Chapter 1

Something happened to me about two months ago that really changed my life. I was absent from work on Monday because I had spent the entire weekend in bed. Now I don’t usually mind spending a weekend that way, especially if I’m in the company of a hot blonde or brunette, or even a redhead, but this weekend I was sicker than a dog. I went back to work to find my….Oh, wait a minute. Before I go into that I think I’d better tell you about myself. My name is Tom Tattaglia. Yeah, I know, I know--just like in “The Godfather;” I’ve only heard that line about ten thousand times, even though the chief of police is probably more connected to the Mafia than my father Tony, who is known around town as “Tony the Baker.” I grew up here in Long Island, living above the bakery and eating all the leftovers. I’ve had so many cannoli over the years that now I just can’t stand the sight of one. Knowing the bakery wasn’t for me I went to college and now I’m a teacher in the same junior high school I attended only a few years ago. I’m in my third year here and I think our principal is even meaner now than when I was a student. Anyway, I came back to work on Tuesday, still weak from the flu, to find my grade book missing. This was a catastrophe in the making. Without records for the quarter what was I supposed to do when I had to grade my students?

I finally worked out a solution, asking the kids to give me all the grades they had earned so far during the quarter. Believe it or not, I find that most kids are pretty honest about stuff like this. Then one morning weeks later I walked into the main office, finding a note from one of the counselors in my mailbox. When I walked into his office I found an old friend waiting for me there. My grade book was lying on his desk. He told me that one of my students—a girl—had taken it, but he didn’t know why. Apparently, her mother had found it in her room while cleaning one day recently and had made Susan return it.

As students were leaving my fifth period class I asked Susan to speak with me. “Why, Susan?” I asked her once we were alone.

She hung her head, obviously nervous discussing this with me, “I wanted something of yours.” Whoa--that was a staggering statement. I realized I’d never get to the bottom of this in the few minutes before the next class so I asked Susan to return at the end of the day. She agreed, telling me she walked to school so she didn’t have to catch a bus. At the time I wasn’t really looking forward to this meeting. No, I was definitely feeling extremely uncomfortable.

I was working at my desk when, about ten minutes after school was out, Susan appeared at the door. Once again she had her head down as she approached me. “OK, Susan, want to explain why you took my book?”

“I just wanted something of yours, Mr. T,” she replied in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

Taking a chance I asked her, “Do you fantasize about me, Susan?” She didn’t reply, but she didn’t have to. Her face flushed with embarrassment and hung even lower than it had before, if possible. “You don’t have to be ashamed, Susan,” I continued, “Everyone has fantasies, even me.”

“You, Mt. T?”

“Yes, Susan, even me; in fact, I’m having one right now about me and an attractive young woman.” Now Susan blushed even more. I stood and walked around the desk, wanting to be in a less threatening position. “Susan,” I said, “I want you to go to the door. If you’d like to see your fantasies come true, close it and lock it. If you don’t, then just go home and we’ll never talk about this again.” I don’t know what led me to say those things, I really don’t. They just came out, but where they came from I have no idea. Susan isn’t a knockout as a ninth grader—just the opposite. She has mousey brown hair, pulled into a pony tail today, around a pleasant but not beautiful face. Her body is curvier than most of the other girls in her class which, I suspect, is due to some baby fat that still haunts her. She does have nice breasts—I had noticed them much earlier in the year. I doubt she has ever been out with a boy, at least not on a date. Hesitantly, she turned and walked toward the door. She waited there for almost thirty seconds before stepping out and turning down the hall. Oh, well!

I went back to work grading papers and preparing for tomorrow’s classes. After a while--I really don’t know how long--I heard a noise and looked up. Susan was standing in the doorway. When she saw me looking at her she stood taller, more determined, walked in, and closed the door, locking it in the process. I rose, took her hand, and led her into my prep closet. It’s a fair sized room with shelving, a table and chairs, and a prep sink with a counter, the whole thing molded of acid resistant synthetic stone. I leaned against the counter, my feet apart, and let her come to me. She stepped in slowly, but she seemed determined. When she looked up to my face I leaned in allowing my lips to brush against hers. “Ooooooohhh,” was all she could say. When she looked up again she rushed into me, throwing her arms around my neck and jamming her lips into mine. Any trace of reluctance had evaporated in that instant. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and soon I was sucking it and wrestling with it in my mouth. Her mouth opened as she groaned with pleasure. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close. All the same, I was surprised to feel her grind her pussy into me.

I broke the kiss, but gave her several little pecks on her soft tender lips. “I don’t think that was everything you fantasized about, was it?” Again she dropped her head, but this time she did respond, shaking her head “NO.” I took her hand, placing it on my swollen cock. When I did she looked up, her face betraying her lust. Her eyes were wide when I told her, “Go ahead if you wish. Undo my belt. Open my pants. Take it out and hold it.” Keeping her eyes locked on mine, her hands moved to my belt. It took her only seconds to open it and a few more to unbutton my pants. She smiled as she unzipped me and reached into my boxers to reach the treasure she so ardently sought. Her warm hand clutched my rock hard organ. She slowly moved her hand up and down my shaft. “That feels so good, Susan,” I whispered to her as I moved in for another kiss. I cupped her breasts, savoring their weight—they were bigger than I thought. As I kissed her she squeezed my cock and stroked it harder and faster. “Oh, damn, Susan, that’s…incredible.” I groaned into her mouth. “Take it out. Kiss it.”

Susan looked at me questioningly. “Go ahead…please,” I encouraged her. She pulled my cock out through the slit in my boxers. I could see how surprised she was to see the big reddish-purple head and the pulsing arteries and veins. She stroked it slowly several times as if to see how it would react before she leaned in to plant a kiss right on the tip. “Was this one of your fantasies, too?” I asked. She smiled and nodded. “So was this,” she said as she licked all around the head. “I saw this on the internet and wondered how it would be doing it to you.”

“I hope it met your expectations,” I spoke, barely audible over my groans of pleasure.

“Oh, it’s even better, Mr. T. You taste wonderful. I love the way it feels on my tongue—so soft and spongy. I fantasized about this, too.” And then she opened her lips and my cock disappeared into her hot mouth. She sucked me into her. I could tell she was inexperienced, but she must have watched a shitload of porn on the internet, because she took almost all of me on her first try. She bobbed up and down, loving my cock with her tongue as she went. “Oh, Susan,” I could barely speak. “I’m going to cum if you keep that up.”

“Isn’t that the idea, Mr. T? I want to feel it in my mouth so don’t hold back.” What happened to that shy reluctant girl who was here with me only a few minutes ago? I thrust into her as my first rope of cum shot from my cock. I think it must have surprised her but she managed to swallow almost all of it. She did better on the next four eruptions. She licked my cock clean of the final drops, then stood up and checked herself in the mirror. Using her finger she cleaned up the little bit that had escaped from her mouth, licking her finger clean when she was done. “Mmmmm, Mr. T, you taste really good.”

She turned to me, put her hands behind my head and pulled me to her for a long, hot kiss—our tongues wrestling with each other. I moved my hands under her pants and slid them down, revealing her pink boy shorts. A moment later they followed. I moved my hands under her butt cheeks, lifting her onto the counter. I spread her legs, seeing her pussy for the first, but hopefully not, the last time. Her hair was neatly trimmed; her labia were swollen and hot. “I’m sorry,” she said. “My mom won’t let me shave it yet.”

“Don’t apologize, it just shows you’re a woman—not a little girl.” As I leaned in I could see exactly how excited she was. A small puddle was forming on the counter just below her pussy. When I looked at her panties I could right through the crotch so wet were they from her leaking pussy juice. Her aroma was intoxicating—so clean, young, musky--and virginal. I couldn’t resist taking a lick. When I did Susan grabbed my dark curly hair, pulling me into her. I sucked and sucked but her supply of nectar seemed to be never ending. When I inserted a finger Susan told me, “Nobody’s ever done that before.”

I chuckled. “Susan, are you telling me that you’ve kissed a man like you kissed me?”

“Uhh…no,” she replied hesitantly.

“OK, are you telling me you’ve kissed and sucked a man’s cock before? Or swallowed his cum before?”

“Uhh…no, Mr. T; I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“So…this is a day of firsts for you, isn’t it? This will be just one more first. I feel I owe you this. After all, didn’t you suck on my cock and make me cum? Shouldn’t I do the same for you?”

“Y…yes, I guess so,” she giggled. I leaned back in and started to lick like crazy. Susan was moaning and moaning. It’s a good thing we were in my prep room where there are no windows and lots of sound absorbing cardboard boxes between us and the hall. I stuck my tongue into her tight tunnel and, boy, was she tight! I could feel her vaginal muscles compressing my tongue and I could feel her heat, almost as though she had a fever. I began to wonder what would happen if I fucked her, but that wasn’t going to happen here—much too dangerous. I curled my tongue up to rub against her G-spot and when I did Susan practically jumped off the counter. I moistened several fingers in her pussy and pushed them into her mouth. She sucked her own juices, licking my fingers and cleaning them with her tongue. My fingers were there to stop her from screaming in her ecstasy, but—damn—feeling her suck them was really turning me on. Now was the time for me to act; I searched for her clit with my tongue and when I found it I was amazed—her clit was huge, swollen as it was from her excitement and heat. It must have been an inch and a quarter long and close to a half inch thick. I sucked it into my mouth, much like she had sucked on my cock and soon I was rewarded with her orgasm. I assumed she’d had orgasms before but, if she did, it must have been nothing like this one. She bit into my fingers drawing blood and she squeezed my head between her thighs with such strength I thought I was in a wrestling match. Eventually she came down from her high, panting heavily for several minutes when she did. I helped her down from the counter, steadied her while she dressed then dressed myself. “I’m glad you ‘borrowed’ my book, Susan,” I told her.

Once again she turned into the shy naïve girl, asking me, “Do you think we could do this again, Mr. T?”

I laughed. “Yes, Susan, I definitely think we can do this again—and maybe more, if you think you’d want to.”

“Oh, yes, Mr. T, I want to do everything with you.” And then as an afterthought, “Don’t worry, Mr. T, I’ll never tell a soul what we did. I know you’d get into a lot of trouble if I did. That’s why I left the first time. I didn’t want you to get into trouble on account of me.”

“Then why’d you return, Susan?”

“Isn’t it obvious, Mr. T? Boys don’t even know I exist. I’ve never had a date and I don’t know if I ever will. I know I’m not beautiful and I don’t have a great figure, either. I’m just ordinary, and that’s on a good day. Plus, I’m always really horny. I have a confession to make. I’m glad I sit in the back of your class. Sometimes I masturbate during class dreaming about you but I’ve never cum like this—like I did with you today. That’s why I want to do everything with you—and I do mean everything. I watch a lot of porn on the internet. My parents work really late so most days I have to make my own dinner. I’m home alone so I sit in front of my computer and jerk off, sometimes three or four times. I know that’s a term for boys but you’ve seen my clit. It’s really big. I can grip it with my fingers and, well, you know….”

“I think we should get going, Susan. If anyone asks you….”

“I know, Mr. T—extra help and, believe me, it was a great help.” We both laughed as we exited my classroom and headed down the hall. Once there we were safe. Teachers often walk out with students after extra help sessions. I had a feeling there was a lot of extra help in my future.

Chapter 2

I stood in the hallway as the kids filed in to fifth period class. Susan stopped in front of me. “Can I come in for extra help this afternoon? I really need some help with what we’re doing now.” She gave me a little wink, one that the other kids couldn’t see.

“Sure, Susan, I’ll be here so just stop by when you can.” I followed her into the classroom, noticing for the first time that she had a pretty shapely ass, or maybe it was just the way she was dressed. Usually she wore plain loose clothing; today’s outfit was more form-fitting, emphasizing her round ass and large breasts. “Hmm,” I thought, “could be very interesting.”

I opened the class by telling the kids that Susan was coming in for help. Was anyone else interested? That just about guaranteed that we’d be alone. Most kids never come for help after school; they can’t wait to get out of here, even if they’re good students. Class went smoothly, even when I told them about a test on Friday. Susan was the last out so I felt safe running my hand over her butt. “Later,” I whispered. “Yes,” she replied. Normally I’m just as anxious as the kids for the day to end, but today I was terrible—I couldn’t wait. But sometimes destiny isn’t kind. The counselor dropped by just as last period ended to talk about several kids who were having some problems. What could I do—tell him to get the fuck out so I could get a blowjob? He was still there talking a blue streak when Susan arrived. “Just wait outside for a minute please, Susan. I’ll be with you soon,” I told her. She wrinkled her face in disappointment but exited promptly. It seemed like forever, but was probably not more than five or ten minutes before the counselor decided to leave. I saw him check his watch so maybe he realized he was on his own time. Once he rose I called to Susan, “OK, Susan, I’m ready for you now,” I called.

“I’ll bet you are,” she whispered once she was sure the coast was clear. There were still several people in the hall so I had Susan sit and we went through the pretense of extra help. Actually she was stroking my cock, looking at me lustfully. “I’m hungry, Mr. T,” she whispered, “I need my afternoon snack.” If things continued at this pace I thought she’d soon be a wanton slut, but as long as she was my wanton slut…. When the noise died down I rose and checked the hall—empty. I closed and locked the door, turning off the lights. Anyone who walked by would think I had gone. Susan almost ran into the prep room, removing her blouse and pants before I arrived. “Damn, Mr. T, I thought that Mr. Myers would never leave. I’m so horny,” grinning, she continued, “and so wet. But, first….”

She came in fast for a searing kiss, ramming her tongue into my mouth before I had a chance to react. By the time I did she had my pants open and was actively stroking my cock. “I love your cock, Mr. T. It’s so much nicer than my hairbrush or a cucumber, and I love what it does in my mouth.” A second later I watched as my cock once again disappeared into her hot mouth. I determined then that her body temperature must be several degrees higher than mine, she felt like she’d been gargling with boiling water. She reached into my boxers to cup and rub my balls as she bobbed up and down. She maintained eye contact with me, watching my reactions of pure pleasure as I groaned non-stop. “C’mon, Mr. T, I want it in my mouth again.” She began to stroke me as she sucked even harder, encouraging me to bathe her tonsils with my hot white cum. I grabbed her pony tail and thrust into her—once, twice, and on the third I came in torrents. No human mouth could possibly hope to swallow everything that gushed from my cock.

I was glad now that she had removed her blouse—cum dripped from her chin onto her chest in thick globs. I sagged when I had finished, barely able to support myself. I sank into a chair, pulling her onto me, straddling my lap. I grabbed her head roughly, pulling it in for a long hot kiss. I unclasped her bra, releasing her heavy breasts into my hands. Yes, they were definitely bigger than I thought—a big C or maybe even a D. Her nipples were tender—she moaned uncontrollably when I rolled them between my fingers. I moved her onto the table and pulled off her Capri’s as I leaned her back. Wow, no panties today. “Oh, you naughty girl,” I told her, “no panties!”

“I wore them in school but I took them off after. I wanted to make it easy for you.” I rubbed my fingers up and down her slit, thinking to moisten it. Just goes to show you how stupid I can be sometimes. Just like yesterday, she was dripping pussy juice. I licked her labia ending at her clit and the second time I did it I started on her puckered asshole. “Oh, Mr. T!” she gasped, “I didn’t think you’d lick me there.”

“Why not, didn’t it feel good?”

“Yeah, it did. You just startled me.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Maybe we can do more there.”

“Like what, Mr. T?

Like fingering you or, eventually, fucking you with my cock, but that’s way down the road with us. We haven’t even fucked yet.”

“Speaking of fucking….”

“Not here, “ I told her, “If we ever got caught I’d be dead and you wouldn’t be much better off. We’ll find a way to get to my place where we can have some real privacy and you can scream your head off.”


“Can you get away over the weekend?”

“Sure, my parents work on Saturdays. That’s when their store is busiest. I can get away all day.”

“Good, but right now I owe you one, don’t I?” Susan grinned and leaned back again, making her cunt more accessible. I lifted her legs so I could lean down from my seat. I drove my finger into her tightness, noticing again how hot her pussy felt. I fingered her fast, contacting her G-spot with every thrust. Again I had to stick my fingers into her mouth to keep her from screaming. When I took her jewel into my mouth she gasped and moaned over and over. I could feel her tense so I knew her climax was near. I nibbled her clit with my teeth and that was all it took. Pussy juice gushed from her tunnel covering my hand and running up my arm almost to my elbow. I held her until she quieted then I pulled her from the table and hugged her close, kissing her deeply and affectionately. After we had dressed I got ready to leave and gave her a sheet of paper. “What’s this, Mr. T?”

“Guard it with your life—Friday’s test. You don’t think I’d let you fail, do you?”

“I didn’t do all this so I could get good grades, Mr. T. I really like you and I hope you like me.” Now her feelings were hurt. I pulled her really close and gave her a lovers’ kiss. “I know that, Susan, and that’s one of the things I like about you—you’re an honest woman. But I want you to take it anyway. Think of it as a token of my affection for you.” She tiptoed up to kiss me—just a little peck—and we walked out, thinking of the upcoming weekend.”

Chapter 3

Friday came and went, Susan acing her test—just goes to show you how much extra help can accomplish. I went home, mostly to clean up before Susan’s arrival tomorrow. I rent a small bungalow on what is now a deserted farm. I think that originally it was a home for migrant workers but somewhere along the line it was renovated and updated with new bathroom fixtures and new appliances, even though now they’re probably ten years old. It’s at the end of a dirt road in front of a copse of trees. I was the only tenant on the farm which must have been around a hundred acres. Long Island was once known for its potatoes, but in the late ‘60’s the entire industry collapsed thanks to a tiny nematode that destroyed the crops. Since then many farms had been turned into housing developments, but this one was the subject of a family squabble. When the farmer passed away his four children were divided as to what course to follow. Two wanted to sell and two wanted to hold it. The dispute had gone on for almost ten years and was likely to continue because neither side had enough money to buy out the other. I enjoyed living there. It was quiet and secluded and the numerous women I’d brought there greatly appreciated the privacy. Some of them were married teachers from my school and one was my principal’s daughter. Now there is a wild woman! She’s in graduate school now but I often see her during her breaks. Then we fuck almost non-stop for three or four days and she goes back to school. I heard her father (my boss) comment in the main office that she just disappeared and he had no idea where she went. Thank God! I began cleaning by throwing out all the accumulated trash including several pizza boxes and cases of beer cans. Then I vacuumed and dusted. When I got to the bedroom I stripped the bed and changed the sheets. Then I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. I had just finished when the phone rang—it was Susan. We spoke for several minutes and I could tell she was really nervous about tomorrow. “So, tell me, Susan,” I began, breaking the ice, “what do you think we should do tomorrow?”

Susan gulped several times as though afraid to actually say it, “Fuck?”

“That’s a great idea, Susan! Thanks for suggesting it.”

“Mr. T,” she said laughing, ”you know that’s what I want.” Then, uncertainly, she continued, “Don’t you want to do it with me, Mr. T?”

“What do you think? I’m a man, aren’t I? And a horny man, at that. Any ideas where I can find a horny woman?” Susan laughed and the tension melted away. We made arrangements to meet at a park near her home early in the morning. This park was mostly a beach so it was very popular in the summer; the rest of the year it was dead. I didn’t think we’d run into anyone we knew in the end of April and we didn’t. Susan had walked the half mile from her house, arriving with a light sheen of sweat on her face. She must have hurried and when she saw my truck she broke into a run. “Hi, Mr. T, I’m really excited. Today I’m going to become a woman.” We kissed briefly, not wanting to waste any time. I drove quickly, and it was hard to stay under the limit, toward my house only ten minutes farther up the road. When we pulled into the dirt road Susan moved even closer to me. “I thought this place was deserted,” she commented.

“It is,” I replied. “That’s one of the things I like about it. We’ll have plenty of privacy for anything we want to do.” I pulled right up to the front door and helped her out. I had noticed earlier that she was wearing one of those tops that looked like a regular shirt but tied just below her breasts and a pair of tight shorts. She was looking better and better. Hand in hand we walked into the living room. Showing her eagerness, Susan turned and rushed into my arms, kissing me passionately, her tongue exploring my mouth while she rubbed her pussy up and down my leg. Breaking the kiss, I lovingly looked into her eyes. “This way,” I pointed to the hallway. She held my hand as I led her to my bed. I stopped and started to strip her, moving from the top down. She stood passively as I removed one garment after another. When I had taken her bra I stopped to love her breasts. I rubbed and massaged each one marveling at the effect I was having on her nipples which grew and hardened. Her breasts were large, but firm, probably due to her youth. Her stomach and abdomen were a bit fatty but surprisingly flat. Her legs seemed a trifle heavy but proportionate to her body. I was pretty sure she’d lose her baby fat in a few years and then have a pretty decent body.

When she was naked I started to remove my own clothing. “Let me do that,” she said, moving my hands away from my shirt. She looked up at me as she slowly raised my shirt over my head. A moment later my shorts fell to the floor soon to be followed by my boxers. She pushed me back onto the bed so she could remove my sneakers and socks.

I pulled her onto the bed and for the first time we felt the thrill of each other’s skin. I realized also for the first time what sensational flawlessly smooth skin Susan had. We intertwined our limbs as we kissed again and again. When Susan broke away she lay on her back. “I’m ready. I want you to fuck me and if we start now we can do it over and over.” I moved between her legs, pointing my erect seven-plus incher at her slit, pausing only to retrieve a condom from my night stand. She took it from me, opening the wrapper with her teeth. “Show me how to do it, Mr. T.” I did and she slipped it onto my cock. It was lubed but I didn’t think any lube would be needed. Once again, she was dripping pussy juice. I lined up and gently slid the head into her. She was even tighter than I thought she would be and even hotter. Her muscles gripped my cock tightly and her heat was unbelievable. I have fucked a lot of women taking good advantage of my Mediterranean good looks and my lean but muscled body. Having a thick seven and a half inch cock didn’t hurt either, but I had never experienced any cunt better than this. So tight was Susan that I didn’t know if I could last long enough to take care of her. I pushed in another inch and another. “If you’re looking for my hymen,” she said as she rubbed my chest, “remember how I told you about that cucumber? I had a hard time cleaning the blood off it when I put it back into the refrigerator. I almost laughed when my mother started to make a salad with it.” Relieved that I wasn’t going to hurt her I plunged into her all the way.

There was no way to describe the exquisite feeling of fucking Susan. Her hot velvety cunt gripped my cock from one end to the other. I’ve had women flex their muscles, squeezing my cock, but that was only for a few seconds. This was one never-ending flex—one continual compression of my cock. In other words—it was Heaven!

Susan started to move with me, rising to meet every thrust as I drove deep into her pussy. Soon she was squirming, rotating her pussy around my rock hard tool. I supported myself on one hand while using my other to massage her swollen clit. It was barely ten seconds before she bucked wildly lifting me off the bed and then her pussy contracted, squeezing my cock like a powerful tubular vise. That was all it took for me. I shot river after river of hot white cum into the condom almost wishing I was shooting it into her. I started to pull out but she stopped me. “I want to hold you. Please leave it in. I love feeling you. It was the greatest, Mr. T—the greatest!”

“Susan, I’d gladly leave it in but when I get soft the condom is going to leak. We don’t need a little visitor, do we?” I kissed her, a relatively chaste kiss considering what we had just experienced, and pulled out, holding the condom as I did. I kissed her again and hopped off the bed. I flushed the condom, returning to the bed to find Susan lying in the sexiest position I have ever seen. Her mousy brown hair had a sheen I’d never noticed before as it hung over her shoulder onto her breasts, her nipples just peeking out at the bottom. I joined her as we hugged and kissed, stroking each other’s arms and legs, running our fingers through each other’s hair.

Eventually, I pulled back. “Susan,” I said as I nibbled her fingers, “that was the most outstanding, most wonderful experience of my life. You are an incredible woman.” Susan’s response was to rush forward, hug me with all her might and kiss me—really, really hard. She pressed her lips into mine as we opened our mouths and ourselves to each other. This was getting serious and, surprisingly, I didn’t mind one bit. I lay on my back and pulled Susan close. We snuggled until we fell into a light sleep, moving together in our unconsciousness as we did earlier as we made love.

We woke just before lunch so I asked Susan what she would like to eat. Stupid question! She gave me a look that said it all. She pushed me onto my back, stroking my cock to hardness. She stared into my face, smiling seductively as she slowly worked her hand up and down my shaft. Considering the situation it was no wonder that my cock grew really hard, really fast. “I think I’m getting better at this, aren’t I?” I was feeling so good all I could do was nod, and even that I could barely handle. Smiling again, she leaned into my cock with her tongue. Starting at the tip she licked and teased me all the way down to the base, and then she worked her way back up again. When she reached the tip again she gave me a look I’d never seen—a hunger that went far beyond one’s desire for food. She wanted me and she showed it by swallowing my cock in a single second. Initially, she moved up and down my cock in a slow deliberate motion that was more tantalizing and effective than anything I had yet experienced. She moved me to my core, and that’s where I felt it start. My orgasm worked its way from deep inside me, growing in intensity, building to a power I had rarely, if ever, known and when it surfaced I blew over and over and over into her throat. Susan swallowed every single drop and when she was done she squeezed my cock, milking it dry. I was totally drained in every way, but I had never felt better.

Chapter 4

Susan and I made love all day and when it was over we didn’t want to say good-bye, but we had to. Even though I was only 23 she was underage so we had to really cool it. Had she been 18 I would have invited her to spend the night. Instead, I dropped her off a block from her house in front of a vacant lot. It wasn’t quite dark then but the street was deserted. A quick kiss and off she went. She looked back once, waved, and walked onto her yard. I stayed long enough to make sure she was into her house OK, then I U-turned and drove away.

The following week Susan stopped by twice for “extra help” and we made arrangements to meet again on Saturday. By now it was early May and the beach park was showing some activity. We found another meeting place behind a local strip mall. Susan jumped into my truck, we kissed briefly, and off we went. This time Susan turned in my living room hands on her ample hips and asked, “Mr. T, if we’re fucking each other silly why am I still calling you ‘Mr. T?’”

“Because I don’t want you to slip in school or anywhere else; calling me ‘Tom,’ or even some pet name, might raise some questions we don’t need. When you’re in high school next year you can call me ‘Tom,’ OK?” I thought Susan would rush forward and kiss me but she asked another question, “Mr. T, what’s anal like? I see it on the internet all the time and they seem to like it but….”

“Well, my darling (Susan brightened considerably at the word ‘darling’), like regular sex it is a two-edged sword. It can feel wonderful or it can hurt like hell.”

“How can it be both?”

“It depends a lot on how it’s done. Your butt is not self-lubricating like your pussy, plus your pussy is made to be intruded (she laughed at that) but your butt isn’t. If you want to try anal we’re going to have to prep you carefully or you’ll never want to do it again.”

“Have you ever done it, Mr. T? What’s it like?”

“Yes, I have done it several times and it can be really great because the anus is so tight, but your pussy is also really tight, and that’s really great, too.” Susan sat on my couch, my one piece of good furniture; she was silent, obviously thinking, for several minutes. Then she spoke, “I think we should go to your bed and fuck ourselves silly and later I think I’d like to try anal. I liked it when you licked my ass. It felt funny, you know—strange—but good. I think it’ll feel good when your cock is in there, plus,” she said with a huge smile, “you won’t need a condom, will you?” How could I argue with such outstanding logic? I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. We undressed each other as quickly as possible without ripping the clothes off our bodies. Naked, we came together for a long embrace punctuated by a long lingering tongue-laden kiss.

Taking her hand I led her to the bed. I fell on my back, pulling her on top of me. “Time for lesson two—you taking the top,” I told her. She grabbed a condom, opened it, and pushed it onto my hard erection. I motioned with my hands for her to straddle me. She took my cock into her hand and rubbed it along her slit until both were covered in her delectable juices. She aligned me with her hot cunt and slowly lowered herself onto me. “I love this part,” she said as my cock entered her tight tunnel. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as I bottomed out against her cervix. Once her descent was over she leaned down for a long kiss. “Fuck, I just love it when you slide into me—when you stretch my tight pussy around your hard cock. I just love it…almost as much as I love the rest of it.” She began to rock, pushing her swollen clit into my pubic bone and my pubic hair. She accelerated her movements as she turned on higher and higher.
Soon she was rocking like a dog—faster than fast and harder than hard. Suddenly Susan groaned loudly, “Oooooooohhhh, fuuuuccccckkkkk!” as her first orgasm struck her. She tensed for almost twenty seconds before she collapsed onto me, drenched in sweat, her hair hanging in strings. Susan pulled my head up for yet another hot kiss then she dropped her head onto my chest while she recovered. Eventually she raised her head as I slowly fucked her to keep both of us hot. “I liked that, Mr. T. I liked that a lot.” I laughed and then I kissed her. “Somehow, I thought you would. In fact, we have yet to find something you don’t like.” Now it was her turn to laugh. “I told you I was always horny.”

I leaned to my right to open my nightstand. I reached in and retrieved two objects. “What’s that?” Susan asked.

Two things to get you ready for that anal you want—some lube and a butt plug. These will help your ass get accustomed to having something in it. Uh…you don’t have to go, do you, because it’ll be in you for a while--maybe a half hour-- maybe longer.” Susan didn’t say a word. She pulled off my cock and bent, her butt in the air. I chuckled a bit, lubed the plug and her anus, and pushed it gently into her butt. “Oh! Mr. T! That actually feels pretty good.” Before I could say a word she swung around and lowered herself onto my cock again. “I didn’t want you to think I had forgotten you.” Once again she began to rock and rub, forcing her clit into me. This time she was bending my inflexible erection in her cunt and the feeling was indescribable, even enveloped in a condom. I wanted to hold back for her, but there was no way that was going to happen again. I thrust up forcefully, my semen racing through my cock, only to be thwarted in its objective by the thin layer of latex. Again and again I blew until finally, I was just plain beat. I pulled out of Susan but lay there, too exhausted to wash up just yet.

In time, Susan rose, slipped the rubber from my deflated dick and disappeared into the bathroom. Oh shit, I thought, don’t do anything stupid with it. She returned with a wash cloth and, as she cleaned me, said, “Don’t worry-- I threw it in the trash. I’m not about to get pregnant—not yet anyway.” She waited a minute then continued, “I’m going to tell my mother I want to go on the pill.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I want to feel you—not the condom, and I want to feel you cum inside me. I love the way you shoot in my mouth. I bet it feels even better in my pussy.” I let it drop, figuring it was an issue between Susan and her mother. Little did I know.

About a half hour later I removed the butt plug. There was a small but definite gape in Susan’s ass. She gave me an expectant look as if to say, “Now?” I know I disappointed her when I pulled a slightly larger butt plug from my drawer. I lubed it and pushed carefully into her virgin ass. I was pleased that it went in easily.
We got up and, still naked, moved to the kitchen to make some lunch. I was surprised at how easily Susan had adjusted to being naked in my presence. It showed real maturity on her part. I had bought some fried chicken from the market and some salads from the deli. I spread it all out on the table and popped the tops on a couple of Pepsi’s, pouring into two ice-filled glasses. I pulled out a chair for Susan and sat in another, ready to eat. Before I had a chance Susan sat in my lap facing me, her legs straddling mine. She reached behind herself for a drumstick. Then she proceeded to feed me. Our eyes never left each other’s as we ate and loved and loved and ate. When she spilled a small piece of chicken on her breast she looked at me as if to say, “Well, what are you waiting for?” I leaned forward, licking it off, but taking plenty of time to lick her breast, areola, and nipple. For some reason lunch took an awful long time. We cleaned up and Susan gave me that look again, that one that asked if she were finally ready for my cock up her ass. I just smiled and nodded; she jumped up and down in her excitement.

Back on my bed I laid her down, placing a pillow under her lower back. I explained that it might be better this way the first time so she could see exactly what I was doing. Susan nodded her agreement. I lubed my cock, now oh-so-hard in anticipation with a generous dollop of KY. I brought it to Susan’s ass before removing the plug. This time there was a three-quarter inch wide gape, more than enough for what we wanted. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, aimed for the gape and pushed gently, making gradual progress until I heard the “pop.” I caressed Susan’s face to let her know the worst was over. I had seen some grimacing from her but she never complained. I pushed in an inch and then out almost as far. Then I repeated and repeated again. Gradually I moved my full length into her. I looked down, expecting to see…what? A grimace? A frown? What I saw was a smile and a young woman mouthing the words, “Fuck me…please.” Never one to deny a damsel in distress I did, and the next time I looked down she mouthed, ”Harder. Faster.” She started to move with me and I could feel myself getting close so I reached between her legs to rub and pinch her clit. We were both getting very, very close and when I thrust into her hard, releasing my first jet of cum she screamed, releasing her orgasm at the same time. We drove into each other again and again until I fell onto the bed. We lay side by side, my cock still embedded in her ass. I caressed her cheek with my hand, running it through her hair. Susan turned, only inches from my face. She had a huge grin. “I definitely want to do that again…and again…and again. I thought I came hard our first time together, but…(gulp)…that was…(gasp)…incredible. I was right, too. I loved feeling your hot cum filling my ass. I can’t wait to feel it in my pussy.” What a joy she was becoming!

Chapter 5

We cleaned up a bit and, about an hour later, decided to “69” since neither of us had sucked the other all day. When I took her home a neighbor saw us, but Susan handled it well, shouting, “Thanks for the ride, Mr. T.” She waved as I yelled back, “My pleasure, Susan.” I waved to the neighbor as I drove away. I saw Susan approaching the neighbor. On Monday she told me that she explained I had run into her in town and offered a ride, expressing concern for her safety. I thought nothing further about it until Wednesday morning when I found a note in my mail box asking me to call Mrs. Miller—Susan’s mom. I phoned right after my second period class and Mrs. Miller asked if she could come in to see me at the close of school. Of course, I said, “Yes.”

After fifth period class I held Susan back. “I had a call from your mom. She wants to see me this afternoon. Any idea?” Susan shrugged her shoulders, but said, “Damn, I wanted to see you this afternoon.”

“I’m afraid that’ll have to wait, but, don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you and that’s a promise.” Susan left with a smile on her face. I walked into the office immediately after school and the secretary pointed to an attractive, but scantily clad woman. Could this be Mrs. Miller? It was! She was wearing a decorated T-shirt, obviously with no bra—her nipples pointing through the fabric. She also wore a pair of black spandex shorts, so tight I could clearly see her camel toe. After introducing myself she asked if we could speak somewhere private. I suggested my classroom. “Mr. T—do you mind if I call you that?—I know that’s how Susan always refers to you. This is a bit awkward. I hardly know how to begin. By the way, you remind me of someone but I can’t quite place it.”

“Some people have told me I look like Victor Mature, you know the old-time actor, but I’ve never seen it. Maybe the hair, but not the rest,” I replied.

“I guess, first, I should thank you for the way you reacted when you learned that Susan had stolen your book. Oh, I was mortified when I found it and I was really concerned about your reaction. But, now you’re giving her a lot of extra help and it seems to be doing a lot for her grades.”

“It wasn’t all that big a deal; just a young girl’s crush. It happens at least once every year and, yes, the extra help does seem to work with Susan. Hopefully, she’ll continue with it”

“Thank you. That makes me feel better about asking you this. Susan says you’re really…oh, what’s the word I’m looking for…with it?...savvy? Anyway, she’s asked to…oh, this is so embarrassing…go on the pill. All of a sudden she wants to have birth control. I just don’t know what to do. Why a 15-year old needs birth control I just don’t understand. After all, it’s not as though we live in the city.”

“Mrs. Miller,” I told her, sitting on the edge of a desk,” what would you say if I told you that of the 67 girls I had in class this year—in ninth grade-- three became pregnant? I think that Susan is smart to want the pill. When you were a girl having sex was the exception, not the rule. Now, if you don’t have sex by fifteen the other girls—and the boys, too--think you’re a lesbian. This came up in one of my classes when a girl asked about one of the pregnancies. I told them I thought it was an anomaly and all the kids laughed. So I asked how many of them had had sex. Almost every student—girls as well as boys—said they had. Now, I’m sure some were lying, but how many would have admitted it when you were younger? You don’t want Susan to fall victim to some smooth talking kid and find herself in a bad situation. You’re Catholic, aren’t you?”

“Yes, why? Oh…yes, I see what you mean. I think I’d better get Susan to the doctor.”

“Good idea,” I said, but what I was thinking was “Hooray!” That’s when the conversation changed—big time! Maybe I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. Mrs. Miller moved extremely close to me—uncomfortably close. Placing her hand on my shoulder she said, “I can understand why so many of the girls find you attractive. You’re really hot.”

“Under other circumstances I’d be flattered, Mrs. Miller,” I countered, “but you are the mother of one of my students and we are here in school where I work.”

“Oh, forget that ‘Mrs.’ stuff, just call me Sharon. Don’t you find me attractive? Sexy? Most men do. I’ll bet I can get you to fuck me with just one word.” She leaned in and whispered it in my ear.

“Yes, I see what you mean, Sharon…you’re really hot yourself, but do you think this is the place for this?”

“Probably not, what is that room?” she said, pointing to my prep room.

“Uhh, storage and my prep area.” She hooked her hand under my belt and literally pulled me into the room. I was helpless so I had no alternative but to follow. She backed me up against the counter, the exact same place where I first led her daughter into our relationship. She pushed her tits into my chest and, I must say, they were impressive—big and firm with large nipples. I countered by brushing her pussy with my hand. She countered by kissing me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I countered by forcing my finger into her cunt, stretching the spandex almost to the breaking point. Sharon broke the kiss to pull off her top. Damn! Her breasts were incredible, among the biggest I’d ever seen this close, but incredibly firm. They didn’t sag at all. I wondered if they were real. Below her chest her abdomen was almost perfectly flat with only a slight tummy. While I was admiring her upper half she almost ripped the shorts from her body. No underwear, although that was no surprise considering the prominent outline of her cunt I’d noticed earlier. Next, my shirt was pulled over my head, and my pants fell to the floor.

She pushed me into one of the chairs then mounted me, reverse cowgirl, until my cock was submerged deep into her cunt. For a MILF she was really hot and she was a pretty good fuck. She rocked and rotated all around my hard hot cock. After a few minutes she turned around to tell me, “Don’t cum in my pussy. I’m not on anything. Let me know so I can take it in my mouth.” Oh, it was so tempting to cum in her! It would have been justice for the way she had practically raped me, but I couldn’t do it to Susan. It would have devastated her to learn that her mother was a slut who was carrying her lover’s baby. I humped back if for no other reason than to end this fiasco. Pretty soon I was ready. “Turn around,” I told her. She whipped around and jerked me into her mouth. She gripped me tightly, stroked me rapidly, and after about a dozen strokes I erupted. I enjoyed watching my cum drip from her mouth all over her gorgeous tits.

As we dressed she gave me her business card with her cell number written on the back. I smiled and nodded but all the while I was thinking—don’t hold your breath. “Oh, by the way,” she told me as she left, “I’d never yell ‘rape,’ but thanks for believing me. I had a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the next time. Ciao.” I was so angry I almost pounded my fist into the counter.

Susan and I met another six weeks until the school year ended and it kept getting better and better, especially when I was able to stop using the condoms. The feelings she gave me were indescribable. Then one day after classes were over I was finishing my year-end grades when she came into my classroom crying. Her parents had decided to send her to Colorado to visit her aunt’s ranch for the summer and there was no changing their minds. She begged me to be faithful to her and, of course, I promised, even though I knew that Kelsey, my principal’s insatiable daughter, would be home within the week. We wouldn’t be able to see each other until just before she started high school. I looked in the hall; it was deserted. I closed and locked my door and followed Susan into the prep room. I removed her shorts and laid her on my table. Then I dropped my shorts; my cock was already hard. I moved up to kiss her and while she was occupied with the kiss I slid my cock into her. “But, Mr. T,” she whispered shocked and surprised, “ I thought you said it was too dangerous.”

“It is, so be quiet while I fuck you silly. This one has to last us for a long time.” I whispered back. I started a slow rhythm which she matched as her hot tight cunt squeezed my cock in a death grip. When I felt the need to speed up Susan matched me again. We matched each other in everything—speed, intensity, heat, and orgasms. When we came it was like two months worth of orgasms were rolled into one. It was like the A-bomb of orgasms. I came in buckets and Susan shook so hard she broke one of the table legs, spilling us onto the floor. We held each other, not sure whether we should laugh or cry as my cum ran out of her cunt onto the floor. We looked at each other again and, simultaneously said, “WOW!” We kissed, got dressed, kissed again, and pledged to meet again once she was back from the West. High school, I was sure would lead to many new opportunities for the two of us. Susan wouldn’t be able to come to the junior high, but, because her day would end almost an hour before mine, we could meet at my house much more often. That meant more fucking that delicious cunt and more fucking that hot tight ass. Yes, I was very much looking forward to Susan’s high school years.

Next : Susan returns, starts high school, and a whole lot more!

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