Uncle Frank teaches Chrissie about sex
Saturday, the 18th of October. I’m hosting a dinner this evening as I have on October 18th for the past five years. The entrée, as always will be my twin brother Fred’s favorite, standing rib roast; it will be a sad and maudlin affair that only three of us will attend; myself, my sister-in-law Margie and my niece Chrissie although a fourth placement will be set. I’m Frank Forrest and the three of us will dine and remember Fred who was killed on the 18th of October six years ago.

It could have been me; I could have been the one to die. Fred and I had ridden our motorcycles to Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest. It was still fairly early; in spite of the revelry we hadn’t taken a drink but we were planning on a few beers when we were safely home. Taking International Speedway Drive on our return route to our Seminole county homes, we’d caught the stop light at Nova Road. When the light turned green Fred jumped me from the line, he was a few feet ahead.

From the corner of my eye I saw the car, there was no way it was stopping, it hadn’t even slowed, I braked dropped my scooter and put it into a slide, avoiding the wreck, Fred didn’t; he never saw the vehicle that hit him. When he was struck I watched as his body somersaulted over the car’s roof, landing on the pavement. I was scratched with some road rash on my leg but I ran to him. I was cradling his head when life fled.

The driver of the offending auto was a seventeen-year-old girl with only a learner’s permit. Her blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, she’d been texting her boyfriend when she ran the red light. In the ensuing litigation she was offered a plea bargain to vehicular manslaughter, because of her age and the fact that she had no prior arrests, she received two years.

Whatever the penalty, it offered little solace. It left Margie a widow, eight-year-old Chrissie without a father and me without my best friend. The financial settlement assured Margie and Chrissie financial stability but it didn’t bring Fred back.

Three years before the accident I’d purchased a distressed property. It was comprised of two structures, the main house and a pool house. I’d had a little windfall and was able to pay cash; fortunate because of its deteriorated condition financing would have been improbable. Fred and I, along with other friends worked long and hard hours remodeling it. When it was completed, I had a 2200 square foot three bedroom two-bath main house and a 900 square foot bungalow with two bedrooms.

Fred was still renting, it was on our agenda that he would buy and I’d help him with the work but our plans were cut short.

I offered Margie the free use of the bungalow; at the sad time I wanted family close; Margie and Chrissie were all the family I had left. I think she felt the same way, they moved in two months after Fred’s passing.

I think it was good that we were all together; I know they helped me through the black dog of depression I suffered and I think they benefited from my presence as they mourned.

Margie was a pretty woman but she’d let herself go after Fred’s death, although she was only twenty-eight at the time, a little gray began to show in her hair and she’d added some unwanted pounds rounding her tummy and bottom in an unflattering way. Chrissie seemed lost at times.

Maybe to add some stability and diversion, I started planning activities, things we could do as a family, a day at the beach, fishing off the pier, attending an event each weekend and maybe just so that we were together I began a ritual of dinner at my house every Sunday, I believe it was the one good meal they got each week; I knew that Margie’s trash contained far too many pizza boxes and carry-out food containers which no doubt contributed to the weight gain I’d mentioned.

Margie may have gained the pounds but not Chrissie. She’d been a premature baby delivered at the termination of a stressful pregnancy. Margie’s obstetrician advised against any further children so she’d had a tubal ligation.

Chrissie was a sickly child; undersized, she looked like a waif; even now she’s only 4’10” tall and weighs eighty-five pounds. She’s also been slow to mature, her figure, to be kind is that of a young boy, she’s grown no breasts, her hips have not begun to flare, in fact it seems nature’s only concession to her femininity is her bubble butt. Yet almost as though to compensate she has one of the sharpest minds I’ve ever met. She carries a straight A average in honors classes and I’m sure she’s read half the books on the shelf of the public library. I truly enjoy her company, she’s fun to be around and she likes to be around me, I’m not only her uncle, I’m also her Godfather and I’ve tried to be a help to Margie in raising her; I even gave her nickname, “Little Bit.”

Anyhow, to return to the story, it was a hot humid Sunday in the July following our loss, I’d served dinner, we’d eaten and Chrissie had returned to the pool house to read before bedtime. Margie and I were on the patio poolside working on our second bottle of wine, chatting when I’d suggested the October 18th memorial dinner. She approved the idea. We’d moved on to other subjects as evening fell and the mosquitoes began to feast, we moved inside to the living room, Margie suggested a movie. I put one on; we sat on the sofa to watch.

Margie, in an uncharacteristic move, scooted next to me and put her head on my shoulder, “I miss him so much Frank.”

And I knew this wasn’t a grieving wife speaking, the raspiness of her voice told me she was a lonely woman. I draped my arm over her shoulder, pulled her closer and said, “We all miss him Margie but he’s gone and we still have human needs.”

She turned her face toward my, our eyes met, she said, “You do understand don’t you Frank? Will you help me with my needs?”

My hand encircling her cupped her breast as I kissed her.

All of her pent up passion was released, it was almost like she attacked me, ravenously kissing and biting my lips, ears and neck. I had to momentarily interrupt her assault to lift her pullover top over her head. She unbuttoned my shirt and took it from me, she was sucking on my nipples as I unfastened her bra and pulled it off her shoulders freeing her large full breasts. I fondled her nipples then forced her down on her back and sucked them, pulling on her large nipples then I kissed down to her belly. I unfastened her shorts, stood and tugged them off then rolled her panties over her hips and removed them. Her mass of chestnut curls, wild and untrimmed looked so inviting. Then she made herself even more inviting, she threw one leg over the sofa back and pulled the other toward her chest opening and displaying her coral gash.

“Oh Frank,” she encouraged me.

I tore my clothes off, God I wanted her but first I had to taste, I fell on her, laving her vulva and tonguing her vagina, I nibbled on her labia then settled on her clitoris. It was red, engorged with blood, its pearly tip nearly quivering in anticipation when I took it between my lips and sucked it into my mouth. As I suckled on the shaft I batted her gem with the tip of my tongue.

“Margie wailed, “Now Frank, now,” as her orgasmic juices flowed. She was trembling, her vagina still spilling out the liquid from her core when I entered her. She was hot and molten, like the flow of lava as she moaned.

With pent up desire we pounded at each other, our coupling was violent, desperate in our mutual needs.

Margie screamed like a banshee, a wild wanton sound as she came, she screamed, I groaned as I pumped my seed into her hungry vagina, spewing gush after gush as her contractions milked me.

We were both spent by the time we came to rest.

I stood and led Margie to my bedroom. We made slow sweet love, kissing and hugging as we mated.

Then once more, I took her from behind. Her rump was broad with cheeks like ripe cantaloupes divided by her reddish tan rosebud. I looked there greedily, I love anal sex but that would be for another time. The lips of her pussy were slightly agape, I entered her with a single thrust, filling her, she mewled as I pumped her. I rammed her hard, hammering into her eliciting small grunts. Then I playfully slapped her bottom. She wailed and slammed her hips back to meet me. I did it again, creating the same response. It seemed that Margie liked a little whack when she took it from the back; nice to know, another area to explore later.

I gave her one more crack then filled her with my cum.

As we lay side by side on the bed Margie said, “Damn I needed that. I never want to suffer the frustration I was feeling earlier ever again.”

I seconded that emotion and we settled on a magic cure. Sunday evenings, after Chrissie was in bed, she’d come back.

We became fuck buddies, friends with benefits. Oh over the ensuing years we’d talked about marriage, we loved each other without question but I wanted children, especially since Fred was gone, a son to carry on the name and she was incapable. She’d discussed a reversal of the tubal ligation with her gynecologist but the chances for success were rated low and besides, the conditions that had necessitated the procedure in the first place were still in play.

That first evening though when Margie went home she was startled to find Chrissie sitting in the dark staring through an open door, an open door that led to the pool with a view of my uncurtained French doors, doors that afforded a view of the sofa.

Neither said anything, Chrissie just got up, returned the straight back chair she’d been sitting on and went to bed.

And she never asked Margie about it, no, it was me she approached.

“What were you and Mommy doing last night?” She asked me on Monday afternoon.

I was at a loss, finally I said, “Adult things, we can talk about them when you’re a little older,” I thought eight was too darned young for a birds and bees conversation.

She snorted a, “Harrumph,” at me and stalked off.

Still Margie and my relationship endured, Sunday dinners for the three of us and then Sunday delight for just the two of us.

We were into the second year of our arrangement. We’d just consummated our first co- joining of the evening and were lolling around on the bed. Margie was lying on her belly and I was idly stroking her sides, hips and bottom. When I cupped and squeezed her buttocks she asked/said, “Frank you like my ass, don’t you.”

When she and I had first gotten together I would have been hard pressed to answer her without offending, I liked slim, sleek girls but after two years with Margie as my lover I’d learned it was like comparing a Corvette with a Cadillac. One gave you a fast bumpy ride the other plush comfort. I’d come to appreciate plush comfort.

“I absolutely love your chubby butt,” I said.

She laughed at me saying, “I should be offended by that comment, you know, but I’m not.” Then she added, “If you want to you can.”

I was taken aback, shocked by that ascertation; I had to ask, “Why, is it something you like?”

“I don’t know Frank, I’ve never done it, I was always too scared so I’m still a virgin but I think you like it so, if you want to, I’m willing.”

Now friends and neighbors, that was an offer Ole Frank was not going to refuse. I’d dreamed of filling her rectum since the first time I’d viewed her broad bottom, “Yes, I do want you that way.” I still had a jar of Astroglide in the drawer of my nightstand; I got it now.

“You’ll want to be well lubricated,” I told her. “Come over my lap.”

With a smile that combined the satisfaction of giving me what she knew I wanted and fear of what was to come, she crawled over my thighs and lay down presenting herself to me.

I wasn’t quite ready to start; I rubbed her back and caressed her cheeks then gave her three quick whacks, not hard, just enough to turn her a little pink.

She gasped, “Have I been a bad girl Frank?”

“Just bad enough,” I teased.

“Oh I’ve been worse than that, I deserve at least five more.”

“What have you done that is so bad,” I asked like a priest at confession.

“I’ve had impure thoughts,” she answered.

“And what are your impure thoughts,” I asked, “I can’t give you absolution unless I know.

“I impurely thought I’d let a man sodomize me,” she laughed.

Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack, my hand met her gluts and absolution was granted.

Dipping my fingers into the jar of Astroglide I rubbed it around the tight ring of her anus then dipped a slicked finger into her, gently pumping it in and out as I added more lubricant then added a second digit, stretching her; preparing her.

I was a little surprised when I heard Margie say, “That feels kinda nice.”

She was as ready as she could be, I moved behind her, guided my cock to her and, without hesitation pushed in. Most don’t realize, the anus is comprised of two sphincter muscles, both were ready for my invasion; I slipped into my lady with no resistance, up her chocolate channel until I was buried. I stopped, always in the past I had to pause while the pain passed or, at least was accepted, Margie said, “Damn I feel full, fuck me Frankie, fuck me.”

And I started to stroke, of course I’d filled her rectum, I pumped, she grunted when I bottomed out, then she asked for more, she loved the feel, me deep in her, her guts, her bowels stretching to accommodate my length, my girth, me.

I couldn’t believe this woman, I blew my cookies and collapsed with her to the mattress, I still had the, the kid issue but I couldn’t let her go.

She knew and I knew we’d never part. Even if I found a woman to have my children she and I would always have a relationship. I loved her and she loved me.

In the Chrissie’s thirteenth year, during early October Margie had to spend a week away, business meetings then a seminar, Chrissie was capable but Margie asked me to keep an eye on her.

No problem I thought, cook a few nights, watch a few movies, cool.

So, Chrissie and I dropped Margie at the airport for her flight to Chicago, I delivered Chrissie to school and trucked on home.

Chrissie had school the following day, at around eleven my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number so I hoped it was a new order but, no, it was Chrissie’s school, she was ill and could I, as the secondary contact pick her up?

“Of course,” I said, “I’d be there in five minutes.”

I rushed to the school, my niece was bent over holding her abdomen, I took her to my car.

“Should I take you to the hospital?” I asked.

“No, this happens sometimes, I don’t need a hospital, just get me home then you can help,” she moaned.

When we got back to our homes I asked if she wanted to stay at my house, maybe go to bed and try to relax.

She gave me a wan smile, “Yes I’d like that,” she said, “But I need a few things.”

I held her arm, supporting her as we went to her door; she packed some things in a little overnight kit and let me lead her to my house.

She was in an obvious agony by the time we finally entered me house. She set her little bag down, crawled on the sofa and, pulling herself into the fetal position moaned and cried.

I held her, I didn’t know what to do, I asked her, “Little Bit, what’s the matter, can I help?”

She was embarrassed, she didn’t want to talk about her problem to a man even if he was her uncle but, as the pain increased she wailed, “Uncle Frank I’m constipated, I need an enema, oh please help me, please.”

“Little Bit I don’t have the things to give an enema here,” I first countered, “Let’s go to the doctor,” I suggested.

“Uncle Frank, I have the stuff you need it my suitcase, please.”

In the suitcase I found a large bulbed fountain syringe and a small jar of Vaseline, all that was really needed for what she required.

“Just fill it with warm water, that’s all you need to do,” she said as she continued to moan in pain.

I went to the kitchen, got a plastic bucket and filled it with warm water and carried it back to the bedroom then retrieved my Astroglide, I preferred it to Vaseline, I was prepared if she was.

I told her I was ready and she came to me.

It was almost ritualistic, she had me sit on the bed then she crawled across my lap. She was still clothed, T-shirt, shorts and, I was to learn, panties.

“Uncle Frank, you have to take my pants off,” she directed me.

I worked shorts and panties off her slim hips and dropped them to the floor, when they fell off she raised her little bottom waiting for her liquid infusion. I dipped my finger into the lube, rubbed it on then inserted the first syringe full of warm water. She gave out a little moan as the liquid entered her then she hunched back, awaiting the next bulb full.

I had never given an enema before; using the bulb repeated insertions were required, I watched as her little anus pulsed when the tip touched her, I watched as the nozzle slid into her, I watched as it was removed from her and her ring closing. There was a certain sexuality in the process and, below her, I stirred.

I’m full now, that’s enough,” she said, “Now I need to lie here for about five minutes for it to work.

While she rested I rubbed her back and bottom until she said, “I need to potty now.”

I helped her off my lap and watched as she waddled to the bathroom.

While she was evacuating I went back to the living room, kicked back in my recliner and switched on the TV. I found nothing of interest, switched it off and just sat thinking. Thinking it strange and a bit perverted that I’d experienced arousal from giving my young niece an enema.

I was still engrossed by my thoughts when Chrissie came into the room. She’d changed clothing; she was wearing a nightie and a pair of panties. As she had since she was able she climbed into my lap and snuggled against me.

“Thank you,” Uncle Frank she said, “I feel better already.”

I tousled her hair saying, “It was my pleasure, Little Bit.”

She sorta wiggled as she asked, “Uncle Frank when am I going to grow up?”

“You are growing up,” I lamely answered, I knew what she was really asking; when am I going to start to mature.

Her voice got a little louder as she told me, “No I’m not, I’m the shortest person in my class and I haven’t even started having my period yet.”

“You’ll get there,” I tried to encourage.

“When? I’m tired of the girls in gym class laughing at me. I don’t have any hair and they joke that I must have inherited my father’s chest I’m so flat; look.” With that she raised her nightie top so I could see where breast might sometime grow, she was flat as a pancake with two small nipples occupying the space.

I shouldn’t have; I brushed the palm of my hand over her nipples. She trembled slightly and took a deep breath; it seemed that even if bosoms didn’t support them her nipples were sensitive.

“See,” she wailed as she buried her face in my chest and started to sob quietly.

I rubbed her back then my eyes followed, as I rubbed lower over her bottom. For the first time I paid attention to her panties. They were those of a little girl; full cut cotton with cartoon characters, God the girls in phys ed would have a real hoot at Chrissie’s expense if they saw those. I made a mental note to buy her some that were more age appropriate.

The children’s underwear didn’t stop my hand though. I kneaded her, cupping and rubbing each cheek, enjoying the feel of her delicate firmness.

As I continued Chrissie asked, “Do you like me Uncle Frank?”

“Bunches and bunches,” I answered, “You’re my favorite niece.”

“Uncle Frank, I’m your only niece,” she retorted.

“Yes, there is that, too, but I do like you a lot.”

“And do you love me?” She queried.

“I’ll love you ‘til the end of time,” I confessed.

I was still massaging her bottom; she turned on my lap and lay on her back.

Her eyes were like bottomless pools, she seemed to be looking into my soul when, with a raspiness in her voice that I’d only heard in arousal whispered, “Uncle Frank you can touch me if you want, I’ll never tell.”

I looked down at her; I could see that she wanted my touch. I thought; I could stand and carry her to my bed, she was mine to take. The idea of having a true virgin, a prepubescent lover was alluring but in the end I couldn’t do that. Her first blood should not be from the ripping of her maidenhead.

Chrissie saw the confusion on my face, she couldn’t read my thoughts, she thought she’d offended me and apologized.

“No, no, you misunderstand, I’m flattered.” I was stroking her tummy as I talked.

“Would you like me to touch you? Do you want me to touch you?”

Almost silently she breathed, “Yes.”

I was rubbing her in a circular motion, I let my hand wander lower, atop her panties I circled her abdomen then went lower where I cupped her sex.

She gasped and quivered when I touched her then through the flimsy materiel of the gusset of her panties I traced my index finger along her slit. She began a slight wriggling of her hips. Her arousal was was being heightened, her face a mask of concentration her lips parted as she took in the new experiences, the new sensations her body was feeling.

Desire overwhelmed me, I needed to feel flesh; I rolled her panties down over her slim hips until I could see her denuded mound and then down to her feet. I placed my hand between her legs; she stiffened in fear and anticipation then relaxed and let her thighs part.

Again my finger flowed along her vulva, she was moist and hot. I found the little dimple that was her vagina and probed it with the tip of my index finger. I entered her to the second knuckle; even for an intruder as small as my digit she was incredibly tight, I pumped several times then went back to her slit, rubbing her before finding and settling on the little protrusion that was her budding clitoris. I massaged her there and a lesson was learned, even a premenstrual girl has the capacity for orgasm. She shuddered in my arms as a small amount of fluid leaked from her vagina.

With a quaky voice Chrissie asked, “Uncle Frank, what happened?”

“Did it feel good?” I asked.

“It felt funny but nice, like I was melting down there.”

“You had an orgasm, your first,” I told her.

“Is that what happens when you have sex?” She asked.

“Yes, that’s what happens.”

Quietly she asked, “Do you want to have sex with me?”

“I’d love to have sex with you Little Bit but I don’t think you’re ready yet.”

“When I’m ready will you?”

“If you still want me to it would be my delight and pleasure but now why don’t you go in and lie down; rest.”

I tugged her panties back into place and sent her to my bedroom to nap.

After Chrissie had gone I sat contemplating what I’d just done, waiting for the remorse I knew I should feel. It never came, I wasn’t remorseful, not even ashamed; I felt good; I’d enjoyed holding Chrissie on my lap, felt arousal as I rolled down her little panties and elation as I stroked her moist vulva and brought on her first climax. No, no remorse, I wanted a replay, wanted it to happen again.

And, of course it did. Just the next week, Margie had gone shopping and Chrissie was home alone. I was in the kitchen when I saw her come bouncing over the pool deck toward my house.

She had a skip in her step and a smile on her face as she came in the French doors.

“Hi Uncle Frank,” she enthused.

“Good Morning Chrissie, “I smiled back at her, “What’s the occasion?”

This was a shorts and T-shirt gal and she was wearing a red mini-skirt and a pink top touting her favorite band.

I’d remembered; I’d bought her some underwear more in tune with a teenager and presented her with seven pairs, one for each day of the week. Nothing fancy, three pairs of briefs, three pairs of high cut and a pair of bikini low-rise hipsters; I only hoped she had sufficient hips to keep them up.

“Come in the living room, sit down in your chair, I want to show you something,” she said.

I followed her directions and sat.

She was in my lap in just a moment.

“Lift my skirt and look,” she instructed.

I flipped her skirt up; she was wearing the bikinis.

“Very, very nice,” I told her.

“Feel the materiel,” Uncle Frank,” she asked as she spread her legs.

Placing my palm over the gusset of her panties, I stroked her slit.

“It feels nice doesn’t it?” She said.

“It feels real nice,” I answered, “It feels real nice,” I repeated as I slipped my hand under the fabric.

“Pull them down Uncle Frank,” she asked.

I was happy to oblige. I took them completely off.

She lay across my lap, with one arm I held her, the other was busy. I fingered her tiny vagina and glided along her vulva before masturbating her little love button.

She quivered in my lap, she’d had her little orgasm, the rictus on her face had faded. I think she was being cute when she asked,

“So, am I ready yet?”

I ran a finger along her juicy slit then brought it to my lips and sucked on it.

Chrissie watched what I’d done, she exclaimed,

“Ouuuuuugh, gross, Uncle Frank!”

“Hey, I gotta see if you’re ripe,” I chuckled.

She was suddenly serious, “Am I Uncle Frank, am I?”

I couldn’t contain myself, I had to tease, “Nope, still a green apple or maybe a green cherry,” I told her.

“You’re mean, mean, mean, mean;” she said as she wriggled her little bare bottom in my lap.

I was wearing just a pair of gym shorts and under them I was commando, her wiggling provided stimulation and I began to swell. I suppose one might say it was interesting, as I became erect under her Chrissie couldn’t help but feel, my cock split her grapefruit sized cheeks; she could feel me against her miniscule rosebud, she ground down on me for a moment then pulled away.

She was almost breathless when she asked, “When will I be ripe Uncle Frank?”

“Soon Little Bit, soon,” I answered in a voice deepened by desire; I wanted her, oh, I was glad it was Sunday, Margie would be over later but truth be known, I wanted Chrissie.

Unfortunately, I had to send her on her way; I did, telling her I’d see her at dinner.

I fixed Italian, we ate, Chrissie went back to their home and Margie and I had a most pleasant evening. She told me I seemed distracted and, I was, I was still thinking about Chrissie but some of the most fantastic oral I’ve ever experienced got me back on the Margie track.

She left me hard; I mounted her plunging deeply in and pounding her almost as though I was trying to make it painful. With one hand I was squeezing her breasts, twisting and pulling at her nipples, causing her to moan as I hammered into her with thrust after thrust. I released her bosoms used my arms to lift her legs. I pushed them back against her breasts, opening her completely then rammed her time and again. Margie was moaning and mewling, begging me to stop, pleading for more, I gave her more. More until she was shaking and wailing, her orgasm was overpowering, tremors reverberated through her body and her vagina flowed.

I was still hard and I wanted her plushness. I turned her over, pulled her to her knees, applied lubricant and forced my way into her anus. She cried out and buried her head in the pillow when I took her. I was squatted behind her, on my feet with my knees outside her hips using my leverage to plumb her dark depths. My cock was in her to the hilt and I pistoned in and out, fast, hard thrusts, filling her rectum, probing her bowels. My balls boiled over, my cum spewed, pulse after pulse shooting into Margie, filling her with my cream.

“Damn, you were anxious after you got started,” she said.

“See what you do to me,” I answered.

“Well I may have a little trouble walking and sitting tomorrow,” she replied.

Over the ensuing months our relationships continued. Chrissie was getting anxious; her period had finally come a couple of months before her fourteenth birthday, which had occurred about eight months earlier. After she’d started she’d requested and been given birth control pills by the school nurse. Margie was unaware that she was taking them though she had been quick to tell me.

Then Margie got a call. Her elderly mother had fallen and broken a hip. It was her sister that called with the bad news. Between them they agreed, Margie would fly up to care for her for the first two weeks, Her sister Vi would take the second two weeks then they’d arrange for a visiting nurse to stop in on a daily basis. Margie needed to fly out the next day.

It was a Saturday morning; Chrissie and I took Margie to the airport and saw her off. Back home we changed and lounged around the pool until lunch when I fixed some sandwiches, potato salad and chips. Chrissie had a Coke and I indulged in two Becks’.

Over the meal we bantered back and forth, injecting a little sexual innuendo. After one exchange we looked at each other and fell silent, just looking into each other’s eyes. I stood, she stood and joining hands we walked inside to my bedroom; it was time.

Chrissie was wearing a chartreuse two-piece suit. I unfastened the top and let it fall off her shoulders. She was developing breasts at long last. They were small and conical, more swollen nipple than tit; I brought her to me, circled first one nipple with my tongue then the other before sucking them.

She was quivery, her voice raspy as she whispered, “Am I ripe now?”

“I don’t know, I’ll have to check,” I told her, “But I think so. Is it still something you want to do?”


I rolled her bottom off, picked her up and lay her on my bed then stripped. She’d felt my penis before but she’d never seen it. I was erect with anticipation. She looked at it then at me and I could see her fright.

I lay down beside her, “It’ll be alright Little Bit,” I said as I placed her hand on me.

She was hesitant at first but then she began to stroke me.

“Gosh Uncle Frank, it feels like a iron rod wrapped in satin, so hard but so soft on the surface.”

I returned to her tender young breasts as she continued to masturbate me. I wanted her well aroused so I slid my hand down and stroked along her vulva until she started to react.

“Now we check for ripeness,” I said as I spread her thighs and engulfed her with my mouth. I licked along her slickened vulva, sucked on her labia and teased her little clit. She was starting to bounce, pushing her sex against my face; she was ready. I got a little of the Astroglide and fingered her vagina. I figured it would be difficult and a little lube would help.

I knelt between her splayed knees and ran myself along her slit until my cock found her vaginal opening; I pushed forward.

Chrissie gasped as the head of my cock entered her. She was unbelievably tight, I couldn’t push in, it was more work in an inch, wait, work in an inch, wait, as her soft, tender flesh was stretched to accept my length, my girth.

Her face was a mask of concentration; occasionally she winced as I worked deeper. Finally I found her hymen.

“This is going to hurt,” I warned her.

“I know,” she answered.

As I propelled my hips forward I thrust through the delicate membrane tearing her. Chrissie stiffened and yelped when I broke her then she relaxed. I was able to push in completely. I waited a moment or two before I started to pump. I took it slowly, treated her gently, leaning forward, kissing her lips and breasts, stroking her sides, talking to her all the while.

Still, she was so very tight, so very hot I couldn’t last long. As I picked up my pace Chrissie wrapped her legs around my waist, thrusting up with her hips to meet me. She cried out, “Oh damn, oh damn,” as she climaxed. I roared as I shoved into her and exploded.

Afterwards as we lay side by side on the mattress I idly toyed with her small breasts as we talked.

“How was it for you?” I asked.

“It hurt when you went in me but after that it was wonderful. Did you like it with me, Uncle Frank?”

“Little Bit that was the most spectacular, the most memorable sex I’ve ever had. God your pussy was so tight and you’re hot, almost feverish; you’re fantastic.”

She blushed in embarrassment at my effusive praise but her smile told me she was glad I was pleased.

Pulling her over on top of me I kissed her, a kiss with passion, lips and teeth gnashing. I raised her further up until I could taste her succulent young breasts; I circled her pink aureolas then took a nipple in my mouth and sucked until she began to respond. She was rubbing herself against my belly, I could feel the moisture leaking from her, she was still well lubricated when I lifted her to her knees, straddling me then I guided the head of my cock into her.

“Now, slowly sit down on me,” I advised her.

She did, at a snail’s pace she lowered her body, impaling herself.

She was breathing hard from the effort. She said, “Wow Uncle Frank you really fill me up.”

“Well now you can have some fun and control the action,” I told her, “Rock back and forth to rub your clit or go up and down to make it feel good for me.”

Greedy little thing, she immediately started rocking.

I held her hips as she rode me, when she started posting up and down on me I slid a hand under her and massaged her clitoris as she bounced.

“Oh you’re right, this is fun,” she enthused as she pounded up and down on me.

Suddenly, her eyes glazed, she thrust her chest out, threw her head back and wailed, “Yesssss.”

I just held her in place as her vaginal contractions squeezed me, I held her until she settled.

“Oh man, that was great,” she said, “But you didn’t cum, did you?”

“I will in a few minutes,” I told her.

“We’re not done yet?” She asked.

“No, we’re not done,” I answered as I lifted her off me.

I positioned her on her hands and knees then pushed her head down.

“Now, arch your back,” I told her as I moved behind her.

What a contrast to Margie’s wide plush bottom; Chrissie’s hips were boyishly narrow, her cheeks small but shapely; as I admired her I was nearly overcome with desire. The desire to penetrate her tight pink rosebud was nearly overwhelming but that was for another day, albeit soon, but another time. I ran my cock along her vulva then pushed forward, entering her vagina.

I gave her a sharp smack on the bottom and told her, “Work your hips on me.”

I let her do the work as she pumped back and forth against me; she arched her back reminding me of a cat in heat as she rubbed her clit against my cock. She sped up, slamming back, I rammed harder, filling her as we both climaxed. Slowly I continued until I was drained.

I gave her a hug and suggested we go out to the pool, I thought we’d both need a little rest for what the evening would hold in store.

After we’d had a swim and a bit of time in the sun we went to my room and took a nap. After awakening, I fixed a light dinner then it was back to the bedroom.

Oral was how I started. I sucked her nipples then kissed over her belly and down through the sparse light hair on her Mons Veneris and finally to her sweet slit.

I licked along her vulva tasting her youthful freshness, dipped my tongue in her vagina and pumped then ran across her perineum and gave her a quick rimming before moving back up to her clit. I sucked her little button in and teased her pearl with the tip of my tongue. Chrissie wrapped her legs around my head, pounded against my lips and shook so hard I thought she’d come apart. No, not apart but she had cum, explosively, grandly, her little pussy was flowing with succulent nectar, I licked her clean.

She wanted to play cowgirl then. She climbed aboard and rode me hard, rocking back and forth until she was totally aroused then posting up and down like a steeplechase rider.

After she’d climaxed I helped her off. I was still stiff as a board, I hadn’t cum; I had something else in mind.

She commented, “Hey you’re still hard. Didn’t you cum?”

“No, you’re going to have to help me,” I told her.

She looked at me quizzically, “How can I do that?” She asked.

“With your hands and your mouth. Take me in your mouth,” I instructed.

She looked like she was going to refuse; before she could I encouraged her, “Come on Baby, you can do it. I take you with my mouth don’t I.”

With an expression of distaste, she gripped me with one of her small hands and tentatively licked along my shaft.

“That’s a girl, now pump me with your hand while you lick.”

She was making it feel good, her hand working and her tongue swirling but I wanted her to take me in her mouth.

After a few moments I told her, “Ok, now take it between your lips then bob your head up and down on me.”

She could only get about half of me into her mouth, she still kept her hand on me, masturbating me as she sucked.

I started to swell; she felt it and turned her eyes toward mine.

“I’m gonna cum Little Bit, I’m gonna cum. Try to swallow it, catch it in your mouth.”

My first gush startled her and she nearly choked but she stayed with me, swallowing as fast as she could while she continued to bob. By the time she’d drained me cum was running from both sides of her mouth and down her chin. She was pretty darned proud of herself; she’d done it.

I was effusive with my compliments though in truth, she needed a lot of work. No matter we had two weeks to work on it before Margie got back.

Sunday Chrissie was sore so we only engaged in oral. She loved receiving it; I loved giving it; that works. Of course she got some practice in, too.

When we were in bed for the night Chrissie said, “I’d really like you in me Uncle Frank; could we do it but take it easy?”

“Tell you what,” I said, “Lie on your side with your back to me.”

When she was in position I used a little lube so I’d slide smoothly then parted her lips and entered her from behind; we were spooning. I didn’t pump, I just held her, massaging her breasts and tummy ‘til she dropped off to sleep. I shortly thereafter followed.

Monday Chrissie had school. I fixed breakfast then she walked to her bus stop. I work from home; I went into my office where I spent the morning, broke for lunch then sat and thought about this evening.

I decided Chrissie and I would go out for dinner after she’d finished any homework she might have. We’d go for Italian; I knew a place where they’d serve Chris a glass or two of wine with the meal in spite of her age; I wanted her relaxed.

Then I prepared the bedroom. I got a couple of pillows from the guest room and tossed them on my bed then sat the Astroglide jar on my night table. Chrissie was going to be initiated to anal sex tonight.

When she got home I told her we were going out for dinner. She’d finished her homework in a study hall so we were ready to go. I put on a pair of slacks and a collared shirt and asked Chrissie to wear a skirt. The restaurant wasn’t really fancy but it was a cut or two above the checked tablecloth, Chianti bottle candle type of joint.

We had an antipasto then she dined on lasagna and I on shrimp fra diavolo; we split a bottle of valpolicella wine.

As we drove home she had a whimsical little smile on her lips.

“I’m not sore anymore Uncle Frank,” she let me know.

I soundlessly wondered how long that would last. It was with both trepidation and anticipation that I faced the evening. Trepidation as to how Chrissie would handle what was coming; anticipation of piercing her perfect little bottom.

When we got home I led her to the bedroom. Still standing I gave her a kiss then lifted her top over her head. She had on a bra. It probably wasn’t necessary but she did have some small boobs now. I unfastened it and took it from her shoulders then kissed each nipple before unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the floor.

She’d already stepped out of her shoes. She now stood before me clad only in a pair of white lace trimmed high cut panties. I stood back to admire her.

“You’re beautiful Chrissie, stunningly beautiful,” I said then I knelt before her, rolled her panties down and kissed down to her sex before standing, picking her up in my arms and lying her on the bed.

I stripped and joined her; I wanted to make love to her, let her have some fun and pleasure. I took her into my arms.

First I kissed her lips, touching her with my tongue, waiting for her to respond. She kissed me back, I tasted her mouth, her breath, her lips then I trailed kissed down her neck ‘til I reached her breasts. I rolled first one nipple then the other with my tongue. She’s a young girl, her breasts are growing, they’re tender, I was gentle in my ministrations. When there was a catch in her breathing then a sigh I continued down to her tummy and further.

Her vulva was already liquid, she was lubricating heavily as my tongue glided along her slit. I paused at her vagina, dipping the tip of my tongue in to taste her sweet nectar. I laved across her perineum then rimmed her, again making a dip with my tongue before moving upward to find her clitoris.

As I sucked and teased her clit I moistened two fingers in her liquid core then massaged her little rosebud.

She trembled then started bucking, slamming against my face; I slipped a finger into her, she gasped as it entered her but continued humping against me as her orgasm hit; I sucked her clit and fingered her bottom throughout it all, continuing until she’d gotten control.

She looked a little dazzled as she said, “Wow that was fantastic Uncle Frank.”

I leaned forward and kissed her, her own taste was on my lips then asked, “Want a little cowgirl?”

I already knew this was her favorite position, she replied, “Oh yeah,” and mounted me.

I think she wanted to bring me off; she bounced up and down on me like I was a bucking bronco for about ten minutes before she started rocking back and forth, teasing her clit, bringing herself to an explosive climax. God, it felt spectacular, her vagina was contracting, squeezing me as her precious juices flooded over my balls.

As she finished she fell forward over my chest exhausted. I pulled her up a little so I could reach and massaged her cheeks, kneading and rubbing them, parting them, lightly fingering her.

Chrissie’s mouth was at my ear.

In an almost breathless whisper she said, “You’re going to do my bottom, aren’t you Uncle Frank?”

“Yeah Little Bit, I am.”

“I knew you were going to.”

“How did you know?”

“Uncle Frank, you look at it and touch me there all the time; you really like my bootie, don’t you?”

“I think you have a spectacular bootie, Chrissie.”

“Well thank you for the compliment kind sir. I knew you were going to but I thought you’d wait ‘til I was older.”

“Little Bit I was going to but you’ve handled the things we’ve done in such a grown up manner I think you’re ready.”

“Are you going to hurt me Uncle Frank?”

“It may hurt a little, I’ll be as gentle as possible.”

“What do you need me to do?” She asked.

“Be as relaxed as possible when we are doing it,” I told her as I turned her tummy down across my lap and reached for the lubricant.

I worked a lubricated finger into her then a second, opening her, preparing her. I added more lube as I pumped her; she was ready. I stacked two of the pillows, lifted her and lay her atop them with her bottom at the apex then moved up behind her.

I guided my phallus to her anus and rested it against her; she stiffened.

“Relax Baby Girl, you’ve got to relax for me,” I crooned as I rubbed her bottom and sides, caressing her lithe young body.

I was ready when her tense muscles slackened, I popped through her sphincters, the head was in.

Chrissie yelped then moaned as I entered her, I stopped, waiting for her.

She tightened again, I caressed her, talking softly, “Relax Little Bit, I don’t want to hurt you, just relax for me.”

I kept a steady pressure pushing forward, stretching her anal ring, her tender tissues, no doubt even her rectum. Remember, she’s young and she’s petite, I was probably pressing completely through her rectum and into her lower colon; I needed to be gentle.

Chrissie continued to moan, “Oh Uncle Frank, Uncle Frank,” almost a plea.

When I was completely embedded in her, I paused.

“I’m all the way in, how are you handling it?”

“Full, I’m so full and I feel crampy, achy way up inside.”

“It’ll be over in just a few minutes,” I told her as I started to slowly and gently pump.

And it was only going to be a few minutes; I wouldn’t last long. I’d fantasized about having her and now I was, my arousal was intense. Added to that, the experience was even better than I’d imagined. She was hot and she was slick but mostly she was tight, incredibly tight. Her moans and little grunts increased my excitement; yes, I liked knowing that I was filling her to the maximum, that I was giving her that ache deep in her bowels.

My cum started to rise and my cock swelled, I pushed deeper and held her tight against me as I pumped pulse after pulse of hot semen into her. As I pulled out she was still gaped open, I watched as cum leaked out and dribbled down over her lower lips then her ring tightened, sealing her.

The rest of our two weeks was an orgy of sexual gluttony; we spent almost all of our waking hours in bed experimenting with every position imaginable. Even with that, Chrissie still liked her cowgirl best.

Me, I preferred her now not so tight but still oh so delectable ass. I was in her at least once a day; sometimes several, she was stretched to the point that she could easily accommodate me.

Until Margie got back I didn’t realize how much I’d missed her and how utterly comfortable I was in the arms and the body of a lady truly love.

The months rolled by, Margie and I still had our Sunday evening trysts and I serviced Chrissie when the opportunity arose.

It was nearly the end of August in Chrissie’s seventeenth year. School had just resumed after the Summer Break, Chris was a senior and she’d finally grown. She was still petite, only 5’1” tall and weighed 110 but her form and figure had developed, trim 32B cups adorned her chest above a waspish waist with narrow hips that nonetheless had a nice womanly flair. Today, Saturday she was out for the day with friends. Margie and I took advantage of her absence.

We were lounging under the covers enjoying that post-coital haze when Margie lay across me and kissed me.

“Frank, I want to marry you,” she whispered in my ear, “Do you want to marry me?”

“You know I do Sweetheart.”

“I think I know a way to make it work. Would you consider a surrogate, someone who was our flesh and blood?”

“Who, your sister?” I asked.

“Well, she would work, but no, someone even closer to us.”

I looked at her askance, “Chrissie?” I asked.

“Chrissie,” she answered. “I’ve known about you two almost since it started. I talked with Chrissie last night, she’s willing if you are.”

So it was settled. Margie already had the logistics worked out. Chrissie’s period was due the following week. She would not go back on the pill, she’d have been off for the requisite month by October and that’s when Margie wanted me to impregnate her. She would deliver in July and be ready to enter college in the fall.

October came and Margie started with her basal thermometer, measuring for evidence of ovulation. It was decided that Margie would take three days off from work and Chrissie would stay out of school those same three days when she ovulated, Chrissie and I were to mate as frequently as possible during this time.

What might have been a sex fest turned out to more closely resemble a clinical project. Margie managed the show. Only doggie or missionary positions were permitted, she wanted no chance for sperm leakage. With the exception of bathroom breaks and eating we, the three of us spent the entire three days in bed. Yes, Margie was with us, she wanted to “share the experience,” so while I had intercourse with Chrissie Margie was holding her hand: weird, huh?

Whatever, it worked, when Chrissie missed her second period and a home pregnancy test kit confirmed, Margie arranged an appointment with an obstetrician.

And Margie and I set our wedding day for Christmas Eve.

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Not to good a story do better

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Very well written. Strangely erotic and thought provoking.


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I'd had most forms of sex by the time I was 14 but had avoided anal although the idea interested me. When I was 17 I was going around with a boy who liked variety in bed and I suggested he might like to try my virgin ass. This was, for me, a big mistake. I'd had an enema and was nice and clean, the whole area between my thighs was freshly shaved and fragrant and I'd got plenty of KY Gel into my anus.
In the event, his cock which was of a nice size normally but not very firm became rock hard and much thicker than I'd seen it before. He forced it into me and I felt that I was being split in half. I was subjected to about 20 minutes of really rough fucking which made me so very sore I daren't go for a crap for 3 days and afterwards we couldn't look each other in the face again. I later learned that he'd been a fully committed homosexual until he went with me so I suppose the thought of my arsehole instead of my sweet and juicy cunt was too much for him. No more bumming for me thanks.

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