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You open the motel door, and he begins to speak. Hello Mrs Palin my name is Officer Mike Logan may I come in. You don't really say anything, you just motion him in. Your not sure why, but your rather itimidated by this man. maybe its because he is cop, or maybe its because he is absolutely gorgeous. You instantly get that feeling in your stomach. It might be nerves, it might be lust, it could be your frightened by this rather large man who is now standing in front of you inside your motel room. You close the door behind him, and begin to back up away from him. You back up until your against the wall on the opposite side of the bed, and he begins to walk towards you. There is nowhere to go. He moves in close to you. Too close actually.

First of all Mz Palin I would like to tell you I'm a big fan of yours, and I was really disappointed in the things we have found out about you. We've been watching you for over a month now and I have been sent here to place you under arrest for extortion. Would you like me too read you your rights. You still can't speak your stunned, you just shake your head no. He is so hot, and your speechless, this man is here to arrest you, and all you keep thinking about is how sexy he looks. He says please turn around ma'am and put your arms above your head on that wall, and spread your legs i'm going to have to frisk you. You do as you are told. He comes up behind you and uses his foot to spread your legs out even further. It feels like your doing a split.

He begins to feel both your arms, and is making his way down to your neck, your hair is clipped up, so you obviously don't have anything there, but he lingers there alot longer then you've seen on any cop show. He begins to feel his way down your back, you're actually starting to get boose gumps in every place he is touching, he is going so slow, it feels so good. After he finishes with your back, he kneels down and starts making his way up your left pant leg. You know this isn't proper, he is taking his time. He seems to be enjoying this a little too much as he now gets up to your inner leg area. His hand brushes up against your vagina. You lean your head back a little and moan, it wasn't loud, and you can't believe you did it, but you did, and he must have noticed, because he stopped, and looked up at you. He gives you a sinister little grin and laughs at you, he starts up the right leg. This time when he gets up to your crotch area he doesnt just brush your pussy, he actually rubs back and forth, not for long but you can definately feel it. You tilt your head back again, and involuntarily you begin to move your hips with his touch. Your getting wet, your nipples are beginning to strain against your braless tee-shirt.

He stands up. He leans in behind you, and begins searching your stomach area. You can feel his arms wrapped around you. You feel his arms around your waist. You can feel his hands slowly making their way towards your tits. You can feel his legs rubbing up against you. You close your eyes, in anticipation of his touch, he begins his search of your breasts by rubbing his hand in your cleavage area, his other hand is on the side of your left breast, and he keeps moving it closer and closer. You want him to grab your tits, you want him to rub them, to squeeze them, to suck on them. He slowly is circling your breast, until finally he grabs them with both hands and begins to squeeze them. You moan in satisfaction, you werent sure before, but now you know for certain. This man is going to take you, and you love it. You want him to touch you, you want him to feel your body. You want him to fuck you.

He leans his hips close to you, you can feel his crotch up against your ass, and slowly you begin to lean your ass back into him, you can feel his erection against your ass cheeks. You just close your eyes, and lean your head back on to his shoulder. You can feel his breath against your neck, you can also feel his hands cuppped around your big tits, as he rubs them he whispers in your ear "I knew if I ever got you alone, you would be mine". It feels so good, this man is making you so horny. You start to grind harder on his cock you can feel him getting bigger and bigger, he starts to rub harder on your breasts, you reach down with your hand, to grab his dick, but before you can he says sternly, get your hand back up on that wall Sarah. I'm in charge here, and you are going to do what your told. You never have men speak to you like that. Usually your in charge, your the one that takes control of all situations. Who in the hell does he think he is. The funny thing is he is right. You are going to do what he tells you to do. It makes you even wetter to have a man take charge for once. You just hope you get the chance to get his cock in your pussy. Because this man is driving you crazy.

"Cup your hands behind my neck". You do as your told, at least you finally get to touch him, your breasts are stretched out, your legs are spread wide open. Your completley vulnerable, he puts his hands under your shirt, and really starts to squeeze your tits, he is pinching your nipples until they are rock hard, you can feel his cock between your ass cheeks as you grind into him. He reaches one of his hand down to your pants, and with the other hand he turns your neck, and begins to kiss you, hot long passionate kisses. He begins to unbuckle your pants while your kissing. You lean into him further, he is practically holding you up, while your kissing. You are his, just like he said, you cant wait till he feels your pussy. You can't wait to get your hands on his cock. He unbuckles your pants, and takes the zipper down the whole way. " Take your pants off for me". You continue to kiss him, but you close your legs, and step out of your pants and panties. "spread your legs again". You do as your told, with one hand he begins to rub the out side of your crotch, he isnt touching your pussy, but he is rubbing all around it, with the other hand he goes back to your breasts rubbing and pinching. You lean your head back on his shoulder, he is rubbing your inner thigh now, but he isn't touching your pussy yet, your wet and all you want is to feel his fingers inside you. "Do you want me to touch your pussy Sarah?" You nod your head yes. "I want you to tell me Sarah, tell me what you want me to do". You finally speak " Rub my pussy Mike, Please fuck me with your fingers".

He practically rips your shirt off, and spins you around, pushes you up against the wall, and takes both your hands, and puts them above your head. Your completely naked, and he is fully clothed. He begins to kiss you forcefully now, you can feel his body pushing against you. He has a firm grip on both of your hands with his right hand, you can''t move them at all. He is pressing into you, it feels like he could push you thru the wall. "Spread your legs Mz Palin". You do as your told. He begins to gently rub your pussy with his left hand, still pushing against you with his body. He begins to suck on your tits, while gently rubbing you up and down the entire length of your pussy, He keeps flicking your clit with his thumb, all you can think about now is your orgasm, you will do anything for it. Finally he begins to finger your pussy, slowly at first then faster, faster, he pulls his hand out and rubs your clit faster, and faster, fucks you with his hand harder and harder. Your feel your legs start to give out. You give in, you begin to fuck his hand back, you let your legs go limp, he is practically holding you up, by pressing against you. You fuck, he rubs, he fingers you in and out, faster, faster, faster.

You finally get your senses back a little bit, he leans into you and whispers. " Do you want to suck my dick Sarah?" You've never heard that question before, but you can't believe your head is actually nodding yes. " I want you to say it, I want you to tell me you want my dick in your mouth". You speak " Can I please suck your dick Officer Logan?". He smiles at you. " Get on your knees". You do as your told. Your now at eye level with this gorgeous policemans crotch. You look up at him, and wait for your instructions. "Unzip my pants Sarah and take my cock out." You do as your told. As you start to drop his pants down, he steps out of them, along with his underwear, now your in control... or so you think. He grabs his erect penis and steps towards you, so your head is up against the wall "Suck my dick Sarah". You do as your told, you close your eyes, and put his big hard cock in your mouth, its warm, and you can actually taste his precum on your tounge, you lick, you suck, you take it deep in your mouth as far as you can, you try to deep throat it, you take it out of your mouth, and rub it on your lips. He caresses your hair as you suck on his big cock.

You look up at him, and he is just looking down at you with a big smile on his face. He takes his dick out of your mouth. He reaches down with his hand and takes his forefinger and pulls his dick up so its practically touching his belly button. Your now looking at his balls, you know what he wants but your not sure if you want to do it. He grabs the back of your head, and gently pushes your head forward into his balls. As you approach, you open your mouth, and take his testicle into your mouth. You begin to lick and suck on his balls. He releases his cock, you can feel it on your face now, his big dick is in your face, while your sucking on his balls. It feels so warm, its wet, and its rock hard, and you can actually feel it pulsing. He begins to caress your hair again, this time though, he takes your hair clip out and lets your hair down. He grabs a big handful of your hair and begins to push you back and forth on his balls. You were hoping to fuck this big dick, but you can feel the tension in his cock, and his balls, this man is going to blow his load soon. He takes your hand and places it on his dick,. You begin to jerk him off while your sucking on his balls. He is moaning, and hips are starting to buck back and forth, he is fucking your hand. while you please him with your mouth. "I'm going to cum in your face Sarah". You really aren't even listening, but if you heard that correctly, that isn't something you want to do. "I want you to tell me you want my cum in your face Sarah". This man is so hot, you want to please him, but you also want to ride that big cock. You decide what the hell. " I want to feel your cum all over my face Officer Logan", before you can even get out the last words out, he pulls his cock back and aims the tip at your face. It's huge, its pulsing, and it lets go, you feel his warm sperm all over your face, but thankfully most of it goes on your glasses, that is something you never thought you would experience, but you did. Officer Mike Logan has just givin you a facial.

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bunch of bull shit !!!!!!

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Very HOT story, I loved it!

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