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He look her, and made her his bitch!
In the light of the moon, the man man-beast stood at the edge of the woods looking for Cindy. Her full figured, long red hair and seductive green eyes memorized him. He crept closer to the house and crouched under the window and looked around cautiously. After slowly raising himself up, he saw her. She seemed to be alone this time, no sign of her human male anywhere.

Cindy sighed heavily, slipped off her shoes, and hung up her coat. The house was quiet and she was the only one there. Her so-called husband was gone for the second night in a row. He told her he was working, but she knew better, because she’d seen him with another woman walking into a local pub. After that she battled with her feeling wondering whether to let him stay or force him to leave a divorce him. After all she needed a man she could count on.

Cindy, walked to the bedroom and didn’t bother to see if the curtains were still open. She then took off her skirt and blouse, laid them on the bed, and walked over to the full length mirror. She admired her body with its broad hips, full breast, and long flowing hair. The image she saw made her feel sexy as hell. Unlike those skinny bitches, Cindy had something to hold on to and curves just the way men liked them.

She turned and pranced around in her red sheer bra and lacy underwear. Red was her favorite color after all it seemed to arouse men more.

The man-beast watched, he knew Cindy’s routine very well. She would come home from work, strip, and frolic in front of the mirror. After that she’d take a bath often masturbating while in the tub. Other times she would masturbate on the bed, and then took a bath.

The last time he watched her it was late at night. Cindy was sitting in a chair on the back deck, naked, fucking her cunt, sucking her nipples, and talking dirty. Oh, how he loved that. He would have even snuck on to the porch and fucked her like she a real man fucks a woman. Hard and deep unleashing the beast within, after that he’d slithered off into the shadows before she could really see who he was. Mainly because he thought the sight of his grotesque body would frighten her.

He continued watching her undress, “Oh fuck,” he growled, as her big breasts, hardened nipples and pussy came into view. He closed his eyes, envisioned himself kneeling between those beautiful thighs, eating every inch of her pussy. As a long tongue would explore its inner folds as fingers tantalized her clit. Then when she was about to climax, the beast would slide his dick inside her, making Cindy his bitch. His cock throbbed, and slipped out of its furry sheath.

He paused and told himself, “Be patient, the time is not right yet.”

The man-beast then slipped slowly on to the back porch being careful not to make a sound as he crept toward the door. He checked the backdoor, after finding it unlocked, opened it carefully and slowly slipped inside. He paused while holding his breath making sure Cindy did not hear him. The man-beast then cautiously walked toward the light at the end of the hall, her bedroom.

The floorboard creaked and he froze, surely she’d heard him. After waiting what seemed like an eternity, he noticed that Cindy must not of because she didn’t look out the bedroom door. When he was certain he was safe, the man-beast continued walking toward her room. As he neared the area he noticed the door was open about half way.

In the light of the room, he saw Cindy. She was still standing in front of the mirror. He noticed a delicate tattoo of a butterfly on her right breast. As his eyes ogled downward, he saw the image of a small red rose, just above her naval.

The man-beast then gasped when she spread her legs and examined her pussy. He watched her, as she frolicked about masturbating. It looked like she was giving him a private show of his own. If only she knew, how much he wanted her. The though of fucking Cindy repeatedly cause his dick to throb more.

The man-beast watched Cindy climb on to the bed and lay down spread eagle. She begin rolling and pinching her swollen nipples between her thumb and forefinger. After that she brought a nipple to her mouth, flicking it, and then sucking it between her lips, moaning softly.

He began stroking his dick when he observed her other hand sliding between the fold of her pussy. When she found the sensitive clit and began rubbing it feverously the man-beast got week in the knees and sweat formed across his brown.

Oh God he wanted to shout, “That’s it my sweet bitch, get that cunt nice and wet for me so I can fuck you!” He held back and continued to masturbate and ogled Cindy.

She inserted two fingers inside the hole and began finger-fucking herself. Her fucking rhythm increased when her other hand started rubbing her clit hard and fast. Cindy closed her eyes and threw her head back and moved her hips wildly.

“Oh man-beast fuck me hard, yesssss, deeper! Make me your bitch!”

Cindy’s climax hit her like a fast moving freight train exploding all over her fingers. After that she bought them to her mouth, and began licking the sweet nectar from them.

The man-beast then told himself it was time. He walked over to the bed pausing only to admire her beautiful body. Her nipples were standing out like hard bullets and her pussy slick and ready for fucking. The man-beast climbed on to the bed pouncing on her like unsuspecting prey.

“Don’t scream, Cindy. My precious, I am not here to hurt you. I want to fuck you and make you my bitch.”

Cindy shock with fear as her emerald-green eyes flew open in horror. She tried to scream, but couldn’t force the words out. She tired to fight, but his body held her firmly to the bed. So she just laid there at the mercy of the man-beast. Cindy then she felt the man-beast’s finger slide inside her vagina slowly fucking her in and out, deep and hard.

At first, she was too afraid to move. However, slowly she began to feel aroused, more then ever. Cindy forced herself to look into his eyes. What she saw was their piercing blue color looking into hers. They seemed to calm her troubled spirit and she didn’t fight him anymore. Instead began moving her hips in rhythm of his finger.

She then squealed, “Fuck me, man-beast make me your bitch.”

The man-beast withdrew his finger and replaced it with his dick. At first it felt like it might rip her apart. The man-beast was surprisingly gentle pushing his dick in a couple of inches at a time, and waiting for her to adjust before going deeper. Once his cock was all the way inside Cindy he kissed her hard. He then begin fucking her harder and deeper with each thrust, pulling his dick all the way out then ramming it all the way in repeatedly.

Cindy wrapped her legs around the man-beast pulling his dick as deep as it could go inside her. She met his rhythm feeling his dick pulsating hard again the walls of her pussy. Cindy began to climax, starting at her head, with the spread of it increasing as it over took her.

A low moan started deep within the man-beast’s throat and the speed of his cock inside her increased. He then stopped paused for a moment looking into her eyes lovingly, and pushed his cock all the way inside her holding it there. Its pulsating jets of hot sperm spewed deep inside her.

When the beast’s cum hit her cervix, she screamed climaxing again all over the cock impaled in her.

They lay there for a moment until his cock slid from her pussy. Then he spoke, “You are my bitch now. Let me see that pussy of yours.”

Cindy watched as the man-beast moved between her legs. She was awed as his gentleness. When he parted her swollen lips and brought his face to her pussy and sniffed, she quivered. After that he ran his tongue the length of her pussy lips and inside her vagina. Then like a wild animal, he tongue fucked her hole as his fingers rubbed her clit devouring her pussy, tasting their mixed juices.

The man-beast loved the taste of Cindy’s pussy and it was always his duty to clean his bitch after fucking her. That way the other males in his clan; could not attack and fuck her. After finishing he moved up to her mouth, took his limp tool in his hand, and rubbed his juices all over her lips.

Cindy loved licking and cleaning a man’s dick when he was done fucking her. She did it now to reassure the man-beast that she was his bitch now. She opened her mouth and begins licking and cleaning the shaft. All her oral attentions made his dick become hard once more.

The man-beast threw his head back and howled. “You are mine now, I want to fuck you again! “

Her green-eye met his and she purred, “Take me, I am yours.”

The man-beast moved between her legs and slid his dick inside her hot pussy again. Making love to her and unleashing all the passion within him.

He put each of her legs atop his shoulder and shoved his dick deep inside her once more. The man-beast fucking her deep as his free hand massaged her clit again.

He gasped when Cindy leaned down and sucked in a nipple. Then he leaned forward, and sucked in the other one. When he saw her bite and chew her nipple, he did the same. Then he began to shake all over, rammed his dick deep inside her filling her once again with his semen.

When he looked into her face, Cindy told him to bite her nipple, harder this time. So he did. She screamed and shock from head to toe with another earth-shattering climax.

Cindy then pulled his face up to meet hers and kissed him deep letting go of all the passion within her. In her mind, she knew she had found what she has been searching for all her life. She would be his bitch until she drew in her last breath.

He dismounted her and they lay down next to her. They snuggled in each others arms, listening to the beating of their hearts, slowing beating in unison as one.

Silently, he leaned down and kissed her. He then spoke to her, “Oh my precious bitch, you excite me beyond words! Let me take you home with me and make you mine forever!”

Cindy looked into his loving eyes and said, “When do we leave master? I am yours forever now.”

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2012-11-22 10:48:03
Let your creativity flow. Your life has been thourgh upheavals and tragedy. However, God is doing a new thing. I like that you posted your title as "Changes." Change is hard, so use your blog as an outlet as God guides you into this new chapter of life. Praying for you, sweet Cindy. ((((Cindy))))

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2011-11-19 01:36:33
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