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This is a sequel to "My supply teacher", though its not neccessary to read that before, though it helps. Enjoy and plz leave a rating

Introduction: My name is Mark Anderson, and I am in a situation. Now, you would probably be thinking, so fucking what? The World’s tough, man, deal with it. I am not arrogant enough to believe that mine is the worst a man could have, but to me, it is a pretty big deal, my situation, because it involves a girl. My Girl. My Soul-mate kind of girl. Codi.

Codi is my classmate. She came here roughly about two months ago, having been transferred from another school, reasons why I still don’t know. Yet, she had changed my life, in events that I have already talked about. At the end of that day, all you need to know is this. She pretty much hates me, and I am in love with her. Nice combination, eh? So, I guess I should carry on my story, a journey spanning over many years, but now beginning the Monday after Lucy Ellen’s (My Supply Teacher) Departure.



True kindness lies in helping those who do not ask for it


Damn, I thought, as my arm reached over and slammed the alarm clock. With a groan, I pulled myself from bed and made the journey to the bathroom, hitting into random obstacles that was spewed across the floor along the way. I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic about the day, a Monday, and the first time I would be back in school, since…Miss Ellen.

Shaking my thoughts, I looked into the mirror as I brushed my teeth, trying to find something to distract me, but all I saw was my own sad eyes and that pissed me off. I have to be the most pathetic man in the world to have fallen this in love with that damn woman. Her with her arrogance, her stupidity, her red hair, her beautiful eyes, her…

“Dammit” I said to myself. I find myself unable to hate her for long, as my feelings always come rushing back. I can’t help but think about it. Why have I fallen this far? I mumbled in silence leaving myself to my thoughts until, with effort, I wrenched my thoughts away. Thinking that a nice shower would return me back to normal, I removed my boxers. Of course, like almost every other guy, before getting into the shower, I checked out my body in the mirror. My recent workout seems to have worked, as I had a decent body shape, big pecs, and reasonably large arms. No six pack, but then, I was never fussed about that. I had gone through a sudden growth spurt, gaining an inch in height, making it 6”2, and combined with my workout, I had became a lot broader too. Giving myself a smile, proud of my change, I took my shower, during which I found that I had to let off some steam, as my cock was rock hard since I woke up, especially with the dreams I’ve been having lately. I noted that my dick also seems to have increased in circumference (or maybe it was just me), and combining that with a 9” length, I was definitely lucky with my genetics.

Unfortunately, I lost track of time and realised that I only had 10 minutes before the bell. Using a few of my more colourful swear words, I got dressed in a blur, casual shirt and trousers, raced downstairs, grabbing some toast on my way through the kitchen, and was out of the door before my parents starting their favourite lecture again, with the ‘Effort’ word. I always jog to my school, which normally takes me 8 minutes, but today, I was distracted. Not just about Codi, but about my parents and their rants. My mum and dad are nagging me constantly, to do better. They were especially furious with my science test, but to be honest, a low B is good, right? But NOOOOO, to my parents, I had to get A* or A. Seriously, what the fuck?

Arriving at the gates slightly after the bell rang; I raced to my English class, trying not to think about how Lucy will not be there. With a hurried apology to the teacher, I went to my seat, getting my books out, trying to not look at the empty seat next to me where Codi used to seat, or to where Codi sits now. I had no intention of letting her see how I much I… (Just say it!!!)…love her. I just wanted this lesson over so I could go to our school gym. The lesson passed incredibly slowly for me, for it was just reading and analysing, and throughout the ordeal, my eyes kept trying to pull my head round to where Codi was, but my pride was not allowing it. Fortunately, the teacher helped me by splitting the class into groups of 6 for a discussion, and guess who was in my group?

I looked at Codi with the corner of my eye, being sneaky about it, not wanting to let her see, and I wish I could show you how beautiful she is. She was hot enough to melt ice 25ft away from her. She was around 5”8, not too thin figure, with huge, perky tits that stuck out of her chest. With her flat abs and a firm, curvy ass, it would drive any man insane, for she was the ultimate girl. Right now, I could only see her face, which for me was her best feature. She was astoundingly, insanely, incredibly, gorgeous and even though she was clearly looking at me with dislike, it somehow made her look even more beautiful. Aside from a few glances, you would have thought that she couldn’t see me. She was determined to ignore me, and that’s when I lost my patience. Why was she mad at me? I’m pretty sure that I had done nothing wrong, that I didn’t deserve this, yet she’s acting like I cheated on her or something.

As the bell rang, and I made my way to the canteen, I made my decision. The next time I saw her, alone, I am going to face her, speak to her. I am going to solve this problem myself. It took two weeks for that time. It was during lunch, when I was walking down the hallway in the science block, and saw her further down. Not wanting to give myself the chance of backing away, I rushed up to her, passed her and blocked her path.

“Codi, what’s going on?” I asked. “Why do you so pissed at me?”

“Get out of my way, Mark”, she replied, a cold tone to her voice that shocked me to my core. What had happened to her? What happened to the girl I first met?

I was stunned, and she knew that she had hurt me. But when I didn’t move, that didn’t stop her.

“MOVE NOW!!!!!!” she screamed, with anger and something else I couldn’t identify in her voice, and shoved me, forcing me to take a step back, but no more. I could see she was holding back tears, and that’s what gave me hope that this could be fixed. I had to deal with this now.

“No, I am not going to move.” I said, taking a firm stance. “Not until we sort this out, Codi.”

We stared at each other, my black eyes meeting her brown, before I saw a flash of anger, and she slapped me, the sound echoing across the hallway.

The shock I felt before was nothing to this. My cheek was burning, and I said nothing. I turned to look at her, and I felt my anger rise. I did not deserve that. After what seemed like a vast void of me and her staring at each other, my hand came up and slapped her back, though not as hard as I could have. Something within me didn’t allow me to.

We stared at each other, the anger between us seemingly causing the air between us to shimmer. Nothing else was needed to be said, and I knew that whatever that had been between us was gone. Then, we both turned and walked away. I ignored the wetness of the eyes, simply saying to myself, Problem Solved.

Again, it seems that Codi was changing my life even then, for later that day, me still furious at Codi (though its more likely that I was angry with myself) when I came across Kyle and Frazer, the local senior year skinheads that intimidate everyone in this school. I had a few clashes with them across the years, but Kyle started hunting me down after I heard from his girlfriend that he had a small dick. When everyone found out, he naturally thought it was me that had spread the truth and had tried to get me during the past month. Before I could turn the other way, they had me surrounded. Normally, their 6”5 height and size would have intimidated me, but not today.

“Well, look at this Dork. Who slapped you, Mark?” Kyle sniggered, while Fraser ripped my bag off my back. “I can’t have someone else hitting my punchbag, eh?”

I barely saw the blow Kyle landed to my stomach that sent me sprawling to the floor. I heard Frazer telling me to hand over my money, before things get really violent. With a grunt, I slowly pushed myself up, and looked straight at them, deciding in that moment, that I was going to fight back.

I could see that I was scaring them. Whether it was the fire in my eyes, my calm, relaxed pose or my ruthless smile. Whatever it was, they never saw my first blow coming.

I ran towards Kyle and smashed my fist into his stomach, my gained momentum making the hit even stronger. Kyle retched as he felt the blow, by which time; I had already circled around Fraser, and hit the back of his leg with my foot. He landed on his knee hard, which allowed me to slam my knee into his head. With a growl, Kyle came back up and swung a fist to my stomach, I moved to intercept it, but I realised too late that he was feinting, and he used my miscalculation to slam his fist into my jaw. I ignored the pain, and countered his next punch, grabbing his wrist, twisting his body round, and punching his back with my knuckles, following it up with a roundhouse kick aimed at the stunned Fraser who was trying to hit me from behind. Kyle threw a flurry of punches, in pure fury and managed to land a punch to my chest which sent me flying backwards and skidding across the floor.

Wheezing, struggling to breathe, I forced myself to get up. I stared at Kyle and Fraser, knowing this wasn’t over. I had fought back, and they’re not going to stop till bones are broken. I ignored the blood from my mouth, steeling myself for the inevitable clash. There was a twisted smile on Kyle and Fraser’s face, one that was reflected in my own, for you never feel as alive as you do when you’re in a fight. A creak of floorboard. A ticking of the clock. A moment of silence. Then, with a roar, we rushed at each other, to settle this feud once and for all.


Naturally, my parents weren’t pleased. I had arrived home with a badly bleeding jaw, and a weird feeling in my left forearm. They almost had a heart attack when I told them I was excluded for a week, not even caring about the fact I was injured. The torn shirt didn’t help; neither did my explanations of why I fought them. Kyle had moved to another school, most likely to escape the humiliation that he would get if he stayed. Ultimately, it ended up with me getting grounded for 2 weeks. Despite that, I felt proud of myself, and knew that working out was a good choice, so during the excluded week, I was in my room, doing push-ups, press-ups, using 20kg dumbbells. By the following Monday, my clothes were fitting me better, and I was filled with new confidence.

I felt the difference as soon as I walked into school. The popular guys giving me a nod, girls whispering around me, even Fraser giving me a handshake. I could have denied his truce, but he fought well, therefore we respected each other. I became well-liked by everyone, even the geeks/ nerds, as I put fear into their bullies. The teachers seemed less pleased of my transformation, but for me, I was on the top of the world.

I had also learnt that Codi had stopped coming into school, everyone seems to think that she had given up on education, but I alone knew something had happened to her, but I decided to think no more of it, figuring that this is the perfect opportunity to try and forget her, deciding to carry on with my new role in school. In fact, I didn’t see her for two months. It was just another English class, when Codi walked in, and it took me a moment to recognise her.

Her red hair had been cut short, she was wearing dark clothes, and she looked deathly pale. She reacted to none of the gasps, even the one from the teacher, and simply went to her seat. She briefly looked at me on her way, and there was nothing in her eyes. No emotion. That look made me feel sick, it’s like she’s not even human anymore. Throughout the lesson, she just sat there, eyes blankly focused on the wall. Even before the bell went, she stood up and just walked out, leaving an awkward silence for those left in the class. Everyone was so surprised by her appearance, I think I was the only one that noticed something that looked suspiciously like a bruise on her neck. I had to know what had happened to her.

It was only two weeks later, after some Sherlock-Holmes work, that I discovered the truth. I remember going to the graveyard, looking at the gravestone. Codi’s mother had gotten front row seats, so I guess that’s something. Codi had told no one in the school. Talking with one of her neighbours, saying I was a friend, I had also found that her father was finding it difficult to cope, and had become an alcoholic. Join that with her meeting some bad influences in a bar equals the sight I saw in English.

It is so easy to people to think that people like Codi are freaks, weirdoes and so on, but I cannot help feel that a few, if not most, of those people used to be like her. And that sickened me. The true horror of it was that there was nothing I could do. I had burnt that bridge a long time ago. I can’t give advice to her now, which made me feel like a traitor. I had to stand by and hear comments about her being a freak, being the butt of the jokes, being a plaything for female bullies and through all of it, I could do nothing.

One girl was especially mean to her, a girl called Elle Hopkins. Elle was about 5”10, with a skinny frame. She had average tits and a decent butt, and a sexy face, brunette hair cut to her neck. I’m guessing that she had always been jealous of Codi and loved how her life had gone downhill. Never a day went past without Elle calling her a freak, emo, whore and slut. The last two are ironic, as the whole school knows she is a cock-slut, she has fucked almost half the boys in the year. The boys who fucked her say they always wore condoms and with her record, it was probably the wisest choice they ever made.

After two months though, a solution presented itself through a stroke of luck. The females changing rooms was out of order for the week, and some girls, who couldn’t be bothered to walk to the other side of the sports hall, normally used the boys changing room if it was empty. I was skiving off one of my lessons, thinking of playing basketball and was about to use the changing room, when I heard someone inside, singing along to a song. Recognising the voice as Elle’s, my mind had created an idea so brilliant, so quickly, I was amazed at my own genius. Everyone knew she was a cock-slut. Let’s see what she thought of mine.

I backtracked quietly and then walked forwards, making excessive stamps to let her someone is coming. At this situation, there is only one place you can hide, the toilets. I walked into the changing room, noticing the closed toilet, and using the corner of my eye, saw what appeared to an eye through one of the holes. Perfect, time to put on a show.

I removed my shirt first, so she could see my muscles, pretended to look around, then going to lock the changing room door. I removed my trousers leaving me in my Armani boxers. I paused a while, hearing movements within the cubicle. I imagined fucking Elle brutally, which caused my cock to rise. Already, my boxers were straining to hold it in, so, I pulled it down, revealing my fully erect 9” cock. I heard a loud gasp as she saw it. It was like dangling a bag of candy in front of a child! I started stroking it, slowly, to which I heard a quiet moan of longing. I could see her panties on the floor, as the door stopped several inches from the floor, which made me believe that she was fingering herself. I increased my tempo, hearing the moans get slightly louder. After a while, when I thought she was about to climax, I suddenly rushed to the door and slammed it open.

Elle was on the toilet seat, skirt and knickers on the floor, fingers shoved deep into her cunt. She didn’t even stop, only looked at my dick and fingered herself even harder. I thought it would be best to let her finish, which didn’t take long, having reached her climax about 30 seconds after. She wasn’t even looking up at me, just staring at my dick. After a pause, I asked her what the hell she was doing.

She didn’t even register me at first. After a few moments, she replied, “I never knew you had such a big…”, and she reached out with one hand to grab my dick. I blocked her hand away, which seemed to shock her, most likely that Elle wasn’t used to a boy saying no to her. She tried to use her well-known seductive skills to win me over; however, I had way too much hate for this girl for making my Codi’s life hell. After 10 minutes of failed seduction, she resorted to begging me, literally on her knees. I had never realised how much she loves dick, and I realised the amount of control I had over her, how much I could dominate her.
To test this theory, I said, “You can touch my dick if you lick my shoes”. Without even hesitating, she was on the floor, licking my shoes. This was unbelievable; this has to be a dream. But no, this is reality and I love it. Ideally, I should have just told her not to bully Codi anymore, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had sex, and this was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I was already thinking of my next command.

“Ok”, I said. “Do you want to stroke my dick?”

“Please, yes, so badly, Mark”, was her reply.

I’m guessing that means yes.

“You can stroke my dick once for every slap to your ass I give. You decide how many slaps.” I said, and with that, I grabbed her by her hair, and hauled her over to a bench, then bending her over my knee. “You just say when to stop.”

She nodded to show she understood, so I rubbed her ass, drew it back, thinking how much of a bitch she is, and brought it down hard. This time, unlike Codi, I was using my full strength.


Elle screamed at the first blow, causing a red mark to be left on her right cheek.

SMAAAAAAACCCKKKKK!!! , as her left cheek felt the burn as well.

I gave her a twisted smile, and then spanked her with all my strength. Elle was in pain, her ass cheeks was deep red, almost purple, floods of tears were pouring from her eyes, and yet she refused to say stop. Eventually, I got tired and gave up, watching Elle fall to the floor. After a minute, she said in a whisper, “69 slaps”.

I smiled at the irony, then said, “Say you want it. Say how much of a whore you are.”
Elle then proceeded to degrade herself for two minutes, even going back to insult her grandmother, all in the name of stroking my dick. After her tirade, I simply said, “Earn your reward, remember, only hands”.
Elle slowly approached my dick with caution, slowly wrapping her hands around it. She started slowly, sighing with contentment and pleasure, working it like a pro before increasing her speed. When I could feel my climax, I grabbed her with one hand, aimed my dick with the other and blew my load.

Huge ropy strands of cum landed all over the face the first few times, before becoming more thin as I sprayed it all over her face. It took what seemed like hours for me to stop cumming. When I finally was finished, I used a few tissues to get rid of the cum that was still on my dick, threw a whole roll of toilet paper towards Elle, and said “Clean yourself up, Bitch”. To which she complied, shoving what cum she could gather into her mouth, giving a moan of satisfaction. I couldn’t help smiling as I left her there, walking to my next lesson. Too late for basketball, that’s for sure.


I had her placed under a variety of commands, main one being to not bully people. However, Rumours had started going round that Mark and Elle were dating. I quickly set people straight on that, by saying that me and Elle were just friends. I could have told the truth, but I was not that cruel to reveal to the school how much of a cock-slut she really is. Unfortunately, that also meant enduring Codi’s Fury for becoming friends with her ex-tormentor, and what used to be blankness in her eyes now became hate. I swear I dig my own grave sometimes.

However, Elle slightly cheered me up, especially the blowjob incident. It was been two weeks since meeting her in the backroom, when she asked me if she could suck my dick. I thought about it for a while and simply told her that if she doesn’t fit it all into her mouth, then ill never let her touch me again. While I thought it might throw her off, surprisingly, she responded with enthusiasm, and was already on her knees and pulling down my boxers. I settled back to watch her fail. Testing herself, she managed to get 6 inches of my dick in normally. She gave a smile at me and started playing with the head of my dick, using her tongue with some skill. I couldn’t help but give a moan as she then encased the head with her mouth, her tongue still at work. After getting my cock nice and hard, she slowly started sucking me off, moving her head up and down my shaft. Every time she went down, she would go a little further than last time, and the technique was working because after a while, she had 7 inches in, and I could feel my climax coming. Using all my strength to keep it at bay, I grabbed her head and gently pushed it further down my dick.

Elle’s face was turning deep red, and I was about to call it off from worry, when suddenly, I felt her mouth at the base of my cock. Looking down, seeing the incredible sight in front of me, something which I never expected her to do. She had actually managed to fit my entire dick within her mouth, and that moment, I oddly felt proud of her. Elle was now almost gagging herself on my cock, going down to the base every time. The feeling it had on me was incredible, and I knew I couldn’t hold it back any longer and tapped her head to let her know it was coming. She pulled out halfway, and grabbing the bottom half of my dick, started rubbing it, while still sucking on my top part. That was too much for me, and I felt myself flex, and I cummed. Elle’s eyes widened as she felt my hot, thick cum in mouth. She began gulping down what felt like galleons of cum, without even pulling away, until it finally stopped. There was a slurping sound as she pulled her face away, strands of cum still connecting her face to my cock. Without knowing even why, I patted her, saying how skilled she was. Elle’s face lit up with pride, and she gave me a smile, before leaving the spare classroom, which had become our new hook-up area.

Elle had become my fuck buddy, and she loved every moment of it. We haven’t actually had sex yet, and she’s heavily hinting that should be her prom present, but my heart is set on asking Codi. I just haven’t figured out how yet, since she hates me, but I had thought at one point, a long time ago, it would be Codi I would take to prom, and I’m determined to see the idea through. For me, if I could get her to prom, then I believed that I could to convince to change back, to become her normal self.

The next month was Exams. Overall, I think I did fairly well, although I knew it will never be as good as my parents wanted it to be, so I knew a rant was in order. Even if I get all B’s, my parents wouldn’t be happy. They would moan and whinge and drive me nuts, but again, nothing I could do about it. Though, I knew that eventually, there would come a time where I wouldn’t be so patient. I would snap. The day when I talk back to my parents, but its unlikely it’s going to be any time soon. The only thing that kept me going after the exams was prom, and after 2 weeks, I finally got the courage to ask Codi to go with me to the prom. Her answer was pretty simple.


I was about to argue the point, but again, the last time we did this didn’t work out so well. So I simply decided to give her the choice and let her decide.

“Prom starts at 9 o’clock. I will be waiting by the entrance till 10.” I said. “If you change your mind.”

She simply said, “Don’t count on it”, and walked away.

And that was that. I did what I could. All that remains is to see what she’ll do.


I stood on the entrance of the school hall, the site of the prom, leaning against a pole, waiting for someone I knew wouldn’t come. Someone I didn’t want to come. I really hoped that she wouldn’t, but even so, against the knowledge why, here I am, waiting for Codi. It was a windy night, my unbuttoned blazer dancing around me; the streetlights filled the area around me with an orange glow. Almost all of the students were in, preparing themselves for a good night. I wish I could say the same thing for me.

It’s been two months since I gave Codi the choice. Since then, everything had changed. I had discovered the truth, about everything, and I found Codi’s behaviour suddenly make sense. I thought Codi was the one being irrational, and since finding out everything, I could feel her emotions during the whole scenario.
It was about a month in, when I was cleaning my room that I discovered a SD card, underneath the bed. I smiled as I remembered what it is, something which I thought I had lost ages ago. The SD card full of images and videos of that first week, the perfect week with Lucy Ellen. How we simply enjoyed each other’s company, going to restaurants, shops or just the pier. I haven’t even looked through this yet; I must have forgotten about it and misplaced it. As I tightened my fist around the card, memories of Lucy came rushing back, thick and fast, and for a moment, I found myself unable to breathe, the past overwhelming me.

When I regained control of myself, I logged into my computer, and plugging the SD card in, scrolled through the images. Dozens of pictures, all filled with Lucy and me, and for a moment, I didn’t recognise myself. How far I have come in a few months. There was the time we bought ice-cream in the pier, the romantic dinner we had in Alessandro’s. There were also pictures taken in a clothes shop, when Lucy had picked out a set of dark blue lingerie and had dragged me to the changing room. In a flash, she had removed her clothes, put on the lingerie and was making out with me. That was probably one of the best sex we ever had, even though a woman came in halfway to see me and her against a wall, her legs wrapped around my waist. Did that stop us? Hell Nooo! In fact, that turned us on more, and we increased our speed. We literally run of the shop when we were done, not knowing if that woman was going to report us, laughing all the way at our daring.

My eyes were starting to go wet, seeing Lucy again. The pictures didn’t capture her, it might have got her appearance, but no camera could have captured the warmth of her smile, her laugh. Every conversation we had flashed between my eyes, the good, the bad and the heart-breaking. So filled was I in my sorrow, I almost didn’t see it the first time. I was about to go to the next picture when I froze and studied the image. It was of me and Lucy in the Pier, a shot we took during midday of the weekend. Looking past the smile of our faces, I saw at the right-hand corner…

An image of Codi staring as us.

I felt physically sick. My brain lurched, unable to accept it. My mind searched for an excuse, something to get rid of this guilt, but no reason could save me. Slowly, I went to the video section, and clicked the video taken at the pier. It was me and Lucy talking about the hilarious incident involving the old-fashioned mother (No, I’m not going to tell it). Codi was there, behind us, watching us, crying her eyes out, and I could feel her anguish. After a few moments, she wiped the tears off and watched us stonily, when the video ended. That must have been when we took the photo.

They say that you can struggle to understand someone for years, only to realise it at the most unexpected time, in a flash of time. This happened for me. In a flash, I understood her.

I had thought it was a one-sided love. I was wrong as she had loved me too, only like me, couldn’t express it. The talks we had affected both of us, only we both didn’t say anything, the greatest mistake of our lives. When she saw me with Lucy, it must have destroyed her. She must have thought that she was just another one that I seduced, and that made her angry. Combining that with her mother dying, and that left a huge hatred in her heart for me, which must have increased when she found out about me and Elle. Codi was no fool, she knew what me and Elle was doing.

I could have just told her how me and Lucy was not just hooking up. I could have told her how I had initially seduced Elle to help her. I could have made a convincing case of my innocence.

I didn’t. Reason why? Deep down, I knew I would be lying.

I though I had changed. I thought I had become more mature. I was wrong. Lucy Ellen was a fluke. I was still my old self and Elle had proved that. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have abused her like I did.

I knew that Codi deserved better than this. I knew I wasn’t good enough for her. Right now, she needs someone to guide her back to the light, someone to fix her. Though I knew I could, she would always be suspicious of my motives, she would think I’m doing this just to get her into bed, because that’s her opinion of me, and I knew that every time she looked at me with suspicion in her eyes, it would kill me. That was when I decided.

I knew that I shouldn’t go to see her. Yet, I couldn’t abandon her. I contacted five of Codi’s best friends, Tara, Emma, Nicole, Aysu and Amy. They alone were the ones that stuck by Codi even after her change, and I told them about Codi’s mother dying, her father drinking, everything. I asked them to help her, also making them promise not to tell her that they knew or who told them. They all promised they would bring her back. Why tell them, you ask? Because they were her true friends. They would bring her back, I know it. Especially since they were all going to the same college.

Talking of college, my applications had returned. Not surprisingly, I was rejected from my first choice, as I didn’t get enough grades. I got my second choice, though, and was now enrolled at Hendricks College. All those weeks, I had promised myself that I wouldn’t go to prom, and yet, on the actual day, here I am, waiting for her, just to see if she would come.

It was 30 minutes into the prom, as the band started playing “You and Me” by Lighthouse, that I saw her. She was walking up with her friends to what she thought was an out of sight spot, but I saw her, and immediately, I knew that she wasn’t coming in. She was wearing a hoodie, for god’s sake. She just wanted to see if I would uphold my promise. I could have stayed there, but I didn’t.

Instead, I dove behind a hedge, and stayed there. There was a small gap through which I could see her. Codi’s eyes started welling up with tears when she saw no one there. Suddenly, she began to cry, the tears falling heavily to the floor. Her sadness, her pain caused me to cry like I never had before, but I didn’t make a sound. I couldn’t.

The song played at the background, Codi’s friends were comforting her, telling her it was going to be alright. They did slander my name quite a bit, but I was fine with that. Slowly, they walked away, and the sound of crying gradually faded. Trying to dry my face full of tears, I got up, dusting myself off. I could see Elle making out with some guy through the entrance door. She had been very pissed during our last meeting. I had simply told her that I was bored of her. Naturally, her reaction wasn’t great. She had begged, cried, reduced her own dignity, but I didn’t yield. Eventually, she snapped and stormed away after giving a very bloody, swear-filled, insult-full lecture. I didn’t expect any less. I had hoped that the humiliation she went through might change her, but It seems that she is back to her old tricks. That made me feel sad.
I stood there, so lost in my thoughts, that I didn’t notice someone walking up to me. Coming back to my senses, I saw it was Amy, smiling sadly at me.

“I knew you would be here,” she said. “I knew you couldn’t resist.”

I gave her a small smile. Nice to know that I still could.

“I’m doing the right thing, right?” I asked, knowing the answer, just wanting to hear someone else saying it. “I’m not making a mistake, am I?”

“No,” she replied, and I could see admiration in her eyes. “You’re being selfless; you’re being the most kindest guy I ever knew.”

“I don’t think I’ll go that far”, I said, with a small chuckle. “I just want what’s best for her.”

I wanted to say something to her, tell someone at least of why I did what I did. I wanted to say how much I loved her, of how I might not see her again and how that made me feel. But again, I didn’t. I simply said:

“Take her of her, will you?”

“I would, don’t worry”, she replied, and gave me a small hug.

Then, she walked away, leaving me alone. I gave a small smile, thinking of all I have learned in this place, all I’m leaving behind and everything I still have left to do. A moment of silence, to honour the past. Then I walked away from the hall, from high school, from Codi. The streets were filled with nothing but the sound of my steps as I walked into the cold, dark, lonely night.

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2014-03-25 12:06:45
Plz make part 2 I almost cried during this one it was beautiful well done its one of the only 2 stories I've read that has made me cry plz make a second part

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2013-01-29 21:30:17
8-9-2008Convidat diu: Si no recordo maalment (fa segles que no toco C), la funcif3 system el que retorna e9s el codi d'error corresponent a l'execucif3 del programa, mentre que la sortida este0ndard l'envia a stdout, i ni idea de com recuperar-la directament, nome9s se m'acudeix el nyap de posar-ho en un fitxer temporal i despre9s llegir-lo.Per altra banda, si el que t'interessa en aquest cas particular e9s saber si el mf2dul en qfcestif3 este0 carregat (e9s a dir, si grep ha trobat quelcom) podries jugar amb els codis de retorn, que en el cas del grep sf3n els segfcents: 0 si s'ha trobat alguna coincide8ncia, 1 si no se n'ha trobat cap i 2 si hi ha hagut un error en l'execucif3.Crec recordar que NULL en realitat e9s una macro definida a zero (#define NULL 0), per la qual cosa la cle0usula-if e9s certa quan troba una coincide8ncia, que e9s precisament el cas contrari que persegueixes.En resum, jo ho deixaria aixed:[code:2y8ssmif]if (system("lsmod|grep iwl3945") == 1) // Comprovem que

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2012-10-07 05:24:49
Hey please do the part 2 it's a beautiful story and I'd like to read more of it. I want to know what happened next. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2012-10-07 05:23:04
Hey please do the part it's a beautiful story and I'd like to read more of it. I want to know what happened next. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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