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Kenny teaches me man love
I got the feeling that the person coming to see him might be a boyfriend or something like that, It all sounded a bit cloak and dagger, So I got up got dressed, on my way out I checked with him that it would be ok for me to come back later.
Kenny assured me that it would be fine. He pulled me towards him, kissed me on the lips and said he was missing me already.

Before I left Kenny gave me a £10 note and said

“Get yourself something to eat and some cigarettes”.

I took the Tenner surprised that he could afford to give me so much money, but I was not going to ask any questions.

I went to the shops bought cigs and some crisps, Then walked about the estate, munching my crisps and smoking like a chimney, with a smile on my face that could not have been shifted even with a sharp boot to my balls.

The rain had gone off at last, I bumped into a couple of the lads from the estate, who were having a kick about with a football on the spare grass beside my Mums house, They invited me to join in the game with them, We played 4 aside football for about an hour, but I could not keep my mind on the game, I am normally a reasonably skilled football player, playing for both my school team and a local Saturday league, But for the first time ever, my attention was not on the football, but the balls moving around in the joggers and trackies of the guys I was playing with, Instead of planning my next tackle I was wondering what their cocks were like. Even Imagining myself sucking on their dick or fucking their tight asses.

When the game broke up I was once again left alone again, and of course the heavens opened back up and was chucking the rain down again.
I made my way to Tommy's house, I knew he would be finished work by now, and that I could wait in his house until it was time to go back to Kenny's.

Tommy's Mum opened the door and invited me in.

“Come ‘on in Teddy, he is in the shower he won't be long"

I went through to Tommy's room and waited, while he took his shower, I put on one of his Eminem cd's and lay on the bed, I heard Tommy's mum shout in to him that I was here, Then I started thinking about Tommy in the shower in the nude, wondering if he ever thought about having sex with me.

I was turning myself on, and for about the 10th time that day I had a dribbling stiffy in my boxers,
I heard the bathroom door open and quickly fixed my cock, so that it would not show through my trackies, Tommy came into the room wearing just a pair of boxers he had a towel in his hand and continued drying his hair as we chatted.

“Hi bud you're a bit early, you hiding from someone?"

I told Tommy about the fight I had with my Mums Boyfriend.

“Awe Fuck does that mean I have to put up with you snoring all night again?”

“No mate it is ok, I know you have to get up early for work in the morning, I am going to stay at your Kenny's tonight”

Tommy stared at me, with a puzzled look on his face as if I had said I had just spoken in a Foreign Language or something,The tone of his voice took me by surprise:

“Our Kenny's !”

“ Yea I met him this morning, I was up in his most of the afternoon”

“Did he say you could stay the night?"

"Yea, nice flat he has got, He said it would be cool for me to crash there tonight “

Tommy had a look of horror on his face, He pulled on a tee shirt but took a while pulling it over his face, (I now recon he was trying to think what to say next)

“You’re here now Teddy, You would be as well just crashing here, you wont like it in his flat he moans like fuck about everything and anything”

"No it is sound in his flat, Kenny is ok, I had a good laugh with him this afternoon and you have work in the morning”

"Don't sleep in his bed Teddy, he kicks and snores all night, he even pishes the bed, Honest no matter what he says, please don't sleep in his bed ".

I realized from his reaction that he must know that Kenny is gay.

“No its ok, he said I could sleep on the sofa”

I lay there on the bed looking at Tommy as he dried his hair, I had lay in that bed loads of times with this guy, we talked about sex, about wanking, we jokingly called each other poof’s all the time, we had talked about other guys and called them poof’s; we had even wanked together, and lied to each other about the girls we had shagged, although we both knew that the closest we had been to a girl was a quick grope in a dark corner,

Neither of us had ever slept with a girl, We would try to convince each other that we had been with girls, saying things like

“You don't know her, she lives down at my Grannies, or Cousins part of town”

Never at any time had there been any hint that Tommy could be gay, or for that matter that I could be gay, But as we sat there talking all the shite, the same as we did every day, talking about nothing at all, just making noise and telling each other bigger and better lies than the other had told.

All that was running through my head was, could Tommy also be gay?, had something happened between him and Kenny?, I had no doubt that he was warning me not to sleep in Kenny’s bed because he knew he was gay, and not for the reasons he had given, I have been best mates with Tommy for a long time, I know when he is trying to cover something up.

There was just something different, He was nervous and it showed, we had been best mates for more than 12 years, We knew everything about each other, (or so I thought) I could tell that he was not his normal self, I reckoned that he was scared that I would find out that his big brother was Gay.

I wanted to tell him that I knew about Kenny, and it was not a problem, but I was scared, I was embarrassed, I did not know what to do for the best.

About 8.30pm, Mrs Burns, Tommy's mum came into the room with two plates of Chinese Chicken Curry from a take away.

"Get that in you lad's, I got a win at the Bingo this afternoon, so it is a wee treat".

We were eating the curry, when some of the sauce dropped from the fork on to Tommy's Boxers, and landed on the raised bit where his cock lay, I laughed as he tried to wipe it away, Then I said,

"Don't waste it I will lick it up".

Tommy looked in horror at me.

“What do you mean” Tommy spluttered,

“Calm down mate only joking “I said.

Tommy put his Curry down, then went and got a clean pair of boxers from his drawer,

"I won't be long, I had better go and change these"

“Change them here” I replied.

Tommy stared at me once again with that nervous look.

"What's going on Teddy?, Has Kenny said something to you?”

I could feel my face go red.

“What do you mean ? said something about what ? "

" Never mind " He said and walked out the room.

When Tommy came back he said;

“Look mate it would be better if you just stayed here tonight, Our Kenny is weird, he might take the huff and kick you out during the night or something stupid, Just stay here please”

To this day I don't know why I said it, but I wish I had never mentioned it, I blurted out

“What you worried he might suck my cock instead of yours"

I thought Tommy was going to faint

"what do you mean !, you calling my brother a poof ?"

" Fuck's sake Tommy calm down, I know he is at least Bi"

Tommy covered his face with his hands then after a while

“Please Teddy don't tell anyone"

"Come ‘on Tommy, what am I going to say, Kenny Burns is a Poof, I know because He sucked my cock?"

" Oh fuck no way, Did you let him do it, or did he do it when you were sleeping?"

" I fucking let him do it, and I sucked his too, and I loved it "

" So are you telling me you're a poof to Teddy?”

“I might be , I don’t know but what if I am”

" What do you mean, What if I am, That’s why that bent bastard has his own house, because he was tampering with me when I was sleeping.”

“How do you know that, if you were sleeping? Sleeping with one eye open and your hand on the back of his head no doubt”

“I bet you have you been tampering with me as well when I am asleep, Ya fucking faggot, poofy bastard, get fucking out of this house and don't ever come back, I never want to see you again you bent Bastard "

I was Shocked I got up and was out the house like a flash, before his mum came to see what all the shouting was about.

My whole body was shaking, I kept thinking, what the fuck have I done, this morning I woke up a straight normal guy, now just over 12 hours later, I have had Gay sex with one guy, and then told his Brother I am Gay and enjoy it, I have never felt so scared in my life.

I could not think straight, all sort of thoughts were running through my head at a hundred miles per hour, What if Tommy tells all my friends about what I said?, What if he tells my Mum and my young Brothers? Shit my head was all over the place.

I walked towards Kenny's flat ,then thought to myself what if Tommy tells his Mum what I had said, then she tells my Mum and they come to Kenny's to get me.
I was scared like I have never been scared before, I could not have cared what anyone called me arsehole, bastard, prick,. but god I did not want anyone knowing I had sex with a poof.

The building across from Kenny's flat was a derelict old factory. I climbed in through a loose shutter, then sat watching the entrance to Kenny's building, watching to see if Tommy or my Mum would come looking for me, It was dark and cold in the old building but I felt safe knowing that no one could see me.

By 11.45pm I was freezing, The tears I had shed were burning my face, I have never felt so low in my life. I wanted to die, why had my life turned so bad in such a short time ?. I saw Kenny's bedroom light go on from across the road, I knew his flat was warm and I started to think about
What we had done only a few hours before, I sort of felt warm again and for the first time since running out of Tommy's house, A smile came to my face, as I thought about the most exciting few hours I have ever experienced was in that flat with Kenny, I had never felt so wanted or so comfortable, and could not think of a time when I felt as warm and satisfied as I did cuddled up with Kenny in his bed.

My cock started to get hard again as I thought about what we had done, I saw Kenny draw the curtains shut, then as fast as I could I climbed out that shutter, and ran across the road and up the stairs to Kenny's door.
I rang his doorbell, I heard him come to answer, Kenny looked through the spy hole before he opened the door.

“ I did not think you were not coming, what did you say to that prick of a brother of mine? he was on the phone earlier calling me all the perverts, saying I turned you in to a poof ".

“I am sorry, he was begging me not to stay here tonight, he was making all sort of excuses, calling you all sorts of things, I just blurted out that I knew you were gay, and that I might be too”

Kenny could see that I was cold and tired, he took me into the living room, he put on the kettle, and for the second time that day gave me a cup of strong sweet tea.
Kenny sat down beside me. Then he asked again.

"What did you say to Tommy about us Teddy,I have to know exactly what was said”

" He was trying to stop me from staying here tonight, saying all sorts about you, so I told him I knew you were gay and that I might be too, then he just went mental "

" Shit Teddy, you told me you did not want him to know what we had done, I did not expect you to go and tell him"

“I am sorry, it was a sort of joke because he spilt curry on his boxers, I offered to lick it up , I did not expect him to kick off the way he did, he just started bawling and shouting , saying that’s why you have your own flat, he said you got kicked out because you molested him”

Kenny put his arm around my neck and pulled me to his lips, We kissed long deep and hard, before I knew what was happening both of us were stripped naked, rubbing our bodies over each others, our cocks crashing into each others, then sometimes springing free and rubbing against each others pubic hair causing that weird tender feeling in my cock.

We kissed for a long time, pushing our tongues deep into each other's mouths, then sucking at the tongue and lips like a kid with an ice lolly. The warmth of Kenny's body above mine felt so right, so comfortable that I wanted to stay like this for ever, that wanted feeling that I had felt earlier that day was back again, and I wanted it to stay for the rest of my life, all thoughts of Tommy and my worries disappeared as if by magic.

We lay on his sofa kissing and touching each other for ages, just touching and kissing each other's body, not touching our cocks or arses, We hugged and held each other so tight I thought I would pass out, but I did not want it to stop. Kenny ran his fingers through my hair and without saying a word, he took me by the hand and led me naked through to the bedroom and in to his bed.

We held on to each other in a tenderness loving way, sharing feelings that I never thought possible. We kissed for the longest time, then very slowly Kenny kissed every inch of my body
from my neck down,. Stopping for a little while on each nipple, Licking, flicking and sucking, For 18 years I had those nipples and never realized the pleasure they could bring me, then down further he went his tongue and lips, creating a trail of sensations that took my breath away all the way down to my throbbing hard cock.

As Kenny put his lips over the head of my glistening rock hard cock, I groaned with sheer pleasure, as he took my cock Inch by inch, I had always thought that those noses made by the porn stars in movies was just for effect, but here I was unable to control my audible pleasure.

Kenny guided me, he turned his body 69 so I could get to his meat and soon we were both sucking on each others cocks like hungry babies on their mothers nipples, hard frantic and lustful.
Once more I felt Kenny's warm prickly tongue caress my virgin hole, his tongue darting at my soft tight hole like a cobra in full attack, the rushes I got as my hole relaxed, allowing him to probe my inner most sensitive spots, I was groaning and moaning as I experienced feelings that made me feel so good , I could have lay there forever as long as Kenny kept going.

I felt the cold lube on my hole, making me pull the muscles of my arse tight, then I slowly relaxed as I felt the first finger gently circle the lube around my sensitive throbbing man cunt, a little more lube and his finger slid deep inside me, opening me up, and introducing me to even more new sensations.

My brain told me to stop him, but my body said no, as in and out his finger went bringing me even more intense pleasures than the ones I had experienced before, I was sucking his cock from tip to base, as if I had been doing it all my life, then the second finger entered me opening me wider, Kenny wriggled the fingers around inside me rubbing at my prostate, sending wave after wave of intense pleasure all through my body, I knew it was time to let him fuck me, I wanted his cock inside me more than anything else in the world, nothing I had ever experienced in my life before had ever made me feel so good, so wanted so happy, I whispered “fuck me Kenny I want to feel it inside me.

Gently Kenny turned back to be face to face with me, his warm body on top of mine he kissed me, his fingers running through my hair and asked if I was sure.

“ Yea I am sure, I want to try it”

I was on my back with Kenny over me, he gently pushed my legs apart, he reached over to his bedside cabinet for the lube and a condom, Kenny forced the condom over his cock, then covered it with lube, he leaned in and began kissing me as his lubed cock slid up and down my ass crack, The hardness of his cock gently hitting off my pouting hungry hole, preparing me for the pending entry, at one point I tried to push against it, trying to take what I wanted, I almost felt as if he was teasing me, letting just the tip of his cock open me a little, then withdrawing again, I had heard the stories a thousand times about how painful getting fucked up the ass for the first time is, I was prepared for the pain,

I knew after the pain would come the pleasure, everything single touch that Kenny had introduced me to that day had brought me more and more pleasure, I was high on lust and adrenalin, Kenny eased my knees in towards my stomach, then brought my ankles to rest on his shoulders, I was waiting on the pain I had heard so much about as I felt the head of his cock line up with my hole, I tightened up in anticipation, I could take it, I had read that after a few minutes the pain subsided and the pleasure began, I gritted my teeth as his condom and lubed covered cock entered me just enough to take my breath away, Kenny stopped and held that position until I got used to the feeling then he withdrew fully and shoved more lube into my hole. Then in again a little further this time working my hole slowly letting me get used to the feeling the pleasure of a warm cock in my once virgin hole and I was enjoying every last second of the experience There was a little pain but nothing near what I had been expecting, there was a little discomfort, but nothing compared to the pleasure I got as a result of over coming it,

I had fantasized many many times about losing my virginity, Of course in those fantasies it was always me penetrating some girl, I had dreamed about how good it would feel, How amazing I would feel when at long last I would become a fully fledged man, to be free of my virginity was my most important ambition, I would walk tall with pride in the knowledge that I had satisfied some beautiful girl.

I never lost my virginity to a girl, but to my best mates brother, and he made the occasion every bit as wonderful and more than I could ever have dreamed, yea there are times I wish it had been with a girl, and since then I have been with a few girls, but the truth is, none of them have ever been able to bring me anywhere near as close to the pleasures that guys have brought me, I live two lives, one as the straight Glasgow ned out with his mates drinking, fighting and shagging girls, Tommy and me made up after I was able to convince him it had all been a wind up, He hates Kenny and they never mix in each others company, but I do often,

That’s my second life, I grew up that night with Kenny, I fell into a complete new world, a world full of secrets, deceit and a very active gay sex life, yea at times I would rather be straight find the girl of my dreams settle down and have kids, but when I cuddle up next to a guy I know I never will, forced to make a choice, I would pick cock over pussy anyday.

® Note from the author.
Hi guys thanks for reading this far, I know my grammar and punctuation are not great, I should have tried harder at school, But I was too busy lusting after my class mates to pay attention to lessons. I hope my stories reach the part they where intended for and get you off, Please feel free to leave comments here or contact me at Your comments give me the inspiration to keep writing.


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Very well written. I enjoy boy/boy sex and stories. Yours had me hard from the start and I came twice with a vibe on my cock and undies! Thanks...more to cum?

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