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Jaleesa Holiday Vaughn lives by herself in a one bedroom condominium in the city of Sparta. She moved out of her mother's house when she was seventeen for various reasons she would prefer not to speak of. The woman has a voice comparable to either Toni Braxton or Samantha Mumba's when they are singing. It is sexy and low, very intriguing and pulls you in. She is twenty-one years old with a 36 C bra cup size and a voluptuous body. Jaleesa has been dating her longtime boyfriend since he was thirteen and her, twelve. They made a decision at seventeen to date until they reach the ten year mark so they can marry on their anniversary.

The boyfriend's name is Garrett Linden Foster and yes, that really is his middle name. According to what you've just read, he is at the moment, twenty-two years old. He comes from a very wealthy family and was even on TV once, for an American Idol audition; he almost made it to the final phase but that is another story. His short, spiky, blond hair compliments his handsome face. He has a best friend, who like an accessory, he never goes anywhere without. They have been close since they met in fifth grade. It was 'bros before hoes' before Jaleesa came along. The guys live in the city of Sparta near Jaleesa.

Wade Lawson, who is twenty-three years old, has jet black dyed hair that looks Gothic. He keeps it cut short and styled in a ponytail like an Italian so that way it won't look so Goth. His sea green eyes go well with the hair color, though. He has a rock hard body and a big package. He is a way too secretive and suspicious person. Even Garrett notices this sometimes but feels like it might just be his new found personality. People do change. Jaleesa never cared for the guy from the jump but couldn't speak of her feelings around Garrett because the guy did come along before her, even if it wasn't that long of a time difference.

Wade wasn't always like this. It just happened one day.

Jaleesa was over at Garrett's mansion and they were about to make their relationship official. Therefore, it was dark all around in the huge gold and white colored house, with the exception of about a million candles. Okay, not that many. Garrett wanted this house in particular because he thought the colors seemed holy and resembled a church. Anyhoo, Wade stumbled in with his given key, covered in blood and green and black gunk. Jaleesa was in one of the seven master bedrooms that Garrett let her have whenever she wanted to stay over, which would range from one day to one month. She was putting on some Fredrick's of Hollywood lingerie and getting herself all cute while wearing a big, beautiful smile.

Garrett was getting himself ready, too, by eating an energizing meal-a platter of baby carrots and celery with ranch dressing on the side. He was pacing back and forth with nervousness when he almost dropped the platter.

“Dude, what the hell-?” Garrett was at a loss of words as he approached Wade. That's a surprise because the man never shuts up.

Garrett sarcastically waved his flawless hands back and forth in front of Wade's face. Nothing. He even poked Wade's nose and still nothing. Wade was just staring into space. Next, he placed two parallel fingers, an index and middle finger upon Wade's neck. The guy was blinking and his heart was beating but he was in some kind of shock, Garrett assumed. He came to that conclusion after a short while. It must not have been that bad, though, if he can be physical, like he obviously walked home.

“Come on, let's get you cleaned up,” Garrett said.

He guided Wade to one of the downstairs' bathroom. He stood nearby while Wade got cleaned up. He was able to move but just couldn't talk. Garrett made sure Wade was bundled up well in a huge bed in one of the downstairs' guest rooms before going up to Jaleesa to inform her of the bad news.

“Hey, Jaleesa,” Garrett softly knocked on the velvet covered door.

“You may enter, my dear,” Jaleesa sang in a melodic voice. “Even though I'm not really ready.”

Garrett pushed himself in, wishing he didn't have to ruin this but he needed to be there for his friend. Lord knows he would give a body part to help out his main and foremost buddy. The lady in front of him was looking so elegant and naturally beautiful yet so erotic that he got a reaction as soon as his eyes took her in. Her radiant face was a long story of perfect details as she used to model back in her childhood and early teen days. Her body was a wonderland, just like the song says, and Garrett's was, too.

Jaleesa was wearing a white halter bandeau attached to a black and white lace strip that widened at the bottom. The strip started at the bandeau and ended at the bikini line. The piece had three ribbons sewn in-one at the top and two at the bottom and the one piece top part was connected to a black and white garter belt. The white pumps set off the whole outfit. Jaleesa looked so good that Garrett wanted to cry for having to miss out. He was wearing only gray briefs, black slippers, and his trademark spiked hair.

“You likey?” Jaleesa smiled innocently.

“Heh-heh,” Garrett laughed, then gulped. “Uh... what straight man wouldn't?”

Jaleesa laughed along with him and referred to her lingerie. “Ohh, Garrett! Why did you come in? I was planning to surprise you. I mean, this getup did come from Fredrick's of Hollywood.”

“Okay, let me go on and spill-Wade is in shock or something.”

“What? What do you mean? What happened?” Jaleesa put everything down, concerned for the dude like she would be to her own brothers.

Garrett stuttered because he was unsure, “I-I-I don't know, really. I mean, I know he went out for a walk-in the blinding rain. In the flooded streets. That was strange in itself, in my opinion, but when he got back after only ten minutes, you should've seen his face. It was frozen with fear and worry so maybe he saw something out there. He had this green and black gunk all over him. Not an inch of him was missed. The shit was sticky and unscented but the slimy noise was excruciating. I know its just a noise but-”

“Can I see all this? Because I just don't believe it. Where is he?” Jaleesa began to sound like a kid.

Garrett said, “Actually, I helped him into the shower and threw his clothes in the trash bin outside. He's sleep. Come on, I'll show you his clothes but are you sure you really want to see this?”

“Oh, come on,” Jaleesa grabbed his wrist and they headed to the elevator. “Wait-I forgot my robe.”

She disappeared momentarily and returned like she didn't want to miss a thing. “Okay. Now let's go.”

“Eww! Is that some of it?” Jaleesa stared at the tile floor when they got off of the elevator. There was black and green slimy stuff in the shape of shoe prints coming from the front door and going toward one of the two bathrooms.

Garrett smiled, “Yeah. I'll take care of it in a few, all right, baby?”

Jaleesa stopped to kiss his cheek and they walked past the room Wade was in to get outside. They didn't do what Wade did and went straight into the pouring rain for a casual stroll. No, the rain stopped and there was a covering above them. Right in front of the gold door was a black trash bin. Jaleesa opened it without another thought, being a very adventurous person. She picked up the first thing she saw-what she thought was Wade's clothing that he wore outside. It was soaked and slimy to the max when she picked it up. She didn't need Garrett to confirm that the items were Wade's. She picked it up and sniffed them.

“Yuck yuck, what the f-?” Garrett put his hands on his hips in the most manliest way possible.

“Uh-uh-uh!” Jaleesa giggled lightheartedly. “I was just trying to see if I could distinguish the smell. There isn't one. That's weird. But so is the owner. Ahh-haa!”

Garrett playfully elbowed her. However, he didn't manage to control his own laughter. “Stop it.”

“Ooh, look!” She picked up Wade's big, black rain boots. “They are soaked. The inside's not, though. Hmmph. Oh, well. I have seen enough. You know why? Probably because I don't know what it is and I don't think I even really want to know.”

Jaleesa put everything back the way it was, pushed Garrett back inside of the house, and closed the door shut.

“How is this? We try this night again whenever he seems well.”

“Sounds perfect to me, malady,” Garrett mocked the language from the olden days.

Just a couple of months later, Wade is talking again, the couple knows everything that happened to him that evening-it wasn't a monster or anything like that, and the couple got around to having sex. Garrett wasn't a virgin beforehand but he took Jaleesa's virginity, though.

@ @ @

This day is more fun and is carrying a happier vibe, so far. Garrett hasn't noticed that Wade's persona has changed even more lately, especially since he started talking again after the two month gap. Jaleesa has been noticed, however, and wants Wade to stay as far away from her as possible until he is fully recovered. Jaleesa has distanced herself from Wade because of his bad vibes and what her intuition is telling her-that he could cause some trouble. So because of Wade and his situation, Jaleesa hasn't been over Garrett's mansion much lately. Garrett has been coming over to her place. Wade gets the point by her actions but still misses her. They were friends, even if it was through someone else.

Jaleesa walked into her condominium, smiling but sweating and out of breath. She loved the healthy feeling of dieting and exercising; it was number two on her list of favorites in general. Garrett was numero uno.

“I thought I locked this door,” Jaleesa glowered. “Oh, well. Maybe I forgot.”

It was a huge mistake for her to disregard that hint. It wasn't meant to be given away as a hint or at all, really. Jaleesa took a steaming, stress relieving shower and then a nice nap. During her nap, her bedroom door opened. A man dressed in all navy blue crept his way across the medium sized room to the bed in the corner. He begun to unzip his trousers, slipped off his rain boots, and took off his crew neck sweater. He also took off his ski mask, wanting her to see his face as he hurt her. He grabbed a pair of handcuffs after removing his boxers and tank.

As he headed to her bed, his heart raced and his mind shouted for him to stop. He shook his head in ignorance and refusal against the protest of words in his mind.

“No, I'm going to do this and I'm going to do this now, dammit,” his gruff voice said to the air, which caused a sleeping Jaleesa to turn slightly and exhale.

He climbed onto her bed and then on top of her. She woke up slowly, thinking that the situation was a dream. She would scream if her voice wasn't caught in her throat.

The man spoke, “Be good, my vixen, and you will live.”

“Wade? Why are you in my room? No- why are you in my house? Get up,” Jaleesa scowled. “Where is Garrett?”

“Nowhere around here, bitch. Now shut the fuck up. I'm giving you the honor of going free afterward so don't move, don't speak, and this will be over before you know it,” Wade handcuffed her to her headboard.

Jaleesa laid there for a second, not knowing what to do until she heard the click of the handcuffs. She was in for good until her attacker said the word. Thinking ass backwards out of nervousness, she figured that she wanted to lift up her knee and kick the guy. Wade pushed her knee back down and bit her stomach real hard until she bled. She screamed out in pain.

Wade laughed, “Silly wench. You should have thought of that before I handcuffed you. Sometimes you think like a blond but you do look smart. I'll give you that. And your body is-what do they say? Oh, yeah, its bangin.'”

Jaleesa looked down for a second time as she did the first time when she tried to get away but this time stared at the hardened eight inch cock resting on her thigh. Garrett wasn't that big.

“Hold on,” Wade got off of her and the waterbed to retrieve a long knife. He rushed back to the bed and used the knife to remove her lavender cotton bra and matching panties. Two flicks and both items were on the floor.

“Well, this should be exciting,” Wade snorted.

“Can I say something?” Jaleesa looked into the eyes of the one who usually felt like more of a brother than a friend to her.

Wade spread open her legs but she closed them back. “Um, I really don't think so.”

Jaleesa shot daggers at him with her eyes and concluded that she wouldn't go down so easily. She twisted, pulled, pushed, and spit at him but he was stronger than her. She screamed, even though that is what he wanted her to do-it got him off. She could scream all she wanted, the neighbors couldn't help because they couldn't hear her. She shut up when she thought of the soundproofing installed in each unit. She was informed of that when she first moved in.

“Fuck,” Jaleesa mumbled as she realized that the situation was really about to happen.

Jaleesa braced herself for the big cock and turned her head away as Wade lowered himself to taste and smell what he was about to have for an afternoon snack. He licked her clit a couple of times and then the slit in an up and down motion. After he stuck his tongue inside for a second, he was back over her in a nanosecond. He didn't even ask her if she was ready because it wasn't the mannered type of party. He just stuck his cock right at her entrance, rubbing the area up and down once more. He unexpectedly rammed five inches of it in all at once. She squeaked in surprise but it is close to Garrett's size. Wade is bigger, though, when you add three inches in length and two extra inches in width so he is a big boy in comparison.

Wade pulled out slow and then rammed it back in again, just a little rougher. So much rougher that the whole thing went all the way in with no trouble. He smiled with relief as she screamed in pain. Since she has never had a man so big, Garrett being her first and only and smaller, too, she felt like her virginity was being taken once more. Also, her being very tight is another thing.

“Aah! Stop it, Wade!” Jaleesa looked at him meanly. He sadistically smiled and humped her harder and faster.

“I guess-” Wade took short breaths in between. “You're in for it. Because I am not a minute man. So brace yourself.”

Fifteen minutes and Wade was coming close to cumming. Instead of getting used to it, Jaleesa felt the stinging sensation worsen. She started to beg him.

“Please, Wade! Can you stop now? You are hurting me,” Jaleesa pleaded.

Wade grunted and wiped the sweat off his forehead and brows. “I'm almost there. I missed you so much since you pulled yourself away from me.”

Jaleesa frowned at him like he was crazy before he had a hugantic orgasm, one of the biggest in his life and when he finished he rested his tired head in between her shoulder and pillow. He inhaled her hair which was infused with hairspray-from yesterday.

“Ugh, take this thing out of me!” Jaleesa winced in pain.

“I'm still hard,” Wade insisted.

“What?” Jaleesa put emphasis on the 't'.

Before she could say anything else, he was off again, pounding away at her extra tight, juicy pussy. He went slow and hard this time, using her cervix as a punching bag in a way. She groaned, not in pleasure but in annoyance and pain. It only got worse, though. There's that saying about going all night? Well, Wade went the rest of the afternoon. Going toward early evening, she pissed him off with her words of irritation and soreness-she is sensitive down there-and he slapped her into a blackout. She woke up four hours later at midnight.

“Ohh, no!” Jaleesa cried out with a loud moan and stood up feeling sore everywhere.

Wade was yanking and pulling her hair, smacking her face red, biting her nipples, clit, ear, neck, and throat, and when he flipped her over on her stomach, her still handcuffed, he took her anal virginity. Or the forbidden place. She thought she was bleeding but really wasn't, it was just the intensity of the pain. He warmed her up with a four inch vibrator, followed by a seven inch one. Jaleesa wondered if the man was on a mix of steroids and Viagra because she thought he would never stop.

“Okay... now where is it?” Jaleesa walked around the room in search of a condom.

She didn't have any money at the time to purchase birth control; the economy was and still is stupid. Garrett understood and was careful when they made love. He pulled out like an expert. Jaleesa didn't see Wade put on a condom being that he was so hectic and violent with his movements and words. She couldn't have looked if she wanted to.

“Oh, God!” Jaleesa exclaimed out loud.

Hearing her own voice had a calming effect for her at the moment. “He really didn't use one...”

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