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“Fuck me, man-beast make me your bitch!”
Cindy stood about five-foot-five, with a voluptuous full figure, long red hair, and green eyes. She’s married, but it’s not a happy union. He husband drinks heavily, and often neglects her. Recently, Cindy discovered he was cheating on her. However, she tried her best to maintain a good home. Their house is located off the main road, at the edge of a forest, and there are no other houses around them for miles. If they chose too, they could literally walk around naked and no one would notice it.

Cindy loved walking through the forest near there home. It helped her relax, and think clearly. That day, she was walking down one of her favorite trails. On the right side of the path is a babbling brook, where many times, she has dangled her feet into its cooling waters, on the left was a heavily wooded area. She loved to explore the forest, but she dared no venture their when the sun is setting. The heavy grown of trees blocks the view of the path making it dark and mysterious.

That day, Cindy forgot about the time and had spent too much time in the meadow. It was close to sundown when she started back down the trail towards home. She tried to hurry as the light was fading and shadows began to form on the pathway. With each step, goose-bumps appeared on her skin and she felt frightened. As she listened, all she could hear was the calming noises of the brook. The sound was reassuring to her.

When she entered the thickest part of the wood, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and Cindy stopped dead in her tracks. It feels like someone was watching her.

She glanced around nervously and didn’t see anyone. All she could make out was the dim light at the end of the pathway. She shook her head and told herself that she’d been watching too many horror stories.

Cindy continued walking and was almost out of the woods when a hand came in contact with her shoulder as another one covered her eyes.

A deep, rough, scary, male-voice spoke, sending shivers down her spine. “Don’t Scream! I won’t hurt you!”

Before she could react, or speak, whoever had her in it grasp, repositioned her and clamped their lips down on hers. Cindy went week in these knees and trembled with fright. She dared not scream or move because whatever had her in its grip might really hurt her.

It removed its hand from her eyes and covered her mouth. After that she was turned around and pushed toward the direction she came from. It seems like it was directing her deeper into the woods. As they went into the forest, Cindy noticed there wasn’t any sound, except for the pounding of her heart echoing in her ears. She has no idea who had her, what they wanted or even if it’s a man or beast.

Cindy kept her eyes glued on the path in front of her, not daring to look back. She could faintly make out the image of a big tree that had fallen horizontally across the pathway. Cindy attempted to climb over it, when whoever had her, stopped her.

The rough, male-type voice then spoke calmly, and said, “I’m going to take my hand off of your mouth, I do not plan to hurt you so please don’t scream. I think you’re a gorgeous female, and have lusted for from a distance.”

Cindy let out her breath and relaxed a bit, after all it did say it was not going to hurt her. “What was he going to do?” The word, lust, intrigued her. God, it had been forever since someone said they thought she was gorgeous and wanted her. As her body trembled with desire, she leaned forward on the fallen limb for support, and she nodded yes in submission.

First, it removed the hand that was covering her mouth and used it to pull her skirt up over her back. Next, it ripped her panties, and opened her legs.

Cindy felt a finger go between the lips of her pussy from behind. It began to caress her, and then entered her vagina, and began to finger-fuck her deep and hard. The fingers felt like a man’s finger, except it was rougher and covered with hair. Oh God was it a man or a beast fucking her.

As the man-beast fondled Cindy it made no sounds at all. Her body began to respond and juices began running down Cindy’s thighs.

All of a sudden the finger was withdrawn and a large thick cock was placed against her vaginal orifice. The thing, grabbed her by the hips, and slowly pushed his member in a few inches. He waited for a moment then all of a sudden rammed it all the way in. It then began fucking her like a wild animal.

Cindy’s couldn’t stop her body from responding. With each thrust of his cock she becomes more aroused. Her hips started grinding into him as the vaginal muscles milked his dick as it pulsated hard against the walls of her pussy. Beads of sweat covered Cindy’s forehead, and she began shaking all over with an impending climax.

A low growl started deep within the man-beast’s throat as the speed of his cock increased inside her. All of a sudden his dick hit her cervix, Cindy held back a scream, and climaxed all over the cock impaled in her.

Afterwards, the man-beast rammed his cock all the way inside her, held it there. He then howled like a wolf, filling Cindy with pulsating jets of his hot sperm.

When he was finished the man-beast’s voice commanded, “You are divine as well as sexy, you may stand up now.”

Slowly Cindy attempted to stand up. When she did, a massive amount of his cum ran down her legs. Quickly she turned around expecting the voice to say something more, but nothing happens. She blinked her eyes anxiously trying to focus them, hoping to see who fucked her. As the images cleared, Cindy found herself in your own bed with her hubby sleeping next to her.

Cindy looked nervously around the room as she trembled from head to toe. When she saw no one else there, she giggled, and told herself it was just another one of her lewd dreams, and a hot one at that.

Afterwards, she then looked down at her body, and was surprised to find herself naked. Next, she examined her nipples; they were harder than she had ever seen them before. Cindy then spread her legs and examined her pussy. Damn, it was sopping wet. She ran a finger through the fluid, brought it to her lips, tasted it and began trembling all over. It was male cum.

Her eyes went wild as a million thoughts ran through her mind,
"Oooh God, it wasn’t a dream.”

Slowly, like a movie, her mind replayed the events. Cindy had gone deep into the woods to unwind and commune with nature in the buff. It was one of her fetishes, where she liked being naked outside, in a secluded area deep in the forest, where she could masturbate. She knew that no one would see her, except for the animals, or so Cindy thought.

Cindy slipped quietly out of bed, put on her robe and walked toward the deck, which was on the back side of their home.

After opening the door cautiously, Cindy walked out on to the deck. She then closed it carefully, so the sound wouldn’t awaken her husband. Cindy needed to be alone to think things through--- Oh hell, who was she kidding. As she envisioned the image of the mysterious man-beast fucking her, she was aroused again and wanted to masturbate again.

Cindy like the temptation of someone watching her, it turned her on more and made her cum harder. At that moment, she imagined the man-beast was observing her from the edge of the forest. Her legs were quivering as she sat down in one of the reclining lounge chairs.

Cindy opened her robe, looked around and then confessed. "Oooh my, I’ll just have to visit those woods again. I must try to find this mysterious man-beast who fucked me. I don’t know what it is about him that draws me to him, but I need and want him!”

As the cool night breeze caressed her nipples they began to tingle and swell. Cindy spread her legs, ran her fingers through the lips of her drenched pussy, brought them to her lips, and licked them, repeatedly. After that she slowly started rubbing her swollen clit. While one hand tantalized her pussy, the other one brought a nipple to her lips. Cindy loved playing with them; she sucked it in, and then bit it hard.

Cindy stopped for a moment, glanced around and purred, “Oooooh, I love playing with my hot cunt, it feels so good. I wish the man-beast was doing these things to me.”

All of a sudden, she thought she heard something. She quickly scanned the area again, and didn’t find any one there. Cindy figured it was just the wind, and resumed playing with her body, bringing herself closer to climax.

Again she imaged him fucking her. Cindy shoved all four fingers hard into her hot hole, bit her nipple hard and said, “Fuck me, man-beast make me your bitch!”

With her head back, and eyes closed, she moved her hips about in a wild fucking motion. Cindy then gasped for air, and shook all over as a climax surged through her.

When she gathered her composure, Cindy got up left her robe on and walked off the deck toward the edge of the woods. She looked around, dropped the garment and stood there quivering with anticipation, peering off into the forest. Maybe she was hoping to catch a glimpse of him.

She doesn’t hear the rustling of the leaves as the man-beast approached her.

When the man-beast neared the edge of the forest, his nostrils had detected her scent of arousal in the air. It tantalized every nerve in his body and made his dick throb with anticipation. He wasn’t sure why he was attracted to her, but he desperately wanted to fuck that human female again. When he looked around he saw her, standing there naked at the edge of his domain. .

He silently moved, closing the last few feet to where Cindy was. When she was within his reach, he grabbed her from behind. The man-beast held her by the hips, growled in her ear, and slid his beastly dick into her wanting pussy.

Cindy wasn’t frightened, because she knew it was the man-beast. She reached out and held on to the tree in front of her when she felt his cock enter her. With each thrust of his hot pulsating member, she began breathing harder. Fuck, no one had ever ravished her body like this before and she loved it.

The man-beast’s cock is longer and thicker than a human’s. It is a good ten inches when soft. As he fucks Cindy his dick grows to its full twelve inches. He started biting the back of her neck and growling as the fucking increased.

As they are locked in a passionate embrace, the two began to move in unison. It didn’t take Cindy long to climax again. He followed, howled, and pumped her full of his seed.

In the midnight air, steam arose in front of her and she could smell his essence. Cindy turned around to say something to him and he was gone.

The man-beast has approached Cindy, ravished her, and left without making a sound.

As she walked back towards the house, Cindy wondered where the man-beast had gone, and if she would ever see him again.

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