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This is my first story post. Hope you enjoy
Introduced to bondage
Part One
Angie and I were meeting friends of Angie for dinner. I had not met them before but Angie met them 6 months ago. Angie is my wife and we have been married for about 5 years. Our sex life has always been good, Angie is more aggressive than me and she usually decides when we have sex. While Angie was getting ready I noticed that she was really nervous about something.
We got to the restaurant and Bob and Sylvia were already seated. Bob helped Angie to sit down and I noticed Sylvia checking me out from head to toe. We all got along very well and the dinner was very good. We all laughed and told stories from the “younger” days. The talk of sex became steamy and I found myself feeling very comfortable with the group. Bob and Sylvia asked is I was bi sexual to which I responded "A couple of times in college". Angie added that I was on the booty call list for a couple of jocks at school. They would call and I would make myself available. Sylvia then began asking more direct questions. I told them all I enjoyed being with other men and letting them fuck me, and that Angie and I had purchased a strap on dildo for Angie to fuck me as well.
Quite suddenly, Sylvia turns to me and says, “Angie tells us that you are interested in being a submissive male?” I looked at Angie with a questioning look but she did not say anything. Bob says, “Sylvia is a dominatrix. Angie says that you are a natural submissive”.
I say “I'm puzzled, frankly and a bit taken aback.” I look at Angie and she is looking at her wine glass not giving me any help with the conversation. I glare at Angie but she adverts my gaze.
Sylvia spoke “Terry, it is really quite simple, do you have fantasies about exploring your submissive side? Bob and I are open to the idea and I have love dominating men and currently do not have submissive men in my life.”
“I guess that I have talked with Angie about bondage in the past and we have tried it in the past.” I replied.
Sylvia then says, “Why don't we pay the tab and go for a walk. This is a really nice area and the weather is great.
Once outside I tried to speak with Angie but. Sylvia took me aside "Teri, I know about your desires because Angie told me. The reason she told me is Bob and I have had sex with her and she has submitted to me".
I was stunned, but I was compelled to listen to Sylvia. I have always thought of myself as a submissive, both in the bedroom and life. Angie makes all the decisions and she is the aggressive sexual partner. Angie and I have spoken about BDSM in the past and have even tried it on a couple of times. Angie was not able to dominate me in a method that was satisfying.
Sylvia spoke "Teri, are you looking to be dominated?" She looked at my boner grabbed my cock and added, "This does tell me something."
Sylvia then called Angie over saying "Angie, talk to Terri for me will you?" Angie nervously nodded and then we walked out of earshot of Sylvia and Bob. Angie started by saying "Sylvia is my Mistress and has been for four months. I can no longer imagine life without her, what she does to me and how she makes me feel. One of the conditions she has placed on me is to bring you to her. If you refuse, then she will not have anything to do with me. I love you Terri and I love her. Please try this tonight." I was stunned by this revelation; I loved my wife and have always thought I would do anything to make her happy.
Sylvia came up to me and Bob pulled Angie in the opposite directory. Sylvia repeated her question to me. After hesitating for a moment Sylvia says, “I do not like waiting. Are you looking to be dominated?"
Quickly I answer, no longer able to resist this woman "yes". With that answer Sylvia released my cock and said “We are going to have fun. My first command to you is: No talking unless I allow an answer for the rest of the evening. Do you understand me?” I nod “Good, Lets get the others and celebrate.”
My mind racing forward and I was extremely excited about what was going to happen next. I had no idea what was going to happen and that made the excitement greater. Sylvia was a woman that I could not refuse. At this point I knew that whatever she commanded me to do, I would do it.

Part Two
Sylvia had gone off and was whispering something to Bob. Angie was a few feet away looking at me with a nervous look on her face. I smiled at her and waved but my face looked nervous. Sylvia and Bob brought the four of use back together and we headed for a Hilton hotel that was in the area. Bob went to the reservation desk and got a room key and we headed upstairs. Sylvia started becoming friendlier towards me and slapping my ass and touching my thighs. I looked at Angie a couple of times and she looked very confused. Bob opened the room and Sylvia had Bob and Angie sit on one bed and instructed me to sit on the other bed.
Sylvia then began speaking “We are gathered here tonight to initiate Terri into the life of a submissive. He has informed me that he wants to be dominated. Angie has also told Bob and myself that she has a fantasy of watching her husband fuck another woman. So tonight we will fulfill two fantasies.”
With that she motioned to me to remove my shirt and I did as I was commanded. She then opened a bag and removed a ball gag and placed it into my mouth. She then removed a blindfold and covered my eyes. She then instructed me to hold out my hand and I felt a soft rope being wrapped around my wrists. As my wrists are being bound, I begin to feel vulnerable and panic begins to set in. "What have I gotten myself into" I think. Sylvia told me to sit on the bed. I felt a pair of hands undo my pants and a second sets of hands remove my shoes and socks and I felt someone lift my arms over my head and pulled tight. I felt someone over me, and then I heard Sylvia say "Nervous?" to which I nodded my head affirmative.
"Last chance to turn back." to which I nodded my head from side to side.
"Well my little pet let us continue." I felt a pair of thumbs hook under my underpants and pulled off of my body. I felt a rope being wrapped around my ankle then slightly pulled back. I was now under the control of Sylvia. Here I lay on the bed with a ball gag in my mouth and blindfolded. My legs spread wide and my arms bound over my head. The process was repeated for the second ankle. The panic I felt a few minutes ago was beginning to make my head pound. I heard Sylvia speaking quietly to the others but couldn't understand.
Sylvia spoke "Well pet what shall we do with you?" I felt a set of fingers being dragged down the center of my chest and stop at my pubic hair. I feel the same fingers dragging up the side of my body and someone sitting on top of my chest. I can smell the warm aroma of a woman as the person straddles my chest. I also feel a person between my legs.
“Wait children, until I'm ready” I hear Sylvia say. From the voice Sylvia is the one straddling my chest but I do not know who is between my legs and where the last person is. I feel my balls being rubbed and hands on my penis. Then I feel a warm mouth on my penis and several hands are rubbing my balls. My cock is then engulfed in a warm mouth. I feel Sylvia moving her ass closer to my face and the aroma of her becomes stronger. My cock is bent down and a third mouth begins to feast on my cock. Sylvia continues to push her ass closer to my face. She works her ass into my face and her juices cover my face. She is very wet and she starts to grind her pussy against my chin. My cock continues to work its way between the three mouths and my balls are fondles by two pairs of hands.
“OK children, that is enough. Angie stand between my pet's legs. Bob stand beside my pet. Angie place your mouth on my pet's cock and remain there.”
I feel Angie's warm mouth on my cock once again with her lips tightly around my cock. My pet here just found out that is wife was fucking other people and that should not go without some form of punishment. The term is 'skullfucking' and Bob is going to help Angie” With that Bob grabbed Angie's head and began to bob her head up and down on my cock. I felt Angie's arms on my legs as she protested but Bob held her. I felt her being forced up and down on my cock.
“Keep those lips wrapped around that shaft girl.” Sylvia said. I feel her nose being buried in my pubic hair and her head being held tightly on my cock. Sylvia's body still covering my body and her ass and pussy lips grind into my face and chin.
"Enough" Sylvia finally said. "Both of you sit on the floor, watch but no touching yourself."
She lifted her torso up but grind her pussy lips into my chin. Her next move was getting into a fully sitting position directly on my face. From here she slid herself down my chest to my waiting cock. She held my cock and slowly slid down my shaft. She ground her crotch against my hips working my cock deep inside her. No words were spoken but I felt sure she was looking directly at Angie. She lifted up and down a couple of times, and then she leaned back put her feet on the outside of my thighs.
I heard her say "Angie, come here and lick me". I felt a pair of hands on my legs and knew that Angie was eagerly obeying Sylvia. She was licking Sylvia's lips, clit, and my shaft that was buried deeply inside her pussy. My balls were also being squeezed and caressed. Sylvia was enjoying this added pleasure. She leaned back onto my chest and her hair was in my fact. I could feel her body shudder a couple of times and under her breath she would murmur “Yes, like that”. Could not tell if she had an orgasm but did feel several shudders from Sylvia. She finally said, “That is enough. Go and sit down. Remember, no touching yourself.” She sat upright and began to bounce on my cock quite vigorously. She dug her nails into my thighs as she bounced.
She stopped fucking me and dismounted my cock. She turned around and laid onto of my chest and my cock into her pussy. She started to fuck me again and suck on my nipples. She laid flat on my chest with my cock buried in her pussy and pulled her legs up along side my body.
“Bob, come here and lick me” Again I felt a pair of hands on my thighs and a warm tongue lick my balls then my shaft and finally the tongue left my shaft and a pair of hands began massaging my balls. Sylvia murmured “Yes, lick my ass, you know what I like” As Bob licked his wife Sylvia started to bounce up and down on my cock fucking me again. I felt her finger dig into my arms as her movements quickened. I was completely helpless. Tied down to the bed by my arms and legs, blindfolded and a gag in my mouth. My cock was throbbing and I was about to cum and experience the best orgasm of my life. Sylvia strongly bounced on my cock. Riding me hard and quickly. I do not know if Bob was still licking her ass, but I was about ready to explode. I came inside her at the same time she worked her nails into my arms and held me tightly as her orgasm took her away. Slowly she rolled off of me and lay beside me not moving.
"Bob, will you untie my new pet” Sylvia asked. I felt a pair of hands untie my ankles and I felt Sylvia untie my arms and let them relax onto my chest and she removed the blindfold from my eyes, but made no attempt to remove the gag or handcuffs. Sylvia motioned for everybody to sit on the bed. Angie curled up between me and Sylvia and Bob took the corner behind Sylvia.
“Well, did everybody have fun? Angie, did that fantasy of yours get taken care of?” Sylvia said.
“Yes, Sylvia you have made a fantasy come true tonight.” Replied Angie.
“Do you care to do this again?” Sylvia asked Angie.
“Yes, I would very much like to do this again.” Replied Angie.
“Bob, do you approve of my new pet? I would like to keep him.” Sylvia said as she caressed my nipples.
“Yes, I enjoyed you new pet. I think he is a keeper.” Bob replied to Sylvia. Sylvia got off the bed and began to get dressed. After she was dressed she said
“Well my pet, I will be in touch. This was a reward for choosing to be my pet, and because I really enjoy fucking Angie. Most of our little sessions will not be so rewarding. Come Bob, lets go, Bye Angie. The room is paid for tonight, enjoy it.” With that bob left the room and Sylvia tossed Angie the keys to the handcuffs. She hungrily went down on my cock and began ripping off her clothes. She stopped to remove the gag and kissed my hard, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I was in for a really good night of fucking
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