David Anderson met Eve in Church while they were both in high school. They had gotten married a week after graduation. Both of their families were disappointed because they had elected to not go to college, even though they both had scholarships, but instead opted to start a family, and for him to continue with his after school job at a local popular café. By the time he was 23 he was manager, and by the time he was 28, he owned a sting of fast food restaurants.
Rodney, their son was born exactly nine months after their marriage, and one year later Joyce was born.
The family remained steadily involved in their church, with Eve volunteering for most of the church activities.
David and Eve are now 34. Eve is petite, 5 foot, 4 inches, 36-25-36, she works out regularly. Her breasts are perfectly round, and perfect in every way. She has long blond hair that reaches to the small of her back. David, is blond also, 6 foor 2 inches, and muscular, not grotesquely muscular, just well formed. Their son Rod is 15, and Joy is 13. David had been heavily involved in the business for all of these years, and the family had never had the time to take a decent vacation, except of course the children had been in Church Camp every year since their 6th birthday.
Eve and Dave have now decided that a long family vacation was necessary, and they were both scanning the internet for the perfect vacation.
It was Eve that hit upon an ad for a cruise aboard a 120 foot sailing schooner that leaves Los Angeles, and sails to Brevoer, a small island in the South Pacific. The trip was to take 9 weeks, four weeks to the island, one week on the island, and four weeks back to Los Angeles. It was called the “Back to Nature” cruise of a lifetime. Each of the family had to undergo a physical examination, because the medical facilities aboard the boat were minimal, and no one under the age of 18 was allowed.
Dave and Eve discussed this last requirement and both agreed that the children were very mature and that there was no reason why they couldn’t sign the affidavit under oath stating that the children were twins and both 18.
Two months before the boat was to sail, the family went to the ships doctor in San Francisco, it seems they have contracted with doctors in most major cities. The physical was in depth, as was the blood tests.
One month before the sailing date they received confirmation that they physical was satisfactory and that they were to remit the remainder of the fee, $4,000.00 per person, and report to the dock at Venice, California on July 1. There were also instructions, that urged us to travel lite, and there was explanation that this was a working cruise. They would be handling the sailing of the boat, doing routine jobs in rotation. They promised that by the end of the cruise they would be accomplished Schooner men.

Chapter Two

They arrived at the boat at 8:00 am, and the boat was to leave on the tide at 9:40 am.
The schooner was beautiful, just as the photos in the brochure had depicted her. One feature that annoyed Eve, and amused Rod was that the figurehead on the boat was a naked woman right down to the smallest detail, including legs that were slightly parted, with a vagina in plain view. She mentioned this to the Purser, and was only told that “Nature” was a ship and not a boat, and that she would have 54 paid guests, and had 23 crewmen, and some had their families aboard.
This hardly answered her concerns, but decided that she couldn’t have them remove something that was obviously part of the boat, that is a Ship.
They were shown to their cabin, they were to share a cabin that had two queen size beds, and unbelievably there was no door. They also couldn’t locate any drawers or a closet so their clothing was left in their suitcases.
At precisely 9:40 the ship pulled away from the pier and made its way out of the harbor, and into the open sea. The sea was calm, and once safely in deep water, the engine was shut down and the sails were raised, and the Nature healed to the slight breeze and quietly glided across the ocean.
The family stood at the rail, on the fan tail, watching the landmass fall below the horizon, and the light blue foam that trailed.
The were startled by an announcement over a loud speaker system, asking all guests to meet in the main dining hall for orientation.
The dining hall was amidships and the Andersons were the last to arrive.
Upon arriving Eve let out a squeal and told the children to go back to their cabin. All of the guests, including the Purser, were stark naked.
Eve went to one of the officers standing; fully clothed I might add, by the door.
“What is this?” she said trying to look away from the room full of naked people.
“What do you mean?” he asked obviously amused.
“This…this..nakedness,” she said as he face turned red. “Why is everyone naked?”
“This is a Nature Cruise” we go back to nature, everything is natural.
“I want to see the Captain,” she stammered.
“The captain is busy right now, you can talk to him after the orientation.”
“Turn this boat around. I want off. My family wants off. I want my money back and I want off.”
“We aren’t turning around, and nobody is getting off, so I would suggest that you listen to what the Purser is saying. It is very important, and you can talk to the Captain when he is finished.”
She grabbed her husband’s hand and led him to seats in the back of the room.
Dave sat and couldn’t help but notice that all, and I mean all of the guests were young handsome and beautiful people with bodies that were trim and fit. He couldn’t help it but his cock was starting to fill with blood and he crossed his legs to hide his condition from Eve.
“Welcome to the Nature Cruise, we have passed the 120 mile limit and now we are in international waters. I see that most of you have taken advantage of this and removed your clothing, as have I.
“There are few rules during this cruise, and the first is that clothing is not optional. All guests must be nude. I notice a few of you in the back are still clothed your clothing must be removed within the next hour. Failure to remove your clothing will result in sanctions. The sanctions for remaining clothed is the loss of one days food. If you remain clothed you loose one days food for every day you remain clothed. This trip is 9 weeks, and I can assure you that you will soon chuck your clothing. No one will go 9 weeks without eating. You might be considering getting off of this ship, but we will not be meeting any other vessel on this trip, as we will be outside the shipping lines, and we are not turning around.”
“But my children,” Eve said standing. “My daughter is only 13, and my son is 15. Surely you don’t expect them to remove their clothes?”
“Mrs Anderson isn’t it?”
“You signed an affidavit stating that your children were twins and 18 years old. That document is what defines their age on this ship.”
“You wouldn’t starve them if they didn’t remove their clothes?”
“They are subject to the rules the same as everyone else, and I might add that your suitcases have been removed from your cabin and are now in the purser’s office. We have left your toiletries and other sundry objects and they are stowed in your room. So I would suggest that you remove your clothing and bring them to my office right after this meeting.”
“Now continuing, there are times when you will be allowed clothing, for instance the evening watch could get chilly, and we have flotation suits that you can wear while on deck duty, whenever the weather dictates.”
Also since we are a sailing vessel, we do heal, that is the ship will lean, because of that we require all guests to wear a tethered harness on deck if the wind is above 10 knots and life jackets are required any time you are on deck. You will be warned when you need to tether up.
Since this is a Nature Cruise, we are, as you know hedonistic, you are allowed to do whatever you want sexually, at any time with anyone, as long as it is consensual. If someone says “NO” they mean “NO”. If you force yourself on someone then you will be tried at a captain’s mast, and if found guilty you will be locked in the brig for 5 days, with bread and water. If you are found guilty a second time you will remain in the brig for the remainder of the voyage.
We ask that you clean up your mess, if you men ejaculate all over the place, please clean it up, and if you ladies are squinters, please do the same.”
“Oh, my God,” Eve said taking a deep breath. “What have we gotten ourselves into?”
“There are moist wipe stations throughout the ship.” The purser continued.”
Dave put his hands into his lap as his hardon increased in size, and a wet spot of precum was now evident on the front of his pants.
“Other than that you are free to indulge in your sexual activities anytime and anywhere on the ship from now until we arrive back to this distance from Los Angeles. If you are a parent and if you interfere with your children’s desires, or if you are married and interfere with your spouse’s wishes and desires, then you will lose one days rations. Ladies, and gentlemen you are free from the control of everyone, with the exception that as I said if you desire sex with a person and they say no, they mean no.”
“We will be getting off of this… this… ship as soon as we arrive at that island, and we will fly back home,” Eve shouted.
“I’m afraid not,” the Purser said. “Brevoer is a secluded Island, they have no airport, and they wear no clothes. The don’t tolerate anyone who does. We are their only contact with the outside world, we bring all of their needs in our hold, we bring the mail, and take back anything they wish to send.”
Eve sat back down and Dave re-crossed his legs as he watched a beautiful blond, with full heavy breasts, with light pink nipples, start sucking the cock of the man sitting next to her. Her head was bobbing up and down, as her hand spread her cunt lips and ran her fingers up and down her wet slit.
“There are heads, toilets to you land lovers, forward, amidships, and aft. Please read the instructions. We need to save our fresh water so if you pee, do it in the urinals, or when you take your shower, the urinals they are waterless, and there are urinals for the women and for the men. The heads are unisex, so don’t look for men and women signs.”
“Oh my God.”
“Any questions? If not then this meeting is over. Mr. and Mrs Anderson, I will be expecting you at my office.”

Chapter Three
The room cleared out, except for a few that were already involved sucking cock and licking cunt. Dave sat watching as Eve grabbed his hand away from his lap and pulled him to the door.
“My God, you have a hard on, and you’re wet. Does this stuff turn you on?
“I’m only human. There are something’s a man can’t control, they just happen. Are you going to tell me you aren’t a little wet too?”
“Absolutly not, well try to keep that thing under control, what will you children think? We are going to have to decide what we are going to do.”
She pulled him out of the hall, and down the rail toward their room. All along the way there were couples some sucking, some kissing and others fucking, with the women leaning against the rail, with their asses turned to their partners that were slamming them with their urgent cocks.
“Don’t you dare to look at them. Shut your eyes.”
“Shut my eyes?”
“Yes, shut your eyes. We shouldn’t be seeing this. We’ve got to get to the children.”
Dave followed with his eyes half shut, as he watched the people who couldn’t wait.
They arrived at their compartments. Rod and Joy were sitting on the bed talking.
“Have you been here all of the time?” Eve asked.
“Yes we came right here when we left the Hall.” Rod said.
“I’ve got to pee,” Joy said crossing her legs. “Can I go to the lady’s room?”
“There is no lady’s rooms, the toilets are unisex, and there will be men in there. But you can go right now, I think the men are busy right now. Just go and come right back. I saw the toilet down the passageway.”
Joy got up and ran down the passageway to the sign that said Head.
There was no door, she ran in and was facing a row of toilets, with no partitions, a row of urinals, with a sign above them saying “ladies” and a row of urinals marked “gentlemen”. There was a picture showing ladies how to use the urinal. The picture shows a woman backing up to the urinal legs spread and squatting. She lowered her shorts and undies, and tried to squat but her pants around her ankles prevented her from spreading her legs far enough to get over the urinal. She slipped her shorts and panties off and squatted. She felt relieved as she emptied her bladder. She was half done a young naked boy walked in and picked up her clothes and stood there watching her pee.
“What are you doing? Give me back my clothes and get out of here.”
“Sorry, I have been assigned to you. You aren’t allowed to wear clothing, so these are going to the Pursers office.”
He turned and left her as she stood up and the remaining pee ran down her leg, and into her Tennies.
“You come back here,” she screamed. “I can’t go out looking like this.”
But he was gone and so were her shorts and panties. She took some tissue and wiped the inside of her legs, and tried to dry her shoes. She just about finished when a man, probably in his late forties entered, and stood in the door watching her while he stroked his hard cock.
“Need some help?”
“No” she said looking at his hand move up and down. “What are you doing? Stop that.”
“I don’t think so Missy. Why are you wearing that top? Don’t you know clothes are forbidden? Oh you must be the Anderson girl. You’re parents are incredibly stupid.”
“They are not,” she said as she ran from the room and down the passageway to their cabin.
“Where are your clothes?” her mother screamed as she entered the room.
“They took them from me when I took a pee. You have to get half naked to pee, and this other guy came in and watched and played with himself.” As she said that she felt a tingle in her thighs. It was the same tingle she felt when she peeked at her bother in the shower. She also knew that she would start getting wet between her legs, and everyone would know if she couldn’t get to some tissue.
“We need to decide what to do about this,” her mother said. “Sit down and cover yourself up. Take off your top, and cover your body. You are wearing a bra aren’t you?”
“Yes mother.”
“Then cover yourself up.”
She slipped her top off and laid it across her lap. She had outgrown her bra and her breasts, now fully developed spilled out the top, and a small portion of the top of her areola was showing.
“Can’t you get that thing to cover all of you?”
“No mom, I told you I needed a few things.”
Dave had been sitting quietly on the foot of the bed still attempting to cover the erection that has persisted since they left the hall. Seeing his daughter with her blond pubic hair arriving in the room didn’t help things. He looked over to Rod. He was sitting with his legs crossed and his hands in his lap.
“Well I’m not giving up my clothing,” Eve said. “ And neither are you children. We’ll stay in the cabin.”
“We can’t do that,” David said. “We’ve got to eat. We can’t go 63 days without food.”
“We can try.”
“Okay so we try. We go, let us say, 12 days. Then we can’t go further so we take off our clothes and go naked for 51 days. Tell me what’s the point. We either go 63 days or 51 days. We stay healthy, or we reduce ourselves to skin and bone.”
Eve broke out in tears. I don’t know what to do, that ad didn’t say anything about this.
“Uh, mom, yes it did,” Rod said.
“Where did it say that?” she gasped.
“That didn’t mean………”
“Yes it did,” Dave said. “It must have meant that.”
Just then the naked boy that took Joy’s panties and shorts stuck his head into the door.
“Can I have your clothes? You don’t want to miss dinner.”
“Get out of here young man,” Eve said. “How old are you?”
“How is it that you are on this boat.”
“Ship ma’am.”
“My father works here. I was born here, and we live here.”
“So you are without clothes all of the time?”
“Not in port. Only on the cruises, and only the summer. In the winer I go to school in the States.”
“Well cover yourself up with your hands when you talk to me or my daughter.”
“No mam. I can’t do that.”
“And may ask why not?”
“Because that would be the same as wearing clothes and I don’t want to miss any meals. I can do this though,” He reached down and started stroking this cock. “and if I keep it up it will get a lot bigger.”
Eve watched as the boy started masturbating. Her mouth dropped open she turned to Joy. “Turn you back. Don’t watch this disgusting display.”
“Can I get your clothes,” the boy asked again.
“Get out we are having a family discussion.”
The boy stepped out into the passageway.
“I’ll wait out here.”
Joy sat there; she knew her juices were flowing and that the bed would be wet when she stood up. That boy was stroking his thingy, and that man in the toilet had a big one, she didn’t know they got that big. “How could any woman get something that big into her?” The more she thought about it and the longer she watched the boy, the more her pussy ached.
“Joyce, get your eyes off that little pervert. Oh God, what’s to be done?” she asked, as realizes that her own juices are starting to flow.
“We’ve got to eat. We’ll have to take off our cloths and only leave the cabin for food and necessities, “ Eve finally said.
“What about the problem we men have?” Dave asked.
“Yah.” Rod said. “What do we do?”
“Nothing we can do.” Eve said. “Joy, I haven’t talked to you about some of the differences in men and women.”
“You mean hardons?” she asked.
“I prefer the term, erections, but yes, what you said. Your dad and brother can’t help it if they….. you know… do what you said. In fact I feel pretty sure they are experiencing it right now. So when we disrobe you will need to avert your eyes as much as possible.”
“What about us?” Joy asked.
“Yes what about us. We can’t control some of the things that happen to me… to us.”
“I see what you mean. Okay guys, sometimes we women show signs of arousal too, and occasionally it is evident.”
“Like what?” Rod asked.
“Well,” she continued. “Women, and girls, produce a liquid that sometimes can be seen on our pubic hair, and on occasion it runs down our legs if we aren’t wearing under garments, and as you know we won’t be wearing any undergarments.”
“That’s not all,” Joy said.
“No that’s not all. On occasion our…oh dear…our…clit….clitoris swells and becomes evident to anyone who takes a look. So I would ask you… men to avert your eyes.”
“Can I get the clothes now,” the boy yelled from the passageway.
“Have you been listening?” Eve yelled.
“Yea, the guys get a hardon and the women’s cunts start dripping. Tell me something new. Can I get your clothes now. I want to go eat, and I would love to see those dripping cunts.”
Davie stood up and his hardon was evident through his slacks as was the wet spot that was growing.
“Just a moment,” he said as he undid his belt and slipped his pants off. “They’re coming.”
He unbuttoned his shirt, and tossed the shirt and pants into the passageway.
“We had better get these back when this trip is over,” he said.
“They will be cleaned and pressed and hanging in your cabin on the day of our arrival.”
He put his thumbs in the top of his shorts and pulled them down, releasing his blood engorged cock that sprang up when released, and slapped him on his stomach.
“God, dad. It’s enourmous,” Joy said staring at his cock. “How can anything that big fit into mama? How big is it?”
“Joy, what did I say about averting your gaze?” Eve snapped.
“Seven inches,” David said.
“David, what are you saying. We don’t talk about things like that.”
“Four and a half inches when soft,” he continued ignoring Eve.
“David Scott Anderson, what are you doing?”
“Look we are going to be in this small cabin, with everything hanging out for 62 days, just what did you think the conversation is going to be about. We are all going to be hornier than hell. By the time we get home there will be no secrets.”
While he was talking Rod slipped his clothes off and threw them out of the cabin.
“Six inches,” he said.
“They’re so beautiful,” she said, looking first at her father and then her brother. I just love looking at them. Why are they different,” Joy asked.
“Joyce, what are you saying? We are family we just don’t …… just don’t.” she stammered with her eyes riveted to Rod’s 6 inch uncircumcised cock. She hadn’t had a good look at it since he was maybe 9 or 10 years old. She was fascinated by the half exposed cock head. “We’re family and we don’t make comments like that.” She said completing her train of thought.
“I’m circumcised,” David said, “and Rod isn’t.”
“Oh.” She said her eyes riveted to the half exposed head of her brother’s cock.
“What are you waiting for Joy,” Rod asked with his cock standing at attention.
Joy stood up and tossed her blouse out of the room, exposing her pussy hair that glistened with beads of liquid, the bedspread was wet.
“I told you,” she said shyly, as she unsnapped her bra, and threw it into the pile of clothing in front of their cabin.
“Your tits are beautiful,” Rod said, his mouth hanging open.
“Rodney Jeffery Anderson!” Eve said snapping at him.
“Do you think so?” Joy asked, as her cheeks turned red with embarrassment as she looked down at her own tits, she thrust them forward a bit, to exaggerate their size, ran her fingers over the nipples.
“Rodney Jeffery Anderson, what did I say.”
“Sorry mom.”
“It’s your turn,” Dave said turning to Eve.
“ I know it is. This isn’t easy, and before anyone says anything, yes I am wet, and yes my clit….clitoris is engorged, and yes it is noticeable. Your father knows of my condition, as will all of you before this ordeal is over.” With that she unbuttoned her dress, and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing panty hose, and under that panties that matched her lacy bra. She took hold of the top of the panties and panty hose at the same time and slipped them down. She turned and stepped out of them. She didn’t realize that Rod was standing directly behind her and he received a beautiful view of her asshole and cunt as she bent over to pull the stockings off of her feet. His cock was cranked up another notch, almost to the point of pain. She stood and with her back to them as she unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor.
Joy, having seen her mother bent over from behind, carefully squatted and picked up her clothes and threw them into the pile.
“That’s all,” she said calling to the boy in the passageway.
“Finally,” he said moving to the door and bending to get the stack. “Where are the shoes? Throw out your shoes. There are sandals and thongs on the shelf, and you can buy some sexy high heal sandals at the shop.”
They took off their shoes and threw them into the all.
“Thanks,” he said.
Eve slowly turned facing her children raising her arms and tried to cover her tits. At 35 she was a knock out. Rod had always known that she was the most beautiful mother of any of his friends, her breasts were firm, 36C, they didn’t sag, they were perfect half cantaloupe with pink areola and nipples a couple of shades darker.
Rod stood looking at his beautiful mother, his mouth hanging open, his gaze moved down her body, to her small waist, and lower to her mound, that was sparsely covered with hair. It wasn’t shaven it just didn’t have much hair. And it was then evident what his mother had alluded too. Her clitoris stuck out a full half inch from her vaginal lips. Rod thought it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. Eve lowered one of her hands to cover her clit, while keeping the other over her breasts.
Dave had always called it his “wife’s little cock”, it’s shaped like a cock with a uncircumcised head, just like their sons. When Rod was a baby, they marveled how much they looked alike.
The boy in the passageway stood staring. “God you’re mother’s got a cock, and it’s a beauty.”
All eyes turned to him, he grabbed clothes. “I’m leaving,” he said in a hurry, as he ran down the hallway.
“That’s why mine is so large,” Joy said putting her hand down to her cunt.
“What do we do now?” Dave said standing and looking at his beautiful daughter and wife. “Do you want to stay here in the cabin, or go for some food?”
“I really don’t want to go out there looking like this.” Eve said. “I… I just don’t know what to do, this is so embarrassing.”
“We have to eat,” Joy said. “I’m starved. All of this sex stuff has my stomach all churning.”
“We had better eat,” Dave said standing, with his cock poking out, and slightly up.
“With that, and that?” Eve said pointing first at Dave’s cock and then at her son’s.
“I think most every man on the ship is like this so I guess, yes like this,” he said taking his cock in hand and shaking it. “We had better eat.”
“I suppose so,” Eve said weakly “Maybe we should get some food.”
They left the safety of the cabin and walked down the passageway, and up a ladder.
“Don’t they have stairs, on these ships?” Eve asked as she looked up to the next deck.
“No ships like these have ladders below the water line. That way in case of being holed, they can close the hatch and create air and water tight compartments.
Rod started up to the main deck, Eve followed, looking up, she was got a bottom view of her son’s cock, and huge balls, hanging low because of the warmth of the cabin, and his cheeks parted with every step revealing his asshole.
“Oh lord,” she said, unable to take her eyes off of her son’s cock and balls. She felt her juices start to flow and realized that her clitoris was growing. “What to do,” she murmured.
“Did you say something?” Dave asked as he followed.
“Nothing,” she panted. “Nothing.”
Dave looked up saw juices flow from his beautiful wife’s cunt, it was running down her leg, and some spattered on his forehead.
Behind him Joy was receiving the same view of her father that Eve had of her son. She was mesmerized by his balls as they moved from side to side as he climbed the ladder. She was glad she was last, not only did she get a view of her father’s cock and balls from underneath, but she knew she was dripping wildly down her legs, and onto the deck below. Anyone below her would receive an unusual shower.
They reached the main deck and went forward to the dining hall. It was packed, with all of the guests, and waiters were moving between the tables with trays loaded with food. The waiters were wearing long clear plastic aprons, with cocks, cunts, on display, and the women’s beasts were hanging over the top.
There was no way they could sit at a table alone, the tables were round and had 10 places. They looked around and saw a table with only 3 people seated, two women with a young man, he could be their son, and could in fact be a grandson of one of them.
They worked their way through the dining hall and arrived at the table.
“Can we join you,” David asked.
“Certainly. Have a seat. I’m Evelyn, this is Gloria, and he’s my grandson, Jeffery.”
“Thank you, I’m David, this is my wife, Eve, and my daughter Joy, and son Rod.”
“I see Rod, has quite a Rod,” Gloria said. “Oh by the way, Evelyn is my mother, and Jeffery is my son.”
“I don’t appreciate your remark, concerning my son’s ……name,” Eve said as she sat down.
“Sorry,” Gloria said. “But you’re going to hear a lot of what isn’t normal. What would be unseemly remarks and gestures on shore are every day events here. The rules say you can say no to advances, but you can’t say no to what people say as long as they don’t infringe on your body. For instance I would love to suck that little cock of yours.”
“David lets go.” She said standing.
“Sit down,” David ordered. “She didn’t say anything that most of the people in this room aren’t thinking, and what I haven’t done a million times in our last sixteen years of marriage.”
Eve realized that standing everyone was staring at her and she was less conspicuous sitting down.
“Excuse my daughter’s bad manners.” This is our fourth trip on this ship, and it’s Jeffery’s second trip.”
“How old are you Jeffery,” Rod asked.
“Fourteen,” he responded.
“How old were you when you made your first trip?” Eve asked as she picked up her napkin and put it in her lap.
“How did you get a twelve year old on this ship when the age limit is eighteen?” David asked.
“If you sign the affidavit you could get a 6 year old on board, and in the eyes of the ship and crew they are 18, and you can’t make decisions for them without being punished by loss of 3 consecutive days of food.”
“You mean that if we had a 6 year old, and if he, or she, wanted to have sex with someone, the parent couldn’t say no?”
“That is the rule. You subject the children to the ship rules when you sign that affidavit.”
“It’s okay with me,” Jeffrey said. “I’ve been fucking my mother and grandmother since I was 5. Well not really fucking, when I was that young they would just suck my cock and I would tongue their cunts.”
“You people should be in prison,” Eve said clutching her napkin closer to her body.
“What about venereal disease aboard the ship?” David asked.
“That’s what the physical was all about. The doctor determined you had no mental disorder, physical disease, or disability, and that your genitalia is normal, and of course no AIDS or other sexually transmittable disease.”
“You said, that the genitalia was normal, what about my wifes…..?”
“Her tiny cock? Oh, that would be a plus; she will be in great demand with that.”
The food arrived, evidently you don’t order, you just get what is on the menu. Tonight it was a Turkey dinner, with all of the thanksgiving trimmings.
Half way through the meal, Rod felt something grab his cock. His whole body stiffened, and sat upright in his chair.
“Something wrong,” Joy asked.
“No,” he responded, lifting the table cloth. A young girl had her hand wrapped around his stiff cock, and was smiling up at him. Then she lowered her mouth over his cock, he felt the unbelievable warmth of her mouth and the constant movement of her tongue up and down his shaft.
Rod sat back and enjoyed the sensations. He had had his cock sucked before when he and his friend Harvey spent the night at each other’s house. They had taken turns sucking each other’s cocks. It had bothered Rod because he found out he loved sucking cocks, and he was afraid he was gay, until he got ahold of some fucking videos, and realized that he loved pussy more than cocks.
He sat there mesmerized by the expert tongue that was working on the head of his cock. He knew he couldn’t hold it and that he was ready to come his body stiffened, his legs shot straight out and stream after stream shot into the girls mouth. She struggled but was able to swallow most of it, with a few drops dripping from her nose.
“Are you sure you’re alright Rod?”
“I think he just met Cindy,” Jeffery said.
“Cindy?” David asked.
“Yea, she goes from table to table sucking cocks. She loves the taste, and her mother says it is mostly protein without all the bad stuff that meat has so she encourages her to suck as much cock as she can find, and at dinner she is usually under a table somewhere sucking a cock.”
“Rod is that true?” Eve asked.
“Ah ah ah, said Gloria wagging her finger at Eve. You could get in trouble. If the boy wants his cock sucked, he has every right.”
Rod sank back in his chair with a smile on his face. The meal was over and everyone was leaving.
“Let’s get back to our room,” Eve said as she stood up, still clutching the napkin over her dripping cunt.
Rod stood up and to no one’s surprise his cock was hanging down, Joy noted that it hung about an inch below his balls. The head had withdrawn behind the foreskin. She liked the way it looked, and had an urge to reach out and touch it, but looking at her mother she decided against it.
As they left the dining hall they realized that the sun was setting, and the red sky lit up the ocean with all of the colors in the sky.
“Can’t we stay out here for a while?” Joy asked.
“No, we’ve got to get in our room; it’s the only place safe here. Look what happened to Rod during our evening meal. I was so distracted by everything we forgot to give thanks for the meal.”
“Mom, look at you? You are dripping wet; it’s even got the deck wet. Maybe you and Dad should get back to the cabin so he can take care of that and you can take care of that,” she said as she reached out her hand and touched father’s cock.
“Joy, you can’t touch your father’s……….private parts.”
“Yes I can mom, only dad can say “DON’T TOUCH MY PRIVATE PARTS,” she said lowering her voice to mimic a man, “or as everyone else on this ship calls it “HIS COCK”.
“Yes mother? Do you actually think I’m going to get off this ship a virgin. I don’t think so. You should loosen up, you brain is working in one direction and your body is working in another. Your little fella is yelling for help, and you do realize that Rod and I will be sleeping in the same bed naked.”
“No. You young lady will sleep with me, and Rod will sleep with his father. You can stay out for a little while but we will stay with you.”
“It won’t make much difference mother. Rod got a blow job right in front of you. Maybe tomorrow, at breakfast, some young boy will stick his tongue in my pussy and when I cum, I am not like Rod, I am noisy, very noisy.”
“What do you know about having an orgasm?” Eve asked. “What have you been doing.”
“I have been watching my big brother shower, and I’ve been pushing whatever I can find up my pussy. Your hair bush is perfect.”
“Joy! What in the world. Why would you talk to me like this? If we were home you would be acting different. I think they slip something into our food. You are not acting normal.”
“We’ll find out. If your tight ass loosens up maybe, and if it is so, great it’s time this family got a life. Maybe one day a young boy will take that little cock of yours in his mouth, and send you sky high, or maybe, since you insist on sleeping with me I’ll suck the little devil.”
“Not if I say no. I understand that is the rule.
“Oh so now she’s into the rules. Dad can I touch your cock?”
“No dear that is for your mother to do.”
“Mom,” Rod said, his cock now standing straight out. Can I touch your breast?”
“Yes. Yes you can touch my tits.”
Rod was standing next to his father. He reached in front of his father and took ahold of Joy’s tit.
“You have beautiful tits Sis.”
“Thank you. Do you think so? They aren’t as big as mothers. What do you think of mother’s?”
“They’re beautiful, really beautiful. I love the color or both of your tits. They’re pink instead of brown, they really are beautiful. How do you keep them so beautiful Mom? Didn’t you breast feed us?”
Eve’s face turned deep red, and her hands involuntarily covered her nipples. “Rodney, I’m your mother and I’m standing right here.”
“No, your mother didn’t breast feed you guys, because I asked her not to. Her breasts were so beautiful I didn’t want to share them with you children, and I feared that you guys would ruin them.”
“I wanted to breast feed both of you.” She said, with her eyes on Rod’s hand as it massaged her daughter’s tit.
“I’m sorry Mom,” Joy said taking her mother’s hand. “I don’t know what came over me. I think it’s the power these rules gave me. I felt adult, I felt free to do as I pleased without someone telling me no. Let’s go to the cabin. You need to take care of Dad.”

Chapter Four

They went down the ladder to the deck below, Rod first, Eve second, David, and then Joy. Each getting a perfect view of the one above cock, and cunt.
When they reached the deck, Rod said, “Mom you are really dripping,” he took some off of his face, and placed his finger in his mouth.
“Rodney what are you doing?”
“You taste good,” he said licking some that fallen on his upper lip.
“You do taste good,” David said, kissing her on the nap of her neck.
“Cut it out you two. We are still a family and no matter what is going on aboard this ship Anderson incest is not one of them.”
Once in the cabin, David said, “I think you children should do something, while you mother and I do something.”
“Can we watch,” Joy said sitting on the bed.
“No you can’t watch, go do something,” Eve said.
“I thought that is why we were in the room so we wouldn’t do something.”
“Okay. Your father and I are not, I repeat, are not going to have intercourse. I am going to help release some of the pressure he is feeling, and then we are going to bed.”
With that Rod and Joy sat on the side of the bed facing their parents.
Eve took hold of David’s throbbing cock, and started moving her hand up and down. David reached out and touched her tit, softly moving his had in circles over the nipple. He bent his head down and took a nipple in his mouth and gently sucked on it. They could see her nipple get hard pushing out. Eve let out a sigh, and tightened her jaw, and without realizing it slowly spread her legs, just a little bit. The more he sucked the further her legs parted, and her little cock stiffened and stuck it’s head further out from between her pussy lips.”
She shut her eyes and felt David’s hand go between her legs.
“No honey, the children. The children are here.”
“The children will see a lot more than this over the next 9 weeks,” he grunted.
Eve opened her eyes, and saw that Rod was sucking on Joy’s tit, and she was jacking him off. “It looks like she is taking care of him,” she said gritting her teeth. But who is going to take care of us girls?”
“They won’t be able to see anything if you sit on my lap with your back to me. Just keep your legs closed. You like that anyway.”
With that she turned her back to David, took his cock and aimed it at her dripping cunt and sat on it driving all 7 inches deep into her.
“Oh yes. Oh yes. I needed this so much, no matter how much I denied it my pussy was just dripping, and my baby wants to be sucked.” She whispered.
She started rotating her ass in circles feeling the cock move around within her, and then she bent over, and moved her ass back so that his cock was pushing against that perfect spot deep inside her, giving her that wonderful feeling that she craved.
“Oh god do it to me,” she said through her teeth. “Do it to me.”
“Do what? What is it you want me to do to you? You can tell me.”
“Fuck me, oh please fuck me with that wonderful cock.” She whispered a bit lounder now. “Please cum in me, give it to me. I love it so much. Fuck me, with that big beautiful cock. Fuck me hard, harder.” Her voice became raspier and she lost the whisper effect. “Ram it into my cunt, I need it so much.” She said out loud.
“Do you want to suck it, do you want my cum down your throat?”
“Yes but after you fuck me really hard. I’ll do anything. Just keep that beautiful cock moving in me. My God, I’m so horny, this fucking ship has got me so fucking horny, I need to be fucked.”
Rod and Joy stopped what they were doing and watched as their parents fucked. They heard her beg to be fucked and was willing to suck dad’s cock. Rod pushed his finger into Joy’s dripping pussy and she moved her hand rapidly up and down his swollen cock, while they listened to their religious mother beg to be fucked. With that Joy screamed as she had a violent full body orgasm, one she had never had or even knew existed, Rod’s balls drew up into his body, his body stiffened, and his cum shot out with more force than he thought possible, some landing on Joy, but a long string landed across his mother’s face. Eve was surprised as she grunted and looked over at Rod’s cock, as it continued to pump out stream after stream of hot cum. As she watched she ran her finger along her cheek, gathering the cum on her finger placing it in her mouth as she screamed with orgasm after orgasm.
David’s body went rigid, he reached around Eve, gathering her tits in his hands and he pushed hard into Eve’s steaming cunt shooting enormous amounts of cum into her belly. She felt the hot cum as shot after shot filled her up. Her eyes widened, her pussy ready to explode. Her cunt gripped his cock tighter, the rippling pleasure making it clamp and relax as she jerked up and down. Throwing her head back, almost falling off him, she rammed as hard as she could onto his cock, pressing and straining. She began to gasp, then she wailed.
“Oooooh... uhhhhhh!” she moaned, jerking her ass back and forth, as her hand played with her swollen red clit. "Oooooh... uhhhhhh! Shit…..fuck" Without thinking she spread her legs and pushed back and forth exposing her spread cunt to Rod and Joy, her clit hard as a rock and sticking straight out as she rolled it back and forth between thumb and index finger.
Rod’s cock had started to get hard again, he sat there looking at his mother’s open cunt, that was impaled on his father’s fat cock.
“God that’s beautiful,” Joy said as she reached for Rod’s cock.
Dave had never had so much cum, but then he had never had a day like this, with his naked children, and people sucking and fucking all around him. Finally the last shot went into her full cunt, cum was running out of her pussy, and down onto his pubic hairs, and balls most of which had disappeared somewhere in his belly.
“Can you clean my balls?” he asked leaning his head on her back.
“Do you think I should,” she whispered. “The children you know.”
“Honey, you were screaming ‘fuck me’, fuck me, and promising to suck my cock.” He whispered back. “It would seem that the actual act of sucking my cock and balls would be anticlimactic. Our son shot gizz all over your face and I saw you eat it, do you think they would be upset watching you lick my balls?”
“I don’t think so, but it still isn’t right.” With that she stood up and his now wilted slick cock fell out of her cunt, and fell to his leg. Cum was dripping from her pussy. “Oh, I need some tissue, do you kids see any?”
“I don’t see any,” Joy said as she looked at on the shelves.
“Would you children run down to the restroom and get some toilet tissue?”
“Oh here is is,” Rod said, pulling tissue from container attached to the wall. I thought I saw some earlier.” He said handing his mother a hand full.
Eve took the tissues and stuffed them in her cunt. “Thank you,” she said in a small voice. “but for just a little bit do you mind giving me and your father a little privacy?”
“Mom, I watched you and dad Fuck, why do you need privacy? He wants you to suck his cock. Just do it, I’d like to learn something.”
“This isn’t sex education,” Eve said cleaning her cunt with tissue. “This is conduct between a woman and her husband. Everything we do is condoned by society. We can talk dirty, we can have intercourse, we can do any number of things and they are alright, because of the marriage.”
“Yeah, I’m not saying it’s not. I’m just saying, using the language of the ship, that I saw dad’s cock sunk deep into your cunt, and I saw you loving it. I heard you say you would suck dad’s cock, I heard you say you’d lick his balls. So, is doing that need more privacy than fucking?”
“Oh, I do need some more tissue if I want to clean this mess up.”
“I’ll take care of that,” Joy said, and before Eve could say anything Joy pulled the tissue from her cunt, covered her mother’s pussy with her mouth and started sucking the cum out.
“Oh Joy! I was talking about your father. Don’t do that. JOYCE ANDERSON I SAID NO.”
Joy pulled back. Mom the rules are that I can’t continue if you say No. Do you really mean no, or was that just a knee jerk reaction, to a little girl, girl contact.
“I don’t know. Maybe you could just wipe it with a tissue or something.”
“How about my tongue?”
“I can’t honey. It felt great but I just can’t.”
“Let me do that,” Dave said as he slipped off of the bed and onto his knees. Let me clean you mother. He covered her cunt with his mouth and started cleaning her dripping cunt, and every now and then he would run her tongue down the entire slit, and lick the cum that dripped down to her asshole.
“Oh not there honey, not there. That’s dirty, you shouldn’t be licking there.” Dave’s tongue moved back up to her cunt. Now he was sucking the little cock. “Ooooooooooooh ……Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ” she groaned as her stomach muscles spasamed and she attempted to push his head away. Don’t. Oh God, don’t that feels………soooooooooooooooooh fucking good…..shit, keep doing it honey, keep doing it, don’t stop. Suck my little cock, suck it honey.” She said as she laid back on the bid with her legs spread wide. “Yes honey, you know how I like it.”
Dave pulled his mouth away and motioned for Joy to take over. She went down and continued where Dave had left off. Her lips surrounded her mother’s clit and she gently sucked and nibbled at it driving Eve to new heights.
“Oh shit yes, oh that’s so wonderful,” she said as she reached down and grabbed Joy’s hair to pull her into her cunt.
She immediately raised her head and watched her daughter suck and lick her cunt. She turned red, but couldn’t push her away. Her mind said stop, but she couldn’t stop the spasms that ran through her body, with climax after climax pushing her to new plateaus of pleasure. She pulled on Joy’s hair pulling her mouth harder against her cunt as Joy speared her hole with her wiggling tongue.
Joy pulled away, while Eve was in the middle of a strong spasm, every muscle in her body had tightened up. Joy looked up smiled at her mother, and said, “There now, it’s all clean.”
“Don’t stop yet baby. Oh God please don’t stop. David, tell her not to stop.”
“What will you give me?” Joy said looking up at her mother and smiling.
“You little whore,” her mother screamed, “anything just DON’T STOP.”
Joy smiled and continued her onslaught on her mother swollen cunt. Each time she had an orgasm, her stomach muscles would tighten and another gob of her father’s cum would be forced out of her cunt.
Finally she pushed Joy’s head away, oh, no more, no more. I can’t stand any more.”
Joy pulled away and holding her mother’s swollen cunt lips open said, “It’s cute. I love your little cock. I should show you mine it’s not as big but they look something alike.”
Eve laid back on the bed, sweat pouring from every pore of her body. Her breath was erratic, and one hand covered her quivering cunt, while the other massaged her tit.
“Mom did you hear me?”
“I know sweetheart I washed that little thing while you was a baby. I knew you would have one. I was afraid you would hate it. I hated mine until I realized how much your father loved it. He told me that he had experimented sucking cocks with some friends of his and that he had liked it, but stopped because he was afraid he was gay. I still think he would love to suck cock, but then straight guys don’t do that.”
“Here, look mommy, see mine.” Joy spread her cunt lips and presented her clit to her mother.
“Joyce Anderson, what on earth are you doing?”
“Showing you my cunt, please look at it.”
“I see it, now close your legs.”
“No you can’t see it from over there. Please look at it.”
“Oh Joyce, this has really gotten out of hand?”
“No it hasn’t I just want you to look at it.”
“Okay.” She felt too weak to protest and with that she got onto her knees and looked at her daughter’s spread pussy lips and clit. “Yes it is like mine, it probably will grow some more. Does it bother you, it being so big, and shaped so much like a penis.”
“Cock mother, cock.”
“Penis Joyce penis.”
“It was cock while dad was fucking you.”
“Yes I suppose it was. You father likes it when I talk nasty when we’re doing it.”
“You mean fucking?”
“Oh for crying out loud, yes he likes me to call it a cock while we are fucking. Now are you satisfied?”
“Yes mother.”
“See this is what I mean. Things are getting out of hand. I just can’t believe that I let my husband have sex with me in front of you children, and then after I said no to my daughter she went a head and took advantage of my…my…… my predicament.”
Dave took his soft cock and flipped it back and forth against his leg and stomach. “What about my predicament, are you going to clean me up? I’m being neglected over here, and I know you don’t like to lick dry cum,”
“Coming,” she said as she spun around, remaining on her knees and taking his balls one at a time into her mouth and sucking them clean, then the cock, soft and wonderful in her mouth as she cleaned ever last drop of that precious fluid.
When she was satisfied with her cleaning she sat back on her heals, looked at Joy and said, “Are you happy now. I’ve had sex…been fucked by your father, I’ve been eaten by you and your father, I’ve tasted my son’s cum, I have sucked your fathers cock and balls. So I’m assuming that even though just a few hours ago we were a normal church going family, each of you are okay with what is goint on here. The Anderson family incestuous night.
“Not incest,” Rod said.
“What do you mean?” Eve said sitting on the bed. “Were you in the same room as I was in?”
“No I mean dad fucked you, but you’re his wife. I haven’t fucked you or Joy, not yet any way, and Dad hasn’t fucked Joy yet. There was a little oral sex, but that isn’t incest. You’ve got to have sex for it to be incestuous.”
“Oh gee, that makes everything just hunky-dory I’m so glad you straightened that out for me. I was most interested in the word ‘yet’. Oh well get some sleep, we’ve got a big day tomorrow.”
“What do we do tomorrow mother,” Rod asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Do we stay locked up? We can’t stay forever; we will be assigned jobs tomorrow. It isn’t like we are on a train. This is a working cruse.”
“Yes you’re right. I guess we will let tomorrow take care of its self.”
“What about tonight?” Joy asked.
“You said the guys sleep together and we will sleep together.”
“This is incest baby. I don’t care what you’re brother has to say on the subject but it is incest. It’s wrong, we shouldn’t be doing this. It’s this ship with all of these things hanging out, and these people doing all of this stuff. It makes it difficult to just ignore our feelings, our desires.
“It isn’t incest mom.” Rod said.
“Not incest, how can it be anything but incest?”
“No one is fucking, except you and dad, and that isn’t incest.”
“Your sister licked my private parts, if that isn’t incest then it’s the closest thing to it.”
“No it isn’t sex. Remember Clinton. Lewinsky sucked his cock and stuck a cigar up her cunt, and they said it wasn’t sex.”
“Oh well whatever It doesn’t seem to make much difference,” she said. “Why don’t we girls sleep together tonight, and tomorrow we will think more on it.”
“I’m going to take a shower,” Joy said as she grabbed a towel off of the shelf. It was a small hand towel. She held it up and laughed. “I don’t think they want us to use these as clothing.”
“Let’s all take a shower,” Eve said following Joy.
They each took a towel, there was just one per person, and headed down the hall to the head. Joy backed up to one of the urinals squatted and let a stream of yellow piss flow down in a stream shaped like a flower.
“You aren’t supposed to use that,” Rod said reading the instructions on the wall.
“We’re supposed to pee in the shower, if we’re taking a shower, that saves water.”
“Sounds good to me,” Eve said as she turned on the shower and let the pee flow down her legs.
Dave moved up behind her and started pissing all over her back.
“Hey, what are you doing,” Eve said. “Can’t do that.”
“Save some for me,” Joy said as she stepped into the shower, and Rod let go a long solid stream across her stomach and her tits.
“It’s nice and warm,” she said. “It feels good, but isn’t it dirty?”
“No,” Dave said. “Piss is sterile, the only reason you can’t drink it is because of the minerals in it, mainly salt.”
“The instructions also said we are to get wet, turn off the water, soap up and then rinse off, saving water. It also said that if two or more people use the same shower, it will save even more water.
With that they wet down, each person took soap.
“Let me wash you,” Eve said to David.
“Okay,” he said. “Come here Joy.”
She went to him, and he started lathering her back.
“Come here Rod,” he went to Joy and she started covering his back with soap.
Rod turned and started lathering his mother. He started on her back, and soon had his arms around her and was rubbing soap across her tits, and down to her pubic hairs, and then had a finger in her cunt.
“Hold on there stud, this is a shower, not a fuckathon.”
“Sorry mom, couldn’t resist.”
Meanwhile David was doing the same thing to Joy, and Joy had her hands wrapped around Rod’s cock, and suddenly pushed a finger up his ass.
“Oh, what did you push up my ass?”
“Just a finger,” she said laughing.
Cut it children, get lathered up so we can rinse off and get to bed.
“Ready,” they said in unison,”
Dave turned the water on and they rinsed. And taking the small towels they started rubbing each other down.
“What do we have here, a towel party?”
They looked up and saw three women, a man and a child no older than three.
“Just drying off,” said Dave, “it’s all yours.”
“No hurry, there are plenty of shower heads. You’re the Anderson Family aren’t you?”
“Yes,” David answered.
“Glad to see you decided to join us,” the man said. “I’m Jake; this is my wife Ann, my son William, and my mother, Grace, and aunt Penny.”
“How do you do,” David said. “This is my wife Eve, my Son Rodney, and my daughter Joyce.”
“It’s remarkable,” Eve said, “Every person on this ship is very handsome or very beautiful.”
“The doctors do the culling. One of the things they look for during the physical is looks, giving each person a number from 1 to 10, with ten being a TEN.” Nothing below a 7 gets aboard.”
“How do you know so much?” Rod asked. “We went through the same thing you did and we didn’t know shit.”
“Watch your tongue young man,” Eve said slapping him lightly on the arm.
“I’m not a guest,” he answered. “I’m a crew member, and my wife and son and I live aboard the ship. William was born here.”
“Don’t get upset. It’s healthy. He’s growing up with sex all around him. He has no hang ups.” Ann said.
“What’s that?,” William said pulling on Eve’s hand and pointing at her cunt.
“That’s her clit.” Ann said. “Don’t be so rude.
”How old is he?” Eve asked as the blood rushed to her face.
“Three,” Ann replied. “I’m sorry he is very forward, but with most, no with all of the other guests, he doesn’t upset, they think of him as cute.”
“Well he is cute,” Joy said.
“Perhaps you could baby sit some time,” Jake said to Joy.
“I don’t think so,” Eve said. “It was nice meeting you, we’ve got to get to bed.”
With that they left and went to their room.
“I wish there were doors on these cabins. I feel so vulnerable.” Eve said as she sat on the bed pulling the blanket up high enough to cover her tits.
“Everything will be fine,” Dave said as he turned out the main light.
They crawled under the covers. The beds are queen size, and it was impossible for them to avoid touching.
“Imagine that baby aboard this ship,” Eve said. “Sad.”
“Yea,” David answered. “Disgraceful.”
“Mom, your tits feel great on my back. Can I touch your cunt?”
“Can you touch my cunt?”
“Dad, you have your cock in the crack of my ass.”
“Sorry son.”

Chapter Five.

When morning arrived Rod was lying facing his father with his fist firmly wrapped around his father’s hard cock.
“What’s going on son?”
“Oh, good morning Dad. I was just feeling difference in size between your cock and mine. Sorry.”
“It’s okay. What did you discover?
“One inch makes a big difference,” he said laughing.
“It isn’t just the inch, it is also a difference in girth. Mine is just simply fatter than yours. I’ll teach you how to make it grow bigger. If you start the exercises at your age, you should be bigger than me in no time. I didn’t discover the exercises until I was twenty-four.”
“It’s true you should have seen your father before he started those exercises,” Eve said rising up on one elbow. “He was 24 and smaller than you. He wasn’t little mind you, I felt filled up, but now I am really full. Filled to the brim. Oh my goodness what in the world am I saying? What’s come over me. Oh well never mind. I liked it the way it was, but I love it now.” She leaned over pinched Joy’s nipple. “Time to get up sleepy head, let’s take a nice pee and shower.”
They all jumped out of bed, Dave and Rod had their morning hardon.”
“Don’t they ever go down?” Joy asked looking at her dad’s hard cock.”
“Joy,” Eve said. “What did we decide yesterday? We weren’t going to look at each other, we were going to avoid staring.”
“But Mom, that was before last night.
“Nothing has changed sweetheart.”
“Nothing has changed? I jacked Rod off, and Dad fucked you and I sucked his cum from your cunt, and oh, let’s not forget the little suck fest I had with you cute little cock.”
“Well, let’s not make a habit of it.”
“Mom, can I look at other guys cocks?”
“I don’t see how we can avoid it.” Eve responded. “No matter how much I tried yesterday, my eyes wandered to guys, and I know your dad’s mouth watered at all of the gals. After all they, we are the cream of the crop, seven’s or greater.”
“What honey?”
“Can we talk some girl talk?”
“What is it?” she asked in a whisper.
“How………How do you get something as big as dad in your pussy? Doesn’t it hurt? I really didn’t know they were so big, I’ve seen Rod’s but not close, you know like from far away, and it didn’t look so big.”
“You’ll be surprised honey. A woman can stretch a lot. Some women allow men to put their whole fist in their pussy.”
“Their fist? Oh my god. That is unbelievable.”
“Remember honey, babies come out of there and their heads are very big. The pussy stretches, and then comes back to normal.”
“And it doesn’t hurt?”
“Only the first time. Well to be honest, the big ones take some getting used to.”
“Guys got it so easy, they can just go around sticking their thing into people with no pain, just fun.” Joy said.
“Oh, but think about it,” her mother said. “Think about a Guy, all of his stimulus is on the skin, but for a woman it deep inside our bodies. You never hear about a man having multiple orgasms but we women can cum and cum and cum all night, and all day. When a Guy cums he is done. Take your finger and rub your cheek, then take it and suck on it. There is deep pleasure in your mouth.”
“I see what you mean. Poor Guys,” she said as they laughed.
“What are you guys laughing about,” Rod said as he slowed down to allow Joy and his mom to catch up.
“Nothing, poor boy,” Joy said sill laughing. “Poor, poor boy.”
“I wonder what number we are,” he said.
“I’ll bet your mother is a ten,” David said, waiting for them and slapping Eve on the ass.
When they arrived at the shower they found it nearly full. Four guys were pissing in the urinals, two women were brushing their teeth, and four couples and a baby were in the shower.
“Room for four more?” Dave asked.
“More than enough room,” a tall blond woman with large tits said as she balanced a baby on her hip.
“Are you crew,” Dave Asked?
“Yes, I work in the engine room,” The blond woman said as she ran her soapy fingers up and down your cunt. “My husband takes care of the baby, and he also waits on tables.”
“How old is the baby,” Eve asked.
“Eight months. Do you want to hold him while I finish washing?”
“I will,” Joy said. “Let me.”
“Okay,” she said. My name is Mary, and this little fella with the cute little pussy, is Beth.” She handed the baby to Joy.
“Watch out she loves to suck tit. I’m still nursing her.”
Joy took the baby and held her against her body.
“She’s so soft,”
Just as she said that the baby started pissing.
“Oh mom, she’s pissing on me, isn’t it cute?”
Then the baby latched on to Joy’s nipple and started sucking.
“Oh, oh. That feels so strange. Oh, I love it.”
“Better not let her suck to long. If she doesn’t get some milk she will bite, and she has teeth.”
With that Joy pulled the baby away from her nipple. That felt great.
“Is that your brother?” Mary asked, pointing to Rod’s cock.
“Yes, why.”
“Let him suck on your tit, it will feel great and it will be much safer. Okay, I’m done come on big boy,” she said grabbing her husband’s cock and leading him out of the shower. “It’s time for my morning fuck, and then I have to go to work.”
Joy handed the baby to her as she left the shower, and then she felt a warm stream of piss against her belly and tits.
“Higher,” she said raising her chin. Her father obliged her and sprayed piss on her neck and shoulders.
“Stop that,” Eve said looking around. “We aren’t alone like last night.”
“Don’t let us bother you lady,” a young man with a large dick, said as he pissed on a very young woman with small, but beautiful tits. “That’s what showers are for.”
With that Rod started pissing on his mother, she raised her chin, like Joy had and he increased the pressure and raised his cock, hitting her on the neck, chin, and one time directly on her lips.
“Sorry Mom,” he said.
“Here, piss on my cunt,” she said as she raised one lag, placing her foot on the wall, and spreading her cunt lips. He let a strong stream hit her cunt, and her stomach muscles started spasms.
“You came didn’t you?” Rod asked. “I can’t believe, you asked me to piss on your cunt.”
“Yes,” she said, trying to get her breath. “and I can’t believe it either.”
Rod let another stream go, and hit his mother in her open mouth, she didn’t seem to mind, she lowered her face to get a more direct hit.”
“Okay now it’s your turn young man. On your knees.”
He did as she said, and she walked over to him, raised her leg and rained piss down over his face and body. “How do you like that,” she said.
“I love it,” he said as he raised his face to her pissing cunt, and before the stream ended reached out his tongue and licked her cunt, and sucked her little cock into his mouth.
“Oh, that wasn’t part of the bargain,” she said with a flash of blood rushed to her clit. “That…that was not part…” she stopped and caught her breath.
It’s time to finish this shower and get some breakfast.
With that they soaped each other down, with a little playing along the way, and rinsed. They dried walking down the passageway, threw the towels through the open door, and went up the ladder. Both of the men still sported hardons. Eve took Dave by the hand and said I’ll walk in front of you to hide that thing from every woman that wants it. With that she stepped in front of him.
“Quit poking me in the ass,” she said looking over her shoulder.
“Then walk faster,” he said poking her again.
“Joy,” cover your brother’s cock. “No reason to tell everyone we see that we didn’t take care of our men this morning.”
They arrived at the dining hall, and looked for an empty table. Again there were none, they did see the family that was at the shower last night, and made their way over to them.
“I thought you worked here,” Dave said to Jake.
“I do, but I’m on the mid-watch tonight, so I can have breakfast with my family.”
“Sit, sit,” Grace said scooting her chair to one side.
Grace, Jake’s mother, looked to be thirty, but of course that was impossible, since she was Jake’s mother. She had no grey hair, couldn’t tell if she colored her hair or not because her cunt was shaved clean.”
“Jake, how old are you,” Eve asked as she sat next to him.
“Nineteen. Why do you ask?”
“Well actually it was your mother, Grace that I was wondering about she looks so young to be a grandmother.”
“Mom was thirteen when I was born, she’s 32 now, and aunt Penny is 31.”
“Yep knocked up when I was twelve. Stupid Father of mine didn’t have the sense to wear a rubber. Of course he’d been fucking me since I was nine, as was all the other guys in the family.”
“You poor woman,” Eve said.
“Poor? Who me? Hell no I have had more great fucks in my life than most women have in their entire lifetime even if they live to the a hundred. And look here, I have a great son with a great job, a great grandson, and a wonderful daughter in-law. No reason to be sorry for me. Can I ask a favor of you?”
“Sure, what is it.”
“Can I get a real close look at that little cock of yours?”
“I…. Uh,…”
“I’m not going to bite it off. I just think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”
“Well I’m not. How can I say this. I’m not use to having.. Oh shit. No you can’t.”
“Okay, no need to bite my tits off. I didn’t mean to upset you. You’re going to have to relax. People are going to ask that question, and you should have an answer ready.”
“I’ll work on that,” she said. “What’s for breakfast.”
“It’s buffet,” Aunt Penny said. “Why don’t you guys follow me, I’m ready for seconds.”
Penny got up from the table and led them across the dining hall to the food that was lined against the wall. She was stunning, with long beautiful legs, long auburn hair, large perfectly shaped tits, and a shaved cunt. She was wearing a pearl strand around her waist and high heel sandals. The buffet line consisted of eggs and bacon cooked in front of you, by a man wearing a heavy apron to keep his cock and balls from being splattered, pastries, waffles and a variety of cereals and fresh fruit.
Penny nudged Eve. “You aught to see this Guy’s cock when he isn’t wearing that apron. It is absolutely lovely, nearly as nice as your husband’s but uncircumcised. Tell me, do you like cocks that are circumcised better than uncircumcised?”
“Well I, uh.”
“Don’t worry honey, if you like uncircumcised better, I won’t tell your husband.”
“Well I, I like uncircumcised, it’s the mystery of what’s under the foreskin and the act of pulling it back. That’s why I didn’t have my sons cock cut. I have to admit when it is soft it isn’t as pretty, but you can’t beat an uncircumcised cock that’s hard. It even tastes more natural.”
“A woman after my heart,” she said, reaching out and pinching Eve’s nipple.”
“Oh that didn’t hurt you, look at your little cock sticking it’s head out to look around.”
Everyone got their plates full and went back to the table.
Eve was sitting next to Jake, with Dave next to her, and Joy was next to her dad, with Rod next to Ann, Jakes wife.
Oddly enough the dinner was pleasant, without many references to cocks and cunts, except Grace did compliment both the men on the size of their dicks. “It’s hard to find a decent sized dick. We used to have some humdingers, eleven or twelve inches. Of course they are wonderful to look at but worthless in a cunt. They just don’t get hard enough. Not enough blood in the body to fill them up.”
“Can I hold William,” Joy asked.
“You’ll have to ask him. At 3 he has a mind of his own.”
“William do you want to sit on my lap?” Joy asked.
He crawled off of his grandmother’s lap and walked around the table to Joy. She picked him up and placed him on her lap.”
Joy looked down at the little boys cock. She was amazed to see that it was hard.
“Does he always have an erection,” Eve asked.
“It seems that way. The doctor accused us of giving him Viagra, but they tested and proved we didn’t do anything like that.”
Ann looked down at Rod’s lap.
“Can I take care of Rod’s hard on?” She directed the question to Eve.
“If I understand the rules you shouldn’t be asking me, you should be asking my son.”
She took Rod’s cock in her small hand, “Rod your mother said you can fuck me. Will you?”
“Now? Here at the table?”
“Well if you’d rather not.”
Rod looked at his mother, father and at Joy, and back at Ann.
She was absolutely beautiful, with round full tits, with enormous nipples. She had long black hair that reached so far down, she was sitting on it.
Rod wet his lips and said, “Sure. Why not.”
“With that Ann squealed and spun around sitting on his lap facing him. She reached down and took his cock and directed it to her waiting shaven cunt, and settled down onto it. Rod had never felt anything like it, the warmth, the wonderful tightness. It was warm, smooth, and rough all at the same time.”
“Oh god,” he goaned.
“Are you a virgin,” she asked softly in his ear.
“He slowly shook his head yes.”
“Oh, that’s wonderful. He’s a virgin,” she said to her mother-in-law. “Isn’t it wonderful.”
“Do you want to suck my tits,” she asked.
Again he shook his head yes and eagerly started sucking. He choked, and pulled his mouth away.
“You don’t like my milk? I’m still nursing William. No reason to stop as long as the milk keeps coming.”
“No I love it,” he said. “It just surprised me.”
He again starting sucking and milk was running down his chin and onto his chest, while Ann did her job on his cock.
Joy was a little jealous, Rod got his cock sucked by that girl, and was now being fucked by a beautiful woman, and she was still technically a virgin.
Rod, stiffened, and held his breath as he shot one load after another into Ann’s belly, she groaned and screamed as she felt the hot spunk fill her. His cock jerked and shot, jerked and shot, and with every jerk she had a fresh orgasm that rippled through her body.
“God you are incredible,” she said pushing her tits into his face.
Rod shot his last load, chills ran through her body, her stomach muscles tightened and her whole body shuddered with a final orgasm. She caught her breath, smiled and crawled off of him.
“What a way to start the day,” she said leaning over and taking his shrinking cock into her mouth. She sucked until the last drop was pulled from his soft cock. “What an incredible morning. You better go and get some food. “ she said to Rod. “You’re going to need your strength.”
Dave, Rod and Joy pulled themselves away from the table, and went to the buffet. Rod’s cock hung down, soft with the foreskin hiding his cock’s helmet, while Dave, on the other hand,” stood out straight from his body. They walked down the line without speaking.
“Tell me Eve, how long has Dave had that hard on?” Penny asked.
“Seems like forever,” she replied.
“No I’m serious, you see those Viagra ads? They warn that if a man has an erection for more than four hours you should see a doctor. There is a reason for that. If the cock stands erect for more than four hours, blood clots could form; if they can’t be dissolved with shots of an anticoagulant, then amputation could be necessary, or they could travel to the heart or brain causing stroke or death.”
“You mean they could die, or they would have to cut his penis off?”
“That’s exactly what I mean.”
“You need to take care of your man. In this environment men seem to have a hardon all the time. You need to fuck him, get him fucked, give him a blow job, or at the very least a hand job.” Grace said.
Dave and the kids returned to the table.
Eve leaned over and whispered to Dave, “How long have you been hard?”
“I woke up with it.”
“We’ve got to take care of it. It can’t stay hard for more than 4 hours.”
“It is probably close to that now,” he answered.
“I can help him,” Ann said.
“Oh for goodness sake Ann,” Penny said. “You just finished fucking her son, and now you want the father. Let his daughter or wife take care of this. Eve has finished her food, let her take him in her mouth. It would be a great desert.”
Penny turned to Eve, “I’m sorry my daughter just doesn’t have any manners.”
“You’re daughter?” Eve responded. “I didn’t know.”
“Oh yes, we keep the cunts and cocks in the family. Jake and Ann are half brother and sister, and cousins; we were both knocked up by our father.”
“Who is going to take care of me,” Dave said.
“Oh for goodness sake, take care of yourself.” Eve said. “You have two hands, put them to use.”
“I can help dad.” Joy said.
“And how do you intend to do that?” Eve said.
“I want,” she paused and pushed a piece of bacon around on her plate. Rod just now got to fuck, last knight you got to fuck, so I thought it would only be fair if, you know if, that is maybe Dad could, you know, fuck me.”
“If you want to take care of your father, do it with your hand,” she replied. “We’ll discuss this, this, intercourse later. Right now you are not protected from pregnancy. We’ll take care of that problem before any cocks enter your….. enter your…that little cunny of yours.”
“Could I use my mouth.”
“Ask your father,” she said with a sigh.
“Okay baby, but do it quickly, there is a lot of pressure.”
With that Joy crawled under the table and sat for a moment looking at her father’s huge cock. She thought it was the most beautiful and mysterious thing she had ever seen. Slowly she reached out and touched the tip of his cock with her finger, and it jumped at her touch. She giggled, and took it in her small hand and pulled it toward her waiting lips, where she stuck out her tongue, touching and tasting it exploring its taste and texture. She liked it. A small pearl of precum formed on the tip, and again she touched it with her tongue, it was wonderfully slick and magically changed its texture. She loved it, she ran it back and forth across her lips, and over her face, across her eyes, nose and lips, and finally wrapped her lips around the head, while holding his balls in her hand, massaging them and exploring their supple softness. It was wonderful; she couldn’t have imagined the sensuality of holding his balls while holding the cock head in her mouth. Mom had been right it was wonderful being a girl. She took more and more of his hardness into her mouth until she was full. She couldn’t wait for the day when she could spread her legs allowing its massiveness to burrow deep into her belly.
“Oh…baby,” he said leaning back in his chair.
“Please keep your grunts and groans to yourself, and Joyce, a little less slurping noise. We are still at the table, and you do have manners.”
She pulled her father’s cock out of her mouth, “Yes mother,” and pushed his cock to the back of her throat trying to swallow it. She would pull out and then back down again. Each time she went back down Dave would rise up to meet her, fucking his little girls face. He had never had such a sensation. Eve always loved sucking his cock, and he loved it, but knowing it was his 13 year old daughter, his beautiful little girl sucking his cock made it so sensuous.
He reached down and cupped her small firm tits in his hands, rubbing his thumbs across the nipple. He wanted to touch her cunt but it was impossible to reach under the table, he wanted his cock in her cunt, but was afraid of Eve, what would happen if he violated his little girl’s tinny cunt with his monster cock.
He couldn’t hold it any longer, “I’m cuming baby, oh shit I’m cuming.
As he said that she made sure her lips were tight around the head of his cock so she could capture all of his seed. He grunted and sent the first of many powerful streams of cum into her mouth. She was surprised at the volume and coughed as it hit the back of her throat. She tried to swallow but another strong blast came too quickly. With each blast she could feel his cock tightened and swell in her mouth. It was amazing, this living piece of flesh acted like it had a mind of its own, maybe it was okay to be a guy she thought, this had to be as wonderful for her dad she thought as she struggled to swallow all of it. For the most part she was successful, some of it had escaped around her lips and was running down her chin and onto her tits. She took her free hand and pushed what she could back to her waiting mouth as she continued to suck her father’s shrinking cock.
Again she was amazed at the change of texture, what had been smooth, soft yet hard became soft and suckable. She took it from her mouth and rubbed the soft wonderful cock all over her face and lips, while looking up at her father’s face.
“I love you daddy,” was all she could muster. “I love your wonderful cock, I just can’t get enough of it.” She crawled out from under the table and sat down without letting go of his soft cock. She leaned over and kissed her father on the lips.
“I love you too baby. Thank you.”
She sat with his cock in her small hand, refusing to let it go.
“Are you going to the Ball tonight?” Ann asked, as she reached under the table and pulled William into her lap. “It is dress.”
“Dress? How could that be?” Eve asked, as she looked down at Dave’s lap and watched Joy massage his flaccid cock.
“Well not really dress, dress. The boutique has what they call gownless evening straps. Some go around the neck, and down under the tits, pulling them up. I don’t think they would pull yours up, and then there are chains that go around your waist, and of course there are shoes, and a great hair solon, you can get a great hairdo, and then there are pussy plugs, with gold chains hanging down, and butt plugs with crystal chains hanging out of your ass. All kinds of stuff. Are you going to shave your pussy?”
“I haven’t thought of it,”
“Oh you should, you don’t have very thick hair, but you could do something really exciting with a design cut, and of course you pussy lips shaved. Joy’s got such a sweet little cunt, it would wonderful to be able to see all of it.”
“I would like to see that,” Dave said, with sweat dripping down his chest, and his cock in his daughter’s hand.

Chapter Six.

“Where are we going,” Joy asked as they headed forward to the bulletin room.
“We are going to get our assignments. They are posted somewhere near hear according to the map in the brochure.”
Eve stopped, and stood on tiptoes to kiss Dave gently on the lips. “I’m glad to see that this is taken care of,” she said as she gently tugged on his flaccid cock. “I would hate to lose this.”
“Me too,” he said, running his finger up the length of her cunt. “You are wet. Should we take care of you?”
“Later. Your daughter couldn’t let go of you. You have her mesmerized. A good hard cock will do that to a lady.”
“You could have taken care of it,” he said.
“I know, and I should have, but it’s okay. Things are going to happen, and there is nothing I can do about it. It might as well be with someone who loves her than some stranger.”
“You know it’s going to happen with a stranger don’t you,” he said.
“I’ll introduce myself first,” Joy interrupted. “and mom you were right, it’s got to be more exciting to be a girl. Daddy came but I was out of my mind excited.”
They entered the room with a small sign, “Bulletin Room” . As they entered there was a man standing with his back to them. He was reading something on the board. He was standing with his legs slightly parted, and from the back you could see at least three inches of flaccid cock hanging down.
Eve grabbed Dave’s arm, and pointed. “What a waste.” She said.
“What do you mean,” Joy asked.
“Well you could never get all of it in, and that portion that doesn’t make it in, is a waste.”
“But it’s magnificent,” Joy said, as her juices started flowing, “I’d love to touch and taste it.”
“Didn’t you get enough with your father’s……..?”
“No. It didn’t do a thing for my …. needs. I am still horny, and getting hornier every minute.”
“Maybe we can find something to take care of that ….need.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, maybe there is a store where they sell toys. You know things that help alleviate the need.”
“I don’t want a toy,” she whispered. “I want a cock.”
“Joyce Anderson, such language.”
“What do you want me to say mother? I want a penis for my vagina? I haven’t heard penis or vagina once, it is always cock and cunt, and my cunt needs a cock, and now.” She said in a loud whisper.
“We’ll talk later.”, she said as they approached the bulletin board. They were at top of the list, and it stated their duties start tomorrow afternoon in a class for celestial navigation.
“I thought they used GPS,” Rod said. “What’s to learn, you turn on the machine and it tells you where you are.”
“All of us must be there at 2:00 pm,” Dave said. “Great we have the rest of the day, and all morning tomorrow.”
“Well you boys amuse yourselves, Joy and I have some errands to run. Come on baby,” she said taking Joy by the hand.
“What now mom?” she asked with visions of cocks and balls dancing through her head.
“We are going to see the ship’s doctor.”
“For what?”
“For birth control pills.”
“Is that why you don’t want me fucking around?”
“Joyce. I do wish you would try to control your language. Yes, you are thirteen, and…”
“Fourteen mom.”
“Not for 3 months, and until then you are still thirteen, and I don’t want you with a swollen belly when we get back. There is enough cum flying around this ship to impregnate every woman on earth, a thousand times over.”
“Ah, this is it, sick bay.”
They entered the waiting room, it was small, only 3 chairs, but it was empty.
“Can I help you?” a woman said. She was beautiful, with large breasts, and a shaved pussy. The only sign that she was a nurse was the white hat perched on her beautifully coiffured head.
“Yes, we need to get a prescription for birth control pills.”
“For you?”
“No for my daughter,” I’ve had my tubes tied.
“Well you don’t need to see the doctor. We have your physical exam and blood work all in our file, and because you are on the ship, we know we can prescribe the pill. What is your name.”
“Joyce Anderson,” Joy said.
“Just a minute Joyce, let me get the file.”
She went to a large file cabinet, opened the drawer labeled “A”, and extracted the file.
“Let’s see, you are eighteen,”
“Thirteen,” Eve corrected.
“No, it says here that she is eighteen, and as long as she is on this ship she is eighteen. So you are eighteen. Here is a package with your pills.”
“Is it true that she must not have sex for a full month after starting the pill?”
“No that’s incorrect. She must wait for 7 days for the pill to be effective, however it would be better to wait 30 days.”
“MOTHER!” she said with a worried look on her face.
“Don’t worry, Joyce,” the nurse said touching her shoulder. “We will also give you, 4 morning after pills. You can fuck to your heart’s content, and every four days just pop one of these little pills in your mouth, and you are protected. These pills are effective for 5 days, but we are extra safe and ask that you take one every four days.”
”Mrs. Anderson. I reviewed all of our guest’s files and I noticed that you have an exceptional clitoris. The Doctor asked me to contact you and ask if he could examine you. He’s in his office, would you mind if I called him?”
“I don’t know,”
“Just think of it as an extension of the physical examination you had in San Francisco.”
“Well okay.”
The nurse left the room and returned with a very young naked doctor with a stethoscope hanging around his neck.
“I’m glad to meet you Mrs. Anderson. I’m doctor Styne. Could you step back into the examination room?”
“Can I come,” Joy asked.
“I don’t think so, this is private. “ the doctor said as he opened the outer door for Eve.
“She’s my mom, and I’ve sucked that little cock, so I don’t see how it would hurt.”
The doctor looked at Eve. “Is it alright with you?”
Eve’s face turn red, and she gave Joy that mother to daughter look, “Yes, let her in.”
Joy followed them into the examination room.
“Just get up on the examination table and put your feet in the stirrups please.
She sat on the edge of the table and swung around laying her head on the small pillow, and placed her feet in the stirrups.
The doctor spread the stirrups and positioned himself between her legs.
“Would you mind if I didn’t wear gloves. I guarantee my hands are clean.”
“Why not, everyone else seems to be running their fingers through my private parts, at least you’re a doctor.”
He leaned forward and parted the lips of her cunt with his hands.”
“It’s neat, huh,” Joy said looking over his shoulder. “It’s just like a real cock.”
“Mrs. Anderson, it looks like there is a slit in the head, can you ejaculate through it, and do you urinate through it or through the vagina?”
“It just looks like a cock, doctor, but it is really just an oversensitive over large clitoris. For most of my life it was an embarrassment until I married and found that my husband loved it. After that it became an asset.”
“Well it certainly is amazing and, …..”
“Neat huh,” Joy said finishing his sentence.
“Yes neat. Would you mind if I called in Nurse Simpson?”
“Why not, as I said it’s been pulled, twisted and sucked on within the last 24 hours, I guess one more pair of eyes couldn’t hurt anything.”
“Nurse could you come in here?”
The gorgeous nurse came in to the room.
“Look at that.”
She stepped between Eve’s legs and pulled the lips of her cunt apart. “It’s beautiful,” she said, as she touched the head. “It is absolutely beautiful.”
“I have one too, “ Joy said, spreading her legs, and pulling open her cunt lips. “It isn’t as big as mom’s but it looks the same.”
The doctor, put his finger on Joy’s little cock, and slipped his finger into her cunt.
“You two are amazing. There is going to be an auction later on the trip, where men and women will bid for a two hour romp, and you two will definitely be in demand. The money all goes to breast cancer, I’m sure you will want to volunteer and help out.”
“Are we through here doctor,” Eve said, raising her head off of the pillow?”
“Yes through,” he said reaching out to help Eve sit up and taking her by the waist and helping her to the floor.
“How much do we owe for the medication?”
“Nothing, your cooperation in allowing the examination more than paid for the medication. Give her another two months of pills Ms. Simpson.”
They thanked them and left.
“Where to now mom. I want to get laid.”
“Not yet, we have some shopping to do.”
“Shopping, what’s to buy. We got the pills, and nothing else is needed, except for a cock. Can dad fuck me.”
“Joyce, cut that out. Are you a virgin?”
“Well, technically yes.”
“What do you mean technically?”
“Well things have been in my cunt, but not a cock.”
“What sort of things?”
“Well your silver hair brush, it has a round and smooth handle.”
“I wondered where that went. What else.”
“Cucumbers, carrots, hot dogs, my finger.”
“When did all of this start.”
“A couple of years ago, when I watched Rod play with himself.”
“You watched Rod? Did he let you….watch?”
“Oh no, he didn’t know. You see our rooms are next to each other and our windows are also next to each other. I fixed a mirror, with a long broom handle, and taped it so that I could put it out of the window, and with my telescope, I could get a real close up look into his bedroom.
“How old were you?”
“Eight, maybe nine.”
“And you watched him masturbate?”
“Yeah, and other things.”
“What other things?”
“When Harvey comes over to stay, they… well they suck each other’s cocks, and cum in each other’s mouth. Rod seems to really like it.”
“He sucks Harvey’s penis?”
“Yeah all the time, and sometimes they fuck each other’s ass. I get so hot watching I start pushing things into my cunt.”
“He’s a little pervert.”
“I watched you and Daddy fuck, and I saw you suck his cock.”
“You what.”
“Well when you and Daddy get really loud, I can open your bedroom door and watch, and you don’t know. I even saw him put it in your’ ass. You seem to like it. Doesn’t it hurt?”
“We’ll talk later,” she said as they entered the store front, with a scrolled sign that said, “Ships Boutique”
A young man with a medium sized flaccid cock, approached them. “Can I help you?”
“Yes, we’re interested in a gownless evening strap for the Ball.”
“Certainly, wright this way.”
“Are you going to shave your pussy, or go natural?”
“Does that make a difference?” Eve asked blushing.
“It can, some of our clothing may not go well with cunt hair, and others are okay. I see that a cunt thong won’t be good for you.”
“and why not?”
“Your little pee pee. It might hurt it. You see a string goes down between your pussies lips, back over the taint, up the ass crack and to a waist band.”
“What’s a “taint”,” asked Joy.
“It’s the part between the pussy, and ass hole, it taint pussy and taint ass.”
“But with your little pee-pee in the way the string might hurt it.”
“It could run next to the …..what you called it, pee-pee,” Joy said.
“Yes it could. It certainly would be provocative. It would force it more out into the open to give everyone a better view of it. It certainly is.. is nice.”
“I sucked it,” Joy volunteered.
“Joyce, what on earth has come over your?”
“I’m horny. I told you.”
“We’ll look at what you have.”
“If the little one is horny, I’m sure we can find someone to reliever her discomfort.”
“We’ll handle that later,” Eve said. “Right now we are looking at garments.”
“We have many styles to choose from, some a bit risqué , and others a bit subdued. Do you think of yourself as risqué, or more on the sophisticated side.
“My mom is sophisticated.”
“Then perhaps two sets of pearls, one around your neck, as a choker, and the other around your waist. Or a black strap, that goes over your shoulders, down the center of your back to a belt, that goes around the front and under the breasts, and then up to a chocker. It is quit elegant. But you must do something with that tangle of hair you have there. It is most unruly.”
“I want that one mom, you take the pearls.”
“Sounds fine. Put them on our account.”
“Oh, they are on the account of the ship. You are our guest.” I’ll have them sent to your cabin.”
“Thank you, now where do I fnd the solon?”
“Up the stairs and to the right. You can’t miss it.”
“Stairs, no ladder.”
“Oh no, it is all stairs above the water line.”
They made their way up stairs and found the Ships beauty salon. They were a bit busy, but after a short wait they were able to get a chair.
“My name is Bea, what is it you want today,”
“We need something done with our hair, for the Ball tonight perhaps a French braid, with pearls for me. My daughter is wearing something black so something with black ribbons would look good.”
“I know just what to do. By the way, while we wash your hair we can do something with your pussies. I can show you some shave styles.” She picked up a small book, and handed it to Eve. “This one is nice, it is just a strait line above the pussy, and with the pussy lips shaved, and for the young lady perhaps this one, it’s an arrow pointing to her pussy, and of course with the pussy lips shaved.”
“The line for me, and my daughter should choose her own.”
“Yeah, I like the arrow.”
“I’ll lather up your pussies, to soften the hair and Andy will take care of the shaving while I shampoo you.”
“Andy?. You don’t have a woman to do that?”
“No, Andy is our shaver, he’s an artist, and most ladies like the way he does it.”
With that she leaned Eve back to the wash basin, and placed a warm cloth over her pussy.
“Oh, that fees good.”
“I know, with all that pussy juice and the cool air, it fees nice to have a warm cloth, or a mouth on your cunt.”
After a few minutes she shook a can of shaving cream and lathered her cunt hair.
“Andy we have two here for you, she’s the line and the girl is an arrow.”
Andy came in from the back. He’s 23, 5 foot 10 inches, without any hair on his body, except a star of hair above a 5 inch flaccid circumcised cock. It has lipstick on the head.
“You have lipstick on your cock,” Joy said looking up at him.
Yes, most ladies like to kiss it for luck.
“I don’t have any lipstick on but I’ll kiss it,” she said.
“Be my guest,” he said as stepped up to her head.
Joy grasped his cock and encircled the head with her lips, and gently sucked, then pulled away and kissed it. Precum oozed out and she touched her lips to it, and as she pulled away a string fell down on her chin.
“Thank you,” she said.
“No, thank you,” he said smiling.
“Do you want some mom,”
“No, I think I’ll do without, and notwithstanding the rules aboard this ship I wish you would exercise a little discretion.”
Andy pulled a stool up next to Eve and worked the lather into her pubic hair.
“I cut the hair with scissors and then use the electric razor. You may cum with the vibrations of the razor, so go ahead and enjoy yourself. If you want I can also give you an oil massage, and that usually gives an whole body orgasm.
“I highly recommend that,” Bea said as she started drying Eve’s hair. “It’s amazing.”
As Andy worked the lather into the hair, his fingers spread the pussy lips, and pushed his finger inside her.
“Oh,” she said, pushing her pelvis up to meet his probing finger.”
“You like that don’t you,” he said pushing another finger in.
“I . . . I seem to be . . . in need. People have been pushing and prodding my vagina all day long. It is affecting me.”
He picked up the scissors and started the cut, trimming the hair down.
“You have beautiful hair,” he said, as he trimmed.
“Thank you,” she softly replied, through labored breath.
He put his finger between the lips of her cunt pushing out. He picked up the electric razor and started the shave pushing the lip out to meet the razor.
She felt the vibration through her entire cunt, especially her small cock. It stood erect and became so sensitive, that every touch sent ripples of small orgasms, making her body shiver. Her breathing became rapid and shallow, and she knew she was building to a massive orgasm.
“Oh, oh,” don’t she said, pushing his hand away, “I’m not sure I take any more of that.
“Just let it go, enjoy yourself.”
“I’ve never had such, such strong … you know.”
“yah, I know,” Bea said.
“Try it with a vibrating but plug, and a shave at the same time. It is fucking unbelievable.”
Andy resumed the shave and Eve juices was covering his fingers. He raised his fingers to his nose.
“Very nice,” he said. “Very, very nice.”
“Andy, could you fuck me,” Joy said raising her head to watch him shave her mother.
“Joy! What in the world has come over you. That is not the kind of thing a lady asks.”
“Oh, mother, I’m horny. You got your fuck last night, and I have been watching people fuck, suck, and everything else and it is now my turn.”
“I don’t think so little one,” Andy said. “the first two or three women get that. I just don’t know if I have another hardon in me. You’ve got to understand, that employees, have been on this ship for a very long time, and we generally are very fucked out. Also you are going to need to get the fucking done early in the voyage because by the end of the voyage the men, especially the older ones are going to be uninterested. That is why there are generally a few more men on board, including the crew. The women crew members are asked to forgo sex during the voyage as much as possible, that is if they can do it without insulting the men guests. But fucking among crew members is not allowed, unless they are married.”
He continued with Eve’s shave, and she grasped the arms of the chair, in a white knuckle grip, her abdomen muscles tightened and she came. It was so intense her legs stiffened, she looked down at Andy, smiled, and fainted.
When she came to her hair was done, as was her shave, and Joy was just getting out of the chair, her hair up, and pussy shaved.
“Are you okay mom?”
“I think so. How long was I out?”
“Almost an hour, that must have been intense.”
“I think it was. I don’t remember a lot. Oh..”
“What now Mom?”
“Shoes. We need shoes, we can’t go to a ball bare footed.”
“Can I get some heals? Black sandal heals. I think it would make my legs and ass look great.”
“I’m sure it would.”
The remainder of their day was filled, with lunch and shoe shopping, then back to the cabin.

Chapter 7

Dave and Rod, left the breakfast, and walked the deck watch people fuck and suck.
Dave’s cock was flaccid, having not fully recovered from his daughters blow job, but Rod, being younger had a greater recuperative power.
“Was she your first?”
“Well kinda,” he answered.
“What do you mean kinda, you were either a virgin or not, there just isn’t any kinda in that field.”
“Well I’ve done some stuff, but, .. well, you know.”
“You mean jack off? That doesn’t count, we all jack off.”
“Well Harv and I fool around when he sleeps over.”
“Oh, that. Well that doesn’t count either. I fooled around with my friends when I was your age. I kinda liked it, but I was afraid that made me gay.”
“Who was it Dad?”
“A high school friend and my cousin.”
“He wouldn’t suck me, but I loved sucking his big cock. That’s when I decided it was something I should stay away from. I shouldn’t have worried though because I love eating pussy, and fucking, but back then I was a virgin and I didn’t know.”
“Yah, same here. We’re pretty much alike huh, Dad? Except you got cut and I didn’t.”
“Yah, your mother didn’t want any part of getting you cut, and quite frankly, since my cousin was uncircumcised, and I loved sucking so much, I didn’t want you cut either. I never told your mother though. I was afraid of what she would say.”
“I know what you mean. Mom is taking this pretty good, don’t you think?”
“Yes. I don’t know what to make of it. I mean her letting your sister suck my cock, you would think she would really put up a fight, miss a few meals or something.”
“Do you think they put something in the water?”
“Could be.”
“I’ve been horny ever since we’ve been here. I want to fuck everything in site.
“Shit boy, you’re 15. I would be worried if you didn’t.”
“Are you going to fuck Joy?”
“Me too, if she’ll let me.”
“Have you ever thought of it?”
“No. I never have.” Rod answered “She’s only 13, but seeing her now, like she is. Yes I want to fuck her, and mom. Would you be mad at me if I fucked mom?”
“No, I don’t think so.”
“Then do I have your permission?”
“You don’t need my permission, remember the rules? You only need your mother’s permission.”
“Yeah, I know, but we won’t be on this ship forever, and I don’t want you hating me when we get home.”
“No, I don’t mind, after all I want to fuck my daughter, why shouldn’t you want to fuck you mother.”
“Do you think she’ll let me?”
“She might do anything. I’m surprised at how well she is turning around. I thought for sure we would be on bread and water, or maybe just water, instead of walking around with our cocks sticking out.”
All along the main deck, deck chairs were laid flat and couples, threesomes, foursomes and more were sucking, fucking, kissing and ass fucking. The longer they walked the harder Rod got, and even Dave now had a raging hard on.
“Let’s go back to the cabin,” Dave said.
“Dad, why don’t you fuck one of these women? Look at that one my god, she’s beautiful, and look at that pussy, it is tiny, like a little girl.”
“No, not now, I think we should get back, your mother will be waiting. I’m not so sure your mother would approve of me fucking another woman. As you pointed out we have a life to live and a marriage to maintain after this cruise. It may be that no one can tell us what to do here, but I’m sure there will be repercussions when we set foot on dry land again.”
“I guess you’re right, but I can fuck whoever I want, can’t I?”
“I suppose, just like I suppose your sister will fuck whoever she wants.”
With that they made their way to the ladder, and down to the cabin.
There were packages on the bed, some from the haberdashery, and others from the shoe store.
“It seems that even when we are to be naked there is shopping to be done,” Dave said as inspected the packages.
It was then that Eve and Joy walked in. Eve was wearing a gold chain around her waist. It hung down half way to her knee, and she had on a pair of silver high heal sandals. Joy was wearing a black belt, with a sash, and black sandals, with medium high heals.
“Like the look,” Eve said, spinning, “We got a hair do, a shave, and some clothes and shoes. We got something special for the Ball tonight. What do you think?” The high heel shoes stretched her already beautiful legs, and pronounced her beautiful ass.
“And me too,” Joy said spinning like her mother.
“I didn’t think a little thing like a hair do and shoes could make such a big difference. And that bow on your pussy hair is cute,” Dave said.
The line of hair that Andy left above her pussy, was short at the top, and got longer as it got closer to her pussy lips, and just above her clitoris was a black bow, that contrasted to her blond hair, and partially hid her clitoris.
“You are absolutely beautiful, both of you. Mom, I always knew you were, you know look gooding, but now looking at you, and looking at your.. you know your.
“Yeah, cunt and, uh…
“Yeah tits, I see you are absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to, you know to..”
“Fuck me?”
“Yeah, fuck you. Won’t that little black bow come off when you…. You know….” Rod stammered.
“When I Fuck?” Eve said finishing his thought. “The bow should stay on. Andy, the barber, said that he used a special glue, it will come off if I use the stuff he gave me otherwise he said I could indulge all I want. By the way, what makes you think you’re going to fuck me?”
“Don’t you want to indulge mom?” Rod asked.
“Well son, I don’t know, you do have a very handsome cock. Thanks to me for not letting that doctor mutilate you. Maybe a little indulgence will be in the future.”
“When? When can we do it?”
“We’ll see. There are other things that we can do to relieve the pressure you two are feeling. I’ll think about the actual…you know.”
“Fucking?” Rod said.
“Yeah, fucking.”
“Well looking at you two, I believe we are going to have to indulge, either with our hands, mouths, or cunts,” Joy said.
“It looks like someone is going to have to take care of you Mom,’ Rod said pointing to Eve’s dripping pussy. “I’ve never seen so much pussy juice.”
“I believe that before this trip is over you will see gallons of pussy juice.” She said smiling.
“I’ve seen plenty. Harvey’s mom and dad have CD’s with people doing all sorts of things.”
“Who do you want mother?”
“Let me see, I’ve had that one,” she said pointing to Dave’s cock, “and I made that one. I tell you what, why don’t you choose.”
“I want Dad. Is that okay Mom?”
“Rules of the ship tells me I can’t object.”
“Sit son,” she said pushing Rod back on the bed, “Let me taste that uncircumcised cock.”
She removed her shoes and kneeled in front of him.
“What got into you,” Dave asked. “This isn’t anything like you.”
“I don’t know honey, it is just, well just that I’m so horny I don’t have much choice, and you two must be kept healthy, and the only way to do that is to keep those beautiful cocks soft, and the only way to do that is to give them what they want. So you see, look on it as medicinal.”
“Okay Daddy, do you want me to take you in my mouth or is there something your mouth would like to do? Look, my juices are running down my leg in anticipation, please say something, please do something.”
“Lay down and spread those beautiful legs,” he said. “Right there next to your brother. This is a family affair.”
Eve took her son’s cock with her thumb and index finger, holding it like it would break if she wasn’t careful. She used her other hand and gently slide the foreskin back revieling he purplish, helmet. “Oh, it’s so beautiful; I certainly did the right thing.” She began moving her hand up and down, covering and then uncovering the head of his cock. “I love it,” she said as she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock, and gently sucked on it. She pulled it out of her mouth and string of precum stretched from the tip to her lips, broke and hung down her chin. She kissed the tip, and rubbed it all over her face.
“Medicinal,” Dave said, watching her.
“Well there is nothing that says medicine can’t be fun,” she said as she continued rub her face with his cock, pushing in up on her nose, eyes, down her cheeks and back to her waiting lips where she kissed it and ran her mouth down the length of his shaft, reaching his balls and sucking them one at a time into her mouth.
“Oh your balls are so big. My god son the hang so low and are absolutely marvelous, and your cock is a bit smaller than your fathers when soft, but it feels as big or bigger when hard. I love it.” She panted as she reached down between her legs, and pushed two fingers into her sopping cunt, while devouring his cock pushing to the back of her throat.
Dave stretched out his tongue and tasted his daughter. She tasted new, fresh and sweet.
“Now let’s give this little fella some attention,” he said as he wrapped his lips around her blood engorged clit, and sucked it into his mouth.
“Oh Daddy,” she cried, clutching the bed spread. “Oh don’t stop.”
He continued by prodding her fuck hole with his tongue, and sucking her into his mouth. She bucked with orgasm after orgasm pushing her pelvis into his hungry mouth, and grabbing the back of his head and pulling his face deeper into her pussy.
“Just a moment,” he said as he rearranged his body into the 69 position, placing a knee on either side of her head and hanging his cock and balls over her face. She reached up and grasped his balls in one hand, and guided his waiting cock into her mouth with the other, and started sucking.
Rod took his mother into his arms. He had dreams of his mother’s body, he had seen her in her panties and bra a few times, when she had left the bedroom door open. He now was holding her naked body, her breasts pressing into his chest and his raging hardon between her soft thighs. She pushed his head down so his mouth was over her beautiful soft pink nipple. He eagerly took it into his mouth sucked, first on one, then the other. Her nipples grew hard and her stomach muscles rippled with pleasure as small orgasms ran through her body, her hand was firmly around her son’s cock slowly pushing the skin back from the head as he sucked her tits. “Shit mom, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I love your tits, they aren’t brown like the women in the magazines, they are pink, pretty pink, and your body, your beautiful naked cunt is amazing. I’ve beat my meat thinking about you and my sister so many times.
“You naughty boy,” she said as she fed him her other nipple. “I’ve wondered what your mature cock looks like, to be honest I’ve got glimpses of it up the leg of your shorts. I wanted to touch it but I felt way to naughty. Let’s do 69, you on top, I love to have cock and balls hanging in my face, careful though I don’t want to ruin my bow.”
They rearranged their bodies and Rod tentatively stuck his tongue out and touched his mother’s pussy lips, and tasted her for the first time. He liked what he tasted, he immediately felt his balls tighten. “Mom, I’m going to cum if you don’t pull away I’ll cum in your mouth.”
Eve, pushed more cock into her mouth, and held Rod’s ass cheeks, pulling him closer, and pushing one finger into his asshole. It was like an electric shock to Rod. She pushed finding the spot, and felt the muscles in his ass tighten and his cock stiffen as he thrust forward ramming his cock to the back of her throat, and shot string after powerful string of cum into his mother’s mouth. She wasn’t prepared for the volume of cum, and it spilled out of her mouth and nose, and made her momentarily gag. She kept sucking on his cock, until it was dry. She expected the normal shrivel of his cock, but was surprised to see that he didn’t go soft, his cock seemed to be harder than it was before.
Rod couldn’t say anything; he just buried his face into his mother cunt, and sucked hard on her inflamed clit, his tongue flicking at it. Eve twisted and positioned her crotch where she wanted his tongue and lips. Sometimes Rod stabbed his tongue into the wetness of her pussy tongue fucking her , and sometimes he sucked at her knotted cock-clit, and buried his nose into her fuck hole. His face was smeared with the slippery juices, and he clung to her thrashing ass tightly. He grabbed the cheeks of her ass, pulled them apart and inserted a finger up her ass. “Aaaaaaaaaaaag, yes, yes, yes, tongue, and nose fuck your mother,” she said grinding her cunt harder into her son’s face.” He swallowed often because his mother's cunt dripped so much, and he found the taste of her cunt and its juices to his liking. He pushed his face past her pussy, his chin pressing on it and his tongue flicked across her ass hole, and plunged deep into her forbidden hole.
Eve continued sucking his cock and was surprised that he came again almost immediately, and she was having trouble handling his onslaught of cum and her own orgasm at the same time. On the one hand she was swallowing as much cum as she could while pushing her cunt into her son’s face.
They both laid there, she covered with cum, and he, with his face covered in his mother’s juice.
“Sorry Mother.”
“Don’t be Son. That was wonderful.” She sat up and took her son into her arms and kissed him, pushing her cum soaked tongue into his mouth and intermingling her juices with his thick cum.
“You taste wonderful,” she said as she took her finger and took some cum from off of her chin and sucked it into her mouth. Now, if that beautiful uncut cock is still hard, fuck your old mother, fuck me long and hard.” She turned over onto her knees, and directed his cock to her cunt, doggie style. “Mommy loves it this way, it reminds me of my youth. Please fuck hard, long and deep.”
Rod slipped his wet, and constantly hare cock smoothly into his mother’s hot cunt in one swift motion.
“Aaaaaaaaaaagg, yes baby, fuck mamma, Agggggggaaaaa!”
Rod started in a fast almost frantic motion ramming his cock into her cunt with his balls slamming into her clit, then out again almost to the tip, and then back into her hot, soft, smooth, cunt. He reached around and took each of her tits into his hands and pinched the nipples, rolling them between his fingers.”
“Yesssssssss, baby pinch them, hurt them, slam that beautiful cock into my wet cunt, fuck mamma, fuck mamma, fill me with your juice.”
Rod, grunted, and slammed his cock into his mother. “Are you mine anytime I want you?” He said.
“Can I fuck you in the toilet?”
“At the dinner table?”
“Ahhhhhhh Yes, fuck yes. It feels so good, oh, baby fuck me. Fuck me hard, I am yours and your father’s you can fuck me anytime anyplace, Aaaaaaagggg, yes, push it in me. ”
“Everywhere and anytime I want?”
“Yes, god damn it, yes, you can fuck me all you want, anywhere you want.”
“At home?”
“Yes, damn it keep fucking I’m cumming, my God I’m cumming. Aaaggaa, shit. Fuck me at home in kitchen, anywhere just fuck meeeeeeeeeswaww.”
“I’m going to fill you’re cunt up now, I’m cumming.”
“Fill your mother up, fill me all the way up with your fucking cum you motherfucker.”
They both went into a spasm, and he jerked pulling himself deep into his mother, sending a wad of cum, then another and another into his mother’s belly. They were spent and they both collapsed on the bed. Rod brought his wet dripping cock up to his mother’s lips. “Suck this mom.” He said as he brushed the tip of his cock over her lips.”
“Pull back the skin so I can see your piss hole,” she directed.
He did as she asked, and she sucked the slick soft tip of his cock into her mouth, then took the whole soft cock into her mouth, sucking it eagerly. When she was satisfied that he was clean, and there was nothing left to taste, she turned to watch her husband and daughter. They had watched Eve get fucked by Rod, and he was ready to push his cock into her waiting cunt. Joy looked over to her mother, “Look Mamma, I’m finally going to get fucked, isn’t it wonderful,”
“Yes dear,” her mother said as she saw her husband’s cock move toward her daughter’s sweet cunt lips.
Eve reached over took his cock in her hand and guided it to her daughter’s cunt lips, as he pushed slowly forward, the head of his cock slipped easily into her.
“Oh, Daddy,”
“Does it hurt, Baby?”
“Oh, no. It’s a little tight, but it feels so good, so hot, so soft, so hard, so wonderful. I’m so stretched. Slow Daddy. Please fill me up, but slowly Daddy.”
“Tell me if it hurts baby and I’ll stop,’ he said as he pushed inch after inch of his hard cock into his beautiful daughter. “Okay Baby?” he asked as he pushed deeper into her.
“Oh Daddy I feel so full, oh, oh, hold a minute until I get used to it. Oh fuck this is unbelievable.” She said as she panted. “You are so hard and unbelievably good,” she said raising her head to kiss her father. “Okay more now Daddy put it all the way in I’m ready.”
He resumed his journey into his daughter’s belly, her cunt walls grabbing his cock. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this hard, and this urgent. He wasn’t sure how long he could last, in this remarkable tight cunt. “Shit baby you’re so tight so hot, so wonderful.”
Joy felt herself being filled, she had used stuff in her cunt before, but nothing had prepared her for a wonderful living cock, it’s warmth, it’s urgency. He pushed until he reached the puckered entrance to her cervix. When the tip of his cock touched it, her vaginal wall grabbed his cock, like a velvet vice, that was holding him in. As he moved it milked his cock. He pulled out to a point that only the head of his cock remained in her.
“Oh, no Daddy, where did it go? Don’t take it out.”
Then he pushed deep into her.
“Aaaaaaaaaaggga, Oh, god, oh god, yes, yes.”
Then back out, and then a fast thrust back into to where the tip of his cock entered her womb.
“Oh shit, Daddy.” She said as had a massive climax, wrapping her legs around her father’s waist and grabbing his cock with her cunt.
Dave started the in out motion, pushing down as she rose to meet him. “Oh god daddy I’m cuming again,” she said as she raised to meet him. It was more than Dave could take, he had never had a premature ejaculation, but after watching his son, fuck his beautiful wife, and all of the attention his cock had received, he couldn’t stand it any longer. His body stiffened, he threw his head back, and he filled his daughter’s womb with a powerful blast after blast of hot cum. There was so much that it was working its way past his cock and dripping out of her cunt.
Eve saw the white froth, a mixture of her daughters cum and the overflow of her husband’s cum drip down the crack of her daughter’s ass and onto and around her husband’s balls. She got behind them and, spread her husband’s ass cheeks apart revealing his brown pucker, and his balls, she took his balls into her mouth, one at a time and sucked the juice off of them, tasting her daughter mixed with her husband. Moving her tongue down, she licked the crack of her daughter’s ass, each time she raised up to meet her husband’s thrusts, sticking her tongue into it, tasting the mixture and wetting her with her spit, before she sunk her finger into her.
Joy, grunted and thrust her pelvis up, against her father’s wilting cock. Eve spread her husband’s ass cheeks and tongue fucked his pucker hole, until his cock came back to life. He grunted and started pushing his cock back into Joys steaming cunt, fucking her until they both came again, falling in a bundle on the bed.
Dave and Joy laid there wrapped in each other’s arms, she had her tongue in his mouth and he sucked on it eagerly.
“Oh Daddy, that was wonderful. I’m glad you were my first.”
“I’m glad too baby,” he said taking her nipple into his mouth and gently sucking on it.
“Moma, I’ve been fucked proper. I’m not a virgin anymore.”
“Yes baby, you’ve been fucked by a proper fucker. I ought to know.”
“I think we need a shower,” Dave said, pushing his beautiful daughter back to arms length.
“No, we can’t have a shower,” Eve said, “We’ll ruin our hair. Here I can clean your father’s cock, and Rod, you clean your sister’s cunt.”
With that Eve took Dave’s flaccid cock in her hand and sucked it into her mouth, while Rod, pushed Joy back on the bed. She enjoyed the taste of her daughter’s cunt mixed with his as she suckled him happily. It felt so different in her mouth when it was soft, and she could play with it with her tongue. She liked being able to get all of it in her mouth at one time. His moan electrified her and she sucked harder, delighted that it became more firm. She worked and played until it was hard again, amazed that something so soft could get so firm.
“Spread those beautiful legs, sis.”
He leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth and sucked on one, and then the other. Then he knelt and took her clit into his mouth. “That’s not where his cum is silly. But don’t stop, it feels so wonderful.” Rod sucked her clit deep into his mouth, and she moaned. “It kinda hurts, but it’s nice.” She squirmed as he moved down to her fuck hole and started sucking his dad’s cum out of her. She was full, he had never seen so much cum. Suddenly his mouth was full of piss, as she laughed and pissed in his mouth and all over his face. At first he was repulsed, but he realized that he loved the spray of her piss on his face and in his mouth.
“Mom, I pissed in Rod’s mouth and he likes it.”
“Joy, why did you do that, now the blanket is all wet.”
“Go ahead Daddy, piss in moms mouth, “ Joy said laughing.
“Don’t you dare, you’ll ruin my hair do. If you want water games we’ll do it when we aren’t all dressed for the dance.”
Rod gave Joy’s pussy a quick lick, removing the remnants of piss and cum, and moved up her body to her tits, and started sucking , and massaging them, with both hands.
“Stop, you’re dripping piss all over me.”
“You have beautiful tits.” He said raising his face from her tit.
“And I’ve always liked your cock.”
“When did you ever see my cock?”
“Never mind, just understand that I like yours much better than Harvey’s.”
Rod, froze.
“Is my cunt really, really clean?” She said smiling at him. “Maybe we could 69 and I could get what mommy left behind. But don’t get on top of me, you’ll drip piss all over me. Let’s lay side by side. I’ll raise my leg up and can lay your head on my leg and suck away. I’l do the same.”
He climbed on the bid, in the 69 position, she spread her legs, he did the same, and she took him in her hands, and pulled on his balls and pushed his cock into her mouth as he assaulted her cunt licking and sucking. He was amazed at how much cum was still dripping from her pussy. He would pinch her pussy lips shut and open them and gobs of jiz would flow out and into his mouth. The taste was different than Harvey’s, he assumed it was because it had made a round trip into his sister’s cunt.
When they were finally clean he told her that they needed to talk about what she had said.
“What’s that?”
“You know, about Harvey’s.”
“Oh, you mean your,…. Nights?”
“What are you two talking about?” Eve said as she finished with Dave’s cock.
“Oh nothing mom,” Rod said, giving his sister a dirty look.
“I heard you say something about Harvey.”
“Oh, that,” Dave said. “Rod told me all about it, it’s a man thing. Just a little teenage experimentation.”
“What kind of experimentation?”
“Boy stuff, nothing for ladies to concern themselves with.”
“Rod sucked Harv’s cock,” Joy said laughing.
“What’s funny about that,” Eve said, “You licked my pussy, why shouldn’t a guy suck a cock. I personally love to suck cock, and from what I witnessed so do you.”
“Ya, but guys, isn’t that kinda gay.”
“No,” Dave said, “it is gay if that is all he wants, and from what I have witnessed here today, he has been pretty good with cunts, and if he wants to suck a cock or two, that is up to him. I know I’ve sucked a couple myself.”
“And I’ve eaten a pussy or two,” Eve added.
“Gotta pee some more. Rod didn’t let me finish in his mouth,” Joy said. “Anyone coming?”
“I’ve got to wash the piss off of me,” Rod said, following her out of the cabin and down the corridor, to the head.
“Oh, Daddies cum is still running down my leg. You didn’t do a very good job big brother.”
“There must have been a gallon of the stuff in you.”
“Did it taste like Harvey’s?”
“How did you know about Harvey?”
“I rigged a mirror, and I watched you two from my bedroom window. You didn’t answer my question. Did it taste like Harvey’s?”
“No. Dad’s was mixed with yours and it tasted sweeter, little sister. I loved eating your pussy, it’s beautiful, and I love it shaved.”
“Why don’t you shave yours?”
“I haven’t’ seen any guys with shaved dicks.’
“You haven’t been looking closely. At least let me shave your balls. I love sucking them buy there is hair on them.”
“That would be okay, just don’t cut them.”
They arrived at the head, there were three people one man taking a shit, a woman showering, and a woman on the urinal.
Joy squatted on the urinal and a stream of piss burst forth.
“God you had a lot of piss in you little sister. I thought you put a gallon in my mouth.
She smiled, “I’ve got a big bladder.” She took a tissue and wiped the cum and piss from her cunt.
She stood and watched Rod, as he held his cock and started to piss in the men’s urinal. “Can I hold your cock while you piss?”
“Sure, just don’t get it all over everything.”
She took hold of his cock, and as the stream started she made circles in the urinal.
“This is fun. You get to play squirt gun every time you pee.”
“It’s more like target practice. Mom has a fit when I miss, or splatter.”
The stream slowed and he finished. “You have to shake it,” he said. “That gets the last few drops off.”
She took his cock at the base and flopped it up and down and back and forth.
“Hey, be careful, you got me.” It was the woman who had just got off of the urinal.
“Sorry,” Joy said. “I’ll be more careful.”
“I think you’re done,” Rod said.
“Let me see?”
He turned and she got down to take a close look at his cock. “Yep, seems to be dry as a bone.” She kissed the tip and said. “Let’s head back.”
“Leave it alone or it will be dry as a boner.” Rod stepped into the shower and rinsed the piss off of his face and body. “I didn’t bring a towel, guess I’ll have to air dry.”
When they arrived at the cabin, their mom and dad were just climbing under the covers. “They’re coming down with clean bedding for your bed, when they finish you better get some rest for the Ball,” she said, as she snuggled up to with her back to Dave, reached back took his cock into her hand. “Can you put that big thing back into my cunt where it belongs?”

Chapter Eight
They had all gotten a good nap and woke up refreshed, and the men both had boners.
“Isn’t that annoying?” Joy said, squeezing her father’s cock. “Should we take care of it?”
“No. I want to save it for later, It’ll go down when I take a piss.”
“Can I hold it when you do? Rod let me hold his when he went, and it was neat.”
“I don’t see why not. Not after what we’ve been doing today. What do you say, Eve?”
“Sounds fun, I don’t know why I’ve never asked to do it. What’s it like Joy?”
“It’s neat mom, it’s like a fire hose, you can feel the piss going through it on the tips of your fingers, and you get to shake it when you’re done. I kissed it too.”
Rod walked over and put his lips on his mother’s nipple, “Mom, what made you change?”
“What do you mean?”
“You know. The first day here you were.. well… different. I’m absolutely sure you wouldn’t have let me suck your tit, eat your pussy, fuck you. You wouldn’t have even let me see any of your body, which by the way is beautiful. I fantasized about seeing you naked, when I beat my meat.”
“I know, you told me, and I’m flattered. I don’t know what made my attitude change. I guess it was the realization that we were stuck here in this ship, that the rules were such that if we wanted to eat we needed to comply, and then you and your father had hard cocks that absolutely had to be taken care of, and they were, or are, so wonderfully beautiful, so… I decided to join rather than fight. Actually what you see now, and what I said and did while your beautiful cock was in my belly, is more like who I really am. Society makes liars of us all. We are secretly someone else. When I would think of sex, or my body, or your cock for that matter, I would mentally slap my face. To tell you the truth, even while I was yelling at the purser, my pussy juices were flowing. The thought of the whole thing got me so hot I couldn’t help but look forward to … know. … to seeing you, to touching you.”
“To me?”
“Yeah, you’re uncircumcised cock. As I said I got a glimpse of it a couple of times, up your shorts and then the time when you asked me to hand you a towel in the bathroom. You opened the door a little, and I got a glimpse of it then. I hadn’t got to see it since you were a little boy. I have a secret, that I never told anyone, not even your father.”
“What’s that, mom?”
“When you were little, I would strip you down and stand you on the toilet seat, getting you ready for your bath, and I would pull back the skin on your cock, because mothers are supposed to check to make sure they are clean and healthy, and then I would suck your little cock. I was surprised to find out that even a little two year old would get hard while being sucked.” She laughed, and looked down at a puddle of cum on the floor. “A couple of times you pissed in my mouth. I did the same with Joy when she was a few months old. It was one sure way to stop her from crying, just lick the tiny cunt.”
Rod reached down and ran his finger up between the lips of his mother’s cunt. “You’re wet now.”
“Yes, I know. It’ll be running down my leg before you know it. I’m going to have to drink plenty of fluids or I’ll be dehydrated before the cruise is over.”
“Will you let someone else fuck you while we are on this trip,” Joy asked.
“I don’t think I’ll need to with two men, that are hung like stallions, but just between you and me, yes I probably will, there are so many and they are all so beautiful and different.”
“They are nice, aren’t they,” Joy giggled.
“I’m not sure this trip is the best thing for you though.”
“Why?” Joy pouted. “How old were you when you were first fucked?”
“That my dear is private.”
“Come on Mom,” Rod pleaded. “Tell us.”
Eve blushed, “Well I can tell you I was younger than Joy.”
“Who was that?” Rod asked.
“Can’t I have any secrets?”
“You can’t just leave us hanging here.” Dave said. “You must have been twelve.”
“Eleven.” She said. “And let me tell you it hurt plenty.”
“I bet,” Joy said. “Your pussy was really tiny at eleven.”
“It was, but I loved it.”
“Who, and how many times?” Dave asked seriously.
“It was…………No, I can’t,” she said giggling and shaking her head. “I just can’t. It’s too embarrassing.”
“Come on Mom,” Rod said. “Tell us.”
“No I can’t it was a long time ago, and it’s…… it is too embarrassing.”
“You gotta tell us now mom,” Joy said pleading. “Come on you got to see my first fuck, the least you can do is share your first.”
Eve paused, and reached down putting her finger into her cunt. “Well if you must know….. it was my dog, Skipper.” She said blushing, and we did it a lot.
“Your dog?” they all said in unison.
“I can’t believe it,” Dave said. “A dog?”
“That sounds wonderful,” Joy said. “Was he big?”
“No he was a Golden Retriever, medium size, but as far as cocks go he was big.”
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Dave asked.
“I thought you would hate me, you know being fucked by a dog. I’ll tell you Joy, his cock was nearly as big as your fathers, and I couldn’t tell him to go slow, he slammed that huge cock into me in one fast stroke. I thought I was going to explode. I tried to walk away from him on my hands and knees but he kept me griped with his front legs and walked right along behind me slamming that cock in and out of me until I thought I would die, but soon I was cuming like you wouldn’t believe. After that I had to be fucked at least once a day or I felt deprived.”
“Did you touch his cock?” Joy asked sitting next to her mother.
“Of course I did. I even sucked it. You know how much I love to swallow cum,” she said turning to Dave. “Well that dog had a stupendous amount of cum.”
‘What happened to the dog?” Rod asked.
“My father caught me with his cock in my mouth and had him put to sleep. I was devastated. I loved that dog in more ways than one. He was my pet, and my lover. After that my father wouldn’t let me have a dog unless it was neutered, or a female. We got a neutered dog when I was 15, I tried to get his cock out of his belly to suck it but it wouldn’t come out to play. Worthless dog. After that I had no more sex until I met your father. I was ashamed of my little cock, so I wouldn’t show it to anyone. I was relieved to find out that your father loved it.”
“That’s because dad sucked cocks before.” Rod said.
“He what?” Joy said looking at her dad. “ When, and who?”
“It was when I was a teenager. Boys experiment.”
“Did you like it?” Eve asked.
“Yes, unfortunately. I did.”
“Why unfortunately?”
“Because I was afraid I was queer, and I stopped because I liked it. Then of course I found out I love pussy too, so I guess I was bisexual.”
“Look dad, your cock is soft.” Joy said squeezing it again.”
“Yeah, but I still need to take a pee.”
“Can I help?” Joy said.
“Come along,” he replied as he left the cabin.
“So do you like sucking cocks?” Eve asked Rod.
“Yes you.”
Rod turned red. “Yeah, something like what dad said. I liked the feel in my mouth but I felt like I was Gay, and I didn’t want to be.”
“Well you shouldn’t worry, I saw you fuck that little mother at breakfast, and you certainly did a job in my mouth, and cunt. No, you’re a normal boy that found something else that he likes. Do you think you would like to try it again?”
“Suck a cock.”
“I don’t know. Maybe, but not a dog.”
Eve laughed, “It wasn’t all that bad, maybe you should try it, maybe we all should try it.”
“You won’t be able to stop Joy, she sure loves cock.”
“And cunts. And she isn’t afraid of it. I’ve got to get dressed for the Ball. It isn’t very much, I put these pearls around my neck, and these pearls around my waist, I put on my shoes, and vwalla I’m dressed. He wanted to sell me a but plug with pearls hanging out of my ass, but I told him I might want to use my ass for something else tonight. And, I got this for you and you’re father. It’s a collar, and a black bow tie. There was a matching bow for your dick, but I told him you would probably use you’re dick for something else tonight. You, do still owe me a second fuck.”
“Yes mother, any time mother,” he said running his finger up her ass crack.
“Would you bend over?”
“Why, we don’t have time for finger fucking.”
“No. I just want to see what you look like from the back.”
“Okay,” she said bending over.
“Spread your legs and ass cheeks.”
She did as she was told, her beautiful tits hanging from her chest, her cunt lips with the clit just bairly visable between her cunt lips and the ass hole, not brown like most, but a beautiful pink.
“You have a pink ass hole.”
“Yes I know, your father’s is brown.”
“Don’t you ever use it?”
Eve laughed and stood straight, “such a question, do think your mother doesn’t shit like the rest of you. If you want, I’ll show you the next time I need to relieve myself.
“You are beautiful mom. Did you mean it when you said we could continue after we get home?”
“You mean when we start back in our routine, church and all?”
“Yeah. They have church here, you know,” Rod said. “I saw it on the bulletin board.”
“I didn’t know. Everything in my head tells me this is wrong, but here I beleive it’s a necessity. I don’t know what I’ll do once the necessity is gone.”
“You promised when I had my cock in your cunt.”
“A woman will say many things when she is being fucked.”
“I’ll keep my cock hard, so you have to care for me.”
“Joy can take care of you and I’ll take care of your father.”
“Not nearly as much fun as it was today.”
“Yes I agree, but all good things must come to an end. Just enjoy yourself while you can.” She said as she finished snapping his collar and tie on. “There’s a handsome boy. Go comb your hair. You really should have something done with that unruly pubic hair. Oh well, too late now. Just comb it too.”
Joy and Dave entered he cabin.
“Did everything come out okay?” Eve asked.
“Great mom. You should have been there. I held dad’s cock while he peed, and this man came in and stood two urinals down, and asked me if I would do the same for him. His cock was enormous. It must have been the reason he was selected. It was like Rod’s so he asked me to pull back the foreskin, that’s what It’s called, so piss wouldn’t get hung up under it. It was fun. I tell you mom his cock was bigger around than my wrist, and it was soft, at least it was before I put it in my mouth.”
“Sounds like you could have a job.” Eve said. “You had better get dressed. It’s time to go. Here Dave let me put this on you. You need to comb your hair also, and you should also trim your pubic or at least run a comb through it.”
“Here let me do that dad. Mom where are the scissors, and the razor?”
“Over there on that shelf,” Eve said. “Be careful.”
“I will, Rod already said I could shave his balls, so when I suck them I won’t get a mouth full of hair.”
“Just be careful, I have some rouge to put on our nipples. It’s light pink. I think you’ll like it.”
“Okay mom. Hold still dad, or I will cut you.” She held on to his cock as she rubbed shaving cream over his pubic hair. Every now and then she would stick the tip of his cock in her mouth and hum.
“Joy, we’re supposed to get rid of hardons, not give them, now mind your manners and finish that shave or we’ll be late.”
She finished the shave and wiped the remaining lather off with a small hand towel. “Are you sure you don’t want a shave Rod?”
“No. Let me see dads.”
Dave was the same as Joy’s, an arrow that pointed to his dick, but the arrow was crooked.
“It’s not straight,” Rod said.
“With a cock like that no one will notice the shave.” Eve said laughing.
“Lets go.” 
Chapter Nine
They arrived at the Ball room, which was the dining hall. It was half full; the officer at the door was also wearing a collar and bow tie, as well as a cap with gold braid on it.
“Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, the captain has invited you to sit at his table, along with your children of course.”
“Thank you,” Dave said.
“This way,” the officer said. “Follow me.”
Joy whispered to her mother. “Isn’t it absolutely adorable that each and every cock is so different? You could fuck for years and never have the same experience.”
“It certainly appears to be that way. This one’s is half circumcised. It’s like his mother changed her mind in the middle of the procedure.”
They reached the table. “Captain, I would like to present, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, and their children Rodney and Joyce Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Captain Scott Brady”
“Glad to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Anderson,” he said as he extended his hand to Dave.
“We’re glad to meet you and honored to be at your table,” Dave Replied.
“Seat, seat,” the Captain said waiving at the seats, “Sorry how rude of me, this is my wife Sarah.” He said placing his hand on the shoulder of the woman sitting next to him.
The Captain had some greying hair; he wore the collar and bow tie that seemed to be the uniform of the day for crew and guests. He was tall, muscular, and when he stood up he had a hardon with a stream of precum hanging from it.
“Excuse the precum,” he said as he sat down. “My lovely wife was giving me a hand job when you arrived.”
He was correct in his description of his wife she was indeed lovely. She looked to be Eurasian, the type of girl you would see on a playboy center fold, or modeling underwear at Victoria’s Secret. She had long straight jet black hair, that reached the top of the crack of her ass, with bangs cut strait across just above her eyes. Her tits were perfectly round, with hardly any space between them. Her tits were 38D, large for her frame, with large nipples and areola that were darker than Eve and Joy’s, and she had applied a pink rouge to cover them. Around her neck she wore a black choker with rhinestones or diamonds. There was no way to tell what she wore below because she remained seated.
“Glad to meet you,” she said almost timidly.
“Likewise,” Eve said extending her hand.
Sarah extended her hand. “please excuse the precum. There is going to be a lot of it around here tonight.”
“I imagine. No problem though, I have acquired a taste for it.”
“Well Mrs. Anderson,”
“Eve please.”
“Eve. You seem to have settled in quite nicely. We thought you may be a problem when you first arrived.”
Eve smiled. “When in Rome.”
“Yes, I agree.”
“Tell me Captain,” Dave said. “Is there something in the water, or air. I can’t remember my wife being like this during our entire marriage.”
“We do have a little edge. There is a subliminal message broadcast in certain areas of the ship. We only run it as long as it’s needed. Generally mother nature handles the reluctant ones, but there are very few of them because nearly all of our guests know what to expect and are here for that reason. The unsuspecting ones are different, as you well know. If we can get them to take off their clothes then mother nature pushes them along. If the lady is alone it helps, if she is with someone she loves, then we let her know of the dangers of an extended erection. Her desire to keep her loved ones healthy usually does the trick, and it’s even better if there is more than one male in the group. Take you for instance. She could fuck you, suck you, do whatever you do at home, and not leave her comfort zone. If on the other hand her son is there, and if that son, is a normal boy with an erection, then she must do something about that also. It’s no myth that a hardon for more than 4 hours is dangerous; it has in fact lead to death, if a blood clot forms and makes it way to the heart or brain. Anyway, as I was saying if the son is there then she must move away from that comfort zone and start doing some things she didn’t believe she would ever do. Like you, and your son Eve. Is that pretty much how it was with you, Mrs….. I’m sorry, Eve?”
“Yes, I guess, I originally thought that he could … you know, take care of himself, after all he does have two healthy hands, and I’m sure he has used them quite frequently. But, I had secretly imagined what my son’s private parts were like, having got a glimpse of them a while back, and with the ships rules, the length of the cruise, and my son’s bare……geni……cock sticking straight out, I had the opportunity to, as you say break away from my comfort zone, by agreeing that I didn’t have much choice.”
“Do you feel uncomfortable to be here like this here with all of these people?”
“Not at all. I’m surprised, but I feel quite at ease, and the sexuality is wonderful. If I was the only naked person here, then I would be uncomfortable, or for that matter if I was the only clothed person here I would be uncomfortable. But look at all of these beautiful tits, and cocks. How could I feel uncomfortable? If you used the subliminal message on me, it works. Keep it up; I’m having a wonderful time.”
“We learn as much about every guest as we can.” Sarah said. “We have listening posts everywhere. If we hear someone say something that would lead us to believe that they would like one particular type of entertainment, then we try to provide it.”
“Listening posts?” Eve asked. “You mean our cabin is bugged?”
“No. That would be unethical even for us. No the listening posts are distributed in the public areas of the ship. For instance in the toilet area we overheard your beautiful daughter talk to her father about your desire to have sex with a dog.”
Eve was drinking water, and she nearly choked to death with water spurting out of her nose.
“I’m sorry Eve,” the Captain said. “I didn’t mean to drown you, and you shouldn’t be upset, we have several animals on board for just that reason.”
“I visit them quite often,” Sarah said. “In fact we have a floor show later in the cruise where crew and guests volunteer to perform animal sex on the banquet stage. Everyone always loves it and even people who have never tried it or even thought of it get into the act.”
“I…. I was quite young.” She said trying to gain her composure.
“That is the way it usually starts. But for me it was watching a woman get fucked on stage. One night I volunteered and was addicted. Sometimes my husband is fucked out, and I just want more than a mere mortal can give. So I go down to the kennels, and there is always a willing dog.”
“What kind of ….” Eve said clearing her throat. “dog, or dogs do you have?”
“Mostly Golden Retrievers,” she said, sipping her water. “But we have Great Danes, Cocker Spaniels, and some breads that I don’t know the name of, and of course other animals, we goats, ponies.”
“Ponies,” Joy said. “People actually let horses fuck them. How in the world does it fit.”
“You’d be surprised sweetie, there are women that no man can take care of, they need something humongous. They are ponies, not horses, and they fulfill those needs. We have an employee, who is a belly rider, and she has her own horse on the ship. There is a strap and a saddle of sorts under the horse, and as the horse trots, his cock is in the woman and she goes absolutely ape shit. I’ve seen it and I couldn’t believe it. Don’t worry baby, you won’t be fucked by no horse or pony for that matter, if you want animal love there are small ones, and then there are big ones that you can suck if that is what you like.”
“Suck? Horses? That would be awesome.”
“Enough of this woman talk,” the Captain said. “It seems that our women can get off on anything, and keep getting off. What do you want for dinner, we have a choice tonight between fish, steak or chicken, fried chicken.”
They ordered their meals and sat about small talk until the meals came.
After the meal was completed and table cleaned the band started playing a slow dance, fox trot.
“Eve, could I have the pleasure of the first dance,” the Captain said holding out his hand.
Eve blushed, looked at his raging hard cock, and blushed again.
“Go ahead, that thing will be hard all night long,” Sarah said. “Might as well be the first to enjoy it.”
“What do we do with it?” she asked.
“You’ll think of something.”
Eve stood, took the Captain’s hand and graciously accepted.
As they started the dance, his cock was sticking straight out and struck Eve just above the pubic area. She reached down took it and pulled it up so it was flat against his and her belly. “There that is much more comfortable,” she said moving closer and pressing her tits to his chest.
She looked across the dance floor and Dave was dancing with Sarah, their height differential was nearly perfect so that his cock fit between her legs with a small downward angle.
“She likes having a cock like that,” the Captain said nodding to Dave and Sarah. His cock is rubbing her clit, and she will have 3 or 4 orgasms while they dance.”
“Can we try it?” Eve said.
“You have come around.” the captain said smiling. He pulled away, and she took his cock and repositioned it so that it was rubbing between her cunt lips.
“Yes I guess I have. Oh, that does feel nice. Oh my God,” she said taking a deep breath. “very nice indeed.”
During the dance she had 5 orgasms, 3 tinny ones, and two whoppers.”
“Tell me Eve, will you let me fuck you tonight? I think you are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Reach down and wipe some of the precum off, it’s going to drip on the floor.”
“I don’t know about the fucking.” She said as she wiped the precum off of his cock, and licked it off of her fingers. “I do have a husband to take care of my needs.”
“Oh, one man can never take care of the needs of a beautiful woman. Why do you think we have dogs. Men get fucked out, but the dogs take up the slack.”
“I see what you mean.” The music stopped and she reached down, and gave the Captains cock a squeeze, wiped the precum off the tip and put her fingers in her mouth as they walked back to the table.
When they sat down, Sarah said, “Look at you.” She was pointing to the captain’s chest. There were two pink circles. “Some of Eve has come off on you.
“Oops, I guess my nipple rouge came off.”
“Yes, honey,” Sarah said. “They gave you the wrong rouge. Here, I have some that won’t come off.” She handed a small container to Eve. “There’s no reason to go to the powder room here, men are there also, so if you need to do primping, just do it here at the table. If you just want to watch guys piss, then let me know and we’ll go to the powder room.” She said as she took a napkin and wiped the rouge off of her husband’s chest.
They laughed as Eve applied a small amount of rouge to her nipples, and wiped her hand on a napkin.
“You don’t need that rouge,” the Captain said, your nipples are beautiful, just like your daughters. She’s how old?”
“Eighteen,” everyone said at once, laughing.
“Going on twenty-one,” Joy said standing and bowing.
“Are you a virgin sweetie?” Sarah asked.
“I was yesterday,” she said, “But my father took care of that today.”
“Wonderful,” Sarah said. “Did you enjoy it or was it too painful?”
“It was wonderful, there was no pain. I took my cherry with a hair brush a few years ago. I love his cock.”
“Wonderful,” the Captain said. “I admired your little pussy as you walked in. There are a lot of men here itching to fuck you, and your mother.”
“We might just keep it in the family,” Eve said.
“Not by edict,” the Captain said. “That would be against the rules. If everyone agrees, then yes that’s how it will be, but if any of them disagree, then they can fuck and suck anyone they want. What do you say little one,” he said turning to Joy. “Are you going to do much fucking?”
“I want to fuck and suck as many as I can, including that dog.”
Everyone laughed, even Eve.
“Like mother like daughter, “ Sarah said.
“Do you have children,” Dave asked.
“Yes we do. We have a daughter, 10, and a son 8. The banquet tonight is for 18 and above. So they are in our cabin with their baby sitter, Amy.”
“Do you think this type of atmosphere damages children,” Eve asked. “I mean, all this sex, all of these people actually fucking in public places.”
“No. Not at all. Our children have a healthy respect for the opposite sex. There is never a rape, not if there are plenty of willing partners. There is never abuse, because everyone, men included, feel vulnerable when naked. Children learn that no, means no, move on there are plenty that say yes. We do need to keep an eye on them when ashore. It took them a while to learn that on shore everything is no.”
After a few more dances an MC stepped up to the microphone. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are going to play stop the music. You walk in a circle, men on the outside circle, women on inside circle. We play music, and when we stopped the man in front of you ladies puts his cock in you and gives you a few strokes. If there isn’t a person next to you the first time, they you are out. Also, the couple nearest one of the red dots on the floor must leave the dance floor that is after fucking the lady in front of him. This continues until the last two people and they get to fuck on the floor to orgasm. Ladies I suggest you be on top, or doggie style always works.”
“Let’s play,” the Captain said, pulling on Eve’s hand. “Everyone,”
They all got up, men on the outside, women on the inside. It was obvious there were more men than women because to make it interesting, some of the crew were in the game.
The music started and the men went counter clock wise, and the women clock wise. The music stopped and the men scrambled to get a lady, some were without a partner and left the game. The rest of them sunk their hard cocks into the woman in front of them.
Eve was opposite a tall young man, probably no more than 18, he approached her, kissed a tit and turned her around. “Oh, god that is big,” she said with a smile on her face.
“For you my lady,” he said with a British accent. “Please bend over and present your cunt.”
Eve bent over, and spread her cheeks. The boy stepped behind her and place his cock between in her wet cunt, giving her a couple of long slow strokes.
Joy was across from a middle aged man, with a large cock, and greying at the temples, and some grey hair above his dick.
He squatted like he was in a chair. “Come here young lady and sit here on my lap. She went forward straddled his legs and lowered herself on his cock. “Oh, oh, oh,’ she said, sounding like she had just stepped into a cold shower. “Oh, that feels so nice,”
“Likewise, “ he said what a wonderful tight cunt.
“You’re my second, after my dad, not counting cucumbers, hair brushes, and other stuff.”
“If we lose we can always fuck at my table. This game doesn’t tell us who we can fuck and who we can’t. It’s just to break the ice and getting the pussy juices flowing.”
“Not fair,” a woman said on the other side of the circle. “He’s soft; he can’t get it in my cunt.”
The MC went across picked the man’s cock up, and examined it. “Got a softee,” he said in the microphone. “Who was standing next to this man?”
“I was,” a small man with a big cock said.
“Get over here and get your cock into this women so we can get on with the game. You sir are disqualified. Go get some Viagra. You can’t stuff a wet noodle up a wildcat’s ass. Is every pussy full?”
“Yes.” All of the women said in unison.
“Then start the music.”
The music started and again the men, that were left, went around the circle, until the music again stopped.
This time David stopped opposite a petite brunette woman, that reminded him of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Beautiful face, with her hair done up, with a twirl of something silver through it, her costume, simple choker and belt, her tits were magnificent and large for her frame.
“Nice tits,” he said.
“Thank you, nice cock.”
“Thank you.” He picked her up and slowly lowered her down, she reached down and arranged his cock so it would impale her in the proper hole, and she wrapped her legs around his waist.
“My cup runneth over,” she said leaning forward and pushing those magnificent tits into his mouth.
Rod, believe it or not got his mother. “God mom, this is wonderful.” He stepped foreward, she turned around bent over and spread her cheeks. He pushed his cock into her waiting cunt. “Fuck me son. We have time for a few strokes.”
He pushed into her and rapidly started fucking her. “You remind me of my dog,” she said laughing. “Big, fast, and rough. The nice thing is that you don’t have your legs around me with sharp nails.”
At that the music started and they were off on their trip around the circle. The couples standing nearest to the dots on the floor were eliminated and finally it was one couple, a very small oriental girl and the little man with the big cock.
At the table, Rod asked the Captain, “Sir, could I, I mean can, or may I fuck your wife?”
“Rules are you ask her son. I have no say in it.”
“May I ma’am?”
“Not if you call me ma’am. Call me Sarah, slut, cum bucket, or whatever but not ma’am.”
“May I Sarah?”
“I thought you would never ask. Where do you want to do it. We can do it on your chair, on my chair, on the table, which is my favorite, or wherever.”
“Table,” he said. “Stand up and bend over the table.”
“Wonderful,” she stood up bent over the table presenting her beautiful ass, and full lip, cunt to his waiting cock. “Come here big boy. Put that big beautiful cock in my cunt.”
Rod walked around the table, with a raging hard on and plunged it in to her waiting cunt up to his balls.
“Oh God…. Easy big boy. You almost took my breath away. Slow and easy lets make this last. Long slow strokes with a few detours.”
“Yeah, my mouth needs some attention, as do my tits, and my ass.”
Rod slowed and made long easy strokes with his cock entering her womb where he would pause and flex his cock to make it jump up and down. His finger of one hand reached under her and found her clit, while his other hand probed her ass hole.
“Oh yes, that’s it, that’s it.”
Eve was sitting next to the action and watched as her son’s cock as it went in and out of the beautiful Sarah’s wet cunt. She reached over and touched his cock as it went in and out, and reached under and behind him to hold his balls. All the while she had her finger up her own cunt. Suddenly a hand came from behind her and took her tit in a large hand. She turned, and looked up at the officer that had met them at the door.
“Dance?” he asked.
“Sure,” she said. As she turned to get up, his cock hit her cheek. “Oh, that’s nice.” She said, as she reached out and took it in her hand, and pulled it toward her mouth. She sucked the head, and forced more of it in. She liked the texture, and the taste. “That was nice.” She pushed it deep into her throat, pulled it out until only the head was in her mouth, pulled it out and wiped over her face and tits. He took her hand and led her to the dance floor, where he spun her around, and brought her close to his body. He gently picked her up and lowered her onto his cock. While she was impaled, they started a slow dance. She couldn’t believe the feelings she was feeling. How could she, Eve Anderson be dancing nude on a dance floor with a young man’s cock firmly lodged in her cunt? Nearly every step they took sent mini orgasmic shivers up her spine and down her legs. It was the most erotic feeling she had ever had. His cock was larger than Dave’s. Not so much in the length department but it had enormous girth. When it was in her mouth it was almost more than she could do to get her lips around it.
“You certainly have a beautiful cock,” she said, as she pushed her tits into his chest.
“And everything about you is beautiful,” he replied.
She blushed, as she felt a more powerful orgasm shake her body.
“I could learn to love this.” She sighed
“It is delightful isn’t it. I hope you won’t be offended if I don’t cum. I want to perform well into the night, and my brain shuts me down the moment I cum.”
“I understand,” she said pressing her body closer. She thought about what he said, and said, “No I don’t understand, what exactly goes on in a man’s head when he cums?”
“It’s strange, while fucking I sometimes make a pledge to do something after I come, for example I want to taste my own cum, but after I cum, I can’t, I am done and nothing sexual interests me at all. It is immediate, like snapping your fingers. I only want to taste my cum when I am hot and horny, as soon as there is cum to taste, I don’t want any part of it. Strange.”
“It certainly is. I’ve never understood the shrinking cock, and the ‘good night dear’ when a man comes.”
“It is built in, and there is nothing that can be done about it yet. Hopefully some mad scientist is working on a pill.”
They laughed and pulled away from each other as the music ended. He looked down at her cunt, and watched as her juices ran down her leg.
“We need to get a napkin,” he said pointing down.
“Or you could put your tongue to work.”
“At your service,” he said as he sunk to his knees in the middle of the dance floor and started sucking on her cunt, and running his tongue up and down her leg to get every drop into his mouth. Eve’s stomach muscles contracted and she gave a scream that drew everyone’s attention to her. They were the only couple left on the dance floor, and the band started a drum roll as he continued to lick and suck her cunt, and she continued to stand with her legs parted and groans and screams were coming out of her open mouth as her legs trembled, and stomach muscles tightened. Her hands were behind his head pulling him into her open cunt.
He finally finished, stood took her by the hand and the drum roll stopped with a clash of cymbals, and audience applauded as they went back to the table.
“Quite an exhibition,” Dave said, as the officer handed her hand to her husband. He bowed to Eve, “Thank you Eve, it was delightful.”
Rod was licking Sarah cunt, his cock still hard.
“Better warn him about cuming,” Eve said to the Captain , pointing to Rod’s cock, he may not last the night.
“Doesn’t seem to bother him. He’s already cum in her cunt and mouth. This boy has stamina. Oh, to be young again.”
“You mean the young can fuck and then fuck again?”
“I couldn’t get hard immediately, but I could recuperate quickly, ten or fifteen minutes, I was good for four or five times a night. But your son just doesn’t go soft, he just keeps going. Like those batteries, and the bunny rabbit. Wonderful. This boy is going to make some lucky girl happy.”
“Not girl, girls, and of course his mother,” Eve said, rubbing her clit.
She looked around the Ball room, and listened to what was happening. The band was playing louder than before, in an effort to drown out the screams and squeals of the women throughout the room all having orgasms at the same time. If you didn’t know what was happening, you would have thought that it was a massacre, but on closer inspection you would have seen smiles instead of anguish.
Joy came up to Eve, cum dripping from her well fucked pussy. “Why aren’t you fucking?” she said to her mother. “I’ve been fucked 5 times. Mom does it hurt to be fucked in the asshole?”
“Because a guy with a real big dick wanted to put it up my ass. I told him I wanted to talk to you first.”
“Well the first one in the back door should be someone who is gentle and patient. A good lubricant is a necessity, and personally I’m a strong believer in an enema.”
“You mean, squirting water up my ass?”
“That’s exactly what I mean. You never know what is going to come out when someone starts sticking a big cock in there. Maybe we should get you an ass plug, to get you ready, and then maybe your brother, or your father could be the first, when you’re ready. We could have an enema party. I could squirt you, and you could squirt me, and if the guys want to get involved we could squirt them.”
“You mean, they might want to fuck each other in the ass?”
“Maybe, who knows what might happen aboard this ship. I was thinking how hot it would be to see them suck each other’s cock.”
“Mother, that would be awesome. Don’t you think so? You said you sucked a woman before. Who was it and when?”
“In college. It wasn’t like the guys, they get all up tight and worry about being gay, but us gals, just enjoyed it for what it was. Just a sexual release to our mutual satisfaction.”
“Did you like the taste? I did.”
“It was okay. I enjoyed the taste of you mixed with your father’s cum. It was nice.”
Dave walked up and stood next to Eve, as Rod pulled away from Sarah.
“You two have been going at it for a long time,” he said to Rod and Sarah.
“Yaaa. It is great. I love that pussy.” He said giving it one last kiss.
“How are you Sarah?”
“Great. Where’s my husband?”
“He’s fucking that woman over there,” he said pointing across the ball room. “He seems to know her.”
“Margaret,” Sarah said. “She’s an employee, and dear friend. He couldn’t let this ball pass without dipping his dick into her.”
“She’s beautiful.” Dave commented.
“Yes, you wouldn’t believe she is the mother of three, and the youngest is only nine months old.”
“Where have you been,” Eve said, looking up at him and pulling on his flaccid cock.
“Got any left in you?” she asked as she unconsciously played with his soft dick.
“I doubt it, not for a while any way.”
“Rod, come here and fuck your old mother,” Eve said, as she bent over and spread her but cheeks. She reached over to Sarah, took a gob of cum from her cunt and spread it in and around her ass hole. “Put it here son,” she said sticking her finger in her ass. “Work some of that cum dripping from Sarah into it and fuck me.”
Rod cupped his fingers, and scooped cum from Sarah’s cunt, and pushed it into his mother’s waiting ass hole. He stepped behind her, “Joy, will you point his cock for him, get it right into the little pink pucker.”
Joy moved next to her mother, took her brother’s cock, and placed it on her mother’s asshole, and pulled it into her mother. “You said we needed to have an enema. Won’t something else come out?.
“Perhaps. But let’s just call it more lubricant. Push it in baby. Yes, Baby, deeper, fuck your mother’s ass. Push. Joy, spit on my asshole and Rod’s cock.
Joy leaned over and let a string of saliva drip from mouth onto her brother’s cock where it entered her mother.
“Mom your ass hole is really stretched. Doesn’t it hurt?”
“Oh, shit no, it is wonderful, it’s been so long. Skipper would miss my cunt once in a while and hit my ass, I really learned to love it. Your dad fucks it sometimes but he prefers the cunt. Oh, fuck me Rod, fuck mother’s ass hole. Push that cock into me fuck me, fuck me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagg, I’m cuming, of shit fuck me. Suck his balls Joy, help him cum, suck him, lick my ass,
Joy, grabbed Rob’s balls, but put her mouth over her mother’s asshole, and kissed Rod’s cock and her ass as it went in and out.
“I’m cuming mother. Shit I’m cuming, Aaaaaaaaaagggga, oh shit.” He balls pumpt stream after stream into his mother’s ass. “Oh shit that feels so good.” He pushed one last time and one last squirt into that pucker hole. He bent over his mother’s back, leaving his cock inside her. Sweat was pouring off of both of them. His soft cock slid from her ass with a popping noise, and Joy immediately took it in her mouth and sucked on it. She could smell the shit, but it wasn’t revolting as she thought it might be. She sucked hard on his wilting cock. Rob’s stomach muscles contracted, and he pushed his sister away. “Oh, I’m sorry I can’t stand anything to touch it. It is so sensitive.” His cock hung limp for the first time today. “If you want to do something, clean mom’s ass.
Joy moved in behind her mother and put her tongue in her mother’s ass and started sucking the cum out. “I like it,” she said between slurps. “It smells, different, nasty, but I love it, it’s exciting.”
Sarah stood up and gobs of cum streamed out of her pussy, down her leg, and onto the floor.
“What a waste,” she said scooping some of it from her cunt lips and putting it in her mouth. “That dear people is why all of the floors are terrazzo, cum comes up without staining. Carpets would be a mess after tonight. I wonder how many gallons of cum have squirted out of cocks here tonight.”
“I want an ass plug,” Joy blurted. “Mom says I should get one before I let someone in my ass.”
“Right over there,” Sarah said, pointing to a vending machine. “They are free, just put in your cabin number, and select which one you want, and pull the lever. Here, bend over. Come on honey bend over,” Sarah said. Joy bent over and Sarah stuck her finger up her ass. “How does that feel?”
“It feels like I need to shit.”
“That reaction will pass. I would say you should start with the small one. They are black or clear. If you don’t want everyone knowing you’re in training you should select the clear one, they are less obvious than the black one. I wear a large one most of the time. I like the way it feels as I walk around all day. I didn’t wear it tonight because someone might want to stick a cock in there.”
“Do you get enemas?” Joy asked.
“Oh yes, daily, after my morning constitutional. My son and daughter help me. It makes you feel clean all day. We are after all naked, and odors aren’t covered by clothing.”
“What about periods?” Eve asked.
“What about them?” Sarah answered, taking more of Rod’s cum from her pussy lips and transferring it to her mouth.
“I mean as hot as we all are, with a Tampex string hanging out?”
“Oh, honey some guys dig, fucking women having their period. If you’re having your period you will be in great demand.”
“Doesn’t sound good.” Rod said.
“Oh you should try it. Your cock comes out red. Even your balls are red. It’s a badge of honor to walk around with a red cock.”
As the evening wore on, the screams became less frequent and soft cocks were more in vogue. The couples were kissing and shaking hands as they left the Ball room. The Captain thanked the Andersons, by kissing Eve on the tit, and sticking his finger up her cunt, and by shaking Dave’s, hand and squeezing his cock.
Joy and Rod were standing in front of the vending machine, looking at the wares. There were dildos, ass plugs, in three sizes, vibrating ass dildos, recommended for new comers, women and men.
Joy typed the cabin number on the key board, and selected the clear, small but plug, and the vibrating ass dildo.
“What are you going to get?” she said to Rod. “Get the ass plug and vibrater we can do it together.”
“I don’t know. I don’t think I want anything up my ass. I think it’s mostly for girls.”
“No it isn’t, look, there on that placard, it says most men love it and cum while the thing is up their ass. I’d love to see that, I haven’t really seen you cum, I’ve tasted it had in my mouth and pussy, but I haven’t seen it squirt out. I bet it’s neat.”
“I think it would be a waste. I want it in a pussy or mouth, or maybe an ear or ass, who knows. But, just letting in fly in the air, seems like a waste.”
“Not if it was landing in my open mouth. Do you think you have more in you?”
“I don’t know,” he said as he ran his hands on her tit. “I might have more. Let’s wait till we get back to the cabin. Maybe with you and mom there I can get it up and shoot some at you.”
“Great.” She said as she selected a rubber life like dildo and pulled the lever. “This looks like you.” She said holding it up.
“Put it in your pussy.”
“I can’t I’m too dry. I’ve used up all my juices.”
Rod selected a bottle of lubricant from the machine and pulled the lever. We’ll use this. He opened the small bottle and poured the some on his hand, and ran it up and down her cunt.
“Spread your legs more,” he said.
She complied and he inserted his finger into her pussy, after pouring more of the slick substance on his hand.
“There that ought to do the trick,” he said, as he rubbed the remainder on the rubber cock. He took the dildo by the balls, and inserted the head into her cunt.
“Does that hurt?”
“No, it feels wonderful. More. More please.”
He pushed, and pushed until the entire 7 inches was in her cunt. The rubber balls were up against the lips.
“How’s that?”
“Oh, I feel so full.”
“Can you walk?”
“I don’t know. Let’s try.” She said as she turned and started walking back to where Eve and Dave were talking to Sarah. She was walking with her legs apart, and taking strange steps.
Sarah saw her first. “Talk about insatiable,” she said laughing. “Close your legs, it will feel better, and you won’t look so funny. Those rubber balls will be squeezed and it won’t hurt anyone.”
She stood straighter and brought her legs closer together. The rubber balls squeezed down to nearly nothing and she started walking. “Oh shit, that feels good,” she said with each step. “I love it.”
“I don’t think you can use that thing all the way to the cabin, if you’re going to have an orgasm with each step,” Eve said, laughing.
“Tomorrow you should go to the masseuse. He has what is called a full body orgasm massage. He uses peanut oil, and uses two fingers in your cunt. The result is magnificent. You need an appointment. They would be lined the length of the ship if he didn’t require appointment. After the massage you won’t be able to walk for a few minutes, it is remarkable.”
“Does he fuck us,” Joy asked as she took tinny steps in a circle.
“No, just the massage, that’s all you will be able to stand.”
“What are your duties tomorrow?” the Captain asked.
“Celestial Navigation classes,” Eve said.
“Oh you’ll love that,” he responded. “It’s old navy.”
Just then the room tilted a bit, as the ship healed with a stiff breeze.
“Damn him, I told my Exec. to keep us on an even keel. It takes some work, keeping the sails trimmed just right and the helm handled correctly. He must have received a surprising shift in the wind. As I was saying, you will like the navigation class. Are all of you assigned?”
“Yes,” Dave answered. “But I thought navigation was all GPS, satellites and all that stuff.”
“It is,” the Captain answered. “In fact all of your navigation calculations will be checked against the GPS. But if the GPS should go out, we need to know how to pick up a sextant and shoot the sun, moon or stars to get us to our destination. It’s a worthwhile skill, and you will be among a select few in the US, that know how to do it.”
The room tilted, again, this time sharply and steeper. The dishes and classes on the table, having a rubber bottom, stayed where they were.
“I’d better get to the Bridge, it feels like we are in for a blow. Perhaps you should get to your cabin, and you young lady, had better pull that thing out if you are going to walk the deck in a stiff wind.”
She frowned and pulled the dildo from her wet cunt. “I wanted to wear it,” she said with a pout on her lips.
“Wear it in your mouth,” Rod said, as they headed for the door.
The MC made an announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captain has asked that we all make it back to our cabins. Please take the inside passageways and avoid the open deck, we are in for a strong wind, so the night will be a bit uncomfortable. If you get sea sick, pull the string in your cabin and a staff will bring medicine and crackers to your cabin.”
“This way Rod,” Dave said leading him to the door at the back of the Ball room. That door leads to the elevator, we can take it down,” he said.
The sea had gotten wild, the ship healed to the wind again placing her starboard rail under water, and everyone slid across the floor to the far wall.
“Stay where you are,” an officer said. “Wait for the ship to right itself, then proceed to your cabins.”
Everyone waited, and the room once again reached it equilibrium, and a large group of naked bodies made their way to the door. All cocks hung limp.
The night was rough; as the ship lurched from side to side, fore and aft. The sails were reduced in size as the wind and waves increased and finally all sails were reefed to nothing with only a small storm jib keeping the ship headed into the wind. That night every cock was soft.

Chapter Ten
The storm blew over, and the next few weeks flew by rapidly. Eve would allow Rod to turn her over and stick his cock deep into her cunt, no matter where they were, and without question, and always with a smile on her face. She would allow children to lick her cunt as she laid on deck chairs, turning her ivory white skin into a dark tan. An ass plug was usually protruding from between her beautiful checks, and her clit was always wet, engorged and sticking out from between her lips. While talking to family or friends, she would unconsciously slip her finger into her cunt, or gently role her clit between thumb and finger, or if her husband or Rod was standing nearby, she would unconsciously hold their hard or flaccid cock in her hand, or role their balls back and forth between her fingers.
Joyce was no different. She would on many occasions lay her head in her father’s lap, and lick and suck, either his hard or flaccid cock. She was in love with the feel of cock on her face, and in her mouth,
Rod, well you know Rod, he fucked and sucked his way through the women and children of the ship.
They did fulfill their duties as crew, taking turns in navigation, and on deck as a deck hand, both during the day and during the night.
Today was special, though because Joy and Eve had an appointment to go to the kennel. They had watched the floor show where a woman suspended herself under a small horse and had his cock deep inside her. Joy and Eve couldn’t believe a woman could take such an enormous cock into her cunt, and then her ass. They figured that she had to be worthless to a man with a hole that big, but in a conversation with her after the show, she showed how she was able to dilate her cunt for horse fucking, and yet be relatively normal for a man. To prove it she had Eve and Joy stick their fingers up her cunt. It seemed to Eve to be a little loose, but not what she expected. The reason they were going today and not earlier in the cruise was because of the waiting list. There were only so many dogs, and they couldn’t perform more than twice a day. The kennel master said that they would lose interest if they were asked to do it too much. They were rotated, so that they got a week off and a week on. Of the ten in the kennel, one looked like the Golden Retriever that Eve had as a little girl.
“Oh, I want that one,” she said when she was making the reservation. “He looks just like Skipper.”
“There’s another one mother. I want him.”
“Their cocks are big, and then there’s the knot, are you sure you don’t want one a little smaller?”
“If you can take him at age eleven, then I can take him now. I can’t wait to see a dog fuck you mom. I’m excited.”
“Me too,” Eve said, putting her arm around Joy and pulling her to her. “Me too baby.”
That afternoon, Dave, Rod, Joy and Eve went to the kennel, Eve was led into a room with windows for walls, so everyone could watch.
“I’m not sure I can do it with an audience,” Eve said, as she stepped into the room, and kneeled on the soft blanket.
“Sure you can mom,” Joy said. “Can I be in there with her?”
“Why not,” the kennel keeper said. “You need to get him ready, by holding his cock, and maybe sucking it. That always helps.”
Joy entered the room with Eve. “Isn’t this exciting?” she said giggling and hugging her mother.
“I’m nervous,” she replied.
The kennel keeper led the dog into the room. He went over to Eve, ran his finger up and down her cunt lips, and ass, and put his fingers under the dog’s nose. “You can start working on his cock,” he said to Joy. “It won’t take him long to get hard.”
Joy reached under the dog and took ahold of his cock that was still buried in his belly. “This feels neat,” she said working her hand back and forth. “What’s his name?”
“Buster,” the kennel keeper replied. “Buster has a large cock, and an enormous knot, I think you’ll like what your get. We have his front and back feet in soft socks so he doesn’t scratch you.”
Eve turned around and sat next to Buster, and started working his cock with Joy. “You do it this way, she said, you cup his balls, and work your hand back and forth, just like you would a man, and his cock will come out.”
She started working it and Buster laid down and rolled over on his back, legs straight up in the air. “He knows what he wants, Eve said. “See the tip of his cock is coming out.”
“It’s red,” Joy said.
“Yes most are,” the kennel keeper replied. “Einstein over there has a black and white one, and Prince Albert has a pink one, it almost looks human, except the tip and the knot.”
His cock was now fully erect and out of the belly. Eve bent over and took it in her mouth, sucking gently.
“God mom, it is big, bigger than dad, well not as long but it is certainly bigger around. Can I suck it?”
Eve took it out of her mouth and gave it to Joy. She sucked it deep into her mouth, pulled it out and said. “It tastes different, but it really is nice,” she said sucking it again. “His balls are hairy though, I like clean shaved balls.
“Then don’t suck his balls,” Eve said, as she rolled the balls around in her hand. “I think he’s ready,” she said getting up on her knees.
The kennel keeper, took Buster by the collar. “Fuck Buster, Fuck.”
The dog went to Eve, and started licking her cunt and ass hole.
“Oh, that’s nice,” she cood. It brings back memories. “Fuck Buster, Fuck,” she said.
Buster mounted her and probed with his cock, looking for the opening.
“Help him,” Eve said. “Help him find the hole.”
“Joy took his cock and pointed put it up to her mother’s cunt lips, and Buster thrust it home, and started rapidly fucking her.’
“Oh, oh.” She screemed. “Oh, yes, Buster, fuck me, Buster. Faster, faster. Buster fuck,”
The dog was well trained, he thrust and thrust rapidly.
Oh, his knot,” she screamed, “Oh shit his knot is in me, I’m so full and so well fucked. Oh shit I’m so full. Fuck me, make me your bitch.”
Buster kept thrusting and finally unloaded his cum into her cunt. Cum ran out of her pussy, down her leg and onto the blanket.
“Taste it Joy. Taste it and tell me if you like it.”
Joy scooped a dollop onto her finger and put it in her mouth. “It tastes a lot like Rod’s, a little saltier, and not as thick, but it’s okay. Want to try some?”
“Yes,” she said between groans. “I think his knot is too big to just slip out, like Skipper’s did. It might have to get soft before he can pull out. God I feel so full, so stretched.”
“You are mom. Dad hand me the camera.” The door opened and Dave handed Joy the camera. She started taking close up pictures of her stretched cunt lips and the cum running down her leg. Then she scooped up some cum and placed it in her mother’s mouth. “Iike it?”
Just then the knot popped out or her cunt and the dog laid down licking his cock. “If you want some of that I would suck his cock before he cleans it,” Eve said. “Skipper was like that. I had to be quick.”
When he pulled out a stream of cum followed. “What a mess,” she said, scooping it into her mouth as fast as it came out. “Shit this brings back memories.
“Can we get a dog when we get home,” Joy asked as she sucked his cock. “We really need a dog.”  
Chapter 11

The night before the cruise ended, the ship threw a party. It was the first and the only time liquor was allowed, and everyone had Champaign. There was an awards ceremony.
The Captain was on the stage in the Ball Room. “Now the award for the most changed guest. I think you all know who that is. The only way some of you could have beat her is if one of you sluts had become a nun on this trip, instead a nun became a slut, a gorgeous wonderful great fuck slut, and that is Eve Anderson. Give her a big hand. Eve come up here.
Eve went to the stage and was given a crystal cock. “It’s beautiful she said, holding it up. I’ll use it often, that is if I can’t find a cock, human or k-nine.”
Everyone laughed, and applauded.
“I hope we can count on you and your tiny cock to join us on many more cruises.”
“We’ll see,” she replied as she returned to her seat.
Many of her friends came by the table, and a couple very young men fucked her goodbye.
“I’ll miss you guys,” Sarah said. “You should come to our Arizona Cruise.”
“Arizona Cruise?” Dave asked. “How can you have a cruise in Arizona?”
“It’s not really a cruise; it’s a small village where we live much like we do here on the ship, but on dry land. You can buy a lot, build a house, and live free as a bird.”
“Sounds great,” Dave said. “We’ll look into it.”
“And don’t forget,” the Captain added. “If you recommend someone for the cruise you get a thousand dollars off your next one.”
“I know just who I’m going to recommend this too,” Eve said.
“Who,” Dave asked.
“Barbara and Steve.”
“You’ve got to be kidding.”
“Who are Barbara and Steve,” the Captain asked.
“Barbara is my wife’s sister, and her husband Steve is the pastor of our church.”
“That ought to be interesting,” Sarah said, fingering her clit. “What does he look like?”
“He’s handsome,” Eve said. “But I don’t know if he’s hung or not. I’ve never seen it, have you?” she asked Dave.
“No, he keeps it hidden even in the urinal; he hugs the urinal, and no one gets to peak.”
“What about Barbara,” Sarah asked.
“Beautiful,” Eve responded. “Three years older than me, with a great body, but she keeps it wrapped in the ugliest clothes.”
“Like when you came on board?” the Captain asked.
“Yes, like me.”
“Have you ever reconciled this with your religious views?” Sarah asked.
“I talked to pastor Glen after one of his sermons here aboard the ship, and he said that there is really nothing in the bible that states that we cannot be nude, in fact Adam ate from the tree of Knowledge Good and Evil, and therefore we know what is good and what is evil. If I don’t believe what we are doing is evil, then it isn’t a problem. I don’t believe that what we did on this ship hurt anyone, there is an exception of course. I’m not fully satisfied that this is good for children, but the children I have seen here seem healthy and well mannered. So perhaps that isn’t such a bad thing, they’re learning what we should be teaching them, but learning it firsthand. I have seen young boys suck men’s cocks, and I’ve seen young girls suck and lick women’s cunts, so they are obviously tolerant of homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality. I love it when a young man politely asks if he can fuck me or lick my cunt. There certainly isn’t any rape. Why would a man rape a particular woman when so many beautiful women are willing to spread their legs.”
“What about the dogs,” the Captain asked. “Have you reconciled that with the Bible.”
“Yes, I did that many years ago. The bible said that man has dominion over the animals. How much more dominion can one have than have a dog, horse, sheep, or goat fuck you? Again, who has been hurt? Obviously not the dog, he loves it, not the woman, she loves it.”
“Well tell us when your Sister is coming; we will be sure to be prepared. It ought to be interesting. Perhaps you shouldn’t give her the brochure. You didn’t have a clue about what this cruise was about?”
“Not a clue,” Dave and Eve said in unison.
“I did,” Rod said. “I read it and thought it was a nudist cruise. I didn’t know it was mandatory, but I knew it was naked women.”
Eve and Dave laughed. “Well I’m glad you kept it to yourself.” Eve said.

Chapter twelve
Eve, Dave, Rod and Joy were all at the dock waiting for the cruise ship to tie up. They were there to welcome Barbara and Steve, and their three children, Robert 12, Phyllis, 14, and Sharon 15.
“What do you think they will be like?” Joy asked her mother.
“I imagine they will be somewhat like us. I certainly hope so. If they aren’t they will be skin and bones, and they will never speak to us again, ever.”
The ship was docked, and the guests were coming down the gangplank. She saw Barbara as she started down, she wasn’t skin and bones, and in her hand she was clutching a crystal cock.
“Oh, I want to fuck Aunt Barbara,” Rod said.
Barbara saw Eve and Dave and rushed over to them. “I should kill you two. You never said a word about what this cruise was all about.”
“If I had said anything would you have gone?”
“Where is Steve?”
“He’s saying goodbye to the pastor. He got to give 3 sermons while on board, and all the while naked and most of the time with a hardon. During his first sermon he was so distracted by his hardon, that one of the congregation sent his daughters run up to get in the lectern, and suck his cock while he tried to talk. It was hilarious.”
Just then Steve, and the kids came down the gangplank.
“How did the kids do?” Joy asked.
“What do you think?” that boy got a lesson of his life, and the girls, well they certainly aren’t virgins any more. Was Joy one when she went aboard?”
“Both were,” Eve said.
Steve joined them. “Welcome back Steve,” Eve said hugging him, and gently squeezed the bulge in his pants.
He pinched her tit. “You wouldn’t have done that three months ago,” he said. “and I wouldn’t have pinched your tit.”
“No that is absolutely the truth, and if you had done that a year ago I would have slapped you and told your wife, who would have divorced you. What a change. Good change.”
“True,” Barbara said, looking at the bulge in Dave’s pants.”
“We rented a cottage up the coast, so why don’t we all get into that rental van over there. Unless you have to be somewhere?”
“Nowhere,” Steve said. “We have no plans, not for today, tomorrow, or next year for that matter. The Captain said that the Arizona Cruise needs a pastor, and I am seriously thinking about accepting.”
“Sounds great,” Dave said, as he opened the door for Barbara and Eve. “Did you enjoy the cruise?”
“It started a little dicey but it doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things when starvation is your alternative. Also I guess you knew there was a subliminal message broadcast?”
“Yes we found out. Eve also realized that amputated cocks weren’t one of the things she wanted to be responsible for.”
Dave and Steve were in the front seat, Barbara, Eve and Robert in the next seat, and Rod, and the girls in the back two seats.
Robert sat between his mother and Eve. He put his hand on his mother’s tit and snuggled up.
“Well Robert,”
“Bobby,” he interrupted.
“Well Bobby, how did you like the trip. Did you learn anything?” Eve said.
“Yes. Can I see your cunt?”
“Sure why not. If it’s okay with your mother.”
“Why not.” She said.
Eve pulled up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and she spread her legs as much as the space would allow. “There. Is that what you want?”
“Can I kiss it?”
“Yes you may.”
“He leaned over and licked her cunt, and gave it a kiss.”
“Thank you,” Eve said. “So Barbara tell me all about the trip.”
“Well first of all, the Captain told me everything about you.”
“I told him he could,”
“Yes he told us that. I now know why dad got rid of our dog. I’m three years older than you and you were fucking our dog without telling me?”
“I didn’t want anyone to know. I was afraid I would lose Skipper. Then Dad caught me with his cock in my mouth and had him put to sleep. It was my fault that he died. I felt so bad. I didn’t get to get dog fucked again until the cruise. Did you do it?”
“I had to, after hearing about you and Skipper, and of course Buster.”
“Who did you get?”
“Buster. Who else. My little sister got him first.”
“He’s got a great cock doesn’t he? Did you suck his cock?”
“Yes. Sharon helped me. We, that is all of the girls got K-nine fucked. Robert.. Bobby, helped Phyllis and I helped Sharon.”
“Did you like the dogs?” Bobby.
“Yeah. I sucked one of the cocks. Phyllis held it and I sucked it. I wanted it in my ass, but mom said it might hurt, so I decided not to.”
“Good choice. Did you do much fucking?”
“I tried. But I usually couldn’t get it in. I fucked mom, because she helped me. She sucked my cock too. I cum for the first time in her mouth.”
“He doesn’t have much cum yet, but he’s getting there, I can’t wait for his 15th birthday, I bet he will be an expert by then.”
They arrived at the cabin. It was a 4 bedroom ranch house, in the country.
“A friend of mine owns it, he’s in Hong Kong now, on an assignment, he’ll be there for a couple of months and he said we could use the house.”
They unloaded everything and into the house.
“Sleep arrangements are open,” Eve said. “I know you didn’t have any privacy aboard the ship, so if you want privacy you are welcome to it. On the other hand if you want to enjoy our company, you are welcome to it also.”
“Mom, can I get out of these clothes,” Phyllis said, pulling at her blouse. “I feel weird.”
“Sure, I’m sure we would all feel more comfortable without these clothes.”
“I can turn up the heat if it’s too cool,” Dave said. “And there’s a pool in the back if anyone wants a swim.”
Everyone began pealing their clothes off. Barbara at 37, has a great body, full round tits, with little sag, they looked a lot like Eve’s but were 38 D instead of Eve’s 36 C. Her waist was small with just a small roundness to her belly, her hips were wide, not too fat, but wider than Eve’s and low and behold she too had the family clit.
“I see you both have a tiny cock,” Dave said.
“Yes, it runs in the family,” Barbara said, spreading her cunt lips for all to see.
“Did you know that Steve?”
“The Captain told me how popular Eve’s clit was, and I told him how much I loved to suck Barbara’s. I was surprised to see that Phyllis has one just like her mother’s. Sharon, though has a tiny clit, and her pussy lips look like a little girls. They are so sexy, especially after I shaved them.”
“You shaved them?”
“Yes. It’s been a fantasy of mine, to shave cunts. So I shave all of the girls, and Phyllis shaved me.”
Steve pulled down his pants and under pants to reveal an uncircumcised hardon. It wasn’t nearly as big as Dave’s or for that matter, Rod’s but it was nice, fat and acceptable.
They were all nude standing in a circle in the living room. Bobby, had a small three and a half inch circumcised cock, it stood strait out. Eve thought it was the cutest cock she had ever seen. Phyllis, at 14, had developed beautifully. She had long blond hair that hang down to her ass. Her tits were firm, with small pink nipples, that suck out hard from her mounds. You could see her clit protruding from her pussy lips. Sharon, had larger tits, the areola was shaped like a small funnel, and the nipple was small and both were light pink.
“I like your tits,” Joy said touching Sharon’s.
“Yours are nice to.”
“Mom, can we just get with it, instead of standing here and looking at one another,” Rod said. “I really want a chance to fuck Aunt Barbara.”
“Everyone laughed, and sat down.
“I’ll get some drinks for everyone.” Eve said as she headed for the kitchen.
“I’ll help,” Barbara said, following her. “and Rodney, you will get your chance, I promise you. Why don’t you fuck one my daughters now, I’ll get to you later.”
“Can I fuck Aunt Eve,” Bobby said.”
“Fuck me first,” Joy said. “I want to play with that cute cock of yours.”
“Eve and Barbara were in the kitchen. “I’m glad you’re back. We need more cocks. I tell you, I’ve been so horny since we got back, Dave and Rod are the only two cocks we have, and Joy and I have them wore to a frazzle.”
“Well we aren’t going to be much help. Steve is good, but poor Bobby, he just doesn’t have enough cock yet to be of much use. It’s cute, and fun to suck, but worthless in a cunt. He has found out he likes to suck, and he’s good at that, he even likes to suck his dad’s cock.
“We ought to get the guys to suck each other’s cock,” Eve said giggling.
“Do you think they’d do it?” Barbara said smiling.
“I think Rod and Dave would. They confessed that they did some cock sucking, Rod with a friend of his, and Dave while he was a teenager.”
“I’m just dying, to…to suck you’re little cock and lick your pussy. Can I do it here before we go back in?”
“Of course.” She went to the table, sat on the edge and spread her legs as far as she could.
“It looks just like mine,” she said as she bent over and took her clit into her mouth gently sucking on it, and then running her tongue up and down the spread pussy. “Oh you taste divine. Ever since you were a little girl I wanted to suck it and taste it. When you were a baby, and I was 4 or 5, I licked you’re pussy while mother wasn’t looking. One time mom let me lick your pussy. I never figured out why, but she never did it again. Then you grew up, and I saw you in the tub and everything. I just wanted to kiss it.”
You said mom, our mother, let you lick my cunt?”
“Yes she was changing your diaper, and I walked in. She was bending over you and when she saw me she stood up and said she was looking for a rash, and asked me if I would like to look at you. I told her I wanted to, and while I was looking she said I could lick it if I wanted. So I did. That’s the last time she did that. I would try to watch for when she changed your diaper, but she never offered again. I wanted to lick it again.”
“You should have asked.”
“Yes I should have.”
They went back into the living room with the drinks.
“So,” said Steve, “Who are our next victims? Think of all the people you know, and all the people you want to fuck and let’s come up with a new member of our little group. If you two hadn’t recommended it, and I might add, paid for our ticket we would have never gone, and we would be stuck in our rut.”
“And what was your rut like?” Eve asked.
“He would fuck me once in a while. He would jump on push it in, plunge up and down, cum, roll over and go to sleep, and I would sneak into the bathroom and shove a brush handle up my cunt and play with my clit until I would cum. Then back to bed, and wait for another dismal fuck. I always wondered what Dave’s cock was like, and I must tell you I am impressed. Steve’s is wonderful, I like the fat cock, it fills me up, but I like to have a long one push into my womb on occasion, now I have that. Oh, and Rod, she said calling to him, in the other room, you have a magnificent cock.”
“Thank you Aunt Barbara.”
Dave called to the other room. “Sharon, you doing anything?”
“No Uncle Dave.”
“Could you come here and suck my cock?”
“Yes Uncle Dave.”
She ran in and squatted in front of Dave, and took his cock in her hand. I like yours. I reminds me of Andrew, a man on the ship. I loved sucking his cock. It hurt a little bit when he put it in my pussy, but I got use to it.” She lowered her mouth over her Uncle’s cock putting only the head into her mouth. “Oh it tastes nice, I like the smell of sweat on balls. What to try some Mom?”
Barbara went over and knelt next to her daughter. She took the cock and slipped it into her mouth. “I see what you mean. Nice.”
Eve knelt in front of Steve. “We can’t leave the Reverend with a hardon. Do you mind?”
“Not at all. Please do.”
Eve started sucking his cock. She loved the taste, she would take it out of her mouth, and rub the slimy head over her face, into her eyes, and back into her mouth, then out and all over her face again. It wasn’t as long as Dave’s, but what it lacked in length it made up in girth. It was all she could do to get it into her mouth. She pushed it up against his belly and sucked one of his balls into her mouth, and went further down, and ran her tongue over his ass hole. He squirmed in the chair as she pushed a finger up his ass.
“Do you like that?”
“Yes,” he said through clenched teeth. “Very much.”
“Have you ever sucked a man’s cock?” she asked looking up at him as she rubbed the cock over her face.
“Would you like too?”
“I don’t know. Watching you and Barbara suck cock makes me think that it must be nice, or you wouldn’t love it so. But then, I’m not gay.”
“You wouldn’t be gay to love the taste of cock. Why don’t you suck Dave’s cock. I’ll get him to suck yours.”
“I’ll give it a try,” he said as she went down again on his cock.
“Okay everybody, come in here. Steve is going to suck Dave’s cock, and Dave is going to suck Steve’s.
“I am?” Dave responded.
“You are,” Eve replied.
Barbara and Sharon moved aside, and Steve got on his knees in front of Dave. “Do I need an audience?”
“Oh, yes. That is what this is all about, getting rid of inhibitions, and enjoying another man’s cock.” Barbara said.
“Do you want me to hold it for you daddy,” Sharon asked.
“Why not,” he said taking a deep breath.
She took Dave’s cock in her small hand and guided to her father’s waiting mouth. “Open wide.”
He opened his mouth and took the head of the cock into his mouth. Immediately he was pleased by the texture of the cock against his lips. Mumm, he said, sucking the cock deeper into his mouth. He sucked on it and took it out and Sharon rubbed over his face, like she liked to do. She raised the cock up so he could take a ball into his mouth which he gently sucked while Sharon stuck a finger up her uncle’s ass. Steve was surprised he was actually enjoying it.
“Do you want it up your ass?” Barbara asked.
“No, that is sodomy, and I do know that the Bible is strictly against that, ever hear about Sodom and Gamora?”
“Don’t cum Uncle Dave,” Sharon said. “I want you to fuck me. I want you’re cum. Be easy daddy.”
Steve sat back into a squat. “That wasn’t bad. Not bad at all.”
“Uncle Dave are you going to suck daddy’s cock?” Phyllis asked.
“Not right now,” Dave said. “But soon.”
“Say everybody, do you think they would let mom and dad onto the Ship?” Eve said.
“They are kinda old. Do you think they would pass the physical?” Dave asked.
“How old are they,” Steve said standing and pulling on his hardon, I’d love to fuck your mother.”
“She had Barbara when she was 17,” Eve said. “She’s 54, and Daddy is 55.”
“Can the old boy still get it up?” Dave asked as he reached for Steve’s cock.
“I don’t know,” Barbara said. “It’s not the kind of thing one asks ones parents. Well not now anyway. If they had the cruise we could ask them anything.
“We can recommend them, we’ll offer to pay the cruise fee, and if they pass the physical great, if not then nothing lost.” Eve said. “If you guys are going to Arizona, we’ve gotta get them into the program or they will never come to see you. Not with clothing not optional. I would love to have daddy go on that cruise, and to watch as mother got fucked by that dog. Then when he gets back to come to my house and watch me suck a dog. I would just love that.”
“We don’t just have to limit our recommendations to one couple. We could invite two or three of our friends, or family members.
“If I’m paying, I can’t do this forever. I’ll be bankrupt.” Dave said.
“We could all put money into a kitty for aid.” Steve said. “The more people we get into our group, the more money we can contribute to the kitty, and more families we can recommend and help. My brother Adam, Steve said, they 4 children, two sets of twins, ages 11 and 14 two girls and two boys, then there is Barbara’s cousin. Damn she’s beautiful, she has two girls.”
“We need more Boys, more men, more cocks.” Barbara said. “We got plenty of girls.”
“Then suggest someone.”
“Ron and Doris Donner. They have three sons. Two of them are old enough to have working cocks, and the third one is twelve I think. He’ll be fucking soon.”
“Okay,” Dave said. “Let’s make a list, then we vote on who we recommend first, limit it to 6 or 7 people the first time. That would cost $24,000.00 to $28,000.00. Then next time we can all contribute something, according to our abilities, and let’s try to keep it in the family to start with.

“Mom and Dad are first,” Eve said. “We may have to pay the Captain a little extra to get them on board, because of their age, and because we can’t guarantee that Dad’s cock is still in working order. If he wants more money I’ll sell my ruby necklace.”

Dear reader. I am sure you can see where this is going and that with enough time and computer space this could become a multi volume work.
Suffice it to say, the Andersons get their parents on board in the next edition, and relatives with twin, boys and girls.

This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

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