Will Jess' boyfriend visit her at college? Will Lisa and Craig find true romance? The saga of the Roommates continues.
Chapter 3

“No! I told you no!” Jess almost shouts at the drunken frat boy. “I told you I have a boyfriend, so just leave me alone!” “Aw, come on, baby! Your boyfriend isn’t here!” replies the inebriated lout. Jess turns on her heel and walks away from him without saying a word. She can’t believe that this clown just asked her to have sex with him! It’s not that he isn’t cute, but I don’t even know him! Jess shakes her head. Besides, I told him, I already have a boyfriend! Jess walks out of the frat house, and starts making her way back to the dorm. She didn’t even want to go to this frat party; slutty Jen had talked her into going with her. Now, Jen is off doing God knows what (or God knows who) and Jess feels no compunction about going back to the dorm alone. She is mad at Mike, though. Not only did he go on that stupid fishing trip instead of spending Labor Day weekend with her, but now he didn’t come to State to visit her this weekend, as he had promised. Yeah, Mike is really going to have to make it up to her. But, he still is the one and only guy for her, and nothing is going to change that.

Heather’s date with Dom has gone even better than she had hoped. The stud is tall and muscular, with brown hair and blue eyes, and Heather has made up her mind that she’s going to fuck him tonight. It’s only the first time they’ve gone out, but there’s absolutely no reason to wait. She needs a boyfriend here at State anyway, and besides, that slut Jen is really getting on her nerves bragging about how good her new fuck toy Bob is. Why should that little tramp have all the fun? Reaching the girls’ dorm, Heather invites Dom in. “Where are your roommates?” he asks. “Jen and Jess are at a frat party, and Lisa, who knows?” Heather responds. “I really had fun tonight,” she says softly, even while gleefully noticing how the bulge in Dom’s jeans is getting visibly bigger by the second. She has no time to say anything else, because their lips are soon locked together in a lustful kiss. As they continue to thrust at each other with their tongues, Heather puts her hand on the stud’s package, and is taken aback by its massive size. I’m really in for it, she thinks. This guy is huge! Eagerly taking the plunge, Heather drops to her knees, busily undoes the stud’s jeans and pulls down his briefs. Out pops the biggest man snake she has ever seen. “How big are you?” she asks in breathless awe. “11 inches,” is the reply. “Wow, wow!” Heather repeats worshipfully as she begins to stroke the massive pole with both hands. She’s had some big guys before, but none as well hung as this.

She takes the stud’s manhood in her mouth, only tentatively at first, just slowly working the tip of the flesh spear with her tongue. Growing bolder, she starts to slide her mouth down the shaft, gradually getting further down the length of the stiffened monster. Determined to deep throat her man, she begins to gag, pulls her head back, and then thrusts it down again, this time just a little bit further down the pole. Gagging again, and gasping, Heather pulls her head back once more and looks at the stud’s love snake with lustful determination before making her final assault. Thrusting her head down decisively, and with an assist from the stud’s hand on the back of her head, Heather’s lips kiss the base of the 11 inch pole, with her nose touching the stud’s pelvic bone. Heather gleefully hears the stud emit a deep groan, as she keeps her mouth in place on his tool for a long moment, having conquered her gag reflex. Heather gets up and both she and her stud strip. Their now naked bodies unite in a passionate embrace as they again kiss deeply at the foot of the bed. Soon, Heather is on her back, legs open, with her stud lapping her labia with his tongue. He orally works the sweet young pussy, lovingly tantalizing the lips with the tip of his tongue, and briefly sliding it into Heather’s canal of love. He then moves further upward, and Heather moans passionately as the stud tongues and nibbles at her clit. He works her clit until a moan deeper than the others and the quivering of her luscious thighs confirm that he has brought her to orgasm. Heather, her love juices now flowing freely, is waiting for her stallion to mount her, and he wastes no time.

Heather shudders as the stud slides his massive flesh pole deep into her pussy and begins to pump her, slowly at first, but with gradually building momentum. At first, the massive tool is somewhat uncomfortable, but as her vaginal walls stretch, she begins to fully enjoy the deep penetration, and the steady and increasingly rapid thrusting of her man. Soon, the stud is pounding her with a vengeance, as Heather screams at the top of her lungs, not caring if her roommates have returned. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” she screams again and again as the pile driver of flesh smashes into her cervix, triggering a chain of multiple orgasms. Heather begins to worry that the flimsy dorm bed will collapse under the weight of their two conjoined bodies, the one delivering forceful pelvic thrusts, the other being pounded hard into the mattress by those thrusts. Finally, the sweat drenched stud groans deeply as his balls propel his scalding white love liquid up the length of his 11 inch pipeline of flesh. The massive load of sperm blasts out the slit and bathes Heather’s welcoming pussy in spurt after spurt. Dom will stay until the first rays of sunlight begin to brighten Heather’s dorm room; their act of love will be repeated four more times.

Lisa is on her knees again, and this time she has not one but two male love organs at her mouth level. The two young men in question live in Craig’s dorm, and it had been pretty obvious to her by their knowing looks and suggestive comments, that Craig had told them all about her oral skills. She had readily accepted their invitation to hang out in their dorm room, knowing full well what it would lead to, and sure enough, it was unfolding as she had foreseen. And why shouldn’t it? Both studs were good looking and well hung, and it wasn’t like she was going to have sex with them. Besides, if Craig didn’t like what she was about to do, he shouldn’t have gone around running his mouth off about her talents. Lisa takes a cock in each hand and applies her well practiced tongue to one while slowly stroking the other. This is going to be fun, she enthuses. It’s been a while since I’ve blown two guys at the same time. She uses her tongue ring to swirl around the tip of the stud’s swollen tool, and then runs it up and down the shaft, moving her hand down to the stud’s balls to allow her tongue to sweep down the full length of the erect phallus. Moving her hand back up to the shaft, she lightly takes each of the stud’s nuts into her mouth. She now turns her oral attention to the second penis, while keeping the first aroused by slow stroking. Back and forth, she alternates between the two, delighting in the slightly different taste of each of her studs. She begins to take each cock fully in her mouth, eliciting groans from both her men as she deep throats them with ease. Soon, the tempo of her head thrusts increases as she begins to work in earnest to bring her studs to climax. I really want them to cum at the same time, she thinks, and her skill is rewarded as the first stud lets out a deep groan. Holding the stud’s tool firmly in her hand and pointing it at her open mouth, she feels the familiar blast of hot sperm on her tongue as the tormented manhood releases its load. Spurt after spurt fills her mouth, as she continues to stroke the second cock with a lustful determination. When the first stud squeezes out the last few drops of his load into Lisa’s mouth, he steps back to allow her to devote her full attention to the second stud. Holding the first load in her open mouth, Lisa vigorously yanks the second stud’s cock until it too, explodes. The second cock propels its cargo of liquid lust into Lisa’s already full mouth. She continues to pump the tool with her hand until it spurts no more. With both studs now drained, Lisa swishes their two loads together, blending them into a genetic cocktail, before swallowing the gooey mess. Two more satisfied studs, and hopefully their boasting will open even more doors for her.

Chapter 4

“So how did your date go last night?” Jen asks Heather, pulling up a chair next to her at the Pizza Palace in town. “It went just fantastic!” replies Heather. “Oh, yeah? And…” queries Jen. “Five times!” exults Heather. “No way!” “Yes, way! And he is so fucking hung!” enthuses Heather. “Why, you little fucking slut,” teases Jen. “So how big is he?” “Eleven inches,” replies a still awestruck Heather. “I’m sore today, but I’m real happy!” she laughs. “Eleven inches! Wow, awesome!” is Jen’s reaction. “You lucky little slut.” “What about you?” Heather asks Jen. “Oh, I was with Bob last night. We did it eight times,” answers Jen, almost casually. “No way!” shouts Heather, incredulous in her turn. “Yeah, he’s a total animal,” responds Jen. “But I’ve been thinking, I’m starting to get worried about Jess,” Jen continues, seemingly with no transition. Heather is baffled. “Why are you worried about her?” “Oh, that boyfriend of hers is giving her a runaround, and I know she isn’t getting it from anybody else,” muses Jen. “ I told you how we went to that frat party and this hot guy wanted to hook up with her and she turned him down. She’s going to miss out on so many opportunities down here,” Jen continues sympathetically. “So, that’s her problem,” replies Heather. “She’s such a stick in the mud. I don’t know why you’re even friends with her, Jen. Besides, there’s nothing you can do about it, anyway.” Jen’s face lights up as she springs her plan on Heather. “I want to hook her up with Bob!” “Jen, you’re crazy!” Heather responds in disbelief. “Why do you want to hook her up with Bob? He’s your man.” “Yeah, but I’m getting kinda tired of him,” answers Jen. “But you’re always bragging about how good he is,” puts in Heather, becoming more and more confused. “Yeah, he’s real good, but it’s getting time for me to move on. There’s so many fish in the sea, and I want to catch as many hung fish as I can,” Jen says wickedly. “Besides, it’ll be good for Jess. She needs a real man to give her a good fucking and make her realize what she’s missing out on.” Heather shakes her head. “Well, I think you’re nuts, but good luck. She’ll never do it, though. “

Lisa knocks on the door to Craig’s dorm room. She’s here to give Craig his afternoon blow job, and the taste of sperm from the other two studs that she’s just blown still lingers in her mouth. She thrills in the certainty that her extracurricular activity is still a secret. I’m sure he doesn’t know about the other guys, she chuckles mischievously to herself. Getting no response to her knock, she pushes on the door, and it swings open. He must be around here somewhere, she reasons, otherwise he would have locked the door. And his geeky roommate is never around. Struck by a sudden inspiration, Lisa pulls off her sweatshirt. I haven’t had it in so long, she thinks, as she kicks off her flip flops. And I might as well get it from him, she decides as she wiggles out of her tight jeans. She enters a state of arousal as she unhooks her bra and tosses it on the floor, revealing the huge, glorious breasts with their now hardened nipples. She can feel her love juices begin to flow in anticipation of taking a hardened, thrusting manhood into her pussy again. She climbs into Craig’s bed, and lays on her back. Sensually, she lifts her legs in the air, and slowly pulls her panties up the beautiful limbs, till they reach the lovely feet. She crumples the pink lace into ball in her hand and tosses them to the floor. Lowering her legs, she slides her hand down towards her waist, and yet lower, and with an extended finger, gently probes her eager young womanhood. The finger is withdrawn saturated with delicious wetness. I am so ready for this, she thinks, and can’t suppress a moan.

Just then, the door swings open. It is her man, with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, fresh out of the shower. He sees the carnal treat spread out enticingly on his bed, and exclaims “Awesome!” even as his tool begins to stiffen under his towel. “Thought I’d give you a little surprise today,” Lisa purrs, looking up at him lustfully from the bed. “I like it,” replies the stud, as he climbs onto the bed. He reaches for her mouth with his, but she coyly pulls her mouth away, thinking I don’t want him to know what I swallowed before I came over here! Instead, she whispers “Don’t you want to eat my pussy?” “Hell, yeah!” replies the stud, and he moves his mouth downwards, first to the firm breasts, sucking on the hardened nipples, and then lower and lower. Now, Lisa can feel the stud nibbling gently on her pussy lips. She writhes in ecstasy as her man dines on the sweet labia, alternating his light nibbling with sensual tongue lapping. Now almost beside herself, she is driven out of her mind with lust, as the stud moves his tongue upwards, and begins vigorously working her clit. “Holy shit! Holy shit!” Lisa screams as she is rocked by a powerful orgasm. Her thighs trembling, she orders her stud “Fuck me! Fuck me!” The stud’s straining erection can no longer be denied. Unhooking his towel, he mounts his woman, his rigid tool sliding easily into Lisa’s welcoming canal of love. The stud’s thrusting is hard, almost violent, and Lisa screams with lustful delight as she is slammed into the mattress with each thrust of the stud’s hips. With a firm grip of both hands on his ass cheeks, she pushes the grunting stud deeper into her pussy. “Come on, baby! Come on, fuck me harder!” she exhorts her man. As the relentless pounding continues, sweat pours from the stud’s body, mingling with Lisa’s own perspiration. She screams loudly again, as the animal like copulation generates another orgasm. Finally, the stud heaves a deep groan, as his balls belch forth their load. Lisa, digging her fingers into his ass, pushes down as hard as she can, ensuring the deposit of the stud’s seed deep inside of her. Lucky I’m on birth control, she thinks, even as the stud’s tool continues to spurt its offering of love into her now fulfilled pussy. “You were so good, baby,” she coos appreciatively to her man. “Sorry you’re going to have to take another shower!” she adds with a laugh.

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