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Chris walks in on
Stewie was still stuck under the fat mans bloated stomache. His tiny lips
shoved up against his father's pube's, and his flaccid cock still in his mouth.
After the fucking he just got from his dog he felt so scared and confused. All
he could do was suck on Peters cock like a pacifier.

Brian stood over him, wondering how he should torture the baby next, when chris
walked down the stairs. The sight of Brians hard dick hanging out of it's sheath,
along seeing his baby brothers face shoved up against his fathers crotch, made
him hornier then he has ever been. He walked over to them and pulled off his
underwear. He put his hand up to Stewies ass, squeezing his little butt cheeks.

Chris stuck one of his thick fingers into his brothers anus. He could feel the
sticky residue of Brians cum inside. "You've been a nasty little boy" He said as
he pulled his finger out and stuck in two more. After he rubbed them around inside
of stewie, He pulled them out and thrust his huge fist into his brothers ass.
Stewie tried to scream out in pain, but all that anyone could hear was muffled
noise coming from Peter's crotch.

Brian watched the baby's own brother sodomize him. He leaned over to Chris and
whispered something into his ear with an evil grin on his face. Chris was very
exited about what he heard, and he pulled Stewie out from his fathers rolls of

Stewie tried to catch his breath, but before he could, Chris held him upside
down and held his dick straight up. Then he dropped him onto his cock. He
instantly began to relieve himself inside his little brother, just as father had
done earlier. His urine dripped out of Stewies mouth and went all over the floor.

As he chocked his brother on his dick, he saw that Brian had already woken Peter
up. Chris knew what to do next, and he walked over to where his father was sitting.
Brian spread Stewie legs as they lined his asshole up with his daddies thick cock.
Peter had the longest, thickest cock out of the three of them, so Brian knew it
was going to hurt Stewie the most to get raped by him.

With one shove of his crotch, Chris pushed the babies ass onto his fathers cock,
and shoved his dick down his brothers throat even further at the same time.
Stewie thought he was going to split in two as he felt his fathers cock move deeper
and deeper into his tight little anus. Peter's dick was only halfway in at this
point though, and Chris continued to fuck the babies face until he pushed both his
and his fathers cock's into Stewie as deep as they would fit.

Peter finally felt his large hairy nutsack against his little boys smooth skin
and knew he was all the way. He tried to speak but all he could do was moan. The
inside of his son's ass was so tight, every time Stewie wiggled around trying to
get free from his rapists he was sending Peter in to extasy, rubbing his cock in
ways peter never felt before.

He couldn't contain himself any longer, Peter squirted his seed inside of his boy's
anus. All stewie could feel was a warm sensation inside of him. His whole body was
almost numb. He couldn't even feel his face at all anymore, and soon Chris filled
his little belly with his cum as well.

Chris was spent, and he collapsed on Peter, putting all of his weight on his baby
brother. Not fully realizing what was going on, Peter grabbed Chris and his face
close to his, Sticking his tounge deep inside his mouth. Chris was suprised at how
much he liked it. He had never made out with a girl before, and he loved the way
his fathers tounge felt in his mouth.

While Peter and Chris were going at it, Brian pulled Stewie out from in between
them. "Hey Peter, sit up for a sec" he asked Peter. When he raised up, He shoved
Stewie underneath Peters ass. "I dunno if that's such a good idea Brian.", said
Peter, "I had a few too many burrito's last night."

'Perfect...' Brian thought. As the father and son continued to shove tounges down
each others throats, Peter ripped out a huge fart. "Uh, I think that was a wet
one" Peter said.

Brian thought this was the perfect time to finish out his plan. He told them to
bring Stewie upstairs in the bathroom and set him the tub. They laid him down and
then Brian told them to get into position. They all let loose streams of piss on
the baby. Brian held his nose so he had to keep his mouth open. It was so disgusting
he wanted to puke.

Brian went into the tub and got on top of Stewie. He started lapping up the urine
on his face. Then he stuck his long, wide, flat tounge into Stewies mouth. He started
grinding his cock up against the babies wet body. Chris and Peter got in the tub on
top of them, Stewie thought he was going to be crushed.

Peter and Chris both started to kiss and lick the babies face, and rubbed their
tounges all around inside of his mouth. Stewie didn't think he was ever going to
enjoy this, but all of the attention everyone was giving him was making him feel
pretty good. Today started out feeling like hell, but he started thinking he
couldn't wait until the next time the fat man came home drunk and horny.

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