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Horny dude making out on the mall
I'm not good in English grammar so please go easy with this one. Thanks!

I've known Kyle from the internet. I posted an ad on a website ; It said "Straight trip" on the title, or something like that.

Many have emailed me but I ended with no one from them. Because I wasn't horny back then. Well, when I'm horny, I wanted to do dirty things with somebody on the spot but, when my horny-ness lessens, I quickly hate the things I'm doing and the things I had thought about. I don't understand, but that's how the thing goes.

One day, I become so horny and I remember my post on the internet. I think, it's been two months since I opened up my secret email

My inbox was full of emails and phone numbers, but I deleted all that has no photo attachments.

One email was having a cute boy picture, and a phone number.

There were butterflies in my stomach. I immediately text him. And this is how it started.

Its cool chatting with him. I know he was like me, who was a straight tripper, and very horny. I would touch my dick beneath my legs while laying on my bed, while texting him. I think, he likes me. I wanted him to see me on cam, so that he can decide weather he likes me or not.

At first, he don't want to meet up with me yet. And i didn't force him. I am desperate that time so I jacked off my self.

My horny feeling was gone already that time so I just ignored his text until that night.

In the morning, I woke up and see 3-4 messages from him, and now he wanted to meet up already. I sensed he was desperate that time. It got me turned on.

I said we could meet up at a mall. And we decided to meet then.

At the train, on the way to our meeting place, my stomach felt weird. The way you feel when you are about to be punished by your dad, haha. It felt that way until I got to the mall. I first gone to the toilet and checked out myself on the mirror.

I look good and hot, I have a lean body and 5'7" height. I am fair white. Occasionally, my friends and my family would say I'm good looking. I don't really look like someone who would do dirty things with another boy, haha.

We finally meet up on the arcade section. I was surprised that we have the same outfit and height. He smiled at me, and he looks very cute! (I can clearly remember the way he smiled. As if he was relieved that I was good-looking like him)

At first I was uneasy, but I'm really excited (Is this really the one I will have my experience with? I thought). He complimented me and say I don't look like a gay. I said I just wanna trip wit him. The original plan was to have a sex in the mall cr, but, eventually, he wanted to do it in the cinema.

I was really horny by that time, at the same time, like I always did, I kept it inside me lest someone might sense something is up between us. It was just a straight trip after all.

We bought ticket and entered the cinema. The movie was just an old tape but it's good than nothing. We've gone to the CR and no one's there. But It felt awkward to make a move. I'm telling you, it's my first time to have a good looking guy like me.

We were silent for a moment, and smiled with each other, I know he was also shy like me. We decided to enter the cinema already, and fortunately, there were few fellows there. We mounted to the top most seat and sat at the corner.

Moment passed and the movie isn't playing yet. I saw a typical man on the next row, so I decided we should do it quietly. We sat there quietly until the lights were off.

As soon as the movie started, he chuckled and asked me to kiss. I was really turned on by him saying that. I said, we should wait a moment.

A minute passed and we're relaxed. I don't know how to start making with him, so I hold his legs. It doesn't feel good because I'm nervous, so I just lay my hands down on his thigh. I pretend to watch the movie and I leaned right to his side.

He told me he would kiss me, and, suddenly, his lips were on my lips. It's so soft, I'm telling you, it feels heaven kissing him. I know he don't have a bad tooth, because it taste very good. He wasn't smoking, and do not drink liquor like me. I know he enjoys my lips too, because its sweet, and he would just gope, while I lick on his sweet flesh.

We started to touch each other's bodies. Honestly, i like to kiss him more than touching, haha. After a good 5 minutes, he told he wanted to suck my long cock. I unbuckled my pants for him. My cock sprang from it because it was very hard.

He touched it and it felt incredible. He then wrapped my nipples with his hot mouth, I can smell from there our mouth juices and it turned me more.

He sucked on my cock while i touch his dick from his pants.

I was in heaven that time. After 10 minutes, I pulled him and kissed him. His mouth was longing for my kiss but also longing for my cock. He closed his eyes in ecstasy.
I told him I should suck his dick too. He said "are you sure?". I unbuckled his pants as my answer. I sucked on his fat dick, It was delicious, and I tasted precum from his penis. He was moaning and his body was twitching occasionally.

After a good 5 minutes, he was not sitting properly, because he was pushing his dick to my mouth. He said he should pull out his pants more. I pull out my mouth from his dick and his precum was crossing from his penis to my mouth. I liked that scene because its sexy, hehe. He pull the precum rope and tasted it. I follow it through his mouth and kissed him.

Our whisper are also sexy and I like it.

He then asked me to cum inside his mouth. He sucked on me and 5 minuted later, I jolted and shoot ropes of cum inside his mouth. I can feel he swallowed it all, every last drop of it.

He asked me if I had come and said yes. I kissed him and I also sucked his dick until he come. It tasted a little bitter but I wanted its taste. Not bad at all.

By that time, the movie ended exactly.

We got out from there after the tripping and go to the park. We talked a lot and we enjoyed each other company. We laughed and joked as if nothing happened. Until it rained and we said goodbye to each other.

On the night after that, he said he will never forget what we do that day! He also said that he was imagining me all the time we were making out. He said, he was imagining his crush or other boy when he have sex with somebody other than me, but our experience is unforgettable, he said.

I hope you liked it!

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2011-11-20 11:21:05
Author: This is my personal story and i did not change a bit of details to make exaggerations. (:

Thanks for commenting though.

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2011-11-18 00:30:55
I was touching my long juicy dickk while reading this soo hard right now..i wish this would happen to me too

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2011-11-16 22:56:50
i liked the story but not the concept.but the story was amazing

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2011-11-08 23:32:55
It was a good story. you should write more.

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