Four college freshmen begin a year of erotic adventure
Chapter 1

Jessica isn’t feeling very comfortable. Here it is, the night before the first day of fall semester at State, and she’s developing a growing feeling of unease about her three roommates. They had all seemed nice enough amidst the hustle and bustle of moving-in day on Sunday, and tonight was the first night that all four freshmen had hung out together. Dinner had been a pleasant affair, all the girls joking and laughing together as if they were long lost sisters. But now, hanging out on the huge lawn in front of Old State, the conversation had taken an uncomfortable turn. Jess squirmed inwardly and remained silent as her roommates started talking about boys.

It starts innocently enough. “We’re going to meet a lot of guys down here,” says Lisa, and the others respond with nervous laughter. The ice has been broken, and now the girls enter into the most intimate phase of their bonding. “Yeah, I need a boyfriend down here,” Heather says with a deliciously wicked little smile. “Do you have one at home?” asks Jennifer. “Yeah. What’s your point?” responds Heather, and joins Lisa and Jen in laughing at the naïve question. “What about you? You got one?” Heather asks Jen. Trumping her, Jen replies “What do you mean one? There’s three back home right now!” More laughter. “Are you serious? Are you…” “Yeah, doing all three of them,” Jen anticipates the obvious question. “I get bored very easily.” The three laugh uproariously. “What about you, Lis?” “I broke up with him a couple of weeks ago,” responds Lisa. “Why?” asks Heather. “Oh, my stupid brother let him into the house, and he caught me with another guy. He told me it was over. I don’t know what the big deal is. It wasn’t like I was fucking the other guy; I was just giving him head.”

“So how many guys have you been with?” Jess cringes as she hears Heather ask Jen about her score card. “Seventeen…and a half!” answers Jen. She is a petite blonde, 5 foot 1, 105 pounds, with blue eyes, alabaster skin and the face of an angel. Her features are so sweet and angelic, in fact, that her family nickname is “Angel.” The nickname makes her laugh; if only they really knew what a little devil I am, she thinks to herself. She is wearing a State sweatshirt, cropped to reveal a tantalizing strip of midriff just above the top of her jean shorts. The cropped sweatshirt is lifted and pushed out from her body by her c-cup breasts. The shorts grip her beautifully rounded ass in a tight embrace. Her pretty little feet are in flip flops, showing off the bright electric blue polish on her toenails.

“What’s the half?” asks Heather incredulously. “He couldn’t cum. He kept trying and trying, but nothing came out. So I really don’t count him,” replies Jen. Another burst of laughter. “What about you, Heather?” “Oh, I’ve done eleven so far,” replies Heather. Heather is also blonde, with brown eyes, taller than Jen at 5’6 and weighing in at 120 pounds. She is also stunningly beautiful, her facial features just missing the angelic perfection possessed by Jen. She too, is proud of her own c-cup tits, displayed in a cleavage flaunting tank top. She is wearing a short jean skirt, showing off her luscious thighs, and her shapely feet are also shod in flip flops. Her toenails, like Jen’s are painted a bright electric blue. Lisa comments on this, and Jen replies, “We went shopping at the slut store together!” Another wave of laughter.

“OK, Lis, your turn!”, says Heather. “Oh, I’ve only fucked five. But I’ve blown like 25 or 30. What do you think I got this for?” responds Lisa, extending her tongue and displaying the metal ball near the tip. “I blew 5 guys at a party once!” she brags. “Did you swallow?” “Every last drop!” replies Lisa. She is as tall as Heather, and about 5 or 10 pounds heavier, with dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and a glowing tan from a summer spent mostly on the beach. Not as stunning as the other two, she still has a girl next door prettiness and a sultry, lustful look in her eye that any man would find impossible to resist. Like the others in this well endowed group of beautiful young women, she has a pair of c-cup breasts, straining at her tank top. She is wearing a pair of shorts, with the State logo emblazoned across the seat, filled out nicely by her shapely ass. She too, is wearing flip flops, showing off her fire engine red toenails.

“What about you, Jess? You’re awfully quiet,” says Heather. “Oh, I don’t know, “ Jess responds reluctantly as all eyes turn to her. They see a very pretty, but demure looking young woman with long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is tall, 5’7, weighing in at 125 pounds. Her glorious d-cup breasts are concealed modestly under an outsized State sweatshirt, unlike the tight form fitting tops worn by her roommates. Her jean skirt is longer and reveals less thigh than the one worn by Heather. The obligatory flip flops reveal pretty feet with toenails painted a subdued pink. “You’re not a V, are you?” asks Jen, almost tauntingly. “No, of course not”, responds Jess. “I have a boyfriend.” “Well, how many have there been besides him?” “None”, replies Jess. “He’s the only one I’ve been with.” “Oh, cool,” responds Heather, unconvincingly. As they walk back to the dorm, Jess can only think to herself, I’m glad I’m not like any of them.

Chapter 2

“I miss you so much, Mike,” Jess intones mournfully over the phone to her boyfriend. “Miss you too, babe,” comes the response. “At least we’ll see each other when I come home over Labor Day weekend,” she chirps hopefully. “Whoa, babe, I thought I told you. I’m going fishing with my dad and my uncle Labor Day weekend. I thought I told you about that.” Devastated, she asks “Can’t you get out of it?” “We’ve been planning this for months, babe. Look, I’ll make it up to you. I’ll come down to visit you at State the weekend after Labor Day. Love you, babe. Miss you. Gotta go.” A crushed Jess flips her cell phone closed and heaves a deep sigh.

“So, yeah, I really got to sit down with you to explain my notes,” Jen says to Bob as they walk to her dorm after class. Bob had already missed a class, even though it was still only the second week of the semester, and had asked Jen for her notes. Jen is only too happy to oblige. She had already taken the measure of this hottie, with his brown hair and blue eyes, from the very first day she had seen him in class. The animal attraction between them had been instantaneous. This is only the second conversation they have ever had, and Jen is again doing most of the talking, but she is ready to make her move. He’s exactly like most of the boys she had hooked up with in high school; they let their dicks do their thinking and talking for them. As they walk, she knows that her panties are soaked with cum. Her pussy is yearning to be filled. I haven’t had it in 11 days! she exclaims to herself in disbelief. Just the sound of Bob’s deep voice, making his monosyllabic replies to her questions, is enough to harden her nipples. As they reach the door to her suite, she is already in a state of full arousal. I’m not waiting for him to make the first move, she decides. The other 3 girls are all at class now, and better yet, they each have separate bed rooms within the suite. She takes Bob into her bed room and shuts the door. She slips out of her flip flops, they sit down side by side at her desk, and Jen pulls out her European History notebook. Now sitting together, thigh to thigh, she guides him through her notes. She can see the bulge in his jeans growing. “And what did they do to the king?” he asks. “They cut his head off,” Jen answers breathlessly, even as she puts her hand on his thigh and starts moving it upwards. He turns his head and her mouth reaches hungrily for his, even as her hand finds its way to his stiffened tool. Their tongues thrash at each other while she vigorously rubs his package through his jeans. The animal passions of both are now fully awakened and they stand up. Bob pulls off his t-shirt and begins to undo his jeans. Jen pulls off her tank top and undoes her jean shorts. The shorts drop to her pretty little feet, and smiling with lust, she kicks them away. She unhooks and removes her straining pink bra, and the glorious big breasts with their hardened nipples are free. Now she stands clad only in her lacy pink panties, which are saturated with her love juices. The petite little angel has been transformed into the goddess of lust. By now, Bob is standing completely stripped in front of her, his 9 inch tool proudly erect.

In lustful awe, Jen drops to her knees and begins slowly stroking the engorged penis, delighting in the feel of the rigid flesh in her elegant little hand. Still working the shaft with her hand, she puts the tip of the spear in her mouth, teasing the slit with her tongue. Damn, he tastes so good, she thinks, catching some of his oozing precum on the tip of her tongue. She bobs her head up and down on the shaft, eliciting soft moans of pleasure from her man. She gets to her feet and squeals with delight as her stud scoops her tiny body up into his arms and tosses her onto the bed. She lifts her legs in the air, and he pulls off her soaked panties, tossing them to the floor. Now in bed together, wrapped in each other’s arms they kiss passionately. The stud moves his mouth to the side of her face and gently pulls her ear into his mouth, nibbling tantalizingly, as Jen squeals with glee. She can now feel his mouth moving lower, down to her neck, even as she feels his firm grip on her luscious titties. She begins to moan passionately as the stud moves his mouth lower down her neck and yet lower, to the beautiful breasts. He pulls the luscious nipples, first on one breast then on the other, into his mouth, while he holds the titties in a passionate grip. The stud then slides his hand further down, and while continuing to suck on one of the round globes of flesh, he inserts a finger deep into Jen’s vagina. He feels the soft, velvety, delicious wetness of her canal of love, as she squirms in ecstasy. The stud moves his mouth lower, down to Jen’s delightful little mound of love. She feels the stud’s skilled tongue sliding along the length of her nether lips, moving steadily upward, toward her clit. He tongues and nibbles lightly at her clit, and she moans in pleasure, as her love juices bathe her pussy. She quivers and moans even more deeply as the stud’s oral efforts bring her to orgasm. “Fuck me, fuck me,” Jen begs her man. “I don’t have any condoms, babe,” the stud responds. “Fuck the condoms!” Jen responds with lustful wrath.

The stud complies and slips his tool into Jen’s welcoming canal of love. Bare penis makes contact with wet, eager pussy. After 11 long days, Jen rejoices in the feel of a rigid male shaft penetrating her and sliding in and out of her man starved love slot. Jen delights in feeling the stud’s weight on top of her as he thrusts deeply and ever more rapidly into her. Her moans turn to loud screams as the stud’s pounding intensifies. Jen relishes every sweat soaked minute of the fuck session, until finally Bob lets out a deep groan. His balls spasm as a thick load of sperm spews from his tool into Jen’s pussy. “Sorry, babe. I wanted to pull out, but…” Bob says apologetically. “Don’t worry about it sweetie. You were so good!” Jen replies blissfully. She has finally ended her 11 day drought.

Lisa and Craig are walking across campus together after class. She hadn’t kept in touch with him after they graduated from high school, and had no idea that he was going to State until she saw him in one of her classes. I can’t believe I never fucked him, she thinks as she takes in his light brown hair, blue eyes and muscular frame. They reach Craig’s dorm and he asks, “Do you want to hang out?” “Sure!” Lisa answers enthusiastically. “My roommate’s at the library, studying. He’s a total nerd.” Craig informs her helpfully. They chat innocently enough, but then the conversation veers in the direction Lisa was hoping for when Craig says, “I don’t remember the piercing.” Yeah, I got it this summer,” Lisa replies. “Why’d you get it?” he asks with feigned naiveté. “Oh, you know,” answers Lisa, her voice trailing off suggestively. “Do you like it?” “I sure do,” responds Craig, as his cock begins to stiffen. She draws close to him and they kiss, even as her hand reaches for his belt. Giving him a wicked little smile, she loosens his belt and unzips his jeans. She can see the swollen package straining to be released. She pulls down the jeans and then his tight briefs, and Craig’s large, rigid pink tool pops out to greet her.

She drops to her knees, thinking happily, damn he’s big! Why did I wait so long for this? She begins to work the head of the stud’s penis with the tip of her tongue, using her tongue ring to tantalize the slit. Precum is soon seeping out of the stud’s tool, as Lisa runs her tongue ring down the shaft. The stud groans as he feels the metallic instrument of lust running lightly up and down his rigid tool. Lisa now returns her mouth to the head of the stud’s tool, and slowly begins to ingest the entire pole of flesh. More and more of the stud’s penis gradually disappears into Lisa’s eager mouth, until finally her lips reach the base of the stud’s shaft. She holds her head there, nose at the stud’s pelvic bone, for a long moment and then gradually begins backing off. Her stud groans with pleasure. Lisa now begins sucking the stud off in earnest, bobbing her head up and down rhythmically and gradually picking up speed. The stud writhes as he attempts to hold back his orgasm as long as possible. Finally, his tortured tool can endure no more. Lisa with her well practiced eye, knows full well when a man can last no longer, and she pulls her mouth off the stud’s tormented manhood. Holding it in her hand, she aims it at her mouth and gives it several yanks. A massive jet of Craig’s hot white genetic fluid spits out at high velocity and splatters onto Lisa’s tongue. Another spurt, still powerful, but smaller in volume also flies into the slut’s eager maw. Spurt after spurt of the precious white fluid fills Lisa’s mouth until finally the penis spews no more. Still on her knees, Lisa looks up into Craig’s eyes and swallows his load. She squeezes the cock, milking out the stray remaining globs of sperm that had not been expelled by ejaculation and swallows them, too. Damn, he tastes good, Lisa decides, as she vows that this will not be the last time she takes Craig’s cock in her mouth.

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