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what happens when a girls can't pay her debts, POV of the aggressors
part 1

We sat in Cole’s garage, smoking a giant blunt. Me, Sarah, Cole, Chris, Salem, Samm, and Tyler. We all sold drugs. Last year, We all worked at a coffee shop called, “the magic bean”. It was owned by a guy called Mr. J. As it turned out he was a big dealer. He sold pretty much everything from under the counter. After the police shut it down, he asked us to start selling for him. It was good. It was our last year of high school, but I thinks e all knew that we would continue selling rather than go to college in a few months. Too much money.

Cole and Tyler did the apartments and condos. Sarah, Samm, and me did our churches. Ironically, Samm, the Methodist, and Sarah, the Catholic, did way better at selling drugs than me. I sold to the wiccans. I guess they all already had drug dealers. Chris and Salem both were rich kids. They did the pretentious little snots from East Hills. Life was good. We all went to the same school, since our district was so varied. We were too.

Tyler was this huge black guy, 6’4”, with a shaved head, and he woulda looked just like a banger if he bulked up and ever managed to wipe that grin off his face. Sarah was the nice little church girl, and no one who didn’t look real hard would see anything other than that. About 5’6”, blonde, cute, swim team, wore a cross. You’d never guess that she was a viciously dominant lesbian. Girls who couldn’t quite pay sometimes found that out the hard way. Cole was so fucking sketchy. 5”8” shaved, with a scraggly beard, he always wore flannel or denim and, like Tyler, couldn’t that fucking grin off his face. Salem was Middle Eastern. 5’9” he had short black hair. He’d gone through some rebellious phases, but conformed once he started selling. Chris was Texan, and my best mate. Short, curly, sandy hair, he looked like a poster child for the awesomeness of playing a guitar. He, like me, was a rugby player, and was muscled as shit. He was just about 6 feet even. Samm was the band geek. About two inches taller than me, had short blonde hair, was a little curvier, and had about 3 cup sizes on Sarah, who wasn’t tiny herself. I, the de facto leader our little gang, (read: the only one who wanted to organize shit, plus the only guy with Mr. J’s number) was probably the shortest, including the girls. Only 5’5”, I was a goddamn tank. 200 pounds, and all of it muscle. The team called me “Das Boot”, “The Tank”. I had short blonde hair, only a little longer than Chris’s, and a thick goatee, like a real goat’s.

I passed the blunt to Chris, as Samm leaned on my shoulder. We were on the folding chairs and one couch Cole kept in the garage, It was separate from the condo, so we could smoke without being obvious about it. Tyler was just finishing his story about the first time he tripped acid, last night. Out of all of us felons, Tyler was the worst. We think he averaged two felonies a week, not counting drugs. He was smart though.

Then, I got a call from the mysterious, Mr. J. “hey, Sir, what’s going on?” I said. “Erik, how long have you been selling for me?” he asked in that husky voice. “About 8 months, why Mr. J?” “Well Erik, I was wondering just how far your loyalty to me goes?” I felt a chill, Mr. J, despite his nice exterior, was a big fan of checking loyalty. A real, old school hard ass. “I’m completely loyal, Mr. J, I think you know this. What do you need me to do for you?” “Well Erik, It seems that one of your friends has let a friend accrue a rather large debt. Something on the scale of 3000 dollars or so. While I have no problems as long as I get my cut, It’s bad form to let such a debt get so large.” “Excuse me, “ I said to the group, and crawled through the window. “Mr. J, I promise you I’ll deal with this.” “You had better, Erik. Such a large debt tends to lead to desperation. If this person does something stupid and gets caught, and then talks, we will have a big problem. I wont protect you if that happens Erik.” “I understand, sir,” I replied as the line went dead.

I sat for an instant in the warm night air, looking at the stars, pondering. Then I went back inside. “Hey guys, we need to talk,” I said. They all stopped what they were doing and looked, I had my serious voice on. The blunt smoldered in Tyler’s hand. “Who here has 3 grand owed to them?” I came right out and said it. Most of them kinda looked at me funny, high as they were, but Samm was just too obvious, she looked away, and almost tried to huddle up. “Samm,” I began, “ what exactly has happened that made Mr. J call me?” She looked afraid, then started. “My friend from my neighborhood, this girl named Laura, she’s been buying all kinds of stuff from me for a while. At first She only got like, 20 dollars into debt at a time, but it started piling up. I know we’re not supposed to accept on credit, but she’s an old friend. I thought she was always good for it. I guess I didn’t realize just how much she owed. A few days ago, someone broke into one of her neighbor’s houses. I didn’t want to think it was her. Im so sorry Erik.” “It’s ok,” I said, knowing that really wasn’t.

“We’re gonna fix this. Do you know if she’s gonna try to pay it off?” “I don’t know. Her parents live in east Hills, but they’re not that rich.” “Hey man, what’s the big deal?” Sarah said. “She’ll pay it back, she’s got a job, she’s got parents to skim from, she’s got a nice body too,” she leered, “She’ll just pay it back over time, what’s the big deal?” she repeated for emphasis. I looked hard at the group. “I guess its human psych 101. If Mr. J is calling me that means that someone else knows the burglary on her neighbor was her idea. And if she did it once, she’ll do it again, and she’ll sell us out the moment she gets cuaght. We need to deal with this, and now, before she tries something really stupid.” I turned around and went back outside, while that sunk in.

I called Mr. J. “Sir, Ive confirmed who it is. Do you want to recommend a course of action, or do you want us to show initiative?” there was a pause as he considered the offer. I could hear him stroking his white beard through the phone. “Ok, Erik. No killing, but settle this by the dawn. Use your imagination.” The line went dead again. I sat on the curb and began to think. How to get this girl to settle her debt, and keep her from talking, but without raising questions about where she had gone? I thought and thought, and came up with an idea, a terrible, evil idea. But it would work. And we would love it so fucking much. I went back inside, and then explained the idea to them. Samm, predictably, wasn’t totally thrilled with the idea. Sarah was all for it. Tyler and Cole were just as enthusiastic, and Salem was almost as. Chris was sold on the idea, but he had to play to the devil’s advocate, to satisfy Samm, for the questions she couldn’t ask, being who started all this in the first place. “Isn’t there any other way to do this?” Chris asked. “No. If she lived alone, or even with other kids, or if she had a lighter debt, it wouldn’t be so hard. But we can’t threaten her or her family, or break any legs. We can’t just break into her house. This is the only way.” Then, Samm called Laura and told her to meet us in an hour. That meant 2am, plenty of time to enact our plan. Then I sent Tyler, Cole, and Sarah out to collect supplies for our little adventure. Then, Salem and Chris went to prepare the cave. Samm and me stayed, to get our drugs together.

Sarah drove home, excited, and wet. She was glad she wore panties; otherwise, she might have stained the crotch of her sweatpants. She got home, and went inside. Her parents and their friends were playing monopoly and Risk, loudly, and drunk. “Hey, Sarah, having a good night?” her Uncle Mike asked. “Totally uncle Mike,” she replied,” Im just gonna grab some stuff and go back to my friend’s house. We’re having a really cool sleep over party.” “An all girl’s sleepover, huh?” Mike said, slurring, “I would love to see that.” Im sure you would, even more than you know, Sarah thought to herself. She got into her room, then retrieved the box marked, ‘baby clothes’ from her closet. From inside, she pulled out a 3 dildos, two vibrators, a butt plug, nipple clamps, two pair handcuff, one fuzzy, one real, a ball gag, and her absolute favorite toy, the one she thought she got to use far too little, her 8” long, 2 1/2” around, bright pink strap on. It even had a short dildo inside the strap, with a little nub to excite her clit with every thrust. She threw all of them into her bag. She changed and took out her earrings, then put on all seven of her rings. Then she took her sleeping bag, her pillow, and as a final after thought, her video camera. Then she walked right outside, and drove off.

Cole was tearing apart his mom’s closet. “MOM! Where’s the fucking blow-up mattress!?” he yelled. “Next to the camping gear, you little bitch!” she called back. Wow, we really do reflect out parents, Cole thought. He got the air mattress, the two tents, the sheets, and piled them all just inside the front door. He knew his mom wouldn’t bother him, or even care he would be gone the whole night. He’d seen the two leather jackets on the dining room chairs. He’d smelled the pot smoke coming from her room. While he was waiting for someone to get back, he made himself a sandwich, as he was looking through the fridge, his eye fell on a can of whipped cream. He smiled, “We could use this,” he thought to himself.

Tyler was thinking the same thing as he picked out a bottle of chocolate syrup at the 24-hour mart, the kind that hardened after a minute of exposure to air. His shopping cart was already full up, with a variety box of condoms, several kinds of lube, about six packs of energy drinks, two rolls of duct tape, and other things. The cashier looked at him like he was crazy, but shrugged. He’d seen crazier things. But the pack of D batteries seemed the weirdest, for some reason.

When Chris and Salem reached the cave, there weren’t alone, three hobos were also camped out near the entrance on the rock, two were passed out, one was still seated next to a small, dying fire, wine bottle in his hands. “Hey, dude, Ill give you and your friends a hundred bucks and a bottle of vodka each if you’ll find some other place to sleep tonight,” Chris said. The hobo looked up, with remarkably clear eyes. “Give me the three hundred,” he said. Salem shrugged, and Chris handed the money over. The hobo said, Reese, Michael, get your sorry Asses up.” Both hobos stirred. “These nice young men are gonna get some tonight, and don’t want out dirty butts hanging around.” “Why, can’t we watch?” asked one of the fallen hobos. “They’re giving us free booze, mother fucker,” said the other. “Lets move.” In two minutes, the only evidence they had ever been there were the still smoldering embers. “Ok then,” said, Chris, “Let’s prepare this place.” Salem got the two tarps out of the pickup Chris drove, and they got to work.

Samm and I had wrapped about fifteen Js and had put up alibis for us and everyone else that needed them when Sarah returned. “You got all that we need?” I asked her. “That and much, much more,” Sarah grinned evilly. Just then Laura called. She was wondering if she could bring a friend, a girl a year younger than her named Renee. I said sure. I left Sarah and Samm rolling, as I started searching for the other air mattress that Samm had in her shed. I found it just as Tyler showed up with Cole. “We all ready?” I asked. “At our end anyway.” said Tyler. “Hey, can I try one of those Js man?” “Be my guest,” I said as I called Chris to confirm that everything was on schedule and ready, and it was. All we need now was the target. I looked at my team. Both Tyler and Cole were wearing old jeans, with blue T-shirts and dark blue cotton hoodies. Samm was wearing a T-shirt from a techno concert we had gone to last month. I wasn’t sure what we were. We had gone on some dates, and she had blown me a few times, and I had returned the favor. We had fooled around with other stuff, with me being her partner in some anal exploration a few weeks back. But I couldn’t honestly tell you what I felt about her. I think she was the same way.

Sarah wore a red swimming shirt and a knee length black shirt, I noticed she had taken out her earrings and had put in the rings. She had seven of them, small bands of metal, each different. Of all of us, only I knew what they were. A guy in a town about 25 miles away, who did metal work, made them. We usually bought bowls and bongs from his brother, who did glass work, but he did some nice work too. I had a necklace that he made for me from a piece of obsidian I had found. Sarah had always bought a small ring after she had totally dominated another chick. Seven girls who would never forget that night, or ever live it down if people found out. I knew that Sarah would be paying him a visit come Monday. I was wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and my lather jacket. And my lucky boxers. Honestly, to get away with this, I would need a bit of luck.

Then Laura and Renee arrived. Her parents dropped them off at the house, and Samm went to collect them. When they walked in, both Tyler and Sarah raised eyebrows, and Laura got a look of fear in her eyes. She was sexier than I remember. I saw her a little during school, but not much. She was wearing a white spaghetti strap top and skintight shorts. She had back hair, wavy, that reached her breast. While not as well endowed as Samm, she was definitely in the C range. She didn’t seem to be wearing a bra, but her tits stood up just fine. She was exactly my height, with slender legs and a nice, tight butt. Renee was a brunette, with much longer hair. A little short, maybe 5’4”, and had slightly smaller tits, but her ass was plump and beautiful. She looked a little scared at all of us and all the open joints and vodka. I stood up, holding a lit J, and spoke in a low, commanding voice. “Do you know why you’re here?” “yeah,” Laura said sheepishly, “ I know how much I owe Samm, by extension, you guys. But I can pay it off, I promise.” I nodded, as if understanding. “Don’t worry. Let’s sit down, have a smoke, maybe some shots, then we’ll talk about how a nice girl like you wound up like this.” She seemed so relived.

We all sat in the chairs and passed around a few Js. Laura told her story. She had at first bought for her circle of friends, and her boyfriend. It had just been weed at first, and then they wanted to try harder drugs. Being the girl with connections mad her the most popular girl in their clique. Weed, then coke, then acid, then shrooms, then some pills. A couple of her friends sounded like full on cokeheads. Their boyfriends apparently went through Viagra like it was pez. At first it was, “don’t worry Laura, We’ll pay you later” then before she knew it she had racked up a big debt, and none of their friends wanted to help her. “But you understand, right?” she pleaded with me and Sarah and Samm. “You wont let me get my legs broken or anything?” I looked into those eyes, saw that ultimate helplessness and submission, and I felt my dick just turn to stone as I thought of those eyes, streaked with tears and wide with pain, looking up at me during a blowjob. “Don’t worry,” I said, “everything will be just fine.” After another couple Js and a few shots, she was more than ready to go anywhere.

Cole and me stayed mostly sober, so we could drive them all. Cole took Laura, Tyler, and Samm in the van, along with most of the supplies, while I took Sarah and Renee in my Volvo. It was about three minutes into a 20-minute drive when Renee said, “Do you want some road head? I would totally do that.” “Ok,” I said. What guy would turn down road head? Even in front of his friend. Renee started by my rubbing crotch, licking her lips and whispering in my ear, “Come on big boy, lets see how hung you are.” At the next stoplight, I adjusted my seat down and back, to give her head room. By that time I was almost totally hard, my 6 inches straining at my pants.

She deftly unzipped them, and took a look at my cock. 6 inches long, but wide, almost an inch and a half wide. She swallowed, and then started taking my head into her mouth. Her lips were soft, and as they engulfed my head with their glistening wetness I almost missed my light turning green. As she worked her way down my shaft, bit-by-bit, I felt her hand slide against my pants and start kneading my balls from outside the fabric. Abruptly, she sucked in air and forced herself almost ¾ of the way down my dick in one go. I couldn’t resist. Even going 45, I reached down off the wheel, grabbed the back of her head, and forced her head down, keeping my dick in her mouth a good 10 seconds, while she started sputtering and I could feel her tongue whip around my cock. Then she pulled her head off my dick, leaving a string of saliva connecting them.

She started jacking me off with her hand, and then looked up right into my eyes as I stopped at a red light. “Do you wanna treat me like your filthy little whore?” she asked with a sultry, dirty voice. “You have no idea,” I replied, “Now keep sucking my fucking cock!” She returned to the task, alternating between sucking up and down my shaft while massaging it from the inside with her tongue, and focusing on the tip, kissing it and licking it. This girl was good.

As I looked in the rearview mirror, Sarah was smoking a J with her left hand while with her right hand stuck all the way down her skirt, jilling off in my backseat. Fuck it, I thought, and just pulled into a random driveway about five minutes from the park. I pulled the seat as far back as it would go, squeezing Sarah in the process, and placed both my hands on Laura’s head, one on her neck, the other on the back of her head. She knew what was coming, and sucked in a lungful of air just in time, I forced her head down my dick, holding for a few seconds then letting her up to catch her breath before doing it again. I was literally raping her face. The first few times, I held short of using my whole shaft, feeling a resistance on the head of my cock. Then I repositioned myself and forced her head down as hard as I could. I hit that resistance and kept going; feeling my dick slide down a warm, wet tube. She nearly screamed around my dick, and her hands flailed wildly. I pulled her off my her hair, and said, “Come on baby, you’re gonna have to learn to deep throat sometime.“ she nodded, stopped struggling, I did that forcing thing another six times, then she could take my whole length by herself, while flicking the base of my shaft with her tongue and fondling my balls with her free hand.

I leaned back and enjoyed a great blowjob, as Sarah offered me the J, she was smoking. I took a hit. It couldn’t get much better than this. Suddenly, Renee came off my cock, took a deep breath, and pushed her herself all the way to the base, while squeezing my balls. It was amazing, but it didn’t stop there. She held that pose for 5, then 10, then 15 seconds, until she came up for air at 20 seconds. I was almost in shock form the pleasure. She took another breath, and I knew that I would last another 20 seconds. She shafted herself, then after 5 seconds, as I felt my balls churn, I grabbed her head and held her there. This time, there was no fight. She just accepted it as shot after shot of my cum blasted down her throat. After my last shot, and about 25 seconds, I let her up. She was gasping. Then she smiled, and looked at me with her mouth open, what cum had settled back into her mouth was there. Then she closed her mouth, swallowed and then reopened to show that there was no longer any cum. I held the back of her head and said, “you’re amazing darling,” and kissed her right on the lips. Disgusting, maybe, but hot as hell.

As I started the car, Sarah leaned foreword, holding out her glistening fingers. Renee smiled so innocently, then took all four of her fingers in her mouth and started sucking them like my dick. I smirked and said, “Just how many times did you get off, Sarah?” She just smiled and held up three fingers on her other hand.

Once Renee was done and we were back on the main road, I asked her, “Just why did Laura bring you with her?” She smiled. “Im a bit of a slut, and we’re good friends. I think she brought me as collateral. Anyway, as soon as I saw you, I was really glad I came. I’ve had a crush on you for a bout a year now.” I smiled too, I couldn’t help myself. She was cute, and willing. I took the turn off the road, to the park. The trail usually had a large pole in the middle of the trailhead, to keep cars out, but Chris had taken care of that. I stopped once we were past it, and set the metal pole back on its hinge. Then I drove on, for at least a mile along the dark, scary, trail in the woods. Then we came to the cave. It was next to a large, rocky hill. The cave opening was a rocky scar set in at the base of the hill. There was another entrance, closer to the top of the hill, but it was impossible to get to. Chris and Salem had set down the tarps near the entrance. That was the funny thing about the cave. You could go and get high in it, but it was damned impossible to get in or out while high. Couple kids had broken bones trying.

The 8-person tent was all the way set up, with a lantern hung from a hook in the ceiling. When I got there they were inflating one of the air mattresses inside that tent. Chris took me aside, looking furtively at Samm and Laura, who were trying to set up the 6-man tent with Salem, and said, “Dude, I was getting worried, what kept you?” I smiled. “Let’s just say the other girl Laura brought wasn’t just for ‘emotional support’. I think she’ll try and bargain her way out using Renee as a chip.” Chris glanced around. “Will it work?” he asked. “No way, she’ll stay with me no matter what Laura says. Is everything ready?” “Yeah,” Chris said, “So, how are we going to do this? Get her high and drunk until she cant feel anything, then fuck her brains out? Tape it and all?” I paused then allowed my self a long, slow, growing, evil smile. Chris saw it, and was both excited and terrified.

“No, Chris. She’s as high as she is going to get. We’re what, a half mile from the nearest house? And we have duct tape and a gag. We’re going to explain the situation, then we’re gonna tie her up and fuck her until we lose interest, or cant hold a boner. Maybe Later we’ll drug the bitch up, but this, time, I want her to feel every moment of humiliation, every second of rape. You okay with this, man?” Chris seemed speechless. Then I glanced down. There was a bulge in his pants that had not been there before. I think he was in.

I walked around the camp, handing out joints and explaining my plan to everyone, Cole and Tyler were all for it. Sarah looked like she was gonna cream herself right there. Salem looked impassive, but had a small half smile as I turned away. Then I talked to Renee. “Hey, so, Im just gonna say something. We’re going to do something illegal. More illegal than underage sex and booze and pot. Laura owes us a lot of money, and she will pay for it. Using her body, not yours. Now, sexy, you can do whatever you want. You can come watch. You can stay in the other tent and smoke until you pass out, you could even ask me to take you home. But unless you promise me, right now, that you’ll never, ever breathe a word of this to anyone, then you’ll join Laura tied to that bed in there.” She looked up at me with those lovely green eyes. ‘I’ll never tell a soul. I guess I’ll wait in the other tent. If you want me, I’ll be right there, waiting.” She smiled, looked down submissively, then turned and walked into the smaller tent, where Cole and Salem had just finished inflating the second air mattress and were lighting up. I grinned form ear to ear. Girls just aren’t made like that anymore. I wondered which male relative had turned her into a sex slave. And when. While I was enjoying it, if one of her uncles had made a habit of turning his nieces into sex slaves when they were young, he might begetting an unwelcome visitor

I made a couple hand signals to Chris and Tyler, calling them over. We huddled, and I said, “Tyler, you go get Sarah. Bring her box of toys and the duct tape. Chris, talk to Cole and Salem. I want someone in that tent with Samm the whole time. We can’t have her do anything stupid.” Both nodded and went off. At this point, the tension and suspicion in the air was palpable. If Laura was more sober, she might have run, but she just sat in the bigger tent with Samm and smoked a J. I came in and left the door open, and just jerked my head towards Samm. She had a dejected look on her face, but she left anyway. Then, for the moment, it was just Laura and I.

I sat on the large, king-size air mattress, across form her, as she took a long, deep hit from the rainbow bowl. I took it, had a hit, then handed it back and began to talk. “Laura, do you know how much money you owe Samm, and by extension, me, and by extension, my employer? Samm may be a softie, but I’m not and he’s as hard as they come.” She looked kinda confused, then said. “I know its more than a grand. But don’t worry; I’ve got it all figured out. I know why you’re brought me and Renee and Samm out here We’re gonna party, right?” she said this while winking and giggled at me. I did not reciprocate. “Here, Renee’s a bit of a slut. I think that a night of fucking and sucking, then a couple weeks where Renee and me do a little on the side quickies and BJs, and we can call it even. What do you say?” she asked as she handed me the bowl. I put it aside. “Two things Laura. First, your situation is not quite that simple. You are more in debt than you realize. You don’t actually buy for yourself, but rather for other, who sound like addicts. This isn’t a good combination. You’ve also tried to make the money back by stealing.” Her face fell when she heard that. She must not have thought we knew.

“We’ll deal with your druggie pals one day, but for now you’re here, you have the debt, and you’re gonna pay it. Second,” I leaned in close, close enough that she could have stuck out her tongue and touched my face. “You’re trapped, alone, in the woods with a gang of horny, young, high drug dealers. Why the fuck do you think you can set any rules?” As she slowly changed form an excited, lazy look to one of horror, as it dawned on her, I snapped my fingers. Chris, Tyler, and Cole entered, holding the box and a roll of duct tape. In seconds, she was held down, and Tyler cuffed her hands behind her back. Sarah’s ball gag was taken, and Cole forced it roughly into Laura’s spitting mouth. Me and Chris, holding her legs, were impressed. She was a fighter. As soon as Tyler got her ankles duct taped together, Chris produced a pair of scissors and began to cut away at her clothes. Her top went quick,, but her skintight shorts took a few minutes. Then we cut away her bra, and finally, we all reached down and, as a group, ripped off her panties. She moaned as the fabric dug deep into her pussy was we tugged.

As soon as this was done, we all sat back a beheld our handiwork. She sat on the edge of the mattress, with the tent’s thin wall on the back. Her tits were proudly on display, despite her attempts to put her knees high enough up. Her makeup was all smeared, with her mascara running fro her tears, her blue eyes wide in that fear and panic I had foreseen earlier. Chris passed me a joint, light by someone, and I noticed that Salem had entered the room. “Sarah’s with the girls,” he said, “it made sense for them to have a sympathetic ear while we pound this whore.” On anyone else, that would have been spoken with violence. With Salem, it was impassive, like he’d just remarked how dry the weather was.

“Well guys.” Tyler said in a booming voice, “who wants some dessert?” he took out a can of whipped cream, and we immediately got the message. We grabbed Laura, and spread her flat. Then Tyler took the whipped cream, shook it well, and generously covered her tits and belly with it, We all jumped forward, and greedily licked every trace of cream from her body. By the time we were done, she was again tearing up, and her whole torso was wet. Then Tyler got a sinister look in his eye. He took out three large D batteries. Laura hadn’t seen them yet. We all tried to be quiet, as he passed one of them to Chris and one to Cole, then took the last one ad move farther down to the pussy. Cole, and Chris touched the batteries to her we nipples at the same time. That got her attention. It was a mild shock, so I imagine she liked it for a minutes then Tyler took her already juicing pussy, licked the clit a few times, then dug his battery into her most sensitive area. At the same time, Cole and Chris pushed their batteries into her tits as hard as possible. She screamed through the gag. I had once heard that the clit has five times as many nerves in it as the whole penis. I couldn’t even imagine what she must be experiencing.

Eventually, Tyler and the rest let up, and she had a moment to collect her thoughts. Then I took off my shirt, and curled up next to her, and whispered in her ear. “Ok you little slut, here’s how it’s going to be. We’re only getting started on how we’re gonna make you pay us back. We’re planning to have a blast finding out new ways to make you suffer with the maximum pleasure for our cocks. But right now, all we want is a good fuck. And that’s what you’re gonna give us. Or we may have to start getting creative in how we torture you.” I licked her ear with this last statement, causing her to shudder. I straightened up, the said, “who brought the J?” Salem raised his hand. “Ok then man, you take the ass, Ill take her pussy.” She started to protest through the gag, but we didn’t care, I think it made some of the dicks in the room that much harder. I cut the duct tape on the ankles, and lay on the mattress, holding her over me. In a motion that was half me, half her, she descended towards my waiting dick. At first I only touched her outer lips, but I quickly became impatient and began to bury myself deep in her soft, tight, moist box. It felt like wet velvet was engulfing my cock with every thrust.

I noticed Salem getting ready behind her, so I pulled her down onto my dick and held her there Salem had generously applies lube to his dick, but I didn’t think that It would help much for a backdoor virgin like Laura. He grabbed her shoulders, and whispered something in her ear. Then he started slowly pushing her dick in her tight little asshole. In a few minutes he was most of the way in, and we started double fucking this little bitch. We got our rhythm down; I would slam in as Salem pulled out, and vice versa. I was already horny from licking the whipped cream off her, so after a short while I held her down on my dick, feeling the resisting tightness all along my cock, and blew my load. I pulled out, and Salem forced her head down into the mattress and fucked her doggy style. The other guys were all sitting in the chairs we had set up, some jacking off, some not. I got into my sweat pants and t-shirt as Chris moved to take my place double stuffing Laura. “Where you going man?” asked Tyler. “I got a much more willing pussy in the other tent. Besides, I have a feeling Sarah will want a go at this one.”

I walked across to the other tent, as I heard a yelp and laughter behind me. I opened up the flap of our second tent, and motioned for Sarah to go. She looked like Christmas had come early. Then I looked at Renee and pointed outside; without complaining, she went. Then it was just me and Sam. She looked down. The silence was broken by a sudden crack of hand on flesh from the other tent. I waited a moment then said, “Sam, if you want out, I get it.” She bit her lip, and said, “its not that I want out, I just don’t know if this is ok. I mean I feel like you’ve started that first step, you know, like Michael Corleone first agreeing to help his father.” I looked narrowly at her. I was already antagonizing over this. I knew I had an addictive personality, and rape and sex might be one I couldn't kick. But there was no other choice. It was, send a message, or Mr. Johnson will send one using us. “Look Sam, this is necessary. And I promise, we wont do it any more than is necessary.” Even as I said it, I knew that I was lying. But she seemed to accept it. She grabbed the grey backpack and left the tent. I lay on my back, and waited for Renee to come back in.

part 2

Samm walked to the edge on the campsite. She had seen the Renee girl wander back into the tent as soon as she had left it. She hated it. She loved Erik, more than she should, and the fact that he had so quickly fallen for such a wanton slut hurt her. But she decided that should just try and forget it. She pulled the bong out of the grey backpack, filled it with water, and began to take deep, strong hits of the OJ kush. She would take breaks between packing the bowl in order to take shots of whiskey. After nearly three quarters of an hour, she realized something about the yells, shrieks and laughter coming form the “torment tent”. Or rather, she realized something about her own reaction to it. She usually got a little wet when she smoked weed, but she had already been wet when she sat down. She had been really, very turned on before by their treatment of Laura but obviously couldn't say it. Sarah was the sadistic lesbian in the group. But now, more than thee dozen bong hits and nine shots of whiskey later. she was pretty much inhibition free. She wandered into the other tent.

She was a little shocked at what she saw, and almost creamed herself right there. Laura was on her knees, There were two thick, black dildos shoved up her cunt and ass. Both her ass cheeks were red as hell. Playing with the dildos was Sarah, who as alternating which hole she would tease, while running a vibrator in and out of her own juicing cunt. Standing front of Laura were Cole and Chris, who were taking turns testing Laura's gag reflex. Saleem was standing around with a video camera, trying to get as much of Laura’s over-worked pussy and asshole as possible. As she crossed around Saleem, Samm saw that Laura’s face was crusted with white cum. It was in her bangs, her forehead, her lips, nose and chin, and it even looked like some cum and gotten into her eyes. Sam looked down and saw that both of Laura's nipples had metal clamps.

She looked around, and saw Tyler in the final stages of rolling a quarter blunt. It was huge. She came over to the black teenager and asked, "hey, can I get a nice, deep hit of that?" He smiled, "well this is my weed, and my blunt. Tell you what. for every hit of my big, black blunt you do, you have to hit my other big black blunt once." Sam smiled even wider. She was now juicier than ever, and actually loved sucking dick. She had almost no gag reflex, unlike Laura, and got a lot of pleasure from having a dick in her mouth. To respond, she took her white t shirt off. She hadn’t been wearing a bra underneath. Her tits, firm and supple, bounced back and forth in front of Tyler’s eyes. To respond, he dropped his sweatpants and pulled out his now soft dick. He had already cum twice, once inside Laura and once on Laura. Sam took one look, smiled at its size, then asked, "it hasn’t been in her ass, has it?" "No, just her mouth and her pussy," Tyler replied, lighting up the blunt.

After a deep hit, he passed it to Samm, she too took a deep hit and, without any more encouragement, knelt down and took him in her mouth. She then exhaled around his dick. After another five hits, his dick was rock hard, and she had to work to get it all down her throat. He tasted good too. he was probably one of the guys who takes really good care of his dick. And, even thought she had only had two lesbian experiences, Samm could taste was she was sure was Laura’s pussy juice on his dick. Tyler grinned so wide he looked like the cheshire cat. Saleem was compelled to videotape this amazingly happy black man as he took hit from a huge blunt and got deep throated at the same time.

In the middle of the tent, Chris and Cole where taking turns hitting a joint as Laura sucked them off. both had already blown one of their loads inside her, so it was taking her a lot of work to get them off. Laura’s throat was already sore, and her mouth muscles ached. She didn’t dare stop, because she knew that it could get worse. What had been really difficult to swallow, was the fact that both boys had fucked her up the ass, and had not cleaned their dicks after stuffing them in her poop chute. Speaking of her poop chute, she twitched in pleasure and pain as Sarah harshly shoved the fat dildo lodged up there. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for the three dicks that had fucked her and cum in her asshole, there would no chance of getting it in there. Even with thee dick’s worth of gape, it was still a tight fit. As for her pussy, at this point, Laura could barely feel the inside of her vagina because it was so bruised. But the part that hurt her the most, wasn’t the cum in her hair. It wasn't being forced to suck dicks that had been in her asshole. It wasn't her tortured tits, It wasn’t her newly gaping shithole, or her now numb pussy. It wasn't even that it was all being taped. It was that Sarah had duct taped a bullet vibe set to highest setting directly to her clit, and laura was cumming hard like clockwork, under all these horrible acts, every four to five minutes. As she took Chris’s six and a half inches down her throat, she prayed that she might pass out and not remember it.

Tyler was amazed at how well Samm sucked dick, She could deep throat even him, knew how to work the shaft and tip with her tongue, and even licked his balls, all while exhaling weed smoke all over them. He knew he wasn’t going to last long. As soon as the blunt ran out and Samm could return to sucking his dick all the time, he knew he wouldn’t last. Within two minutes, he grabbed her hair and held her down over his cock, feeling her throat spasm around it. Samm tried to breathe through her nose as Tyler shot spurt after spurt of hot cum directly into her stomach.

As soon as he was done and had released her, Chris, who had spent his second load of the night into Laura’s mouth and had made her hold it here for ten seconds before swallowing, grabbed Samm around the waist, pulled her up, and started mauling her fleshly tits with his teeth and lips. She gasped and moaned aloud, as Tyler joined from behind, paying special attention to her neck and her ears.

Samm’s skirt was quickly pulled down, and she was sandwiched in between a black dude and a white dude, both naked, in only her light blue cotton panties. After a few minutes, she switched sides, and let Tyler maul her tits while Chris gave her vicious hickeys.

Laura still had her lips wrapped around Cole’s dick, but she was so glad that it would be finished soon. He was cumming inside her mouth and, when he was done, told her. “Bitch, you better keep that in your mouth for a solid thirty seconds. My cum is a great gift, so you better taste it and show it off to the camera as much as possible.” She did just that, swirling the cum around in her mouth like mouthwash, opening her mouth up to show Cole and Saleem the whitish fluid that filled her mouth. finally, after what seemed like an eternity of tasting foul, salty sludge, Cole allowed her to swallow it. But it was not over for her torments.

Sarah, upon seeing that Cole and Chris had blown their loads, once more took control of the situation. And as she stood and turned so that laura could see her face, Laura trembled. It was the face of a sadist, a person without mercy. With a sickening, at least to Laura, squelch, both dildos came out of her lower holes. “Please mistress, I beg you, take this bullet vibe off, its driving me insane,” Laura begged Sarah, knowing it was futile.

“Oh no slave,” Sarah replied wickedly while Saleem and Cole looked on. “I want you to keep cumming, I want you to remember, in every orgasm, that I am giving it to you. Soon, you will be unable to differentiate humiliation from pleasure. That is why I wont remove the bullet vibe, slut. I want you to cum, and keep cumming. And every time you cum, I want you to think of me, of my face.” Then Sarah held up the two dildos. One was covered in a slick, gooey mixture of pussy juice and cock juice. The other had whitish cum on it, but also had streaks of brown shit. Laura got a deep, horrifying sinking sensation in her chest.

“So, whore,” Sarah asked sweetly, holding the two up as she knelt down to look at Laura's cum stained face. “Which dildo do you want to deep throat first?” Cole and Saleem nearly died laughing, Laura nearly died of shock. “Tick tock, tramp. You have five seconds to decide which one of these goes into your pretty little mouth hole first.” Sarah waved the two dildos back and forth as she asked this question. Laura lowered her head, defeated.

“I want the one you put in my bottom first,” She said, almost too quiet to hear. “Sorry, didn’t catch that?” Sarah said, once more sweet as sugar. “Put the one from my bottom, in my mouth.” She said again, still shy. “Well, first, you didn’t say please,” Sarah began, adopting the air of a school teacher, “And secondly, I didn’t understand a single word you just used. Put the what from your what in your what?” Laura couldn’t stand it any more. She knew what Sarah wanted, and with another orgasm building, she knew she could not refuse. As a toe curling orgasm gripped her abused body, she yelled, “Please mistress, put the black dildo from my filthly shithole into my dick-sucking mouth!” Tyler, Chris, and Samm, who were at the moment engaged in a three way hickey-making session, all turned to look at the suddenly extremely degraded whore next to them.

Then all six people in the tent burst into laughter. As her orgasm subsided, Laura could only sit there in abject shame as they roared in laughter at her predicament. Finally, Sarah put the other dildo down and said, “If you insist, open wide,” as she brought the thick, filthy dildo towards Laura’s mouth. Laura, having nowhere else to go, simply opened her mouth and accepted the inevitable.

Rather than stuffing the rubber cock down Laura’s throat, the way the real cocks had been handled. Sarah took the time to slowly, excruciatingly slowly, force the cock centimeter by centimeter into Laura's mouth. This was horrible for Laura, who had to taste every single shit and cum covered inch as it made its way past her teeth. After what seemed like an eternity but in fact was only about 90 seconds, Sarah got the cock all the way to the back of Laura’s throat. With a savage thrust, she drove the hard, fake dick through the sex slave’s throat, causing her to gag. After another minute of roughing forcing the dildo in and out of Laura’s throat, causing her to gag and choke mercilessly, Sarah withdrew the black dick, now shiny and slick and clean from its thorough tongue bath. Laura nearly collapsed, having been released by the strong hands of Cole, and lay there on the ground coughing and retching as tears poured out of both her eyes, breathing hard. After the fit had subsided, Sarah simply knelt father down, held up the other dildo, and asked, “Ready to taste your own cunt, cunt?” And Laura knew she had to.

While Laura was learning the hard way exactly what her own pussy tasted like, Samm was ready for a double penetration. She had never tried it, in fact never had anal with a guy but in her deeply horny and fucked up state, she was dying for it. She had put the king size butt plug up her ass only a week prior, thanks to Erik’s help and lube, so she was sure her ass could handle Chris. What she was worried about was if her pussy could handle Tyler’s giant black cock. Her love box may have been wetter than she had ever remembered it, but it’s difficult putting a dick that large in anywhere. She almost felt sorry for Laura. Almost.

She leaned back as Tyler nibbled on her left nipple, which was now hard as a icicle, and whispered in Chris’s ear, “Get some of the lube. I want your dick in my ass while Tyler fucks my cunt.” Chris’s dick, who after thee orgasms was nearly soft, suddenly hardened. He left her and Tyler alone for a moment to get some KY from the box.

Samm turned now to Tyler and said, “Are you hard yet?” “baby, after what you just promised Chris, I don’t think I could be harder.” Both grinned with unbridled lust. Once Chris had returned, Samm leaned over the chair, putting her sweet, apple shaped ass on display. With one move, she pulled down her blue panties, now completely soaked with her love juices, and showed off her cute rosebud and creaming pussy, with trimmed brown bush, to her two rapt admirers. “Damn girl” Tyler breathed. “Damn is right,” Chris replied. “Come on guys,” Samm said as he looked back and pulled her ass cheeks apart with her hands, “Lube me up!” Chris put a dollop of KY on his index finger, then gave the tube to Tyler.

He first swirled the greasy lube all around her butt hole, then put his finger at her entrance and pushed. He got his first knuckle in easily as Samm relaxed her sphincter, but ran into resistance. After a bit of nudging on his end and relaxation on Samm’s, He got his entire finger up her shitter. Then, he withdrew, and let Tyler take over. Like Chris, Tyler put a generous helping of lube on his finger. Unlike Chris, he used two fingers, and did not bother to swirl around her asshole. he simply placed both greasy fingers at the entrance to Samm’s rectum and pushed slowly. Samm squirmed at the slow, strong intrusion, but it wasn’t anything she hadn't done before. She remembered how Erik had got four of his fingers up there while he had been lubing her up for the king size butt plug.

But once Tyler had his two finger all the way inside Samm, and was taking his time rotating them, Sarah appeared at his side. “Hey guys, if you could spare a minute and need to pee, I think I’d like to see exactly how water proof that mattress cover is.” All three got it immediately. Quickly, Laura, kneeling with both lower holes now refilled, was surrounded by the the six perverts. Saleem had set the camera on a tripod so that he could have his hands free. First, Sarah stood directly over Laura, her pussy now only a few inches over the girl’s head.

“Slut, open your mouth and prepare to drink my glorious pee!” Sarah commanded. Laura meekly pulled her head back and opened her mouth as far as it would go. The bullet was still in, Sarah having removed it briefly to replace its batteries, and it’s magic was still strong. Sarah squatted slightly, and let a stream of gold fall directly into Laura's waiting, if not eager, mouth. At first, Laura attempted to swallow all the salty urine, but was quickly overwhelmed. The foul, golden liquid poured over her lips, dripping down her chin and splashing on her tits. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Sarah’s golden stream faltered and stopped. Laura drank all the pee that was left in her mouth, and then Samm took Sarah’s place over her. Resigned, Laura opened her mouth wide once more. But Samm didn’t quite do what sarah did. While at first she directed her golden shower into Laura’s mouth, as soon as laura began to choke, she shifted and started to pee all over the poor girl’s face. She got it in her hair, her eyes, even in her left ear when Laura turned aside, before turning back after a harsh rebuke from Sarah. Once she was done, and it took her even longer than Sarah, Laura’s face and hair was drenched in piss. And it still wasn’t over.

Chris, Tyler, Saleem, and finally Cole all followed Samm’s idea, only putting the first half of their urine into Laura’s mouth, then pissing all over their helpless victim. To the piss soaked girl’s horror, as soon as they were all finished, Sarah had them all drink an energy shot and a 24oz of water. “We want to do this at least once more, right, slut?” The vicious dominatrix said to her captive. Bowing her head, Laura muttered a quiet yes, which Sarah accepted. While Samm and her two men went back to preparing for a DP, Sarah sat in one of the chairs and pulled a red bull, 20 oz, from her bag. Then, she turned to her slave.

“Whore, you will chug this red bull. I know that you are hoping your body will give out. I will not let it. I will force feed you cocaine if I have to. But first, let’s try this. Also, for every second you take to chug this, I will beat your tits ten times with this cane.“ Laura looked in horror as Sarah brought out an eighteen inch, willow stick. flexible and thin, it would leave painful welts. Laura took the 20oz and, with Sarah counting, opened it and started to chug. She had never chugged so hard or fast in her life.

After seven seconds, the can was empty. It had, at least, cleaned out her mouth of the taste of urine. Sarah rose. “you did well slave. I owe you seventy strikes, but as a reward for your obedience, I will only give you fifty five.” For some reason Laura could not fathom, as she raised her hands over her head and prepared to accept her thrashing and Saleem and Cole smoked and wanked at her pain, she was grateful to her mistress for reducing her sentence. While she did not know it, that thought was the first sign of a crippling case of Stockholm Syndrome and submission that would come to dominate her life. And as the first of the many horribly painful strokes fell across her breasts, Sarah aiming for the hard and erect nipples, another orgasm gripped Laura. But this one was not quite as unwelcome as those before.

While Sarah’s mental reprogramming was taking hold, Tyler and Chris both had two fingers fully inside the now moaning Samm. With a look, both knew it was time. They withdrew their fingers, and Chris generously applied KY to his rock hard shaft while Tyler added a little more lube to entrance of Samm’s asshole. For her part, Samm was about to cum just at the thought of having a real life dick in her butt. Chris placed his head at her rose bud and, with only the slightest resistance, put the tip inside her. Samm gasped. It was even bigger than the king size.

Slowly, excruciatingly slowly, Chris fed his cock into Samm’s ass, pulling out every eight of nine thrusts to reapply the KY. After a few minutes, Chris had his dick in Samm a little more than half way, and started rocking back and forth, fucking her well lubed ass. While the two of them were doing this, Tyler had put on a Magnum condom, and had applied KY up and down his shaft. He’d fucked a few white girls, and knew that they needed a little help taking his massive tool.

When Samm noticed Tyler ready and erect, she snapped out of the cloud of anal pleasure she had been lost in, and turned to Chris. “Chris, take your dick out of my ass and add some lube. Once Tyler is all the way in me, stick your dick back up.” Chris obliged, removing his dick with a squelch. She straightened and turned to face Tyler. With some help, she got herself up onto the chair, legs open and waiting. Like Chris, Tyler tried to feed his dick in bit by bit, but with a “Hurry up asshole!” by Samm and the realization the her hole was well lubed up already, he just lifted her by the arms and shoved his dick into her snatch. She nearly shrieked with pleasure. After about thirty seconds, Tyler anchored his tool all the way inside her, the tip teasing her cervix.

Then he lifted her all the way up into the air, and rotated her so that se was in between him and Chris. Chris, who was the same height as Tyler, was perfectly positioned. He placed his lubed shaft at the entrance to Samm’s even more lubed shitter, and drove it home. At this Samm came, hard. She yelled, louder than she had even thought possible. She disturbed eight sleeping birds nearby, and made Erik and Renee, locked in mid-coitus, Renee preforming cowgirl on Erik, stop and wonder, “What the fuck did Sarah just do the make Laura scream like that.?”

As it happens, Laura wanted to scream that loud, but could not, as the final, fifty fifth stroke landed on her abused tits. They were beat black, blue, and red. Blood wept from more than a dozen spots on her breasts, which now resembled nothing more than twin orbs of pure agony. Her left nipple was still standing tall, but her right was broken and bleeding, victim of too many direct hits by the willow rod. Both nipple clamps had been beaten off. From all this and more, Laura wanted to scream. But the dildo jammed down her throat and held in place by duct tape prevented her. It wasn't as large as the other two, but still about 6 inches.

Cole had inserted it after two hits, claiming that it served two purposes. First, she could not scream and disturb the others. Second, she could practice her dick sucking skills, which both Cole and Saleem agreed were woefully lacking.

As she dropped into a sitting pose, cringing at the pain even that small movement caused her, Sarah sat back down. “Slave,” he called, “Come over here and eat me out. If you are not being eager enough, I may start slapping your tits. If you continue to displease me, I will ask Cole here to get some lemon juice and ask him to spray it all over your worthless melons.” Laura could not remember moving faster in her life, lapping at her mistress’s cunt before she had even finished speaking.

Saleem and Cole both nodded appreciatively at Sarah, who simply lay back and enjoyed the feel of an inexperienced, but extremely motivated, tongue on her cunt. If anything, Sarah got more pleasure from this than if the girl had been good at eating her out. That would come in time, but the smell of fear, or unwillingness, was to that sadist the best aphrodisiac.

On the other side of the tent, Samm was literally convulsing with pleasure. Tyler had found her clit and was vigorously rubbing i has he pounded her. They had set up a rhythm, with first he pussy being full, then her ass, then Chris would keep his dick in and Tyler would fill her pussy leaving her stretched to the max. Then both would pull out, and they would begin again.

All three were covered in sweat, and Samm grunted just like Tyler and Chris, their sex noises lost in the that of the moment. When cum started dripping down her leg, Samm was at first unsure if it was sweat. To Chris's credit, he did not stop fucking her when he came, preferring to continue to pound that ass as long as possible.

Eventually, he went soft in her butt, and pulled out. A mixture of semen, lube, and ass juice trickled down her thigh. Only a few moment later, Tyler grabbed Samm close, and drove his dick as far into her as possible. While he was wearing a condom, Samm could almost feel the spurts of hot cum as his dick twitched inside her.

Finally, he let her go, and put her on the ground. All three were worn out. Tyler actually pulled himself onto the chair, and passed out right there. Chris checked his phone. It was only 4:54am. They still had about an hour before it would be light enough to see anything. While he wanted to continue, Chris found that that last orgasm just took it out of him and collapsed on the floor, naked.

But Samm, while exhausted, did not want to stop just yet. She walked over to the chair where Sarah was still being pleasured by Laura. Just as Sarah had predicted, a few light slaps on her tits made the poor girl a much better cunt licker. She was also keeping a quiet, consistent stream of abuse, audible only to her slave.

“You are a dirty, good for nothing whore who should thank me for filling your holes and letting you eat me out. I wonder if my pussy juice tastes like yours, tramp. You are a sleazy slut bitch whose only purpose in life is to provide pleasure to others.”

Laura heard all this and accepted it passively. She just kept up licking the outer labia of her mistress, making sure to flick the clit and occasionally run her tongue along the inside of her vagina.

Then, Sarah looked up at Samm who had just come over to watch. She smiled as she saw Samm move her right hand to touch herself at the scene. Sarah noticed the sticky, brownish fluid that was running down the side of Samm’s leg, and got an awful idea.

“Whore!” she commanded loudly, “you are now going to go over to goddess Samm and clean her thigh and her asshole, since the boys seem to have dirtied it. Laura could not have been more horrified, her eyes looking up at Sarah and then at Samm in the hope that some mercy might be found. None was. Sarah moved her hand towards the willow switch, and Laura knew she had to obey or endure pain that she knew she could not survive. With a dejected look on her face she turned to face Samm’s ass.

Samm was very surprised by Sarah’s order, but couldn’t be happier about it. She turned around and squatted, waiting. Then, there was the feeling of a warm, rough tongue running up the side of her left leg. It hesitated several times, but every time fear of retribution overcame disgust, and the tongue continued to at her juices. Once she was done with her left leg, Laura began on Samm’s right. She had deliberately left the ass alone until she absolutely had to. With a sigh of resignation, she pulled apart the ass cheeks, opened her mouth and moved towards the stinking, runny bud. She closed her eyes as she got close, now able to smell, as well as taste, the overpowering stench oily lube, salty semen, and of course, shit. She moved slowly inwards, until her tongue hit that evil mixture. With a gut wrenching move, she slowly place her whole mouth over the distended ass hole, and began licking and sucking on it, trying to get it clean.

Samm, already sexed up from the DP, when weak at the knees when Laura actually started licking her butt hole. It felt amazing, especially since the fucking had left her rather sore.She ground her ass into Laura’s face, making sure that her shit got all over the girl’s mouth and chin. When she felt a fart coming on, she had no problem letting it loose without and warning. When he decided she was clean, she pulled away and addressed Laura, who now had a brown fluid all over her face.

“Bitch, I never really liked you. You were my protection from the bitches, true, but you made me do all your homework and lend you all my locker space. You treated me like crap, and even made sure I never got a guy by spreading rumors about me all over. So now, I want you to eat my pussy. And you better do a fantastic job.”

Laura, cowed, simply nodded. Samm looked for a urine and/or semen free spot on the tent, and realized that there wasn’t one. So, she beckoned outside. As Laura followed her past the sleeping Saleem and Cole, Samm noticed that Sarah was getting something out of her box.

Once they were outside, where the first stages of twilight were beginning to color the sky, Samm simply laid out a towel and lay on her back, legs open. Laura needed no instruction, and proceeded to lower herself and start licked. After a few minutes, a black blindfold was placed over her eyes, and tied tightly in the back. She knew it had to be Sarah, the only other person left awake, but that didn’t make her any less worried.

Suddenly, with a disgusting, familiar squelch, the dildo in her ass was removed. A moment later, and her pussy was similarly freed. Laura was struck by how numb her genitals were from the abuse, since she was only able to truly tell the dildos were gone because the weight had lifted. That was why, at first, she didn’t even realize what Sarah was doing, only being tipped off by the hands grabbing her sides and the weight smashing against her ass.

Sarah was fucking her slave’s pussy, entirely for her own benefit. She knew Laura would likely not even be able to feel the 8 inch dildo as it worked her way up the sloppy, loose cunt. But with every thrust, the 4 inch vibrator and little clit nub were sending waves of pleasure through Sarah.

They stayed like that for a time, Laura getting railed by Sarah while eating out Samm. It was as the sun broke the treetops that both Sarah and Samm’s bodies twisted in orgasm. Then they extricated themselves from the used, abused girl on the ground. It was clear that she had had the roughest night of her life. Juice, piss, and cum of all kinds covered her face, hair, and slit. She had collapsed in the same position she had been in for nearly an hour, knees tucked underneath, and it was clear to see how her cunt and ass were both well used, red and puffy. She would not walk straight for days. Her tits were still mauled, the true extent of the damage only now showing, with the blood having congealed black on her bruises and welts.

Her face was a mess, the remnants of her rouge and mascara only adding to the abused whore motif. She was nearly asleep, with a pool of droll coming out of the corner of her open mouth. She had the wildest sex hair, matted with layers of cum, piss, and pussy juice. The bullet, dead, had fallen off sometime during Sarah’s violent rutting.

Sarah removed the now soaked strap on and asked Samm, “Hey, would you agree to help me out with this whore again? I could use another set of wicked hands, and I know you enjoyed it.” Samm smiled, still feeling the glow from that final, gentle orgasm brought on my Laura’s still learning tongue.

“I think that could be arranged,” Samm said. “But first we need the money back. Think we can start whoring out this bitch next weekend?” “Yeah,” Sarah agreed, “it’ll take at least that long for this slut’s holes to close up enough to fuck.” To argue her point, she knelt down and started putting fingers in Laura's cunt. one, two, three, four. Then she just tucked her thumb in and slid her hand inside. She got it almost four inches up the wrist before pulling out.

Samm just smirked. The she looked up as the first drop of rain fell. The clouds had overtaken the sun very quickly, and in fact she could still see the rising sun. Upon realizing what would happen, she turned to Sarah and said, “Hey, let’s leave everyone else here. Let’s get some breakfast, shower, get ready. We’ll come back in a few hours. Lets let the boys sleep it off and the whore get washed clean by the rain.” Sarah, who was dying for a shower, agreed. As they got back into street clothes, Samm started giggling. Sarah turned in the driver’s seat of the truck and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“I just thought of how much my grandpa, the one who always talks about how premarital sex ruins lives, would hate this. His face would be priceless.” Both stopped for a second, thinking about how they world had changed for them. Samm had discovered a side she had never known, and Sarah now had a truly enslaved young women to subject all her perverted fantasies onto. The world they had once known was being left behind as they drove back into town.

part 3

They were silent until they turned into the development they both lived, when Sarah said, “Shit! All my parents and relatives are probably already up. They are always making pancakes at 7am. Can I just use your shower?” “Sure,” Samm said without thinking. They made it back to Samm’s house without a hitch, parking the old truck in the yard and going inside. Samm’s family was gone for the weekend, so they didn’t have to worry about sneaking in.

Sarah offered to make pancakes while Samm showered, and Samm, feeling filthy, agreed. As Samm went into the bathroom and took off her clothes, she thought of something. She thought of how, just briefly, there had been that look in Sarah’s eyes as she had gone upstairs. She decided that she wanted to see how far it would go, and didn’t lock the bathroom door.

Sarah made two batches of instant pancakes while she waited for Samm to start up the water and get to showering. Once she was sure that she had given Samm enough time, she turned off the stove and went upstairs. Samm was using her parent’s bathroom, the master bath. It had granite walls and floor and there was a huge tub in addition to a massive shower. It looked like it could hold six or seven people. Sarah smiled as she stripped. This would be easy.

Samm had finished shaving her legs and was lathering up her body when she heard the bathroom door open. She smiled, and pretended not to notice. When the glass door slid to the side and there stood Sarah in the steam, Sam did not even try to act surprised. She knew both of them had two big things in common. Both had strong bisexual streaks, Sam’s only discovered tonight, and both were insatiably horny. The thrill and heat of the night had not left either of them

Sarah walked behind Samm and asked, seductivly, “would you mind if I washed you?” Samm smiled and said, “please.” Sarah took her had, filled them with frothing bubbles, and began rubbing down Samm’s moist body. She lathered down her calf, her thigh, spending special attention on cleaning between her legs, and traveled up, foaming up her tits. Then she found another bottle and shampooed her friend’s sweet, shoulder length hair. Then Sarah took the gushing nozzle, removed it form its bracket, and started to clean her friend.

It started out innocently enough, but after all the bubbles were gone, Sarah kept spraying, paying good attention to Samm’s lovebox. She cooed in sweet, gentle pleasure as the warm water tickled her lips. She was amazed she responded this quickly after the activity of that night. She took Sarah’s head in her hands, and brought their lips together. They kissed deeply exploring the other’s mouth with their tongue, all while Sarah alternated between spraying her own pussy and Samm’s. After a few minutes, Sarah broke the kiss. “Can you do me now?” she asked in an entirely uncharacteristic, soft tone. Samm was glad to.

Like Sarah, she lathered down her friends body, massaging and pinching all over. But once her friend was all clean, instead of teasing her with the nozzle, Samm upped the stakes and knelt to look at Sarah’s slit up close. It seemed to alien to Samm, who had never really explored her own anatomy. But she could guess what to do, and started to lick. She was worried about the taste, but soon found that it was actually rather pleasant, and started to get into it. Sarah tapped her on the shoulder and said, “I’m going to collapse, can you eat me out on the bed?” Samm agreed. Both got out of the shower, streaming wet and clean, and walked down the hall naked to Samm’s queen size.

Once there, Sarah lay back with her legs spread, and Samm dug in. Sarah enjoyed it in a very different way than she enjoyed her slave’s tongue. That pleasure was animalistic, vicious. Samm’s hesitant, but eager tongue, combined with the shower, meant that this pleasure was more like the glow after a good yoga session. Despite the countless orgasm she had had before, Sarah found herself getting very, very wet. Before long, she grabbed Samm’s head with her legs and held it against her moist snatch as she came.

Samm raised her head once Sarah’s throes of pleasure had subsided. Her mouth and lips were wet with pussy juice, and Samm decided that it wasn’t so bad. Sarah took Samm into her arms, kissed her deeply, then turned her body so that Samm was facing the headboard, and Sarah was facing the foot of the bed. Both girls had their friend’s snatch a few inches from their face, and neither hesitated, Samm going back into Sarah's shaved pussy with as much gusto as Sarah dove into Samm’s creaming cunt.

They lay there, eating each other out for nearly an hour. Their energy sustained by their hormones, and orgasms. Both only stopped because of their hunger, and how their mouths were cramping. They made sure to kiss, swapping girlcum, before making their way downstairs to each pancakes. Naked, of course.

Once they were done, and the dished put away, Sarah leaned into Samm’s ear and whispered, “There is one more thing I want to do to you. Meet me upstairs in fifteen.” Then, leaving Samm curious, she left to dress and go back to the car.

Samm went back to her room, sitting down on an admittedly stained bed. Bored, she looked in her left nightstand’s middle drawer, at her sex toys. Compared to Sarah’s collection, it was small. One vibrator, one set of anal beads, and one butt plug. King size. Samm, now horny after filling up, picked up the beads and a bit of lube. She decided she would surprise Sarah, just as Sarah planned to surprise her. She took the beads, and, one by one, inserted all eleven up her very pleased ass. Then she got onto hands and knees and turned so that the first thing Sarah would see was her ass, complete with beads.

She didn't wait long. Only about thirty seconds after finishing, Sarah walked through the door, and Samm turned to look at her. Both had near identical looks of surprise and glee. Sarah was happy and surprised to see her friend’s well shaped ass stuffed. Samm was surprised to see Sarah’s bright pink dildo sticking out from between her legs. Sarah had got it form her bag in the car, and washed it. It glistened now, from the lube that Sarah had smeared on it. Samm smiled, and dropped her head and shoulders to the bed, sticking her ass in the air.

Sarah got into position behind her and said, “You ready for one more good, hard fucking?” Samm only nodded. Sarah took the hard plastic dick, and drove it into her friend’s beaver in one smooth motion. She fucked Samm just as hard as Laura, and Samm loved it, driving her ass back with every thrust to get the fake cock deeper. Sarah actually came three times from the vibrating nub in the inside of the strap on, before she noticed the signs of an orgasm approaching Samm. She got an excellent idea.

The moment the first wave of pleasure hit Samm, and she writhed on the bed, Sarah grabbed the end of the anal beads and yanked them all out at once. Samm screamed into a pillow, gripped by an intense orgasm. Once they were done, covered in sweat, they cuddled, Sarah’s cock sticking out between Samm’s legs.

The last though Samm had before drifting off to a very sexually satisfied sleep was, “We’re gonna need to take another shower.”

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