My cousin Amy
It was the start of the school holidays and my cousin Amy was coming up for a visit. She was a cute 19 year old with red hair, a slim waist, and a cute butt. Her breasts were a "c cup" that, combined with her slim waist, got her a lot of attention from boys and especially my friends. She arrived just before tea but we didn’t talk for long because my friend Ben was over and I knew he had the hots for her which creped me out. Ben and I went upstairs to watch a movie. After a while ben said he wanted to ask my cousin out. I was so shocked I fell of the bed. After we stopped laughing he asked me if I’d mind if he asked her because he had caught me staring at her. I said I didn’t mind because she’s my cousin so I couldn’t go out with her even though I thought she was hot. He Told me he’d thought about have sex with her but he didn’t think she liked him enough to have sex with him.
All of a sudden Amy knocked on the door and said she wanted to talk to Ben in private I got up and left the room after a while they talked after a while I come back and i walk in on them kissing. I guess ben asked you out Amy. Actually I asked him out said Amy. He also told me that you thought I was hot. I was busted I got really red and embarrassed. Don’t get embarrassed I’ve thought about doing stuff with you before but I thought you’d tell someone. I won’t tell anyone. Good because I’m really horny and I want you two to take care of it. I looked at Ben he had the biggest smile you could ever imagine.
Amy said she’d have to go get something before we started. After a minute she comes back with a bag. In the bag were a vibrator and a strap on. Looks like you have come prepared for some fun we better not let you down. Before we get started I was wondering if your sister Courtney would be interested in joining us Sam. Courtney was my 18 year old sister. Ben and i said we didn’t care so long as we didn’t have to ask her. Amy went and asked her they both come back in after a few minutes and we all started to undress. Ben and i didn’t take long to get undressed so I helped Amy get undressed and ben helped Courtney. Amy asked us what we wanted them to do. Ben and i ask them to use the strap on because we have never seen one before. Amy strapped it on and began to fuck Courtney’s pussy really fast. After a few minutes Courtney began to scream in pleasure me and Ben stand there in shock. After Courtney’s orgasm Ben said he wanted to be the first one to fuck his girlfriend.
I guess that means I get to fuck my sister. She looked like she wanted me to have fun with her as we were leaving to go into her room Courtney asked Amy is she could borrow her strap on. Amy said we don’t need it and we could always use it later. Courtney and i went into her room she said she wanted to fuck me with the strap on. I was eager because I wanted to know what a girl felt when we fucked them. It felt amazing after a while she stopped and asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass or her pussy. I said her pussy so I could have some practice for later when we went back in with Amy and Ben. I wasn’t hard enough so she started to give me a blow job which got me so hard I cum in her mouth after a few minutes.
She swallowed it all down and then we waited will I got hard then I began to fuck her pussy until she cum. I licked her out after we finished we got cleaned up we went back into my room to see Amy and Ben. When we walked in we found Amy tied to the bed screaming in pleasure with Bens cock just pulling out of her pussy trying to prolong Amy orgasm but as soon as Amy seen us standing there naked and covered in cum she cum so hard it squirted all the way off the end of the bed.
As soon as she claimed down for her orgasm Amy thanked us for giving her the most amazing orgasm she’d ever had and asked us if we could give her another one later and some every time she comes to visit. We all agreed but all made a deal that we’d all have a nude picture of each person so that if anyone ever told that they’d get the nude pictures of them given to all their friends. We all got the nude pictures of us take so that everyone had a picture of everyone else. Then we all decide to masturbate until Courtney whispered something to Amy Then they both got up and left the room and said that they’d be back in a minute. Ben and i decided to talk about what each other had done with Amy and Courtney while we waited for them. I went first Ben was impressed with what we had gotten up to. I asked him what they had gotten up to. Ben said he started off by fucking Amy up the ass then he tied her up and played with her boobs and then fuck her pussy. Not long after Amy and Courtney come in and said sorry they took so long they were talking about what they did after we went in to different rooms. Courtney went back out the door and grabbed a box. She brought it back in and opened it inside was a box with a fake dildo sticking out of it and a remote control with a speed dial on it. Courtney explained to us that she used it to have powerful orgasms. Amy said she had always want to try one but she couldn’t afford one she asked Courtney how she had gotten one. Courtney explained that she had bought it of her best friend after her best friend had got a bf and that Amy could have a go whenever she wanted.
Amy unpacked the box and stuck the fake dildo into her pussy and turned on the machine and turned up the speed dial to maximum. We all sat down and watched after a few minutes Amy was screaming in pure pleasure for the second time in a few hours. After she claimed down again she got off and started to lick her cum off the machine. Then she asked me and Ben to lick out her pussy and asked Courtney to help her lick the rest of the cum off the sex machine. After that we all went and had a shower together then Ben and Courtney both decided to go to bed and get a god night sleep so that tomorrow we could all have some more fun together and give me and Amy a chance to get to know each other better. Amy and I decided to go to her house to pick up some sex toy for us to use tomorrow.
When we got to her house there was a note from her parents saying they had to go away and weren’t expecting to be back by the time Amy was due home. We went up to her room which I had never been in before she went to the bottom of her cupboard and pulled out a bag and filled it up with ropes and harnesses and a couple of vibrators and a pair of hand cuffs. Once she got all the toys she then grabbed a back pack and started to fill it up with sexy clothes and underwear. She asked me to take the bags down to the front door and then come back upstairs and meet her in the bathroom. When I got back up to the bathroom I found her going through the dirty cloths basket pulling out dirty underwear and sniffing them and putting some in her bag. I asked her what she was doing she said she was looking for ones she cum in to give ben and I so we could wank over them when she wasn’t around and she said she’d make Ben and I a video of her fingering herself for us to wank over when she went home. I said we’d love a video of her and that if she needs anyone to help to ask my sister because I’m sure she’d love to help. We got all the stuff and went back to my house. When we got back we found Ben and Courtney lying in Courtney’s bed cuddled up together fast asleep. The room smelt of sex and we found some condoms lying on the floor. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun. Amy nodded and said we should go to bed and get some rest before tomorrow.
Part 2
At 3am I woke up to find Courtney cuddled up to me with her hand raped around my cock even though it wasn’t erect I could see some cum on the sheets just near my cock. Courtney must have wanked me off in her sleep so carefully I tried to move her arm so I could get up and get a drink so I could go back to sleep. She must have felt me try to move her arm because she woke up and asked me if we could try something she said it would be a surprise but we have to do it before Ben and Amy got up. I said I didn’t mind it sounds exciting as my cock started to go hard. She just looked at it and said that I didn’t need it hard for what we were going to do. We quietly snuck down into the shed and Courtney told me to wait there while she went back inside and got the surprise. After a minute she came back in holding the broom and a plug twice the size of normal one and some rubber bands. Do you have any idea what I’m going to do with this stuff Jason?
No I don’t Courtney but I can’t wait to find out. Well you’ll just have to wait and see but first I have to gag you to stop you for screaming because I know this will hurt for a bit but after u get used to it you’ll love it. She pulled down her trousers and then she pulled of her panties and stuck them in my mouth I could taste her cum on them. She said she cum on them just for me because she knew I’d love the taste of her. Once she had gaged me she told me to stripe of and lie down on the towel while she grabbed the broom. Once I was lying down she stared to push the broom handle up my ass. It hurt a lot but after she got it in as far as it would go she stopped pushing it in. then she came up and sat on my chest and removed her panties from my mouth and asked how it felt. It feels great Courtney after I get used to it can you pull it in and out so I know what it feels like when a girl has sex. Sure that was my plan all along.
Thanks Courtney you’re the best sister ever what are u going to do with the plug and the rubber bands? I’m going to put the rubber bands around your balls so it takes you longer to cum and the plug is for after I’m going to stick it in your ass tonight and it’s not allowed to come out unless I say you can take it out. Who taught you all this stuff Courtney? My friend jess we both have had this broom up our asses and our pussy’s. We’ve been doing stuff since we found out she was bi. I didn’t not she was bi. No one did we all thought she was a lesbian but she realised she likes you but no other guys. She likes me. She loves u and has for a while she thinks you’re hot and prefect guy for her. She hates all the other guys so much she’d rather be a lesbian but she can’t help but love you. You’ll have to invite her over some time so we can have some fun together. I’m sure shed love to because she love me and you and maybe one day we could also have Amy and Ben join in and make it even more fun.


2011-11-29 22:52:07
Il work on my spelling i didnt get to proof read it before i put it on. Should i contiue this story or right another one about something diffrent

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2011-11-21 10:33:03
Good story but needs detail and not just listing of events.

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As stated by the first poster, proof reading and proper spacing are a must as they will increaes the ease of reading this story. Also try not to use txt speak, you didn't use it much but it just broke the flow of the story when you did. Other then that, read some of the better stories here and improve on your grammar.

Also please ignore any moronic or blatantly insulting posts you might receive.

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spacing and proof reading are a must if you want better ratings.

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