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Wife takes black cock to cuckold hubby
I must admit. When my husband started talking of another man fucking me I was appalled. I had never thought, even imagined, that I would ever fuck another man. But here he was my husband, asking, begging, wanting me to start fucking other men and, I must admit, the more he talked the more intriguing it sounded.
Several months of talking, begging and pleading, I agreed under three conditions. “First: If we do this there will be no turning back. Second: You will be in chastity permanently. After all---the way you’re talking
I’ll be fucking others and not you. Third: I will have compleat control over who I want. Agreed?”
After agreeing to the rules he went to shower and shave his private parts as I requested. In the bedroom, I tied each hand and foot to the four corners of the bed.
“Remember! This was your idea. I am happy with the way things were but, as you said, you want me fucking other men and I only surrendered to please you. But now that you have agreed to all my rules there is no turning back.” I said tying him to the bed. “And in time you’ll get use to having this on your cock.” Adding as I held up the CB2000 and worked each of his balls through the ring. I then placed the sleave over his cock and super glued each of the three ends. “There. All done.” As the lock clicked.
The next Friday I drove Betty to a company meeting and waited in the car.
As the meeting let out, I watched as she exited hand in hand with another gentleman. Reaching to where I was she leaned in the window and gave me a big kiss.
“Honey I want you to meet Mick. Mick this is my husband Ken. Mick and I were sitting together and started talking during breaks. I told him we were entering a cuckold life style and he asked if he could join.”
“As I told your wife. Mick interrupted. “I am very experienced in cuckolding. I have cuckolded many a wife into submitting to me as there black master and helped in training their cuck’s.
If it is OK with you I would love to help you both out. She told me she loved to fuck and had you in chastity.”
“I told him you had a turtle dick and I needed a man’s cock.”
“I am hosting a 3-day no-clothes-allowed party tonight and would love for you both to come. There will be about six or seven men there and would be a good start for you. Only thing is. Since she’s not on the pill there’s a chance she might get pregnant.”
“We’de love to go.” Betty said before I could answer. “Right honey?”
“With my help you will learn is how to suck a cock and get it up to fuck your wife. You will also learn to clean all her lover’s cum when they are done. What I need to know is do you have a problem with becoming a good cuck?“
”No. No problem.”
“Mick needs a ride also.” Betty said as they got in the back seat.
“OK. Where to?"
“Go to Lacy Ave. 1825."
Sitting in back, Mick started rubbing my wife’s leg moving slowly to her pussy.
“Mmmmm. No panties. I like that.”
“Less to take off."
“So what all you into?”
“I have a few lovers.”
“But what do you like?”
“Little bit of everything. Sucking-fucking.”
“So you like other cock instead of his huh?”
”It’s my body and I‘ll fuck who I want. Besides--he doesn’t have much anyway.
“Got a small one huh.”
“I call him turtle dick for short.”
“Turtle dick. I like that.”
“You ever had a black man?”
“No. Opportunity’s never came up.”
“Well after tonight you’ll know what you’ve been missing.” Saying as he kissed her. “In fact, after tonight, you’ll want a black cock every day.”
“Sounds good.”
“Third house on the right. Just park in the drive."
As we got out Mick pulled me aside saying he wanted to talk to me a minute. As I followed him down the drive, Betty waited by the car.
As we reached the end of the drive he stopped. “There’something I didn’t tell your wife.” He said turning. “Your wife acted like it didn’t bother her in weather or not she got pregnant when I mentioned it earlier. This week-end she’s going to be fucked by myself and friends and she will get pregnant. As for you you’re going to clean your wife every time she’s fucked. You will also clean each of us off and do everything you are told to do. Do you understand?”
“If this is all cool with you we’ll proceed. If not you can leave and pick her up Monday. Either way she’s getting fucked the week-end.”
Returning to where Betty waited she asked what was going on and he replied “just telling Ken what was going to happen.”
With that Mick headed towards the front door with myself and Betty in tow.
Entering, we noticed around seven, or eight, black men sitting around. W also noticed they were all naked.
After the introductions, Mick pushed against her from behind saying she was now his slut and available for their pleasure as he started rubbing her tits. As she put her head against his chest and pushed her ass into his groin, he grabbed the waistline of her skirt and pulled down, leaving her in high heels and thong.”What you think guys? Is she fuck-able or not.”
“Hell yea.”
“And she loves black cock.”
“Who’s the guy behind her?”
“That’s just her cuck husband. He’s the clean up man.”
”Clean up huh.”
”Yea. Every time we make a mess he cleans it. And ther’ll be plenty of cleaning tonight too.“ Mick said laughing. “Go ahead cuck. Strip and get on your knees.“
As I knelt naked one started laughing as he talked.
“Man. That’s a small cock. No wonder she wants other cock. What does he do anyway?”
“Anything we want him to.” d
“Come over here bitch and deep throat this.” The one called Larry said pointing his cock towards her.
Removing the rest of her clothes she move towards him and with her mouth open.
I looked and saw he must of had at least 10 inches.
“Start sucking. Show me how much you love black cock.”
Grabbing his cock, Betty held it over her face, and started licking his balls before moving her tongue up and down the length of his shaft until she reached the head and pushed it between her lips.
Instantly Larry began pushing his cock in and out of my wife’s mouth making her gag as he forced her to take him deeper, fucking her mouth and throat.
"Man! She's really hot for that black cock he's giving her". Pauly said watching the show. ”
“I told yea.”
After sucking Larry, Mick led her to the middle of the room where he ordered her to assume the bitch mating position.
I watched as Mick prepared her for penetration, applying lubricant over his cock and around the outside of her pussy and, moving between her legs, slowly begin feeding it into her and all I could do was watch, unable to stop him. I knew they would all be taking turns fucking her, climaxing inside her unprotected pussy over and over again, searing deep into the tender walls of her cunt and touching places my smaller cock could never reach with huge globes of thick black sperm.
“By the time tonight’s over you’re going to be pregnant with a black baby.” Mick said ramming his cock as deep as he could, stretching her pussy lips to accomadate his cock as he slowly fed his black cock deep into her soft expanding cunt, her pussy clinging to his thick shaft and her juices mixed with his semen, glistened in the light.
After a couple of minutes she started shouting "I want it, cum in me. Oh yes, fuck me… fuck me hard. I want your cum deep inside me. Give me your baby juice."
As Mick pulled out, his cum dripping from her now, gapping pussy he glanced to where I was still kneeling.
“See how stretched your wife’s pussy is? She won’t even feel your punny dick anymore.” He told me laughing as he gently withdrew his shaft, leaving my wife’s pussy open with a pool of semen beginning to trickle out.. “Get over here and lie down. You need to start your cuck cleaning.”
“Straddle his mouth with her pussy, grunt, and push on your stomach.”
As she did I gulped as a long stream of Mick’s cum flooded my mouth.
“And you better suck every drop.”
“Now get over here and clean my cock." He said after I had swallowed all she had and another took his place fucking my wife. “Tonight your going to be nothing more then a cocksucker and cum licker.” Mick ordered after I finished sucking his cum from her pussy
My wife was still kneeling as I moved to Mick as the others each started taking their turn filling her with their black seed.
“You ready for this.” Larry said being the last and moving between her legs.
“Yes.” she said groaning as he stretched her pussy to its max, almost tearing it.
As he entered she started screaming, "it hurts, it hurts”, she screamed as his balls touched her ass and “fuck me. Fuck me hard. OH FUCK ME.”
Over and over for three days they took turns. When Monday came all left for work except Mick who was fucking my wife one last time.
When we left, Mick said he would see us later that night.
“Mick wants us to move in with him.” Betty said as I started the car.
“What did you tell him?”
“I told him we would.”
“OK.” I said as she turned towards me smiling.
That night we moved in with Mick.


Three weeks later Betty came to my room.
“I can feel it honey. I can feel a black fetus attaching to the walls of my womb. We’re going to have a baby. A black baby.”
After she went back to Mick’s bed I laid alone. I knew their cum had already attached itself to the wall of her womb, fertilized her egg, had began to grow. I also knew nothing could be done to stop the black seeds relentless attack.

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