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A day in the life of Tyrir. It has furries too!
::Author Note.::
I had this sudden idea for a story, and I wrote it down. It really doesn't have a beginning or a "why" You as a reader have to just accept things as far as the story is concerned "Things are what they are." I don't know where I'm going with this, and I only wrote it down as a writing exercise. So with that, I hope you enjoy this story.

"Tyrir's day."
by CrazedCuntryRebel

Tyrir woke up with his face, cheek deep in Silin's deep cleavage. It took only a few seconds, then his third limb was at full length between his legs pressed against her hip. Never a bad way of waking up for the young 17 year old young man. The 25 year old woman in bed with him always took longer to wake up. He loved waking up like this, and if it were up to him he'd stay in bed all day, but one must go to work. It was damn important he get to work.

Gently he removed her arms from his own, first from his shoulder, then the other clutching around his neck. She had a very cute face with a slight remnant of young baby-fat that never went away, natural pink-rose lips, and a cascading wave of light brown hair, that reached her shoulders.

His nose sensed breakfast being prepared downstairs. He twisted his back twice, then the same with his neck. The sound similar to a rattlesnake giving warning to it's presence.
He dressed quickly, first his leather-hakama, plain thick brown boots, and plain long-shirt. He grabbed his self-contained twin-barreled blunderbuss, slinged to his back. Then his mikuhri sword also slung to his back. He stepped out from the bedroom quietly as to not wake her up.

Silin may have been a late sleeper, but not her wife Denahli. Shapely, curvy and full Denahli. A head height taller than he himself was, lengthy black hair, mmm and large big handful breasts, large enough that the sides peeked from her frame when looked from behind.
She was busy as always preparing his two meal pack for the day. This chore she did was usually handed by one of her maids, this since Tyrir began since he began his duty as an adult in the village. He watched her hip sway gently back and forth as she was finishing his breakfast and day-pack.
"G'morning Tyrir, did you sleep well?"

"Aye, I did"

"And does my young wife, still excite you after you escape from bed?"
She says as if she could see the tented point under his cladded wears. Even though she was still caring over the task over the hot wood-stove.

"You excite me too." He answered as he reached around and grabbed her full breasts in each hand, and pressed himself against her hip. This surprised Denahli only for a moment, but only for the virtue of the fact it was so sudden. He kissed her exposed back then kissed over to her arm. then a sudden flick of her hips bounced him away.

"I've spoiled you to much haven't I?" She says talking over her shoulder. She turns to face him and kisses him full on the lips.
"Tonight when you return. Morning can't be for you to linger anymore, otherwise you'll get us all in trouble." She kisses him again.
"Eat. The sooner the better. And we'll resume this when you return." She gives his nose a quick lick with the tip of her tongue. Breakfast was filling and quick to eat, finishing it with a full mug of goat milk, he grabbed his long hat for his head and was out the door.

He was only one of twenty-three other males living in the village. And for a village of over five-hundred women, twenty-three was a lot.
Tyrir met one of his brothers Dictrich a centaur of 32 years, and black hair, and carrying a sheathed two-handed claymore-sword on his back, added to his arsenal was a nine-foot long spear he carried on his shoulder. A mostly grey body with a few white spots and a copper patch on his left-forward hoofed leg.

"Brother, a ride?" asked Tyrir. But Dictrich had already extended his hand to pre-answer his request. In one motion he was lifted onto his back and both rode away to the field borders in their duties.

They passed the pond where at least a dozen families of household matriarchs their wives, servants. and children were doing their washings, socializing, and in the case of children helping with food preparations. Later they could play by the grass plains.

Tyrir and Dictrich arrived at their post of defense. From here they could see six other of their brothers at other places. Close enough they could see any hand-gestures they made to one another.

It was a nice enough day. Quiet, nothing moving out past the forest line.
First hour passed, nothing. It wasn't till the high of the day. Tyrir noticed something moving.
"Dictrich, out there. Crawler." Dictrich rose from the ground to stand higher. He saw it, the little damned thing roaming around, but for now it was only that one out there.
"Could be a scout."

"Could be lost, and just wondering lost too." Dictrich normally left alone the singular crawlers alone, it normally took to much effort to deal with just the one, especially if it wasn't headed into the village. Bigger or faster ones however he'd make an exception for.
"Your call, if you want to go get it."

"Nah... I ain't running after it, and I'm sure not going to waste a whole shot on it either."
The two males watched it crawl around for about half an hour before the thing finally crawled back to the forest.
"Probably just digging for roots and things."

"Yeah, probably." The two resumed watch against the forest line.
The Ravenous were never smart creatures nor even apart of the top ten smartest creatures outside of the village. But you still kept your eyes on them. Last time those things attacked was when Tyrir was still a boy at 12. Destroyed two homes and ruined a whole storehouse.

An hour later the two ate lunch. For Tyrir it was a mash-pack ball of shredded cooked meat, potatoes, and flavored spices. Also added was dried apple slices with sugar. Tyrir felt a hard tap against his arm. It was Dictrich holding a thin ceramic container.
"Drink for some apple slices?"

"Sure I got enough." They traded, he drank. It burned over his tongue, and down his throat, to rest at the bottom of his stomach.
"Mm-mm, that's the only thing wheat is good for. Hours later the sun was setting, and finally rested behind the mountain off in the distance. They rode back to the village. On their way back both James the canine-man, and Jayke the murinae rode past them to perform their guard duty for the night.

Tyrir and Dictrich waved to each other, separated and went home.


"Denahli, Silin, I'm back." In his mind he already had plans and in his 'neath his hakama he was ready for hours of delightful love making.

"Oh Tyrir, you're home." Said Darline the feline head-servant to Denahli herself. Darline was 27 years old and with a modestly small chest. She always wore a corset to at least make her breasts look a little bigger. She had long dark blond hair and hazelnut brown eyes.

"Yes, I am. Where's Denahli?"

"She left for Highermain. Shortly after you left this morning, a messenger came by and told her of a road disruption. She's there now surveying its repairs and reinforcement."

"Oh... well that's pretty important. Where's Silin?"

"With Mistress Denahli."

"...yea, great."

"But-" She started with an full blush forming over her face and glowing down to her chest.
"But, the Mistress did say that in her absence, that I- I w-was to make myself available to y-you." She fumbled with her fingers in nervousness, as her voice became higher and higher getting to the end of her sentence. For Tyrir, everything was fine again.
"SQEEK!" Tyrir picked her over his shoulder and carried her in his room. His room on the floor level of Denahli's house, not Silin's that he awoke this morning in. His room was not much more than 12 by 15 foot space, small compared what most women are accustomed to normally. It had a framed bed, a bedside table with a lamp, a wall-shelf with five books on it, and a storage trunk at the foot of his bed

Undressing for ladies may have been an orderly event normally. Each article of clothing was removed then placed neatly where it belongs. But for a male, Tyrir being no exception, he reached down and pulled off his long shirt, taking his hat off with it. A pull of a cord from around his waist and his hakama, was kicked away.
On his bed, Darline began her neat undressing routine, but Tyrir wanted her now. He hoisted her dress up to her stomach and pulled her lacy undergarment away.
In one motion he lined himself up to her velvety "girl-place"
"Wait I- AYEEE!! OHh- OHh! UGHH!" Again and again Tyrir rocked his hips back and forth. At the same time he undid Darline's corset, one cord at a time, 'till finally the obstacle was removed.
"OHhhh- OHhhh... OHh! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!" Again and again he moved himself within her. He held both breasts, kissing one nipple then the other. He kissed the valley between both mounds, kissed up to her neck, then kissed her lips.
"Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, MMmmmOhhhh!" She Moan'd, Ooh'd and Ahh'd at his thrusting and through his kissing. She reached up and ran her hands up and down his muscularly thin body. Her legs were in dismay, her left leg was pointing to the ceiling, and her right leg pointed to the wall hanging over his bed.
*SMACK* "OHHHH!!" Darline exclaimed with heavy breath. Tyrir raised his hand again and slapped her bottom from above.
*SMACK* "OHhhh!!" He continued thrusting into her again and again. Stroke after stroke, and a kiss in between.

Out side his bedroom the event did not go unnoticed. The three other house maids, two hume's and one vulpine, pressed thier ears up to the door hearing every creek of his bed, his every grunt, Darline's moaning, and a slapping sound. They first assumed he was abusing Darline, but if it was abuse Darline was sure enjoying it. In wideeye'd awe, they listened to every detail. Nothing went unheard.

Back inside, Tyrir pulled out, flipped Darline onto her stomach and pulled her hips up, and thrust himself back in.
"Oh yeah!" He said as he thrust in and laid on top of her back, grabbing each breast while prone on her back. He kneaded each small mound... like cake-dough before you baked it.

"Ohh, ohhh! ohhh! Ohhh! UGHHH!!" Finally she came, her inside clamped down, her muscles tensed, and a wave of blissfulness washed over her.
*Thrust!* "No wait, I-" He ignored her plea. He pulled her up so to make her straddle his waist.
"OHH! UGHH! UGH! OHH!!! AHHH! EY!!! OHH! OHhh!! OHH! OHH!!" Tyrir wasn't done, yet. He used his hips to bounce her up and down on himself. She hadn't recovered from bliss but he continued anyway. He grinned and gritted his teeth his nostrils flared out and continued.
"OHH OH OH OH OH OH UGH AHHH!!! No NOT AGAIN!!!" She came again and this time Tyrir pressed his member as deep as he could and came with her. Her muscles tightened, and felt him empty inside her.

For a few minutes, all she could hear was her heart beating inside her own head, and his heavy breathing beside her. She turned to face him. He was also looking at her, albeit in a steeply relaxed way.
"Have I done good?" She asked.

"Mm." He grunted with a smile. He reached his hand and glided it from her hip to her chest.

"OH No! Please, it's too soon! I'm still sensitive." Tyrir grinned and kissed her again.
"If I may, should I prepare a bath and dinner?"

"Sounds good. Thank you." And with that she gathered her removed articles of clothing and excused herself from his room.


Maybe it was fifteen or twenty minutes before Tyrir regained himself. He sat up at the edge of his bed and undid the straps holding his boots to his feet and tossed them near the small bedside table, then put his hakama back on. Granted, he has slept with and made love to every woman in this house, but it was still demanded, especially by Denahli, that he must be clothed when not in his room or in the bathhouse. Her house her rules.
The bathhouse was a small separate building eight feet away from the back door. Stonewalls on the outside and wood plank walls and floor on the inside. With a wood furnace underneath it. The bath itself was a step-in basin lined with decortive blue, yellow, and green ceramic tiles at the bottom.

Nala was here, a hume servant. She was also the youngest servant at twenty years, blond curly hair, and full-chested for her age. She was dressed in a simple cream robe, as she would be bathing with Tyrir.

Tyrir entered the bathhouse and kicked off his hakama, and entered the ready bath. It had been a week and a few days since he last bathed so... yeah it was time to bathe. The warm water crept up first his feet, then up to his stomach. Nala stepped in with him, bringing with her a try. A pipe, good working matches, and smoking herbs.
(Yes kids, you know what "smoking-herbs" means.)

"Did you have a hard day?" She asked in a calm sweet tone of voice.

"Wasn't bad. Saw a crawler." She stopped, her eyes widened and looked at him.

"No, don't worry. It didn't do anything, and went back in the forest like a good little cretin it was." She calmed herself and resumed her service.

"Let me clean you." He nodded. She took a washcloth and poured fragrant oil-wash in it and began washing his body. First she started with his neck. Scrubbing where his neck met his chest. First one side then the other.
She moved down and scrubbed his chest, one side then the other. She had to remember she wasn't washing Mistress Denahli, where it was a lighter more delicate process, this was a male. And male's generally did things more rough then women did.

As she worked every section of Tyrir's body he noticed dark flakes of grey appearing on his skin. This told her how often he really bathed, or how active he was. Since males didn't bathe as often as women, women regardless of social-class or standing for that matter.

She continued. She washed his stomach underneath the waterline of the bath than came back up. She began scrubbing his left shoulder, down his arm and to his hands.
She began again with his right shoulder, down his arm and again to his hand. She glanced quickly up to his eyes then back down, and deliberately moved his hand to her breast.
Her body was already slick with the warm bath water and the fragrant oils, massaging the globe of creamy flesh was more than arousing, he brought his second hand up, for even more sensation.
His hands happily busy with her generous chest, she reapplied wash-oil onto the washcloth and began washing him between his legs especially his groin, she washed one side, then the other... then the underside.

She continued further down. She washed the top on his thighs, the left then the right. Flakes of grey appeared and were washed away. She began at his knees then his shins. Flakes of grey would appear and she would wash them away, all the while Tyrir continued kneading her slippery breasts at hand.

She felt proud that she could make a male so happy with her body in this way. Before Tyrir came to live here, their was a question on what kind of women to males like, she was relieved to find out she wasn't undesirable, and was happy to have Tyrir explore her body whenever time permitted.
"Your back?" She simply asked. He understood. He turned around, and she began washing his skin. From top to bottom with the wash-cloth. Then she used a pumice stone. Tyrir bought this for himself for this reason. The rough texture and a feminine hand to use it. She started at his neck and back down. She repeated this three more times finishing his body. With one more item to go.
"Your hair?"

"Sure." They moved around again. He reached behind his head, and pulled on a thin cord strap. A fall of hair fell out and spilled into the bath water. Thick and oily hair, not like hair that women maintained, clean and soft. She brought over a blue-glass-bottle tapered at the top with a thick liquid made for hair. She poured a handful on top of his head and began massaging in. She moved the length of hair to rest on his chest and stomach, and reclined him onto herself. She kneaded his hair from top to bottom, and back again.
It went without saying his member has been erect and was sticking out from the surface of the bathwater, and has been since only a minute after he stepped in to bathe. When was Nala going to attend to it?

She moved him down just a little so now his head was secured in between both breasts. She cupped her hands and showered the bath water on his hair rinsing out the excess oil. She took his hair again and wrung it out by twisting both ends. She repeated this twice more and draped his hair over the edge of the bath. She gently pushed her hand on his back to ask that she can move. She moved around and guided him to the shallow end of the bath, at that she lifted his hips on her lap, and embraced his still erect member in between her breasts.
"Ohhh.." He groaned with a smile. She bobbed her torso up and down so that his tip would disappear and reemerge with ever motion. His hips bucked, trying to force an orgasm.

"Now?" She asked.

"Yeah, please now." She smiled again. And pressed her breasts firmly from the sides and continued bobbing her body vertically. At the downward motion of her body she would kiss his tip that emerged, other times she gave a light lick. She preferred the light licking as she believed kissing was for kissing.
"I'm... almost..." He strained his words. Then she moved back and dove her head stright down taking his whole length in one motion.
"Ohhhhhhh-" And he came again, and it was wonderful. Tyrir didn't see if she swallowed or spit, and wasn't going to ask either.

Nala took to giving his body a final rinse. They stepped out Nala taking to combing then drying his hair. Tyrir turned around and cupped her breast again and kissed her nipple, then in her cleavage and kissed up to her lips.
"Ohh.. stop. Dinner will get cold if we don't finish soon. Tyrir surrendered to reason. It was the second time he had came within an hour, and he didn't assume he could do a third so soon. His mind was willing but his flesh was tender.

"Alright." They dressed, Tyrir combed out his hair and binded it again in the strap cord into a compact knot, and went back to the house to eat. Dinner was good, a vegetable stew, roasted potatoes stuffed with some cheese, and fish. Conversations were between the four housemaids. They talked about rumors and if any other women were taking to any other remaining males in the village. Tyrir, as with other males, usually didn't contribute to social discussions, since usually they didn't have much to add. He quietly ate, only spoke once to ask for a refill of stew.


Tyrir retired for the night and returned to his room, and their was Shela, the vulpine full breasts for her athletic body, crowned with a mane of red hair, and green eyes. She would be his bedside mate tonight. She just sat at the edge of his bed waiting, and again Tyrir flung off his shirt, and kicked out of his hakama. Shela knew her place in the house but was at all times the most quiet of everyone, an order was given and she went off to do it. Without a what, a why, or a how.
"How can I serve you." She asked calmly. Tyrir was tired, a young body can only do so much, but for Shela...

A knock on the door interrupts his thought.
"Come in." It was Darline.

"If you're not busy, could you come upstairs?" She asked. Tyrir and Shela followed. Upstairs was the servants adjoining rooms. With larger rooms and larger beds. Nala's bed was near a corner and so they went there. Nala laid back on her overstuffed pillow reclining Tyrir on to her, Darline laid at his side, Shela gently eased herself on Tyrir's erection, and the forth maid Nici a hume girl with brown hair and brown eyes, pretty breasts and flared hips laid also by Tyrir's other side. They watched as Shela slowly moved herself up and down on his shaft.

Nici who all the while hadn't had much of his attention since he arrived home climbed on top of Tyrir and kissed him, she moved his hands on her breasts.
"See? See how soft they are?" Nici asked.

"Uh-huh." He replied. He felt Nala rubbing her hands along the side of his face, as Darline lightly glided her hand along his side. Darline would kiss his cheek occasionally. Shela let out a light moan, herself not one to make any noise, and certainly now of all times.

Tyrir had an idea. He gently tapped Nici off of him, and after adjusting his sight to the darkening room, reached out and outright grabbed her hooded organ.
"EEEEK!" Her cry was sharp and loud. And loud enough anyone outside the front-door downstairs could have heard that.
"No, I don- EEEK!" She shrieked again as he tugged on her again and pulled her to a side. "No don't make me scream- EEK!" He made her scream a girlishly high-pitch squeal, again. This was fun. He'd done this before about a month ago, and discovered how much he like making her embarrassed like this. Shela cupped her face in her hands so she could hide her face, while making such "childish" sounds. For goodness sake she was 26 years old, she had grown past her childhood, she shouldn't still be making those sounds, especially now.
"EEEEK!" He did it again
"No, no-no, no-no. EEEK!" And again he did it.
"Please no more, please no more." She sounded like she was about to cry.
"Please no more." Tyrir pulled her down, and kissed her cheek, then her lips. She was to humiliated to face him after making "those" sounds, and buried her face past his face, and into the pillow behind them. Nici knew Shela well-enough that she had enough for tonight, and pulled Tyrir's member out of her. Poor Shela, she very gently sobbed and gave on loud sniffle, she clutched him tightly with both arms.
Nici, licked his shaft and gave a short suck when she reached the top and just the tip. Her mouth then engulfed his member and massaged him with her tongue. He responded by holding Shela tighter. Nici eased her head back and began just using her lips. Her silky lips constantly glided back and forth his tip and made him come again. If their was any doubt Nala swallowed, Nici gave no doubt, and swallowed with an audible gulp everyone could hear.

Shela laid on top of Tyrir, Nala reclined Tyrir's head near her breasts, Both Darline and Nici took their place at either side of him and slept the night away.


The next morning Tyrir woke up with his face, cheek deep in Nala's deep cleavage....

To be continued?
(Hmmm not sure yet.)

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How lucky you are still having your gnnray. Mine became 104 years old, born in 1891. She was a strong lady. Hopefully your gnnray will feel better when the spring is on for real. Seems your gnnray is a strong lady too living alone at her age. I wish her all the best.I got to know a story about my gnnray after her death, and the story was not known in the family at all. One of my customers came to me and offered me a photo. She did wonder whether I knew the couple on the image. I saw at once it was my gnnray (very young at age) but the man beside her I didn't know. Well, it turned out to be her first fianc? and nobody ( in the family) ever knew she had been engaged before marrying my grandad. My customer was kind enough to give me the photograph, and now it's amongst my treasures.Lovely Sunday to you.Laila

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