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I'm a brunette, stand about 5'4”, size D tits, and a nice ass. Goin' to the bar tonight. Got all dressed up to go out with my girls. I wore my hair down, straight, black cowboy hat. Makeup awesome! Black and white eyeshadow, crimson lips and nails, and dark blush on my cheeks. My top *giggles A red and black leather corset, silver and black laces up the front, the choker is red with chains looping from it. Red leather shorts that makes my ass cheeks hang out a little. I put on my black leather chaps and biker boots just to complete the ensemble. Yeah I'm looking pretty fucking HOTT!!!!

Me and my wing girls arrive at the bar. We gotta make the rounds because a lot of people know us. Got a few free drinks out of em. Me and my girls go to our spot and scope out the dance floor. “Sigh, no one really out there.” I flop down in a chair, throw my boots on the table, and turn up my beer. *Sigh Really?

Talking to my girls an we decided to play a game of pool. My right wing girl racks em up, I break. I lean down to position myself and my stick and a guy catches my eye. Needless to say my breaks goes to shit, the cue ball shoots across the room and hits some guy in the head. The poor guy that got hit wasn't happy and I didn't care. I tell my girls I'm going scouting and toss my other wing girl my stick.

I strut over to the bar, “I need another one.” Bartender hands me a fresh beer and I turn, lean against the bar, and look for him. I spot him at the card table, flipping cards. “Damn....” I lick my lips and my eyes glaze over. He has a sly look on his face with a small smirk. Sexy. He is wearing gold rimmed glasses. Hmmm..... Yeah thats long hair in that pony tail. He shakes hands with his opponent, gets up, and takes his hair down. Oh my Gods his hair is beautiful. If I could touch it I know it would be so soft. He walks toward the bar. His posture, his stride so sexy. His frame is perfect, shoulders are broad, chest is wide. Mmm I bet there is hair sprinkled on that chest. His hips, yeah those would fit perfect. I could see my nails raking down his stomach. I whisper, “Mine.”

As if he just heard what I said he turned and looked at me. Unlike most men he looked at my head first, then all the way down and back up. I smile at him... sheepish.... WTF?? Me sheepish? Oh Gods. I had drained two bottles watching him, now this one was almost gone. I hold it up and look disappointed. He grins and walks over to the bar and says, “A beer for the cowgirl biker and one for me.”

We got our bottles and I clanged mine against his, “Thanks YOU.”

“You're welcome Miss.”

“How was the card game?”

“Got a good deck. It won.”

“Congratulations then. Win anything?”

“No, played just for fun. Was a good game. Guy had a good deck.”

“That's good. Do you want to dance with a cowgirl biker chick?” I laughed.

“Sure. Why not?”

“Okay, Hang on. Gotta request a song.”

I walk over to the DJ and tell him the song I want him to play. Good thing us girls come to this bar a lot!

Bob Seger, “Her Strut” belts out over the sound system. *Get your groove on girl, I say to myself. My strut back to him is even more pronounced..... sexy. Shaking my hips side to side. My whole body moving. I get to him and hold out my hand to lead him to the dance floor. I grab his hand and do a little twill, putting my back against his and leading him to the dance floor because thats where I want him..... for ALL to see with me. I pull him close against my back and grind my ass against his crotch. He grabs my hips and grinds harder. My hands go up into his hair... yes it is soft. I grab his hands and move them on my body while my body dances to the bluesy rhythm. He has fun exploring. His hands move up my sides caressing me through the red leather. He cups my breasts and pulls me flat against him. I moan, but I had to move his hands. Had to make him work for it.... Well a little. The sneak! He just roamed his hand downward on either side of my pussy, but not touching my pussy, massaging... squeezing. Damn he's good. The song ends. I turn to him my hand brushes down his face, “Wanna play pool?”

“Sure I will play a few games.”

*Well I have him at least for a few games. “Okay. You win I buy drinks. I win you buy the drinks.”

“Okay that sounds pretty fair,” he says eyes twinkling.

*What is he up to? We lay a couple of rounds. I end up buying a round. Testing the waters to see just how good he is. I distract him by dancing when a good song comes on. *Won that one. Sanatna comes on, “Into The Night.” The salsey rhythm making my hips jerk. I go over to him, my hands go down his back, my crotch against him going side to side. He missed the shot.

“Oh well my turn.” I giggle. I quit just as quick as I started.

“Hey that wasn't very fair.”

“But you like it.”

Someone yells at me, “Hey you gonna do that chair dance?”

“I don't know. I might.” I say.

They walk off but he looks curious. “What's a chair dance?”

“A lap dance without the lap. See no one in here has been so fortunate to get a lap dance, but they watch the chair dance. They finally gave u asking. I save those dances.”

“Save those dances? For who?”

“For someone I feel enough connection with to do them.”

“Hmm. Well since no one can get a lap dance by asking, let's bet on it. If I win I get a dance, If you win you get one.”

*Do I really want to do this? Yes would love to get a lap dance by this sexy man, but can the energy flow from me to him if I give him one? I am in a dilemma. “Well of. But I'm winning.”

We rack em up. I break. Drop two solids. He's stripes. My next shot is difficult. Shit I missed.

“Looks like I'm up.” He gets up and starts to shoot, “No touchy.”

*Well there goes the girly aspect of winning. He sinks 4 balls. *Ok when did he get this good?? He looks at me with a glimmer in his eye. *He's been holding back. Time to step up my game. I look at the table. He still has one good shot left... and makes it. That leaves two more plus the 8. My mouth drops. I look at him, “ Are you gonna run the table on me?”

A laugh like I have never heard before comes from him. That laugh is so beautiful, full of joy. “I may,” he says.

“I don't know, 12 and 13 looks pretty hard to get.”

“Hard. Not impossible.” He looks so smug.

*Okay gonna lose this round. Gotta give him a lap dance. I come to realize it doesn't bother me. Any other guy could ask and I would flat out say no. But this one here.... Yeah I'll do it with as much grace and style as I can.

He goes for 13, sitting next to his left handed far corner pocket, 8 ball in front of it. He positions himself and takes aim. The cue ball bounces from the left, against the right and touch the 13 enough to sink it. Now for the 12... all the way back down the table, straight shot. *Okay now I'm thinking about giving this man a lap dance. My hips griding against his. His hands on my back, my tits in his face. Mmmm He sinks the 12. Now all he has the the 8, but its in the middle of the table. Best he can do is block me. He tries for it but misses.

“Well you almost got me... ALMOST.” I get into position but can not think clear enough to pull off the shot, and give him a complete clear shot. He wins.

“Well I won time for my lap dance.”

“You know I ave never given an actual lap dance like this.”

“First time for everything. Besides it will be like the chair dance but with a lap.”

I pull the chair onto the dance floor. Might as well have everyone watch. I sit him down and go talk to the DJ.

The Black Keys “Howlin' For You” starts to play. I move and shake toward him, then get down on my hands and knees and crawl to him. “Baby I'm howlin' for you.....” I throw my head back and howl like a wolf right in front of him. I climb up on his lap and start griding against him.

“Can I touch?”

“Please do.” I squeak.

I grab his head and rub it between my tits. He leans back and pushes up making me grind more. I can feel my juices running down my inner thigh and smell my scent.

He wraps his arms around me, grabs the back of my neck and whispers, “something smells good,” and growls.

“I want you. NOW.”

He tries to get up and I push him down. “The crotch snaps. If we are sly we can get away with it.” Yeah right with about 20 people watching. I didn't want him to move. I didn't want to move. I ave never wanted anyone this bad. “One handed. You have to take it out one handed, through the zipper.”

“I don't......”

“Please. Now.” I stand up on the side braces of the chair, just hovering over him but still moving. I feel him rip open the crotch. He grabs me and positions himself. I grab his shoulders and go down hard, cumming at once. An orgasm rocking me like never before. His cock fills me up. My pussy is twitching with sheer pleasure. I start moving again to the music. He pushes against me drawing himself in more. I can feel his cock twitching inside of me.

“I'm gonna cum.”

“Good cum in me cause I'm cumming again.”

He wraps his left arm against my waist, his left he puts around my back, grabbing my shoulder. He pulls me down over and over. I want to scream out but can't. I bite his neck instead. Moaning. I hear “Oh God.” We had went through three songs so it was about time for me to be done giving a lap dance. I didn't want it to stop. He slams against me a final time and hold me tight. His cock still in me, in a bar, in the middle of a dance floor, and he holds me. This man is amazing. I lift up just enough so he a put his cock away for no one to see then we get up.

“You up for another game of pool?” I ask.

“Haven't you already lost one game?”

“Yes, but I want one more game. Stakes higher.”

“What are the stakes?”

“I win I get to take you home with me.”

“If I win?”

My girls chime up, “You go home with us.”

He ponders for a moment. Either way he would win but what would he choose?

“Okay. We'll lay one last game.”

I rack. He breaks. He gets solids. He starts sinking the balls. He sinks two and scratches on the other. I look at the table and most of my balls are in perfect position. I look at him.

“Ooops. I missed.” A little smirk across his face.

I just smile at him and start sinks my stripes, finally the 8 ball.
“Looks like I win this round.”

“Sure does. I'm a one girl kind of guy,” and he winks.

Throw my arms around him and kiss him. We walk out the door hand in hand. *Good thing I don't live far.....

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