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Trina recovers and closes a dark chapter then begins a new one
The Awakening (Trina comes home)
Since arriving at the farm to stay with Geoff and Linda, Trina’s adopted parents I had learned of her real parent’s gruesome death.

Trina was five years old, her parents had just received the joyful news that they were pregnant and Trina was looking forward to a brother of sister. Her parents were preparing a small celebration dinner. Her family didn’t have extended family and friends since becoming involved with the ‘Kawalang hanggan’ gang in fact they had been rejected completely by them. Trina was too young to understand but this gang recruited members by loan sharking to strong but unwealthy people and then ‘taking possession’ of them when they were unable to repay their debt. Trina’s mother was unaware of the arrangement but enjoyed the extra money that had been around since her husband had been ‘employed’ by the gang. Trina’s father had not wanted to invite any of these people to celebrate with the family in fact he was adamant that they not find out until he was ready to tell them.

They had eaten dinner and were sitting at t he table dreaming and laughing at the thought of all of the joyful disruption a new baby would bring into the house. Trina’s father sent Trina to get the gift he had purchased for her mother which was tucked away in the closet in their bedroom. She was just about to return with the gift when she heard the front door burst open and loud shouting and yelling erupt. She crouched in the corner of the closet and waited for the yelling to stop. She had heard yelling before but no one had ever shouted at her father before and these men scared her just to look at even when they were smiling at her. She saw a tall man push her mother into the bedroom and then two more men pushing her father into the room. They pushed him to his knees as the tall man continued to scream

“Did you think you could hide it from us? No one said you could have another child. Do you think the organisation is going to pay for a whole fucking tribe just because you can’t control your cock?”

“Please, please it was our anniversary”

Trina’s mother begged.

“Shut your fucking mouth you filthy slut. I’ll teach you to open your mouth you fucking breeder”

H e ripped her dress from top to bottom and pulled out a knife as it fell to the floor. As he pushed her across the bed Trina’s father jumped across the room to save his wife only to be stopped by the two men holding him. He put up a strong fight and landed a few effective blows but was eventually overpowered as the tall man screamed

“Keep him under control”

Still holding the knife he unzipped his pants and scooped out a very large semi hard cock.


Trina’s father yelled. The man walked around the bed and lifted an open back hand to strike her father. Just then Trina’s mum looked into the closet and saw Trina squatting in the corner with tears streaming down her face. Quickly while the men were not watching she grabbed her torn dress and threw it across the room into the closet where it fell over Trina covering her tiny body and hiding her from view. She gave Trina a stare that would hold her silence throughout the entire ordeal. Crack!! The tall man’s hand struck her father’s face breaking the skin and leaving him dazed.

“Haven’t you been disobedient enough? Don’t speak again or it’ll be you sucking my cock”

The tall man walked back around the bed with his cock dangling in front of him and grabbed Trina’s mother by the h air and lifted her head up toward his cock and ordered her to suck it with the knife aimed at her. She refused so he slipped the knife under her bra and cut it releasing her beautiful large breasts and then he held the knife at her right nipple. She opened her mouth and he rammed his hardening cock into her mouth and throat choking her with his size. Holding her by the hair he flung her head back and forth like a rag doll, his cock slamming in and out of her mouth as he did.

“Ooooooh” he moaned “no wonder you couldn’t resist. She is a real professional”

He said trying to bait Trina’s father to move again. After several minutes he withdrew his cock from her mouth and grabbed her leg and dragged her across the bed so that her pussy was in front of him and her legs were spread around him. Using the knife he cut the panties from her skinny frame revealing her gorgeous well trimmed pussy. Trina watched as the cruel man wasted no time as he placed the knife on the bedside table and lifted her pussy toward his now rock hard monster of a cock that was gleaming with her mother’s saliva and slammed it all the way into her tiny body. Her mother screamed in agony again and again as he plunged violently into her over and over. Trina was horrified but could not take her eyes off the thick dark cock pounding in and out of her mother’s pussy, she thought she saw a bulge in her mother’s stomach move up and down with his thrusts and she watched her mother’s beautiful breasts bouncing almost of her chest as she was fucked senseless by this cruel bastard relentlessly. When he came he pulled out and sprayed cum all over her Mother’s flat stomach and tits and then zipped his pants up and went to relieve one of the men guarding her father.

The second man threw a towel off the floor onto her and ordered her to clean the cum off her. He pushed her up the bed making room to kneel between her legs and then slipped his pants down and stepped out of them and knelt on the bed between her legs. He bent over her and sucked and bit at her nipples making her scream in pain and then grabbed them in his strong hands and squeezed them hard as he sunk his cock into her and began thrusting into her ferociously as she cried and groaned in agony. Her father dropped his head in shame and horror as his wife was violated by his fellow gang members in front of him. The cruel giant pulled his head up by his hair and ordered him to watch or he would kill her. Before long the man raping Trina’s mother removed his throbbing cock from her and pulled her head up toward his cock to receive his hot sticky load in her pretty face. He made her lick his slimy cock clean and then flung her back on the bed like a discarded piece of rubbish. He pulled his pants back on and swap places with the last gang member.

Trina sat in a horrified trance watching as the last man removed his pants and then flung his mother over onto her stomach and then pulled her toward his already stiff cock. He drove his bloated prong into her red raw pussy and slapped her ass and ordered her to work with him as he slammed into her as deep as he could. He bent over her and grabbed her by the tits and dragged her back toward him as he thrust inside her making her howl in pain. After a few minutes of thrusting he slowly withdrew and spat in her asshole and rubbed it around with a finger tip. Trina’s father started sobbing as he impaled her on his cock and nearly split her in two. He pumped her viciously and then pumped his semen into her as her husband watched.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up so that she was kneeling in front of him as the giant tossed him a switchblade. He flicked the blade out ran it across Trina’s mothers stomach and then threw her across the bed as Trina’s father screamed in agony. The man threw the knife back to the giant and pulled his pants up as the tall man plunged the knife into Trina’s father’s chest letting go of him to drop to the floor. The men either did not know Trina was present or did not care; they left the house and set fire to it from outside before leaving. Trina ran to her dying mother and cried and begged her not to die but she gasped her last breath as Trina watched and then ran sobbing to her father.

“Oh daddy, don’t leave me alone”

She wept as her dad smiled as best he could and said

“I love you so much baby girl”

With that he closed his eyes and died. Trina lost her Mother, Father and her unborn sibling that night and now had no family to speak of. She ran from the house as the fire spread and kept running until she could run not further and collapsed in an exhausted heap in a paddock.

Trina was found and cared for in an orphanage until her adopted parents took her home. The agency had a full report of who Trina was and where she came from but as Trina had seemingly blacked out the traumatic incident they never told her.

Police investigation revealed that the bear that had attacked Trina that night was actually the tall Asian man that had been tracking and had attacked Trina the night Trina killed him in our home. Trina was indeed supposed to have died in the fire that night and upon discovering she was alive the man came after her. The camping attack had triggered Trina’s memory of the night her parents died and had caused an alternate existence kind of like a split personality. Trina would go out at nights and use herself as bait to any creep or perv that would follow her home. As it turns out she would refuse to have Jess bring her home the nights she as confident she had found someone to take the bait. My precious bride had actually slain seven rapist/killers that the police had been searching for by the time the tall Asian located out home and become her eighth trophy. With some inside help from Jess and a little evidence tampering it appeared that the Asian man was the serial killer and his final murder attempt had backfired.

With the investigation closed and over we had expected Trina to get back to normal but it had not happened. Her adopted parents had offered us a place to stay as kind of a retreat and I had taken them up on it.

After dinner Trina’s parents went for a stroll around their property while I sat down in front of a movie with my wife. I guess our life experience of late had turned me into a bit of a dark side fan. The movie was a weird and quite senseless thriller/horror that barely held my interest until the last few minutes where the main character returned to the site where an original crime was committed to solve a string of murders. It gave me an idea, perhaps Trina needed to go back to where her parents were murdered to be released.

I talked to Jess who had been a true friend the whole way through this nightmare about the idea and she thought it was worth a shot. She decided to join us for a trip to Masbate City in the Philippines in search of a cure for my bride’s condition. Geoff and Linda saw us off at the airport two weeks later, all of us hoping to restore Trina to her former beautiful self. When we arrived we checked local history to find more detail of what had happened the night Trina’s parents had died. There was not a lot of detail and the rape and murders of her mother and father but it appeared that shortly after the tragedy the police had ended the tyrannical reign the gang had held over the people of Masbate City and the surrounding areas.

We went to our accommodation in Masbate City and then hired a car. We decided not to travel out to Mobo where Trina was from until the next day and just hung out at the hotel for the remainder of the day. I sat down to spend some quality time with a fresh bottle of scotch and had just swallowed the second glass when Jess came out in her swim suit and suggested we go for a swim. Instead of answering I said

“Thank you”

“Thank-you, For what? Asking you to go for a swim”

She laughed.

“For being here, for.....well for everything. You have been great and we are both blessed to have such a friend”

“You have been pretty awesome yourself. Besides I had nothing better to do. If I could find me a man who looked after me the way you do Trina, hell I sure as hell wouldn’t be here”

She laughed again. Such a pretty laugh, such a stunning woman.

“I’m going to stay here with my baby but you take that hot bod down and soak it good ok”

She bent down and kissed me on the cheek

“Back soon”

She smelt so good and I was starting to feel the effects of a foodless scotch filled stomach. I drifted off into fantasy land and saw my beautiful Asian princess removing her best friend’s bikini top revealing her dark almost black breasts and sucking her big black nipple into her mouth. She pushed the long legged beauty onto her back across the bed and kissed her flat stomach and breasts making circles around her large nipples then sucking then into her full wet lips. Jess raised her hips as Trina removed the rest of her swim suit and gently kissed the bare skin just above her clean shaven pussy. The ebony beauty gasped in delight as Trina blew warm air onto her swollen lips and then licked tantalisingly gently on the very edge of her lips one at a time. Jess’s back arched as Trina sunk.........


My fantasy was interrupted by the first word I had heard Trina speak in weeks. It was eerie I looked across at her and she stood in the centre of the room staring. Her eyes were not fixed as they had been for so long, she was still staring at nothing but it was as though she was looking into someone’s eyes. The emotion on her face was joy and there was a tear running down her face as she had a brief one sided conversation with what appeared to be her mother’s ghost.

After a couple of minutes she turned to face me

“Mums gone now, thank you so much for bringing me here B”

My mouth was still open

“ you back?”

Tears were running down my face as I wrapped my arms around her and held her so tight and so close.

“Oh baby, my sweet precious wife, let’s go home...........


She screamed as she pushed me with supernatural strength across the room and into the wall. After a couple of minutes I got up with my head spinning and she was coming toward me with her arms out.

“I’m sorry Hun, but we have a job to do before we go home. We can’t leave here yet”

“A job? What is it?”

“I don’t know yet but I will”

“Well ok baby, boy have I missed you”

She kissed me and I kissed her and squeezed her firm ass in my hands.

“Not yet” She said “I know you have waited for a long time but I have something special in mind”

She said looking at my still hard cock.

“Something special for you and for Jess”

“You saw everything???? This whole time???”

“Well yeah but I was unable to do anything..........

“Baby do you remember the camp? You know......the attack?”

“You mean the bear?”

“Bear? It wasn’t a bear Hun. You killed a..........oh yeah it was a bear”

What the fuck was going on now? How could she have seen everything and not know that it was a man that attacked her, a man that she eventually killed.

“Trina what do you remember the camp? I mean things have been a little weird”

“Sit down baby I want to try to explain some things. Not that I understand it all myself”

Trina explained that her memory since the bear attack was full of holes and blank spots. She would often wake up not remembering going to bed and she would become conscious sometimes not knowing what it was she was doing, or meant to be doing. Her memory blackouts gradually became longer and more frequent until her mind, or part of it shut down. She was able to move, see and hear but could not speak or process. It was obvious that something supernatural was going on with Trina but I had never been a believer of that kind of stuff and was finding it all hard to accept.

Just then Jess came back and screamed when she saw Trina and me talking.

“Oh my god, it worked, you’re back”

We sat and talked over the last few weeks, Jess and I kept quiet about things Trina couldn’t remember. It was just good to have her back for now no matter how long it lasted. Trina cooked us dinner and we drank and chatted and laughed and for a while forgot any of the crap had ever happened. It was still early when Trina got up and took both jess and me by the hand and said

“Ok, time for bed”

We looked at each other and then at Trina and followed her, both hoping like hell she meant what we thought she did. Once in the bedroom tugged on the straps holding her skimpy little dress up and dropped it to the floor. She pulled off her panties and lay back on the bed and held her hands out to us inviting us to climb in with her. Jess removed her bikini one piece at a time. I had fantasised about Jess’s body a million times and seeing her naked body now for the first time confirmed my belief that she could be a supermodel. Her breasts, a large handful each were firm and topped off with beautiful rock hard nipples. Her gorgeous long legs led the way to her silky smooth slit.. She climbed on the bed and took one of Trina’s nipples into her mouth and gently tugged at it as Trina smiled then gasped in pleasure. Jess’s fingers trailed up and down Trina’s flat stomach and breasts as she kissed Trina on the lips and neck and then took the other nipple into her hungry mouth.

Trina held a hand out motioning me to step up next to her as Jess slid down the bed kissing her flat stomach and then climbing in between her legs to eat her pussy. Trina’s back arched and she groaned with pleasure as Jess took first one pussy lip and then the other into her mouth sucking it into her mouth and gently tugging it before releasing it ready for the next mouthful. Trina took my hard cock into her mouth and began bobbing back and forth on it hungrily. She began circling the large purple head and flicking the slit of my knob with her tongue skilfully then paused as Jess drew her clit into her mouth and tugged and teased it bringing Trina to her first shuddering climax. Trina grabbed my cock and pointed in the direction of the other end of the bed so I followed her direction climbing in between her and Jess’s legs as Jess slid up and was now hovering above Trina with the nipples on their breasts kissing delightfully, I had to look away as the sight of her firm black tits against my Trina’s perfect big tits as it was nearly too much.

As Jess again fed on her perfect tits Trina reached down and grabbed my cock and to my surprise positioned it at the dripping wet entrance to Jess’s gorgeous ebony pussy. I stuck the end in and Jess bounced back and yelped as she took in around half of my length in one thrust. I slowly pushed into her pussy until I bottomed out and bent over to kiss the soft smooth dark skin on her back. I stayed still letting her pussy recover as I fondled and massaged one of hers and one of Trina’s tits and then felt Jess’s hungry tongue flicking against my fingers as she sucked and licked my wife’s breasts. I pulled almost all the way out of Jess and then slid back in and began a slow steady stroke, after several thrusts I felt Jess’s warm slit clamp down and quiver as her upper body collapsed against Trina’s and she whimpered as she sprayed me with her sweet nectar.

“Oh another squirter baby”

I said to Trina as I briefly withdrew and watched the last stream of lady jizz spray all over Trina’s pussy.

“Come here baby, I need to taste you”

Trina said to Jess as she lay recovering from her orgasm. I parted my wife’s beautiful cunt lips with my swollen knob as Jess straddled her face. Trina began slurping and tasting Jess’s pussy as I slid in and out of her. Jess leaned over and licked around her opening as my cock slid in and out of it. Uncharacteristically Trina lost control when Jess sucked her clit into her mouth as I thrust into her deeply, her juice splashed over Jess’s face and soaked my shaft and dripped from my balls as I continued to pump in and out of her.

“Oh fuck I’m coming”

I groaned feeling my balls contract. As I pulled out Jess grabbed my shaft and pulled me into her mouth as I spewed rope after rope of jizz into her hungry mouth. I felt her greedy tongue flick around my shaft and scoop up every drop of cum as Trina continued her oral assault on Jess’s pussy. I pulled Jess up to face me and kissed her hard on the lips, as I looked into her eyes they became very wide. She pulled back and looked at the ceiling and groaned as I sucked on her tits and she squirted several times into Trina’s hungry mouth.

Jess and I climbed around either side of Trina and collapsed. I ran my fingers along the folds of Trina’s pussy on the left side while Jess mirrored my actions on the right side of her delicious swollen pussy. I kissed my beautiful wife on the lips while jess fed on her dark nippled breast and then we swapped. I worked a curled finger up inside my wife’s pussy and found her G spot while Jess rubbed and played with her clit. Trina’s back arched and she began to convulse in orgasm groaning with each wave of a mighty climax that when she was done left her totally spent of energy and whimpering as Jess and I held her tight.

As I awoke I was almost scared to open my eyes in case last night was a dream as it had been for so long now. I heard Trina’s voice from the kitchen

“Can you wake him baby? Breakfast is almost ready”

“Oh I’ll have breakfast in bed”

Jess replied as she sunk her mouth around my cock head and tried to awaken it. I responded immediately and heard Trina laughing from the kitchen

“Yeah that works every time”

As she spoke I opened my eyes and with a shaky voice greeted them

“Good morning girls, how are we today?”

“Fantastic Hun, you were amazing last night, both of you”

Trina said

“Horny as hell now shut up and fuck me”

Jess demanded

“Yes officer”

She climbed on top of me in the reverse cowboy position facing the kitchen where my wife was preparing breakfast. She howled as she impaled herself on my cock and paused briefly before she started bouncing up and down on me.

“Oh Hun I think I’m addicted to your husband’s cock”

She gasped as I joined in and started thumping into her in time with her movements.

“Oh my god I know right”

She giggled as she watched her friend writhing in ecstasy. Jess fell back against me as I took over bending my knees slightly and thrusting into her as I reached around and held onto her tits. Awe came at the same time as I blasted round after round of my hot sticky fluid deep into her quivering pussy. She rolled of me and I kissed her

“Oh fuck, what if I’m pregnant?”

“Ooooh a little black baby running around the house, that would be fun”

Trina said only half joking. Jess went into the kitchen and kissed Trina on the lips

“Are we ok Hun, you know about last night”

“We’ll talk about it over breakfast”

She said but gave Jess a deep kiss that suggested the answer was a big yes. As we ate we discussed some plans for the future. Trina and I would go back to the farm with her parents and tie things up there and Jess would move out of the place she shared with three roommates into a new rented place in the city that had enough room for the three of us. Jess would organise the sale of our old house as Trina understandably did not want to go back there and when the house sold the three of us would look at a place of our own. But this was the next chapter of our lives, we still had to complete the one being written first and this one was far from over just yet.

That afternoon we drove out to Mobo where Trina’s family home as a child had been. We had a late picnic lunch and lay around the beach working up the courage to face whatever it was we would face in the hours to come. Trina and I both felt very strange, like there was another presence with us but we still had no idea what we needed to do before we were “allowed” to go home. The house she had lived in, her parent’s house had not been burnt down and had been restored but remained abandoned. There had been tenants from time to time who lived there but they hadn’t stayed long. Rumours suggested there were hostile spirits guarding the house that wanted it to remain empty. It was possible that they were Trina’s parents but not knowing that for sure made Trina uneasy. Even if it was them perhaps they were angry at her for just watching as they died. Whatever it was they would face the time was drawing nearer.

We packed up and drove to the abandoned house as it started to get dark and parked outside. We approached the house hesitantly but instead of feeling any negative force there was warmth and almost a welcoming presence. The door opened as we approached and slowly entered. Although the house was not exactly the same the main structure had remained Trina explained. Many happy memories flowed through Trina’s mind as we walked room to room leaving her parents’ bedroom until last as this was where they died and where she watched them die. She had hoped we could do whatever was needed somewhere else in the house without needing to go in there but that was not the case. Jess entered the room first and I followed her, Trina paused and then followed. The whole room became a blur from a warm glow that slowly filled it and I could only just make out two figures

“Don’t be scared baby girl; we are not angry with you. But we do need your help”

Trina sobbed as her father spoke

“you see a baby was conceived in this house, a baby with a purpose just like yourself and that babies body was taken before it’s time. He was to be your brother and a very important member of our family. Will you help us, both of you?”

“How daddy?”

Trina sobbed

“You must create his new body and carry the child and when the time comes give birth to and raise him”

“What the?..........what if we..........


Her father cut me off

“You can and you will if you only agree, both of you”

“Well I’ve course we will help. This is what we have to do isn’t it? It’s the reason Trina has been through so much”

“Yes son, and after you have done this your life will return to normal. Well as normal as things can be in the country you choose to live”

“I’ll let that one slide but what do we have to do”

“Say yes, are you hard of hearing?”


“Let’s do it”

She said with a mixture of relief and excitement.

“Ok we are ready”

I said holding Trina’s hand. Her parents flew toward us and entered our bodies. It felt very odd but I would not say it hurt it just felt uncomfortable but only for a second. Our bodies unable to function with two spirits within rejected mine and Trina’s spirit and we stood watching ourselves. Now occupied by Trina’s fathers (Chrisanto) spirit I kissed Trina’s mother (Malea) and explored her body with my fingers and tongue as though it had been a long time since I had seen it, and I guess it had.

Chrisanto and Malea climbed on the bed and made love very purposefully. They kissed and rocked back and forth for a long time. Although I was keen to be back in my body I could almost have watched forever as her parents, my parents by marriage I guess made love. The two truly become one in the act and although they were not porn stars constantly changing position they were beautiful, more like artists, each movement building to something wonderful. Her father held her mother’s face and looked deep into her eyes as he prepared to fill her with his seed. He pushed into her with long firm strokes pausing at full depth to expel each burst of semen as she gasped and displayed physical signs of orgasm as her body shook and she gasped in delight. When they were both completely satisfied Chrisanto kissed Malea passionately on her lips and her face.

They looked at us across the room and held out their hand to us. We moved forward and as I took Chrisanto’s hand a feeling like I had expected a lightning strike to feel hit me as Chrisanto’s and my spirit swapped places. I looked down at my beautiful wife with my cock still inside her and kissed her lips as a tear rolled down each of her cheeks. Her parents spoke

“You are now pregnant and carry our unborn son, your brother. There will come a time when he and you Trina must fulfil your destiny but you will know when that is. Forget that for now, the day will come soon enough. For now you must look out for each other and after each other. Jess close your mouth now, you too are a part of something wonderful now go in peace”

With that they vanished, in fact the whole house vanished. Leaving us standing, fully dressed in the middle of nowhere.

Not a word was spoken on the way back to the hotel. In fact we all went straight to bed without a word and slept soundly through the night. When we arose we packed and made our way to the airport and then flew home. On arriving Geoff and Linda met us at the airport and asked how the trip had gone. All we could think of to tell them ids that it was a success and that their beautiful daughter was ok. We avoided using the phrase back to normal as it did not feel quite appropriate but we did tell them she was happy and healthy and as was the case with the baby growing inside her. Linda squealed with delight at the news and took us inside to prepare a celebratory dinner.

I think I stuffed up the ending a bit but I hope you still enjoy the story. Look forward to your feedback. FJ

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