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By the way", she said as she was leaving, "you know that I have always been a lesbian. Working with you and being with you has me re-thinking what I really like. You do have a fantastic 'clit' and the taste of your cum is wonderful'. With that she turned and shut the door. I fell asleep wondering when she would want to use me again.

Two days later, Mary told me at breakfast that Bud's two clients, Frank and Tom would be stopping by later that afternoon. "Don't be surprised if they bring along a friend or two", Mary said. "They have been known to enjoy small groups of sexual partners". I felt that it would be a very enjoyable evening but decided I had better get plenty of rest that afternoon. I lay down to take a nap and Mary came in to wake me at about 5:00 that afternoon. I took a long relaxing bath. mary then helped me style my hair, which had grown out to a nice length and I applied my makeup. For my outfit, Mary suggested that I wear a sexy little school girl uniform. She laid out the clothes for me. She suggested that I not wear a bra, since I no longer needed one, and wear this cute little sheer blouse tied up under my breasts, a white garter belt with thigh high white stockings, sheer white panties and very short little plaid skirt. When I had dressed, Mary commented on how sexy and slutty I looked. She approved and told me she was sure they would as well.

Frank and Tom arrived about 7:00 that evening. They had two friends with them. Jesse was a little taller and very muscular. Good looking and I was sure he was in his late 20s. Chris was about my size, shorter and thinner. He was much quieter and a little shy. Frank spoke up and said they were all looking forward to a very exciting evening. They had told Jesse and Chris about me and both were very anxious to meet and play with me. Chris could not take his eyes off of my breasts and my hard nipples that were standing up showing very clearly through my thin top. Frank and Tom both came over and gave me a deep kiss while fondling and pinching my nipples. I know I let out a moan as they toyed with me. Mary came in and told us that the 'playroom' was ready.

Downstairs in the playroom, Frank came up to me and quickly untied and removed my top. My firm breasts and hard nipples were completely exposed and Frank and Tom each took one in the mouths and started sucking hard and lightly biting my nipples. I began to moan with delight as these two men made my hard nipples even harder. Before I knew what was happening, Jesse had moved his hands up under my skirt, grabbed the top of my panties and pulled them down to my ankles. I lifted each foot, one at a time, as he lipped them over my 4 inch heels and removed them. His quickly began running his hands over my ass and I felt his finger running over and pushing in slightly to my pussy. Chris took my clit in his hand and slowly began to stroke it. My legs became very weak and jess picked me up and carried me over to the padded exam table on the one side of the room. Tom grabbed my wrists and using a padded set of handcuffs, cuffed my wrists behind my back. Frank had come up with some type of bar that he fastened between my ankles, spreading my legs as far as they could go. This left me totally exposed with my legs spread so far. Jesse hooked up some type of cable to the bar and began hoisting it up until my legs were up in the air and my ass was on the edge of the table. My wrists were then uncuffed and tied to rings on wither side of the table leaving me completely helpless.

Frank took the lead by quickly undressing and I saw his big cock was hard as could be. The other men quickly undressed and I could see they were all ready for action. I heard some noise like something being pulled long the floor and felt a finger begin smearing something I assumed was lube around and into my pussy. Then I felt something push into me and begin to fill me with something. Frank said they wanted to make sure I was very wet for the evenings festivities. No sooner had they removed the syringe than I felt something hard and thick pushing against my opening and into me. The guys were just staring and soon I felt what felt like a huge cock start slowly pushing into me deep then withdrawing almost completely and again pushing deep into me. I hear what sounded like a small motor running but paid no attention as i started getting fucked harder and faster. It did not register at first what was happening until I saw all 4 men standing around with their cocks in the hand and Frank had a small remote. I began wiggling my ass and moaning loudly as I was fucked faster and faster. Frank asked me how I liked this fucking machine. I could hardly answer him as I was breathing fast and hard. The cock or dildo in me was hitting every spot possible and I was about to cum. The guys were getting even more excited as I bucked and screamed in pleasure and suddenly I was cumming hard. Chris saw this and quickly engulfed me with his mouth and swallowed every bit. What he had missed when I began cumming he lapped up and the sensation was so fantastic. All of the men applauded at the show and they turned off the machine and removed it from me.

Jesse asked Frank if he could be next and then I felt his large cock replace the machine and he rammed it deep inside me taking my breath away. He felt so good and soon had me screaming in pleasure again. I felt like I was in a very erotic dream, the pleasure was overwhelming. Jesse did not last long, he was very worked up. Within minutes he rammed his cock deep inside me and I could feel it begin to grow even larger and as it started to twitch I could feel him pumping load after load of cum into me until I could feel it running out around his cock and down the crack of my exposed ass. I almost fainted it felt so good and he continued to hold onto my elevated legs until I could feel him softening. Finally he pulled out his defaulted cock with a slight popping sound. Chris was very excited as well and rushed up to take Jesse's place. His cock was longer but thinner and he quickly buried it in me to the hilt. I gasped as I felt him so deep inside me. He was somewhat inexperienced and grabbed my hips tightly as he fucked me fast and hard. The sucking sounds my filled wet pussy made were making me hard again. He kept fucking, in and out, in and out fats and hard. Suddenly I felt my legs being lowered. Someone was releasing the cable and as my legs came down, still spread wide, they cam down around Chris so he was now between my legs. The cuffs on my ankles were released and my legs were now free. I quickly wrapped them around Chris, with my heels pulling him into me even more. He saw my hardening clit and grabbed it with his right hand and began pumping me as he continued to pound his long cock deep into me. I felt his cock begin to grow and with my heels pulled him into me as far as he could go. I felt his cock begin to spasm and could feel the warm liquid being pumped into me. I was already full from being fucked by Jesse and even more cum was leaking out of me and running down the inside of my legs. As his cock began to soften, with his hand still wrapped around my clit, he withdrew and dropped his hot mouth around me once more. He reached up and began to pinch and squeeze my erect nipples as his mouth sucked hard on me. It was only a matter of minutes when I screamed and I let go a second load into his hungry mouth.

Frank released my handcuffs and quickly climbed up onto the table straddling me with his erect cock touching my lips. I opened my mouth and he began to push his cock slowly between my full lips until it touched the back of my throat. He pulled back out a bit until just the head of his cock was still inside my mouth and I moved my head back a little so I could take the full length. I began circling my tongue around the big head and pushing the tip into the little hole at the end. Frank let out a moan and then pushed hi entire cock deep into my throat until his heavy balls were against my chin. I was breathing through my nose so I would not suffocate and he slowly began fucking my mouth. After a couple of minutes he climbed down off of me a lay beside me on the table, his cock standing straight up into the air. "I want you to mount me. Spread those beautiful stockinged legs and lower that tight hot pussy onto my waiting cock", he said. I lowered myself onto his waiting shaft until I was impaled on his wonderful tool. After moving myself up and down on it a few times he reached out and took my hard nipples between his fingers twisting and lightly pinching them. "You are such a hot little slut, Jen. We are going to give you something you have never had before. Move your legs back so you are lying on me", he said. I did as I was told and his mouth met mine with his tongue going deep into my mouth. He was fucking my mouth with his tongue. I was so turned on again and returned the hot french kiss. Suddenly I felt Tom climb up behind me and spread my legs apart. When I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down my ass I released my kiss with Frank and said, "Please Tom, Frank's large cock is already buried in me. You would rip me apart if you tried to stick your fat cock in as well!". Frank wrapped his arms around me so I could not move and said, "Quiet you little cunt! You will do as you are told and you will enjoy it!!" Suddenly I felt myself being stretched even more as Tom began to push forward. With some pain I felt the big head of his cock slide in and he began to push his way into me until I could feel his balls against my ass. He held it there for a minute while I became used to the feel of two cocks in me at once. Frank lay still while Tom began moving in and out of me. The feeling of having two cocks in me at one time was truly incredible. Frank was also enjoying the friction and wet sucking sounds caused by Tom's slow fucking of my stretched hole. Occasionally Tom would slap my ass hard and the stinging actually felt good. He said I needed a good spanking for being such a cock hungry slut. This went on for quite a while before I felt my own clit ready to explode being trapped between me and Franks hard stomach. Knowing I was so turned on with my moans and pleadings Tom increased his speed. I could feel Franks cock growing larger inside me and suddenly Tom slammed his cock home and I felt him spasming deep inside me. Frank quickly began fucking me from underneath and I felt his cock explode as well. I screamed as i was being filled with the hot cum of two large cocks and I erupted as well. Cumming for a third time this evening within and hour or so. I was totally exhausted and felt so warm and complete inside. Tom finally pulled out and climbed off of me and Frank rolled me over onto my back as he pulled out as well. I was on my back with cum leaking from me and so utterly satisfied.

As I lay there, Chris came over to me with his cock in his hand and began licking my tummy, cleaning me up. As he licked me he stroked my ass and legs saying how hot and sexy I was. He began licking again and asked if he could fuck me one most time. I was really out of it and told him he could do whatever he pleased. I was barely aware of him pulling me down on the table and spreading my legs on wither side of him. His long cock slid easily into my wet sloppy pussy. I was already worn out and must have laid there like a sleeping bitch while he humped me hard for several minutes before grunting pumping his load into me. He slid out and Jesse immediately pushed his big cock into me. He fucked me hard, slamming into me over and over. Once more he shot a large load into my pussy and as he came, the extreme pleasure of this evening finally made me faint.

When I awoke I was by myself with my hands and feet handcuffed. The guys had gone and I heard someone coming down the stairs. It was Mary. She told me that I had been out for a while and that the guys had fucked me a few more times after I passed out. She uncuffed my hands and feet and helped me up to my room. She ran a hot bath and after soaking for a while I cleaned myself up inside and out thoroughly. That was a night I would not forget for a while and I knew that i would probably be walking a little bow legged for a couple of days. It was a fantastic sexual experience for me. It was also not the last time I would have two cocks in me at once. I really liked being a slut. I felt so sexy and I loved pleasing other while being pleased myself over and over. I am truly enjoying being a girl.

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2017-01-12 14:45:05
I'm a bi guy and would love to get streched by two cocks while my girlfriend watched.

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Nice to get fucked up like this

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2012-02-12 09:40:01
J1u18T Received the letter. I agree to exchange the articles.

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god, i envy you. my bf never does things like this to me. I wish he would and would share me like Bud shares you.

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this is getting so good, please write more and add mary in one of the scenes too please

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