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Daisy services Patricia's horses - a female and a male
Daisy Modified - ch 2

"It appears she recognized you," Tiffany said, leaning closer to punana and smiling. "Well, that's not completely shocking. We've left your face more or less intact. Do you even remember?" punana felt Tiffany's fingernail moving gently across its face. punana's body responded and it opened its mouth, turning to try and capture the finger, which its mouth would accept like a little cock. punana felt tears welling in its eyes, mortified that Tiffany's obvious hate and disdain were turning it on.

Tiffany's fingertip pressed against the pupil of punana's right eye. The blackout contact lenses had been in place for nearly a year and punana really had no idea what its face looked like anymore. Tiffany and Doctor Tom had done things, it knew, but it wasn't sure what. punana only knew that it had wakened at least three times in the last year with its face bandaged and pain medication as part of its daily feedings.

punana did know that its tongue had been severely modified. First, the flesh underneath its tongue had been severed. it also remembered months of sleeping with a device attached to its head that slowly stretched its tongue, a little each night, until now it could nearly lick its own eyelids. The tip of its tongue, an entire inch, was stiff and narrow as a straw, which let it push its tongue into tighter and tighter places. Master insisted on this and Doctor Tom made the arrangements. punana could now push its tongue four full inches into a woman's vagina or a man's asshole. It amused Master to have punana shove its tongue deep inside the rectum of a horse.

punana also accepted its new nostrils - stretched at Tiffany's command to two inches each, and the loss of its ears and teeth. But, blinded as it was, punana did sometimes wonder what else they might have done to its face that it didn't know about. it wondered if it had been dyed a different color, or tattooed, or disfigured in some other way it knew nothing of.

"Clean up her mess," Tiffany commanded. punana went to its knees, slowly and carefully lest the stainless-steel spikes at its heels cause more pain, and began sniffing the floor for where Patricia had thrown up her lunch. punana leaned forward but lost its balance and fell face forward onto the floor of the barn. it tried to catch itself with its arms, but the atrophied muscles gave way and it landed on the many piercings through its 52-inch double D's. Pain shot up into punana's chest and it let out a short scream, catching itself and stopping immediately. But it slid forward, feeling the warm, slimy vomit coating its huge titties. it arched its back, lifting its titties off the floor, at least enough that it could push its face downward and start licking up the chunks of food and pools of bile there on the ground.

Doctor Tom's conditioning had been thorough and punana found itself getting more and more aroused as it licked and slurped up what had been in the other woman's belly just a few minutes ago. it felt the tip of Tiffany's boot come up between its thighs and immediately opened up its legs and started humping against the leather boot like a dog.

"That's a good girl. You keep licking and I'll keep my foot here." punana eagerly slurped her tongue in big circles on the ground, licking and sucking the still-warm muck while Tiffany pressed harder into her crotch. punana came quickly, moaning and grunting, hearing Tiffany's laughter in its ears.

"I never would have believed this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes," Patricia's voice came from across the room. punana heard it through its lust-haze but kept cleaning the floor. it heard Patricia's boots as she walked closer. "I remember wondering about you when you came to our home," Patricia said, her voice getting closer still. "Your husband always seemed so unaware. But I knew. I could see it in your walk, hear it in your voice." punana felt the toe of a boot underneath her chin, raising it up. "You always were an animal, a twisted fuckhole, a perverted little thing. I remember how you watched me carve the chickens or how your eyes got wide whenever David touched me." The boot was now sliding down punana's neck, now across the top of its left titty. "Everything turned you on, I could smell your cunt as soon as you walked into the house. Did you know that? That you smelled of cunt all the time?" The boot toyed with the piercings and weights hanging from punana's stretched, sensitive nipples. "That your clothes reeked of cunt and that your nipples were always, always, always on display?" punana opened its legs further and fucked Tiffany's boot harder, cumming again while Patricia continued her humiliating tirade.

"You know, don't you, that David would never fuck you? That he and I laughed about you as soon as you left the house? That we never would have let something like you into our house if it wasn't for our business relationship? That you belonged on the street, or even worse? In a pig harem somewhere, on a sailor ship, the fuckhole for two hundred men in complete isolation on the seas? Their cumdump?" punana shuddered as it came again.

"Enough," Patricia said suddenly. She pulled her foot away from punana's chest and grabbed it by the hair. She dragged it to its feet and let go. punana stood perfectly still, wondering what was next, listening intently for movement. It came quickly. Patricia's footsteps receding, then returning, followed by the steady padding of her mare's hooves. punana smelled the horse before she felt it, its tail pressed slowly against punana's face. Patricia was walking the mare backwards to punana.

"You know what to do," Patricia teased, "don't you?"

punana raised its weak arms and tried to make its fingers work but the Doctor had done a thorough job on them and they wouldn't respond. punana felt Tiffany's familiar grip at the back of its neck and felt its face pushed deep into the horsehair tail, its nose filled with the stench of the mare's backside. punana felt fingers graze its face as the tail was lifted and then punana's lips were pressed directly against the mare's.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Tiffany taunted. "Clean her out."

punana opened its lips and started licking the mare's long, warm vagina. The mare opened immediately and punana tasted a familiar taste - stallion. punana's excitement leaped, its legs opened and its hand went right to its cunt. Patricia must have had the mare bred in the last few hours for there to be so much cum in her canal. punana pressed its lips tight against the mare's lips and started sucking, using its tongue to scoop deep inside the mare and bring the thick, sticky, tasty cum into its mouth. it was making loud, slurping sounds and moaning, delirious with happiness, when the horse released a blast of warm air into punana's face. punana gagged and the two women laughed. Tiffany pressed punana's face harder against the mare's backside. "The horse knows how to treat you, doesn't she?" Tiffany laughed. punana pushed its tongue deeper into the mare's vagina and inhaled deeply, the intensity of the stench adding to its humiliation and shame. it quickly came again.

"Sick, sick, sick," Patricia said. punana was licking now but nothing was coming out, the mare was clean. Patricia pulled the mare's backside away from punana and it heard the mare walking slowly out of the barn.

"Turn off the vibrator, pig, and clean it," Tiffany said. punana moved its thumb and powered off the small vibrator Doctor Tom had grafted to its left hand. it leaned down and raised its arm as well as it could, pushing the fingers and vibrator into its mouth, tasting the familiar taste of its own cunt again. As punana slurped, it heard Patricia's boots coming closer again, and more hooves. punana sniffed the air and smelled stallion. Immediately, its cunt swelled up again and it felt the lubrication slick inside its body. it was going to be fucked! Without anyone saying anything, it went to its knees and raised its ass up high, spreading its thighs and pushing the lips of its vagina out as well as it could.

it head laughter from Tiffany. "Sheath position," Tiffany called, clapping her hands twice. punana rolled over on its back and bridged itself, raising its hips high in the air, its shoulders supporting its weight. it felt the horse being led into position, walked slightly sideways then forward until its hugh cock was hanging between punana's thighs, the head touching punana's belly.

"Make it hard," Tiffany ordered punana. punana lowered its hips and raised its head, wrapping its lips around the tip of the stallion's cock, its arms coming up slowly, its fingers wrapping around the long, thick shaft. it began eagerly sucking and slurping, its tongue circling around the head, its fingers rubbing up and down the shaft. In minutes, the horse's cock was stiff and fully extended -- fourteen glorious inches. punana felt Tiffany's hands underneath its shoulders and moved into position. Very quickly, it wrapped its legs around the horse's flanks and slid backward until the entire length of horsemeat was buried in its warm, wet vagina. Doctor Tom's work on punana's insides had been thorough, it was able to fit the shaft into its body with only some mild discomfort. Tiffany wrapped leather straps around the horse's body and tied them off, supporting punana's shoulders and upper back. But punana's legs were all it needed to hold its hips tight against the horse. That was something Tiffany and Master had insisted on - that punana keep its lower body in top athletic condition. its thigh and calf muscles were pure steel and it could hold itself in this position for hours.

"Please him," Tiffany laughed. "Please your new master."

punana began sliding itself up and down along the horse's shaft, clenching and releasing its cock, moaning as it sped up the rhythm. The horse responded by moving its hindquarters back and forth, it had done this before and, though it preferred its own species, the vagina wrapped around its cock felt warm and wet and inviting and it responded instinctively. It hammered away at punana for nearly twenty minutes before it unloaded a quart of hot semen into punana's belly. It gushed out of punana's body and onto the floor of the barn, where punana would be cleaning it up with its tongue later.

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2013-07-08 21:54:30
Boring. After all, what else can you do to her? Each story is the same and truthfully, she would have died long ago. Plus, it is non erotic. I don't hate anyone enough to do this to them, so if you can, if you find this need help.


2011-11-15 21:47:34
I don't like these stories as much as the daisy gets the treatment she deserves stories but I'm wondering if your going to continue those stories to introduce the new doctor Tiffany and Patricia.

Also if you do continue the treatment she deserves series aside from introducing the new people if you included some of the surgery's and her reactions to them into the stories that would be awesome.

Overall great stories keep going

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2011-11-14 18:32:17
I miss daisy :( but I'm excited to see how far you're going to take this

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