Maria is a good slave
Maria Gonzales (Chap 3)

Maria services the guys.

Maria groans in pains as the guy pushes his cock hard down her throat. It feels like her jaw is dislocated and she really wants to bite down on him to make him stop. Lying on her back with her head over the edge of the table hurts her neck and she can’t even bite down on his cock because her neck is extended downward. Spit runs out of her mouth like a river and covers her face and eyes. She cannot see anything with her eyes glued shut.

The second guy has his cock in her pussy and bangs her harder and harder. She rocks back and forth and gets it from both ends. She can’t see what is going on but her legs feel restricted and don’t move. The friction on her back is probably ripping skin right off her ass. Besides the spit running down her eyes and cheeks she thinks she is crying also.

She feels the other two guys’ cum splattering on her tits after they took turns fucking her virgin pussy and mouth. She wants to lash out but her arms are restrained and she can’t beat the four men off. Their baklavas make them look like monsters in the darkness. She can’t believe Fred gave her away for a sex party with these fiendish guys.

She wonders if they are fellow cops who are getting a free piece of “illegal” ass. She heard some of the other illegal girls talking about getting stopped by cops at night and having to give a blow job or a quick fuck to get out of going to jail. Most girls think it’s just part of being north of the border. Most of the time, the cops are still young and are not horrible looking. It’s the ones who have their police dogs in the car who can be a problem. She heard they always take pictures of the dog’s big cock up the girl’s rear. Or worse they make the girl swallow the dog’s cum. Gross.

When she tries to sit up and protest the cock in her mouth, her head hits material and her eyes pop open. “Jesus,” she cries out as she realizes she is inside the sleeping bag and having a major nightmare. Her arms and legs were beating against the material and her toes hurt again. She is glad she did not dream about someone cutting off her tits as she struggles with the zipper. She is covered in sweat and her face is wet from tears. Maria stumbles toward the bathroom and holds her head over the commode and barf several times. Fred has put a night light into the bathroom and she looks into the mirror and sees that she looks exactly like she feels; like shit. Her face and hair are a mess. She looks down at her watch and sees it’s just past 3 a.m.

She turns on the light and gets into the shower and just stands there for five minutes and lets the warm water flow over her as she calms down and thinks about the afternoon with Fred. He made her day when he got the fat car lot owner to agree to give her a newer and nicer car for free. Of course she paid Fred back more than he expected when he popped her cherry and took her virginity. She likes fucking Fred and the pain was worth it. Best of all, she is already thinking of girl names because if she is already pregnant she is sure it will be a very pretty Mexican-American girl. She may have blue eyes like her Daddy and black hair like her Mommy. “Maybe she doesn’t need Mommy’s big tits,” Maria smiles because smart girls can go to the University and become a Pharmacist.

Maria wonders why she had the horrible nightmare and hopes it never comes true. She may tell Fred about it when he is in a good mood and ask him if he would ever let some other guys fuck her. She knows what will put Fred in a really good mood and she smiles because he already told her he loves fucking her ass. Maybe the second time the pain will not be so bad. Or maybe she will throw her head back and let him deep throat her until he shoots his Jizz down her throat. She thinks about it and decides she also needs him to cum in her pussy a few more times until she is sure she is pregnant.

She gets out of the shower and brushes her teeth and works on her hair. Fred said he will be back by 6:00 a.m. and she wants to be real pretty when he unlocks the basement. When she works on her eye lashes she sees the bruise on her right tit where Fred sucked it so hard just before he shot his Jizz into her pussy. She needs to put lotion on her tits. Her hands glide over her tits with body lotion and she inhales hard. My God, she never got horny from rubbing her tits but all she can think about is Fred’s big cock filling her mouth and her pussy. “Jesus,” she better concentrate on fixing her makeup before she gets side tracked and crawls back into the sleeping bag and uses the hairbrush on her pussy like some little pre-teen on the internet.

She gets back to working on her eye lashes and carefully applying the makeup and eye liner. Her black eyes really pop when she puts some pale blue makeup on and she knows men stare at her eyes also. Of course they always stare at her tits and some days she really hates it. Maria chuckles because those days are usually just when she is bitchy with her period. “OMG, I have to go shopping for personal stuff,” she laughs to herself because yesterday she would have never worried about it. Yesterday she just wanted to survive another day.

Today she thinks about going shopping. Maybe there is hope yet. It’s really crazy because she even asked Fred to lock her into the basement when he went to work. She used the excuse she was scared of the fat man finding her and taking his car back and maybe raping her. Fred was really pissed because she was scared of the car dealer. Maria figures it was good to be locked in the basement. She could get some sleep; but of course she did not figure she was going to have the horrible nightmare. She can also think quietly about surviving with Fred. And lastly the basement was three times as big as the room in her apartment. All her stuff is here and Fred had brought the boxes from his garage to the basement. In it is the stuff from her car. Most important she can do her homework for her English class, if Fred lets her go to school. Maria chuckles again, “OMG, I’m actually making plans on living down here.”

She keeps working on her makeup and then looks at herself in the mirror from top to bottom. She smiles because the total package looks great. Her skin looks great and she knows she looks sexy. The long black hair shines as it hangs over one big boob. Her pussy could use a shave and she will let him do it. Maybe they can use the big bathtub in his master bathroom. She turns half way around and looks at her ass and smiles. Yes, the Americans really love Mexican girls who have a super shapely ass like her. Her favorite teacher sneaks a peak every time he has her write an English sentence on the blackboard. She smiles as she remembers the time she dropped the chalk and bent over to pick it up. When she looked at him his face was all red.

Maria looks at her sparse wardrobe and picks a plain top and a pair of shorts. The shorts are very snug and accent her big ass. Hopefully Fred will think she has the “girlfriend” look about her when he comes back and opens the door. Meanwhile she will study her English homework.

It’s nearly 6:00 a.m. when she hears the garage door open upstairs and she runs into the bathroom for a last minute pee and look in the mirror. “Jesus, I’m like a horny teen waiting on her first date,” she thinks as she stands at the bottom of the steps and waits on the door to open. She smiles when she sees his face.

“Holy shit, look at her,” Fred thinks as he unlocks the basement door and sees Maria standing at the bottom of the steps. She has the “girl next door” look down pat and he watches as she sways up the steps to meet him. Her big tits can’t hide in the plain blouse and he thinks he sees the outline of her dark nipples and areolas under her bra. Her hips swing back and forth as she moves upward and her tan shorts look tight in her crotch. Maria’s black hair sways across her front and she has a big smile on her face. She puts her arms around him and studies his face and then asks with concern, “Baby, did you have a hard work shift?”

He nods and tells her they were really busy and he is tired and hungry. She grabs his hand and pulls him to the bedroom and gets behind him to pull his jacket off. He lets her do it and relaxes while she folds the jacket and puts it on a chair. While he locks his gun and badge into the wall safe she tells him she will fix breakfast and he can take a quick shower. She kneels down in front of him and unbuckles his trousers and pulls them down. He chuckles when she pulls his jockeys down and his cock twitches in freedom. She looks up at him and her eyebrow rises in a question mark to see if he wants a blow job. He grins because it’s every guy’s fantasy to have a sexy girl waiting at home ready to have her mouth fucked. Right now he is too damn tired. He pulls her up and kisses her hard and lets her tits rub against his chest. When his cock twitches again he figures maybe he is not too tired yet. He needs a shower first and tells her to cook something while he showers.

Just in case, he shaves before the long, hot shower. When he comes out and towels off the smell of bacon is in the air and a hunger pain makes his stomach growl. He puts on a clean t-shirt and shorts and heads for the kitchen. Maria has set two places and is serving omelets and bacon strips. A tall glass of juice is by each plate. It sure smells great and a thought runs through his brain because it sure beats eating at the local greasy spoon.

As he finishes his food he can’t believe how good a basic omelet can taste while you are enjoying the view in his kitchen. Maria smiles at him and he sees the light reflect off the top of her cross hiding in her cleavage. “So what did you do downstairs,” he asks and she tells him about studying her English homework. She asks if it will be alright to go to English class at the church and he smiles and tells her, “Probably.” She asks about his night and he tells her he can’t talk about it but they put a bunch of bad dudes into the jail. “Good,” she agrees and tells him about her nightmare.

They stand up and he hugs her and tells her it’s just a nightmare and not to worry about it. She holds his hand and leads him into the bedroom and puts her arms around him. Her face is close to his and she asks seriously, “You are not going to make me fuck other guys, are you?” Holy shit, he did not expect this at all. He thinks a bit because it feels like its big commitment time. Again, he thinks he should just get the Taser and stun her at the Full setting to teach her she is a slave. Instead he looks into her eyes, kisses her lips and tells her, “No baby, only I get to love you.” While she hugs him hard, he thinks about what he just accidentally said. Where the hell did the word ‘love’ come from? Slaves are to be fucked in every hole.

Maria pulls his arms up and then wrestles his t-shirt off. She kneels down and pulls his shorts down and tells him to sit on the bed. He watches her strip her blouse, shorts and bra off. When she bends over to pull her panties off her tits dangle down and make him hard. She turns the overhead light off and kneels in front of him. The light from a small table lamp shows her dark nipples and she smiles and tells him, “Thank you, Fred”. She reaches for his cock and pulls it into her warm mouth and holds him for several minutes. He is amazed about the heat building up in her mouth as she slowly runs her tongue down to the bottom of his sensitive cock. Maria smiles up at him from her kneeling position and lets her tongue get him harder. He moans in pain and love.

“Baby, don’t make me cum,” he moans after more minutes of her tongue stroking his cock slowly. She has him deep in her mouth and only uses her tongue to masturbate his hard, thick cock. “Get on the bed on your hands and knees,” he orders and she crawls up next to him quickly. Her tits hang down below her and her black hair spreads out like a curtain from her head. He puts a pillow in front of her and tells her to put her face into it. It pushes her ass up high and he lines up behind her. She expects a hard ass fucking in the doggy position and grabs the sheets.

“Are you fucking my ass?” she wants to know because she knows she is dry and it will really hurt. “No baby, this bed is for your sweet virgin pussy,” he chuckles and then backs away and tells her not to move. A minute later she feels drops of liquid hit her ass cheeks and she feels his hand running between her cheeks and down over her pussy. She sighs as she realizes he is moisturizing her pussy with baby oil. His middle finger opens her lips and he uses two more fingers to hold her apart. His middle finger pushes into her and she moans part in pain and part in pleasure. She feels a bit sore from her first virginal fuck yesterday afternoon. She grits her teeth and puts her face in the pillow so Fred cannot see.

When his cock touches her pussy she knows he has rubbed some oil on it also. “Please let it not hurt too bad,” she moans to herself because she wants to let him fuck her until he unloads his cum in her fertile body. She tries to think about what days she is most fertile and realizes she has never worried about it before. When she thinks about her last period she loses track because Fred’s hard cock head just split her pussy lips wide open. She feels him push into her and she pushes back like a good cunt should. She groans and tries to make it sound like pleasure and she pushes back harder forcing his cock deeper and deeper.

Fred has his hands around her waist and when she pushes back he pulls on her and pushes against her ass hard. His cock is root deep in her pussy by the third hard stroke. He holds still and feels Maria flexing her cunt muscles. She has no experience but he gives her an ‘A’ for effort. He hears her groaning into the pillow and chuckles because he knows its part pain. She will get the pleasure in a few minutes when she loosens up. He chuckles again because he remembers her screaming yesterday. Maybe he can get her off again for a nice long, loud scream.

He decides to fuck her slowly and make it last. Well not too long, because he needs to get some rest. And just because she asked him about ass fucking, he puts it on the agenda for the afternoon session. With a deep throat session maybe the next afternoon; he figures his whole week is going to be enjoyable. The porn shop had some interesting toys made especially for bad slaves. His cock twitches as he strokes into her while he thinks of nipple clips and labia rings. He may have to make a little visit to the shop to buy a few slave items. That will surely make her scream.

She rocks her ass back with his rhythm and his cock feels better every minute. Her pussy feels like she is getting wet and it lets him glide into her easier. She likes the slow rhythm and keeps her head down and enjoys her second real fuck. As the minutes go on she can feel herself getting hot but also frustrated. She can’t seem to get off and have a nice climax. She needs help badly.

Fred looks down and watches his cock glide into her pussy again and again. When he pulls back he sees a few tiny flecks of bright red blood on his cock. “Ah, virgin pussy is the best,” he thinks because that’s exactly how hers feels as she squeezes his cock. Maria turns her head and looks over her shoulder and asks, “Baby please … I need help … lick my pussy.” He smiles because she asks him to get her off and of course he loves eating her pussy. His cock makes a big plop when he pulls out of her and she rolls on her back. He spreads her legs apart as wide as he can and kneels in front of her. She smiles as his face hovers over her pussy, “Please, like yesterday.” He knows what she wants but he teases just a little.

“What exactly? What does Maria want?”

“Lick my clit and make me cum,” she says in a whisper and her face turns red. He loves it and sinks his face into her pussy. When his tongue hits her clit she lets out a little scream and jerks. “Oh yes, that’s it baby, scream for me,” he thinks as he does it again. She yelps a little more and Fred works her clit hard. Maria jerks her ass and he wraps his arms around her legs and pins her to his face. His tongue burrows deep into her virgin pussy and he sucks the juices from her. She humps against his face as Fred tongue fucks her hard. She only lasts about five minutes and his tongue on her clit makes her explode. This time her screams are louder and even he is shocked. Her body shakes and her tits bounce hard. He keeps his face in her pussy until she cries for him to stop.

When he pulls back he sees her pussy lips are wide open and her pink insides have turned bright red. Her worked-over clit stands up and seems even redder. “Hot firecracker,” he thinks and lines his half hard cock up with her gapping pussy. “How was that?” he asks and Maria shakes her head ‘Yes, Yes’ because she can’t hardly talk after the exploding climax. She smiles and lifts her legs up as he pushes into her wet pussy, “Oh, yes.”

He sees her smiling as he pushes into her. Her long black hair is all over the pillow and makes a nice background for her face. Her black eyes sparkle with the light blue makeup. “God she is pretty,” he thinks and she surely glows after her climax. Her tits stand up and he tweaks her nipples and she giggles. He knows he is going to cum quickly, so he pounds her for a few minutes and then with a final push cums inside her hard. He unloads three hard streams of Jizz and breathes hard.

Maria feels the hot streams shooting into her pussy and she smiles at him more. She reaches up and pulls his head to her as he finishes and keeps his cock deep inside her. “Make it a baby girl,” she whispers into his ear and Fred’s cock twitches involuntarily. She feels it in her pussy and smiles at him. “You want to get pregnant,” he asks in surprise and looks at her seriously. “Yes baby, you will love your baby daughter. She will have your blue eyes and my black hair.”

“Holy shit,” he mutters and Maria pulls him to her and locks her legs around him. Her tits press against him and he just gives into her. Now what? Maria whispers into his ear “Don’t let anybody hurt our baby”. “Holy shit,” he thinks again. This sure took a detour he had not considered. Maria pulls his face to her and kisses him and he can’t help but to respond. They French kiss for several minutes while she holds him tight; his cock still in her pussy. They break apart and she snuggles up to him and watches his serious face. It’s when he smiles a little she feels much better. Another victory?

“I love you,” she whispers quietly and he probably did not hear.

Maria lies next to him until he falls asleep. She is wide awake and thinking about her baby girl. What to do? Since she really has nowhere to run she will stay here for a while longer. After she dresses, she goes into the kitchen and starts cleaning. Cleaning makes the time go by and an hour later she is on her hands and knees washing the floor. She has cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. She does the bathroom next and the small living room. She does everything except run the vacuum. By the time she finishes in the basement six hours have gone by. She jumps into the shower and cleans herself up the second time today.

In a fresh blouse and shorts she returns to the kitchen and start cooking a nice lunch for Fred. She has no clue what he likes except what’s in the pantry. Spaghetti, meatballs and Italian salad should do it. The smell of fresh coffee is in the air when she hears the shower running. She sits on his bed and waits for him. He looks surprised when he comes out of the shower and finds her on the bed. She smiles and looks at his cock; but tells him lunch is ready. He stands in front of her and she reaches for his cock and gives it a quick kiss.

“Lunch or pussy,” he thinks and then says it out loud. “Lunch first or ass fuck first, Maria?” She is a bit surprised because it’s crude and puts her on the spot. She knows he is going to fuck her ass, so she smiles and says, “Don’t let lunch get cold.”

“Good choice,” he says and slips a t-shirt and shorts on. When he steps into the kitchen he notices everything is sparkling clean. He tells her he really appreciates what she has done and he noticed the clean bathroom also. He gives her a sweet kiss and a hug and says, “Thanks baby”. The food is delicious and she serves coffee when he finishes. While he sips his coffee she tells him she has to go shopping at a pharmacy for ‘girl stuff’. He grins and nods his head because like most girls she will never say what she needs.

“Do you want me to take you?” he asks. She tells him she can drive her new car and also stop for groceries if he makes a list of what he likes to eat. “I don’t have any money,” she tells him. It’s time to test if she will come back a second time. He tells her to go a little later and he will give her enough money. He tells her how to open the garage door without a ‘clicker’. He goes to the bathroom and comes back carrying a kit. He takes her by the hand and tells her it’s time to play in the basement.

He sees Maria has moved things around in the basement and set up a ‘bedroom’ corner with the small mattress and the sleeping bag. Her clothes rack is nearby and her school books are on the table with the lamp. A couple of empty boxes hold her underwear and other stuff. He grins and wonders if she will really just stay down here and be happy. He unbuttons her blouse and pulls it off. She raises her arms and turns around and lets him unhook her bra. He doesn’t even try to get her shorts off and just watches as she wiggles her ass out of them. She grins and puts a couple of extra wiggles into the motion. She grins again and pulls her panties off and flicks them at him. He strips his shorts and t-shirt off and they stare at each other naked.

“I’m going to shave your pussy,” he tells her and they go into the bathroom. He spreads several towels on the floor and has her sit on the edge of the commode. She spreads her legs wide open and watches him. He shakes a can with shaving cream and squirts a big gob on his hand and rubs it on her mons. She giggles as he runs his fingers around the sides of her pussy and takes an extra-long time to do it. He shaves her slowly and carefully one stroke at a time. He feels like a high school kid with his first girlfriend. She lifts her legs up high so he can get down low and get every bit of black stubble.

He tells her to get into the shower and he rinses her pussy with the sprayer hose. Of course it takes a long time too, because he has to run his fingers over her pussy again and again. She watches as his cock keeps rising. He kneels to dry her off and kisses her pussy when he finishes. Maria tousles his hair and says, “Very nice, thanks”.

She grabs the blanket and pillow and spreads them on the work bench and stands next to it while he brings his bag over. He tells her to grab her ankles and she leans over and does it. He squirts a big gob of lube on her ass and uses one finger to push some of it into her hole. He massages her hole for a minute and pushes a second finger into it. Maria moans hard and it’s not pleasure. A third finger follows the first two and she tries to hold still in the uncomfortable position. Her hair drags on the floor and she keeps her eyes shut tight as his fingers push more lube into her pucker. She breathes hard. When he pulls his fingers out of her, her hole stays open quite a bit.

He puts the pillow on the edge of the workbench to keep it from cutting into her belly and he tells her to lean over. She gets on her tip toes and leans forward and lets her tits press down on the bench. Her ass is raised up and ready. He surprises her when he pulls the handcuffs out of the bag and slaps them on her wrist. A strong short chain goes under the table and he shackles her other wrist. She knows if she jerks the handcuffs will cut into her again. She locks her mouth shut to keep from saying anything which could make it worse.

He walks around her and looks at his handy work and seems satisfied. She sees his cock is rock hard. He slaps his head like he forgot something and runs upstairs. A minute later he is back and sets up the little video camera. He turns the bright work light on and gets behind her. She can’t see what he does so she waits for the horror to start.

Fred puts another gob of lube on her ass and pushes his cock head against her still open anal hole. He presses hard and his head pops into her and he lets her grab him. Her ring squeezes hard and he loves the feeling. Maria gasps when he pops into her. He can see her grabs the table sides and hangs on. He decides not to be a total jerk and pushes into her slowly but with force until he is down to the root. He turns his head and smiles at the camera and zooms in.

He pulls his cock back out until only his cock head is in her ass and watches the video showing his cock. He zooms backs so the camera can see her face as he pushes back into her ass. The handcuffs rattle when he does.

He sets the camera on automatic and fucks her ass with pleasure. She grunts when he bottoms out and moans when he pulls back. Her long hair hangs off to one side and he is tempted to pull it. He looks at her big ass cheeks and smiles at their heart shape with his cock spearing her center. He wonders if he can last twenty minutes like the first time he fucked her ass. Of course, she was passed out for half of the time. Now he was so horny with anticipation he is surprised he has not shot his load already.

Maria keeps her mouth shut, but the moans and groans just keep coming out of her. At first the big cock really hurt her ass when he pushed all the way into her. Now it’s about ten minutes later and it feels better. The lube has helped keep the pain down and she is getting used to his strokes. She really should help him get off like he helped her. She flexes her ass muscles and when she hears him moan she thinks it’s working. When he pulls back she grabs his cock head with her anal ring and squeezes the best she can. He moans again and she smiles. He strokes deep into her and when he pulls back again she squeezes hard. He moans a bit more and chuckles, “Bitch.” He fucks her real slow and lets her squeeze his cock on every stroke. Until he can’t go anymore.

He grabs her hips and leans into her ass and lets his balls empty into her. He jerks at least three times and then holds still as his cock slowly deflates. “OMG, what a piece of ass,” he tells her quietly not sure if he wants to keep doing it only once a day. He better enjoy it before her belly gets big.

After they shower and still naked he takes her back upstairs to the master bedroom. He stretches out on his back and tells her to lay on him. Her head goes to his cock and her legs straddle his head. Maria wants to be gentle but a little bit of payback overcomes her good sense. She clamps her teeth around his still tender cock head and tongues him hard. His whole body jerks; but with her on top of him he can’t move much. Because he is not fully hard she can put her face down against his belly and suck hard. She pulls his skin down and holds him with two fingers and ravages his cock. He moans from between her thighs and cries, “OK, ok, easy, babe.”

Maria laughs and kisses his cock gently and wiggles her pussy in his face. When his tongue touches her clit she moans in appreciation, “Yes baby, do it again. Make me cum.” He chuckles to himself because she is asking for it again and he gives her the wish. He tongues her clit hard and she rubs her pussy against his face. By gosh, yesterday she was a virgin and now she is asking to get off again and again. He may just keep her.

Maria uses her tongue on his cock because he likes it and slowly he gets harder in her mouth. She rubs his sensitive underside and wonders if he can cum again in the short time. She loses track of what she is doing when her clit sends a lightning bolt to her brain and she feels an orgasm ripple through her body. She lifts off his cock and lets out a fresh scream. She feels wetness run out of her uncontrollably.

Fred laps the pussy juices seeping from her as Maria lets out the scream during her climax. His hands are on her legs as she vibrates over him and his tongue is on her clit.
Maria mimics him and says, “Ok, ok enough, babe.” When he turns her loose she rolls on her back and spreads her legs.

“Want to make one more baby?” she smiles at him.

“Good grief, he is going to get to work totally pussy whipped,” he thinks as he crawls between her legs and pushes his cock into her willing cunt. He fucks her hard and she holds her bouncing tits. When he shoots hot Jizz into her he counts the shots and tells her, “Baby One, Baby Two and Baby Three”.

“All beautiful girls,” Maria laughs and opens her arms to pull him into an embrace before she slides down to his crotch and gently cleans him with her tongue.

Just like yesterday, she tastes his cum and her pussy juice and she enjoys it again. She feels a twitch in her pussy and she wonders if she is turning into a slut. She puts his cock in her mouth and lets the warmth engulf him. Her tongue rubs his underside gently and slowly. She knows she is becoming his cock slut.

He drifts off to sleep thinking about a beautiful baby daughter. His nightmare is it could be a boy. Maria cuddles to him and holds him.

Maria mentally crosses herself for her impure thoughts. She can’t wait until tomorrow when the can work on Baby Four, Five and Six.

Life is good north of the border.


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