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"You know, for your first time over here, you sure are ballsy huh?" He looked at me with a wide grin and said "Just get in the damn shower with me."

It was Sunday morning. I had thrown a kick-back the previous night and even better I even got to suck off O'Rion. He had already left but not before we got a chance to fool around in the shower. :) I laid on my bed wondering if he'd ever do it again. I could have sworn the girl he was standing with at lunch last week was his girlfriend. He doesn't even come off as gay. But hell, who's complaining? More importantly, did he catch on when I said 'There's a guy coming to the party that I really like'..? 'Whatever' I thought. I rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

School the next day was boring. I was falling asleep in 3rd period Government when Delilah came over and sat behind me.

"Did you get a chance to taste the rainbow??"
"Huh? Rainbow? Skittles? I have some in my locker if you want some..."
"Let's try this again. Did you and O'Rion fool around after I left?"
"How the hell do you dub him as a rainbow? Anyway.. Maybe. What do you think?"
"He's been walking around all morning with a confused look on his face and his girlfriend was yelling at him out by the flag pole earlier."
"No way? Maybe I should talk to him later on?"
"Want me to come?"
"No... wait.. Yeah. I don't wanna have to knock him out if he has a meltdown or something."
"Sonny you're such a delightfully silly bitch."

What that she slapped me in the back of my head and went back to her seat. I whipped out my cell phone and started tapping out a message.

"Dude.. we uhm.. need to talk huh."

The bell rang and I shut my textbook and binder and stuffed them in my backpack and proceeded to head to the other side of school (and i mean, CLEAR across the campus). I walked out of the classroom and there he was. I smiled at him and he looked down and walked away. Then some jock bumped into me and I went tumbling right into some lockers. I quickly got up and rushed to my next class. I couldn't think straight.

2nd lunch rolled around. I was sitting at a table under the gazebo outside in the patio nibbling at a plate of taco salad with my friends.

Me - "Guys?"
Milla - "Huh?"
Me - "what do you do when you kinda fool around with a guy, but then he blows you off the next day?"
Kyshaa - " Oohhh! I'm telling yo mama! Haha just kidding.. But really.. You got some? Good for you!"
Me - "Well?"
Delilah - "You tell that motherfucker to get over his.. or her.. shit and come out with it."

Just at that moment I focused on O'Rion across the patio leaning on the wall with that chick he was standing with earlier. Wait.. wait.. Noooo! A sloppy ass kiss! That WAS his girlfriend! I couldn't take that blow to the head. I got up from the table and told them I'd be back. I left my backpack and ran off to the nearest bathroom. I tried to cry but I couldn't muster up to crying in the bathroom. I mean, it's not that I wasn't devastated, it was just my luck that I'd run to the stall that wasn't flushed. That right there could make the Devil himself cry. But hey, only at Park High.

I pulled my shit together and walked back to the patio and sat back down at the table. I put my head on the table and with a growl I managed to say, "L o o k.. By the snack machines.. Is that what the fuck i think it is?" They all turned around and saw what I saw. O'Rion was rubbing all over his girlfriends boobs and grinding on her. They look back at me and stayed quiet.

The bell rang so we all got up and went our separate ways. I was trying to make 5th period Health go by as slow as possible by trying to count all the tiles in the ceiling. My pocket vibrated. 'Crap, I was on 79!' I thought. It was O'Rion..

"Hey I got your text earlier"
"Dont talk 2 me next period"
"..... Fine, I didn't feel much like talking anyway"
"You're still a fucking faggot. That's all ur ever gonna be."
":( I'm telling you're fat ass bitch you cheated on her with a guy"
"Cant prove it."

I sat there for a moment. And then another moment. Then it hit me.... His boxers were still at my house on the bathroom floor. I hit the reply button.

"Oh really? I have your underwear stupid."
"Bring it. :)"

With that I turned my phone off and put it on my backpack. I took my earrings and lip rings out. He royally pissed me off. It was so bad i was shaking. If he wasn't gonna hit me, I'd hit him first. I took my pig tails out and pulled my hair into a ponytail and got ready to change into my basketball shorts I brought with me for band practice. I got up and the bell rang so I jogged to the bathroom in the english wing and quickly changed. I stopped by my locker and put my backpack inside. I was about to explode with fury by the time I got to the office.

There he was sitting in the office when I leaped over the counter and... and.. I blacked out. When I came to, I realized I was sitting in the principals office with O'Rion. I looked over at him. His bottom lip was busted and his nose was dribbling bloody snot. Oh my god, he even had a black eye along with a bunch of scratches all over his neck and face! My hands started burning.... Wait, I skinned my knuckles? Where's the fucking love?? I had to say something.

"O'Rion? I'm so sorry.." (On the verge of crying)
"Whatever. I deserved it"
"What happened??"
"You went ape shit and jumped on me...."
"What? No way."

He stayed quiet. I looked over at the principal and he smiled at us. He told me that what I did was wrong so I'd be placed in in-house suspension. Same for O'Rion for "Bullying" me. 1 week. I got up and snatched the papers out of the principal's hand and left the office. I was almost to my car when O'Rion shouted my name and called for me to wait for him. He was limping across the parking lot and stopped. I met him halfway and looked into his sexy ass eyes.

"Sonny. Can you come with me to get my bag out of my locker?"
"Oh so NOW you wanna be cool with me. You know what, I'll go with you.. but only because I need to get my shit too."

He half-smiled and we went back inside of the school. I felt bad that I'd fucked him up so bad. We stopped by his locker first, then mine. Then we stopped my the nurses office so he could get cleaned up. After that we went out to the parking lot and I walked to my car. He got in with me.

"Excuse me, uhm.. Yeah, Hi. What are you doing?
"You're giving me a ride home.."
"Get out of here with that bullshit. Why are you trying to be all buddy-buddy? (getting mad again) You fucking bastard. You used me.. And you have a girlfriend? What the hell!"
"Calm down! I'm sorry.. I knew you were talking about me last night. I just.."
"You just w h a t??"
"Wanted to uhmm. See if you'd suck my cock."
"you owe me.. jerk."

He hooked his thumbs in the waistband in my shorts and pulled them down a little bit. He leaned over and took my soft cock in his mouth. I relaxed instantly and let out a loud moan. He smiled up at me and started stroking it. It got hard to it's full 7 inches before he started again. He licked around the base and the the shaft, and the swallowed the whole thing. I groaned as he started bobbing his head. The warm spit was running down my dick and his tongue was swirling around the slit. It wasn't even 10 minutes before I grunted and shot a huge load down his throat. He looked so fucking sexy swallowing it all. He went in for a kiss but I pushed him back.


He looked down again and got out slowly. He slammed my door and stormed off. I turned on the hip-hop station and drove off campus. When I pulled up to a red-light, I reached my my bag for my phone and pulled it out. I turned it on. 2 texts from him. I tossed it on the dashboard and went on about my business. Fuck him...

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Damn That Was Good Story Fuck What They Say This Story IS THE REALIST SHIT I EVER READ!!!!!! Better than any other of this FAKE ASS SHIT

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Okay, but get 'em to make up and be friends and then to really make out with each other. Have O'Rion feel horrible and apologize and dump his bitch and Sonny be all tough about forgiving him but he does in the end and they have wild sex and love.

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