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This is a continuing story about an older woman with Disabilities
The story of Ann part 2

Ann was not at all uncomfortable in the back of this vehicle and with the orgasms that had just taken place, along with whoever was currently sucking on her,this again brought her to a trembling climax. She loved it, when her husband twisted and played with her nipples, but what she loved even more was when he played with them and sucked on her pussy, especially her clit.

The men who had taken her apparently were very good at pleasuring women. She was laying there unable to move and was so spent from three pleasurable orgasms, almost right in a row that she would not or could not move even if she wanted! As the vehicle slowed and made several turns she felt clamps first on her nipples!...they didn't really hurt, but she knew instinctively that they would not come off easily!.

Her nipples were pulled straight up quite hard to the point where they were just barely starting to lift her, and to where, she had to slightly arch her chest up! So as to keep them from hurting!, and as if this was not enough similar clamping devices were attached to her pussy labia lips at each side, that left her now very wet slit wide open and her swollen and extremely sensitive clitoris sinfully and vulgarly exposed! They too had been pulled up and apart to where her bottom was also just barely touching the the floor of the it drove along!

It was so madding and very stimulating as their was absolutely nothing she could do about it!
Oh my gawd!!!!.... Ann had never imagined that anything like this would ever happen to her! She gasped when she felt some sort of intriguing device clamp totally around her very sensitive and swollen clit! It felt like sharp tiny little teeth bite into her from every direction as the clamp did its thing!.

Just as she was contemplating what in the world this thing was capable of doing the vehicle came to a halt. She wondered what she must look like nude for the most part, nipples pulled straight up through the open area of this peek a boo bra type harness, and her cunt lips pulled and stretched wide and exposed through her skimpy crotchless panties!. But the clit clamp was both painful and pleasurably stimulating and the thought was so erotic!

She heard voices again along with the rear doors open a male voice said, so this is the one?, well lets see if we can make this new device and all the toys do what I am hoping it will, she? Would be the perfect one to test it!...on!
Ann felt her almost lifeless leg being untied, the one ankle that had been so horribly shattered and broken, the one that had endured so many surgeries and the one that had given her so much pain and discomfort.

She was quite surprised as some sort of stocking and sock like tight fitting garment was carefully slipped onto and over it! Her shattered foot and ankle almost immediately started to feel better! This was closely followed by another device known as Benwah balls being inserted into her wet and pleasured pussy she could not see it and only felt it slide in!
If she could have, it looked like a rather large egg shaped device that was made out of chrome metal about 7" long and 3" around. This was a rather modern day version of Benwha Balls that had electro magnetic steel balls that would roll around inside the chrome egg!.

The small wires that was now sticking out of her slit was connected to the clamp on her clit and her stretched nipples along with those that were attached to the sleeve on her ankle. These wires were then taped in several places as it continued up the inside of her thigh so that they would all work together.

Ann was scared at first! Thinking that with this device clamped around her clit! and her nipples pulled straight up whatever else they were going to do would be painful, sadistic and dreadful...

She was pleasantly surprised as the balls started pleasurably rolling around the inside of this big chrome egg that was stretching her love tunnel, this sensation was incredible!!.. The prickly pins of the clamp on her clit along with the sleeve on her foot and ankle all started to give her a most wonderful and erotic sensation of euphoric bliss!!!..She heard some one say turn it down a little, yea, that's perfect! as Ann almost immediately experienced another orgasm!

This "ORGASM" was the most intense and pleasurable she had ever had!.. The sharp little pins in the clamp surrounding her clit shot ecstatic current in all directions through her succulent little orb! She loved having her nipples pulled and twisted and this device replicated the exact feeling and never seemed to stop pulling or twisting!!!.. but the sensation in her clit was mind boggling!

She heard the doors slam and someone say shes ready,take her! The vehicle then sped off! By now it was fairly late in the evening, Ann had no real concept of time being unable to see as this trip seemed longer, but in no time it had come to a stop, followed by the doors opening, her nipples wrists and ankles were then released and she was told not to move.

Numerous hands immediately grabbed hold and carefully lifted her, her peek a boo bra and crotchless panties were removed and she was placed onto a sort of roll around gurney, and was wheeled into this new and uncertain place! She could hear talking and music, it was a place where men and women seemed to be? The gurney came to a stop and she felt warm bright lights focused on her followed by her arms and legs being spread. her nipples were again pulled straight up, and the device and stimulating once again started pulsing through her body.

She was aware of people lots of people around her as she experienced another uncontrolled trembling orgasm, she heard several women giggle and say Gee! I wish that was me! As Ann's pussy arched up as though to try and keep this wonderful feeling from ending. As she still could do nothing or see a thing through the black velvet hood.

She then felt hands touching her as all the toys were unhooked along with the egg being removed, this sinfully delicious feeling slowly subsided and the only thing left, was the sleeve around her ankle, that continued to provide incredible pleasurable relief.

Ann could feel hands touching her that lifted her up slightly, and scoot her down to where her bottom was on the very edge of the gurney and then more hands grab her legs and spread them wide!, and even more hands were holding her arms at several places. She could not move and for some reason really didn't want to?

The next thing she felt was a pleasant pull on both her nipples just as she was starting to enjoy this she felt someone starting to tenderly and lovingly pleasure her wet pussy with their lips, and eventually nibble bite and suck on her clit! Ann could not believe what was happening and kept thinking it was some kind of dream! She experienced yet another orgasm OMG how many was this? Seven, eight she had never had this many in such a short time

Her mind could not think, could she stand anymore?. As yet another person descended on her stimulated female slit!!..!

At least three, had again sexually devoured her as she felt herself being lifted up and carried along, carefully being placed on a stool, the black velvet hood was slowly pulled off, and as her eyes began to focus the first thing she saw was her husband and the next was people, lots of them!. She was in some sort of bar or kinky night club?

Her husband said Quite loudly as he rapped on one of the bar glasses for everyone to be quite. I have brought Ann, my beautiful wife for your pleasure and hers. Ann you have now been formally initiated into this new lifestyle and are now a member of this most exclusive sex club. They have everything you would ever want, or would want to try when it comes to sexual pleasure! There are gays, lesbians, Bondage and S&M! There are bisexual and straight couples along with cross dressers and all are hear to pleasure you!.

You have just experienced a group of men who's only interest is to orally pleasing women and you can return here anytime you wish and they will be only happy to pleasure only you!

Ann was absolutely flabbergasted!, and did not know what to say, as two very large black men walked by both had masks over their eyes, and had the biggest and most erect cocks she had ever seen, for a moment she just stared at them and could not take her eyes off of these gigantic male organs!, She could see what she thought were smiles under their masks as they passed.

At the base of the stool was a brand new pair of 4" red high heel shoes! something she had dreamed of wearing as a young woman but was never able to do so with the terrible injury she had suffered as a young child. Her husband then got down on his knees and carefully removed the sleeve from her tender ankle and slipped both red heels on, stood up grabbed her hands and helped her stand, he then raised them above her head while turning her around totally naked in front of all these strange new people wearing only these red heels, and said I am sorry that I have not been the husband that you have longed for, but I hope this, will help make up for everything.

Ann had tears in her eyes and desire that was welling up in her heart would soon be fulfilled !... as his statement finally sank in.....OMG! She was going to be used as a sex toy by horny men lots of them!....

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2013-03-01 09:29:53
When luvbunny had short hair, I made sure there was egounh to grab for similar reasons.Great story. I love the image of her grabbing you by your hair to drag you to the dance floor. ^_^

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2012-02-07 09:07:29
I didn't know where to find this info then kaoobm it was here.

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2011-11-12 00:09:51
Thank you so much for your comment as I have seen few stories that deal with women that have disabilities, and think that they want all of the things both good or bad that the rest of us take for granted. Many are sheltered by well meaning parents or friends and in doing so are they really helping!

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2011-11-11 02:07:49
Not a bad deal at all. I had a BEAUTIFUL 39 yr. old woman who'd been hit by a car when she was 8 yrs. old and badly crippled. It fucked up her entire life but that woman could FUCK. She told me that her ex-husband used to bring men home to fuck her. I would never have shared her. She was one fantastic piece of ass. She fucked my ass off... had a tight pussy and came like a fountain. She was 11 yrs. older than I was and single. I was married to a whore who didn't want to fuck after the ink dried on her marriage license so I fucked her regularly for over three years until she started bitching about her kids so much that I didn't want to hear it and faded. I saw her again nine years later. She'd married some asshole and gotten divorced again. I fucked up by not picking it up where we left off. I know that she would have. I was preoccupied with my business and didn't think to get her new address and phone number. She had one of the five best cunts I've ever fucked.

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