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Brother and sister take their love to a new level, then watch it grow even more . . . !
I've had several PM's requesting a conclusion for this series. It's taken me a while to put something together that took the story where I wanted it to go, and exposed me to some concepts that I would have otherwise never considered. Here is the conclusion to that series.

This is a work of fiction. I've done some research to get most of my facts correct. I've enjoyed both writing this series, and developing a plausible storyline. Any similarities between this story and persons alive or dead is purely coincidental. Mind you, if the opportunity ever arose . . . !

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[b]Little Sister’s Dilemma - Part IV[/b]

Joanne and I watched Sarah’s car disappearing through the trees of Palisade Lake campgrounds as it took her back to the city, leaving the two of us to enjoy our week of isolation. The whole day had been one of discovery, not only of ourselves, but also of a part of us that we never suspected might exist. What had started out that day as a bit of exhibitionism had turned out to be something more intimate, more perverse, and more exciting than any of us would have guessed. We had all masturbated in the presence of each other, but Sarah’s inability to make herself cum had called to both my sister and myself to help her achieve that sexual release that she so desperately wanted, but couldn’t quite make happen. While Joanne had lovingly fondled and caressed Sarah’s breasts, I had licked and sucked her swollen clit until she finally exploded in a much sought afer climax.

The experience had left all of us wanting something more, but none of us knew what, or how far we would comfortably go as a trio. We had silently acknowledged that we wanted to find out, although it was at Sarah’s insistence that we postponed further exploration until the following weekend. Her hope was that my little sister and I would have the freedom to express our love for each other without restriction, that we would get to know one another more intimately, and that we would find enough love to make a place for her in our little circle of lust. As much as I felt impatient to delve deeper into the realms of a threesome, and as my sister still tried to resolve the dilemma of her budding bisexuality, I knew Sarah was right. We did need the time to find ourselves, and each other. But it didn’t change the fact that I wanted Sarah, too, and so did my sister. It created an unspoken understanding between the two of us that our interests were a little more far-reaching than anyone could have hinted to us.

“Jim,” my sister broke the silence, “what just happened here, this afternoon?” It was a question that had run through my mind as well, but for which I had no answer either.

“I’m not sure, Sis,” I mumbled as though someone else might be listening in, “but I sure would love to find out. I could have killed that girl this morning, but now? Now I want to make love to her, and to you, and be a part of the loving between you two. God damn, this has gotten me confused!”

Joanne wrapped her arm around my waist and pulled me a little closer to her, and in reply I put my arm around her shoulders. We held each other that way, feeling very comfortable, and returned to the campsite to clean up after the supper all three of us had shared. It was only after I’d started another fire for the evening that Joanne came out of her reclusive shell, and opened up the discussion of what we were both feeling inside.

“Jim, remember when we first had sex together, and I wondered if I was a lesbian? I thought I’d found the answer when you made love to me that day. God, your cock deep inside me felt so good! I never wanted to have that feeling go away. I’ve loved you for my whole life, but that day, I fell in love with you, too. But this afternoon, when I was playing with Sarah’s boobs, I wanted her and you, both at the same time. As if that isn’t confusing enough, I wanted to be there while you had her, too, with the three of us all making love to each other. Shit, if you thought I was confused before, big brother, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Am I right when I say that you’ll help me find some answers? Are you still the same brother that I grew up with, the one that’s always been there when I needed an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend to help sort out my mixed-up mind?”

I leaned forward in my chair as I extended both hands to my sister, offering her a place of refuge from the confusion of her dilemma, and she willingly accepted my offer. I could see the anguish of her soul by the look in her eyes and the worry on her face.

“Yeah, I’m still here for you, Jo. You’ve made me fall in love with you, and I promised myself that any time you needed me, I’d be there. This is no different. But as for being confused, I’m not sure which one of us is more so. Like you, all I wanted when I ate Sarah’s pussy was to help her, to make that frustration of not being able to cum go away. But when she finally did achieve orgasm, and she flooded me with her juices, I wanted her, too. Not more than I want you, or less, but in addition to being your lover. And the really confusing part? When I saw you feeling her breasts up, I knew you wanted her as much as you’ve ever wanted me, and I wanted you to be able to have her without having to give me up. Even now, after we’ve had a couple of hours for the heat of lust to die down, I still want that.”

Joanne got out of her chair and came to me, sitting on my lap, holding me and pulling me tight to her vibrant young body. I looked up to see her face, and was greeted by her lips pressing on mine, her tongue pushing its way past my own lips as she sought to capture both my tongue and my heart. It felt like the most soul-searing kiss I could ever imagine existing. She held me prisoner like that for several minutes, my very existence hers to do with as she pleased, and I knew that I would never be able to live without this young woman as a major part of my life.

“I love you, Jim” she whispered as we finally broke apart. “Of all the guys I could be with right now, you’re the only one that would love me like this, and still be able to understand my confusion the way you do. Would you be able to handle both Sarah and me as lovers, though? Not just Sarah and I together, but all three of us, loving each other, making love to each other, and being a part of each other’s lives? Can you handle that? More to the point, would you want to try something like that? I need to know, Jim, because I think I have a tough choice to make here. On the one hand, I really am falling in love with Sarah, and I can’t deny it. But I love you, too, and just as much as one girl can love a guy. I need your support if I’m to resolve this question inside me, and I do have to resolve it. Right now, I feel that I can count on you to be there.” 

I was still in a daze, and the confusion in my head wasn’t getting any better. I suggested that we take a walk to clear our heads, hoping that the exercise might help us both sleep a little better that night. It was a warm night for April, and even though we needed sweaters, we left our jackets behind. Striking out on the trail that led around the lake, we walked closely together, Joanne’s arm around my waist and mine over her shoulder. The silence combined with the warmth of my sister’s body to settle an aura of peace over both of us, and I let my mind go blank. It was about fifteen minutes later that my sister said anything, but she sure got my attention.

“You think she’s home yet?” Jo broke the silence. I glanced at my watch. Three hours since Sarah had left, and this was the first mention of her since just after she’s left.

“Yeah, she should be. Hell, she’d better be, or I’m gonna smack her little ass. I wish our phones worked out here, because I’d feel a whole lot better knowing she was safe and sound. You too?” I responded.

“Yeah, I would. Funny thing, though. This is the first time since just after she left that I’ve thought about Sarah, and now I can’t help but wonder if she’s alright. That’s not an omen of some sort, is it?” I chuckled in an attempt to defuse the worry that we both felt for my sister’s friend, but deep down inside, I had the same question. Trying to buoy my sister’s spirits a bit, I pulled her tight to me, and she responded by laying her head against my chest, then leaning up and kissing me lightly on the cheekbone.

“I do love you, ya know” she whispered in my ear. “This thing with Sarah is kind of a fantasy, but with you, it’s real, and it’s something that I want as much as I need for you to want me, too.” Then while still holding me with one arm, she somehow managed to wrap her other arm around my belly without missing a step. “Jim, maybe we should head back. Would you mind?”

“No, I don’t mind. Why? Are you getting cold or something?” I inquired, ready to lend her my sweater if she was.

“Nope, not cold at all. It’s just that the things I’m gonna do to you tonight are getting me so damned hot that I think I’m gonna have to rinse out these panties in the morning. So unless you want me to do you right here on this trail, I’d like to get back to the tent as soon as we can.” There was that lustful tone of hers that made my blood boil, and I almost spun her around to chase her back. For some reason, though, I just wanted to tease her a bit.

“Right here on the trail, huh? Just what did you have in mind, Miss Houghton? Hmm?” I goaded her. Teasing a horny woman is never a good idea. Teasing my sister when she’s horny is downright suicidal, as I was about to find out.

“Jim Houghton, are you daring me?” my little sister demanded. I hoped that keeping my big mouth shut would save my ass. Yeah right! Maybe on the day that pigs learn to fly, but this wasn’t that day.

In some kind of retaliatory move, Jo let her hand drop from my belly to my groin, where she searched for my cock through my jeans, and began to rub it sensuously. Flaccid City instantly became a distant memory as my cock hardened under her fingers. I must have moaned in delight, because my sister giggled softly for a moment, then began to raise the temperature of my lower body, and the pressure of my bloodstream.

“You asked for it, Buddy,” she growled with a malicious sexiness to her tone, “and now you’re gonna get it. I’ll make you cum if you don’t behave, and you’d better do exactly as you’re told!” I was vaguely aware of fingers on the front of my jeans, and heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. But when Joanne slipped her hand into my pants, I must have been wide-eyed to anyone that might have been looking. Not only did she have her entire hand in there, but she’d also managed to hook her fingers over the waistband of my briefs and inside their barrier. I felt her fingers wrap themselves around my cock, then begin to slide up and down my length. God, her touch felt so damned good. In retaliation, I slid my hand off her shoulder and down her back to her waist, finding that she was wearing something with an elastic waistband. I slipped past it and her panties, lightly rubbing her firm ass, my middle finger tracing itself between her cheeks until I felt her puckered little rosebud. Tentatively I pushed against it, and Joanne moaned with delight.

“Pull your cock out” she demanded, and I untangled myself long enough to do as I was told. Unfastening the button, I dropped my pants and removed my briefs, then pulled my pants back up so that my cock and my balls were hanging out the front, my erection pointing the way forward. I stuffed my briefs into one of my back pockets, then made myself prone to whatever my little sister had in mind. “Put you hand back in my ass again. Your finger on my hole feels so good” I was ordered. With my manhood that vulnerable, who was I to refuse? My fingertip found her brown one-eye, and I started to tickle her rear entrance again. It was just then that Joanne grabbed my throbbing cock and began to stroke me slowly but insistently. I could feel her milking my pre-cum out of my hole, smearing my juices the full length of me as she began to push and pull my cock with lustful determination. “More” was all she said, although it was all that needed to be said, and I eased my finger into her ass up to the first knuckle. “Deeper” she commanded, so I slipped my finger in to the second knuckle. “I said more” I was told, and in compliance, I sunk my entire finger into her rectum until I was buried as deep as I could get, then began to wiggle the tip as I started to finger-fuck her ass. “Mmm, that’s better” she finally rewarded my efforts.

Still fondling each other, we started to walk back towards the campsite, me fingering my little sister’s ass, and her stroking and jacking my cock. In the cool evening air, it had to be one of the most sensual acts of depravity I’d ever imagined. My cock continuously twitched whenever Jo’s hand pulled on me as she slid from the base to the tip. She’d squeeze my purple helmet every time her thumb and forefinger ran over the ridge, milking more of my juice and smearing it all over my shaft as she returned from my cockhead to the base again. I didn’t dare interrupt her with mere words, as there were enough groans of pleasure erupting from my chest to get the message across. What she was doing to me was heavenly.

“God, I love how you finger my asshole” my little sister growled lustfully. “I think I’m gonna wet my panties in a minute! You’re gonna make me cum, you pervert! And just to get back at you, I’m gonna jack you off and make you spurt your cum all over the place. How’s that grab you, huh?” Just her threats were almost enough to make me cream, but I had one last ace to play in this little game.

“Finger yourself, Jo. I dare you” I murmured in her ear. My suggestion was met with the feel of her other hand sliding into her pants, then her panties, and the oscillating pressure of fabric being manipulated as she began to rub her finger over her clit.

“Oh God, yeah!” Joanne growled. “Too bad I’m wearing pants, or you could watch me, couldn’t you. Wouldn’t you just love to see my finger pumping in and out of my cunt right now? Damn, it feels so fucking good to play with myself, and jack you off too! Shit, I’m gonna cum in a minute, and hard, too!”

I was close myself, and Joanne’s suggestive talk wasn’t delaying my release any. She’d started really pumping me, with my finger following her rhythmic lead as it poked and prodded in her ass. I could feel her own fingers through the thin membrane between her two canals as she began to finger herself more intensely. Then suddenly, she leaned into my chest, jammed her fingers deep inside her cunt, and shook violently as she fought to get her breath back. I could feel her sphincter grab and release my finger spasmodically, and I knew that my little sister was standing in the middle of a forest trial, playing with her brother’s hard cock that stuck out of his pants, and was orgasming like there was no tomorrow. In her lustful seizure, she’d stopped jacking me, but her grip on my cock remained as firm as ever. She must have stood like that for a full minute, letting the pleasure wash over her as I held her tightly to me with my free arm. When that rush finally let her out of its all-consuming grip, she resumed jacking my cock.

“Cum for me, Jim” she cooed. “Let me see you shoot your goo! God, I want to watch you go off!” By now, she was seriously pumping my shaft, and I could feel my balls lift as my cock filled with cum. In anticipation, I inhaled sharply and deeply, then let out a long low groan as the first rope of my seed shot up my shaft and out into the evening air, followed by several more equally intense strings. Jo moaned sensuously as I shot off my load, the result of her ministrations. The rapture of it all just about made me collapse as my leg muscles turned to jelly.

My sister continued to play with my cock until it became soft and floppy, her other hand holding me against her ass, forcing my finger to remain buried where it was. Still exposed out the front of my pants, and still gently pumping my finger in and out of her rear entrance, we made our way back to the campsite, silently revelling in our depravity. It was only just before we crawled into the tent that she let go of my cock, now semi-erect again, and I let my finger slip out of her ass, feeling the residual wetness of her juices that she’d leaked into her panties. God, I wanted to rip them off her body and suck on the crotch of them until I got every available drop of her juices! I even told her that, and I swear she shivered at some kind of lustful thought.

As soon as my sister was inside the tent, she quickly stripped down to nothing, then flashed her pussy at me. I was half-way through the flap when that sight smacked me in the eyeballs, and my cock was hard and straining once more. God, I wanted to bury myself deep inside her, then drive her out of her mind with want and lust. I think she was even hornier than I was, because she retrieved her juice-soaked panties and waved them in my face.

“Still want to suck on these?” Jo teased me. “I dare you to do it, right here in front of me!” I thought, “To hell with you, little sister! I’m gonna do it, and make you squirm, right before I fuck you senseless!”. Grabbing her offered panties, I licked and slurped at the fabric, and the sight must have had the desired effect on her, for she let out a lustful groan. “Next time I jack you off,” she growled, “I’m gonna make you cream your shorts, and do the same thing to you that you’re doing to me right now! What you’re doing should look disgusting, but it doesn’t. It just makes me hornier than I already am!”

I actually managed to find a decent amount of her flavour in those panties, then began to stare at her exposed pussy with a burning desire to lick and suck on her until my thirst was satiated. Without any other indication, I dove between her thighs, pushing them apart far enough to latch onto her inviting femininity, and as soon as I could get my lips onto her clit, began to suck it, tickling its engorged hardness with my tongue. Poor Joanne almost shot through the roof of the tent, and probably would have if she hadn’t grabbed my head for an anchor. Within seconds, she flooded my mouth with a fresh flow of her juices. I sucked and licked her pussy until she came all over my face, screaming her cum loud enough for the entire lakeside community to hear.

“Damn you, Jim Houghton, that’s cheating! No fair making me that horny, then eating me out like that. Shit, I thought I was going to explode, you made me cum so fucking hard!” She gave me one of those “come hither” looks, and I complied with her bidding. Pushing her back onto the sleeping bags, I slid up her gorgeous body, burying my cock deep inside her as soon as I felt myself at her steaming hot entrance. In one long stroke, I was in her to the hilt, and immediately began pumping myself in and out of her cunt. I must had garnered her approval, because she clamped me deep inside her by wrapping her legs around my waist, rocking and humping against me just as strongly as I was fucking her. Every time I bottomed out, I could hear her grunt, then mewl with happiness at the pounding her hot, slippery young pussy was getting from her big brother. We both came hard, and at just about the same time. My sister was in no hurry to let me go, or allow my deflating cock out of her now-oozing cunt. Maybe she was trying to capture my full attention, because she refused to release her legs from around my hips as she kissed me long, deep, and hard for several minutes. Damn but she’s good at that, and I was her happy slave for as long as she wanted me to be.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you tonight, Jim, but whatever it is, I’ve gotta get me a big supply of it. That might have been the most unbelievable fuck we’ve ever had together. I suppose you’re going to tell me that you were fantasizing about Sarah the whole time?” Talk about being called by a Siren, then slapped silly! I was almost hurt and insulted by what she’d said.

“As a matter of fact, I haven’t thought about Sarah since we left for our walk,” I scolded her, “because the only woman in my heart right now is you! Maybe we’ll both have Sarah next weekend, and maybe we won’t. Until then, I refuse to let that girl try to push you out of my heart, Jo! So until she shows up again, can we please just keep this week as something special for you and I? That’s what we came up here to do, and that’s all I want this to be.”

Joanne gave me a pouty look of remorse, both of us knowing what effect that would have on my anger. Sure enough, I folded like a limp rag, took my sister in my arms, and held her tight enough to almost push the breath right out of her. She celebrated her victory by pushing me over and attacking my poor defenceless lips again. There are wars that can’t be won. This was one of them, and I surrendered without one lick of protest. Too easy, I tell ya!

“Sis, I’ve gotta crawl out and clean up our messy campsite, or we’ll have bears in here by morning. You get some sleep and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Without waiting for an answer, I clambered back outside and began to organize things. My sister had quietly come out to help without my knowledge, so it was a bit of a shock when I heard something rattling as she picked up after us. I turned and she was backlit by the setting sun’s red fireball, her nipples standing proud and erect from the cool evening air. It was both an erotic and artistic sight, leaving me hypnotized with the vison of her. We finished our chores, then crawled back inside the tent, where she curled up against my belly spoon-style, pried open her butt cheeks and placed my cock against her inviting pucker.

“You love feeling me there against your asshole, don’t you?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I do, for some perverse reason” she replied. “I have dreams of waking up with your hard cock buried deep in my ass, then falling back to sleep that way. Do me a favour? If you wake up in the night with a hard-on, stuff yourself up my ass and keep it there as long as you can? That idea’s such a turn-on for me.” I liked her idea, and promised myself that I’d have to try to satisfy that lustful fantasy of hers.

I woke up early the next morning still cuddled up to my little sister’s back with my cock now straining and throbbing from a morning erection. Remembering what she’d asked me to do the previous night, I spit on my hand to give me some lubrication, wiped it on my cock, and slowly buried myself to her full depth, then somehow managed to fall back to sleep. When we both roused a few hours later, Joanne moaned delightedly at the present I’d given her, and slowly began to rock her hips, speeding up as she went, her pumping actions on me pulling a most intense load from my balls to her waiting ass. I began to fantasize what it would be like to wake up that way every morning for the rest of my life, and damned near fucked her again.

Our day was filled with making love, eating, making love, exploring the lake’s trails, making love, relaxing and revelling in each other’s company, and of course, making love. By the end of the week, there weren’t too many ways we hadn’t had sex, and even fewer places around the campgrounds that we hadn’t used. By that Friday, we had made love so many times that we probably spent more time sleeping in each other’s arms than being awake. I thought I’d need a week’s vacation to recover from our week’s vacation. Even my little sister looked worn out, but the warmth and love in our hearts still blazed as strongly as ever. It was about six o’clock that Friday evening that Joanne started asking me the time every fifteen minutes, eventually hitting one of the wrong buttons.

“Jo, what’s with the time checks every fifteen minutes? You’re driving me crazy, ya know. Why? What’s so important that you need to steal my watch so I can get some peace and quiet?” I almost snapped at her, and she gave me a scowled look that told me I was in big trouble for asking.

“Sarah’s supposed to be coming up, asshole, or have you forgotten last weekend?” In truth, I hadn’t, but we’d spent so much time together, Joanne and I, that I’d almost put Sarah out of my mind. I confess that I did have more than just a few fantasies of what might take place if and when she arrived. By the same token, every fantasy always included my little sister, the three of us loving and pleasuring each other as much as we could. I’d given myself several handjobs over those daydreams, most of which my little sister had watched, and she’d done the same. Any time I had a similar opportunity, seeing her with fingers inside her sex got me worked up to a feverish pitch. Now I wondered if she was fantasizing about the same girl I was whenever she masturbated. A part of me felt jealous, but most of me found the idea to be a real turn-on. Now that she’d mentioned it, I became as anxious to see if we’d have our weekend visitor as Jo was.

“She won’t get here much before eight at the earliest, so why don’t we both relax and . . . I don’t know, maybe go for a walk?” I volunteered. Sis gave me a menacing scowl, letting me know exactly what she thought of my idea, and I had to admit that even I found it to be a little lame. Now that the subject had come up, all I could think of was to do something to keep my fantasies diverted away from the hoped-for weekend activities. The more I tried to avoid thinking about Joanne, Sarah, and I together, the stronger their influences became in my head.

“Jo, if we don’t do something to get our minds off Sarah and this coming weekend, I’m going to go out of my mind. Work with me on this one, Sis?” I pleaded, and she grabbed me, held me tight, and did what she’s always done so well. She was there for me once again, and I loved her for that part of who she was. We took a long stroll along the lakeshore, and for the first time that whole week, we even kept our clothes on and our hands out of each other’s pants. Looking back on it, we put ourselves through Hell on that walk.

Just as we got back to the campsite, a familiar car drove up, with Joanne almost ripping the door off before it stopped moving, and there was Sarah. The two girls hugged each other for a lot longer than good friends usually do. I caught Sarah looking my way, inviting me to make some kind of move to join in. As I put my arms around both girls, Sarah leaned into me and pressed her lips against mine. I felt her tongue probing and seeking entrance to me, and when I opened myself to her, I was also aware of Joanne nibbling on my earlobe as she explored my inner ear with as much passion as her girlfriend was expressing. I’m not sure which one of us was happiest, and I doubt it even mattered. This was shaping up to be a weekend that would deliver much more than it had promised.

“I think this has been the longest week of my life” Sarah exclaimed as we unlocked our lips. “All I’ve been able to think about was what happened last weekend, and not just the stuff in the tent. I’m dying to hear how you two got along, and if you managed to find what it was that you came up here for.” She paused to look deeply into both our eyes, then asked one of those questions that really shouldn’t need to be answered, unless you’re making love to your own sister. “Are you two still together, or has the passion died at all? God, I was so afraid that I’d come back here and find that you two had broken up. My worst fear hasn’t happened . . . has it?”

I kissed Sarah’s lips gently, then Joanne’s much more urgently before I answered.

“No we haven’t gotten around to killing each other off yet, although I think this little minx of a sister might be plotting to fuck me to death. There’s been more of that in the last week than the average teen gets in a whole year, I swear. I sure hope you’re a little less demanding than Joanne, because I think I’m overdue for a vacation from our vacation.”

“Shut up, Jim!” Joanne barked. “I haven’t asked you for more than you were willing to give, and you bloody well know it! Sheesh! The way you tell it, you’d think I was a nymphomaniac or something!” Mu sister gave me a loving swat across the shoulder before she turned her conversation to Sarah. “At least he still pays attention to me. But he’s been absolutely wonderful all week, and I think I love him more now than I did when we first arrived. Tell you a secret, though, Sarah. I think he wants you almost as much as he wants me. We haven’t talked about it much, but you should have seen him checking his watch this evening. Every five minutes, wondering how long before you got here! You’d think he was going to get some heavy-duty loving from both of us!”

“Me?” I burst in. “Who was it that kept asking me the time every fifteen minutes, huh? Geez, Sarah, if you hadn’t shown up when you did, she’d have gone absolutely insane, I swear!”

“Umm, I take it that you both missed me?” Sarah asked hesitantly. “All I’ve had on my mind is the possibility of being with you two again . . . and not as an uninvited guest this time. Am I reading too much into this? I brought a small tent and a sleeping bag, just in case.” I could see the apprehension in her expression, and it was a toss-up which one of us wanted to ally her fears the fastest.

“Oh, I think we can fit three of us in that sleeping bag or ours,” I reassured her, “unless you’d rather not. I’ll warn you that if you set up your tent separate from ours, both of us are gong to wear out the ground between the two tents. I assume that’s what you were referring to?” Sarah’s facial expression relaxed, and was replaced with a huge grin of happy relief. She pulled both of us to her, sharing her kisses equally. As I held Joanne’s waist with one arm, I let my other hand slip down Sarah’s back and cupped one of her ass cheeks, amused but not shocked to find that my sister had done the same thing. Jo leaned back enough to catch my eye, and the combination of her wicked grin and that lustful twinkle in her eye let me know that she was looking forward to whatever transpired as much as both Sarah and I were.

Umm, girls,“ I broke the ice, “are we going to just stand here all night, or are we going to admit to ourselves and each other that we’re all looking forward to exploring this weird situation we’re in? At the risk of having to borrow Sarah’s tent, I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to being with both of you, and giving you two as much of myself as I have to share. I think I can safely say that Joanne is of the same mind. Am I right, Sis?” She nodded her head as that happy grin flashed in front of Sarah and I, then kissed her friend’s lips with feminine tenderness.

“We both want you, Sarah . . . if you’re still interested. Jim and I have talked about it, and he’s fine with you and I being together. I’m okay with you and him making love, too, but he insists that we keep it as a trio for the weekend. I know he loves me, very, very much, yet he’s on the verge of falling in love with you, too. You know how I feel, I think. To be honest, though, I couldn’t see myself being with any other girl but you, in this kind of a situation. I guess that’s the basic ground rules, that we work to make sure each one of us is involved. Are you okay with that?”

Sarah looked pensively at the two of us before she committed herself.

“Yeah, I think I feel exactly the same way” she informed us. “I love making love with you, Jo. But as much as I want to have sex with Jim, the thought of splitting you two apart scares the shit out of me. I think you guys have this figured out pretty well, so let’s go with that idea, okay? And speaking of which, I’m cooking. Would you guys mind if I shed some of these clothes?”

Before either one of us could answer, Sarah began to pull her top up and off, then pushed her pants down to the ground, leaving us to drool over her body that was now covered only in the thong that Joanne had lent her, and a light skimpy bra that did nothing to hide her firm, perky breasts. My cock immediately saluted her, which neither girl missed. They both gave me a lustful smile, knowing that they’d have me out of my clothes just as soon as we were all inside the tent. Joanne took the hint and stripped down to just her bra and panties, her sex filling the air with her musky aroma. They both silently glared at me, making me feel guilty as hell for having so many clothes on. I stripped down to my briefs, my bulge pushing them a long ways out, but in the chilling night air, I was forced to find a T-shirt to stave off the cold. In the fading light of the end of the day, I grabbed the first shirt I got my hands on. It was one that somebody had picked up in Hawaii, and it read, “Pray for sex; anyone can surf!” Both girls broke into gales of laughter, their eyes telling me that my prayers would definitely be answered.

“That’s better” Sarah remarked. “I think I could quite easily become a nudist, sometimes. Being able to see wonderful bodies like yours could be an incentive, too. Can I make a confession? When we were all up here last weekend, I think I got as horny showing myself to you two as I did gawking at your bodies. God, I was so horny, and yet I couldn’t cum. Jim, if it hadn’t been for you, and what you did, I’d probably have rubbed myself until I bled! Shit, that was embarrassing. I sure hope I don’t have that problem this weekend.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t” I assured her. “If I don’t suck you off, I have a sneaking suspicion that Joanne will. And if she does, I’ll have her pussy to eat. Whether you do me is your choice, naturally, but I could get off on being part of a daisy chain. Don’t know if the tent’s big enough, but we haven’t seen anyone up here all week, so we could go just about anywhere. That little meadow down by the lake would be great, don’t you think, Sis?” Sarah groaned in lustful anticipation at the thought of all that oral sex, and I could see my sister’s panties were getting moist. Even my own briefs had a wet spot from my oozing pre-cum, which the girls noted with glee. Suddenly, Sarah adopted a more sombre expression as she looked first at me, then at my sister.

“Would you like to eat me right here and now, Jim?” she invited. It was an offer I couldn’t pass up, and I replied by dropping down in front of her, pulling her panties down, and lathering her soft, bald pussy until my saliva was replaced with her juices. Sarah spread her legs wide so that I could dive in deeper, and I lapped her outer lips until they began to spread enough to expose her hardening clit. I also became aware that my little sister was now standing right beside me, and the sight of Sarah pulling Joanne’s panties aside and fingering her slit had me so hot that I regretted that T-shirt. When I glanced up, both girls had their lips locked together, while Jo ran her fingers through my hair, pushing my head tighter to Sarah’s sex. I’d grasped one of Sarah’s cheeks with one hand, and the other to squeeze and fondle my little sister’s ass, making sure that I stopped at the valley of her crack to tease her puckered little rosebud. She eased herself back against my probing finger, indicating that she wanted that hole finger-fucked as well. I slipped up to her entrance, touched Sarah’s dripping digits long enough to smear Joanne’s juices all over myself, then returned to her asshole and began to open her up. As the second knuckle of my finger passed her sphincter, I felt Sarah pumping in and out of my little sister’s cunt, my presence acknowledged as she pushed her hips forward, opening her slit even more to my slobbering tongue. We pleasured each other for several minutes, until we heard Sarah’s breathing becoming quicker and more ragged. In an effort to catch her breath, she broke her kiss with my little sister and began to groan loudly, her wail becoming a muted scream as Joanne muffled her with another kiss. I tried my best to support Sarah’s weight by pushing her ass cheek up and towards me as her orgasm caused her to begin shaking and spasming. As her climax consumed her, I felt her fingers push deep into Joanne’s cunt and stay there, the vibrations of her cum transmitting to Joanne’s clit and sending her on her own orgasm. I attempted to drive my little sister further into her climax by pistoning the two fingers in her back entrance a little faster and a little deeper. With both girls now cumming, the air was filled with stifled screams of lust and passionate pleasure. I managed to keep both of them at their peak for almost a full minute before they broke for air.

“Oh God, Sarah,” Joanne declared, “he’s fingering my asshole, and it feels so fucking good!”

“I know” Sarah gasped. “I can feel his fingers in you! He’s been playing with my ass all this time, and I think I’m gonna cum again if he keeps it up! Geez, I never knew my butt was that sensitive. God, Jim, you can eat my pussy any time you want, after that cum! Shit, I thought I was going to pee myself!” I’d have to let her know that she was a squirter eventually, but at that moment, I was too busy lapping up all her cum juices I could get.

“I don’t think it’s too fair that we get all the pleasure, and Jim doesn’t” Sarah added. “Would you care to do the honours, or can I?” That left me wondering what she had in mind, but whatever it was, I knew that I was going to enjoy it. The idea of being pleasured by one or both girls had a certain appeal. How this was about to play out, though, was the burning question in my mind.

“I’ve had him all week,” my little sister volunteered, “and I think he just might enjoy a change of pace. All I ask is that you wait to fuck him until we’re in bed later. After that, I think I’d get off just watching you two, although I might join in if it gets too hot and heavy. Right now, I think I’m going to sit by the fire and let this glow sweep over me for a while.”

That was as close to getting permission as Sarah wanted to hear, and as I stood up, she dropped to her knees in front of me, grabbed my hard cock, and began to lick the head, slurping on my pre-cum as she did so. God, her lips on me felt so damned good that I almost filled her belly right then and there, but I really wanted to both feel and see our guest take me into her mouth. As my cock began to disappear between her lips, I couldn’t keep that moan of delight from emanating from my throat. The warm wetness of her tongue as it swirled and slobbered on my shaft almost drove me out of my mind. I looked down to see Sarah’s eyes looking back up at me, and that radiant glazing in her eyes as she finally got to suck my cock after all those years of fantasizing about it when she’d watched me jack off. I could tell that she was loving every second of this, maybe even more than I was. In a perverse and loving way, I hoped that was true.

Sarah took most of my cock into her mouth and was bobbing up and down on me as I looked where my sister sat. Joanne’s eyes had a glazed twinkle to them as she watched her friend sucking her big brother off, and the look on her face told me that she was loving the sight. Her finger slowly pumping in and out of her love entrance was my second hint, as she gently fingered herself in rhythm with Sarah’s bobbing head. All I could do was stand there and surrender myself to those luscious lips that were seeking to draw my seed out of my balls and down her throat. Over the next few minutes, that rhythm sped up, and so did my sister’s pistoning fingers which she displayed for my benefit. Between Sarah’s sucking and my sister’s fingering, I knew I wouldn’t last very long, and I was right. Almost as soon as the realization swept through mind, my balls began to tighten and my cock started to fill with my white sticky cream. The closest I got to warning Sarah was a massive groan of lust, followed immediately by that first blast of my cum as it exploded from my cock and into her twitching throat. To her credit, Sarah swallowed everything I could give her, slurping and sucking me until she had every last dribble of my steamy seed in her pretty little belly. I had my hands on her shoulders for balance, and that was the only thing that kept me from falling out of Sarah’s grip as my little sister began to howl from her own self-induced orgasm. Her screams sent shivers of happiness through my entire body, as I tried to focus my eyes on her in an attempt to be a part of her pleasure. But Sarah had me wrapped around her little finger with the bliss that she’d given me, and I was still her captive. I loved it, too.

It was several minutes before we all returned from that adrenaline-fuelled excitement and back to our pre-orgiastic state. No, that’s not quite true, for in the time that we’d spent loving each other, our lives were forever changed. We just didn’t know how much, at the time, or how much it would affect our future. At that point in time and space though, it was enough that we’d irreversibly crossed a threshold with no regrets from any of us. My little sister got off her chair and walked over to where Sarah and I were, then squatted down, first kissing the tip of my cockhead that had been just released from between Sarah’s lips, then those same lips that had just given me the second-best blowjob of my life. Jo was a little better at it, but only because she’d had more practise. I had a good feeling that would change before we got back to the city.

“Geez, he sure cums a lot, doesn’t he?” Sarah asked Joanne. “Does he always spurt that much?”

“If you think he creams a lot when you suck him off, you should feel how much he blasts up my ass whenever I get fucked back there! God, I leak forever until my butt closes up . . . and I love it. If you liked it when he felt your ass up, just wait until you get his cock in you there. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it, trust me.”

“Is that right, Jim?” Sarah looked up at me. “Are you planning on fucking me back there, too? I’ve never thought about it before, but from the way Jo tells it, I’d be interested in trying it . . . especially if it was with you.” I just smiled, not committing myself one way or the other. I mean, a guy has to have some surprises up his sleeve, right?

“Look, ladies, let’s just relax and let things unfold at their own pace. I don’t really have a set agenda here. All I know is that I want to make love to my sister, and as long as she’s okay with it, I want to pleasure both of you. Right about now, though, I think I could use something to drink. Anybody care to join me?” Neither Joanne nor I indulged in anything alcoholic as a rule, and we hadn’t brought anything with us. But Sarah stood up and walked over to her car, then presented us with a bottle of wine on her return.

“I brought this to celebrate something. Maybe now’s a good time to uncork it, and toast to our . . . umm, what should we call it? Our initiation into the realms of threesomes? Is that the term I’m looking for?” Sarah wondered.

“Yeah, I guess that’s as good a label as any,” I suggested, “although, if this weekend goes like we all seem to want it to, I’d be tempted to call us a trio. Sort of like becoming a couple, but with three people instead of two?” I received a kiss on each cheek as we all sat down to enjoy the flickering flames of our fire as it wound down and became glowing coals. The girls pulled their chairs up beside mine, and we held hands, letting the impact of what we’d started wash over us. For some reason, I couldn’t shake that feeling that a door had opened for us that led to a world of love and intimacy that we couldn’t even imagine before now. In silence, each one of us dreamed of the possible outcomes that we might realize, and every one of them felt like a positive part of being together, all while enjoying the wine that Sarah had brought. For me, it heralded the end of a wonderful day, and the beginning of an even more fantastic night.

“I’m about ready for bed,” I announced, “if anyone wants to join me. It’s been along and interesting day.”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake!” Sarah exclaimed. “I’ve been dreaming of this night all fucking week, and you want to go to sleep?”

“Gee, Sarah, I don’t remember saying anything about sleeping” I teased her. “Does somebody know something I don’t?”

Joanne broke into an uncontrollable giggle, and soon we were all laughing heartily, until my little sister finally stood up and offered a hand to each one of us, pulled us out of our chairs, and herded us to the tent. Once inside, we all struggled with our clothes, but were finally all naked before each other. Joanne seemed a little self-conscious of her small breasts, but the hardness of her nipples more than made up for her lack of size. I looked at Sarah’s breasts appreciatively, but my focus kept me returning to the sight of my sister’s bare chest, and my cock stiffened in anticipation of sucking and fondling her tits once more. Both girls stared at my groin, but whether it was the fact that my cock stood straight out, or whether it was the fading light, I couldn’t tell. It didn’t matter anyway, because I just knew that without the light, we’d all be dependent on tactile exploration.

“Jim, I need your cock deep inside me,” Joanne growled, “filling me up with your cum, while I suck and play with Sarah’s tits. I want you to shoot your load up my cunt, then have Sarah suck it out of me while you fuck her doggie-style. I want to know that you’re pounding her cunt as hard as you fuck mine. After that, I’m going to lick your cock clean of both of your juices. That’s for starters.” My little sister’s lascivious suggestions had my cock dripping pre-cum all over the sleeping bags, and the combined aromas of our sexes permeated the entire tent, its heady affects on our libidos making all three of us as horny as . . . well, whatever creature mates in threes.

I crawled between my sister’s thighs, letting my twitching cock find her entrance, then sliding it into her. She was dripping wet, and her heat felt like it was going to roast my manhood until it was well-done. As soon as I was deep inside her, I began to slowly pump myself in and out of her steamy pussy, and Sarah laid down beside us, her breast dangling in Joanne’s face, inviting her to suck one of Sarah’s rock-hard nipples while fondling Sarah’s other breast, squeezing and mashing the firm but pliable mass of her mammary. While I supported some of my weight with one arm, I reached across Sarah’s back with the other and pulled her tight against both of us, then slid my hand over her ass. She moaned with delight, and when I parted her cheeks to explore the depths of her crack, she lifted her hips to my fingers, silently pleading for me to tickle her asshole. I bypassed that target for a moment, and began to probe between her outer lips for her entrance, then teased her clit until she oozed some of her juices. As soon as I thought she was wet enough, I slid two fingers deep into her cunt and scooped as much of her juice lube as I could. Sarah groaned lustfully out loud as she wrapped her sex around my invading fingers, as much for our benefit as a signal of lustful joy. Once more returning to her rear entrance with the lubricant that I’d need to open her ass up without her suffering any kind of discomfort, I gently pushed against her relaxing sphincter until my finger popped past her rear barrier. As I pumped my cock into my little sister’s cunt, I started to finger-fuck our newest lover’s asshole, feeling her lift her hips so that I might gain deeper access. Joanne groaned as she realized what was happening around her, and wrapped one leg over my back while she hooked Sarah’s thigh with the other, effectively binding all three of us together in this multi-partnered union. I sensed the temperature in the tent rising as we three fed the flames of our lust with the exertions of pleasuring each other.

By the time I had my two fingers buried deep in Sarah’s ass, she’d begun squeezing and mauling my little sister’s breast, twisting and pulling Jo’s nipple in her hand. Jo had slipped her hand between her female lover’s legs, and was softly rubbing Sarah’s clit. The moans from the two girls sent me half out of my mind with the depravity that we were propagating, and I drove my cock into my little sister’s cunt as hard and as deep as I could, again and again and again. It wasn’t long before I felt those tell-tale signs of my load getting ready to spew into Joanne’s love chamber. I grunted my warning that I was about to cum, and my little sister shouted her encouragements to both of us.

“Yes-s-s-s, big brother, fuck your little sister’s cunt! Fill her full of cum, and fill her up with your fuck juice! She wants all your seed, so our other sister can suck it back out of her cunt while you fuck her hard and deep! Cum for us, Baby! Both of your little sisters!”

At that moment, the taboo of committing incest with my own sister hit me, and it sent a thrill all through my body. But Joanne’s reference to fucking two sisters was almost enough to send me over the top. My balls began to threaten, and I could feel my cock twitching. The mere thought of fucking two sisters made it feel like my shaft had just grown another inch of length. I wanted to fill my first sister’s cunt full of slimy goo, and I wanted to feel her climax around and on my manhood. That thrill also had me pumping my fingers furiously up Sarah’s asshole, and she began to breathe faster and more raggedly. In an attempt to bring my little sister off at the same time as Sarah and I did, I started ramming myself in and out of her cunt as hard as I could without hurting her, making sure my pubic bone rasped against her clit. Soon, Joanne was beginning to gasp as well. And I concentrated on orchestrating a three-way mutual orgasm.

“Oh God, my ass!” Sarah screeched. “Feels so fucking good, getting finger-fucked back there, dammit! I’m gonna . . . “, and her climax took her up into the clouds as her sphincter convulsed on me. Her body began to spasm with the explosion of her cum. She wailed long and loud as she let the sensations consume her completely, pushing her asshole over the full length of my two fingers.

That declaration must have been all it took for Joanne to also reach her peak of pleasure, because I felt her cunt squeezing on my cock, then relax a bit before it squeezed me again. I pushed my cock as deep inside her as I could, pumping myself until I could feel the first string of my steamy spunk launch itself up the full extended length of me on its journey into my little sister’s smoldering sex. As that first rope spurted out of my cockhead, I shoved myself deep inside, then held myself in her as far as I could go, while jamming both fingers just as deep in Sarah’s ass. All three of us came hard, and the afterglow bathed us more resoundingly than I’d ever experienced before.

“Sis,” Joanne cooed to Sarah, “suck his cum out of my cunt? Lick my pussy until you make me gush. I want to give you a bellyful of our juices, while our big brother pounds your cunt until you cum all over his cock!” Jo’s lustful request had the effect of keeping me hard, and I slowly eased myself out of her fuck-hole to relinquish her pussy to Sarah. As I backed up on my knees, Sarah replaced me between Joanne’s thighs and began to lightly kiss her mound, then locked her lips on my little sister’ clit and started to suck it hard. Joanne threw her head back as she mewled at the intrusion, then grabbed Sarah’s head and pulled her tight to her pussy.

Sarah was perched in my sister’s crotch with her ass up in the air, and I could feel the heat radiate from her sex as I crept forward and centred my cock on her entrance. As I began to push myself into her cunt, I was amazed at how tight she was. That’s when Sarah lifted her head to talk to me.

“Jim, I’m still a virgin, so you’ll be the one to bust my cherry tonight. God, you have no idea how much I’ve wanted to give you that! It’s all I’ve been able to think about for the whole week! But be gentle? I know it’s going to hurt a bit, but I really want you to fuck me, to make me a complete woman. Do me, big brother! Fuck your virgin little sister!” Her enticement made me want to just ram my full length deep inside her heated hole, but I wanted her first time to be as wonderfully memorable as my other sister’s had been, for both of us.

“I’ll be gentle, Sarah, I promise” I reassured her. “Let me know if it gets too painful and I’ll stop. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this, so just relax as much as you can.” My words sounded clinical, and I really wished that there was an easier way to do what had to be done. All I could do was offer her something that would make the pain worthwhile.

“I . . . I love you, Sarah” I offered her, and it was true, I suddenly realized. Without letting my probing cockhead lose its perch at her entrance, I wrapped my arms around her torso and hugged her to me as I bent over her, then kissed the back of her neck as a seal for my confession. I began to push a little harder as her virgin love canal slowly stretched to accept my twitching manhood. When she’d expanded enough to let my tip slide into her cunt, I gently began to stroke myself in and out for the first couple of inches of her heated sex. I felt the resistance of her maidenhead, and stopped pumping, letting her get used to the feel of my cock inside her love canal.

“Let me know when you’re ready, Sarah. I can wait until you are. Besides, your cunt feels so fucking good on my cock, and I want you to feel as good as I do” I told her. She kept me against her hymen for almost a full minute before she surrendered herself to my assault.

“Do it, Jim” she growled. “Take my cherry now! I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

With that, I pushed a little harder, trying to hold back until her membrane ripped and yielded to my cock. She gasped, and I could feel her muscles tighten in self-defence. I kept the pressure as constant as I could until she let herself loosen up for me, then increased the pressure just enough to shatter her barrier.

“Holy fucking Jesus!” Sarah screamed loudly. “Shit, that fucking hurts like a son-of-a-bitch!” Sarah collapsed on Joanne’s belly, and my little sister pulled Sarah’s head tight to her stomach, trying to soothe her pain as best as she could.

“Easy, Sis,” Jo whispered, “and let the pain subside. It’ll start to feel better in a minute or two. We can wait for you, for as long as you need. We both love you, ya know. You’re becoming a part of us, and you matter so very much, to me and Jim.” Joanne hugged Sarah a little tighter, letting the tears splash down onto her tummy’s skin. I leaned forward again, doing my best to keep my cock from moving inside her, and hugged my newest sister in an attempt to let her know that she really was loved. A few minutes later, Sarah began to relax, tentatively pushing herself down my cock-shaft a bit, then stopping until she became used to the thickness of my manhood inside her.

“Holy shit, was it that painful when you lost your cherry, Jo?” Sarah groaned. “I mean, I’d heard that it would hurt a little, but that feels like more than just a little. It’s easing up some now, and I can feel how full Jim’s cock is making my cunt. But damn, that hurt!”

“We can stop now, if it hurts too much, Sarah” I offered, and she answered my suggestion by pushing herself a little further onto my shaft.

“No!” she almost yelled. “I wanted to be fucked this weekend, and right now, I want it more than anything in the whole world! If you pull your cock out of me right now, I’ll be so fucking pissed at you! Just give me another minute, then I’ll let you know when to shove it all the way in me. It’s a little sore, but you feel so fucking wonderful inside. I want to have you all the way up my cunt, big brother. Oh God, how I want you deep inside me!” Several seconds later, Sarah started sliding herself further down my shaft until I was buried in her to the hilt. I felt my balls make contact with her pussy lips, and she grunted at the sensations. I remembered how soft and silky smooth Joanne’s cunt felt, its velvet-like sheath so soft and delicious on my cock. Sarah was the same, only more so, maybe because this was her first time. Her canal was so tight, but felt so magnificent. I could get quite used to fucking this girl as much as my little sister and I fucked.

“Oh God, y-e-e-s-s-s-s!” she exclaimed with a tone of satisfaction and desire. “God, that feels so fucking good! Do it, big brother! Fuck your other little sister, and shoot your load into her tight little cunt! God dammit, Jim, fuck me, now! Give it to me!”

I began to stroke in and out of her slowly, pulling myself out until only my cockhead remained, then gradually returning until I filled her up completely. Within less than a dozen strokes, Sarah began to purr like a kitten, until she surrendered her voice as she re-attached her lips on Joanne’s clit and began to lick and suck my sister’s pussy with a vengeance. I heard Joanne gasp, and felt her pull her newest sister’s head tight to her oozing mound, now covered in Sarah’s saliva. The next thing I knew, I heard the sounds of Joanne’s juices being almost vacuumed up by Sarah’s greedy mouth as she continued to lick and suck on my little sister’s pussy.

“Y-e-s-s-s-s!” Joanne hissed. “Lick my cunt, Sis, and suck our big brother’s cum out of me! Lick our juices. Eat my pussy while our big brother fills your cunt with his hard cock. Let him fuck you until he spurts his cum inside you! Oh God, Sarah, you feel so fucking good on my pussy! Shit, you’re gonna make me cum all over your face!” Her words had become louder the more she’d spoken, and her message inflamed both Sarah and myself. In response, I’d reached around Sarah’s belly, and was now flicking my finger over her engorged clit, feeling it bounce as I tickled and teased it more and more. She rewarded me by fluttering her cunt walls on my pulsing cock, and they started to convulse against my pumping cock almost to the point of my becoming immobilized in her depths. Then she’d relax, and I would be able to pump myself into her again until the next convulsion. By the time I’d sunk back into her depths, she was mewling with increased loudness, finally letting go and screaming her rapture as loudly as my little sister ever had. Then her voice became muffled as she dove back into my sister’s crotch and resumed licking and sucking on Joanne’s cunt and clit again.

Now it was my little sister’s turn to cum, and she let out with a blood-curdling scream as she exploded under Sarah’s slurping tongue. I could feel her body shake and spasm as Sarah drove her to the peak of passionate pleasure, the sounds of her laboured gasps filling the tent. I could hear the two girls exchanging my sister’s juices, and that was all it took for my balls to lift once more, my cock to fill with whatever seed they could pump, and the tell-tale twitching of my cock getting ready to flood Sarah’s virgin cunt with her first load of fresh hot cream.

“Oh God, Sarah! I’m gonna cum in your cunt!” I yelled as a warning. She pushed her ass back and impaled herself on me until I couldn’t move any more. In response, I shoved myself as far into her as I could, then stayed there, not moving, as string after string of my baby batter gushed into her waiting love cavern. Joanne was still gasping as I grunted and grappled with my own breathless exertions, basking in the sensation of unloading myself in our newest sister’s soft and slippery fuck-hole. There was a strained groan leaking from my gut as I introduced Sarah’s steamy pussy to the magical world of fucking and sex. Then I collapsed, holding my weight off Sarah’s sexually-spent body with the little remaining strength of my arms. She finally lifted her head from my sister’s pussy and came up for air. We all just laid there, allowing our bodies to recuperate, and the afterglow to sweep us into a world that only the three of us were welcome. In that moment, I couldn’t have told you which one of the two girls I loved the most. I’d be so bold as to venture that there was no difference of degree. At the time I didn’t care. I just wanted to be with both of them until all the stars quit twinkling in the sky.

We lay there for I don’t know how long. Joanne was the first to move, and she extracted herself from Sarah’s slimed face, then crawled around so that I could flop onto my side while pulling Sarah with me. I felt Joanne’s warmth press against my back, and her arm slide over my waist. Her hand found its way to Sarah’s pussy, displacing my own as she lightly strummed her new sister’s clit. Sarah jerked in reaction.

“Oh God, my clit can’t take that!” Sarah protested. “I’m tingling everywhere; my clit, my cunt, my ass, even my tits! Does fucking always feel this good?” I mumbled something, but those two girls had just about worn me to a frazzle.

“Yeah, it does” Joanne replied. “But if you think it feels good in your cunt, just wait until you take it up your ass! They say there’s more nerve endings in your asshole than your clit, and after being fucked in the rear entrance several times, I tend to agree. If Jim wasn’t so tired, I’d get him to fuck both of us that way.” While she was explaining all this to Sarah, Jo kept gently playing with her new sister’s pussy.

“Your pussy feels so soft and smooth, being bald like that. Would you shave mine in the morning, Sarah? I love that feel, and I think Jim does, too.” Before Sarah could answer, Jo started to nibble on my ear, dipping her tongue inside and sending thrilling shivers down my spine and into my slowly-deflating cock. I felt myself twitch, but I was too soft for it to jump much.

“I’ve got some cream that’s made to take off pubic hair,” Sarah mumbled, “ and I’ll make yours as bald as mine, if you want. But I’d like to do Jim’s cock and balls too. I think a man with a bald cock looks so fucking sexy! They say it’s better sucking his cock when he’s got no hair . . . and I have a sneaking suspicion that Jim’s gonna get his cock sucked a lot, between the two of us. You interested . . . big brother?”

There was that “big brother” reference again, and it made my flaccid cock jump a bit with lustful anticipation of hearing that a lot in the near future. I liked the sound of it, and the implications that I was fucking two sisters instead of one. The fact that they were doing each other, openly and in front of me, was becoming a whole new turn-on. I could quite easily envision fucking one of their asses while the two were locked in a sixty-nine cunt-fest. I’d have started to feel up their asses right then, but my overworked nuts were beginning to protest the abuse they’d already been through, delivering three loads of cum in less than two hours. But I was also intrigued by the idea of having all my pubic hair removed. If I didn’t like it, I could always let it grow back in.

“Sure . . . Sis,” I whispered in her ear, “I’m interested, especially if it gets me some more of those wonderful blowjobs you two give. I could even get to like being bald, maybe. The thought of both of you with smooth pussies is driving me crazy. As much as I love to eat Jo’s cunt, I think I enjoyed your pussy just as much, partially because it’s so soft and smooth. If you do hers as smooth as yours, she may have my lips permanently attached to her crotch, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Mmm, I love it when you call me ‘Sis” Sarah cooed. “Would it be okay, Jo, if we called each other that whenever we’re alone together? You’re a couple of months older than me, so I guess that would make me the ‘little sister’, and you the ‘big sister’. That’s kind of sexy, don’t ya think?”

“Yeah, I like the sound of that . . . little sister” Joanne agreed. “All we have to do is train this big brother of ours to get the titles right. I’m ‘Sis’, and you’ll be ‘little Sis’ . . . you got that, big brother?” We all chuckled, and held each other tight in a “family hug” of pseudo-siblings.

“I guess that eliminates you from being ‘Mom’s little baby’, doesn’t it?” I quipped at Joanne.

“Jim Houghton, if you don’t shut up, I’m gonna have to hurt you!” she snapped back.

“Jo, there’s only two ways you can hurt me. One would break both our hearts, and I doubt you’re quite that masochistic. The other would eliminate half your current sex life, and you’d have your other sister all over your ass like shit on toilet paper. Mind you, it would get you over that dilemma you were complaining about, wouldn’t it?” I explained. I got one hell of a beating for my trouble, with Sarah wondering just what was going on. She was torn between helping her sister straighten their brother out, and defending the newest guy in her life. We ended up explaining some of Joanne’s confusion to her, then all had a good laugh at ourselves.

“Umm, I think I have a problem, though” my newest little sister injected. “When I came, I think I might have pissed myself.” I giggled lightly before I explained it to Sarah.

“No, you didn’t piss yourself . . . little Sister. There’s women that can actually squirt their cum juices. You happen to be one of those women. You sprayed me when I ate you out, and I loved it. I wasn’t paying enough attention when you came while we were fucking, but I think you might have squirted me again. About the only concern we might have is exchanging this top sleeping bag for your dry one, and I’ll let this one hang tomorrow so that it dries enough not to soak right through. I guess we’ll need some towels inside them, too. The thought of sleeping in your cum kind of turns me on, but the wetness in this cold air would be a problem until it gets warmed up. Other than that, I don’t see a problem. I think I like to be squirted when you cum, and knowing your horny sister, she’ll suck you off, drink you dry, and lick you clean any time she gets a chance . . . won’t you, Sis?”

“Oh shut up, big brother! If you keep talking dirty like that, I’ll have to finger myself off, right here beside you!” Jo snapped at me.

“Want a hand with that?” Sarah volunteered.

“Geez, our little sister is getting to be quite the slut!” Jo accused with a chuckle. “But if I finger myself, I’m gonna stroke our big brother’s cock until he’s hard again, then get him up my ass and make him cum inside me. I could quite happily fall asleep with his cock still buried in my butt. You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to try that . . . Sis. It’s too bad he only has one cock, because I’ll bet you’re gonna love it as much as I do. A hard cock in your ass, last thing at night, feels so fucking awesome!”

“Listen, you two, it’s getting late, and I could use some shut-eye” I interrupted. “After all, I think I’ve got a full day of fucking and sucking ahead of me tomorrow. Keeping two little sisters satisfied takes a lot out of a guy, ya know. Just ask my balls. They’re talking about negotiating a union contract!”

I remember being playfully and lovingly attacked by two gorgeous teen females. I’m not sure if I passed out because of it, or just fell asleep, but it was the most wonderful night I could remember . . . even if I did have a problem remembering which sister was which.

That was the beginning of a loving relationship between the three of us that’s lasted many, many years. Sarah and I were seen as two people that were going together until I graduated, and again the whole time I went to college. Both girls attended the same college when they graduated a year later, and the bond between us continued to grow. But every time we had the opportunity, Joanne and I would make wild and passionate love. Most times Sarah would join us, and sometimes it would be just Sarah and I. What happened when I wasn’t home is pure speculation on my part.

Amazingly, neither girl ever exhibited signs of being jealous of the other, and I was in seventh heaven. Just let some other girl show any interest in me, though, and you had all the elements of a war present. It did hamper any possibilities of me meeting someone new, or developing much of a relationship with any other girl. I’m not greedy, though, and with two wonderful, loving women to keep me in line, I’ve just let life take me where it wants. After all these years, I have absolutely no regrets. I doubt either of my sisters do, either.

For obvious reasons, the three of us moved to the other side of the country where no one knew us. Oh sure, we had the usual rounds of nosey neighbours to contend with, especially when both girls became pregnant within a month or two of each other. I still get a good chuckle when I remember Mrs. McGillicuddy, the woman that lived next door, and her shocked attitude when she saw both girls with their swelling bellies. They’d been introduced as my sisters, which got her eyebrows raised. If she’d had her way about it, we’d have all gone straight to Hell! I think it was Sarah that actually did piss herself laughing. Both Joanne and I got sprayed, and neither one of us gave a damn. We both just appreciate who Sarah is, who she’s become, and how she’s such an important part of our lives. I do see Mrs. McGillicuddy watching us through her window, and I swear I can see a lustful look of envy on her face whenever I do.

As I write this, I’m reflecting on how our son and daughter seem to spend an awful lot of time with each other, along with our daughter’s best friend Misty. Sherrie is Joanne and my daughter, and is the older of the two kids. Sarah and I have a son, Jason, now almost seventeen, and he reminds me so much of his mother . . . and apparently he can be just as horny and amorous as his father. I’m not exactly sure how Misty fits into their relationship, and maybe it’s none of my damned business. The three of us have our suspicions though, which is guaranteed to bring a smile to our lips whenever the subject comes up. I heard they’re planning another camping trip this weekend, up at Palisade Lake. Part of me wonders who in their right mind would go camping in the middle of April. The rest of me wonders how I’m going to get those stains off the sleeping bags. We know how they got there, of course. I showed Joanne and Sarah the evidence once, and the memories they brought back led us to smile and giggle, right before I almost ripped their clothes off their bodies. I would have succeeded, too, except that my own shredded remnants kept getting in the way. Maybe it was a good thing the kids were out that day. Lord knows what would have happened if they’d been home, too.

Talk about a dilemma, huh?

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Loved reading it all the way thru to the end. It being 12/2/16 makes it even more realistic, by the scent of some-ones wood burning stove somewhere close by me. Enjoyed this thoroughly. Wish my cousin was like this with me when we were growing up as she was also quite beautiful.

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In biblical times, relatives were always first choice for mates!

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