Who will Jen's next conquest be? Will Jess start dating Bob?
Chapter 5

“So you fucked him after you blew the other two guys?” Jen asks Lisa over lunch at Sushi Heaven. “Yeah, I did!” Lisa affirms enthusiastically. “Why, you fucking little slut. Awesome!” is Jen’s response. “But why didn’t you fuck the other two guys?” she asks. “Because I don’t go around fucking anything with a dick, that’s why,” replies Lisa. “Well, blowing a couple of guys is no big deal, “ Jen responds. “What’s the most guys you blew at one time?” Lisa, feeling challenged, asks Jen. “I blow guys one at a time. I’m not a vacuum cleaner,” Jen taunts Lisa. “Why? You scared?” Lisa shoots back. “Hell, no! I could blow a hundred guys in a night if I really wanted to!” Jen replies heatedly. “You wouldn’t do it. You’re chicken!” Lisa pushes Jen even further. “I am not! I can blow more guys than you can!” Jen responds passionately. “Prove it!” Lisa challenges her. “How?” asks Jen. “The next time we’re at a frat party we’ll have a suck off contest to see who can blow the most guys,” offers Lisa. “OK. You got a deal! What does the winner get?” asks Jen. “Dinner at the Pizza Palace!” says Lisa, offering the prize. “OK, you got a bet!” affirms Jen.

It’s now Friday night. Jen is hungry again, and she knows she can satisfy her hunger at this frat party. Bob is so good in bed, and as a matter of fact, they had had mind blowing sex again just last night, but Jen can never be happy with just one dick. She’s here on a mission and none of her roommates are with her tonight. Heather is fucking Dom. Lisa is fucking Craig, so the blow job contest will have to wait for another day. And poor, miserable Jess is spending this Friday night studying in her room. All eyes at the party are on the petite beauty in her low cut blouse, tight, ass hugging jean skirt and high heels. Soon, Jen fixes her eyes on a target. The tall, muscular stud, with brown hair and brown eyes looks like he could be a football player. Jen’s eyes exercise a magnetic power on the stud, and soon he is at her side. Sure enough, he is a football player, and Jen now has no hesitation about making him her partner for the night. The two are soon making out in a corner, as the party swirls around them. Jen’s love canal is now saturated and her hand moves down to the stud’s crotch. She can feel his straining erection. Both are now ready. Grabbing the stud by the hand, Jen leads him to a bedroom at the back of the frat house. “Wait, this isn’t my bedroom. I don’t even live here!” the stud advises her. “Who fucking cares?” replies the lust driven beauty, almost ripping the stud’s shirt off his back, and pawing his well muscled chest. Jen’s clothes are soon in a crumpled heap on the floor, and she kicks off her high heels, even as her stud quickly divests himself of the rest of his clothing. Almost comically, the tiny beauty pushes the big stud toward the bed.

Soon, he is on his back in bed, and Jen takes his huge, rigid tool in her mouth. Maintaining eye contact with him, she deep throats his cock and takes his balls in her mouth, eliciting a deep groan of pleasure from the stud. Inflamed with lust, she mounts the stud, impaling herself on the stiffened phallus. She starts off slowly, grinding her lovely little ass up against the base of the stud’s cock, and then begins to gradually accelerate her tempo. Soon, she is thrusting her hips up and down with a vengeance, her ass cheeks undulating with every downward thrust. The stud tightly grasps her hips, and then moves his hands upward, squeezing the big, beautiful, bouncing titties. Working herself up into a frenzy, the beauty starts screaming “Oh my god! Oh my god!” at the top of her lungs, the thumping music from the party providing background to the carnal action in the bedroom. “Oh, god! Oh, god!” Jen moans again as a powerful orgasm flashes through her body. The now profusely sweating stud finally succumbs to the lustful assault as his balls explode, propelling a massive load of sperm into Jen’s welcoming pussy. Soon, the two lovers, again fully dressed, are back out amongst the party, They wish each other good night, and Jen, sexually satisfied for the moment, walks back to her dorm. You know, I don’t even know his name, she thinks to herself happily.

Chapter 6

I feel so guilty, Jess thinks to herself. Not only do I feel guilty that I’m going out on a date with another guy, but I’m actually enjoying it. Compounding her confusion is the fact that the guy she’s going out with is Jen’s friend Bob. Jen has reassured her that her relationship with Bob is over, but Jess still feels a vague sense of unease. She knows exactly what kind of relationship Jen and Bob had had. But Bob had been so persistent and persuasive that she had finally given in. Plus, Jess can’t deny that Bob is one good looking guy! Well, he knows I have a boyfriend, Jess reassures herself, so he’s not going to try anything. She had enjoyed dinner with him at the Pizza Palace, and the movie had been fun. Now they were in front of her dorm. “I had a great time, Bob! Thanks!,” she says, giving him a quick, friendly hug. As she pulls away, Bob gently restrains her. He inclines his head towards hers, and to her own surprise, she does not pull away. She starts to remind him that she has a boyfriend, but before the words can leave her mouth, his lips are on hers. She doesn’t close her mouth, and she can feel his tongue sliding past her lips. She closes her eyes and her tongue reaches for his. He pulls her closer, and she can feel the hardened bulge in his jeans. She can feel herself flush deeply, and she realizes that her love juices are beginning to flow. Oh my god! What am I doing? she asks herself in terror. She quickly disengages herself from Bob’s arms. “Are you going to invite me in, babe?” he asks. “No,” Jess replies firmly. “You know I have a boyfriend.” “OK, babe. I’ll give you a call tomorrow,” Bob responds and casually strolls off into the night. Jess returns to her dorm room. Now she feels even more guilty than before. Not only did she not stop Bob from kissing her, but the reaction of her body to his couldn’t be denied. He had put her into a state of sexual arousal, and she hated to admit it to herself, but it felt good. I want him! her mind screams out in a voice too loud to be denied. Wait, I’ve got to pull myself together, Jess agonizes. At least I have a clear conscience. I didn’t do anything to encourage him. But her self doubts immediately start to crowd back in on her. Am I really being honest with myself? She thinks back to when she was getting ready for the date. She had unbuttoned a few extra buttons on her blouse, and had picked out her shortest skirt to wear. Yeah, I think he’s hot, she finally admits to herself, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to jump into bed with him. I could never do that to Mike. Now ready for sleep, she turns out the light. I hope Bob calls me tomorrow, she thinks dreamily as she drifts off into a deep sleep.

The phone rings. What lousy timing, Heather thinks. “Hello?” “Hey, babe.” Heather hears the familiar voice of her boyfriend from back home. “Oh, hi, sweetie,” replies Heather. “What’s up, babe?” says the voice at the other end of the phone. “Oh, not much, sweetie,” Heather responds, fighting to suppress a groan as the stud on top of her slams into her yet again. “So, are you coming home this weekend?” pursues the distant boyfriend, blissfully unaware of what his babe is doing at the other end of the phone. “I don’t know yet, sweetie,” answers Heather, letting a soft moan escape as her new stud delivers another pelvic thrust. “Hey, I’m really busy right now. Let me call you back. Love you. Bye.” She puts the phone back on the nightstand, and refocuses herself on her stud. “Come on, baby! Fuck me harder!” she encourages her stud, who increases the force and tempo of his thrusting. “Oh, god! Oh, god!” Heather moans loudly in ecstasy. Suddenly, the familiar ring tone sounds again. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Heather almost shouts as the heavily sweating stud continues to pound her relentlessly. “Hello?” “Hey, what’s up?” comes the sound of Dom’s voice on the phone. I can’t believe this, thinks Heather. Both of my boyfriends call me while I’m in the middle of fucking another guy. Heather wastes little time with Dom. “Can’t talk right now. Call you later,” she says breathlessly, disconnecting the call and hoping that the sound of the stud’s grunting didn’t carry over the phone. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Heather gasps passionately, as the stud thrusts deeply. The steady, forceful pounding propels Heather into orgasm. “Yes! Yes!” she screams in ecstasy. Finally, the stud’s carnal efforts climax as he blasts a massive load of sperm deep into Heather’s pussy. Moments later, Heather, now wrapped in a sheet, is at the door, seeing the stud out. “You were real good, baby. Thanks. See you in class tomorrow.” He was good, Heather thinks to herself. Not as big as Dom, but he knows how to use what he’s got. Jen is right, Heather reflects. There are just so many guys to be had at college. Why should I limit myself to just one?
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