is a tight short Indian top, much like a training bra. A blouse is usually worn over normal brassieres, but can be worn bra-less too. The portion of the long Sari draped over the breasts is called the Palloo. A bride drapes the Palloo over her head too.
The Sari leaves the woman’s midriff open – and this open gap can vary from a modest zero to a brassy 12”. However, many married middle-aged Indian women have heavy buttocks like mine, and a Sari can camouflage a big ass much more gracefully than any tailored dress, Indian or Western; so my fat ass does not attract so much attention in a Sari.
The material and design of the Sari, its draping style, and the cut and form of the blouse can vary hugely. The Sari is a personal statement, and thus can be a non-verbal sexual statement in itself. The same set of garments stitched / draped differently can proclaim you a pious Indian nun, an average homemaker, a ramp model, or an available slut! The Sari is a difficult garment to handle, and needs years of practice to wear with ease and grace – that’s the reason that almost all foreigners look all ‘wrong’ in a Sari.
My vulva and my vagina are noticeably large but my elastic vagina isn’t at all loose despite a normal childbirth. Men, who fuck me for the first time, often remark favourably on my ‘tightness’. Yet I can, and often do, take a male hand inside my cunt up to the wrist quite easily! Even at this age after being fucked almost everyday, my taut light red inner labia are without any loose fringes or lip-folds hanging out.
I have a big 4” long gash (top of clitoris to bottom of vagina) and a prominent pea-sized clitoris, which cannot be seen normally, but pops up as soon as I’m horny. My whole vulva and pubic mound are rather flat, not puffy and swollen like those of small-boned women who get fat later in life. My cunt is quite upturned for a heavy woman like me – it faces somewhat forward rather than down – which, with my flattish mound, makes my vulva look even bigger.
My milk-chocolate coloured asshole is smooth-walled and naturally hairless all around. Rajeev often teases me that probably with so much anal sex, all my anal hair have rubbed off and crinkles around my anal lips have got ironed out! Both my vaginal and anal love-passages are deep and still quite taut and pliable despite continuous years of joyful fucking and sodomy. I get all squelchy-squishy-drooling wet when I’m excited, and can have multiple orgasms quite easily throughout a long sex-session. My orgasms can be really intense, and result in strong throbbing contractions.
The smell of my vaginal lubrication is rather strong, but I have been told it’s not at all unpleasant. Rajeev always teases me that he can smell my oozing ‘Schämlippen’ (shame-lips – German slang for labia) in the next room.
I have a big, really long tongue, and my mouth is as much of a sex-organ as my vulva and anus.
Rajeev always says he married me for my fat ass that’s (as he puts it) big and heavy yet absolutely rounded and shapely! Before marriage, I used to be very conscious of my then 44” bottom and my thunder-thighs, but Rajeev has always worshipped them. He has made me feel proud of my large figure. When we started swinging after marriage, I happily realised that so many men love my kind of figure, and especially fancy my large bottom. The sheer amount of reverent kisses, love pats, hot spanks, hungry licks, endless fondling, bottom-pinches, horny squeezes, requests for all-fours and doggy-style fucks, and general non-stop attention my bottom-globes have received from my lovers over the years has convinced me of their sex appeal. I have a rather short neck and a small upturned nose, but Rajeev loves it, and teases me that my nose must have got worn out poking around in cunts and cleavages!
Rajeev insists on adding his own words:
“My wife Saroj’s perfectly rounded buttocks have got lots of sex appeal, and her voluptuous dancer’s hips naturally sway and sashay very erotically when she walks! You can see her lack of inhibitions by the manner in which my darling slut shamelessly presents her inviting ass to the camera. Once, after having seen her striptease and having merrily fucked her, one of her admirers wrote to me, “Rajeev, I’m constantly fantasizing about the ultra-sensuous sway of your sexy wife’s ponderously large, voluptuously heavy, yet so perfectly-rounded chiffon-ensconced posterior!”
Even when Saroj bends over completely, her buttocks remain absolutely rounded. Most heavily built women’s ass-cheeks sway jointly as a more or less connected pair, but each of Saroj’s bottom-globes has a life of its own. Moreover, most plump women’s cunt-lips cannot be seen when they stand straight, but Saroj’s big ornate vulva looks big and inviting even when she’s standing straight up. My sexy wife’s asshole is truly exquisite. The fleshy, polished walls of her anal cleft plunge smoothly into her deep round anal entrance. Her anus has no creases, ridges or crinkly folds at all!
Saroj is the sort of woman who looks better and sexier with every passing year. She’s a great cook in the kitchen, a sensible lady in the living room, and an absolute whore with our swinging friends! I just love my beautiful sexy wife, and I love the way she transforms from a gracious lady to a shameless slut for sex with our friends!
What I like best about Saroj is her complete lack of any kind of sexual inhibitions – she can appear absolutely naked, or completely strip, and engage in any kind of kinky sex in front of any number of fully clothed strangers.”

My Hubby’s Assets
My dear husband Rajeev is 42 years old. He has lived in Mumbai since he joined too his college in 1969. He’s 5’7” tall, 160 lbs., fair complexioned with a 42-38-40 figure. Rajeev is a Leo. With regular exercise and yoga, his tummy is quite flat for his age! Rajeev has a handsome, shapely, straight and pointed half-circumcised penis, about 8” long when fully erect, though he’s very small when flaccid. The shape of his erect cock is very ‘anal’ – narrow pointed head, thickening to 5½” circumference at 2/3rd way to the root, and a thinner root again – just like a butt-plug. He has average sized testicles.
Rajeev can put off ejaculation for hours and can manage two or three climaxes in a night. Both of us have this nightlong endurance due to yoga. He leaks a lot of pre-cum juice (prostate fluid – tastes much like my cunt-juice, but more sweet) – so much so that friends often ask him during sex, “Have you cum already?”
Rajeev has average body hair, but they are very fine and soft, and from time to time, he keeps removing his body hair. He has shapely hands and feet, and he’s extremely skilled with his hands in every way. Physically, he’s very strong – though he does not look it. Rajeev’s tongue is rather small but he too is very skilled with it. He’s getting bald, and if you ask me, bald men are indeed very sexy!
With males, Rajeev can be both active and passive, orally and anally, with equal liking and comfort. He can be a bisexual stud – which he normally is – and he can be an eager-assed passive cross-dressed fairy too! Rajeev has a very luscious pair of round ass-cheeks, and healthy red anal lips. His full bubble-butt is a great favourite with his gay studs. When he’s on all fours to get his ass sodomised, the shape and roundness of his buttocks and thighs do look quite inviting!
As I said, our bodies are almost hairless, and both of us always keep our armpits, genitals and anal area very clean, smooth and completely free of hair. Earlier, we used to use hair-removing creams, like ‘Anne-French’, rather than shaving, but now we both use my Braun ‘Silk-Epil’ electric epilator about once a month. We both prefer partners with hygienic and hairless armpits, cocks, cunts and ass-holes, as we really dislike hair getting into our mouths.
Rajeev always sleeps in the nude; and – unless I’m wearing some kinky lingerie – I too normally take off everything before I go to sleep. Rajeev is a light sleeper but I sleep like a log, and both of us can go to sleep anywhere and at any time, which helps us in getting enough rest despite an active sex-life.

About our home, the centre of our sex-life:
We live in our own large independent 2600 square foot (carpet-area) apartment house, one floor below the top-floor penthouses (top split-level apartments with a large patio on the upper floor), in a high-rise apartment building in the Mumbai suburbs. Our house is actually two medium-large apartments combined while being built, and then discreetly modified by us to suit our special sex-life.
The first of the two apartments has a large living-dining room after a short passage from the main door, a kitchen with a store room, a dressing room and a toilet, all opening into the hall. One bedroom is our son’s, with a bathroom. Another bedroom is Rajeev’s office, and the study is my office. The second of the two apartments is the fun space! The large living-dining room of the second apartment has been made into our ‘pleasure-palace’ master bedroom. This apartment also has a door to the outside, so we usually admit our ‘adult’ guests directly into this side of the apartment.
However, we have converted its entry passage into a small sound-proofed vestibule, so there is more privacy inside, especially during a party, when guests are still arriving and some people inside are already undressing, smooching, partying… The second kitchen is back-to-back with the first kitchen, and has been made into a storeroom, accessible only from the first kitchen. One bedroom has been constructed as a huge bathroom with a big shower enclosure. This bedroom’s bathroom has been converted into a walk-in closet for our sex-wardrobe. It also has my dressing table, and this is where I get ready for my floorshows. Our bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet are all interconnected. The big bathroom opens into our master bedroom through a wide sliding glass door. The windows of our master bedroom and bathroom, and the covered terrace face the sea, so we never need to bother about drawing the curtains.
This size of an apartment is obscenely affluent by Mumbai standards, but 11 years ago, we got this apartment when it was being built, in lieu of our inheritance of our parents’ substantial properties in Mumbai, We moved in two years after our son went to full day school and we regularly started swinging. We got the plans modified right when it was being built.
The functionally designed house is aesthetic and elegant with minimal decoration, rather than ornate and opulent. Our apartment has exceptional privacy for a Mumbai house. This combined apartment is the only one on our floor – so no neighbours on our floor. We don’t fraternise with our neighbours – keeping to oneself is quite normal in Mumbai.
When we are going to be busy with our lovers, we padlock our main door to remain undisturbed by delivery boys, etc. and get in from the other door. Two small windows with one-way glasses overlook the entrances so we can discreetly check out any visitors before opening the door for them. We need that check, as I like to dress-up quite provocatively to welcome our fuck-mates at the door. Like most upper-middle-class people in aloof Mumbai, we actively discourage unannounced visitors.
Right after we moved into this house, and our son went to his school, my engineer husband cleverly transformed our spacious master bedroom and bathroom into a pleasure-palace. When we bought our new house, Rajeev designed and worked on the interiors of our master bedroom and bathroom. He got all the ‘normal’ work done by skilled workmen, and then he himself worked with some of our closest friends and fuck-mates to make it into a den of kinky sex. As my dearest men toiled, I kept house, ran the office and played “Coffee, tea, or me?”
Our bedroom and bathroom have both been soundproofed and the bedroom air-conditioned – necessary in Mumbai. We have put in electrostatic air-fresheners in the bedroom and bathrooms, so the rooms remain dust and mould free. Bathrooms in urban Indian buildings are always built one above the other, and one can hear noises from the bathrooms many floors above and below one’s own – but we have soundproofed all our bathrooms. When the wide connecting sliding door is kept open, the bathroom also gets the air-conditioning. The bedroom and bathroom have very tough seamless flooring made of a hard synthetic compound. It’s gleaming-smooth, but offers high friction even when it’s wet – perfect for filthy sex. As I said, we like brightly lit places for sex.
Our oversized marital bed can have four people sleep comfortably, and Rajeev has made it in such a way that any liquid spillage runs off to the floor and nothing seeps into the thick mattress, so our frequent ‘bedwetting’ merely needs a sheet change! Our bed has a huge mirror in place of the head-board, concealed by a curtain. In the other half of the long bedroom, comfortable couches semicircle around a huge low round table, which I use for my strip- and sex-performances. Earlier, it could be rolled under the bed, but Rajeev has recently fixed it to the ground and put a shiny pole in the centre to enhance my dance- and strip shows. The pole can be easily removed without any tools, so one can fuck on the table in front of spectators. There is concealed nightclub-like stage-lighting with movable baby-spots (small bright lights) for the table and bed, and in the bathroom too. There is a stereo system, TV, VCR, bar, etc. Rajeev has designed the couches too to be spill-proof and suitable for all sorts of wet sex. The tough vinyl covering has seen all sorts of intimate dribbles and stains! There are a couple of high, movable side-tables, meant for leaning over or lying on, and getting comfortably fucked by a free-standing man.
Our spacious squeaky-clean bathroom has a large quarter-round Jacuzzi bathtub for two (but four can sit), a bidet for easy personal hygiene, a WC, another big wall-to-wall mirror, a large transparent shower area as I described, and plenty of floor-space in the middle. Right in the centre of the open space in the bathroom, Rajeev has fitted a set of shower in the ceiling and bathtub-like drain right below that, into which the whole sloping floor drains, With the plug in, a puddle forms in the centre – water or golden – and one can wallow in that to one’s heart’s content.
The wide glass door to our bathroom is right next to our bed, and can be covered by a thick curtain. Next to that, there is that walk-in closet-wardrobe for my sex-accessories collection – with a built-in dressing table for me. The other bedroom and bathroom is for our adult guests who lodge with us. The widened study has become the gym and yoga room, which has a thick fitted carpet, lots of pillows and bolsters and no furniture, except an all-purpose exercise machine, and we use it for group sex affairs. All this can look a bit odd to a casual visitor, but we keep the well-camouflaged connecting door closed, and never bring a non-sexual acquaintance into this part of our house. That’s a bit of a cramp, but we have learned to live with it. We clean this second apartment ourselves, and not even allow our housemaid to go into this apartment.
In our bedroom, a thick ceiling-high curtain separates the bed and sitting areas. When that and the curtain on the bathroom access are drawn, the setup looks quite harmless. However, when they are opened, a few things moved around and the lighting put on, the couches face the round table, and the huge bed and the mirror is behind it, like a stage setting. You can very well imagine the erotic possibilities of such a setup – I can pole dance and strip on the table, on the floor in between, or put up a live-sex show on our big marital bed!

Origins of My Bisexuality
Coincidentally, both Rajeev’s and my adolescent sex-lives have run on remarkably similar lines. Many would say that God made us for each other and brought us together, but we don’t believe in any such sentimental mush. Both of us have never been the flirting, romancing, emotional-sentimental, having-a-love-affair types. Our approach to sex is quite clinical, and several of our mates have remarked that we should have been born in Germany – the land of unemotional practicality combined with kinky sex.
When I was 15 and already fully mature physically, I was seduced by my real elder sister Sujata. Being sisters, we had often seen each other completely naked. Sujata and I used to sleep in the same room, on two separate single beds.
One night, I woke up late in the night, and discovered that my sister was slowly masturbating. Quietly, I asked her if she’d teach me how to, so she called me to her bed, lay down next to me and showed me how to masturbate. As I felt the first buzz in my clitoris, Sujata asked me to slow down. She started playing with my breasts and seriously kissing me. I knew that this was lesbian sex and we were committing a sort of incest, but in all honesty, I was enjoying every moment.
From then on, we both sisters started having lesbian sex every night – kissing, kneading, sucking breasts, eating each other out, 69s, sleeping together naked, having baths together… This was when I discovered that my buttocks were far more sensitive to touch than my breasts. We were good students, and well-behaved, so our parents left us alone most of the time and didn’t interfere much in our daily routines.
Within two months of my ‘initiation’, our parents had to go out of town for a fortnight, leaving us three sexually ripe siblings behind in the house. Sujata was the eldest at 20, less plump, slightly dusky, and better looking than I was. She had beautiful big taut breasts. Our brother Shekhar was 19, 5’8”, 180 lbs, a muscular 44-34-38, and had a straight 7” cock. And I was a curious 15-year-old. In sharp contrast to my sister’s fair skin and my very fair complexion, and our plump soft figures, my brother has a very dark skin, almost like a Negroid complexion, and a taut, muscular build. It’s quite common in India for real brothers and sisters to have widely differing complexions.
The day after our parents left, as we lesbian sisters were making out in our bedroom, our brother Shekhar quietly pushed the unlocked door and walked in upon us!
Unseen by me, Sujata had left our bedroom door ajar. Stark-naked in Sujata’s single bed, we sisters were indulging in foreplay prior to a 69. My sister was sitting on top of me straddling my pelvis with her knees in my armpits, and we both sisters were playing with each other’s breasts when my brother walked in.
I was taken aback, but Sujata immediately put her hand on my mouth and calmed me, saying that she had in fact invited him to join us. My brother quietly walked up to our bed, wearing just his underwear with a big bulge in it, his dark muscular body looking very sexy.
I immediately got the picture – My sexy sister had already had sex with my brother, and now my brother too was going to have sex with me! Wonderful! I found that I was very horny, and was looking forward to losing my cherry as well as committing more incest! My brother stepped closer and calmly took out his cock, and without a word, my sister leaned across and started sucking him. I still remember my first sight of an erect penis – it was lovely, and I wanted to kiss it, suck it, play with it… It had suddenly dawned on me that that piece of male flesh would soon be entering into my vagina, and my sister had told me that its entry and movement inside me would give me a fantastic thrill.
It was obviously an uncomfortable posture for Sis, so she got down from the bed and kneeled in front of her younger brother to fellate him. Captivated by my plump youthful nakedness, my brother was cheeking out my naked body, and I was loving every moment of the desirous gaze of a horny man on my naked body for the first time in my life!
I wanted to display all my well-rounded feminine allure to my brother! So I got down from the bed, showing off my birthday suit to my brother. He inclined his head, obviously wanting to see my rear, so I turned around and presented my naked plump ass to my elder brother, looking eagerly over my shoulders to see his reaction. He exclaimed, “Wow, what a sexy ass, Saroj!” Sujata too added, “Yeah Shekhar, doesn’t she have a sexy ass? Come here, Saroj, watch me suck!”
Fascinated, I kneeled and watched the first live cock I had ever seen in my life. Sujata asked me to try sucking it too. Already very horny, I did just that, and sucked my elder brother rather clumsily with my elder sister Sujata guiding me.
My brother soon came in my mouth, and gleefully, I swirled his cum in my mouth and swallowed every drop. I truly loved my first taste of semen. And then my brother pulled me up and kissed me on my mouth like a lover. That was my first kiss with a man, and I loved French-kissing my elder brother back as he kneaded my sensitive, ample derrière, heaping praises on my ass! I remember I got goose bumps all over.
Then as Sujata guided us, we sisters did a 69 with me on top, as our darling brother took off his underwear, sat next to us on the bed and watched our lesbian act, kneading my broad upturned derrière as my elder sister ate me from below. After we sisters brought each other to strong climaxes, my brother put on a condom and fucked my sister in a missionary position as I closely witnessed live copulation for the first time. After having cum a second time, my brother deeply kissed both of us, promising to meet the next night, and left the room, as had been planned earlier between my naughty siblings.
As my sister and I talked excitedly, Sujata told me that she had deliberately left the door unlocked, then told me the whole story of how she came to have sex with her younger brother. Two days earlier, when Sujata was taking a shower, she had discovered that someone was peeping at her through a broken slat in the bathroom window, which was built rather oddly next to the bathroom door. There was no one in the house as I had gone to school and our parents had gone out for the day, but she had heard Shekhar return from college a few minutes ago. So she reasoned that it had to be her younger brother.
Knowing that there was a place next to the bathroom door where someone could hide, she was sure that Shekhar was hiding there waiting to see her step out freshly bathed, Sujata decided to titillate her younger brother further.
She dried herself and stepped out clad only in her bra and panties, with a towel wrapped round her head, looking very sexy (I had seen her in that state) and walked to her room, humming a tune and swaying her plump derrière as if she believed she was still alone in the house. She swore she distinctly smelled his aftershave as she came out of the bathroom – how small details give you away!
That night, after Sujata and I had sex, and I had gone off to sleep, she sneakily stepped out wearing just her panties, and tiptoed to her younger brother’s room. His door was half open, and she saw our brother sprawled naked in his chair, slowly masturbating with his hand. Sujata quietly stepped in with her, full, rounded tits on full stark-naked display, kneeled next to her younger brother, gently replaced his hand with hers, and started masturbating him, as he groped at her inviting breasts. In a little while, Sujata replaced her hand with her mouth. Shekhar came like an express train in his elder sister’s mouth, and she swallowed it all. My sister then stood up, motioning him to stay in the chair, and offer him her naked jutting boobs to suck, guiding one of his hands to her boobs and the other to her ass, as she took off her panties and played with his rapidly growing cock.
Soon brother Shekhar was erect again, and Sujata steered him to his bed, put a condom on him – which she had carried tucked in her panties – and happily fucked her own younger brother without a care in the world.
Sujata had lost her own virginity well before that to a boyfriend with whom she had broken up later, and Shekhar was not a virgin either, having been seduced by a young married teacher in college. And as my sister was getting it on with my brother, she let the cat out of the bag about our lesbian incest, and invited him to take my oral cherry the next night in our room…
So, the next evening after sucking my brother, I lost my virginity to my very own darling brother and enormously enjoyed my first fuck. I didn’t bleed at all, nor felt any pain, as I had torn my hymen long ago while learning how to ride a bicycle.
We three siblings continued having sex with each other and in a threesome for about a year. The three of us must have got shamelessness and incest in our genes: Sujata later told me she had once spied on our parents, who were with my mother’s elder brother – who happened to be my father’s old college buddy, and was the one who had initially introduced my mother to my father. The two men – her own elder brother and her husband – were sprawled on the sofa, both drinking and smoking, and watching my plump, religious, Sari-clad mother silently but very willingly do a slow dance and strip for them. Once completely naked, my mother happily sat in her own brother’s lap, kissed him and offered him her charms to paw all over, and then moved to sit on her brother’s cock. Brother and sister slowly fucked as my father stood besides them and mother sucked his cock.
Hearing this story, I made up my mind that I too would learn to dance erotically and emulate my mother. I was learning the sensuous Odissi dance, and behind closed doors, I started developing my amateurish striptease routines with my brother and sister watching and appraising me. However, none of us had the inclination or courage to try and seduce our otherwise strict parents.
Sujata and both my parents died in a road accident just after I arrived in Mumbai to join my new college, and Shekhar too got a job in the U.S. and migrated. I ended up inheriting my parents’ substantial assets, as Shekhar declined his share and gave everything to me, as he was making good money in the U.S. and had applied for permanent citizenship.
Ever since that bisexual beginning, I have relished sex with men, and equally enjoyed wallowing in breasts and vulvas and soft female flesh!

In our college days, unknown to each other, both Rajeev and I had lived in hostels for many years, and both had enjoyed long and happy homosexual relations with our hostel-mates on virtually every night of the study programme.
Rajeev went steady with a wonderful boy throughout, but I had fun with a good number of girls, almost always in groups. Unknown to each other, we both used to remain in the hostel with our gay partners through many vacations too, as sex in our teen years was obviously more fun than going home. Moreover, during vacations, sneaky wet sex in the common bathrooms was easily possible in the almost-empty hostels.
When others of our age were having adolescent romances and crushes, I, and Rajeev too, were already getting abundant healthy sex from wonderful gay mates – not promiscuous but constantly satisfying. Almost all the sex we got in our college days was homosexual. Everyone involved happened to be bisexual; and luckily, no one attached any emotional strings to sex. Sex was just there, to be enjoyed frequently with close friends, and thus neither of us learnt to connect sex with sentiments. Because of these unusual yet very similar beginnings, Rajeev has become a sexual genius, and I’m so open and comfortable with sex that some of my lovers say my sexual brain works more like a man’s, as I have none of an average woman’s demureness about sex. At any rate, I have never understood why many of us (Indian) women believe that being irrational, prudish, sentimental or childish is more feminine.
Pursuing our sex-lives in total secrecy in our hostels, we learnt all the tricks, methods and discipline to keep our rich bisexuality and our perversions secret and well-insulated from other people, yet enjoy ourselves to the hilt with careful planning and flawless execution. So, we have never had those pet Indian worries about “Somebody will see us!”, “What will people say?” Today we know exactly how to organise privacy without arousing suspicion, how to eliminate risks and quietly organise complex sex-sessions, and how to quickly clean up and clear up afterwards without leaving traces even for the domestic help. Individually and together, we have always systematically steered our variegated sex-lives clear of any snooping eyes, scandals, medical emergencies, emotional turmoil or any kind of legal trouble.

When I entered college, I was ragged (hazed) by a pair of attractive girls Sushma and Marlene from a hostel where I had applied for admission. I was called to their hostel room on the first Saturday evening, and I complied. Both girls were very fair-complexioned. Sushma, a year senior, with a big ass was quite pretty, with lovely green eyes, and Marlene, two years senior and the student secretary, had those sexy tomboyish good looks.
After asking me some general questions, they asked me asked if I was a virgin. I replied in negative. Sushma then asked me, “what if we asked you to strip?” and I said matter-of-factly, “I’ll do it!” They said quietly, “Okay slut, in that case, take off all your clothes!” I stripped without any hesitation. The girls had a good look at my naked body, and checked out my erect nipples and my shaved cunt with a week’s stubble.
Marlene gave me a large fresh banana and asked me to suck on it pretending it was a real penis. I did that rather nicely, she asked me to lick the insides of the peel as if it were a cunt. As I did that too quite dexterously without any hesitation, I could see a spark of lust in their eyes, and realised that I was in the company of lesbians and the situation was leading to a seduction. In other words, they detected my gay inclinations, and they too knew that I had caught on.
All the same, Marlene asked me rather gently if I had been into lesbian relationships. When I admitted my lesbian secret, they too confessed to their own lesbian relationship with surprising openness, and both spread out their arms, inviting naked me for some gay intimacies. Heavily turned on, I consented; and right away Marlene and Sushma were kissing me like lovers. I then anxiously asked them if I too could see them in the nude and I’d like to lick them off. The results were predictable!
So for the first time in my life, I was with not one but two lovely naked girls, and I was soon eagerly licking away. Marlene had a picture-perfect dark freshly-shaved cunt, and Sushma had a small, pink-lipped one between her plump thighs. She was freshly shaved too. And Sushma had a lovely, absolutely wrinkleless anus too – I always enjoyed tonguing it.
Three of us spent a glorious lesbian night together, and the duo invited me to be their roommate, and bed-mate too (each room had three beds, and their third roommate had just graduated). Sushma and Marlene later told me they had deliberately employed all sorts of subterfuges during ragging to discover another lesbian roommate. Marlene was the student-secretary of the hostel, and used that influence to get their room allotted to me.
The very next day, I was officially allotted that room, and was installed in that vacant bed. Since that first night, hardly any night passed without some sort of sex. Over the next three years of my lodging, whenever one among us graduated, the remaining two would again use similar tactics to find other lesbians.
During those hostel years, I shared my room and body with two more lesbians – Shamolie, when Marlene graduated, and Rema, when Sushma graduated. While hazing rather aristocratic Shamolie, who came from an ivy-league boarding school, we had asked her if there were lesbians in her dorms. She affirmed. We next asked her if she had had any lesbian experience, and she briefly narrated how a senior girl had made a pass on her, and pressured Shamolie to sleep with her.
To our question, Shamolie replied that the experience wasn’t bad – it at least relieved the exam stress. When Sushma asked her how she’d feel if we too forced her in the same way, Shamolie smiled and said tongue-in-cheek that that would surely make hostel life a bit less boring.
There was a moment of silence after that, and then Sushma said in a sultry voice, “Take off your clothes, Slut!” and Shamolie smiled, “I thought you’d never ask!” With that, three of us silently stripped and made love. We discovered that Shamolie was a well-experienced lesbian, and had slept with her school dorm warden too. Shamolie had a very mature-looking large cunt with thick inner labia.
Next year, Sushma had graduated, and Shamolie and I were hazing petite Rema. We had asked her to strip, lie on the third bed and masturbate in front of us. 17 year old Rema – from an educated but conventional south-Indian family – said she didn’t know how to. She wasn’t even sure if she had ever had an orgasm. That came as a bit of a shock to us. For all her innocence, she was unfazed, and almost asking us to teach her. So I sat next to her naked figure, and slowly started diddling her love-button. Rema had a very young-looking red-lipped cunt. As Shamolie and I watched her closely, she maintained eye contact with me all the time. Rema was having problems cumming, so I quietly started rubbing her nipples. Breathing heavily with her nostrils flaring, as I diddled her nipples, she came like an express train.
As she subsided, Rema unexpectedly pulled my head to her face and wet-kissed me to thank me, and I kissed her back passionately, slowly running my fingers on her labia. Rema was an innate lesbian, and later she told me she had a major secret crush on a senior schoolgirl, and was generally attracted to sexy girls. On my cue, Shamolie and I took off our clothes, and lay next to her, hugging and caressing her slowly. The horny girl now turned and kissed Shamolie, and soon climaxed again strongly. Needless to say, she came to our room to stay.
Shamolie and I spent quite a few wanton vacations together in the hostel. In the beginning of my final year in college, we accidentally discovered and teamed up with another lesbian threesome like us – Milisa from Yugoslavia, Rehana, and stunning Rati Saxena (She was dubbed Sexy Rati. Rati actually means copulation in Sanskrit – and she was true to her name. And I was nicknamed Nautch Girl for my penchant for erotic dancing.)
Milisa used to bring really hard-core porn-magazines from Europe – mostly lesbian stuff. She used to buy them in the porn shop at Frankfurt airport’s ground floor. She also had a very sturdy steel vibrator, which saw the insides of a lot of vaginas and even rectums, as it was always circulating, even among straight girls. In fact, we stumbled across this other lesbian group because of that vibrator.
During an otherwise dull vacation, Shamolie once went to borrow the vibrator from Milisa, and Milisa teasingly said, “You can have it for the night, but you’ll have to pay rent, whore!” When Shamolie asked how, Milisa said offhandedly, “You’ll have to suck my nipples!” To Milisa’s surprise, Shamolie simply said, “Okay, open your tits!” breasts readily agreed and soon the two were all over each other. The same evening, our trios met and we expanded our lesbian horizons.
I remember a time when all eight of us – Milisa, Rehana, Rati, Shamolie, Marlene, Sushma, Rema and I vacationed in January in Mahabaleshwar (a hill resort near Mumbai). We lived in an enormous 800 sq.foot room in an out-of-the-way, simple, old-fashioned guest-house. The room had a vast 200 sq.foot bathroom with a huge old bathtub, and the whole guest-house was virtually empty, as it was the off-season.
In January, Mahabaleshwar was freezing cold, but the place had an unlimited supply of running hot water and a real fireplace – a relic from the British Raj days. We eight girls had a non-stop three-day orgy with plenty of watery beer and some smoking, pube-shaving and a lot of fruit – bananas, grapes, strawberries, and even rough-skinned litchee fruits going into vaginas. Some fruit went into assholes too. The best way to keep warm and be naked for sex was to huddle together under the very large thick blankets the house provided, and make out. Milisa had brought a strap-on, an anal vibrator and a double-header in addition to her old vibrator, so we all enjoyed a lot of ‘penetrative’ sex too. Marlene was the most senior among us. She had migrated to Australia with her husband, where they had gotten into a swinging group and thus she had slept around with a lot of men, so she was the friend, philosopher and guide on copulation.

Rajeev’s Bisexual Beginnings
As a boy, Rajeev used to massage his fat mother daily from the age of 10 till the age of 14. As Rajeev’s father would be in town only for 3-4 days a month, his mother was obviously horny and lonely –as Rajeev realised much later – and was using massage to alleviate her horniness, as she was not the sort to sleep around or masturbate.
In the beginning, when Rajeev started giving leg, arm and back massages to his Mom, she’d be fully clothed in a Sari, petticoat, blouse, bra and panties. By the third or fourth session, she’d take off her Sari during the massage sessions, as it was getting stained with the massage oil. Within a few days, she started taking her blouse off, and would soon leave out her petticoat as well. Within a month, his Mom would even take her bra off to get her huge tits, chest and back massaged unobstructed by her pre-pubescent son, explaining that she had breast fed Rajeev for almost four years, so she didn’t mind being topless in front of her son. She’d only be wearing large cotton panties for her massage, and would even ask her son to put his hands inside the seat and get her sphere-like buttocks massaged. Rajeev says that as a boy he clearly remembers secretly seeing his mother bare-ass naked, shaved vulva and all. His father never knew any of this.
His mother suddenly stopped the massage sessions when Rajeev started getting hard-ons at the age of 14 and clumsily tried to make sexual advances on his mother. After that, horny Rajeev discovered that the smell, and then the taste of his own urine turned him on, and he was soon drinking and bathing in his own urine everyday while taking a shower, as he masturbated. This later bloomed into a full-fledged urine-love, of which I too have become a merry devotee!

Rajeev was introduced to homosexuality (mutual masturbation) at 14 by his same-age nephew Hemant, his cousin sister’s son. Hemant stayed next door, and was alone in the house for a few days due to some reason (it was arranged that he came to Rajeev’s house for food). One evening, both the boys were studying on a big desk in Hemant’s house, sitting side-by side on two armless chairs. Rajeev on the right was wearing a pyjama and Hemant was in rather tight half-pants. Gradually, Rajeev realised that Hemant was slowly sneaking his left hand onto his thigh, then into his pyjama crotch and was softly curling his fingers around his cock. Instinctively, Rajeev’s cock started growing, filling Hemant’s fingers. Excited Rajeev now sneaked his own hand onto Hemant’s smooth thigh, and slowly explored the contours of Hemant’s erection through his half-pants.
After a while of this ‘innocent’ adventure, Hemant slowly but surely tightened his grip on Rajeev’s cock. Now both boys knew the score, but were too diffident to move from the surreptitious to the open – throughout this episode, both boys avoided eye contact or speech. They just kept ‘reading’ the book in front of them with a dry throat and racing pulse.
With his left hand, Hemant now opened the waist-string of Rajeev’s pyjama bottoms, and put his hand inside the leg of his underwear, again grabbing Rajeev’s bare cock. Now Rajeev too got a bit bold and opened the buttons on Hemant’s fly one by one. Hemant even lifted his butt from the chair surreptitiously to let Rajeev get some room inside his knickers so he too could put his hand inside Hemant’s underwear. Both boys just held each other’s cocks, just squeezing from time to time.
Hemant now put his right hand into Rajeev’s open pyjamas from behind, and sneaked his fingers into his butt-cleft, slowly tickling him there and inching his way down. Rajeev too emulated Hemant and both boys had both hands exploring each other’s privates. Surprisingly, none of them ejaculated, and had to stop when Rajeev’s mom knocked on the door to call them to dinner.
Hemant again took the lead at the next opportunity, and they got to being naked from waist down while playing with each other the same way as the first time. The next day, Rajeev was looking for something in his wardrobe, when Hemant crowded into him from behind, pressing his erection into Rajeev’s butt cleavage. Rajeev enjoyed the feelings, and when they were alone that afternoon in Rajeev’s house, Rajeev quietly invited Hemant for a mutual masturbation session, but inexplicably, Hemant refused. After that, the two never got intimate, as no opportunity came their way again.

Rajeev, extremely horny from that first initiation, then tried to seduce one of his schoolmates Deepak, a fair-skinned hairless twink. Rajeev sweet-talked Deepak into sharing a study table in Deepak’s house, and tried the same caper of sneaking his hand into Deepak’s crotch and softly caressing his cock. Within minutes of that, Deepak too grabbed Rajeev’s cock straightaway, and suggested they go up on the terrace upstairs. Once there, Deepak asked Rajeev to drop his pants, followed suit, and crowded his bare erection into Rajeev’s naked butt-cleavage. Holding Rajeev’s cock, Deepak gave a few fuck moves and orgasmed. Next, Deepak proffered Rajeev his exquisite girlish ass, and guided him to try and fuck his ass. The impetuous boys tried sodomy without lubrication the first time, without success.
Next afternoon found both boys alone in Rajeev’s house, where Deepak again thigh-fucked Rajeev from behind and came, then guided Rajeev to lubricate his bare cock and Deepak’s virgin asshole with coconut oil. With his perfect butt-plug shape, Rajeev entered Deepak’s soft bowels to the hilt without any effort or pain, and the boys enjoyed a long leisurely sodomy session – the first of their many. Deepak enjoyed having his ass filled so much that from then on, he was visiting Rajeev’s house practically every afternoon – when they’d be alone for about three hours – and getting his ass sodomised. Their favourite was Deepak sitting on supine Rajeev’s cock, then lying back; and Rajeev sitting up with his cock still deep inside Deepak’s ass, and him masturbating Deepak’s big cock off. Their affair came to an end when Rajeev got into IIT, and moved to his hostel in Mumbai.

Rajeev had his first woman at 16. Once, when he returned from a cadet and trekking camp after a week without a bath, his real Bhabhi (sister-in-law, specifically elder brother’s wife) Manju (6 years older) was alone in the house, and horny – as Rajeev’s brother was working in a place 400 miles away – and she volunteered to scrub and bathe him. She took Rajeev into the bathroom and locked the door, then asked Rajeev to strip, generally bemoaning about how filthy he had gotten. Manju took off her Sari and gave Rajeev a thorough scrub.
When Manju was done scrubbing, naked Rajeev had a big hard-on – she hadn’t touched his cock so far, and had asked him to clean it himself. He quietly turned the shower on and Manju, still clad in a petticoat and blouse, got drenched, and pretended to be annoyed when Rajeev – turned on by the sight of her wet cleavage – asked to see her young, full breasts. She gave in before long, and opened her wet blouse and brassieres. Rajeev almost came when she saw Manju Bhabhi’s lovely boobs. She asked him to keep his cool, and invited him to suck her nipples. Now she got horny, asked Rajeev to strip her completely, put one foot up on a towel rail, and guided him kneel in front of her and lick her cunt. After a while, Manju instructed young Rajeev to get behind her, kiss and nuzzle her big spongy buttocks, spread her butt-cheeks and tongue her anus, and climaxed as she diddled her love-button from front.
Rajeev tells me that fair-skinned Manju Bhabhi had a soft 36D-28-44, 5’2”, 160 lbs. figure at that point in time, and had an absolutely splendid peaches-and-cream complexion and a big wobbly baby-soft derrière.
During their next bathroom encounter the next day, she taught him to shave her vulva. However, Manju never let Rajeev go beyond oral sex. On every occasion, Rajeev would masturbate and cum at the same time as her. And Rajeev never told her about his massage sessions with his mother, Manju’s mother-in-law. Rajeev’s sister-in-law Manju is still a very sexy ripened woman. Rajeev and Manju Bhabhi have no sexual relationship now.

When Rajeev moved to his college hostel in Mumbai in ‘69, he was attracted to a very pretty boy Gautam. Rajeev says it were young Gautam’s lovely lips and fair hairless complexion that first caught his eye. He was attracted to Gautam’s ‘feminine’ beauty, and looked for ways to seduce him.
The two boys would go daily for long late-night walks in that sprawling campus, basically to avoid hazing. Rajeev finally decided on a direct approach to seduce Gautam. During one of their walks, Rajeev gingerly told Gautam that he had very beautiful lips and he wanted to kiss him. To his delight, Gautam eagerly agreed and the two had a date!
That night at midnight, Gautam quietly came to Rajeev’s dimly lit room, and the two sat next to each other on the bed and smooched as if there was no tomorrow! Their maiden kiss went on for an hour, and by the time their fervent kissing ended, the boys were intensely in love for life.
Next night, they kissed more and furtively explored each other’s bodies, as they read some cheap pornography together. Before long, they narrated their own past gay adventures, and both confessed they were so glad they discovered each other’s homosexuality within a month of starting their 7-year long hostel sojourn. Gautam had studied in a public school in Pune (a big city near Mumbai), where homosexuality was rampant in the dormitories and open shower-stalls, and good-looking Gautam had been a hot favourite among the adolescent boys, getting kisses, bottom-pinches and strokes in the common shower stalls, in the dorm beds and behind bushes.
Before their second night together was over, the two gay boys were naked with each other in bed, excitedly embracing and kissing as their steely adolescent erections rubbed against each other. The very next afternoon, Rajeev sucked Gautam’s cock and drank his cum – a first for both boys. They soon went beyond mere smooching, and from then on, the two boys would sneak into each other’s rooms at every opportunity, quietly lock the door from inside and have hot, leisurely sex – at times more than once a day.
On a weekend when the hostel was quite deserted, Rajeev – who had had his first taste of hetero sex in a bathroom with his sister-in-law – suggested to Gautam that they sneak into the hostel bathroom one after the other. Soon they were in together, and enjoyed the first of their thousands of erotic baths together.
Right after they had had taken their second shower together and rinsed the soap off, Gautam said he needed to take a leak, and impulsively, Rajeev asked him to piss in his mouth. Again, to his delight, fascinated Gautam readily complied and Rajeev drank every drop! That was the first time Rajeev drank another person’s urine.
Next day was weekend, and everyone on their floor went away for the weekend. So the boys got unexpected privacy, and in the deserted washroom, Rajeev sprawled naked on the floor, invited Gautam to piss standing up directly into his mouth, and drank every drop. Gautam just loved that moment, and he still remembers it! From then on, urine-drinking became a part of their gay repertoire – with Rajeev doing most of the consuming.
The very next semester, the gay boys moved into adjacent rooms, and managed to remain in adjacent rooms throughout their remaining 6½-year-long hostel sojourn. The one-bed hostel rooms were constructed in pairs and divided by a 7-foot high partition. The boys could climb over it quite easily to get into each other’s rooms, and beds.
Very early, the boys got into the habit of prolonging their lovemaking and delaying their ejaculations as much as they could – even by a couple of hours. Even today, Rajeev and Gautam can go on with heavy foreplay for long hours.
Rajeev and Gautam remained ‘faithful’ to each other throughout their seven years of hostel life – doing their Bachelor’s and Master’s together with enjoying hot sex every day. And just the way I did, they too avoided going home during vacations, joining some or the other vacation activity, and spending hours and hours together in bed, and in the bathroom.
Rajeev says that right from the beginning, Gautam and he were as emotionally close as a real husband-and-wife, and the sex between them was always leisurely and satisfying, and always very creative and erotic! Their favourite way to cum together was their own brand of thigh-fuck, and mutual deep-throating. Their thigh-fucking style was something unique – Gautam would tuck his semi-hard cock between his soft thighs, and cup his right palm over his cock, pressing it down as his fingers massaged his cock-head. Then Rajeev would lie on top of him and insert his cock in the lubricated fold between Gautam’s left leg and his cock shaft, and fucking it as one would copulate in a cunt, as Gautam masturbated by moving the fingers of his right hand over his glans, just as a woman would diddle her clitoris. I have seen them doing it: Gautam masturbates just the way I do – just like a female!
Rajeev and Gautam loved smooching and indulged in long, unhurried, lustful kisses. Often their ardent lips would be locked together for hours as they leisurely thigh-fucked and climaxed – often right after drinking each other’s hot pisses, enjoying their urine-flavoured French-kisses; each taking turns swabbing other’s pissy mouth with his tongue. Throughout their years together, Rajeev sort of played a gentleman ‘husband’ and Gautam a highly-sexed ‘wife’! Rajeev and Gautam were always very careful never to give even a slightest hint of their gay relationship in public. Also, Rajeev absolutely never imposed himself sexually on Gautam, except the very first time when he asked Gautam for a kiss. From then on, Gautam’s libido was ignited, and he always took the sexual initiative – not that Rajeev was complaining! The gay lovers soon settled in a cosy routine. Gautam and Rajeev also got into erotic massaging within their first ‘honeymoon’ month together.
Once, during their second semester, Gautam had returned to his room after a bath, with only a towel round his waist, and had bent over his table reading something, when Rajeev in his pyjamas stepped in, and was immediately turned on by the titillating sight of Gautam’s towel-clad full buttocks. Rather contrary to his gentlemanly character, Rajeev quietly latched the door and stepped behind Gautam, crowding his hardness into Gautam’s butt-cleavage.
Gautam was so delighted with this unexpected curtain raiser (literally so, just minutes later) from normally very correct Rajeev that he quickly pulled off his own towel, reached behind and undid the string of Rajeev’s pyjamas. Rajeev was not wearing anything underneath, so his bare cock met Gautam’s buttock-flesh; and sexual sparks flew between the two randy boys! Gautam invited Rajeev to enter him from behind, and Rajeev did just that. The boys enjoyed their first sodomy, but Gautam passed some blood next day, so the boys decided to keep off anal sex from then on.
Soon, Rajeev and Gautam started developing various incestuous fantasies together – sex with mothers, sisters, sister-in-laws, the boys marrying each other’s sisters (imaginary – Gautam didn’t have a sister) and swapping wives, them marrying two incestuous sisters…
On his own initiative, Gautam ventured into body shaving his pubes with razors and cross-dressing. Roaming the city’s markets along with Rajeev, Gautam started buying brassieres, panties, lipsticks, costume jewellery, etc. and built up a small collection, which he kept carefully locked.

After finishing their Bachelors and Masters’ courses in ‘76, Rajeev and Gautam got good jobs in Mumbai and shared a rented apartment for two years, where they continued their sex-life. With increased privacy and their fat salaries in hand, Gautam enhanced his secret feminine wardrobe and cosmetics cache, and cultivated his transvestism further. Fancy lingerie, nighties, stilettos, petticoats and Saris were added, and Gautam discovered the convenience and allure of hair-removing creams. With a comfortable lifestyle and good food, Gautam also put on a good amount of weight. His figure in the nude – waist, hips, buttocks, legs, arms, and especially his breasts – became extremely feminine. And since the boys couldn’t find proper falsies – they weren’t available in those days in India – creative Gautam invented his own technique. He’d dexterously arrange right-sized water-filled balloons into his D-cup brassieres as falsies – set properly with the right bra, they do produce spectacular heavy boobs – and his fair, hairless cleavage would look absolutely stunning, as Rajeev recollects.
Gautam used to reach home from work almost two hours before Rajeev. So he’d often get into elaborate feminine attire (often Saris) and transform into ‘Sheena’ (a feminine name he gave to his effeminised persona) to ‘welcome his husband home’! On many an evening, Gautam would wear make-up, sexy lingerie, those special falsies, feminine footwear, etc., and make out with Rajeev. On weekends, their well-planned gay love sessions would start at 6 pm and go on till next morning, ending in shared showers.
Once, Gautam had gone to his home town, and on the last day of his stay, he had discovered a bottle of ‘Anne-French’ depilating cream, and a used pair of fancy black lace panties and brassieres in Manju Bhabhi’s bathroom. He tried out the hair removing cream on his thighs and stole the lingerie – this was the sexiest lingerie he had come across till then. He was so thrilled with the feminine smoothness the cream produced, that he bought two bottles before boarding the train to Mumbai.
Gautam shaved his face and removed all his body hair in the toilet of the overnight train, and wore the bra and panties inside his bulky travelling clothes. This was the first time Gautam had removed all his body hair, and he was extremely thrilled with the smooth results.
So, the journey ended with lovers meeting – early on a Sunday morning, Gautam arrived at the flat he shared with Rajeev. They boys were meeting after a month, so they first smooched for a long time. Rajeev remembers he was in his pyjamas, without any underwear – he had taken to sleeping that way after he and Gautam moved into that apartment – and was sporting a rampant erection.
Gautam finally broke the kiss, motioned Rajeev to sit on the bed, and slowly undressed in front of him. He kept his long full-sleeved shirt for the last, but before he took that off, Rajeev suddenly saw that Gautam’s legs were absolutely hairless, and they were now looking utterly, adorably feminine! Gautam – Sheena – then opened his crumpled front-buttoned shirt, and revealed his fair, hairless, smooth body in black lace bra and panties, telling Rajeev he had stolen the lacy lingerie from Manju Bhabhi. Rajeev had once met Manju socially, and found her very sexy. Rajeev was extremely excited. He lay on the floor and asked Gautam to stand over him and piss through the panties directly into his mouth, as he caressed Gautam’s feminised legs and masturbated.
Another time, when Rajeev returned to their apartment, he found Gautam in a sexy large black bra with heavy falsies and heavily ruffle-pleated pink village-belle petticoat, tantalisingly bent over the kitchen sink, jutting out his plump petticoat-clad ass. Gautam winked at Rajeev over his shoulder from his heavily made-up eyes, blowing him a kiss from his lipsticked red lips. Otherwise so gentlemanlike, Rajeev got so excited that he immediately kneeled behind Gautam and lifted his ruffled petticoat, baring his large feminine ass. Rajeev worshipped, smooched, nuzzled and licked those alluring plump buttocks, and tongued Gautam’s hairless asshole. He then took off all his clothes right there in the kitchen, and started thigh-fucking Gautam from behind with his raging phallus. From the front, randy Gautam tucked his hard cock between his soft thighs right under Rajeev’s thrusting cock, thus trapping it between his crotch and his scrotum, and matched him thrust for thrust with his big soft hairless womanly ass. Anticipating this kind of fleshly sex, Gautam had already lubricated his crotch just before Rajeev arrived!
Rajeev says even today, that the spectacle of plump and depilated Gautam in that full-bosomed black bra and ruffled pink petticoat, bent over the kitchen sink in an obvious sexual come-on was one of the most erotic sights he had seen in real life till then. He adds that when he lifted Gautam’s petticoat, his dangling balls looked so raunchy between his smooth womanly thighs and wide creamy-smooth fat derrière, framed by the lewdly lifted ruffled pink petticoat – so very kinky!

A year later, fate intervened and Gautam met and fell in love with a dusky female college teacher Radha. They soon got married in ‘78 and Gautam moved out of Rajeev’s place. On Gautam’s request, Rajeev and Gautam completely stopped their gay affair when Gautam got married; as Gautam said he couldn’t manage ‘sailing in two boats’. However, on Gautam’s wedding eve, these two gay lovers did spend a wanton night of kinky sex together ‘for one last time’.
Despite that ‘separation’, Rajeev and Gautam have remained best friends, and have often worked together professionally too, but they are such gentlemen that they never again brought up the topic of their gay affair between them, until we stepped out as a bisexual swinging couple, and Rajeev invited Gautam, by then a lonely divorcee, into our bed. Gautam’s childless marriage with his nagging wife was never great, and they had got to the point of zero sex when they got divorced, a few months before he came to our bed. He had lost his parents soon after he graduated, and he does not have any siblings.
Sexually separated from Gautam, bachelor Rajeev took to visiting strip joints. In those days, there were quite a few in Mumbai. Now the law and the police have put a stop to them right across the country. Rajeev was also left with the whole of Gautam’s wardrobe, so he himself started indulging in cross-dressing. He then discovered India’s first adult contact magazine, ‘The Bombayite’, and started replying its ads, and giving ads for himself too, looking for mates. Over the next two years, Rajeev found several gay / bi men, a few drag queens, and a few women too, mostly freelancing prostitutes.
Rajeev was sleeping with his new mates either in his apartment or in various hotels, and invariably drinking everyone’s piss too! This was the time when he got to taste a woman’s urine. This kink of his was almost unique, and none of his blind dates – male as well as female – had ever pissed into anyone’s mouth. Though a few had read about Golden Showers, and some had heard of some kinky guys asking prostitutes to piss on their cocks, most had not even realised that pissing on someone or into someone’s mouth could be a form of sexual pleasure for them.
More about Rajeev’s early mates later!

“Saroj, Meet Rajeev”
Right after I finished my post-graduation in ‘78, I got a good job as a management trainee and moved into a tiny studio apartment in Mumbai with Shamolie. I was alone in a metropolis without any close relatives in India, and Shamolie and I were doing a fair bit of sleeping around, and sleeping together as well. In my spare time, I worked on my striptease – now called exotic dancing – routines in my spare time.
A few times, some of my boyfriends referred me to their business acquaintances; usually to guys they wanted to do some favours to. Wanting to play and experience the role of a prostitute, I’d quietly go to hotels and spend nights with these strangers quite casually, posing as a ‘stripper-hooker’ and making good money on the side.
Once, I danced and stripped for a bunch of four elderly guys in a hotel suite, then sucked and fucked each one in the bedroom one by one. They remarked that I was a real good fuck and had a very sexy big ass! As I fucked, I wanted the other three to watch, or take on two at a time, but they’d only fuck me one at a time in privacy. However, I must say the four really kept me busy throughout the night. In the morning, instead of checking out, the four extended the room booking for one more night. I slept like a log throughout the day in the hotel room, and the quartet came back for more in the evening. I felt very proud and desirable.
Six months before I met Rajeev, he had given a unique classified ad in ‘The Bombayite’, seeking a sexually outgoing girl for an open marriage and a swinging-swapping lifestyle. At that time, all ‘liberated’ Indian men would seek sexually liberated women to sleep with, but certainly not to marry! Free Love was merely a novelty to be discussed in clubs and living rooms, and to be practiced with other people’s wives.
Rajeev didn’t get any replies to that particular advertisement for almost six months, and then I was the only one who replied. Throwing prudence to the winds, I had openly written about my body and my sexuality, quite contrary to the social mores of those times. I had openly admitted being an exhibitionist by nature, having played a stripper and hooker too, and by then having had sex with more than a dozen men, though I had kept mum about my incestuous beginnings and my bisexuality.
A week after mailing that letter to an unnamed box number at the magazine, containing one of my half-naked dancing pictures taken by a friend, I met Rajeev for the first time at a large official lunch in early ‘79.
When I met Rajeev for the first time that day, I didn’t know that it was his ad I had replied, and I realised later that he too didn’t know that I had replied his ad, as my letter had not reached him by then! In the lunch party, I had noticed that a nice intelligent-looking guy was repeatedly sneaking interested looks at my large bottom.
Then, someone introduced me to this guy during a lull, “Saroj, meet Rajeev!” and passed on. We were soon chatting like friends, and I was aware that I was getting turned on by this man Rajeev. As we made conversation over the insipid banquet, there were definite sexual vibes between us. I again caught him a couple of times sneaking quick looks at my wide hips. The lunch was over too soon for us, and we promised to meet soon, exchanged telephone numbers and went to our respective homes.
Then fate intervened when Rajeev returned to his place after that lunch, and found the envelope containing my reply to his ad. He saw my sexy picture and immediately realised that he had just met me.
Rajeev immediately called me up, “Hi Saroj, this is Rajeev – we met at lunch today! I wanted to tell you that I’m absolutely thrilled! Can you guess why? I just got your reply to my ad seeking a life-partner in an open marriage in ‘The Bombayite’, and yours is the only reply I ever received! You are my dream-girl, and I’m so glad I met you in person already!” I went berserk with confusion and excitement! He added that though his ad didn’t say so, he simply adored plump women with big bottoms, and had always secretly wished that he’d get a wife who was a striptease artist (exotic dancer, in today’s language), and that he had loved my picture!
Rajeev asked me for a date that evening, asking if he could see me dance for him that evening in a hotel suite he’d book. I of course agreed, and he asked me to bring along my sexiest dancing costume, and get stuff to do a glitzy makeup. He also requested me very politely if I’d mind being freshly shaved. I laughed and replied that a shave was due in any case, and I’d be freshly shaved for him.
This was so much like a call-girl fixing a rendezvous with a customer! I had dreamed of this, that I’d find a husband in a customer, and so he’d be aware – and happily accept – that I was such a wanton slut. But this was even better – here was this charismatic graduate from India’s most prestigious college, genuinely looking for a swinging wife, interested in my heavy figure, my erotic dancing, and my sluttish nature, and asking me to be clean-shaven for our very first date, taking for granted that I’d be showing him my shaven genitalia! I do have a big, well-defined, earth-mother cunt, and the exhibitionist in me was thrilled! Even if he didn’t marry me, I’d at least have a real good time, may be an affair, with this guy!
I had only two striptease artist’s outfits, and the choice was obvious – a tiny red string bikini, covered by large black gold-embroidered set of bra-n-panties, black 5” stilettos, and a transparent red Ghaghra (a ruffled maxi-skirt) with side-slits right up to the waist, and a Chunni (large scarf) of the same material.
With a flutter in my heart, and my cunt all wet, I met Rajeev again that day for an early light dinner at a swank restaurant. He told me all about himself over dinner as I listened with rapt attention. After the dinner, he took me to the lovely hotel suite he had booked. My heart skipped a beat when I realised that this was the very same suite where I had fucked four men for two nights as a prostitute. Should I tell Rajeev – I was thinking. With all this excitement, my cunt was a molten mush by then!
The moment we were alone in the hotel suite, Rajeev had smooched me beautifully, gently kneading my big sensitive buttocks, and giving me compliments after compliments on my big fat derrière. Again and again he said that I was an Apsara from the Heavens (a mythological dancing girl, said to be the most gorgeous of all), and kept repeating that I should always be proud of my large womanly derrière!
Finally, I broke away and set up some stripping music on a small portable personal stereo I had carried. Taking the plunge, I told Rajeev about having played a stripper-hooker in that very suite to four guys.
Rajeev embraced and kissed me hard, and told me that not only he didn’t have any qualms about his wife having played a call-girl, but also in his mind, a well-educated, well-off girl like me playing a stripper-prostitute by herself showed a sexual self-assurance and boldness he’d love his wife to have.
Relieved, I thanked him and asked for his leave to change into my costume. Rajeev asked very politely if I’d mind finding him naked when I made my entrance into the sitting room as a stripper. In my dreams, I had always imagined how it would feel to make a stripper’s appearance in front of a naked man, and here my dream was cumming true. Both of us were such delightful perverts, literally made for each other. I knew now for sure that Rajeev was going to marry me.
Feeling really randy, I shut myself in the bedroom of the suite and excitedly changed into my stripper’s costume, and quickly did a jazzy makeover too. It was just like the times when I had dressed up for a dance routine for my ‘customers’ in hotel rooms.
Soon, I made an undulating appearance to muted, sexy music into a brightly lit room. My shaved cunt was pulsating the moment I saw Rajeev naked and lying on the carpet. Before long, I took off all my clothes, standing above my prospective life-partner and making a brazen, titillating exhibition of all my stark-naked assets, as he lay naked on the floor and nursed his lovely erection.
When my spirited striptease was over, Rajeev sat up, turned me around and asked me to bend over and stick my derrière out. I felt so wanton doing that – no one had ever asked me to do that! Darling Rajeev pulled my asscheeks apart and started lustily lapping my whole bottom cleft, passionately tonguing my anal lips, all the while mumbling gratitude for my splendid performance, and deftly putting on a condom!
That was the very first time that anyone had tongue-fucked my asshole. In a sexual ecstasy, I just squatted down without turning around, and impaled my liquefied cunt on my suitor’s cock, with my broadened derrière right in front of his eyes! As I fucked Rajeev and tumbled from one orgasm to another, I encouraged Rajeev to call me a whore openly. He laughingly christened me his most favourite whore!
I had never believed I’d fall in love so easily with anyone, but I just did! In fact, for me, it literally was ‘love at first sight’! I had slept around, and so had he, but we clicked so well on our first date itself! After our first lusty fuck was over, Rajeev asked me to squat over his face so he could clean me out with his tongue. I did as he asked, and leaned forward to suck him for the first time and clean him with my mouth. Up close, I found Rajeev’s penis very sexy, and remember thinking proudly that this cock was now mine!
As he laved my cunt with his big tongue, Rajeev remarked, “Saroj, I want you to know how honoured I’m feeling licking your Sex (he said he’ll always call my cunt as my Sex, with a capital, and I adopted that christening from then on!). I feel great knowing that you have actually been a whore, and men have paid you – my sex goddess – handsome amounts to enter your temple of Sex! Your Sex has had power over these men! I want you to know that I have always fantasised about having sex with a real whore and then marrying her and entering that temple everyday to pay my respects!” I felt so thrilled and amused that I almost peed – little knowing that it would have been an instant hit with my darling piss-loving pervert of a husband!
That whole night, we just fucked slowly and also seriously talked about marrying each other. Rajeev fucked me doggy-style twice, and just couldn’t have enough of my fat ass!
He kept on heaping compliments on my big fat ass, and kept on saying that it had been his perpetual dream to have a plump stripteaser with big shapely derrière as his wife, with whom he could swing in an open marriage. I was so thrilled! It was as if Rajeev had already made up his mind to marry me – he confessed later that he had made up his mind when he read my letter and saw my picture, right after meeting me socially. After our first fuck, though neither of us had proposed marriage, it was a foregone conclusion that we would be marrying each other.
In my letter to Rajeev’s box number, I had written quite a bit about myself; and over dinner, Rajeev too had told me all about himself. We both had outlined our ideal spouse to each other, and discovered that we both had found our ideals in each other! I had wanted a husband, whom I could truly love with all my heart, but we both could swing-n-swap freely with full openness, consent, and knowledge. I told him I liked group sex, and was keen to explore various kinks I had read about in books.
I conveyed to Rajeev that I was quite clear in my mind that love and sex were two different emotions. Rajeev had identical thoughts about love and sex, said that he sincerely believed in swinging and extramarital sex, also with full openness, consent, and knowledge.
During our first night together, we resolved that though we would surely swing, we would never force any partner on the spouse, or use the spouse as a sex object, or use the spouse sexually to further one’s own interests, or ever be possessive about the spouse. In short, though now our hearts belonged to each other forever, we would openly share our bodies with others with the spouse’s full and permanent consent, open endorsement, even positive encouragement. We would of course swing as a couple, but we also resolved to always keep the spouse fully in the picture about all extramarital sex we would indulge in singly in the spouse’s absence, with or even without the spouse’s prior endorsement.
Here I requested Rajeev to always vet the men who would have sex with me, as I didn’t ever want to get into any unpleasant situation with any man, and he agreed. We resolved that we would take every care to not to make pregnant or get pregnant from any extramarital partner. We also resolved that we would never get into, or get the spouse into a sexual situation where even a single person was not a consenting adult, and not a wholehearted, eager participant. We shook hands on all our promises, and kissed for eternity, sealing our resolutions.
Then, before ordering breakfast, Rajeev said rather cryptically that he had some unfinished business to wrap up – he first needed to break up his existing engagement, and then would formally propose to me.
I was dazed for a moment, but Rajeev patiently explained that since he didn’t get any response from his unique ad in ‘The Bombayite’ for many months, he had had given up hopes of finding anyone through that avenue. So he had advertised in conventional media like the matrimonial columns of our national dailies. Through his ads there, he had met and got engaged to a stunning beauty named Shobhna, two years older than Rajeev. I met her the very next day with Rajeev.
Some years ago, Shobhna had been crowned Miss Hyderabad, and had moved up to the semi-finals in the Miss India contest, but had lost in the swimsuit round. In those days, they had city-wise participants in the Miss India pageant. Shobhna was a dusky slender long-legged 5’8” sensation, with a model-like figure, face and walk, and a very charming well-bred elegance. She had dainty 34A breasts and a voluptuous yet perfectly-proportioned 42” bottom on a 22” waist, a very feminine 2” gap between her upper thighs, and touching knees (The willowy 32-22-34 figure in Miss India contests is a more recent phenomenon).
Rajeev was especially attracted to Shobhna’s luscious inverted wine-glass ass, but he sincerely said mine was more perfect in his eyes. Rajeev frankly told me that he was not very happy about his engagement to Shobhna, as despite her sexy social style, and her full alluring ass, Shobhna was a really uptight Queen Victoria. This leggy beauty-pageant didn’t mind showing her bare legs to thousands of participants, but wouldn’t undress in front of Rajeev even after three weeks of their engagement! Although among educated upper-middle classes in metropolitan India, dating and sex before marriage – often non-penetrative –was fairly common in those days, Rajeev found Shobhna very unresponsive whenever he tried to kiss her or indulge in some petting. Just one day before I first slept with Rajeev, Shobhna had rebuked him for trying to remove her panties to kiss her voluptuous ass cheeks, so he had already made up his mind to dump her. And then he got my letter and photo right after meeting me, and decided to meet me and propose to me!
Before I could react, Rajeev simply called Miss Shobhna from the hotel room, and plainly told her that their engagement was over! Shobhna was stunned. She called him a bastard, and banged the phone down. I wanted to buy a ring for Rajeev, and we both went to shop for it.
Rajeev again called Shobhna and told her to come to the coffee shop of the hotel to take back the engagement rings. Rajeev took me along to meet Shobhna, who arrived late (as usual – Rajeev told me) in the deserted coffee shop. The miffed beauty surmised that I was his new fiancée, though Rajeev had simply introduced me as his friend Saroj, and I wasn’t coddling up to Rajeev at all. She was quite disdainful to me. Rajeev put that very ring on my finger right there in front of her, and he deeply kissed me on the mouth, squeezing my ass. Miss Stuffed Skirt’s jaw dropped, and the prude called me a whore under her breath, but I knew I had no competition in that beauty-pageant dropout. As she got up to leave, she swung her hand to slap Rajeev, but he was too quick for her, and blocked her hand. In the process, she hurt her wrist, and walked off in a huff.
Compared to hoity-toity Miss Hyderabad, I had an ordinary face and a heavy-boned, opulent 36-30-44 figure – clearly unfit for the ramp, and I behaved like a slut in private. After Shobhna left, Rajeev said that his wife having a sexually extrovert nature was far more important to him than her looks, figure or style.
Rajeev always says that, looking back, he has certainly not made a wrong choice. Nor have I! He says it was not love on the rebound, and I do believe him. My sexy husband always claims I saved him from disaster, and I still tease him about Shobhna, but he seriously insists that he has been much better off with me, as Miss Graciousness’s sexuality would have never matched his own!
On the very next day, Rajeev gave me a wonderful book to read – “Open Marriage” by Nena and George O’Neill. I read it with/ him in bed in the next two days.
After our engagement, we dated every evening and had sex virtually every night in Rajeev’s apartment where he lived alone, and we got married within a month of meeting each other. We stopped having sex only for two nights before our marriage. We fell (and still are) deeply in love with each other. And in keeping with our desires to have an open marriage, we started fantasizing about having outsiders in bed with us after marriage. Within two years, we made that a reality. We waited that long because I got pregnant with our son A` during our honeymoon itself, plus we were busy setting up our home.

Saroj Weds Rajeev:
Both Rajeev’s and my family strongly disapproved of our super-quick self-appointed engagement, and being young, financially independent and rather reckless, we decided not to invite anyone from our disapproving relatives for the wedding. Only my real brother Shekhar – who had taken my oral and genital virginity – endorsed. We invited him for the wedding and he agreed to fly in from the U.S. for just two days.
Our wedding was an elaborate Hindu affair. As none of our relatives (except my brother Shekhar) attended the wedding, we just invited our close friends as guests, so most of the guests were of our age.
Two nights before my wedding, late in the night, I went to the Mumbai airport to receive my brother. I accompanied my brother to his hotel room, and spent the night in his bed, reviving our old sibling incest. Having flown from the U.S., my brother was absolutely primed and fresh at 1 a.m. in India due to jet lag.
My biological brother and I had a bath together, and sucked and fucked the whole night like rabbits, using up four condoms, as we were not sure when (or if ever) we would get another chance to enjoy incestuous sex together. I told him about how I met Rajeev and about the excellent sex that I had been enjoying with him since our engagement. I told my brother that though ours was going to be an open marriage, I still couldn’t bring myself to tell my fiancé that I had lost my cherry to my own real brother Shekhar. My incestuous elder sister Sujata having passed away, no living soul then knew about the three-way incest my brother Shekhar, bisexual sister Sujata and I had committed for over a year, and were again committing that night.
Next morning – the morning before my wedding-day – Rajeev came into my apartment, looked at me and remarked quite approvingly that I looked tired and well-fucked. My heart skipped a beat, but I gave him a cock and bull story that two of my single boyfriends had invited me for one last ‘singles’ night to a hotel and thoroughly fucked me the whole night. My darling fiancé squeezed my buttocks and sincerely said, “Saroj, I’m proud to be marrying such a sexy whore!” So much for my resolve to not to hide any of my extramarital liaisons from my husband!
He then drove me to the small apartment in which my lesbian friends Sushma and Rehana lived together. I had asked Sushma and Rehana to be my bridesmaids, as I had not invited any of my female relatives to the wedding. With lots of lesbian foreplay, the duo began on me by first thoroughly waxing and massaging my whole body, and creaming the hair away from my armpits and crotch. Since I knew Rajeev adored hairless bodies, I asked them to remove every bit of my body hair below my neck.
As they stripped me for my beauty-treatment, Sushma too remarked that I looked tired and my cunt looked rather raw, and I gave them the same story about having being fucked by two of my boyfriends. I obviously couldn’t tell them that my own real brother had been repeatedly fucking me all through the night.
After depilating me and before bathing me, Sushma and Rehana put lots of baby oil all over my smooth hairless body, followed by lots of traditional Haldi (yellow turmeric paste) all over – that gave a smooth, glowing golden-yellow tint to my skin all over. The sluts put it everywhere, even into my butt cleavage and cunt-lips. Rehana and Sushma knew about my planned wedding gift to my husband, so they gave special attention to my anal region. They were relentlessly teasing me about the wedding ‘itch’ in my asshole. That afternoon, an artist woman put Mehndi on my hands, arms and feet, as is traditional for a bride, and I took a much-needed long nap. For Western readers: Mehndi is an intricate decorative pattern drawn on a woman’s forearms, hands and feet with a paste made from henna – a deep green herb through a sort of icing cone. It slowly dries up and crumbles off in a few hours, leaving a deep red stain wherever the paste was applied. It’s like a temporary tattoo, which fades in a few weeks. It’s usually done on the occasion of a marriage, and any woman who is part of the marriage retinue usually gets Mehndi applied to her hands. However, the bride’s Mehndi is the most elaborate, highest quality, most artistic and most extensive.
By evening, the Mehndi had dried and crumbled away, and Rehana and Sushma again gave me a special oil massage to darken the deep red Mehndi colour to an ideal brown-black. Finished with getting ‘ready’ for my wedding night, I spent my last-night-as-a-single having sex with my lesbian friends. All of us undressed and licked and sucked each other to multiple orgasms, and went to sleep together in a naked heap. We slept by 10 p.m. and had a good night’s sleep.
I had taken isabgol powder (powdered fleawort seeds, a natural swelling laxative) for three days. Early morning on my wedding day, I took an enema to prepare my bowels perfectly for my impending anal deflowering. Next, the girls gave me a scented bath, and started dressing me up in traditional wedding finery. I still have my wedding ensemble with me – a red silk Sari heavily embroidered with real gold thread, and matching blouse! White is traditionally worn by widows and considered bad omen, and has no place in an Indian wedding.
Next, a professional beautician carefully put on elaborate bridal makeup on my face. Then, as part of my wedding outfit, I wore a huge load of gold ornaments: heavy necklaces, bangles (gold and glass), rings, and especially designed gold wedding ornaments for the ears, head, hands, feet, forearms and waist. My mother had got them made for my wedding before she passed away. All this is quite customary in India.
All decked out, I arrived before noon at the 5-star hotel where our wedding was to be performed by Hindu priests. Hindu marriages are not performed in temples. At the beginning of the ceremony, Rajeev and I exchanged floral garlands – signifying that we chose each other as mates – and we sat down cross-legged on the floor in front of the nuptial fire for the two-hour long ceremony, with about 50 guests in attendance.
Exciting me sexually was the fact that my brother Shekhar was performing the ‘Kanyadaan’ – the ceremony through which the brides father (or I his absence, her elder brother) gives the bride away. My brother was sitting next to me, literally tying the knot between my husband and me – and just two nights ago, this very brother of mine had been fucking me like there was no tomorrow.
According to the rituals, I changed places after the seven vows and sat next to Rajeev, and he quietly dropped a bombshell! Right out of the blue, Rajeev quietly whispered in my ears, “Saroj, give me a solemn promise that you won’t take a leak, until we are together in our honeymoon suit tonight. Don’t ask why, and don’t say a word to anyone about this! Okay?” And I, missus-to-be Saroj – otherwise the prime example of a shameless slut – had blushed tomato-red!
Our honeymoon suite was on the top floor of the same 5-star hotel where our wedding ceremony was being performed. As the priests droned on and I went through the convoluted Hindu marriage ritual of getting hitched to this gracious pervert, my cunt was literally melting with raunchy visions. Throughout the long tiring ceremony and through a late, spicy lunch, I was having a hard time withholding my bladder and my train of thoughts.
After the ceremony, Rajeev had again quietly reminded me of my promise. I then went to a comfortable air-conditioned room to rest alone for about three hours. As I lay in bed, my mind was wildly speculating about what I was supposed to do with my bloated bladder. I had read about Water Sports as one of the wacky avenues of sexual perversion, and remembered reading that even drinking fresh urine was medically quite safe…
So, was Rajeev going to watch me take a piss? Would I be pissing on his erection? Would he be collecting it and pouring it over my body, or his body – how would that feel? Would I be pissing all over him, giving him Golden Showers? I couldn’t make up my mind whether I’d like it or I’d be squeamish. What would I do if Rajeev asked me to drink it? No, he was too honourable a guy to put me in any kind of humiliating situation. What would I do if Rajeev wanted to drink my urine? Would he ask me to piss in a glass? But my bladder would easily fill at least 3-4 glasses! So would I have to stop after I filled each glass? Would I be able to stop with so much pressure inside me?
And what would I do if my worst fears came true – if he insisted that, I should directly piss in his mouth? How would I react? Would I be able to bring myself to do it? What would I do if I couldn’t get myself around to urinating in my darling husband’s mouth? What would he say then? What if I did something wrong, and ended up messing up something or hurting my sweetheart’s feelings…?
Confused, I drifted off to a deep sleep. When I got up after a two-hour siesta, the pressure in my bladder was relentless. I had another appointment with the beautician to get my evening party makeup and hair done, and I went there with Sushma, as Rehana got my evening dress ready.
On my return, Rehana and Sushma helped me change into my ornamental wedding reception outfit for the following dinner party. It was an elaborate gold-embroidered fiery-red silk Ghaghra-Choli-Chunri outfit with a deep décolletage.
In the Ghaghra-Choli-Chunri outfit, one can look demure and sexy at the same time. It’s originally an Indian peasant woman’s outfit, and looks best on heavily built women with big tits, wide hips and rotund buttocks. The Ghaghra is an ornate, gather-pleated Indian maxi skirt, and the half-sleeved Choli is an equally ornate brassieres-like top, worn with a Chunri, which is a long, wide, decorated sheer scarf, which can be draped in various ways over one’s head, back and breasts – essentially covering the neck, head and décolletage, and veiling the face. Indian silk dresses always have a lining, as the thin Indian silk cloth is very weak.
I had chosen a completely backless design of the Choli with a real low décolletage, with only four string ties across one’s bare back and therefore worn without brassieres, and got a high Ghaghra made for tying low on the waist, thus showing my deep navel – real sexy! This, surprisingly, is exactly what the traditional peasants wear. With half of my calves bare, I wore 4” high gold pencil-heel sandals. I was looking kind of risqué for a bride. Almost all of the invitees were young people. The eldest person was my incestuous brother! I got a lot of compliments that day, and Rajeev’s face was beaming with pride.
I was really hot and bothered with my bursting bladder. Rehana and Sushma noticed my misery and started ribbing me that I was now scared of having my virgin ass penetrated. Little did they know I was squirming because my bladder was getting desperately full, and I had promised to Rajeev that I wouldn’t take a leak, and that this was to be our secret! Throughout the party that evening, Rajeev was quietly smiling at me about our secret, and I was blushing away at the enigmatic urinary implications.
Somehow, I went through the wedding party, and finally my bridesmaids escorted me to the bridal suite. I was literally sobbing and shedding tears like an orthodox Indian bride – not because I was overcome with emotions, but with the excruciating pressure in my bladder! And Sushma and Rehana found that so funny that they wouldn’t quit teasing me about me being scared of my imminent sodomy.
In India, as in the West, after the wedding ceremony and party, the Indian bride and groom go directly to the specially decorated honeymoon suite for their Suhaagraat (wedding night). The difference is that in the West, the groom usually carries the bride into the honeymoon suite. In India, first, the bride is escorted to the marital bed by the bridesmaids, and then the groom arrives later. The marital bed is sprinkled with rose-petals, and the bedposts and headboard are heavily decorated with flowers. The bride is settled on the marital bed with her head and face covered with her diaphanous Chunri. Having ‘arranged’ the bride to perfection, the bridesmaids leave. Soon the groom enters, bolts the door from inside, unveils the bride, carefully takes off hers clothes and has sex with her. Whatever images the Western media might have created; the bride’s virginity has never been an issue in the Hindu religion, so Hindus don’t have any ritual of displaying bloodstained bed-sheets next morning to the marriage guests. We think that’s a barbarian custom.
Once alone in our wedding suite, and before settling on my marital bed, I had retreated into the attached bathroom and quickly removed my panties. I quickly dusted some party glitter on myself and replaced my matte brown-gold lipstick with a shiny blood-red one. I also took off the Choli and bared my breasts, and then draped the transparent ornate Chunri again over my head, shoulders and breasts. Now my naked tits would shamelessly play peek-a-boo from inside my sheer Chunri. Now my getup literally said, “Fuck me!” and I didn’t look like a demure Indian bride any more – I had planned all this with Rajeev, but being topless was a spontaneous idea.
Alone in the ‘Suhaagraat’ room, I stood next to the decorated bed and waited for a few desperate minutes, feeling relieved by the absence of panties and actively reining in my bladder. Rajeev soon came in with his own key, carrying two very large and strong drinks of Vodka and Kahlua on the rocks, and bolted the door from inside. We kissed intensely but briefly as Rajeev palmed my erect nipples, and we both took a few large gulps of that strong drink.
As I got a slight buzz from so much neat alcohol, Rajeev quickly took off his clothes and lay on the carpet. I stood over my brand-new hubby, straddling him with my fat legs, and raunchily swayed my heavy hips despite my insistent bladder.
Lying between my legs, Rajeev put his hands up inside my heavy Ghaghra skirt from below, and fondled my heavy thighs, bare buttocks and my naked hairless cunt inside that Ghaghra as I danced over him most obscenely! I have often re-enacted this scene. As I danced excitedly, I kept blabbering about being his slut for life, and about my imminent anal deflowering, etc…
So, within 10 minutes of my new husband walking into our wedding suite, I was stark-naked and entreating him, “Rajeev, I can’t hold my bladder any more! I’ll do whatever dirty thing you have in mind, but please let me piss now, sweetheart!” So Rajeev picked up his unfinished drink and motioned me to do a bottoms-up too!
Rajeev got up and kissed me again, pulled me into the suit’s stylish bathroom, promptly sprawled on the shiny granite floor propped up on his elbows, and said slowly and clearly, “Now, my slut for life, listen carefully and do exactly as I say! Stand over me again, keep looking into my eyes, and piss right into my open mouth. And don’t let a drop go waste! Start at full-blast, and don’t even slow down till you are absolutely empty, okay?” I just nodded silently, and he said, “Now go ahead and do it! Aim it into my mouth – I’m going to drink every drop!” I still remember each word!
I was so excited and so chock-full that I immediately did just that! I took a moment to start, and soon aimed my scalding hot piss stream from my rending bladder right into my husband’s wide open mouth, and he furiously drank in my urine with total abandon.
I couldn’t believe how much piss I had in me, as my stream was just going with no sign of stopping! At long last, my main stream petered out, and Rajeev declared that my piss was scrumptious! He insisted that I go on pissing till I gave him every drop I had, and since I had been so full, I started again a few times, and pissed out a fair amount. Finally, I was completely drained, and every drop of piss I had in my bladder had gone into Rajeev’s stomach.
When I was done pissing, Rajeev finally licked his lips and thanked me profusely, provoking me into telling him to shut up. Next, Rajeev asked me to squat on his mouth, and thoroughly cleaned out my big shaven cunt with his wide tongue, making me shudder from excitement.
And then out of my love for him, I too insisted on drinking my brand-new husband’s urine. The moment I said that, he smiled enigmatically, and I suddenly realised that he knew me well enough by then that I was adventurous enough to offer to reciprocate, and he too had been holding onto his bladder for me! Real ingenious pervert I had married! Although I knew the practice was harmless, yet in my heart I was a bit nervous about the taste.
The whole bathroom was full of pungent smell of fresh strong urine, and surprisingly, it was turning me on! But then again, I had r-e-a-l-l-y enjoyed pissing into Rajeev’s mouth! I was enchanted with the whole spectacle of my urine flowing noisily into his wide-open mouth and him swallowing it furiously, and so happily! It was such an intimate sexual thing to do!
So, valiantly, I too sprawled on the cool floor, primed my mind to try this new perversion, and audaciously opened my mouth wide to receive my husband’s urine! I wanted to be sullied, tainted, defiled… I heard myself saying, “Yeah, come on piss in my mouth! I’m your urinal! Rajeev smiled, and I stared at the slit of my favourite cock – from where I had seen semen squirt onto my face – as Rajeev primed his fire-hose!
Soon I saw my hubby’s cock spurt a deep golden stream of hot, strong-smelling golden piss, and I caught it right into my open mouth. So very thoughtfully, my lovely, sexy, kinky pervert of a husband stopped right after I got a small mouthful, asking me, “Do you like it?” I remember I closed my mouth and eyes, and contemplated for some time the salty taste, the pungent sensuous aroma, and the warm wanton feel of fresh urine in my mouth.
I realised that its taste and aroma was sexier than that of semen – and I had always relished the taste of semen! It also dawned on me that there would always be so much more of urine than semen to relish, and like semen, urine too came right from my partner’s genitalia. And urine was so much more intimate, so much more personal than semen or saliva – or even cunt-juice. I had tasted genital juices from so many partners, but none had felt as intimate as this!
I loved the taste of urine, and wanted more, and more! I wanted to drink piss, bathe in piss, soak in piss; even be immersed in piss, urine, divine urine… I was shuddering with excitement – it was almost like an orgasm.
My eyes were still closed when I heard Rajeev’s voice from faraway, “Hey Saroj, did you like it?” I opened my eyes and came back to earth, and saw Rajeev’s half-erection still aimed at my mouth, with a golden drop of that lovely piss hanging at its tip! He repeated his question, and I told him throatily, “Yeah, I really loved it! I never realised it would feel so delicious!” “Do you want more?” Rajeev asked me. Of course, I wanted more, and said, “Give me every fucking drop you have, you lovely pervert!”
And Rajeev slowly pissed in my mouth, and I drank my sexy husband’s fresh urine like there was no tomorrow. Gazing at the oh-so-intimate squirt of piss come out of my favourite cock, I was hooked to the whole Golden idea for life! I too drank my husband’s whole big Golden payload; but like all good things, Rajeev’s piss stream came to an end too soon.
Rajeev pulled me up, and we smooched, kissed, and licked! That kiss was so deliciously pissy – my first of thousands since! In all that excitement, I forgot that I had intended to lose my anal cherry too! Then, as Rajeev kissed me, he gently started massaging my anus, and I remembered our plan. Since I had already had vaginal and oral sex with him on our very first date, and with other men before marriage too, we both were looking forward to my anal deflowering.
I happily permitted him to lead me to our marital bed, with his hand caressing my fat naked derrière. Stark naked, we both had a smoke. Mingled with the lasting, lingering aftertaste of piss, the cigarette tasted delicious. Soon, my engineer husband was making earnest preparations for my anal deflowering. As Rajeev suggested, each of us drank a litre of water.
Rajeev first asked me to lie on my tummy on the flower-strewn bed, and slowly massaged my big soft buttocks for a long time, inch by inch straying into my anal cleavage. Slowly, he focused his finger on my anus and massaged my rim for a long time with globs of K-Y jelly, relaxing me completely. Gradually, he started slithering his finger into my rectum, relaxing me even more, adding more and more K-Y, going deeper inch by inch till his whole finger was in, and out, and in, and out; then adding one more digit; then one more. My anus felt wet, hot and cool at the same time, and open. I was waiting for the pain, but it never came… Rajeev asked me to play with his cock, and soon he was like a hot steel rod in my hand. Rajeev’s ‘therapy’ relaxed me so much and made me feel so positive that I voluntarily raised my torso onto all fours, and asked him to sodomise my upturned ass without delay, “Yeah, come and fuck my ass, Rajeev; sodomise me, make me your anal slut!”
Rajeev got behind my fat ass and started lubing up his dong and my anus with Vaseline (not K-Y, longer lasting lubrication this way – he explained when I asked him later). Soon, he engaged his pointed head at my anal entrance. My expert husband kept a light, steadily pulsing pressure at my dilated anus, and slowly pushed forward into my ass. I was just beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable, when kneading my sensitive asscheeks, Rajeev told me to consciously relax completely and gently push out, as I’d when taking a crap.
The moment I did what he said, I clearly felt my anus open and actually felt Rajeev’s cock-head slide through my sphincter – my anal ring muscle, my backdoor. He immediately stopped pushing and I felt my anus open even more. Once his cock-head was in, Rajeev started short in-and-out strokes, and within a few moments, he slid into me up to the hilt.
I had done it! I had lost my anal cherry, to my dearest hubby! I was now a real-life anal slut! Deliberately relaxing, I slowly breathed deeply, and suddenly smelled piss on my breath – wow, now did that felt kinky! I suddenly I realised that I was now a piss slut too!
Rajeev was now slowly moving in my ass, asking me if I was okay. Yes – I told him – I was okay; nay, not just okay, I was ecstatic! My anal nerves felt every delightful bit of the movements, the opening, the entry, the slipperiness, the sliding, the filling, the stretching… Rajeev kept on slowly fucking my ass for a long time, then came in my ass, as he touched my button and sent me too into a strong orgasm! As my empty Sex went into contractions, I could feel every warm squirt of Rajeev’s semen pushing into my bowels.
At long last, as Rajeev slowly popped out of my ass, I enjoyed the feel of slushy slippery greasy oozy mélange in my stretched bowels. I realised that I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever at any time during the whole process of getting my anus deflowered.

Needless to say, throughout our wedding night and through the following honeymoon, we constantly kept enjoying anal sex and drinking each other’s Golden Champagnes! Next day, we went to a 5-star beach resort near Goa for our fortnight-long honeymoon. With Rajeev’s consent and encouragement, wearing outrageously brief (for those days) bikinis, I swam and lounged around the pool, and on the hotel’s private beach, showing off my firm, plump body to all who cared to see. Every male present – and most females too, out of curiosity – ogled at me! I felt happy and contended inside, and thoroughly basked in the avid, horny, titillated male gaze on my naked curves!
Rajeev always tells me that in any erotic situation, my lack of any inhibitions literally radiates from me! He proudly told me the various obscene remarks he overheard from males lusting at my figure, especially my big ass. We had almost decided to invite those guys in our bed, but I started feeling a bit nauseous, so we shelved that! I later realised I had conceived our son on our honeymoon, not knowing that one day he’d grow into a handsome young man, and we would invite him into our marital bed to have frequent sex with us. However, before our son Aaditya was born, we didn’t know whether it would be a boy or a girl. Because of this rather unplanned but welcome pregnancy, we decided to postpone our plans for getting into the swinging scene by a couple of years.
How we got into swinging:
Soon after our son’s Aaditya’s second birthday, we had joined a civic swimming pool some distance from our house, where we met and became friends with Rajan and Ritu. We had invited them over for dinner, and we got along very well socially. A week later, Rajan invited Rajeev for a drink in a city bar. This was ‘82, and there were no cell phones around in those days.
As they were making conversation on a secluded table, Rajan made a general remark that wife-swapping was getting quite common those days. Rajeev showed keen interest, saying that he and I had discussed the idea, and found it quite interesting.
Rajan then ‘casually’ asked if we had ever been approached by any key-club or a hospitality-exchange club – euphemisms for wife-swapping clubs. The key clubs followed a routine where all husbands dropped their house keys or car keys in a jar, and the wives drew them as in bingo, and slept with the guy whose keys they got. If one drew an ‘own or known’ key, one simply drew again. The hospitality exchange couples simply ran a round robin game.
Rajeev, smelling a proposition, said he and I wouldn’t mind if such a club approached them, as we both had decided of our free will to have an open marriage right from the beginning! Rajan had not expected things to move that fast, so after a brief moment of silence, Rajan said he and Ritu were members of one such swap-club, and laid on an invitation for us to join. He explained that they were a small club of eight young couples, all heterosexuals. And if okay with us, to begin with, Rajan and Ritu would like to meet us for a swap. Rajeev happily consented and insisted on having the swap meet coming Saturday at our place, as our 14-month old son would be home and fast asleep.
Rajan asked my hubby the as this was our first time, would we like to do the swap in separate rooms? We had discussed this in our fantasies, so Rajeev said if they didn’t mind, we’d love to begin in the same room, then separate, and then come together in a foursome. Rajeev asked Rajan more questions, then came home excitedly and told me all about it. I was thrilled, and we were all set to go to bed with this lovely couple.
Rajan was quite my type, 5’10” and maturely good-looking with a lovely 8-incher, as I discovered that weekend. Creamy-fair Ritu at 5’6”, 165 lbs. with a voluptuous 44DD-34-50 figure was Rajeev’s wet dream!
On the evening of our initiation, Rajeev asked me to wear my Wedding Sari outfit. I remember I didn’t wear any panties or bra inside. I had waxed and shaved, and I wore dark, sultry makeup. I had worn my Wedding Sari below my navel, and my lush bra-less milk-laden tits (I was still breastfeeding our son) were shamelessly bouncing in my bridal Choli – it had become obscenely tight by then – most unlike a demure Indian bride.
As our first swinging mates arrived at our place (and in our life) at 10 pm after dinner, Rajan embraced and kissed me on my lips and Ritu embraced and kissed Rajeev the same way – this was part of their ritual. We sat down in our living room – me next to Rajeev, and Rajan next to Ritu, and opened a bottle of red wine. Our two-year old son was fast asleep in his room. As we finished the bottle, Rajan and Ritu stood up, and in anticipation, we stood up too.
Looking at Rajeev, Ritu slipped the Palloo of her Sari off her shoulder – the Indian woman’s ageless gesture of sexual availability / proposition – and Rajan put his arm round Ritu’s shoulder and opened her Indian blouse and front-opening bra. Thus baring Ritu’s lovely 44DD boobs, he laid a rather original line, “Take my wife, Rajeev, and enjoy her charms! I have opened her breast; you open the rest!”
Emulating bare-breasted Ritu, I then dropped my Palloo off my shoulder and Rajeev too opened my Choli from behind, baring my taut, milk-laden breasts to Rajan, and saying, “You too have a good time with my wife, Rajan! And do taste her milk!”
Both husbands now ushered us wives to our respective mates. Rajan stepped forward and kissed me, kneading my breasts. From the corner of my eye, I saw Rajeev smooch Ritu as he kneaded her large firm buttocks. I was expecting this, as Rajeev had been very eager to feel Ritu’s big ass. Then Rajeev turned Ritu around and kissed her neck from behind, palming her open, jutting boobs and pressing his erection into her sumptuous ass, winking at me from behind her as he blew a silent kiss to me.
I distinctly remember searching my heart for any jealousy. I found none, and I felt very close to my husband as I gave myself to another man in front of him with his full endorsement, and watched him make love to another woman as I watched.
As Rajeev was unravelling Ritu’s Sari, I picked up my Palloo and walked off with Rajan into our bedroom, dressed as a half-naked bride a second time in my life, and started my joyous initiation into open extramarital sex with this hot guy Rajan. Rajan asked me if he should close the door to our bedroom, but I asked him to leave it open – though we couldn’t see Rajeev and Ritu from our bed.
In our bedroom, I did a brief dance and strip for Rajan, and he was delighted with my striptease routine. Then I slowly rode on Rajan’s dark 8” dong, feeding him my milk-laden udders. When Rajan came in me, Rajeev was still leisurely fucking Ritu on the living room sofa on all fours holding on to her thick derrière After resting, we got up and quietly watched their fucking for a while from the doorway. All through this, our son slept soundly in the only other bedroom we had at that time.
So, that was the very first time I saw my husband have sex with another woman, and I felt excited, instead of feeling the usual jealousies! Then I led Rajan back to our bed, sat in front of him and slowly kissed and sucked his flaccid cock back into another raging erection. By that time, Rajeev and Ritu were through, and came into our bedroom, looking dishevelled and very well-fucked. I noticed that Ritu in the buff looked so much like me, and had a rather small cunt.
Smiling at us, Rajeev said, “So, how are you two getting along? Can we join the party?” I had my mouth around Rajan’s pole, still slowly deep-throating him, as Rajan replied, “Saroj is the best cocksucker I have ever come across, Rajeev!” and Rajeev heaped praises on a blushing Ritu, “Yes, and Ritu has a lovely rich figure – as a woman should be!”
I felt so thrilled by having my husband watch me indulgently as I sucked another man’s cock. With my throat stuffed fully, I winked at sexy, naked Ritu, who smiled and waved at me very pleasantly. Ritu too sucked Rajeev to a quick erection, as I asked Rajan to take me doggy-style, and Ritu and I had one more round of being fucked on all fours by our new partners next to each other on our marital bed. The moment our swap-dates left that night, we did a hot 69, savouring the tastes and flavours of our first ‘extramarital sex’!
Two weeks after our debut into an open marriage, the group set up a weekend (3-night) swap party in a no-questions-asked resort nearby. We were introduced by Ritu and Rajan to five other couples as new members – two couples couldn’t make it. We met heavy-titted, dusky Shyama and her plump hubby Kishore, a slim couple Anita and hubby Amit, huge pink Basabi and dark Indraneel, elegant Parveen and handsome Javed, heavy bottomed Poornima and heavy-built Abhijit, plush and hourglass-figured Smriti and muscular Jayant, and long-necked Simrita with her husband Richard. Rajeev recognised Basabi as his senior in IIT Mumbai, and they briefly kissed. As she blushed, Rajeev informed me that many of his classmates used to lust after juicy Basabi.
We would be swapping in separate rooms, paired by their rather ingenious round robin system that brought about a well-ordered swap for eight couples in eight successive parties, but did that randomly, with no double swap – meaning one never got her hubby’s swap-date’s husband as one’s swap-date. This way, we quickly swapped with all remaining seven couples. So on that weekend, each of us would sleep with three successive new partners, though the older members would mostly be doing rematches. In fact, Parveen who drew Rajan and Poornima who drew Amit decided to get together for a foursome. I wondered if they’d get into anal sex…
On that Friday evening in the luxury resort, I was teamed with fine-looking Javed. Spending a night with a complete stranger in that hotel room brought back the memories of my stints as a prostitute. That really turned me on, and I acted so brazen and brassy that Javed later told me that Rajeev was lucky to have a horny slut like me as his wife, and added that he liked my big ass. I asked Javed if any of the members indulged in anal sex, and he said none of the couples was into anal sex. I wanted to take him in my ass and told him so, but since we didn’t have any K-Y, I assured that him that whenever we would come together again, he could take me anally. He was so thrilled! In the morning, I had an erotic bath with him.
That night, Rajeev got his college-wet-dream Basabi with massive tits and a fat ass. Rajeev discovered that she had big nipples, a huge pink hairy cunt and a very large clitoris. They had a good energetic fuck, and Basabi experienced for the first time the pleasures of having her anus tongued, as Rajeev worshipped her large fair-skinned buttocks. The two grads were fucking like rabbits the whole night.
Saturday night found me in bed with plump Kishore. He was a surprisingly good fuck, and kept me busy and horny for many hours! And Rajeev got into bed with heavy bottomed Poornima. Quite predictably, he was worshipping her huge buttocks the whole night. Later, Poornima told me over lunch that no one had ever paid so much attention to her huge ass, much less worshipping it. She was pleased that Rajeev made her recognise the sexiness of her great big butt!
On Sunday night, I was with dark-skinned Indraneel, and he was so much like my brother Shekhar – even his cock was so alike! I was shivering with my secret memories of incest with my brother, and Indraneel was thrilled to find me so horny. Rajeev slept with stately Parveen. She was rather cold to begin with, but when Rajeev licked her to a shuddering orgasm, she was like putty in his hands. He was the first person to tongue her pretty anus, and even shaved her pretty cunt with his razor. Rajeev later told me Parveen was physically the most glamorous woman he had ever had.
Within our group, we could directly double-date other couples for a swap, so over the next few months, we did that many times. Frequently, two couples would go away for a weekend getaway to a hotel to nearby holiday places and each wife would check in as the other man’s wife, and spend the whole weekend with her swap-date enjoying a virtual new honeymoon – foreplays, baths, being naked in bed, mutual massages, sex… A popular game was a simplified form of strip poker. Our swap-club had located many places with two interconnected rooms.
I’d always practice my strip routines in the hotel rooms either in front of my swap-date or in front of the couple and my husband; as the two men would slowly strip the other woman or indulge in foreplay with her as they watched me do a striptease.
If we didn’t get interconnected rooms, then the two couples would keep each other’s room keys with them, and all would be free to walk in on each other any time – this idea was mooted by Rajeev and proved very popular. I always felt elated when I was with another man in a hotel room and my husband walked in (or his wife, or both) with his key and found us in various ‘compromising’ situations.
Rajeev has come upon me without my Sari in front of the other guy, being kissed by the other husband, getting my bra opened, being embraced by the other guy and having my big buttocks kneaded, me sucking the other guy’s cock, having a shower with him, getting fucked on the bed… Once I was kneeling in the hotel’s swanky bathroom and my guy was pissing in my mouth, and Rajeev walked in as I was swallowing, and he too pissed all over my face and tits. It’s equally good fun to walk in on my hubby having sex with his swap-date.
We had our first ‘holiday exchange’ with hourglass-figured Smriti and brawny Jayant in a 5-star seaside resort North of Mumbai. To me, it was like having a honeymoon with another guy, very exciting and full of good sex. Rajeev also had a great time with 46-32-48 Smriti. When Jayant and I went into their room, Rajeev was shaving naked Smriti’s big plump cunt on the bed. Next day I was being leisurely fucked on all fours by Jayant when Smriti walked in to borrow some condoms, and playfully spanked my shaking derrière. Smriti has been a great friend since, and whenever we meet others for sex; she often helps me out by babysitting our son – often overnight – in her house, which is nearby. We too reciprocate. Our son Aaditya is a year older to her son, and the kids are good friends.
Our group slowly graduated to more than two couples swinging together in group-scenes. Major swinging events were weekend swinging parties for the whole group. In those years, swinging made our sex-life quite lively, but never quite compensated our yearning for our ‘still-secret-from-each-other’ bisexuality. As individuals, in our hearts, we were still not fully satisfied with our sex-lives, as both of us had kept our bisexuality and incestuous past secret from each other.

Till then, I had never had two males entering my two lower holes at the same time, as till then one female with two males was still a no-no in our modest swap-club. So, stepping out further as a swinging couple, we started replying individuals’ ads in ‘The Bombayite’, meeting individual heterosexual males, females and couples, and started bringing them into our marital bed. We found this more thrilling than swinging with our rather modest wife-swapping group.
My first front-&-back sex was with Khalid from Ahmedabad, a frequent business visitor to Mumbai. One of my fantasies – which I had revealed to Rajeev – was that I was a prostitute, and was escorted to a hotel to a stranger ‘customer’ by Rajeev, my husband-pimp, then was stripped and shared by the two men, behaving like a well-trained, obedient no-holes-barred whore all along. With this in mind, we decided to answer Khalid’s classified ad looking for swinging couples. As I wanted to enact my fantasy, we answered Khalid’s ad in ‘The Bombayite’ as a ‘friendly couple’, implying that Rajeev was a single man with ‘girlfriend’ (read ‘whore’).
Khalid sent us his picture and phone number, and Rajeev first went and checked him out when he visited Mumbai next. Khalid was 28, 5’7” and 190 lbs. Over a beer, Rajeev told him that I was a freelance stripper from Delhi and his ‘casual’ girlfriend. Rajeev added that I was plump with a big ass and liked anal sex, and wished to be filled back-and-front together for the first time. Well-built, good-looking Khalid said he liked plump women, and enjoyed anal sex. Answering Rajeev’s query, he said he was 8”, well-shaped and thicker than average. Rajeev requested Khalid to shave his pubes.
Khalid asked if I allowed kissing, and Rajeev replied that unlike regular prostitutes, I loved to be kissed. He also asked how much he’d have to pay me, and Rajeev declined, saying he ‘took care of me’ whenever he ‘invited’ me to Mumbai. When Khalid insisted, Rajeev said Khalid could pick up the hotel’s tab where we would meet. He told Khalid not to ask me personal questions when we met, as ‘I belonged to a decent family’ – later, we had a good laugh at this when he came back and told me what transpired. The men fixed a time and place for the next evening. We use the same hotel even now.
On the previous night, we worked out our roles. For my first double-plugging date, I’d wear a new red sequined bra-n-panties set over a brief red lace one, high black stiletto sandals, a very short sleeveless black silken party sheath, and over it a decent embroidered full front-opening Kurta – which is a women’s shirt-like calf-length dress – and matching loose bell-bottomed pants – all easy to take off. I was showing considerable cleavage, with rather brassy makeup which I put on while in the car. With so many layers of clothing, I was looking even fatter.
Khalid had already checked in at the secluded hotel, which later became our favourite. We went up in the elevator, with Rajeev squeezing my bottom and calling me a whore on the way up. Khalid opened the door for us. Once we were in, he shook hands with Rajeev, and Rajeev introduced me as Lola (a name whores and strippers often take in India) from Delhi. Khalid looked me up and down, as Rajeev told him to enjoy me any way he wanted. I really felt like a whore then, and enjoyed the impolite attention I was getting. Khalid kissed me hard and impertinently pawed me all over quite thoroughly, as Rajeev looked on amusedly. I extracted myself from Khalid’s arms, shamelessly took off my pants and the Kurta, and wore my stilettos again – this left all of my arms and legs exposed.
On Rajeev’s prior instructions – I didn’t know this – Khalid buzzed for the waiter to order some snacks as he poured out some Scotch whiskey for us. I suddenly realised the waiters would see me half-naked, and was quite thrilled by that fact!
When the waiter came, I was sitting close to Khalid. The guy had a good look at my cleavage, naked arms, and midriff, and especially stared at my fat bare legs, as I smoked unconcernedly. Khalid had put his arm around me and was kneading my breasts and caressing my fat bare thighs right in front of the waiters. In India, though the ordinary Sari leaves one’s midriff bare, women simply don’t bare their whole thighs to strangers, so this was a rare treat for the poor waiters.
I looked at Rajeev to see his reaction, and he winked at me, implying that this was all going according to plan.
I was enjoying the ogling I was getting from the various waiters who served us. They figured that I was there to be fucked by both men, since Rajeev made no move to go, as a pimp would.
Khalid and Rajeev kept ordering various things, and we chatted indifferently for an hour as about 5 different waiters came and went in ones and twos, serving various orders one by one, all ogling at my full figure more and more brazenly. Between times, I asked Rajeev by sign if I should strip completely before the next waiter came in, but he quietly indicated not to do that – he later said we would cross such milestones one at a time.
Once we had privacy, Rajeev set up a collection of naughty Bollywood dance numbers on my old mini personal stereo, and I got up to dance and strip (Bollywood is Mumbai’s movie-making industry, equivalent of Hollywood). I did a real lewd, obscene dance and strip show for Khalid, which our swap-club folks would have never approved. BBW-loving Khalid obviously liked what he saw! When I was down to my red lace panties, I pulled Khalid onto his feet, and started undressing him. He kissed me and pawed me all over quite candidly – one hand on my tits and another on my butt, pressing me onto his hard-on, as a proud and delighted Rajeev watched. I finally kneeled in front of Khalid, and as I took off his briefs, his fat 8” pole jumped to attention.
I gave him just one stroke of a deep-throat, which left him throbbing and hankering for more. Finally, I took off my flimsy panties, and presented Khalid my two pleasure-holes. Then, both men put on condoms, Rajeev asked Khalid to lie down on the bed, and asked me to climb on his condom-clad cock, taking him deep into my slippery cunt. Rajeev then expertly lubricated my ass and efficiently went into my backdoor. For the first time in my life, I was impaled on two virile cocks – the scrumptious sensations were beyond compare! Rajeev directed the movements, and I started tumbling from orgasm to orgasm.
Eventually Rajeev came in my ass, as he asked Khalid to hold his climax. He withdrew from my ass, asking me to get off Khalid’s fat cock and reinsert it in my ass. I did just that, impaling my ass this time on that healthy fat pole, thicker than Rajeev’s. It felt great to have my fully dilated anal lips easily stretch a bit further to accommodate that extra-fat sausage.
Rajeev stood besides the bed and watched his slut wife getting sodomised by a man other than himself for the first time in our lives, as Khalid bounced me up and down and mashed my boobs. I climaxed very strongly, just as Khalid jetted his load in my ass. After I drifted down to earth, with my tacit approval, Rajeev asked Khalid to hold his bladder for a while. Next, we all moved to the bathroom where I went down on my knees and cleansed Rajeev’s and Khalid cocks with soap as they both had been in my bowels, and invited Khalid to piss on me. Khalid was intrigued, and as he started pissing on my boobs, I scandalised him further by drinking a mouthful of his pungent urine. Then Rajeev expertly sprayed my face and body with his piss too!
And just as Rajeev finished pissing in my mouth, he proudly revealed to Khalid that I was not a whore, but actually was his wife. Khalid immediately got very apologetic, but we said we had enjoyed every minute. Khalid called Rajeev a very lucky man. So that was the first time someone other than my husband had urinated on and in me. We then had a bath together, relaxed and had a smoke, said our goodnights and were soon headed home. We have met Khalid a few times since. He’s a good, steady assfucker.
Next individual male we met for sex was Aadil, 19, 5’9”, 150 lbs, a very cute, good-looking, healthy boy, with a fair, hairless skin, a very feminine face, a well-built muscular physique, and with a beautiful slim 8” cock. This guy would just not go down! I drank his delicious piss in bed, and then slept spoon fashion with him after Rajeev put a pillow under his bubble-butt to bring his cock in line with my asshole. On that night, Aadil kept his hard cock inside my cosy asshole for almost two hours, just giving a slow stroke every minute or two to remain hard. Rajeev laid in a 69 with me without bodily contact. I’ll tell you more about Aadil later!
How We Discovered Each Other’s Bisexuality:
The day Rajeev had proposed to Shobhna, he had shut out his gay life and had thrown away Gautam’s entire wardrobe. I too had bottled up my lesbian cravings when I met him. Though we swung and swapped, threesomed and group-groped for almost 3 years after we started swinging. Like absolute idiots, we both successfully kept our parallel homosexual lives concealed from each other for 5 years after marriage!
It so happened that just before we booked our new house, I accidentally discovered Rajeev’s homosexual affair with a very attractive ultra-feminine male prostitute named Faiyaz, with an utterly feminine cover-girl face…
I was upset for a moment, not because my husband was having a gay affair, but because he had kept me in the dark. But then I suddenly realised that I was actually relieved – as then I could also bring out my lesbian tastes. And I was intrigued too – I had always secretly wanted to see my husband make love to other men.
So I sat down with Rajeev, and we talked long into the night – we always do this kind of unravelling of our problems in total nudity, and have a good fuck afterwards.
My husband willingly admitted to his bisexuality, and honestly said that since both of us were bisexual, we should integrate our bisexuality into our sex-lives as a couple; and that would make our married life so much richer! And I thought – “Yes, wouldn’t it?”
So he knew I was a bisexual too! He kissed an embarrassed me, and quietly told me that he had been aware of my lesbian affairs for some years, and in fact he was happy when he discovered that I was bisexual too.
That was bit of a defining moment.
We both took off our clothes and got into bed. And as he slowly massaged my anal lips, Rajeev revealed to me how he had always silently approved of my lesbian affairs, but was not very sure how I’d react to the homosexual in him. In the past, the frustrated lesbian in me has sometimes overreacted by denouncing male homosexuality – “bloody homos” I always used to call them, while always secretly craving for a randy woman in my arms! I was so fucking clever, and what stupid assholes I was being!
From that fateful day of revelations, I have virtually stopped having the usual marital arguments with Rajeev on trivial matters. There is no need to get upset now, as there really is no discontent. We both truly have everything in life we have ever wanted.
In the years before that day, our sex-life together, which was really hot and kinky to begin with, was getting rather monotonous. Five years into our marriage, – when our son started going to a nearby whole-day playschool – we both were literally getting the seven-year itch. Cleverly concealing from each other, we were separately getting drawn into homosexual attractions. I had time on hand, and I had started meeting one or two lesbians on the sly when Rajeev was not around. And Rajeev was quietly replying and giving ads for himself in ‘The Bombayite’ again, and sleeping with gay men and transvestites in various hotels! Looking back, I could see that Rajeev would always leave me alone with my lesbian pals too easily, leaving the house on one pretext or another for long stretches.
As we got talking about our bisexualities, Rajeev told me all about his bisexual incestuous past and I too decided to tell all about my own similar past. I also confessed to Rajeev that I had lied to him that a boyfriend had taken my cherry, and the truth was that my very own elder brother Shekhar had taken my oral and genital virginities!
These confessions cleared up my own guilt and anxieties, and brought us a lot closer. It also dawned upon me how and why Rajeev was so good at fucking my ass, and had instructed me so well in giving deep-throat… So I asked him, and he described in detail how he and Gautam had developed their deep-throating techniques on each other, and how he had learned giving painless anal sex while he regularly fucked Deepak’s ass.
Now I truly began to appreciate how lucky I was to have someone like Rajeev as my life-partner. When Rajeev said he was always fantasizing about us carrying on jointly as a both-ways bisexual couple, I started wondering why I was being such a hypocrite. And why was I being so stupid with him, pretending to be straight? We simply had felt incomplete, unfulfilled and bottled-up by not opening our bisexual and incestuous pasts to each other! I told Rajeev I had always wanted to see him make out with men, and Rajeev was more than keen to witness the true cunt-lapping lesbian in me. Rajeev also revealed that he also had been having gay sex on a regular basis with super-cute yet muscular Aadil, and had actually given his own anal virginity to Aadil to deflower! He too was often fucking Aadil in the ass, and the two guys were into mutual deep-throating too. God in Heaven! I wanted to be in bed with my husband and another bi-guy in what the porn industry calls a ‘Bi-MMF scene’!
When I revealed to Rajeev how I had spent a wanton incestuous night with my brother Shekhar just a day before our wedding, he suggested that we invite him to India to enjoy a truly incestuous vacation with us; and I accepted with alacrity!
And early that morning, as Rajeev was slowly fucking me, he said that when our son Aaditya grew up, I should invite him too to have sex with me regularly. I was so thrilled with that I actually pissed around his cock in bed. We decided right then that Aaditya’s 18th birthday would be the perfect occasion to invite him to fuck his own mother. Rajeev added ponderingly that in future our son would hopefully marry into another incestuous family…
A few days later, I called up my brother in the U.S. to tell him about the recent developments, and Rajeev invited him to India to join us in bed. That became a reality only a year later as he wasn’t able to get away till then. I’ll narrate in following pages how I resumed my incestuous relationship with my brother!
So, on than fateful night of breaking through our remaining inhibitions, I gave Rajeev my wholehearted consent to start this new chapter of bisexuality and incest in our sex-life. I had no ideas on how exactly we would kick that off, but my lovable engineer hubby had all the answers and plans worked out!
I remember we were in bed almost continuously for two whole days talking, listening, discussing, fantasizing, planning, and fucking like eager teenagers! I had asked one of our swap-group couples to baby-sit our son in their house, whose kids were our son’s classmates and good friends. Alone in the house, we both talked in detail, and were happy to have accepted each other’s bisexualities and incestuous inclinations. We decided to start enjoying a rich bisexual sex-life together, and to search quietly for real incestuous couples too, and weave incestuous role-playing and fantasies into our sex-life with our slowly growing circle.
We also analysed our feelings: We were never possessive. We didn’t feel jealous or insecure even when we saw our spouse freely sharing his / her bodies with others. And we both knew we wouldn’t feel upset, repulsed, threatened or possessive if one of us had sex with someone else with the spouse being away from the scene, as we would naturally tell each other all about it beforehand or even later. So, what was the point in either of us sleeping around sneakily with separate gay lovers? Rajeev was bisexual, I was bisexual; and between us, we truly covered almost the whole spectrum of pleasurable and safe sexual deviations, we both were extremely creative and innovative, and together we could enjoy an even more colourful sex-life! I think that was the point where we finally discovered our true bond. Life does take strange turns, doesn’t it?
Till then we as a swinging couple had not been able to initiate bisexual sex, both-ways pissing games or incest fantasies with anyone, but Rajeev said that in his experience, bisexuals were generally much more open to kinky propositions. He pointed out how I (a bisexual) was so open to sharing my pee-love and exhibitionistic traits with my individual male mates. That certainly was true – our rather mild heterosexual wife-swap club would never accept such kinky behaviour.
To tell the truth, when we used to swing in our swap-club, I had always had a hard time keeping my lesbian desires in check. Often other swinging wives would nonchalantly undress, change, and touch up their makeup, etc., in bathrooms or other rooms with me around. They’d gossip about sex and men, bitching as most women do. They’d even completely strip, take a shower or sometimes even take a leak in front of me. Some would even ask me to scrub their backs for them, and I’d be dying to make a lesbian move, or taste their piss. Shows how little straights understand same-sex attraction!
During our swap group-meets, lesbian foreplay was sometimes suggested by the husbands. I had to act aloof and happily play along but not appear genuinely interested in women. I’d be sweetly kissing, smooching, hugging and fondling naked women, even sucking their breasts and having mine sucked by them. We would occasionally fondle each other’s cunts, with others howling with scandalised amusement. Sometimes the husbands watching lesbians on porno videos would then encourage us reluctant women to enact the scenes and do a 69. Rajeev too would join in the demand. And, trembling with secret excitement, with a fragrant cunt in my face, I’d silently orgasm on my reluctant female lover’s lips. And then I’d be in bed being fucked by someone’s husband, and my attention would always wander to some naked and sexually excited and exciting woman being licked or fucked by a man in other rooms, or sometimes right next to me in bed! So near yet so far!
So, that’s how we husband and wife discovered and approved of each other’s bisexuality, and decided to invite our past bisexual mates into our bed one by one, and I suggested we start with Rajeev’s former chum Gautam.
Gautam is a 5’7”, 165 lbs., 40B-34-44 Adonis, all femininely soft and round and much like a curvy middle-aged Indian woman. He’s got very beautiful large eyes with long eyelashes, high thin natural eyebrows, and very angular features for his soft physique – a long slim neck with a normal Adam’s apple, a long slender aristocratic nose, a lovely dimpled smile showing his perfect white teeth, and the most perfectly-shaped pink lips I have ever seen on ANY man or woman. And he has this rich semi-feminine voice! Gautam has got a full head of thick hair, yet hardly any facial or body hair, no male pattern baldness, and a fairly small head – a perfect recipe for his latter-day transsexuality.
During all the intervening years, Gautam and his wife were in touch with us socially, but Rajeev had never told him about our marriage being an open one. We had not even shown him our sexy bedroom.
Gautam had just got divorced after a long separation and he was very lonesome. So, once we decided to invite Gautam into our bed, Rajeev immediately invited him over for drinks and an overnight stay. Sitting with Gautam in our ordinary living room, Rajeev made light drinks for the three of us, and, we both told him about our open marriage, and the new bisexual turn our marriage had taken. Rajeev was taken aback, and I could see that he was fully erect all along, and I could see that Gautam figured out that he’d now be spending the night in our bed, but being such a gentleman, he didn’t show any reaction. When Rajeev asked him about his present sex-life, Gautam confessed that secretly he had again started indulging in transvestism and gay sex. Rajeev then formally invited Gautam to be our first bisexual partner. We escorted Gautam into our erotic bedroom and Rajeev showed him around. Gautam was especially fascinated with the amorousness of our pole-dancing setup – circular table with the pole in the centre and couches around in a semicircle, and the huge bed with a mirror behind it.
Rajeev ushered Gautam to the semicircular sofa and without a word – as I watched utterly fascinated – started French-kissing him like a lover. Gautam responded ardently, as they forgot all about my presence and, still fully clothed, their hands automatically wandered to each other’s genitalia – each grab and grope scaled a new height of gay passion and male arousal. That was the very first time I saw my own dear husband kiss another man! It was a beautiful sight, and I found it a far more intense turn-on than watching my husband make out with another woman! Their long, lingering, ardent, very wet kiss reluctantly broken, Rajeev remarked affectionately to Gautam that it was the very first time that the two of them had a third person with them for sex – me. I was quite thrilled!
Reluctantly, I moved into my greenroom to change into “something sexy for a dance-show to welcome him”, adding that I’d take almost an hour to do my makeover.
When Rajeev was alone with Gautam, he talked to him in detail, telling him all about us, our kinky sex-life, our newly opened bisexual and incestuous secrets, and the kind of rich sexual relationships three of us could enjoy from then on – bisexuality, transvestism, urination, ‘incest’, etc. And Rajeev invited Gautam to our marital bed to commit ‘divine incest’ with his Rakhee sister – me. (‘Rakhee’ is a coloured thread a sister ceremonially ties on her brother’s wrist. Tying it on another man’s wrist proclaims him as her brother, and therefore excludes any sexual relationship. This ceremony is conducted on a particular day around August every year.)
Both men were still fully dressed. Rajeev pushed Gautam into my arms to give the first incestuous kiss to his ‘sister’, and I too fervently kissed back my cute ‘brother’ as Rajeev started undressing Gautam and me as we smooched (as one kisses one’s lover, a third lover stripping both of us feels very kinky). Then Gautam stripped Rajeev, as I appreciated Gautam’s naked feminine body and face.
Soon we three were in bed together naked, and I as his ‘Saroj Didi’ (sister) started this lovely ‘incestuous’ relationship with my sweet ‘brother’ Gautam! I remember we started the pissing fun with Gautam. Rajeev and I put our wide open mouths very close to each other – half kissing, half open – and Gautam alternated his urine-stream between our swallowing mouths. Then Rajeev and I fed him our piss one by one. Gautam said it was the first time he had tasted a woman’s urine, and he couldn’t have enough of it!
That night, Gautam asked us to help develop his feminine side and said he was planning to start on hormones, and later wanted to be a full-time transsexual. We were thrilled, and felt very close to him. We promised him our full support, encouragement, social protection and an everlasting sex-life with both of us without any reservations.
Soon, Gautam became the first man with whom I saw my husband making gay love. I still remember those soul-stirring moments when I watched and witnessed my own dear husband make open homosexual love to Gautam in our own bed!
Since that time, Rajeev and Gautam are lovers again after a gap of eight years, and I’m an integral part of their loving relationship as well. Neither of us ever have any emotional attachment with any of our extramarital lovers. However, with Gautam, we both share a very special love-bond.
Fleshy Gautam is now an almost-perfect pre-op transsexual with virtually no facial hair and quite outstanding (no pun intended) breasts with hormones but yet without implants! I must explain here that many plump Indian males have noticeable breasts, and Gautam’s hormone beauties look quite average in tight vests and loose T-shirts, the normal mode of dress in hot India. Nonetheless, when Gautam bares his chest, they unmistakably look like breasts with their high nipples – not like male chest fat.
Making out with Gautam feels as if I have another husband and a girlfriend rolled in one, and as if Rajeev too has another wife and a ‘top’ boyfriend too. All three of us just love this three-way arrangement and always find it extremely satisfying sexually. Very often, Gautam comes to our apartment to stay overnight. Luckily, for me, Gautam too happens to be an ass-man like Rajeev. Gautam is a mild diabetic, so whenever his blood-sugar goes too high, he cannot get a hard-on. He says he has come to enjoy being a passive bisexual transvestite to offset his frequent impotence, yet indulge in satisfying sex. Of late, Gautam has been using Viagra to offset his erectile problems.
On my part, I have found that I’m heavily turned on by transvestites and transsexuals. Gautam does not have a real sister, so right from the time of my marriage to Rajeev, I accepted him as my ‘Rakhee’ brother, and started calling him Gautam Bhaiya (Brother); and he accepted me as a surrogate sister and started calling me Saroj Didi (sister). From then on, Gautam has diligently been visiting us on Rakhee day every year.
So seven years later, when Rajeev and I invited Gautam into our bed, we turned our nonsexual ‘brother-sister’ relationship into a kinky, ‘incestuous’ one. Incest with a ‘sister’ used to be Gautam’s as well as our pet fantasy! In his young age, Gautam had twice enjoyed oral sex with his father’s sister, so he too has always been quite comfortable with the idea of incest. We still call each other Bhaiya and Didi, even more so in bed, and our ‘incestuous secret’ endlessly electrifies all three of us!
Since the time Gautam and I redefined our ‘Rakhee’ relationship with incest, Gautam’s visits on the Rakhee day have taken a new dimension. Obviously, the ceremony is no more conducted in the living room, nor is the Rakhee tied on the wrist any more! I conduct the ceremony in our marital bed, and tie the Rakhee on my cute incestuous brother’s penis! Gautam gets his mandatory Rakhee sweet-goodie by pulling out and eating from my vagina a syrupy Rasgulla (a firm and round ping-pong-ball sized spongy ball of sweetened milk-protein), which I insert into me beforehand. Delicious ‘incest’ follows, usually with me on top with the Rakhee string’s decoration rubbing against my clitoris, and we finish with me finally swallowing my brother’s semen. Lot of urine is also gulped down by everyone. Rajeev loves to watch the depraved ceremony.
Whenever Gautam visits us nowadays, he and Rajeev kiss and smooch like long-lost lovers at the door itself. When I’m with them in bed, their stories about their kinky escapades in their bachelor days never end. It always thrills me to see my husband kiss my cute ‘brother’. On our first night with him, Gautam was very shy with me, but I won him over and now he’s my best ‘brother’ and friend! Gautam and my husband are again very close as gay lovers, and Gautam now takes Rajeev (and me too) anally. During his sexual separation from Rajeev, Gautam had got his plump ass deflowered by his own homosexual mates – so now Rajeev also enjoys fucking Gautam’s large soft womanly ass.

Bisexual Shamolie and I went on lesbianising on the sly even after passing out of college, till she went abroad, got married, and then got divorced. Now, for the last five years, Shamolie is back in Mumbai, divorced and single, and back in my bed. She was the first woman with whom I made real and full-blown lesbian love in front of Rajeev – although he had often seen me smooching and fondling other straight women in our original swap club.
In the hostel, Shamolie and I did every possible lesbian thing – the favourite being a 69 including oral-anal kissing, and mutual pube-shaving. Shamolie is a tall, dusky, aristocratic woman with a very well preserved 5’8” 140 lbs. 38D-26-38 hourglass figure, even in her early forties. Our favourite lezzy acts are still the same and now sexy lingerie, fancy vibrators, dildo play, strap-on romp and anal insertions have been added to our lesbian repertoire. Now that we have both had babies, we have added fist-fucking to our lesbian repertoire too.
As I said, Shamolie was the first woman with whom I had proper lesbian sex in front of Rajeev – although he had often seen me casually smooching and fondling other straight women in our original swap club. In the hostel, Shamolie and I had done every possible lesbian thing – our favourites were 69s, breastfeeding, massages, mutual depilation and pube-shaving.
To an extent, Shamolie is to me what Gautam is to Rajeev, yet somehow I can never get as emotionally close to anyone as Rajeev is close to Gautam. Plus, Shamolie is rather snobbish. For as much we have tried to bring Gautam and Shamolie together, they have somehow never clicked sexually, emotionally or socially, though sexually they get along well. They’d have made an excellent couple!
Here is the story of our attempts to bring them together: After the ‘bisexual’ ice was broken between Rajeev and me (and we had already invited Gautam in our ‘bisexual’ bed), I told Shamolie about the new chapter in our marriage, and hesitantly asked if she’d agree to make love to me with Rajeev around. To my surprise, Shamolie readily agreed – saying that she had wanted to fuck Rajeev for a long time – and we fixed a date.
I had dressed up in a low-tied chiffon Sari and a deep cut blouse, with stilettos. Shamolie had worn a tailored business suit. Shamolie came in and I welcomed her with a deep wet kiss as Rajeev watched. Then she wet-kissed Rajeev on his mouth, telling him that she always wanted to fuck Rajeev! We trooped into our bedroom, and I started kissing and stripping Shamolie as Rajeev watched.
Down to her lingerie, Shamolie moved to Rajeev, undressed him and gave him a long, light suck-n-lick as I watched the lovely spectacle of my husband being serviced by this aristocratic beauty. Soon, I pulled her up onto our round table and started stripping her lingerie off. Soon we two hot lesbians were naked, and we got into a practiced 69, as Rajeev watched intently. Having cum once, we moved to our big bed and I asked Rajeev to lie down. I impaled myself on his pole and Shamolie sat down on his face, giving him her well-trimmed wet cunt to eat. Rajeev ended up taking Shamolie doggy-style as she 69ed with me.
We decided to make this an even bisexual act next time, and invited Gautam to join us. Gautam decided that he’d be dressed normally as a man. This would be the first time any of us would be in a bi-foursome, and this would give each of us a chance to enjoy sex with persons of both sexes in a group. We looked forward to that!
Four of us began our next date with long ceremonious bisexual kisses, disrobing and bisexual mate-swaps. We methodically broke all sexual inhibitions, and especially indulged in every possible intimate act with a same-sex mate, as two of the opposite sex watched. Shamolie had never seen men making out, and Rajeev and I felt proud to show her. Shamolie was mesmerised by scenes of men hornily kissing each other and sucking cock, and was transfixed by the sight of an erect penis entering a male anus as Gautam and Rajeev indulged in sodomy with gay abandon right in front of her. Later that evening, she decided to lose her anal cherry, and first Gautam and then Rajeev sodomised her.
Gautam, Rajeev and I wanted to enjoy a proper bisexual piss-drinking event, so I planned the next party with my lesbian lover and gynaecologist Dr. Ujwala. She readily agreed, and we met on a hot Sunday afternoon. Pragmatic and uninhibited Ujwala is my best friend, confidante and advisor. She’s 4’11”, 160 lbs., 38-32-50, very fair, chirpy, grey-eyed, very pretty, and not at all conscious of her prettiness.
Ujwala was separated from her husband a year before we met and she has not remarried, as there is some legal tangle. She lives together with a male medical specialist Dr. Prafful. He happens to be Gautam’s primary doctor helping with his desire to become a transsexual. Though Prafful is an excellent family friend, he has avoided entering into a sexual relationship with us, as Gautam is his patient. He knows that Ujwala is bisexual and my lover.
Ujwala and I got into lesbian sex much before Rajeev and I discovered each other’s bisexuality. Couple of years after we started swinging, I had gone to my gynaecologist Dr. Ujwala’s clinic for a routine examination. I was the last patient for the day, and after a long wait, I was lying naked on Ujwala’s simple gyno chair with my legs high and wide in stirrups, feeling very horny for some reason. On that day, I had preferred to remain naked, as it was quite pointless to change into a gown if one was going to have one’s breasts and genitalia examined.
Dr. Ujwala had finished palpating my breasts and was examining my genitalia, when I felt so excited by her ministrations that I blurted out, “I wish someone was eating me just now!” Completely unfazed, Ujwala promptly replied quite ingenuously with her usual cheerful smile, “Do you want me to, Saroj?” and I remember saying, “Only if you’ll let me return the favour!” Obviously ready to play, Ujwala said matter-of-factly, “Okay, I’ll just lock up the front door and join you in a moment!” as if a request for oral sex was a mundane thing between a doctor and patient!
So, leaving me naked and spread-eagled on her gyno chair, Ujwala stepped out into the reception area and closed down the clinic. She returned into the room, making eye contact and smiling brightly, coolly took off all her clothes. She had a lovely, lush body with nice pink-nippled breasts and absolutely huge, massive, rotund buttocks.
Before I could spread my arms and invite her for a smooch, she promptly sat down in front of me and ate me most expertly, bringing me to a throbbing orgasm. Shuddering, I stepped down from the gyno chair and asked Ujwala to climb in.
Ujwala said, “Saroj, I badly need to piss first!” Suddenly, I desperately wanted to taste a woman’s urine for the first time in my life! So throwing prudence to the winds, I hurriedly asked her, “Ujwala, if you don’t mind, will you piss in my mouth? I’ll drink it all.”
Ujwala looked at me for a moment, first with surprise, then with delight and anticipation, and smiled cheerfully! Sort of emulating me, my gynaecologist Dr. Ujwala said brightly, “Okay, but only if you’ll let me return the favour!” And I suddenly realised that I was going to have my kinky wish fulfilled. I couldn’t believe my luck!
We then affectionately smooched for a long time, my first genuine lesbian kiss after my marriage! Ujwala silently asked me with her eyes how I wanted her piss, and I motioned her into the gynaecological chair.
Soon, Ujwala settled in her gyno chair and exposed her lovely large pink shaved vulva to my gaze. I fixed my mouth to her lovely big Sex, and licking her intensely, I motioned her to start urinating, and was soon swallowing her delicious spicy piss. Once she was empty, I concentrated on bringing her to a long, hot climax.
Soon, it was my turn to get into the chair again and return the treat. Ujwala had obviously done this before, and she happily swallowed my pee. We again kissed for a long time, enjoying the lovely pissy aftertastes and tangs.
Promising to get together again soon, we reluctantly parted as we both were getting late – my toddler son would be getting fretful by then!
This was the first time I had had sex with someone and kept it a secret from my husband. Later, Ujwala narrated to me her delightful lesbian experiences in her college hostel; but after her marriage, she had not tried to find a lesbian partner, and had just left it to chance that some bi/gay female would come forth and make advances. I was glad I had made those advances, and Ujwala became my first lesbian lover after marriage.
Ujwala was the first woman in my life to piss in my mouth, and I too was the first woman in her life to urinate in her mouth. In her college days, she used to drink her boyfriend’s piss but never tried it with her husband. Dr. Ujwala is our family doctor and medico-sexual adviser too. She regularly gives me vaginal examinations with her speculum and her petite hand. She also draws our friends’ and our blood samples and sends them for HIV and other tests. In fact, Ujwala was the first person to insert a hand into my bowels.
After we husband and wife opened the bisexual doors in our lives, I told my husband about my affair with our family doctor Ujwala, and with a knowing smile, he said he had been aware of that for a long time…

For our first bisexual pee-party on that Sunday afternoon, Rajeev and I suggested to Gautam that he indulge in cross-dressing in front of Ujwala, and Gautam promptly agreed. Ujwala too discussed this with her boyfriend Dr. Prafful – who is handling Gautam’s transsexualism – and he approved of the plans.
On that hot Sunday morning, Gautam carefully put on a swanky pink sheer cotton Sari outfit with a well-cut sheer white cotton sleeveless blouse without a bra – his cupcake tits looked quite prominent in that blouse stitched especially for him by his gay mate Jaffer – a skilled dressmaker working for Mumbai’s “Bollywood” movie industry.
Gautam would be meeting a stranger woman for the first time in drag, and he was quite thrilled about it. Rajeev was in a white cotton Kurta-Pyjama and I was in an almost-sheer white cotton Salwar-Kurta with a pink bra-n-panties set showing through it – perfect for pissing games.
(The Salwar-Kurta is a dress native to the Punjab province in north India. In the last century, it has become very popular all over India. A Salwar is a very loose pleated pyjama that gets very narrow at the ankles. It’s tied high on the waist with a string. The accompanying Kurta is a close-fitting (but not tight) shirt top – half- or full-sleeved, or sleeveless – often with hooks at either front or back from the neck to the waist, flowing down well below the knees. The Salwar-Kurta is directly worn over brassieres and panties. It’s a common, decent dress, usually made from cotton fabric, synthetics or silk, as Indian silk is very weak and needs a lining, and is usually embroidered, or made from a colourfully printed cloth. The Salwar-Kurta cannot camouflage a big ass as well as a Sari, but are a close second! A Chunni – just a long scarf – often accompanies a Salwar-Kurta; and is draped over the Kurta in various ways over one’s shoulders and breasts.) Ujwala came in wearing a sky-blue cotton Sari too. She brought 5” platforms with her and changed into them. First, Rajeev, then I and lastly Gautam kissed Ujwala, as she profusely complimented him on his feminine perfection. Rajeev was blushing like a young bride!
None of were wearing any panties or underwear – only Ujwala had a bra on. In fact, both Ujwala’s and my Salwars had been opened at the crotch so we could lift our Kurtas and pee standing up! We all had been drinking a lot of water for a long time and all four bladders were at bursting point.
We all trooped into our bathroom and began with me lying on the floor and Ujwala standing over me. Rajeev and Gautam sat on my either side with their cheeks touching and mouths open in anticipation of Ujwala urine. As soon as she began, both men swallowed quickly, the straightened up and licky-smooched each other as Ujwala poured the rest of her bladder on my boobs and into my face, as she watched the men kiss passionately. It was such an unusual, kinky and earthy scene! Then Rajeev lay down and I stood up, and we all repeated the raunch. Next Ujwala lay down and Rajeev stood up.
Lastly, Rajeev stripped the piss-wet Sari from a giggling Gautam and undid his blouse and petticoat too. Wet-faced Ujwala sat down in front of the naked, wet girlie-feminine Sheena and held his lovely pink hairless cock as he pissed, and sprayed herself thoroughly, as Rajeev and I licked Gautam’s feminine hips and buttock-globes. We all took off our remaining clothes, and came together in a naked, pissy-wet, bisexual tangle on the bathroom floor for more piss-sex games. Later we showered and continued our bi-play on our big bed. Ujwala was enraptured with Gautam and they made love like two lesbians as we husband-and-wife watched.

So, after having added bisexuality and incestuous role-playing into our sex-lives, we now have no limits. Both of us, along with Gautam, have been celebrating this total sexual freedom together for the last decade. According to us, bisexual group-sex is the most enjoyable form of sex! We both have invited many of our past bisexual lovers to join us in our marital bed. Also, we separately sleep with pure gays and pure lesbians, with full consent, knowledge and encouragement of the spouse. Obviously, we swap notes later! So far, our bisexual sex-life has been very deeply satisfying! My only regret is that why didn’t I open up with my wonderfully broadminded husband right from the time I met him!
On the whole, we have ended up with more bisexual men than with bisexual women. There is no dearth of individual bisexual or gay males in Mumbai. However, we generally keep away from Mumbai’s well-organised gay male circles, as they generally are rather wild, very clannish and dangerously promiscuous.
The straight and gay individuals, and straight couples scene has been quite good so far. However, it takes good planning to conceal our bisexuality from our hetero mates, especially from our swinging club, just as it takes good planning to conceal our urine-love, transsexual love and incest-love from those averse to it. Therefore, we have been keeping a detailed sexual diary about every encounter and every participant right from the beginning, manually first, then on the computer since we got one in ‘88. I know this sounds ominous but it helps a lot. In fact, while writing this story, I have relied heavily on our voluminous diary.
Although we are civilised enough to never make homosexual advances on anyone, or even make any same-sex person uncomfortable by looking at him or her with sexual intent; we have lost one or two good contacts just because they came to know that one or both of us (especially Rajeev) were bisexual.
My lesbianism, though detested by straight females, is generally accepted by straight males, but straights from both sexes always seem to see a gay male as a ‘threat’! Most people are such homophobic hypocrites!
In ‘85, a truly bisexual woman Rakhsheen (32, 5’5”, 32-24-48, 150 lbs.) and her understanding straight husband Pervez joined our swap-club, and Rakhsheen and I started giving the ‘straights’ some good lezzy shows. Like me, Rakhsheen is quite anal too. ‘Holiday exchanges’ with Rakhsheen and Pervez are great fun with lots of sizzling girl-girl action with the men watching us lesbian sluts. Though Pervez isn’t bisexual, he lets Rajeev deep-throat him and cums on his face as we lesbians watch. Rakhsheen always urinates on or in Rajeev or me, and always gets her big flaring hips and heavy buttocks worshipped by Rajeev.
As usual, we keep each other’s room keys with us, so all are free to walk in on each other. Rakhsheen and I once walked in on my husband merrily deep-throating Pervez. Pervez came all over my hubby’s happy face as we watched, and Rakhsheen and I licked off her husband’s cum from my husband’s face. She then said to my husband, “I love you, you cocksucking homo!” All of us were in a mood to party, and Rakhsheen said, “Hey guys, you guys are going to stop at oral or what? I’d love to see some gay anal action too!” So my husband promptly offered his big hairless bubble-butt to Pervez to sodomise, and we both closely watched the gay men play. Pervez in fact quite liked his first male ass.
With this couple, our favourite is the wife-swap anal. However, the original group of eight couples has never been into kinky sex. The husbands sometimes demand ‘lesbian’ shows, but male homosexuality is still taboo. Anal sex is their limit, and I’m one of the two anal sluts in the group. With the exception of two couples, the others always insist on evenly balanced parties – everybody must come with their spouse. One cannot change people!
Today, we both cherish our bisexuality and are proud of it. Since the time we discovered and endorsed each other’s bisexuality, and opened our doors and bed to people of all sexual orientations, we have actually enjoyed a much happier and fuller sex-life, as now there are absolutely no secrets to be kept between us.

Kinds of partners we like:
I’m turned on by sexy young girls with sharp features, large prominent breasts on average bodies, and full hips sloping from slim waists. I love to adore and lick the tender undersides of bountiful breast-flesh as it swells out from slim rib-cages. Although like my husband, I too like females with full bodies and large rotund bottoms, I’m quite happy with slim teenager girls with 32” butts too, as I have more room to eat them. However, Rajeev always fancies the ‘30-plus in age and 40-plus in panties!’
I admire mature dark-skinned men with intelligent looks. Penis size and shape, and staying power are not very important to me, though I do like large cocks – I feel better stuffed in my large entrances.
Rajeev drools over tall elegant fair-skinned middle-aged women with large bountiful derrières. He really is an ass-man – real ‘broad-minded’, he says! He asserts that even Bill Clinton loves a large womanly ass – look at Monica Lewinsky’s generous posterior, he says! Rajeev’s ideal of feminine sex-appeal is a generous pair of absolutely spherical buttocks below a moderately narrow waist! In fact, we both get turned on by the way shapely well-rounded heavy bottoms (male and female) fill traditional tight faded blue jeans.
Rajeev doesn’t fully relish sex with slender, slim girls with boyish little butts. He says he may as well sleep with a similarly built pretty boy, and in the bargain, have his mouth and asshole feel full too! For both active and passive gay sex, Rajeev gets turned on by dainty, cute, young boys, and soft-bodied, feminine-faced males with absolutely hairless fair girlie skins.
We have often seen that many Indians, especially women, who are otherwise good-looking and glamorous when dressed, become very self-conscious, diffident and negative the moment they get fully naked!
Over the years, both of us have found many ideal physical types of men and women each for ourselves. Looking back, I think our tastes have got fixated by the physical appearance of the first individual of each sex with whom we each had our first sexual experience. Many of our lovers confirm this phenomenon.
The accord we have with fellow swingers:
From all our fellow swingers, we ask for – and give in return – these promises: He/she should be very clean, and free of any infectious diseases. He/she should maintain complete confidentiality about our relationship. Strictly, with our prior permission, he/she may disclose our relationship only to a person whom he/she wishes to introduce to us as another prospective swinger. He/she should not force any sexual act on anyone.

Some sexually relevant details about us:
Rajeev and I are clean, healthy, active, and supple – especially with regular yoga and exercises – and we take great care of our health. Rajeev is a vegetarian but I eat everything. We relish high-fibre, low-calorie, and low-cholesterol food; and have healthy, glowing skins. None of us has ever had pimples, acne or skin problems – maybe partly due to our constantly-satisfied libidos. Our healthy eating habits keep us free from any digestion or bowel problems too, so we both have healthy attractive-looking anuses, and we are always ready to receive anal penetrations without any discomfort. Rajeev has had a vasectomy; and I have also had my tubes tied after my childbirth, so nowadays we can both fully enjoy our sex-lives without worrying about pregnancies. None of us has ever had any STDs, and I have never had any gynaecological problems. We religiously do medical check-ups including HIV tests every six months and have never had any serious health worries.
We occasionally travel to major cities, and go to Europe every year or so for work. We have never been to the U.S. so far.
As I said, we have been married for 18 years. Ours was a love-match, then not so common in India. We both lost both our parents before marriage, and I lost my only sister in an accident before marriage. I have one brother – with whom I enjoy regular incest with my husband’s participation. Rajeev has a brother and sister but they didn’t approve of our marriage. As a result, we have drifted away from our immediate family relations except with my brother, and thus our life is free from nosy relatives, family obligations, religiosity, irrelevant ceremonies, etc.; otherwise common in India.
We have a healthy, handsome 17 years old son named Aaditya, a honeymoon child. I breastfed Aaditya wholly till I dried up after more than 2 years. He was never bottle-fed. During wet-nursing, my then 36C breasts had grown to 44DD, and there used to be so much milk that even Rajeev used to have an erotic feed after the baby. My breasts have become moderately saggy because of so much breastfeeding.
These days, our son happily lives and studies in a residential school at a nearby hill-station. Nowadays, he comes home only on vacations and long holidays. When he’s home, we spend time with him and put off our sex-partying and almost all extramarital sex, ache’s more important than our liberated sex-life. We openly answer all his questions about sex, and as enlightened, responsible parents, we are guiding him through his adolescent sexuality.
However, he’s still not an adult, so when he’s home, our big adult walk-in wardrobe containing all my sexy garments, our pornographic books and videos, our own XXX-rated photos and videos, letters, magazines, sex-toys, accessories, special cosmetics, etc., is firmly locked, ache’s not yet mentally or legally ready for that kind of sex-education by us. Aaditya isn’t overly curious either. He knows that we will always be open with him about everything sexual when time comes. Of his own free will, our son has told us that he’s having sex with some of his boyfriends in his school, and has had oral sex with some girls too. We believe that this is normal and healthy at his age. Aaditya is 5’ 10” tall, and I know for certain that he has a lovely 10” monster in his pants.
Between my husband and me, we have recently taken a final decision to introduce him to incest with us on his 18th birthday and we have been planning specific details for his first ‘Adult’ Birthday Party. Aaditya has been eyeing – even making occasional passes at – my voluptuous assets since puberty, so I know that our planned incestuous seduction won’t be something we will be imposing.
We occasionally drink alcohol socially. Rajeev likes vodka and margarita, and I love red wines and liqueurs, sometimes whiskeys when I’m in a naughty mood. Rajeev never exceeds his two peg limit, but just occasionally, I like to get slightly tipsy with neat vodka or whiskey on the rocks, though mostly only while partying at our own apartment. Rajeev is a not really a smoker, but we both love to moderately drink and smoke during sex. I started to smoke during sex after our son was weaned off. We don’t indulge in any kind of drugs ever – not even marijuana! Who needs drugs when you can constantly have such variegated erotic fun!
Socially, we are well-mannered and refined but not snobbish or aristocratic. Rajeev has a terrific sense of humour – quite British. Our English friends love his sense of humour! I’m just a bit of a general flirt, but Rajeev is always a perfect gentleman in any non-sexual situation. We are not the club-disco-pub-party types, though many of our adult friends are of that sort.
We never mix business with pleasure, and never try to seduce anyone socially, as Indian social mores frown upon such seductions in social settings. For us to proposition someone for sex, sexual intentions must be mutually confirmed beforehand – mainly through references from our present lovers, or sometimes through candid adult mails, and re-confirmed explicitly over the telephone when we fix up our first engagement. We have rarely broken this rule.
Essentially, we are just an upper-middle class Indian couple, certainly not part of the Mumbai’s Page-3 glitterati or the bitchy high-society party circuits. Socially, we are not at all status-conscious, nor fashion-conscious, nor do we put on a synthetic social style. In fact, instead of going to hotels, etc. we usually prefer the privacy and comfort of our own home and bed for having sex with friends, even with new ones (though most swinging Indians invariably meet in hotels). Sometimes, our mates invite us to their hotels or rarely to their homes. However, we usually meet individual male strangers for the first time in our favourite hotel about four miles away.
We have never faced any problems like stalking or scandals because of our swinging at home. In any case, we are too specialised in our professions to be affected by sex-scandals. Plus, this is today’s Mumbai – even the neighbours don’t care about who comes and goes, and who fucks whom! Nobody even notices if I have another man staying overnight with me when Rajeev is away.
Our bed-mates range from ordinary schoolteachers to business magnates. Everyone gets the same lavish Indian social hospitality from us. We love to play good sociable hosts, and mix easily with all types. We enjoy keeping our discreet adult parties going well into the night, and we like to host people overnight, as we don’t like to say good-nights after good sex.
Both of us really love bright lights during sex, though some people insist on dim lights. A few even want total darkness, and that turns us off.
Extramarital sex for us is playful and uninhibited fun and games rather than romantic, clandestine, sentimental, adulterous love-triangles. Rajeev and I have always shared a deep bond of trust and love, and sex with others never intrudes into our marital harmony. We have come to believe that much of marital discord one sees all around is essentially a product of sexual mistrust, possessiveness, and an unnecessary struggle for control, beginning with insistence on monogamy.
Beyond our swinging mates, we don’t socialise much with neighbours, clients or acquaintances. However, during the 17 years we have been swinging – bisexually for 14 years – we have made many excellent and genuine friends among couples as well as among individuals of every sexual orientation. So nowadays, we mainly socialise with people from our slowly widening sex-circle itself. Many couples and individuals have become close family friends. Some visit quite often, and we don’t always have sex on every of their visits. Often, when our son is at home, we get together as ordinary families. This way our son also gets good wholesome company with their kids. Sometimes, no sex is possible at such times, but often the family or families lodge overnight, and the parents quietly come over from the guest bedroom into our bed for a few hours of quiet but rich swapping and group-sex. On occasions, one of the spouses (or single parents) with their kids too stay overnight and socialise with our son, and we quietly enjoy threesomes after the kids go to bed. So, for us, relaxing and socialising with good family friends, and satisfying group-sex often go hand-in-hand.
We have a sex-kitty (we call it Bunny-Bank) where we systematically put 5% of our generous incomes, and spend it to please ourselves sexually. This way we have good, rich fun and keep from going overboard. We save most of the Bunny-Bank contributions for our foreign trips, and spend them on exotic lingerie, sex-accessories, wacky cosmetics, consumables, toys, original hard-core pornography, etc. However, good hospitality is part of our social life, and we don’t dip into our sex-kitty to entertain our friends socially.

Our sexuality, sexual interests, and sex-acts we relish:
Rajeev is exactly the kind of sexually imaginative husband I had always dreamed of, and he always says I’m his ‘dream-slut’! Both Rajeev’s and my major sexual interests have always matched perfectly. They include active and passive bisexuality (full oral, anal, genital sex with both sexes); bathroom sex including passive and active pissing games; role-playing – often submission and domination roles (we both enjoy both type roles), incestuous roles; kinky porn; keeping our ‘bedroom’ diaries and writing memoirs like this one.
The exhibitionist in me have always loved dressing up outlandishly and provocatively for sex, and I have always loved dancing and stripping erotically; so much so, that I don’t fully enjoy sex without sexy attire and foxy makeup. I had learnt Odissi – a sensuous classical Indian dance-form – for 10 years before marriage, and now I use that training to develop my erotic dancing and stripteases – especially belly-dancing (the movements are very similar).
Just before marriage, with Rajeev’s encouragement, I formally learned makeup techniques, and a few years later did another advanced makeover course. I learnt exotic makeover techniques meant for advertising and fashion shows, and now I use these skills to add shades of the exotic and the kinky to my (and others’) sex-appeal.
As I said, I’m very much an exhibitionist (though never in public), and Rajeev genuinely loves my unabashed exhibitionism. As a voyeur himself, he loves to watch me dancing and stripping for others and having sex with them. He gets turned on by the whole spectacle of others watching me dance, flaunt, strut and strip. Boisterously he eggs me on, passing lewd remarks on my charms and my sluttishness, and then enjoys watching others have sex with ‘available’ me, and enjoys fucking me afterwards! Both of us also love to perform sexually in front of invited ‘spectators’. I enjoy getting fucked or sodomised on all fours, or blatantly urinating or eagerly drinking or bathing in piss, especially when others are watching.
Rajeev especially loves watching me dance and strip in front of all-male groups – more the better. He especially loves the part where, dressed for sex, I emerge in front of my ‘admirers’, and they pull me into their arms, smooch and strip me, and paw and knead my plump charms. He likes to invite, and likes to watch me tempt and invite other men to feel me up, strip me, paw me, use me, cum on me, piss on me, enter me and cum in me, and especially loves to see a number of men service me one after the other. And like most men, he loves to see me in lewd action with other women too.
Similarly, I too get turned on by seeing Rajeev kiss, strip and make love to other women, and especially love to see Rajeev making out with other men and boys. Here, I’m an exception – a woman who gets turned on by watching her husband kiss other males, strip and fondle them, suck cock, butt-fuck them and get butt-fucked too. Rajeev also likes to shave his body and get into full drag, but only with select friends, and I enjoy seeing him remove his body hair, help him get into drag, makeup, lingerie, and love watching him make out with other males, drag queens or transsexuals.
We love to talk dirty during sex. In fact, my dirty dancing and dirty pillow talk was the basis of Rajeev’s and my mutual attraction right on our first date. We both believe in shedding off our decorum and graciousness with our clothes, and enjoy being absolutely brazen and shameless for sex. We both really love using raunchy, explicit, graphically erotic language during sex, but we don’t get down to the level of screaming, or shouting cheap profanities.
Over the years, we have found that openly sharing our bodies with others has definitely made the love bond between us much stronger. Enjoying sex with others – as my dear husband watches us – turns me on very deeply – and vice-versa too. Even when he’s not present, I’m mentally taking notes for my husband, and my excitement doesn’t end till he has debriefed me in detail. This debriefing itself always turns into a long session of sizzling sex.
Rajeev’s favourite position to enter either my Sex or my backdoor is to have me on all fours, doggy-style, as he holds onto my broad haunches. After I get on my hands and knees sideways in front of our big bedroom mirror for a hot fuck or a leisurely sodomy, Rajeev often pours lots of oil over my broad buttocks, enjoying their oily-shiny sex-appeal and loves to spank my oily flanks as he thrusts into me under bright lights. We both love to watch my big glistening, gleaming derrière shake and rebound in the mirror.
Rajeev is a very talented sodomiser, and he has this ‘anally perfect’ shape. Once my favourite intruder gets into my relaxed backdoor, my anal rim can close over its thinner base very comfortably without its catch slipping away! On our wedding night, Rajeev deflowered my last and only virginity so deliciously! Since then, I have witnessed many males and females voluntarily give their anal virginity to my talented sodomiser husband, and they have all felt relaxed and delighted with his anal deflowering! And no less than a dozen males have had their first assfuck in my ever-accommodating rectum. “Cum in from the backdoor!” I always say!
Homosexually, Rajeev especially loves active and passive anal sex with fair-complexioned, boyish/girlish-faced, hairless, soft-figured, very feminine, effeminate, swishy-wispy-limp males, also with transvestites and transsexuals. I too have also come to enjoy sex with those of his womanly boyfriends who are bisexual. We both like credibly feminine transvestites, not those who dress and look like a caricature of a female, and behave like comedians in drag. Those types really turn us off!
Obviously, I’m excluded from my husband’s gays-only parties, just as he’s excluded from my purely lesbian parties, but we have no problem with that.
In our minds, the so-called sexual perversions are just stimulating variations. In our value-system, the real perversions are violence, hatred, lying, bigotry and the desire to hurt others. Pain and real violence turn us off sexually too! We don’t mind describing our unusual sexual tastes as kinks, deviations, perversions, decadence, depravities, etc., as that way they sound naughtier. Many Indian couples do indulge in a few sexual kinks but remain ‘faithful’. Many swinging-swapping Indian couples we have come across are quite content with ‘normal’ sex with miscellaneous partners. Therefore, as swinging couples go, our active involvement in so many kinks is highly unusual. Nevertheless, it’s real, and over the years, combining swinging with bisexuality and kinks has constantly kept our sex-life as stimulating in our middle-age as it was in our youth.
In reality, we enjoy both ends of the spectrum – Simple wife-swapping with our conventional couple mates, and high-voltage kinky sex with those who relish that – and we enjoy every shade and degree of depravity in between these two limits. To introduce old mates to new kinks is always so satisfying to everyone!
We have always kept ourselves very well-informed about all the intricate medical dos and don’ts of Safe-Sex. Hence, even in these times of the AIDS scare, we enjoy lots of rich yet safe extramarital sex. We don’t indulge in any medically unsafe practice, like indulging in anal sex without condoms and without water-based lubricants like K-Y jelly, or carelessly infecting the vagina or the throat from the rectum, or performing oral sex with a sore throat, or letting semen go into the eyes (it’s harmless but hurts like hell), etc.
Though both of us lost our virginities at 14, we don’t like to have sex with under-age minors (below 18) or with animals, or with physically challenged persons, as we don’t like the ethics or the feelings of any kind of one-way lust. To get turned on, we absolutely must see naked lust for us in our mates’ eyes. This is the reason why we are no good at phone-sex with people we have not slept with.
The idea of sex with unhygienic, coarse, ill-educated, narrow-minded people, or with subordinate people like maidservants, delivery boys, chauffeurs, etc., turns us off, and we find indiscriminate promiscuity self-degrading. We don’t befriend selfish, ill-behaved, eager-for-a-quick-release people. However, planned safe-sex – even incestuous safe-sex – between mutually consenting, fully mature, fully independent individuals is perfectly fine with us. For us, more partners, more bisexual, the merrier!
After having consented to have sex with men, women or couples, if we don’t feel very comfortable with them sexually, or if we are or become unsure of their health or cleanliness, then depending on the circumstances, we stop at nudity / foreplay / mutual masturbation / oral sex / exhibition / dildo-show / non-swap same-bed fucking, etc. And if we do fuck, then we always keep to safe practices, taking care that the partners don’t feel rejected or snubbed.
Because of our cautious and clinical approach, none of us, or our partners, has ever experienced pain, injuries, bleeding or infections. Some people say that we are too clinical, but kinky sex outside marriage cannot be enjoyed safely without being level-headed and clinical!
Unlike many, we don’t put great premium on penis size, vaginal tightness, erection, stamina and depth of penetration. We aim at sustained and varied erotic pleasures for our partners and us, continuing for many satisfying hours – that’s all! In fact, people who think sex only means a lusty high-energy fuck with a big cock turn us off!
To be very specific – I enjoy kissing, licking and smooching men and women all over their bodies, French-kissing everyone mouth-to-mouth, fondling and smooching breasts, sucking nipples, lapping and tonguing labia and clitorises, buttocks of course, and kissing, sucking and deep-throating cocks, for long hours. I love having my nipples chewed, my breasts handled roughly and my heavy buttocks kissed, fondled, squeezed, kneaded, licked, lapped and slapped all over. I enjoy having my shaven Sex licked by men and women, taking cocks of all shapes and sizes up my big cunt and accommodating asshole, giving and receiving deep anal tongue-kisses from lovers of either sex, giving and taking finger-fucking and dildo-fucking in cunt and ass. In addition, I can take most women’s, and with a little preparation, Rajeev’s and some other men’s whole hand right up to the wrist into my elastic vagina. I enjoy (and am well-experienced in) getting stuffed simultaneously in any two or all three of my fuck-holes – I call the latter a ‘Triple Banana Split’! I also love being tied down in all sorts of postures with soft ropes and fucked, and relish having my big buttock-globes smeared with oil and then spanked noisily but not violently.
Above all, I’m a complete exhibitionist, and love to strip and have sex in front of people with whom we have agreed to have a sexual relationship. Larger the group, more excited I feel. One thing I really revel in is being in a gang-bang, where I’m (usually) on all fours, and one after the other, a series of men fuck my cunt, mouth or asshole (sometimes two, or all three holes simultaneously), till all available semen has been poured into or onto me.
We both believe that proper oral sex with a man is a deep-throat up to the root, not merely licking the sides and sucking on the knob. We both know how to relax our throats and let the cock go right into our gullets, without getting any vomiting reflex. Unlike some, we don’t put condoms on the cocks we suck. We have learned to breathe on the slow out-strokes, so we can deep-throat for long stretches. Rajeev taught me how to take it right in and how to do it right! Whenever Rajeev or I deep-throat, the men go berserk with excitement. Some even start frantic thrusting. Then I often have to come up for air, but Rajeev with can really hold his breath for a long time. The guys are always so appreciative of our deep-throating! For many, it’s their very first deep-throat! Needless to say, Rajeev himself loves to be properly deep-throated too! He himself has patiently taught me how to do it effortlessly, and I can proudly say I have learnt the technique quite well.
Similarly, we have learnt to relax our anal muscles completely, so we can receive pretty fat cocks in our assholes without any pain or bruising.
I have been receiving cock in my throat (not just mouth) and asshole right from the time I got married to Rajeev. I was no virgin at marriage, as I had already sucked and fucked quite a few men, but Rajeev was the first man to put his cock into my asshole. In fact, my virgin asshole was my wedding present to him on our wedding night! He was also the first man to put his cock beyond my throat – he taught me how to on the same night.
Before our son was born, I couldn’t take even a female gynaecologist’s small hand inside my Sex, as it was quite painful, but right after the childbirth and before my vagina could get back to normal, Rajeev introduced me to the joys of having a fist in my vagina. So nowadays, I don’t need any special preparation for vaginal fisting, besides being very horny and well lubricated. Yet my Sex isn’t at all slack or loose, thanks to the special pelvic Kegel exercises I have been doing virtually all my life. These are quite simple – just contracting those muscles that stop the urine flow. There is an equivalent exercise in yoga too.
Rajeev is equally uninhibited about kissing men and women all over, and on their mouths too, and deep-throating cocks. All his male lovers tell me he’s the very best (often the one and only) deep-throater they have ever come across, and I can tell you most impartially that Rajeev is the very best cunt-lapper I have enjoyed – ‘Body-licker’ would be a better deion! Rajeev loves lapping hairless cunts and assholes, fucking mouths, cunts and assholes, having his cock sucked by men and women, and giving and receiving finger-fucking and anal kisses with lovers of either sex. He too enjoys both his mouth and asshole being stuffed at the same time, and loves to fuck when he’s receiving cock orally, anally, or both ways. Compared to mine, Rajeev’s asshole is a bit less well-dilated. Unlike mine, Rajeev’s nipples are extremely tender, and he cannot stand having them even mildly pinched. Though he’s not a tit-man, he loves to fuck large-bosomed women between the breasts whenever he’s with such women. My breasts are average, as I said.
Unlike most Indians, both of us don’t have any inhibitions, hesitation or shame about taking off our clothes – all of them – or walking in completely naked in front of total strangers, even if they are and remain fully dressed. In this respect, we are more like the urban Westerners than average Indians are.
I thoroughly enjoy decking-up as a dancer, or in sexy lingerie (still quite uncommon in India), doing a complete striptease and displaying my figure and privates, especially to newcomers to our sex-life, and both of us just love the whole effect my wanton shamelessness has on our new and old lovers. I love being an exhibitionist, and Rajeev loves me dancing-n-stripping, showing off my assets, offering my bare body and flaunting my vivid sexuality to others – this is one of the profound bonds we husband and wife share!
Those people who see me in everyday clothes – before or after sex – are stunned by my total transformation from a housewife into a blatant sex-slut. Our friends often talk of me having a split personality as a Gemini, but I know that it’s nothing of that sort. Both my husband and I love to massage our lovers, and be massaged – especially breast-to-body massages and the Bangkok-style body-to-body massages – and I love giving my special brand of buttocks-to-body massage to my lovers. We encourage our women lovers to do it to us too. And our spacious bathroom is ideal for pissing good fun and also for sexy-slippery fun with lots of oil!
Both of us can get into all sorts of odd fuck-postures due to daily yoga practice. We both enjoy threesomes (especially being in the middle), foursomes, group-sex, mixed-group orgies and most of all bisexual group-sex. We both also relish being naked and fucking in front of fully clothed passive spectators, and we are not ashamed of our average looks and figures.
Both of us love to have semen, vaginal juices and fresh urine splashed and smeared all over our faces, bodies and into our mouths. Unlike many hygiene-freaks, both of us relish the natural odours of fresh – not stale – sweat, especially in armpits and crotches, and love the smells and tastes of fresh fuck-juices and fresh urine; but not stale body-odour, bad breath, stale urine, dirty genitals or smelly anuses. If Rajeev or I ever take a friend’s semen or urine in our mouth, we swallow it - why take something into one’s mouth if one is going to spit it out disgustedly the next moment? Medically, it does not make much sense to spit out foreign fluids without swallowing once you have taken them into your mouth, as the mouth is a lot more sensitive to infections than the highly acidic stomach! We both like to orally lick-n-suck cocks clean right after they have come out of a cunt, but not if they have come out of an asshole, as that’s medically unsafe, and stinks too!
Both of us don’t mind making love (including oral) to women during their periods, provided they are clean and fresh. Unlike many women, I really love having sex before and during my periods, usually with Rajeev or with someone who does not mind. It certainly reduces my slight pre-menstrual heaviness, and Rajeev loves my bloated breasts.
We don’t like to kiss clouds of perfume and lick layers of deodorants. And we don’t enjoy sex with those who insist on fastidious cleanliness at all times, even during sex – like those who reach for the tissue just before oral sex, or those who dislike even a smear of wetness on their skins, or the ones who start wiping and washing even before they breathe out after a climax. Once we start with clean bodies, good sex always gets dirty, and we love it that way. Some people in Mumbai put perfume in their crotches when they come to fuck! One cunt Rajeev went to lick was replete with a lime-flavoured vaginal deodorant! Later, with his typical dry sense of humour, he was lamenting with a straight face that the flavour was not cherry! So usually, I keep my bidet and a plain douche bag ready for such company.
However, we don’t kiss and tongue-fuck assholes unless they are freshly and thoroughly soap-washed. So, if we are confronted with people with not-so-clean anal lips, we first have an erotic bath with them, and then tongue their assholes, often in our lovely bathroom itself. If our dates don’t smell fresh and natural, then instead of evading this and that, we first invite them for a sexy bath with us, and then make love open-handedly. In our great polluted and sweltering city of Mumbai, many people themselves don’t feel very fresh when they travel down to meet us, often directly from work, and ask to be excused for a shower. So, instead of waiting for them, we happily join them in the bathroom and give them an erotic wash. To those who want to go home first for a wash, we promptly offer them our bathroom.
I also love to put the measuring tape to all our lovers, and record their vital statistics in our diary – just good clean fun. Many men get size-conscious, and all women remark that they are too fat! Human nature is same everywhere, I suppose. Penis size and shape, and staying power are not very important to me. I prefer long-drawn-out, leisurely sex, but occasionally, I like surprise or short-notice quickies too. Occasionally, I also like to be lustily fucked at a vigorous pace (usually by multiple males) till I’m worn out.
During lesbian love-making, I love kissing my woman’s soft lips, inhaling her natural womanly smells, burying my face in her hair (I love long thick hair), sucking her warm satiny breasts, having my hands roam on her feminine figure, feeling her soft breasts against mine. I also love feeling her feminine hands caressing my curves, feeling her smooth lips on my nipples and on my (usually) hairless mound, feeling her smooth feminine face against mine, on my breasts and especially on my inner thighs. I love kissing and licking her squirming juicy vulva, sucking and tonguing her love-button and her tender anal lips – some women (and a few men too) have such pretty assholes, just like rosebuds!
And I especially love mutual shaving sessions followed by lesbian fooling around in bed. I call our games “playing bitches”! But in my heart, my most thrilling moments with any new lesbian lover are when I first kiss her with sexual intent, first nuzzle her feminine hair and neck, first open her clothes to slowly unveil her assets and set my eyes on her bare breasts, her thighs, her vulva, her buttocks, and her anus! I feel thrilled when she too takes off my clothes and exposes my womanliness to her gaze and touch.
Rajeev knows this and cooperates very well, either by leaving me alone with my new girlfriend in those first exciting moments of ‘revelation’. Or if he’s supposed to be around, then he watches us lesbians quietly. He says he loves to watch me during those moments.
Rajeev loves getting a joint blow-job from a bi-man and me. The guy and I alternately suck Rajeev’s cock and smooch each other; feels real depraved – me asking a guy to share in sucking my husband’s cock – Rajeev and I see this as a celebration of our bisexualities. At times, I sit in the guy’s lap facing him with his cock inside me, and Rajeev stands in the middle, fucking the guy’s mouth as I kiss my sexy husband’s ass.
Rajeev equally loves to be passive with males, and I really get turned on by watching my husband getting it on with other males. As I said, I’m an exceptional wife who gets turned on by watching her husband kiss, embrace, fondle and, strip other males, suck cock, and get butt-fucked by other males.
And I do love him shaving off his body hair, getting into drag, makeup, lingerie – I help him all along – and watch him making out with other males, drag queens or transsexuals.
With a passive bi-man, Rajeev’s favourite ‘bi-MMF’ setting is to fuck his ass as the guy fucks my big Sex or my welcoming ass, or as the guy is in a 69 with me. I like the last as I can see my husband’s cock fornicating in a male ass. Or my homo-loving hubby takes the guy’s ass with the guy on his back, and I sit on the guy’s face, getting my hairless holes licked, and smooch my darling sodomising husband as I play with the bottom-guy’s cock.
With an active bi-man, Rajeev’s favourite ‘bi-MMF’ setting is to be in the middle of a bi-threesome. For that, my ass-loving hubby lies on his back, as the guy takes his ass, and I sit on my hubby’s face, getting my holes tongued or urinating in his eager mouth, as I smooch my own husband’s sodomiser and play with my hubby’s cock. When Rajeev deep-throats guys, I love to watch him closely, as he alternately sucks cock and smooches me. This feels really wicked and debauched – me closely watching my darling husband deep-throat other men’s erections, also closely watching guys urinate in my husband’s welcoming mouth.
As I said, Rajeev and I see all this as a celebration of our bisexualities. There, we said it as it is!

My adult wardrobe and my sex-toys:
In my everyday life, I dress quite conventionally. I usually wear a Salwar-Kurta-Chunni or Saris, sometimes maxi-skirts or midi-skirts. I sometimes wear Western business suits too – and I do like to do a strip from a dressy suit. At home, I usually wear jeans and T-shirts. But for sex, I like to take an entirely different visage!
For our adult get-togethers, I love to wear sexy, revealing Western dresses or lingerie outfits with foxy party makeovers, or provocative dancing outfits if I’m going to do a striptease. With my sumptuous figure, I look ‘Available’ rather than glamorous in my provocative dresses – but that’s the whole idea anyway – I’m ‘Available’, with a capital A!
Rajeev and I have never believed in the old-fashioned cliché that what is hidden is more alluring. That’s a sentimental, romantic, poetic concept, but we are not sentimental, romantic or poetic when it comes to sex. In my mind, my sexy outfits and accessories are just a means to enhance my sex-appeal and to openly flaunt my ‘Availability’! I believe that my real sex-appeal lies in letting my dress, makeover, body-language and conduct say unequivocally, “I’m proud to be sexy! Cum and get it on with me – I’m Available!” I do love the label of ‘Available”!
In all our swinging situations, sex is invariably agreed upon explicitly by prior mutual consent. Hence, we believe that it’s perfectly okay to meet our partners with my breasts being bra-less, or to let my derrière show through transparent clothing; or to let my outfits make a veiled display of my nipples, butt-cleavage, shaved pubes, even my Sex or my anal lips, etc., to heighten our own and our mates’ anticipation of ‘things to cum!’ We don’t believe that merely showing my cleavage or my bare navel to people, whom we are specifically meeting for a sexual encounter by prior consent, is a sign of sexual invitation. Today, even in a non-sexual situation its quite passé for any urban Indian woman to wear a deep décolletage and to display her navel. Now and then, I meet our partners topless, or even completely bare-ass naked.
Rajeev also likes to let his arousal show by not hiding the big bulge in his pants. Often, he too meets our mates just wearing sexy underwear. Being a poor male, Rajeev does not have much choice of lingerie. He just dresses smartly yet quite conventionally for going out for sex, though inside, he wears jazzy bikini briefs or some outrageous undies I have got for him from England – string pouches, real leather briefs with a studded belt, leopard-skin prints, metallic-shiny materials, sequined stuff, fishnet briefs, and a few designer pieces.
For partying before actual copulation, especially when we go out, I wear tight minis with tank-tops, hot-pants with halter-tops, strategically heavily torn worn-out jeans with scissored T-shirts worn bra-less – thus showing a lot of skin, clinging party-sheaths with side slits and outrageous necklines and plunging backs, brief tops with pedal-pushers, Capri’s , leotards, stretchy hipsters… The hipsters’ waist sits pretty low on my oversize hips, and I pull the waistline further down for comfort, so most of the flaring slopes of my big hips are exposed, and a wicked amount of my butt-cleavage is displayed!
Obviously, when I go out for our dates dressed like that, I wear a Salwar-Kurta or a long robe over them in public to hide my sizzling outfits inside. One really innovative dress I have invented to meet our first-timers is my sheer red one-piece swimsuit-like teddy with very high legs and a very low back, worn over my black Lycra hipster – no bra or panties! This leaves very large portions of my luscious upper hips exposed while covering everything else. It looks very provocative and it’s easy to do a lively dance in them!
I conceal my unattractive feet in alluring stilettos, sexy platforms, or high shiny boots. However, in front of well-known friends, I wear strappy high-heel sandals that are more comfortable. Rajeev does not mind me looking taller than he does. When I go bra-less, my big nipples look very conspicuous, especially when they get hard. Whenever I’m going to open my brassieres myself, say during a strip performance, I prefer front-opening styles; but when my bra is likely to be opened by someone else, I prefer the usual rear-hooked styles, as rear-hooks being opened feel more erotic.
With dresses that would cling and mould over my derrière, I wear my favourite panties that have thick seams at the legs, so the seams go right across my bulging ass-cheeks, and raise eye-catching panty-lines in the dresses! Both Rajeev and I love that seductive touch.
As with all professional strippers, I always put together my striptease ensemble in such a way that I can take everything off all by myself without being clumsy or graceless. Sari outfits, side-hooked party sheaths, skirts, bikini-type outfits, nighties, corsets, sleeveless tee-shirts, Basques (corsets with integral brassieres), bustier-girdles, loose flaring pants, etc., are all easy to take off, and look erotic too. However, I try and avoid pants, tight jeans, Salwar-Kurta, tank-tops, blouses with tight sleeves, pedal-pushers – anything one has to pull off, or wriggle out of, or take off over one’s head, or over one’s dancing shoes. Nevertheless, on the spur of the moment, I can do a smooth striptease out of anything I’m wearing. Rajeev loves me looking like a slut, and I love unveiling and displaying my big body to our lovers.
However, I take care not to look sluttish in public, nor when we socially meet any of our non-sexual acquaintances! Sometimes when a little ‘modesty’ is called for, I go bra-less with thin see-thru chiffon Saris worn below the navel, and sleeveless Indian blouses with halter-fronts, plunging necklines and crisscrossing G-strings at the wide-open back. With some shy individual women, both straight and bi, and some very modest couples, I too dress up modestly in everyday clothes – but just a bit sexily, as they’d find my outlandish outfits too threatening, and not open up easily, or not come back again. But with the rest of the crowd, I wear any sexy revealing thing – the kinkier I look, the more they love it! When we go to our favourite hotel for sex with new individual males, I usually carry some ensemble from my sexy lingerie collection and change into it in the bathroom after the foreplay, and then make a sensational appearance. When I’m receiving adult guests at our home, then I directly dress up in erotic outfits or in a very short see-thru nightie with sexy lingerie showing through. To meet absolute newcomers at the door, I throw a robe over my shoulders, or add an opaque gown over my lingerie – sometimes not even that. And for an erotic appointment with close friends like Gautam or Shamolie, etc., I love to open the door absolutely stark naked.
Usually we indulge in piss-play when everyone is completely naked. I obviously try and avoid getting my swanky outfits wet with urine. But when taking fully-clothed Golden Showers is on the cards, or if I’m planning to wet myself for my spectators, I wear my faded blue denim jeans with thin cotton tops, or snug translucent cotton pants – basically any material which darkens nicely or becomes see-through when wet, and is easy to machine-wash. I really do enjoy getting fully drenched in hot urine when I’m wearing clothes, and equally enjoy pissing my pants (or whatever) as people watch. I especially enjoy inviting guys to piss into my cleavage when I’m wearing a blouse or a top, or down my back into my butt-cleavage through the loosened waist of my jeans.
Whenever one or both of us visit Europe, we regularly buy lots of really brassy, sexy Western lingerie and accessories, and now Gautam’s transsexual collection has got added to mine – except size-specific items, the rest fit both of us.
To list, my adult wardrobe includes Sexy French bras that push my boobs together; half-bras that leave my nipples almost open; underwired bras to push out my saggy breasts; transparent bras and panties; bras with nipple cut-outs, lots of G-strings… With my figure, the back string disappears completely between my fat buttocks. I have a few tangas, open-crotch panties, side-tying G-string bikinis; waist-cinching bustier-girdles, hourglass corsets, girdles, Basques, teddies – some in glossy wet-look or metallic vinyl; garter belts and suspenders, all sorts of stockings including fishnets, fencenets, bra-panties-garter sets; frilly money-bands (leg-garters) that European prostitutes wear on one thigh… I have many transparent nighties of differing lengths – long, short, scanty; a tight hip-hugging miniskirt in shimmering sequins, another in red wet-look vinyl; strapless tank-tops in Lycra, couple of feather-boas as dancing accessories, etc., etc. I have a tight stretchy glistening mirror-shiny metallic-gold party sheath that I usually wear without anything underneath – looks really sluttish!
In addition, my transsexual ‘brother’ Gautam and I share a collection of up to 6” high pencil-heel stilettos (we have same size feet); some regular wigs, some really wicked coloured ones (blonde, blue, violet, pink…); advanced makeup aids like pan-sticks to give us that uniform showgirl-type facial complexion, large false eyelashes, mascara, shimmering and glittering eye-shadows… Besides, I have many sets of artificial glue-on nails, body glitter and stick-on body-sequins, coloured contact lenses, kinky smear-proof lipsticks – pink, red, purple, burgundy, sinful black, kinky blue, violet, green, metallic silver, metallic gold, wet-look ones, crystalline ones, etc.
I’m fond of heavy costume jewellery, and love to round out my fuck-wear with a nice load from my collection. I own a big assortment of heavy Western and Indian ornaments, including a complete set of dancer’s body-ornaments in heavy alloy silver. This ancient design from the Indian Maurya period contains all sorts of things including lots of chains, etc. to embellish my breasts, heavy hips, big buttocks, and vulva specifically! This set is designed for wearing on bare body in place of clothes, and it makes me look like a dancer right out of Khajuraho, the ancient Indian temple of sex. Nothing is very expensive but they are all quite showy on my big frame! Gautam loves to wear these too, along with my Saris and petticoats.
Transsexual Gautam has got a few smart Indian blouses and Western party dresses tailored for him. As I mentioned earlier, One of Gautam’s lovers Jaffer is a dress-designer for Indian ‘Bollywood’ movies. Jaffer and I never have sex as he’s pure gay, but he loves to make and modify garish outfits for me: outrageous Indian blouses, Western dresses, Ghaghra-Choli-Chunri, etc. and Indian blouses and dresses for Gautam too! He has also made me a sexy mirror-work Banjara (Indian tribal) Ghaghra-Choli-Chunri outfit with only strings at the back, and a few Indian-movie-type garish dancing outfits – all sequins, transparent chiffons and metallic-shiny materials.
Often, when I wear a Ghaghra (Indian maxi skirt) for a dance, I go panty-less so I can conveniently flash my treasures! As I pirouette while dancing, the heavy swirling Ghaghra flies right up, and my audience can glimpse that I’m wearing nothing underneath! I just l-o-v-e the oohs and aahs then, especially from first-time guests!
I have a kinky French-maid’s outfit, which I wear to serve food and drinks to our fuck-mates who are usually sitting on the semicircular sofa around the pole table. It consists of a frock made from absolutely transparent black crinoline, with white satin arm gloves that come up above my elbows, a maid’s cap and a white satin apron. The half-sleeved frock’s miniskirt is made with white ruffles all around. The hemline of the skirt is mid-length in the front but at the back, it just reaches the middle of my buttocks. So in this outfit, just a little bit of bending forward beautifully displays my buttocks in all their wide heavy splendour. Usually I am bra-less and panty-less inside this outfit, so my crotch remains accessible to the sitting guests for fondling as I serve them. It’s great fun serving a meal wearing this outfit to our adult guests. With this kinky outfit, I wear black stockings, suspenders and stilettos, nothing else, and as I described, my big derrière is just about fully exposed. I enjoy the lewd remarks and vulgar pawing I receive, and do feel immensely flattered. I always tank up abundantly before the meal as I’m often called upon to fill several wine-glasses with foaming, sparkling, natural wine from the cellar under my apron! Rajeev always asks me to make a drink whenever I am in this outfit.
I also have got a grey and white nun’s habit made, and my ass really looks huge in the heavily pleated thick skirt. I wear padded white brassieres but no panties, and have sex while fully dressed and with no makeup on, especially on all fours and getting fucked doggy-style. Protestant Ronnie and another catholic friend Brian, both very well-hung, just love this kink. Ronnie loves to put his head inside the big skirt and kiss my fat thighs and ass in the darkness inside. Since I don’t wear panties, he asks me to piss into his mouth inside the heavy skirt… “Bless me with thy Holy Water, Mother.” And I oblige him. (I do hope I have not offended any Christian reader. If I have, then please accept my sincere apologies, and know that we are equally irreverent with our own Hindu paraphernalia too.)
I’ve got an authentic belly-dancer’s attire made to measure through one couple friend in Cairo, Egypt. When they visited us here, Ms. Fawzaneh taught me the basic movements plus gave me some videos to learn from. The heavily sequined belly-dancer outfit is in shades of rich red. It consists of a matching set of padded brassieres, golden bands for upper arms, wrists, ankles and neck, a waist-band (not panties) cut very low in front and high on my hips and waist, really transparent red harem-pants that are more of a skirt; a face-veil and scarves which run from the sides of the brassieres to the wrist-bands. All these are made from the same red transparent material. There are sequined nipple-caps with tassels – these can be glued on instead of wearing the brassieres, to reveal more breast-flesh, and there is a glittering gem-piece to be stuck in the belly-button. The harem-pants are quite novel. They are like a skirt which has been fully split vertically into four equal sections and strung together only by the waist-string. The bottom hems may or may not be tucked into the anklets. After I tie it and before I put my waist-band, I can move and position the four parts in any way I fancy. I can bunch one part in the front and two on my hips, stretch the fourth across my buttocks, and then show off my fleshy legs! This looks the sexiest but conceals my Sex. To avoid that I can arrange the four gaps in front, back, and on the sides to play hide and seek with my bald bare Sex, wide hips and bare buttock-cleavage. The glitzy sequins are not stitched to the cloth. They dangle from small silk cords, and they have a tantalising sex-appeal as they glimmer and shimmer crazily at the slightest movement.
When I do my belly-dance in this outfit, the smallest jiggle of my boobs, the tiniest shimmy of my big ass, or the roll of my belly under our bedroom’s spotlights produce thousands of scintillating sparkles of light. The real classical belly-dancers dance barefoot and don’t strip or reveal their privates, but I play the lowly Raqqaseh (the dancing whore), wearing stilettos, freshly shaven and without panties, and I do a complete strip as I belly-dance! When I’m not doing a proper belly-dance, I can do a mean pole-dance and do a sizzling strip from this outfit. I sometimes put on my sexy red wig with this super-erotic outfit. My male spectators, who are usually in the nude and playing with their cocks as I dance, always have a hard time controlling their ejaculation as Saroj the belly-dancer performs for them. Rajeev and I love the effect I create on my lecherous lovers.
My prize possession is a mean-looking Dominatrix outfit made in red and black wet-look PVC! We bought it second-hand from a professional Dominatrix in Germany for a song! It’s a complicated suit – much like a full-body diving suit – fully covering my body. There are matching high stiletto lace-on boots, and a head-mask. There are bits of chains, etc. to go with it. The dress leaves only my eyes-nose-mouth, my nipples and my crotch exposed. The material is tough and stretchy and there is a red vinyl corset to be worn over the suit. As the suit was designed for somewhat smaller hips, its clinging sides tend to pull my whole vulva apart, and the inner folds of my gaping-wide big Sex are exhibited so very conspicuously to my audience! In my crotch, the suit makes me feel as if someone is actually pulling my labes apart. When I put it on with Rajeev’s help, I adjust my thigh- and crotch flesh and my asscheeks inside the tight dress in such a way that when I spread my legs even moderately, my front entrance gets pulled wide open very nicely! I can then see the true meaning of the phrase ‘split wide open’ in the mirror! As my ass-cheeks are also pulled apart, my asshole too is clearly put on display when I bend over and spread my legs! The plastic outfit and the moulded boots have no lining, and everything is easily washable and designed for wet fun including urination.
However, the whole outfit is very restrictive and has to be worn in a chilled air-conditioned room, and it’s a fucking relief when I take it off with Rajeev’s help. The outfit takes almost an hour to put on and another two hours to take off, hand-wash and store, all with Rajeev helping me, so I use it only for special occasions and special people. Though I’m not really a domineering type, but I love to play the Sex-Goddess to the hilt in this outfit. I do a matching black arrogant-looking makeover with it when I (mostly) don’t use the mask. I have never used the whip on anyone till now; I just flaunt it and crack it in the air. Sometimes I push its handle into my soaking cunt – mmmm – and order my ‘slave’ to lick the wet thing.
We have bought quite a few kinky adult toys from Europe. Most of them are for women. Many are just dildos of various shapes and sizes. Some are meant for kinky bisexuals like me – strap-ons to be worn like a cock by a woman, and double-headers to be used by two people together vaginally or anally. Some are designed for the anus – butt-plugs. Some toys vibrate, some don’t, one reciprocates and one rotates too. Then there are cock-rings to give longer sustenance to the man.
One toy called Anal Pearls is a set of eight solid 1” Teflon balls set 2” apart on a soft cord, which is quite long on one end. It’s meant for stuffing up the asshole one ball at a time – the real pleasure comes when you slowly pull it out one ball at a time - oooooh. Or one can push them out one by one too – that feels even more obscene! The erotic feeling is really wanton – feels like taking a long gratifying shit in bed, or in front of someone (without any mess, as I take an enema before using it)! The toy is very easy to clean too. One can even walk around wearing tight panties with this gizmo inside one’s bowels – feels absolutely depraved. This is an anal toy – rather useless in a well-fucked cunt. This isn’t the famous Ben-Wa balls, which are two individual hollow metal spheres with another smaller solid heavy ball inside, and they feel absolutely devilish in the vagina when worn inside tight panties throughout the day!
I have the Ben-Wa balls too, and wearing both these toys together inside a tight pair of panties makes one feels constantly fucked and sodomised the whole time. I occasionally go gallivanting with our mates, or go shopping for lingerie wearing these, and end up behaving like an extra-horny slut – which is what I literally am, with these two toys fucking me continuously.
I love wearing rich alluring makeup along with selections from my adult wardrobe for our erotic get-togethers. I transform into a kinky Western whore and Rajeev and I just love it! Before we got married, Rajeev used to take me to strip-shows in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore… they were still open in those days. So I could watch the dancing-girls, add their tricks and outfit ideas to my own dancing routine, and learn from Rajeev what they were doing wrong. Today I can say I am better than any of those strippers. The commercial Indian dancer-strippers always have a bored, blasé, expressionless look on their faces. But when I do a strip, I’m beaming, smiling, laughing, bantering with my audience, talking scandalously dirty, and expressively enjoying myself all the time.
We have a big collection of extreme hard-core pornographic magazines and videos on various specialised kinky / fetish subjects – anal sex, fisting, dildos, fruits and other penile objects, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, role-playing, submission-domination, bondage & discipline, buttock-worship, urine-culture, incest, extreme perversions, etc. We buy these during our trips to Europe. I have never had any problem going through the green channel! We don’t bother to collect commonplace pornography.
About my exhibitionism:
As I said, I just l-o-v-e to tart up and dance provocatively for our adult pals – especially for males: stripteases, floor-shows, belly-dances, and Domina routines, always ending in total nudity and merry copulation! Usually I give my shows in the perfect privacy of our sexy bedroom, but sometimes when we meet our mates in discreet hotel rooms, I do my strip routine there too. There is that added thrill of doing naughty things clandestinely in a hotel.
In my belly-dancer’s outfit, I dance to lilting Arab music. With my Western lingerie, it is trumpet-saxophone jazz or randy disco beats, and heavy metal music goes with my Domina outfits. Depending on the spectators, I also love to dress up in glittering Bollywood ‘item-girl’ outfits and swivel my broad hips to vulgar Bollywood numbers. The numbers I dance to not only have sexy music, but usually have lewd lyrics too. I really enjoy getting slightly drunk and dancing to bawdy lyrics in front of leering men. Sometimes in our elegant bathroom, for ogling new male mates, I stage a toilet-show under the shower, or in the Jacuzzi. A few times, completely naked and standing wide-legged over the bidet or the toilet bowl, or sprawled on the floor spread-legged, looking insolently into my first-timers’ eyes, I have even taken a long piss as the poor scandalised strangers have stared at my cunt shamelessly spewing out my Golden urine. Rajeev and I love the effect my shamelessness and my outfits have over our new fuck-mates. If there are some interesting male spectators, I even put up a dildo show, lying spread-legged under bright lights on our round table in front of the gawking males, and shamelessly fuck my slurpy-squishy Sex and my asshole with my toys, brassily vocalising my erotic mood. Whereas real prostitutes and strippers never kiss their customers, I always let everyone French-kiss me before and after my acts, just to make the point that for all my whorishness, I’m not a real prostitute, and we are not doing this for material gains but purely for our own sexual pleasure.
Most of our individual male friends start with us as spectators for my erotic shows. Many of these are bisexual. Mostly at first, we keep these newcomers isolated from our regular ‘penetrative’ fuck-mates and have this ‘no-fucking’ understanding with them, but we do encourage them to get naked and masturbate as they watch me, and I always let them get ‘fresh’ with me, smooching me, feeling me up, and fondling and kneading my bare ‘assets’ as much as they wish. I truly enjoy watching their erections, even inadvertent ejaculations, knowing I have caused them! Often the guys are seated and I stand close to them so they can play with my big derrière with one hand and masturbate with the other hand. Then I let them cum on my legs or let them stand up and splatter their semen all over my boobs. I love to have the new guys to discharge on my asscheeks, so that I can raunchily spread the spunk all over my big ass.
With first-timers, we first indulge in kissing, foreplay, mutual masturbation or safe oral sex. Once we like them and check out their health and nature, we invite them for leisurely penetrative sex with us on their next date with us. After a few more get-togethers, we mix them with our ‘regulars’ and thus they become part of our swinging scene.
My performances give us a great advantage when we request these new friends to go to our trusted lab for Eliza tests for HIV. No one refuses after they have seen a live show by ‘Saroj the Slut-Queen’, as Rajeev puts it. As a consequence, we have detected four HIV positives. Two of these still come for my shows and I eventually masturbate them with a condom as they play with my naked body. The other two never called us again.
When the ‘spectators’ are heterosexual, Rajeev watches, talks, serves drinks, snacks, and takes off his clothes to encourage the men to get naked too. He instigates the men to masturbate freely, pass obscene comments at the ‘showgirl’, and make passes at the ‘available’ me. I too get turned on by the naked males; and shamelessly play with their ‘manhoods’. All our individual male friends openly worship me as ‘Sex-Goddess’ Saroj, and literally eat out of my hand. That’s because even at the best of commercial strip-joints in India or abroad, men never get a chance to be naked and masturbate in front of the stripper, or get to fondle and kiss her, or have their cock handled by the stripper, much less having sex with her right after the show. As a result, we are extremely popular with our select circle in Mumbai.
We have found, with some exceptions, that most individual heterosexual males don’t mind their cocks being sucked by Rajeev, if he likes their cocks and asks them to let him suck them off. And they are always all praise for his oral talents. As most straight men do mind being kissed by a man, so Rajeev never tries to kiss straight males. However, when the guys are bisexual, then Rajeev likes to get sexually involved with them in the first meeting itself.
I too get extremely excited when I see my sexy husband and strange men openly kissing and stripping each other on the couch, fondling each other’s male bodies and playing with each other’s erections as I dance and strip in front of them. Many bisexual men remark that making out with the husband as the shameless wife unveils and displays her charms is the greatest turn-on they have ever had. It’s a very big turn-on for us too. The compliments are very flattering but every now and then we end up triggering a premature climax in our guests – which is embarrassing to them and a bit frustrating all round. So we try to keep things simmering, not boiling over.
As they go on with their homosexual foreplay, the men watch me and get very excited as I shamelessly showcase my womanly assets. Bisexuality is such fun! I’m forever lamenting why we husband and wife didn’t open our bisexual sides to each other right from the beginning! Whenever we are free on Saturday nights, we invite a few of our eager young bisexual guys over. I satiate my lust for exhibitionism and Rajeev gets his fill of homosexuality too! He too loves to kiss and make out with young men in front of me. Often these guys ask if they can get their other bisexual male friends along for my performances, and we accept them after Rajeev screens them. Thus, our circle slowly grows. Some guys ask if they can photograph or videotape me, but we never allow that. Rajeev and I do photograph and videotape ourselves in action, and we have a good XXX-rated collection for private viewing. Often Gautam operates the camera, and joins us on the bisexual scene too, usually in full drag.
Two husbands from our wife-swapping club had separately asked me to teach their wives how to do a provocative strip. We did it over a weekend in each instance. It was good clean fun all around as I openly made light-hearted lesbian advances on the women as I taught them.
Four bisexual guys we once invited for a party expressed a desire to be dominated by us, so I obliged them with my Domina outfit, and Sheena in glorious intimidating drag and Rajeev in a leather pouch joined me to enslave them. I ‘forced’ all of them drink our piss as part of dominating them. One of them has become a regular pee-lover and we often invite him for a Golden Party. The rest three said they quite liked the taste of piss, but didn’t continue! One hetero couple also regularly enjoys being dominated by both of us, but no pissing – but that’s fine with us.
These scenarios may sound like figments of imagination, but we actually do all this. In the beginning, I used to be rather tense doing a strip in front of strangers – not that I was shy, but I used to be tense about whether I was doing a good job! But with experience and constant encouragement from my wonderful husband, I have learnt to relax and enjoy brazenly showing off my assets and sex-appeal. I have realised that I’m anyway doing a good job, and no one is really looking for perfection in a striptease, and what my spectators appreciate is my candid attitude, not artistic perfection. All my spectators like my heavy figure and relish my sizzling sexiness, and I love basking in that glory! In different words, many have remarked that looking at me doing a strip, they have discovered the erotic sexiness of the plump figure, and that even a plump woman can be as much of a sexual turn-on as a slim beauty – even more, some say!
I love to dress up like a Western whore and directly open our inner door to total strangers. As I said, with new couples, I keep my sex-wear and makeover just sensuous and subdued yet sexy and classy. Even that’s always a smashing hit. The women invariably ask, “Where did you get THAT from?” I feel so proud then! But with all-male invitees, I really go overboard with titillating outfits and heavy and glittering makeup, bordering on the garish and vulgar. I have particularly come to enjoy unveiling and proffering my big buttock-globes to our audiences, inviting them to feel its size and shape and soft firmness, spreading my thick ass-cheeks and flaunting my well-seasoned asshole in my assorted lovers’ faces – with total shameless abandon in the bright spotlights in our bedroom! Sometimes I exhibit my derrière even before I expose my breasts or reveal my shaven Sex to these watching men.
Whenever there is a chance, then within a few minutes of meeting a total stranger single male (vetted by Rajeev) for erotic sex, I stylishly lift my Ghaghra or Sari or drop my pants or whatever I’m wearing, and bare my big fat bottom to his lusty eyes, often asking the guy if he likes my big fat ass. Usually the men are delighted with this sudden blatant exhibition, and readily kiss and fondle my big butt – sets a nice cheerful erotic mood! Sometimes when I’m well into my erotic dance-routine, Rajeev passes loud comments like, “Hey Saroj, why don’t you unveil those big sexy buttocks to these randy guys?” “And now spread your cheeks and show them your asshole!” or simply, “Hey you whore, turn around and show us your big fat ass naked!” And I oblige, simpering like an aroused slut. The exhibitionist in me really loves such moments!
I really get naughty at times. Once, Rajeev brought home two of his well-hung former bisexual pals Ronnie and Altaf to enjoy a hot bout of 3M-1F bi-group-sex. Many years after my brother had walked in on a naked me, this was the very first time I appeared completely naked directly in front of total strangers with my genitalia on full display. I enormously enjoyed the thrill of being so brazen. I had never met these two guys before. I put some body-glitter in my cleavage, on my shoulders, on my freshly shaven pubic mound and on the upper slopes of my ass-cheeks. Then I put my Anal Pearls into my asshole with the thick white string with its conspicuous finger ring obscenely hanging out from my asshole, and adjusted the lights on the round table in our bedroom.
Rajeev welcomed the bi-guys into our bedroom and prepared drinks for them. Heavy music was on and the three men were already naked and smooching each other when, completely naked – just wearing 5” stilettos, I made a flamboyant appearance, and climbed onto the round table to dance. I immediately noticed that both these guys had hefty dongs, so I complimented them on their luscious organs. My hubby has a big cock too, so I was going to be stuffed real nice and proper that evening! There was no question of doing a strip because I was already in my birthday suit. My shaven Sex was on open display to these total strangers, naked and shimmering in the bright lights in front of them. Then I turned around, happily jiggled my big bare derrière in their faces, spread my fat thighs, put my hands behind and spread my ass-cheeks to reveal my anal lips with the string hanging out from them with the finger-ring. Jutting out and swaying my fully opened ass, I slowly pulled out the white balls one by one from my well-lubricated asshole. The two men just went berserk, and in no time, I was led to our bed and my three holes were thoroughly stuffed simultaneously.
Ronnie shoots the most powerful jets and the most voluminous amount of semen of all the males I have seen ejaculating. I just l-o-v-e to have him shoot all over my big ass, also all over my face – Rajeev loves to have Ronnie cum on his face too! We meet him once a month on an average. He produces such a massive amount of semen that every inch of my huge ass (or my face and chest) gets covered when I smear it over my globes. Physically, Ronnie is so average-built that one can never imagine that he’d have such a big dong and so much juice in his balls.
On one of our anniversaries, we partied with these two, plus three more bisexual studs Randhir, Manish and Prakash – everyone very well-hung at 8”+, plus Gautam in full drag as Sheena, at our apartment. In fact, we chose these guys for their big dongs, as we both wanted to enjoy being totally stuffed with big cocks. All had agreed to, and were capable of, cumming twice in an evening. So, first, Rajeev and I deep-throated and enjoyed cream-facials from five virile cocks one after the other. Sheena shot a lot of pictures of my happy semen-drenched face.
After some rest, for the Grand Finale, Rajeev had one cock each in his mouth and ass, and his own cock in Sheena’s ass, and rest three took my three holes together. As we had plied everyone with plenty of weak beer, I then merrily invited everyone to empty his erupting bladder all over me in bed – with the plastic sheet and side padding on – and I wallowed in that huge splish-splash piss-pool like a happy sow.
Rajeev and I really relish these kinky moments! What fun it has been, stripping and flaunting my generous figure in front of ogling men, sleazily shaking my ample buttocks and boobs, parading around and displaying my bald privates to these horny men, and then getting fucked in my various holes by them! Occasionally, another woman joins me on the stage, and with lesbian action, the randy bisexual fun is doubled!
One really sweet but lonesome old gentleman Surendra is a frequent guest of ours for no-touch voyeuristic sex – watching a private striptease, a live sex-show, a pube-shaving, a leisurely belly-dance, me modelling my new outfits, a gay scene by Rajeev, a leisurely lesbian act with Shamolie, an all-hole plugging by three males, playing “bitches” with Gautam in drag… Ex-bank-chairman Surendra Uncle (unlike other English-speaking people, Indians put the kinship after the name, not before) is a childless widower and lives alone. He does not touch any of us, butte’s excellent adult company, and a perfect voyeur – appreciating and complimenting ever so intelligently, talking about kinky sex with complete aplomb! He especially loves my kinky Dominatrix outfit, and offers suggestions for improving my domination routines, though I’d never dream of trying my domination games on him! At 70, he’s completely dysfunctional sexually due to long years of diabetes, but otherwise perfectly healthy, alert, and charmingly civilised. Surendra Uncle just likes to sit fully dressed with his very dilute vodka, talking so very amiably yet so knowledgeably about all sorts of deviant sex.
It feels so kinky that while we perform all sorts of extreme, outrageous sex-acts in front of him, fully dressed Surendra Uncle just sits there politely and gracefully, cordially enjoying our company as if all of us are gracefully socialising in our living room. He has seen me having sex with my brother after tying a Rakhee on his cock on the Rakhee day, and hasn’t blinked an eye. We have also informed him that I’d be giving myself to my son on his 18th birthday – and he has given us a few good suggestions for ceremoniously committing this ultimate depravity. Surendra Uncle always encourages us to experiment further, ever so graciously suggesting more wicked twists!
Once he requested me to bend over and throw anal ‘kisses’ by spreading my cheeks and expanding-and-contracting my displayed anal lips. Once he requested me to wear my strap-on and fuck Sheena’s ass as Sheena sodomised Rajeev – reversing our usual order. Another time he asked Shamolie and me to tickle each other’s clitorises with our big nipples, and such like. Often, we ask him to photograph Rajeev, Sheena and me, in all sorts of really outrageous actions. He has watched Rajeev making gay anal love to Sheena, with both of them in complete drag. Once Sheena had just removed his body hair, when Surendra Uncle asked me to give Sheena a long breast-to-body, thighs-to-body and buttocks-to-body massage in our spacious bathroom, using very thick herbal massage oil!
With everyone else, we maintain watertight confidentiality, but we trust Surendra Uncle completely, and disclose everything to him. Like a priest hearing a confession, he never asks for anyone’s particulars, but by now knows all our fuck-mates by names and physical deions. Sometimes when Rajeev is out of town, I call my favourite Uncle over for company. I just remain in the nude throughout the afternoon and evening – exercising, cooking, serving, cleaning up, enjoying my dildos, bathing, taking a piss, narrating our recent escapades, etc… as he follows me everywhere in the house. Sometimes he stays back late for dinner – just him and me – and at such times, after dinner, I start some new extreme hard-core video, put off all lights, light up a cigarette, sip my own urine from a glass, and cuddle up close to him in our chilled air-conditioned bedroom. Surendra Uncle remains fully dressed but I’m stark-naked, discussing the depraved action on the screen with me. He still does not touch me but I myself snuggle up to him and slowly get him to masturbate me as the R-rated porn video plays on. My sweet Uncle reluctantly obliges me, but I know he loves it. And I just love making this gracious old man so happy.
About our interest in aqua-sex:
Both of us have always enjoyed sex in the bathroom, under the shower, in the bathtub… as much as in the bed. At our civic swimming-pool, watching various half-naked bodies in and around the pool, and in the changing rooms is a good turn-on for both of us. After all, our swinging lifestyle began at this swimming pool. At our civic pool, I wear fairly brief two-piece bikinis and enjoy having men stare at my voluptuous near-nakedness. A few other (slimmer) women wear two-pieces too, so I don’t stand out.
In our swanky bathroom, we love giving (and receiving) long erotic hand-massages, body-on-body massages and sexy baths to our lovers. Both Rajeev and Gautam are excellent masseurs and I have learnt a lot from them. Oiling up or soaping up liberally, and erotically rubbing slippery bodies together, kissing or sitting on a cock under the shower, and soaking in our Jacuzzi before, during or after sex are splendid turn-ons. We often soap our partners as they lay on our smooth white bathroom floor, slithering and sliding our bodies on theirs, massaging merrily, then hose ourselves down. Often a lavish oil-drench precedes the soaping.
In our big bathroom, we can really get liberal with oil. We also use various other media like petroleum jelly, paraffin oil, chocolate sauce, Jell-O, etc. for massaging, slithering and wrestling together. We often organise ‘wet orgies’, and party in our big bathroom with our mates. I love to get on my knees in our bathtub, facing towards the centre of the bathroom with my hands on the rim or on the floor outside, and get fucked or sodomised as others watch. You can now understand why we have got our bathroom soundproofed.
About our favourite fetish – urine-love:
But we do much more than the play with water in the bathroom! Rajeev and I both relish drinking and bathing in fresh urine from each other and from (almost) all our lovers. Yes, I mean piss, pee, wee-wee, Golden Showers, Water Sports!
Drinking fresh urine, bathing in the ‘Golden Showers’ and having a man urinate inside one’s vagina are medically safe activities, because fresh piss from clean genitals of a healthy person is absolutely sterile. The kidneys are such effective filters that any bacteria or even viruses cannot pass through. Nothing short of a severe urinary (or vaginal) infection brings germs into the urine. Such infections anyway make one too sick for sex.
We always carefully screen, examine and educate our fuck-mates – more so our pissing mates – and we have never come to any harm in the last 18 years because of our urine-love. Moreover, we have discovered two cases of undetected diabetes among our mates. Their urine had tasted sweet, and we asked them to visit their doctors to get their blood sugar levels tested. Both turned out to be diabetics, but their condition was detected well before much damage was done.
However, ‘Brown Showers’ (sexual defecation), and urinating inside someone’s bowels are medically unhealthy, and we don’t ever indulge in these. We do take enemas before anal sex, and if there is time, give them to our anal mates before indulging in anal sex. However, we have never found the process of bowel cleansing erotic. Although the sensations from having one’s ass fucked are not very different from those during taking a shit, we don’t bring the latter into our sex-life.
As I said earlier, Rajeev has been relishing fresh urine since puberty, and I have become a connoisseur of the Golden Champagne right since my marriage. I have already told you the story of my initiation into piss-love on my wedding night. From that day, I have become a complete connoisseur of strong, spicy, pungent, undiluted, freshly drawn human urine. Since our marriage, Rajeev and I have developed this unique sexual deviation into a fine-art, and we are not one bit ashamed of it! Even now, urine-drinking is an important part of our marital and extramarital sex-life. Both of us still drink and bathe in each other’s fresh piss practically every day.
Specifically, we love the feel the urine on our bodies, on our face, in our hair, inside my vagina, and inside our mouths, and we happily swallow it without any inhibitions. We play pissing games in the bathroom, in the shower stall, in the bathtub, outdoors in the countryside. We have organised pissing capers in the woods during summer. We enjoy pissing in our clothes and have people piss on us when we are clothed. Rajeev enjoys pissing his jeans, and I delight in pissing in everything – jeans, panties, thin cotton petticoats, whatever… and relish getting urinated upon in tight cotton blouses, thin cotton Kurtas, cotton shirts, satin shirts (satin wets very well), seersuckers, denims… Obviously, I like to play Wet T-shirts with a live hosepipe! To us, one of the best ways of letting our hair down is to get drenched with fresh hot piss and enjoy the sights, sensations, smells and tastes of invigorating Golden Showers. I can confidently say that there is nothing Rajeev and I enjoy more intensely than having half-a-dozen people or more, (especially males and young slim girls who can arch their piss-streams forward) merrily urinating on us and drenching every inch of our bodies – either clothed or naked – from head to toe.
By now, we have had piss-fun thousands of times, literally! Obviously, we implore the participants to tank up their bladders to the utmost limit they can hold. Though smooching Rajeev (or sitting on his cock) under multiple urine-streams is an ecstasy by itself, I often choose to take Golden Showers alone, as firstly, I get to enjoy all of the piss, and secondly I by myself am at the focal point of the whole depraved debauchery.
And yes, we do indulge in heavy bedwetting, and love taking Golden Showers in bed too – with a plastic sheet under the bed sheet. The last feels the kinkiest.
As I just said, on one of our anniversaries, I have had seven men – Ronnie, Altaf, Randhir, Manish, Prakash, Sheena and Rajeev – drench me from head to toe with their ready-to-burst bladders right in our big bed after a seven-fold cream-facial and a simultaneous three-hole fuck. I loved every second of the whole experience but the heavy Golden Showers were pure ecstasy!
We especially love to drink piss whenever one or both of us or our mates happen to have a bladder bursting with really concentrated piss. We both relish it most when the smell is intensely pungent, the taste is strongly spicy, the colour is really deep-golden, and the volume is painfully immense. In a way, we re-live our Golden wedding-night! By now, we know how to achieve that degree of concentration. Smoking, spicy food, strong coffee, chocolates, not drinking enough liquids, a long, busy, tiring day, or a long journey, and of course, carefully withholding for many hours really makes it nice and strong! Over the years, we both have developed very substantial bladder capacities too.
A few years ago, we had gone to Pune, a nearby city after some elaborate planning, by the dawn train for some important work. Before leaving at dawn, we had spread a thick new plastic sheet below our bed sheets. We busily worked for the whole day and came back to Mumbai at midnight by the last train, then took a taxi home. Not having taken a leak for 18 hours, when we reached our apartment block, we were walking very unsteadily with intense pressure in our obscenely bloated bellies. We finally opened the door and staggered to our marital bed, and enjoyed the craziest Golden Night of our life!
We spent the whole night in our aromatic golden puddle, guzzling bottles of chilled beer, and fucking and pissing away in the splishy-splashy bed itself. That night we had first pissed in bottles, and thus had measured our cache: Rajeev had 2 litres and I had 3.2 litres of the Connoisseur’s Finest! Measuring it out took away the starting fun of direct showers and drinks, but the whole silly episode was worth the frightful discomfort.
Since then, such plastic sheets have seen a lot of glorious ‘golden’ partying with our friends in our bed. We also drape large clear plastic sheets on our couches, or on the floor and have pissing good fun there too with our special friends! We are not alone in this depravity, though! Urine-culture forms an important part of the European sex-scene, and we have had a good deal of glorious pissing fun in Europe too. In India, we have often invited (and thoroughly scandalised) many of our very close friends into the bathroom, asked them to drench us in their piss, to directly piss into our mouths too, and swallowed it all. In addition, I often invited some of my very close male lovers to urinate inside my vagina, and almost always, all these guys have in turn ask me to let go with my bladder with their cock still inside my cunt. With these special male friends, I don’t insist on a condom. Their hot urine douching out my vagina feels extremely titillating!
With these special friends, I gorge up my bladder in advance. Then, as I’m noisily climaxing when the guy is still manfully thrusting into me, I shamelessly pee without warning, breathlessly declaring that the fucking he’s giving me has given me such ecstasy that I have lost my bladder control – which is in fact the truth (our marital bed is always covered with a plastic sheet under the bed sheets). At this, the guys (and me too) go berserk with raw lust and usually climax as I’m still slowly peeing, and then I ask them to urinate inside me and they almost always oblige me. I just love the squishy mess! Rajeev of course knows in advance, and loves to watch!
Sometimes, if we feel like scandalising someone, we piss into our spouse’s mouth right in front of him or her. Our sofas, dance table, bedroom floor, our bed itself, bathtub, bathroom-floor, etc., have often been splattered with golden piss from many genitalia. I have learned how to masturbate on a bursting bladder (or get fucked), and release my pee as I’m having my orgasm. The sensations are mind-blowing! Unfortunately, males cannot cum and piss simultaneously.
Unlike most heavily built women, I can stand wide legged, open my cunt-lips and urinate without having it run down my thighs. Also, unlike most large fat women, my stream arches forward rather than falling straight down. Rajeev pisses with a heavy jet, and my stream is average but well-defined.
Both of us have always found the whole adventure – proposing the naughty act, watching our lovers overcome their inhibitions to start pissing in our mouths, the sights, sounds, smells and feel of the warm urine squirting from our lovers’ genitalia – the diverse shades of yellows, the ever-changing earthy smells, the never-repeating novel tastes, the splashing warmth – all are thoroughly stimulating!
We’ve realised that accepting a lover’s urine creates a special love-bonding even a splendid fuck cannot match! However, we sincerely don’t expect or even request anyone to reciprocate these acts. So far, very few people have turned down our invitations to pee on us even before trying it! Two persons didn’t enjoy it and didn’t wish to repeat it, but most folks have loved peeing all over us, and love us all the more for inviting them on. Most of our pisser mates want to do it every time we have sex with them, and we of course love that. Occasionally, some have wanted to reciprocate, and we have religiously introduced them to the World of Golden Delights.
Over the years we have been swinging in India, we have struck sympathetic Golden chords in a few, though none from our old wife-swapping club. Some of these two-way piss-mates of ours had their own urinary fascinations or fantasies, some simply got fascinated and ‘joined the pool’, and some had some or the other kind of prior experiences.
So we have slowly built up a group of eight dedicated piss-lovers – two men; one is Gautam of course; one is Ravi – a good-looking businessman; two women, Ruby and Dr. Ujwala; one couple Bobby and Riaa (both Punjabi Indians – they often keep Western names), and Rajeev and me.
For the last three years, this ‘Golden Gang’ of ours has been ‘formally’ meeting twice a year to celebrate an intimate ‘Golden Showers Day’ at our apartment, full of well-planned ceremonies and complex rituals, dedicated to divine urine and exotic sex. Litres after litres of low-alcohol beer and non-alcoholic drinks are consumed, and piss really flows! Some of the pissers are not bisexual but nobody minds witnessing gay or lesbian sex, and no one has any qualms about same-sex pissing games. Everyone happily drinks directly from everyone’s genitals.
From the first ‘Golden Showers Day’ day, we have played formal urine-tasting games. As taste and aroma are subjects of much comment and appreciation, we provide the wine-glasses and everyone ritually tastes everyone’s ‘offering’ anonymously, and rates it on various counts. We choose winners with much frivolity – strongest taste, deepest colour, best bouquet (smell), best taste, lightest pee (Gautam always wins this one), etc.
(The following paragraph may appear gross to some readers.) Quite predictably, whenever any of the members from this ‘Golden Gang’ joins us for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we serve fresh urine – either ‘single’ or blended (from more than one person) – as an aperitif, or replacing beer, and also as a table wine in appropriate fine glassware. We have all fashions of wineglasses with us, with many sizes of crystal decanters. As a wine, urine is dry, but from diabetics, it can sometimes be mildly sweet. Though I always alert the ‘donor’, I quite like that sweetness. Urine tastes great with non-spicy Chinese food, mushrooms, cheese, nuts, eggs, green salad and especially as a dressing on onion rings… Cooking or freezing completely ruins the taste, and for us personally, it does not go very well with spicy Indian food or fried snacks. Sometimes, if we are likely to get some very strong brew, especially if we are going to have sex after the meal, we drink it as an after-meal liqueur, usually with a light cigarette – Japanese Mild-Seven, Kent and Marlboro Lights go very well with piss. Sometimes we mix crisp urine with vodka, gin, golden tequila or even Cointreau, or substitute Worcester sauce in Bloody Marys or swap lime juice in various cocktails with fresh natural draft. Fresh urine does make great cocktails, once you acquire a taste!
Let me tell you more about our ‘Golden Gang’.
Ravi was the first to join our Golden Gang. We met middle-aged Ravi for the first time a few years ago through a mutual friend. In fact, he was the third individual male we had invited to our marital bed, all heterosexual till then. As he had said he was a pub- and disco-going type, I had decided to entertain him in my tight white Lycra miniskirt, black stockings and a brief red transparent halter top, without bra and panties. For some reason I had gotten quite late in doing my makeover. Ravi had arrived a bit early too. I was still in the dressing room and had just begun doing my heavy party makeup. We had just bought our round table and sofas, and Rajeev had fixed up the baby-spots that very morning. We hadn’t got the air-conditioner fitted in till then.
Rajeev opened the door for Ravi and settled him on our new round table dance-stage. Both of them chitchatted, drinking whiskey and going through our porn collection as they waited for my appearance. Both men remained fully dressed, unlike later encounters with bisexual men, with whom Rajeev would start the foreplay before I made my appearance. Rajeev told me later that Ravi had shown a great interest in our piss-sex magazines.
I was still dressing up, when – as he leafed through the golden showers magazine – Ravi candidly confessed to Rajeev that he had tasted his own urine and found the act very stimulating sexually, and that his standing fantasy was to drink a woman’s urine. Rajeev assured Ravi that we would enact his fantasy that very evening, revealing to him our own interest in urine-drinking and golden showers.
At that point, Rajeev came into the dressing room and offered me a large measure of neat whiskey, telling me to down it quickly and get a bit high as we might be “in for an interesting evening”. And he asked me to hold my bladder – quite a common request between us as Rajeev relishes my ‘after-adultery’ urine. I don’t normally drink whiskey, certainly not neat, but I trust Rajeev – my engineer husband usually has a good reason for everything. So, dressed like a party bimbo, I made my appearance smoking a cigarette, and Rajeev introduced me to handsome Ravi.
I eagerly French-kissed Ravi, I climbed on our brand-new round table and danced through a few fast disco numbers alone, flashing my bralessness and pantylessness to him, then danced slow ones with him, grinding my big hips against his bulging crotch, as Rajeev egged him on to fondle my big ass and boobs.
A second measure of neat whiskey and dirty-dancing with Ravi soon made me rather tipsy and quite horny, and I danced and slowly stripped erotically as the two men watched. After I was completely naked except for my platforms, and covered with sweat in the hot room, I posed for some time in various fuck-postures, as the three of us had a smoke again. When the music ended, Rajeev quietly asked me to remain on the table as he brought out three large balloon wine-glasses from the bar. To toast the show-girl, he said.
I was confused – were we going to have wine after whiskey – but kept quiet. Rajeev set two of the empty glasses on a side table, handed one to Ravi and said to me, “Saroj, pour that special drink for Ravi which you often make for me!” For a moment, I didn’t understand. Then, when the implication sank in, I couldn’t believe my ears! Was Ravi going to drink my piss? I flashed a quick look at Rajeev, and he silently nodded. Standing in front of me on the ground, Ravi was looking expectantly into my eyes, and moving hesitantly towards me with that empty glass in hand. My mind went berserk with Golden lust! Though I had enjoyed receiving Golden Showers from both our first and second individual male guests, I had never given Golden Showers to anyone except Rajeev, much less having someone else drink my piss.
I remember our bedroom was absolutely silent, and the new bright lights were lighting up my whole perspiring nakedness, and my adrenalin was pumping. I awkwardly asked Ravi, “Ravi, do you really want to drink my…”, and he completed the sentence for me, “Piss? Yes, I want to, Saroj! As I told Rajeev, I drink my own and I have been fantasizing about drinking a woman’s urine for a long time! Would you please fill this glass for me?” So, quietly, I spread my legs wide, and stood on the table in my high platforms as Ravi held the large wine-glass under my cunt. And looking blushingly at Ravi and Rajeev, I slowly spread my shaven “shame-lips” with both my hands, saying, “Just give me a moment to get going!” With my heart hammering against my chest, I did some slow deep breathing quietly and made a deliberate effort to start urinating – in full gaze of a stranger for the first time in my life, that too standing up.
I was conscious of fully clothed Ravi’s expectant gaze at my piss-hole. Soon I my hot deep golden urine tinkled into that glass, and soon filled up the big goblet under my Sex. Ravi thanked me very graciously. Rajeev then asked Ravi to open his pants and fill the other two glasses for us. Ravi could manage to fill only a third of each, and handed the glasses to us. His dark yellow piss was really concentrated! Ravi proposed a toast to “The Golden Girl” and we all sipped the Golden Champagne in total silence.
We all started on beer after that, and raunchy dirty Golden Showers and wet sex followed in our bathroom! Though Ravi is straight, we all merrily drank and bathed in each other’s piss that night. Thus, Ravi became the first member of our Golden Gang.
Within a month, our first bisexual relationship started with Gautam. Ravi and Gautam started getting together with Rajeev and me for ‘pissing good fun’ and group sex. Gautam and Rajeev kept their homosexuality a secret from Ravi, but I was enjoying getting drenched from tip to toe in three men’s hot yellow streams. Also, for the first time in my life I was having three cocks all to myself to stuff in all my holes together! Till then, I had never got a chance to have three cocks inside me at one time!
On to the other members of our Golden Gang: Adventurous, fat, motherly Ruby is a big-built Punjabi woman. Ruby is 45, 5’5”, 200 lbs., 48DD-44-54, quite fair and attractive. She has formidable breasts, a big tummy and huge fat buttocks – jutting a mile out at the back. Ruby can piss with an obscenely powerful squirt, and we find that sight extremely fascinating. She’s always game for kinky sex, and we often call her over for heavy Golden sex. Rajeev found Ruby through ‘The Bombayite’ and met her for the first time in a hotel for pre-arranged sex. This was before he met me.
On Rajeev’s first blind date with Ruby, she walked into his hotel room that afternoon wearing a simple Salwar-Kurta. Rajeev kissed her hard, feeling up her huge buttocks, and smelled cigarettes on her breath. He got very excited on that score, as this was the first time he had smelled cigarettes on a woman’s breath on their very first kiss. Right away, Ruby asked Rajeev to fix drinks, put down her handbag, and took off her sandals and Chunni as Rajeev turned to make drinks.
With two glasses in hand, as he turned to face Ruby, expecting to settle down for some idle chit-chat, he was astonished by what he saw – this fat elderly middle-class housewife nonchalantly took off all her clothes, put a cigarette between her crimson lips, and asked Rajeev to light it up. As a throbbing-hard, yet calm Rajeev did that, Ruby sprawled naked on the bed – happily drinking and smoking – and candidly spread her fat legs wide open, as Rajeev took in her huge motherly shaved vulva. Shivering with excitement, Rajeev hesitantly asked naked Ruby if he could address her as ‘Mamma’, and a surprised Ruby consented quite pleasantly, opening her naked fat arms and inviting Rajeev into her huge sagging bosoms, calling him her sexy son! Soon, Rajeev made his pitch about wanting to drink her urine, and a surprised but spunky Ruby soon rewarded him with a hefty pungent stream, and demanded to taste his piss too. She had never even thought about drinking urine, but she got hooked to the idea.
Large-built Bobby and tall, handsome, sexy Riaa were into auto-urine therapy – each drinking only their own urine and massaging themselves with it – but had never brought it into their sex-life till they met us. We met them in our yoga school, and they are our newest members. Rajeev had liked elegant Riaa’s (35, 5’8”, 140 lbs, 36-28-42) matured ramp-model-like good-looks, and I was turned on by the mature, tall and handsome Bobby (48, 5’11”, 220 lbs and thick 7”).
During a social visit to Riaa and Bobby’s place, the conversation over drinks came to good health with yoga. One thing led to another, and we discovered that we all regularly drank urine – which is one of the exotic therapies prescribed by yoga. We got on to talking about cleansing our systems with fluids, and watery fruits and vegetables. I said Rajeev and I often drank each other’s urine, and Riaa said they too did the same sometimes – for a change, she added! (Unlike most Americans and Europeans, most Indians are not so averse to talking about bodily functions.)
After a while, Bobby said that he’d like to step out for a smoke, and Rajeev went out with him to keep company. Once alone with Bobby, Rajeev took the plunge and told them a limited version of our kind of urine love and its inclusion in our sex life. Rajeev also cautiously mentioned that we were a swinging couple. Bobby too came out and informed him that they used to swing with two couples when they were in Delhi, and they were missing that fun in Mumbai, as nobody had approached them and they didn’t know how to find similar swinging couples. So Rajeev offered to Bobby that if they wished they could swap with us. Bobby said they both liked both of us, and confided that returning from yoga classes, Riaa had occasionally wondered if they should broach the topic of swapping with us.
Rajeev replied that we too had discussed the very same idea, and added that we should make a ‘double-cross’ date – local code for a mate-swap-date. Bobby proposed we celebrate a ‘golden’ weekend coming Saturday morning with them at their simple, secluded lakeside villa near Pune, a nearby city. Rajeev requested Bobby if they both could be freshly shaved, and he readily agreed, saying they liked hairless bodies too. Answering Rajeev’s obvious question, Bobby said they’d prefer swapping in separate bedrooms. That meant, with heavy odds, that they were not bisexual.
Come Saturday, and four of us drove down to Pune in our car, drinking lots of liquids on the way – strong coffee, weak beer, tomato juice, coconut water – as planned beforehand. Riaa sat in the front and I sat with Bobby in the back of the car. We had decided that all of us would hold back and avoid going to the toilet after reaching their holiday place.
Sitting with Bobby, I was fantasizing about sex with him, and Rajeev was commenting on how gorgeous Riaa looked even without any makeup that morning. I was wearing bra and panties made from thin baby-pink cotton, tight trousers made of thin white absorbent duck, a tight thin sleeveless halter top of powder-blue cotton, and rubber beach sandals. After having heard deions of their villa, I had planned something naughty for them, and I drank lots of liquids in the car. By noon, we reached their isolated villa by the lakeshore, and found that it was surrounded with tall leafy trees. When we arrived, Bobby asked the live-in guard to go home for the day, locked the main gate, and made sure that the whole place was secure for us to have an adult party.
It was shady, yet very warm and humid. There was a huge lake behind their villa, so we first walked down to its rock-strewn shore, carrying some snacks and chilled beer bottles with us. Not a soul was in sight for miles! Riaa was wearing tight faded blue denims and a thin white men’s shirt – she looked very sexy – and the men were in Bermudas and T-shirts. As swimming was not permitted in that lake, we all sat around, sipping beer and nibbling on light snacks. We all ate moderately, and drank watery beer.
As the brunch got over and we cleared up the place, I found myself a big sloping rock and sprawled on it, facing everyone and widened my legs, and cheerfully remarked, “It’s so peaceful and relaxing here after Mumbai’s crowd and incessant noise! Hey, Riaa and Bobby, I’m so full! Can I relieve some of the pressure right here?” Riaa and Bobby were surprised but reacted positively. Half-jokingly, Bobby said, “Be our guest!” I replied pertly, “I AM your guest, so here it comes! You can watch me if you want to!”
With that, I lit a cigarette and slowly, nonchalantly, started pissing inside my white pants, savouring the spreading warm wetness! As Bobby and Riaa’s interested gazes darted between my face and the darkening stain spreading in my fat crotch, Rajeev smiled to himself! As I pissed, I watched Bobby’s crotch as his cock came to life inside his Bermudas. Though I had made a sizeable wet spot on my pants, I did hold back most of my bursting bladder!
My wet crotch now strongly smelt of urine, and the warm breeze was chilling the wet patch, making me feel very ticklish. Bobby had got a big hard-on, so Rajeev suggested we pair off and go to our rooms! Bobby suggested that we gather again at 6 for coffee and a stroll in the dark. Rajeev proposed that we pair off with a little formal ceremony, and explained the steps.
First, Rajeev and I kissed, and he removed my top and opened my bra, thus revealing my saggy tits; and put his arm around my waist. We watched as Bobby and Riaa emulated us. Somewhat self-conscious Riaa had beautifully plump, pointed breasts with tiny areolas and large nipples. Rajeev said a bit formally, “Bobby, my wife wants to have sex with you. Please take her and both of you enjoy yourselves in any and every way you wish.” Bobby sort of repeated that, we women briefly kissed each other on the lips, and strolled over to our respective swap-dates, and kissed them passionately. Bobby turned out to be a very good kisser.
Going back to the villa, I climbed the steep steps first, with Bobby following me, and obviously gazing at my piss-sodden bottom. “Hmm, nice spicy smell”, he whispered appreciatively, patting my thick hips. Riaa fell back and erotically tying back her long hair, leisurely climbed ahead of Rajeev, who quietly complimented her on her boobs and her magnificent derrière!
Once alone with Bobby in their comfortable bedroom, I kissed him, telling him I was his piss-drinking whore! I asked him to strip as I peeled off my smelly wet pants and pissy underthings, and asked him to give me some of his piss to drink. He happily obliged! On my directions, Bobby lay down on the bathroom floor, I squatted over him and emptied a part of my bursting-again bladder into his eager mouth. I gave him a long boobs-to-body and buttocks-to-body massage with my urine – I’d pee a little, and then rub it into his skin with my tits or my derrière. He then did the same to me, using only his hands and cock, as he was not used to giving body-to-body massages. We drank more beer in the bathroom, and pissed and fucked, then had a shower and started making out on their bed. I deep-throated him and drank every drop of his heavy load. Bobby moaned as he came, and told me I was very skilled with my mouth and it was the best oral sex he had ever received. After some rest, I rode his thick pole. He told me I was very tight and wet, and very skilled with my cunt too, and said he liked my big ass!
Later, Rajeev narrated his experience with handsome Riaa to me. Once they reached the guest bedroom, Riaa grabbed Rajeev and French-kissed him like a long-lost lover, and Rajeev (so typical) kneaded her firm, shapely derrière. Rajeev undressed curvaceous Riaa and took off his own clothes too. Ever thirsty for urine from a sexy lover, Rajeev asked Riaa to stand wide legged and urinate in his mouth. Rajeev said that it was indeed a rare sight to see such a gorgeous woman merrily let go of her bladder standing up, into the mouth of a virtual stranger! Rajeev asked Riaa to hold back a good amount, asked her to lie in bed and spread her knees. He fastened his mouth to her rather small cunt and ate her, asking her to pee in bed directly into his mouth. Pissing in bed was a novel experience for Riaa. Rajeev pissed on her too, giving her a good amount to drink, and gave her a urine massage.
In the evening, I came out in a teensy-weensy G-string bikini and Bobby just wore Bermudas. As we came out, Rajeev and Riaa came in, looking happy and well-fucked! Rajeev was in shorts and sexy Riaa was topless with tangas below. With common consent, we all stripped completely, and sat down with our swap-dates to chat over strong coffee laced with Irish whiskey we had brought with us. Dinner was served with a blend of natural wines on the table – I had carried appropriate wineglasses and a big crystal decanter for making a piss-cocktail. Though earlier Bobby and Riaa had wanted to swap in separate bedrooms, sex and pissing now became a heterosexual foursome activity.
It was a memorable golden holiday, and we really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. So that’s how our long Golden friendship with Bobby and Riaa started.
The other day, Surendra Uncle visited us on a late Sunday morning for a kinky pissing tableau he had arranged. He had given us detailed directions on the phone when he made the appointment the day before. So, as instructed, Rajeev and I both got our bladders filled to bursting capacity. I was in my flimsy cotton halter-top and my well-worn pair of tight faded blue jeans, with nothing underneath! Rajeev was in boxer shorts and T-shirt, with his big erection very conspicuous.
On our secluded terrace, we stood in front of Surendra Uncle as he relaxed in an easy-chair, and gossiped with him, casually smoking away. Rajeev was behind me, casually fondling my bra-less boobs as he chatted with our guest, as if fondling one’s wife’s boobs in front of a guest was a normal thing in an Indian home. Surendra Uncle’s eyes were often darting to my crotch. I was laughing away on some silly joke, and then, without letting any expression show on my face, I casually let go with my piss in my tight jeans, soaking them right down to my feet. I was still giggling – but now at my ‘uncontrolled’ pissing – as if pissing one’s pants too was a normal thing to do while chatting with a gentleman guest. Still pissing in my jeans, I sprawled wide legged on the floor and let the piss flood the seat of my jeans and form a big pool around my butt. Laughing away, Rajeev took out his cock and hosed me all over with his piss as Surendra Uncle watched. In the February sun, I got my blouse, shoulders, hair and face thoroughly drenched in Rajeev’s piss-stream, and drank quite a bit too. Then I unzipped my soaked jeans and kneeled on my hands and knees in that piss-pool as Rajeev peeled the sodden jeans off my sticky-wet ass, and fucked me right there doggy-style, spanking my piss-sodden ass-cheeks as he rutted into me. We both just loved the filthy scene Surendra Uncle had arranged.
As I said earlier, after having separated from his lover Gautam and before he met me, Rajeev started finding male and female mates through the adult contact magazine ‘The Bombayite’, and through cross-referencing from there on. Altogether, he had sex with about 30 men, about 15 women (including call-girls), and three couples in those days. Over the last few years, he has invited quite a few of these mates to share our marital bed, especially after we revealed our bisexualities to each other.
Missing his regular Golden Showers from Gautam, bachelor Rajeev, eager to have fresh, hot urine streaming into his mouth and on his body, would routinely invite all his mates to urinate in him or on him. After Gautam, the first man to piss in his mouth was a cute, chubby, fair, hairless guy called Pradeep. Pradeep had been told by the guy who introduced them to arrive at Rajeev’s hotel with his ‘tank’ full up. Desiring to play an effeminate ‘bottom’, Rajeev wore his past mate Gautam’s bra and panties, and welcomed Pradeep with a lipsticked kiss right inside the door of the hotel room. Both the gays smooched, hugged and made out on the hotel bed for a long time. Rajeev remembers that he was avidly kneading Pradeep’s full, soft, fair-skinned, hairless feminine derrière.
After an hour of necking and fondling, Pradeep remarked that his bladder was now about to burst, and if Rajeev really wanted his urine. In a risqué invitation, naked Rajeev sprawled on the cheap hotel carpet, and asked Pradeep to drench him with his piss. Rajeev remembers Pradeep had tanked-up a huge amount of urine. As Pradeep systematically hosed every inch of Rajeev’s body with his piss, Rajeev opened his mouth wide, silently inviting Pradeep to piss into his mouth too. Pradeep did that right away, and Rajeev happily drank. After Pradeep finished, Rajeev kneeled in front of Pradeep and deep-throated him, swallowing his cum. Then, unexpectedly, Pradeep pulled Rajeev up, hugged his piss-drenched body and French-kissed him without any inhibitions. Rajeev says that, as his later experiences showed, this kind of forthright intimacy is rare to find.
After Pradeep, Rajeev had a quick succession of gay one-night-stands, giving each of them a deep-throat and drinking and bathing in their piss. Four times, he had two guys together and once had a gay foursome with three well-hung studs.
The first woman to feed Rajeev her urine was an elderly, obese, sex-starved mother of four named Daksha. Rajeev says she pissed with a strong gush as if from a garden hose. The woman had surreptitiously come away from home at noon – very nervous, as she had set out to ‘commit adultery – had travelled for an hour in a suburban train and had had a quick lunch at a fast-food joint, before she turned up at his hotel. Daksha and Rajeev straightaway got down to a long bout of hot sex. Rajeev says she was very similar to his own fat mother, and he kept her busy in bed for almost two hours. Rajeev had called her Didi as he had sex with her. All this had made her urine extremely strong. After the fuck, Daksha expressed a desire to go to the loo, and that’s when Rajeev suddenly made his kinky request to her to urinate directly in his mouth, standing up. She was too full up and too flabbergasted to say no, and her plentiful urine also turned out to be super-strong. Rajeev says that his first drink of female urine was pure ecstasy!
Next woman to urinate in his mouth was a slim call-girl named Paromita, and she too pissed like a fire-hose. But Rajeev’s favourite female pisser was Archana, a young medium-built dusky middle-class prostitute, who loved to piss standing up, and could piss standing up in a forward-arching, well-defined, well-directed stream, into Rajeev’s swallowing mouth. Rajeev and Archana played all sorts of pissing games before he met me. Archana regularly tied Rakhee on Rajeev’s cock, and Rajeev always called her ‘Rundy Didi’ (prostitute sister) as he fucked her. By ones and twos, Archana brought many of her co-hookers to watch her urinate in ‘her brother’ Rajeev’s mouth, and then invited them to piss in his mouth too. Once Archana brought a bisexual male client of hers, and Rajeev role-played her ‘pimp brother’. He stripped and offered ‘his sister’ Archana to her real-life john, then Archana stripped both men and Rajeev and Archana sucked the john’s cock. After Archana and her john fucked, Rajeev’s licked them clean. Then, without warning her john, standing next to the hotel bed, Archana openly pissed standing up into Rajeev’s mouth. Her john got so excited by the sight that he couldn’t even start his stream when Rajeev invited him to piss in his mouth too. Only once, I have met Archana for some piss fun. Rajeev encouraged me to seduce her into some lesbian sex, but she isn’t really a lesbian. Four years ago, she got married and now she has stopped her prostitution since then.
Another call-girl we both had a one-night-stand with was Deepika, a dusky beauty with ordinary looks and a good figure, and an absolutely picture-perfect cunt – most certainly the finest looking cunt I have ever seen. We both spent the whole night between her legs, smooching, kissing and licking those lovely, exquisite female genitalia, and had her sit on our faces too for long stretches. Deepika wasn’t a lesbian either; however, she let me eat her rather reluctantly. Obviously, we wanted to drink urine from that exquisite cunt, but Deepika was very reluctant. Though she obliged us – she had a lot of deliciously pungent piss in her and Rajeev had a long drink – she was quite turned-off and didn’t want to meet us again.
Rajeev also initiated another sophisticated call-girl Shuchita into giving Golden Showers. Shuchita, a petite young bisexual slut, met Rajeev through ‘The Bombayite’. Shuchita had agreed to stay the whole night, and they had agreed to remove each other’s body hair with Anne-French. Rajeev had asked her to bring some lingerie for him. The two got along like a house on fire, and indulged in a lot of kinky sex. That was the first time anyone had kissed and tongued Shuchita’s asshole, and the first time she had peed on anyone. The slut was fascinated by the sight of her hot urine spouting into Rajeev’s eagerly gulping mouth!
Rajeev’s favourite “Mommy” is a huge, obese, fair-complexioned beauty called Jumana with huge basketball-sized saggy boobs and a fat but shapely 62” posterior (5’6”, 220 lbs, 54-48-62). Divorcee Jumana had taken to prostitution as she had fallen on hard times. Rajeev contacted her through ‘The Bombayite’. When he telephoned Jumana, she asked him apprehensively if he knew that she was “big-n-fat”! Rajeev laughed and informed her that he loved “big-n-fat” women. The coordinator, an old-time friend of Rajeev, knew very well that Rajeev liked fat women, and had already briefed him about Jumana’s monumental size. She came to Rajeev’s hotel room late in the night. Jumana was quite a well-educated, dignified woman, so Rajeev first started chatting with her and didn’t make any physical advance. After a few moments of small talk, Jumana took off her top and bra on impulse, and invited Rajeev ‘into her bare bosom’, as he puts it. Rajeev suckled her thumb-sized nipples, but he was more interested in her ass.
The pair was soon naked, and Rajeev was eating her huge shaved cunt. After Jumana climaxed, she turned to her left side to take a breather, and Rajeev started kissing and tonguing her lovely back and the curves of her huge buttocks, and slowly slid his tongue down her spine and inched his tongue downwards into the top of her rich butt-cleavage. He was afraid to lick down further into her asshole, lest she’d be turned off – ‘decent’ Jumana suddenly reached behind her, pulled her thick right asscheek aside and revealed her lovely pink asshole in an obvious invitation to lick her asshole. Rajeev still remembers that moment! Rajeev kept tongue-fucking her exquisite asshole till she turned on her back and invited Rajeev to mount her. Rajeev says her cunt was like so hot and wet it was like molten cream – his cock just sank up to the hilt without as much as a push. After the fuck, Jumana took a cat nap but Rajeev simply couldn’t sleep, so excited he was. When he started kissing her asshole again, Jumana said, “Don’t disturb Momma, let Momma sleep” and that opened the doors to Rajeev’s favourite – incestuous role-playing. Soon it was morning, and Rajeev wanted to lick her creamy cunt again, when she said she was so full she’d pee in his mouth. Quite predictably, Rajeev persuaded Mommy Jumana to urinate in his mouth! Soon, her favourite became peeing in bed directly into Rajeev’s mouth as he clamped his mouth to her pink piss-hole.
About our incest-love:
Incestuous safe-sex between fully consenting, fully mature and adult close family-relations is perfectly all right with us. Primary incest is sex within the immediate family between siblings and between parents and offspring, and is okay with us. Having said that, we are also very clear in our minds that incest must only take place between fully aware and consenting adults and must not lead to pregnancy or any STDs.
As we mentioned earlier, we both have our own very pleasant memories of real-life incest in our younger days. By sheer coincidence, both of us happen to have been initiated first into homosexual and then soon into heterosexual relations through incestuous relatives, and we think this has formed the basis of our well-balanced bisexuality and incest love. As I said, we have decided to introduce our son to incest with us on his 18th birthday. That’s less than two years away now.
My real elder brother Shekhar (from the same biological parents) had taken my oral and vaginal virginity almost 21 years ago, before he moved to the U.S. He now stays in India, and with my husband’s full support, I have resumed having sex with my real brother.
Shekhar is an international businessman. He’s 45, 5’8”, 180 lbs, dark skinned, 44-38-42 with a 7” cock. Shekhar divorced his sexy American wife last year years ago, and he has a very sexy daughter named Kiron from her. Kiron is 3 years older than our son.
As I had mentioned, 19 years ago, Shekhar had come to India for my wedding, and we had enjoyed hot incest on the next-to-last night before marriage. After the wedding, I had kept in touch by letters and phone, later by email.
When Rajeev and I broke the ‘bisexual’ ice, and after I confessed my virginal incest with my own real brother Shekhar, Rajeev had encouraged me to invite Shekhar (then in the U.S.) to enjoy an incestuous holiday with us. Shekhar had accepted the invitation right away; however, he couldn’t come to India for the next 11 months, so we kept in touch about developments in our sex lives through letters, phone calls, etc., till he could come to India. I informed my brother that Rajeev and I were into swinging, water-sports and bisexuality, and Rajeev had taken my anal cherry. Shekhar in turn had informed me that he too had been a bisexual for many years after migrating to the U.S. We were on cloud nine with this revelation. So, as soon as my brother landed in India less than a year later, we straightaway welcummed him into our marital bed.
Almost 12 years ago, on a rainy august night, my husband Rajeev received my brother Shekhar at Mumbai airport past midnight, and brought him to our house to have sex with me, his very sister! On the way, Shekhar told Rajeev he had not pissed since the flight took off from Frankfurt, and Rajeev laughed and asked him to save it for his sister.
I met my brother Shekhar at our brightly-lit inner door in just a sheer transparent red Ghaghra with gold embroidery and a matching Chunri, but no bra, Choli or panties, so my breasts were spectacularly exposed. I did an Aarti (a Hindu ceremonial welcome ritual) of my real brother at the inner door and wet-kissed him for ages as he kneaded my big buttocks.
Then I sassily turned round and gave my brother a thinly veiled display of my motherly, ripened, matured, seasoned, broadened, fattened, fully developed, well-used buttock-globes, which he had liked many years ago. Playfully, my brother slapped and squeezed my huge ass, calling me his slut-sister. Shekhar then turned and started French-kissing Rajeev, as I kneeled and opened my brother’s fly, took out my long-lost brother’s lovely ‘incestuous deflowerer’ and gave it one quick deep-throat stroke that left my brother breathless and paying me heaps of compliments. Next, I ceremoniously tied a Rakhee on my dear brother’s rampant dong, which had taken my oral and vaginal virginity. This was a surprise to Shekhar, and he loved the wicked twist in the Rakhee ceremony.
My husband and I undressed my brother, and Rajeev too took off his clothes, we moved to our sexy bedroom, and hot incestuous fornication followed. A happy Rajeev watched us, and took photographs with Shekhar’s digital camera, starting from me French-kissing my brother. Rajeev had proposed we record the event and Shekhar and I had obviously agreed. It was so satisfying to enjoy full-blown real-life incest once again with my real brother, now with my permissive husband encouraging us to lay down all our inhibitions, break every taboo, and enjoy every favourite kink of ours!
Every night, during his week-long stay, I danced and stripped for my brother, deep-throated him, got cunt-fucked without a condom, drank his piss, pissed in his mouth – he just loved this kink – and got my ass taken by him too. We brother and sister had never done any of these before. Nowadays, some of our close circle know of my having sex with my brother. All of these endorse our incest. With these friends, my brother participates too. Quite often, he enjoys sex with Sheena too.
Once, when her husband Pervez was abroad, I had invited Bisexual, big-bottomed Rakhsheen to have group-bi-sex with my brother, my husband and me. She was so thrilled with the incest scene that she went and seduced her much younger brother Naushad (15 years her junior) the same evening and spent every night with him till her husband returned. Tall, fair, smooth-skinned, drop-dead-gorgeous model Naushad is a bachelor, and he too is bisexual like his sister. Later, when Rakhsheen told her husband that she had emulated me and invited her brother into their marital bed, he was taken by surprise, but was not upset with his swinging wife’s incestuous venture.
On the following weekend, Rakhsheen’s family joined ours, along with Pervez’s bisexual secretary, slim, dark, tall, big-titted ex-ramp model Simone. Rakhsheen and Pervez often have sex with Simone. Pervez, who is a builder, often asks sexy, lusty Simone to use her charms to facilitate his business deals. So, on our big bed, as Rakhsheen fucked her brother Naushad, and I fucked my brother Shekhar – and swapped – Pervez and Rajeev played with simmering Simone. Special attractions of the weekend were many: Naushad took his sister Rakhsheen in her ass for the first time. Young, handsome fair-skinned Naushad made out with dark leggy, much older, glamorous Simone. Sheena made an entrance in hot lingerie and party-sheath; and Simone discovered his cock, to her utter delight. Rajeev skilfully deflowered Simone’s virgin anus, then played human urinal and received Simone’s long overdue acrid piss. My dark-skinned brother looked great fucking equally dark-skinned Simone… Pervez isn’t bisexual, but that night, he let his brother-in-law Naushad and Sheena suck his cock. Naushad, very much Rajeev’s type, gave his ass to Rajeev as his sister sucked his cock in a 69.
We often indulge in incestuous role-playing with our swinging partners. We start this by subtly initiating some talk about incest during foreplay. Once we ask questions, we find that several people have had an incestuous past and most have fantasies involving incest, and then it’s easy to set the ball rolling. Obviously, we drop the subject with those who respond negatively to the general idea, but almost all men and a surprisingly large number of women respond quite positively, though hesitantly. We then casually suggest incestuous role-playing to add that extra ‘spice’ of breaking the ultimate taboo and enjoying the forbidden. Given half a chance, we both love to play ‘primary’ incest roles: brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter, etc. Among our lovers, the liberal younger ones, without exception, are so thrilled by the idea of incestuous role-playing that they themselves immediately declare us their broadminded uncle or auntie, some even call us Daddy and Mommy quite candidly. Or if we ask whether we could play their incestuous elder brother or sister, they promptly accept that too, and excitedly get on with having ‘incestuous’ sex with us.
With the 30-plus incest enthusiasts, the relationships that shape up are extremely interesting. Most individual men friends accept me as their sinful sister. I have almost 10 such brothers; and on one Rakhee day, I had tied Rakhees on eight cocks, and then these eight ‘brothers’ had committed ‘gang-incest’ with me after retrieving Rasgullas stuffed into my heated Sex and eating them. Among them were Gautam, Naushad and my own real brother Shekhar. That was an afternoon to remember. As a lark, I had tied a Rakhee on Rajeev’s cock also, as ‘if my brothers could fuck me, then my husband could play my ‘brother’ too!
Among those who don’t accept me as a sister, the ones younger than me usually dilute it to an elder brother’s horny wife (Bhabhi), and the elder ones dilute it to an available wife’s sister (Saali). In India, sex with one’s sister-in-law isn’t such a social taboo. In fact, much social ribbing and jokes go on in that vein, much open flirting between such pairs goes on too, and this isn’t really looked down upon.
Those women who won’t play Rajeev’s incestuous sister happily agree on playing my promiscuous sister or Rajeev’s licentious sister-in-law. Among couples, who gingerly open up to the idea of incestuous role-playing, first the males invariably suggest the ‘brotherhood’ of men, and relegate us women to being the proverbial ‘available’ sister-in-laws. When we protest that that’s too commonplace and mild, many people play safe (with each other) by appointing me as either the woman’s, or (rarely) the man’s sister.
With a couple, Rajeev has been appointed the woman’s brother only once. This couple often comes to lodge with us with their kids. They were here this Diwali (Indian festival of lights, equivalent to Christmas). On the second evening after Diwali, after the kids enjoyed playing with fireworks and had a festive dinner, they went to sleep, and we four gloriously celebrated an incestuous ‘Bhai-Dooj’ ceremony, (similar to the Rakhee ceremony) on our big bed till morning. I slept with Rajeev’s ‘brother-in-law’ and Rajeev had sex with his sexy plump fair ‘sister’. Last time, at my instigation, she had even brought a belated Rakhee to tie on Rajeev’s cock. On Rakhee day next year, her husband also agreed to call me ‘Didi’, and I too tied a Rakhee on his cock. On that day, my real brother also joined us and five of us celebrated a glorious night of part real, part play-acted brother-sister incest.
While playing incest-roles, many people get so carried away by the unlocking of this forbidden door, that they ask us to bring to life their most secret and private fantasies; also ask us to help re-enact specific incidences with specific people; and we cooperate most eagerly! Often they blur the line between their fantasy and experience, and we happily play along. Interestingly, most of these people want the lights dimmed or off as they play their own with proper names and direct one or both of us. Many younger men have requested me to change into a specific dress (Sari, Salwar-Kurta), and then play the role of a specific initiator of incest. Some have requested permission to ‘force’ themselves on a ‘reluctant’ me, who starts cooperating once she’s aroused – a very common Indian incest fantasy. Most have committed ‘incest’ with me in the dark, calling me Bhabhi (brother’s wife), Didi (sister), Mausi (mother’s sister), Chachi (father’s brother’s wife), Maami (mother’s brother’s wife), Bua (father’s sister), etc. (Indians have specific words for each extended relationship) occasionally, the same guys have wanted me to be a different relative each time!
One very well hung (straight 11” long, and 6” around) gentleman Suneet called me Bhabhi (elder brother’s wife), and enacted some really raunchy action-replays and fantasy dramas with me – more about him in following pages! Three young men have called me Mommy. One asked me to sneak into ‘his’ bedroom hearing faint moans of “Mommy I love you…” etc., switch on the light and catch him masturbating, with amorous consequences. Another asked me to barge into the bathroom and do the same – catch him masturbating – with similar incestuous results. One asked me to enact this: A half-naked mother intentionally calls her virile son into her bedroom to undo a stuck hook at the back of her blouse, then nonchalantly undoes her bra, seduces her own son by offering him her bare boobs, and takes him to bed. Twice, Rajeev has been asked by young girls to play ‘Daddy’. Twice, women have asked Rajeev Jeejaji (sister’s husband) or Rajeev Bhaiya (brother) to dress down to pyjamas, approach ‘their’ beds in dark, and then make amorous advances on them. After getting a bit tipsy, one sexy elderly woman enacted a detailed seduction fantasy, with her pulling her ‘younger brother’ Rajeev into the bathroom on the pretext of asking for a towel, when she was naked after a bath, and fucking him in the bathroom.
Often, the same people get bolder and come out with more details next time. Occasionally, we are asked to make up our own incestuous fantasy and enact it with them, so we freak out, and everybody has good clean safe ‘incestuous’ fun. Sometimes bisexuality or homosexual / lesbian initiations are also involved, which make it even more stimulating. A couple, with the woman being bisexual, appointed me as her elder sister to enact her own true-life incident of her elder sister with her husband seducing and deflowering the younger girl, all planned by the bisexual elder sister. This one was so close to my own past that while playing it out, I really went berserk with lust and emotions. On my suggestion, she asked her own husband to play her brother – both calling each other ‘Dada’ and ‘Tai’ (brother and sister, in local Marathi language) – this was a rare treat!
We have felt most honoured and thrilled by these confidences. As you can see, this incestuous Garden of Eden is endlessly fascinating! This wildfire needs only one spark to ignite it! We now know at first hand how widespread and rampant incest is, and has always been, within Indian families.
A gorgeous 39 years old bisexual shippy-wife (merchant navy officer’s wife) Vineeta is one of our bed mates. Stunning Vineeta is 5’6”, 175 lbs., with a plump 46DD-38-58 figure, has a splendid peaches-and-cream complexion and truly magnificent heavy breasts, and a glamorous face and style to match! Rajeev says she has the best looking cleavage of all women he has seen, but my derrière-connoisseur husband finds her buttocks somewhat shapeless, though quite alluring in the nude. She has plenty of natural sex-appeal and a sexy metallic voice. In one word, Vineeta oozes sex! She’s the type who is perpetually enhancing and flaunting her sexiness. Vineeta has an extremely good-looking 18 year old son named Nikhil. Nikhil had got into a habit of making sexual advances on each and every girl he got a chance with – and was succeeding with quite a few, as he was so good-looking. He was recently caught having sex with a family-friend’s daughter behind some bushes near her house. Vineeta later came to me and actually said, “You know, Saroj, Nikhil is so full of sex that I really don’t know how to control him!” Vineeta had often spied on her masturbating son, and knew about his secret cheap porno collection. And this kid has been making rather bold passes at sexy Mommy’s bountiful breasts and voluptuous ass when the father was away sailing. And his usual kisses on the mother’s cheeks were getting ambitious. Voluptuous Vineeta seriously confided in me that in her husband’s long absences, she had been fantasizing about her son, adding that she soon might not have the will to stop him, “I can’t stop him from making passes at me, Saroj! I feel so helpless!” Vineeta even described her son’s cock to me, and how he masturbates, in detail!
She then suggested that maybe she could bring her good-looking son to me and I could have sex with him, “Saroj, you enjoy with him, train him and take the edge off his sex-drive!” – Vineeta’s words. I figured out that she wanted her son to have sex with me merely as a stepping stone to having sex with her – his own mother! That gave me an idea! I persuaded Vineeta to be around when I seduced her delinquent son, so that she’d have an upper hand on him this way, and Rajeev too would be present to intervene if things got out of hand. This woman immediately approved of this sure route to incest, without admitting it explicitly! I asked Vineeta if she’d be okay with this ending with her son having sex with her, and she said, “Well, if he gets at home what he needs, at least then he’ll leave neighbourhood girls alone and not get into further trouble… And Saroj, will you request Rajeev to speak to my son about his bad social behaviour?” How some people deceive others, and themselves!
Since Rajeev too had wanted to have sex with Vineeta, I called him in and explained my plan, then went out to the market, leaving them alone in the house. Once alone with Rajeev in our bedroom sofa, Vineeta started complaining about her son’s sex-mania and ended up in his arms. Rajeev complimented Vineeta on her breasts and on her good looks, and flattered and horny Vineeta kissed him on his lips. Soon, Rajeev gave her a good fuck.
That weekend, I invited the mother and son for a party and got them both a bit sloshed. We were sitting in our bedroom with throbbing, raunchy music on. The centre curtain hid our bed and glass-fronted bathroom, so our space just had the round table and settees around that. Rajeev and Vineeta were sitting opposite me, and I was sitting next to Nikhil. We both women were wearing Saris. The men were sitting barefoot. Rajeev casually asked Nikhil what sorts of women he liked. As Nikhil fumbled for an appropriate answer to Rajeev Uncle’s question, Rajeev pressed on, “So Nikhil, do you like average tits or do you like big boobs?” Taking my cue, I smartly dropped my Palloo from my left shoulder and opened my front-hooked blouse and my front opening bra, and showed Nikhil my bare breasts and asked him how he liked my medium breasts. We did this so quickly that Nikhil was bewildered for a moment. He shot a nervous glance at his giggling mother. I got up, turned towards Nikhil and drew his hand to my naked breasts, inviting him to fondle them. Vineeta was intently looking at her son and me. Rajeev, who was sitting farther from Vineeta, put his left hand around her shoulder onto her bounteous breasts and said, “Vineeta, I don’t know about Nikhil but personally I like your big tits!” Vineeta was flattered, and Rajeev started kissing her as he quickly opened her front-opening blouse, cupped her right breast and caressed her profound cleavage with his left-hand.
Rajeev suddenly broke the kiss and pulled out the randy, lightly drunk mother’s jutting boobs out of her low-cut bra, and asked Nikhil if he like big breasts better! As Nikhil turned and saw his mother’s boobs in full view, he virtually lost all interest in me. Rajeev again kissed Vineeta, slid off her Palloo, peeled off her open blouse, unhooked her bra from behind and freed those heavy orbs. With her eyes closed, Mother Vineeta, was still kissing Rajeev as he made the mother topless in front of her son. Vineeta, with her eyes still closed, tilted her head back, enjoying the sensations Rajeev’s erotic touch was producing. Rajeev didn’t want to lose the momentum of the seduction; so on cue Rajeev and I stood up and pulled the mother and son onto their feet too. Nikhil stared at his half-naked mother as I removed his T-shirt and vest, opened his belt, unzipped his fly, and removed his jeans. He had quite an impressive tent in his briefs, and he was very fair, boyish and hairless, quite pretty in fact – just Rajeev’s type! After having unravelled topless Vineeta’s Sari, Rajeev went behind her, untied her petticoat and took it off. Now the plump mother just had her sheer panties on and son only had his briefs on.
Soon we too dropped our clothes, I kissed Nikhil and pulled off his briefs, and Rajeev kissed horny Vineeta as he slipped off her panties. He escorted Vineeta to our big bed, lay her down, and gently spread her fat legs open in a cum-fuck-me posture. Vineeta acquiesced without a murmur, constantly staring at her son’s lovely erection from half-closed eyes. I followed with Nikhil and sat him on the edge of our bed next to his stark naked, excited mother. Vineeta instinctively closed her legs, but I gently opened them wide to expose her bare hot shaved cunt to her son’s avid gaze. Two feet away, I could smell her excitement. I said, “Rajeev, let them be alone to enjoy, we will go and fuck in the guest bedroom.” Thus leaving the naked mother and son primed for incest, we both left the room, closing the door behind us.
Nikhil’s ‘virginity’, if he had any left, was soon lost in his own mother’s hungry vagina. We waited for an hour, then knocked and walked in with some snacks and cold drinks. The duo had obviously had heavy sex. Needless to add, the whole night was spent with partner swapping and mother-son incest. During the night, I invited Nikhil to sodomise me. Rajeev too sucked Nikhil’s pretty cock, good-naturedly calling him a ‘motherfucker’ and nuzzling his feminine ass. Vineeta and I did a slurpy, noisy sixty-nine for the men.
Later in bed, Rajeev and I had good fun recalling the details of the encounter with that lovely mother and her gorgeous son. We also fantasised about our own forthcoming incest.
My ‘motherfucker’ husband’s another favourite ‘Mommy’ is Ruby from our Golden Gang – of course, the rest of the gang don’t know about his mother-son games, except Gautam! She loves having Rajeev tongue her big asshole and huge motherly vulva – her vulva is much bigger than mine, one of the biggest we have ever seen. She even has Rajeev fist-fuck her big deep cunt for hours as he calls her “My sexy Momma, my whore Mommy!”, as she caresses his bald head and affectionately calls him ‘Sonny’, ‘motherfucker’, etc. One should see this ‘mother-and-son’ fornicate ever so sensuously! Rajeev massages and shaves his ‘mother’. Gautam often joins us. Ruby isn’t really bisexual, but four of us enjoy full active-passive pissing games and we two mother-in-law and daughter-in-law love to fist-fuck each other’s big vaginas! Rajeev says Ruby has great physical resemblance to his late real mother, and thus he has consummated his own unfulfilled sexual desires ignited by his own mother with Mommy Ruby. Believe me this is absolutely true!
We also keep up correspondence with several real-life incestuous couples and families all over India and abroad, and it’s absolutely fascinating. We correspond with an incestuous family in Mumbai: father, mother, her brother, her sister and her daughter (they never met us – they might be just a single man pretending to be an incestuous family). Others are a father-mother-daughter family and a mother-sister-son trio in the U.S. We have met an actually married brother-sister (step-brother married to his step-sister by the same father) couple in Cairo – the ones who got me my belly-dancer outfit.
We know another brother-and-sister couple Kundan and Radhika (both by the same biological parents) living together as husband-and-wife in North India. In a strict, isolated family in north India, both started having sex with each other in their late teens. Then their parents passed away in a landslide in the Himalayas where they had gone for pilgrimage. The siblings sold their property, moved to Delhi, actually got married in a temple and quietly started living as husband and wife. They recently vacationed with us. Kundan and Radhika, in their 30s, were very apprehensive when they travelled down to Mumbai to meet us. They turned out to be a very handsome and lovable couple, and they were very relieved to know that they were not the only ones indulging in brother-sister incest. We organised a swinging party for them with Rakhsheen and Naushad, and my brother and me. They were new to wife-swapping, but they took to it like a duck to water. On our advice in earlier mails to them, the brother had got a vasectomy done, and they had decided to adopt a baby later. So on our first night with them, Rajeev slept in the guest room with Gautam, and we two brother-sister couples made hot love – sibling and swapped – throughout the night, and talked a lot about incest too.
We have also met an Italian mother-and-son couple. We had answered their open swinging ad in an Italian adult contact magazine. They had openly advertised as a mother and son couple, “Voluptuous 42 year old widow with her 24 year old son seeks incestuous lovers and sympathetic couples. No moralists please…!” The ad had fat Mamma’s two open-holes pictures – face blanked-out. In the same magazine, we replied another ad from a brother-sister couple and another from a bisexual mother-daughter pair, but didn’t get any response. After we wrote to the Italian mother and son, we got Mamma’s candid reply within a month.
I translate relevant portions literally: “Thousand thanks for your approbation of my secret incestuous association with my son. We are very excited because a very sexy couple from exotic India has proposed incestuous plays with us. We welcome you to Italia. You with us will view genuine incest. I accept the beautiful wife as my daughter. We could act bisexual with both. I am very lesbian. We both will enjoy incest with my lesbian daughter and homosexual son-in-law. Will you present a striptease? Giulio loves all splendid buttocks and large shaven cunt of his sister. We have never seen beautiful Indian breasts. I’m exchanging nude photograph of my motherly buttocks with you. Yes, my son fucks my hole of ass regularly. Also, we are exchanging photos of our incest and sodomy. Very empty after my widowhood I had invited my son into my bed. We request a meeting with your transsexual girlfriend Sheena she’s very beautiful. We have relished your photographs in our magazines too. Now we both crave the Indian cock, and the cunt of lesbian Indian wife. Golden rain it is very tempting!” ‘Golden Rain’ is of course piss, as we had suggested pissing games in our mail to them. Three photographs with faces visible accompanied this mail – Mamma showing her plump ass on all fours, sitting on her son’s cock, and getting ass-fucked on all fours by her son.
On our next trip to Europe, we met that mother-and-son couple in Italy over a weekend. Mother and son came to receive us at the railway station. Widow Mamma Simona was sexy and fat but not podgy, and sonny Giugliamo (Julio) had those Italian good-looks. The son had entirely inherited mother’s features, so they obviously looked mother-and-son, which added a nice touch for us. As soon as we met, Mamma wet-kissed Rajeev and son kissed me so divinely, and then the mother too kissed me on the lips right outside the train in the railway station. That felt great, being openly French-kissed in public, especially by a woman! They drove us to their isolated house about 30 miles away. After both mother and son enjoyed a long bout of kissing and feeling up both of us in their well-heated living room, Julio opened a bottle of champagne to welcome us. After a toast to Divine Incest and some more kissing, they took us to our room.
Rajeev and I had a quick shower together, and I quickly dressed up in my G-strings, transparent red Banjara (Indian Gypsy) style Ghaghra-Choli-Chunri outfit with golden embroidery, with only strings crisscrossing on my bare back, 5” stiletto sandals, and no bra. Rajeev wore a string pouch and an embroidered silk Kurta-Pyjama – a very elegant Indian dress for males. He first went down to set up some raunchy Indian music. The mother had changed into a white satin-and-lace bra-panties-suspender set, black patterned stockings and a very transparent black fur-trimmed nightie, and the son wore a loose black transparent shirt and tailored white trousers, looking very handsome. Julio photographed and filmed us as I came down the stairs and as Rajeev and I danced for our incestuous hosts. After some time, Rajeev stopped and took pictures of the sexily dressed mother and son seated on the couch and merrily making out. As I started my dance-strip routine. Julio stopped me and set up his video camera, and gave his still camera to Rajeev, and then mother and son settled down to watch me strip. I first took off my Choli, this baring my breasts, and made my titties play peek-a-boo with my transparent Chunri. With his hand around his mother’s shoulder, Julio watched transfixed as he languorously squeezed her huge breasts. Momma smoked languidly and watched me, as she groped at her son’s erection through his pants with her other hand.
Soon I slowly untied and dropped my Ghaghra too, displaying my fat legs! I now made a play with the Chunri doing hide-and-seek with my butt and thighs. Finally, I threw away the Chunri and opened my G-strings, and lay on the carpeted floor in an open leg invitation. Julio took off his clothes in a hurry, kissed his mother, came into my arms, and completely entered my liquefied Sex in one long stroke. He was thick and at least 9” and a good steady fucker – no wonder his mother had taken him to bed.
Rajeev sat next to Mamma Simona and stripped her, taking pictures, and took off his clothes too. Mamma Simona sat Rajeev on the couch, sucked him to full hardness and impaled her big cunt on his cock. Rajeev bounced her from below, kneading her big gorgeous ass and huge motherly tits. We had told them we both were sterilised, so they had wanted us without condoms, and we had agreed. So I had my cunt full of the son’s – my Italian ‘brother’s’ – cum, and Mamma Simona took Rajeev’s semen into her big cunt. That done, the men sucked and licked each other’s cum from our cunts, and made us cum again. Then the men sat together, kissed and played with each other’s cocks as Mamma Simona and I made spectacular love on the carpet, munching on each other’s boobs, cunts and buttocks! Rajeev deep-throated Julio as his mother Simona watched closely, as I sat behind her and played with her tits and hips. Before going to bed that night with our new incestuous partners, we drank their urine – much to their delight. On our request, we also watched Julio assfuck his fat mother at a leisurely steady pace for a long time. The sight of a son sodomising his very own biological mother’s ass was exciting and beautiful. Rajeev mentioned loudly to me that I’d be in the same situation on our son’s coming 18th birthday! Simona and her son were very curious, and over liqueurs, we informed them about our plans to invite our own son into our bed on his 18th birthday. I informed them about my continuing incest with my biological brother and showed them pictures too. We answered a lot of questions and discussed many details of our planned incest, and showed them family photographs of our handsome son. They invited all us for a holiday with them in Venice after my son’s 18th birthday.
As she revealed, Simona had always had the hots for his son, as he’d pump iron at home in jockey shorts and Mamma would secretly watch the big bulge in his underwear. After her husband died of prostrate cancer, she seduced him within a month by dressing up like a slut in sexy lingerie and inviting her son to satisfy her sexually. Son obviously obliged, as Mamma after all was (and still is) a very sexy woman!
We enjoyed showers together; both Golden and ordinary, and mother and son too bathed in and tasted each other’s piss, and said they’d do it every weekend. Rajeev told me later that though Simona’s cunt was extremely slack, her asshole was well-dilated and easy to enter like a healthy young cunt, and that’s why she was so fond of having her ass reamed every night by her own son, since a cunt-fuck didn’t give either of them enough satisfying friction. I too had noticed her slackness when I ate her after her son licked Rajeev’s semen from her cunt. Rajeev and Julio also entered her together back and front as I sat on her face. Later, she took both men in her cunt together, and finally I fist-fucked her cunt, which she absolutely loved. Rajeev too fisted her right after me, and then got her son to fist her – which he did with some difficulty. Julio managed to fist-fuck his fat Mamma, and she was beside herself with joy to have her loose cunt stuffed well by her son, albeit with his big hand. They had wanted to do this for a long time but didn’t know the right technique. The high point was when the merry widow Momma took Rajeev in her well-travelled ass, fellate d her son and asked him to feed her his piss, and at the same time took both my hands into her gaping cunt. The whole weekend was spent sucking, fucking, sodomising and witnessing first-hand mother-son incest.
For Rajeev and me, a mother accepting her very own adult son’s erect penis into her very own vagina that had actually given birth to that very son, was an intoxicating sight; and we mentally re-endorsed and re-confirmed our plan to invite our own son to have sex with me as soon as he came of age!
We regularly keep in touch with Simona and Julio.
About my penchant for getting Gang-Banged:
Rajeev and I often arrange gang-bangs for me with four or more males. In such parties, I’m the only woman and the delightfully happy recipient of all vaginal and anal penetration. When I’m in for such a gang-bang, I behave like a completely shameless slut – I behave as if a married woman openly inviting a group of men to serially fuck her in front of her consenting – nay, encouraging – husband is a casual, everyday social thing to do! With no women around to be shocked, I talk really dirty to the men – most lewdly, raunchily and obscenely – to encourage and excite them ever more. Some people may say that I am degrading myself, but this is simply not true. On the contrary, I am celebrating my womanhood and my sexuality. I do feel like a sex-goddess, and I am treated like one by all the men.
The invited men come in and relax on the sofas encircling our round exotic-dance table. Rajeev offers drinks, etc., to them, as I get ready in our dressing room for a titillating striptease. Though most of our invitees have seen me naked many times, they thoroughly enjoy the spectacle of me stripping for them. For these gang-bangs, sometimes I do the strip on our big bed as the men sit around and watch. Sometimes I do a floor-show in the gym room. Sometimes, especially for major anal gang-bangs, I’m already naked – or in corset-suspender-stockings-stiletto outfits, in bed waiting for my invaders, with a butt-plug or my Anal Pearls or my new soft transparent anal beads already in my well-lubricated anus. The last is a soft one-piece plastic thing with a series of thick balls separated by short slender ties.
In these parties, Rajeev usually arranges things for me in such a way that as one cock is thrusting inside me, I (or he) orally get the next one up-and-ready by the time the present one pulls out after cumming inside me. I feel much fulfilled, physically and emotionally, with this kind of assembly-line copulation; and Rajeev feels very proud of me too as I offer myself to be gang-banged, and helps me with the serial insertions!
I have once taken 10 cocks in my cunt one after another, only 6 in my mouth in a row (as one’s jaw does get tired) and 16 (including four repeats) in my asshole in a row. In fact, I find anal gang-bang the easiest! For that, I first get comfortable and well supported, and start with the thinnest cock, working my ass to the fattest as liberal dollops of lube are put into me after each withdrawal. Then it’s no pain in the ass – literally! Once my anal passage is well-dilated, it stays open as long as it’s refilled with cock before it has had time to slowly contract back to its normal self. Those of you who have learnt to relax and receive anal penetration painlessly with ease will vouch for this! Once you have opened your backdoor – literally – it accepts any amount of well-lubricated sodomy without any pain; provided of course that the men don’t go berserk with their thrusting.
For these anal gang-bangs, my husband makes detailed preparations. He first settles me in a comfortable posture with ample support so I can relax completely on my hands and knees; and my torso is fully supported over multiple pillows. He then generously and thoroughly lubricates my ass. Rajeev then joyfully sucks the men to raging erections, ritually puts condoms and lubricates them if they are to going to sodomise me.
Sometimes, if I’m not on all fours or lying on my back, but sitting on another cock, I suck my next fucker to full hardness and make them ready for filling my nether holes. (I don’t insist on condoms for a gang-bang in my Sex if we know the men are healthy. Rajeev loves fucking and eating a semen-lubricated cunt.) And then I’m royally gang-banged, with cheering, elated men fucking me one after another in a row – my vagina making loud obscene noises all along! One cums and withdraws, and another promptly takes his place within seconds. Or if I’m riding, I get up from one dong and squat and impale my hole on the next. Fresh from my hot Sex, Rajeev eagerly sucks and laves the spent cocks clean, and between insertions, licks my shaven Sex clean too – just like a slobbering hungry dog, as he puts it!
We both love this kind of raunch and enact it about once a month with 4-8 guys, adding refinements and new twists every time. Once the guys are in; a lewd, raunchy floorshow and striptease by me for the horny males is almost de rigueur! Often, the guys are bisexual and I love seeing Rajeev embrace and smooch, and sometimes get it on anally with the naked men who are waiting for their turn to have a go at me. Almost always, all the men – as they are about to leave – drench me from head to toe with their hot urine.
Immediately afterwards, once Rajeev and I are alone and I’m merrily awash with semen and male urine, he enters my freshly-fucked, slippery, slimy, slithery, squishy, squelchy holes and loves the ensuing effortless pistoning. He usually gives me a piss douche too after cumming inside my sex. Often, he fists my over-greased, fully opened Sex too – sometimes even before the men depart, and I love to have my fuckers watch me receive a male hand into my welcoming Sex. On a few occasions, my (female) gynaecologist mate Ujwala has been around during my serial sodomisations, and has anally fisted me afterwards with her dainty hands… more about her later.
How and where we find and meet new friends:
We largely find our swinging mates by word of mouth, especially bisexual males and females. Besides our closed swap group, we have met most of our straight couple-mates through replying ads in ‘The Bombayite’. We started with finding individual bisexual men through Rajeev’s ads in ‘The Bombayite’, and by replying their ads in the same magazine. We have generally found that most of our own ads are replied by the wrong kind of people. Nowadays, the same happens on the net. Through the net, we have met more foreigners than Indians. Bisexual males are always aplenty in Mumbai, but only of late, my lesbian circle has grown sufficiently – all by word-of-mouth, mostly through active Shamolie’s lesbian contacts.
Unlike most swingers, we prefer our own bedroom for sex with new and old friends, whenever possible. Occasionally, they invite us to their places. When we travel to other cities, either together or separately, we meet our dates in our own hotel rooms there. When I’m alone at home, I stick to familiar lovers. My husband knows I can take care of myself, and he’s not alarmed when I invite known partners to sleep with me when I’m home alone. When I’m travelling alone, I usually date by myself new partners – males, females, couples – and old acquaintances too. This kind of caper is quite exciting, and nowadays I keep in touch with Rajeev over the phone. Even today, we both find it very thrilling to meet people for sex in our hotel rooms in other towns. Sometimes one of us is in a different city, and both of us separately are actually in bed with different lovers – often same-sex mates – at the same time. Then we call up and exchange notes over the phone quite openly talking about our bed-mates’ assets, etc, as our scandalised mates listen to one side of our wanton conversation. We both find this very thrilling. When Rajeev is out of town, I’m often at home in bed with Gautam, who is usually in full drag – sexy lingerie, makeup and wig – and talking to Rajeev in some other city, who is usually in bed with another man, boy or a woman.
On one occasion, all by myself in a hotel in faraway Chandigarh, I met a single male for sex. Kuldeep was a complete stranger to me, which added to the thrill. He had been referred by another close friend in Delhi, and Rajeev had fixed up my appointment by phone from Mumbai – just like a pimp. Kuldeep had indicated he liked fat ladies with big buttocks. On the flight, I wore a sexy sheer chiffon Sari that accentuated my big ass, a sleeveless blouse that showed a lot of cleavage, and a low-worn satin petticoat with a sassy pair of bra and panties inside. 28-year-old Kuldeep turned up with flowers at the airport – which was rather embarrassing. In his car on the way to the hotel, Kuldeep told me that mine was the sexiest ass he had ever seen, and I responded that my ass was all his to ravish all night long. As soon as I was alone in the car with Kuldeep, I told him to call me a whore and treat me like a prostitute.
We checked into a classy but nonde hotel as husband and wife. The desk clerk openly stared at my face and charms. He obviously knew we were not husband and wife – as I definitely looked older than the man – and were essentially checking in for having sex. I was already quite thrilled as Kuldeep put his hand on my bare waist to usher me into the elevator. The bellboy walked in with the luggage, and surreptitiously Kuldeep caressed my Sari-clad buttocks and pressed his fingers into my butt-cleavage. Once we settled in the room, he voluntarily offered me Rupees 2000 (US$ 40) – right price for a middle-aged, fat, over-the-hill, upper-middle class hooker – and I accepted it. That was a nice touch Rajeev had arranged, so now I really felt like a real prostitute.
Kuldeep turned out to be a good kisser. I didn’t bother to go into my stripping routine as he himself started stripping me so very erotically. Kuldeep squatted in front of me, put his hands up my petticoat and pulled down my sexy panties – much like my husband often does. He then got up, embraced me and started smooching me. Naked inside my petticoat (a wicked feeling), I was being deliciously kissed by this handsome stranger, as my big fat derrière was being kneaded like dough, and my tummy was pressing into his erection. He then asked me to bend over the hotel’s usual table with a mirror in front, raised my Sari and petticoat from behind and started a proper bout of buttock worship, calling me a whore all the time – that felt heavenly!
Kuldeep had a slim long durable 8-incher and I spent a wanton night with him. I asked him if he had ever fucked anyone in the ass. He replied in the negative, and I happily let him into my rear-entrance. I milked his long dong thrice that evening, once in each of my holes. I had called up Rajeev as soon as I met Kuldeep at the airport, and again called him, as Kuldeep was slowly stroking inside my ass. Rajeev was listening in throughout that whole erotic sodomy scene. We slept naked that night, and Kuldeep left after a morning fuck, bath and breakfast with me. I had him spray my boobs with his morning piss in the bathroom.
One of our rich bisexual friends Rajesh, in his 50s, a most unspectacular guy, although a glamour-event financier, always wants to be sandwiched between the two of us, with Rajeev’s cock in his ass and his cock in my ass. He always hosts us in 5-star places in the city, and every time we visit him, he wants me to wear my strap-on dildo and fuck his ass with it too, as he gives a blow-job to Rajeev. His tastes are so jaded now that these are the only ways he can climax! We usually meet him on Friday nights, and in return, of his own accord, he arranges young muscular male models for me on the following night, and I usually take them into my ass on all fours. At the same time, Rajesh also arranges for Rajeev to spend a night with a different female celebrity or a ramp model each time. Rajeev loves scandalising the slender, stylish beauties by asking them to urinate in his mouth, and has a good fuck, but generally finds them too bony for his taste. Often he’s the first person to lick their anuses, and occasionally he’s the first one to lick their pussies too.
Two of Rajeev’s bisexual drag-enthusiast friends Nakul and Girish are often our guests. They are directors of a two separate groups of companies. Both are very fair, soft and hairless, and love to have me dress them up as women. All holes enjoy all cocks and lips, and these two Drag-Queens subtly compete with each other as to whose femininity is more perfect! We especially love to see them dressed up in wigs, makeup, full corsets, bras, falsies, stockings and stilettos, but no panties. So, their smooth buttocks are naked and their shaven cocks lewdly hang out in full view. It’s great fun having these two sexy closet transvestites with us for some steamy, kinky sex. The best part is to see them smooch and make out with each other as ‘lesbians’ calling each other ‘Neena’ and ‘Geeta’ – common Indian female names!
Once Rajeev was at home in bed with a new find – an extremely pretty 18 year old boy Vikram; and I was away in Delhi in bed with a new lesbian lover – a swanky 27 year old bank-executive single girl Karuna. Sexy Karuna is built very much like me but with much bigger boobs and ass – she must be about 48-42-56. On the phone, Rajeev was getting thoroughly excited hearing my deions of Karuna’s expansive hips and huge spherical derrière, and he was extolling the cover-girl glamour of Vikram’s face, his hairless arms, feminine shoulders, smooth chest, silky buttocks and creamy thighs. Classy yet sex-starved Karuna will be with us for a week-long sex-vacation soon, and I’m waiting for her with my tape-measure to confirm my guesses about her statistics!
I have had sex with stunningly feminine-faced Vikram since, and he really is the most naturally girlishly beautiful of all our male friends, much more than Gautam. His feminine skin would make most cover-girls feel second-rate. And he has this lovely big 7” cock that gets absolutely rock-hard. When I see Rajeev having leisurely sex with this pretty, svelte boy-girl, I understand why Rajeev always says that sex with a pretty boy is better than fucking a slim girl, especially when Vikram is sodomising my husband.
Rajeev and I take such separate carnal holidays on a regular basis like these about once a year, when one of us is travelling (or invited to another town) and one of us stays back at home and parties with friends.
So, last year, Rakhsheen’s husband Pervez invited me for a swinging holiday to Shimla, (a hill station in North India) with him, three of his male colleagues Madan, Bunty and Sunil, and three women, Reena, Shamita and Summi. Reena is Pervez’s receptionist in Delhi, and the other two are Reena’s ‘professional’ friends. Pervez often hired them through Reena to do ‘business favours’.
At home, Rajeev organised an “All-Anal” bisexual break with Pervez’s wife Rakhsheen, his bisexual secretary Simone, womanly Sheena, cover-girl-beautiful Vikram and Rakhsheen’s handsome, fine-looking model brother Naushad. Rajeev told me later that all of them removed their body hair with Anne-French. Sheena and Vikram spent the entire holiday in drag, and Rajeev and fine-skinned poster-boy Naushad occasionally got into drag too. For short stints during the break, Rajeev invited our well-hung bi-gay stud friends – Ronnie, Altaf, Suneet or Brian – in ones and twos to have gay sex with the transsexual ravisher Sheena and the two stunningly feminine twinks Vikram and Naushad in a harem-like group setting. Everyone also enjoyed watching twink Naushad’s incestuous anal copulation with his sexy sister Rakhsheen. Both Rakhsheen and Simone are very fond of anal sex, so are all the four men and the four guests too, so the four cocks multiplexed between various male and female anal passages, and everyone had a good time comparing their anal impressions.
Rakhsheen dressed up in a waist-cinching corset, which accentuated her small waist, wide hips and plump bulging buttocks, and Rajeev shamelessly performed Buttock Worship and ceremoniously drank her urine – in fact, he and Sheena drank everyone’s urine during the holiday – as the rowdy crowd watched and egged him on. Rajeev tells me that the kinkiest moment was to watch beautiful Vikram sodomising well-hung Suneet on his back and stroking his 11” cock as ravishing Vikram fucked his ass with his pink 7-incher!
At the same time, I was enjoying a randy holiday with Pervez and company. Pervez owned a luxurious 6-bedroom bungalow in faraway, cold Shimla. The three new guys, Madan, Bunty and Sunil – all middle-aged heterosexuals – were just a bit rough, rustic, macho and hairy, well-hung, and quite sex-starved as they had just returned from a long, successful construction stint in sexless Dubai, and us women were their ‘rewards’. Frankly, I was quite thrilled to be offered as ‘baksheesh’! Bisexual Reena from Delhi is a tall, plump, fair-skinned Punjabi. Buxom Shamita and tall, supple Summi are aspiring ‘item girls’, giggly and eager to please. (Item-girls are sexy young babes eager to get into the raunchy ‘item-numbers’ music videos, as scantily-clad exotic dancers gyrating suggestively to dubbed music.)
We reached the huge, swanky bungalow in Shimla in the afternoon in a big van. On my suggestion, we girls first quickly relieved the men of their first boiling load orally without undressing. Then we all showered separately. There were only six bathrooms, so the men started insisting that we shower with them, but I said that we had many days to ourselves and we should begin the intimacies with our dance show, so the men took one bathroom each and we women bathed in pairs. The two younger girls went off to their bedroom; and plump, fair-complexioned Reena and I decided to bathe together.
As soon as Reena and I were alone in our bedroom, she wanted to take a leak, but I asked to hold on till we were together in the bathroom. Pervez had told me that Reena is a bisexual, so I directly embraced and kissed her on her lips and she responded very warmly. We undressed and smooched, merrily fondling each other, and stepped into the big, luxurious bathroom. I then asked Reena to relieve her bladder in my mouth and drank her super-pungent urine. She was happily surprised, and told me that her elder sister had introduced her to lesbian love and urine drinking. So she reciprocated and asked me to empty my bursting bladder in her mouth too. Reena later told me that as soon as I had asked her to hold on, she had understood what was in the offing, but kept quiet to see what transpired! We then bathed each other erotically, and made quick, hot lesbian love in the bathroom itself. Reena had lovely soft breasts and absolutely flawless plump butt-cheeks, and was freshly shaven like me. She’s evenly bisexual and was quite cool about indulging in full lesbian sex in front of spectators.
At sunset, the men brought out the drinks and we four women put up an extempore strip show and made hot impromptu lesbian love as the men watched and cheered. I took voluptuous Shamita and Reena took svelte Summi as our lezzy-show partners. The beer-drinking, playful dancing girls had never been in a proper lesbian show, though they had done a bit of girl-on-girl smooching and hugging on- and off-stage. So, we had good randy fun, with us bantering with the men and encouraging their raunchy remarks. Seamlessly, the show turned into a sexual open house, and men made their first choices – it seems they had already made the choices among themselves - elderly Madan chose svelte Summi, young Bunty chose fat-assed me, well-built Sunil chose plump Reena and good old Pervez took full-bosomed Shamita.
Right when we met, Bunty had told me he liked my big ass (he had already squeezed my bottom a couple of times), so I spread a my favourite big plastic sheet in the middle of the carpeted room, got on to it on all fours and invited Bunty to take my ass right there in front of everyone. I also invited Pervez to lie below me and take my Sex, and invited Madan and Sunil to feed me their dongs, all at the same time. Watching me take on four cocks, the girls were making so much happy noise that Pervez had to tell them to pipe down.
Then, with prior arrangement with Pervez, after everyone had cum, I asked everyone (you guessed it) to refrain from going to the bathroom, and shocked everyone by inviting everyone to piss all over me right there First the men took a leak in me, then the two young girls too peed in my mouth standing up. Happily splashing in that piss-puddle, I asked if anyone wanted to join me there. To my surprise, plump, naked Reena said she wanted to taste my urine, and I obliged her as she lay in the piss puddle! Throughout that short holiday, I played everyone’s human urinal, and Reena often joined me!
We enjoy sex with three more feminine, pretty boys like Vikram. There is Madhu, Ashish and Ajey. You will read more about the last two later in this story. Madhu is more feminine, though less pretty, than Vikram and he lives full time as a woman. The name Madhu literally means honey, and can be a girl’s as well as a boy’s name. Madhu is a high-society male prostitute, 26, 5’7”, 135 lbs, 36B-28-38, with a non-erectile 2½” cock. Madhu was born without testicles and was brought up as a boy. At 15, he ran away to Mumbai with a sugar daddy he found, and started living as a girl with him. The sugar daddy – a single lonely man – passed away after 5 years, leaving him all his wealth.
Madhu was introduced to Rajeev by Ronnie. Without any male hormones in him, Madhu is very fair-complexioned and remarkably soft-figured and soft-skinned. Madhu is virtually a girl with a flaccid 2½” cock in place of a vagina. He’s naturally hairless like a girl – absolutely no chest hair and entirely hairless arms and legs. He has this girlishly curvy medium figure that does not show any muscles at all, even on his hands and feet, and not a trace of an Adam’s apple on his super-long neck. Like a woman, Madhu naturally does not have any facial hair, so his beautiful feminine model-like face has a very natural girlish complexion, lovely large feminine grey eyes with long thick natural eyelashes. He has long thick natural hair that he keeps very femininely-styled (Much like Lady Diana’s hair) and has a nice rich feminine voice too. Taking female hormones has now given him pubic and armpit hair, and substantial breast flesh. Even without any makeup, Madhu can easily pass off as a girl even in bright sunlight! We pay him in kind – with lingerie, dresses, cosmetics, hormone patches for his breasts, etc.
Recently, Rajeev and I actually went out with Madhu in drag for a day long outing in the city. He came in at daybreak to our place, shared a long bath and had a leisurely breakfast with both of us, then got dressed as usual as a female and went out with us. On that day, Madhu was just wearing very light eye makeup, mascara and lipstick. He wore tight pedal-pushers made from a very thin white material, without a fly, and with string bows at the calves – very feminine – with red panties, which nicely showed through the thin pants in daylight. As usual, Madhu had firmly tucked his soft cock between his legs in his tight panties and pedal pushers. Even in the briefest of panties, one cannot make out that he’s hiding a male penis inside. On top, he wore tight short black mesh top, with a padded red push-up bra holding up his well-developed B-plus sized breasts with nice nipples. On his feet, he had 4” high pencil-heel sandals and silver anklets – a craze among girls these days – and a ladies bag, silver bracelets, necklace and earrings. It was such fun going out with this boy-girl!
We first got his hair done very femininely in a fancy unisex salon. Even the well-known gay hairdresser there didn’t know he was serving a man. Then we shopped for ladies’ clothes, dress material, accessories, cosmetics and sandals for him, then had a bite at the coffee shop of a 5-star hotel, where Madhu went into the women’s room with me! Later, we went to Jaffer’s tailoring shop to give his measurements for some girlie dresses, then Ronnie joined us and we went for a movie. We chose a movie and hall where the place would almost be empty, and we all sat in the last row – we girls in the middle, Rajeev on Madhu’s left and Ronnie on my right.
Rajeev fondled and kissed Madhu in the darkened hall, as Ronnie and I had a good grope and squeeze session too. After the movie, we all came home. Sheena joined us in drag, and Rajeev and I drank these two guys’ long-held pungent pisses, and then had a group bath, drank some tequila, had a light dinner, then enjoyed a night of kinky group sex – lots of dirty dancing, dirty talking, cocksucking, anal sex… Madhu’s well-used anus is like a beautiful dark pink rose. Transsexuals Madhu and Sheena look very kinky making out with each other as us ‘normal’ females and males watch.
As I said, we meet new individual male friends in our preferred hotel. The deluxe rooms there have many floor-to-ceiling mirrors and many bright lights – perfect setting for an exhibitionist like me. Even after so many years, no one knows our real identity there – that’s Mumbai for you! I’m quite provocatively dressed for such meets, and even with my cloak on, the kind of gazes I get from the staff must be like the stares high-class prostitutes get in such places. In fact, we often see all sorts of swanky call-girls going in and out of that hotel. We have a good laugh about it afterwards.
Usually, when we go to that hotel with new men, after we go through the introductions and initial hugging and kissing, I disappear into the bathroom to dress up in some sexy lingerie and ensemble for my dance and strip routine. Bur before I go into the bathroom, I suggestively open or remove some item of my clothing, provocatively staring into their hungry eyes, just to symbolise my ‘availability’ to turn them on! To do that, if I’m in a Sari, either I undo my blouse hooks or Rajeev pulls off my Sari. Or I let my Palloo fall suggestively in the Indian woman’s ageless gesture of sexual availability / proposition. Once, Rajeev unhooked my front-opening blouse and pulled one of my breasts out of my brassieres, calling me a whore. If I’m wearing a backless Choli with my Sari, then facing away from the men, I just take off the street-coat that I have worn for the commute to the hotel, and show them my bare back. That’s a very alluring sight in India. If I’m wearing jeans and a short top with no coat, I undo the waist-hook and open the zipper. If I’m wearing a hipster with a tank-top under a coat, then I take off my coat displaying my bare waist and butt-cleavage. With dresses that would cling and mould over my bounteous buttocks, I wear my favourite panties that have thick seams at the legs and raise eye-catching panty-lines in the dresses!
One of our intentions in displaying my ‘availability’ in these provocative ways to these first-timers is to remove the strangers’ reluctance to get completely undressed before I make my second appearance from the room’s bathroom as a dancer. Before I go in, Rajeev and I ask the men to take off all their clothes, and usually Rajeev starts undressing first to get the ball rolling. The poor naked men start getting fidgety and restive as I take my own sweet time to get ready for them. Then I make a flashy appearance from the bathroom into the brightly lit hotel room. I shamelessly check out the eager erections I have caused, pull the guys onto their feet and kiss them, clenching their cocks to ‘size them up’, and comment favourably on their organs to boost their egos. This kind of blatant and overt sexual behaviour from a well-educated woman is unheard of in India, and the guys are literally eating out of my hand. In front of the naked guys, I leisurely rotate my heavy hips and slowly strip to some music on my small portable stereo in the hotel room, as the men drink, smoke and watch me. Often, Rajeev has to discourage the naked men from masturbating and climaxing during my warming-up show itself, and I really feel triumphant to see the high excitement I’m causing. We have done this hotel caper many times by now. The only minus point isn’t being able to play the music of the right quality at the right volume – another reason why we prefer our own bedroom.
Some encounters with our regular mates:
Nowadays, I’m finding more and more bisexual and lesbian women for developing relationships. Many of these get into lesbianism for kicks – especially young girls lodging in hostels, just the way I did. Quite a few are bisexual, a few are staunch lesbians, and some are sex-starved shippy-wives being “faithful” by having sneaky sex with my toys and me.
This last bunch of women – all in their middle-to-late thirties – basically want their itchy cunts stuffed with my toys – I call them ‘time-pass’ lesbians! They are Vineeta (who later committed incest with her own son), Supriya, Neelam, Kavita and Naina. I knew them socially, and now I ‘know’ them biblically (sexually) too; though I cannot stand their idle mindless gossip!
I have already described Vineeta’s stunning charms. Supriya is a medium-built good-natured shippy-housewife, 5’3”, 120 lbs., and 40-28-40, a nice-looking fair-complexioned woman with full, proudly jutting breasts without any sag. Extremely fair Neelam is a slim, charming ex-stewardess, 5’5”, 120 lbs., and 34-28-36, with a big cunt. Kavita is a small plump pretty 5’1”, 135 lbs 36-26-40 girl. Medium complexioned Naina has average features but lots of fashion, style and (badly-informed) health-consciousness – very chic 5’4”, 130 lbs., and a muscular 36-24-38!
Three years ago, within a week of her hubby sailing away for six months, Vineeta rang me up and generally complained about being lonely (this was a year before she ‘seduced’ her son). Rajeev was out of town so I called her to our house to spend the evening and night with me – just a pyjama party, I said. After some vodka and dinner, I changed into my regular short spaghetti-strap cotton nightie with nothing underneath, but Vineeta came out of the bathroom wearing a pale fuchsia filmy-flimsy transparent nightie and sexy, expensive, black lacy bra and panties, and a sexy perfume; remarking how sexy our bathroom and bedroom looked. Earlier in the evening, Vineeta deliberately started talking about an article on swinging in the city, and I had told her that we swung as a couple, and she wanted to know many details. Was she angling for sex?
When she got ready for the night, very significantly, Vineeta had not removed her makeup or her trademark stilettos, which she always wears for parties. Normally, even in everyday Sari and blouse, Vineeta’s huge well-shaped breasts look appetising enough to eat, and in that sexy bra and transparent nightie, they were looking superbly alluring! Vineeta was very much Rajeev’s type, his plump Moonmoon Sen Ideal. I myself was secretly shivering with raw lust for her. I sensed heavy sexual tension in her too, and invited her to see a heterosexual porno video. I pulled the TV trolley in front of our bed, and we sprawled on it, smoking and drinking away.
As we were watching, we were commenting on the actors’ big cocks. We got into appreciating the women also, rather detachedly. Till now, no overt lesbian advances had been made, but the situation looked right. Normally, Rajeev or I don’t make advances in such situations, but I desperately wanted to check if Vineeta was game. In order to gauge her inclinations, I put one of my porno tapes showing two plump women playing with dildos. In the video, they’d later get into hot lesbian sex too.
As Vineeta was engrossed in the dildo action part of the movie, I suggested that if she was feeling horny we could emulate the pair on the screen. She readily agreed and asked me if I had a dildo. I showed her my secret wardrobe. Fascinated, she saw my collection of lingerie and dildos, and zeroed in on my strap-on. Sensuously rubbing her marvellous boobs against my arm, Vineeta said, “Wow! It’s so big, Saroj! I want this guy inside me tonight! So why don’t you also change into something sexy, and then fuck me with this sexy dong?” Hmm, I was getting hard-core sex on a platter from super-sexy Vineeta! I certainly wouldn’t refuse!
Actually, that strap-on cock looks quite silly on my womanly figure; but when one of our big-boned, boyish girlfriends with short hair and tiny breasts wears it in dim lights; she really looks like a very attractive boy, and plays that role quite well. So, for copulation with Vineeta, I selected my shiny black vinyl corset, black patterned stockings and suspenders, and my highest black stilettos, collected the appropriate cosmetics, took back my all-black strap-on dildo from Vineeta’s eagerly caressing hands, and closed the closet door to change.
Soon, I emerged looking like a domineering slut in dark makeup and black lipstick, with my obscene ‘cock’ jutting unnaturally in front of me. The video was over by then. Vineeta had taken off her nightie and was preening herself in front of my dressing mirror. I walked to her, and embracing her from behind, removed her bra right away and started fondling those marvellous milk-jugs of hers as my ‘cock’ poked between her thighs. Vineeta threw her head back with an erotic sigh and I started smooching her on her shoulders, on the sides of her long neck and finally on those lovely lips of hers, our heights matching quite well. As kissed her hard, Vineeta herself impatiently opened the side knots of her panties, pulled them off and started pressing my ‘cock-head’ up into her crotch, saying, “Saroj, leave the kissing for later, just fuck me hard right now with that thing!” So, we staggered together onto my bed and she crouched on her knees and shoulders, thrusting her big naked ass out at me. What a lovely pink rosebud the sexy bimbo had! I made a mental note to tongue her juicy pink anal lips later! Soon, I had my ‘cock’ inside her drooling Sex and was rutting into her.
After a good 10 minutes of heavy fucking, I withdrew and asked her to turn over into a missionary position and resumed the fucking as I explored her body thoroughly. Her lush breasts were lovely, and so was her puffy shaven cunt. I feasted on her magnificent breasts as I fucked her. The vibrator inside the strap-on dildo was going at full power, and both our slimy groins were throbbing with those heavy vibes. We both violently came three times, calling each other sluts, whores, lezzies…
Vineeta later licked me well in a 69 with me on top, and said she found my big juicing cunt very sexy, and I too complimented her on her succulent light-complexioned clean-shaven gaping piss-slot. As we rested after sex, she told me that once their hubbies were off to sea, Supriya, Neelam, Kavita, Naina and she resorted to lesbian sex together. So I asked Vineeta to invite the foursome to our apartment for beer and lunch next weekend, and she quickly arranged a slumber party at my place from the phone in my bedroom – telling them I had enough dildos for all of them!
So, after lunch next Saturday, I took the lezzy five to our bedroom for a smoke and more beer. Naina, the eternal party girl, suggested that six of us play a simple form of strip poker with a dice – whoever got a ‘6’ would have one item of her clothing taken off by me, since I was the host as well as the new ‘babe’. And if I got a six, the five would again roll the dice for who would get to remove my five garments (Sari, blouse, petticoat, bra and panties, as I was in a Sari). Fun-loving Neelam said, “Let’s get going, gals! I’m dying to get those plastic guys into me! Hey Saroj, take out all those dildos, and let’s roll the dice for them too!”
So that was just what we did! This bunch really knows how to ‘do time-pass’ (popular Indian expression for aimlessly passing the time of the day). Soon all of us were down to our fancy lingerie – they had all come wearing their finest, ready for sex! It so happened that there was no electricity that day (a common occurrence in India), and the sultry air was full of raunchy perfumes, sweat, beer, cigarette smoke and heated cunts. Plump Vineeta was freshly shaven again, and so was I. The rest were in varying degrees of stubble. I offered to shave the four hairy cunts and there were squeals of delights and usual feminine fuss – in short, absolute chaos. As I brought out the paraphernalia, all five of them landed on my big bed and I quickly shaved the four drooling cunts. After everyone was freshly shaved, I brought out my dildo collection. We had good fun choosing them and the scene got really randy. Later, we all licked, sucked, 69ed and enjoyed heavy dildo-fucks. My guests left after a late tea.
With these nouveau-riche shippy-widows, there is no room in bed for Rajeev, but he does not mind. So, we party at their apartments when the hostess’s hubby is out. Whenever Rajeev goes out for the day, we party at our place. It’s usually afternoon parties as they all have school-going kids. Rajeev finds Vineeta extremely sexy, and in later months, he has separately had sex with Vineeta and later with Neelam too.
Rajeev introduced good-looking Neelam to anal sex as I watched and assisted. Rajeev did it real slow, elaborate and gentle, took his time, and Neelam really enjoyed her anal deflowering. He later drank her urine too when they were alone and washing up in our bathroom after a threesome with me, as I was busy on the telephone. Neelam had hemmed and hawed, and said no in the most unconvincing manner; till Rajeev’s sweet entreaties and the pressure in her bladder got the better of her fussiness, and she finally peed in Rajeev’s mouth.
The funniest situation was when once Rajeev was in his office at the other end of the house, and I had told the eager beavers that I’m alone. I had got them through the other door into our bedroom for an afternoon of ‘Slutting’ session, and we had all had good sex. When they left, I was all naked and freshly licked and sucked, smelling of these sexy women’s perfumes and fuck-juices; and Rajeev and I had hot sex right away, as I gave all the low-down to Rajeev. A year later before we helped break the ice between mother and son, Rajeev fucked sexy Vineeta many times.
Vineeta, Ritu (who initiated us into our wife-swap club) and his ‘surrogate mothers’ Ruby and Jumana are the four women Rajeev likes to tit-fuck between their rich boobs.
My lesbian mate Shamolie is quite active in Mumbai lesbian circles. She usually takes a more active role with me, and I play the slave or just lie back and get ravished by this gorgeous woman. One Sunday afternoon, Shamolie brought two ultra-chic, sexy, slender bi-babes Rhea and Bubbles to our apartment for group sex. Rhea was remarkably muscular and manly, and Bubbles was very chic with a ramp-model figure. They are from the present batch from our old hostel where Shamolie and I used to have sex. We were in everyday clothes and the girls were in denim shorts and brief T-shirts. Shamolie was not sure if everybody would click, so she didn’t tell anyone beforehand that we were going to have sex. This is typical of Shamolie – she believes that a social visit can be turned into a sex-scene by simply laying a proposition and asking if everyone else is game.
Nevertheless, that day, we all got along well socially. Then Shamolie made a start by French-kissing me on my mouth and squeezing my buttocks. I was a bit taken aback for a moment but soon we all undressed and landed in our bed. The two babes asked me if they could cut some coke, but I firmly put our foot down and they backed off, and we got on with sex. The young girls found my big ripe Sex very fascinating. We four were soon licking and sucking everywhere, dildo-fucking, and the two girls eagerly learned how to fist-fuck my mature cunt with their small delicate hands. Just then, Rajeev returned from an appointment and let himself in with his key. Finding the bedroom locked, he called me on the intercom, and I told him I was with some new friends. Covering the mouthpiece, I asked the girls if they’d mind Rajeev watching us, and they were okay with that. So I described the scene to him and let him in. He came in, undressed and reclined on our bedroom couches and watched us quietly, slowly playing with his cock.
After the girls climaxed nicely, they wanted to take a leak. Rajeev promptly asked them to hold on. Bubbles and Rhea were immediately very curious to know why Rajeev Uncle wanted them to hold their bladders, so Shamolie told them. These college chicks found the idea of urinating in Rajeev’s mouth such screaming fun that they forgot all about the coke! So, soon we all piled into our bathtub and let go of our pisses on Rajeev. Shamolie normally doesn’t get into pissing scenes, but that day she too was merrily urinating in Rajeev’s mouth. Rajeev guzzled quite a bit and merrily let the rest spill over his body. Soon, we all were done with feeding and soaking him. Finally, we broke up and after Rajeev brushed and took a shower, the still-naked girls piled onto him to smooch and thank him. They gave him rather immature blow-jobs too, as Shamolie and I watched amusedly. Rajeev couldn’t cum with such amateur oral, so we had these kids watch me closely as I deep-throated my hubby. Rajeev ejaculated in my wide open mouth from some distance so the girls could watch the pornographic scene.
As Rajeev was watching us lesbians, we told the babes that Rajeev too was bisexual, and Bubbles talked about one of her bisexual Femme boyfriend Ashish. Rajeev said he loved Femme boys, and expressed a desire to meet Ashish. After a fortnight, on a Saturday evening at 10 p.m., Bubbles hesitantly rang me up, “Hi Saroj Auntie, I’m Bubbles, do you remember me? Okay, Auntie, we are in this boring disco near your house. There is Binki, Shawnee and Ashish with me; and I told them about you guys and we were wondering if we could come to your place to meet you guys. Saroj Auntie, all of us are very bi y’know, and Ashish wants to meet uncle too! We want to party with you guys if it’s okay with y’all!” We were free that evening, so we said okay.
Before they arrived, Rajeev fixed the dancing pole on our round table, and switched on all our ‘nightclub’ lights and I changed into some sexy lingerie. Soon, gorgeous and chic Bubbles, playful and mischievous Binki, plump-n-fleshy Shawnee and completely feminine Ashish trooped in, all spruced up in bizarre party outfits and makeup, and strange perfumes. I in my sexy lingerie looked like a homely mother in front of them! We of course knew Bubbles, but we couldn’t figure out which of the other three was Ashish the male, before Bubbles introduced him – so strikingly feminine he was, and in such street-perfect makeup and drag. Ashish could easily pass off as a sexy babe on the street. He had a long slender neck without any trace of an Adam’s apple – which made him look very feminine. Ashish had superbly girlie long smooth legs too! Only on closer inspection, his slightly narrower hips, somewhat broader shoulders and a bit larger hands gave away his true gender – even then, one couldn’t be sure. Looking more closely at his made up face; we realised that good-looking Ashish was one of the young models (as a boy, not girl) in a frequent television ad.
Rajeev was very turned on by awfully effeminate, lisping-swishing Ashish. He had this slender-built soft figure, perfectly hairless fair skin and girlish model-like good looks. He was in such cute drag – tight pink hot-pants (girls’ variety, not men’s tight shorts), black fishnet T-shirt with a pink lace padded bra inside, heavy ankle-boots without socks that girls wear nowadays, pink lipstick, blush, mascara, plucked eyebrows, and earrings, a heavy choker around his long slender neck, bracelets, and many rings! On top of it, he had an army-style crew-cut on his perfectly-featured face – a favourite of many high-fashion girls those days, and he wore such a blasé look! They all looked very sexy and attractive in their party outfits.
Bubbles said they went to a disco, but decided to party with us instead, “The disco scene is so boring, Saroj Auntie, and you guys are so cool and sexy, y’know! These guys wouldn’t believe me when I told them about you guys, and what cool sex Rhea and I had with y’all, y’know! And all the cool things you grown-ups are into! So I said I’d take y’all to their place so I rang you up, y’know! You guys don’t mind, no! Rajeev Uncle, Ashish is very gay, y’know! Aren’t you, Ashish? You like older men, no, you slut? I hope Rajeev Uncle likes sluts like you!” To which Ashish retorted very effeminately, “I’m not gay, you bitch! I’m bi, just like y’all! Didn’t I fuck you silly in Pune last week?”
After we let them in, Rajeev told them that there would be a full strip-search, and the youngsters screamed with delight! He bluntly rummaged in their tote-bags, and quickly stripped them to their underthings – thoroughly pawing and kneading them in the process – and searched their weird clothes thoroughly for drugs. Rajeev discovered that Ashish was wearing matching tight pink lace panties inside, with his cock tucked between his thighs, crating a very ‘female’ effect. The giggly carefree babes loved it too. However, they had not brought any drugs this time – only a pack of large beer-cans and normal cigarettes. Rajeev later admitted he thoroughly enjoyed strip-searching the teenagers. All this took place within five minutes of them landing at our apartment, before this crowd got into our bedroom.
When they walked into our bedroom, all half-naked, they were stunned – all saying this was better than the disco – the girls immediately got into pole dancing. Soon, everyone was next to naked, and into foreplay in our bed. On this occasion too, we implored everyone to hold onto their bladders, and kept the pissing scene for the end. Bubbles triumphantly told the others, “See, I told ya uncle loves Golden Showers and you guys wouldn’t believe me!”
In bed, Ashish somehow stuck with the girls, deliberately behaving as if he was one of them. The girls were all trying to push him away from me and on to Rajeev, but he didn’t want to play with Rajeev in front of the girls, though he was down to his bra and panties. Plucking eyebrows and wearing full makeup, lipstick and feminine lingerie in front of his girlfriends was passé for this boy, but kissing older men and sucking cock in front of girlfriends was not yet quite ‘in’, I suppose. Finally, Rajeev took Ashish – still in his bra and panties, with a nice bulge in them – to the guest bedroom for sex. Rajeev told me later that the sexy boy-girl was an excellent kisser, and had a very pretty 6-inch cock. Ashish made really hot gay love exceptionally femininely to Rajeev for over three hours. Both guys had full oral and anal sex both ways with each other. Rajeev later said that kissing and making love to Ashish felt just like making out with a young girl. From puberty, Ashish had been plucking his beard – not shaving – so he had no stubble at all.
I had first-class lesbian fun with the three young stark-naked girls – all calling me ‘Auntie’ – oral, dildos, vaginal and anal 69s, and I got fisted by all three! When we all were satiated with sex by 1 a.m., I initiated the ‘urinary’ depravity by standing over Rajeev in our tub and pissing all over him, and then helped the squealing giggling girls spew their bladders on him one by one. Then, happily kneeling in the piss filled-tub, I got fucked by Ashish as I sucked Rajeev, as the girls watched and cheered, and then I too shamelessly enjoyed being drenched in Rajeev and Ashish’s manoeuvrable male piss-streams. After a shower, we all took turns with each other, mainly hetero oral sex.
When these kids had walked in, they were rather nervous, but by 2 a.m., this young naked gang was making so much happy noise that we often had to tell them to quieten down. It was all such kinky yet wholesome fun! As they were leaving at 6 a.m. in the morning, over the morning coffee that I had made and served in the nude, they actually remarked that sex with us was a better high than drugs! Now that was one of the greatest compliments we have ever received!
Twice more we (along with Sheena) met with Rhea, Bubbles, Binki, plump Shawnee, and cute Ashish – all together; and more often, in twos or threes, or individually. We asked them not to expand the group further as things would get out of hand. Next time round, the kids wanted to meet me in my Domina outfit playing a butch-dyke. And Ashish agreed to suck Rajeev in a 69 and have both ways anal sex with him in front of the girls. So, I’m again wallowing in young female flesh and Rajeev Uncle is enjoying playing ‘human-toilet’ to his new bunch of nubile pissers.
Rajeev finds these young heavily-smoking girls’ pee deliciously pungent (somehow, we always think of Ashish as a girl). These bisexual kids again saw both of us do deep-throats, and now they want us to teach them how to! Moreover, the girls want to try anal sex! And I now have a new lesbian piss-lover in sophisticated Binki. She phoned us for a separate appointment with us to return Rajeev Uncle’s “very special favour”! We met her three times and had pissing good fun with her – bathing, drinking, massaging – the Works! Soon after, she went abroad to study.
Just after I had written the first version of this autobiography, Rajeev and I met a handsome bisexual divorcee guy called Rakesh (same age and physique as Rajeev) for group sex. Earlier, Shawnee had called me a day before to ask me if she could come and have sex with us next night. I had agreed and Shawnee was to come in at 8 p.m. When Rajeev later asked me if we could invite Rakesh for sex the same evening at 7, I rang up Shawnee and told him about Rakesh (describing him, and telling her his real name, as is our practice with women, not with men) and asked her if she’d like to meet him for sex.
Shawnee was quiet for some time, and said she’d like to make a surprise entrance with my thigh-high boots, arm-gloves and head-mask, and later take it off. She’d bring her own suspender corset and string panties, and do a pole dance and strip for us. Shawnee said she knew this guy socially, was turned on by him, and wanted to give him a sexy surprise. She requested us not to tell Rakesh about her identity, as she wanted to spring a surprise on him. We agreed, unaware of what extraordinary scene we were going to witness.
Rakesh came in at 7 p.m., and I danced and stripped for him for a while. As Rakesh was making out with Sheena, and Rajeev was serving drinks, I received Shawnee at the door and took her into our dressing room. Right at the door, she asked me excitedly, “Has Rakesh arrived?” I said yes, and plump Shawnee came in and changed energetically; and I too got into my French maid’s half uniform to serve everyone.
We had informed Rakesh that a sexy young girl was going to join us. He was obviously quite excited. Masked and topless Shawnee made a sexy entrance, and dancing leisurely without a word, she slowly removed her panties. Only the thigh-highs, long gloves, head-mask, and the suspender corset remained on Shawnee, and her plump young breasts, shoulders, sexy plump ass, rich smooth upper thighs and hairless privates were on display. In a low voice, Rakesh said to Rajeev, “She is so much like my daughter!” Masked Shawnee heard that, stepped forward to sit in Rakesh’s lap, and started doing a lap dance. She quickly pulled out a condom from her corset, put in on Rakesh’s rampant cock, and impaled herself on it.
And the moment Rakesh was fully in, Shawnee pulled off her mask and told a shocked Rakesh, “I AM your daughter, Dad, and I have been wanted to fuck you ever since Mom left! Now kiss me and make love to me, Dad!” Saying that, Shawnee kissed Rakesh on the lips, and drew one of his hands to her tits and the other to her ass.
Shocked, we all watched mutely, waiting for Rakesh to stop this, but he kissed his daughter back, and we started clapping as the father and daughter started copulating. After Rakesh came inside her daughter and she too had two huge climaxes, I broke out some champagne.
Soon, we left father and daughter alone to make love, and came out into the guest bedroom. We recalled that on her last visit, when Shawnee had fucked Rajeev in the very same position, she had remarked that Rajeev had the same age and build as her father, and she had always wanted to fuck with her handsome father. They have a very common last name, so we didn’t suspect a connection till the end. After dinner, Shawnee and her father Rakesh left for their place to continue their incestuous journey. Since then, Shawnee has been sleeping in her father’ bed virtually as his wife. Rakesh has virtually stopped his late night binges and Shawnee too has virtually stopped being a party animal. Rakesh is again doing well in his business and Shawnee has embarked on an ambitious career. As we have always believed, consenting incest between mature, level-headed adults normally has good fallout. We meet Rakesh and Shawnee quite often nowadays.
As I said earlier, in our original swinging-club, the men always wanted ‘lesbian’ shows, and the women all faked it, except me, till Rakhsheen joined. Nowadays, Rakhsheen and I are the only real cunt-lapping lesbians in our old wife-swapping club, but male homosexuality is still an absolute taboo. Anal sex between men and women hardly occurs – Rakhsheen and I are also the only anal sluts around. And usually I’m the only one able to do a genuine deep-throat. I’m always lustily cheered as I give welcoming deep-throat strokes to all the cocks in our annual swap-club get-togethers, or shamelessly get my rear-entrance reamed by my designated mate as everyone watches.
This year, we invited all present members – seven couples – of our swap-club for having an adult Holi bash on our small private terrace. (Holi is a Hindu festival of spring; where people sprinkle and smear each other with wet and dry colours and pigments – the gaudier the better.) With some hiccups, everyone made arrangements for their children to stay with others relatives and friends, so that the parents could get away for the day. We had asked everyone to get thin worn-out white cotton clothes.
On Holi day, everyone arrived early for breakfast with us. Then we all changed into the old clothes in our bedrooms. We had asked everyone not to wear anything underneath. When the adult Holi party started, colourful paw-prints were instantly slapped onto my ample derrière by all the men. My thin cotton night-robe immediately became transparent with water. The wet cloth clung to my figure quite sexily, and my big rolling buttocks got a lot of lustful attention from the men throughout. Rakhsheen and I merrily rubbed each other’s boobs and butts and made candid grabs at everyone’s crotches as we played with the colours. On the pretext of Holi, Rakhsheen and I got some good feels of all those non-lesbian feminine assets, which are otherwise out-of-bounds for us! After playing with colour, and a having a few beers, someone declared that he had brought some silver paint to “glorify the biggest boobs and the biggest ass!” So, the horny men immediately ripped open the cups of ample-bosomed Ritu’s old wet blouse (she and her hubby were our initiators), and tore my wet nightgown from behind into tatters. Ritu’s big boobs were jutting proudly from her creatively torn blouse and my big naked ass was framed by my tattered gown, and both got liberally smeared with that shiny paint! Rajan and Rajeev were beaming with pride!
Soon everyone tore up everyone else’s clothes, and we played Holi in tatters. Finally, we had a collective hosing down and bath, and many male hands eagerly helped remove the paint from Ritu’s breasts and my ass-cheeks. We all then cleaned up the place, and (I think) everyone had a smoke. (Quite a few otherwise non-smoking women usually smoke when they swing, much like me.)
After showering off the colour, those who came back wearing their dresses or underclothes were again stripped off, and we had a merry lunch in the nude. Then everyone piled up in our empty exercise room on lots of mattresses on the pile carpet. We paired off by lots as usual, and had a leisurely, sleepy adult fuck-romp till dinner time. This was one of the rare times when everyone made out in the same room.
In our swap-club, two other women don’t mind Rakhsheen and me coming on to them, and we indulge in mild lesbian sex with them when we swing. As I described earlier, Rakhsheen is tall, fair, pretty and gorgeously slim but with a conspicuously large broad well-rounded bottom. She loves to dance and strip too, much like me, and she’s a good Western dancer. Rakhsheen is the most glamorous in our spouse-swap group, and I’m the most average-looking. For all her oversized bottom, childless Rakhsheen has an absolutely flat tummy, tiny youthful breasts, and a huge cunt. I really enjoy making love to that big cunt of hers.
Normally, Westernised Rakhsheen wears tight bottoms and loose baggy tops to camouflage her flat chest and husky butt. However, she’s quite flattered by Rajeev’s adoration of her sumptuous behind, and so whenever she meets us for sex, she wears clinging sleeveless mini-tops without a bra, and tight jeans to accentuate her slim waist, flaring hips and womanly derrière. Rakhsheen looks stunning in a Sari, but very rarely wears it. Rajeev adores Rakhsheen’s slim waist and broad hips, and loves to fuck her doggy-style! She always joins me on our round table and we have a great time making real cunt-lapping lesbian love as others watch. We both can easily fist-fuck each other, so we do that too. All others are fascinated by that, and egg us on.
Two years ago, on New-Year Eve, Rajeev wanted to celebrate a Big Buttocks Night. So we invited Poornima and Abhijit, Rajan and Ritu, and Rakhsheen and Pervez over. This was my ass-man hubby Rajeev’s choice of guests! Poornima, Ritu and Rakhsheen are all heavy-bottomed! Rajeev was on cloud-nine with so many ‘heavenly orbs’!
Poornima is 5’6”, medium-built but heavy-breasted and with an extremely soft and large – yet very shapely – pair of 64” buttocks. They’re Rajeev’s favourite, and the largest he has worshipped and made love to.
On that evening, everybody’s kids had gone to a kids’ overnight party at another friend’s place, and my three woman guests had raided my wardrobe for stockings and suspenders (these are not at all popular in hot and humid India, and so are not easily available locally) and did makeovers for the party. Once the ‘derrière do’ got going, all us women were down to only stockings, suspenders and high-heels, and Rajeev was sitting on the floor and we women were all laughing and insolently shoving and grinding our butts into his face. Everyone was teasing him about his big-buttocks ‘fixation’ as he went on licking, lapping and worshipping all four extra-large derrières absolutely without any shame. Poornima’s outrageous high-heels had brought her nipples at the same level as barefoot Ritu’s, so the men urged that Poornima and Ritu kiss and dance with each other squashing their formidable breasts together. They are not much of lesbians but they proved to be good sports. Rakhsheen and I kneeled besides the plump pair, and licked the meaty sides of those heavy breasts as we kissed and kneaded their heavy ass-cheeks. That was really erotic and the men were going wild!
After the men got bare-ass naked and we all had a few drinks, Rakhsheen and I started a spicy ‘lesbian’ show on our table. We started dancing together on the table, and slowly went from dancing to sizzling lesbian lovemaking right there! Everybody sat in front of us on the couches and watched us lesbian showgirls. Rajeev and Rajan had their arms around Poornima’s shoulders and kneaded her great boobs, as they watched us. Ritu was lying on the other couch in the middle of the other two guys. Abhijit, who just loves getting a blowjob, was sprawled on the couch and kneading Ritu’s ample bosoms as she licked his cock while looking at us. On the other side, Pervez was fondling her plump ass and fingering her cunt. That scene was arousing us lesbians as much as we were turning them on.
Finally, just before midnight, we four women swapped our husbands by drawing lots. We then lined up on our bed facing our big mirror on all fours, presenting our big naked bottoms in a row to our men for a good doggy-style fuck. As New Year fireworks started booming all over Mumbai, we welcomed it by having ‘extramarital’ cocks plunge into our sopping-wet ‘adulterous’ cunts at the stroke of twelve. What a sight that was in our big mirror! After that fuck and some rest, at around 1 a.m., I went to the guest bedroom with Abhijit, Rajan and Pervez for enjoying a three-way plugging and being three well-built men’s sassy slut for the night! These three guys had never pissed on me, so on that night I rectified that, besides ‘rectifying’ their cocks into my rectum. Rajeev had fun that whole night with three big fat butts, and snuggled and worshipped them. The eight of us met for breakfast the next day.
Later that year, Poornima and Abhijit holidayed with us in Goa, where I checked in as Abhijit’s wife and Poornima checked in as Rajeev’s wife. For a few days, I once again enjoyed a virtual ‘honeymoon’ with a new husband – one of my many such experiences so far.
Recently, we had another Big-Butt party, but only with women guests. Riaa with her 42” bubble-butt, Ujwala with her wide 44” buttocks, Rakhsheen with her jutting 48” ass, Ritu with her heavy 50” behind, Ritu with her shapely 50” posterior, Ruby with her wobbly 54” bottom, Vineeta with her motherly 58” derrière, Jumana with her huge 62” backside, Poornima with her jumbo 64” hindquarters; and yours truly with my 52” nether-globes. One by one, on our round stage, all us ten plump sluts ‘insolently’ revealed and flaunted the grandeurs of our resplendent posteriors to a one-man audience of Rajeev. On his part, Rajeev performed unabashed buttock worship and deep analingus on all the ladies and all of them publicly squatted on his face and freely urinated in his mouth.
So far, Rajeev has introduced four novice guys to gay sex – three of these were married, and all wished to have a gay experience. These first timers answered Rajeev’s ads on the net on, looking for fair, hairless guys – especially first timers – and promising body-to-body massages, deep-throats to finish, and receiving golden showers!
He met Sethuraman in a Chennai hotel twice and had a real good time with him. Slim, tall Sethuraman had a big 8-incher. Rajeev deep-throated him, got his semen on his face, bathed in his hot urine, and then had a bath with him.
Pavan, an absolutely hairless, fair, plump, boyish-looking guy from Hyderabad met Rajeev in a room in a Pune club. He had a very pretty 5” cock, and absolutely no body hair. Rajeev massaged him for a long time, then deep-throated him and drank his urine, and they had a bath together.
Paresh, a tall, big, plump, hairless, fair-skinned guy with a fat 6-incher, met Rajeev in a Mumbai hotel and wanted to be sodomised for the first time. He had brought a full Sari outfit with him – bra, panties, a fitted blouse (actually made by his wife for him to satisfy his craving for cross-dressing), petticoat and a silk Sari, and he dressed up as a woman for Rajeev. Rajeev in turn taught him how to tuck his 6” cock in his panties, and many feminine mannerisms and tricks, and sodomised him when Paresh requested.
Young Jadoo (his nick-name) lived in a hostel and met Rajeev in Delhi in a hotel. Though his torso was hairless, he was quite hairy below his waist. Rajeev kissed Jadoo’s beautiful red lips, removed his body hair with Anne-French cream, gave a deep-throat to his big 9” cock, and got his ass sodomised by him.
Some of our experiences with heterosexual couples outside our swap group have been rather curious. Two straight couples we met (separately) had sexual problems – one male had a poor erection problem, and the other male had a premature ejaculation problem. So, in reality, the wives were desperate for a ‘good fuck’. When we probed, they both said that repeated tests had revealed that there was no medical reason for the men’s dysfunction – it was entirely psychosomatic. Both couples had gotten into swinging basically to bring Macho Men to their marital bed to ‘satisfy the frustrated wife’. We Indians are so hung up about male virility! We talked to them in detail, had sex with them and demonstrated to them how they themselves could have a lot of fun if they changed their attitudes.
However, the first couple had very rigid views, so we had to leave them to their fate, as we are not qualified to sort out psychiatric problems. The other couple is sexually very happy now, and we have become their best family friends! We regularly meet every month or two for an evening party with their kids, plus an overnight adult party. The ‘hair-trigger’ husband now leisurely fucks my cunt and ass for half an hour, as he plays with his wife’s lovely boobs and Rajeev smooches, caresses and worships her sumptuous baby-soft yet very shapely 54” buttocks. Otherwise, we just fuck, swap and sleep together – without any frills.
For a thoroughly kinky couple like us, such ‘plain vanilla’ encounters are quite mild and pleasant – a nice change from our usual high-voltage ‘deviant’ sex with others.
Once, the groom of a young engaged-to-be-married couple answered our ad and expressed a desire to learn ‘advanced sex’ and various kinks from a mature couple in a foursome. We met them in their simple flat in Pune. Arvind, 24, was a slim, dark, handsome man with a curved 8” dong, and Poonam, 20, was a tall, slim, fair-skinned beauty with very pretty breasts. We introduced them to piss-drinking. It was a kinky sight to see that pretty girl urinate in her fiancé’s mouth, and then reciprocate too – they enjoyed it but didn’t continue. We also suggested that they call us Mom and Dad – and they took to that like a house on fire! Rajeev taught the girl how to deep-throat and guided the boy to take his fiancée’s ass – a first for both. We taught them absolutely non-stop over a weekend – only stopping for sleeping, eating and visiting the loo. We also had excellent swap-sex with them – with some gay and lesbian action thrown in on the last night. We still meet them occasionally.
Some kinky encounters abroad:
Rajeev often goes alone to Germany, where he regularly visits gay kinos (cinemas). These are tiny cinemas with 20-30 seats, usually very dark and painted black. In some places, there are 2-3 cinemas. Rajeev tells me that frequently, there are guys sitting there in almost total darkness, openly masturbating with their cock out. Usually that’s a sure sign they want a passive partner. If Rajeev likes a guy, he silently signals that he’d like to deep throat their cocks. He has blown a dozen guys this way, all with big hard cocks, and they have really liked his deep-throating skills. Sometimes, the guy has asked Rajeev to join him in one of the brightly-lit two-seater video cubicles for more private and leisurely smooching and receiving blow-jobs. Twice Rajeev has even his types to his hotel room. With one, Rajeev had excellent sex throughout the night. With the other – a very pretty boy from Iran – Rajeev had sex with him for three successive nights. On their second meeting in the same place next day, Rajeev and the Iranian boy were openly smooching, and petting for long stretches on the seats that were placed outside the video rooms in the dimly lit corridor. Then the duo would move into the dimly lit theatre and Rajeev would give the boy a deep-throat right in front of the screen, with all the gays in the Kino crowding the curtained entrance to the cinema and ogling at the uncommon sight.
In another town in Germany, he stayed in rooms hired out by a gay sauna, and had a good fill of sauna and gay sex for ten days. On one night, he hired two studs from a gay bar, blew them and showered in their urine, showered with them, then leisurely deep-throated them. On another night, he anally fisted an Argentinean guy – this was Rajeev’s first anal fisting. On the last afternoon, he was propositioned by a handsome German, and Rajeev invited him back to his room to have hot gay sex till late evening.
Recently in Germany, he met a Spanish transsexual Manuela– a Cher look-alike – with a functioning cock and perfect synthetic breasts. Rajeev had a proper date with Manuela, and later had excellent oral and anal sex with her both ways.
Whenever we go to Europe together, we go to live sex-shows, dominatrix places, transsexual hangouts, gay-and-lesbian bars, etc. In the last, we enjoy kissing same-sex partners in public. Everyone there finds an Indian woman in a sexily worn Sari a great curiosity, and we easily pickup a sexy guy and / or a girl for the night. In India we never pickup anyone this way, but in Europe it’s so easy and safe to pickup a fuck-mate! More about that later.
About 6 years ago, as a lark, we sent a bunch of Rajeev’s, Sheena’s (in impeccable drag) and my own utterly pornographic pictures to two Italian adult contact magazines ‘Contattiamoci’ and ‘Postal’, Italian equivalent to ‘The Bombayite’. However, unlike ‘The Bombayite’, these magazines print explicitly sexual advertisements with uncensored photos and direct box numbers, all for free. They only black out the face or eyes. We sent them quite a few of our pornographic photos of three of us in various fucking poses, open bald holes, obscene poses, me in my Domina outfit, in belly-dance attire, sticking out and spreading my ample derrière, anal-fuck close-ups (both Rajeev in my ass, and me in Gautam’s with my strap-on). We even sent them pictures of Rajeev pissing in my open mouth and my face and hair dripping with golden droplets, Gautam in full feminine splendour with his cock hanging out, etc. Being in Italian, these magazines are practically unknown in India. Much to our delight, both magazines published the whole scandalous bunch over 3-4 full colour pages along with our candid advertisement and our box-number address in India! We got a good response and got into the European sex-scene through those ads.
In Düsseldorf, Germany, we once fucked with a local straight swinging couple, in a small porno-cinema in front of the screen. The German couple took us there and we swapped spouses before the screen in front of about 20 spectators, as the XXX-movie ran on! They had assured us that this was commonplace. When we entered the little basement cinema, one couple was already fucking quite conspicuously in the front row, and they too joined in to have a taste of Indian flesh. In the open passage in front of the screen, the two women cornered Rajeev and the two men serviced me very thoroughly. Then the women too piled on to us and the two couples and I had a great time as an exhausted Rajeev watched. The foursome kept playing with me as Rajeev walked into the tiny gay theatre next door, and kissed and sucked a very handsome guy. It was so thrilling to be ravished by two strange couples in that darkened theatre, with spectators too! In the middle of it all, the cinema-owner switched on the lights. When we were done, the audience actually clapped very properly. Seems this is quite common there. We hosted this German couple in our home when they came to India, and our friends and we had a spanking good time with them. They sunbathed in the nude on our secluded terrace.
Once an Italian bisexual ‘slave’ replied our ad and said he’d be visiting Mumbai, and would meet us on a certain date. On the eve of his arrival, he arranged for the three of us to check into his suite booked in a 5-star hotel where he was lodging. He arrived at midnight. I met him at the door in my Domina outfit. Gautam was in lingerie drag and Rajeev was wearing only a leather jacket, his sexy leather undies and heavy boots. This guy was an absolute pro at playing the slave and his long tongue really serviced our assholes! He submitted to us most skilfully for four-five hours and avidly drank our urine too. In the early hours, he started begging us to empty our bowels on him too! So, just that once out of curiosity, we obliged him in the bathroom. He rubbed our shit all over his body and masturbated. However, none of us enjoyed that gross scene and never got into brown showers again. It takes all sorts to make this World, I suppose!
In Bologna, Italy and Köln, Germany, we had two truly unforgettable occasions to mate with pre-op transsexuals. Both were absolutely street-perfect ultra-feminine men with beautiful real long hair, proper penises and generous breasts! Unless they took off their panties, you couldn’t believe they were men! Plump and feminine Magdalena in Bologna had lovely, very natural-feeling hormone breasts, and a big juicy womanly ass, but he had lost his erectile abilities due to prolonged female hormone treatments. Rajeev and I were suckling on his silicone breasts and beautiful soft little weenie for hours! But Ulla of Köln was a very well-hung tall blue-eyed blonde transsexual, and we both revelled in getting royally fucked in all our holes by this beautiful rotund-breasted (silicone-implants of course) German she-male with his fat 7” cock, and Rajeev enjoyed his ‘arsch-fotze’ (anal cunt) too, as Ulla was sandwiched between us, with me in the missionary position. On both occasions, we both relished the transsexuals’ unique urine too. It was the first time Magdalena had urinated in anyone’s mouth! Mating with real transsexuals and drinking their urine was the wildest time of our sex-life, and we were their first Indians too!
The bisexual scene during our Europe tours has been great. The White people are really fascinated by Indian flesh, as they never get to see any of it anywhere in their pornographic culture. Moreover, Indian women are hardly ever ‘available’ anywhere in Europe – much less a bisexual swinging Indian couple. We managed to meet a few good bisexual individuals and one bi-couple each in Bologna, Italy and Bournemouth, England; and a few cross-dressers, many urine-enthusiasts, lesbians, etc. in Germany. Kinky sex is much easier to find in Germany, as they have this very useful publication ‘Stadtplan für Männer’ (city plan for people) for every major city, giving write-ups and addresses of bars, areas and establishments where one can find the exact kind of sex one is looking for.
Once, when one of our German hosts came to know of our plans to visit Munich, he recommended a small gasthof (inn) near Munich, adding that its owners might be interested in pissing games, but he was not absolutely sure.
When we arrived in Munich city on a late January morning, it was snowing moderately. We had a business appointment, and then later in the day, we bought a lot of sexy lingerie and some porn magazines. Two of them were issues of a magazine called ‘Pisse Zucht’ (Urine Culture). We checked into the gasthof in the evening. The hosts were very friendly, but we were not sure how to make an advance. Next day, before leaving for our business appointments, we deliberately left those two magazines on our bed. The landlady would obviously see them while cleaning our room. She did, and as she told us later, she called her husband in to report her discovery. When we returned, we saw the magazines nicely arranged on one of the side-tables besides the bed.
We changed, went down and relaxed in the bar of the Gasthof, ordered beer and requested the innkeeper couple to join us too, as there were no other guests around. After some chatting, the husband cautiously asked us if we desired something special, and Rajeev said we wanted to have some German Natursekt (natural sparkling wine – piss, in other words).
We were conversing in English. The owner Henri looked worried and asked us if we knew what Natursekt was, and we said that we indeed knew, “Ja, Henri, Natursekt ist pisse!” The portly husband and his plump wife Heidi looked at each other, and then the friendly husband asked us a few questions about our piss-love, and seemed satisfied with our frank answers. He again looked at his wife, and she anxiously gave him a slight nod. Next, the husband hesitantly informed us that they too practised the same culture, and if we didn’t mind, they’d like to exchange drinks with us.
This was going perfectly! Soon, we all were in their living room in front of a roaring log fire, completely naked and merrily drinking each other’s international pisses. Henry and Heidi showed us a large bathroom in their gasthof, which had a special small bathtub, short and wide, and accessible from three sides, and they said they used it for Golden Baths. Later, we swapped and made love doggy-style and women-on-top on the rug in front of the fire. Sociable Henri and Heidi informed us that they were part of a group of 10 couples, 8 single men and 14 single women, all of whom shared the same ‘culture’. We requested them to arrange a get-together, as we wanted to have a Golden Bath in that tub.
So, after many long phone-calls with much extolling of our ‘scharf Indischer pisse’ (spicy Indian piss) and sexy Indian skins, they fixed it for the day after next afternoon, which was a Saturday. Everyone, except one couple and one woman who were abroad, said they’d come. One of the group members, a single lady who lived next door, came in right away and shared ‘drinks’ with us. On Friday itself, some of the club members called to ask if they could bring some guests along. We of course happily consented.
Come Saturday, and we were the ‘star attractions’. I suggested I welcome the guests topless, just wearing my transparent red Banjara Ghaghra with stilettos and nothing underneath, and Rajeev too would wear only a string pouch. We explained that this would warm up the scene and get the party going quickly.
Soon, all the 43 expected guests arrived punctually and the party became quite boisterous. Everybody had been drinking beer the whole morning, and soon I was rationing out my strong urine to a few dozens of naked men and women – just a tablespoon in tiny liqueur glasses to each. Rajeev followed suit.
Then I sat in that special bathtub, and everyone merrily pissed all over me, each person first giving me a taste. Soon, with my big ass inside it, the small tub got almost half full and in fact, the level of pure piss rose up to my navel! For the first time in my life, my whole bottom was fully immersed in divine, undiluted urine! It was Pure Unadulterated Golden Heaven for me! I wallowed in that tub, and repeatedly filled a tumbler and poured it all over myself, even into my hair. Finally, I reluctantly stepped out and Rajeev stepped in, and everyone gave him his or her second contribution.
Rajeev’s bottom being much smaller, the level was lower than that when I was in, but the level in the tub rose again. He too had a good bath in it, and both of us stepped out onto a plastic sheet, and started licking each other. Soon, two men joined Rajeev in licking me, and three woman licked Rajeev. At last, we reluctantly took a shower. Then there was a good session of sucking and fucking. We had announced that both of us are bisexual. However, no bisexual activity took place, though I did lick cunts and Rajeev sucked a few cocks too. Later that evening, one of the young guys got back to Rajeev to ask for a gay date. These two guys went to a gay sauna and later had group sex with four more guys, then spent the Sunday together at the rooms attached to the sauna and gay porn cinemas. The single lady neighbour who had joined us two days ago invited me to a lesbian get-together with two more girls. Four of us made delightful lesbian love, and played delicious pissing games that night and continued till Sunday afternoon. On our next visit, we were invited by many new and old friends. Hardly a night passed without some sexual adventure. In fact, it became difficult to concentrate on our work there.
However, our trips are infrequent and it consumes much time, effort and a lot of money (despite chivalrous hosts) to have this kind of fun in Europe. All the White people we have slept with say they are fascinated by the elastic suppleness of our brown skins. They say our skins are even more pliant than far-east Asians’ or Africans’ skins!
Recently, I travelled to Dubai alone on business, and stayed in a big 5-star hotel. I had planned to stay on for a few days after the work schedule and do some shopping. On the evening after my appointments were over and the coast was clear after my overseas client departed, I changed into a string bikini, came down to the pool and swam around a bit, then went back to my suite. I then changed into a slinky white cocktail dress cut low at the back and slit high on the sides – a wee bit sheer, with high-legged golden thong bikini panties inside. As I put on some party makeup, I had a chat with Rajeev on the phone. I told him I was feeling horny and if I met someone nice in the bar, I might invite him to my bed. Rajeev consented wholeheartedly, as by now we completely trust each other and are confident that we would make the right decision in a given socio-sexual situation.
On high golden stilettos, I walked into the bar, perched my wide big butt on a small high stool and ordered a Campari. I was generally looking quite ‘available’, and I noticed that there were no unaccompanied women around. As my drink arrived and I put a long cigarette between my crimson lips, this well-built, middle-aged American guy stepped forward and offered me a light, and ordered a martini. He introduced himself as Dan, and we got to talking. He too was staying in the hotel, and was obviously angling for sex, laying a lot of come-on lines. I liked him and decided to flirt with him; and asked him quite pleasantly if he liked fat women. Dan got a bit embarrassed and said he did, and said he found my big butt very sexy, and I thanked him, caressing his thigh. He had an enormous bulge in his pants, and I asked him teasingly if that was for me, quickly copping a feel – wow, this guy was apparently hung like a donkey!
Dan laughed and admitted that I was indeed turning him on, and awkwardly said that he was built rather big, and I quietly replied that I never had a problem with big built men! He also said he had never made it with an Indian woman, and I said I’d love to be his first! So, we did ‘bottoms-up’ with our drinks, and I took him to my suite. In the elevator, Dan again told me that my ass was very sexy, and I responded that he could have it every which way he wanted! The poor man stammered, “Do you mean…” and I said, “Yes Dan, I do mean you could have my ass in every which way you want!” His face was a handsome mixture of embarrassment and pleasant surprise.
In my suite, I climbed on the centre table and did a wanton striptease for Dan, using my dildo as a prop, finally presenting my huge ass to him on all fours to ravish. Dan indeed was hung like a horse at a full 12”, and moderately thick at about 5½” around. I first gave him good head, and then thoroughly enjoyed him in my deep Sex on all fours.
Dan remained hard and kept steadily thrusting into me manfully, holding onto my wide, rich haunches for a quarter of an hour and varying the pace from time to time; and he kept paying compliments to my huge fat ass. I loved his virile fornicating style, and quickly turned around and took him in my mouth when he was about to cum, and swallowed every drop of his bountiful sweet cum. Later in the night, after Dan ate my Sex and anus for a long time, I lubricated my ass, shoving dollops of Vaseline into my rectum with my vibrator, sat on his swollen erection and slowly impaled my bowels on it. Having had good practice with well-hung Suneet, I smoothly took Dan’s totem pole inside my ass without any hassle. Dan then told me that though he loved anal sex, and had had anal sex with many large-sized women, I was the first slut to take him into my bowels right down to the root in one go, and I had the best technique of all.
We shifted position and I again took him back in my ass lying sideways, and we sailed onto a leisurely anal voyage spoon fashion. As he sodomised me, Dan and I chatted about our sex lives, and I told him that Rajeev and I are very kinky and are both swinging bisexuals. I avoided telling him about my urine-love, as I wanted that as a ‘surprise dessert’. Steadily fucking my ass, he next rolled me over onto my hands and knees, and continued sodomised me on all fours. After we climaxed together for the first time, we rested for some time. Hesitantly, Dan asked me if I’d be put off if he made a kinky request. I assured him that there weren’t many kinky things left that I hadn’t done. However, he did surprise me by asking me if I’d mind pissing in his mouth! Happily excited about finding a fellow piss-drinker, I told him that I too would want to drink his piss. So we both washed up, and as we were rather tired, we decided to do it in bed in a 69. That was his first time for a Golden 69, and after we finished swallowing, he turned around and started French-kissing me like there was no tomorrow. We slept together for the three remaining days and nights of my stay.
Later, Dan visited us in India and stayed with us for a weekend. Though Dan isn’t bisexual, he didn’t mind Rajeev deep-throating him, and Rajeev again surprised me by taking all of Dan’s 12” down his throat entirely.
The bisexual couple scene in India for us has been full of quirks. Very early in our bi-swinging scene, the bi-couple that turned up were a bisexual man with a ‘bi’ girlfriend, and I discovered the strange joys of making love to real-life straight prostitutes, though they were absolutely clean middle-class secretary-types! I didn’t exactly mind the bimbo part of it, but the lesbianism was all wrong – not genuine at all! Rajeev knew the game right away, and had quietly forewarned me before I even kissed them – so we stuck to safe-sex.
Once the couple was genuine, and Rajeev had good sex with Ajit, but lovely plump fair-skinned Bela was not really a lesbian! She was so very timid with me, and so very ashamed of her hubby’s gay frolics! He had talked her into trying lesbian sex, but her heart was not in it. Poor woman actually said blushingly, “He wants me to go to the ladies also!” What she meant was that her hubby wanted her to make love to women too. I was wishing she’d actually ‘go to the ladies’ in my mouth – her dainty shaven pisser was so pretty! Bela just lay on the bed like a dumb cow once we stripped her lovely and voluptuous yet absolutely inert figure! Rajeev got so uneasy by Bela’s inertness that he couldn’t even get a hard-on for her, though physically she was very much his type. They never came back to us.
Another bi-couple did have sex with us, but the two were so stuck-up that even mouth-to-mouth kissing was taboo – because we had said we liked giving anal kisses! Both of us still made full oral love to both of them; even tongued their assholes. After we gave them a good bout of same-sex pleasures orally, Rajeev had the woman writhing in ecstasy with his tongue and the man merrily spunked on my face after my deep-throat, but they’d not reciprocate even mildly! Rajeev and me finally 69ed each other after they left – for good!
On another occasion, everything was right, and we played good hosts to a young couple Tony and Pamela (not married to each other) for dinner and drinks. They said it was their anniversary, so we were extra lavish. They were rather uneducated, but Tony had a picture-perfect cock and dusky Pam had a really beautiful and succulent cunt. She had shaved it for us. The four-way bisexual sex was great, but right after Tony finished energetically ass-fucking both of us with his lovely rock-hard unflagging cock, they started insisting on receiving fancy gifts from us – because it was their anniversary! Luckily, we had hosted them in a hotel, not at home. They brazenly set their eyes on my sexiest pair of stockings and Rajeev’s expensive pens. They said if we didn’t want to give gifts, then cash would be fine! Unwillingly, we parted with a good sum and said good-bye to them! God gives us enough, and we do love to be lavish hosts, but demanding money for sex after a good fuck really turns us off, though we don’t mind if a professional sets his or her price beforehand. In fact, we do enjoy paid sex with select call-girls in India, and with regular prostitutes in Europe, especially she-males, as so often it’s the only way to experience their unique transsexual character. Though Rajeev has met a closet transvestite once in Hannover.
On another occasion, we contacted a ‘bi’ couple through ‘The Bombayite’. First, the husband came out to meet us in a restaurant, and right after the introductions, he tried to negotiate for gifts for his wife whom we had not even seen till then, so we apologised and walked out. Though we have never heard of money changing hands between couples, it seems we were to be milked because we were bisexual – the man said as much that he and his wife would be doing us a favour by “satisfying our abnormal habits!”
Bisexual men and heterosexual couples have never demanded any money or gifts from us. On the contrary, one rich but lonesome bisexual jeweller tried to lavish some very expensive jewellery on me; from his heart, he said. However, we firmly declined the offer, and we both gave him one more blow-job – one for the road, we told the unnecessarily obligated man. He later helped me get my body-ornament set made, and still is a good friend.
Before I developed my lesbian circle, some ‘bisexual’ individual girls who came through ‘The Bombayite’ named their prices too. I didn’t want to go along with that, so we excused ourselves. Thrice, astronomical figures were quoted by some so-called ‘models’ and ‘junior actresses’ from Bollywood. The rates were higher than their already high ‘usual’ because – as one of them put it – “I’ll be doing with ladies also, so that’s extra, no!”
Some Unusual, Memorable Episodes (till 1997):
Stripping in a Hyderabad nightclub
After we got into swinging with single males, and much before we got into bisexual swinging, Rajeev invited one of his schoolmates Karthik, who owned an upmarket dance and strip bar in Hyderabad, to stay with us for two days. He was also a major partner in a 5-star hotel in Hyderabad. I had never met Karthik before, and Rajeev had not told him anything about our swinging lifestyle, my exhibitionistic traits or my exotic dance skills. Before Karthik arrived, Rajeev said that if I didn’t mind belly-dancing for Karthik and having sex with him, he’d arrange things. I obviously agreed, as I love to exhibit my big body and flaunt my sexuality.
Karthik arrived at 5 in the evening that day. The school chums chatted, and I served them coffee at six in the evening, then went to our bedroom to dress up. Rajeev would call me on the intercom and tell me if Karthik accepted our offer. Over coffee, Rajeev told Karthik that I was an excellent belly-dancer, and asked him if he’d like to see my show. Karthik was obviously pleasantly surprised and was keen to see me dance. Rajeev added that if Karthik didn’t mind, I’d love to do a complete strip, as I loved to show off my dancing skills and my big body. A bit taken aback, Karthik nodded his assent, as Rajeev explained that we were a swinging couple, and if Karthik liked me, he could go all the way with me.
At half past seven, Rajeev brought Karthik into our sexy bedroom. I made a sensational entrance to lilting Arabian music, and did a good belly dance with a total strip. Rajeev encouraged Karthik to take out his erect cock so after my strip I could give him a deep throat. Tall, dark, manly Karthik had a lovely up-curved black 8” dong that had a big head. After I gave Karthik a deep-throat and drank his tasty cum, I invited him to piss in my mouth. Karthik was very thrilled and fucked me two more times that night in my remaining two holes.
Mine was the very first asshole Karthik fucked, as his big ball-like head couldn’t penetrate an average sphincter without causing serious pain. Rather tentatively, Karthik asked us if I’d perform as a masked ‘guest’ stripper in his nightclub for a few days. He invited us to be his guests for ten days, and offered to put us up in his 5-star hotel’s best suite. All expenses, flights, etc. would be paid for. In addition, Karthik insisted he’d pay me a fabulous sum for every performance. And if we wanted to have sex on the side, he’d discreetly provide all assistance. Plus we would have the use of the swimming pool, and sexy masseurs and masseuses would visit us in the suite for rubdowns, and sex if we asked.
We good-naturedly accepted his offer, and planned our trip on a date three months later in February. Karthik again came to our place in Mumbai in end-January, and lodged with us for two nights. We planned the details, I gave him previews of my shows, and Karthik, Rajeev and I fucked like rabbits. Come February, we flew down to Hyderabad with a good portion of my wardrobe. After we landed and checked-in with assumed names in the afternoon, a dark, handsome well-built man and a fair-skinned, good-looking, muscular woman were sent up to give both of us a relaxing massage. Both of them were fully depilated all over. We stripped completely and the heterosexual massage ended with both of us receiving good oral sex. The woman also rode Rajeev’s cock quite competently.
That evening, modestly dressed, Rajeev and I sat through the two strip shows of the evening and mingled with the naked strippers backstage as they dressed up after the show. As used to be the custom in Indian strip joints in the late 70s and early 80s, the dancers usually wore glittering party dresses covered with a shawl, and at least two layers of tight two-piece bikini-like costumes. They’d enter, dance for a while, come down from the stage, mingle with the clientele, then go up on the stage again, and then do a strip – mostly only to their last panties.
Compared to Western strippers, the ones in India of the 70s were uneducated, poor, absolutely unskilled as dancer-strippers, and only worked for money. They were listless at best, surly at worst, and I did sympathise with them when they saw exotic dancing as an iniquity they had to bear. Today stripping is outlawed. Only dancing is allowed, and the rules are quite strict. As an educated, enthusiastic amateur, I was in a different genre – far more ‘permissive’, better-looking and a much better dancer than those poor workers.
Indian males of that time loved ample, fleshy women with wide hips – lots of them still do! In the mornings, in ordinary jeans and T-shirts, I helped the club’s live band’s practice Arabian belly-dance music, dancing with their rhythms in the empty hall. They quickly got the hang of it, and we were all set for the evening. From that evening on, I’d be the last performer – the pièce de résistance – and I’d enter wearing my leather mask (that covered almost all my face except my eyes and mouth), and my ornate belly-dancer’s outfit, and first strip down to just one teensy-weensy G-string bikini that left my boobs half naked and my big buttocks completely bare. Thus, almost nude but masked, I’d go around the tables meeting horny guys, teasing and joking about smartly, making lewd conversation with them – they loved the shameless slut indulging them!
On the first night, I was introduced as Ms. Lola from Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). I was so intensely thrilled from the making a brazen exhibition of my stark-naked body and especially my great big fat derrière to almost a hundred leering strangers, that I was shivering with excitement and getting goose-pimples all over my body. As I went around meeting the spectators, I felt as if I was passing my own body around as a spicy dish! The guys would try to embrace me, smooch me, and fondle every part of my body, often sneaking their hands into my minuscule bra and panties, even trying to take them off. Some would try to have me sit in their lap, and I’d oblige them and enjoy feeling their hard-ons with my soft bottom. Some would even take out their cocks and masturbate, as I’d boldly watch their erections without turning away. Almost all would tip me, and over our 10-day stay, I made almost Rupees 40,000 in tips! Most any Many would proposition me and ask my ‘price’, and I’d politely decline. I was getting such an adrenalin rush! The exhibitionist in me thoroughly enjoyed that kind of lewd attention from total strangers. Rajeev would just sit anonymously in the audience and happily watch me perform, and then give me superb fucks every night.
Although Indian males are quite mild in such situations, nonetheless, Karthik’s bouncer Jimmy would always be at hand to see that things didn’t get out of hand. At the end of the show, I’d take my G-strings off, come on all fours, stick my big ass out and open my nether-cheeks to show off my anal lips, then lie on my back, open my legs wide and spread my labia so the audience could gaze at my big red gash! The audience would stand up and crowd around the stage to gawk at my oversized Sex, as I leisurely smoked two cigarettes and slowly masturbated, playing with my love button. The climax of the show was my own potent climax!
In the 5-star hotel suite where Karthik had lodged us, with Rajeev and Karthik’s consents, I’d generally be almost naked or even fully naked when bellboys, waiters or housekeeping staff came in. The hotel staff didn’t know we were Karthik’s personal friends. Karthik had told his staff I was a guest dancer at his nightclub, and Rajeev was my boyfriend. He had given orders to his staff – mostly male – to give us the best of service, fulfil all our wishes and not give any offence. He had told them they could look at me as much as they wished but they might not pass comments or make advances, or ask any kind of personal questions. He also asked the manager to assign suitable young good-looking staff to serve our suite. So, besides playing a nightclub stripper, I also played the blatant exhibitionist! Rajeev would order food or drinks and I’d be in my underclothes, or a short transparent nightie, or topless or just out of the bathroom – completely naked. Or there would be one or two masseurs massaging my stark-naked body. Or I’d be lying naked on my back on the bed with my legs wide open, reading a magazine and playing with my open Sex, as waiters brought in the drinks and eats. I did notice that the staff made more than necessary trips to our suite. I was rather flattered. In the pool, I swam in very brief string bikinis and had plenty of guys ogling at me. I’d also spread a towel next to the pool and do my yoga exercises in a bikini, and guys would then really watch me from everywhere. After the swim, I’d go into the poolside bar in my bikini and order fancy cocktails, then loll at the poolside with them.
Karthik had arranged for a very sexy local movie vamp Parvati, 23, big-built and well-muscled with big tits, huge rotund 58” buttocks and a flat tummy to come and entertain Rajeev in a separate bedroom in the afternoons when I’d be taking a nap. She was hugely tickled with pissing in Rajeev’s mouth and thrilled with his making her cum with his mouth – she had never had her big shaven cunt licked by anyone! Karthik had also arranged with his bouncer Jimmy, an extremely good-looking, fair-skinned, hairless and well-muscled stud with a thick 7” pole to come in and fuck me before lunch everyday. I’d be lying naked on the suite’s sturdy dinner table with my butt right on the edge, and Jimmy would be standing between my legs fucking my sex, finally shooting all over my boobs. Strong, silent Jim would come in, strip, fuck me, cum on me, dress up and leave without uttering a word. Rajeev would be around, relaxing in his robe. He’d be utterly blasé about this stud rutting into his wife for almost half an hour, as if my lover was just a guy doing a routine job on me like doing my hair. After Jim left, Rajeev would kiss me, lick my stud’s semen from my boobs, and fuck my well-lubed loosened cunt. Karthik himself had sex with me whenever he found time.
On my last but one night as a stripper, I went topless into the crowd, and quite a few guys sucked my nipples. And on my last night there, I went bare-ass stark-naked into the bunch of excited men, just wearing my mask and stilettos! That night, I lost count of how many hands were groping me at one time. I kept telling the guys not to fall over each other, as I’d let everyone have a good feel. In that din, someone started bidding on offering me a price for a night of sex with me, and with Rajeev’s imperceptible nod, I went along and posed naked on the stage as the guys called their bids – in essence I literally auctioned my body. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as my ‘price’ quickly went up to Rupees 25,000, and then moved up to Rupees 51,000 ($ 1000) after someone asked if I’d allow anal sex and I nodded my assent.
This guy Vicky who ‘bought’ me was fairly young and actually quite handsome in a rough way. After he paid me fully in cash, I put on my silk gown on and asked Vicky to come with me to our suite, took off my mask and spent the night with him as a true prostitute, milking him with all my holes. I actually cajoled him to address me as a ‘Rundy’, prostitute, whore, etc.
In the morning, Karthik came up with my fees, and I realised I had made almost Rupees 200,000 from this adventure. We topped this off with Karthik in my ass, Rajeev in my Sex and jimmy in my mouth! Till today, no one knows the real identity of that elusive Star Stripper Lola.
‘Acquaintance’ in Bangalore
Once, a very decent and rich young bachelor friend Hussein invited Shamolie and us for his birthday party in Bangalore, when he was in Mumbai with us for sex. Shamolie, Rajeev and I had enjoyed partying with heterosexual Hussein in Mumbai many times earlier, and we had liked him very much. He said he was wondering how to provide some unusual adult entertainment at one of his major parties. I got an inspiration and suggested to him if Shamolie and I could put up a good lesbian show. We would wear our decorative masks and not talk to anyone among the spectators, as we wanted to remain anonymous.
Hussein was thrilled, and we made plans. Soon we were in Bangalore, and before the strip-Show, Hussein said there would be a surprise for us women after the show. For the show at 10. 30 p.m., I wore my belly-dancer’s outfit and aristocratic Shamolie wore a sexy lingerie ensemble. The 25 or so high-society guests were mostly in their 30s and 40s. There were about eight women. I recognised a very glamorous painter-socialite among the women. As agreed with Hussein, the three of us were never introduced to anyone. Rajeev too wore a mask and a suit, and compèred the show very well. Shamolie and I were just introduced by the compère as Maxine & Leila, presenting ‘Acquaintance’.
For the show, Shamolie and I entered from two opposite doors into the brilliantly lit hall of Hussein’s sprawling villa, pretended that we just met, danced together, and were ‘turned on’ by each other. So, the dancing slowly led to smooching and stripping each other and getting physical on a mattress on the stage. We both behaved as if stripping and having lesbian sex in front of spectators was a perfectly normal everyday thing. Rajeev the compère provided witty, lewd comments in an artificial, throaty voice. Soon, only our masks and sexy footwear were left, and we two lesbians were completely naked on the carpet in front of all those strangers, candidly and leisurely displaying all our assets and exhibiting our freshly-shaven genitalia to the audience, as Rajeev kept on commenting on our charms and directed the lewd show. It was a very thrilling moment in my life as an exhibitionist. As the audience watched and cheered us wildly, we played to the gallery and shamelessly made uninhibited lesbian love, smooching, sucking and licking each other all over.
As Shamolie and I were making out with each other, we were whispering about the erections we must be causing in the crowd, wondering if any had ejaculated by then, and fantasizing about how it would feel to have the whole crowd have sex with us all together in our six hot-n-hungry holes. We also wondered if any of the women present were lesbians. Shamolie had brought a big carry-bag on stage with her. During the show, she first took out her strap-on, tied it on and fucked me with it. Next came my long double-header snakelike dildo; and we two naked lesbians went to town with it! Then Shamolie took out two penis-shaped anal dildos and a tube of K-Y jelly, and we crossed all limits of decorum and propriety, lubricating each other’s anal passages and inserting the dildos into each other’s assholes in full view of the wild crowd! The part we enjoyed most was when I was on top of Shamolie on my knees and hands, with our feet towards the audience. Shamolie was lying with her legs wide-apart and holding the double-header deep into both our cunts with one hand. With the other hand, she was inserting a dildo in her asshole, and I too took my weight on one hand and inserted the other dildo into my completely visible asshole.
At midnight, we ended the show and walked out of the room into Hussein’s bedroom, arms around each other’s waists and our naked buttocks swaying. Rajeev followed us and locked the door behind us. Rajeev, Shamolie and I had a long bath together, got into sexy bedroom lingerie and lay on Hussein’s big bed, drinking, fooling around and talking about our new experience. Later, as the party outside got over, tipsy Hussein and his equally sloshed girlfriend Noor staggered into the bedroom with that celebrated journalist woman in tow. Rest of the people had already left.
Hussein introduced Geeta (the Celebrity) to us and said she was the Evening’s Surprise for Shamolie and me – Geeta was a confirmed lesbian! Geeta was tall, elegant and very chic. We smooched and stripped her with care, and three of us instantly got into a hot lesbian orgy. Noor joined us for a short while, saying she was trying lesbian sex for the first time. Noor was well-built and very masculine – almost like a very pretty man – deep eyes, broad shoulders, tiny tits, slim hips, muscular thighs, big sinewy hands and feet; though she had a lovely fair hairless skin! Inside my mind, I was prepared to find a cock in her panties, but as I unveiled her Sex and started licking her, I realised she was a natural woman. Noor had a strong taste!
After some time, Shamolie, Geeta and I moved to another bedroom, and Rajeev and Hussein remained in his bed with masculine Noor. Rajeev drank her very pungent piss, and then played urinal to an amused Hussein too. In the luxurious bedroom, Shamolie and I had a gala time with sexy Geeta till sunrise. I drank her extremely pungent, scalding hot urine – Geeta was a heavy smoker and to my delight, she had an enormous bladder. She was thrilled with pissing in my mouth, and did it four times that night! She also gleefully ate my large Sex, and pretty skilfully too. Shamolie and Geeta got along very well, as they were socially the same type. Next day, Shamolie and Geeta flew off to Calcutta for a short lesbian honeymoon. Rajeev told me later that Noor gave him her anal cherry, and Hussein then entered his girlfriend’s newly-opened backdoor. Later, they took her back-and-front together. Rajeev later remarked that in his arms, Noor felt just like a man! Rajeev too said later that he was imagining that Noor would turn out to be a transsexual.
A year later, Geeta arranged a weekend bi-gay party at her luxurious villa in Delhi. The invitees were Geeta’s girlfriend Monica, Shamolie, Gautam as Sheena, Rajeev and I, another elderly bi celebrity Shobha, Shobha’s invitee ultra-feminine Brazilian ‘girlfriend’ transsexual Carolina, two young handsome well-hung body-shaven gays Rahul and Marc, and an amazingly pretty Italian boy Angelo. Angelo had an extremely feminine face, hair and skin without any hormones; hence, he had no breasts to speak of, and had a cock that wouldn’t quit. Initially, Rajeev was taken by Angelo; Rahul and Marc latched on to Sheena; Shamolie and Monica got along like wildfire; Geeta and Shobha renewed their acquaintance; and I had fun with transsexual Carolina. Soon, I swapped with Rajeev. Of course, later we all swung and swapped throughout the weekend; and Rajeev and I again played human urinals.
*Playing the Hooker all by myself
Five years ago, I had expressed a fantasy to Rajeev that I go as a prostitute to our favourite hotel on New Year eve all by myself, be picked up as a whore by three complete ‘strangers’ and get triple-plugged through the night. So, Rajeev made a plan with a group of three of his old bi mates whom I had never met. In any case, he was planning to introduce them to me. When he set up this encounter, Rajeev didn’t tell them that they’d be meeting his wife. He had told the threesome that he had arranged a ‘nice fat middle-aged hooker with a big ass, eager holes and no inhibitions’ for non-stop overnight sex with three of them for celebrating the New Year. Rajeev told them to pay me a nominal sum of Rupees 1000 ($ 20) each, and he’d join the party in the wee hours.
For that special night, I wore a tight clingy-stretchy knee-length metallic-gold party sheath with spaghetti straps and a deep décolletage that had its sides slit right up to my hips, no bra or even panties underneath, golden thong stilettos and heavy party makeup. In those years, the metallic fabric and fancy wigs were only seen on MTV music videos, not in public, so I’d really stand out. When we started from home, I had put on a cloak. Once in the car, I put on large goggles, tied my hair in an unruly bun on top of my head, and put on sparkling dark golden lipstick to complete my disguise. We had booked the hotel’s best suite beforehand.
As planned, at 11 pm, Rajeev dropped me just a few steps away from our favourite hotel. As I got down from the car, I took my cloak off and left it in the car. Rajeev had told me that I didn’t need to look for my mates – they’d approach me by themselves and start taking physical liberties with me, treating me like an ‘available’ slut. I was so aroused all of a sudden that my cunt got completely soggy and I almost peed with the excitement!
I trust Rajeev so completely that I knew that he must have made proper arrangements for my safety in this situation. So, I reached the hotel and sashayed into the busy lobby. It being the New Year eve, there was a party-like atmosphere in that unremarkable hotel, with many customers with their real whores in tow. As I said, the nonde yet plush hotel in an equally nonde locality is a favourite with high-class prostitutes, two-timing couples, swinging couples and singles too.
My huge bulging ass was looking really bootylicious in that shiny metallic golden sheath. I immediately heard a few insolent wolf-whistles directed at me. As I walked in, the desk clerk recognised me, gave me a smile and a once over as he’d to a ‘regular’ prostitute he knew. Lecherously, he wished me a Happy New Year, told me I was looking very nice and asked me how come I was alone that night (without Rajeev – he meant). I quietly told him Rajeev would join us later.
I was thrilled and aroused, yet remained cool. I noticed a group of three average-looking guys checking out my ‘available’ persona! From the meagre deions Rajeev had given me, I was immediately sure these were the ones to spend the night with me. However, as he had told me, I deliberately ignored them and waited for the desk clerk to get free to check me in. The clerk was busy checking in another guy and his obvious whore, so I stood and waited at the tall counter, when from the corner of my eye, I saw these three guys approach.
One of them moved right behind me and remarked rather loudly, “Wow, nice big ass!” Another said, “No panties!” and a third voice said, “And no bra either!” The thin, stretchy, metallic-shiny party dress was moulded so snugly over my chubby figure that these guys had noticed right away that I was braless and pantyless! The other two guys on moved in either side of me frivolously spanked my butt just loudly enough for the clerk and people nearby to hear and get the picture. The first guy said, “Hi, sexy, you must be Dolly!” (Rajeev had given this very whore-like name for me to these guys). The surprised clerk looked at me and then looked at the three men. As the penny dropped, he was smiling and leering at me, obviously picturing the scenario of three men thoroughly fucking one fat whore.
Uhhh, my cunt was sopping wet with exhilaration. As many people in the hall stared at my just-spanked fat ass, these two guys started caressing and pawing my prominent buttocks as we stood at the check-in counter. The guy right behind me stepped closer and quietly pressed his fat erection into my butt-cleavage, lecherously palming my left breast through my armpit! He said, “Rajeev asked us to meet you here and take care of you till morning.” I turned round and smiled at them, and shook hands with them. They introduced themselves as Randhir, Manish and Prakash. The first guy said, “Come with us, Dolly! We’ve already checked in the suite, so let’s go!” I lit up a cigarette and slowly walked ahead of the leering men, deliberately swaying and sashaying my big prominent ass. Everyone in the hall was looking at the fat-assed, ‘available’ Dolly, and there were more wolf-whistles this time! Ooh, that really excited me! All of us piled into a small elevator, along with the guy who had just checked in with his whore, a slim dark beauty. This short guy stood next to me in the elevator. He had seen my companions freely paw my ass, and had figured me out as an ‘available’ hooker. Sneakily, he too gave a long appreciative grope to my buttocks in the crowded, small, slow elevator! I was a bit nervous, but I definitely relished my big butt being sneakily pawed by an utter stranger. I too made a quick grope at his erection, shocking and exciting him even more.
Once in the room, I French-kissed these three guys and groped at their bulges as I asked them to address me as ‘Rundy’ (Hindi for whore) and not as ‘Dolly’. They thoroughly pawed my fat charms and undressed me; not that I was wearing much; one zipper undone and I was completely naked in front of three fully clothed strangers – except for my golden thong stilettos.
Immensely turned on, I took charge and asked them to watch without touching. I stepped away for a moment, and leisurely posed and swayed, blatantly exhibiting, shamelessly displaying and insolently flaunting my naked full plump assets to these complete strangers. What a sexual high that was, being naked in front of these ogling strangers! I even sprawled on the bed and blatantly exhibited my shaved genitalia and my anal lips to these horny men. Lying stark naked on the hotel bed with my fat legs wide apart, and enjoying my power over these three mundane-looking, ogling guys, I ordered them to undress and then talked dirty with them for some time. All three guys had thick virile 8”+ dongs. First, I got all my holes filled at the same time, then got my Sex licked, then leisurely had them take turns fucking my Sex and my backdoor. I royally fornicated with these three virile men the whole night. By sunrise, I was a truly well-fucked whore. As we woke up after a short nap in the morning, I deep-throated all of them – I alternated between them with a few full-depth sucks to each, constantly jacking off the other two. The trio were quite fascinated with my capabilities for non-stop copulation.
In the meantime, Rajeev had invited Suneet, Sheena and Vikram to have a gay New Year party at home. By sunrise, Rajeev came into our hotel room, directly took off his clothes and kissed the guys as I was still on my knees sucking them. As they voluntarily sang praises of my charms and my open-handed sexuality, Rajeev beamed with pride. Soon, the three guys and then Rajeev ejaculated on my face. I then kneeled on the bathroom floor, and played ‘urinal’ for the four men, asking them to shower me with their plentiful, strong morning piss.
Rajeev then revealed that I was his wife, not a real whore! All at once, the guys were exceedingly apologetic for having been ‘disrespectful’ to me, but I – completely naked and happily drenched with their pungent urine – assured them that I had thoroughly enjoyed myself, and invited them to our place for spending a weekend with us. We have often met this trio after that.
When we first met Brian, 22, a good-looking active bisexual hunk with a beautiful upward-curved 6” cock, at first we couldn’t deep-throat him. His cock would get so steely-hard stiff that it wouldn’t bend that little amount to pass into our throats. Initially, we both choked on that shaft, but then Rajeev got the angle right by approaching 69-fashion, and succeeded in deep-throating him with some difficulty. As Brian fucked my smooth cunt, his curved joystick actually rubbed against my g-spot. I promptly had one smashing orgasm after another; and then we both enjoyed that lovely super-rigid tool in our assholes, and Rajeev fucked Brian’s tight ass too.
On his next date with us, Brian promised to bring his cute boyfriend Ajey along. Rajeev and I had decided to fulfil my ‘cruising streetwalker’ fantasy with these two, and planned the act with Brian in detail. That night, I shaved and dressed up like a Western streetwalker in my hip-hugging shiny red vinyl mini, black fishnet stockings and suspenders with red 4” platforms, a wide black rhinestone belt and a very transparent red halter-top shirt – without bra or panties. Painted like a trashy Western slut, I was only carrying my shoulder-bag. In it were my glossy red lipstick, powder compact, cigarettes, tissues and lots of condoms. At midnight, wearing my long cloak, I nervously stepped out with my beloved hubby. Getting in and out of our building dressed up for sex is the riskiest part of our sex-life, as I don’t want to bump into our neighbours when I’m wearing so much makeup and such sexy high-heels – even though my body is covered with a cloak.
Rajeev drove me in our big car to our rendezvous point on a very lonely lane in the suburbs. I left my cloak in the car and sauntered a few yards away from the car, as planned. Standing all alone for full 15 minutes on the deserted footpath under bright street lights, I insolently smoked away, preening my permed hair, saucily shifting my weight from one leg to another, or sauntering around seductively swinging my ample hips, just like a trashy Western streetwalker! God, I really enjoyed those 15 minutes! A couple of ordinary men passed me, staring at my fat charms, and I studiously ignored them.
Rajeev kept an eye on me from the car, its engine and air-conditioner running, rear curtains drawn and dark windows up, ready for a fast getaway if someone accosted me. I was so madly excited that my oozing pantyless Sex must have dripped onto the pavement! I could feel that my inner thighs and stocking tops were slimy wet.
When the coast was clear, Rajeev took a few pictures too. These two boys were watching me all the time from round a corner. Finally, Rajeev flashed the headlights once, and on that signal, Brian walked up to me with Ajey and introduced him. They both shook hands with me and made small talk as I openly leered at the big bulges in their jeans. Plump fair Ajey was so young and pretty – exactly Rajeev’s type I thought, as I noticed his forearms were absolutely femininely soft and hairless! Soon, putting his right hand on my big derrière, Brian on my left led me to the car, caressing and kneading my buttocks, as Ajey walked on my right with his hand hesitantly round my waist fondling the upper slopes of my hips. Three of us piled onto the back seat with me in the middle, obviously.
As soon as they closed the doors, Brian and Ajey started kissing me, pawing my boobs and my bare fat thighs, and kneading my big randy ass. From the driver’s seat, Rajeev shook hands with the boys, and told them, “Ajey, this whore is my wife! She’s very horny, and she’s ‘available’ for the next couple of hours in the car, after which we will go to our place and carry on partying. In the car, you can have sex with this slut in any way – she’s not wearing any panties – but don’t strip her, don’t take off your own clothes either, and don’t make too much noise! If we are stopped by the cops, you guys should get decent and presentable within half a minute. Is that clear to you guys? If you guys fuck up anything, I’ll throw you to the wolves. The police chief happens to be a friend of mine!” That was true.
Rajeev calmly drove off and kept on cruising leisurely on highway stretches for the next two hours. Right away, my miniskirt was hiked to my waist and my halter-top was opened. Two young male hands were underneath my big naked ass-cheeks, the other two were groping and pawing my boobs all over, and I was being kissed and ravished oh-so-randily! Brian had taken out his steel-hard dong and I fervently opened Ajey’s fly to discover a lovely 7-incher. Brian said it was Ajey’s 18th birthday, so we both wished Ajey a Happy Birthday and a long rich sex-life! No wonder he looked so young, hardly 16 in fact. I had never fucked a boy so young, but Brian informed us that girlishly cute Ajey had long been getting ass-fucked and was already fucking other boys’ butts too, and I was his first woman!
Wow, so I was a first adult birthday present – precisely what we had decided to give our own son Aaditya after little more than a year from that day! Raunchy images of me fucking our son immediately started floating in my head. Rajeev knew what was going in my head and my cunt – he looked back and winked at me. Our son Aaditya had almost the same physique and looked much like Ajey too! I went berserk with virtual incestuous lust as I wished Ajey a Happy 18th Birthday! After some time, as planned, Rajeev stopped the car at a solitary place and I stood up and leaned over between the front seats. Rajeev coolly French-kissed me as he kneaded my dangling breasts, and sweetly asked me if I was enjoying being a street-whore. From behind me, Ajey fastened his slurping mouth to his first cunt, as Brian generally caressed and fingered me. I orgasmed violently, and as I came to my senses and sat back between my ‘johnnies’, Rajeev drove off again. Then I leaned over and sucked Ajey’s cock, as my big up-ended ass and dangling boobs got much randy spanking and kneading from Ajey and Brian.
Finally, we all tidied ourselves, and came back home at almost 2 a.m. I dropped my trashy clothes and lingerie as I raced to the bedroom ahead of the randy men. Rajeev too got into the act then. He first started undressing Ajey as he French-kissed his beautiful pink lips. As he undressed fair-skinned hairless Ajey, Rajeev smooched and kissed his cock and his fat chubby womanly ass too. As the guys stripped, I could see that young Ajey was already quite seasoned about receiving homosexual attention. In the meanwhile, Brian started licking my messy crotch clean. Then we all piled onto our bed. My cocksucker hubby gave Ajey his first proper deep-throat, as Brian fucked his ass with his special tool. Then Rajeev again washed up, sucked the boys hard for me, and lubricated my ass deeply with my own overflowing juices. Then Brian lay down and facing away, I impaled my ass on his rock-hard cock and leaned back, and Ajey entered my Sex from front for his first-ever cunt-fuck.
Rajeev just fell in love with Ajey’s gorgeous big fair hairless ass, licking and kissing his huge upturned baby-soft womanly ass-globes, and shamelessly tonguing his pretty pink asshole as Ajey fucked me! Shortly, I asked the humping boys to withdraw from my holes, take off their condoms and splash their male-creams on my face. Later, Rajeev fucked Ajey in the ass, withdrew, jacked-off on my face and came immediately. I looked in the mirror, and revelled in the sight of my heavily slime-splattered face in the bright mirror lights. Right in front of the two boys, Rajeev shamelessly licked my cum-smeared face as he kept calling me a slut, a bimbo, a whore, a prostitute, a streetwalker, a hooker!
Since then, we have met pretty Ajey very often. Our next date was with only Ajay, and Rajeev and I talked Ajey into wearing sexy lingerie. He was a natural, and nowadays he loves to get into basques with falsies, stockings and suspenders, and loves to walk around in stilettos. I do a full makeup on him and put a wig onto him, and all of us have great fun together – Ajey calls us auntie and uncle. Ajey and Rajeev fuck each other’s asses every time we meet for sex. Rajeev absolutely worships Ajey’s large soft fair hairless derrière for hours and Ajey loves the erotic attention! Young Ajey’s hindquarters are the most feminine male buttocks we have ever seen! Ajey’s huge baby-soft derrière is absolutely round and feminine – more beautiful than most women’s backsides. From behind, when one looks at Ajey wearing corset, suspenders and stockings, his plump fair hairless ass looks as perfectly rounded as mine, only his waist and back are a bit heavier than a woman’s would be – and the corset fixes that very well. It’s all baby-fat, late puberty and too much oestrogen in his hormones, Dr. Ujwala tells me.
Being a true ‘Bitch’
Only on a few occasions, we have had to give up some challenging cocks reluctantly, and had to apologise for declining entry into our ever-receptive fuck-holes. I have seen my darling cocksucker husband effortlessly deep-throat each and every willing penis we came across, with no exceptions – however impossible their sizes and shapes might have seemed. However, I choked on Dileep, Suneet and Brian, and we both couldn’t dare to take Dileep in our butts, and initially, Rajeev had to forego having Suneet in his ass.
This gorgeous young bisexual muscular hunk Dileep had a 6” cock with a normal base but growing out to a truly gigantic mushroom-shaped knob, a full 8” around – I measured it! Dileep has those Baywatch-kind-of heavily muscled fair hairless Western good-looks. That monster cock of his had a huge pair of luscious virile pink balls dangling below. We both enjoyed kissing and licking his beautiful face, bulging muscles and his unusual cock all over. As I got down to fellate him, the bulbous head filled my mouth so fully that there was no question of getting it into my throat. Then I watched incredulously as Rajeev swallowed him effortlessly to the root in one lunge! Dileep says Rajeev is the only person to have ever deep-throated him. Though that brute really felt great in my big Sex, we didn’t even offer to take it up our butts! Later, Rajeev fucked his cute yet masculine face as I watched closely and kissed his gorgeous face between strokes. Then I did a 69 with Dileep as Rajeev reamed his muscular ass.
And then the scene got interesting: we washed up and Dileep fucked me doggy-style. His peculiar cock-head with that huge Nazi helmet-like brim would snag in my supple labia on the outstroke; and wouldn’t come out without me really pulling off. Seeing Dileep fuck me with his club, Rajeev got a brainwave, and with his guidance, Dileep awkwardly turned around and faced the other way without pulling out of my grasping vagina, so we were exactly like two mating dogs trying to uncouple. Even in that awkward position, Dileep’s cock wouldn’t slide out of my vagina! So, I really felt like a happy bitch in heat, hitched to my fucker’s dong and not able to pull away. Rajeev spanked our upturned butts and finger-fucked our assholes as Dileep happily fucked me in that awkward and obscene posture. He climaxed hard and I could feel his virile squirts inside me. Rajeev later said Dileep’s muscular male ass and my rounded fleshy female derrière looked so sexy coupled together like that – he had taken pictures with Dileep’s permission!
Climbing the Totem-Pole
Our regular mate Suneet’s penis is the biggest we have ever came across in India – a straight and parallel full 11” long, and more than 6” around – I have measured him carefully! Suneet had replied to Rajeev’s ad in ‘The Bombayite’, and had drawn a silhouette tracing of his erection. Nonetheless, we were quite prepared for finding an exaggeration and being disappointed – as is rather common.
However, Suneet came across as a thoroughly refined gentleman, and we made an exception for him and called him home directly, as we wanted to be comfortable with this well-hung guy, if he indeed turned out to be as big as he said he was. We both had shaved our pubes and I had dressed up like a slut in my backless Banjara outfit for him – with no underclothes. Both of us had also taken a mild laxative the night before and enemas that evening, to be anally clean and fully unobstructed in anticipation for the biggest cock in our life, if that deion was indeed true.
From the day when we received Suneet’s letter mentioning his cock-size, Rajeev and I started a nightly routine of dilating our anal lips further with dildos and butt-plugs of increasing sizes, the last one being a bit bigger than Suneet’s cock. Rajeev found the last one too painful to take in, but I managed well.
On our date with Suneet, I met him at the door in my Banjara outfit, my shaven pantyless Sex dripping inside my Ghaghra. Like a proper gentleman, Suneet had brought a huge bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne for us. As he complimented me on my dress and makeup, I put my arms round his neck and French-kissed him. I could feel a BIG lump grow in his loose trousers. Rajeev French-kissed him too, and Suneet kissed him back quite pleasantly! Then, very gracefully, Suneet presented us his HIV-negative test-report, and we brought out ours to show him too.
We stepped into our bedroom and opened the champagne, and I brazenly sat in Suneet’s lap as we drank the champagne, feeling that big cock with my squirming ass-flesh. Suneet said he loved big heavy-bottomed women but had never got a chance to relish buttocks as big as mine. So, I stood up and presented my big Ghaghra-draped butt to Suneet, and proudly rolled my substantial ass in front of him for some time, and invited him to fondle and squeeze my derrière through my Ghaghra. I knew my big ass was looking even bigger in that bulky, pleated Ghaghra, and my mind was on that magical figure of 11”x 6”!
Soon, I kneeled in front of Suneet and impatiently opened his pants. Suneet had not exaggerated, and he was freshly shaved as we had requested. As soon as we saw his gigantic dark-skinned meat-pole, all our holes were craving for him. Right away, I forgot all about my striptease routine. The men disrobed and we had Suneet sprawled on our bed. Quite surprisingly, Suneet’s body was rather small and boyish – Rajeev was quite excited by his boyish figure and his humongous cock. I did a quick striptease in horny anticipation, as Rajeev started licking Suneet’s knob.
In answers to our inquiries, Suneet told us that nobody had ever deep-throated him even partially, or taken him up the ass. We took up the oral and anal challenge between us! Rajeev cheekily said, “Ladies first!” However, even I couldn’t get more than half of Suneet’s dong into my mouth, but Rajeev later said the spectacle of me sucking that big dark cock was the kind one sees only in good quality porno movies.
Then my dear darling cocksucker of a hubby took a deep breath and went down on Suneet right up to the root in one dive, and gave him his very first true deep-throat. No wonder my hubby was smiling when he said “Ladies First!” I clapped loudly and cheered my super cocksucker husband! That was no one-plunge trick. Rajeev played Linda Lovelace for five solid minutes without letting Suneet ejaculate! He occasionally came up for air, as that cock was shutting off his windpipe. Suneet too returned the favour to Rajeev and sucked his cock a bit amateurishly.
Everyone was naked by now, and I lubricated and opened up Rajeev’s ass with our vibrator. He put a rubber on Suneet’s cock and tried to take him into his rear-entrance, but soon gave up reluctantly. Suneet had not climaxed yet! So, after everyone washed up, Rajeev sucked Suneet and made him fully hard again, as I went on my hands and knees, carefully positioning myself in front of our mirror. Rajeev lay below my vulva and watched the scene as Suneet ravished my big Sex without a condom. Rajeev cleverly held a hand-mirror for me, so I could watch my big shaven Sex swallow that huge virile Totem Pole from another angle too. That monster pressed my cervix right in, so it was slightly painful at the in-strokes, but the randy stretch was heavenly. The views in the mirrors were really wild! That immense cock went in and out of my big sopping, clinging Sex, pulling out my labia and folding them back into my cunt with every stroke!
Suneet said that his horse-cock usually ended up bruising his wife’s and girlfriends’ average cunts, but my deep tight cunt was big, freshly shaven and very wet, so his joystick was sliding and slithering in-and-out quite painlessly. Suneet stopped before he could cum inside my cunt, as I was feeling extremely aroused, and told him, “Suneet, I want your horse cock in my ass! Take my ass right now; I want to be your anal whore!” Rajeev massaged my anal lips, quickly emptied a whole tube of K-Y jelly into my asshole, and opened up my rear-entrance with a big vibrator, dilating and lubricating my entire anal passage. I remember we had a slow funky jazz music on in continuous mode. Rajeev immediately sucked Suneet’s cock clean, put on a condom and smeared it liberally with K-Y. I felt so grateful to my husband when I saw him eagerly make such meticulous arrangements for my most audacious anal ‘adultery’ yet!
Ready to be anally impaled on that fat stake, squatting bare-ass naked over Suneet, I positioned myself with my face towards him. With my heart pounding, I was already getting goose-pimples and hyperventilating with excitement and anxiety. Rajeev asked me to take a few slow deep breaths to control my breathing, and relax. I remember I kissed my Mangalsutra just before I started pressing my anal rim on Suneet’s fat cock-head. I don’t know why I did that – I’m not a superstitious person. I already had my husband’s full consent and support, but I realised later I had kissed my Mangalsutra subconsciously to thank our open marriage, which let me enjoy such unforgettable moments of sexual variety and pleasures!
(Mangalsutra literally means ‘auspicious string’. It’s a necklace made from real gold beads and black glass beads on a thread or gold chain. It’s worn by married women, and it’s the Hindu equivalent of a Christian wedding ring. Incidentally, if a swinging urban Indian married woman indulges in with someone else with the husband’s assent sex – usually in a wife-swap – she as a matter of course takes off her Mangalsutra beforehand and keeps it aside, to ‘suspend’ the bond of faithfulness symbolically. However, my ultra-liberal husband has always encouraged me to keep wearing my Mangalsutra during extramarital sex, as in our minds it symbolises the mutual commitment of our souls, not bodies. When we are swinging and partying, I wearing my Mangalsutra and Rajeev wearing his wedding ring make us feel more ‘wicked’ too! Moreover, with Rajeev’s full encouragement, I have always strived to get my Mangalsutra wet with our playmates’ body fluids – semen, vaginal juices, pre-cum, urine, saliva, etc. This also symbolises that our bond isn’t tarnished or affected by having sex outside marriage. However, we remove the Mangalsutra and the wedding ring while photographing ourselves for the net, as they are of unique designs and we don’t want to be identified by my neighbours or social acquaintances.)
My voluptuous hips had spread out wide in my obscene squatting posture. I positioned Suneet’s fat love-spear below my slimy anal entrance and consciously relaxed my bowels. Holding that enormous pole, I slowly managed to take Suneet’s handsome cock-head past my sphincter – my anal entrance. Once I had that big head in, I stopped and carefully relaxed my ass again. Soon, I was steadily bearing down, taking that dark fat impaling stake deeper and deeper into my fully dilated asshole. Many times in the past, I had enjoyed many levels of delicious sensations from a variety of cocks sliding into my lubricated bowels, but this feeling of being so chock-full of love-meat was out of this world! As I slithered my bowels down and enveloped that lovely dark monster, Rajeev and Suneet cheered and complimented me, and I felt like a porn-queen!
There was virtually no pain or discomfort and I enjoyed every inch of that anal invader sliding into my asshole, as I watched that earthy, sexy sight in our big mirror! Rajeev kept encouraging me as he kept massaging my boobs and my clitoris. Suneet’s cock was so long it touched the muscle between my rectum and colon, and stretched my bowels to the full. Rajeev watched the pornographic scene closely from behind and kept kissing my ass-cheeks. He also took pictures to record my anal triumph over that massive cock. I soon had Suneet’s entire phallus well-ensconced inside my spacious bowels and smoked a cigarette with that great dong inside my ass. I was so full that hardly any fuck-movements were possible, but later, Suneet did manage to bounce me from below, and I finally felt his powerful sperm-jets inside my utterly stuffed rectum. It’s a wonder that the condom didn’t tear. Rajeev told me later that when I raised my ass from that gross anal impalement and collapsed on Suneet’s chest kissing him madly, my asshole stayed obscenely wide-open like a gaping cavernous mouth, till it slowly closed back to normal in about a minute.
Suneet slept with us that night. Late in the night, Suneet wanted me to re-enact his secret incestuous encounter with his flirtatious Bhabhi (elder brother’s wife) and live out his resulting fantasies about her with me in our darkened bedroom (I mentioned this earlier). As per Suneet’s , he went to sleep in our guest bedroom. Rajeev waited in our bedroom. Suneet pretended to be asleep as I walked into our dark guest bedroom wearing a simple Sari.
I lay spoon-fashion behind to my ‘brother-in-law’ Suneet for quite some time, then sneakily started groping for his huge erection in the dark, and muffled his protests by kissing him when he woke up. I told Suneet I had seen his massive cock and I desperately wanted it in my big cunt right away. I told him my big cunt deserved a big cock like his! Playing his role, Suneet put up long drawn-out protests in the name of ‘family morals’ and ‘incest is sin’ and all that! However, acting ‘recklessly’, I switched on all the lights in the room and furiously stripped off completely in front of Suneet, shamelessly throwing my naked body at him, beseeching him to ravish frustrated me, as my husband – his much elder brother – was not interested in sex at all! Wow, what fun I had acting this out!
In real life, young Suneet had run out of the house at this point, so he asked for my imagination to take over from there. So, Suneet in his Kurta-Pyjama started walking out of the guest bedroom, and I ran after him stark-naked and pulled him back into our own bedroom. My ‘uninterested’ husband Rajeev had ‘woken up’ by then and was lying in our bed. At that moment, Rajeev was actually quite limp as he had masturbated only moments before, and his ass was hurting from his unsuccessful efforts to take that monster in. I was acting like an domineering slut who was not satisfied with her husband’s ‘limp’ cock and wanted her brother-in-law’s monster cock, but in my heart I felt so indebted to Rajeev when I watched my super-broadminded husband pretend to be all meek and cuckolded!
I was already wearing my Mangalsutra, wedding-ring and bangles, and I asked Suneet to wait for me, as I wanted to deck up as his ‘bride’. I quickly did a makeover, and put on my full set of body ornaments – but no clothes – for enacting another ‘Suhaagraat’ (wedding night) of my life, this time with my ‘husband’s younger brother’ as my ‘cuckolded’ hubby watched! A mythological horny bride I played, looking like a naked ornament-bedecked woman from Khajuraho (India’s famous temple with sculptures of copulating men and women)! Soon, sprawled naked next to my ‘cuckolded’ husband, I watched that big dark monster enter my oozing Sex as Rajeev watched my shameless ‘incestuous adultery’. I tumbled from one orgasm to another as I watched my ‘brother-in-law’s big cock stretch my labia and rub on my big clitoris. I got royally fucked and soon got my squishy insides irrigated by his heavy virile load.
We ended the when Suneet withdrew, and Rajeev quickly licked his dripping cock clean, and asked him to go wash up and leave us alone for a few minutes. I knew what Rajeev wanted – my ‘after-adultery’ urine! Suneet wasn’t keen on pissing games, though on later dates, he agreed to give us fresh piss from his big fire-hose. So, as soon as we were alone, my hubby stood me up on my wobbly legs and passionately lapped all the fuck-fluids slobbering out of my wide-open Sex. I orgasmed again as I pulled Rajeev’s head into my ‘cheating’ cunt. Tears of joy and love for my hubby were running down my cheeks. Still standing, I freely let go with my hot pee as I climaxed in Rajeev’s mouth, and he eagerly drank every pungent drop that came out of my ‘adulterous, incestuous’ Sex. Finally, at 3 a.m., I slept in Suneet’s manly arms, clasping his big man-meat between my plump thighs, as Rajeev snuggled behind him spoon-fashion, holding Suneet’s cock. Once in the night and once at daybreak, I inserted his cock into my molten Sex and had a good sleepy well-stuffed fuck.
Since then, Suneet has visited us many times, and we really look forward to his visits. On his second date with us, Suneet brought his girlfriend Shefali (slender Ramp-model, 25, 5’10”, 32-22-34, 100 lbs, heterosexual), but warned us that she didn’t know about – and might be turned off by – his gay side. The moment we entered our brightly lit bedroom with them, Shefali, the slim, stunning, blasé model, promptly shed all her clothes most nonchalantly! Soon, Rajeev and Shefali did a 69 standing up, with upside-down Shefali’s legs resting on Rajeev’s shoulders, and Rajeev manfully bearing her slim 100 lbs. and eating her upside-down cunt. This was a first for Shefali! Later, Shefali straddled a sitting Rajeev, crossing her slim legs behind his waist, and installed his cock in her cunt. Next to them, as Suneet fucked me on all fours in my cunt and asshole up to the hilt, fascinated, Shefali watched closely, because she could never take more than half of Suneet’s dong inside her young slim cunt. Later, Rajeev escorted Shefali to our gorgeous bathroom and quietly asked her to feed him her whole long-held bladderful of urine there – another first for Shefali – which turned out to be exceptionally pungent. Rajeev relished it and I too tasted it later on Rajeev’s mouth!
While chatting with us on his first date with us, Suneet had mentioned that he once had an affair with a fairly effeminate gay transvestite, and had quite liked the experience. When we later told Gautam about our date with Suneet, he was very eager to take that big cock in his throat and pretty ass. So, when we fixed our third date with Suneet, we decided to surprise him. We asked Gautam to flawlessly dress up as Sheena and surprise Suneet on his third date with us.
On that day, I spent the whole afternoon dressing Gautam up in his best bra-n-panties set, and sheer skin-coloured stockings and suspenders. The panties were a bit tight and Gautam as usual tucked his cock between his thighs with his special technique (I’ve written more about Sheena in the next few pages). Gautam wore a particular style of 38-B brassieres from Peter Pan, which pushed his substantial breast flesh up and together, making a very realistic cleavage without any padding or falsies. Sheena’s lingerie was enveloped with a heavy purple satin petticoat tied below his sexy navel, a sleeveless blouse in silver satin that was cut deep in front as well as in the back, his favourite sheer purple chiffon Sari, pencil-heeled silver sandals, elegant pearl jewellery, a long-haired wig and purple ‘fuck-me’ makeup.
I then dressed myself up in my original wedding finery, and waited as a voluptuous bride in our big bed as Suneet arrived at the door. In diffused lighting in our vestibule, Rajeev introduced Sheena to Suneet as his girlfriend who would be joining us for the night. He told me later that Suneet and Sheena kissed for some time, quite intimately, although rather delicately. Suneet later confirmed that he was completely unaware that Sheena was a man!
Rajeev then explained that night’s role-play to Suneet: I’d play Rajeev’s newlywed wife on our wedding night, and ‘callous’ Rajeev would bring his girlfriend Sheena to the nuptial bed and start making love to her right in front of me, his new bride, ignoring me completely. I, a ‘respectable’ yet horny bride, would then even the score by calling in my ‘new’ husband’s younger brother to fuck me right there. He’d first ask me to cool down and wait to see how far Rajeev would go with his girlfriend. Rajeev coached Suneet that he was supposed to wait till Rajeev exposed Sheena’s genitalia, then give in to my ‘incestuous’ demands and take both my ‘cherries’ in front and back! Even then, Suneet had no idea that this super-sexy woman Sheena was a male! We normally don’t spring such surprises on our mates, but we had a special bond with Suneet, and we believed he’d in fact love to be surprised this way. We were proved right!
So, Rajeev and Sheena came into our wedding-night bedroom as Suneet waited in the next room. Within minutes, playing the ‘spurned bride’ to the hilt, I came out of the bedroom – all bedecked as a newlywed bride – complaining and cursing my husband, and pulled Suneet into our brightly lit bedroom by his wrist to see the ‘shameful’ spectacle there.
Suneet’s ‘elder brother’ (my ‘newlywed’ husband) was standing next to our marital bed and French-kissing his girlfriend Sheena as he kneaded her plump Sari-clad buttocks, ignoring me completely. I bawled and demanded that Suneet now ‘take me and quench my fires’! This was fun, but the surprise was soon to follow. According to , Suneet calmed me and whispered to me to wait a bit and see how far his elder brother would go with that ‘slut’! Unmoved with all this commotion, Rajeev started stripping Sheena with practiced ease. First the Sari came off, then the blouse and the petticoat. Then Rajeev peeled off Sheena’s bra and kneaded her sexy breasts for some time as the two lovers smooched. Next, Rajeev kneeled in front of Sheena and I took a small step backwards as if I was appalled, but I did that basically to watch Suneet’s next reaction.
Slowly, my husband pulled Sheena’s tight panties down, took out Sheena’s half-hard cock from between her thighs and started sucking, immediately making it grow hard. Showing me Sheena’s cock, Rajeev said, “This is what I need in my woman, Saroj – a nice cock – and you don’t have one!” I watched Suneet do a double-take, and grabbed him from behind, begging him not to move, then quickly kneeled in front of him and opened his pants, and went into raptures over his huge organ. Suneet was fully erect by now. I sucked Suneet’s his cock as he looked intently at Sheena’s erection being sucked by my husband.
At this point, we threw our role-playing to the wind, and got down to kinky sex with gay abandon – no pun intended. Besides me taking Suneet’s big dong into my both holes later in the night, Sheena – having dilated her anus with big dildos and butt-plugs – also sat on that adorable brute and managed to impale his soft plump ass completely on that fat erect stake, right up to root! As Suneet confirmed later, when he first kissed Sheena, he didn’t realise he was kissing a man. Sheena was thrilled by the indirect compliment, and told me later he was overjoyed as he felt Suneet’s monster cock pulsate and grow in his pants as they kissed. “Ooh lala, I made this lovely brute hard!” he had crooned in his feminine voice!
On a later date, we brought Ruby and Suneet together. Motherly Ruby effortlessly takes his whole 11” x 8” monster inside her huge gaping cunt, and they both enjoy their fuck as Suneet can easily piston in and out of her – something he can’t do with most other women. It’s a truly spellbinding sight to see that enormous penis copulating with that colossal vulva. Nowadays, Suneet visits us every few weeks and my brother Shekhar also joins the debauchery, whenever he’s around. Suneet was the first outsider to watch me have sex with my own brother, and I too was absolutely overjoyed to have a non-family spectator as I committed real incest.
Blindfolded and sodomised
Young heterosexual Rohan, 21, 5’6”, 140 lbs, lives nearby, and he’s always horny for me. He doesn’t go in for any foreplay or preliminaries, but likes to fuck right away and leave as soon as he has climaxed. However, this guy can remain hard for hours without cumming, and he really is a good steady fucker. He has become my favourite ‘nephew’!
Rajeev first met Rohan through our motherly friend Ruby. He’s Ruby’s neighbour and often has sex with her – Rohan essentially likes older, large women. Rajeev met him in a restaurant, listened to his fantasy, and invited him to our apartment. Rajeev planned that Rohan would arrive after an hour of Rajeev’s arrival. I had known that Rajeev had gone to meet this guy, and most probably would bring him home to have sex with me. However, Rajeev came back alone and asked me how I’d like to get an anonymous ass-fuck, tied up and blindfolded! I was extremely fascinated by the idea. So, Rajeev asked me to take a bath and enema, after which he blindfolded me, put me bare-ass naked on the bed, face down, and then tied my four limbs to the four corners of the bed. He lubricated my asshole with K-Y jelly and slowly put a normal sized vibrating butt-plug in my ass.
Naked, tied up and shivering with anal lust, with that vibrator humming away in my slowly relaxing ass, I waited blindfolded for the doorbell to ring. Soon, Rohan arrived and Rajeev brought him to our bedroom. I could only hear Rohan’s voice, but he could freely roam his eyes all over my naked body that was so obscenely displayed before him. My excitement popped the butt-plug vibrator out of my ass as the men watched me and talked about me. Rajeev slapped my exposed bottom, and asked Rohan loudly, “So how do you like your Auntie’s big fat naked ass, Rohan? Your Auntie wants you to fuck her ass, and I have already lubricated her asshole for you!”
Blindfolded, I could hear Rohan take off his clothes, as I moaned impatiently, “Yes, come and take my ass, Rohan. You sound so sexy! Do you have a big cock?” Rajeev applied more K-Y jelly into my asshole as Rohan put on a condom, and soon I sensed Rohan getting behind me and felt his cock push between my asscheeks and smoothly slide into my well-dilated asshole. I was very excited, and screamed shamelessly, “Rohan, fuck my ass hard! Your cock feels so good in my ass! Uhhh!” Rohan stretched out on top of me and started kissing my neck and kneading my boobs as he went on steadily fucking my ass for a long time.
Soon, Rajeev sat next to us, reached under me to diddle my big clitty, and made me cum twice! As Rohan was about to cum, he pulled out, removed the condom and sprayed my ass-cheeks and back with his huge load. I really loved that! Rajeev must have briefed him well, as he carried out the whole thing so smoothly. When Rohan finished, he lay next to me as Rajeev spread Rohan’s semen on my buttocks and Rohan removed my blindfold. I then saw my unknown sodomiser’s young face and he started kissing me so divinely. Behind me, Rajeev took Rohan’s place, smoothly entered my well-greased bowels, and nicely sodomised me again, his tummy slapping into my sticky buttocks. I again climaxed hard as Rohan smooched my happy face, calling me “My sexy Saroj Auntie!”
A few weeks later Rohan called that he was coming our way and was really hot for me, but he’d not have much time. So just before the agreed time, I undressed completely, wrapped an ultra-thin white cotton-muslin Sari on my figure, and quickly ducked under the shower as soon as the bell rang. Rajeev opened the front door for Rohan and brought him to the open bathroom door, where I was standing in a provocative pose – all dripping wet and looking titillating in the thin wet Sari made absolutely transparent by the water, like a cheap Indian pin-up model, wet hair and all! In the doorway, I posed and stretched to show off my wet body to Rohan. Finally, I turned around and – looking seductively over my shoulder, swaying my big hips invitingly and showing off my derrière wrapped in a single layer of that wet Sari, I threw a kiss to Rohan and said seductively, “Rohan, your Auntie’s all hot and wet for you! Come and fuck your Auntie!” I was giggling with lust as I got a few noisy spanks on my wet bottom by the men. Rohan took off his clothes in a real hurry.
Shivering with lust, I just leaned over the wash counter in front of the bathroom mirror, pulled up my wet Sari from behind and pushed my waist down, thrusting my wet, wide buttocks out for a royal ‘incestuous’ fornication. Right away, Rohan slid his hard cock into my soaked, ready cunt and started fucking me vigorously. We and our genitalia were making so much obscene noises that I was thankful our bathroom was soundproofed. As Rohan was about to cum, Rajeev again asked him to cum on my ass-cheeks and back. I came intensely, put my knees and feet together, then let go of my bladder and merrily peed, delighting in the sensations created by the piss flowing down my sensitive inner legs! My sizzling squirt finally spattered on the ground as I shamelessly asked Rohan and Rajeev to piss on my cum-spattered ass-cheeks. The bathroom was full of the horny smells of my heated Sex, semen and urine as I came yet again!
Sex-life with Sheena the transsexual
Divorcee Gautam had re-embarked on his gay life as a closet transvestite and had started on hormones to become a passable transsexual before we had invited him (now Sheena, in private) into our sex-lives. He was arranging his gay encounters in hotels (as he was living as a paying guest with someone after his divorce) through his own ads in ‘The Bombayite’. Sheena kept a suitcase full of feminine clothes, lingerie and make-up aids at his favourite hotel.
Nowadays Sheena keeps his lingerie and dresses in my wardrobe, uses my stuff too, and conducts his ‘alternate’ life as a transsexual out of our place. As I said, Sheena is now an almost-perfect pre-op transsexual with virtually no facial hair and quite conspicuous breasts with four years of very low-dose hormone therapy and local hormone patches on his breasts and hips! However, nowadays Sheena has lost interest in searching for new gay contacts, as he gets his fill of kinky sex with us, his old mates and with some of our mates whom we have introduced to him. But even now, occasionally, Gautam takes a suitcase to our favourite hotel, invites his gay lovers there, shamelessly dresses up as a Drag-Queen, dances erotically for the men (much like my sexy dance-shows) and gets thoroughly debauched by his studs. In that hotel, Sheena often has sex with two, three or four males at a time, and usually asks old mates to bring their friends with them!
Sheena says that now he has first-hand experience of how a woman must be enjoying feeling sexually desirable, when he dresses up for sex, meets up with a group of men for sex, luxuriates in their horny gazes, sees their cocks harden for him, and feels their eager hands exploring his sexy body! He relishes the thrill of fixing a rendezvous with his dates on phone, dressing up like a sexy slut in a hotel room while wondering what his blind dates would be like and how they’d react to Sheena the sexy transvestite, anxiously waiting for the call from the reception, then waiting for the knock as his men arrive. He loves the thrill of cautiously opening the door (as he’s in full drag) for his new lovers, sneaking them in, quickly bolting the door, then watching the surprise and admiration on their faces, and watching their crotches bulge instantly as they have a good look at him, then promptly getting smooched, pawed and ravished!
As compared to Caucasian males, the average Indian male is less muscular, and has a much softer and more pliable skin, much less prominent Adam’s apple, and more and darker body hair. With this background, I must describe Sheena’s physique to you in some detail:
In normal life, sweet-natured Gautam comes across as a very good-looking refined man – almost pretty and feminine but not effeminate. Some men do seem distinctly effeminate, but Gautam in full-sleeved shirts and pants (the usual day wear in India) looks very normal and attractive. His femininity is apparent only when he’s fully in the nude. But once he gets into full drag with makeup and one of his lovely wigs, he transforms completely to Sheena the Sexy Siren – figure, looks, mannerisms, husky feminine voice, sexy body language, feminine walk – everything! Makeup and wigs transform his handsome face so magically! Gautam as Sheena can look and behave very convincingly like an extra-feminine slut. He’s mentally, physically, emotionally and behaviourally healthily normal in his everyday life, but for sex, he simply loves to doll-up and convincingly become a ‘woman’. He says he always gets extremely turned on by the feel of feminine things on his body and by the impression his makeovers creates on other bisexuals.
Physically, as I mentioned, Gautam / Sheena is 5’7”, 165 lbs. and 40B-34-44. He’s all femininely soft and round. He has a very feminine face, beautiful large eyes, thick natural eyelashes, high thin natural eyebrows, soft physique, a long slim neck, a slender aristocratic nose, a lovely dimpled smile, perfect white teeth, succulent pink lips, thick hair on his head, no body hair, scant facial hair, and a rich semi-feminine voice!
For all his elegant aristocratic looks, Gautam is a very gentle and nice guy. Both Rajeev and I always get turned on by watching him in his female impersonation. Sheena obviously loves the effect he creates, and tries even harder. Gautam has an absolutely soft, fair and hairless skin. He has been using a UV-blocking skin-lightening cream on his body ever since he resumed his transvestism after his divorce, so his complexion has now become fairer than mine. He has virtually no hair on his chest, arms or even on his long feminine legs. Nowadays Gautam regularly removes even those sparse body hairs with Anne-French, a depilating cream much like the American product ‘Nair’.
Gautam has rather narrow sloping rounded shoulders and very feminine-looking arms and back, which look great in sleeveless outfits, which delineate his lovely breasts to perfection. Unlike most men, Gautam has a short torso, wide full hips, a bulging globular ass, long tapering legs with small knees, and very elegant hands and feet. Plus his knees touch each other if he stands erect. So, in leg-revealing outfits, his smooth hairless well-tapered legs look ravishingly feminine.
Transsexual Sheena’s derrière is soft, plump, quite femininely wide, perfectly-rounded and absolutely hairless naturally! His buttocks don’t have those hollows on the sides that most men have. Because of his substantially slimmer waist, Sheena’s ass looks a great deal bigger than Rajeev’s bubble butt does. Sheena has a rather curved spine, so even normally his well-rounded derrière bulges out behind him more than the usual for men, more like a female’s bottom! When he’s in drag, he sticks out his full buttocks even more, and rolls and sashays them oh-so-femininely like a sexy bimbo! He can walk absolutely flawlessly in very high stilettos, and the high heels cause his rich ass to widen sideways, sway more noticeably and bulge out behind him more conspicuously! Gautam – rather Transsexual Sheena – has a lovely straight 6” uncircumcised cock with a long foreskin!
Sheena does only those exercises regularly, which keep his waist and tummy within control. He says if he does normal exercises, he starts losing weight on his buttocks too, and he does not want to lose out on his feminine sex-appeal. Just like me, Sheena also gets goose-pimples when someone squeezes and kneads his sensitive derrière, fondles his breasts or sucks his distinctly womanly large nipples. Though fleshy Sheena cannot be called obese, with the help of hormones, he now has good handfuls of soft breast-flesh on his chest, and a nice full plump ass, and a very feminine tummy, waist, navel and hips.
In short, Sheena’s whole body already has a perfect female structure. With just a few tweaks here and there – bigger breasts, narrower waist, and fuller hips – he’d make many women green with envy! Rajeev says Gautam had always been a real Adonis, with distinct small-n-soft breasts and an almost hairless skin right from the time they started having sex in their teens. Presently, his tits have become more prominent, more femininely contoured and quite like female breasts with flesh developing below the nipple area.
For all his femininity, Sheena still carries on socially as a male. Since in India, many plump males have a fair amount of chest fat, Sheena’s hormone beauties look quite unremarkable in banian (thick cotton half-leotards) and loose shirtsleeves – the normal mode of dress in hot India. However, when Sheena bares his chest, they unmistakably look like breasts with their high nipples – not male chest fat. Presently - with a bit of pushing and pulling - Sheena’s soft natural breasts fill his favourite Peter Pan 38-B brassieres’ cups absolutely impeccably. He wears that particular brand of brassieres most often.
Whenever his new lovers have seen him in that bra for the first time, they have variously remarked, “Have you got breasts?” “Are your breasts real?” “Have you been taking female hormones?” “Have you got silicone implants done?” etc. Although Sheena always informs his new gay lovers in advance that they’d be meeting a very feminine transvestite, even then some guys who see his bra-clad breasts with his made-up face, wig, full hips and girlish legs for the first time, blurt right away, “Are you a man or a woman?” Obviously, Sheena the aspiring transsexual feels extremely flattered by such spontaneous compliments his ‘femininity’ gets!
On the whole, good-looking Gautam in lingerie or drag comes across as a very sexy woman. Right after his divorce, Sheena has been taking very small doses of oestrogen, progesterone and androgen-blockers, and has been wearing oestrogen patches on his breasts and hips to develop them more distinctively, and these have been very effective. Once Sheena had got into his head that he should intensify his hormone therapy to develop his femininity even further, but we discouraged him, as these would unnecessarily create other medical complications – one being permanent impotence. On that point, Sheena has always been quite clear that he does not want to lose his erectile cock and his male orgasms. So, he hasn’t pursued that whim, and now is quite happy with the positive improvement the extra mild hormone therapy has made to his ‘femininity’. However, Sheena still hesitates to try and pass as a street-perfect female because of his moderate Adam’s apple and his overall figure, which isn’t yet distinctly feminine enough.
Nowadays whenever Sheena lodges with us overnight – which is for one or two nights a week – he obviously sleeps with us in our marital bed. For an evening of sex with us, he usually dresses up as a sexy woman wearing full makeup, one of his wigs and some sexy lingerie, then goes to sleep wearing sheer sleeveless nighties without brassieres and panties, “to keep my boobs and genitalia available to you guys” he says. He gets back to his normal self only in the morning! Once in a while, if all three of us have a free day, then after our maidservant leaves at 10 a.m., he comes out of our bedroom all dolled up as a sexy female and spends the day in our house in his chosen gender.
Sheena’s present favourite outfit is his purple-n-black satin-n-lace bra-n-panties set, a heavily pleated purple satin petticoat tied below his sexy navel, a metallic gold sleeveless blouse cut wide and deep in front and back, a sheer purple chiffon Sari, pencil-heeled golden sandals and lots of my jewellery. He especially loves wearing tinkling glass bangles, and spends the day and evening in our house in lovely makeup, transformed into a sexy socialite, practicing and anticipating our opinions on ‘her’ looks and mannerisms, etc. Sheena can manage a Sari, long-haired wig and high-heels so very naturally! He really looks stunning in a Sari, and his womanly best. In a Sari, his breasts, shoulders, arms, waist, his whole back and especially his flaring hips and bulging derrière take on a very believable feminine sex-appeal! The stilettos and the puffy petticoat make his ass look even larger and more feminine. Rajeev keeps on smooching and fondling his ‘other wife’ all over all day long, and I too get my kicks from making out – and seeing my husband make out – with my ‘Sheena Didi’ (Sis Sheena).
Sheena has got quite a collection of his own tailored garments, accessories and lingerie by now, and he has full access to my wardrobe too – Saris and petticoats being one-size-fits-all kind of garments. By now, Sheena, Rajeev and I have got into a very comfortable sex-routine. I’m narrating some of our most memorable sexual encounters with Sheena:
My Husband Meets His ‘Second’ Wife
On Gautam’s third ‘adult’ date with us after we broke ice with him following his divorce, he called me up at 4 p.m. He said he’d come to our place at around 5 p.m., and bring his suitcase containing his feminine paraphernalia to our apartment to show us and to keep in my wardrobe; and he’d stay overnight with us – for the first time.
We had arranged all this earlier but had not fixed the date. On Gautam’s second (rather brief) date with us, we had decided that next time he’d stay the night, and the boys would enjoy full-penetration anal sex with each other for the first time! And with me, Gautam – as Sheena – would also enter a woman anally for first time! We all had already tasted each other’s Natural Champagnes and indulged in ‘incest’. Gautam had casually seen my wardrobe and had talked to me in detail about his ongoing cross-dressing fetish, but till then, I had never seen him (or any other man) in drag, and I was curious and excited! Would having sex with cute Sheena in drag be like being with a lesbian? I had missed that for some time, so that night was going to be really exciting!
Rajeev had gone out for the day and would be back quite late after dinner with a client. Rajeev didn’t know Sheena would be visiting that evening, as in those days there were no cell phones. When Gautam arrived that afternoon, I welcomed him in my short skimpy transparent nightie, stilettos and soft makeup. I was not wearing anything underneath, and the sheer nightie only reached the middle of my hips. I kissed him, led him to our couch in the bedroom, and after some tea and snacks, we started going through the contents of that mysterious suitcase containing Sheena’s feminine stuff. Sheena had bought some splendid lingerie during his U.S. trips, including three lovely wigs of different lengths and styles. There was also some amount of ill-fitting and damaged stuff, and not-so-good cosmetics too, so I suggested that he discard those, as from then on he could borrow my lingerie, accessories and cosmetics any time he wanted. Gautam agreed, modelled some of his pieces for me, and showed me a few tantalising glimpses of his feminine mannerisms. I too showed him my formidable lingerie and sex-accessories collection in detail, and asked him to let me do a full makeover on him and transform him into a lovely lingerie-bimbo, and then he could surprise my husband and his old lover Rajeev! Gautam jumped with excitement. Years ago, Gautam had always experimented with rather basic Indian drag for his ‘husband’ Rajeev – Saris, Indian blouses (pinched from Manju Bhabhi by Rajeev for Sheena), petticoats, brassieres and panties, nighties, lipsticks, eye-pencils – nothing more. In fact, till then, Rajeev had never seen Sheena in proper Western trashy-lingerie drag, wig and professionally done party makeover!
Soon, my transvestite ‘brother’ and I got working on surprising Rajeev with a ‘new’ Sheena! Sheena was already on feminising hormones for 3 years by then, and already his breast- and hip development, and hairlessness were quite remarkable in nude. He closely shaved his face twice to get a smooth face skin. He had been using Anne-French hair-removing cream (Similar to Nair) on his armpits and pubes, but on that day, Sheena wanted his body to be as completely hairless as a natural Indian female, so I offered to run my new Braun Silk-Epil all over his body. I remember I had bought the machine just weeks earlier. So, I depilated Sheena’s body, did a manicure and pedicure on him, put an herbal face-pack on him, and exfoliated his fine skin with an herbal scrub. There was hardly any hair anyway, but all this treatment made him look even more beautifully feminine.
I spent almost an hour with my feminised ‘brother’ in our tub and encouraged him to make tender ‘lesbian’ love to me in the water. His skin was so clear, moist and soft after my beauty-treatment and a long soak in water! Sheena remarked that he was pampered so lavishly for the first time in his life! I took an enema and gave him one too. After an early light dinner – with my own warm Golden draft brew as table wine, at Sheena’s request – I started dressing up my smooth-skinned ‘brother’ (Or should I say ‘sister’?) in sexy lingerie.
We chose his black-trimmed lavender satin bustier-girdle with suspenders, a matching pair of string panties, my black fishnet stockings, his own pair of purple 6” stilettos, his long black-lace fingerless gloves, his lovely purple wig, and some of my Western ornaments and accessories, including a thigh-garter, and his lavender feather boa. Rajeev had never seen any of this ever. Sheena had got that sexy lavender lingerie outfit from the U.S., lavender being the traditionally symbolic colour of transvestites, as lilac is said to be the colour of lesbians – don’t ask me why. His bustier-girdle had especially been designed for transvestites, and its corset part cinched his already slim male waist further, pushed his breasts up, out and together, making them look unmistakably feminine, and flared his full hips, yet it was remarkably flexible. And those outrageous high-heels made his big femininely-rounded ass really bulge out so very sexily like a real woman’s derrière! In this kind of Western drag, his long smooth hairless tapering legs took on an extremely feminine character.
I watched keenly as Sheena adjusted his bustier over his mounds of soft breast-flesh and filled out the cups carefully. Deftly, he reached inside each cup and pulled his hairless breast-flesh up and inward and amazed even me with an extremely authentic-looking smooth deep cleavage! And the satiny straps looked so lovely on his feminine shoulders! After emptying his whole bladder into my mouth on my request, Sheena showed me another trick to make his clean-shaven cock look exactly like a female’s mound of Venus in his tight panties! Sheena’s uncircumcised 6-incher deflates to a large, dark flaccid mass when he’s not erect. So, as I watched, he easily pushed his inner erectile cock-flesh as well as both his testicles into his body, and then expertly tied a thick soft cord around his empty foreskin and empty scrotum, tied on his G-strings tightly, adjusted his ‘apparatus’ and proudly showed me his womanly pubic ‘mound’! The testicles inside his body pushed up two plump ‘labia’, and since he had reached from behind and pulled his long empty scrotum and foreskin into the crotch of the tight panties, thus tucking them between his thighs, a depression was formed where the vaginal slit would be!
Wow, my ‘brother’ – or shall I say ‘sister’ – was a fucking magician! The tiny triangle of those lavender G-strings was undoubtedly covering a feminine mound of Venus, not a 6” penis at all! Sheena said that this way he’d remain sexually aroused all the time, but the cord wouldn’t let his cock get erect ‘to spoil the show’! He assured me his family jewels were quite safe.
With just a cord going up his butt-cleavage, the G-strings left his lovely plump full ass completely exposed. His derrière was delectably framed by his girdle, G-strings, suspenders and stocking tops! Sheena then wore his blue contact lenses, and I started his makeover with a pan-stick foundation. Immediately, his shaven face lost its remaining maleness and took on an ultra-smooth girlish complexion. Sheena had never used a pan-stick before, and he was thrilled! I added my glittering violet eye-shadow, eye-liner, heavy mascara, purple blush, my glistening smear-proof wet-look violet lipstick, and stuck on long glossy violet false nails. Then I set his wig on his head and dusted some golden body glitter on his cheek-bones, shoulders, inner elbows, and into his hairless cleavage!
I kept adding lots of tiny final touches – after all, I was dressing up a ‘rival’ consort for surprising my husband! It was mind-blowing! Sheena looked so tall, so feminine, and so glamorous! His long shapely legs looked so extremely feminine that they’d have put a ramp model to shame! In fact, Sheena told me that he had got more compliments for his feminine legs and derrière that for his almost-perfect breasts.
My dear ‘sister’s transformation was so flawless that he looked perfectly like a sexy and available woman! So sexily feminine he looked and acted that even the lesbian in me was getting turned on! During his makeover, I had worn my plain beautician’s coat with nothing underneath. When I finished his makeover at 9 p.m., I asked Sheena to lie down and relax in our guest-bedroom, and I too had a cool shower and dressed up sexily for the evening.
Rajeev came in at 10 p.m., kissed me and thoroughly kneaded my ass as usual, and undressed in our bedroom. He didn’t know that Sheena was in the house. As he relaxed naked in bed at the end of the day with some pornography, I asked him to stay put for a surprise. I went to the guest bedroom, quickly checked Sheena’s wig, bra, suspenders, etc., and asked him to make an appearance. Sheena’s stilettos rapped a leisurely clickety-click on the floor, and I walked right behind him.
My transfigured ‘brother’ made a sensational appearance into our big well-lit bedroom with an ultra-feminine fashion-model cat-walk.
He kept his elbows pointing backward and held them close to his body very femininely, kept his knees together and put each step exactly in front of other, widely sashaying his flared hips and upturned derrière exactly like a well-trained female ramp-model, as his fleshy breasts jostled proudly in lavender lace!
Sheena greeted Rajeev with his long-familiar greeting, “Hi Homo!” to which Rajeev normally replies, “Hi Sheena!” But on that day I still remember the look on Rajeev’s face – his eyes became like two saucers and he just kept exclaiming spontaneously, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” I noticed that naked Rajeev immediately became throbbing-hard! Though I must say this about Rajeev – even when he’s presented with the sexiest of dishes, he does not go berserk – as many other males do.
Sexy lingerie-model Sheena and nonchalantly smoked a cigarette held in a long holder as he did this unflappable ramp-model act going back and forth across our big bedroom. He audaciously walked back and forth, posed and pirouetted for some time in front of ‘our’ naked husband, style, with a sassy feminine elegance I had never seen in Gautam till then! Deliberately ‘ignoring’ Rajeev who watched quietly, Sheena then smoothly switched from ramp-walk to slow, sensuous dancing, and ‘she’ danced oh-so-spectacularly! When he finished, he finally asked me to open his panties and that cord around his cock. As I did that, lots of accumulated clear pre-cum (prostate fluid) drooled out from his cock! Sheena had warned me about this, so I didn’t miss a single drop of my Sheena Didi’s delicious ‘cunt-honey’!
On my cue, Rajeev got up from the bed, kneeled in front of Sheena, and beginning with a reverent anal tonguing, worshipped Sheena’s transfigured body for a long time. First time in our married life, I watched the extraordinary sight of my husband making love to a beautiful transsexual! Finally, my sexy ‘co-wife’ pulled up and embraced his old ‘husband’ in his lace-gloved, feminine arms and wet-kissed him wantonly on his lips.
Sheena was still in full drag, minus only the panties! He looked so kinky – all smooth hairless soft skin, cleavage, lace-n-silk and feminine beauty, with a cock dangling sexily where a cunt should have been – just like the transsexuals you see in Western pornography.
Till that day, Rajeev and Sheena had never taken each other’s ass though they had attempted that many years ago. So, Sheena slowly sashayed forward and kneeled suggestively on our bed on his hands and knees, swaying his plump naked derrière at Rajeev doggy-style, saucily inviting his old lover, “Come on, Homo; take my ass! Put that lovely cock of yours deep in my ass and give me that long assfuck you have always wanted to give me!” What a scene that was! I lubricated Sheena’s ass and watched as Rajeev smoothly sodomised his plump soft smooth round fair-skinned ass for the first time in their vintage homosexual affair.
To cut a long story short, my husband celebrated his anal “wedding night” with his ‘first wife’ as I watched happily! And soon, for the first time again, I witnessed my ‘normal’ husband getting ass-fucked by a man – who was a beautiful transsexual! Also on that night, for the first time, I got all my holes ravished by a ‘female-with-a-cock’! As I said, it was also the first time Sheena fucked a woman’s ass. Sheena the ass-man was in heaven when Rajeev proudly removed my nightie and offered my big fat ass to his ‘other’ wife-with-a-cock for ‘her’ first heterosexual ass-fuck.
Rajeev positioned me the same way, on my hands and knees, poured oil all over my derrière and into my rear-cleft, lubricated my asshole, spread my big fat ass-cheeks apart and invited Sheena to enjoy sodomising my big matronly ass, “Come on Sheena, take your sister’s huge fat ass! Isn’t this the first female ass you’ll be putting your cock in? Come on; sodomise this slut wife of mine!” and Sheena responded, “Hey Homo, your wife has the most voluptuous ass I have ever seen in my life. I really wish I had an ass like hers! And her asshole is more soft, warm and gripping than male assholes, y’know!”
What a kinky romp the three of us had that night! All three of us enjoyed being the middle of a sandwich, coupled both in back and in front. I was going berserk with sexual frenzy! ‘Man’, ‘woman’, ‘husband’, ‘wife’, ‘brother’, ‘sister’ – all these everyday words lost their meaning on that glorious night! Later, Sheena, Rajeev and I did a re-enactment of this night, and requested Surendra Uncle to capture it on film and tape. We sent some pictures from this lot to the Italian magazines.
Birthday party in the bathroom
Then, on my birthday, which fell a few months after that date, Rajeev and Sheena planned a real Roman orgy for the three of us. On that day, I came home at 8 p.m. from the airport back from a successful business trip to Bangalore, and these two lovable guys grabbed me straightaway at the door. I didn’t know that Gautam would be there. He was his usual male self that night, yet looking very feminine and pretty. From the smug expressions on their faces, I knew these two creative engineers had planned something original and kinky. I was wearing a Sari, and Rajeev told Gautam, “Come on, Gautam, I’ll hold your sister and you strip this slut!”
I had never been undressed like that and I was going berserk with lust and apprehension – were these guys going to ‘rape’ me? That was never my fantasy, so I was still fussing and resisting when Rajeev laid this corny line, “Shut up Saroj, the birthday baby has to be in her birthday suit!”
My hubby pinned my arms back, and my brother Gautam stripped me stark-naked and even removed all my jewellery carefully, even my Bindi (the red dot on Indian women’s forehead) and my Mangalsutra. That was odd, as both Rajeev and I relish me wearing my Mangalsutra during extramarital sex! They also went pawing me all over, intentionally being rough and uncouth just to needle me some more! Confused, a bit upset, surprised and delighted, I was trembling with excitement. Then Rajeev kneeled behind me, spread my ass and started licking my asshole, and Gautam started lapping up my unwashed cunt. I told them I was not so clean down below with all that travelling. They said they knew and wanted me as I was – that was the best simultaneous front-and-back licking I ever got.
Since that morning in Bangalore, I had not had time to take a piss, and when I had boarded the flight, I had just held back, knowing that most likely there would be some Golden fun with Rajeev on my birthday. After the late flight landed, I was expecting Rajeev at the airport. When I didn’t find him, I called him up from the airport’s public phones. He said, “I’m held up with some urgent work at home, and you hold back (my bladder) too!” Then my taxi got into a traffic jam, and by the time I reached home, my bladder was desperately full, but Rajeev and Gautam didn’t allow me to take a leak after coming home. By then my bladder was really bursting, so as the men were licking my cunt and asshole simultaneously, I candidly relieved myself in their mouths standing up. I knew they were expecting me to do that, and they happily swallowed every drop. My held-for-12-hours piss was a rich deep yellow that day, and the guys told me that it had a “lovely pungent aroma and a powerful spicy taste” – probably because of my busy day in Bangalore, heavy spicy lunch with the client, late flight, sultry and sweltering Mumbai traffic-jams and the following excitement at home!
After the slobbery piss-drinking session, Rajeev asked me to go to the guest-bedroom’s bathroom and take a thorough enema – obviously for anal sex – and a quick shower – this is a common enough request in our sex-life. I had about two week’s stubble on my mound, so I asked Rajeev if I should shave too, but he forbade me. When I returned, the men had taken off their clothes and I noticed that Rajeev too had got absolutely hairless all over, just as Gautam always is! (Rajeev now often shaves his whole body and likes getting into drag too.) He said he’d just have to wear full-sleeved shirts for a few days. Hairless Rajeev first made me solemnly promise not to ask any questions that night, but just cooperate. Then they pulled me – all fresh from the shower – into our master bathroom and sprang this surprise on me:
Laid out in our large bathroom was a bizarre collection of things: A basketful of bananas, citrus fruits, grapes, etc., some fruit salad, a jar of honey, lots of overripe papaya slices, cigarettes, etc., a large Cadbury’s 5-star chocolate bar and a large but very thin and flat pink heart-shaped birthday cake, with lots of fluffy fresh-cream icing. A one-pounder, I estimated. It was enough for three of us, but too small by our large-hearted standards! Was nothing to be left for tomorrow?
And the baby fridge from our bedroom had been moved into a corner in the bathroom! Inside the fridge were a tub of vanilla ice-cream, a bucket of ice cubes, six large chilled cans of light beer and three large Rasgullas – I knew that the Rasgullas would in all probability go into my vagina. Laid out on the washbasin counter were Rajeev’s shaving gear, my hairbrush, my douche-bag, lots of napkins, rags, cleaning paraphernalia, a big bottle of some transparent oil, and a one-litre bottle of shower-gel. Something kinky was going to happen here!
Our watering hose from the terrace garden was attached to the tap! And there was an enormous amount of a funny kind of cream-grey batter in a very large utensil – strongly smelling of bananas. The guys later explained that they had run two dozen soft bananas through the mixer, and then whipped a litre of fresh cream into the batter.
And our first-aid box was there! Hullo, what kind of a birthday party was this? But both these guys just wore their Cheshire-cat smiles!
I only knew where the Rasgullas were going to go – the same place they had been going for the last three Rakhee celebrations – into my vagina! These guys had to shut my curiosity up by reminding me of my promise a dozen times! Starting the party, Rajeev said, “Look at that hairy stubble on your slut-sister's cunt, Sheena! Let’s shave the birthday girl first with my razor!” So, straightaway, the guys laid me on the floor on a towel and sprayed my pubic mound with Rajeev’s shaving foam. For the first time in my life, I was getting shaved with a razor – that too with a man’s razor. My cunt-stubble was soon carefully shaved away by my brother Gautam. Ice-cubes were applied to my freshly-scraped cunt – which felt great – and much avid cunnilingus was done. I was then thoroughly anointed with baby oil and massaged – a real pampering I got. Then that 5-star chocolate bar was shoved into my freshly-shaved Sex! “Now isn’t that a 5-star cunt!” they declared cheekily, and asked me to hold onto it.
Next, the men lit the candles on the cake, but after I blew the candles, these guys didn’t let me cut the cake. Instead, they removed the candles and put the cake on a big sheet of fresh plastic on the bathroom floor. Next, they carefully grabbed me by my wrists and ankles and lifted up all my 175 lbs of flesh. Sensing what was coming, I again started squealing and squirming but these guys told me to relax completely and enjoy my kinky birthday party. So, I gave up and calmed down, and these guys carefully set my big heavy ass smack down on the cake! That did feel v-e-r-y kinky!
These guys wouldn’t let go of me till I wantonly rotated my fat ass on my poor birthday cake, nicely mashing it all up! The chocolate bar was shoved back every time it started to slip out of my cunt. Next, they crammed most of the unbroken portions of the squashed cake into my mouth, licked my face clean, turned me over, and plunged into my messy ass-cleft like greedy pigs! Soon, my whole cake-smeared buttocks were licked clean.
By then, the 5-star bar was melting away in my heated Sex, and the chocolate, nougat and caramel were oozing out, so both guys turned me over, shoved their heads together into my groins, lapped at my cake- and chocolate smeared labia and soon gave me my first spasming orgasm. That pushed most of the chocolate out, and it soon disappeared into my lovers’ greedy mouths.
Now I realised why they didn’t use the bathtub – they needed more space! I was all giggly and wiggly, and thrilled beyond deion. I wanted to piss again but Rajeev kept saying, “Don’t pee yet, Saroj!” I almost leaked once or twice, but managed to contain myself. Gautam then made me stand up spread-legged and Rajeev scooped out the remnants of the 5-star bar from my dilated cunt. They both licked my crotch and each other’s faces clean.
The oranges and citruses were next squeezed onto my till-then clean breasts, shoulders, navel and well-cleaned pubic mound, stinging and tingling on my freshly-shaven skin, and lapped up by the men. Next, two cherry-topped vanilla ice cream scoops were slopped on to my wobbly breasts – and polished off by the males. Two scoops of the ice-cream went onto the two erect penile lollipops – and licked off by me. The tacky honey was poured on my shoulders, upper back and my shaved-for-the-business-meeting armpits, and licked off. I too licked off the guys’ dongs after they dipped them in honey.
Then I was asked to lie down with my legs held tightly together, and the fruit-salad, two bananas and the rest of the honey and the ice cream were poured into my crotch, making a raunchy banana-split, and eaten off. My share was fed to me by the guys. Some more foodstuffs went into my vagina before being eaten.
Soon, everything edible on our bodies was licked off, and before I could protest, one Rasgulla was shoved into my mouth, and the remaining two were pushed into my cunt one at a time and scooped out by the guys into their mouths. My cunt was drooling so obscenely with the sugar syrup! And my tummy was so full with all that sweet stuff that I was missing some salty-spicy food, but Rajeev said that would irritate my privates! So thoughtful of him – I remembered once somebody had licked my vulva after eating French fries sprinkled with salt and pepper, and it had burned like hell!
I realised (later) that there were no breakable glass bottles, jars, or sharp things around, and everything needed could be reached sitting on the floor, which was already messy and slippery, and was probably going to get worse. The engineers even had a battery-powered emergency light plugged in, in case the power failed. The food was also selected carefully that none of it irritated my vagina then or later. These brilliant engineers had thought everything through, including the safety! Even the first-aid box was around, just in case! Having brainy IITians for a sexy husband and incestuous ‘brother’ certainly has its advantages!
Finally, the men cleared up the floor, and then hosed mine and their bodies and hair, and the floor clean. My cunt was first soaped and hosed out carefully, then douched out with my douche-solution – to restore the pH, the engineers told me. Next, the men cleared away all the unnecessary things from the bathroom.
We were naked and well-cleaned in the clean bathroom, and our bladders were full again, so the next item on the agenda was obvious. However, before that, everyone had a cigarette and gulped a big can of beer each. One full can went into my hair. We were burping shamelessly and I was desperate for a pee again! Immediately, the much awaited Golden Showers were merrily given and taken in our smoke-filled bathroom. The men again guzzled and bathed under my Gold- gushing Sex, and I too had a head-bath and a good drink of their strong manly piss-streams!
Next, the banana-cream was brought down onto the floor along with many other things. This whole adventure was new to me. We again lay on the piss-splattered floor and merrily slathered each other head-to-toe with big handfuls of that slimy grey batter. That made the floor utterly slippery. The men lay down and told me to lie down too, and not try to stand up. We all got extremely slippery too, writhing together on the floor in a carnal heap, slithering hairless hot body against hairless horny body – slipping and sliding over each other slickly, smoothly, effortlessly, with no effort at all. I simply couldn’t hold onto anything or move the way I wanted! Hmm, so all the safety precautions had been taken for this situation!
My poor hair got really messy! That slippery-gooey concoction tasted quite horrible, so we didn’t lick it, but it felt very cool on the skin and between skins. Made from bananas and cream, it wouldn’t dry up for hours. It just changed colour from cream-grey to more grey! I was so excited that my gooey cunt was obscenely farting away! By now, we had been partying for almost four hours. The cream was keeping our skin soft despite the continuous soaking. The boys soon poured the rest of the banana cream onto our bodies, and finally mashed the papayas and added them to the muddle.
Sprawled in that extraordinarily slippery mess, we three were so happy, so close! The men’s freshly-depilated skins got lots of amorous homosexual attention from each other too. It was so exciting to see Rajeev and Gautam make out like two oh-so-feminine hairless pansies in that mess. Hmm, so this is why Rajeev had removed his body hair! In fact, Rajeev has done it many times since then, and he too has taken to being in drag quite often. And I do love seeing my husband in drag.
In that slippery mess, more beer was drunk and much urine was sprinkled during that caper. We had to wash our eyes and my vagina a few times with that handy hose. No one could stand up or even sit up in that slippery gunk, but whatever would be needed; the smart engineers already had it handy on the floor.
The various sensory feeling I received that day were incomparable! Even the kinkiest of porn-queens wouldn’t have got such royal treatment ever! In the end, after hosing ourselves again, and hosing the whole mess off into the drain, Rajeev painstakingly washed out my hair with that hairbrush, and Gautam opened that large plastic bottle of clear oil – it was refined liquid paraffin. Gautam said unlike coconut oil it wouldn’t get absorbed into the skin. Again lying down on the still-slippery floor, we liberally sloshed each other with oil and again got into another round of erotic slipping and wrestling. The clean paraffin oil felt so different and quite warm after that cold mess!
Then it was time for some real fornication! Both Rajeev and Gautam were sporting gorgeous erections. So first, both the oily tools got into my front entrance one by one. Then Rajeev and Gautam sat on the floor and deftly scissored their oily legs together, bringing their cocks side by side; and facing Gautam, I carefully sat on the paired manhoods, taking both my husband and my brother deep into my oily Sex together. Rajeev grabbed my slippery boobs from behind and Gautam kneaded my oily ass-cheeks as they raised and lowered me carefully. Our genitals were making such obscene fuck-noises!
Then the scene got quite anal when my rear-entrance was lubricated deeply. I took one erection in each of my holes at the same time. Then both the hairless guys exchanged places, and later ass-fucked each other too. The men had taken enemas before my arrival, and with so much oil around, we didn’t use any condoms that day for anal sex. We are anyway so close to Gautam that I never ask him to use condoms for genital sex with me! All that paraffin oil had made our enema-cleaned bowels so slippery and dilated that the men were fucking each other and me at full pace, pulling out completely and plunging right in up to the hilt at every stroke, as if they were fucking a cunt. The brisk ass-fucks were so wild! Usually, a man can do this kind of energetic copulation only in a slippery cunt, not in a tight asshole.
Then Rajeev lay on the floor, and facing away, I impaled my well-slicked ass onto his cock, taking him fully into my oily bowels in one smooth down-slide. Gautam then asked me to lean back on my hands and to empty my bladder on my brother’s balls. He then slowly inserted his oily hand into my softened oily cunt. It was the first time I was fist-fucked on a fully stuffed ass. I felt so full, so completely and thoroughly gorged! I could feel Gautam’s pulse throbbing at my clitoris!
Finally, it was time to stop, and quite a job to clean up and wind up. We used up that whole one-litre bottle of shower-gel on ourselves. And the floor took a full litre of strong cleaning fluid. After cleaning up, we had a quick hot shower together, and finally crashed on the bed at 2 a.m., after six hours of that unforgettable Roman orgy of food and sex.
Trans-party with seven male & seven ‘T-girls’
Just before Gautam went off to U.S. for his transformation into a proper transsexual officially named as Sheena, we arranged an overnight Drag Party with Sheena, Nakul, Girish, Ashish, Ajey, Vikram and Madhu. With everyone’s consent, we also invited Suneet, Randhir, Manish, Prakash, Ronnie and Altaf – all well-hung bisexual males at 8”+. Including Rajeev, they evenly balanced at seven T-girls to seven bisexual males. The T-girls would give oral sex to everyone and take their chosen partners anally too.
A week before, we first called the pretty boys home in ones and twos and finalised their dresses, plus they tried on stuff I could lend them from my wardrobe. For the rest, I took detailed measurements and shopped around for some items. For Madhu and Ashish, I called Jaffer home and they got fitted dresses made for themselves.
On that Saturday afternoon, all the beautiful boys quietly came in one by one between three and six p.m. to get their makeovers done, and I and Rajeev had a busy afternoon dressing them up as T-girls for the evening. Sheena lent a hand too, and later I did his makeover. As I’d be free without a partner, I wore my French-maid’s outfit – which left my big buttocks exposed – to do the rounds serving the busy gay couples, and taking pictures. That was a job in itself and I enjoyed doing it.
The studs came in around 9 p.m., all dressed in formal party wear. The men sat around our round table drinking beer and smoking, and the T-girls strutted and paraded in front of them, cavorting and dancing to throbbing music, on and off our round table, flaunting their charms – quite like a fashion show.
Sheena (42) was in a curly wig, his favourite purple chiffon Sari outfit with a purple-sequined strapless Choli and 6” stilettos, as his rich tits could easily hold up strapless tops. (An average male really cannot wear a strapless tank-top with falsies, as it would soon slip down his chest.) His increasingly non-erectile cock would now grow only to a mere 4” down from 6”.
Leggy Nakul (33) with a slim 4” cock and naturally hairless legs was in a sheer diaphanous black side-slit sarong, strappy pink bikini and 4” stilettos and a pink wig.
Fleshy Girish (39) with a 5” cock wore my Ghaghra Choli – the latter with a criss-cross string back, with water-filled balloons as big falsies, Mojrees (flat-soled decorative Indian sandals) and a long-haired wig.
Ashish (25) with an average 6-incher and his favourite natural crew-cut hair was in a tight, brief white sequin top with spaghetti straps, falsies and black satin hip-hugging midi-skirt with G-strings inside and 4” platforms.
Plump Ajey (20) with a thick 6-incher, a long neck and a bulky ass wore an auburn wig and one of my black and red trim Basque-corsets with full-cup brassieres, falsies and G-strings with stockings and suspenders, and my black thigh-high vinyl boots, and covered his charms with one of my transparent hip-length baby-doll nighties.
Slim, tall, soft, ultra-feminine Vikram (23) with a shocking hard 7” dong wore a fluffy wig and very brief hot-pants without a zipper and with tight panties inside, and a halter top without falsies, with 4” high heels.
Soft, fair, delicate Madhu the ‘natural eunuch’ (24) with a lifeless 2½” cock, beautiful feminine model-like face and long femininely-styled thick natural hair wore no panties, only a bra with large falsies and a fitted silver party sheath on his curvy figure.
To pair the gay couples, instead of the usual drawing of lots, we gave score-cards to all the men to rate the T-girls a scale of 1 to 10 on ten counts: their face, makeup, figure, skin, hair, dresses, femininity, walk, mannerisms and overall sex-appeal. Then every man formally danced with every T-girl. Finally, we asked the men to take their clothes off, so the T-girls could see their bodies and their dongs – to delighted effeminate squeals and girlish oohs-and-aahs from the horny T-girls – especially when some of them saw Suneet’s 11” Schlong for the first time.
The T-girl with the highest score got the first choice of males, and thus everyone was paired off at last. Next, the T-girls stripped completely, and each one of them looked absolutely gorgeous. All got pretty high scores, and luckily there were no ties.
Ashish scored the highest and chose Rajeev with his ‘butt-plug’ 8-incher, as ‘he preferred to be with a known partner’. Sheena was next and chose Suneet. Everyone cheered Sheena, for choosing to take Suneet’s fat 11-incher into his rectum. Madhu chose Manish with a thin 9-incher, Vikram chose Randhir with an upward-curved 9-incher, ‘well-travelled’ Ajey chose Prakash with a fat 10-incher, delicate Nakul chose Ronnie with a regular 8-incher, and Girish was finally left with Altaf with a slim 10-incher.
Ashish and Rajeev moved to our son’s bedroom, which was unoccupied. We rarely use that room for sex, but on that weekend, the house was going to be overcrowded, as many couples wanted privacy. Nakul, Girish, Ronnie and Altaf took our gym room, Vikram, and Randhir took our guest bedroom, Ajey and Prakash chose to make out on our sofa, and with the centre curtain drawn, Sheena, Madhu, Suneet and Manish took our master bed. I went around helping and serving. Later, four of the gay couples also reversed the roles – Ashish sodomised Rajeev, Ajey assfucked Prakash, Nakul did Ronnie and Girish sodomised Altaf. Sheena, Vikram and obviously Madhu remained passive. All the studs left late in the night.
Later on Sunday, in the morning, we played a bunch of original transsexual videos on the big 29” TV in our bedroom, as Rajeev slowly deep-throated all seven T-girls and drank everyone’s cream. Then he and I had a group bath with all the giggling girlies. The girlies again dressed up, exchanging dresses and borrowing lingerie and cosmetics from Sheena and me. We had a noisy girlie lunch with the seven T-babes. In the Afternoon, we all piled on in our bedroom, and had spontaneous sexual fun with each other. Throughout that weekend, I photographed the hot party scenes.

Events after 1997 – Incest with our son and sex-life with our extended family
Our primary incestuous family (that lives under one roof) now consists of me, my husband Rajeev, our son Aaditya, his wife Rithika, and our transsexual family friend Sheena. We are often joined in incest by my real brother Shekhar, his half-American daughter Kiron, my daughter-in-law Rithika’s widowed mother Suchitra, and brother Tanuj. Everyone in this incestuous family of ours is adult, bisexual, and in good health.
In this family, I first had sex with my elder brother Shekhar when I was 16 (along with my elder sister Sujata. She died in an accident when I was 18.), then with my husband Rajeev, then with Rajeev’s close friend (and closet transvestite) Harsh (now non-op transsexual Sheena - officially), then with our son Aaditya, then with my brother’s daughter Kiron, then with our son’s wife Rithika, and lastly with Rithika’s widowed mother Suchitra, and brother Tanuj. You have already read the story of how I came to fuck my own brother. This part will portray the remaining encounters (except the last two), and much more. My husband Rajeev’s heartfelt wish, and mine too, (see Part-1) that our son would hopefully marry into another incestuous family, has literally come true.
So, let me introduce our big incestuous family to you:
1. I, Saroj (female), am a large-sized woman, now 48 years old, 5’7”, 215 lbs, and with a 46C-40-56 figure with a large Sex. (I like to refer to my cunt as my Sex, with a capital S.) I have put on 15 lbs after my son started fucking me! I have been married to Rajeev for 23 years now. As I said, I am a technical writer.
2. Rajeev (male), my husband, is a consulting engineer, 50, 5’7”, still the same 160 lbs, with a 42-38-40 figure with a 7” cock.
3. Aaditya (male), our son, is a bio-engineer, 25, 5' 10”, 150 lbs. He is a fair-skinned, slim, good-looking 42-36-40 boy, with a lovely 10” cock. He hardly has any body hair. He was a honeymoon child, so he is almost as old as our marriage. He lives with us in a penthouse apartment upstairs.
4. Rithika (female), our daughter-in-law, is a bank executive, 28, 5’8”, 185lbs, and a fair, hairless, very firm 44DD-32-54 with a large taut vulva. She too lives with Aaditya upstairs. Rithika and Aaditya got married in 2001.
5. Sheena (non-op male-to-female transsexual), our transsexual family friend (formerly Harsh), is a software writer, 48, 5’7”, 175 lbs, very fair-skinned, now a 44D-32-46 all femininely soft and round she-male with a 7” cock made functional with an inflatable penile implant. Transgendered Sheena is now quite hairless due to intensive hormone and laser treatment and breast implants. He too lives with us in another penthouse apartment upstairs.
6. Shekhar (male), my real brother, a remarried divorcee, is an international businessman, 53, 5’8”, 200 lbs, very dark skinned 44-38-42 with a 7” cock. It’s quite common in India for real brothers and sister to have widely differing complexions. Shekhar is now married to Suchitra, my daughter-in-law Rithika’s mother. Nowadays, he mostly lives in Kuwait with her.
7. Kiron (female), my brother Shekhar’s daughter from his Italian-American ex-wife, is an ex-lingerie model and is now a flight attendant, 26, long-legged 5’10”, 140 lbs, 36C-24-38, with dark green eyes, dark auburn hair and a puffy mound. Kiron is now married to my daughter-in-law Rithika’s brother Tanuj. She now lives in Mumbai in her father’s old apartment about a mile away, and her husband Tanuj and she frequently spend her layovers and breaks with us.
8. Suchitra (female), widowed and remarried mother of my daughter-in-law Rithika, is a college professor in Kuwait, 51, 5’5”, 160 lbs, 40C-32-44, a slightly dusky middle aged stunner with a mature full-sized cunt. As I said, Suchitra is now married to my brother Shekhar, and they usually live in Kuwait.
9. Tanuj (male), my daughter-in-law Rithika’s brother, now works as a copywriter in Mumbai, 23, 5’9”, 160 lbs, 38-32-42, very soft, fair, strikingly feminine and hairless, with a plump ass and a feminine chest with petite breast-like flesh, hairless face, and a head of thick hair and a slim 6” cock. Tanuj is now married to my brother’s daughter Kiron. When Kiron the stewardess is flying, Tanuj often comes over to our place for overnight sex – especially with his real sister Rithika and brother-in-law Aaditya.
As you can see, everyone is an adult, and we are an assortment of all ages, sizes and sexes. Everyone is candidly bisexual, and our incestuous family happens to be well-balanced with four females, four males and a transsexual. Our happy family is the crowning success of our open marriage and kinky tastes.
In a way, my brother’s new family is ‘more’ incestuous than ours is. My brother’s daughter has married his new wife’s son, so in their family, mother Suchitra has sex with her own biological son Tanuj, and father Shekhar has sex with his own biological daughter Kiron. The younger legally married couple are also brother and sister legally by virtue of their single parents marrying each other.
As a matter of fact, my brother got secretly married to Suchitra the very same day when my brother’s daughter married Suchitra’s son, and both the couples celebrated their wedding night together in our bedroom, as Sheena filmed the whole event. Unfortunately, there were no cherries to be taken!
In addition, from my brother’s family’s point of view, Shekhar has sex with his real sister – me, Suchitra has sex with her real daughter Rithika, Tanuj has sex with his real sister Rithika, and Kiron has sex with her first-cousin brother Aaditya. And wonderful Sheena has sex with everyone – for that matter, everyone has sex with everyone in our family of nine adults (no pregnancies so far). So, our variegated twin-families together are blessed with virtually every possible biological incestuous union, mother-son, mother-daughter, father-son, father-daughter, brother-sister… only biological brother-brother and biological sister-sister pairs are missing. I suppose one cannot have everything in life!
Socially, we all have kept Shekhar’s marriage to Suchitra a secret, as that would start raising too many eyebrows. They now live together quietly in Kuwait, and often visit their married children and us.
Our combined family’s major sexual interests:
This Part-2 of my autobiography may again create an image of wholesale promiscuity, but the older members of our incestuous family, including us, have slowed down our swinging lifestyle in terms of frequency and variety of mates. We often happily watch the merry youngsters in action. Outside our family of nine as described above, we still swing with many from our older sex-circle. Our old swap-club is sort of disbanded with many members opting out – only two of the eight couples (Rajan and Ritu, and Pervez and Rakhsheen, are left and they still swing with us. We have more or less stopped adding more people to our own circle, as most of the additions are now done by the younger generation.
We have all sat together and seriously discussed the pros-and-cons of incest, and all nine of us have jointly reaffirmed our belief that incestuous safe-sex between mutually and consciously consenting, fully mature, fully independent adult family members, is perfectly healthy and not at all unethical or immoral, and we practice it for sustained enjoyment for all involved. We have decided to take every care so as to not to let any conception take place from any incestuous interaction.
To this end, out of nine of us, all the elders – Rajeev, myself, Shekhar, Sheena and Suchitra – have undergone sterilisation procedures, so only the youngsters have to use birth-control means like condoms, pills, etc. when they swing – incestuously or otherwise. And just as we managed all along with Aaditya, when the youngsters have children of their own, we will keep them isolated from our sex-life till they too are adults, then play it as it comes. We are quite sure that the numerous stories of adults bringing pre-puberty children and below 18s into incestuous relationships are absolute fantasies. Or if there is any truth in them, then they probably lead to all sorts of legal, social and personal problems – we know of many such cases.
All of us religiously go through medical and HIV check-ups every six months. Within our family, we do not use condoms except for birth control and anal sex. We all are moderate drinkers and some are moderate smokers. None of us ever indulge in any kind of drugs - even marijuana!
I am proud to say that all nine of us in our extended bisexual family enjoy incest as well as individual and group sex with other playmates in our circle without any jealousy or possessiveness. The nine members of our extended family have fairly similar major sexual interests: consenting incest including full oral, genital and anal sex with all three sexes (male, female and transsexual), transvestism, body-shaving, Golden Showers, urine-drinking, role-playing, pornography, exhibitionism – voyeurism. None of us minds stripping or performing sexually in front of permitted 'spectators'.
Beside these common preferences, each of us has our own tastes, fetishes and kinks: Among the five members of our immediate family living together, I am an exotic dancer and I love dressing up outlandishly and provocatively, dancing and stripping, then having sex – as you have already read in Part-1. All of us love to bathe in and drink urine, but my husband Rajeev, daughter-in-law Rithika and I love it the most. Rajeev is an excellent organiser and arranges all our parties. My slim, hairless son Aaditya is a tireless fucker, an excellent dancer (in masculine as well as feminine styles), and loves to cross-dress too! He is quite femininely pretty when he cross-dresses, and his wife loves his feminine persona too. My husband, our son and I are accomplished deep-throaters. So is my transsexual ‘sister’ Sheena (see Part-1). Sheena is of course a sexual fetish personified! Our son’s wife Rithika has a foot and shoe fetish, and she is an excellent exotic dancer too, and getting to be a good deep-throater too.
Among the four members of my brother’s family, who often have sex with our family, my dark-skinned brother has discovered he has a latex and Sub-Dom fetish. He too cross-dresses occasionally, and relishes giving and receiving anal sex. His kinky daughter Kiron is an excellent pole-dancer and loves to play prostitute to strangers and relishes cum showers. My brother’s wife and my daughter-in-law Rithika’s mother Suchitra is hooked to getting penetrated with large objects, fists, double-headers and strap-ons. Rithika’s pretty brother and Kiron’s husband Tanuj loves to wear makeup and lingerie and then get assfucked. In short, all males in our family love to cross-dress these days.
The five of our basic family – Rajeev, Aaditya, Rithika, Sheena and myself, essentially socialise with people from our inner sex-circle itself. Our now-compact circle is fully aware of our incest and other kinks. None disapproves; many approve wholeheartedly, and most find it fascinating. A few in our circle are incestuous couples themselves. Often, friends from our circle stay overnight, and we all enjoy many hours of quiet but rich kinky group-sex with incest. So even now, chilling out, socialising with good family friends, and enjoying group-sex go hand-in-hand for us. Some of this group mingle sexually with my brother’s family too.
In urban Mumbai, many things have changed in these intervening eight years. E-mails have come to stay, and so have mobile phones with cameras, SMS and MMS. In general, and especially among our sex circle and our family, fashions and tastes have changed. Hair colouring – right from burgundy streaks to bottle blondes (looks nice on some Indians), semi-permanent tattoos, body piercing – especially in navels, have become quite common. Revealing Western clothes: cut-offs, micro-minis, short tops with low-cut jeans – so one’s navel, lower waist, upper hips, butt-cleavage and even panty-lines play peek-a-boo (a Sari essentially leaves your upper waist exposed, never lower waist). Spaghetti-straps are commonplace in the young – and not so young – crowd too. Sequins, leatherwear, metallic fabrics, transparent dresses, sexy lingerie, cat-suits, stockings and suspenders, ultra-short hot-pants, etc., now have wide availability, and acceptance, among urban people, who easily wear these to parties. Fancy lingerie is very common now, so is pubic-hair and body-hair removing amongst girls and women, and even in young men.
Most young boys and girls easily get into group-sex nowadays. Within privacy, sometimes in public too, more and more gay and bi men, and some straight men too, now enjoy cross-dressing, body-shaving, and wearing full makeup, high-heels, lingerie, falsies and wigs. Many younger guys, while making out with one or more hetero or gay partners, do not mind others being around. Many gays and bisexuals are now quite open about their sexuality. Many wear drag to gay and to mixed parties too. Young girls are quite cool with bisexual boys, and many indulge in MMF-bi sex quite readily. Some do not mind being photographed and videotaped naked or in drag or lingerie, or in action. Quite a few young girls too do not mind spectators, and are fine with being photographed and videotaped naked, or in lingerie, or having hetero or lesbian sex. Many more of our younger mates are bisexual, which adds to everyone’s fun. Our tastes too now incline more towards younger bisexual delicate / effeminate males and kinky young girls – many of this crowd are essentially our children’s friends.
Digital cameras have made XXX-rated photography and filming easy and widely practiced. There is some amount of misuse, but much recording is done with willing and informed consent. We have always been recording everyone’s consent on that very camera itself.
The four youngsters of our family now have their own bisexual swinging circle, and they share several mates with us. Many of our children’s sex-mates find this quite cool know that Rithika has sex with her real brother Tanuj and Aaditya has sex with his first cousin Kiron, and that the two married boys love to be in drag. The more intimate ones know of their incestuous involvement with their parents’ too, and always remark enviously to our kids that they are lucky to have such ‘super-cool’ parents. Our kids’ incest has encouraged three adult sibling pairs among their friends to indulge in brother-sister incest – and they do it openly in adult parties. These are not an isolated bunch of perverts – a good portion of Mumbai’s urban youngsters believes that bisexuality and kinky sex, even incest, is perfectly cool. Incest with first-cousins, second cousins, uncles, aunts, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, co-brothers, etc. is spreading among the young in this overcrowded metropolis. On our part, we always educate all youngsters never to force, induce or con anyone into any sexual situation, and always to back off at the first sign of protest.
Our new extended home, the enlarged centre of our expanded sex-life:
I have already described our large independent 2200 square feet apartment high up in a multi-story in the suburbs of Mumbai. We have now bought the two 1600 square feet split-level penthouses above our double-apartment (top split-level apartments with a large patio on the upper floor). Our son and daughter-in-law live in one, and Sheena lives in the other. We have interconnected those two apartments on both floors, and moved the entrance to our old pleasure-area outwards, so the stairs leading to the upper floors are now inside the main door. We have installed a CCTV with a concealed camera at the main, so we can check out the visitors (better than the old one-way glass) before we open the door for them.
This arrangement now gives us five more bedrooms and two large playrooms without having to step out into public space, so now our guests and us can party and move in the nude throughout the three floors and three houses. We now have our master nightclub-bedroom, two equally large adult recreation spaces, two large recreation bathrooms, seven regular bedrooms with bathrooms, and three dressing and makeover rooms. The twin-floor (locally called split-level) penthouses have their own inner staircases too. All rooms now have intercom. For adult recordings, we now use digital camcorders.
There is a large bare hall on top of Sheena’s apartment. There is no furniture there, only a deep wall-to-wall pile-carpet. There are lots of pillows, beanbags, bolsters, cushions, etc., scattered around. There is a special swing too, made from soft thick rope, for a variety of very enjoyable upside-down sex. And we have made a very large bathroom there too – very similar to our master bathroom, but with a proper sauna. We all use this room for large parties with old friends – or family gatherings – and for more laid-back and impromptu group-sex gatherings, as our splendid master bedroom is rather crowded with one huge bed, bar, the pole-dancing round table and seating around that.
Just before we brought our son into our sex-lives, we bought a second-hand gynaecologist’s chair with comfortable padded stirrups for one’s knees! We got it into our apartment block in pieces, to avoid uncomfortable questions. Every possible thing is fully adjustable, and this gyno chair is perfect for getting eaten, sucked, fucked, fisted, shaved, dildoed, anally reamed, and to urinate, in heavenly comfort for the user and for someone who is servicing the user. The back is fully reclining with adjustable lower-back support, and so is the head-rest, so I can deep throat a standing man with my head either hanging upside down or turned to one side, as my nether-holes are being serviced by others. Since the height is also adjustable, I can comfortably be fucked by a free-standing man, or my playmate can sit very comfortably on a low stool in front of my genitalia and service me with his hands and mouth. This chair has proved to be a great boon for our sex-lives. After all, I am getting old and cannot take vigorous fucking in odd postures for as long as I would like to, and many of our regular male mates too are getting on in age, so they too cannot give a sustained fuck on their ageing knees, but in this chair, one can comfortably prolong one’s sexual pleasures! We stow this chair in our large dressing room.
Now onto more interesting stuff:
My ‘brother’ Harsh turns into my ‘sister’ Sheena:
A few months after I wrote Part-1, Harsh, Rajeev’s closest friend and my transvestite ‘Rakhee brother’ put into action a long-term plan to go through a non-genital sex-change and openly live full time as a female. So he started planning for a physically mild but socially complete transformation, with an absence of two years. Since he was already so feminine, and was taking very mild doses of feminising hormone treatments for some years, this transformation would not be difficult at all.
Harsh got appropriate psychiatric screening done, met all the criteria easily, and started on his gender reassignment voyage. Both Rajeev and I were deeply involved in his psychiatric assessments as his long-term social family and sexual partners.
He arranged to go through mild facial cosmetic surgery, breast implants, mild but modified hormone treatment, laser facial hair-removal, growing his hair quite long, and a complete social switch. Harsh deliberately decided against going through genital reassignment surgery, not so much because of the high cost, but because he sincerely wished to enjoy best of both the Worlds. By then, with the prolonged hormone therapy, Harsh’s erectile abilities had dwindled to nothing, so he decided to go in for an ‘inflatable penile implant’. In simple language, this is a manual pump planted inside his body, which one can operate by repeatedly pressing at a place between one’s cock and balls and get an impressive hard-on, and then release it at will by pressing at a place above his cockshaft.
Harsh finalised his plans during a fortnight-long visit to Thailand. Quietly, he managed to achieve a new passport in India as a female – four years younger. He then started those preparatory treatments in India, which would not show externally. Eight months before our son’s 18th birthday, he sold his house and other property and went abroad for two years to complete his transformation, telling everyone that he was migrating to Canada. Just before he left, he – as Sheena – bought the apartment above ours, and we bought its adjacent one for Aaditya. During his absence, we got the two apartments suitably furnished. Harsh worked on a lucrative software project in the U.S. for a year, quietly returned to India for a week on his normal passport, and went out to Thailand as a female – in drag and with falsies and a wig. It was a tense moment for him to pass through immigration. However, when he returned after a year, he did not need the falsies or the wig, so he just happily sailed through immigration.
Harsh had his breast implant work and cosmetic surgery done in six months in Bangkok, Thailand, then continued living there for six more months to round out his transformation. He did some well-paying porn-shoots to augment his income from software work. As he had plenty of free time, he continued his well-paid software writing work in his rented apartment in Bangkok suburbs, and continued his naturalization as a ‘female’. Occasionally, he also worked as an exotic dancer in the notorious Patpong-3 of Bangkok, and slept with a few rich patrons who engaged ‘her’ services as a trans-gender escort / prostitute. For a month in the end, he went all over Europe as a well-paid ‘escort’ with a Japanese businessman who took a fancy to him (Sheena is fluent in English and German), and got a good load of kinky lingerie, shoes, cosmetics, wigs, toys, etc. from there.
Sheena came back about 3 years ago as a full-fledged ‘M2F non-op’ transsexual (Male to Female transgendered man without genital transformation surgery). I will not go too much into details, but Rajeev and I successfully helped Harsh carry out his social changeover, and he now lives permanently with us as a part of our unique family. He lives in his own apartment right above ours, as I mentioned, and is an integral part of our family. From now on, I will call Harsh as Sheena but still refer to her as ‘he’, because Sheena says that sounds kinkier…
So, working closely with Harsh / Sheena, we quietly managed to switch his identity socially and kept him out of media glare. Now he officially and publicly lives as our closest neighbour as a beautiful, sexy woman named Sheena. We have collectively managed his social reintroduction seamlessly as Harsh’s younger sister Sheena to our neighbours and casual acquaintances. None of these people had ever seen Harsh in drag, and while socialising earlier, he often spoke of a spinster younger sister in the U.S.
So, physically, what changed Harsh to Sheena during those eighteen months? Well, most visibly, he has gotten his hormone-grown 40B breasts augmented to very natural-feeling fat-filled 44D boobs. He was fitted with balloon implants under his chest muscles, which were enlarged step-by-step, by injecting saline into them. Later, as his skin and underlying muscles stretched sufficiently, the saline was replaced with a lesser amount of natural triglyceride fat, giving him very natural-feeling generous feminine breasts. Harsh used to wear tight 38-B brassieres as a transvestite man, now Sheena the she-male impeccably wears perfectly-fitted 44D brassieres.
Like us, he had worked from home with little personal contact with the outside world except with us and other playmates, and he had gone very slowly on the hormones, thus keeping his growing breasts a well-kept secret. Before he went abroad, his already large nipples and areoles had further enlarged and darkened, mostly due to local hormone patches. Then, as the breast-implant surgery was done through a ‘keyhole’ in his underarms, there are absolutely no scars on those lovely 44D boobies of his. I am very proud to say that today Sheena’s boobs look and feel more feminine, look younger, and firmer and more alluring than my own breasts!
In those two years, Sheena has grown his hair long, and his original almost-hairless skin has become softer, fairer and even more hairless. With advanced hormone therapy, his waist reduced from 33 to 32, and his hips grew from 43 to a well-rounded, upturned womanly 46 – the hormones beautifully redistributed the fat! Many she-males get considerable amounts of collagen injected into their buttocks, which often makes their butt look lumpy, disproportionate and artificial, but Sheena already had such a large feminine butt, which the hormone treatment naturally enhanced further into a magnificent piece of womanly ass without any surgery! Fat from Harsh’s waistline slowly migrated to his hips and added fullness and curvature to his thick buttocks. His Thai physicians said he was one of the best textbook examples of fat redistribution and hair-pattern change due to feminising hormones. Sheena had help from some Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) researchers too.
During his transformation trip, Sheena put on 10 lbs, and as I just said, his almost-feminine 40B-34-43 figure changed to an even more femininely soft and round 44D-32-46. Sheena now has a full head of long shiny feminine hair.
On his face, Sheena’s eyebrows were lifted and scalp was reduced to give his large eyes a definite feminine look, his nose was made sharper, his upper lip was lifted a little, and his Adam's apple was shaved. His cosmetic work was done in Thailand, as the surgeons there are more familiar with soft south Asian skin types. No vocal chord surgery was done, but Harsh went through a long speech culture in the U.S. and Thailand. Hormones too helped in his facial feminisation. Sheena’s face is now more rounded and feminine than before.
All the scant facial and neck hair Harsh had are virtually gone, thanks to laser treatments. It seems his fair complexion and dark body hair made him a perfect candidate for laser depilation. And his soft feminine Indian body and fair hairless supple skin too made it possible to put the finishing touches to his transformation into a sexy woman with only very small doses of hormones and minimal surgery. A large mole Harsh had under his left eye was removed without leaving a scar, so it is easier for him to pretend that he is Sheena, Harsh’s ‘younger sister’!
Sheena had always wanted to have a functional cock, not a cunt, so he went in for an inflatable penile implant. It later needed a small corrective surgery, but Sheena is very happy with his ‘equipment’, as he calls it. The hormones have not disabled his libido significantly. There has been no skin damage and virtually no hair re-growth. His skin type also heals easily without scars, despite his mild diabetes.
Genitally speaking, Sheena’s testicles have shrunk, yet he can ejaculate a small amount of clear prostate fluid. Inside his body, above the testicles – in the space where he used to push his testicles into, are the fluid bags of the penile pump. When Sheena deflates his cock, the fluid goes into these two bags, and beautifully throws up two fat ‘labia’ – in fact, being an engineer, he worked with his surgeon to devise this surgical modification properly. Sheena is still very fond of making his hairless large flaccid tranny cock look like a female's mound of Venus in tight panties!
Sheena is now completely sterile, as his sperm production has completely stopped. Sheena still likes to receive thigh-fucks without inflating his penis, which brings him to a very female-like orgasm (see Part-1), and of course he loves to be penetrated anally. Sheena’s anus is very well-dilated yet quite elastic now, as he systematically gave himself anal dilations with butt-plugs and dildos when he was in hospital beds for long stretches.
As of now, aside from his male genitalia, Sheena appears completely female – he wanted it this way! Sheena’s uncircumcised 6-incher deflates to a large soft shape when not pumped up. His foreskin is now made retractable – earlier it was not! Sheena says that even now, when he tucks his cock in tight panties, he remains sexually aroused all the time, just like a woman – I have discussed these feelings with him. Before his surgery abroad, his Indian psychiatrists and surgeons found this so very fascinating and perplexing that Harsh offered to demonstrate his cock-tying and thigh-fuck techniques with Rajeev. We of course happily cooperated.
Sheena speaks of sensory and emotional changes: heightened senses of touch and smell, and generally feeling more 'emotional'. He follows a monthly pattern of moods, and experiences a few pre-menstrual-syndrome-like effects.
Though he needs to take constant good care of himself, Sheena leads an absolutely normal, happier-than-before life. He can now wear tight feminine jeans, strapless tank-tops showing his cleavage, party sheaths and tight miniskirts showing his beautifully feminine fleshy legs, stilettos, sexy Saris, and all sorts of Indian and Western feminine dresses openly and quite normally in public. All his efforts and our assistance in refining his feminine mannerisms and routines, and perfecting his walk in super-high heels, etc. have paid off. Today, Sheena is a personally, socially and sexually happy person, and a sexy ‘woman with something extra in his panties’, as the she-male sites say.
Rajeev and I have always had this special emotional and sexual relationship with Sheena. Our relationship has become deeper after his transformation. We form – and think of our relationship as – a sort of three-way marriage. Having Sheena in our lives feels as if I have another husband and a girlfriend rolled in one, and Rajeev too has another wife and an active boyfriend too – we don’t think of Sheena as an outsider at all. All three of us work from home, and are steadily doing well in our respective professions. Sheena is as much a part of my family as my son is. On most nights – when we are not sleeping with other friends – three of us sleep together on our big bed. Sheena’s apartment mainly serves as his workplace, his personal space and his own play-space where he ‘entertains’ his own mates – mostly gay males, closet transvestites and wannabe transsexuals, but he spends most nights with us in our bed, which is his marital bed too!
When Harsh came back to India officially as Sheena, we arranged a kinky, private marriage ceremony. Randhir, Manish and Prakash, our well-hung bisexual mates, arranged a very private, very quiet, very kinky Hindu wedding in our house. Prakash conducted the twin ceremonies – he is a qualified Hindu priest. First, I got married to Sheena with him as my husband, as my brother did the ‘Kanyadaan’ (gave me away as a bride – just the way he had given me away at my wedding with Rajeev. Right afterwards, Sheena got married to Rajeev as his wife – well-hung Suneet gave Sheena away to Rajeev. Besides six of us, ten others were present – and all of us were naked throughout. Following the weddings, we had a light dinner party and enjoyed a long night of group sex.
All three of us just love this three-way marriage, and have always found it extremely satisfying emotionally and sexually. No self-interest, tensions, jealousies, mistrusts, or any secrets come between us.
I can tell you that it is a delight to see various peoples’ reactions when they meet Sheena for sex for the first time! Sheena usually makes an elegant entrance in cleavage-showing outfits with his long feminine legs on veiled or direct display, his wide globular feminine hips sashaying, wearing sexy makeup and looking very alluring, stunning and glamorous. His cock is usually well-tucked in his panties, and we all cherish the moment when Sheena – unquestionably a gorgeous, sexy woman – unveils his penis to his new mate! And he looks sensational with his big cock inflated!

After her transformation, Sheena says he is fully relishing the much heightened first-hand experience of a woman feeling sexually desirable. Now, he enjoys every moment of dressing up for sex, meeting men for sex, savouring their horny stares at her assets, and watching their cocks harden for him!
Even now, Sheena gets a thrill out of fixing a rendezvous with a blind date, especially a group blind date on phone, dressing up like a sexy slut in his luxurious apartment as he wonders what they would be like and how they would react – singly and together – to Sheena the transsexual, and waits anxiously for his men to arrive. He gets a sexual high out of hearing the buzzer, coming downstairs – usually in his stilettos (the access to his apartment is through our secure anteroom), checking them out through our surveillance camera at the door, and then getting his new lovers in through the doorway. Usually, Sheena simply signals them to be quiet, motions them to follow him up the stairs, and climbs ahead of them as they watch his sexy womanly ass and legs sway titillatingly right in front of their ogling eyes.
Usually, Sheena’s blind dates are not sure whether the sexy glam-babe who has opened the door for them is the transsexual Sheena they have come to meet, or she is a real woman. Once the nervous men have reached his den, Sheena introduces himself, “Hi, I’m Sheena, and I’m the guy you have come to meet!” – he adds with a mischievous wink – and thoroughly enjoys watching the surprise and admiration on their faces, and watching their crotches bulge right away as they have a good look at him. He then invites them to kiss him, and enjoys their hot lips eager to smooch him, and their greedy hands pawing his boobs and ass, He usually stops them if they try to grab at his crotch, telling them to save that for later.
Sheena usually meets his blind dates in deep décolletages or in French bras, which display his deep cleavage to perfection, and leave no doubts about the womanly fullness of his breasts. So, whenever his new lovers see him for the first time, they variously exclaim, “My God, what lovely boobs!”, “Are those tits real?”, “Have you got them from hormones?”, “Have you got breast implants done?” etc. Although Sheena always informs his new gay lovers in advance that he is a transsexual, even so some guys who see his clear feminine skin, beautiful face, lovely full breasts, thick natural hair, full hips and feminine tapering legs for the first time, blurt right away, “Are you a real woman?” Obviously, Sheena the transsexual feels extremely delighted by such spontaneous compliments! And when Sheena finally reveals his dilated phallus, the men go gaga and crazy with gay lust. From then on, they literally worship him!
And now let us move to the main story of initiating incest with our son!
Our son develops sexually:
Our son Aaditya is now almost 25. Four years ago, he got his bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering with a gold medal, and now he works for a research setup in Mumbai. He has always been a studious and well-brought-up child. Throughout his teen years, our son never showed signs of the teenage angst and alienation one sees all around in urban India.
High-school onwards, Aaditya did his schooling in a residential school at a nearby hill-station. During those years, he came home only on vacations and long holidays. Whenever our son stayed at home, we spent a lot of time with him and put off all our adult partying and almost all extramarital sex, as he was – and is – more important to us than our liberated sex-life.
We always answered all his questions about sex very openly. As enlightened, responsible parents, we guided him through his adolescent sexuality quite well, in hindsight. These made him mature beyond his years, a cool and likeable person, and a high-achiever, probably because unlike most teenagers, he was not disconcerted by his puberty. Aaditya always scored high marks in examinations and came out with flying colours – always among top five in his school, and quite high in national-level examinations too.
Aaditya always knew that we would always be open with him about everything sexual when the time was right. Voluntarily, Aaditya always kept us fully informed when he and his dorm mates in his boarding school started indulging in kissing, mutual genital exploration, masturbation, oral sex and later anal sex too. Occasionally, they also did some smooching and had oral sex with some of the girls from a neighbouring girls’ school. Well before these things happened, we had cautioned and guided him about keeping all his sexual explorations secret, as he was still a minor. We believe that all these, when they happened with his peers, were healthy and right for his age and situation. We had always encouraged him to share his sexual curiosities, doubts and fantasies with us, rather than surreptitiously learn half-baked stuff from his dorm-mates and from cheap pornography.
As and when our son Aaditya was mentally ready during the onset of puberty at 14, Rajeev and I had given him appropriate instructions about genital hygiene, hormonal changes and proper masturbation techniques – Rajeev has instructed him hands-on, and later told me that our 14-year-old’s erect cock was 8” long already!
Over his two-month long summer vacation during puberty at 15, and after the beginning of some sexual explorations in his school dormitory (and later in his college hostel), we had also given him ample information about sex in general. Rajeev has always been more like a friend to our son, and both have never been shy about being naked in front of each other. However, after he started getting erections, my son did become a bit shy of exposing himself in front of me.
Very early, we explained to our son the paramount importance of keeping secrets, as sexually speaking, elder urban India is still a very conservative and uptight society. We then taught him sexual ethics and etiquettes, dos and don’ts of making sexual advances on someone, and recognising, assessing and handling sexual advances from others. We explained the notion of sexual preferences to our son – we told him we both were bisexual, and he immediately said he was too. We probed him in detail on that point, and all his answers clearly pointed at bisexuality. He had already indulged in kissing and mutual masturbation with boys, found that quite enjoyable, and maintained that he got the same sexual feelings when he looked at either attractive girls, or good-looking boys, or at their pictures.
We explained to him the anatomy and physiology of sex, with medical diagrams and with some basic pornography. We told him about erogenous zones, and about Safe-Sex: oral, vaginal and anal. He had many questions here, and we did our best to explain it well, detachedly and scientifically. Fairly innocently, my son wanted to see my vulva, but we said it was not proper for a minor adolescent to see his mother naked.
In his school dormitory, our son had a regular boyfriend Shashank, and by the age of 15, they both had progressed from mutual masturbation to both-ways oral and anal sex. Aaditya indulged in kissing and oral sex with some more school mates too. Once Shashank and Aaditya had fucked each other anally in front of another boy, who later participated.
Our son passed out of secondary school at 16. During the 3-month long summer interval before he joined junior college at 16, he stayed at home and vacationed with us, and we spoke to him in detail about sex and sexuality.
We also explained various special predilections and fetishes to our son – and emphasised the need to keep all this knowledge secret even from his bum-chums – like swinging, transvestism, transsexuality exhibitionism, BBW love, urine-love, etc.; and sexual ethics, safety measures, limits, etc.
As soon as we opened the topic of transsexuality, Aaditya asked us about Harsh Uncle, as he already knew that Harsh was a closet transvestite, and we clarified his mind on many sexual questions he had about the sexual relationship between Harsh and the two of us. We confirmed his assumption and explained that, as a part of our open marriage, we both shared a regular sexual relationship with Harsh.
A year earlier, we had let him into the secret of Harsh Uncle’s transvestism – without going into our sexual relationship part of it. At that time, we had then informed our son that we had a very special relationship with Harsh; and we now confirmed his assumption. Before we requested Harsh to cross-dress and meet 15-year-old Aaditya for the first time as ‘Sheena’, we had patiently explained to Aaditya in a semi-sexual sense that Harsh Uncle loved to dress up as a woman. We had also explained that psychologically, this was perfectly normal. However, Aaditya would have to be fully aware that this was a family secret – though not shameful.
After our groundwork, when Aaditya saw Sheena in a sexy Sari for the first time, we discovered that our 15-year-old son took it very maturely, and did not feel squeamish or laugh at Harsh. Instead, he appreciated Sheena’s almost street-perfect persona in detail, and afterwards he got along very well with ‘Sheena Auntie’ as her favourite nephew. Sheena sort of became our son’s best ‘woman’ friend.
After this introduction, our son often saw Harsh in Saris and sleeveless blouses around the house; and he knew Harsh slept with us in our bedroom whenever he spent a night in our apartment – which was very frequent by then. A year after this, when he was 16, continuing his sex-education, we truthfully explained to our son the kind of sexual relationship we both had with Harsh, and how it all began. (See Part-1)
Going further, Rajeev told 16 year old Aaditya with a good degree of objectivity that I indulged in exhibitionism, and explained how I liked giving dance-shows to our adult friends. We also explained about our urine-love, and explained that these were harmless hobbies, but not to be publicised. The topic obviously came on to scat-love, and we explained how it was medically unsafe. He had once heard some friends talking disparagingly about Golden Showers, but we explained to our son what Golden Showers and urine-drinking entailed. We explained that they were medically harmless pastimes, and many people around the World found it quite likeable.
I also explained to our son how some people, like his father, loved plump, wide-hipped women; others liked slim women. We discussed the concept of fetishes, with examples like breast-fixation, buttock-worship, foot and shoe worship, fixations on uniforms, stockings, schoolgirl outfits, feet and shoes, big cocks (my son smiled at this one), etc.
After our son joined junior college at 16, we explained that our slightly unusual bedroom was essentially a pleasure room. My wardrobe was still out-of-bounds for my son. We explained to him that once he was over 18, he could party in our bedroom with his pals and even our friends. My son asked me if he could see me do an exotic dance, and I said he would have to wait till he was 18. Quite sincerely, my son then asked me that once he was over 18, whether he would get to see me doing a strip too. We both laughed, and I just said he would, if he did exceptionally well in the grade 12 national-board examinations. We again cautioned him not to talk about this to any of his sex-mates, however close friends they might be.
When he got sexually involved with his (male) hostel mates during the following academic year in a junior college in Pune, we – mostly Rajeev – gave him many practical tips about kissing, safe oral- and anal-sex techniques. At the age of 16, my son informed Rajeev that his cock at 9”+ was bigger than any of his playmates’ organs were.
Shashank joined the same junior-college in Pune and continued to be our son’s playmate in the college hostel too, where they continued with their sexual explorations, and invited their other two roommates to join them in every sexual way.
Shashank is a baby-soft, plump, hairless, fair-skinned boy with a big soft butt. His parents lived far away in Delhi, and our son often invited him to our house during school and later during college weekends. They would sleep together in my son’s room and indulge in both-ways oral and anal sex. We knew this, as Aaditya always kept us fully informed, but we did not let Shashank know we knew – we simply played the role of understanding, non-interfering parents.
On Aaditya’s next vacation at home, when he was almost 17, we spoke to him in more detail about our open marriage and our secret swinging lifestyle. We told him about all our adult friends he had met socially, and what sexual relationship we had with each of them. He had often played with the children of many of our mates, and now with this information, many things fell in place in Aaditya’s mind. He now understood why many of our guests would always sleep in the guest bedroom and their kids would sleep in Aaditya’s room – because that way, the parents could shift to our room to have sex with us. He now also understood why our friends’ kids often stayed with us overnight without the parents, because they had to go on mate-swap dates, and why we often sent him to our friends’ house to stay overnight, because we were having adult parties at home. We did not yet tell him our incestuous beginnings, our incest-love, and about the incest going on among some of our friends, like Vineeta and her son Nikhil.
Once, 17-year-old Aaditya mentioned to his father, that he too found big plump women sexier than slim beauties! Rajeev asked him in jest if he found his big mother sexy, and he said, “Yeah, Dad, Momma is very sexy! And I am always fantasising about her big sexy ass when I jerk off!” Rajeev laughed and told him not to repeat that to anyone – not even to me. Later in the night, Rajeev narrated this to me as he sodomised my ass. Like father, like son, they say – how true!
Actually, this did not come as a surprise. Ever since his puberty, I had often noticed that my son would ogle noticeably more at many of our well-rounded mature female visitors (and in particular at me) than at the charms of slim beauties of his own age, or older.
Our still-minor son makes passes at me:
I remember four distinct incidents when our still-minor son tried to get physical with me. I always put him off but never scolded him for that. I always kept Rajeev informed about these episodes.
The first incident happened on the day my son got a high rank in his school board examination just before his 16th birthday. I had cooked his favourite dish for dinner, and we had bought him a 10-speed bicycle as a reward. As I was washing the tableware after the dinner, my son came up behind me and embraced me by grabbing me by my waist, pressed his fairly obvious erection into the crack of my buttocks, and thanked me for the dinner and the gift. I had turned round and reminded him that though he was a strapping young man now, he was still a minor, and should keep his libido in check. Having said that, I had embraced him, pressing my tits into his chest, and kissed him firmly on his cheek, leaving a nice lipstick mark. I left it at that.
The second time it happened when I was alone at home with my son, and I had twisted my lower back. So, after Aaditya helped me with the housework, I requested him to massage some ointment into my lower back, and lay on my tummy in the living room divan for the massage. I was wearing a Salwar-Kurta, and to bare my back to my son as I lay face-down on the divan, I pulled my Kurta up to my bra, and loosened the string holding my Salwar on my waist, so I could slip it down to the top of my panties. Luckily, on that evening, I was wearing large cotton panties, with a full seat. As I slipped my Salwar down, I suddenly remembered that my husband, as a boy, regularly used to massage his virtually naked plump mother till the age of 14. In similar circumstances, Rajeev had made sexual advances on his mother, and she had rebuffed him. I was now afraid that history might repeat itself, and it did!
I must have made quite a titillating sight for my young virile son! As I directed him, my son smeared and massaged the balm on my back for some time. Then, as I closed my eyes, enjoying the relief, my son pulled my Salwar down to my upper thighs, just below my huge upturned buttocks, and put both his palms on top of my panty-clad nether-globes, squeezing them slightly and telling me that I had a sexy ass! Still in pain, I reminded him that, as a part of sexual etiquette, we had taught him not to make advances on anyone who was unwell. My son apologised, and backed off. Later, when I was alone in our bedroom, I masturbated royally, imagining that my virile young son was fucking me.
The third time was before his 17th birthday in summer. My son was home on the day of Holi (see Part-1). All of us were wearing old white cotton clothes, and we had got thoroughly drenched and smeared with colour. After we returned home from the revelry downstairs with our neighbours, my husband caught me in our private terrace (the place where we normally wash loose Holi pigments off each other), and thoroughly smeared more colour on my face and on the dress over my boobs and buttocks. Just then, my son also came in, saw my husband’s paw-prints on my boobs, and he too caught me and smeared more colour on my face, then started smearing colour on my breasts, nicely palming them through my wet cotton clothes in the process. I took his naughty hands away, gave him a hard, playful spank on his young butt, and reminded him that minors should not misbehave with elders. As he apologised, I told him to hose himself down, have a hot soapy shower, and come down to lunch. Normally, an Indian woman will only allow her husband to smear Holi colours directly on her breasts or buttocks. Others can smear colours only on her head, face, neck, shoulders, upper arms, but not touch her breasts, buttocks, thighs or crotch.
On the next incident, I almost broke my resolve of not letting my son have sex with me before he was officially 18, as my husband and I have always been against encouraging minors to have sex with elders. However, explorations with same-age schoolmates are okay with us. Plus, his first adult birthday at 18 would be an important milestone in his life, a coming of age worth celebrating with mother-son incest.
On this fourth occasion, my son, now just four months away from adulthood, had flown to Delhi with me. He had to give a scholarship test over two days, and I too had to meet a client. We two had shared a hotel room with two separate single beds. I had showered and changed into fresh cotton bra and panties, and a cotton nightgown, as I do on every uneventful night. Thoughtlessly, as I realised later, I had left my used bra and panties in the bathroom – as I do at home all the time. My son and I chatted for some length of time after dinner, and my sonny boy often tried to hide his erection; laughing nervously about it when I noticed and smiled. My sexy son was bare-chested, just wearing boxer shorts – his usual sleeping habit. We went to sleep in the air-conditioned room in our adjacent beds at around midnight.
I slept soundly and woke up in the middle of the night to find I had moved around in my sleep, thrown off my cover and ended up lying on my back with my nightgown at my waist, completely exposing my panties. And my knees were folded up and apart – a characteristic position for a masturbating woman! I recalled that I had been playing with myself in the darkness after my son was asleep, and had drifted off to sleep right after cumming. I usually masturbate before going to sleep when Rajeev is away and I have to sleep alone at home.
Quietly, I became fully awake without moving, and realised that my son was sitting on the carpeted floor at the foot of my bed in that faintly-lit hotel room, looking at my panty-clad Sex and feeling up the damp outline of my labia very gently, so as to not to wake me up. As the portion of the nightgown under my body was bunched up well above my butt, it could not have been pulled up by my son. Smelling my own strong cunt-aroma, I realised by that my Sex was a sodden swamp, and I immediately got even hornier. And honestly, I was sorely tempted to give in to my virile son’s sexual explorations then and there.
However, I moved and gently ran my fingers through my startled son’s hair. Reminding him that it was not nice to make unconsented sexual advances on a sleeping person. I explained that only the spouse or a consented adult mate had a right to do that. I asked him to go to his bed and sleep. After that, I got up to pee and went to the bathroom, where I saw my panties and bra. As I picked them up to put them in my suitcase, I noticed that the front of my panties was sticky and damp. I smelled semen on them, and realised my son had masturbated in them. I was so extremely horny that I masturbated in the toilet and came like an express train.
Unsteady on my feet, I tidied myself, put my used bra and panties away and came back into the room. I kissed my nervous son on the cheek, telling him softly that though it was not abnormal for a boy to masturbate in a woman’s panties, he should not do it again. I also told him to concentrate on his studies and not masturbate too much. I gently added that we would make sure that he would have sufficient real sex when he came of age in four months’ time. I finally lay on my bed, pulled the cover over myself, and went to sleep, intensely fantasising about having sex with my son. I did not refer to the issue in the morning.
The Days before Our Mother-Son Incest:
My husband and I had incest with our son in mind for many years. So, after his 17th birthday, when he was already in junior college, Rajeev and I discussed all the pros and cons of the issue, and took a final decision to introduce him to incest on his 18th birthday. Once we had decided, we planned the specific details for his first ‘Adult Birthday Party’. As I said, my son often ogled at my charms with sexual intent, had made sexual advances on me a few times, and had clearly told his father that he found me very sexy, so my husband and I were sure that our planned incestuous seduction would be welcomed by our son.
Aaditya passed his junior-college examination with flying colours. The results came in a fortnight before his 18th birthday, and as planned, we happily informed him that for his first adult birthday, he would get to spend the whole weekend from Friday night to Monday morning with a very sexy, well-experienced woman in our bedroom, as his birthday gift. The birthday happened to be on a Saturday. Aaditya was very excited at the prospect, and asked us if that meant he could have full-fledged sex with his date, and we laughingly replied that no holes would be barred! Wanting to be sure, Aaditya asked us whether ‘no holes would be barred’ meant that he would get to fuck her ass too. We confirmed that. Aaditya was on cloud nine, and asked us if she would be a stranger, or someone he knew. We looked at each other, and then Rajeev said cryptically, “Well, yes, you do know her!” and left it at that.
Next day, Aaditya asked his father rather anxiously that whether his date would find his full 10” cock too big for her, and Rajeev assured him that his date loved big cocks and was quite capable of taking even bigger ones in without any discomfort. Rajeev also assured Aaditya that from then on, his big cock would not grow any further. When Rajeev told me about this conversation, my Sex just would not stop leaking.
A week later, at 2 a.m. on a hot sultry night, I woke up and felt thirsty, and discovered that the small fridge in our bedroom had no drinking water. As I came out to have a glass of water from the big fridge in the kitchen, I saw that a small light was on in my son’s room. Thinking that he had gone off to sleep without switching it off, I tiptoed to his room, found the door ajar, and sneaked a look. I saw my son lying in his bed on his back, completely naked and masturbating with his eyes closed. I watched him for some time, staying hidden in the darkness. Aaditya was right when he told his father he had grown to 10 inches, but I could not see much more. When he spurted, his jet rose almost two feet in the air before splattering on his belly. I was delighted by the quantity, thickness and force of my son’s ejaculation. I wanted to stuff my son’s Schlong in all my holes so badly! As my son was wiping his tummy, I tiptoed back to our soundproofed bedroom with my thirst forgotten. I woke up my husband, and told him what I had just seen. Hungrily, I fellated Rajeev and impaled first my cunt and then my ass on his cock in quick succession till I came twice.
In the days before his 18th birthday, Aaditya was busy securing a seat in a good college for his graduation, and he finally got into an excellent college in Mumbai itself to do a bachelor’s course in biotechnology. His college would begin a week after his birthday. Rajeev and I had everything in place for the big event in our family’s lives. Much earlier, we had planned an incest party on Saturday evening, just as a usual birthday party would be, but I was so itchy to fuck my son that I wanted to start the party on the midnight of Friday-Saturday.
At that time of our son’s 18th birthday, my real brother Shekhar had to go to Singapore on business, and my transvestite ‘brother’ Harsh had gone off to U.S. to start his full metamorphosis into a non-op transsexual in U.S. and Thailand. Both had known about our incest plans, and had offered to call during his 18th birthday ‘celebrations’ to congratulate Aaditya, and us too.
For the first incest-fest with my own son, I had planned to meet him in my new lingerie outfit, and have him cum first in my mouth. Then I would change into my bridal outfit and invite him first into my asshole, and lastly into my vagina, his very birthplace. I knew my cunt was going to be his first! Rajeev had suggested this peculiar sequence, as firstly, our son already knew what it felt like to fuck someone’s mouth and ass. Rajeev added that there wan not much of a difference between the feel of a woman’s bowels around your cock and a young boy’s. Secondly, he reasoned that the best should be kept for the last! And thirdly, only when our son inserted his erect penis into his very birthplace, he would become a true motherfucker – a true Maaderchod – at the culmination of all possible sexual acts between us mother-and-son!
Three nights before the party night, I had asked my son to take de-worming tablets and Isabgol powder (psyllium husks, a natural fibrous laxative) for the next 3 nights for cleaning out his bowels. Quietly, I did the same. We had arranged for Aaditya to go out of town on an errand on early Friday morning, and return on same day at 10 p.m. just before the party. We had informed him that his ‘date’ would arrive on Friday evening, and Momma would get her ready for his midnight birthday party.
We had also planned to ask our son – just before our actual incestuous rendezvous – to guess who his date was going to be. If he guessed correctly, I would dress up in my original wedding finery to give him my cunt. If he guessed wrong, he would get to fuck my cunt in my belly-dancer’s outfit. I was very sure that our son would guess correctly that his first adult date was going to be his very own mother, so I had taken out my red-and-gold bridal outfit and all my heavy gold wedding ornaments, and got them cleaned and readied!
More than 23 years ago, my Hindu marriage ceremony had been performed in this outfit. I still have this whole outfit with me, and often wear it on special sexual occasions with special partners. And after my wedding, this was the most special sexual occasion with my most special partner!
As I was very sure that my son knew it was I, his mother, who was going to have sex with him, three days before our planned incest-fest, I made an appointment with Mudra and her mother Geetanjali – my beauticians and lesbian playmates – to do me up as a kinky bride for the day of my son’s birthday. When Geetanjali and Mudra asked me what the occasion was, I told them that I was going to party with a very special male friend.
Before I continue the story of our incest with our son, let me tell you more about incestuous mother Geetanjali and her lesbian daughter Mudra:
Two years ago, through the great lesbian ‘talent-scout’ Shamolie, I met mother Geetanjali (47, 5’7”, 40-30-44, divorced) and daughter Mudra (26, 5’6”, 36-24-36, single), a stunningly beautiful and photogenic incestuous pair. Since then, Mudra and Geetanjali have been taking care of my ageing body and doing special professional makeovers on me for our special adult theme parties.
Beauticians Mudra and Geetanjali’s professional speciality is innovative bridal makeovers. They have a good income from rich brides for giving them facial and whole-body services – massages, exfoliations, waxing, stylish pube-trimming or a full bald-beaver shave (It’s quite common in India for brides to present a bald mound to their new husbands), and assisted baths in her fragrant Jacuzzi, besides doing their wedding hairdo, fancy bridal makeovers and Mehndi.
Mudra does the waxing, shaving, massages, and assisted baths, and mother Geetanjali does the makeup and Mehndi. They never advertise, and run their exclusive salon from a classy new secluded bungalow in the suburbs only by appointments – with no signboard, just a nameplate.
Mother and daughter have added an absolutely original (and very lucrative) twist to their bridal services for those clients who call and ask for this new fad. The duo has quietly started this by word of mouth alone. The novel twist is to apply Mehndi on the brides’ privates too, artistically decorating their genitalia, crotch, lower back, buttocks and breasts (around the nipples), for her wedding night, and it is getting popular of late. The media has not discovered it yet. Sexy daughter Mudra is the brain, and ravishing mother Geetanjali is the talent behind this new twist.
Conventionally, most of Mumbai’s commercial beauty parlours serve only women, and these are staffed exclusively with women. Many will privately trim or shave your pubes for a moderate fee. In very few, the poorly paid beautician’s assistant will masturbate or finger-fuck you for a fair sum, or even eat you for a hefty price; but it is a mercenary job, done mechanically without any personal vibes. As in most societies, Indian men usually have easy access to massage parlours, prostitutes, etc., and the women are left in the lurch.
Nowadays with communications made easy with cell phones, many rich and sex-starved ladies get serviced by gigolos. So in today’s Mumbai and in many other cities, being a gigolo or a toy-boy is a very lucrative proposition. Mumbai has almost 30% more adult males than females; so many cute-looking toy-boys service sex-starved males as well – with passive and even active oral and anal sex. Some years ago, Rajeev had a brief affair with a gay prostitute named Faiyaz with a stunning cover-girl face. From time to time, we have sex with Madhu, an extremely pretty transsexual prostitute (see Part-1). We have arranged for hormone patches for her too, and she has substantial, noticeable, unmistakable breasts and plump hips today.
However, many well-placed women who are looking for sexual relief in privacy without attached strings, and who prefer not to get involved with gigolos for various social, health, privacy or security reasons, find it very difficult to find good-looking, sociable and educated masseuses who would masturbate them.
However, refined and gorgeous Mudra & Geetanjali are one of the select few who offer these kinds of ‘personal’ services – and more – behind closed doors to Mumbai’s rich socialite women, with a touch of class, for high yet affordable sums. They offer these ‘special’ services solely by word of mouth and via personal recommendations. Usually, mother Geetanjali does not join her daughter in providing sexual services, but for several elder clients she does participate. I am one of them.
The usual patrons of Mudra’s ‘special’ treatment are the glitterati and the social butterflies of Mumbai. Her early afternoons are fully booked by rich middle-aged socialites wanting a good massage and a good orgasm from a photogenic sophisticate like Mudra or Geetanjali. Some even come in the morning, some late at night after a binge.
Some of Mudra’s clients want to be masturbated as their nipples are eaten, some want a lick and suck, and some crave to be filled with a dildo, strap-on or even Mudra’s dainty fist… Some want Mudra to be nude; some want her in sexy lingerie. Many want to kiss her lovely face and / or play with her firm breasts; others want to fondle her hourglass waist, big ass and rather small cunt too, as she brings them closer to orgasm. Some want longer or kinkier treatment, or role-playing by special appointment, usually given on Sunday afternoons. With an eye on the clock, Mudra obliges them all with cheery graciousness and good sexual enthusiasm, but no romantic attachment.
Though Mudra is a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian, she can exfoliate, massage, shave and bathe a sexy nubile naked bride with total self-control – thoroughly handling her breasts, hips, legs, buttocks and her youthful genitalia. If Mudra feels that the nervous brides would not mind, then as she is bathing their shaved vulvas, she asks them coolly, “You feel very tense. Can I offer you some relief?” She says that almost all brides welcome this orgasm, as it obviously relieves much of their nervous tension. Geetanjali, who is usually present, often has to play Agony Aunt, as her daughter is serving the naked bride, answering all sorts of nervous questions – mostly about sex.
Through her trade, Mudra and Geetanjali have built up their own circle of lesbians, whom they keep isolated from each other, unless they allow them to bring friends along for introduction and fun-n-games. A favourite place for their lesbian frolics is their pink Jacuzzi.
The incestuous mother and daughter share a big double bed in the night, though nowadays they keep so busy that mother and daughter cannot even find time and energy to have good leisurely sex with each other. So once a month they go to a holiday resort nearby for 2-day, 3-night breaks, or make do with a shower together.
Geetanjali’s husband had died of a heart attack, and later she let her recently qualified beautician daughter give her whole body massages and TLC (total loving care) without knowing that her freshly graduated daughter was a lesbian, and soon sexy Mudra seduced her beautiful mother, and mother took to lesbian incest like a duck takes to water. Soon they opened this upper-crust private beauty parlour in their own new clean and chic but inconspicuous bungalow in a classy locality, quite near our place.
Mudra & Geetanjali’s normal charges would be unaffordable for me, but they only charge me for the materials they use on me. In return, I buy her sex-related merchandise from Europe, lend them kinky stuff and toys from my wardrobe, and mainly help her out with providing at cost various fantasy enactments and perversions some of her ‘special’ clients ask for – in which the mother and daughter do not wish to indulge.
Once, a wealthy client of hers saw a porn film and wanted to pee in another woman’s mouth as she was being licked. I was called in by Mudra, and wearing an eye-mask, I happily serviced her client’s vulva as she fulfilled her Golden fantasies.
Another lesbian client wanted to play Sub-Dom games with a dominatrix, so I sent Mudra pictures of me in my Domina outfit, and the client loved it. So, late one evening, I played my part. After the satisfied client departed, I carefully stripped and made love to mother and daughter.
Another woman had been to see a belly-dance with her husband, and wanted to get a belly dancing outfit made, learn the moves and surprise her husband. And over a few lessons and a visit by dressmaker Jaffer, we fulfilled her wishes. Though she was neither a swinger, nor a lesbian, I quite liked her, and in the bargain, taught her how to do a decent striptease. As my ‘fees’, I got to smooch her wide, soft, heavy derrière and lick her pretty vulva, and got her to pee in my mouth too.
Referred by mother and daughter, I have enjoyed excellent piss-fun with a tall, graceful, kinky, slim yet well-stacked international tour-guide Renée – a bisexual swinging single woman. While conducting European business tours, Renée often guides select male travellers to porn shops, massage parlours, prostitution houses, etc., and almost always sleeps with them too, making good money on the side. She also travels to Europe with individual wealthy businessmen as a ‘travelling companion’ – a guide, secretary and bed-mate, all rolled in one.
Returning alone from one of her tours, Renée had to spend two free nights in Stuttgart. She bought the ‘Stadtplan für Männer’ (city plan for people) for Stuttgart, located a lesbian bar through it. Dressed sexily and displaying her long legs, bubble-butt and deep cleavage, she ended up lodging with a lesbian woman for those two nights. Once in the house, the German host and Indian guest were soon completely naked in bed. After their first orgasm together, over beer, cheese, sausages and lesbian kisses, her host put on a lesbian pissing DVD from the famous ‘Glimpse-it’. Slightly drunk Renée wondered how it would feel to piss on someone and have someone piss on one’s body and mouth. Soon, her host introduced her to the pleasures of both-ways Golden Showers and urine-drinking. Since then, Renée has been hooked. She tried to find a piss-partner from among her playmates and patrons. Everyone would give her their piss, but none would agree to receive and swallow her urine. When Renée mentioned this to Mudra, Mudra called me on the phone, explained her client’s desires, and put her on to me – with predictable results.
Since then, Renée and I have often exchanged Golden Showers and Golden Drinks in Mudra’s Jacuzzi, with the mother-daughter pair generously donating their Liquid Gold too. Renée now visits our bed and bathroom regularly, especially whenever she lands in Mumbai late in the night with a bloated bladder after a long flight from Europe.
Back to my son’s birthday (which was on approaching Saturday): Mudra came down to our apartment late on Tuesday night – Rajeev and Aaditya were out of town that night – to plan my ‘bridal’ makeover. She was naturally curious, and pestered me about who this very special male friend was? For whom was I dressing up as a bride at an age of 42 after being married for 19 years? I kissed Mudra, and after getting a promise from her not to tell this to anyone but her mother, told her my husband was going to present me as a bride to our own son Aaditya as his 18th birthday present! Mudra was thrilled to bits by this, and called up her lovely mother, asking her to come down instantly to our place. The beautiful plump mother and alluring, sophisticated daughter stayed the whole night having sex with me and discussing details of my ‘wedding’ night.
Since there was no social occasion to let my neighbours see Mehndi on the visible areas of my body, I decided to avoid putting Mehndi on my hands, arms and feet, as is traditional for a bride. However, next day, Geetanjali would do some minimal but very ornamental Mehndi on my freshly shaved privates, breasts and buttocks. I had never had Mehndi applied to my mound, tits or ass, so that would be a novel experience too!
Wednesday and Thursday nights were mundane, and I was trying to act normal in front of our son. On Thursday morning, Aaditya was out on some errand, and mother Geetanjali and daughter Mudra paid a professional visit to give me a thorough depilation and body massage. Obviously, we had good randy lesbian fun, with Rajeev watching and passing lewd remarks. I love these kinds of fun sessions.
The Hours leading to Mother-Son Incest:
After Rajeev told Aaditya about his upcoming birthday gift, my sonny boy had definitely been staring at my charms quite openly, and I was also getting horny looking at his handsome personality. To meet my son before he left on Friday morning, I had planned on wearing a sexy outfit to wish him a good day.
On Friday morning, Aaditya was to leave for the railway station at 5.30 a.m. to go out of town on his day-long errand. On Thursday night at 10 p.m., I deliberately did a light but kinky smudge-proof party makeover in shades of purple, and went to sleep without removing my makeup. In bed, I wore sexy lingerie made from an absolutely transparent purple material with fine lace trim. My loose, short, spaghetti-strapped, hip-length party-lingerie had a very low back and a wide, deep neck. I wore nothing under it. In this attire, my soft arms, my ripe cleavage, my fat legs, and my back were totally exposed. What the dress did cover was also on veiled display through its absolutely transparent material. In that outfit, I received a good assfuck from Rajeev. I kept my black 4” pencil-heel sandals next to our bed and went to sleep wearing this party dress and full makeup. Covertly, this attire would make my intentions quite ‘transparent’! But then again, I would merely be giving my son a taste of Tonight’s Mother’s Recipe, wouldn’t I be?
Rajeev got up at 4.30 a.m. and we excitedly drank each other’s morning urine before he woke up my son. As Aaditya showered and dressed for his journey, Rajeev too brushed his teeth, washed, and put the coffee maker and the toaster on. As father and son chatted at daybreak, Rajeev winked and asked our son to hold onto his bladder from then on, as his date had requested so. Rajeev explained that his date was seriously hooked on Golden Showers and wanted his full bladderful for their date. Aaditya knew about Golden Showers, as we had been talking about it just a few months ago, and later he had told us that he had started drinking his own and Shashank’s piss. Standing in the kitchen, our son was delighted, and told his father that he hoped his date would also reciprocate and give him her whole bladderful to drink too. Aaditya added that he had never tasted a woman’s urine, and hoped it would be nice and strong! Rajeev said he would convey this to Aaditya’s date and ask her to save a big load for him too.
We had planned all this: As Aaditya finished his coffee, egg and toast by 5.15 a.m., Rajeev called me out to say bye to our son. I tied my tousled hair high on my head in a sexy unruly ponytail, wore my stilettos, and came out of our bedroom ‘sleepily’! My dress was fairly rumpled and makeup was somewhat smudged and definitely stale, and I knew I was looking like a sleepy nightclub whore at the end of her shift at daybreak!
Rajeev had only switched on a few dim lights in the living-dining room, because I wanted to stir his curiosity with my transparent attire, but not put all my assets on full exhibition for him at that stage – though the exhibitionist in me was dying to do that. As I walked into the living room saying my Good Mornings, my son gawked at me, and the first words out of his mouth were, “Wow, Mom, you look sexy!” My son’s eyes openly roamed on my fat charms in that dim light. I ‘sheepishly’ explained I was partying with his father last night, and we fell asleep as we had had one too many. In fact, Rajeev and I had had just one cocktail drink last night. Rajeev too ‘explained’ that as I was sleeping fully covered with the sheet, he did not realise I was still in my party attire. I mumbled something about changing into ‘something decent’ and turned to go back to our bedroom, thus showing him my big naked back and my huge derrière swaying inside my transparent dress. Right away, Rajeev said that Aaditya would get late if I went in to change, adding that Aaditya was not exactly a stranger, and asked me to get back! So I ‘hesitantly’ stopped, turned back and stepped into the hall again. My son’s eyes were engrossed in my big fat buttocks, just as I had thought they would be! All this happened within a minute.
All was going as per our . So next, unlike the way I normally kiss him every morning on his cheeks, I put my bare arms around my son’s neck, pressing my medium saggy breasts into his chest, and squarely kissed him on his lips, ‘clumsily’ saying my good mornings. As I deeply smooched my son with my pissy mouth and explored his mouth with my tongue, I pressed my breasts into his chest, and I could feel his huge erection pressing into my crotch as he too held me close by my waist.
I finally broke the lewd kiss and wished him a happy journey, as he was leaving, looking a bit dazed. As Aaditya was walking towards the door, Rajeev looked at his huge erection straining at his trousers, and said, “Wow, look at that! Aaditya definitely likes your outfit, Saroj!” Aaditya blushed and started to apologise, but I retorted (with my son listening alertly), “Hey come on Rajeev, it’s absolutely healthy for an 18-year-old to look at a woman in a sexy dress and get a hard-on. I am sure that at his age, if you had looked at your mother in this kind of outfit, you too would have got a hard-on. In fact, I am quite flattered that Aaditya got hard looking at his fat old Momma!” Turning to Aaditya I said, “Son, it is perfectly okay for you stare at my figure; only don’t do it in front of outsiders. And thanks for getting such a big hard-on for me – that’s such a lovely compliment to an old lady like me! You made my day!” with that, I wet-kissed him on his lips again. Pushing my crotch into his huge erection, I whispered to him, “Just save that for your date tonight!” Smiling indulgently from the doorway, Rajeev endorsed my advice and we both smiled, with my son going red in the face. Rajeev reminded Aaditya that his rendezvous was set exactly at midnight.
After my son left, we both went back to our bedroom and my husband mounted me for a lovely morning fuck. As he entered my molten Sex, he informed me that our son was already hooked to piss-drinking, and wanted his date to save a bladderful for him too. I was so overjoyed that I actually let go of my piss as my husband was fucking me on our marital bed. Needless to say, we always have the plastic sheet right below our bed-sheet precisely for such occasions!
After an early breakfast, I went to Mudra’s private salon at 8 a.m. to get my beauty-treatment. By 10 a.m., I was through with my waxing, depilation, massage and head bath. They have an identical gynaecologist’s chair with stirrups in their private salon! Mudra uses this chair to shave and to apply Mehndi on the brides’ privates, and to ‘service’ her special clients. This was where we got the idea to get our own gyno chair.
Mother Geetanjali put me in the gyno chair and got to work – but first with her mouth! With me lodged in that gyno chair with my knees in the stirrups, the mother first ate my freshly depilated sex and brought me to a delicious orgasm. Then she started drawing intricate patterns with Mehndi first on my crotch, then on my breasts, as Mudra did my facial, threading and later hairstyling.
At 1 p.m., they finished and fed me lunch, as I could not get up and had to keep my forearms away from my boobs till the Mehndi dried completely. Geetanjali also fed me a small amount of mother-daughter piss cocktail to drink from a beaker. At 2 p.m., they put me face down on their ‘operating’ table, and Mudra tongued my hairless asshole, then her mother started putting Mehndi on my buttocks, as the daughter attended another client in the outer room. Both Geetanjali and I had a two-hour siesta. By 6 p.m., the dried Mehndi was off my buttocks, and I was done. I returned home looking fresh and clean but without makeup. Geetanjali came home with me.
I first stripped completely and called Rajeev in to show him the artistic Mehndi designs I had got drawn on my boobs, buttocks and on my mound. Rajeev formally kissed Geetanjali and complimented her on the fine Mehndi work she had done on my assets, and Geetanjali complimented Rajeev on the ambience he had created in decorating our bedroom for our incest-fest.
Rajeev and Geetanjali had met earlier on a couple of occasions when she and her daughter Mudra and she, and later Mudra, Renée and she, had visited our place to have sex with me. Rajeev and Geetanjali knew about each other’s sexual tastes too, but had never had sex or even seen each other naked. Geetanjali remarked that there was nothing wrong with adult consenting family members having sex with each other – as she herself was doing it – and it was so wonderful that all three of us – Rajeev, Aaditya and me – were bisexual. Rajeev took me aside and quietly asked me to request Geetanjali if he could thank her later by worshipping her buttocks. I said I would ask her.
Rajeev went into the kitchen and I then invited Geetanjali to take her clothes off and sit on my face in our bed, so I could properly eat her cunt and drink her hot spicy urine too. I was so excited that day that I wanted my mouth to taste of urine all the time… I tend to do this, though I know this may sound gross to many people. With my mouth reeking of her strong cunt-juice and piss, Geetanjali did a heavy party makeup on me. I wore glittering red eye-shadow, black eye-liner; long thick showgirl-type eyelashes, mascara, scarlet blush, gleaming smudge-proof black lipstick with red pencilling, and red and golden body glitter onto my cheek-bones, shoulders, inner elbows and around my cleavage. The only perfume I wore that night was of Geetanjali’s sexy incestuous cunt-fluids – I wanted it that way, and Geetanjali said she was flattered and honoured by my decision to wear her juices as my only perfume for such an important occasion in our family life. I was beautifully made up by 7 p.m., but was still completely naked. Geetanjali applied some special oils to darken the Mehndi stain. When Geetanjali finished, I asked her if Rajeev could offer her Buttock Worship to thank her.
Partly out of curiosity, partly out of excitement, Geetanjali consented, so I called Rajeev in. Geetanjali asked me to stay on. Soon Rajeev reverently disrobed Geetanjali, kneeled behind her, caressed, embraced, smooched and nuzzled her large baby-soft fair-skinned buttocks, thrusting his face into her butt cleavage and licking her sexy groove. Next, he carefully positioned her on our bed on all fours and went to town on her soft plump buttocks and her crinkled pink anal rose. Geetanjali was thrilled, and climaxed when Rajeev deeply fucked her soft elastic asshole with his big long tongue. As she was leaving, Geetanjali scooped out some more of her strong cunt-juice and carefully smeared it behind my ears, and added some of my own juices too. I smelt like a Cunt! I wanted it that way.
I had an early, light dinner and I slept soundly till almost 11 p.m. so I could remain up the whole night in bed with my son. I had emptied my bladder before lunch, but by 11 p.m., I was full again but I held on. I was so excited that my juices were slowly filling up my cunt, and I was on the verge of drooling. Rajeev had already put a bottle of champagne in our bedroom’s small fridge to chill, and had readied the glasses and other paraphernalia.
Just before 11 p.m. Rajeev came into the cool, air-conditioned bedroom and woke me up, informing me that Aaditya was already home. He gave me some water to drink, and left the room. I now started dressing up for the focal event of our lives. I first sprayed baby oil all over my body to give myself a natural oily sheen, and then started dressing up flamboyantly.
I first generously lubricated my Anal Pearls with lots of longer-lasting petroleum jelly, not KY – as my son would be taking my ass without a condom – and inserted them into my asshole with the thick string hanging out obscenely. These Teflon beads-on-string have one great advantage: they take the lubricant deep into one’s bowels – right up to the very end – so one’s sodomiser does not have to withdraw again and again and re-lubricate, as one needs to do with KY – especially if the invading cock is long and thick.
Next, I put on my new red-tassels-on-black-satin corset with hooks behind, crisscross bootlaces in the front, and four suspenders below. Then I stuck on my new golden nipple caps with thick 6” long matching red tassel at their centres, which I could flail round and round like clock hands as I danced. Next, I put on my large-mesh black fishnet stockings and a red thigh-garter.
The shimmering tassels of the bra-corset-hot-pants set I wore that night are made from a red reflective material. These are very limp worm-like strings with one end stitched into the black satin base – the other dangling freely. They are an inch long and are so densely sewn in, that they look like an expanse of soft red meadow undulating in the wind. When I dance in this outfit, these special tassels tantalise the spectators, and enhance my sex-appeal. At the slightest movement under our bedroom’s bright spotlights, thousands of them crazily glimmer and shimmer. The smallest jiggle of my boobs, a shimmy of my big ass or a roll of my belly produces an undulating aurora of scintillating glints of light from these swaying shiny tassels.
Above these, I wore a matching tasselled underwired full-cup brassiere that had my boobs well-lifted. The thickly tasselled nipple caps I wore inside made my boobs look bigger.
On my hips, I first wore a pair of modified plain red vinyl plastic G-strings, which had a fairly small triangle in the front, a string round my waist, obviously, and two strings from its base going up behind me across the swell of my asscheeks, neatly bisecting them, and joining the waist-string just behind my hips. This particular piece of lingerie left my whole anal cleavage unobstructed, and I could get my asshole penetrated without exposing my Sex at all! From behind, this piece looks deliciously kinky, as it does not put even a thin cord in the butt cleavage, and when I bend over, I can display my asshole without even having to pull a string aside.
I wanted my Sex fully covered, as I would reveal that to my son only at 2.42 a.m. next morning – the exact time of his birth – after I gave him a blow job, did a pole dance and a striptease, got sodomised by him, and changed into my wedding attire for celebrating my ‘wedding night’ with him. Having adjusted my flesh inside the corset to perfection, I attached the corset’s suspenders to the stockings. Over these tightly tied panties, I wore tasselled low-cut hot-pants matching with my corset that covered my hips and ass completely. This left my lower abdomen, parts of my chest below my boobs, and the waist-string of my panties visible.
The corset clinched my waist, pushed my breasts up, and flared out my full hips further. I now put on my red and gold 5” stilettos, which made my big fat derrière bulge out even more. Now, my deepened cleavage and my fat thighs were on open display. I now stuck on long glossy red false nails. Finally, I put on my long black-lace fingerless gloves, a red thigh-garter, and kept my golden tinsel boa ready for my dance routine. I looked garish, available, sleazy, whorish, brassy, wicked: just as I wanted to look for my own sexy sonny boy!
I kept adding lots of tiny final touches – after all, I was dressing up for committing ceremonial incest with my very own biological son! For our big evening, Rajeev was wearing a thick black satin bathrobe, nothing else.
To me, the magic of all primary incest (except mother-son incest) is only abstract, not really real. The allure of such incest is partly a ‘sociological’ experience of translating family closeness into sexual intimacy, and partly an ‘emotional’ thrill of breaking a strong social taboo. The fact that one’s partner has common genes is an abstract medical idea and cannot be sensually felt separately from the usual sensual pleasures one feels while having sex with any emotionally close lover.
However, mother-son incest is a far more intense experience for both than any other primary – brother-sister, father-daughter, mother-daughter and father-son – incest. As the adult son indulges in sex with his own mother, he fondles and sucks those very breasts he suckled as an infant, and inserts his penis into and enters and gets sexual pleasure from the very same vagina he was born through, and deposits his seed into the very womb that created him! As the mother enjoys sex with her own adult son, she offers her breasts sexually to the very same person who had suckled them as an infant. The mother receives sexual pleasure in her vagina from the penis of her very son, to whom she gave birth through that very vagina. And as a finale of this deed, the mother accepts and welcomes semen into her womb from the very person she had created in that very womb!
Because of these profound truths, I have always found that mother-son incest – of which I have first-hand experience – is far more magical and heavenly, than even brother-sister incest is – of which I have first-hand experience too!
Back to our story – Rajeev later told me all this: Aaditya had come in a bit early at 10 p.m. Rajeev in his bathrobe had opened the door for him and told him that Momma was giving finishing touches to his date in our (soundproofed) bedroom. He asked Aaditya to keep away from our bedroom door till he was called in. He knew his father had decorated our bedroom for his adult birthday party, but he obviously had not seen the preparations. Nevertheless, our son kept his composure. He is a cool guy, just like his father; and very mature for his age. He obviously was eager about his first fuck with a woman, but he was not restless or impatient! He had not pestered us about who his date would be. But, as a mother always knows her child’s mind, I knew that he knew our plans!
Rajeev gave our son a big glass of iced tea to refresh him, and asked him if his bladder was full. Aaditya replied in the affirmative, and said he was so busy throughout the day he did not pee at all. Reminding our son not to relieve his bladder yet, Rajeev asked him to remove all his body hair, and then take a shower. Rajeev had already taught our son Aaditya how to remove body hair with Anne-French depilating cream. Aaditya came out of the bathroom at 11 p.m., fresh, naked, looking cute with his hairless body, and with a rampant erection.
As planned, Rajeev presented him a new blue silk shirt to be worn tucked into a new pair of baggy slacks made from thin white cotton, but no undergarments. Rajeev told Aaditya not to hide that nice hard-on from his date. (I wanted to see the erection I would be causing in my own biological son, and wanted to be able to undress him quickly.) Rajeev also gave Aaditya a crisp thousand-Rupee note to give to his date as a tip after she made him cum for the first time. Rajeev explained that his date was not a prostitute, but wanted to feel like one – hence this ploy. Aaditya was greatly amused.
Rajeev had laid out a light dinner for both of them, and invited our son on the table. Over dinner, with Aaditya’s permission, Rajeev switched on a tape recorder, and asked Aaditya, “Aaditya, now guess who your date is! And remember, you will get a special prize if you guess right within 3 attempts! Right? Now take your time and answer.” The time was 11.20 p.m.
Aaditya in turn fell silent for some time, looking at the food, obviously hesitant to answer. Then as if he had made up his mind, he first asked his father that since his date was supposed to be a well-experienced woman; did that mean that she was a middle-aged woman, not a young girl? Rajeev said yes. Aaditya again fell silent, and Rajeev encouraged him to answer frankly, reminding him that we had brought him up to be open with us about his sexual fantasies.
Now, quite confidently, Aaditya first started eliminating possible candidates: “Dad, Can I first say who is not my date?” Rajeev nodded and he went on, “It’s not Vineeta Auntie, not Shamolie Auntie, not Ritu Auntie, not Poornima Auntie, not Riaa Auntie, not Ujwala Auntie, not Rakhsheen Auntie, not Renée Didi, and not Geetanjali Auntie or Mudra Didi either!” He knew we often had sex with these women.
Then, softly but quite confidently my son told his father, “Dad, my date is Momma herself!” Rajeev, with a poker face, then asked him, “Any other guesses?” Aaditya clearly said no. Rajeev then asked him, “Okay, now tell me how you came to this conclusion!”
My darling son replied, “Dad, after I reached puberty and after you guys started talking to me about sex, various signals slowly convinced me that Momma would let me have sex with her when I came of age. And when you and Momma announced that I would get to have full-fledged sex with a mature woman on my 18th birthday, and that I knew that woman well, I became absolutely sure it would be none other than Momma!”
As his father listened attentively, Aaditya continued, “Because whenever I made passes at Momma, she never really scolded me or disapproved! Any other mother would have hit the roof! I was also aware that she would report the incident to you, but even you never reprimanded me or even corrected me. You guys never said that getting fresh with one’s own mother was wrong, as any other parents would have done. I noticed that every time I made a pass, Momma would just graciously stop me, saying either that I was not old enough to do that, or the moment was not right, or I was not doing it right. And I know that that both of you never mince words or skirt issues. So I knew that it was just a matter of me becoming an adult, and here I am, ready to party with Momma!”
Our son continued, “And a few months ago, I was awakened at 2 a.m. by the doorbell, and heard your side’s main door open. I stepped out in the dark hall, and saw that the connecting door was open, and I saw Momma welcome Shekhar Maama (mother’s brother). I think he came from Delhi by a late flight. I saw that Momma was without a Sari. She just had a sleeveless blouse and petticoat on.” That is considered half-naked in India.
“Then Shekhar Maama stepped in, closed the door and started smooching Momma, and she wet-kissed him back with her arms round his neck, and he was massaging Momma’s big ass as if he was kneading dough. I figured that if Momma was kissing her own brother like that without a Sari, it could only mean that they were having sex together! And I immediately got a confirmation – you came out from your bedroom in your underwear, and you too started smooching Shekhar Maama, as Momma unzipped Shekhar Maama’s fly, put her hand inside and started groping for Shekhar Maama’s cock through his pants, saying, “Come, Bhaiya (brother), give me a good fuck with this lovely cock!” Then you guys took Shekhar Maama into your bedroom, not the guest room, and closed the door for the night!” I suppose we did get a bit careless. Aaditya continued, “So I reasoned that if Momma is having sex with her real brother, she will certainly have sex with me too, when I turn eighteen!” he reasoned.
Aaditya carried on, “And Dad, just this morning I got my final confirmation, when Momma came into the living room in party makeup and sexy lingerie and kissed me like a lover. Then I was certain that my adult date would be none else but my sexy Momma – that’s why I got such a massive hard-on today morning! See Dad, I know Momma often wears sexy makeup, but in the mornings, her face is always clean. And she has never worn such a transparent dress in front of me, that too without anything underneath!”
Aaditya was quite high-spirited by now, “Dad, you both have brought me up so well, taught me everything about sex, taught me to observe everything and reason intelligently. So I watched momma for a moment and realised that she was just playacting – you both knew she was going to fuck me tonight and she was just teasing me. I realised that, and I was so excited I immediately got a hard-on! Later on, in the train, I was going over everything and pondering that even if Momma had fallen asleep in full makeup and lingerie after partying, why was she wearing the stilettos? She looked quite fresh and well-rested, and didn’t seem to have a hangover.” (Aaditya had seen me a couple of times with a hangover after night-outs for adult parties.) “Then Momma Frenched-kissed me on my mouth – something she had never done before. And Dad, her mouth smelt of fresh piss, not stale alcohol. I know these smells, Dad, and you guys had told me that you often drink each other’s piss in the morning. That means she was already awake when you came out of your bedroom to wake me up! Plus, if the date was someone else, you guys would have made alternate arrangements for spending the weekend nights in either the guest bedroom or my bedroom – you haven’t done that either – as I just went to the guest bedroom to get batteries for my video-game. Plus, there is only one dinner plate in the kitchen-sink!” That was from my early dinner before I took a nap – we slipped up there too, did we not? “So, yes Sir, Dad, I am sure it is Momma who is going to have sex with me, no one else!” Brilliant deduction – I told my son when we played that tape later.
Rajeev smiled, got up, congratulated our son and outlined the planned celebrations rather formally, “Son, now that was excellent observation and very intelligent reasoning! Yes, it is indeed your own mother who will be your adult date tonight. As your first adult birthday present, your mother will formally offer herself to you sexually. You already know that your mother is sterilised, so you will never need to worry about getting her pregnant, and never need to use condoms with her.”
“Now, Aaditya, this is the agenda: I will take you into our bedroom and you will remove the plastic wrapping from your gift. Your Momma will give you a deep-throat, and then do a strip for you, but not completely. Then she will give you her asshole to fuck. After that, you relax in the guest room and watch some of her stripping videos as your Momma changes into something special. At 2.30 a.m., as your added bonus for guessing right, she will welcome you back in a very-very special dress! Your mother will then unveil her whole body to you, show you your birthplace for the first time, and at 2.42 a.m. – the exact time of your birth – she will give you a mother’s rarest gift to her son – her vagina for sex! And that is when you will become a bona-fide motherfucker, a true Maaderchod, as you insert your penis into your own biological mother’s vagina – your very birthplace – copulate with her, and release your sperm into your sweet mother’s womb! From then on it is up to you how you want to spend the weekend with us.”
Our son impulsively embraced and kissed his father on his lips – a very adult, lingering kiss, and Rajeev too responded well. Aaditya said, “Wow, I can’t wait to meet Momma and make out with her! And Dad, you know I am bisexual, and I want to have sex with you too, along with Momma. Will you please remain with Momma and me throughout the weekend?” Rajeev was expecting this, and he happily agreed.
It was already 11.40 p.m. Rajeev excused himself for a moment and came into our bedroom to ‘gift-wrap’ our son’s birthday present! I was so thrilled: my own husband was preparing me for committing full-blooded incest with our own flesh-and-blood biological son! Rajeev picked up a roll of stretch-wrap film he had bought for adding a new twist to our son’s 18th-birthday-cum-incest-party. As he wrapped my torso, Rajeev told me that our guess was correct: Aaditya was sure it was his own mother he was getting for sex. Rajeev added that our son wanted him to be around too throughout, and have sex with him too. Wow, this was divine ecstasy, heavenly bliss!
Carefully, Rajeev softly wound the 8” wide soft transparent film around my torso, round and round, lightly wrapping me from my mid-thighs up to my armpits, keeping my hands free, then tied a broad red ribbon round my waist with a huge showy bow-knot on the side, thus turning me into a walking gift! I loved the packaging! Rajeev gave me a straight shot of golden tequila to pour down my hatch. My Sex, and the insides of my plastic G-strings were a slimy swamp of slush, but I had worn the tight, stretchy plastic panties well, so nothing had seeped out yet! Rajeev switched on the bright dance-floor lights and the raunchy music, and went out to bring our son in.
The Big Moment: Incestuous Encounter with My Son:
It was a few minutes to midnight, and I was standing on the floor next to our big round dancing table. I was brightly lit up by the spotlights, waiting for my flesh-and-blood son to come in and open his gift – his own horny mother! My Mangalsutra was round my neck, as it always is! My tightly confined cunt was sloshing with my juices, and I was beginning to sweat in my ‘gift-wrapping’. Rajeev had our new high-definition digital camcorder ready on a tripod and we could see its streaming video on our big TV as it recorded my incest with my son.
After advising him not to try and hide his big erection from Momma, my hubby escorted our darling son into our bedroom as the clock reached midnight. So, after my unique Golden-anal wedding night with my husband, the second most sexually important moment of my life had arrived. My heart skipped a beat when I saw my handsome son walk into our bedroom. He would now leave our bedroom only after he had had sex with me – his very own mother!
As my son checked me out, and slowly walked towards me, I saw his 10” monster making a huge tent in his baggy cotton pants. My husband graciously presented me to our son, saying very formally, “Son, we both wish a very happy 18th birthday to you! Now you are formally an adult, and we both wish you a long, happy, all-round sex-life. Tonight, your mother is giving herself to you as your first adult birthday gift from us! We do hope you like your gift. Ands as you want to celebrate with me too, Momma and I are all yours to enjoy in every way till Monday morning.”
Aaditya beamed with happiness as Rajeev wet-kissed him on his lips. In the past, we both had always kissed him on his cheeks on the mornings of his birthdays. But now, as in that morning, I again wished my son a Happy First Adult Birthday with a lingering wet smooch on his lips saying, “Aaditya, my darling son, from now on I am all yours forever for any kind of sex!” As my son embraced me hard, I felt his big hands eagerly grab and paw my big fat motherly buttocks and his big erection press into my crotch through the layers of cling-film and my sequined dancing shorts. My face and neck smelt of Geetanjali’s cunt-juices – I didn’t tell that to my son – and the pheromones in the juices subconsciously made him especially horny. Throughout that night, my husband took pictures to record my ultimate incest with my biological son.
Rajeev asked our son to untie the ribbon and enjoy ‘unpacking’ his birthday gift. I slowly pirouetted as my son pulled off the plastic wrap from my body. Once I was unwrapped, I stretched, twisted and snapped my joints, as my son ogled at my half-naked form.
I again kissed my son and started unbuttoning his new shirt, and then unzipped and took off his pants too. As I was unzipping my son’s pants, I noticed that he was physically trembling with excitement. At that moment, I wanted my son to cum quickly, so he could leisurely delay his next ejaculation. So, in bright lights, I simply knelt in front of our son and first admired my sonny boy’s extra-large penis before I took him into my mouth!
My son was indeed a full 10” – I do believe I have a good eye for cock sizes, having measured and welcummed so many! My son’s shape was exactly like his father’s special ‘anal’ shape – like a long butt-plug – narrow pointed head, thickest at 2/3rd way to the root, and a thinner root again. He was much longer than his father, who was 8”. And at 6” around, it was a bit thicker than his father’s 5½” tool! His testicles were also quite bigger than his father’s balls.
Of all cocks I ever took inside me, only one cock is bigger than my son’s is – our friend Suneet’s dong! Suneet’s cock is a straight and parallel 11” and 6½” around. However, my son’s cock-head is much smaller than Suneet’s huge blunt battering-ram. In fact, Aaditya’s cock-head is smaller than average; and long-n-pointed too! So, for all its huge size, his penis can easily enter various tight spaces! For a whore like me with three well-travelled passageways, my son’s cock is ideal for the throat, perfect for the vagina, and just what the doctor ordered for the rectum! The shape and size of my son’s cock-meat and its young hardness is ideal for anal delights. It has the length and body to make my well-travelled bowels feel pleasurably full, it has the small pointed head to enter my backdoor effortlessly, it has the increasing thickness to dilate my anus slowly and fully, and it has the thick middle and the narrow base for gripping it well and holding it in comfortably.
Impatiently now, I watched the clock hand move to 12 midnight and, without further ado, enveloped my own flesh-and-blood son’s monster cock with my mouth. As I started fellating my own son, I was transported to the incestuous Garden of Eden, devouring the Forbidden Fruit. I slowly took all of my son’s cock into my gullet and started properly deep-throating him. His long cock felt so good in my fully dilated throat! Rajeev had his hand on our son’s rather plump bubble butt, guiding him how to respond to a deep-throat, “Son, just harmonize and mirror Momma’s slow in-and-out motions. Don’t thrust wildly.” Rajeev made the camera zoom onto the wanton, wicked scene for a close-up.
In just six-seven full deep-throat strokes, my son groaned that he was cumming, and immediately spouted his hot geyser in my mouth. I caught most of his scrumptious cum on a full outstroke, opening my mouth wide and letting both my darling men see my son’s big cock squirt thick stringy semen into my open mouth.
I did it! I received my own son’s semen inside me, albeit only in my mouth. Soon I would have it in my rectum and then in my womb too – in that very womb, which conceived him from my husband’s sperm, nurtured him, carried him and gave him birth 18 years ago!
Aaditya’s cum tasted strongly alkaline, and it was a big load! Some of it dribbled out as I swirled my son’s thick bountiful cum in my mouth with my tongue without swallowing. My husband told me later that my whole mouth looked thickly coated on the inside with my son’s virile semen. He added that I had never looked more depraved, more decadent, more debauched, more pornographic in my whole kinky sex-life with him. I partly swallowed that huge mouthful, and Rajeev pulled me up and wet-kissed me, hungrily lapping up rest of our son’s semen.
My husband now asked our son to pull me up by my armpits and present me with the thousand Rupee note. (I still have that particular banknote with me.) I kissed the money and tucked it into my thigh-garter, the way a cheap Western streetwalker would do. I was my very own son’s whore, an incestuous prostitute! What a sexual high! Rajeev told our son, “From tonight onwards, your slut mother is your whore for life, son. In future, just pay her with yours cum and piss, not money!” Rajeev comes up with such corny lines! Aaditya gave me a long, lingering kiss again, and having just swallowed his cum, I too hornily smooched back my naked son.
Rajeev then took off his bathrobe, affectionately put his arm round our naked son, and he too smooched him squarely on his lips. The way our son kissed back his father without any hesitation convinced me that our darling son was a true bisexual, just like his father! I was so happy to see that! As I became the spectator for some time, the two of my most loved men in my life were lost exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues!
I again kissed my naked son as he happily played with my covered ass. My happy hubby adjusted the camera onto the table, opened the champagne and poured it into three glasses. We raised a toast to our son’s long and enjoyable sex-life.
Rajeev switched on the two strobes and the disco globe, and sat down with our son on the couches around the dance table. I drained my glass, picked up my golden tinsel boa, and climbed onto our round table to start my pole-dance routine in front of the two men I loved most in my life. As both of them sat completely naked in front of me, I pole-danced in a trance, showing off my rich, curvaceous figure to my own son, as he and my husband absently fondled each other’s cocks. Our son’s cock again grew to a raging 10”.
My son’s eyes were riveted on me. I don’t think I danced very well, as I was tremendously excited, but Aaditya told me later that I danced like a professional exotic dancer – he had seen a couple of private shows with his friends, and a few soft-porn films, etc. My husband said too, later, that I had danced very well that night. Now that comment was more accurate, as Rajeev has seen a lot of live erotic dancing, including mine! As I flaunted my still-covered buttocks to my son, he said to his father, “Dad, since I saw this dancing pole for the first time, I’ve been fantasising about seeing Momma’s sexy ass dancing and shimmying on this table. So much I’ve come to like momma’s rich bottom, that whenever I look at big heavy-bottomed women, I fantasize about Momma’s sexy ass.”
Flattered, I danced, shimmied, and flaunted my huge fat ass for some more time to a trashy Bollywood floor-show number. Its words meant, “My bodily assets have arrived at this dance-show to be auctioned, and my reputation has arrived here to be tarnished…” I then got into my strip routine. To start with, I first threw off the shiny tinsel boa, then removed my gloves, then I took off the heavy bra, and rotated my nipple-tassels for a short while, then took them off, displaying the lovely dark Mehndi on my boobs. Aaditya was thrilled and started screaming compliments – he knew the room was soundproofed, “Wow, Momma, you can really dance! I can’t believe I have drunk so much milk from your sexy boobs, Mom! Now please, please, pretty-please show me your sexy ass, Momma!”
So, I again turned and flaunted my dancing-shorts-clad butt to my son, and proudly rolled my substantial ass in front of him for some more time. Slowly, teasingly, I stripped off the hot-pants, putting my naked fat asscheeks with dark intricate Mehndi patterns on them on display for my own son – with just the special G-strings cutting across the middle of each cheek. Now the thick white string of my Anal Pearls fell out and dangled between my thighs. It had Aaditya wondering what it was! Rajeev briefly explained it to him, as I leisurely swayed, rolled, jutted, shimmied, jiggled, shook, protruded, undulated and paraded my big naked ass in front of my naked son. I was now temptingly dressed in only my sexy corset, suspenders, fishnet stockings, stilettos and my special PVC G-strings. This left my boobs and my buttocks bare. I asked my son how he liked my big fat derrière and he went into hyperbole, with Rajeev and me laughing and encouraging him to speak his mind.
Then, happily waving my big bare derrière in my son’s face, I jutted my ass out and pulled my ass-cheeks apart to reveal my anal lips with the string hanging out from them. Still swaying my fully opened ass, I slowly pulled out the white balls one by one from my well-lubricated asshole. My son was howling with excitement!
I invited my son to kneel behind me and play with my naked ass, kiss, smooch, caress, fondle, stroke, spank and squeeze my motherly derrière for quite a while. Rajeev gave our son basic lessons in buttock worship! My son wanted to kiss my asshole, but since I had lubricated it heavily with petroleum jelly, and the string of my anal pearls was hanging out of my anal lips, I asked my son to not to put his mouth to my anal lips yet, as the jelly would taste awful. I told him he could kiss my asshole after he fucked my ass and I washed up.
As I brought my dance to a close, Rajeev proceeded to bring out a very special cake! We had asked Rakhsheen – one of our swinging partners, (see Part-1) and a good confectioner – to make us a small made-to-scale vulva-shaped cake – and model it on my Sex from a photograph. Rakhsheen was anyway quite familiar with my vulva. She had come and delivered it at noon when I was at Mudra’s place. As Rajeev told me later, he had received the cake, given her a good buttock-worship and drank her pungent urine in return. Rakhsheen had suddenly realised it was our son’s 18th birthday the next day, and asked Rajeev what we two were up to. Rajeev got around that by saying Aaditya’s girlfriend was joining him for an overnight adult party, and the cake was our contribution to his party. Rakhsheen did not buy that cock and bull story; and looking suspiciously at Rajeev, said “But why did you model it on Saroj’s veteran cunt – not that it’s not sexy! But why not on a young pussy? The whore fucks her own brother – and has tempted me to fuck my brother too – then why not fuck her son too – best way to celebrate Aaditya’s 18th birthday, if you ask me! Anyway, I will come and get the truth out of the slut next weekend, as I’ll be out of town till then.”
Rajeev brought that kinky cake out, and asked Aaditya to cut it, and we had good fun with that. Light-heartedly, Aaditya started nagging me about how much will he have to wait to get the real thing, and we laughingly told him to wait a little more! We all drank lots of water so as not to get dehydrated.
As my son was fully erect again, I told him, “Aaditya darling, come and take Momma’s ass if you are ready!” My son was obviously quite eager, so my husband first taught our son how to lubricate his own big raging cock properly for a sustained anal reaming. My back-passage was already perfectly lubricated by petroleum jelly, spread and held in with the Anal Pearls. I walked to our big bed and got on all fours, jutting my ass out behind me, and asked Aaditya to pull out my Anal Pearls slowly. Mesmerised, my son watched as the smooth greasy white balls popped out one by one from my asshole. Rajeev then guided Aaditya to lie across the bed face-up and sat me on his pole facing away from him. As my son lay back on the pillows, I brazenly straddled his loins, looking at the incestuous scene in our headboard mirror.
I was so grateful to my husband for helping me achieve my dream of committing this shameless anal incest with my own flesh-and-blood son! Thoroughly lubricated anally – a greased-up asshole ready for sodomy feels very naughty – I squatted on my son’s pole facing away. I was getting goose-pimples with excitement. My voluptuous hips had spread out real wide in my obscene squatting posture, and my son was caressing my hips, delighting in their heavy spread!
My husband positioned my son’s fat cock-lance below my slimy anal entrance as I deftly relaxed my bowels and lowered my ass onto that enormous pole. I took my son Aaditya’s narrow, handsome cock-head past my anal ring muscle with practiced ease gained from being almost-daily sodomised over 18 merry years. Once his cock-head was through my sphincter, I yet again relaxed my ass further, and bore down steadily, consciously dilating myself more and more, going slower and slower, taking my son’s nicely-tapered penis into my bowels, smoothly taking his dong deeper and deeper into my rear pleasure-hole,. When the going became a bit tight, I pushed out with my bowels, opening my ring, and my son’s pointed impaling stake suddenly slid in fully, giving me wave after wave of never-before sensations! There wasn’t even a slight twinge of pain, I remember!
My son happily remarked that my asshole felt softer, hotter and more relaxed than his friends’ assholes, and declared it his best assfuck so far. He had taken four boys’ asses till then, and given his ass to six. He also went gaga over the way his cock slid so quickly, smoothly and fully into my bowels, and said that only big-bottomed Shashank had been able to take his king-sized cock fully into his ass. The rest three simply could not take him in fully and he had to contend himself with a half-insertion fuck. Rajeev commiserated with him, agreeing that a half-in; half-out assfuck was no great fun.
I too enjoyed every inch of my son’s lovely dong entering my bowels, as I watched that gross sight in our big mirror in front! Now that I had my virile son’s whole pointed spear fully entrenched into my rear passage, I slowly relaxed and contracted my stuffed asshole. My bowels were deliciously crammed full of incest-meat. I must say quite impartially that my son’s dong felt sexier in my rectum than any other cock I had ever taken in there. My husband happily witnessed my first anal incest with my son on our marital bed, just as he had happily watched my first anal incest with my brother a few years ago on this very bed!
Now that I had taken my son’s entire Schlong into my fully dilated bowels, I started moving up and down and my virile son also started bouncing me from below, matching my strokes. After a while, my happy son ejaculated inside me a second time, and as he was not wearing a condom, I could feel every jet of his incestuous sperm inside my well-stuffed rectum. We mother and son remained anally coupled till my son got soft inside me. After he withdrew, my son wanted to lick up the leaking juices from my asshole, but I stopped him, reminding him that doing so was not good for his health.
It was 1.30 a.m. already, so Rajeev declared it was time for a wash and a break. As planned, he took our son into the guest room to show him a 45-minute high-quality video of me doing a belly dance and strip, and then taking three well-hung guys Randhir, Manish and Prakash completely into my three fuck holes. Our son was kissing his dad, telling him how lucky he was to have a sexy and generous mother like me! Rajeev told me later that, watching a close-up of Randhir entering my cunt, Aaditya actually said, “Dad, I feel so proud to have been born from this ultra-sexy cunt of my Sex-goddess Mommy! Look how these three studs are literally idolising Mommy!” In that video, the guys were actually worshipping me without any prompting.
After my son and husband moved out of the bedroom, I thoroughly cleaned and hosed out my asshole so that it was ready to be tongue-fucked. Next, I took off my Western outfit, had a quick sponge and dressed up in my Ghaghra-Choli-Chunri bridal kit, and all my gold ornaments. My squishy-wet PVC panties were still on! I tied my hair into a high bun on top of my head, and touched up my makeup.
At 2.30 a.m., naked father and son returned to find me sitting ‘demurely’ on our marital bed waiting for my ‘groom’, who was none else than my own flesh and blood son, stark naked and with a raging erection for me. All the bright lights in the room were on, and Rajeev had come in for a moment and set up four brilliant spotlights, illuminating me as if I was in a photo-shoot. And Shehnai music was filling the background. Rajeev started the Handycam as my son came to my bridal bed.
My handsome son came up and sat on the bed next to me, embraced me and started kissing me passionately. My husband asked him to pull my Chunri off, and then open my Choli. I was bra-less, so my breasts were bared as my Choli was opened by my son. I lay back on the pillow as my son started going to town over my stark-naked breasts with his hands and lips. Rajeev watched and clicked, as my son blissfully suckled my udders after almost a decade and half. Nursing my adult boy, my bare nipples sent shivers all over my body!
Rajeev guided our son to move down my plump belly kissing and licking, and open the knot of my ornamental Ghaghra with his teeth. And I helped him take it off by lifting my fat butt off the bed. My son nuzzled and wet-kissed my fat thighs and licked my Mehndi-embellished groins. My boy already knew how to excite a woman!
Finally, at 2.42 a.m., the big moment arrived, and my son untied my absolutely non-absorbent plastic G-strings – my last piece of clothing before my son. Under those bright lights, before my son for the first time in his life, I put on display his very own birthplace in all its hairless, juice-smeared incestuous splendour. I shamelessly lay back on the pillow and opened my fat legs wide to expose my shaved, sticky, Mehndi-decorated vulva to my own biological son. Throwing all propriety, decorum, modesty, respectability, decency, good etiquette, virtue, graciousness, and ‘morality’ to the wind, I spread my labia with both my hands, and invited my very own son to have a good look, “Here, Aaditya, this is your birthplace which has given your Dad, me and many, many others a great deal of pleasure!” Embracing my son, Rajeev added, “Have a good look at your mother’s Sex, Son! And do remember this moment, as it is extremely rare for a young man to be invited by his mother to see his birthplace! You can smell and lick your mother’s juices from her panties as you check out her cunt. Doesn’t it look edible? Have a good look – then you can eat her too! Your Momma loves to be eaten, and she tastes yummy!”
I was now sprawled completely naked in front of my virile sonny boy, as I watched him lap up my cunt-juices from my panties! Through with licking my panties and intently staring at my cunt, which I was keeping open with my mobile fingers, my horny son said he wanted to lick me now, so I spread my fat motherly legs and my big cunt even wider in an incestuous invitation. My son, intently watching my big oozing sex, moved forward between my big legs and started hungrily kissing, licking, and exploring me with his agile tongue, as my hubby and I guided him. My son said he loved my taste and smell! Today was an incestuous birthday celebration as well as my son’s first hands-on sex-education lesson with a mature woman. My son licked me earnestly, and brought me to two violent orgasms. I was in Seventh Heaven! My own son gave me an orgasm on our marital bed as my husband watched approvingly!
After my first orgasm, my son dipped down and comprehensively tongued my asshole too, without any reservations – the sign of a sexy man! Boy, his tongue was long and talented! We encouraged him to lick and slurp noisily without any hesitation, as the room was soundproof, and noisy oral sex is more communicative. He was as pleased as I was, and said, “Momma, I am so thrilled that I could bring a sexy mature woman like you to two orgasms with my inexperienced tongue!”
As my virile son finally came up for air from my vulva, his face all wet and smeared with my juices, his father kissed his face and licked my juices off our son’s face. Though I was naked, I was wearing a huge amount of gold wedding jewellery: my Mangalsutra, wedding-ring, other ornamental rings, gold and red glass bangles, two heavy necklaces, a choker, and specially designed wedding ornaments for the ears, head, hands, feet, forearms, waist, etc. With my jewellery and Mehndi, I looked like a traditional naked ornament-bedecked consort from the Middle-Ages in India, as depicted in the famous Khajuraho temples of India, which is full of sculptures of copulating men and women!
My husband adjusted the Handycam to record the Grand Finale – rather the true beginning – of committing real incest with my own biological son, by receiving my own son’s penis and semen in my vagina, thus doing the most depraved, decadent, immoral, wicked, wanton, debauched thing a woman can do, and making my son a true motherfucker in the process! All three of us loved every minute of this ultimate sexual high!
All bright lights in our bedroom were on. My son was soon kneeling between my widely spread fat thighs, sucking my nipples, kissing my neck, breasts, tummy and flanks, and licking my big hairless Sex down to my asshole. My child was hard for me again, so I sprawled on our marital bed and invited my darling boy to mount me and enter my welcumming vagina! Crawling over my naked fat body, my son wet-kissed me, profusely thanking me for letting him fuck me. Rajeev smiled, told our son to stop talking, and get ready to become a full-fledged motherfucker. We all laughed as I grabbed hold of my son’s 10” cock and guided it into my ravenous, throbbing vagina.
Rajeev carefully filmed our shameless incest as my son’s big veined monster entered my liquefied Sex. Aaditya remarked that I was so hot and soft and so very wet! This was the first time my son had inserted his cock into a vagina, and he was obviously comparing it with how an ass felt around his cock.
So finally, I had my grown-up son’s virile penis enter the very passage he was born through, as my husband recorded the event for posterity. I was shivering like a leaf with excitement! I had committed real incest of the most intimate kind – between a mother and son! I had borne him for nine months, given birth to him, breast-fed him for two full years, bathed him, fed him, changed his nappies, and nurtured and watched him grow into a strapping young man, and now my husband and I had invited this very son of ours into our marital bed to fornicate with his very own mother! What a grand moment that was!
I was so wet that my son’s fat 10-incher slid into me like a hot knife through butter. My son’s Dong stretched my vaginal walls to the limit, and that really felt heavenly – in fact, I had a mild climax as I sat on my son’s totem-pole. After all, what does a slut crave most – a well-stuffed cunt! And if it is her own son filling her so well, what could be more exciting! Rajeev cheered and complimented me, calling me an incestuous slut!
Soon, all these complex thoughts were wiped away from my mind as my son started fucking me very slowly – the way he must be assfucking his playmates. I joyously called my virile son a Maaderchod, a motherfucker, and asked him to increase his tempo and fuck me hard. His father assured him that he would not hurt me by rutting hard into me.
My son held, and beheld, my voluptuous hips, which had spread out wide in my obscene squatting posture. I positioned my son’s long pointed cock at my slimy front entrance and quickly sat down, impaling myself on my son’s spear, taking it deep into my dribbling vagina in one smooth down-stroke. I rode my son for some time, and he kept calling me Momma, powerfully bouncing me in his lap, and kept repeating that my big soft naked ass felt great in his lap. My son copulated with me in the missionary position for a few minutes, and then Rajeev asked him to withdraw and let me ride him. My son and I changed positions, and stark-naked, I stood over him – facing him this time – and slowly lowered my pelvis to impale myself onto his fat stake.
My virile motherfucker had good stamina, and he still did not ejaculate. In our earlier discourses with him about practical sex, we had coached him on how to put off his ejaculation by stopping the fucking motions, relaxing his body, and breathing deeply. It was evident that our son had learnt that lesson well, and was putting them in practice as he fucked me – his very mother who gave him birth!
After a few minutes, Rajeev advised me to get up from my stallion and get onto all fours for a doggie-style fuck, facing the mirror. We changed positions and my husband Rajeev lay under me in a 69 to watch my cunt-stuffing from below, as I got into my favourite all-fours position, presenting my huge buttock-globes to my son. My son Aaditya forgot about fucking me doggy-style and went to town on my upturned ass, kissing, licking, squeezing, kneading, caressing, smacking and spanking it playfully. On his own, my darling son deftly spread my cheeks, exposing my asshole and tongued me anally with consummate skill! And in a unique style, which I had never come across, my son whisked my buttocks with his palms, as one would whisk soft pastry dough with one’s hands, so my buttock flesh would jiggle round and round and from side to side under his palms… My husband was egging him on, and both were going into hyperbole praising my ass! In our huge mirror, I was looking into the happy face of my handsome son, and was blowing him kisses and calling him a Maaderchod! From below, my husband was spreading my anal cleft with one hand and exposing my asshole to my son, asking him to have a good look at his Momma’s asshole.
My son did just that, and without any prompting, bent forward and kissed my anal lips, putting his big tongue inside my well-relaxed anus and wiggling it around. I felt so good, so open, so naked, so happy, making a blatant exhibition of my buttocks and my anus to my very own horny son. I had waited for this moment for so long! I wanted to pee with happiness, but I held on.
After having satiated himself with tonguing my anus for the moment, my son got ready to fuck me from rear. Rajeev asked our son how long he would be able to hold on. Aaditya said if we had breaks like this one, he could go on quite decently. So Hubby dear recorded my son’s insertion of his manhood into his incestuous mother’s receptive vagina a third time. And I was royally ravished from behind by my son’s wonderful cock. This time I asked him to ejaculate in Momma’s cunt, and finish the debauchery we had started to make him an indisputable Maaderchod, and make me the ultimate perverted slut-mother.
Soon, I felt my son’s powerful jets irrigating my Sex as I contracted violently and orgasmed around his masculine, virile cock. Receiving my very own biological son’s semen into my vagina was the pinnacle of my colourful sex-life. I had enjoyed a full sexual relationship with my real brother, but that was just a peccadillo compared to this cardinal taboo I was breaking! My son, my husband and I celebrated this historic milestone in our family life. Not every mother gets to have sex with her own son, that too to the full extent of receiving her son’s semen inside her welcumming holes, and with her approving husband watching this debauchery, depravity, shamelessness, licentiousness, wantonness, wickedness, decadence, impiety, immorality, sin… whatever you may want to call it!
I asked my son to remain inside me till he got soft. Then Rajeev sucked off our mixed juices from our son’s cock as he withdrew from me, then the two French-kissed. I remained on all fours for a long time, enjoying the wicked, depraved, immoral, sinful feel of my own son’s warm, thick, virile semen inside my very womb, as my son and my husband took turns licking my incestuous vulva clean!
Having committed this ‘cardinal sin’, we all trooped into our bathroom for a joyous, sexy cleanup. Our son then proved that urine-love surely ran in our family. Quite expectedly, he said he wanted to drink my urine, so Rajeev asked him to lie in the middle of the tiled floor. My son was beaming with delight as I straddled him with my fat legs and squatted over him to piss in his eagerly open mouth. Soon I started urinating into my son’s expectant mouth. He drank all of my ‘motherly’ urine.
Obviously, my son needed to relieve his bladder too, so I asked him to piss all over me. As my son got up, I immediately reclined on the floor, which was wet with my urine he had spilled. I asked my son to stand in front of me between my open legs and slowly urinate in my expectantly open mouth, so I too could drink all of his sizzling urine without missing a drop. Soon I was guzzling down my son’s delectable piss, as he intently watched the spectacle of his urine streaming into his own mother’s wide-open eagerly gulping mouth! Rajeev remarked that he found our son’s plump fair hairless bubble-butt very sexy, as Aaditya giggled and kissed his father – almost like a girl. I could see the signs of an interest in feminisation.
My son’s urine was yummy, delicious, scrumptious, very invigorating, crisp and fresh-tasting! Rajeev asked me to save a mouthful for him, and sucked it out of my mouth as he kissed me when my son stopped pissing in my mouth. Next, my husband also hosed my hot naked breasts and mound with his steaming yellow urine, and gave me a thorough hair-wetting Golden Shower too, as our son watched, utterly mesmerised by the utterly kinky sight of his father urinating all over his naked mother!
Before Rajeev’s stream ended, my son joined me on the floor, tasted his father’s piss and asked him to wet his face and hair too! Reclining alongside me, he offered to suck his father’s cock. So Rajeev obliged him and fed our son his cock. Though Aaditya could not do a proper deep-throat, he was soon swallowing his father’s semen. I kissed him and we shared some of the very sperm that had created him in my womb. It was a heady feeling!
As we rested after a ‘family’ shower, we received the promised calls from my brother in Singapore and my ‘sister’ Sheena in the U.S. With the speakerphone on, we heard them wishing my son a happy adult birthday, asking if he had become a true ‘Maaderchod’ and congratulated him, adding that, they would soon be joining us. They obviously asked how he liked having sex with his mother, and Aaditya was all praise for me.
My brother Shekhar told my son, “Aaditya, take good care of my darling Saroj Didi’s holes!” When Sheena called, Aaditya asked him how was his transformation going, and Sheena asked him to see the digital pictures he had recently sent to us. So we switched on the computer and showed him the Sheena’s pics as a partial transsexual. After a rest, my son fucked my Sex again as I invited his father to enter me anally at the same time.
Finally, at 4 a.m. we slept, me clasping my virile son in my arms, capturing his incestuous cock between my plump thighs, as Rajeev snuggled behind him spoon-fashion, playing with our son’s cock. In the morning, both of us again drank our son’s morning piss, and he drank ours too. Then we had a long bath in the Jacuzzi, where Rajeev deep-throated our son and received semen from the very child whom his own semen had created!
After breakfast, Aaditya watched our ‘adult’ movies and went through our ‘action’ pictures. In the forenoon, Aaditya said he wanted to wear sexy lingerie and be assfucked by his father. This was very interesting, as we do both are turned on by men who enjoy taking on a feminine identity! So I dressed my son up in brassieres, falsies, wig, corset with suspenders, stockings, but no panties, so his huge cock was in full view – he loved the kinky effect. I did a quick makeover on my son’s young face, and he looked so gorgeous, absolutely feminine, and he loved it too! Soon father and son were making out like a mature man and young slut. What a scene that was! Then I too got involved and we sandwiched our feminised son between us – my son in my Sex, and his father in his ass, and our son went berserk with ecstasy.
We spent that weekend as an incestuous family honeymoon. Since then, our adult son has become an integral part of our swinging incestuous family. A month later, my brother Shekhar arrived from Singapore, and joined our incestuous family in bed, fulfilling my most depraved dream – to have my husband’s, my son’s and my brother’s penises inside my body at the same time. Soon, all cocks had explored all new holes!
My Brother brings his Daughter into Our Family
As I said, Shekhar, my real brother from same biological parents, is an international businessman. He is now53, 5’8”, 200 lbs, dark skinned, 44-38-42 with a 7” cock. It is quite common in India for real brothers and sisters to have widely differing complexions. He now lives in Kuwait, but often travels to London and Mumbai. He has a sexy daughter named Kiron from his American ex-wife. Kiron, 26, is an ex-lingerie-model and now a flight attendant, a long-legged 5’10”, 140 lbs, 36C-24-38 bombshell with a lovely Italian-Indian fair complexion, dark green eyes, dark auburn hair and a puffy mound. She is now a stewardess and lives in Mumbai in her father’s apartment a mile away, and frequently spends her layovers and breaks with us.
Within few months of my brother Shekhar having sex with my son, my brother’s daughter Kiron seduced her father, and Shekhar promptly invited her into our incestuous family.
Some years ago, my brother Shekhar (who had taken my oral and vaginal virginity almost 32 years ago, before he moved to the U.S.) divorced his Italian-American wife and came back to India. Their daughter Kiron, then 18 year-old, never got along with her bad-tempered mother, and moved out of the family home right after her father walked out. Father and daughter kept in touch. Kiron visited us twice in the meanwhile, though only socially. I noticed that she had an eye for my young son, and I had to remind her privately a couple of times that he was still a minor. Kiron and I had seen each other naked while we were dressing up for an occasion. I had remarked on her prominent mound, and she had giggled and said it almost looked like a cock in panties! In private, my husband and I often used to tease my brother about having such a sexy daughter and not fucking her!
Five years ago, my divorced brother visited his daughter in Texas. As they shared a martini that evening, she confessed she had had lesbian experiences and discovered that she was bisexual. Kiron told her father about her recent hot lesbian affair with a senior ramp-model (who also moonlighted as a hooker), and asked him about his sex-life in Mumbai – where he spent a lot of time those days. As father and daughter had always been very frank and honest with each other, Shekhar decided to tell her the truth. Confirming that he too was bisexual, my brother told his daughter that though outside Mumbai, he occasionally had physical relationships and one-night stands with men and women, but in Mumbai, his steady mate was me – his own biological sister – and my husband, and in recent times my son also were part of this bisexual incest scene. Shekhar told her daughter about Sheena the transsexual who was also part of our kinky family.
Hearing all this, Kiron got up, and without a word, simply took off all her clothes! Completely naked, Kiron put her arms around her father’s neck and French-kissed him on the lips. Soon, father and real biological daughter began their incestuous voyage in her apartment. Their first intense incestuous fuck was, and all later ones have been, without a condom as my brother had got himself sterilized many years ago. After a brief ‘honeymoon’ with her real father, Kiron quit her modelling career, which was going nowhere, and moved to Mumbai to live with her father. Shekhar got his young daughter a flight-attendant’s Mumbai-based job with an international airline.
Once my niece moved to Mumbai, we obviously invited her into our ongoing family incest scene. We arranged a big all-night welcome party for my brother’s daughter, two days after she landed in Mumbai for good, and rested for a night. As usual, we fucked in every way for two nights and a day in a row. The best moment was when my niece rode my son’s cock, took her father in her asshole, and my husband in her mouth, as I suckled on her picture-perfect young boobs. Needless to add, piss-champagne flowed like water. My niece never pissed in the toilet for those two nights and days!
From then on, whenever her flights landed at odd times in the nights (Most international flights to and from Mumbai land in the night), Kiron would often come to our apartment straight from work without freshening up – even when she was menstruating and had a tampon in. Then one or more of us would invite her to use our mouths as her urinal as soon as she stepped in! I can tell you from first-hand experience that after a long flight, a stewardess’s carefully held-back piss is exceptionally concentrated, pungent and spicy. All of us urine-lovers find her accumulated bladder-juice absolutely scrumptious and yummy!
Whenever she gets a chance, my cum-swallowing slut-niece masturbates during the lull before landing, and chain-smokes two cigarettes the moment she is out of the airport. Sometimes, she even gives blowjobs for $10 apiece to her out-station co-workers as soon as they check into the layover hotel. My niece usually has the guys cum all over her sexy breasts, wears her bra, buttons up her dark shirt and dons her scarf and coat, then comes to our apartment without washing her mouth. At such times, she calls and tells Aaditya to come to the hotel in his car as soon as she gets into the hotel with the guys. As Aaditya reaches the hotel, she comes down smelling of cigarettes, stale perfume, airline deodorant, and semen; and Aaditya brings her home with a tired, sweat-pickled body, and her shaved cunt sticky with her own juices. We love her this way, and after we have hot sex with her, we give her a long, erotic hot massage, scrub and shower.
Once, after landing, Kiron went to the hotel with 12 male crew members from three flights, gave cheap $10 blowjobs / cheaper $5 handjobs to all of them – she really loves to play a trashy third-rate whore – and had them cum on her tits. Then she wore her sweaty full-cup work-bra back on her cum-smeared tits, put her whole uniform back on, and came down and sat in Aaditya’s car. When she landed at our place, Aaditya opened her cousin sister’s uniform and licked her semen-coated tits clean and smeared semen all over his face from her slimy bra-cups, as we watched. Then, as she let go of her ready to burst bladder, Rajeev and I drank her fiery urine, then we all made love in the Jacuzzi.
Another time, when her father (my brother) was about to leave at 3 a.m. for London, she went to their apartment, fucked her (sterilized) father, and came to our apartment with her tight cunt full of cum, and asked me to eat her father’s liquefied semen from her vagina. The depraved slut had held the semen in by duct-taping her freshly-shaved vulva!
Despite being such an oral cum-freak, Kiron puts out her cunt and asshole only to a very select bunch, which includes the family, needless to say!
Sheena returns after his transformation:
When Sheena returned from Bangkok after his transformation, we welcomed him back into our household and into his own apartment upstairs, and successfully managed his social (re)introduction as a woman. Sheena looked so much more feminine on his return! On his return, my brother Shekhar and his daughter happened to be out of India.
After receiving Sheena late in the night at Mumbai airport, the moment we reached home with him, all of us wanted to see him naked. As Rajeev kissed and stripped him, Aaditya and I took in the lovely long hair, the completely feminine face with just basic makeup – eye-shadow, mascara and lipstick, the conspicuous 44D tits, the trimmed waist, the widened hips, the enlarged buttocks, and the intriguing inflatable penile implant. We were fascinated by Sheena’s new erection-on-demand cock, and all three of us stripped and paid our first oral homage to Sheena’s 7” transsexual erection, and Sheena went wild over Aaditya’s 10-incher and deep-throated him, relishing his cum.
Even though Sheena had known about our decision to invite our son into our sex-lives, and had congratulated our son on phone on his special 18th birthday for losing his cherry to his mother, he was fascinated by my son’s 10-incher, and later by the sight of my son copulating with me. Sheena of course took my son fully into both his holes, and Aaditya too ‘returned the compliment’! Sheena had of course had some huge cocks into his ass, and he had taken the horse-cock of Suneet inside his ass too. He said my son’s cock felt really good in his ass – thoroughly filling yet easy to take in without any discomfort. We both agreed!
We had decided to make this a memorable party, so next evening, Sheena and Aaditya separately dressed up in sexy lingerie and party makeup. Rajeev helped Sheena, and I helped my son. Then both made an appearance and our ‘daughter’ Aaditya had sex with his special friend ‘Sheena Auntie’ for the first time. It was a beautiful sight! Aaditya and Sheena – both done-up in sexy lingerie and lovely makeup – kissed, danced and made love. Both looked so feminine, as Rajeev and I watched and photographed, and later joined. Later, my brother and his daughter visited and met the new Sheena. Bisexual father-daughter really went to town over him.
An evening of real primary incest:
A few months before my daughter-in-law Rithika came into our lives, we had a great weekend together with all four of our incestuous couple friends. There were mother Geetanjali with daughter Mudra, father Rakesh with daughter Shawnee, mother Vineeta with son Nikhil, sister Rakhsheen with brother Naushad, and of course my husband Rajeev, son Aaditya, brother Shekhar, his daughter Kiron, and myself.
Arranging this get-together needed a lot of persuasion, assurances and planning, but this kinky Baker’s Dozen of six male and seven female incestuous lovers finally got together at our place. We did not indulge in much of dressing up, drinking, dancing and partying. Sheena was away for some small cosmetic surgery on his breasts, so we met in his apartment’s large empty carpeted playroom.
We received everyone separately, and parked the couples in various bedrooms. At the time of the rendezvous, our family members escorted them up to the top floor. In the initial moments before introductions, everyone was a bit nervous. Rajeev introduced every couple formally with real names and real relationships, and made a small speech, declaring our intent and our liking for incest (also bisexuality and group-sex). He affirmed that all gathered approved of incest between consenting adults, and practiced it in real life too.
Rajeev expressed our shared belief that adult, responsible, non-imposing incest greatly helped improve family bonding, helped nullify frustration, anger and possessiveness, especially in youngsters; bisexuality made for a more complete sex-life; and group-sex increased one’s patience and sharing qualities. He said we all had gathered that weekend to share our minds and bodies, to strengthen our belief in incest, to bond with other incestuous couples to gain support, endorsement and comfort, to witness our peers engage in incest too, and to discard any remaining guilt, shame, and isolation incestuous couples often felt.
Rajeev declared that, though unlike the GLBT - Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transsexuals, we could not publicly come out of our ‘incestuous closet’; we could at least congregate that day to physically display and share our unique beliefs in incest. He added that we were all proud to be incestuous and also proud to be bisexual. All present said they shared the same views, and endorsed and cheered him.
Rajeev then lay down (previously agreed upon) basic rules of decency and secrecy, never mentioning this incestuous get-together to anyone, avoiding recognising each other if they ever accidentally met in public in future, not asking for personal details, not forcing themselves socially or sexually upon anyone, etc. Rajeev played the host-compere-facilitator-cameraman – everyone had agreed on nude group pictures as the ultimate insurance, as we do with all our mates.
We got the ball rolling by our family members kissing and stripping each other. First, my son and I stripped each other, and I declared that we were discarding all our shame, guilt, ego, inhibitions and taboos along with our clothes, and encouraged everyone to do the same. Everyone endorsed me and clapped for us – Rajeev started it. Playfully, I declared that my virile son was an absolute Maaderchod (motherfucker), and that cheered everyone up. Next up was my brother kissing and stripping his daughter, then I kissed my brother and my son kissed his father. Bold sister Rakhsheen and good-looking brother Naushad followed, then handsome father Rakesh and daughter Shawnee got naked and kissed, then mother Geetanjali and daughter Mudra followed, lastly mother Vineeta and son Nikhil shed their clothes and inhibitions.
There were many high points: first were actual incest ‘actions’. We did it relation by relation, two couples making out on the big carpet at a time as others watched: Rakhsheen and I first tied Rakhees on our brothers’ cocks, and then had a quick succession of oral, vaginal and anal penetrations with our respective brothers Naushad and Shekhar. Then the three offspring, Nikhil, Mudra and Aaditya offered oral ‘homage’ respectively to their ‘birthplaces’ – the vaginas of Vineeta, Geetanjali and mine. Then Rakesh and Shekhar had oral and woman-on-top sex with their respective daughters Shawnee and Kiron. Next, Vineeta and I got fucked doggy style by our respective sons Nikhil and Aaditya. That was the first time I had sex with my son with so many spectators, and I enjoyed it immensely. Last was gay incest with Mudra doing a lesbian 69 to her daughter Mudra as Rajeev deep-throated, and then had anal sex with our son Aaditya. After a light dinner with non-alcoholic beer, we moved to our bedroom where we all indulged in swinging-n-swapping.
Then the action became very gay as Rakhsheen got into a wild lesbian triangle with Geetanjali and Kiron, as Mudra 69ed with Vineeta and Shawnee 69ed with me. Rajeev was all over fair, hairless Naushad and good-looking Nikhil, and my brother Shekhar and Rakesh made love to Aaditya. Finally, the younger males Aaditya, Nikhil and Naushad got into a love-tangle with babes Shawnee, Kiron and Mudra, as we seven elders watched and cheered. Everyone went to sleep with a swap mate: I slept with Nikhil, Vineeta slept with Naushad, Rakhsheen slept with Rakesh, Mudra slept with Kiron, and Geetanjali slept with Shekhar. Rajeev, Shawnee and Aaditya slept together in our master bedroom and plump-assed Shawnee pestered Rajeev uncle to take her anal cherry, which he did, and then she took Aaditya into her front door simultaneously. She was a bit sore in the morning, so Rajeev massaged her and gave her a long early-morning soak in our Jacuzzi. She is now a regular ‘Rakhee’ sister of Aaditya. During the party, Rakesh remarked that after his daughter started having sex with him, she had suddenly become very mature, responsible and calm. We replied that our experience with our son was exactly the same. Vineeta and Shekhar agreed too.
Everyone had good fun that weekend, and the next two days were spent in swapping, fucking and glorious incest. Aaditya and I took Golden Showers from everyone next morning, and the whole morning was spent in the big bathroom. That afternoon, first all the males formed a gay group and had fun as we women watched and cheered them, then us women got together in a lesbian orgy, making out as the men watched and cheered lustily. What made this unique was everyone was naturally using the words “Momma”, “Mommy”, “Dad”, “Papa”, “Sis”, “Bhaiya”, “Beti (daughter)”, “Sonny”, etc. This multiplied our excitement. I wonder if so many real incestuous families ever got together under a single roof in India.
Soon afterwards, Nikhil proposed to Shawnee, and the two were married at a simple ceremony. Two days later, Nikhil's father – unaware of the ‘sinful’ developments right under his nose – left for sea for a six-month voyage, and Vineeta and Rakesh quietly had an adulterous-incestuous ‘honeymoon’ in the same resort as their children. Needless to say, the four meet us often and swing with our family.
Recently, our family enjoyed an unusual holiday exchange – Rajeev holidayed with Sheena, our son Aaditya and my niece Kiron in a 5-star Himalayan resort, and I took a trip to the honeymoon resort near the temple of ancient Hindu Erotica in Khajuraho with my brother Shekhar, Rakhsheen and her brother Naushad. Rakhsheen had checked in as Shekhar’s wife and I had checked in as Naushad’s wife, so we could publicly address our brothers as ‘Bhaiya’. We would visit the temple, see and take snaps of the erotic sculptures, than return to our suites to enjoy incest and gay sex. My manly brother Shekhar with his dark complexion and Naushad with his fair, smooth supermodel-like good-looks looked divine making out together – like a fair twink with a dark, older stud; and they loved watching us fat-assed lesbians too. We girls were calling the men ‘Homos’ as they smooched and stripped each other, and the men called us ‘fat Lesbos’ as we kissed and danced together! Both the men had beautiful, mean-looking penises with nice heads and fat veins. We had carried many Rakhees, and we were tying them on the two brotherly erections before every action.
At the same time, Rakhsheen’s husband Pervez was vacationing in Bangkok with their big-titted bisexual secretary Simone, by now quite an anal slut – after Rajeev deflowered her ass a few years ago.
Rajeev, Sheena, Aaditya and Kiron had a great time too. Mostly, my son Aaditya and his first-cousin sister Kiron honeymooned together as young husband and wife, giving a chance to the now street-perfect transsexual Sheena and my husband Rajeev to have their own honeymoon too. However, they often enjoyed kinky foursomes, and swapped ‘wives’ too, where Sheena enjoyed my son’s big dong, and he enjoyed her transsexual persona, and Rajeev enjoyed his niece Kiron’s lissom body and her strong urine, and Kiron savoured Rajeev’s anal skills.
How I met Our Daughter-in-law Rithika:
How I met Rithika – who is now my son’s wife – and came to be in her bed, is an extremely fascinating story! So, I am recounting this in some detail, as I am now as much head-over-heels in love with this sexy girl as my son, husband, brother, ‘sister’ and niece are! I have our first meeting seared into my memory, because I had this fantastic honeymoon with Rithika before my son even met her.
Four years ago, early in August on a Wednesday afternoon, Karuna, my old lesbian mate from Delhi (see Part-1), visited me in Mumbai. Rajeev and Aaditya were out, and big-built Karuna and I enjoyed some good lesbian sex. Sheena joined us for a while and Karuna kissed him a lot, played with his flaccid and inflated cock for some time out of curiosity, then focused on his rotund silicone tits. Making out in our bed, when Karuna expressed a need to pee, I fastened my mouth on her cunt and drank all her tangy urine for the first time. Karuna did not reciprocate, and I did not expect her to.
In late afternoon, it was raining heavily, so I dropped Karuna in my car at the airport to catch a flight back to Delhi. As soon as I returned home, I got a call from Karuna’s cell phone. She said that heavy rains had delayed the whole departure schedule, and added that she just met an old friend of hers, a lesbian divorcee named Rithika, seven years younger to her, living in Chennai.
I was generally undressing in our bedroom when her call came. Karuna quickly sketched out Rithika for me: 24 year-old Rithika was a strategic planning executive in the Chennai office of a very prosperous overseas bank – the youngest in their history – where Karuna also worked as a senior manager in their Delhi office. Rithika had lived with Karuna as a lodger for a few months in her spacious villa when she worked in that bank’s Delhi office. Karuna had shared her bed and body with Rithika, till she (Rithika) fell in love with a guy, got married, move out and lost touch with Karuna.
On that Wednesday morning, Karuna ran into Rithika at the domestic departure lounge at Mumbai airport, where they had a long private chat in a secluded corner of the quiet restaurant upstairs, Karuna was going to Delhi in north and Rithika was flying back to Chennai in south.
Karuna informed me that Rithika was living alone those days in Chennai, and had no lezzy mates. Indian metropolises, especially Chennai, are not yet places where one can go into a bar and meet other lesbians. As Karuna knew that I would be visiting Chennai after two days, she told Rithika about me and asked her if she would like to meet me.
Keenly interested, Rithika had said yes, and had started asking more questions about me. Karuna told Rithika about my personality, nature, figure, bisexuality, my open marriage with bisexual Rajeev, my urine-fetish, wardrobe, kinky dance-shows… Rithika immediately offered to be my lesbian host in Chennai, if that was okay with me. Right away, Karuna had called me from her cell, described Rithika and the conversation with her, and asked me if I were interested in Rithika’s proposition for a weekend date in Chennai. I said I would surely love to meet Rithika!
Karuna then gave the phone to Rithika. As I politely introduced myself to Rithika, she promptly invited me to stay back in Chennai with her for a 3-day-long weekend at her private apartment from Friday evening to Tuesday morning, as Monday was a public holiday. I immediately accepted and said I would reschedule my tickets. Just as we exchanged our phone numbers, Rithika’s flight was called out, so she said she would call me after she reached home in Chennai, and Karuna took the phone again. Laughingly, she told me, “Saroj, be ready to cope with a sex-starved lesbian!” Karuna added that Rithika had a shoe and foot fetish.
After a couple of hours, Rithika called me up directly from Chennai, and cautiously asked me if we could talk freely. I said my husband Rajeev was in his study and I had already informed him about her invitation. Cautiously, Rithika asked me if our rendezvous was okay with my husband. I laughed and said Rajeev had fully endorsed, and explained to her that we both enjoyed an open marriage, and we both were happily bisexual, and I was already getting wet talking to her. When it comes to sex, I am always candid.
Rithika laughed shyly and remarked that it was so nice of Karuna to arrange our date. Informing her about myself, I said I was 44, married to Rajeev with a working son living with us. I said I was an MBA and worked from home as a technical writer. Rithika told me that she was 24, a divorcee. She had been separated for almost 3 years after just a month into a rocky marriage. She informed me that her family consisted of her widowed mother Suchitra, a college teacher who lived in Kuwait with her son, Rithika’s younger brother Tanuj, a student. Rithika said she was an MBA from a famous college in England, and now she was working as the strategic planning executive in the Chennai office of her international bank.
Rithika wondered whether Karuna had warned me that she (Rithika) was big and fat, just like Karuna! I honestly said she did not, but added that she could not be bigger than my 46C-40-56 figure! She laughed nervously and said she was 44DD-32-54 – had huge tits, ‘obscenely large’ buttocks and thunder thighs! I laughed about ‘mine is bigger’, and added that I was 5’7” and 210 lbs. Rithika replied that she was 5’8” and 200lbs. I quickly reassured her that I had first-hand knowledge that many men (and women too, including my husband and me) loved huge tits, ‘obscenely large’ bottoms and thunder thighs, so she need have no worries at all on those counts!
However, I said that she might find me too old for her, as I had 20 years on her, so we were almost a generation apart, and I had borne and nursed a child, so I would obviously not be in as good a shape as hers. (At this point, I obviously did not tell Rithika that that very child I had borne was sleeping in our marital bed whenever he was home.) Quite sincerely, I added that I would love to worship her 54” ass, and she giggled and said she would worship every inch of me if I would let her, she added that she loved plump older women, and believed that she would learn more from an older woman! At that moment, I thought she was either just being polite, or was too sex-starved to be choosy.
Getting down to planning our rendezvous, Rithika asked me where I would be on Friday afternoon. I told her the name of the hotel. She said her club was quite near that hotel, and she would come and pick me up in the evening at 5 p.m. and then we could go to her club for a bite. I agreed. We would have an early dinner at the club, and then drive to her apartment for our weekend away. Rithika said her office was quite close to the club, but the drive to her apartment would take more than an hour even if we detoured through the outskirts bypassing the city traffic. Rithika informed me that she lived alone in a large fully furnished two-bedroom penthouse apartment that had been rented for her by her bank. It was a new building, just two years old, and hers was a solitary apartment on the top (11th) floor of that block, so the comfort, privacy and view were excellent. I said that sounded very nice.
Continuing, Rithika told me that her periods were just over, and I told her I was in mid cycle, so there was no worry on that count. We learned that we both smoked and drank, though Rithika did not smoke or drink in public. Practical girl – in conservative Chennai she would be looked down upon by colleagues and neighbours! I found out she was a Sagittarian and told her I was a Gemini. When I said Karuna had told me about her shoe and foot fetish, and asked her how I should prepare for that, Rithika asked me to do a pedicure and bring with me some clean footwear if I could. I agreed, and I did have some squeaky-clean footwear, which I only wore for my strip-shows, never outdoors. Rithika was thrilled.
Then came the interesting part! Hesitantly, Rithika said that Karuna mentioned that I was into Water Sports, and shyly asked me if that was true. I forthrightly said I loved it! (I still had a faint taste of Karuna’s piss in my mouth.) On hearing that, Rithika quietly remarked that that was wonderful, then very bashfully admitted that she herself had been a ‘solo’ player for some time, and added that in her free time, she had been surfing the net to learn more about Water Sports. She had been longing for a guru to learn from, and a partner with whom she could share experiences. This was celestial music to my ears, but at this point, I thought it wise not to press for details. I knew by experience that they would soon come out.
Now that Rithika herself had admitted being into Water Sports, I revealed that I loved to drink it too, as drinking from a healthy person was medically harmless. Rithika said she knew it was harmless, and she was sure I would be a clean and healthy person, and she was looking forward to having her first drink from someone other than herself. Hmm, so we were definitely talking about urine-drinking here, and not about water sports in the swimming pool. Wow, here was a true piss-drinking lesbian!
Rithika confided in me that, for some months, she had been drinking her own urine, and the experience, taste and aroma really turned her on, so she wanted to venture out further and do it with a partner! So, making clear at the outset that I never expected anyone to reciprocate my Water Sports routines, I asked her if I could make a very personal request if she did not mind. With her interest stirred, Rithika bubbled, “Saroj, I don’t mind anything at all! This is a dream-cum-true, and I want to learn every possible aspect of Water Sports from you! I promise I will be a good student! Karuna spoke very highly of you, and I trust Karuna’s judgment completely! Okay, so what do you want me to do?”
So, quite candidly, I revealed to Rithika that I liked my Golden drink extremely concentrated and strong in colour, aroma and taste, and loved it when the volume had maxed out. Rithika asked me how exactly she could ensure that. “Easy,” I explained, “Just avoid liquids from morning, have spicy food, strong coffee and chocolates, smoke a few cigarettes, and simply hold on, as most women can!” Very sincerely, she wrote it all down, and assented in a soft voice. I added that our long commute to her home would certainly help!
I requested Rithika if she would be so nice to meet me with the pressure in her abdomen quite relentless, but not painful. Rithika happily consented, and hesitantly asked me if I too would be holding on for her. This made my cunt moisten even more, and I said I easily could if she wanted me to!
I also asked Rithika to take a full dose of Isabgol powder (a natural fibrous laxative) that night, and again the next night, and I too was going to do the same. And a couple of large plain vitamin B-complex tablets thrice a day until we met – it would make our drinks more golden! She laughed and said she would buy and take them as I suggested.
Encouraged by Rithika’s enthusiasm, I suggested that for our 3-day retreat, it would be wonderful if she could stock up heaps of low-calorie, liquid and fibrous foods in her kitchen: honeydew melons, watermelons, oranges, green salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, low-cal fruit juices, coffee, skimmed milk, buttermilk, diet beer, vodka, coconut water…
Rithika immediately understood the implications, and again excitedly wrote everything down. She said she would take Thursday off from work and do the shopping, get the house and fridge thoroughly cleaned and stacked up, get all necessary peeling, cutting, chopping, preparation-work done, and then give the next four days off to her maidservant. Rithika remarked that a completely secluded weekend with a new friend would be a great experience, and she had been desperate for a break like this for a very long time, and it was so nice of me to be so open with her.
I asked Rithika if she had any wine or vodka at home. She said she had a mature bottle of Riesling Sekt (German sparkling wine), and with much amusement, I told her that the German word Natursekt (literally meaning natural wine) was a slang for piss. She had a good laugh! Rithika added that she would be grateful if I could bring the vodka, as she did not want to be seen buying liquor in conservative Chennai. She said she would get a dozen large cans of a very nice non-alcoholic beer from the supermarket. I was all right with that, and said I would get a bottle of Smirnoff for our weekend party!
I casually asked Rithika if her apartment was well lit, and she assured me that her apartment had large windows and had light fixtures in every possible place, so it was quite brightly lit all over. Plus she happened to have two photographer’s studio lights as well, left behind by a cousin who had moved out of India. She added that she also had a large movable mirror that she used for exercising. I asked her if she had a garden hose, and she replied in the affirmative. I asked her to get a large pack of 3M’s Super-Absorber napkins for mopping up, and asked her if she could get a few aromatic candles. Rithika hissed with excitement!
With that, we exchanged our cell and land-line numbers, said our auf wiedersehens, and put the phone down. In all this excitement, I forgot to ask Rithika if she shaved her pubes. So, I called her back, and was pleasantly surprised to know that she too shaved once a month, and if I preferred her hairless, she would be pleased to be clean-shaven for me. She added that she had just fixed an appointment with her beautician for a full-body waxing on Thursday afternoon. I said to a giggling Rithika that I hated to have hair caught in my teeth. She asked me if I too would be hairless, and I too said I always shaved and waxed for a date.
On Thursday, I packed my luggage for my Golden Getaway with Rithika. On a hunch, I packed a new pair of the largest size in champagne flutes (tall narrow-rimmed stemmed wine glasses, about 650 millilitres) – washed, polished and ready to use – and a huge brand-new soft yet strong and thick transparent plastic sheet as a Golden Showers gift for Rithika. I had these spare with me. I also packed three packs of very mild cigarettes, a new one-pound tin of Nivea crème, lots of sexy lingerie, glitzy cosmetics, some raunchy music, suitable toys, lubricants, and a full bottle of Smirnoff vodka. I selected some sexy footwear, and cleansed them thoroughly. On Thursday evening, my ‘sister’ Sheena depilated and waxed me, as is our routine before an important date, and he did a thorough pedicure on me too. Rajeev remarked appreciatively that my feet had never looked better. My son Aaditya was out of town that week.
Late at night on Thursday, Rithika called up to tell me that she was back from her shopping and beauty salon, just finished depilating, and had got everything arranged for our weekend get-together. I requested her that whatever lingerie she would be wearing for me, she would wear it to office that morning. She confessed that she had not intended to, but she would gladly go along with my wishes!
That night, as Rajeev, Sheena and I had sex; we talked about Rithika and worked out some kinky ideas for my lesbian date. I got up early on Friday morning for my 8 a.m. flight. Since I had to meet my corporate clients in Chennai in a 5-star hotel’s conference hall before I met Rithika, I arranged for a room in the same hotel for an hour in the afternoon to freshen up and change for the evening. I had already declined my client’s dinner invitation, saying I had other engagements. They obviously did not know that their respectable consultant Ms. Saroj’s ‘other engagement’ was with a lesbian for indulging in urine drinking…
I dressed up as a working professional for the meeting on Friday morning, took my flight and landed in Chennai on a hot rainy monsoon morning. In Chennai, my meetings and lunch got over at 2 p.m. instead of 4 p.m., so I called Rithika on her cell phone and asked if we could meet at her club at 3 p.m. instead of 5 p.m., so we could save time. She said she would leave early from work and be there by 3 p.m. and requested me to call her from my cell as I was about to reach the club.
So, in my hotel, I checked into the room I had hired, stripped completely and took a quick soapy shower and shampoo, especially scrubbing my feet. After drying my hair, I got into a red and black satin-n-lace lingerie set made up of a spaghetti-strap basque-corset with underwired bra-cups and attached red suspenders, and black fishnet stockings decorated by a thigh-garter. I wore a pair of matching microscopic G-string panties over the suspenders, just the way streetwalkers do. The side-tying G-strings were a small triangle just about covering my Sex, and the back was just a cord going up my butt-cleavage and meeting the matching waist-cord in a clean T. To add to my sassy look, I tucked the very thousand Rupees (about $20) note, which my son had given me for sucking his cock, in my thigh-garter, putting that thing to its right use, as is done by Western prostitutes and strippers.
I wore cotton socks over my fishnets to keep my feet fresh in that heat. On top of my Western slut outfit, I wore a gold-embroidered burgundy silk Salwar-Kurta with a Chunri. My outer dress completely covered my Western streetwalker persona inside. I knew my ass looked very prominent if someone cared to look. On my feet, I put on ordinary 3” heeled side-zipped burgundy ankle-shoes – intending to change them at Rithika’s apartment. The shoes were a little out of place, but anything goes in today’s fast-changing urban India. I topped all this off with my usual chunky, stylish gold and black-bead Mangalsutra, and gold earrings and bangles. Now, by mere taking off of my Chunri, shoes, socks, Kurta and Salwar, and putting on my stilettos, I would instantly transform into a raring-to-go slut. Having dressed up, I quickly did an alluring evening makeover with rust-red eye shadow, heavy mascara and a lustrous dark-brown smudge-proof lipstick. Real whore I was, on the inside; but on the outside, I looked like a normal prosperous Indian woman. My outer dress was perfectly acceptable in that particular club, one of the few fashionable places in staid Chennai. I brushed my boy-cut hair, called the lobby for an air-conditioned taxi to take me to Rithika’s club, and checked out of the hotel.
As I entered the taxi, I called Rithika on my cell phone. She said she had just reached the Club, and would be waiting for me in the porch. She added that she was wearing a navy blue and silver Sari, and quipped that even if I missed her, I could not miss her big butt! I laughed and told her I was wearing a burgundy and gold Salwar-Kurta, and I would be with her in a few minutes. Next, I called Rajeev from the taxi, updated him on the business developments and promised to call him late at night.
I meet my future Daughter-in-law – on a Lesbian date:
Rithika turned out to be very pretty – not the glam-babe kind, but the young news-anchor kind of intelligent, quiet good looks. She was conservatively dressed in a very graceful navy blue Kancheepuram silk Sari with silver Palloo, a matching half-sleeved Choli, a pearl necklace and plain black platforms sandals; and she was wearing light but very gorgeous daytime makeup. She had worn her Sari just below her navel, but had draped the Palloo in the typical no-nonsense female high-executive style. And she was holding an obscenely large bouquet of fat about-to-bloom red roses for me.
We met and shook hands, and she handed me the outsized bunch of roses. We kissed each other politely on the cheeks, lingering for one or two seconds longer than propriety would allow. I sniffed a classy perfume, and a bit of perspiration from the muggy Chennai after-rain heat. As I kissed her cheek, I whispered to her that she looked sexy. Rithika blushed and thanked me, and said I looked gorgeous!
The first thing that struck me about tall, large and graceful Rithika was that she had a regular physique – neither small-boned with lot of body fat like many plump Indian women, nor large-boned and broad like mine – but with splendidly curvaceous feminine proportions, with a no-flab waist, average torso and long legs. Even so, she had huge breasts, conspicuously wide hips and extraordinarily large buttocks for her average Indian frame! Though she was only an inch taller than I was, Rithika had a long slender neck, which made her look gorgeously tall and glamorous!
Rithika had a beautiful oval face, and though her face and personality was totally different, her figure reminded me of yesteryear’s Indian movie-star Asha Parekh in her later years – with a trim waist, big tits, heavy tapering thighs and a colossal rotund ass.
I requested Rithika to have the roses put in her car, as I would attract too much attention in the club with those. She did that, and got the bellboys to transfer my two big suitcases from my taxi into her car – a white Fiat Siena, as I paid off my taxi. As I moved around in the club’s parking space, I noticed that Rithika was also thoroughly looking me over, especially my big fat ass!
As Rithika led me inside the rambling 19th century colonial-style clubhouse, I noticed she had this smart, fluidly graceful walk with long strides – very sensuous and without any ungainly waddle despite her huge width. She had this natural uninhibited pendulous sashay in her walk – much more than mine, although I have always been told my ass really moves when I walk! As I had said in the deion of my own fat body in Part 1, my spherical buttocks are quite well-separated and move quite independently. But Rithika’s buttocks were more perfectly rounded, more separated than mine, moved more than mine do, and sashayed more sexily. I noticed that her elbows were naturally turned inward, making her look very feminine, and making her large buttocks appear even larger.
And her big boobs bounced-n-jiggled around in her Choli very earthily with every step. Rithika had thick straight lustrous black hair streaked with burgundy and tied in a large chignon right behind her head – very professional looking! The Indian Sari, especially in Rithika’s formal draping style, is the most graceful way in the World to drape big breasts and heavy hips, and Rithika looked absolutely gorgeous in that Sari.
I noticed that though she was quite femininely rounded, I could not see any sagging flab anywhere. Maybe her legs were fat like mine. Rithika was wearing a very well fitting Choli that had a very formal high neckline at the back, yet her whole back looked very attractive. She had a very shapely back with a deep spinal channel and a narrow waist with flaring hips. She had a small, very sexy fold between her lower back and her wide hips – this show up on most women whenever they wear a Sari. But that was just under-the-skin fat, not love-handles at all. As she walked, these two folds alternately opened and closed at each step – ooh so sexy!
As Rithika climbed up the staircase ahead of me, she shifted her Palloo to the side and pulled her Sari to the front, thus inadvertently tightening it on her huge ass, as any Sari-clad Indian women would naturally do when climbing stairs! I delightfully observed that on her tall but average Indian frame – more than her 44DD tits – her buttocks looked so prominent, especially in that puffy silk Sari which left her neat waist bare. To me, her ass looked very well shaped and well proportioned, as my husband and I are definitely partial to full figures and large buttocks on women, whatever today’s fashion gurus may proclaim – probably they never had sex with a plump woman. Personally speaking, I have had lesbian sex with slender ramp models and it is definitely not as satisfying as sex with full-figured women. My husband endorses this completely.
Rithika looked the lonely sort, and I surmised that her loneliness and social isolation was brought about by a combination of high intelligence, ivy-league education, swift professional accomplishments, and by her lovely yet out-of-fashion figure. She later told me she almost always wore Saris to the office, because at her bank, a fitted dress would attract too much attention – even derision – to her breasts and hips. Female colleagues, even those elder to her, wore swanky business suits and other elegant outfits to the bank. Plus she had not found the right tailor in Chennai who could do a good dressmaking job for her. Young people can be quite cruel to those who do not conform to their ideas of flawlessness. I made a mental note to help her get good office and party dresses made in Mumbai.
Inside her club, Rithika led me to a spacious colonial style semi-open veranda, and we settled in an isolated corner at some distance from others, completely out of earshot. There were hardly any members around, as it was a gloomy hot rainy afternoon, and though we got a few cursory second looks, no one took any interest in us.
Rithika was very friendly and polite. In that open, sprawling clubhouse veranda, we talked softly as we sat opposite each other across a small low coffee table. As we settled in our chairs, Rithika leisurely raised her arms above her head and opened her chignon to reveal a full plumage of thick straight waist-length hair – black with streaks of burgundy, quite fashionable those days. This gesture is something a traditional Indian woman will usually do only in front of someone familiar, or do it as a seductive gesture for a male lover! It was obviously meant to seduce me, as she smiled as I admired her quite openly.
I suggested that if it was okay with her, we could have a light snack right away, directly move on to her apartment without dinner, and get into action early, then eat something later at her place. She agreed, and called the waiter. The man came over, and as she graciously placed the order, I took in her lovely soft hairless skin – fairer than mine, very healthy, young, taut, and with a uniform fresh peaches-and-cream yellowish fair complexion that certain Indians have, which does not tan or darken anywhere at all, much like the colour of girls from south Italy, without a tan. Rithika had a small yet perfectly-boned head, beautiful huge liquid black eyes, naturally thin intelligent eyebrows, tall eyelids – very feminine, naturally long eyelashes, a sharp long nose, a well-defined jaw line, a long slender neck, a perfect upper lip and a fat juicy kissable lower one, and cute bunny-rabbit sort of lovely teeth! She was wearing classy, fairly expensive jewellery.
Rithika retrieved a hairbrush from her handbag and brushed her thick long hair into a glossy cataract. As she combed and managed her hair, I noticed her Choli was quite damp at the armpits – very sensuous! And I couldn’t help noticing Rithika’s full heavy big breasts too – not too round, and not too pointed, but I knew that most brassieres alter breast shapes, and the naked truth is often more tired, like mine. The best attribute of her breasts was that even though they were close-set, they bulged out sideways a bit beyond her armpits, which made them look even more conspicuous. Her shoulders were rather narrow, yet square and femininely soft. I found myself wondering what lingerie this very young, yet elegantly conservative female banker was wearing inside. And I was imagining this elegant young woman brazenly urinating in my mouth, and swallowing my piss too! Rithika had beautiful well-toned arms, and dainty hands with naturally long but close-cut well-kept nails. Perfect to fist me with, I thought – like a big bad wolf!
Explaining that the following questions were part of my ethical code, and she should answer honestly without any obligation, I quietly but clearly asked her, “Rithika, do you intended to enter into a sexual relationship with me today at your apartment?” To which, she quietly but firmly said yes. I then formally informed her, “Rithika, during sex, we will end up exchanging body fluids, and I want you to know that I am in good health, free of any infective diseases, and I am HIV negative as tested last month.” She replied, “Yes Saroj, I too am in good health and I just got my HIV negative test report this morning, as Karuna had advised me to get myself tested immediately before I met you.” I then asked her, “Rithika, do you wish me to stay in your house and continue our sexual explorations all the way till Tuesday morning?” To which she quietly but firmly nodded a yes again.
I then specifically asked her, “And Rithika, do you desire to indulge in urinating on my body and in my mouth?” To which she said, “Only if you do the same to me!” I replied, “Then you also desire to indulge in bathing in my urine and drinking my urine too?” To which she again gave a quietly excited yes.
Continuing, I said, “Rithika, I will outline my sexual dos and don’ts to you. My do’s include full bisexual oral, anal and genital sex, active and passive urination including drinking, getting fist-fucked, role-playing, pornography, sexy makeovers, exotic dancing and stripping, exhibitionism, and dirty pillow-talk. I like bright lights, alcohol and mild cigarettes during sex. My don’ts include all drugs including marijuana, pain and violence, sex with below-18s, sex with any animal, sexual enemas, scat, brown showers, hatred, lying, bigotry and desire to hurt others. Now tell me about yours.”
Though softly, Rithika exclaimed, “Wow, I would say ditto to everything, though I am an anal virgin and a ‘fist’ virgin too! I had tried marijuana in England but I didn’t like it, so I hope that does not disqualify me!” I reassured her on that count. I then asked her, “Besides, do you have any special likings, tastes or kinks? So I could connect better with you!” Rithika quietly said, “Saroj, actually I am evenly bisexual, but as of now, I only want to get into lesbian sex and Golden Showers, on which I have been going solo till now. I have a shoe and foot fetish, and I too am into dirty dancing, sexy lingerie, fancy makeovers, adult photography, porn, and I may have a few surprises for you!” she said with a twinkle in her lovely eyes. “And any unfulfilled desires?” Laughing softly, she said “Many! As I said, I want to try Water Sports with a partner, try all sorts of toys, lose my anal cherry, get fisted, try mixed group sex, dance and strip for an audience…” I asked her if she masturbated regularly and if she got multiple orgasms. To both questions, she proudly said yes! No wonder she had such a clear, blemish-free skin!
Rithika declared further, “Saroj, I want you to take the lead in everything and I will just follow your instructions like a good student,” She giggled, “I am quite a copycat when it comes to sex.” I told her, “I am flattered, Miss Copycat! Just go slow and easy, as we have three days and four nights to get to know each other fully and explore all facets of our sexualities.” Rithika confided in me “You know, Saroj, for the last three days since Karuna told me about you, and mentioned that you are into Water Sports, I have been continuously horny and soaring on adrenalin.”
I quietly asked Rithika how full she was. She laughed silently and said the pressure was quite bad but still bearable – just as I wanted it to be. I asked if she would be able to hold on until we reached her apartment. She nodded quietly. I requested her to agree to – till the time I was her guest – absolutely never pee without first asking me if I wanted it. She beamed and said this promise had to be both ways! I happily consented.
Our food took ages to arrive, so Rithika started telling me about herself. She informed me that after she did her MBA in England at a very young age – she was the youngest in her class – she worked for a year as an apprentice in London with a very successful English investment banker named Theo. His bisexual wife Vanessa ran a highbrow by-appointment-only lingerie-store stocking Lane Bryant – a famous brand of clothes and lingerie for large-sized women!
In fact, it was Vanessa who discovered bisexual Rithika in a lesbian bar next to her store, and took her to bed. A few days later, her indulgent husband offered Rithika an apprenticeship – knowing fully well that lovely Rithika was one of his wife’s occasional bed-mates. Being a quick study, Rithika learned a lot about banking from Theo.
Vanessa lodged Rithika with two of her employees – a plump motherly bisexual seamstress and her boyfriend – a pre-op transsexual who worked in the store as a makeup artist and part-timed as a ‘waitress’ at Madame Jojo’s, a famous Tranny-show place.
Rithika convinced Vanessa to keep the store open on weekends and modelled lingerie for oversized customers – sales soared and they bought more when Rithika modelled, as they felt more comfortable with a large-sized, yet young light-skinned Indian model with an exotic skin colour and huge black eyes.
On weekends, Rithika would work alone in the store virtually naked, wearing only a thin, clinging skin-colour-matched micro-bikini and high-heels, so she could quickly don and doff lingerie over them and model, as well as make invoices, swipe cards and pack the merchandise. When not modelling, Rithika would usually wear a loose front-open silk kimono over her bikini, but would remove it nonchalantly whenever the need arose, or if it came in the way.
Quite predictably, many of the store’s customers were lesbians; and with the owner’s tacit approval, they occasionally propositioned Rithika. She always accepted, and usually got very generous tips in cash or kind. Vanessa too paid her very handsomely, and occasionally invited Rithika to her lesbian get-togethers, to add a touch of the exotic with her Indian Sari, Salwar-Kurta and Ghaghra-Choli-Chunri outfits. In these parties, one or the other lesbian socialite always invited Rithika to spend some hours in her bed after the party.
However, Rithika found the whole London high-society lesbian scene very selfish and nasty, though she was always willing to please. From her bed-mates, Rithika also learnt a lot about fashion, lingerie, makeover, exotic dancing, modelling…
This was when our snacks made an appearance. Over a quick nibble of green salad, small samosas and filtered coffee, I discovered that she was yoga regular from the age of 14. That meant she would also be very flexible bodily. We ate without delay, Rithika signed the tab, and we managed to leave the club before 4.15 p.m. As I walked behind Rithika to her car, I again had a good look at her ample, unhurriedly sashaying derrière! It was wide, perfectly spherical, and did bulge out quite invitingly behind her – Rajeev would go gaga over her.
We soon settled in Rithika’s car. She switched on the air-conditioning at full blast, reversed and steered out of the club onto the wet main road into a light rain. Rithika had noticed me looking at her awesome derrière, so she quietly asked me with some anxiety, “Saroj, I hope you don’t mind me being so fat.” I laughed and said “Rithika, to be absolutely honest, I really find your whole womanly figure stunningly sexy, even though your kind of figure is not in vogue these days. What’s more, whenever you meet my husband, he will go berserk after your figure and actually physically worship your bottom. However, I should be asking you whether you don’t mind me being so fat!”
Rithika laughed and said, “Saroj, I too am very attracted to your figure, and especially to your lovely bottom!” I thanked her and she smiled and appeared more relaxed. I again said to her, “Rithika, I genuinely find your big derrière extremely alluring, and I must tell you that, in your own mind, you should be proud of your magnificent ass! And whenever I am with you, my sexual focus will always be on your magnificent buttocks.” Rithika replied, “Saroj, I too believe I have a sexy ass, but it attracts the wrong kind of attention in public.” I agreed.
As I looked at Rithika sitting in the driver’s seat, I noticed the wide spread of her alluring hips – so utterly feminine! Executive Rithika was an excellent but calm driver. Her car had an automatic transmission, so handling the usual disorderly Indian city traffic was easy for her. Her car windows had a dark sun-blocking film, plus the Siena has a high front and back end, so we had a fair amount of privacy from passers-by.
Rithika put some old Beatles numbers in the tape player at very low volume, and told me the story of how she met Karuna – the angel who brought us together:
When Karuna visited London for a long training programme at her big bank, she ended up visiting the very same lesbian pub alone on a Saturday noon on a former lover’s recommendation, and met Rithika there for the first time, as she was having her lunch in the empty pub before re-opening the store. The two Indian women obviously were drawn towards each other. As big-bottomed, big-titted Karuna wanted to buy some large-size sexy lingerie for her own use, Rithika took her to the store and modelled many pieces for her, showing Karuna her virtually naked body with ease. Vanessa was out of town, and the two Indian lesbians landed in Karuna’s hotel bed for a weekend of hot sex.
On hearing that she was a summa-cum-laude MBA in finance and had just finished her apprenticeship under Theo, Karuna offered Rithika a first-rate job in India in the bank she worked in. Soon, lonely Rithika returned to India with a huge cache of lingerie, shoes, cosmetics, etc., and Karuna installed Rithika in her bungalow and Rithika started her plum job with their bank in Delhi.
In India, Rithika was still not at ease, as Karuna and Rithika remained rather distant, despite good sex. Rithika then met her ex-husband in Delhi, seriously fell in love with this guy and married him within a month, moving out of Karuna’s bungalow. Then to her horror, immediately after marriage, her mother-in-law started insulting her; and her husband started physically abusing her, so she separated and then got a divorce. In the meanwhile, Karuna had found another young lesbian and installed her in Rithika’s place, literally and figuratively. Just then, the bank shifted their strategic planning office from Singapore to Chennai, and promoted Rithika to a high position in this office. She accepted, and got out of Delhi to put the past behind her. So here she was!
All this explained a lot of things. I now asked Rithika that how come a sexy young girl like her was turned on by an old well-fucked mother-of-an adult-son like me? I had big bones and much flabby matronly fat on me! She insisted that she was always turned on by older and heavier women – like Karuna – probably because her mother’s younger sister (now with her husband in South Africa) had introduced her to lesbian pleasures when she was 17. This aunt was big and plump, very much like me. Rithika said she would tell me more about that later. Depraved yours truly was immediately envisioning incestuous role-playing!
Rithika asked me if our four-night lesbian rendezvous was okay with Rajeev, and I laughed and answered that I was sure Rajeev needed a break from me. I reminded her that Rajeev was bisexual too, and informed her quite truthfully that my husband had planned on having gay company throughout my absence. Rithika smiled and remarked that it was so nice that my husband and I had such a wonderful understanding.
I explained to Rithika that our steady transsexual mate Sheena (who lived with us) and Rajeev had invited Dileep, our handsome, muscular bisexual friend (see Part-1) and his ‘girlfriend’, a gay makeup artist Michelle (a stylishly feminine-effeminate closet transvestite, very fond of high-heels, skirts and halter-tops with falsies), to stay at our place and party on Saturday and Sunday nights.
Rithika said Karuna had told her briefly about Sheena, and she was very curious. She wanted to ask a lot of questions about Sheena’s transsexuality and our sex-life in general. I said her that that was a long story, and assured her that I would be telling her everything about us before I left Chennai, as I liked and trusted her as a person. She did not press further.
On open stretches of the hour-long commute on outer roads, Rithika occasionally held my hand, looking at me like a blushing schoolgirl as she drove. On a bumpy stretch, I asked her about the pressure in her bladder, and she said was managing so far! Probably changing the topic to distract her mind from her bladder, Rithika said she usually smoked one cigarette on the way home. I had noticed a faint odour of tobacco smoke in her car. She asked me to get her a cigarette from her bag. Fetching her cigarette, I offered her a light and lit one of my brands for myself. She wound down her window just a little, asked me to do the same, and diverted the airflow, so the smoke would not fill the car. Rithika informed me she had put the Riesling Sekt to chill. Teasingly, I asked her that whether she had kept the Natursekt warm, and we had a good laugh!
Continuing about Water Sports, I asked Rithika what exactly she had tried out. She replied that as a lark, she had started peeing standing up with feet together, so her piss flowed down her legs, and she found that sensation and the smells very thrilling! Then she started peeing in a bowl while in the shower, and pouring it all over her body, head, hair, face… Next, she graduated to peeing in a glass, and drinking it every night before masturbating, savouring the lingering pissy taste in her mouth as she climaxed. She also began lying on the open floor, peeing, and then enjoyed slithering around in the puddle. Once she had tried to pee in her own mouth by going into a yoga pose in the bathroom, but did not succeed. And she had been surfing the net for Water Sports porn and information. That was about all…
I asked Rithika if she got a good sexual high with these sodden, messy games, and she made a very profound remark that they allowed her to switch off her sombre, strait-laced banker’s life after office hours and let her hair down, and she always got an intense feeling of sexual bliss from playing with her urine! I fully understood and could not agree more, and I said so to a thankful, reassured Rithika, and added that it was perfectly healthy and normal. She replied, “Saroj, I can’t tell you how nice it feels to find someone elder, who is so normal and decent, reassuring me that drinking my urine and playing in it is perfectly healthy and normal fun, and giving me confidence that my big fat ass is sexy, and that many others will find me a sexy woman too. It makes me feel so desirable! How can I thank you, sweetheart?” In reply, I just patted her plump thigh, not wanting her to disturb while she was driving.
Rithika said that though her two bedroom apartment was very well furnished, it had only one proper bed as she had turned the other bedroom into an empty exercise room with some exercise stuff and her workstation, so I could be comfortable sleeping in her bed after our lovemaking, and she could sleep on the floor in the exercise room. I burst out laughing, and said, “Rithika, unless I’m grossly mistaken, we two are going to your place to make love, right? So, aren’t lovers supposed to sleep together in the same bed?” She immediately got very apologetic, but I asked her not to be silly, and appreciated the fact that she was just being a perfect hostess.
As she drove, Rithika told me that since she came to Chennai after her divorce, she got very busy with her new job, and didn’t get a chance to have sex with anyone for three years (except – as she revealed the next day – real incest with her younger brother when he visited, who was already enjoying incest with their mother). Rithika added that she was now quite well set in her career and life, and more secure, so she yearned more for physical sex rather than an emotional bond. I understood Rithika’s predicament, and suggested that we first get into plenty of hot sex together and get thoroughly satiated sexually, then get into a woman-to-woman talk mode later – maybe late in the night, maybe tomorrow. Rithika endorsed that quite happily.
Answering my question about any new men in her life, Rithika said that a few people, including her mother in Kuwait, had tried to find a match for her, and some men had also tried to attract her attention, but she had not been attracted to anyone till now. When I asked her diffidently what would she look for in a husband, she answered quite sincerely: someone honest, civilised, hopefully good looking, truly educated and mature, a true gentleman, free of vices, and hopefully bisexual, open to swinging and kinky sex, not possessive, not condescending, not an MCP, well-built but not macho, belonging to a liberal, educated, cultured family…
I remember I simply could not help thinking what a perfect couple would Aaditya and Rithika make! And looking back, I can say that this is where the seeds of the idea of bringing Rithika into our incestuous family were sown unconsciously in my mind!
Changing the topic, I asked Rithika about what kind of a movable mirror did she have? She explained it was a huge square 4’x4’ mirror pivoted at mid-height, and on castor wheels. She added with a smile that she sometimes brought it to face her bed, set up the photo-shoot lights alongside, and played with herself. I suggested we use her mirror and lights to watch ourselves together. She cooed that she had the same idea in mind for us.
About her erotic dancing, she said she danced quite well, and nowadays when she was alone at home, she loved to practice solo dancing, putting her mirror and studio lights to good use. About toys, she said she had an old-fashioned massaging vibrator (with a flat rubber disk in front), but no adult toys as such – she did not want to risk having Customs officials find them in her baggage, though she got a huge cache of her lingerie through. They normally do not bother you about the clothes you bring in.
Rithika said that when she was alone in her house, she often remained naked, except for high-heels. I smiled and said I did the same – though barefoot – and we agreed we would remain as much naked as possible throughout our short holiday. After she spoke to me on Wednesday, Rithika got some of the muted light bulbs changed to bright ones, as she realised that bright lights turned her on too. I just thought, “My God, she is so much like me – almost like a daughter!”
Driving on, Rithika said, “Saroj, I didn’t get a chance to freshen up at my office or the club, so should we first freshen up separately at my place – I have two bathrooms – then get to know each other better?” I laughed and said, “Well, I have already showered and changed in my hotel after my appointments; and if you don’t mind, I would really like to get to know you just the way you are.” She laughed and mildly protested, “No, no, Saroj, I am wearing vinyl plastic lingerie, and I have been sweating quite a bit. I must be smelly inside!” I protested, “Hey come on Rithika, we both have been in air-conditioned spaces since morning, except in your club, and you had smelled very nice and fresh when I kissed you at the club. And I really do relish the natural smells and tastes of sweaty skin – especially in armpits and crotches – of clean and healthy partners, especially after they have been horny for many hours. And your wearing PVC is an absolute godsend to kinky yours truly!”
Rithika laughed and asked me if she could at least get out of her Sari and do a sexy party makeover, not changing her lingerie. Thinking of something new, I said she should merely take off her jewellery, Sari, Choli and petticoat, just remove her makeup completely, wash only her face, hands and feet with soap, but definitely not undo her lingerie, not shower, not even sponge, and definitely not use the loo please, as I had planned some delightful Golden Games for us.
I again confirmed with her if she would indeed keep her worn lingerie on. Rithika laughed and said she had worn sexy vinyl lingerie underneath her Sari all day, and had been petrified about getting into an accident and landing up at the hospital in that kind of lingerie – my own typical fear too, when I go out dressed for sex! I added that I too was wearing sexy lingerie inside, and I too would merely remove my makeup, dress and shoes, cleanse my face, hands and feet and put on clean stilettos. I implored her to not to take long to get ready, as we both were full, and had to relieve ourselves in a short while. Rithika laughed happily, said she saw the point, and would just take about 20 minutes to get ready to party.
As we neared her penthouse apartment, Rithika said she did not socialise with her neighbours, and asked me to ignore any neighbours if we ran into them in the parking area. We soon turned into Rithika’s new upmarket apartment block – one of the few residential high-rises in that part of Chennai. She deftly parked the car and we hauled my suitcases and the roses into the elevator in the basement parking. We did not come across anyone she knew. On the way up in the closed elevator, Rithika looked as if she was relieved from a big worry. She explained this was the first time she had invited a date into this house, and she was happy she got all arrangements done and got me in without any hassle. I could sense she was keen to get inside her house ASAP! Rithika had given four days off to her maidservant and had asked the milkman and the newspaper boy not to deliver for four days.
We got inside her apartment, and Rithika put her hand through the grill (in her apartment, there was an outer door made of ironwork grill – common in urban India – and it had a dead bolt outside), and bolted the outer door from outside, then shut the main inner door, which closed with a high-security night-latch. The outer door bolted from outside would discourage any unannounced visitor, of which there are plenty in Indian household – salesgirls, hawkers, vegetable vendors, neighbours, couriers, what have you…
It was just 5.30 p.m. when we shut the door behind us. For the moment, we left my bags in the living room. I noticed that Rithika had taped up the peephole in the front door. I appreciated her careful planning – she was so much like us!
As I stood in her elegant, well-appointed apartment with my roses, I noticed the apartment had a faint aroma of feminine perfume, cleaning agents and cigarette smoke. Not wanting to waste any more time, I kept the roses aside, stepped forward with open arms, hugged Rithika and got into a very intense, very long, wet French kiss with her, as we both hungrily kneaded each other’s bountiful buttocks and tits too! This was our first proper kiss, and we both had tobacco on our breaths – which felt naughty! Rithika was an excellent kisser, though I could sense that she was really starved for sex!
Rithika reluctantly broke the kiss after almost five minutes, and I asked her if we could have some of her non-alcoholic beer now. I explained that after refraining from drinking liquids and peeing for most of the day, I wanted to fine-tune our liquid intake in such a way that in an hour, we would be copiously pissing every half-hour till well past midnight, and then make plenty of wee-wee in the morning again, and I did not want to use harmful diuretics. So, Rithika took me into her upscale kitchen, got out two one-pint cans of a German non-alcoholic beer from her big fridge, poured them out into big cola glasses, gave me a glass and took one herself. She proposed a toast to our friendship and we drank to that. In her fridge, she showed me four 1.5 litre bottles of coconut water already chilled for us, besides ten more cans of this beer, plenty of fruit juice packs, and cold mineral water, etc. Great! We would soon be busily converting all those liquids into delicious urine, I thought to myself…
With beer in one hand, Rithika went around the house switching on all the lights in the house (it was still very gloomy outside), air-conditioners in the living room and bedroom, her workstation, the boiler for a hot shower… She put the roses in a big vase in her bedroom, cleared the coffee table, put on some very slow sexy music at low volume on her big music system – perfect for dirty dancing and stripping!
I slowly walked around her apartment, sipping beer and taking in the details for planning our fun-and-games, as Rithika efficiently fussed around the house. The sitting area in the living room had a large Kashmiri carpet, but the whole place had classy ceramic tile flooring, including the big terrace. In my experience, ceramic tiles are best for Water Sports on the floor. They are neither porous like mosaic tiles, nor cold like stone tiles, and do not need a plastic sheet over them, which is necessary on a carpet or a bed.
Rithika’s master bedroom was quite large and roomy, uncluttered, and had plenty of space around her double bed. Her bed – our ‘honeymoon’ bed – was covered with a pink satin bed sheet. Rithika smiled and said she had bought it the day before, ironed it and spread it on the bed before she left for the office that morning, thinking of us making out on it. I thanked her for all her efforts and her graciousness and smooched her again, squeezing her lovely big ass through her Sari, and anticipating lesbianising with her on that sexy bed sheet. I noticed four new fat candles ready in four tall brass candle stands in a corner. All her windows had thick curtains.
Her living room as well her bedroom led to the same large terrace through French windows. As this floor had only one apartment instead of two, her large terrace formed the roof of the other apartment below. Rithika had a nice collection of potted plants on this terrace. We could see the sea at some distance. There were two painted wickerwork lounge-chairs and a similar coffee-table on the terrace. It had a swinging daybed with a canopy. The terrace was very clean, and had a three feet high parapet wall all round. Rithika said the privacy was so good she often sat naked on that terrace after dark. One small alcove off the living room had a rather steep staircase leading to an open-to-sky terrace above – which was clean but unused, said Rithika.
Her main bathroom had a full-sized bathtub and a fair-sized transparent shower-stall, but the remaining floor was too small for both of us to slither and grapple on it. The other bathroom was even smaller. Large bathrooms are very rare in urban India. The bathrooms in Rithika’s house were immaculately clean!
It was a very well furnished and well-kept house, and I complimented Rithika on it! The whole penthouse had excellent privacy. Rithika’s bare exercise room caught my imagination. It was large and empty with that huge mirror standing close to one wall. The room had the two studio lights on tripods as she had described, an Exercycle, a padded metal bench to do leg-lifts, a nice waterproof beanbag, a small worktable and a comfortable office chair in a corner with her PC, and a wastebasket. It was a well-lit room with curtains open. I drew them.
I suggested I park my suitcases in her bare exercise room, so we could get ready separately, and then party in that empty room, if that was okay with her. Rithika smiled and said I was the boss! Working together now, we quickly set up the two studio lights as matte umbrella floods to light up the space in centre of the room with bright shadow-free light, directly in front of the mirror against one wall that we adjusted to suit, then switched off the bright lights.
Getting to work with Rithika’s help, I took out the two tall gleaming champagne flutes from one of my suitcases, and my cigarette pack from my bag. I presented them to Rithika and she thanked me for the lovely glasses – for our wine-tasting, I added, laughing. We arranged these on the exercise bench alongside our cigarette packs and my lighter. I asked her to get the absorbent napkins, an ashtray and her small CD player into our party room.
Rithika asked me if she should bring out the Riesling Sekt, but I laughed and cheekily proposed that we first explore each other and start with our own Natursekts; enjoy their bouquets and bodies – a long-fermented wine being Nature’s Finest! Rithika virtually doubled with laughter; and calling me a wicked woman, she pinched my bottom! Now, that felt flattering to an old cow like me!
I now unpacked the plastic sheet I had brought for Rithika, and asked her if we should spread that on the tiled floor. Thanking me for the thoughtful gift, Rithika said the floor could be wiped clean very easily, and she did not mind partying on the floor, if I did not. I agreed it would be more fun on the bare floor. Rithika informed me that the floor did not properly slope into the bathroom. It was a bit low in the centre – sloppy workmanship I suppose, common even in the best of Indian buildings. Rithika said she occasionally pissed there and it would form a puddle in the middle of the floor. This was plain good fortune! I asked Rithika to get her bathroom slippers inside that room, as once we got wet; she would need those to go out from our party room without slipping or messing her house. I too brought out my own bathroom slippers and put them alongside.
Having completed all arrangements, as Rithika started towards her bedroom to change, I reminded her not to go to the loo and waste it all, and not to take off her lingerie, not even to readjust it! We both had a good laugh. I walked back to the exercise room, partly unpacked my personal suitcase and started getting ready for partying with Rithika.
Alone now, I quickly took off my shoes, socks, Salwar-Kurta, watch and bangles; and quickly removed my makeup. Next, I took out my squeaky-clean red stilettos, and sitting on her work chair, I wiped my feet and soles clean through the fishnets with wet tissues, and put on the stilettos. This was my first time with someone with a foot and shoe fetish – was she going to lick them? My feet and shoes were clean enough, I hoped! I then chug-a-lugged my beer and brushed my hair. Lastly, I took out my pair of long black fingerless lace gloves from my suitcase and put them on.
I was now dressed in red and black satin-n-lace set of spaghetti-strap basque, matching teeny weeny G-strings over the suspenders, black fishnets, a thigh-garter holding the cash, red 5” stilettos, my chunky Mangalsutra, big round ear-rings, and black lace gloves. I looked like a brassy over-the-hill fat whore – albeit without makeup – brightly lit for all to see in front of that big mirror. My whole lower abdomen was exposed in that snug high basque, and the front triangle of my tiny G-strings barely came above my clitoris. So, except for that, I was virtually naked from waist to mid-thighs. My satin G-strings were already soggy with my juices. With her car going over the unavoidable, I had leaked a few drops of my piss too into my messy panties. I could smell my own cunt in that hot room! I adjusted the mirror, opened my legs and checked the floor of my G-strings – it looked absolutely soaked! So be it, I thought; I was not supposed to be a saint anyway! When I was ready, I switched on the studio lights and called out to Rithika to say I was ready when she was. She called out that she would be with me in a minute. It was 6.15 p.m., I remember.
I see my Would-be Daughter-in-law Naked:
In a couple of minutes, skimpily clad in raunchy electric blue PVC bra-n-panties, high stilettos and a studded collar, Rithika sashayed into the brilliantly lit room like a ramp model in slow motion – self-confident and stylish. But as soon as she saw me, she whistled rather loudly in appreciation, and then was suddenly mortified that somebody on lower floors might hear her.
Then, composing herself, she slowly posed sexily in a practiced stance in front of the lights like a magnificent, monumental Lane Bryant model she was! I was so speechless I could only whistle and wow repeatedly! From a sober Sari-clad banker, Rithika had completely transformed into a sexy, sultry, BBW lingerie slut!
There was this subtle change in Rithika the bank executive, and she now actually looked more glamorous without any makeup – I knew it was sexual excitement that was beaming on that naturally-perfect face. Rithika knew I really liked her, and that made her very happy – she said so! I could sense an excellent chemistry between us.
Even without any makeup, this girl had incredible natural beauty! Rithika had brushed and tied her lovely hair into a tight bun at the peak of her head – which made her look very feminine and sexy. To accentuate her long slender neck, she had put on a black studded collar round it – very slave-like. Her prominent DD-size boobs were snuggled in full-cup underwired brassieres made from very thin electric blue wet-look PVC with flat black straps and edges!
Below, Rithika was wearing snug-fitting thong panties of the same black-edged bright blue PVC. I could see that these high-legged panties were undersize for her hips, so she had pulled their sides even higher above her outsized hip-bones to get a comfortable fit on her neat waist. This made her extra-wide hips look even wider. Her panty’s waistline in the front (and I suspected even the back) sat so low on her abdomen that the top of her large hairless mound was completely exposed. I was no better – my mound too was nicely exposed in my minuscule G-strings that in the mirror, I could even see some of the depression in the middle right above the top of my clitty!
Almost-naked Rithika was full-bodied, sleek and pliant, like a dolphin, all taut skin and no podgy wrinkles of flab! Beyond the usual feminine layer of soft under-the-skin fat, Rithika had no sag or flab on her torso, yet she was huge and lush, not bony or sinewy, nor had muscles rippling under the skin – though she actually was quite well-muscled, as I discovered later. Her upper thighs and hips were huge, but without wrinkles. I noticed admiringly that Rithika’s normal-sized knees naturally touched each other as she walked. I had suspected this earlier when she walked ahead of me in a Sari, but now I saw it for real.
Rithika’s exceptionally wide hips flowed up steeply yet smoothly into her slim waist above without any bony protrusions, and merged down into her sharply yet perfectly tapering heavy thighs below. Those lovely outsized thighs, beginning from those massive hips, smoothly narrowed into average feminine knees with no lumps above her knees – like the ones I have now – nor any concaving below her lower hips. Rithika had long shapely legs and elegant feet, unlike my thick ugly ones. Again, her knees and legs were neither podgy, nor muscles-n-bones, just sleek! Many Indian women put on weight on their small pelvic bones, so their lower butt and thighs looks ungainly in nude. Rithika had a grand pelvis – wider than mine, I would say. She must have a wide perineum too, as I could perceive a clear 2” gap between the tops of her inner thighs when her knees touched – so femininely picture-perfect! And so much easier to eat, as I knew from my experiences with Rakhsheen.
This semi-nude sex-goddess had perfectly shaped melon-sized boobs, a moderately bulging abdomen without an ounce of flub – much flatter than my belly, a lovely long belly button, and a neat abdomen flowing smoothly into huge broad thighs with no fold in her groins or above her mound. Her lower belly too flowed smoothly into her huge plump mound with a mild furrow but no fold. Her mound was as big as my own queen-sized one, though she obviously had never borne a child. Having seen – and having had sex with – so many naked women of all ages including many young mothers, I know the signs. The bodily changes due to pregnancy are more noticeable in Indian women than in Caucasian women.
But my day would be made when I would see the splendour of Rithika’s sprawling buttock-flesh! Then, as if reading my mind, Rithika slowly turned around like a poised, self-assured ramp model glamorously presenting her lush ass to me, looking over her shoulder and smiling seductively. As I had suspected, Rithika’s thongs were open-cheeked, with just a 1” wide strip running down her butt cleavage. Unconsciously, Rithika reached behind her and tidied up the panty rear, which had got fully tucked into her butt-cleft.
Ah, though this refined girl knew she had a huge ass, she was not averse to wearing such backless thongs and making a shameless exhibition of her colossal naked buttocks to me – her blind lesbian date! I also noticed that she was freshly waxed all over, and the panties certainly were too small for her physique, as a good two inches of her long rich butt-cleavage showed above the waistline of those panties.
Hmm, so this was the ‘obscenely large bottom’ Rithika was lamenting about when she first spoke to me just two days ago! The obscenity surely lay in my gawking at her charms. Rithika’s entire sumptuous derrière was a work of art – this was an ass, of which even I was envious!
I now savoured the whole of Rithika’s neat, shapely back with broad hips flaring out from under it. He back had a deep middle channel – Indian women also usually have a deeper spinal channel than Caucasians. The best part was a pair of small sexy folds between her lower back and the top of her massive asscheeks, one thick feminine fold below her enormous rotund asscheeks, and no dimpled fat or flabby wrinkles on her lower asscheeks or behind her thighs. Rithika had long, full calves, with normal knees, average ankles and heels. For all her huge buttocks, she had neither love handles, nor any flab below the hip-line. Many heavy-assed women are burdened with these. I do like my own fat feminine buttocks too, but compared to Rithika, I was an old matronly mother, way past my prime! Compared to her, I was a tub of lard; yet I was neither jealous, nor resentful!
Rithika was wearing 4” stilettos made from matching blue PVC – so now our heights matched to an inch! Those 4” stilettos tightened her calves and did wonders to her derrière; causing it to look even more prominent! Her European lingerie simply said, “Fuck Me!” The thin elastic material clung so well to her curves that it looked painted-on – one could see her hard nipples and her labia perfectly outlined. It certainly was not the kind of lingerie I would have expected Rithika the serious banker to be wearing all day under her conservative Kancheepuram Sari.
I was so enthralled by this new Avatar of Rithika that I completely missed the fact that she too was appreciatively looking me over, This was one of the few times when the voyeur in me overwhelmed the exhibitionist!
I noticed her nostrils broaden, as she must have smelled my sizzling, reeking hot Sex. Finally, we both looked into each other’s eyes, and smiled in appreciation. It was a heady experience – two sexily dressed fat horny women, way apart in ages, getting together for a lesbian rendezvous! In my eyes, we two could have put any of the current Indian ‘Item-girls’ – sexy bimbos on Indian MTV who dance dirty to naughty music – to shame, so lewd we two looked!
I offered Rithika a cigarette and lighted another for myself. Having got her attention fixed on me again, I stepped close and held Rithika by her forearms, and sincerely told her “Rithika, you are a Sex-Goddess personified, nothing less! And I am just a streetwalker you have picked up for sex – see this cash in my garter from my last customer? By the way…” I added with a corny smile, “I don’t charge women, because I am a lesbian! So go ahead and indulge in your kinks without any taboos. And I freely invite you to call me by dirty names! Call me a whore, slut, prostitute, call girl, tart, hooker, bitch, streetwalker, pervert, bimbo, big-butt, depraved, decadent, piss-drinker…” Rithika laughed brightly at my words, kissed me with hungry passion with her arms around my waist, and said, “Madame Saroj, I am new on this street, and I want to be your apprentice whore! I am eager to please you first in every way!” She actually said that! Later, she mentioned that she had seen stripper-hookers in London tucking money into their thigh-garters, so that was a nice touch.
Though the air-conditioner was on in Rithika’s living room, she had closed the door behind her as she had walked in. So, we both were feeling hot and sweaty under the intense studio lights, even though the ceiling fan was on. A monotonous stripping music I had brought was on in the room.
Here we were, dressed like sluts and ready to party! Instead of getting into smooching her again, I decided to first parade my bare fat sweaty buttocks in front of Rithika. I was aware that my great big ass, framed by the corset, suspenders and fishnet stockings, was completely naked and looked very prominent now. The rear cord of my G-strings was completely buried between my fat butt-cheeks. I stepped into the light, slowly turned around and flaunted my large naked buttocks to her, slowly rolling them. Rithika wowed and exclaimed, “Saroj, I absolutely adore your sexy bottom!”
I replied, “Rithika, I feel I share with you an intimate bond only two women can have. As your senior, I want you to know that you are a perfectly normal and healthy woman, physically, mentally and sexually. You ought to explore and experience the furthest frontiers of your sexuality, and I will help you to get there as far as you want to go.”
Rithika said a bit sentimentally, “You have awakened the sexy woman within me, Saroj, whom I had buried under my professional persona after my break-up. This is the first time in my life I can let it all hang out – filthy kinks, piss-love and all – in front of a partner, without the fear of being looked down upon and labelled a fat-assed pervert!”
I held Rithika by her firm waist and promptly bent my head down and licked her deep, moist, sweaty 6” long cleavage. Rithika immediately threw her head back and inhaled sharply, as my wet tongue went up licking along her lovely neck past her studded collar to her cute chin. Her skin smelled and tasted divine, a mixture of perspiration, feminine perfume and her natural oils. After I was through with licking her cleavage, Rithika embraced me very femininely, putting her moistly naked soft-n-hairless arms around my neck and thrust her big jostling plastic film-clad boobs into my own smaller tits, and wet-kissed me again. I got a delightful whiff of her perspiration from her opened armpits. Our breaths smelled of tobacco and beer – nice!
My bladder was already feeling very full and I wanted to hurry things up. Wanting to see every bit of Rithika’s healthy nakedness, I asked her to dance and strip for me and flaunt her body as I dragged the beanbag near and sat on it, and lit up a ciggie to leisurely ogle at Rithika’s almost-naked smooth figure illuminated by the bright studio lamps. I offered her a cigarette too, which she accepted gladly. This was a rare occasion when I was watching someone else do a striptease, not the other way around!
I changed the music to slow heavy metal at low volume, and egged Rithika on, “Hey slut, come on, I’m auditioning you for an exotic dancer’s job in my strip joint! So, dance and strip for me and show off your body as sexily as you can! Especially roll and sway your big juicy butt! Okay?” Rithika laughed delightedly, adjusted her bra and panties to be more comfy and slowly started moved with the funky music. Very competently, she rolled, jutted, stuck out, and flaunted her heaving mammoth ass at me, caressing it with her dainty hands, slithering them all over her buttock flesh, asking me if I liked! Of course, I liked! Her small hands caressing her large ass-globes framed by her thongs made her butt look even larger!
The ingenious girl flawlessly mimed a professional pole-dancer with an imaginary pole, all jostling with oomph, and fluidly shifting from one mesmerising stance to another in front of me, moving her hips with the slow striptease music, as she smoked saucily like a moll. As my eyes met hers, I saw raw lust and subtle pride befitting a professional exotic dancer. She was an excellent dancer – definitely better than I was – I am getting old now. Now, in my mind, I really wanted this lovely sex-bomb to be a part of our family, and from this point onwards, I made that my secret objective!
Appreciating Rithika’s erotic dancing and her one-of-a-kind ass, I said, “Superb dancing, slut! And I admire your grand butt! Forget the audition, whore, lets party!” and quickly squatted down behind her thickly sashaying buttocks and gleefully rubbed my face all over the moist youthful skin of the smooth globes of her never-ending derrière. I squeezed, kissed, fondled, kneaded, licked, lapped and even playfully spanked Rithika’s nether-cheeks all over, to my heart’s content! Rithika stopped dancing and was moaning and hissing with excitement! Getting very excited myself, I quickly pulled her thongs aside, spread open her thick nether-cheeks, and gave a long, thorough wet lick to her rear cleavage too from bottom to top, and she squealed like a thrilled teenager. She was keeping her knees together, so my tongue could not really enter her asshole. I would have plenty of time for it later!
Trembling with excitement, Rithika pulled me up, put her arms round my neck and started Frenching my mouth again. Not having had enough of her ass, I started grabbing and pawing Rithika’s outsized buttock-globes, a bit like a man; and we got into heavy dirty dancing together. Huskily, I kneaded the naked perspiring flesh of Rithika’s bottom orbs with my open hands as I tongue-fucked her mouth. Rithika kept rolling her heavy hips thickly with the music. Our fleshy abdomens prevented us from rubbing our mounds together the way very slim lesbians can do. Nevertheless, we both leisurely rolled our generously endowed hips to that raunchy music in unison. Interrupting our smooching, we turned our heads together and, fixed our eyes on our lewd images in the big mirror. It was such a titillating scene – two big fat lesbian sluts making out intensely – that any man looking at us would have creamed in his pants! That occasionally happens to some guys among my spectators when I make love on stage to Rakhsheen or Shamolie.
As Rithika slowly rotated her enormous bare buttocks in my palms, I looked into her impassioned sexy eyes in the mirror, and mumbled into her ears, “Rithika, you slut, this is just the beginning of our first honeymoon, and I will turn you into a totally depraved pervert by the time I am through with you!” These words again made her kiss me and thrust her tongue into my mouth deeper than before, and give me a fuck-hump with her hips with total lack of inhibition. She mumbled, “I am your student, Madame, and I want to be much more than just an ordinary slut. I want to become a cheap, trashy, perverted, depraved, decadent, degenerated, debauched, ass-licking cunt-licking, assfucking, piss-drinking, whore, hussy, hooker, bimbo, tart, bitch, hussy, sex-slave… a real streetwalking prostitute who doesn’t say no to anything…” Now this was creative!
As she mouthed these obscenities, she became even more randy, and licked my face, neck and ears with smouldering lust, as her whole body spasmed and shuddered in a deep orgasm. Wow! Rithika moaned back throatily, “Madame, I just came, and I am very wet now! I am completely available, and all yours to ravish and debauch as you please, throughout our honeymoon!”
But I still didn’t really smell Rithika’s Sex – I think the PVC sealed it in! I wanted Rithika to explore me physically, so I asked her to sit down on the beanbag and stood between her knees, and she hungrily, yet very femininely explored my figure all over with her eyes, lips and hands. I opened her bun, tousled her lovely thick hair, and eagerly submitted to her eager caresses.
Rithika smooched and licked my crotch and the area around my cunt but did not try to get into my privates, then turned me around and fondled, kissed and tongue-bathed my hips and buttocks. I was fully aware that the whole triangle of my G-strings was sticky-wet with my juices. Did she dislike my smell? No, I noticed her taking long appreciative sniffs at my crotch when she licked my groins. She was obviously putting off eating me for later. This was a mature woman; not at all impatient like most men and many young girls! This was a good sign!
Bending over seated Rithika, I licked her upturned face. As she put her arms round my neck, licking me back, I again smelt the natural heady scent of her opened armpits. I interrupted our wet kiss and straightened up, slipping the spaghetti-straps of my basque off my shoulders and arms, and pulled my well used breasts out of its cups. Rithika intently fondled and suckled my dangling boobs and my big erect nipples for quite some time.
After Rithika satiated herself with my breasts, I pulled her onto her feet and French-kissed her again. Rithika was now trembling with excitement. I turned her around in my arms, breaking our kiss for the moment. Standing behind her, as we both faced her mirror, I cupped her massive bra-clad boobs as I nibbled on her ears and neck. Her nipples were poking holes into the thin stretchy PVC. She leaned her head back into my shoulder, again kissing me passionately. At the same time, I reached behind her, unhooked her blue PVC bra and peeled it off her 44DD tits – I sneakily checked the tag!
I was expecting Rithika’s milk-jugs to spill out from their confines and sag heavily, but as I peeled off her bra, her lovely rotund Khajuraho-type mammaries stayed firm and upright! I whistled silently at the sight of her juicy spherical upright melons in the mirror, and she smiled proudly. Her brassiere had barely altered the shape of her breasts! Rithika confessed to me that just before meeting me at the club, she had gone into the ladies room and loosened her bra-straps a bit, so her tits would jiggle more – for my benefit! I laughed and called her an unadulterated slut, nibbling on her delicate earlobes.
Rithika’s firm jutting breast-globes had normal areolas and high forward-pointing nipples –hard and pointed like erasers. I was sure her boobs would just about fail the pencil-holding test for sag. So firm were her breasts that they reminded me of the beautifully rotund silicone chests I had seen on transsexuals on our trips abroad. Rithika informed me that she regularly massaged her breasts upwards, and yoga also helped in maintaining their youthfulness.
Still standing behind her, I lifted Rithika’s right arm high, put it around my shoulders, and started licking up her perspiring armpit, enjoying the lovely smell and taste of her sweating skin. I immediately realised that my tongue was sensing the texture of waxed, not shaven skin. I did not comment on my discovery – maybe I was mistaken. I tongue-lapped my way past her sweaty hairless armpit, went further and wet-licked her right breast all over. Mmmmm, it was scrumptious! I repeated the same with her left armpit, took her collar off, and licked her whole breasts, cleavage, armpits, neck, face, shoulders and ears, generally standing behind her. Rithika loved to be licked, and I too relished licking up this Sex-Goddess!
I told Rithika that throughout our honeymoon, we would rather lick off any wetness from our skins as, and not use napkins. She agreed. As I licked my way down her torso, she now had only her panties and shoes to lose, though I still had my kinky lingerie on. Curious, I asked her if she could suck her own nipples, and she showed me she could, so easily! I could just about manage that! She was so flexible!
Then, I really wanted to see Rithika’s young dormant Sex. As I squatted in front of her, Rithika guessed what I had in my mind, and cautioned me that her panties had become absolutely slimy wet on the inside, as she had constantly been lubricating since morning! And I responded that I was going to lick her panties and her Sex dry, and would not take no for an answer.
So, I asked Rithika to stand wide-legged, carefully peeled the hot blue panties off her sealed Sex, and deeply inhaled her rich invigorating cunt-musk, as Rithika moaned and hissed with excitement. Then, looking into Rithika’s eyes, I explicitly licked every sweet-n-salty bead of slimy moisture from the crotch of her plastic panties. After licking them dry, I threw the panties aside on the floor alongside her brassiere. I now quickly manoeuvred her to sprawl back onto the beanbag and asked her to spread her knees far apart, thus opening her full rounded thighs wide. She revealed a very generously proportioned hairless mound, with a healthy, picture-perfect coral-pink vulva, all clammy-wet and obscenely smeared with her horny odorous juices and looking very young and ‘unused’.
I looked at Rithika’s puffed-up mound and her fully-spread naked vulva at length. Just above her healthy large clitoris, this whore had had a piercing done with a small silver ring with a bead. This was my first encounter with erotic piercing in India. Rithika laughed nervously, and said she had got that done in London, and it did not hurt at all, even when her ex-husband used to fuck her. She told me that, before marriage, her husband used to find it very sexy, and after marriage, he would call her a slut, accusing her to be a immoral woman because she had bared her privates to the piercing guy and let him handle her vulva! I told her that her divorce was good riddance.
Rithika’s whole vulva was quite large for a girl who had not given birth yet. In fact, her cunt was definitely larger than mine was before I gave birth to Aaditya. Plus, despite her substantial thighs, Rithika had a clear 2” gap between the top of her legs with her knees touching. From whatever human female anatomy I knew, this woman could deliver a baby naturally without even a grimace. In my eyes, this was feminine perfection, not the twiggy legs, stick-like arms, palm-sized butts and puppy-ear breasts of ramp models – they may look great, but in bed, it feels as if you are sleeping with a skeleton!
Again, visions of my handsome son and my husband fornicating with this sex-goddess swam into my consciousness, but I pushed such incestuous thoughts away for the moment.
Caressing her mound and outer labes, I noticed that like the rest of her freshly waxed body, Rithika’s whole mound was baby-smooth too, so did she wax it instead of shaving? When I asked, Rithika explained that she disliked shaving with a razor, and since the time she moved to England, she many years, she had regularly been using an epilator machine all over her body, including her armpits and mound. It produced the same results as waxing, and she liked keeping her body baby-smooth. Wow, I never had that kind of results from my Braun! But I noticed that her skin type was different, and tougher, so it produced such smooth results. I remembered that my machine had got worn out and I made a mental note to buy a new one.
As I sated my eyes on the opulent splendour of Rithika’s smooth young plump female flesh openly sprawled out in such a mouth-watering exhibition in front of me, I was conjuring up visions of that gorgeous vulva urinating in my mouth!
Rithika implored me that we do a 69 right away, but I argued that her needs were more urgent, so first she should have a good orgasm orally from me without any distraction; and I too wanted to concentrate on one thing at a time. I reminded her that over the weekend we would have enough time to do everything she wanted. I told Rithika that if her bladder gave way as she climaxed, she should just let go with her urine in my mouth without any inhibitions or qualms. I made her promise that if she did leak, she would really let it rip, not try to stop the flow or just dribble half-heartedly, adding that I would really be flattered if she uninhibitedly let go of her bladder in my mouth! A few times, Rajeev had arranged with new mates – both males as well as females – to urinate in my mouth directly without any warning as I was intently licking or sucking them – the resulting intimacy had really felt marvellous!
So, without delay, I kneeled down in front of Rithika’s Perfumed Garden; spread her legs wider and higher, asking her to hold her knees apart by her hands, and bent down to feast on her huge inner thighs and her swollen, drooling Sex. Her whole gash, labia and perineum were completely slathered up with her sweet-smelling juices. I merrily Frenched and tongued and lapped and laved her hairless puffy slimy outer lips, and sucked her perfectly formed love-button, pulling her cunt-jewellery with my teeth. I lapped up her young succulent coral-pink inner labia, tongue-fucking her front entrance, and licked down her remarkably wide perineum to her unwrinkled anal rosebud and beyond!
Rithika was shuddering with excitement and had goose-pimples all over as she held my head into her large young crotch with both hands fisted in my hair. I came up for air after Rithika tumbled through two strong orgasms, gripping my head with her thick thighs. But she did valiantly hold onto her bladder! So much bottled-up sap this healthy, sensuous girl’s vagina was now drooling that I systematically rubbed my face all over her cunt and happily got every inch of my face absolutely smeared with her Sex-slime. I did not wipe it, just let her cunt-cream dry up slowly on my blissful cunt-scented face. My nostrils were saturated with the Rithika’s cunt-smells, and I loved that whole sensation.
As soon as her second orgasm subsided, Rithika asked me to stand up, and squatted in front of me, untied my filthy sodden G-strings, and thoroughly rubbed the whole wet crotch of my panties on her own face, wiping them dry! Rithika wanted to lick my face but I asked her to hold on, as I wanted her juices to dry up on my face, so I would keep enjoying her smells for a long time.
Except for her stilettos, Rithika was now completely naked, and I was feeling a bit restricted in my basque corset and stockings, so I asked Rithika to strip me. She fastidiously took off my big earrings, unclipped my suspenders, unhooked the corset and took it off. She then made a move to unhook my Mangalsutra, but I asked her to leave it on because both my husband and I have always liked me wearing it during extramarital sex – even while receiving Golden Showers – as it made us feel more ‘wicked’. Rithika laughed, saying admiringly that that was kinky! Rithika then slowly pulled off the banknote from my thigh-garter, folded it and put it aside carefully, then took off the garter and my gloves. And then she really went to town over my fat fishnet-clad legs and stilettos, kissing, licking and caressing them reverently for quite a long time, then taking off my stilettos and licking between my toes, satisfying her foot fetish through my fishnets.
Finally, Rithika peeled off my fishnets, then put my stilettos back again on my feet. So now we both were stark naked, except our shoes and my Mangalsutra. Rithika now requested me to spread out on the beanbag, so she could ‘see me better’. She then sprawled on her tummy on the floor in front of me, all ready to eat me, saying she could not resist such a mouth-watering banquet any more!
Rithika again started her fetish ritual of licking my stilettos and sucking on their pencil heels. Then she carefully took them off, and again licked and sucked each of my toes, then my feet, then soles. That felt quite ticklish and very erotic, and I told Rithika so. She beamed with pleasure, and slowly went up licking my fat calves and inner knees. That felt very titillating! She caressed, licked and kissed my fat inner thighs for quite some time. Rithika looked very happy and excited.
She finally fixed her eyes appreciatively on my well-used depilated vulva with its huge ornately convoluted gash, long multi-ribbed shame-lips and extra-large love-button. Then, with full concentration, Rithika started gorging herself on my drooling shaved vulva, as she lay on her tummy, supported her torso with on one elbow and handled my Sex with another. It indeed was a lovely posture. I could see the cleavage between her squished boobs whenever she came up for air and lustfully looked into my impassioned eyes, and the massive twin moons of her enormous derrière rose up so alluringly behind her bobbing head, as she lay on her tummy on the tiled floor.
Stopping her ministrations for a moment, Rithika said she had never had such good sex in all her life, and thanked me for giving her a chance to enjoy such raunchy lechery, and set free the kinky slut in her, after two full years without sex! I assured her that the raunchy lechery would get much raunchier!
Rithika was an excellent cunt-lapper and she soon brought me to two strong orgasms. She had already wiped my panties on her face, and now she again bathed her face in my freshly oozing juices. She finally got up, sat on her knees, and massaged my slowly drying slime into her face as she inhaled my musk. She said she often gave herself ‘cream facials’ with her own juices, as they made her feel very randy and kept her libido on the boil. I remarked I would keep her libido on the boil till I left for the airport! I noticed that Rithika became a bit quiet as I mentioned my departure.
I drink my Future Daughter-in-law’s Divine Urine:
To get her mind back to sex, I suggested it was time we drank some ‘Natursekt’, as by now, even my forbearing, well-trained bladder was about to burst. Rithika too got up from the floor, said she too was more than ready to go, and asked me how we should start.
Under those hot bright lamps, we were also getting dehydrated by now, so I asked Rithika to bring in a 1.5 litre bottle of coconut water – to increase the pressure before release (Rithika was giggling). Each of us glugged down a half. Coconut water is the best piss-maker of all drinks I have experimented with.
With so much liquid in our tummies pressing down on our bladders, we both were now desperate to piss! So, I picked up one of the new large champagne flutes and told Rithika I wanted to have my first drink of her piss from that glass. She looked just a bit puzzled but I explained to her that I wanted to savour the colour, aroma and taste of her priceless first stream by itself, without being distracted by the sight of her exquisite Sex.
Rithika agreed, giggling at her urine being called ‘priceless’. She asked me how she should fill the glass, adding that she simply had to go now! I asked her to put one foot on the bench and pull her labia apart. I said I would hold the glass under her and she could fill it up! I was afraid that we might soil our shoes, so on my suggestion, we both quickly took off our stilettos. I advised her that she should stop off when she had filled the glass, and hold back the rest for refills. Rithika smiled happily, and got ready to urinate. I quickly squatted on the bare floor in front of her, and held the glass under her raring-to-piss vulva. She spread her labia with one hand, and her first tentative trickle seeped out.
Within a few seconds, Rithika’s neat girlie jet hissed-n-gushed full-blast into my big champagne flute, filling it with sparkling foamy dark golden piss. Before childbirth, most women urinate in a single well-defined stream. After natural childbirth, it is usually a random multi-squirt dribble, which runs down one’s leg if one pisses standing up. However, I still piss in a single average stream as I have been doing Kegel exercise everyday since my marriage.
Rithika obviously had much more piss inside her, but she diligently stopped, as the glass got full. To a veteran piss-drinker like me, her slowly de-foaming dark golden urine in that exquisite big glass looked and smelled deliciously concentrated, even, though it had not become viscous the way mine becomes, if I hold back for too long!
Then Li’l Miss Copycat wanted to drink my piss from a flute too! I remarked to a delighted Rithika that she was a trashy pervert but she had class! So we quickly exchanged places and I soon sluiced my urine into her glass, filling it up. My piss was a lighter yellow but more viscous, and it too had an intense smell. From the wafting smell, I knew my piss had gotten very strong too.
Rithika and I stood facing each other; each holding a big glassful of other’s steaming-fresh urine – whose golden brilliance was highlighted by the bright spotlights! Our faces were thickly smeared with each other’s vaginal juices. What a profane sight we two made in the large mirror – two naked fat lesbians holding a glassful of each other’s urine!
Raising my glass of her urine, I raised a toast, “I drink to your derrière, Rithika, which is a work of art!” Rithika laughed ever so charmingly, and said “Saroj, till today, nobody has ever told me that my big fat derrière is a work of art, let alone raising a toast to it!” I reassured her that her buttocks and her whole figure were absolutely magnificent, and she blushed so prettily! This girl was so lovely!
Like wine tasters, we first appreciatively sniffed, sipped, and swirled each other’s urine in our mouths for quite some time! I swallowed my first mouthful of my gorgeous new lover’s urine, and sincerely complimented her, “Rithika, your piss is beautifully dark and concentrated, though it is fluid and bubbly, and it has a lovely tangy aroma with a suggestion of black peppercorn and Toor-daal. And your taste is nicely salty and spicy – it’s really very delicious!” Toor-daal gives a typical pleasantly tangy aroma to one’s urine.
As Rithika swallowed my piss, she oohed and aahed and mmmed and said she absolutely relished my flavour and taste too – her first time for drinking another person’s urine, she reminded me. I advised Rithika to go slow with her Golden drink, as we were now going to embark on a long Golden Voyage! Rithika cooed with delight. We stood in front of each other, musingly sipping each other’s hot tangy piss, looking at each other’s blissfully cunt-smeared faces, and taking in each other’s total nakedness.
Pensively, Rithika said, “You know, Saroj, it never occurred to me to make my pee so strong before drinking it. Yes, it tastes more potent and feels kinkier too. And your piss has a very different and more mature character than mine – yours is thicker, though lighter in colour, and your smell is earthier and more piquant with a strong hint of mustard, and your taste is like potato crackers with vinegar. It’s delicious!”
Soon, our Golden Drink was down to a fraction, and I suggested to Rithika that we fill up our mouths halfway with the rest, then carefully seal our lips together, and slosh our pisses back and forth with each other. Obviously, the idea was new to Rithika, and she happily got into the spirit of things. Somewhere we slipped up and I ended up spewing my mouthful onto her big breasts. Instead of being flustered, Rithika – who was so prim and proper just an hour ago – gleefully rubbed the blend of our urine and saliva all over her big sweaty breasts, as the remnants of it merrily drooled from her blissfully open mouth. Rithika said that as we were licking each other so much, she now understood why I had asked her to remove every bit of makeup.
I had planned to get into this kind of depravity much later, but here we were already into it. Parking our empty glasses on the bench, I asked Rithika to lift one of her sodden breasts and suckle her nipple, as I licked her other sopping wet breast. I licked her boobs, cleavage and tummy dry. Soon we were noisily licking each other up with long, full-tongue slurps, as cats lick their kitten! As a lark, I suggested this caper – She stood wide-kneed and directly gave me a mouthful, and I got up and slowly spewed it out on some part of her body, then lapped it up. Then she would do the same with her mouthful, and we would repeat this over and over again, covering as much of our big bodies as possible till we were empty. Rithika happily agreed, and we got into this rather complex silly routine.
Rithika looked so happy and carefree doing this, like a child playing in water! Rithika’s strong urine tasted fabulous on her lovely perspiring skin! Rithika poured a good amount on my feet and smeared them thoroughly, then happily licked them clean. Rithika and I began this Golden Anointing caper standing up, but soon we were kneeling, sitting, then reclining, then on all fours like a cow, as one took a mouthful, spilled the piss onto the other’s sodden buttocks and butt-cleavage, rubbed it in with her face and slurped it up like a pig!
The fun part was to pool her piss in Rithika’s navel and slurp it up like a cat – she was getting ticked and giggling like a teenager. I wanted to do the same at her crotch, but when I spurted my mouthful into her crotch, it all leaked out, as despite squeezing her thighs together, Rithika still had a gap between them, which I had only seen on slender girls, but never on a woman with such heavy thighs.
By that time, the whole room had filled with strong primeval smells of urine, saliva, sweat, skin and cunt-juices. I personally love that smell, and it appeared that Rithika loved it too, as she was delightfully taking deep breaths, smelling the air appreciatively.
I have had many piss-fun partners but besides my husband, my son and my ‘sister’ Sheena, I had never come across anyone who was such an intense urine-lover. If only Rithika married my son… But I would come to that later!
Standing together stark-naked on the wet floor, tacky with urine and saliva from head to toe, we watched ourselves in the big mirror under bright lights. Our hairs were still fairly dry, and only a little urine had spilled on the warm floor. That meant that we had done a thorough drinking and licking job; however, by now, our mouths were aching with so much licking. So we took a cigarette break, and decided to drink more liquids.
Rithika said she felt like having some alcohol now, and asked if I would like to have some green salad alongside the wine. I said that was an excellent idea, as it was good to eat something with the alcohol. Ever well-mannered, Rithika said she would prefer to stay wet through the break, but I could shower up if I wanted to. Declining her offer, I said I loved having piss on my skin.
As Rithika stepped out of the room, naked and sticky with piss, I gazed at the heavy, sensuous sway of her outsized buttocks. More than my own, each of Rithika’s bottom-globes had a life of its own. Rithika called me to the kitchen, where she was putting together a huge bowl of green salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, pomegranate seeds, cabbage leaves, celery, carrots, lemon juice and rock-salt but no salad oil or vinegar. On a side-shelf, I saw a bowl of raw sprouted Moong grains and some bananas, so I asked Rithika to add those too. In the kitchen, we both drank a lot of water too – so our tummies looked bloated!
As naked Rithika efficiently moved around in the house, I watched her big bare boobs and her heavy asscheeks bounce-and-rebound in perfect cadence with her steps. This big girl was so incredibly sexy from tip to toe! I returned to our playroom first, and Rithika went into her bedroom to collect a CD of slow trombone jazz – my favourite Sapphic music… We were so much alike! She took some time in choosing the music, and returned shivering with goose-pimples all over her from the chilly current of air on her wet skin from the air-conditioner right above her CD carousel.
In our playroom, we uncorked the chilled wine, and poured it out in the same pissy flute glasses. We both were standing and this time I raised a heartfelt toast that may our relationship be lifelong. Rithika at once got very sentimental and I saw her eyes became moist with happiness. I French-kissed her again, and sincerely promised I would always be there for her – thinking how I could win over this lonely girl to become a part of our happy family. She really would be so happy with us, and we with her! Rithika reluctantly broke the kiss to raise the toast, and drank a large portion of her Sekt.
Standing close to her, as I softly kissed her wet face and affectionately caressed the top of her butt cleavage, Rithika brought herself back to the present with some effort, lightly remarking that alcohol immediately made her horny and daring; and I replied that I was looking forward to that. And added that more than alcohol, urine was what really turned me on, and added that we had lots of liquids in the fridge to recycle over the weekend too! Rithika burst out laughing, breaking her low spell.
I asked Rithika if we could bring her beanbag into our wet games. She said it was absolutely waterproof, and she had pissed on it before. So that would be fine. Arranging our snacks, drinks and smoking stuff around the beanbag, I sat down on the beanbag facing the mirror, and asked Rithika to sprawl out on her ass on the floor between my fat legs, facing away from me, and lean back into my boobs. I asked her to raise her knees and splay her legs. Now I could see her lovely Sex wide-open in the mirror, as I caressed her big taut boobs, and she idly played with her love-button. This was a comfortable position for both of us – we were bodily close, yet could look into each other’s eyes in the mirror. I again noticed that heavy-hipped Rithika had very well-separated thighs and a wide perineum, and realized that she could easily be mounted in the missionary position without splaying her knees to a painful extent (a common problem with other overweight women with large hips) plus she was so flexible! This girl’s body was created for fucking.
We sipped the delicious Sekt, munched on the yummy salad, smoked, chatted and waited for our bladders to bloat again. We both were shamelessly burping by then! When we were through with that round of drinking and eating, I implored Rithika to get on all fours so I could properly tongue-fuck her anal entrance. Rithika exclaimed that no one had ever done that to her. I just said that there was a first time for everything. The sweet copycat then said she would let me do that only on the condition that I would teach her to do the same to me too.
I asked Rithika to get on all fours on the piss-splattered floor, and asked her to lower her tummy and stick her butt out behind her as much as she could, and display her asshole to me. She did that without an iota of embarrassment. Mmmmm, Rithika’s pink asshole looked very mouth-wateringly pretty, and tasted delicious too. This girl was very clean, yet she had such a dirty mind – just like me! And her hips spread so wide! I just could not embrace enough of her generously proportioned ass in this posture. As Rithika was a yoga regular, in her present posture on all-fours, I asked her to fold up her elbows, put her shoulders on the floor, put her hands behind her, spread her asscheeks with her hands and expand-and-contract her displayed asshole as I tongue-fucked it, thus ‘smooching’ me with her anal ‘lips’. She learned quickly, and then returned the anal favours!
With so much liquids and watery salad sloshing in us, we both were soon desperate for a pee again! For the second round, we indulged in direct Golden Showers, urinating into each other’s hair and faces! Some we captured in the mouth and let it overflow merrily and drench our excited bodies. It is always such kinky fun to take a piss-stream directly into one’s thick hair and wash one’s face in it!
So, now even our thick long hairs were wet with each other’s piss. (By the way, urine is good for the hair!) The most fun posture was to get Rithika on her hands and knees with her waist fully sagging downwards, and I lay below her with my waist between her knees, facing her great bottom. When she pissed in this posture, her urine stream jetted behind her like a cow’s, and I caught it in my mouth! It was such silly, lovely, juvenile fun! Just an hour ago, this girl was a conservatively dressed high-ranking executive with muted beauty and perfect manners – and here she was frolicking naked, covered with bodily fluids from head to toe, drinking urine – with her stomach bloated with piss – and candidly enjoying lesbian sex with me.
Our piss was somewhat diluted now – as it always gets as the party goes on. We kissed each other so much with wet faces and sodden hair! We just could not get enough of each other, so intensely we were smooching and making out in our piss-puddle on the floor! Rithika got into a head-to-toe 69 and licked my piss sodden legs and feet. Reciprocating her foot-worship, I noticed that she had very pretty feet. Then Rithika next came up with her own twist – she lay in the puddle, then asked me to stand up, wet my feet in the puddle and slither them all over on her thighs, tits, tummy, even her face. She licked my soles as I slid my foot over her mouth. This was good fun! Rithika was, and still is, such a healthily sexual girl!
Immediately after the second round of pissing, we drank the last of the Sekt and consumed all the salad – giggling and chomping on the salad like pigs – and again consumed a 1.5 litre bottle of coconut water. We got even more obscenely bloated with liquids, and a bit drunk! As we waited for our tanks to top up again, we kept on sliding around over and over on the piss-smeared floor – it was such filthy fun!
Within 15 minutes, we really had to urinate again! So just before the third round of our piss-and-refill binge, I suggested we give each other urine massages. Explaining how to do them, I asked Rithika to lie face up in our little puddle. Then, squatting over her, facing her with my feet near her armpits, I bent backwards, supporting my torso on my palms near her knees, and then rested my buttocks over her thighs. Now, dribbling a small amount of pee at a time, I then moved my buttocks sideways and up and down her torso, rubbing my urine into her body with my asscheeks.
Shifting positions a few times, I massaged Rithika from head to toe this way. Then I asked her to roll over and massaged her from rear too, paying special attention to her lovely back and her divine buttock-globes. Rithika was hissing with intense pleasure as my urine trickled up her butt-cleavage towards the hollow of her back. Then we changed places, and I enjoyed the soft firmness of those monumental asscheeks rubbing their beautiful owner’s fresh hot urine into my skin! As always, I got goose-pimples from excitement.
This whole adventure was new to Rithika – and once empty, we both drank another bottle of chilled coconut water again as by now we were feeling a little queasy. We finally lay sprawled on the piss-splattered floor, and merrily splashed and smeared and massaged each other all over with urine, scooping up handfuls of our piss from the puddle that had formed in the low point in the floor, embracing, smooching and often turning our entwined bodies round to re-soak the drying portions of our skins from the puddle. Every inch of our naked fat bodies was now soaked with piss and the whole room was now redolent with the earthy smell of hot urine – it’s a very kinky and extremely intimate feeling.
Our hairs were a pissy-wet mess, and we adoringly licked each other’s urine-smeared faces to our hearts’ content. We felt so emotionally close to each other! At that moment, nothing else existed for us in the World except each other, and the shared tastes, smells and feels of our most personal bodily fluid. In contrast, most lovers in the World never even get to hear their mate take a leak!
I again become conscious of the fact that in real life, this gorgeous woman was a well-brought-up, respectable, well-dressed, well-mannered, competent young career woman! Did this sexual indulgence make her a different person than what she was in her professional and social life? Just proves that the so-called ‘respectability’ and ‘moral virtues’ have nothing to do with one’s sexuality and personal tastes!
As we slithered on the pissy-wet floor, we both again got extremely horny. We ended up in a happy, raunchy sideways 69. When Rithika reclined on her side, I was stunned by the sensuous spectacle of her super-firm 44DD tits slanting, and the precipitous slope of feminine flesh rising from her 32” waist to her wide 54” hips. I remember I got goose-pimples looking at that steep ski-slope!
Rithika soon pulled me on top, still eating my Sex. I felt a bit pissy again, so wanting to surprise her; I just slowly peed into her mouth. Rithika moaned, fastened her mouth on my urinating orifice and eagerly swallowed every drop of whatever little I had to offer.
Again pulling her sideways, I suggested we end this session with a mutual 69 and cum together. So, smeared with a drying, very pungent glaze of urine, we feasted on each other’s vulvas and climaxed together in an intense lesbian orgasm. As she came down from cloud-nine, panting Rithika started planting smooches on my labes and clit almost like a woodpecker, and thanking me so much that I had to stop her by spanking her half-turned ass, and asking her to shut up. We finally relaxed and lay in each other’s wet arms, kissing and catching our breaths.
I finally looked at the wall-clock. The time was just 8 p.m. I reminded her it was time to clean up and have a bath, as all that pee would start going bad now. Rithika got up first, and together we cleaned up the whole place thoroughly.
Rithika said a bit hesitantly, “Saroj, actually… I again need to tinkle! Since I promised to ask you every single time if you want it, do you… I was expecting this, and of course, I wanted it! So, signalling Rithika to follow me, I walked into the bathroom adjoining our playroom. Once there, I lifted the toilet bowl’s seat and cover, and sprawled out on the floor in front of it, facing away from the bowl and resting the nape of my neck on the rim, and invited Rithika, “Come on baby, I’m your human toilet! Come on; use me!” My precious sweetheart was finally scandalised – her jaw just dropped! She kept repeating, “My God, Saroj, you’re so kinky, so kinky…”
I asked Rithika to stand astride me facing away from me, and stoop over – just as she would in order to urinate in the bowl – lowering her bottom towards my waiting face but keeping some distance from my mouth. This way, I could see her ripe Sex urinating in me, and she too could watch her piss going into my swallowing mouth right above the rim of the toilet bowl. Having arranged our depraved postures to perfection, I welcomed her looming bottom towards my waiting face, asking her to aim well and start at full flow, and opened my mouth wide in a profane invitation. I was so thrilled to be this magnificent girl’s human toilet!
As I looked at Rithika’s upside-down face framed by her massive slimy thighs and urine-dripping hair, I realised that she was not so much scandalised, as bowled over by the novelty! Soon Rithika rested her hands on her knees to steady and prime herself to pee. So perfectly formed were her whole large genitalia that she did not have to use her hands to open her labia or to aim her jet in this posture.
Soon, the well-aimed squirt of Rithika’s Golden Nectar landed in my waiting mouth, and I tried to swallow all, till her stream petered out quickly. Her urine was fairly watery now. My Golden Girl arose, turned around, pulled me up onto my feet, swabbed my pissy mouth with her big tongue and then thoroughly licked my sodden cleavage too. Wow, this aficionada did not quit! I told Rithika I was head over heels in love with her! She wanted mine the same way, so I gave her whatever I had, and then she deeply tongued my asshole in that posture.
I then insisted we have a thorough soapy shower, as I did not want either of us to fall ill, as even then we were thoroughly smeared with piss. So, we squeezed out our hairs and again smeared the dripping urine on each other.
We both had a smoke in our playroom before the shower, and then walked into the shower stall of her main bathroom. Rithika had kept two big towels ready for us. After Rithika started the shower and adjusted the temperature, we first embraced and kissed each other under the hot spray, then soaped, shampooed and scrubbed each other thoroughly with a loofah. Rithika looked very beautiful in the shower! Once we finished the cleansing, we again embraced and kissed under the shower. Now wanting to be dry, we stepped out of the stall and towelled each other dry in the steam-filled bathroom. We turbaned our wet hairs in towels, and stepped out into her brightly-lit, cool, air-conditioned bedroom. After relaxing for sometime, we moved to the kitchen, put coffee to brew in the percolator, rustled up a rice dish together, and put it in the microwave to slow cook. I asked her to serve chilled coconut water with the dinner, and not to use any cosmetics on herself for the night.
After the hot shower, I was again feeling the urge to pee, and Rithika said she too needed to go again. This was expected as we had been drinking such a lot of liquids! Even so, I suggested we wait till bedtime and feel bloated again, and then indulge in some different kind of piss-fun again. Rithika was curious to know, but I said it was a surprise.
We both were feeling a bit drunk now. She wore her stilettos again, and asked me to do the same. I was so enamoured of Rithika’s monumental buttocks that I wanted to do a proper buttock-worship job to them. Without letting her know my intentions, I suggested she climb up four steps on that steep staircase leading to the upper terrace, and stand wide-legged on that step and stick out her ass behind her. She obliged, and I had her massive wide ass right in front of my face. I then worshipfully caressed and fondled her broad hips, and crowded my greedy face into her inviting anal grotto, calling her my Princess and asking her to thrust her ass into my face till I had my fill! Rithika giggled so much, and trying to keep steady, did what I requested.
I couldn’t get over the contrast – just a few hours ago, I was sitting in a decorous club with this ivy-league female banker whom I had just met; and here I was, merrily tongue-fucking her asshole, after having repeatedly bathed in and drank her tangy urine.
It had stopped raining, and it was quite warm outdoors, so Rithika suggested we go naked into her garden terrace outside her living room and bedroom, and I suggested that we have a beer again. So, he collected two cans of that non-alcoholic beer, and we walked out naked into the dark, unlit terrace. Rithika obviously was in a habit of being naked on this terrace. There was soft light from a few tall brilliantly lit billboards at some distance, and from the general urban night-glow, but perfect privacy, as there were no other higher buildings around, and so we were not in anyone’s line of sight. Here in the semi-darkness, resting our elbows on the tall parapet wall, we stood side by side in the nude. Looking over the bustling city, the shoreline and the sea, with our wet hair open in the warm humid breeze, we gently wet-kissed. Our bodies were clean and fragrant, but we both still had piss on our breaths. Rithika said that really felt kinky.
Standing so close to her, my wide hips were touching Rithika’s own. On an impulse, I squatted behind her, and again worshipped her buttocks for some time, admiringly rubbing my cheeks and lips on her magnificent asscheeks, kissing her monumental posterior all over, spreading her anal crevice open and again tongue-fucking her scrumptious asshole.
Rithika gushed and said no man or woman had ever appreciated her heavy-hipped body so much, nor had she ever met anyone whose sexual character and desires meshed so completely with her own. I embraced and kissed her in the darkness and – taking a gamble – quietly said that if I had a daughter, she would have been just like her! Hearing this, Rithika put her head on my shoulders, and got weepy and sentimental, saying she too wished she had a mother like me. I calmed her down by promising that I would always be available to her sexually and as a friend, but avoided pressing her further for the reasons behind her tears and her rather strange answer.
Rithika remarked rather tearfully, that I was a married woman with a family, so how could I be available to her whenever she wanted me. I sincerely told her I meant exactly what I said, and added that before our holiday ended, she would have reason to believe what I just said. Rithika calmed down, kissed me again for some time, and soon was normal again. Yes, I was going to invite this lovely girl to become part of our family.
There was a cool breeze now, and we stood side by side, slowly sipping our beers. With one elbow on the high parapet wall, we leisurely kneaded and fondled each other’s massive soft buttocks in the darkness under the open sky. I slowly finger-massaged Rithika’s anus too, and taught her to do the same. When I began, she had clenched her buttocks and asshole, but I asked her to relax them consciously and completely. She did that, and enjoyed my intimate touch there.
The short break on the terrace was a heady experience for both of us. After finishing the beer, we both walked back into the apartment. As naked Rithika got busy laying the dinner table, I cleared up the dishes, glasses, etc., from our playroom; stored everything away, washed and polished the champagne flutes, and kept them next to Rithika’s bed. Then I moved my suitcases, the studio lights and the mirror to her bedroom.
Nude Rithika invited me to dinner. I first stood beside a seated Rithika, and bent over and smooched her for a long time, playing with her breasts as she played with my asscheeks, then we sat down to dinner next to each other, not opposite. We had a light dinner – coconut water, rice pulav (pilaf), brewed coffee, and liquor-filled chocolates for dessert. Back on her terrace, as we shared a cigarette, I quietly told her I was going to fuck her. She deduced that I had brought a strap-on, and was ecstatic, saying she since she returned to India, she had never been fucked with a strap-on! It was almost 10 p.m. by then.
My Future Daughter-in-law Shares Her Bed With Me:
After dinner, as Rithika got busy clearing the table and washing the dishes, I asked her to give me a few moments to arrange things in privacy. I went into her bedroom, and closed the door. I first put the four candle stands near four corners of the bed, then spread a large white napkin in the middle of the pink satin bed sheet – very suggestive! I kept the two empty champagne flutes, the absorbent napkins, the new plastic sheet and the big Nivea crème on the side-table, and rolled the mirror and the lights to the side of the bed, adjusted them, then switched them off. Next, I took out my new black double-phallus strap-on.
The typical double-cock strap-ons have two cocks set back-to-back on the large flat triangular front-piece that covers one’s vulva – which is ludicrous and very uncomfortable for both partners. Whoever made them has no idea of the female anatomy. I have a better-designer one – this one has a big 8” cock to fuck my partner with, complete with balls and large bumps at the top of the shaft to stimulate my partner’s clitoris. This phallus stands out horizontally at the top of the big triangular vulva-piece. What makes this one special is another smaller 5” phallus on the inside for going up into my own vagina, which is not placed horizontally opposite the outer phallus, but vertically at the very bottom of this triangular vulva piece. So, the outer cock juts out from the top of my big mound, well above my clitoris, and houses the battery and one vibrator built in, and the inner cock with another vibrator is lodged into my vagina from the bottom up. This design is very comfortable and effective.
I took out a funky fuck music CD I had brought with me, and put it on. I kept the volume very low, but its mood was quite raunchy! I strapped my special double-dildo on, inserting the inner cock into my wet cunt, and adjusted the outer one in the best position. I still had my red stilettos and my chunky Mangalsutra on, and put on a big set of glass and gold bangles – made me look kinkier!
I put out all the lights in her bedroom, opened the door a bit and called out to Rithika, who was in the kitchen, “Hey gorgeous, wash your hands thoroughly, and come and join the party!” She said she would be there in a minute. In that semi-closed air-conditioned room, I quickly lit the four candles and my cigarette, and stood waiting for my lover next to her candlelit bed. The mirror was right next to where I would eventually lay down with Rithika. It would perfectly mirror our lovemaking.
Soon, stark-naked – albeit with stilettos on – Rithika opened the door cautiously and stepped into her own cool bedroom. She was left speechless by the raunchy candlelit scene in front of her, as she closed the door behind her mechanically. Rithika set her eyes on my fat strap-on phallus and saw the napkin in the middle of her bed, and without a word, kneeled in front of me and started sucking the dildo as I smoked. I asked her if she could deep-throat, she said she did not know how to. I said it was all right, and made a note in my mind to tutor her on my family cocks.
Soon, I stubbed out my cigarette, as Rithika climbed onto her bed and lay down on her back in total availability, spreading her fat legs wide for a missionary fuck. I could see that she was brimming with juices as she spread her legs and arms to welcome me. Quickly, I first sucked out her excess juices, and actually got a spoonful into my mouth. This girl’s cunt-nectar was so delicious, and her cunt had such a hot sexual smell! She said that from the moment she realized that she was going to be fucked with a strap-on dildo, her Sex had literally been brimming with drool!
Without further ado, I switched on both the vibrators – the top one had a slow in-and-out thrusting, and the bottom one hummed inside me. I mounted Rithika like a man, as she guided my dong into her Sex. Oh wow, this lovely girl’s welcoming vagina was absolutely like a wellspring of molten liquid! My fat dildo just sank into her big cunt as if I had plunged it into a jar of syrup! Could she be fisted, then? I would think so! Rithika asked me to ride her hard. Watching ourselves in the mirror on the side, we rutted like animals, our cunts all squishy and squelchy, and we both soon climaxed violently, together to the second, and both took a long time to subside.
Rithika asked me to remain on top of her for some time, and we kept smooching again as if there was no tomorrow. I finally withdrew my phallus from her liquid cunt, and Rithika wanted to empty her bladder again, so she asked me how should she do it, but I said that for now we would remain dry and not drink any more piss. So we went to her bathroom and watched each other urinate, standing wide-legged over the toilet bowl.
My darling asked me if I was going to fist her. She had mentioned earlier that she had no experience of fist-fucking, but now she revealed that her English employer Vanessa occasionally asked Rithika to fist her, but she herself had never been fisted. So I prevailed upon her to avoid trying it now, as it would make her very sore. I explained how my husband first fisted me just two days after I gave a vaginal birth to my son Aaditya. We had repeated it every night for four months, then tapered it off to alternate days, once in three days and then once a week after a year. And now I get fisted at least once a fortnight without fail – and do Kegel exercises everyday – so that my Sex remains tight and elastic yet fully stretchable.
Since she was so keen, I invited Rithika to fist me. Back into her bed, I asked her to lubricate her right hand with Nivea, and then quickly insert two, then three, then four fingers into my well-used Sex. After she carefully slipped her knuckles past my cunt-muscles, her hand slid inside my vagina much more easily! It was a tight fit even in my well-travelled freeway – Rithika said I was much tighter than Vanessa’s slack, roomy cavern. She could hardly move her hand inside my well-muscled cunt, so I asked her to remain still once she was inside me up to her wrist, then up to a third of her forearm. I consciously relaxed my cunt to ease the strain on both of us. On my instructions, she was able to rotate her hand slowly inside me, avoiding my cervix. On the whole, Rithika turned out to be a skilled fist-fucker, and I invited her to satisfy her curiosities and explore my cavern in detail. We both enjoyed the whole caper and the sensations it produced.
Rithika wanted me to take her anal cherry with the dildo, but I put it off her mind for the time being. We both were fairly tired by now, so we just wiped up, and settled in bed to gossip. Taking it from the issue of her anal cherry, I told her about how I lost mine on my wedding night to Rajeev, and about my Golden honeymoon with him.
I realised that I had not called Rajeev since I met Rithika. So I asked for Rithika’s permission and called Rajeev on my cell from the privacy of her balcony. After our usual lewd greetings, I informed him, “Rajeev, I have been having sex with Rithika for four and a half hours now, and I can now safely say that Rithika is the greatest discovery we have made in our entire sex-life!” I briefly talked about her personality and our partying. Rajeev was thrilled to hear my accounts of Rithika’s figure, especially her 54” ass, and her urine-love!
I asked Rajeev how his party was getting along, and he said Sheena and he were ‘swapping’. Sheena was sitting in Dileep’s lap, and Dileep had his mushroom cock buried in Sheena’s well-dilated ass, and was slobbering on Sheena’s huge silicone jugs. Rajeev had Dileep’s ‘wife’, ultra-effeminate-lisping, long-haired, very fair-skinned Michelle, in his lap. Michelle, wearing a very short transparent pink negligee and flawless makeup, had medium-sized silicone tits (he never took hormones – did not need to); and was very effeminately kissing Rajeev. Rajeev was playing with his round creamy thighs, and his slim rock-hard 5” cock (an exceptionally pretty and fully functional penis with normal sized balls, Rajeev informed me) and had his cock deep in Michelle’s asshole, which had gotten completely dilated from accommodating Dileep’s mushroom head every night.
I told Rajeev, “Have a good party, darling, but listen Rajeev, I am seriously thinking of playing matchmaker and bringing Aaditya and Rithika together… ” Rajeev was quite staggered, but said he trusted my judgement completely, and advised me not to hurry and not to impose.
At this point, still on line with Rajeev, I walked into the bedroom. As I approached naked Rithika, I told Rajeev to tell Aaditya next morning, when he would call from Pune (where he had gone for official work), that Momma sent her love to him. At this point, Rithika obviously did not know what kind of ‘love’ I was sending to my darling motherfucker.
Inviting Rithika to speak to Rajeev, I gave the phone to her, and she said hello to Rajeev, telling him that he and I were a wonderful couple. Sheena and Rithika also said hello to each other, and Rithika said she would like to meet him and Rajeev sometime soon. Rajeev and Sheena wished us happy sex, and Rajeev invited Rithika to be with us in Mumbai soon. As I ended the call, I did not realize how soon that ‘soon’ was going to be.
Rithika tells me about incest in her family:
Rithika was captivated by the whole conversation. With my free hand, I leisurely caressed Rithika’s rich, lush hips as we talked to Rajeev. Rithika opened up quite a bit now, and told me about herself and her family in detail.
Her 48-year-old mother Suchitra was a well-paid lecturer in a college in Kuwait. Rithika had a 19-year-old brother Tanuj, still in college, and a good student, just like Rithika. Rithika said Tanuj too was bisexual, and a closet transvestite. She said her younger brother Tanuj was average built and very soft and feminine-looking, though he did not act effeminate in public. This was good news, as this seemed to be a sexually adventurous family, but more was to come!
Some years after her father passed away after a massive coronary, Rithika had landed that job with Vanessa. During a vacation with her family at Kuwait, she had disclosed her bisexuality to her mother, and updated her on how the part-time job in the lingerie store often landed her in bed with customers. Her mother acted quite maturely, and accepted her daughter’s bisexuality. There were no sexual vibes between mother and daughter at that time.
Rithika and her brother Tanuj were quite close and frank with each other, so during that trip to Kuwait, Rithika had also separately told 18-year-old Tanuj about her fun lingerie-store job with lesbian pleasures as bonus. Tanuj had also told his sister Rithika about his having both-ways oral and anal sex with his good-looking teacher Vittorio, where by and large Tanuj was the bottom guy. However, Tanuj did not tell his sister that he loved to crossdress too. Both of them did not know at that time that their mother was bisexual too, and Mumsie did not know about her son’s bisexuality.
After that visit where these sibling confessions took place, Rithika could not visit her family in Kuwait for more than a year. Then mother and son had visited India for Rithika’s simple wedding. Then, after her divorce, her mother and brother had visited her in Chennai. Suchitra stayed with Rithika for a week in that very apartment – during which, nothing personal transpired – and Tanuj stayed on for another two weeks.
That was when Tanuj informed Rithika that within two months after they met last, their Mumsie had seduced him and the mother-son duo was committing no-holes-barred incest virtually every night!
A few months ago, Tanuj came home early from school, and wanting to surprise her mother with his good grades, accidentally barged in on his completely naked mother, who was in a hot 69 with her equally naked colleague Kulsumm. Sexy, Egyptian Kulsumm was a spinster and an inveterate lesbian.
As their mother was a fairly sensible person, so instead of sinking into denial, she handled the situation maturely by honestly telling her son that she was a bisexual, and as her husband was no more, she needed sexual satisfaction from someone else. Tanuj in turn told his mother that he too was a bisexual and was regularly having sex with Vittorio, his tutor. Quite maturely, Suchitra accepted the fact her pretty son was bisexual and into a gay relationship. Her acceptance was rather inevitable in the circumstances.
In bed with me, Rithika informed me rather regretfully that her mother had never discussed her own bisexuality with her. When I discreetly asked the obvious question that if she had ever fantasized about having sex with her mother, Rithika said quite candidly that especially after her divorce, she had often wanted to have sex with her bisexual mother, but never got a chance or courage to initiate something.
This was the turning point. So, Rithika actually was inclined towards incest! I asked her what she thought of incest. Rithika said incest was okay between consenting adults, but it should not lead to pregnancy. This was wonderful – this girl ought to be part of our family!
Then I too opened up and confessed to her that my 22-year-old son Aaditya was bisexual too, and my husband and I had invited him into our marital bed on his 18th birthday. I now told her about our open marriage, incest with my brother and his daughter, us initiating incest with our son and our swinging sex-life in some detail, as Rithika listened with rapt attention.
After I told Rithika in some detail about our incest with our son, she revealed that incest was going on in her family too! I could not believe my ears, and was all attention!
Rithika continued her story. After a month of her son discovering her with her lesbian lover, Suchitra discovered that her cute-looking son had been stealing her lingerie and playing pansy to a bunch of rough gay Arabs who loved cute young crossdressers. This association was recent. Suchitra also realised that this kind of guys could get her son into some serious mess, and that would ruin his own prospects as well as her teaching career. She was already aware that her son also played pansy to his tutor Vittorio.
Suchitra then had a heart-to-heart with her son about his sexual preferences and Tanuj confessed to his mother that he was partly driven to gay relationships in drag because he simply could not date women in a place like Kuwait – so assuming the role of a sexy woman himself was his next best substitute for hetero sex! Tanuj also informed his mother that he had never had sex with a woman so far, though he wanted to.
Rithika’s good-looking mother then quietly took a conscious decision to involve her son into a sexual relationship with herself, partly to stop her son from mixing with that rough crowd, and partly to give her son – as well as herself – an opportunity to have heterosexual sex, and thus end their sexual isolation in a place like Kuwait.
It was midnight, and from Rithika’s bed, I called Rajeev and told him that I had revealed our incestuous secrets to Rithika, and asked him to e-mail some of our ‘family’ pictures to her right away. As expected, I asked him how his evening was, and he said Sheena had taken Dileep to his bedroom upstairs to make out in more privacy; and superbly effeminate Michelle and he were smooching in bed together after a good anal fuck.
Then, as is common between us, Rajeev gave the phone to Michelle and went to the office to email the pictures. I said Hi to Michelle, and in a feminine voice with a sleepy lisp, he said, “Hi Saroj dahling, y’know this is the first time I’m speaking to a woman who doesn’t mind me sleeping with her husband! And he tells me you are also in bed with a sexy lesbian in Chennai! How very delightful, you guys really are so awesomely cool and so wonderfully kinky!” I asked him if he enjoyed his evening with Rajeev and Sheena. Very effeminately, Michelle said, “Saroj dahling, oh your husband is so sexy he fucked me so well, better than any gay I have met! Such a divine kisser, and he gave me such awesome pleasures when he was inside me! He really made me feel like a sexy woman! He was telling me how he took your back cherry on your wedding night… And Sheena is so beautiful! I wish I too had such lovely big tits and ass… Tomorrow night I’m going to sleep with Sheena and enjoy her awesome clitty, and I’ll let my husband sleep with your husband – he is so gay, so gay (giggle)…”
Rithika then told me how her mother Suchitra initiated incest with her son Tanuj. Within two days of their heart-to-heart, on a Thursday night (Friday being their off-day), as Tanuj was about to go to bed – clad only in his briefs after a shower and bath, as was his routine – his mother Suchitra walked into his bedroom, unmistakably dressed for sex. She later revealed that she watched him through the partly open door and waited, so she could make an entrance at the right moment.
Suchitra was dressed in black stockings and suspenders, a very transparent set of bra and panties, high stilettos and sultry makeup, her saggy tits and shaved Sex on veiled display! Suchitra – determined to initiate incest with her own son – asked her stunned son to follow her, and started walking towards her bedroom! As Tanuj walked behind her sexy middle-aged mother – watching her naked back, inviting bra-straps, and plump, swaying, panty-clad ass – into her bedroom, he was excited as well as a bit frightened.
Once in her bedroom with her almost-naked son, Mumsie closed the door, stepped up to her stunned son and French-kissed him on his lips. Baffled Tanuj simply kissed back clumsily, too staggered to say or do anything else. Having kissed her pretty son like a lover, she told him she did not mind his cross-dressing, but he should not model lingerie for his Arab friends.
Getting quite horny and trembling with excitement, Mumsie slipped off her son’s briefs and sucked his cock till he came in her mouth. Next, son took off Mumsie’s brassieres and sucked her tits – after many years. Mumsie then lay down and let her son unveiled her Sex, which he explored with his hands and mouth, and made Mumsie cum strongly. Naturally, next on the menu was mother’s vagina. Son soon entered the forbidden temple, and became a true motherfucker. Mother and son made love till it was almost dawn, then slept naked in each other’s arms.
Next day, mother and son got up late, again committed incest, and had a long hot shower and bath together. Then, carrying out her resolve to satisfy at home her son’s urge to crossdress, also succumbing to her lesbian inclinations, Suchitra then asked her son if he wanted Mumsie to dress him up as a girl. Suddenly very horny, Tanuj eagerly agreed. Suchitra laid out a full set of bra-n-panties and hold-up stockings that Tanuj had ‘borrowed’ a few times. Mumsie sat sonny on her dressing table and did his makeover, and then spent the afternoon in bed with him, both mother and son dolled up in sexy lingerie. After a nap together, she got up to asking her son about his experiences with anal sex, and he said it was a different kind of pleasure, and delightful to both partners.
Mumsie told Sonny that though she had been putting dildos and other penile-shaped objects in her ass, she was still an anal virgin, and asked Sonny to take Mumsie's anal cherry. Rather keenly, Suchitra gave her anal cherry to her own son that afternoon, and was hooked to anal sex from that moment onwards, as she found the tightness and the friction especially gratifying, plus there was the added assurance that anal sex could not lead to pregnancy. From then on, besides enjoying incest with him, Suchitra gave her son free access to her wardrobe and cosmetics, and bought him stuff too. From that day, Tanuj was sleeping in Mumsie’s bed every night, often in makeup and lingerie, and satisfying the spanking-new anal cravings of his own mother.
After few days, Tanuj was finding it difficult to keep his incest secret from his tutor Vittorio, so mother and son discussed this, and Suchitra decided to let Tanuj take classes (and get sex) from Vittorio at home under certain rules and circumstances, instead of him going to Vittorio’s place for tuitions and sex.
On weekdays, Tanuj started coming home from his classes at 3 p.m. along with Vittorio. Suchitra would get home from her job only at 6 p.m. So the two would teach/learn for an hour and a half, then Tanuj would get into drag and teacher and pupil would play for another hour.
As agreed between mother and son, Tanuj told Vittorio that his mother was aware of their sexual involvement, but would be pretending as if she did not know what was going on, and Vittorio had to keep it that way. As decided with Mumsie, Tanuj also told Vittorio he had slowly stolen / bought a fair collection of lingerie and cosmetics that he “kept them hidden in his room.” Also, as they decided, Tanuj kept their incest a secret from Vittorio.
If Suchitra was due to arrive early, she would directly land up at neighbour Kulsumm’s place for lesbian sex, then mother and son would sleep together after dinner. If Kulsumm were not available, Mumsie would quietly come into the house, and after Vittorio left, mother and feminized son would have hot sex right away. Things stabilized at these levels.
Nonetheless, despite all of Suchitra’s sexual openness, she kept her incest a secret from Rithika. Though Rithika had known for some years that both her mother and brother were bisexual, and they too knew about her bisexuality, she only came to know about the ongoing incest from her brother during his visit to Chennai – after Suchitra left for Kuwait. Tanuj also told his elder sister he was into crossdressing and this prompted Rithika to badger him – like a typical elder sister – till he agreed to crossdressed for her. Since Tanuj obviously hadn’t brought any lingerie, dresses, accessories or makeup stuff with him, Rithika dressed him up in her stuff and did his makeover with much playful, juvenile chaffing, as would be natural between a brother and sister. Addressing her sissified younger brother Tanuj as ‘Tanuja’ – a girl’s name – Rithika started kissing his brother on his lips, and opening her sumptuous breasts, teasingly invited him for a ‘lesbian’ romp. With his elder sister’s lovely deep fragrant young cleavage and big taut boobs thrust below his chin, Tanuj immediately got a nice hard on. That prompted Rithika to pull down his panties, and suck him off.
Soon, only a thin condom prevented their incestuous body-fluids from mingling in her vagina, as she made a ‘Behenchod’ (sister-fucker) out of his ‘Maaderchod’ (motherfucker) brother. Brother and sister enjoyed a kinky incestuous honeymoon for two weeks, with him in drag most of the time. Tanuj used up almost fifty condoms, and sister Rithika gave him daily lessons in depilating, makeup and dolling up in lingerie and other drag.
As Tanuj was about to leave, Rithika called her mother in Kuwait and talked to her about the ongoing incestuous relationships in the family. She said, “Mumsie, I want you to know that in the two weeks Tanuj has been here with me, he and I have been making love every night – with condoms, of course. And he says he and you have also been making love for some months. I do wish you had been open about this and told me about it when you were here. Nevertheless, I’m very happy, and I want to close the circle by making love to you too, Mumsie! Now don’t say no!” Suchitra had no other choice but to agree, and said she felt awkward talking about it. Rithika said everything would fall in place once the family gathered in one place. That had not happened by then.
Yes, I thought, both our families should come together, literally and figuratively. Rithika continued that her family did not know about her urine-fetish, though as small children, she and her brother used to pee on each other in the bathroom. However, Rithika did not indulge in any pissing games with her brother when they had their two week long incestuous honeymoon.
Hmm, so that was where Rithika’s urine love started! From what I could make out from my conversation with Rithika, and the (ordinary) photographs she showed me, Suchitra was 5’5”, 150 lbs, 40-38-44, quite fair-complexioned, beautiful face – on the whole a sexy middle aged woman. And Tanuj was 5’7”, 160 lbs, medium built but with a noticeably plump ass, as well as a plump bosom, fair-skinned, with a strikingly feminine hairless face, a head of thick hair, and a very hairless soft body – a feminine gay-bi twink! Rithika said her brother had an average 6” cock. The fair hairless skin in the siblings came from the mother, and the big butts came from her late father’s side. My son was taller, less feminine and a bit heavier, but both seemed to have very similar hairless skins.
I prompted Rithika to tell me how she got into lesbian sex with her mother Suchitra’s big and plump younger sister Surekha (now with her husband in South Africa) at 17. Rithika told me it came about quite easily – Rithika was living alone with Surekha (childless Surekha’s husband was in South Africa those days) in this very city for her junior college education, and her aunt offered to give her assisted baths every Sunday. (The seduction and body chemistry was instant, and on the first occasion itself, both of them ended up naked and feasting on each other’s plump charms. Soon, they started sleeping in the same bed, till Rithika went to England for her master’s degree.
By then, I was absolutely sure in my mind that if both our families joined hands by Rithika marrying my son, it would certainly work to everybody’s advantage. However, I decided to let Rithika’s own mind work on the facts she had learnt about our family, and to wait for her own reactions.
Feeling horny and thirsty, I asked Rithika to pour me another glass of her urine. She wanted one too, so we again filled up a third of each other’s champagne glasses with our warm liquid offerings, and held back the rest. Lying sideways propped up on our elbows; we faced each other and chatted as we sipped each other’s fresh urine. It was quite nice and dilute by now, but still had good tang and aroma.
I asked Rithika to download Rajeev’s e-mails with our incest pics, and we moved to her machine in the playroom, naked. She booted her system and logged on. Soon my naked family was on her screen. She said Rajeev looked and sounded like a nice guy, and added that she would love to be ‘royally’ fucked by him. Rithika asked me how my son addressed me, and I told her. She was fascinated by Sheena, and looked at her pics for a long time – said he was much better looking than the tranny she was living with in London. Rithika found my son Aaditya very good looking, and said he had a nice cock too, and my son and I looked very titillating with his motherfucking cock in my cunt. She started asking me a lot of questions about our incestuous lifestyle. I asked her to log into my IncestChat site as ‘Maaderchod’ (she liked my login name), download the first part (older version) of this autobiography, and read it. She wanted to read it right away, so I sat next to her on the beanbag as she read on. She was a much faster reader than I was. Before she started reading, we fully emptied our bladders in each other’s glasses once again, and sipped and smoked. I suggested to Rithika that we both go to bed without brushing our teeth, just for tonight. She agreed.
We got into bed at 2 a.m., completely naked, with me wearing only my Mangalsutra. In the cool bedroom, we smooched with pissy, smoky mouths, cuddled spoon-fashion with me behind Rithika, and went to sleep under a light quilt, with our bladders quickly filling up again. We both woke up at around 5.30 a.m. with painfully full bladders, and watched each other pee on the toilet. We came back to the bed into each other’s arms, and quietly, Rithika said, “Saroj! Would you mind if I too called you Momma?” Surprised and delighted, I said she was more than welcome! We both felt so close to each other! We kissed deeply with our pissy smoky mouths, drew the heavy curtains to keep the breaking daylight out, and went to sleep again.
So that was my first night with my future daughter-in-law! We woke up at 9 a.m. Rithika greeted me with, “Morning, Momma!” and we luxuriated in a long lingering smooch with our pissy stale mouths. Our bladders were ready to burst again, and we decided to start our day with mutual Golden Showers. So, we got inside her bathroom for our ‘morning shower’.
I lay propped on my elbows on the warm tiles and asked Rithika to stand over me and urinate in my mouth. I drank a little of her pungent morning urine, and let the rest of the warm flow spill on my breasts. With so much of urine drunk yesterday, her taste was really strong and bitter. I then lay flat on the floor and invited Rithika to sit on my face and let me eat her out. She squealed and shuddered as she came in my mouth. Rithika as usual wanted to ‘return the favour’, so we exchanged places and I stood and urinated in her mouth and on her torso. Then I too sat on her face, and she enthusiastically brought me to a strong orgasm too. Rithika then merrily flipped over and slithered around in our piss puddle in that limited space.
Soon we washed the piss off our bodies and the floor – so as to keep the bathroom fresh – and finally brushed our teeth. We took turns in the other bathroom to empty our bowels in privacy, and did advanced yoga together for an hour in the nude. Rithika was more flexible than I was, and very knowledgeable and skilled at yoga. After yoga, as Rithika got busy making a breakfast of idlis, I ran hot water in the bathtub, took out all the roses from the vase, quickly plucked off all the petals and sprinkled them into the hot water. The bathroom smelled of roses as I shut the door. Rithika was cooking so she did not notice the faint smell of roses permeating her apartment.
Rithika soon laid the table and we got ready for a bath. As she opened her bathroom door, a cloud of real rose fragrance enveloped her. She was impressed with my little trick, and we gave each other a fragrant erotic bath in the rose-petal covered bathtub. It was almost 11 a.m. as we sat down to brunch of idlis with a huge glass of tomato juice and half-litre of the coconut water each. After our drink-piss-climax binge last evening, we felt cleansed and peaceful inside.
We ate in the nude, and as women will always talk constantly, we talked a lot about our lifestyles and experiences, and Rithika showed me her wardrobe, lingerie collection, photographs, porn collection… She kept calling me ‘Momma’, and I loved it! All along, she was full of questions about our family, and especially about Aaditya. She seemed to form a very positive opinion of all of us, especially our son.
After brunch, it was time for a siesta, as we both had not slept enough the night before and both had been on a long adrenalin high on the day before! I asked Rithika to put the traditional Indian coffee percolator on, and help me spread the new transparent plastic sheet I had got for her on the bed. I showed her how to fold old bed linen and stuff it beneath the edges of the mattress, and how that would form a shallow pool, and any liquids wouldn’t run off the bed. Rithika grinned from ear to ear as the implications of making a tub out of her bed sank in. We both lay in the new bed-tub and lit up cigarettes, lying on our sides facing each other, smooching and talking. We had a nice three-hour-long siesta on that cool plastic sheet in her air-conditioned bedroom.
We were up by 4 p.m., with bursting bladders and a horny mind, so we drank a large amount of strong hot coffee with vitamin-B tablets, and lots of water, and indulged in some naughty bed-wetting. I do this at home often with my family and some friends, but it was a new experience for Rithika. We created quite a puddle and happily lolled in that like two happy fat pigs for more than an hour, enjoying the raunchy sensations of deliberately urinating in bed with a lover. We urinated thrice in quick succession, and when we were done, we carefully got off the bed, lifted the plastic sheet and carried it into the bathroom, where we poured its contents over ourselves, getting our hair messy again.
I now took out my enema kit and gave Rithika and myself enemas – for some kinky anal delights, I told a curious Rithika. After the cleansing, we took a hot shower together. Coming out from the steamy bathroom, we dried our hair and decided to dress up for the evening and surprise each other. I asked Rithika if she had some lingerie that she could drench. With a big smile, she said she had bought some last year when she was in England, and had been saving it for a rainy day! I burst out laughing at her wit.
The sun was about to set, so I suggested we have some alcohol first. I asked Rithika if she had some more of that yummy non-alcoholic beer, we could lace it with vodka and drink that. Rithika loved the suggestion, and went into the kitchen to get the beer in glasses. We laced it and drank a glass, keeping further drinking for later.
Before we moved on to dressing up for our lingerie party, I took out my Ben-Wa balls and showed Rithika how to insert them into her vagina, then asked her wear panties to hold them in after I left the room! She was squealing with delight as she felt them moving inside her cunt.
To dress up for the evening’s party, I shut myself in Rithika’s exercise room with my suitcases. From what I had brought along, I selected my shiny black high-neck PVC basque – corset with bra – long black PVC gloves and black latex thigh-high bed-boots (one-piece boots-and-stockings) with suspenders from the corset attaching to the boot tops. This left my head, shoulders, buttocks and both my nether holes bare. With this waterproof outfit, I could go under a shower, golden or otherwise. I did a domineering, sluttish dark makeup – blacks with red highlights – with shiny black waterproof lipstick. I tucked my thick soft transparent purple double-header dildo into my stocking, and inserted my Anal Pearls (eight one-inch beads on a string – see Part-1) into my bowels, with their thick white string – with a finger-ring to pull them out – hanging out from my asshole. This always looks depraved!
We had decided to party in the exercise room again. I got ready before Rithika, so I washed the champagne glasses and brought them in, poured a half-measure of vodka in each, kept the liquids and cigarettes ready, and adjusted the lights and the mirrors. The time was just past 6 p.m.
Rithika soon made an appearance, and stunned me. Her outfit and makeover was much glitzier than mine was. To put it coarsely, if we put ourselves as a ‘mother-daughter’ prostitute pair out on the streets, we would do a roaring business. (After Rithika married my son, we did exactly that a couple of times, for kicks!)
Rithika was wearing purple-blue contact lenses, an oily foundation, pencilled eyebrows, glistening lilac eye shadow highlighted with sparkling purple-blue glitter, navy blue kohl eyeliner, and really thick navy blue mascara! Rithika had painted her lips the same fuck-me lilac with a liquid-shiny lipstick, and had dusted her lips with the same purple-blue glitter as on her eyes, and pencilled a navy-blue border to them matching with her eyeliner. She had highlighted her cheekbones with the same purple-blue glitter and glued on bright purple nails. Her makeover was quite brassy and thoroughly matching her ensemble.
Rithika’s kinky outfit perfectly harmonised with her exotic-whore makeover. She wore a shiny lilac PVC cat suit (like a short sleeveless top ending at the navel) with black fishnet stockings (made from thick twine-like plastic strands) on suspenders attached to the cat suit, and waterproof electric blue platform stilettos. Her thick boobs were covered but her ass and her love-holes were open. This made her huge ass look very prominent, and bigger.
Rithika was pantyless, and the string loop of my Ben-Wa balls was lewdly hanging out of her cuntlips. She surprised me by telling me that that she could easily hold the balls in with a soft steady Kegel contraction – which is also a common yoga exercise – I could never do that. This could only mean that her vagina was naturally very deep – perfect for my son’s big dong!
Her amazing makeover was done in an hour flat! That was efficient – a ramp model would have taken two hours! It was a coincidence that we both had chosen to cover our boobs fully, yet have our genitalia and buttocks completely exposed.
Rithika put on some throbbing dance music at low volume, and I suggested we first urinate in each other’s vodka shots. Rithika loved the suggestion and raised a toast to me – her sexy Momma! Wow, I began to believe that my wish would come true! Since morning, she had absolutely stopped calling me Saroj, and was now addressing me as ‘Momma’. I loved that feeling, and loved her very much. I still do, even more!
Our urines had turned out to be golden yellow again. So, we drank the bitter vodka-and-urine cocktail (I call the cocktail Gold Rush) and started dancing together, Rithika pulled out the double-header from my stocking, and smooched and caressed it lovingly. Soon she spotted the white string of my Anal Pearls, its finger-ring obscenely dangling from my asshole. She stopped and sat behind me to investigate. So to show her what it was, I pulled out just two balls from my rectum and pushed them in again. Approvingly, Rithika kissed my asshole and called me a sexy slut-mother – and I called her my perverted whore-daughter! We two kinky hot lesbians danced together in front of the mirror, and my healthy daughter shivered with naked lust as the Ben-Wa balls danced and worked their magic inside her cunt. Rithika was an excellent dancer – and I realised that most of my style and moves were out of date. Rithika’s dirty dancing was definitely more chic and erotic than mine was.
As the kinky evening wore on, Rithika and I drank two more lightly laced Gold Rushes, and chased them up with a litre each of coconut water. After an hour, we were slightly high, soaked with piss in our outfits, and sprawled on the floor. We got up, and both did a piss-wet striptease for each other, discarding our clothes onto the floor. Finally, we put them all into the other bathroom for cleaning and returned to our piss-puddle under the hot bright lights, slithering together in it for some time, and pissing some more into each other’s hair. The double dildo often saw the insides of our slippery vaginas as we impaled out cunts on it in various postures. My special strap-on soon joined the party, and my Anal Pearls made many journeys in and out of Rithika’s well-lubed rectum. She was getting enormous pleasure from the novel anal sensations. With my strap-on inside her ass, Rithika remarked, “I wonder how Aaditya’s or Harsh Uncle’s cock will feel in my ass!” and I assured her I would soon have her over at our place in Mumbai.
I had brought the big, almost-full tin of Nivea crème in the room. Taking handfuls from that tin, I started liberally slathering Rithika’s pissy wet body all over with that soft slippery crème, and asked her to do the same, till the tin was empty. Lying completely naked on the floor, we both were really slippery by now. Our makeovers and hairs were soon in a mess, but this was such kinky fun – the slithery, slippery, creamy-pissy sensations were out of this world.
We went on pissing, drinking, toy-fucking, slithering, slathering, smearing, smooching, embracing, kneading, massaging, she fisting me… and finally brought our kinky partying to a close at 9.30 p.m. We cleaned up the place, had a soapy scrub and a hot, then cold shower. After the cold shower, I was a bit wobbly but wide awake, and Rithika was quite alert too. We had a quick dinner of lots of fruits and a simple rice-yogurt dish.
Rithika Puts Forward a Proposition:
Clean and fresh, Rithika and I lay in her bed and chatted. Rithika continued to address me as ‘Momma’, kissed me for a long time, then told me that when I was in the toilet, she had read my other posting in the IncestChat forum searching for a suitable bride for my incestuous son. She asked me if we had found a match. I told her we neither got any proposal, nor expected any! After all, who would want to share the marital bed with her very mother-in-law? Rithika then quietly asked me if being 3 years older than my son would disqualify her!
Caught unawares, I wanted to be absolutely sure of what I had heard. I asked this darling slut, “Rithika, let me have it straight! Are you proposing to marry my incestuous son, and spend the rest of your life as a part of our perverted family?” She gave me a solemn and unequivocal, “Yes, I am!” I reminded her, “But just yesterday, you had declared that after your divorce, you had put men out of your mind, right? So what happened within 24 hours to make you change your mind?” She flattered me by saying, “You happened to me, my darling Momma! That’s what happened!”
What a way to propose a marriage, and that too not to the boy, but to his mother, who was naked in the girl’s bed and making out with her like a lesbian slut!
I was so thrilled I kissed Rithika intensely, then literally licked her gorgeous ass and tongue-fucked her divine anus, to express my adoration and gratitude. Turning around, she did the same in a 69, mumbling into my butt-cleavage, “Momma, please, please, please, pretty please, let me become part of your family!”
Thrilled beyond expectations, I told her I had been thinking on the very same lines since I met her, but as I was her guest, I did not want to make it awkward for her by proposing marriage with my son. Then, rather nervously, Rithika asked me, “Heck, I am jumping the gun here, and only thinking of being with you! But will Aaditya accept me as a wife?”
I laughed and told Rithika, “Once that motherfucker meets you, he will literally be licking your ass and proposing to you on his knees! A mother knows her son, darling; and an incestuous mother knows her son even better!” Rithika was jumping with excitement – I wondered where the strait-laced banker had gone now! She proposed a Golden Drink to this, “Momma, let us drink to this with our favourite! Come and sit on my face and pour me a drink.” I obliged her and she licked me clean and made me cum with her expert tongue, then we changed places and she poured me a drink too and I too made her climax. I know all this sounds weird, but this is exactly what happened.
I asked Rithika if her mother would endorse her marriage with Aaditya, and she said with typical banker’s reasoning, “My mother will be more than happy if her divorced, lesbian daughter re-marries at all. And Momma, though I have never met him face to face, and from his talk, and looking at you, he seems to be a very nice guy, Aaditya does make a very eligible bachelor from a conventional viewpoint, though he is three years my junior. He is tall, handsome, healthy, fair-skinned, very well educated, has a good job, a thorough gentleman from what I hear, has well-to-do and liberal parents… And from a woman’s viewpoint, your son is tall, handsome, healthy, well-built, very well-hung, and very good in bed, according to his incestuous mother herself! And from a tranny-loving kinky bisexual piss-loving woman’s viewpoint, he too is a kinky bisexual pee-lover, and loves to crossdress too.” Rithika added, with a mischievous grin, “But Momma, Aaditya definitely has one very serious negative aspect: he is an absolute Maaderchod! However, I don’t mind that. And my Mumsie should not mind, too – after all, who better to endorse motherfucking than another incestuous mother!”
Light-heartedly, I asked, “Rithika, if you marry Aaditya, you will often be sharing him with his mother – me – I hope that will be okay with you!” Rithika responded, “You will also be sharing your husband with me, won’t you? And Aaditya will also have to share his mother with me, won’t he?” That was smart! “And you and me will have our brothers sharing us too, won’t we!” she added.
I also asked Rithika whether she would like to join or keep away from our sex-circle outside our family. She declared that she had always dreamed of being part of a sexually open family, but had bleak hopes of finding one. She said if we did not mind, she would love to become an integral part of our entire family’s swinging sex-scene. I informed Rithika that these days we kept our adult parties within limits, and had limited our flings to once a week at the max. We both agreed that our family members’ primary focus should always be on our respective professions.
I suggested to Rithika that since she had seen Aaditya’s nude pictures, she might like to send Aaditya a few of her nude pictures by e-mail, and then speak to him on the land line, to begin with. So, she brought out her digital camera, and I took a few nude pictures of hers – her milk-jugs, some titillating poses flaunting her monumental bottom, her huge shaved Sex, her virgin asshole, two of us kissing, one with me urinating in her mouth, and one with she pissing in mine. We sat down on Rithika’s machine and transferred the pictures. They turned out very alluring and we chose the best. I wrote a note about Rithika, asking Aaditya if he would like to speak to her, and sent it with the pics through secure e-mail.
After the mail was gone, I called up my son in his hotel room in Pune at midnight, confirmed that he was alone – because when he is in Pune, he often sleeps with Shashank who lives in Pune – and asked him to plug in his laptop and download my secure mail. Within 20 minutes, I got his call, and as agreed with Rithika, I switched on the speakerphone. I know all this sounds pretty odd, but this is exactly as it happened.
Aaditya greeted Rithika and me very nicely, “Hi Sexy Mom, and hi Sexy Rithika!” He said he had genuinely liked Rithika’s pics, and would like to meet her as early as possible, spend a lot of time talking with her and give her tons of pleasures. And if Mum had liked her so much, then that was endorsement enough for him. Rithika was quite thrilled, and told him she and his mother had got along like a house on fire, and she was sure he was a lovable person, and yes, he had a nice cock too! Aaditya said that though he really adored Mom’s ass, Rithika’s was the very best ass he had ever seen – and her vulva with that piercing was picture-perfect too, so were her boobs. Aaditya told Rithika that he had always liked full-figured women, beginning with his mother. He added that he missed partying with his mother, and sent love and kisses to both of us, told Rithika to enjoy our partying but save some of herself for him too! I laughingly admonished him not to masturbate too much on Rithika’s pictures. We all laughed and ended the call with that.
Rithika looked very happy and absorbed in her own thoughts. After some time, she said to me that she liked Aaditya’s maturity, and generally liked everything about him so far – one of the thing being his mother – and smooched me excitedly.
I showed her my Mangalsutra and said I was looking forward to her wearing this very same Mangalsutra. I asked her to get vermilion and turmeric powders in a small salver, quite irreligiously moistened them separately with a few drops of not water but my urine, and put a dot of each on her forehead. Next, I put a dot of each on her shaved mound just above her bejewelled clitoris too, and she repeated the same to me.
I now gifted her my thick gold bangles, as a traditional ‘engagement’ present from the mother-in-law, and we deeply tongued each other’s Sexes and assholes and gave each other a mouthful of our urines to drink, then kissed deeply, to complete the wicked, impromptu ‘engagement’ ceremony. Rithika said that, as she had already lost her oral and vaginal cherries, she wanted to give her anal cherry to Aaditya as his wedding present; just the way I had given mine to Rajeev.
Rithika and Aaditya had already exchanged their e-mail Ids, cell numbers, etc., so I was quite confident that things would soon take their desired course.
I asked Rithika if she was planning to have sex with her mother too, and she nodded her head in the affirmative. She said that next time she met her mother; she would certainly have sex with her and her brother together. I said I looked forward to her fully succeeding in her goal.
Rithika said she loved the idea of me tying a Rakhee on my lovers’ cocks, thus proclaiming them my ‘brothers’, then fucking them and committing ‘incest’. I told her that a year after we started our incest, Aaditya’s joined our kinky Rakhee party, and so did my brother Shekhar and niece Kiron. I tied Rakhees on my brother Shekhar’s and ‘sister’ Sheena’s cocks and Kiron tied one on her first-cousin Aaditya’s cock. She was thrilled, and I think this started a very kinky and far-reaching train of thoughts in her mind.
Having talked so much of incest and cocks, we both wanted to feel full in our vaginas. So since we both were yoga students, we scissored our legs with each other’s as we sat facing each other, inserted the 18” double-header in our vaginas – the only way a straight double-header remains in place without holding it – then embraced with some callisthenics, and smooched as we talked about my son, and Rithika marrying into our family. To conclude the day, we directly drank from each other’s piss-holes this time, emptying our bladders. Finally, we went to sleep naked at 2 a.m., burping of urine.
An incestuous idea out of the blue:
I fell asleep immediately – as I always do – but Rithika (she told me later) went to the terrace to have a smoke and to ponder over her unique idea, and then sat on her computer for some time. I had already told her about other primary incest going on in our family, me with my brother Shekhar, Shekhar with his daughter Kiron, and Kiron with his first-cousin Aaditya. Late in the night, Rithika had chatted with Aaditya and she informed me that they had got along like a house on fire. Much filthy language was exchanged, and both had masturbated to each other. As I had cautioned Rithika, they only discussed friendship and sex, not the issue of marriage. I wanted Aaditya to propose to this lovely Sex-Goddess, literally on his knees.
On Sunday morning, we woke up at 8 a.m. We were languidly kissing and caressing each other’s naked bodies in bed, when Rithika dropped a bombshell of an idea.
Rithika said, “Mommy, if I marry your son, and if your niece Kiron marries my brother Tanuj, and your divorcee brother marries my widowed Mumsie, just look at the possibilities! The incestuous combinations would be fantastic! Come with me, last night I worked it out on the computer!”
This girl was even more wildly kinky than I ever was! Like an efficient financial executive, she showed me her study on her machine, saying, “Momma, if that happens, our combined family would have two natural brother-sister couples – Shekhar Uncle and you, and Tanuj and I, two natural mother-son couples – you and Aaditya, and my Mumsie and Tanuj, a natural father-daughter couple – Shekhar Uncle and Kiron, a natural mother-daughter couple – my Mumsie and I, a natural father-son couple – Rajeev Dad and Aaditya, a natural first-cousin brother-sister couple – Aaditya and Kiron, a natural aunt-niece couple – you and Kiron, and a natural uncle-nephew couple – Shekhar Uncle and Aaditya!”
I noted that she was already referring to Rajeev as ‘Dad’. My head was beginning to reel as Rithika continued, “And see, it will further create these newly related incestuous couples. There will be a newly related first-cousin brother-sister couple – Aaditya and I, a related first-cousin brother-brother couple – Aaditya and Tanuj, a newly related sister-sister couple – Kiron and I, a newly related legally married brother-sister couple – Tanuj and Kiron, a newly related father-daughter couple – Shekhar Uncle and I, a newly related mother-daughter couple – my Mumsie and Kiron, a newly related father-son couple – Shekhar Uncle and Tanuj, a newly related aunt-niece couple – you and I, two newly related aunt-nephew couples – you and Tanuj, and my Mumsie and Aaditya, a newly related uncle-niece couple – Dad and I, and a newly related uncle-nephew couple – Dad and Tanuj!”
I went through it twice, and realized she was absolutely right! Extremely horny, I drank Rithika’s morning urine and fed her my piss too, then went to the loo. There I sat thinking, and pondered that things just might pan out that way. Shekhar and Kiron were in Mumbai those days – Kiron was on week-long break from her flying. In privacy, I had a long chat with Rajeev on the cell, and updated him. Up-front as usual, Rajeev suggested we fly to Mumbai that very day. He would call Aaditya down to Mumbai as well – and we all would put our heads (and bodies) together on this! I agreed wholeheartedly. Rajeev said he had informed Aaditya that he would be meeting Rithika also to assess her covertly as a life partner, and if he made up his mind to about getting engaged to Rithika, he should inform us, then propose to her and see if she accepted, and then we could take this further with her parents.
I went into the kitchen and spoke to Rithika. Quick in her decisions, she asked me to take over in the kitchen, and first called her boss and alluding to some medical emergency in her family, got a week’s leave, and then called the bank’s travel agent to book two first-class tickets to fly to Bombay by the 4 p.m. flight. I arranged with Rajeev to come and pick us up at Bombay airport. Aaditya would drive down from Pune to Bombay and reach a bit later.
Events moved fast now. Sexually and emotionally very excited, together we quickly had a raunchy bath and a brunch. I cleaned up the kitchen, as Rithika did some extensive packing. I helped Rithika select dresses, lingerie and cosmetics – she had a lovely collection – and then quickly packed my stuff.
We reached Bombay airport by 6 p.m. Rajeev received us, kissed both of us on the cheeks. Rajeev paid glowing compliments to Rithika as he drove us home. At home, Sheena – in a sexy pink Sari outfit with a halter top showing off his lovely cleavage – received us, and formally welcomed Rithika by putting a spot of vermilion and turmeric paste on her forehead, and presented her with a lovely bouquet of flowers. As usual, the moment we closed the doors, we all kissed each other on the mouths. Sheena kissed her first, followed by Rajeev.
We chatted, and I showed her round our house. Rithika loved our bedroom and bathroom, and eagerly declared, “I want to live here!” She especially liked the dancing table, climbed up and did some titillating moves – this girl was a natural at exotic dancing! She wanted to drink my piss in the bathroom, but I suggested that we would have a family-pee session next morning.
When we sat down, Rajeev sat next to Rithika and advised her not to be rash, take her time and take a cool headed decision only after she knew and liked Aaditya well enough to be her husband. He added that there was absolutely no pressure from our side on her to marry into our family – she could as well choose to remain a family friend. And right away, Rithika deeply kissed Rajeev on the mouth, pressing her large boobs into Rajeev’s forearm, and promised him that she would indeed take a cool-headed decision if and when his son proposed to her. That was a kinky sight – this lovely girl kissing my husband on the mouth and talking to him about marrying our son.
Soon, Aaditya arrived at around 7.30 p.m. and Rithika and Aaditya smooched for eternity. The kissing couple indeed came across as a wonderful pair. I noticed that Aaditya was holding Rithika not by the waist, but had cupped his hands over her splendid buttock-globes.
Sheena and Rajeev had kept light beer and salads ready, and we enjoyed those. After that, Rithika dressed up in our guest room to go out with Aaditya for dinner. She wore lovely evening makeup, tight stretchy white low-waist hipsters that showed the top of her massive butt-cleavage, high-heels and a short shimmering navy-blue top, showing a lot of her juicy cleavage. Her shoulders, arms, much of her back, midriff and belly-button were out in the open.
Rithika was looking very temptingly sexy, so I gave her a cotton shawl to cover her bare skin in public. Aaditya said they would first go to a discotheque and dance, and then go out for dinner. After Aaditya left with his precious date, Rajeev, Sheena and I went to our bedroom to discuss the new, exciting situation, and to have sex. I told Rajeev and Sheena about incest in Rithika’s family, and her suggestion that all three singles of her family get into matrimony with the three singles from our family. Both approved of Rithika’s idea wholeheartedly, and we all hoped that this grand plan would be a success.
Rithika and Aaditya came back at midnight. I opened the door for them, and kissed them both on their lips. I motioned Aaditya to step aside as Rithika kissed me and whispered to me that she was going to say yes if Aaditya proposed. I smiled and asked her to wait for that to happen – I knew it would come soon.
Aaditya escorted Rithika to his flat upstairs to sleep with him. I knew they would be talking and fucking the whole night, so I had left a pack of luxury condoms on Aaditya’s bedside table. My son had got quite used to fucking my cunt without a condom, and Rithika also had not slept with men for some years. So I did not want them getting carried away and Rithika getting pregnant. I did not want to cause any stress to this gem of a girl.
I went back to sleep with Rajeev. Sheena was sleeping in his apartment upstairs. Early that morning, at 6 a.m., our son Aaditya came to our bed in his briefs, woke me up with a kiss (Rajeev also woke up), and said, “Momma and Dad, I have decided to marry Rithika. She is sleeping like a baby, completely naked, and I have not proposed to her yet. How do you think I should do it?”
“That’s great!” I kissed my son and told him, “Take that bunch of long-stemmed red roses – Sheena had got them last evening as we were expecting this, and take this diamond ring too. Go to your bedroom, get naked, wake Rithika up, get her to her feet, and propose to her on your right knee. And if you have not tasted her piss yet (he had not), then you could ask her to seal the engagement by directly giving you a drink of her morning piss – it’s delicious! Then you two can come down and announce your engagement in your own time. And darling, call me on the intercom before you come down.”
Soon, things happened exactly as I had suggested. Rithika got up – all naked, Aaditya proposed to her with the roses, naked on his knees, and she accepted, they kissed and then Aaditya asked for his fiancée’s divine urine. Quite predictably, Rithika also drank Aaditya’s piss. Both had a long leisurely doggy-style fuck, bathed together. Then Aaditya called me on the intercom, giving me the good news. I congratulated my son, asked him to wear the same silk shirt and slacks he had worn when he committed incest with me (I had kept these ready), and asked him to request Rithika to wear her transparent short hip-length red negligee with gold trim – with nothing underneath – and stilettos, for breakfast and a little ceremony.
Rithika and Aaditya came down for breakfast at 9 a.m. that Monday morning, looking radiant. Rithika was glowing, and Aaditya looked very happy. I was in the same short transparent dark purple party dress with shiny diamond sequins all over, which I had worn on the morning of my incest with my son. Rajeev wore a silk dressing gown with nothing underneath, and Sheena wore a full-length sleeveless black fishnet gown with stilettos with nothing underneath. His limp cock was nicely outlined in the see-through netting.
Aaditya formally announced his engagement with gorgeous Rithika. Rajeev advised her to call her family in privacy from Aaditya’s bedroom, after the breakfast. We all French-kissed Rithika and Aaditya, and congratulated them. Rajeev and I had made a light yet fancy breakfast and Sheena had laid the table, etc. Over breakfast, I officially told Rithika about the ongoing incest in our family, and requested Rithika to appraise everyone about incest in her family too. Rithika informed everyone candidly that she had had sex with her younger brother Tanuj, and he was having sex with his mother too, and Rithika was going to initiate incest with her mother as soon as she met her next. Afterwards Rithika remarked, that she would now have Rajeev Dad to love, thus ‘completing the picture’. We didn’t say anything about Rithika’s idea to have three weddings between our families.
As she told me later, Rithika called her mother in Kuwait from her cell, and informed her of her engagement decision. She assured her anxious mother that she had thought this through, and asked her to come over for a formal engagement ceremony. Rithika informed her that she was in Mumbai and was staying with our family for that week. Her mother Suchitra was a bit alarmed at this rapid development when she learned that Rithika had met Aaditya just yesterday.
Rithika explained to her mother that Karuna had introduced me – Aaditya’s mother – to her a few days ago, and I had come to Chennai to stay with her for the long weekend. Before Rithika could go further, Suchitra – who knew that Karuna had been her daughter’s lesbian lover – asked her daughter somewhat candidly, “Rithika, tell me, did you invite Saroj to your place basically for sex?” Rithika replied, “Yes, Mumsie, we had excellent sex, and Saroj confessed to me that she and her husband too have regular sex with her son, her brother and her brother’s daughter, so I came down to Mumbai to meet them, and fell in love with this family. They are all very nice, normal and well-off people, just like us, and Aaditya is very good-looking, a thorough gentleman and most eligible in every way. And come on, Mumsie, I am now an adult and can take care of myself.”
Suchitra anxiously asked her daughter if she had told us about incest in their family, and she replied with a yes, which made her mother a bit upset, but she piped down when Rithika pointed out that first, I (Saroj) had opened up about incest in our family, so all of us were obviously travelling in the same boat.
Suchitra said that as Thursday and Friday were her off-days, she would fly down to Mumbai on Wednesday night and stay for a week, Rithika asked her mother to bring Tanuj along too. Tanuj, who was listening to the whole conversation, said that of course he would come – as he had just finished his college studies. Suchitra confirmed she would bring her son along. Rithika said she would book a suite for them in a five-star place and meet them at the Mumbai airport. She would stay with them on Wednesday night, explain everything, bring them to meet us on Thursday, and get formally engaged on Friday with Mumsie’s blessings.
Her dialogue with her mother over, Rithika reported the conversation to me and said that she was now waiting to have sex with Rajeev Dad, Sheena Auntie, Shekhar Uncle and Kiron Didi.
We all conversed till lunch. In the afternoon, I slept with my son, and Rithika slept with Rajeev and Sheena. Rithika liked them both very much, and they too later endorsed her engagement, and were all praise for her healthy sexuality.
My brother Shekhar was in town that week, and his daughter Kiron was staying with him at a nearby holiday resort for a week-long break after the heavy rush of the holiday season. Needless to say, both were enjoying nightly bouts of father-daughter incest and very kinky sex. Kiron had borrowed some of Sheena’s medium-large sized lingerie and stilettos, and my older double-cock strap-on, and was dressing up her dark-skinned, well-built father in Sheena’s lingerie, and was enjoying feminising and sodomising him.
At 5 p.m., I informed my brother of the rapid developments in our family, and we invited father and daughter for an evening of sex with magnificent Rithika, adding that Rithika too had had sex with her brother Tanuj, and he was already fucking his own mother regularly. Shekhar too remarked that our families should come together (and cum together) and become suitably complete. I still did not say anything about Rithika’s ideas of ‘Three Weddings and One Big Incest-Fest’.
Rithika has sex with our whole family:
Evening saw a nice, warm, kinky family party with my betrothed daughter-in-law Rithika, my son Aaditya, my husband Rajeev, my TS sister Sheena, my brother Shekhar, and my niece Kiron.
All three men were in drag, and stilettos. Rajeev was in satin stockings-suspenders-bra-panties with small falsies. Aaditya was in lavender lace bra, panties and my absolutely transparent dark purple baby-doll negligee-like party dress with tiny-shiny diamond-like sequins all over. It was loose, sleeveless, and hip-length with a very low back and a wide, deep neck. My brother Shekhar had actually arrived wearing a basque and stockings inside his regular clothes, and changed his shoes to stilettos once he took off his street clothes. His daughter Kiron wore a short spaghetti-strap black T-shirt top – which she had got printed from a friend – that said in bold pink letters, ‘Licensed Prostitute’, white 3” platforms and trashy pink vinyl hot pants, with nothing underneath. I wore a transparent black blouse and petticoat, with nothing underneath, and Sheena was in a French bra and matching suspenders and stockings, with his lovely genitalia ‘covered’ with a green plastic fig-leaf dangling from the suspenders.
Into this kinky gathering, Rithika made a grand entrance in a white transparent Roman gown she had brought with her, light makeup, flat Roman slippers – nothing underneath – and we all kissed her. Together, Aaditya and Rithika presented a titillating dance and strip number. Then we all undressed, and my brother and her daughter again smooched and embraced Rithika. We had planned a kinky ritual – Rithika graciously peed in champagne glasses and offered her nectar to all of us. We too gave her ours to taste. After some real champagne and a candlelight dinner in the nude, we all trooped to the top floor of Aaditya’s flat – which has a huge empty pile-carpeted area to make out. My brother and his daughter got intimate with Rithika and both had sex with her together – Kiron and Rithika in a 69 with Rithika on top, and my brother rutting into Rithika from behind. As my brother was fucking Rithika, holding her by her curvaceous, wide, heavy hips, he silently indicated to me that she was a superb mate.
Later, Rithika went with Aaditya to sleep with him in his room, and the rest of our family slept together, obviously discussing the new developments and having sex as usual. Everyone was complimenting – and ribbing – me for getting Aaditya engaged to such a sexy girl out of the blue. My brother and his daughter left at midnight, to return again on Thursday evening for meeting the in-laws and for extended family incest.
Early next morning at 4 a.m. on Tuesday, a completely naked, radiant Rithika quietly came to our bedroom. Rajeev and I were sleeping with Sheena, with Rajeev in the middle. Quietly, she woke me up, and rather sexily said she wanted to be alone with me. We tiptoed into the guest bedroom, and once alone with me, Rithika told me how happy she was about marrying into our family. We drank each other’s morning urine, and made hot lesbian sex together again. We then spent an hour in the Jacuzzi together, where Rajeev joined us after a while, and had slippery wet boob-sex with Rithika.
Tuesday was spent in shopping and rest. Rithika spent Tuesday night with Aaditya again – this time with Sheena for a threesome. Sheena first did a great makeover on Aaditya transforming him into tall, handsome young lass – with a big cock. On Rithika’s request, Aaditya and Sheena took each other in the ass as she watched live gay anal sex for the first time. During a lull, Rithika called up her brother Tanuj, who was very excited and had many questions for her. Rithika told him that Aaditya was great in bed, and had a big cock, and that we were an incestuous bisexual family too, and all this came about when Aaditya’s mother – me – had stayed with her last weekend for lesbian sex. Rithika told her drag-loving bisexual brother about tranny Sheena, and said that handsome Aaditya also loved to be in drag.
Tanuj was thrilled and informed her that those days their Mumsie was having sex with him on a regular basis. And Mumsie Suchitra had revealed to Tanuj that after her own mother passed away after a massive coronary, her younger sister big and plump Surekha – hardly 16 then, had seduced their own father and started having sex with him. Soon they had invited 18-year-old Suchitra into their bed too. Rithika then revealed to Tanuj that Surekha auntie had seduced her too, but Surekha had never told Rithika that she had had sex with grandpa and Mumsie too – such is the secrecy surrounding real-life incest, so unlike the usual incest fantasies. Rithika narrated all this to me later in privacy, and repeated her resolve to get her and our families connected with multiple bonds.
On Wednesday morning, Rajeev and I gave Rithika her first lessons in deep-throating. Rithika slept till late on Wednesday afternoon, as she would be up late with her family. Not wanting to put social pressures on them, I advised Rithika to meet her family at the airport without us and spend the night in bed with her mother and brother, then bring them to our place on Thursday for a social lunch, and possibly an afternoon and evening of multiple incestuous relations.
My son’s fiancée seduces her mother:
Rithika received her family at Mumbai airport on Wednesday late evening as planned, and they all moved to a large suite in a secluded five-star resort. As she later told us gleefully, the moment they were inside the suite, she and her brother (brother and sister had quietly planned this caper) swiftly took off all their clothes, and started smooching like two long-lost lovers, as their Sari-clad mother watched with fascination and some annoyance. Rithika soon turned to her mother, saying, “Hello Mumsie, won’t you come and join us?” Wordlessly, Suchitra got up and walked to her naked children, kissing her daughter on her mouth as her son made way for her. Tanuj got behind his mother to take off her clothes.
Soon, mother was stark-naked and daughter was all over her saggy tits. Brother and sister pushed their mother to the bed where Rithika ate her mother with delight. The family trio spent the whole night enjoying incestuous sex. As the three made incestuous love, Rithika told them all about our incestuous family, and that she had already had sex with all of us. This made Suchitra a bit anxious about their secret being revealed, but Rithika reasoned with her, that we too had an equally ‘sinful’ secret, and despite our swinging lifestyle, we had managed to keep our secrets quite well! That was certainly true. Suchitra then revealed that she was not averse to the idea of swinging, as in the late 70s and early 80s, she and her late husband had also done quite a bit of swinging when they were living in Pune (near Mumbai). Rithika also told her family about Sheena, and both Suchitra and Tanuj were quite keen to meet Sheena.
Rithika informed her mother that our family would be inviting them to our place next afternoon to meet our basic family – Rajeev, Aaditya, Sheena and me, and added that if they wished, we all could enjoy incestuous sex after the ceremony. To which, Suchitra surprisingly agreed quite promptly without any of her usual reservations.
Rithika also informed her mother and brother that our family was also into Watersports, and again Suchitra revealed that one of couples they often swapped with (in separate bedrooms), her swinging partner would always ask her to urinate in his mouth, as his wife would neither do that, nor let him piss in her mouth. So after a couple of times, Suchitra too got fascinated and tasted her partner’s piss, and as she liked the taste, their Watersports became a two-way affair. It was something she never talked about to anyone, not even with her husband. After those days, Suchitra never tried Watersports again, till her lesbian partner Kulsumm in Kuwait asked her to urinate on her boobs when they were having fun in Kulsumm’s bathtub, and Suchitra later drank her urine.
Eagerly, the family trio tasted each other’s piss, and Rithika was happy to hear that her mother and brother quite liked the taste and the idea, and agreed that it definitely led to a more intimate love bonding. Rithika also watched her brother assfuck her mother, and informed them that she would be giving her anal cherry to her husband on their wedding night.
The intimate family trio rested, eagerly discussed Rithika’s current affairs and fucked throughout Thursday. Rithika still didn’t say a word to them about her dreams of uniting our and her incestuous families with three weddings, not one. As is the tradition, Rajeev and I met Rithika’s family in their hotel’s restaurant and invited them to our house the next day – to meet the boy.
Sex with our would-be In-Laws:
On Friday, Rithika’s family joined us for a very pleasant informal lunch. Suchitra was a very beautiful middle-aged, average built lady, a bit past her prime. Tanuj was a cute young man, very much Rajeev’s kind. After lunch, they rested in the large guest bedroom upstairs, and I called my brother and his daughter over to join all of us for the afternoon tea in the theatre room upstairs. Though we had expected Suchitra's endorsement much later after some deliberations, Suchitra announced her formal acceptance of Rithika and Aaditya’s engagement over the afternoon tea. Rithika and Aaditya, who were sitting next to each other, got into an intense French kiss. Rithika let her Palloo slide off from her magnificent breasts as Aaditya started taking off Rithika’s Choli and Rithika started opening the buttons on Aaditya’s shirt right in front of all of us. This was a surprise to everyone. So, my son and his fiancée knew how to start the sexual partying rolling – I felt so proud of them! Soon the handsome young couple was completely naked in front of all of us, and busy making love (I had kept condoms within reach of everyone). It was a very titillating sight.
My brother Shekhar and I were sitting on either side of Suchitra, and Rajeev and Kiron were sitting on either side of Tanuj. Inspired by the smooching couple, Kiron started kissing a pleasantly startled Tanuj, and Rajeev started groping for his cock rather shamelessly. I took Suchitra's face in my hands and French-kissed her, as Shekhar started caressing her soft tits and thighs. Sheena squatted in front of Tanuj, opened his fly and started licking his cute cock. Soon, all of us doffed our clothes, and were mixing-n-matching.
The high point of the incest party was the way Aaditya zeroed in on his mother-in-law and made long, slow, wonderful love to the beautiful old lady as all of us watched excitedly. *

to be written further....

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