Written for entry in the CAW9 competition
Sometimes a bachelor’s life is highly overrated; approaching 40 without a wife is not good for business, at least as far as my boss is concerned. But the hassles at the office are nothing compared to the drama that goes with dating women these days.

I get constant harassment from women who think that because we had sex we should be getting married. Seriously, the women my age have their legs clamped shut unless I start talking commitment. The younger women have their legs wide open, but it is excruciatingly painful to be around them for more than five minutes at a time.

Don’t get me wrong, I am willing to endure plenty, I might even ‘unintentionally’ mislead a woman to get into her panties. There is one bright spot in bachelorhood these days, plenty of married women that love to get freaky, especially when they can get off with me and still spend their old man’s money.

There is one great obstacle to success with any of these women. I have to spend an enormous amount of time and money to get to the point of entry. There are long hours spent trolling the bars, dinner and a movie dates, flowers, etc. By the time I get any satisfaction I could have had three hookers and still had change in my pocket. So like most guys, I have refined my approach, consolidated lessons learned, and now follow a very strict game plan with go – no go decision points along the way, so that only the best prospects receive my attention.

All of this sounds so cold, so calculated. Well most certainly it is, it has to be, otherwise a bachelor becomes one of those poor saps who marries, gives all his money to the wife and kids, and waits patiently for his wife to provide him with his annual occasion for sex.

Oh and don’t forget that half of marriages end in divorce where the guy gives away his money for nothing and the endless number of marriages where either the husband or the wife or both are having affairs. So at least consider that being a bachelor is the lesser of two evils.

For me everything changed this spring, a good friend of mine who travels abroad sent me a special gift. While in a brothel in Bangkok, he met an old man with an incredible story about a real aphrodisiac guaranteed to yield results.

The package arrived in a plain brown wrapper and no return address. It contained a very small bottle and a note from my friend. Jimmy, this is supposed to be real; the man I got it from said to be extremely careful with this, and follow these directions exactly. I had to get the directions written in Chinese translated.

White Tiger

One Drop – Irresistible for sex. Effect lasts for one hour.

Two Drop – Sexual assault by anyone around you. Effect lasts for two hours.

Three Drop – Dangerous, injury during sex. Effect lasts too long.

Rub fresh lemon over drop to neutralize effect.

To say this excited me is an understatement. I already have a very good success rate using my proven approach. But now, I had a key to instantly unlock the treasures I sought, no time, no money, no sweat. My mind raced, thinking of the best hunting grounds, those truly special conquests I desperately wanted, the cold case files (those women that in spite of careful efforts on my part failed to yield results).

After a few minutes, I calmed down, after all, as much as I trusted my friend it was probably a hoax or a joke. For a second the latter concerned me, but I considered what a good friend he was. No, there might be something to this after all. I needed a good test case.

I thought long and hard, deciding that I would try it on Debbie Masters at work. Debbie is just under fifty, she still looks great with a tight firm body and huge tits. The word around the water cooler is she is totally lesbian, no one has ever seen or heard of her having any relations with a man. This seemed perfect to me, if this stuff could make a lesbian seduce a man then imagine what would happen with a horny, man crazy, young woman.

I decided to try this on Debbie the next day at work. She was my boss Bill’s admin assistant and would stay late to review and submit the results of a new briefing I am working on. Usually I would easily finish my work before the end of the day, but with some creative diligence, I managed to stretch it out to about 6pm.

By now, everyone has gone but Debbie and me; I loaded the presentation into our large screen system in the large conference room. I also programmed our VTC camera to record to a file on my desktop computer. I called Debbie and asked her to come down to the conference room for a final review, I put one drop from the magic bottle on my neck, picked out a comfortable chair and waited for the show to start.

Debbie arrived and as usual, she stands over top of me as the presentation slides flash on the screen. I notice her perfume, it is White Diamonds, which on some women is horrible, but for her it works very well. She is deeply engrossed in the content of the brief and probably doesn’t realize she has put her hands on my shoulders and is gently massaging my neck. Already turned on by the prospect of another sexual conquest, within minutes of Debbie’s touch I am rock hard and showing through my trousers.

The briefing ends and Debbie commends me for doing a great job. She leans down close to my ear and whispers “Do you like big titties?” Oh my god, I thought this stuff is really working. Before I can answer, Debbie has her blouse and bra off and is rubbing her tits against the back of my neck.

I turned my chair and pulled her into my lap; I can feel my hard cock rubbing against her large soft ass, while she grabs her left tit and rubs it on my face. I lick and suck her nipple, and then I grab her right tit and squeeze the hell out of it. “Ouch that hurt” ” she says, after a brief pause “do it again”. I squeeze it hard as I grab her left tit and squeeze it too. She moans loudly and kisses me hard on the mouth pushing her tongue deep inside.
She pulls back and says, “I need your cock, I have to suck your dick”. I told her that if she is naked and puts her tongue in my ass I will give her all the cock she wants.

In a flash her skirt and panties drop to the floor, she crawls back into my lap and pushes my finger deep into her cunt. I stroke her pussy and instantly she is gushing juice, soaking my trousers. I push her down to the floor. “I want you to eat my ass you nasty slut” I growl as I pulled my pants and boxers down. I squat down over her face and spread my cheeks.

She pulls me down onto her face, licking and sucking hungrily at my anus. While she puts her tongue into my ass, I finger her pussy again, scooping her cunt juice out and coating my cock with her feminine cream. I slap her titties hard and tell her that if she likes sucking my ass I will fuck her mouth and pussy. Her tongue pushes even deeper into my ass while her hips start bucking at my fingers pushing on her clit.

She started crying, “Please fuck my mouth, put your dick in me” I asked her if she ever sucked a dick before, “Oh sure” she replied, “I suck Bill all the time, I don’t like it, but I like the bonuses.” I asked her if she fucked Bill, “Oh no, I’ve never fucked a man before”, I told her she was going to get fucked in the pussy by me if she did a good job sucking me. “Don’t worry, I will” she says.

With that conversation recorded, I am good to go. What the hell, just for fun, I pull my ass up and push my cock down into her throat, her mouth opens and my cock slides easily until my balls slap at her chin. I keep fingering her pussy while she dutifully licks and sucks my cock. It only takes about five minutes and I blow a big load into her mouth and all over her face. I use my dick to rub the sticky white spunk on her face and put it into her mouth. She hungrily sucks and swallows every drop. I get up from the floor and sit back in my chair.

“Do you really want a cock in your pussy?” I ask. Debbie looks at me from the floor, one hand squeezing and pinching a nipple, the other swirling circles around her protruding clitoris. “Oh yes, please fuck my pussy, I’ll do anything you want, please fuck me some more”. I wasn’t sure if she was just a real slut or if the magic drop was so powerful that it could make a lesbian’s cunt want cock. I told her that I needed a minute to get hard; she wanted to help so I had her turn over to the doggie position.

I told her to masturbate until her orgasm starts, then I stick my finger deep into her ass. She moans loudly when I penetrate her anus, but she doesn’t stop stroking her pussy. I watch her put two fingers, then three, then four fingers deep into her cunt. I match her finger for finger working them deep into her ass. By now, she is humping her fingers hard; her juicy cunt is ready and waiting. Fortunately, my cock returns to full hard, so I pull her fingers out of her cunt and ram my cock in as deep as I can.

Debbie’s juicy cunt swallows my dick; I know it is going to take a while for me to cum a second time so I fuck her as hard as I can. After about five minutes, Debbie’s body shakes and I feel her pussy spasms massaging my cock. After her second orgasm I pull my dick from her cunt, she pleads “Please fuck me some more”. I deftly place my cock at her anus and push until my head pops inside her, “oh that feels so good” she moans as she pushes back against me forcing her ass around my cock.

I start with long slow strokes in and out of her ass, each push inward evokes a loud moan, as I pick up speed, pushing harder and further her moans become grunts. We are working together, pushing and pulling so each stroke is harder and faster than the one before. I feel that tingle deep in my balls, knowing I am ready to explode I sink my dick deep into her ass and hold it there. Debbie wiggles her ass around trying to keep the motion going, but I am ready to shoot.

When the first stream of sperm squirts inside her, she starts another orgasm, “of yes, yes, yes, fill my ass” she hisses as the spasms in her ass milk me for every drop of cum I can muster. I pull my dick out of her ass and sink back into the chair. I watch the stream of sticky white cream run out of her ass and coat her pussy. Her ass and cunt soaked with cum is hot and nasty, which makes me halfway hard again. Debbie turns and quickly sucks my cock into her mouth, she reaches down and catches my sperm dripping from her cunt, and she uses it to coat my dick as she strokes it vigorously. I couldn’t believe it when I shot another stream of cum into her mouth.

When we were done, Debbie quietly got dressed and left. I dressed and went to my computer to save the file from the camera; a quick review ensured that I got the whole show. The next day I happened to go by the conference room, I could hear Debbie and Bill having sex. I hurried to my office and started the conference camera, not only did Debbie suck Bill’s cock; she stripped completely then fucked him. I could tell by Bill’s expression that he was surprised.

A couple days later Bill called me into his office, Debbie was already there. After I entered the office, Bill closed the door. Bill said there were some issues we should discuss; I thought he was firing me. Bill smiled and said “First, you are getting that promotion and a raise, your work has been very good”. I was relieved; I thanked Bill and smiled at Debbie, who said “Perhaps we should celebrate, what you think Bill?” Bill replied, “Yes that would be a great idea.”

I was shocked when Debbie removed her blouse and skirt, standing there in just her bra and panties looking at me, licking her lips like a tiger about to eat its prey. Bill stood up, dropped his pants, looked at me and asked “Do you want to start with her pussy or her mouth?” I didn’t really answer, I just pulled down my trousers and boxers and pulled Debbie down in front of me and forced my cock into her mouth. Bill and I fucked the crap out of her for the rest of the morning.

So far, the magic drops were fantastic, not only had I sexually conquered a lesbian, I managed to score a promotion and a raise in the process. I contemplated many options for using the special potion before setting my sights on my next door neighbor. Dylan is not only a very sexy, desirable woman, she is most certainly unattainable, a worthy challenge for the ancient elixir.

Dylan is virgin, not many women are still intact at the age of 28, but Dylan is deeply religious and devoted to maintaining her cherry for her first husband. She is drop dead gorgeous from head to toe. She has beautiful bright red hair and bright shining green eyes. Her face features high cheek bones and her porcelain skin is flawless, with just a few small freckles that make her look adorable. Her body is a perfect 36-24-36 hourglass with ample C cup breasts and an apple shaped butt. She is almost tall at 5’ 8” and slightly framed to carry a modest 125 lbs. In other words, if you don’t want to fuck her, you don’t have a pulse.

Being neighbors, I frequently hear about the men she dates, they either turn out to be rude and crude, or penniless. No matter what she can’t get past that third date, every man she dates expects sex from her. Either they quit her because they don’t score or she chases them off because they try. That’s not to say she doesn’t have any sex drive, I watched one day as she sat out in her back yard and fingered herself to some great satisfaction. I have always wanted to help her, but any discussion we have quickly becomes a discourse on theology. I know if I can just get her to shut the hell up, I can get inside her, but no matter what I try, she thumps her bible at me and I retreat.

Well not today, I have a plan. I know that she will wash her car right after lunch, as soon as she finishes she will go inside and spend the afternoon alone. I need to time my arrival just as she finishes washing her car. Expecting this to be a great challenge, I decide that two drops are called for, besides, if it works, I am sure I want it to last for a while.

I finish my lunch and camp out at my front window. I watch Dylan wash her car, as her top gets wet I notice her nipples peeking through the wet fabric. Her bikini bottom barely covers any of her ass cheeks, and is tight enough at her crotch to show the outline of her perfect camel toe in front. My dick is hard as a rock; I intentionally put on some old threadbare gym shorts and a muscle shirt so my eagerness will show.

She rinsed out her bucket and rags, so I apply two drops and walk next door. Seeing my cock tenting my shorts, she blushes and turns away trying not to stare at my cock. I move in close to make sure my potion will have its effect. She continues putting her bucket and hose away and I think this is not going to work, and then she turns to me, smiles, and says “It sure is hot, you want to come inside and cool off with a beer?” I nod yes and smile as we go into her house. She tells me to make myself comfortable so I settle onto her sofa as she goes to the kitchen to get us a beer. When she comes back out she has lost her top and bottom, she hands me a beer as she sits next to me on the sofa.

I sipped my beer and stared at her perfect little pussy, she had her legs parted with one leg up on the sofa so her red headed cunt pointed directly at me. She had a nice patch of well trimmed red hair just above her pussy, but from her clit to her anus, she was freshly shaved, waxed, groomed, and ready to fuck. My mouth watered, I wanted to reach out and grab her, but I decided to let the drops do their job.

She sips her beer then says “I have always thought you were a good guy, but today I feel bad, do you want me to be bad?” I smile and say “I’ve always thought of you as beautiful, sexy, and nice; but if you want to be bad then I’m your man.” She reaches down with one hand and strokes the crease of her pussy, making her juices inside leak out onto her finger. I can smell the aroma of her young cunt, it makes my blood boil, stirring my hormones to action. She puts her finger to my mouth and asks “Do you like the taste of my virgin puss?” as I open my mouth and suck her juice I nod my approval.

I can tell she likes teasing me, I like it too, but both of us are way too hot for patient petting. She asks to see my cock, as I pull off my shirt and shorts her eyes widen at the sight of my fully erect dick. She tells me she has never seen a man’s cock in person before, she reaches over and rubs my cock, and she caresses my balls, gently squeezing them as they swell with anticipation.

I pull her over to me and kiss her passionately, our lips part and tongues dance. She has the sweetest softest lips I have ever kissed, and there are plenty of kisses on my resume. As we kiss, she moans from deep within, revealing her very real desire for sexual satisfaction. I reach over and cup her breast in my hands, gently rubbing across her nipples with my thumbs, her deep breathing adds to the delight I feel touching her.

I push her down on the sofa; I work my kisses from her lips down her neck to her breast. I slowly lick and suck each breast and nipple. This makes her sigh out loud “Oh please that feels so good.” I work down across her tummy and over her crotch to the tops of her thighs. Kissing and licking, first one side, then the other avoiding contact with her virgin prize. This makes her hips buck and she moans “Yes, yes, yes.”

I reach under and pull her legs up and out, exposing her perfect pussy, I take a moment to stare at how sexy hot she is. Her cunt slit is long and thin, her labia barely exposed, her small clit withdrawn in gentle folds at the top. Beneath her slit is a beautiful pink rosebud, tightly drawn between her cheeks. I think of how good that tight ass will feel around my cock. “Oh please don’t stop” she moans, with that I lean in and kiss the puffy mounds on each side of her camel toe. Her body trembles slightly, and a giggle escapes her lips before a long moaning sigh foretells her impending loss of virginity.

I run my tongue down her crease, past the end and lick her tiny rose, then back up her slit reaching her clit, sucking, coaxing it out from folds of skin. I move back to the bottom of her crease, using my finger to spread her lips and push my tongue inside. My effort rewarded with a large squirt of virgin cunt juice filling my mouth and soaking my face and her crotch. I do my best to lick up the wet mess, but more leaks out with every lick. I know she’s ready; I pull up and quickly move into position.

I gently part her cunt lips with my cock; it easily slides into her tight wet pussy until I reach her hymen. I really didn’t expect it to be intact; I knew she put her fingers in there. She must have been real careful about that. She is breathing heavily through her mouth, her hips are bucking up and down, and it is time. I push my cock hard and fast through her hymen, it breaks open letting my cock’s entire length bury itself in her juicy hot pussy and hold fast. She moans loudly “Oh god, it hurts”. A moment later “Please don’t stop, baby”; I slowly withdraw my cock and start long slow strokes into her. At first it must have hurt, she is tense and panting with quick short breaths. I move in and kiss her lips, “Don’t worry baby, in just a few moments it won’t hurt, it will feel good, I promise.” She finally starts to relax; I continue long slow strokes until she starts to match my effort, moving her hips up to meet me as we pick up speed.

I don’t want to brag, but I have managed to fuck her for almost an hour now, we have moved into different positions, fucking hard, and fucking soft. I have felt her have at least three small orgasms. She is now in the doggie position and I am fucking her as hard as I can, her perky tits are jiggling as I ram my dick into her, she is practically screaming “Oh Fuck, I’m cumming, Oh, Oh, Oh Fuck me, Oh.” Her body shakes and she squeals loudly.

I know she is having a major orgasm, I can feel her pussy contracting around my cock. I can’t hold back any longer, I release a long hard spurt of sperm into her hot pussy. Then another and another, white sticky spunk is running down my shaft and soaking my balls. I withdraw and fall back on the sofa. Dylan’s cunt is dripping cum onto the carpet; she leans over and sucks my cock, while she is licking the last few drops of sticky spunk from my balls her front door pops open.

As the door closes I look up to see Dylan’s sister Joy standing there with her mouth hung open staring at Dylan’s behind. Dylan ignores her sister’s entrance and continues her oral assault on my dick. Joy stands with her hips on her hands as she tries to think of what she wants to say. Watching her face, I can actually see the White Tiger taking effect. Her huffy look dissolves into a mild flush of her face. The stern look in her eyes fades to a soft hunger for flesh as her open mouth closes into a sly knowing smile.

Joy is very much like her sister, she is religious, virginal, and built the same. In fact, they would look like twins except Joy has strawberry blonde hair, and being eighteen years old, her body is just a tweak tighter. Her breasts are the same size, but the nipples point up a bit more, and her legs look a tad muscular. I hadn’t planned on this, but it looks like fate has smiled on me. There is no way I can resist this beautiful eighteen year old virgin, there is no way she can resist the spell of the White Tiger.

As Joy crosses the room, she removes her blouse and drops her jean shorts to the floor. She drops down to all fours and goes straight to her sister’s cunt. I watch as Joy licks and sucks Dylan’s pussy, her face covered in juice as she lifts her head for a breath of air. I pull Dylan up from the floor onto the sofa beside me, and then I pull Joy up onto my lap and kiss her passionately on the mouth. I start kissing both girls and let them kiss each other. The sparks fly when they kiss, they either really love each other or they might be gay. It doesn’t matter, I pull Joy’s bra and panties off then position her atop of Dylan in the sixty nine position. They immediately start eating each other out and are soon giving each other serious orgasms.

This gives me time to recover from fucking Dylan, but watching them is so hot it doesn’t take long. I move in and lick at Joy’s ass, I push my finger into her cunt and viola there is her hymen. I ask her if she wants my dick in her pussy. She pulls her face up from Dylan’s cunt long enough to say “Fuck my pussy, Fuck my mouth, Fuck my ass, I don’t care where, just FUCK ME NOW!” She was practically screaming at the end because Dylan was biting down on Joy’s clit as if it were her last meal. I pulled my finger from Joy’s cunt and push it into her anus evoking a loud moan from Joy. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit as Dylan moves from sucking Joy’s clit to licking my balls.

My cock is hard and I don’t feel the need to go slow and careful. Joy is hot for it, I ram my cock hard into her pussy, forcing her slit open and breaking her hymen as I sink my shaft to the bottom of her cunt. She tries to rise up but I am holding her down. She tries to raise her head up to scream, but Dylan holds her face firmly into place, so all we hear is the moan of pain muffled by Dylan’s pussy. The moaning into her pussy makes Dylan say “Oh fuck eat me, eat my pussy.” I don’t wait for Joy to get comfortable; I start ramming my dick in and out of her. I fuck her as hard as I can for as long as I can. Both her and Dylan are having multiple orgasms, they are moaning and crying, their hips are bucking, their bodies tremble and both pussy’s are soaking wet with girl cream.

I want to last longer, but Joy’s tight, young, virgin pussy is too much, I empty my second round of cum and fill her cunt. I withdraw and let her pussy drop down to Dylan’s open mouth. While I listen to the sound of Dylan sucking and swallowing my sperm from her sister’s cunt, I move around and lift Joy’s mouth from Dylan’s cunt long enough to let her lick me clean. Then I sit back and finished my beer, which unfortunately was warm. I finger Joy’s ass a little more and ask, “Do you girls want your asses fucked”, in unison they reply “oh yes.” Realizing that my cock is all but done for the day, I have an idea.

I reposition them on the sofa, cunt to cunt with Dylan atop Joy. I have their legs spread open, providing easy access to both girl’s pusses and asses. Starting with Dylan, I push the empty beer bottle into her cunt, it slides in easily and comes out soaked in juice. I push it into Dylan’s ass, with the juice from her cunt it slides in easily until the larger portion of the bottle reaches her ass. Good thing these are longnecks. I grab the other bottle and swallow the last half of what had been Dylan’s beer. I push the bottle into Joy’s pussy, it slides in easily and comes out soaked in juice. I push it against her anus, she moans loudly as it enters. In a matter of minutes, both girls’ asses have longneck bottles working in and out.

Things are heating up again, the girls are moaning and their pusses are leaking juice, Dylan’s orgasm is loud, “Oh fuck that feels so good, oh god!” she hisses. My cock is hard and throbbing; I pull the bottle from her ass and force my cock into her anus. I quickly bury my cock, using long, slow strokes to sustain her pleasure. Joy’s orgasm is quiet, but her body tremors are extreme. I pull my dick from Dylan’s ass and push it hard into Joy’s ass. She squeals “Fuck my ass” as I hit bottom. I switch back and forth on the two girls, every time I get close to shooting my spunk. This keeps me going and the timing is such that both girls have multiple orgasms. Finally I have to let my spunk explode, I choose Joy’s sweet eighteen year old ass for my target. My warm sticky sperm filling her ass makes her cum again.

Finished, I pull out and fall back on the sofa, Joy quickly moves into position to lick and suck the stinky, sticky mess from my dick. Dylan wastes no time moving into position to eat the nasty, pungent cream leaking from her sister’s ass. We cuddle together on the sofa for a long time, both girls try in vain to get me erect, but there is no more I can do. Exhausted, I left the naked girls on the sofa to eat and lick each other while I headed home for some liquids and a shower.

The next night Dylan knocks on my door, dressed in a teddy with a bottle of wine and two glasses in her hand. She simply smiles, walks in to my house and settles down on my sofa, pouring us each a glass of wine. Of course, we fucked for hours, and have every other night since. She has told me many times that I will have to marry her; I do my best not to commit. I have to admit though, that if I were inclined to marry, she would certainly be a top pick. She has cut me off a couple of times, but after a few days, she is back at my door, realizing that the sole basis of our relationship is carnal desire.

What Dylan doesn’t know is that on the other nights her sister Joy is at my door, fucking her has degenerated into some very kinky stuff. I don’t mind, after all she is beautiful, young, eager, and most of all she doesn’t expect a commitment from me. Joy is very aggressive, yet strangely submissive. She is quick to suggest that I tie her up or spank her, and then she waits patiently for me to get around to it, as if it was my idea. She has asked about threesomes with another woman and another man, orgies, and all sorts of other stuff. I don’t think it will be long before she becomes a burned out slut.

After a couple of weeks, I managed to get both Dylan and Joy to cool down a little bit. It seems that the White Tiger has a lasting after effect, something to keep in mind when using it. I haven’t used it since Dylan and Joy gave up virginity; honestly, I haven’t had time for anyone else. But now with things running on a steady course, I am very curious about three drops. I decided that since everything so far has been ‘as advertised’; it would be foolish to put three drops on myself; I don’t want to be on the receiving end of a sexual assault or an injury. Perhaps I could best use it to even an old score, or change the course of human events.

My decision’s made for me a couple of nights later. On Thursday nights, as usual, I have several of my friends over to watch the game, shoot some pool, and drink a few beers. Right after the kickoff, Dylan is knocking on my door. She’s in tears, so I take her back to my bedroom, “I know you’re still fucking my baby sister, if you don’t marry me and stop screwing her I’m going to tell my dad that you’ve ruined us both.” She says with fiery eyes, I pulled her to sit on the bed, calmly explaining that we can surely work this out. She finally calms a bit and I offer her something to drink. As I go to the kitchen to get her a beer, I walk through the game room. Gathering my friends in close I ask “You guys want to fuck the cute little redhead?” they unanimously respond “Yes!” I told them to put a spread over the pool table and wait a minute.

Back in the room with Dylan, I give her the beer and say, “Okay sweetheart, you win, I’ll marry you and I’ll leave your sister alone as well. But you have to be faithful to me, no matter what; if another man touches you we are done.” She smiles and says, “You are the only one I ever want”. We kiss and hug, during our embrace I reach up on the headboard and grab the White Tiger. I gently manage to put three drops on the back of her neck. I stand up and say “I would like to introduce my new fiancé to my friends.” I pull her to her feet and practically ran her up the hall to the game room. Along the way I can feel the White Tiger working, I’m feeling an unbearable urge to throw her to the floor and fuck her brains out.

In the game room, I announce, “Guys, this is my fiancé Dylan”; they all cheer and one by one, each gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Except by the third guy, they are kissing her mouth, by the fifth guy they are squeezing her tits and slipping her the tongue, by the seventh guy they are tearing off her clothes. Dylan is screaming “No, please Jimmy, please help me.” But her cries fall on deaf ears, like all of the men in the room, my heart is pounding loudly and the only thought I have on my mind is putting my dick into her.

With eight of us, it is a nonstop all night gangbang. Each of us manages to put our dicks into her mouth, her pussy, and her ass. Covered in cum, she has easily swallowed at least one load from each of us. Her tits and ass are red from spanking, and her mouth is bleeding from guys slapping her. I know her ass and pussy are torn and sore. Looking around the room all of the guys are spent, yet each has a raging hard cock. I remembered the lemon, so grabbing one from the fridge I apply it across the three drops. Like a switch, we all recover and realize what we’ve done. I gently pick Dylan up from the pool table and take her to my bed. I gave her a couple of valium, she quickly cries herself to sleep. I sent the guys home and told them I would take care of everything.

While Dylan slept, I cleaned her up and tended her small cuts and tears with antiseptic. I dressed her in her panties and a T-shirt and left her to sleep. In the morning, I called in to work and took a day off, Dylan woke up and I convinced her to call in sick as well. After she did that, we just crashed out together in my bed. Late in the afternoon, we woke up and talked about what happened. She was angry and depressed, I felt bad and I wanted to tell her about the White Tiger; but I knew that would be a huge mistake. I let her preach to me and scream at me. All I could say is “I’m sorry”. She wanted to go to the police, but I convinced her not to by agreeing that we would go tell her parents. I also convinced her to wait until Sunday, giving her time to feel better and stronger. It also gives me time to figure out something to get out of this mess.

I called Joy and talked with her about this, she agreed to help. I remembered something that Debbie had told me about Dylan’s mother, she was one of Debbie’s little playmates. It turns out that Dylan’s father the preacher is married to a lesbian, and after talking to Debbie, I found out that he is frequently intimate with some of his parishioners. This means that under the right influence her parents could be persuaded to see things my way.

Late Sunday afternoon, I drove Dylan to her parent’s house. They always have a big dinner on Sunday nights so Joy is there as well. While the chicken finishes roasting in the oven, we all sit in their living room and listen while Dylan tells the story of what happened to her at my house. Towards the end of the story, I manage to put a drop of White Tiger on Dylan’s neck. Handing the bottle off to Joy, she manages to put a drop on her father’s neck before she gave herself a drop. Dylan’s father stands and is looking at me as if he wants to kill me; Joy sits next to her mother and Dylan holds my hand as she asks her father what she should do.

As I explained before, if you are watching carefully, you can see the change take effect. Her father shifts his gaze from me to Dylan, his stern look softens into a playful smile as he asks her “You liked it didn’t you?” I would have expected her to protest, but the tiger in her eyes said “Oh yes daddy, it felt good, I want more cock!” She stands and approaches her dad as she pulls her blouse off. I look over and her mother already has Joy’s titties out and into her mouth. Joy was busily trying to get her skirt and panties off. I feel my erection grow in my pants as I watch Dylan’s dad drop his trousers and grab Dylan firmly by both nipples and push her gently to the floor. In a matter of seconds, he buries his cock deep into his daughter’s cunt and is fucking her as hard as he can.

I stood over Joy’s naked body buried beneath her mother’s naked body. The mom has a nice body for 45 years old and her ass is waving around as she eats Joy’s wet puss. I pull my cock out and shove it hard into her mom’s pussy, she is soaking wet, so I easily enter her cunt, her juices squeeze out and drip into Joy’s open mouth. It only takes minutes before the old man empties his sperm into his daughter and I fill his wife. Dylan’s cum filled cunt attracts her mom’s attention, they were quickly engrossed in eating each other’s pusses, while Joy ceremoniously licks and sucks our dicks until we are clean and hard.

Joy climbs on top of her dad’s erect cock and fucks him like a two bit whore. I am ready again so I put my dick into Dylan’s mom’s tight ass and fuck her while they suck each other to blissful orgasm. When we finished, Dylan’s mom, squirts her ass full of cum all over Dylan’s face, then Joy climbs atop Dylan and fucks her mouth as her daddy’s cum fills Dylan’s mouth. I watch the mom give dad a quick suck before she says “Oh the chicken” and runs to the kitchen. Joy licks and sucks the tangy flavored spunk from my cock. We all collapse on the floor, exhausted and satisfied.

After eating dinner nude, we returned to the living room and managed to have another round of sex. Dylan’s mom got out her strap on dildo and we watched as she fucked their dad’s ass. Then she fucked both of the girl’s asses, I managed to dodge that bullet by joining the old man in a double penetration of Joy’s ass and pussy. We swapped ends a couple of times, so her dad got fucked twice by the old woman. At the end we parted in a good way; knowing way too much about each other to have any differences between us. I took Dylan home, as I kissed her goodnight I told her, I will still marry you, but only if you accept the fact that we are both going to have sex with other people. Your parents have a great marriage and family, but they still enjoy their carnal desires. She smiled and said “You might be right, but don’t you love me?” I told her “Of course I love you, but that’s no reason to marry you.”

The next week went on as usual; Dylan knocked on my door each night, and didn’t bat an eye when Joy joined us on Wednesday night. The three of us had an incredible time together. I am convinced that both Dylan and Joy are very much like their mother, they are seriously bisexual with a heavy tendency towards being lesbian.

My Thursday night gathering started as usual. None of the guys mentioned the wild activities of last week, although when Dylan and Joy knocked on my door, all of us got instant erections. Dylan and Joy hurried me back to my bedroom on the pretense that we needed to talk. Dylan grabbed me and put her head against my chest, she started crying but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I didn’t notice that Joy moved behind me and stealthily placed three drops of White Tiger on the back of my neck. I managed to calm Dylan down for a minute and told the girls to go and wait next door, that I would come over and we could talk after I got the beer and food out for the guys. Dylan said OK and the girls left. I went to the kitchen, grabbed the snacks and took them to the game room.

At first, everything seemed normal, and then I noticed all of the guys staring at me. Next, they were all holding their cocks, I could tell by the look in their eyes that I was in trouble. Without going into detail, it suffices to say that it took me way too long to get the lemons out of my fridge. The next day I got rid of the White Tiger.

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nLD1xZ Muchos Gracias for your post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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Seeing Jess again is great. This looks like a good pairing, alughtoh I don't remember seeing Francisco before. He's cute, and not to be funny here, but he looks like a young George Lopez! As for Jess bottoming, I have a feeling we're probably not going to see that until he's about ready to leave Sean Cody. I think that's what Berke Banks did while at SC, if I remember correctly. The one video where he bottomed was his last or one of his last for SC, wasn't it? It won't surprise me if Jess follows the same pattern, alughtoh I hope I'm wrong.What would really be great is if SC could manage a flip-flop between Jess and Alan, since they seem to be top-only. That video could be called Jess And Alan: Flip-Flop Battle Of The Tops !Suggestion for Jess' next vid: Have him top Lane, please. I've been wanting to see that for awhile.

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i would love to hear that part of the story, your ordeal that is LMAO

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