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I absolutely could not wait for my boyfriend Jack to leave for his recent business trip. He was scheduled to be across the country for three full days. Now was the time! Finally, after nearly a year of intense sex fantasies involving our handsome, strong, virile pet Rottweiler, I had finally gathered the courage to make my fantasies a reality!

I'd been secretly admiring the powerful animal for a long time, eventually finding myself in a state of constant, burning, debauched desire for the beast. It got to the point where every time I masturbated, I closed my eyes and imagined Damian mounting me and taking me as his bitch. I imagined the dog fucking me hard and fast like a jackhammer, fucking me senseless, fucking me all over the room, imagining his cum oozing out of my knotted womb while I rubbed my pussy to orgasm again and again. Eventually, I was imagining getting fucked by the dog even during sex with my boyfriend Jack! Jack didn't seem to my mind my constant request to be fucked doggystyle; he was happy to oblige and fuck me from behind till I was filled up with his sperm!

Last year, Jack arranged for Damian to mate with a female Rottie for a friend of ours who wanted puppies. The sight of our dog hammering into the bitch, his forceful thrusts pushing her all around the yard, his huge knot tied to her womb with drops of sperm leaking down to the ground, it was forever burned into my mind. Ever since, I couldn't stop the fantasies involving our sleek, studly beast fucking a bitch hard and getting her pregnant. Watching his smooth balls pressing hard against his bitch as his prick delved into her womb to grow and tie her, his hips bucking madly, seeking to fill her with copious amounts of sperm. I couldn't help but imagine how all that dog cum would feel inside my own pussy!

The breeding had taken place in our friends' backyard. We sat around a picnic table with some drinks, chatting while the dogs chased each other happily before mating. But I couldn't pay attention to the conversation. There was no way I could avert my eyes from the rippling muscles of our large male Rottweiler, his body draped over the female's back, his forepaws wrapped tightly around her body as he humped at her. Dominating her. Fucking her all over the yard until finally I saw ropes of cum begin to ooze from the bitch's knotted cunt. That's what our dog was capable of? That's how he could fuck a bitch? I shivered, surprised by my increasing arousal and a slight pang of jealousy towards the bitch.

I didn't talk about it with Jack. But the scene replayed in my mind a million times that night, until finally I left the bed to play with myself in the bathroom, envisioning Damian nailing the bitch's brains out, imagining his knot swelling inside her as gallons of sperm erupted from his large prick, the sperm droplets oozing out of her. Then I started thinking of what it'd feel like to get fucked that hard, to have that knot growing inside my own pussyhole... and to feel all that sperm filling my womb up... and then I had the most intense orgasm of my life, right there in the bathroom with my leg propped up on the sink, the mirror reflecting my splayed, pulsing pussy as I stifled my moan, imagining our dog tied to my cunt with its prick erupting a flood of semen inside my hole!

And from then on I was addicted. Bestiality fantasies started to take over my life! In meetings at work, my mind would wander to the thought of laying on the conference room table and letting Damian lick out my pussy before I got down on my hands and knees to present myself as his bitch and let him take me. At parties, at church, at my parents' dinner table, while shopping, everywhere I went it seemed I couldn't resist the thought of me getting on all fours and being penetrated with that steel hard dog dick. Whenever I saw a woman or girl walking a medium or large sized dog out in public, I imagined she was secretly fucking it back at home.

After a few months of getting off on dirty bestiality scenes conjured up in my head, I gathered up the courage to look up some dog sex pictures and videos online -- involving dogs fucking dogs as well as dogs fucking woman. My dog sex cravings were instantly amped up to a whole new level, but I was afraid Jack would somehow catch me watching animal porn so I tried to limit myself to the amount I'd watch.

I was content to just close my eyes and fuck myself to oblivion while imagining being penetrated by our dog. Sometimes Damian would watch me, occasionally sniffing the smell of cunt in the air. I tried to get him to lick my pussy a few times, but was afraid to force it on him. He'd just give it a good whiff and walk around me, panting and watching me as if trying to figure out what his master wanted. It seemed I'd become sexually insatiable, and Jack certainly didn't mind one bit! Not only was I masturbating sometimes for hours a day, I would wait for my boyfriend to come home and jump his bones as soon as he was in the door.

Damian was originally supposed to be a guard dog and turned out to be an excellent pet, protective of me and Jack although never obtrusive. I had come to find the dog attractive, as well... He was sturdy and strong, and I admired the muscles rippling under his sleek black coat when he played about in the yard. Watching him mate with that bitch had changed everything for me! I began fondling him more often, getting him used to my touch on his sheath when I rubbed his belly. My heart would start beating faster when I'd see the pink prick knob poke out, dancing in and out as if teasing me. The dog seemed happy enough for the attention.

Eventually, after rubbing on him for awhile one night and playfully touching him, the prickhead peeked out a few inches and I began touching it. My heart pounding rapidly at my first touch of a dog dick, my pussy twinging with excitement as I knelt next to the lounging animal. Damian's prick was pink with brilliant red veins, and it felt hard as a bone. I coaxed it out out further, my eyes widening as it grew longer in my hand. The tip was pointed, perfect for injecting cum into a bitch's womb! About four inches of it had come out so far. Damian was panting happily, watching me touch him and encourage his steel hard meat to grow.

My eyes were affixed to the cock expanding in my hands. Not knowing how to stimulate a canine, I began jacking the dog cock like I would a human prick. I gasped, feeling the dog now humping my hand faintly. Damian let out a whimper and got to his feet, his pink prick dancing in and out of his sheath. He walked around me and I swallowed hard. I didn't want to upset or excite him. He panted, looking up at me somewhat expectantly.

I began touching him like this more often, petting him all over as he stood near me while I knelt next to him, making his cock grow longer each time, eventually even caressing his balls. He would hump at my hand, and sometimes hump at the air. I gasped when finally I got him so aroused that his knot grew, filling my hand. My eyes were glued to the shiny, pulsing prick, at least 7" with a lumpy knot about the size of two small oranges. It was gigantic!

After familiarizing myself with the Rottweiler's big cock, I began letting him hump me while I was fully clothed, enjoying the weight on my back and heavy panting in my ear! My pussy would get so wet it would soak through my silky panties and jeans. Being only about 105lbs and 5ft tall, the dog easily dominated me, wrapping its forepaws tightly around my waist and thrusting hard at my ass.

I grew more brazen, letting Damian hump me while I wore only my G-string panties, gasping at the feeling of his prickhead stabbing into my supple buttocks and into my asscrack. Sometimes I'd rub his engorged dog cock all over my naked body, sometimes I'd press his cock against my pussy as he lay, me effectively humping him though not letting him penetrate me.

My fever had grown to a frenzy. When Jack told me he was going to be away on the business trip for a few days, my heart skipped a beat. I knew this was my chance! Jack packed his things up and I feigned sadness at his leaving, telling him I'd miss him, but really I was excited and horny as hell! Jack wasn't even gone 10 minutes and I pulled up some bestiality porn on my laptop while I lay naked in my bed, taking my perfect C-cup tits in hand, using my vibrator soon after to bring myself to two powerful orgasms with my dog by my side, watching me intently.

Of course I was imagining being knotted and filled with Damian's dog sperm. I was elated, knowing I was ready to give myself to my Rottweiler, to present myself as his bitch! The dog sex movie showed a pretty, petite Latina getting nailed by a gigantic black dog, a Great Dane. The large, smooth nuts swinging at her stuffed, juicy pussy was hypnotic. The squelching sounds of his cock growing in her cunt made me shiver, raising my excitement level.

Damian sniffed the air, the scent of my own juicy pussy wafting towards him and catching his interest. He cocked his head as I moaned, fingering my clitty hard. Finally, I got off the bed and spread a towel on the floor, determined to get fucked and knotted and spermed in like the woman on my computer knotted to the Great Dane. I called Damian over to the towel and he obeyed, staring up expectantly at me. Getting to my knees, I began caressing him all over. He was used to my touch by now, my fingers rubbing at his sheath, coaxing his prickhead out. It poked out at me and went back in. Damian panted contentedly, and I swallowed hard, my heart beating erratically.

I got down on my hands and knees, showing my naked, glistening sex to the beast. My pussy was shaved, the air in the room cool on my moist cuntlips. I shivered as Damian took a long whiff of my cunt, his cold nose barely touching the meat of my pussy. Goosebumps broke out all over my body, my nipples becoming hard little rocks. Damian walked around me, not quite sure what to do. I rubbed under his belly, massaging his sheath, making his cockhead poke out at me. When he finally began humping at my hand, I took it away and he humped at the air a moment.

Waving my ass in the air, I called the dog up onto my back and he started to get the idea. His heavy body draped over mine, weighing me down, and I felt him immediately begin thrusting his prickhead at my backside. I let out a gasp, feeling his bone-hard prick stab into my supple flesh. He jumped off of me and walked around me before I encouraged him to jump up once again, savoring the feeling of the muscular animal mounting me.

Damian's hips thrust at mine and I raised my ass in the air for him to have easier access to my sex. I let out a cry when his hard prickhead stabbed around my tight, puckered asshole and suddenly I was afraid he'd get into my asshole instead of my pussy! My sex toys were on the bed, so I grabbed a small buttplug and let out a groan as I inserted it into my ass with no lube and got back down on all fours with my ass stuffed.

Calling Damian up on me once again, he humped hard at my thighs and backside, his cock extended a few inches now desperately seeking entrance. On my elbows, I kept my ass high and let out a grunt when I felt the bony prickhead jab at my soft cuntlip. I winced as it stabbed into my clit -- but now he was getting closer to the entrance to my womb! Reaching down, I pulled my slick pussylips apart, feeling the dog's prick thrusting against my fingers, so close to my cunthole now!

I let out a loud moan, feeling Damian thrust his prick up along my pussy slit. My heart pounded hard -- I was about to get it! All the dog meat I'd been craving! Finally, finally, the rock hard cockhead slipped in between my cuntlips, immediately seeking my darkest, deepest depths for insemination, making a long moan escape my lips. Once Damian felt his cock slip into my pussyhole, he slammed forward, his hips pounding my backside with ferocity. His forepaws were around my taut, naked belly, scratching me up, but even the pain felt overwhelmingly pleasurable mixed with the feeling of the growing dog cock in my hole!

Damian panted hard in my ear as he humped me like a machine, his cock having grown several more inches, it was now squelching around in my juicy cunthole. He was fucking me wildly, pushing me across the room with his forceful thrusts! I could feel his balls pressing hard against my wet gash, feeling all the more pleasurable. My mouth hung open wide, my moans uncontrollable. I was truly getting fucked like an animal! He fucked me so powerfully, almost plowing me into the wall -- I had to hold my arms out to protect myself from getting smashed into it while Damian didn't miss a beat, eager to fill up my pussy with his semen.

I struggled to get us away from the wall while Damian penetrated me manically, his cock several inches long inside my pussyhole, growing thicker now, too. The sound of his meat in my squelching hole was adding to the delirious pleasure of being dominated like a bitch, hearing my own cunt getting fucked by a dog, knowing I was soon to be knotted and spermed in. With my face to the floor, I rubbed my clit hard while Damian pounded me like a jackhammer. My pussy mound felt stuffed and fat with cock!

My moans grew in intensity to animalistic growls as a monumental orgasm erupted through my body, making me shiver and collapse under the rutting dog. Damian kept fucking me hard as I struggled to raise back up onto my knees. Waves of pleasure were still rippling through my body, my pussy squeezing the dog dick involuntarily. I gasped as I felt the hard base of Damian's shaft inside my pussyhole -- the knot! He was about to knot me! He was about to sperm inside me!

I humped back at him, feeling his prick lodging securely in my tight pussyhole, his cockhead stabbing into my cervix, certainly about to flare up and explode ropes of semen into my womb! My eyes closed, my upper body collapsing to the floor. Damian kept his legs wrapped tightly around my waist, slowing his pace now. He was so deep inside me! I felt his balls pressing against my stuffed asshole.

My breath was wild as we slowed to a near stop, Damian now haunching spasmodically atop me. I let out the loudest moan in my life when I felt the first spurts of hot dog cum erupting into my womb, flooding it, inundating it with sticky semen! My eyes rolled back into my head. I put my hand on my stuffed cunt and felt the hard prick throbbing inside my belly! Rubbing my clit hard, I humped back at the dog as he continued unloading a copious amount of sperm inside me, my pussy walls squeezing the knot hard. I knew another powerful orgasm was nearly upon me!

Damian whimpered softly, his cock still spurting his seed into my depths as I convulsed beneath him with my climax, my hips bucking wildly. The powerful animal held me still, pressing hard against my back as I spasmed hard with my intense orgasm. His hips were still occasionally humping at me while his prickhead released its last ropes of semen inside me. I moaned and squealed, my fingers on my clit and the palm of my hand on my stuffed, juicy pussy. It felt like my orgasm lasted almost a full minute!

Another violent shudder went through my body when I felt droplets of dog cum leak onto my hand. I moaned, my face against the carpet now, ass in the air. My pussy muscles continued squeezing the knot hard, milking the dog prick for everything it had. Damian was panting hard above me, holding me firmly as I grinded against him. I was delirious with cock lust!

After my breathing calmed a little, I got back on all fours with the dog on my back and started rubbing my clit again, spreading my legs a little, feeling more droplets of sperm oozing out of my knotted cunt. My tits swung wildly beneath me as I rubbed circles on my clitty, my pussy squeezing the hard knot inside my hole, feeling its hard veins pressing into my soft cunt walls. I felt pulses of pleasure throughout my body, knowing I was soon going to cum again! My body was ultra-aroused from the dog sex!

I then bucked my ass at Damian as another orgasm broke out from head to toe, my pussy clenching his prick and knot hard. A string of cum oozed down my slit as I rubbed my clitty, making me shiver and shake even more intensely from such a pleasurable taboo -- bestiality! I knew I was hooked on dog fucking.

My moans echoed through the quiet house as my orgasm finally subsided, my body shaking and helpless beneath the strong Rottweiler tied to my cunt. Damian panted, seemingly patient. I relished the feeling of his rigid prick meat sealed up in my soaking wet cunthole, his huge knot pressing into my cunt flesh. Moving my hand over my smooth abdomen to my pussy mound, I could feel it swollen with dog knot!

As I massaged my cunt, more dog cum oozed from my cuntlips. I shuddered, using the dog cum to rub my clit again. Damian suddenly began to stir, and before I could try to calm him he had begun stepping over me! I groaned, feeling his knotted prick twisting around in my tight hole. He turned ass to ass with me and pulled, making me scream. I tried to calm down, to keep still so as not to upset the dog further. After the initial shock of pain, this new position was also pleasurable!

I resumed rubbing my clitty again, feeling the hard dog prick lodged deep into my wet slit. My moans began filling the room again as yet another orgasm began building. I used one dog cum soaked hand to pull on my nipple and the other on my clit and pussy gash to bring myself to a powerfully soaring climax. My pussy spasmed around Damian's prick and he began pulling again while my orgasm was erupting, his efforts intensifying and seemingly extending my climax.

I groaned, hyper-aroused, my body shivering and electrified with orgasm. Cum was sloshing around inside of me, the knot still holding securely. Damian was trying more urgently to break free, making me shriek again. I rubbed my pussy and clit hard -- if he was going to try to pull out, I was at least going to try to enjoy it! My screams turned to moans and then back to a long wail as Damian finally tore his engorged knot and turgid prick from my pussyhole!

Looking down, my eyes widened when I saw the huge, red dog prick and fist sized knot that had just been inside of me. Sperm gushed out of my gaping pussylips, coating my thighs, leaking down to my toes and all over the floor. I gasped at the mess, the copious amount of semen that had been deposited inside my pussy! It was so hot!

Damian went off to lick himself in the corner and I stood there collecting my breath, covered in dog cum and somewhat in shock. A broad smile slowly broke out on my lips. I knew I'd be doing this again soon! Next time I'd have to try to get fucked in front of the mirror so I could watch myself getting knotted and taking the sperm!

When Jack came home from his business trip, he couldn't help but notice the scratches on my belly left from my carnal experience with the dog. I stammered, looking down, my cheeks starting to flush. Jack looked at me, concern creeping over his face.

"Well, uh, honey, uh, Damian jumped up at me the other day, and well, I was naked, just out of the shower, and um, he, uh, jumped up on me and wrapped his paws around me and started humping at me -- but I was able to get him off, don't worry! He just scratched me a little..."

Jack nodded. He seemed to believe it! A little later that night, in bed, Jack fucked me passionately, having been eager to get his cock inside me and give it to me after being away for a few days. I got on my hands and knees and savored the feeling of his cock sinking into my depths from behind. In my mind I was envisioning Damian mounting me, penetrating me with his rock hard prick. Jack was proud he made me orgasm so fast, and was soon to ejaculate in my womb after my climax. We collapsed together, sweaty on the bed, cum oozing from my cuntlips.

"You know, honey, I have to confess..." Jack said after a few moments, his breath still ragged. "When you said the dog humped you, I couldn't help but get turned on at the thought of it! You, naked, overpowered by our Rottweiler... What a hot sight it must've been!"

My jaw dropped. And then I grinned broadly.

"well, honey, if you're open to watching me get humped by the dog, I might try it again if you're there to help and make sure he doesn't claw me up again or hurt me too badly!" I said.

"Of course, baby, we'll just use socks on him next time! I'll take care of you." Jack replied with a lascivious wink. We grinned at each other. My heart skipped a beat with excitement and new-found love for my boyfriend. I was ready to give those socks a try now!

~Until "next time"~


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