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Chapter 3

It was going to be another hot one. It was just after 9, and already the heat was intense. I started sweating almost as soon as I stepped out the back door. The humidity was incredible, making the air thick, and my clothes clinging to my skin. The shimmering water of the pool looked more inviting than ever.

I was sprawled out on one of my loungers, paper in one hand, ice cold glass of lemonade in the other. I was glancing over the sports section, too hot to really concentrate on it. I took a long pull of lemonade, then set it and the paper on the table beside me. Sitting up, I peeled my damp shirt off over my head, sighing as the slight breeze blew across my bare skin.

Laying back, I continued flipping through the paper, not really finding anything interesting to read. My mind was on other things. Other, younger, things. I was giddy with anticipation, hoping that the hot, humid weather would drive my neighbour’s to come for a swim in my pool. Well, my female neighbours anyway. I would be happy seeing either Laurie, or her daughter Jaime, half-naked and wet, but what my heart (and my cock) really desired, was to be alone with little Jaime, able to feast my eyes on her supple, young body without having to worry about her mom.

It was kind of funny, and a little irritating, that I wanted nothing more than to bury myself inside of Jaime’s sweet 13-year old pussy, yet Laurie was the one that I had been fucking for the past couple days. Don’t get me wrong, Laurie was a beautiful, incredibly sexy and sexual woman, but my lust for her paled next to the feelings I held for her little girl.

I still felt ashamed of myself, for being so attracted to a mere child, but no amount of shame could change the fact that a simple thought of her was enough to bring me close to cumming. I felt worse about the fact that I had cheated on my girlfriend, but even that I blamed on the intoxicating effect the little girl next door had on me. I had never been more excited in my life, than I had been the night before, watching on my computer as she used her mother’s vibrator to bring herself to orgasm for the first time. It was amazing, and I still couldn’t believe that I had been witness to it.

Thinking about her, I glanced towards their house, wondering impatiently when they were going to ask to go for a swim. Maybe I should go invite them over? But I was really hoping that just Jaime would come. My shorts were tented as my cock swelled, thinking about her naked body writhing in pleasure on her bed. I would probably have to wait some time, I don’t even think Jaime was awake yet.

I had set up my camera to watch her bedroom, and used the motion sensor to let me know whenever someone was moving in there. I checked the log when I woke up, but nothing was recorded, so I figured she was still sleeping. God, I would have given anything to be in that room, alone with her. I so badly wanted to show her how much better an orgasm I could give her, than the little finger vibe she had used.

My cock was straining uncomfortably against my shorts, so I rearranged it and grabbed my drink, bringing it to my lips. I just about choked on the lemonade as an alarm on my phone went off, indicating that I had been sent an email. I quickly slammed the glass down on the table, spilling lemonade all over it, and grabbed my phone from the shirt laying on the ground. I opened the email, my eyes widening as I read that the motion sensors on my camera had been activated.

Jumping up so fast I almost tripped over the lounger, I ripped open the door and ran inside, rushing up the stairs and into my office. I sat at the desk and opened the laptop, my heart pounding as I started the recording from the beginning. I watched as Jaime walked around her room, completely naked, gathering things up. I moaned as I watched her bend over to open the bottom drawer of her dresser, her plump young pussy lips peeking out from between her thighs.

She grabbed a towel and straightened up, looking for something else on her dresser. I unzipped my shorts and pulled my cock free, the rigid shaft pulsating in my hand as I started stroking myself, my eyes glued to the computer screen. She was a goddess! She had the most perfect body I had ever seen, better even than her mom’s, who was near perfect herself.

She found what she was looking for and held it up before her. It was her mom’s vibe! The little devil had kept it! She slipped it on her finger, and turned it on, running the buzzing nub over her young breasts, pressing it against her nipples. They became erect almost instantly, as she squeezed them between her fingers, alternating from one breast to the other.

I was rock hard, and my cock was slick with precum as I watched my little love pleasuring herself, gasping with delight as she slid the vibe down her body, across her flat tummy, and pressed it between her legs. Her mouth opened, and her head tilted back, her hand working around in small circles on her smooth, young cunny. I was panting for breath, so excited watching her I had to concentrate not to blow my load right there. I could feel my balls tightening up, watching her naked body writhing as she pressed the vibe into her little clit, my hand pumping faster and harder, when she suddenly stopped.

I gave a disappointed grunt, slowing the speed I was stroking at, waiting for her to continue pleasuring herself. But she didn’t start again, she turned the vibe off, a little smile on her face, and grabbed the towel and headed into her bathroom. I went to the window, and looked out between the blinds, trying to see into her bathroom, but the window was frosted and I could only make out a vague moving shape.

“Fucking little tease,” I muttered, sitting back at the desk, “Probably knew I was watching, and just wanted to get me hot.” I opened up my video folder on the computer, and loaded up the scene I had recorded the night before. I started pumping my cock again as the image of Jaime furiously working her clit started playing out on my screen. I was completely focused on her bare pussy, imagining stuffing my cock inside that little hole, and making her scream with pleasure as I pumped her full of hot cum. I groaned as I felt my cock stiffen, getting ready to shoot my load, when the shrill tone of the doorbell cut through the lust in my brain.

“Fuck!” I gave an exasperated cry, and sat back, trying to catch my breath, my cock twitching, waiting to dump its load. I got my breathing somewhat controlled, then tucked my raging hardon into my shorts, wincing at how tight it felt as I zipped my shorts up. I headed downstairs as the doorbell rang a second time, heading to the front door with a scowl on my face. I unlocked the door and pulled it open, the scowl on my face melting into a smile as I looked out on Laurie.

“Well hey there neighbour,” I teased, “Come by to borrow some of my cream?” I held my arms open, and she moved into them, hugging me tight and pressing her mouth to mine, my tongue wrapping around hers. I pushed the door shut behind her, then slid my hands down her body, cupping her firm ass and pressing her against my throbbing cock.

She broke off the kiss and moved away with a giggle. “Sorry sweetie, I can’t do that right now,” she said, holding my hands and giving me her winning smile. “I need to ask a huge favour of you.” Trying to ignore the insistent throbbing in my shorts, I smiled back. “Sure thing babe, what is it you need?” She looked up at me with an apologetic look.

“Well, Mark called me this morning. He was supposed to be flying home today, but there was some big security scare at the airport, and they’ve cancelled all flights there for the next few days. He’s got another flight to the area, but it’s in Belleville, and that’s almost a five hour drive.”

I had an idea of what she was asking me, and the very thought of it made my heart race with anticipation, but I tried not to let on how excited I was. “So what is it you need me to do?” I asked, “Do you need me to drive to Belleville to pick up Mark?” She shook her head, her beautiful blond hair bouncing around her shoulders. “Oh no, not at all,” she answered, “I wouldn’t ask you to do that. No, I’m going to go pick him up, but I really don’t want to take Jaime with me. Mark’s in a very bad mood, and he’s already a little pissed at me, and I just don’t want her to have to put up with his bullshit mood for half a day. I was wondering, if maybe you wouldn’t mind, she could stay with you for a bit? She could spend the day swimming, or texting, or whatever. What do you think?”

It took all my willpower to keep my face from breaking out in a huge smile, forcing myself to frown, pretending to mull it over. “I dunno,” I said reluctantly, “I was going to try and get some paperwork done today, and I don’t know how I feel about babysitting a kid all day. I’ve never looked after a kid before.”

She gave me a pouty look, really working the puppy-dog eyes. “Please David? She won’t be a bother, I promise she’ll stay out of the way, and it would help me out so much.” I pursed my lips, “thinking” about it. “I just don’t know about the whole day thing,” I told her, “Maybe if it was just for a few hours, but you’ll be gone all day.” She moved closer to me, her firm breasts pressing against my chest, biting her bottom lip as she moved her hands down my body, rubbing her palms around the front of my shorts.

“Well what about some form of payment?” she asked coyly, unzipping my shorts and reaching inside, “Maybe if I made it worth your while?” I closed my eyes and moaned as she took my cock out of my shorts, her cool hands feeling wonderful against my hot flesh, her fingers wrapping around my shaft, slowly pumping it. I cleared my throat and asked, “Well, what did you have in mind?”

She answered by slowly dropping to her knees, and wrapping those luscious lips of hers around the tip of my cock, slowly sliding my length into her mouth, then pulling back. I groaned as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft, grabbing her hair as she took the entire length of my cock inside her. I couldn’t believe it! She wanted me to babysit her teenaged daughter, whose naked body I had just been jerking off to, while she went to pick up her husband, and she was giving me a blowjob as payment!

I could barely believe my luck. I was going to have my little Jaime, half naked in my pool, wearing her little thong, alone for me to have fun with. The excitement was too much. I grabbed 2 fistfuls of Laurie’s hair, and started pumping my hips hard against her face, forcing my swelling cock down her throat. I heard her gagging as she tried to keep up with my thrusts, and felt my balls about to explode. I thrust in hard, the tip of my cock banging against the back of her throat as I came with a loud groan, pumping wads of hot, sticky cream down her throat, listening to her gag and slurp as she tried to swallow it all.

I slumped back against the wall, breathing hard, as Laurie swallowed the last of my giant load, licking every drop of cum from my cock. She stood up, smiling, “Wow, I guess you were more than ready for me today baby!” She gave my softening cock a squeeze and gave me a questioning look. “So will you help me out honey?” she asked.

I tucked my limp cock back inside my shorts, zipping them up as I gave Laurie a satisfied smile. “After that, how could I say no? But, I am going to have to ask for a second payment after the job is done.” She gave me a wink and smacked her lips, “Hopefully, you have an even bigger load for me next time.”

She gave me another kiss and opened the front door. Looking back over her shoulder, she said, “I really do appreciate this Dave. Thanks so much for helping.” She walked out the door, heading across the lawn to her own house. I stood at the door, my crotch wet and sticky, watching her delicious behind swaying with each step she took across my grass. I called out to her, “Just tell Jaime to come through the back gate, I’ll be waiting at the pool for her!” Laurie waved back at me to let me know she had heard, then slipped inside her door.

My mind was reeling with the events of the last few minutes. First, being treated to a wonderful view of Jaime’s naked body, complete with small masturbation session, and now finding out I was going to have that little girl all to myself in about 10 minutes! My cock was growing hard again, just thinking about being alone with her in my backyard.

I ran up to my room and stripped off, changing into my swimsuit, and heading back downstairs and out the back door. I laid down on one of the loungers, putting on my sunglasses and turning on the stereo. When I laid back, I noticed my shorts tented upwards in a very noticeable erection. I started to tuck my hardon down my shorts, then stopped myself. Maybe it would excite her a little to see me like that? She sure seemed to enjoy checking my cock out the other day. I gave my cock a few strokes, making it nice and hard, letting it jut straight up, my shorts stretched tight. I took some deep breaths, trying to calm myself down. I couldn’t remember the last time I was this excited to spend some time with a girl! But I needed to calm down. It wasn’t like she was going to walk in the backyard and just hop on my dick.

I was lying back with my eyes closed, trying to relax a little, when I heard the squeaky hinges of the gate being opened. I forced myself to lay still, my eyes hidden behind my shades, as Jaime walked into my backyard. I watched her from behind my dark glasses, loving the way her eyes lit up at the sight of my raging erection. She checked me out for a few more seconds, then took a few steps toward me. I could tell she was already wearing her swimsuit, with an oversized shirt put on over top.

She leaned in and almost whispered, “Mr. Roberts? Are you awake?” Oh Jaime, if only you knew just how awake I was! I pretended as if I was startled awake, sitting up and taking my shades off. “Oh, hey there Jaime,” I smiled at her, “I guess we’re going to be hanging out for a little while, huh?” She smiled back, and nodded. “It was really nice of you to let me stay here for the day,” she replied, setting the I-Pod, suntan oil, and towel she had been carrying on the table beside her. “I really wasn’t looking forward to hearing dad scream at mom for hours on end.”

Your dad’s a fucking idiot, I thought to myself, he should be making love to that woman every free second he has. I gave her an understanding smile. “Yeah, I know what you mean,” I told her. “My parents fought a lot too when I was a kid.” That was complete bullshit, you would have to look far and wide to find 2 people who fought less than my parents, but I’d say anything to get her more comfortable with me. She gave me another of those radiant smiles, “Thanks Mr., Dave. It’ll be really nice to spend the day by the pool.”

She grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and off her body. I just sat there, my mouth hanging open, watching as this beautiful creature stripped down to her swimsuit in front of me. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, the images burning into my brain for eternity, as I drank in the sight of this young girl in her skimpy suit, with its hot pink top that showed more of her breasts than it covered, and the barely there bottoms that left practically nothing to my imagination, her perfectly curved ass cheeks exposed to my hungry eyes.

She stood there shyly, seeming to be waiting for me to say something, so I thought I might try being a bit bolder than I had the first time she had come over for a swim. “Wow!” I exclaimed, looking her beautiful body up and down, feeling my shorts become impossibly tight. “You’re absolutely gorgeous! You look like a supermodel Jaime!” She giggled and lowered her head shyly, smiling up at me from under her long eyelashes. “Thanks Dave, that’s sweet,” she replied. “But I really don’t look that good, do I?”

I leaned back a little, making my throbbing erection very obvious, watching her eyes lock onto my bulging shorts. “Oh, believe me sweetie, you are definitely a hottie! You’ve got the most perfect body I’ve ever seen.” She blushed a deep crimson at this, making a show of tying her hair back into a girlish ponytail. “Well, I guess I should get in the water and cool off!” she said, heading to the edge of the pool. I watched her delicious backside as she walked down the steps and sat down, the water coming up to just under her breasts. “Aren’t you coming for a swim?” she asked, “You’ve got to be baking there in the sun.”

I stood up and stretched, letting her get an eyeful of the huge tent in my shorts. “Yeah, I definitely need to cool down,” I said as I headed to the pool, taking a deep breath, and jumping in over the side. The cool water felt wonderful after the thick, hot air outside. I swam upwards, breaking through the surface of the water, and watching as Jaime gracefully slid into the water, her small body cutting through the water like a dolphin. I watched her swim a few laps back and forth across the pool, my cock twitching at the sight of her practically bare bum.

When she next swam past me, I dove in beside her and kept pace with her, swimming hard from one end of the pool to the other. After doing a few more laps, she stopped swimming and held onto the edge, treading just enough to keep herself afloat. I rolled over onto my back, floating in front of her, my cock standing straight up in my shorts like a flagpole. I noticed her looking at it, biting her lower lip in a gesture that reminded me so much of her mom.
“You know, that’s one thing I was never able to do well at all,” she told me. “I can swim well in pretty much any kind of style, but whenever I go on my back, I get all tensed up and sink like a stone.” I doggy-paddled over beside her and flipped myself upright, treading water beside her. “Would you like me to show you how?” I asked, gesturing to the shallow end of the pool. “It’s really easy.” She thought for a moment, then nodded and pushed off the wall, kicking towards the shallow end. “Just don’t drown me!” she exclaimed, checking her ponytail to make sure it was still tied tight.

I swam over beside her and stood up, the water in the shallow end coming up just under my waist. “Okay, now just lay back, and spread your arms and legs wide, like you’re doing a snow-angel,” I told her. “And don’t worry about drowning, I’m going to hold you up at first.” I put one hand on her upper back, just below her neck, and the other in the small of her back, the side of my hand brushing against the skimpy waist of her swim bottoms.

Taking a deep breath, she leaned back until she was resting on my hands, her body half-submerged in the pool. She did as I had told her, spreading her arms and legs wide, as I tried unsuccessfully to not stare at the stretched triangle of material between her legs. My eyes roamed up and down her young body, watching as the water flowed between the mounds of her young breasts, the material straining with her erect nipples.

Taking a deep breath, and hoping that my next move didn’t make her scream and run away, I told her, “You’re a little off balance, being spread out like that, so I’ve just got to move my hands a bit.” Keeping my one hand on her upper back, I moved the other hand down, sliding my palm over the smooth, firm skin of her bare bum, fighting to keep a moan from escaping my lips. I felt her body tense up as my hand cupped her bare cheek, her eyes closed. I noticed her swallow, then clear her throat. “How am I doing?” she asked me, keeping her eyes closed.

I let my hand slowly move around in a circle, caressing her young bum. “You’re looking great,” I replied. “You just have to try and relax more. If you keep tense like this, you’ll drop like a rock.” She took a few deep breaths, trying to relax in my hands. I could feel the tension starting to leave her, her body going almost limp in my hands. When I knew she would stay afloat on her own, I pulled my hands away from her body and stepped away. Her eyes flew open, and she started to lift her head.
“Don’t tense up!” I cried. “Just relax, and you’ll be okay.” She let her head lay back, her body floating on top of the water, slowly spinning from the force of the water pumping in. “Hey you’re doing it!” I told her, watching her beautiful body spinning slowly in front of me. She started laughing, sinking a little into the water. “Yay, I can do what almost any 6 year old can do!” she said sarcastically. Her body had spun around so her legs were pointed in my direction.

Not even thinking, I stepped in between them, the tip of my cock, covered only by the thin material of my swim shorts, brushed against the tiny triangle covering her mound. Her eyes shot wide open as she looked down the length of her body into my eyes. I held her by her hips, moving my body back and forth, rubbing the head of my cock against her teenaged pussy. “But no 6 year old looks sexy as hell when they’re doing it,” I told her softly, clenching my teeth hard to keep my lust under control. I was in dangerous territory, and I knew it, and I also didn’t care.

I was 10 seconds away from pulling her suit bottoms to the side and jamming my cock inside her, and nothing short of a firing squad would have stopped me. Her breathing was as ragged as mine, as she watched me rubbing my throbbing member against her illegal cunny. I couldn’t control myself anymore, I had made up my mind and I was about to place my hand between her legs, when she pulled her arms and legs in close, causing her body to drop into the water, landing on her feet. She stood up and walked shakily towards the stairs. “I think I’m going to get some sun,” she told me, her voice hoarse.
I watched her walk out of the pool and head toward the loungers, grabbing her towel and drying herself off. I stood in the shallows, my hands and jaw clenched tight, as I struggled to get my breathing under control. What the hell was I doing? I know I had been fantasizing about having this little beauty all to myself, but now that things were starting to happen, I began to have serious doubts. I dunked my head under the water, hoping the cool water would shock some sense back into me. I mean, if anything did happen, and she told anyone about it, not only would I be going to jail, but I’m pretty sure those stories about what happens to guys who fuck kids are true.

Taking some deep breaths to slow my racing heart, I walked out of the pool and went to my own lounger, stretching out on my back. “Yeah, some sun sounds like a good idea,” I said as I closed my eyes, not trusting myself to look in Jaime’s direction. Already I could feel the sun starting to evaporate the water off my skin, heating my body up. But I couldn’t help myself, I had to see her. I turned my head, and felt my heart skip a beat.

Jaime was laying on her stomach, her ponytail undone now and her hair tucked around one shoulder. She had untied her top and pulled the straps away, leaving her bare back exposed to the sun. With no clothing in view, except for the nearly invisible strings circling her waist and resting between her gorgeous ass cheeks, it looked very much like the little 13 year old was laying naked in my backyard. Her head was turned away from me, which was good, because it seemed my hand had moved under its own power, and was grasping my cock through my shorts, steadily pumping up and down. I jerked my hand away though, when she adjusted how she was laying on the lounger. She turned her head to look at me and asked, “Would you mind putting some of my oil on for me David? I want to try and get a little more browned.”

Knowing I should do something sensible, such as saying how I’d like to but I have some important business to take care of, I bolted up off the lounger and stood next to her. “Sure thing Jaime,” I replied. I grabbed the bottle of oil and stood over her, not sure anymore if I should be doing this. She tucked her pillow under her head, getting comfy. “You can kneel over me like last time if you want,” she told me. “It’s probably more comfortable like that for you.”

I was shaking with anticipation as I lowered myself to my knees, swinging my left leg over her body, kneeling just behind her wonderful bum, her young body practically bared before me. I squirted some of the oil onto her back, and set the bottle down beside her. I leaned forward to rub the oil around in small circles, pushing my hips forward at the same time. I closed my eyes, thinking to myself how crazy the situation had become, but not able to ignore the pleasure coursing through my body as the head of my cock lay nestled between her bum cheeks.

I was feeling light headed as I rubbed the oil around her back, unable to stop my hips from slowly gyrating, rubbing the tip of my throbbing dick up and down the crack of her ass. I could feel my swimsuit becoming soaked with precum, concentrating hard so I didn’t fill it with a full load like I did 2 days ago. Jaime let out a little sigh, “That’s more of a massage than just putting oil on,” she said, relaxing into the lounger. “It feels wonderful.” Her back fully covered in the oil, I straightened up, keeping my cock pressed into her ass. “Would you like me to do your legs?” I asked, really wanting to do something else of hers.

“Oh definitely,” she replied. “Wouldn’t want an uneven tan.” Pressing my cock against her ass one more time, I moved back, sliding my knees down the lounger a foot or so. I grabbed the bottle and squirted a gob of oil on the back of each thigh. Setting the bottle aside, I gently grabbed both her thighs, and started sliding my hands up and down the backs of her legs. I was going crazy, touching the little girl so intimately, yet not able to get any release from it. My cock felt ready to explode in my shorts, and it didn’t help when Jaime let out a little moan. “Wow, you could be a masseuse,” she moaned. “You have, like, magic hands or something.”

I rubbed my way down her calves, then moved back up to her thighs, rubbing my thumbs deep into the soft flesh on the insides of her thighs. I stopped suddenly though, when her legs started to spread apart. “Feels good to stretch them out,” she told me, her voice almost a whisper. I couldn’t move, my eyes were locked between her spread thighs, the bottom of her suit was stretched tight across her teenaged pussy, and the material was soaked. Was that from her, or was it still wet from the pool?
I had no way of knowing if she was inviting me to touch her, or if it was just an innocent stretch, but I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I started sliding my hands around in little circles on the insides of her thighs, letting my thumb brush against her covered pussy lips with each round. I heard her gasp lightly the first few times, but she didn’t protest. Getting bolder, I stopped rubbing her thigh and left my thumb resting against her mound, massaging it in little strokes. In a matter of seconds, the thin material covering her sex was wet and sticky, the heat from her cunny radiating out against my hand.

Watching her face, her eyes closed and mouth open, I slipped my thumb under the suit bottom and pressed my thumb against her bare pussy. I almost came right then, I couldn’t believe it! I was actually touching her little pussy! It felt bare as could be, not even a hint of fuzz. She was squirming on the lounger now as I caressed her young body, using my middle finger to rub and down her wet slit, feeling the soft flesh in between her pussy lips. Her legs were opening wider, spreading her pussy lips open, as I caressed the folds of soft flesh within, my fingers coated in her juices.

We both jumped, startled, as a noisy seagull squawked overhead, reminding me just how exposed we were, doing this outside. Jaime pulled her legs up, and turned over, sitting on the edge of the lounger, her face flushed. She reached behind her and tied her swim top. “Did you want me to stop?” I asked softly, silently praying her to answer no. She shook her head, biting her lower lip, unable to look me in the eye. “Did you like it Jaime?” She finally raised her face, nodding with a shy smile. “It felt so good,” she whispered.

I stood up, taking her hand in mine. “Then I think we should head inside,” I said softly. She stood up and let me lead her into the house, walking to the stairs. “My room is the far door on the right of the hall,” I told her, gesturing upstairs. “Why don’t you get comfy, and I’ll be up in a minute.” She nodded shyly and walked upstairs, her soft, smooth bottom swaying invitingly. When she was out of sight at the top of the stairs, I ran to the front door, turning both locks. I ran to the back and locked it as well, unable to believe what was about to happen.

I walked up the stairs, my heart pounding, and stopped in the hall just outside my room, leaning against the wall, trying to calm my heart down. Was I going to really do this? Was I seriously going to walk into that room, and fuck that little girl? That child? I could stop now, tell her to put some clothes on and both head back outside. I closed my eyes, telling myself over and over, this is wrong, don’t do it. But then I heard her voice saying, “David? Aren’t you coming in?” I made my mind up that instant, and walked into the room.
She was standing at the foot of my bed, completely nude, the discarded swimsuit tossed against the wall. Here she was, the girl I’ve been unable to get out of my head, the one I’ve been fantasizing about every second of the day, standing completely nude before me, looking more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever seen. She was looking up at me, almost expectantly. “Do you like what you see David?” she asked softly.

“You have no idea how much I like what I see Jaime,” I told her, my voice hoarse. “You look like a goddess to me.” She smiled shyly and blushed deeply. “I know you’ve been watching my room,” she told me. “I liked showing my body off for you. It was so exciting.” So she did know I was watching her! I didn’t know how she would feel about being recorded, so I kept that info to myself. I stepped closer to her, holding her by her shoulders, running my hands up and down her bare arms. “It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen,” I told her. “I’ve wanted you ever since you came over with your mom, but I was so afraid I’d scare you away.” She looked up into my eyes. “I’ve wanted you for even longer,” she said quietly. “I use to think about you when I would touch myself, imagining it was you doing it.”

She lowered her eyes again, biting her lip, as she gazed at the massive tent in my shorts. “Well, you got to see my body,” she said shyly. “Can I see yours?” I stood back a step, putting my hand on my hips. “Well I’ve only got shorts on, so you’ve seen most of it already,” I said teasingly. “But you’re welcome to have a peek at more, if you’d like.” Her eyes met mine for an instant, before she slowly dropped to the carpet, kneeling in front of me. She took a deep breath and hooked her fingers into the waist of my shorts.
She slowly pulled them down, gasping in surprise as my rigid shaft popped free, springing up inches from her face. She pushed my shorts down to my ankles, and I kicked them off, both of us now completely nude. She ran her hands up the front of my legs, her eyes wide as she stared at my throbbing manhood. “It’s so huge,” she whispered. “Well I’m not John Holmes or anything,” I laughed. “Do you like it?” She nodded, licking her lips, her fingers tightening on my thighs.

She looked up into my eyes. “Can I touch it?” she asked shyly. “You can do whatever you want with it,” I told her, struggling to keep my breathing under control. I closed my eyes as she reached for me, her soft fingertips brushing against my sensitive cock, lightly gliding up and down my length. She brushed her fingertips over the tip of my cock, making me gasp in pleasure. She jerked her hand away and looked up at me with alarm. “Did I hurt you?” she asked, her voice filled with worry. “No, no, that’s just an extremely sensitive part,” I told her, taking her hand and moving it back to my throbbing organ. “What you’re doing feels very good indeed.”

She giggled and lightly ran her fingertips around my cock head again, smiling as I inhaled sharply through my teeth. “I like making you feel good,” she said, wrapping her small fingers around my shaft. She started to slowly stroke me, her touch almost feather-light, precum dribbling from the tip, making my shaft and her hand slick. I closed my eyes again, letting the pleasure wash over me. I’ve had many handjobs before, mostly from women very experienced in giving them, but nothing felt as good as Jaime’s hand wrapped around my cock. There was just something about her lack of knowledge, the innocence of her first time doing it, even the clumsy ways she jerked my cock, just felt absolutely incredible.

“I’ve never touched a guy like this before,” she whispered. “It’s so hard, but soft at the same time.” I groaned as she reached up with her other hand to cup my balls, caressing them as she started stroking me faster. “Am I doing it right?” she asked. “Does it feel good?” I almost laughed, the question seemed so silly to me, but I didn’t want to insult her, or have her become self-conscious. “It feels amazing,” I told her. “Would you like to try something else to make me feel good?” She licked her lips again, her gaze riveted on the tip of my cock, leaking precum all over her hand. “Do you mean...sucking?” she asked shyly.

I tried to answer, but my breath caught as she started rubbing her thumb along the underside of my cock head. I could only nod, hoping she agreed to try. She looked to my eyes again, seeing the pleasure on my face, and looked back to my raging hardon. “Yeah, I want to do that for you,” she answered. Before I could tell her what to do, Jaime opened her mouth and leaned in, closing her lips around the tip of my cock.
I just about exploded in her mouth, it felt so amazing! My mouth was hanging open as I looked down, watching this little 13 year old slide her lips up and down the top half of my shaft. She could only take about half my cock inside her mouth, her gag reflex kicking in when the tip hit the back of her throat. But it didn’t matter, even with only a few inches in her mouth it felt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I ran my fingers through her hair, clenching them tight to keep from grabbing her head and thrusting, gritting my teeth as I fought to keep my orgasm at bay, wanting the feeling to last as long as possible. “Jaime, when I say I’m going to cum, you need to pull your head away,” I warned. She pulled her head back, my cock popping out of her mouth as she looked up at me. “Is that when you orgasm?” she asked. “Like, that’s when you squirt? Aren’t I supposed to swallow it?” Hearing her ask if she should swallow my cum almost made me shoot right then.

“This is your first time sweetie,” I told her. “There will be more than you can handle. Maybe we can try that another time.” She smiled and lowered her head again, taking my cock back inside her hot, moist mouth. My god she felt so amazing! I closed my eyes, concentrating on the feeling of this child’s mouth sliding up and down my throbbing member. “Ohh, suck harder baby,” I moaned, feeling my balls start to tighten up. Jaime obliged, sliding me in her mouth faster and sucking hard, wet, smacking sounds the only noise in the room aside from my moans of pleasure.

I opened my eyes again, watching her head bobbing up and down my shaft, and it was too much. “Oh fuck! Jaime, I’m gonna’ cum baby!” I shouted. She pulled her head away, grasping my cock with her small hand, and started pumping me hard. I let out a cry of pleasure as my cock erupted, spraying a huge shot of hot jism straight at her. The first shot landed square in her still-open mouth, her eyes popping wide in surprise. The next shot was a long string of cum that hit just above her eye and hung down to her cheek. Her hand had stopped stroking, but my cock was still pumping cum, splashing huge gobs of it all over her chin, and down onto her chest, coating her young, perky breasts with my hot cream.

I almost collapsed as my orgasm subsided, my cock still pumping out cum, even as it began to go limp. I watched Jaime’s face as she swallowed the shot of cum in her mouth, then stuck her tongue out and licked the rest off her face. She looked up at me with a shy smile. “Did I do it good David?” I nodded, trying to catch my breath. “You did fucking incredible baby,” I told her. She giggled and stood up, letting me lean on her as she led me to the bed. “I liked your stuff in my mouth,” she told me. “It tasted nice. Salty, but kind of sweet at the same time.” I sat on the edge of the bed, getting my breathing back under control, while she grabbed a hand towel from my bathroom, wiping my load from her face and chest.

I couldn’t help but stare at her young body as she stood there, cleaning herself. She looked so absolutely perfect, so innocent, and I couldn’t believe that I had just been sucked off by a little girl. Watching her clean the last of my cum off of her, standing completely nude, I felt myself stiffening again. I couldn’t believe it, I had just shot the biggest load of my life, and two minutes later, I was almost ready to go again!

I motioned for her to come to me, and dropping the towel, she walked over and sat beside me. I pulled her in close, pressing my lips to hers, kissing her softly, the tip of my tongue running along her lips. She sighed and melted into me, wrapping her arms around my neck as my tongue slid into her mouth, tasting her sweetness, mixed with the faint taste of my own cum. I felt a little bad that she had my cock in her mouth before I had even kissed her, but I was going to make it up to her. Her mouth opened more and I kissed her deeper, holding her by the shoulders and leaning her back, until she was laying flat on my bed.

I moved away from her mouth, sliding my lips down her jaw to her neck, kissing and sucking, as I closed my hand around one of her perky, young breasts. I gently kneaded the soft flesh, softly rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She gave a gasp as I lightly pinched it, amazed at how erect her young nipple had become. I moved my mouth over to her throat, sucking and nipping, loving her moans of pleasure as I moved my hand to her other breast, giving it just as much attention as the first.

She moaned, a low guttural sound of pleasure, making my cock twitch as it swelled to a full erection. I slid down her body, planting little kisses in between her breasts, lightly tracing my fingertips in little circles around her bellybutton. I ran my tongue around the edge of one of her breasts, moving slowly, getting closer to the center with each circuit. Around and around my tongue swirled, soaking her breast until finally I reached her nipple, closing my lips around the hard little nub, Jaime gasping in pleasure as I started sucking, pinching her other nipple between my fingers.

She was squirming like crazy now, moaning and running her hands through my hair. My tongue swirled around her nipple again and again, my sucking mouth drawing it tighter and tighter. Her body jerked as I gently closed my teeth on it, nipping and tugging. I moved over to the other breast, and started all over again, running my tongue around that perfect orb of flesh, her other nipple pink and glistening with my saliva. I was sucking hard on her nipple, drawing it deep into my mouth, when she moaned, “Ohh David, I feel so wet down there!”

I moved further down, trailing my tongue down her tummy, dipping into her bellybutton and down her navel. I was planting kisses down the inside of her thigh, her legs spreading wide. I breathed in deep, breathing in the sweet scent of her teenaged sex, the smell of her driving me wild. She was breathing hard now as I kissed my way down her other thigh, sucking lightly at the soft flesh. I pulled back a bit to watch her, her head lolled to one side, eyes closed and breathing very ragged.

I slid my hands up her thighs, sliding my arms underneath her legs and cupping her bare bum. I stared between her legs, my eyes locked on her forbidden slit. It was completely bald, not a hint of hair or fuzz, with plump, puffy lips that glistened with her excitement. I moved in close, breathing in her scent, and lightly pressed my mouth against her swollen lips. Her hips bucked slightly as I kissed up and down her slit, my tongue darting out to run the tip along her sweet flesh. Her thighs opened even more, spreading her cunny lips wide open. I slowly started to lick her sweet slit, flattening my tongue and rubbing the rough flesh against her velvety soft pussy. “Ohhh,” she moaned, grabbing fistfuls of bed sheet in her hands. “Oh David, oh yes I like that.”

I could tell she was more than enjoying it, for her pussy was soaking wet with her juices, more flowing as I lapped them up. I had never tasted a pussy like this before. I don’t know if it was the fact she was so young, or still a virgin or what it was, but I couldn’t get enough of her sweet juices in my mouth. I reached up between her thighs, using my fingers to spread her lips even wider, darting my tongue in and out now, probing her sweet little hole. She was moaning so loudly now, her hips gyrating in slow, small circles, pushing her little pussy against my hungry mouth.

I pulled my face back, placing one hand against her slit, and slid a couple inches of my middle finger inside her. Her baby pussy latched onto my finger, I could feel it clamping down and pulling at it. My god she was so tight! My cock twitched just imagining how that tight little pussy would feel clamped onto my member. I started to slowly slide my finger in and out of her little hole, only going in about 2 or 3 inches, at the same time lowering my mouth again, sucking gently on her swollen little clit.

Jaime’s back arched, pushing her mound hard against my mouth. I flicked the tip of my tongue against her clit, starting to pump my finger in faster, feeling the tip press up against her fleshy barrier inside. I curled my finger inside her, stroking the soft, moist flesh of her young, pulsating vagina. “Oh god!” she cried, throwing her head back, twisting the sheets hard in her fists, her hips pumping against my face.

My cock was aching with my need to take her, to bury myself inside her young body, but I refrained, forcing myself to give her all the pleasure I could before deflowering her small, virgin pussy. I flicked my tongue back and forth across her swollen, wet lips, as my finger slid in and out between them. She pushed her hands through my hair, her fingers opening and closing in fists, her small body almost unable to deal with the intense pleasure.

“Oh David,” she moaned, pressing down on my head, forcing my face hard against her sopping wet cunny. “Oh David, I need...something...Oh, please...OH DAVID! OH!!” Her thighs clenched tight against my head as she came, almost screaming with pleasure as I flattened my tongue against her little clit, massaging it up and down as fast as I could, sucking greedily at the sweet, young juices that were flowing from her little baby slit.

My finger was still pumping into her, her already tight pussy clamping down on it harder than anything I had ever felt, her juices pouring down my hand, into my mouth and all over my bed sheets as her hips gyrated uncontrollably. She was grunting like an animal now, her pussy streaming another gush of juice with each breath, driving me wild with lust as I sucked and slurped at her little pussy, never wanting to forget the taste of this little nymph.

I slowed my finger inside her, running my tongue slowly up the sides of her puffy, extremely wet pussy lips, as her body slowly relaxed from the explosive orgasm she had just experienced. Her back wasn’t arched anymore, she was laying flat on her back, her legs still spread wide as I nuzzled and kissed her sex, very slowly sliding my finger into her. “Did that feel good, Jaime?” I whispered, licking the last drop of her juices from the bottom of her slit. She moaned as she finally let go of my hair, throwing her arms out beside her.

“Good?” she moaned, “My god, I never knew it could feel so good!” Her bum was lifting up very slightly as I increased the pressure from my tongue. “Mmm, it still feels so good!” she moaned. I moved my body back over top of hers, leaning down to kiss her softly, my tongue caressing hers. “Is that what I taste like?” she whispered. I nodded, kissing her again. “Do you like it?” I asked, after I had kissed her long and hard. She nodded as I reached back between her thighs, running my finger up and down her wet slit, coating it in her juices, loving her gasp of pleasure as I touched her.

I brought my finger back up to her mouth and slipped it between her lips, watching with delight as she sucked her own juices into her mouth. She sucked my finger clean, then gave me a shy smile, her face very flushed and sweaty, her hair dishevelled looking.

I pushed myself up, kneeling between her thighs as I hooked my arms under her legs, lifting them up and setting her feet against my shoulders. I shuffled so I was right against her bum, and taking my pulsating cock in my hand, I very slowly started to rub the tip up and down her smooth pussy lips, dripping precum all over her young sex. I had to grit my teeth not to plunge right into her, but watching my cock rubbing up and down her slit wasn’t helping so I looked up into her eyes.

They were so bright, and innocent, so trusting. Pushing my torso forward so her legs bent up
more, I placed the tip of my cock against her little hole, and slowly worked it around in little circles. It looked absolutely gigantic next to her child’s slit. I watched her face for a moment, loving how her eyes lit up with pleasure as my cock caressed her most intimate parts. “Are you sure about this Jaime?” I asked. “Just say the word, and I’ll get up right now, and we’ll act like this never happened.”

I wasn’t sure I COULD stop, even if she told me to, but luckily I didn’t have to find out. “I want you now, David,” she whispered. It was all I needed to hear. I gently pushed my hips forward, holding my breath as my cock head popped inside her little hole. I watched her face, seeing the looks of pain mixing with those of pleasure. I was holding my cock in one hand, using the other to gently massage her erect little clit, trying to ease as much of the pain as I could. I fought hard to hold my orgasm back, but it was tough; just the view of my cock, which looked absurdly thick and long sliding into her little body, was almost enough to drive me over the edge.

I felt so bad every time she grimaced or grunted in pain, but the sensations I was feeling between my legs were too intense for me to even contemplate stopping. I wiggled my cock a bit further inside, feeling the head press up against her virginal barrier. I thought about warning her, but figured she’d just be tensed up and waiting for it to happen, which might cause her more pain, and decided to just plunge ahead.

Taking a deep breath, I shoved my hips forward a few more inches, my thick, throbbing member tearing through her delicate flesh. Jaime cried out in pain as I invaded her young body, as I made her a woman, as I took her childhood. I let her legs drop down, holding my cock still inside her, letting her little cunny stretch and accustom itself to my shaft. I lowered my face to hers, kissing her tears away and murmuring reassurances in her ears. “It’s too big,” she wimpered. “Please take it out.” I brushed her hair away from her face, wanting to see her eyes, but she had them squeezed tightly shut.

“It’s okay Jaime,” I told her. “It’s just a little sore the first time. You’ve never had a man inside you before now, and your body just needs a little time to get used to it.” Thinking that I was the first man to slide himself inside this little girl almost made me shoot a load right then. I continued to give her gentle kisses, nuzzling her ears as I could feel her young flesh stretching around my member, opening more with each minute to alleviate the pain. The sensation on my cock was incredible, I had never been inside anyone so tight before, her virgin cunny clamped on my member as if it wasn’t going to let it out.

I brushed my lips against Jaime’s, pleased when she started kissing me, no more tears falling, but her eyes were puffy and red. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, tasting her sweetness, feeling the tightness around my shaft lessening minutely. I slid my mouth down to her neck, gently sucking and licking the tender flesh, feeling her body respond. “Do you feel any better love?” I murmured in her ear, sucking on her earlobe. She nodded slightly, her eyes finally opening as she rolled her head to the side to look at me.

“It barely hurts now,” she told me. “It feels so weird though. I feel so, I don’t know...full down there.” I pushed myself back up to a kneeling position, flexing my cock inside her, watching her face light up with pleasure as she gasped. I put her feet back up on my shoulders, bending her knees up to her chest, and grabbed hold of her smooth hips. I pulled back slowly, just a few inches, until just the head of my cock was inside her.

She whimpered as my cock withdrew, then gasped in pleasure again as I slid back in. I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her little body, only giving her a few inches, the look of ecstasy on her face making me even harder inside her. I watched my cock sliding into her little slit, still amazed that I fit inside her at all. Next to her bare little pussy, my cock looked like a throbbing tree trunk invading her. I was breathing deeply, trying to control myself, wanting to bury my entire shaft inside her but knowing it would be extremely painful. I kept reminding myself it was her first time, and she needed to be opened gently.

As I started pumping into her a bit faster, I reached between our bodies and found her hard little clit. I pressed my thumb against it, massaging the little nub of flesh, making her moan again and again. “Oh David,” she moaned, reached her hands above her head, her hands clenching and unclenching as my thick member filled her virgin hole. “Oh it feels so good, please don’t stop!” I couldn’t have stopped if it was going to kill me. I was experiencing more pleasure than I ever had in my life, my eyes glued to where our bodies met, watching her young lips spread impossibly wide to receive my pulsating cock, my shaft glistening with her pussy juices.

She was biting her lip hard, starting to move her hips against mine, trying to draw me deeper. I wanted to oblige her so badly, but I knew better than her how much it would hurt her right now to take my full length inside her. Her breathing was becoming very ragged, and her head lolled from side to side as I sped up my thrusts, barely able to keep only half my cock sliding inside her. “Ohh it’s happening again!” she cried, her back arching in pleasure as I rubbed harder on her clit.

“Cum for me Jaime,” I moaned, my voice hoarse with pleasure as I could feel my balls tightening up. “I want to feel you cum on my cock.” I had her knees pushed tight against her chest, rubbing her clit furiously as I pumped like a steam piston into her tight, wet cunny. I felt her pussy start to tighten up a second before she threw her head back and let out a wild, high-pitched scream of pleasure, the muscles in her baby cunny spasming like crazy around my cock, latching on with a ferocity I had never felt before.

It was too much for me, and with a cry of my own, I pushed myself inside her one last time, my cock erupting with a force like never before, spraying cum inside the little girl with the strength of a fire hose, coating her young vagina with my hot cream, mixing with her own juices as they leaked out of her hole and soaked the sheets. She was completely silent now, not breathing as her body was shaking with the force of her orgasm, her little pussy milking my cock of every last drop of cum I had. My mind reeled, and I swear I almost blacked out from the intensity of my orgasm, so much of my hot, sticky semen gushing into her little body.

The strength went out of my arms, and I collapsed on top of her, my cock still inside her, her pussy still squeezing and pulling. I buried my face in the pillow beside her head, my entire body tingling intensely, my cock twitching inside of her. I felt her wrap her arms and legs around me, holding my body tight against hers. “Oh wow,” she said breathlessly into my ear. “Is it always that good?” I took a moment to reply, trying to steady my breathing. “I’ve never felt anything so good before,” I replied. I lifted myself up on my elbows so we could talk face to face. “You felt more amazing than any woman I’ve ever been with in my life.”

Jaime blushed, giving me her shy smile. “Aw, you’re just saying that to be nice,” she said. I shook my head, leaning down to kiss her hard. “I mean it,” I told her when I had pulled my mouth from hers. “You just gave me the best orgasm of my life!” She giggled underneath me, her laugh cause her muscles to tighten delightfully on my cock. “Well you gave me the best one of my life too!” she said, laughing. “That’s the best thing I’ve ever felt! I thought it felt just like when I touched myself, but it’s like a billion times better!” I smiled at her excitement, so happy that she wasn’t regretting what we had just done.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked, pushing myself back onto my knees. She gave me a little shrug, “It feels a little tender down there, but just a little throbbing. It was totally worth it though!” I looked at my now limp cock sticking halfway in her little cunny, still amazed that she had been able to take any of me at all. “I’m gonna’ pull out now,” I warned her. “It might feel a little sore, but we’ve got to get you cleaned up.” She took a deep breath, nodding for me to go ahead. I pulled back, grunting as my over-sensitive cock was given one last tug, her tiny pussy contracting around my shaft as I pulled back, making a wet popping noise as my head pulled free.

I looked down between us, at her newly deflowered cunny, her lips spread a bit wider than they had been, gobs of my semen dribbling out, and flowing down her ass crack. My cock was hanging limp, glistening with our juices mixed together, with spots of red blood from her newly popped cherry. “It feels so empty now,” she said, sounding almost sad. I sat back and swung my legs over the edge of the bed, standing up and heading to the washroom, telling Jaime to just wait where she was.

I opened the drawer beside my sink, pulling out a soft hand towel and ran it under the hot water. When it was good and soaked, I cleaned my cock off, making sure to get all the blood and cum that had matted in my pubic hair. I squeezed the cloth out and re-soaked it, then headed back into the room. I stood at the foot of the bed for a moment, looking at the little treasure I had spread out on my sheets. She was still laying on her back, with an arms thrown over her eyes.

“I’m going to help you wash up a little, okay baby?” I asked her, sitting down next to her. She lifted her arm enough to give me a little smile, “Thanks David, that’s sweet of you.” Gently spreading her thighs a bit more, I pressed the soft cloth against her smooth pussy, slowly and gently rubbing the cloth up and down, wiping away any evidence of our lovemaking. She moaned lightly as the cloth rubbed against her sensitive clit, making me smile as I was already wanting to fuck her again.

I finished cleaning her up, the cloth red with her virgin blood, but not as much as I thought there would have been. I tossed the cloth into the dirty pile in the washroom, and went to lay next to her on the bed. As I lay back, she sat up. “I really have to pee David,” she told me, standing up. I pointed to the open door, “Washroom’s in there sweetie.” I watched her walk away, her little child’s body so beautiful in her nudity. I felt my cock already tingling, sure that I could have another hard on in a matter of minutes.

I laid back, waiting for her to finish, and thinking about what had just happened. I just fucked a 13 year old! All of three days ago, I would have called anyone a perv and a sicko who had done what I just did. But that was before I knew just how much a young girl her age could enjoy sex. It wasn’t just me using her for my own needs, I had enjoyed it so much giving her orgasms. And they were real orgasms, not just a “funny feeling” between her legs, the girl had screamed with pleasure, I FELT her cunny convulsing as she came.

It might still be wrong what we just did, but I was finding it hard to care. Any other feelings of doubt I had melted away when she came out of the washroom, and laid down beside me, turning her back to me and snuggling her bare little bum tight against my cock. I wrapped an arm around her, pulling her body tight against mine, my cock nestled between her soft, young bum cheeks. “Thank you for making me feel so good,” Jaime murmured sleepily. I ran my fingers through her hair, playing with her golden locks, feeling her body going limp as she drifted toward sleep.

“You’re welcome, my little lover,” I murmured back to her, feeling my eyes growing heavy. My body was utterly exhausted from our little love session. “I hope I can do it for you again, real soon.” I heard her breathing becoming shallower, as her body relaxed for sleep. “Definitely,” I heard her whisper, just before she passed into the realm of sleep, her little mouth hanging open, letting out soft little sighs with each breath.

I nuzzled my face into her soft, golden hair, cupping my hand around her firm, young breast and holding her tight against me. She must be exhausted, I thought to myself. I’ll let her get some rest, then maybe give her a nice waking up. I smiled at the thought, my body settling into the mattress, and seconds later, sleep had us both.

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