My first sex with another person
A Bag of Flour.....

The summer that I turned 13, I had a growth spurt. I spent a lot of time helping my uncle clear some land of trees and brush. I guess the exercise helped me grow. I noticed that my shirts were getting tight and my pants too. My waist was slimmer. I lost all my baby fat. But the best change of all was my cock. It seemed to double in size to more than 7" and got very thick. It seemed to be hard all the time. I'd go for a ride in the car and the vibrations would get me hard. I'd see a good looking girl around the neighborhood and it would get hard. It was hard when I woke up in the morning and it was hard when I went to bed at night.

I convinced my parents to let me clean out the attic and moved in to the first real room of my own. The stairs to the third floor were very creaky so I had plenty of warning if someone was coming up to see me. I found these magazines and books in my Dad's closet. Reading them really got my cock hard. It would stand straight out from my body. At night I would lay naked on my bed and fondle my hard cock while I read them till I got this wonderful feel all over my body. Then this white sticky stuff would shoot out all over my chest. God, what a feeling that was.

Houses were very close together, and my windows looked in on the buildings on either side of me. It was exciting to think that someone could be watching me cum.

One hot day my brother, Bill, and I were in our swimming trunks and playing in the hose to cool off. My Mother called to us and asked us to go next door and get some flour from Bonnie McGroggan. She was one of Mom's best friends. They were always borrowing things from each other.

Bonnie and her husband Ned managed the apartment building next to our house. It was a very large old house that had been divided into 9 apartments, four on the first floor, and four on the second floor and a very large single apartment on the third floor, where Bonnie and Ned lived. Each apartment had a front door that opened on a common stairway and a door that opened on to a fire escape in the back.

Bill and I scampered up the fire escape to the third floor and knocked on the McGroggan's door. As we looked through the large pane of glass in the back door, Bonnie came out of the bathroom. She was totally naked. She had a towel over her head and was drying her hair. She came right at us. She was tiny about 5' tall with a slim waist and beautiful tits that bounced as she walked and rubbed her hair. Between her legs was this thick mat of hair. I had never before in my life seen such a wonderful sight. I was immediately hard and aware of the fact that my old swimming trunks were way too small. There just was not enough room to hide my rampant erection.

Bonnie opened the door without looking at us and began to walk away. I heard her say something about forgetting my keys again. When I called her name, she jumped and ran back into the bathroom. A few moments later she reappeared wearing a silky short robe. You could still see those tits bouncing under it as she walked and with every step still get a glance at that black hair between her legs. She said that she thought it was her husband at the door since he was due home about that time and was the only one that normally used the back door.

We explained what Mom had sent us to get and Bonnie headed into the kitchen to get the flour when the phone rang. Bonnie answered it and had a short conversation. When she hung up, I saw her looking at my hard cock as it tried to escape from these way too tight trunks. Bonnie went into the kitchen and came out with a bag of flour which she handed to my brother. She told him to take it home and tell our Mom that Bonnie had some work that she needed me to help with. Bill left and I followed Bonnie into her living room. She turned around and looked me over from head to toe. As she scanned my body, I saw her lick her lips as she let her gaze linger on my cock. I was so hard that my cock would jump a little every time my heart beat.

Bonnie's hand moved to the sash holding her robe closed. "That was Ned on the phone. He's been delayed and won't be home for a couple of hours." she said. "You've never seen a naked woman before have you?" And as she said that she opened the robe and let it slip from her shoulders.

I was mesmerized! I didn't know where to look. I moved my eyes from her wonderful full tits to her dark black bush and then back. She took my hands and moved them to her breasts.
"Feel them! They won't break." she said. "My, you have grown this year, all the right places." With that she grabbed my trunks at the waist band and began to lower them. "It’s only fair to let me see you naked too." she said.

As she pulled my trunks down, my cock sprang up and bounced against my belly. It came to rest pointing up at about a 45 degree angle. I heard her gasp as she saw me up close. "Oh yes, you have grown in all the right places!" She tenderly wrapped one hand around my cock and took my balls in the other. She skinned back my foreskin and rubbed her thumb over the exposed head.

Oh my fucking God! This was the best thing I had ever felt in my entire life. My knees buckled. I almost collapsed. I put my hands on her shoulders to steady myself. Bonnie looked me right in the eye and smiled. I've wanted to hold your cock ever since Ned and I watched you play with it in your bedroom one night. Bonnie started to stroke my cock with one hand while the other moved between her legs. She moaned and that did it for me. I got that wonderful feeling that told me I was about to cum. She rubbed me faster and faster. I was moaning, almost whimpering. Bonnie had this big smile as she knew she was about to make me shoot. This was so much better than stroking myself. I wanted to cum so fucking bad. The feeling built and built. My body tensed all over.

"Cum on my tits!" she screamed. That did it. Wave after wave of pleasure filled my whole body. I felt the first spurt of cum shoot out of my cock, then a second, then a third. I lost count of how many times my cock lurched and sent the cum flying all over Bonnie's tits.

Bonnie slowed her stroking. She began to lick the cum from her hands and from my cock. Then it dawned on me. She had said that both she and Ned had watched me masturbate in my room. God! That was hot to think about. My cock had started to soften, but as I thought of them watching me, my erection returned.

Bonnie guided me to the sofa and laid me down on it. Then she climbed up on top of me. "Here!" she said. "Take a good look at my pussy." She moved a leg over my body and placed her pussy right in front of my eyes. She took one of my hands and moved it to her pussy. Then she opened herself to my probing fingers. I couldn't believe it. She was burning hot and very wet. My fingers slipped into her pussy. She gasped as she felt the penetration. "Oh fuck yes!" she almost cried. "Slide your fingers deep inside me. Put your thumb here on this spot." She explained that the tender spot was her clit and that it was one of the most sensitive spots on her body. As I finger fucked her and rubbed her clit, she began to moan. "Don't stop! Don't stop! Of fuck don't you dare stop!" I could feel her dig her legs into my sides. Her entire body went stiff. "Oh Jack! Make me cum." She began to claw at her breasts. She took each of her nipples between a thumb and forefinger and pulled on them. I saw the wild look of pure lust in her face. My cock was harder than before I came. She let out a scream and fell on top of me. She was shaking all over. She slid her pussy toward my cock. I felt a nipple brush against my lips, so I began to suck on it. "Oh hold me...hold me lover. Suck on my breasts. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum again!" Bonnie held us close. I couldn't tell if she was laughing or crying or what. Her body shook all over and she continued to whimper.

Finally I asked, "Mrs. McGroggan, are you alright?" She began to tremble even more. Then she lifted her head and looked me right in the eye. Now I could see that she was laughing. "I guess after all that we've done today, you can call me Bonnie when we are alone." she said. As she continued to laugh at our situation, her beautiful tits rubbed against my nipples. My cock which had deflated a little now returned to its full hardness.

Bonnie felt my resurging cock as it moved against her pussy and ass. She realized that I hadn't cum yet and that she was still very horny. She put her hands on my shoulders and raised her whole body and moved back to position her pussy directly over my throbbing shaft.
I could feel the heat from her sex. I think I could even feel her juices dripping on the head of my cock. "Have you ever fucked a woman before, Jack?" she asked. I tried to say no that I was a virgin, but she abruptly lowered her pussy and enveloped my throbbing cock.

Oh fuck! I had never imagined that anything could feel this good.

Mrs. moved her legs along side my torso. With her leaning forward balancing on my shoulders, she looked like a jockey posting on a horse. She raised and lowered her butt as she moved up and down on my cock. "Oh fuck me Jack, give it to me!" Her tits were bouncing right in front of me. I raised both hands and began to pinch her nipples. "Oh God, Yes, Jack. Make me cum! Make us cum together!"

My legs went stiff. My toes curled. I began to shout, "I'm cumming. Oh Fuck, I'm going to shoot!" I felt Bonnie's cunt grab my cock even tighter. Her body suddenly went rigid and she let out the wildest shriek I had ever heard. She brought her mouth to mine and suddenly we were kissing. Then she dropped to my chest and we lay like that for a long time as we basked in the afterglow of this great sex.

Bonnie mentioned that her husband would be home any minute. I thought that was my cue to start heading home. Bonnie wrapped her arms around me and told me to wait. Ned loves to get to know strapping young men. But then that's a story for another time.

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