My sister and dog teach me sex
My name is Carlos and I just thought I would share a true story with you.
When I was 8 years old my dad got me a puppy for Xmas. I named him Rocky after
the boxer in the movies. That puppy followed me all around the house. I got him
a leash and started walking him outside when he was 2 months old. I trained him
to always do his needs outside. My sister Madison, who was 12 years old when I got
the puppy, loves Rocky too. We are both blonde haired, blue-eyed kids who have played
sports since 5 years old. We both play soccer and basketball. I also play baseball.

I am now 18 years old and my sister is 16. She is popular in school and always has guys
calling her at home. Our next door neighbors have a daughter my age, Amanda, who I like
and I think she likes me too. We hang out a lot and when I am outside Rocky is always
with us. He is now 2 years old. Oh and he is a doberman pinscher. He is a great dog and
my sister walks him when she doesn't want boys bothering her. They are scared to talk to
her if she is with the dog.

When in the house I have seen Rocky put his snout at my sister's crotch for some reason.
Amanda usually pushes him away and he stops. Sometimes though it looks like she spreads
her legs a little and lets the dog explore. I get a hard-on when I see her do that.
Rocky was never neutered so he always seems to be horny. I was walking him one day and
he saw a female dog across the street. Rocky stopped and suddenly bolted and the leash
slipped out of my hand. Rocky went to the female and quickly began sniffing her from
behind. Before I could get over there, Rocky had mounted the bitch and began to fuck her.

I froze and just stood there watching. I got a hard-on for some reason as I watched. I
looked back at the house and saw my sister on the porch watching also. She appeared to
have her hand under her skirt so I figured this was turning her on as well. I went and
hid behind a tree watching Rocky fuck and watching my sister playing with herself. I
pulled my dick out, started to masturbate, and quickly shot a load onto the grass as I
saw Rocky appear to be shooting into his bitch. My sister looked all glassy eyed so I
figure she must've cum also. I zipped up and went to get Rocky who was laying on the
grass licking himself. I picked up his leash and walked him home.

A couple of days later I got home from school and didn't see Rocky waiting to greet me
when I walked into the house like he usually does. I thought I heard some noise upstairs.
I walked up and heard some noise coming from my sister's room. The door was slightly
ajar so I peeked in. I saw my sister on her bed with her skirt hiked up and her panties
around her ankles. Rocky was between her legs licking her pussy. I got a raging hard-on
as I watched my sister moaning and pushing her pussy at Rocky. I then saw Rocky's dick
start to come out. My sister seemed to be cumming as Rocky licked up her juices.

When she stopped cumming she pushed Rocky away. I saw her look under Rocky's belly to
notice he had his red tip showing. "I see you liked what we did Rocky. Do you want to
fuck me again like before"? Holy shit I thought. Rocky has fucked her. My sister slipped
out of her skirt and got on the floor on her hands and knees. Rocky came up behind her
and started sniffing her and licking her like he did the female dog the other day. He
then mounted my sister and I could see him humping trying to get his dick in my sister's
cunt. I took my dick out and began to masturbate. I already had precum.

Rocky was fucking my sister and she was moaning and pushing back against him. I shot a
load but kept masturbating. I didn't know whether to walk into the room or stay out and
not let my sister know I saw this. Rocky kept fucking and my sister kept moaning and it
seems she had a couple of orgasms already when I saw Rocky stop humping and realized
he must be cumming in my sister's cunt as she seemed to have another huge orgasm. I came
again right then. "Oh Rocky you are the best. Not like those stupid guys in school that
want to get into my pants. Hell I'd let my brother fuck me before I let them". When I
heard that I suddenly pushed the door open and my sister's eyes opened wide as she
saw me at the door with my dick out. "Carlos what the hell are you doing here. Did you
just see that"? "Yea sis and I would love to fuck you. My dick isn't as big as Rocky's

She walked over to me and took my 4 inch dick in her hand. It grew another inch. She
then put it in her mouth and started sucking on it and running her tongue all over it.
I didn't last 30 seconds even though I had already cum twice. "Damn Amanda that was
fantastic. Would you really let me fuck you"? She took me by the hand toward her bed.
She took off her top and lay in bed. She spread her legs and said "fuck me". I quickly
took my pants and underwear off and climbed up on her. I got between her legs and
shoved my dick in her pussy. It was really wet from the fucking Rocky gave her. I
fucked her for about 5 minutes since I had already cum 3 times. I played with her tits
as I fucked her. I even sucked on them which she seemed to like and started moaning.
As she felt me cumming in her she grabbed my ass and pulled me tightly to her til I
finished shooting in her and collapsed against her. "Wow Amanda. That was unbelievable".
"I'll teach you how to make a girl cum and maybe you can get lucky with your little
friend next door. We'll get together tomorrow after school".

I couldn't focus at school the next day. All I could think of was fucking my sister. I
have never fucked anybody but masturbated all the time, mostly fantasizing about
Amanda. When I got home, Rocky again did not greet me at the door and I figured my
sister already had him in her room so I ran up the stairs in a hurry and walked into
the room. Luckily our parents both work late every day. "Hi Carlos. Ready to get
lucky"? "You bet I am". "Ok take your clothes off and I will tell you what I want you
to do". I practically ripped my clothes off and already had a raging hard-on. My sister
touched it and I almost came on the spot. She noticed and quickly let go. Rocky was
in the room watching us.

"Do you remember seeing Rocky lick my pussy yesterday"? "Yea". "I want you to get
your head between my legs and start licking my pussy. I have a little nub called my
clitty that you should pay most attention to cause it will make me cum". I got
between Madison's legs and started licking like she said. She started moaning when
I licked her clitty. I even bit it lightly and she arched her pussy hard into my
mouth. I kept licking and I tasted her as she started cumming. I kept licking and
biting her clitty and she came again arching her pussy up so hard she knocked me off
her. "Put your dick in me now Carlos". I got between her legs and drove my 5 inch
dick into her and started fucking her. I lasted 30 seconds and shot my cum into her.
When I pulled out she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. It got hard
again and she told me to fuck her again.

I put my dick in her pussy and fucked away. "Fuck me hard Carlos". She grabbed my
ass and pulled me tight to her as she humped her pussy to meet my thrusts. I had
been fucking her for about 5 minutes getting ready to cum when I suddenly felt
something on the bed. It was Rocky. He climbed on my back and before I could do
anything about it he had driven his cock into my ass. This made me shoot my cum
into my sister as I yelled in pain. "Keep fucking me Carlos. Don't stop. Rocky
fucking you will feel good in a minute. I kept fucking my sister and was turned
on by Rocky fucking me so my dick got hard again as I fucked my sister. We were
all fucking madly when I felt Rocky shoot his cum deep in my ass which triggered
me cumming in my sister's pussy again and I could feel her juices coating my dick
as her orgasm also hit her.

Rocky pulled out of my ass and I felt his cum drip down mhy legs. I pulled out of
my sister. She got up and kissed me on the mouth. She slipped her tongue in me
and kissed me harder. She broke the kiss as I leaned forward wanting more. She
just smiled at me. "We are going to have a lot of fun together Carlos. I want you
to invite Amanda over this Saturday. Mom and Dad are going to be gone almost all
day. Amanda is really cute. We are going to seduce her". I smiled. "Ok".

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2015-02-19 20:51:13
Anyone else notice how there ages change?

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2014-02-07 06:37:20
You should decide which name is which, one paragraph the sister is amanda and the next it's Madison. Proof read.

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2013-09-20 12:12:27
Fuck him! These stories are to jack off to, not learn anything!!

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2013-06-28 07:48:50
You have never even seen a dog fuck or you would know about the knot that forms and prevents the dog from removing his dick from whatever he is fucking. This normally takes from 15-20 minutes and he will try to turn ass-to-ass while this is happening.
Write about something that you know about - perhaps masturbation.

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2011-11-20 21:16:29
good story, write more pls

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