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A young football player, Who is after anothers balls.
I love playing football ( Soccer ) have done ever since I was old enough to kick a ball, I played for my school team, and in a local Saturday League, I would play 5 a side, infact if there was a game anywhere anytime I would play, Of course my dream as a kid was that I would grow up to be a professional footballer, but I just could not make the grade.

The very first time I saw Stevie I was mesmerised, he just took my breath away, I was playing for one team and he was playing for the other, but talk about lust at first sight, I thought about boys a lot, infact the changing rooms and showers after matches, gave me as much enjoyment as the game itself. I did not think of myself as gay, but I knew I was not like the other guys, they all chased and chatted up the girls at every opportunity, I just did not have the same kind of interest in them.

Since the age of about 13 – 14 years old I knew I liked boys sexually, but I also knew that it was dirty and wrong to have those thoughts about being sexual with guys, it was my dirty little secret, that I had to keep to myself.

Lucky for me I showed no outwardly signs that I might be a Queer boy, not like George McCall, ever since primary school he had been bullied and teased about being a gay boy, a Nancy boy, a little bender because he spoke funny camp is the word.
I don’t know if George was gay or not, but for the10 years that I had known him he was accused of being a bum boy, But when we were 15 his family moved to Australia and I never saw or heard of him again.

Lots of times I wanted to get George alone and well I am sure you know why, I wanted to know if it was true, I was a hormone filled teenager with only my hand and imagination for relief, I had the constant desire to get jiggy with another boy, George was not in my circle of friends, he did not play football and even though he was in my class all through primary school, and then in some of my secondary school classes, it would have seriously damaged my image if I had even been seen talking to him, You just did not talk to Bent Georgina unless it was to give him abuse.

I fantasised about being with other guys sexually all the time, from about the age of 13, I must have fell in and out of love with hundreds of guys, Just after I turned 14,
I found a mate who was just as horny as me, and we developed a sort of mutual satisfaction relationship, once or twice a week we would find somewhere private and basically have some fun for 5 or 10 minutes.

That friendship probably lasted for about a year then it just stopped, I had another encounter with a drunk man on a bus when I was about 16, and no this was not some old pervert seducing me, he was sleeping and his zip was open, he obviously went commando and the way he was slouched in his drunken sleep some skin and pubic hair was visible, As gently as I could I explored in that area with my fingers only for a minute or so, he did get hard, then he started to come round, so I bolted off the bus before he worked out what had been going on, I was disgusted with myself, but that did not stop me battering one out to the experience for many nights after the encounter..

But anyway back to Stevie, My team where warming up on the pitch when the other team came out of the changing rooms, and I saw him for the first time, he was fucking beautiful, my heart jumped I don’t think I had ever fell in love so quickly in my life it was instant, This stunner stood there in his blue football top and white shorts he had dark hair and a smile that just lit up his face, his short black hair and unblemished skin just added to his perfection, he looked about the same age as me 17 years old.

I was possessed I just wanted to go over to him and touch him, touch his face, touch his hand, touch his hair any part of him, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but one of my team mates slapped me in the back of the head, to get my attention, he had apparently shouted to me that kick off was about to begin and I just stood there open mouthed staring in awe at this handsome fucker from the other team.

The game got under way and I took it upon myself to mark this handsome guy,
He must have thought I was his shadow, at every opportunity I touched him or tackled him, even when he was nowhere near the ball I was stuck to him like a Siamese twin, I had honestly never been so besotted so quickly with anyone in my life.

Then I learned his name, after he got the ball, one of his team mates was calling for him to pass it “Stevie” I now had a name for my new love, I recon I must have touched him as many as 30- 40 times during that game in one way or another, I even got booked for persistent fouling, of course I apologised every time to him, but for anyone watching the game they must have thought I was out to do him.

I don't know what it was, but something just gave me the feeling that he knew what I was up too, had someone hassled me during a game the way I was him, I would have been Red Carded. I would have crippled him at the first opportunity, my short temper was one of the main reasons that I never got much of a chance to progress further in football, a lot of managers saw me as a liability, but this guy Stevie just took what I dished out, although to be honest there was no serious fouling it was all light stuff, I wanted to molest him not hurt him.

The game finished 1-1 and it would be another 5-6 weeks before we played them again, that day was probably the first time ever that I wanted to ask a guy out on a date, I was drawn to him like a magnet, Thankfully both teams had their own changing rooms and showers, because if we had to share with them, I know I would have sprung a hardon.

One of my team mates knew Stevie, he had played in another team with him and he had commented on how much I had marked him, Through that conversation I found out his second name and also that he was a face book friend of my team mate, who was on my friends list. That night I sent Stevie a friends request, and to my delight he was online and accepted it, I sent him a private message apologising for my conduct during the game, but used the excuse that my manager had told me to mark him tightly as he was a threat, he messaged back that he had no problem with it, and that it was all part of the game, we bounced back a few private messages, then I asked if he fancied chatting on MSN, he said he would and we exchanged user names and went directly on to live chat.

Stevie seemed as keen as I was to chat, it was weird I was being driven by some inner demon to I suppose for lack of a better word STALK this guy, I had never in my life been so intent in befriending a stranger but that is how it was, and Stevie was not making it hard for me, ( well he was but that was my cock ) we both set our status as offline so our conversation would not be disturbed, for the first hour we chatted about football, the teams we had played with, and who we knew.

Then Stevie said – At one point I thought you where trying to shag me, every time I turned around you where at my arse.
I replied - -Ha Ha I was close enough, and to be honest you don’t have a bad looking arse,
Did you realise that twice when you fouled me your hand touched my cock through my shorts?
Me – - Oh did I? sorry about that, it was your ball I was trying to get at.

I had never in my life used gay innuendo the way I was with Stevie, almost everything we typed for the next two hours had some kind of gay context, it was like we had known each other for years instead of hours, I felt totally comfortable chatting with him in the manner I was using, and he seemed just as comfortable as me, although none of us had actually stated anything about having gay sex, we certainly implied an interest.

It was getting late, and Stevie informed me that he would have to go offline shortly, as he shared a room and computer with his older brother, he also gave me a password that he would use when we came online to chat, as his brother often used his msn account and would pretend he was Stevie and abuse his friends, I then suggested that we should meet up and have a kick about, and he accepted, I suggested we should meet the following day at a park half way between the areas that both of us lived in, Stevie knew the park I was talking about, so we arranged it for 1pm the following day.

I had deliberately picked particular park that we would meet at, as it was a very run down and unkempt park, that hardly anyone that ever used, Something inside me told me that Stevie was as interested in me the same way as I was him, I cant explain it but I just knew, 3 wanks I had to Stevie that night before I managed to drift off to sleep.

The following morning being a Sunday, I slept later than normal but was still up a good 2 hours before the time I had arranged to meet Stevie, I had a wank then showered, then went back to my room and went online, I signed into msn 10 minutes later Stevie logged in, he sent me a message using his password he had given me the night before, so that I knew it was him and not his brother who was online.

He asked if I was still up for the meet, I replied that I was , he asked if anyone else was coming along, I replied that I had not asked anyone, but if he wanted to bring someone he could, he replied that he was ok with it being just me and him, Stevie asked if I was going to be wearing football kit or normal clothes, I told him I would be wearing a tracksuit over my football kit, and would take it off when I got to the park, he said he would do the same, we then decided that as we were both up and ready, that we should meet sooner, so we logged off and headed to the park from our homes.

I swear my cock was rock hard all the way on the bus to the park, I had a football with me but that was not the ball I wanted to be playing with that afternoon.
We had arranged to meet at a bus stop near the park, when my bus pulled up at the stop Stevie was already standing there his back against the shelter one of his legs bent back with his foot resting against the shelter, the first thing I looked at was the bulge in his tracksuit bottoms, then his handsome smiling face, Mines lit up at seeing him.

I suppose I was a bit nervous, I met guys for a kick about almost every day, but this was completely different, to me anyway it was more like a date, I don’t know what Stevie was thinking but that is how I saw it, Just being beside him as we walked towards the park had me with butterflies in my stomach and a hardon in my football shorts, I had deliberately not worn any underwear and the soft nylon shorts rubbing off my dick as we walked did not help my erection problem, and had anyone looked at that area of my tracksuit, my erection would have been clearly visible.

The park we had chosen to play on was more an out of the way hiding place for drinkers and drug addicts to hang out at night, it had many years before, been the home ground of a now extinct junior football club, The park was over grown and the clubhouse had been wrecked and partially burned down, What had once been the terracing was now overgrown with hedges and trees, and the pitch had more glass on it than grass, the goal posts had long ago been stolen for scrap metal, the place more resembled a dumping ground than a football park, but I knew that, and I suspect that Stevie had also known it when I suggested it, but we both feigned surprise at how bad the place was,

We both still stripped out of our tracksuits, using them as make shift goalposts and played some long shots between each other for about 10 minutes, then we decided to test our tackling skills on each other, that had been my Idea and was designed to let me get close contact with him, we messed about more wrestling than tackling, at one point I nearly pulled his shorts down, as I more like rugby tackled him, Stevie tripped and I went down with him the ball still in between us. I took this opportunity to steal a grope at him, and when I did I realised that he was every bit as hard as me. Stevie groped back at me and we were both on the ground with a handful of each others tackle I swear I nearly shot my load there and then. For the next 30 – 40 seconds we froze in that position, not squeezing each other, more just holding on to each others packages, feeling what was inside the others shorts, our eyes transfixed on each others wondering who would make the next move,

I took the lead, I moved my hand from the front of his shorts and slid it up the space between leg of the shorts, he had on boxers but I was closer to his meat, the warmth and hardness under the soft material felt amazing, Stevie followed my lead only to find my uncovered balls first, then my pre cum dripping cock, It was clear now that we both wanted the same thing, but being young and inexperienced, our nerves showed through in the form of childish giggles, and I blurted out;

“You show me yours and I will show you mine”

“Fuck off! I am not getting my tadger out here”

Stevie fired back, still with his hand firmly wrapped around my cock,

Even though the place was deserted, it was still not wise for two boys to be rolling around on an open field playing with each others cock and balls,
“Lets go over to the old clubhouse” I suggested

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2012-01-07 04:09:44
The very first time I saw Stevie I was mesmerised, he just took my breath away, I was playing for one team and he was playing for the other, but talk about lust at first sight, I thought about boys a lot, infact the changing rooms and showers after matches, gave me as much enjoyment as the game itself. I did not think of myself as gay, but I knew I was not like the other guys, they all chased and chatted up the girls at every opportunity, I just did not have the same kind of interest in them.

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Too much deviating from the main story line.. couldn't finish.

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Please please hurry up with the next chapter
Davie 17 years old and love this story

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another fucking brilliant story Ted Keep it up
btw when are you going to continue the other series you started??

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In the next on mention how big each are like give measurements and are eather uncut or both circumsized? when will next on be out

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