This is FICTION.
Hi, my name is Zach and I'm a 13 year old guy. I think of myself as a pretty normal looking guy. I have blonde hair, not too fat, not too skinny, not that muscular, not that wimpy, etc. etc. I do have something odd about me. I like girls with small boobs, and small asses. From what I've heard from my friends, it's weird. They all like girls with giant boobs and giant asses. I find them weird looking and awkward to be around. Anyway, in the 7th grade, I met a girl who is perfectly shaped to what I like. She has a nicely tanned body, an extremely cute face, perfectly small breasts, a smooth stomach, and an ass that is the perfect size. Very small. Miranda and I weren't the best of friends, but we talked a lot in a study hall that we had together. We got along pretty well. She was really good friends with another one of my friends, Alex. ( A girl ) Alex is also very hot, but not nearly as hot as Miranda. Me and Alex hung out sometimes at the local park that we both lived close by to. One day, Miranda came along with Alex. We were having a great day, and we eventually decided to go back to Alex's house, since she had a pool and her parents weren't home. We hung out by the pool a little, and then Alex suggested we play truth or dare. Of course I wanted a chance to get them to skinny dip if possible. Here's how it went down.

" How about we play truth or dare? " Alex said.
" Sure, but you HAVE to do the dares, and you HAVE to answer the truths. Anything goes, agreed?" I said. Both the girls said ok, and we got started. The first few were truths about who we liked, how far we had ever gone, etc. None of us had ever gone farther then kissing might I add. I was waiting for the perfect opurtunity to dare someone to go skinny dipping with me. Then it happened.

" Ok, " Miranda started, " Zach, truth or dare?"
" Truth. " I replied.
" Hmmm, have you ever wanted to go skinny dipping before? "
I got very excited when I heard this. I knew this was my chance.
" Yeah, of course. I've done it as a kid and stuff, but not recently. It would be fun to do it sometime. Ok, my turn. Miranda, truth or dare?"
" Truth. " Miranda replied.
" Have YOU ever wanted to go skinny dipping? " I asked with a smile.
Miranda giggled, and said, " Yea. "
I asked, " Alex, have you? "
" Mhmmm. " she replied.
" Ok then, how about we do it? It's a hot day, and the pool's right here. " I took a deep breath and waited for their responses.
They looked at each other and giggled and Miranda said " Sure, why not. "
I grinned and asked, " Ok, how about we play rock paper scissors to take off our clothes, so it's not so awkward. " They agreed and we started.

I lost the first round, and took off my shirt. Miranda jokingly said in a girly-girl type voice, " Omg, so shexy, almost betta then Edwarddd! " We all laughed and started the next round. I put down paper, and both of them put down paper. They looked at each other nervously and started. Miranda had scissors and Alex had rock. Miranda's face flushed red and took off her shirt. I couldn't help but stare.

" Wow... " I mumbled " Not trying to be a perv or anything, but you look amazing. " Miranda got even more red, but she was still smiling and said,
" Thanks. " Miranda didn't try to cover up at all, she just quickly said to hurry up and start playing again. The next round Miranda lost again. She groaned and started to unbutton her jeans. She unzipped and stepped out of them. My dick sprang to attention, and the girls noticed it. Miranda looked amazing in her dark red bra and cute, white, flower panties. The next round Alex lost, and took off her shirt. She had on a cute light blue bra. I lost the next round and took off my shorts. My dick obviously hard through the boxers. I could tell that both girls were staring, even though they were trying to be sneaky about it. Alex lost again, and took off her pants. The next round, my heart skipped a beat when I looked down and saw me and Alex had rock, and Miranda had scissors. Miranda then groaned and unbuttoned her bra. She held it there for a second, then nervously let it fall the ground. I just stared. She had breasts that looked 10x better then they did in my dreams. She still did not try to cover up, which I, of course, thought was awesome. The next round turned out to be the final one. I lost, and ran over in my boxers to the diving board , took them off quickly, and jumped in. The girls were laughing like crazy.

" Come on in, the waters' fine! " I said. They giggled and took off their remaining clothes. I was in heaven. Miranda with her amazing ass and perfect shaved pussy, and Alex, who although wasn't as hot as Miranda, was still incredibly hot. We splashed around for a while, then we started doing dives into the pool. When Miranda dove in, her ass looked amazing. It was glistening with the water, and looked so awesome with her body stretched out and diving in...

If you liked this part, please tell me in the comments! If enough people want me to, I'll write a second part. It'll have some action ;)

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2013-08-19 11:31:11
Great story make part 2

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2011-11-22 00:36:44
yee, totally part 2 worthy.

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2011-11-17 22:48:54
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll be writing part two next time I have some time on my hands.


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you should totally write a second part

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you should make a second

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