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This is my first time at trying to create a story like this. Spelling and gramer arent going to be right sometimes. A friend asked me to write them a story and than said to post it.
Ok so we had finally set a date to see each other. For about three nights an four days. What I had not told you is that I am going to be flying in a day early so that I could watch you from a far.
I take my flight on a Saturday because you'r expecting to meet me at my hotel room on a Sunday.
Once I land I check the time and see that you have been at work for about 2 hrs and think that I should go and have a look see at you. I go and get a rental car and start my drive to your work.
Once I am at your work I put on my wig and pull out my cian. I make my way through the store walking down all the isles until I see you putting away inventory.
So there I am looking a you put the stuff away and I start to feel the monster getting harder. So than I send a text message to your phone asking what your doing.
Your reply is that your working and can't wait till tomorrow.
I grab the other phone that I had brought with me and take a picture of you and send it to your phone.
I receive a text back asking who this is and all that I say is you will know soon enough.
I start walking slowly toward the items that you are stocking onto the shelves and trip and grab you for support.
I manage to grab onto one of your ass checks and right under left boob. As you help me up you see that that I have a cian and super dark sunglasses on and start to apologize to me. The only thing that I do is hand you a pice of paper and the phone that I was using. On the paper it reads look at the photos and than go to an address and if not the pictures will be sent to your managers. It also says that when you get to the door of the stated address you have to put on a blindfold that will be hanging on the door and must not be any latter than 10:30pm.
As you start to look up there is no one there and the old man that was there is not.
So than I get back into the car that I ha rented and drive back to the hotel and make arrangements with the hotel staff. I leave them with an envelope with a key to my room in it and tell them not to let anyone know the name under the account of the room.
Once I get back to the room I decide that I should take a nap and get a shower befor you arrive at the hotel room. I wake up to the buzzer going off for the alarm that I had set and get the blindfold onto the door knob befor I get into the shower and shave my face clean.
Ten fifteen rolls around and i hear a knocking at the door and walk over to the door and see you standing there with the blindfold on and the envelope in hand. I open the door and gently take your hand an bring you into the room and seat you on the bed.
I can already tell that you are really nervous by the way that you are fidgeting on the bed.
After a couple of min I take off the blind fold but the room is completely dark but I can see you just fine.
"what do you want" you ask
You hear something go click an you get your response.
"I want for you to get naked and get into all fours on the bed"
And you hear another click.
I see you just sitting there not doing anything and so the click sounds again.
"do you want your managers to see the photos of you?"
After you hear that you start to take your cloths off and get onto all fours on the bed.
I get up from where I'm sitting and move my hands all over your body but never touching your ass,titties or pussy.
After a couple of moments this I hear you sigh.
I walk over to my bag and pull ouzo ergo g out from my bag but what?
Once I get back to you I slap your ass on both checks and I don't hear anything. So than I push one of your Ass checks aside and start to push something into your asshole. As I'm entering this little device into your ass I feel you pushing back to get it into your anal cavity. Once it's you hear a button being pushed than a slight vibration in your ass hole. You hear the button being pressed again and the humming and vibrating gets faster and a moan escapes your mouth. I than move one of my hands to your breast and squeeze. I than move behind you and start moving my member along your slit feeling the lubercation on my cock. I hear you moan again. I push the button again and put it to max. All that I hear is you breathing harder and faster.
I move out from under you and place my cock at the entrance of your pussy and just let the head poke at you. But not completely in you. As I'm just letting my cock sit at the entrance I star to feel you swaying side to side and back a little bit. About two seconds after I start feeling you doing that you impale yourself down onto my cock and I hear a scream of pain an pleasure as your pussy muscles contracting and gripping my cock sending waves of pleasure through my body. As you continue to impale you'r self onto my cock I continue to hear you moan and curse at me for doing this to you. After about ten min of you doing this I feel my balls start to build pressure. I that start to help you and jack hammer my cock in and out of you just as fast as you are.
Than I feel the eruption of my cock blowing it's load right into your pussy and you start to moan so loud and with great joy as you seem to be having a wonderful orgasim. You sink down onto the bed and just lye there convulsing and moaning a little bit I move over to your head and kiss you on the check and move to the desk lamp and turn it on.

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2012-01-31 16:21:28
what is this shit anyway... stupid fucking story

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2012-01-07 00:32:54
Stellar work there everonye. I'll keep on reading.

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