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Daisy meets Mark, another pain freak.

** Donna meets Mark, another life-sentence sex offender, who gets his four hours with her. **

[Day 4 (Tuesday - evening)]

Peter and come back. she's still in the chair
Donna reports you had an uneventful day

The lights came on and Daisy raised her eyes. She was fatigued and dizzy from lack of sleep but when she saw that it was Peter and not Donna, she felt lightheaded, relieved.

Dr. G came into the room and went to a clipboard on the wall, took it down and started reading. Peter and David followed.

"I'm telling you, I've seen it."

"Not possible."

"Chelsea Charms. Just look it up on the Internet."

"60 inches?"

"Twelve kilos each. That's twenty six pounds."

"Daisy's body couldn't take it."

"Well, we can see how close we can get, can't we?"

"And what happens when she gets back to hear teaching job in the UK?"

Dr. G and David laughed nervously. Peter looked at them. "What?"

"Let's get on with it, shall we?" Dr. G said. Peter stared at him but he just pointed to the door. A short man in a prison outfit was standing just outside the door with his head turned, hands in his pockets. He shuffled into the room behind them without looking at Daisy.

"So, he's next?"

Dr. G nodded. "Mark. He's got simple tastes. They put him away for life but it was because he got carried away. We are in a much more controlled environment here. If anything happens to Daisy, there are medical people around who will respond immediately."

Peter shook his head. "That doesn't make me feel a whole lot better."

"Think about the balloon titties, OK?" David said, walking out into the hallway. "You'll get a better price for her." He waved and continued down the hallway. Peter nodded. "Sure."

Daisy felt her chest tighten. "a better price"? Her head was swimming with horrible, frightening thoughts. What if Peter was not what he said? Here she was, friendless, thousands of miles away from home and, now, unlikely ever to see it again. She wondered how she could have been so naive as to travel so far, put herself into the hands of a group of sadists and then expect them to just send her on her way when two weeks were up. She looked at Peter but it just scared her. He was someone different now.

"Let's get on with it," Dr. G said calmly. "I've turned off the power."

Peter swung open the face cage and reached his hands in, patted Daisy's cheeks.

"Hi. Hi, honey." He kissed her forehead while Dr. G disassembled the cage around her. Peter picked her up and held her tight. Daisy wrapped her arms around his waist, she couldn't muster the strength for more than that. He kissed her and she tilted her head back, opened her mouth, but he'd already pulled away.

"Donna reports that you had an uneventful day," Dr. G said, turning the page of the clipboard in his hand.

"Yes, sir," Daisy lied. She knew better than to report anything Donna did. She'd pay for it. She looked at Peter. Could she tell him? Was he part of it? She had nobody to trust, she was completely alone.

Dr. G took her left hand, checked her pulse. "Well that's good, we need you rested for the next experiment." Daisy felt her body weakening, she needed to sit down. She was in no shape to be used by another of the sex offenders, she'd been fucking all day, all of her holes still smarting from the hot sauce and chemical smears.

Peter touched her gently between the legs. "You look distracted." He stroked her cunt and she felt herself getting wet. No matter what they did, her body always betrayed her. The more they hurt her, the more she wanted. She opened her legs and slid her hands up to her nipples, starting to pull and twist at her own body.

"Mark has very simple tastes, as I mentioned," Dr. G said, interrupting her thoughts. Peter took his hand away and she dropped her arms to her sides. "Show her."

The short man pulled his hands out of his pocket and showed them palms up to Daisy. In his left palm was a short device Daisy recognized as an 'evil stick'. She'd heard about them but never experience one. A short, thin piece of carbon fiber - about the width of a pencil lead - with a wooden handle. The thing is pressed against the skin then flicked. It was rumored to hurt like hell and leave a welt that lasted for days. In his other hand was a simple one-inch black binder clip and a straight pin. How could these have sent a man to prison for life, she wondered?

Mark set the three down on a chair and stepped closer to Daisy. With no hesitation at all, her lifted her tits, stretched her nipples, then pulled her cunt lips apart, stretching and testing them like material for a project.

"She'll do," he said in a quiet, timid voice. "Tie her."

The Doctor motioned and two men came in from the hall and dragged Daisy into another room. They moved quickly, using chains, ropes and leather harnesses and soon had her hanging upside down, arms and legs stretched to the breaking point, a tight leather corset around her waist that made it nearly impossible for her to breath.

Mark shuffled into the room. He stood in front of her and looked down at her upside-down face. His disinterested look slowly changed to a smile, then an evil grin. Daisy felt herself getting turned on - whatever he was going to do, he had the same confidence she'd seen in the other Masters she'd served. He may have ended up a criminal but only because he had never found the right group. The right woman. He unzipped the prison jumpsuit and slid it off onto the floor. He was naked underneath, his penis small and limp but his balls big and swollen. Without taking his eyes off of her face, he moved his hand quickly between her legs, then pushed two fingers deep into her cunt. She clenched and he smiled. "Stupid bitch," he said in a quiet voice.

Then, her world exploded with pain. He must have had the straightpin between his fingers because he pushed it deep into the flesh inside her cunt. She tried to move but couldn't, her body was held completely immobile by the device. He pushed deeper, then started making small circles with the pin. Daisy howled with pain. Mark slid his fingers out of her, leaving the pin buried inside. He picked up the black binder clip and squeezed it. He squatted and pulled her upper lip, attached the clip and let it flap back against her nose. The pain was intense and she cried, her lip and tongue twitching. He left it there and picked up his final tool, the stick. He held it against the underside of her right tit then snapped it. She'd never felt anything like that before, the pain was so focused and intense, like a thousand whips hitting the same spot at the same time. She howled, not even trying to control herself. This man was insane, sick, merciless and, worst of all, he'd just started. If Dr. G followed protocol, he had a full four hours before she could expect any relief.

He worked the stick across the underside of both breasts, the tender flesh exploding with white-hot pain from each flick. Then he laid it across the inside of her left thigh and start another round of mind-racking pain, moving up and down the insides of both legs. Daisy felt she would pass out, prayed to pass out, but he watched her responses carefully and timed it so that was never an option.

Mark stopped for a moment and set the stick on the ground near her head. He undid the binder clip from her upper lip and held it in front of her face. "Any ideas?" he sneered. She stared at him through pain-glazed eyes, unable to articulate any kind of response. He just smiled and stood up. She started shaking uncontrollably when she realized what he was about to do. She was screaming "no, no, no" but he ignored her and pulled her cunt lips open, pulled at her clit with his fingers until it stiffened, then tugged the flesh between the jaws of the binder clip and finally let go.

When she came to, he started right up again with the stick, this time up and down her neck. She didn't realize how intense the pain would be, didn't care anymore, she was beyond caring, beyond anything but swimming in the pain that flowed from her cunt to her neck to her brain. When he pushed his fingers back into her cunt to retrieve the pin, his wrist brushed the clip and she screamed again, moaning and crying now, tears soaking her forehead and hair, pooling on the ground underneath her. He pushed the pin upward and through her cunt lip, flicking it from both ends while she struggled, her shoulders and hips feeling the strain and screaming along with her. He pulled the pin out of her then and stood up, scraping the tip along the soles of her feet. He took her right foot in his hand and pushed the pin into the ball of her foot, the skin and muscle more tender than she ever imagined. He pushed it all the way in, then started working up and down the back of her calves with the stick. She abandoned herself to the pain, moaning now, surrendering to her fate, she was a ball of pain with no relief in sight. He reached around quickly again and yanked the clip off of her clitoris. Her brain exploded again and everything was white in front of her eyes. She thought she would pass out but instead, impossibly, the pain got stronger. She wondered if she could die from pain, if that was what put him in prison. Right now, she would if she could. He walked around in front of her again and this time, leaned forward, burying his chest in her crotch, lifting his feet off the floor, her feeling her legs taking on his weight, stretching her ankles and knees impossibly, too exhausted and in too much pain to even scream, grunting like an animal now, then he was moving and massaging her clit and she felt it and started fucking against him and she saw his cock against her chest getting stiff and he started fucking between her titties, his weight still tearing her legs apart, his fingers now pulling the pin out of her foot and his hand swinging in the air, then the pin poking her tit from the side, again and again, sinking into the flesh over and over, then the nipple, then the flesh again then he was cumming down between her titties and she felt her body start to shake as he sank the pin deep into her left nipple and she came, moaning now, an insane animal, nothing but lust and a hole but cumming again just the same.

Mark climbed off of her and dropped the pin and the clip to the ground. He shook the last drops of cum off his penis then held it in his hand and looked at her. His evil grin had turned into an even more insane leer. He seemed capable of anything. He picked up one of the legs of his jumpsuit and pushed it into her mouth, pushing more and more until her jaw was stretched and her mouth crammed full. Then, he stood back up and held his limp dick. She saw the yellow stream of piss before it hit her face and she had time to close her eyes and turn her head but only slightly given the way she was tied. The stream was steady and he aimed it at her upturned nostrils. She panicked and tried to hold her breath but her nose filled up and she remembered taking water in when she was swimming and she blew it out but the stream never ended and she filled up again and blew out but couldn't get any more air in because the flood never stopped and she tried to push the gag out of her mouth but her tongue was too weak and he kept pissing and pissing and she felt the acidic piss burning deep in the back of her throat and then she passed out.

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