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Is a Halloween party the best place to test your spouses fidelity
Halloween Hijinx

Charles, or as everyone called him, Charlie was watching the clock on his desk. Just ten more minutes and counting before he could leave a really crappy work week behind him and head out for a fun Halloween party with his very sexy wife.

He had been looking forward to this since he and Margaret got the invitations two weeks ago. Charlie couldn’t remember the last Halloween party he’d been to and just the thought of it was bringing out the kid in him again.

Margaret picked out the costumes and drove over to get them at a professional costume shop today. He knew he was going as Zorro but Margaret was keeping her costume as secret. It had to be something sexy. He couldn’t picture her in anything but.

As Charlie came bounding into the house. Margaret met him at the door with a flurry of kisses. They were both excited. It had been a while since they had seen their old friends and for one reason or another, they hadn’t been to a party of any kind in over a year.

Over dinner they discussed some of the people they expected to be there then, like a couple of kids, they ran upstairs to shower and get dressed.

Being the water conservationists they were, they of course showered together. After being married eight years they still couldn’t keep their hands off one another.

Charlie rubbed his hands together over the bar soap to work up a good lather then gently took his wife’s firm breasts in his slippery grip and rubbed the silky smooth flesh before sliding down her torso.

Stepping behind his lovely wife he pressed his hard cock into the crack of her ass as worked her clit with his sudsy finger. In moments her slick body rubbed up and down against his cock as the effects of her impending orgasm was mounting.

“Oh God!” she screamed, rubbing her own breasts as her body shook with pleasure. She quickly turned around. The warm shower now cascading down her back and still in the throes of passion, she grabbed Charlie’s cock with her soapy hand and masturbated him to a quick climax spewing thick cum to mix with the soap bubbles sliding down her smooth flesh.

They embraced each other and while under the torrent of the shower, passionately kissed.

As they climbed from the shower and started to towel one another dry Margaret felt a terrible headache coming on. She tried to ignore it while drying her hair but by the time she was done it had developed into a full blown migraine.

She hated to tell him, she knew how much he was looking forward to this party, but there was no way she could go feeling the way she did.

“Honey,” said Margaret putting her hand to her head, “I’m so sorry, but I’ve just gotten a terrible headache. I’m afraid I can’t make it to the party.”

It didn’t take a mind reader to see the disappointed in Charlie’s face. Still it wasn’t his wife’s fault she got a headache. He would suck it up and help out his wife.

“Honey,” he said in a sympathetic voice, “why don’t you lie down and I’ll get you some pain killers.”

Charlie, dressed only in his jockey shorts, turned down the covers for his wife and went to the medicine cabinet for the medication. Now adorned with a flannel, full length nighty, Margaret sat at the edge of the bed. Charlie handed her two pain killers, a glass of water then tucked her into bed.

“Ah Charlie,” she said sadly, “I’m so sorry, I know how much you wanted to go tonight.”

“Don’t worry about it honey, you’re more important than any party.”

“No it’s not fair,” she said, “just because I can’t make it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Go on. Put your costume on and get out of here. I’ll be okay, honest. I’ll just fall asleep anyway. Besides I want to see how debonair you look as Zorro.”

“Honey don’t be silly. I’m not going to go to a party and leave you here.”

“Why not? I’m only going to go to sleep anyway. No sense in both of us missing it. Go on, I insist honey.”

“Are you sure?” he said not knowing for sure if she was testing him.

“I am absolutely positive honey. And no, I’m not testing you,” she said with a chuckle, “I know how you think. I really mean it, I want you to go to the party and have a good time.”

Charlie smiled cautiously. She sure sounded sincere. Well he’ll know for sure when he starts getting dressed.

“Honey if you sure but I don’t feel right going to a party without you.”

Margaret closed her eyes and with a slight smile, motioned for him to get going.

Charlie first put on the black slacks and shirt he bought at the store. They weren’t part of the costume. Next he got some spirit gum and stuck on the fake mustache. Cape, wide brim black hat and a sword completed the look. Damn he cut a dashing figure, he thought.

By the time Charlie was dress as the dashing Spaniard from old California, Margaret was sound asleep. Taking off the wide brim hat he bent down and lightly kissed his sleeping beauty. He left her a note on the dressing table saying he would be home early and left.

About an hour later Margaret awoke and opened her eyes. Wow, she thought, her headache was gone. She laid there for just a minute then looked at the clock. It was still early. I can still make the party she thought.

Margaret quickly put on her make up and brushed her hair. From the back of the closet he grabbed her sexy Tinkerbell costume. There wasn’t a whole lot of it. A very small green dress with a diamond cut on the bottom that came down just past Margaret’s fine ass and just enough to cover her pussy. The only other defense between her and the short dress was the pair of green sheer tights. A green peaked cap and green spats for her shoes completely the outfit. She looked in the mirror and wondered if it was too sexy. Well, she thought, too late now.

The party was in full swing when she got there so she entered unannounced. Margaret looked for her Zorro and saw him on the dance floor. He was holding a cute blond that Margaret didn’t recognize and his hands seemed to be wondering a little more than they should.

Before joining him Margaret thought maybe she should watch a little more so she took a seat in a non-conspicuous corner of the room.

There was Zorro. He was dashing alright, dashing from one good looking woman to another. Margaret was getting a little aggravated with his flirting and decided to put him to the test. She found a mask for her face and approached him on the dance floor.

With in seconds Zorro’s hands were rubbing her ass. She decided to see just how far he would go. She felt his hard cock rubbing against her as they danced.

With out saying a word, Margaret led him out the back door and into a dark corner of the back yard. She unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing cock from his trousers. She was hoping he would stop her but he did not.

She had to see just how far he would actually take this so she parted her luscious lips and allowed his member the entrance to her throat. She felt his hand on the back of her head guiding her movements.

Suddenly he pulled her head up and turned her around. He pushed her over the picnic table in front of her and flipped the short skirt of her costume up her back. His thumbs reached inside the green tights and she felt the coolness of the night air on her skin as they were pulled below her ass.

In spite of the rage toward her cheating husband there was no doubt she was also turned on. He took her from behind with no problem, thrusting his trusty weapon deep into her womb.

He shook all over as he climaxed pushing his body to hers and pinning her to the table. Then, just as sudden as he had taken her, he was gone. Staying in character he was gone like a thief in the night.

Margaret was livid as she pulled her tights up and pushed her costume back down. She was too upset to even go back inside. She didn’t think she would be able to contain herself. She would have it out with Charles but it would be in the privacy of their own home.

She walked along the outside of the house and exited the gate as she went to her car and sped off.

Margaret was fuming as she almost ripped off the small costume and put her full length flannel nightgown back on.

She was sitting up in bed when Charles walked in, early as promised.

“So,” she started, “did you have a good time?”

“Yeah, pretty good I guess,” he answered.

“How many women did you dance with?” she was going to give him just enough rope to hang himself.

“I didn’t dance with any,” he answered. “As soon as I walked in the door Harry corralled me for a poker game he and some of the other guys were playing in the basement.”

“Oh really,” Margaret said in a sarcastic voice. He’s just digging himself a bigger hole, she thought.

“Yeah, but wait till I tell you what happened. Remember John Fisher from college. Everyone used to call him, “Fish”. He was a real nerd. You used to despise him if I remember right.”

“Yeah,” she said, “I remember him.”

“Well he was there and of course he’s still a nerd. He showed up as Johnny Cash, you know, the man in black. Well of course no one had any idea who he was supposed to be so I loaned him the Zorro costume since I wasn’t using it. Wait till I tell you what happened to him…
Honey? Margaret are you okay to look so pale.”


2013-11-01 13:45:39
Gives new meaning to Masquerade Ball

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-29 12:42:14
That was awesome! A little unrealistic, but awesome nonetheless!

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-14 09:54:22
That's great. I hate cheating and would laugh my ass off if my girl did that by mistake.


2011-11-14 02:58:21
Just like a woman tp jump the gun and it was her that got screwed. HA HA !!! That will teach her

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