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i'm sitting in my room, looking at my reflection in the mirror as i apply my make-up, nothing to extravagant
a little, pink blush on my cheeks, some light pink lipstick and black eyeliner. i pick up my hairbrush with
delicately manicured slender fingers, tipped with pink varnish. pulling the brush through my long blonde
hair i hear your car pulling into the driveway, jumping up to look out of my window in excitement. You flash
your lights at me and i wave back, quickly straightening my clothes i grab my jacket and run down the stairs
and out of the door

jumping into the passenger side i lean over and kiss your lips
"hi baby" i say, gazing into your eyes lovingly
"hi yourself" you reply "you look sexy as usual" you put your hand on my leg and slowly stroke up my smooth
pink stocking, reaching the lacy top and pulling your hand away when you feel the bare flesh of my thigh. i squirm
in my seat and let out a gentle sigh, closing my eyes for a second and gently biting my bottom lip
"lets go before i pounce on you" i say as i put my seatbelt on and we pull out of the driveway

we drive through the country lanes for a couple of hours, having to go far enough away from home that nobody
recognises me, i may have ID saying i'm 19 but i'm really only 15 so we can't risk bumping into someone that
knows me and gives the gane away, at least you really are 19. the drive is reasonably quiet and uneventful, i
sit staring out of the window, occasionally smiling to you and generally just happy to be with you again, my
parents are so strict we only ever get to see each other once every couple of weeks, i've been waiting impatiently
for tonight to arrive and now it's here i can barely contain my excitement

before i know it we've pulled into a car park of a rather fancy looking restaurant, you turn off the engine and we climb
out of the car, locking the doors you walk around to my side and take my hand, pushing me back against the cold
glass you lean down and press your lips against mine, gently pushing your tongue between my lips, we stand in
the cool air, the sky above us a deep red as the sun sets, holding each other in a lovers embrace
"I love you baby" i whisper softly into your hot mouth
"I love you too beautiful"

hand in hand we walk into the restaurant where a pretty young brunette shows us to our seats, i see you looking
at her sexy ass and playfully punch your arm gently, pretending to be annoyed, but you know i'm not really. we sit
down and order some wine while we look through the menus. i slip one of my high heels off and run my stocking clad
foot up the inside of your leg, you look up from the menu and into my eyes
"well i know what i fancy eating tonight" you say suggestively
"naughty boy, lets have dinner first, i have a surprise for you tonight" i reply
"oh really?" your eyes light up as your mind rushes to think about what the surprise could be. my foot slowly creeps
up your leg and brushes against your cock, i feel it twitch in response and i giggle quietly as you grin at me, you reach
across the table and take my hand, tenderly rubbing your fingers against mine as the waitress returns with our drinks
"Are you ready to order yet?" she asks with a happy smile, you return her smile as she writes our order on her notepad

we chat while we eat about general things, family, friends, work, though we don't mention my school, not wanting to give
my age away and make anyone suspicious, all the while my foot caressing your leg. the food is delicious and filling
and soon our plates are more or less empty, i feel too full for dessert, not wanting to over eat and make myself sick we
decide to pay the bill and make our way back to the car, once again hand in hand we reach the car and i pull you down
to me for a kiss, one hand on the back of your head, the other reaching down to rub your cock through your jeans, you
smile as you pull away and we get back into the car
"lets get a hotel room tonight" i suggest
"sure that sounds like fun, i don't really feel like driving all the way home tonight anyway" you reply
"lets go then, i think i saw a hotel on the way through"

we soon find the hotel and get a room for the night with no fuss, we make our way up to the room and when you open the
door i run past and jump onto the bed, for a few moments turning back into the young schoolgirl i really am, you look at me
and smile at the child you see on the bed. as i sit up and regain my mature appearance you walk over to me and put your
arms under mine and stand me up on the, this time you have to reach up to kiss me, passionately and hungrily, i jump into
you arms and wrap my arms and legs tightly around you, your hands reaching down to my ass and squeezing firmly while
our tongues continue to wrestle, i release my grip and you lower me to the floor

i make my way into the bathroom and start running the water, it's a powerful system and fills the large deep bath quickly, as
it reaches the right depth i walk back into the bedroom and over to you, you're standing in the window looking out over the lights
of the city as i put my arms around you and pushing my boobs into your back, you can feel my nipples poking into your back
and you turn to look at me, kissing me gently before picking me up and taking me over to the bed. i kneel on the bed and you
stand in front of me, i reach for the bottom of your t-shirt and slowly pull it up, kissing you firm toned stomach and up towards
your nipples, kissing up to your neck where i bite you playfully. i move back down and undo your jeans, slowly pulling them down
with your boxers, your semi-hard cock springs up and hits me in the face, i giggle and teasingly pop it into my mouth for a couple
of seconds as you step out of the remains of your clothes

standing in front of me naked you pick me up and pull my top over my head, i have no bra on and my boobs fall free, not too big
and not too small, but just right, firm and perky topped off with little pink nipples that you suck into your warm mouth on by one,
you sit me down and spread my legs, lift my skirt and kiss my pussy through my panties, kissing the inside of my thigh you roll
my stocking down my leg before moving to the other leg and doing the same there, once both stockings are off and on the floor
you reach up my skirt again and i lift my ass so you can pull my panties down, exposing my bald pussy to you which you quickly
dive forwards and teasingly lick, i stand up wearing only my skirt which you unzip and it drops to the floor, i pull your body close
and press our naked skin together, kissing you before taking your hand and leading you to the bathroom

as i lay with my back against your chest in the bath, your arms wrapped around me i feel happy and contented, so lucky to have
you in my life, my prince, my lover. i can feel your heart beating against my back and you whisper gently
"so what's this surprise?"
"ah now that would be telling, but i know you'll love it" i replied

after a good half an hour soaking in the bath, we're both feeling relaxed and happy and decide to get out, as i climb out i feel your
hands exploring my ass, squeezing and kneading, it feels good and i momentarily forget what i was doing, regaining my train of
thought i reach for the towel and wrap it around myself, handing you your towel as you stand up you pull the plug and the water
slowly drains away, taking you by the hand again i lead you back to the bed and push you down onto it, pulling my towel away
and pulling you towards me i press your face between my boobs, squishing them together around your cheeks. i push you back
making you lie down, opening your towel i take your hard cock in my hand and start slowly stroking up and down, gradually increasing
the pressure and the speed, i hear you moan softly and take this as my cue, i lean forwards and take your cock into my mouth, going
halfway down the shaft before pulling my head back up, repeating the process a few times, gradually taking more and more in until my
lips touch the base, your cock deep in my throat, turning me on so much

you moan happily and wrap your hands around my head, pushing my head down against your hard cock knowing it turns me on even
more, pushing up with your hips as you feel the head pushing against the tightness of my throat, i moan gently causing vibrations
to run along your shaft. pulling your cock out of my mouth i climb up on to the bed, turning myself around so my pussy is above your
face, i feel your breath on my wetness as i take your cock back into my mouth, your hands squeezing my ass and pulling my pussy to
your waiting tongue, i gasp as you run your tongue against my clit, letting out a pleasurable moan as you flick the little bud with the
tip of your tongue, pushing my mouth back onto your cock as hard as i can, holding it in my throat until i have to lift my head to breathe.
i'm so horny as i think about the surprise i have that your tongue quickly brings me to orgasm, i arch my back, lift my head up as i hold
tightly onto your stiff cock and scream loudly as i cum into your mouth

on shaky legs i lift myself off of you and turn round to kiss you, tasting myself on your tongue, it tastes so sweet i get caught up in the
moment and have to pull back when i remember i should probably take a breath at some point
"are you ready for your surprise my love?" i asked seductively
"you bet i am baby" you reply eagerly. i move down your body and straddle your legs, holding your cock in my hands between my thighs
i start to gently stroke up and down
"close your eyes my sweet, and no peeking" i say as i lean down to kiss your lips "i mean it, or no surprise for you"
"hows this?" you ask as you grab a pillow and place it over your face, making sure you can still breathe but unable to see a thing
"that will do, hows this?" i respond, quickly lifting my hips i guide your cock to my pussy and with one swift motion impale myself fully
onto your full length, my hands rushing to cover my mouth as i let out a scream of pain as my hymen is violently torn. you quickly pull
the pillow from your face and reach up to me, pulling me down into a loving hug and stroking my hair
"oh my god are you ok? why did you do that? i thought you were saving yourself?" you fired questions at me as you tried to focus on
the fact that your cock was buried balls deep inside my previously untouched pussy
"i'm ok honey, i knew it would hurt but i guess i wasn't quite ready, and i was saving myself, until it felt right, and tonight felt right, and i
love you, i wanted to give myself to you, we've been dong nothing but oral for so long i felt like you deserved it for patiently waiting so long"

as the pain starts to ease i sit myself back up, the movement inside me causing me to wince now and then but now i had begun it was
up to me to finish the job, slowly i start rocking my hips back and forth, the pain almost forgotten about as the pleasure your cock is creating
sends new and exciting feels shooting around my body, i have never even had a finger inside me, and always used sanitary towels instead
of tampons just to make sure i remained pure for the time to be right to feel a cock inside me, and right now the only person in the world i
want inside me is you, the only one i have ever wanted inside me. your hands reach up and gently squeeze my boobs, the nipples hard as
bullets in my ecstasy
"ooooh it feels so good baby, i hope you like your surprise" i say
"you bet i do princess, are you sure you're ok?" you ask
"stop worrying silly, it doesn't hurt now" i reply, grinding my hips faster and faster against you "infact it's feeling very very goo.....ooooh my god"
i scream loudly as my orgasm hits, falling forwards onto your chest, trapping your hands between our bodies as my hips bounce up and down
rapidly, pumping your cock fast and hard into my pussy as i ride my orgasm, moaning and gasping loudly
"oh fuck yes, yes, yes, yes baby, oh my god it feels amazing, i love you, i love you, i love you" the words streaming out of my mouth faster than
my mind can think of them
"i love you too baby, thank you, really, it means so much to me knowing you've given me the most precious gift you could"
as my orgasm subsides i slow my hips and look into your eyes, tears of joy streaming down my face and a huge grin, you grin back, knowing
there's no need for words in this precious moment

you roll me onto my back and kiss my neck, taking your cock in your hand and looking into my eyes
"thank you so much" you say as you push your cock into my soaked, virgin tight pussy, groaning in pleasure as you feel the tight warmth gripping
you and pulling you further inside. i wrap my arms around your neck and my legs around your back as you push into me, slowly building a rythym
not too fast and not too slow, but just right, soon i feel another orgasm building
"i'm gonna cum baby" you warn me
"cum inside me, please" i beg
"are you sure?" you asked, geniunely concerned, knowing we have no birth control
"yes i'm sure, it's my first time, i don't care what happens, i need to feel it, please" i push my tongue into your mouth as i feel the growl building in
your throat. suddenly you grunt and groan as your hips jolt forwards, i feel a warmth deep inside me as your hot cum shoots powerfully into my pussy
the feeling sending me into another orgasm, stronger than any other i have ever had before in my life, i squeeze my legs tightly around your waist,
holding you tightly inside me as my pussy milks your cock, still feeling spurt after spurt of your hot cum spraying into me, our hips grinding furiously
against each other in synchronized orgasm before you finally stop twitching and my legs finally relax enough for you to pull out
"i'll go get some tissue to clean this up" you offer
"no baby" i say quickly, reaching up to grab you "this night is special, just come hold me"

you climb into bed behind me and curl up against me, your arm around me as you pull the blanket over us, kissing me gently on the back of the head
"i love you baby, sleep well" you whisper lovingly into my ear, i smile happily, holding your arm against my tummy
"i loveyou too, and don't worry, i will, thank you, that was the most amazing night of my life" and i fall peacefully asleep with the biggest smile on my face

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Ya'll are just of trollng bitches. Lol

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2013-08-16 23:12:30
You are totally ignorant regarding basic writing skills. Please give it up until you attain a better education or start having someone (who is literate) proofread and correct this crap for you BEFORE submitting it.

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do not like it but i am not complain like a bitch i know is hard to write this stuff

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Really. Fucking keyboard warriors bitching about a fucking skank story that was well done.

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You should learn some BASIC writing skills before publishing anything else. Perhaps you have someone who can proof-read and EDIT it BEFORE you submit it. You really make it a real chore to read your attempt at writing. I simply quit partway through and wished that I had not started.

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