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hey everyone my name is Laurence hilton and i'm 19 years old. I live in the centre of London by myself in a block of nice flats. By day i attend college and act like a normal younge adult my age but by night I escort rich Clients around London. I'm a Blond haired, Caucasian kinda guy with a swimmers body. A lot of guys show intrest in me at college but a boyfirend in my line of work isnt a wise move to make.

so... It was a usal Tuesday at College doing my performing arts work when my red Blackberry started ringing i left the classroom to answer it (knowing fine well it was going to be a client) "hello Laurence Hilton" the client said "i'd like to hire you for the weekend if your available?" "I am 'available this weekend" "fantastic, I'm staying at The Savoy Hotel shall we say 6 o'clock Saturday" "whats your name and room number?" "Keith and room 79" "for a weekend hire starting at 6 at night until 11 o'clock Sunday night will cost you £1500" "I know I check your profile" so I ended the call and went back into my lesson like nothing had happened. Lunch time came and I now needed to get a new suit for my new client. At the shop i usually get my suits from I was welcomed by the staff and got a new suit cost about £300.

After the college week was done it was soon time for me to meet the client. I arrived at the hotel and made my way to his room. Keith who answered the door welcomed me in. I came in and handed him a envolope he opened it and read the piece of paper. "i give everyone of my clients this piece of paper to remind them i am a escort not a prostatute" "so you decide if you want to have sex with me or not?" "yes thats right and we also sleep in different beds. Now when it comes to payment my profile says half now half after was you prepaired for this?" Shaking his head he handed me half the money. i checked it and when i was satisfied I asked "what would you like to do?" "I have 2 tickets to see a westend show tonight give me an hour to get ready and we will go there"

so when he finished getting ready we left for the show. making are way to the show I was pointing out all of the land marks that London is famous for. We arrived at the show in a Silver Aston Martin. We took are sets in a private booth (having rich clients ive became acustomed to these kind of pressures) we watch the show but half way though it I was getting bord. I got off my set and got on my knees infront of Keith I unzipped his trousers and lowered his boxers to reveal his not so big dick I put it in my mouth and started sucking him off. About 5 mintues later he cummed in my mouth and I drank his load. I sat back on my set to watch the rest of the show. When we got back to the hotel it was 11:15 at night and i was off the clock so to speak. I told Keith i was going to bed and will be up at 7 in the morning for my final day with him.

When I woke up that Sunday morning at 6:30 to get ready for 7. I got dressed, styled my hair and brushed my teeth. Before Keith woke up i made myself a cup of coffee and drunk it at the table. I just finished my drink when Keith came out of his room naked. He asked "will you come and wash me?" I got out of my seat and followed him to the bathroom. He got into the shower and I stripped down to my boxers and got into the shower with him. He handed me the body wash so i started soaping up his body. As i was washing him he grabbed my package and pulled it a few times "will you take them off" so i pulled of my boxers. "can i jack you off?" "if you want" so he took my dick in his hand and started wanking me off. About 20 minutes later i cummed and he caught my load and drank it. I finished washing him and we both got dressed and styled. I asked "what do you want to do today?" "I'm going to take you shopping with me" so we went shopping until 5 that night and went to a fancy restraunt. When we got back to the hotel we watch a movie like some kind of romantic cupple until 11 that night. I went and packed my clothes. When i came out Keith waited for me by the hotel room door and handed me the other half of the money.He kissed me goodbye and i left. When i got home I had a shower and changed into some normal clothes i got my other phone out my draw and called a few friends to see what they was doing they said getting ready to go to a club and asked if i wanted to come out with them. I agreeded to go out with them now having an extra £1500 in my pocket i meet my friends at a club and we got smashed. Im my job i have to be centre of attention or my client does so i know how to work a room full of people. I got on stage and started dirty dancing for all the guy in the gay club. I got a few guys attention so i choose one and walked up to him and started dancing on him. I took him back to my flat and fucked him so hard it must of hurt him. The next day when we woke up the guy had some coffee and left. I went and got dressed for my afternoon lessons at college. so i made my way to college wondering who my next client will be like.

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2013-03-11 17:41:09
Learn to spell and proper grammar.


2012-01-29 19:22:35
guys pay me to show them a good time and if i want i have sex with them

so i was wondering if you all want to know about any more of my clients?

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2011-11-20 22:53:36
lol whats a male escort???im not dumb i swear/

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2011-11-16 12:08:43
Stay in school...Your grammer SUCKS.....

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2011-11-14 03:56:24
lol i'd like to know a bit more about the fella you fucked so hard it must have hurt him?

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