first story/ mostly introduction
The names Jagger. I'm the nicest guy in the world, so long as you haven't messed with me. A gentle soul some have called me. That's more due to me almost getting expelled form 1st grade then a gentle nature, but that a much less interesting story. I managed to calm my self down over the years since then, so well that it got to the point that some people I have known for years have started to forget what I look like when I'm angry, witch is rather intimidating considering I'm 6'4” and was the captain of my high school's wrestling team.

Not that I don't have evil little wishes and thoughts. I mean I had always wanted to take down one of those pompous little girls in high school who think there so high and mighty, to watch her crawl, beg on her knees and do all I command. I never expected anything to come of this desire, hell I never really cared anyways. They would get theirs in the long run anyways. Lucky for me one fell into my hands.

It was during my last year of high school that I had this one girl friend, Julia. The prettiest little Asian girl in school, she was a slim 5'6”, with long black hair, smooth skin, and perky B cup breasts. Her ass could have been plumper if I had my choice but damn was she beautiful. Spoiled too. Lived alone in this big house wile her dad flew form country to country making deals of some sort. That rotten nature of hers kinda rubbed off into our relationship together and eventually got her into trouble.

She would always ask me to get her things, do this, do that. I didn't really mind, it kept her happy, thinking she was in control and it was no skin off my back. At first her requests where easy enough mostly just drive her around and stuff, by the end of senior year it was starting to get more and more out of hand. She started to think less of me as her boy friend and more as a pet. She even made a plan for right after high school to make that my official title.

Day 0---

“I have the house all to myself for the next couple of weeks, no maids and no dad, so stay at my place and keep me company Jag.” Julia purred in to the phone.

“Sure I don't really have any plans till around January anyways. That would be way better then hanging out at my house. But your paying for food.” Was my response.

“Right so be here around 4 on Saturday. Ill have a surprise waiting my pet.”

“Wouldn't miss it, see ya Saturday Julia, and stop calling me that.”

Hanging up the phone I couldn't wait for Saturday. Good food, amazing internet and cable, and the most beautiful company in town. This would be a great way to spend the time from now till I went back to school.

Day 1---

When I got to Julia's house I couldn't wait to find out what this surprise was. I was thinking maybe we would finally have sex, her whole “I'm saving my virginity for marriage” thing was getting old. I think she was just saving it so she could sell it for a better job or something. Well I would find out eventually so no rush.

When she got to the door she was wearing a long black robe. “Great your here” she said, giving me one of her beautiful smiles and hugging me, pressing herself into me. After the end of that wonderful experience, she led me inside, asking “ would you like to see the surprise now or latter, my pet.”

Considering the look of anticipation in her face and my own growing sense of curiosity I decided “Sure, lead me to it.”

“Great, I just need you to put on this blindfold”

“OK” I said rolling my eyes. She could be quite theatrical when she wanted to be.

As she led me I tried to remember what room we where in ~ lets see entrance, going past the living room now ,now in the kitchen, um there's nothing back here but food and the entrance to the downstairs basement?~

“ Now be careful we are going down stairs now.”

~The basement? What sort of surprise could be down there?~

When she took off the blind fold I was in a completely dark room just starring at nothing.

“Ya ready.” she said

“Well darkness is nice and all but I kinda prefer light.”

“Here ya go my pet.”

“I told you to sto... waaaaaaaaaa?” All around me in the suddenly bright room where chains, restraints, whips, gags, and other S&M toys. “What the FUCK! Where the hell did all this … this ...”

“Isn't it amazing? It took so long for them to build this that I was afraid it wouldn't be ready in time. But now my pet, let us make it official our master-slave relationship. Wont that be great.”

As she was saying this she slowly walked over to the section of wall dedication to whips, picked up one that looked as if it came from a movie and started to stretch it out.

“Whoa whoa whoa what kinda relationship do you think we have, I'm not your slave.”

“O I know, my pet, your not my slave your my beloved pet. I've even gotten you a collar tho I will have to come up with a better name for you then Jagger. O well we can get to that later. Here put on your collar and we will get to the fun.”she purred. She literally managed to purr wile talking about making me nothing but her play thing. I had had enough.


“What, no?... O I get it you want me to make you come over here, ok then. HEEL BOY!”she said in her most commanding tone.

“no, I'm leaving now”i said flatly

“YOUR disobeying you mistress! You will have to be punished!” and that's when she messed up.

I was about to leave, break up with her and be very happy with my self. But then she went and used the whip she was holding. Got me square in the face. I still have the scar, the last revenge of her dominant self. Something inside me, that little part of me that had been shoved into the nice dark corner of my inner self, came out. It came out angry.

“YOU BITCH!” charging at her and executing a head and arm throw that would have made my coach proud, she ended up on her back with her head in between my shoulder and arm slowly losing her ability to breathe. I quickly regained my senses and eased up on her neck , looked around and found her whip and used it to tie her hands together. Once she regained her breath, she began to scream as hard as she could to be released. It started to annoy me so I slapped her across the face and told her to shut up.

“Do you realize what you did, DO YOU?! If you had hit my eye do you realize how many problems I would have had?” at this she tried to say something again, and I slapped her again. “I AM NOT DONE YET! What did you think would happen when you hit me with that. That I would willingly bow down to you and submit to you. That you would have your perfect little pet. Did you think that you where in control of everything we have done for the last year that all of it was under your control. Do you realize what sport I'm in. Wrestling! Did you think I became the captain of that team because I was some musclebound idiot. The entire point of wrestling is control of the opponent without them knowing your controlling them! Do you know I was going to go home and all of whats going to happen now, wouldn't have happened. You wanted a master slave relationship, well now you have one, just not the way you expected. Be careful of what you wish for, BITCH!”

By the end of my rant she had begun to cry. Standing up, she began to beg unintelligibly for something. Walking over to the nearest restraints I carefully looked it over to see how it worked. It was simple enough, big X with restraints for the wrists and ankles. ~She had this built just for me? Or not, looks like the length of the restraints is adjustable. She planed this place for more then just me then. Well why let all that hard work go to waste.~ Walking back over to her , I picked her up and carried her over to the toy she'd had built. First attaching her ankles to the restraints and then, untying her, attached her wrists to it. I then slapped her face again to quite her down.

“We are going to have so much fun Julia. But latter, right now I have to go see a doctor about my face. I guess I'll see you later. O and wile I'm gone start thinking about the best way to get points in the world, PET.” I said with a grin

As I walked away she began to scream again. Things that you hear in all the movies “when I get out of here ...” and what not. When I got to the door I reached over and turned off the light, that got a whole new wave of screaming out of her. The last thing I saw as I was closing the door was her, spread eagle, her black robe slightly open showing just a hint of her breasts, fighting against her restraints, her tear streaked face screaming in terror. My last words to her, on that first day was “Don't hurt your self pet.”
and then the door was closed.


2013-03-27 21:46:50
write more of this story. the more the girl crys and breaks the better.

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2011-11-11 10:35:47
Great start. Make the next one a little longer though.


2011-11-11 02:09:55
I enjoyed it, a play on how in all dom stories they just submit, and you think to yourself, why not fight back? Gops job

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2011-11-11 00:21:33
I love this so much. It will be a great series. My only comment is more humiliation in public. But other than that it is GREAT!

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2011-11-10 17:42:56
Amazing please other quickly

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